Power of God Like a Mighty River in Ocala

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Florida, Mario Murillo Ministries, Ocala | 77 comments

How can I tell you what God did tonight in Ocala, Florida? It won’t be easy, but I will do my best.

It was a glorious night of God’s immense presence, His power, and his restoration. Mario spoke a powerful message that was followed by one of the largest altar calls we’ve ever seen. And as if that wasn’t enough, God did miraculous works touching and healing bodies throughout the arena. It was an awesome thing to experience.

The location of the meetings is the beautiful World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida. It is owned by Mary Roberts, and she has declared that it belongs to the Lord. And it plays out through every member of her staff. We are grateful to Mary for this amazing place to gather.

The evening kicked off with an incredible time of worship by Catherine Mullins. She ushered us into the throne room and led us into a genuine time of worshiping our King. As has become our custom, the worship time closed with the song, “I Speak Jesus.” It always changes the atmosphere. You can’t declare the name of Jesus without Him responding—and He did!

Mario and Lance took the stage and greeted the people. Lance began by quoting John 1:5, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” He said, the devil had no idea what God was doing, and like back then in the first century, tonight the devil does not know what God is about to do. Mario identified that this is clearly the launching of a movement, not just a gathering of people.

Mario then took the pulpit and prayed over the people and the meeting before beginning to speak. He started by sharing a video of an amazing healing that took place in Colorado Springs which was confirmed while we were in Bakersfield, just this past week. The woman who was healed had been attacked in her body by parasites, causing her to be in incredible pain all the time, barely able to function or eat. She was wasting away and was on death’s door. But God touched her and when we saw her in Bakersfield, she was fully restored. Walking under her own power, dancing, in no pain, able to eat, even healed of food allergies that she had suffered from even before the parasites invaded her body.

Mario shared how many Christians today are very frustrated. They are tired of commercialism and having the systems of the world coming inside the church. He said there is a feeling growing among many believers: they don’t want the flesh. They want the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Pastors and Leaders are frustrated because there is a fad dominating us. While we were looking the other way, Wokeness stole our country. The Church was supposed to stop it, but bad teaching, carnal traditions, and false doctrine got in the way

He described things some of the things he had been told that the lost could not tolerate—things we have put into church to make it palatable to them. But truly desperate people don’t care about the circumstances, only that they want Christ, and they want Him now.

Mario shared about when Abraham Lincoln was running for Senate and he delivered a speech entitled, “A House Divided.” The way he described America is the same place we find ourselves once again. He said America would either have total slavery or no slavery. Likewise, America will not last if the polarization between red and blue states gets any worse. He said, “God’s not going to allow it.”

He then commissioned the people. Told them they are no longer spectators, but now they are soldiers in the Army of God, and that we need to go through a re-evaluation.

He continued with Lincoln’s speech where he said, “In my opinion the nation will not cease until a crisis shall have been reached and passed.” Lincoln was trying to prevent the Civil War. He said the nation could not endure being divided.

Mario said, America is down to two choices: Woke Tyranny or Christian Reformation. It’s important to understand, not every Christian is awake. And the cure for Wokeness is to be awakened.

When people say all of this is in God’s hands and we just need to sit back and watch God work, they don’t understand the Bible. The Bible says, “Since by man came death, also by Man came the resurrection from the dead.” God has given mankind—the Church—a role in the restoration of America.

We need to be trained, aware, awake, and filled with the fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit. In order to bring this nation back to God. It’s not enough to be a conservative. You need to be saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

He shared how Lincoln also said in his speech, “If we can know where we are, whither we are tending, we can then better judge what to do and how to do it.” And then Mario showed how this is also in the Bible.

“The sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

He said that America is divided, and it is not right that our children are being taught perversion. It is not a division we can solve in the natural. Christianity will survive without America, but America will not survive without Christianity.

Without Christ this nation is headed for disaster, beyond a political solution. Do we need to be involved in politics, yes; but God wants to give us all an anointing to bring influence into all areas of Christian and American life.

We are headed to a point where church will not be safe without the anointing.

He asked, “What do we need to do? We need to find common ground. We need to be very discerning today what God is saying and what pleases the Holy Spirit. That is why He will move in miracles and the supernatural.

He said churches are already being visited by God in a mighty way, but there is a separation. Those that want the carnal version are being put aside. Their ministries are being shelved because they refuse to discern the times they are living in.

Mario then taught how to have power and do actual damage to the enemy. God is bringing together an alliance between aware conservatives and Spirit filled believers. Together, in unity, their power will flow through the nation and make a difference, makes changes, and stop the Woke.

Mario then moved into a time of allowing the Holy Spirit convict the hearts of the people. He had them raise their hands, then stand and come forward. And did they ever come!

This might be one of the largest responses we’ve ever seen. It rivals all the tents, and the incredible response we saw in Tulsa at the Mabee Center.

There were so many people that responded they couldn’t all fit in the front altar area and were filling the aisles. Many hundreds responded. I would estimate it was nearly a thousand people.

What a glorious, magnificent sight to behold. To see people respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. To see so many who were lost, but now are, no longer. People who were dead and are now alive. Souls who’s lives will never be the same.

After Mario prayed with them, he sent them out to be ministered to and prayed for. And then the power of God began to flow like a mighty river through that place. And hundreds were healed of many illnesses, diseases, and ailments.

Mario shared that many people in the building were being healed. Cancer, diabetes, and blindness were being healed in the room.

He then identified a woman and had her stand up. He said the people all around her were also being healed. But that when she raised her arms all the joints in her body began to be healed. She began moving her arms and neck, now with no pain.

Heart disease, diabetes, lung issues. All being healed.

On the other side of the building, five people suffering from chronic migraine headaches, severe pain in the spine and neck. They all stood revealing they were being healed. Another who was being healed of a hip condition.

Mario had the people around those who were standing lay hands on and pray for them. Reminding the people once again that it is not Mario, or any one person who is doing this miraculous work. It is only Jesus who is healing.

Someone with cancer was identified, and God was healing their body. Being in the room, it was so clear this was real. You could truly feel the power of God. It wasn’t emotion or hopeful intentions; God was in the room. The Holy Spirit was flowing mightily through the people.

Seven people were identified with migraine headaches in one section. They all stood to be healed. One of them had a special kind of disease that often leads to a desire to commit suicide.

A woman was identified who had fallen off of a ladder, crushing the base of their spine. Her body was healed and all the pain was gone.

Mario had the people pray loudly in the language of the Holy Spirit. It was like another wave of power swelled through the building.

Stomach issues, lung issues, brain issues, dementia, diabetes, arthritis, cancer were all being healed as God’s power burned through the room.

People were being slain in the Spirit, laying on the floor as the power of God swelled and grew, touching His people.

Mario kept calling out more and more people. Kidney disease, scoliosis, epilepsy, eczema, severe depression, and pain in stomachs. Wave after wave of the presence of the Holy Spirit kept flowing through the room.

Mario encouraged the people to surrender to the mass working of the Holy Spirit, healing and deliverance. He asked them to raise their hand if they needed anything. Then had all the people around them lay hands on them to pray for them. To declare a miracle over the people on whom they were laying hands.

He called for people to repent of unbelief. To ask God to forgive them for thinking they are going through the motions and that nothing will happen. Then to declare the miracle over them.

Mario prayed over them as they declared healing over one another. Then he had everyone pray in their heavenly language, had them declare power from God over disease.

It was such an incredible night. The presence of God in that room was sweet and glorious. It was hard to see it end.

After a while of waiting in God’s presence, Mario led the people in a time of giving God the glory. Then he had all the people who had been touched by God and healed to stand to their feet. People stood all over the building. Many hundreds of people declaring what God had done for them. It felt like the victory cry at the end of a great battle!

The meeting ended with Lance Wallnau taking the stage. He led the people in a chorus just singing the single word, “Jesus.” It was such a holy moment as we gave all worship and honor to Jesus.

Lance then taught briefly and closed out the meeting for the night.

There is no way this post does justice to what happened tonight at the meeting. It was so amazing to be in that room! If you weren’t there, I encourage you to go watch the stream on Mario’s Facebook page. You will be mightily blessed.

There will be two more days of services and teaching by both Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau, Monday and Tuesday morning and evening. If you are near Ocala, Florida, you should come be in the room to experience the miraculous touch of Jesus Christ! If you are not nearby, you should join us on the live stream. I guarantee you will be blessed!


  1. Pastor Aaron Jackson

    Mario I Just started the new book.hope to see you in so cal soon!

    • Joanne Mackirdy

      Praise God! He is on the move. Cant wait to work with you in LA in September. Meanwhile, more LORD more. More fire of holy spirit, salvations, miracles. March on Army of God in one accord in the power of His might.

    • Lisa

      I’m in Ocala. I see many volunteers praying & helping. I hope you will have a special time for them for prayer & healing. Many of them are older & many of them are in need of healing themselves even though they are trying to help all of us.

      • Gloria Eber

        I’ve known Mario for 35 years and the man is certainly a real General in God’s Army. Let us all keep Mario in our daily prayers, as he is one of God’s servants. Love you Mario, keep up the GOOD WORK.
        Gloria Eber

  2. Tonya

    Thank-you for hearing God’s Voice, acting on it by your obedience. So wonderful to see how the light of the Lord is working through the dedicated Believers as the world grows darker. Would love to be there as I can almost feel the anointing and His power.

    • Bernadine Ruiz

      Thank you EV Mario Murillo & Lance Wallnau for all you are obediently doing to direct be conduits to what God is doing. Thank you for your time. Your efforts I pray refreshing restoring back for more in each of these services in Florida. I was healed and given new fresh language of the Holy Spirit and very grateful for revival & 7 mountain training.

      • Bernadine Ruiz

        In Colorado Springs, Colorado

  3. Elizabeth

    So wonderful and encouraging.
    Thanks to all who are praying and
    working on this ingathering.
    Blessings and protection for
    Mario and Lance.

    • Ed COLTON

      As He IS so are we in this world.” 1 John 4:17

  4. Sue Hunt

    Praying faithfully for you and Lance

  5. Sue Hunt

    I pray faithfully for what you and Lance are doing.

  6. Dianne Clayton


  7. Debra Fuhriman

    I would have loved to have been able to bring my Granddaughter that is 15 and myself. She has leukemia so please pray for her healing she has gone through so much this last year.

    • Teresa Thomas

      I will pray for your granddaughter to be healed.
      Heavenly Father, touch this young girl and heal her of leukemia and any other infirmities she may have. Reveal your presence to her and surround her with your love. May she give her life to you. Also heal her grandmother and give her faith to believe in the miracles of your love. In the name of Jesus, Amen

    • James S Bowen

      I will be praying for your granddaughter and you. I was there in Ocala for all three days. The Power and the Glory were all around and flowing and may that same power flow into you and granddaughter, Hallelujah, Hallelujah in the name of Jesus.

  8. Cheryl Brown

    I was to come but between my husband being sick and depleted funds, I had to cancel. After all a trip from TN to Central Florida for 3 or 4 days isn’t cheap. If I’d had gone, I would probably be feeling guilty for leaving my husband home alone sick.
    Father God, forgive us our iniquities and save our land. Bring back a righteousness that we long to have. Your love and mercy is all that we need. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  9. Giselda Velasquez

    I thank you very much for updating me at first glance what took place at the Ocala first night meeting with Mario and Lance. I live in Ca. And I have been watching Mario’s block of the last crusade in Bakersfield Ca. Last week march 12 to the 14th.Wow!! Praise God Praise God.!! To Him be all the Glory!! And as I was awake around 1 amCalifornia time tonight March 20th, I was awaken by my cellphone sound of an incoming message. I was compelled to get up and read the message which was from Mario’s block to update me on what took place in Ocala FL last night. Thank you for been so printed in giving us heads up of the mighty move of God and The Preecious Holy Spirit precense.and filling me with the joy of The Lord in knowing how many people were snatched from satan’s kingdom in to the marvelous light of God’s dear Son,Jesus, as well as the many souls be healed. Thank you Jesus and thank you brotherMario and Ministry for your obedience of God’s high calling in your lifes. I will continue my intercessory prayers going on for two more days of God’s glory been manifested in Ocala FL. To God be all the Glory for the things He has done and He is doing during these new days of Fresh Fire and Fresh Revival. Amen, Shalom, Paz.🙏

  10. Elizabeth Littleton

    Praise the Lord for the demonstration of Power of the Holy Spirit!!!

  11. Michelle K

    It was an incredible night! These men of God boldly shared the truth It was an honor to serve as a prayer volunteer and a witness of the flow of the Lord and steady move of God. On earth, as it is in heaven. Let the fire and glory wave roll mightily across our land and through its people. America arise!

  12. Paulette

    I was going to the meeting tonight. We drove up from Jacksonville FL to attend Sunday night and Monday morning session. I fell going into the motel room and injured my knee replacement knees and back. The pain was awful. I wanted so badly to get there. I am heartsick I missed it. This morning I am still sore and brused and can barely walk. I am 76 years old. Please pray for me I am only ten miles away and can’t get there. Thank you and be blessed. I also have to climb into the truck to go home.

    • Debra Markus

      Make a way for this sister to be healed where on site in person or touch her Lord with your healing hand in Jesus name 🙏♥️

      • Paulette

        Debra, Thank you so much I am home now and although I am brused. The pain is much more bearable. You are a sweetheart for praying for me.

  13. Linda Wilkes

    Hallelujah! To God be all the glory, honor, & praise. Praying for Monday & Tuesday to be just as powerful. And that many will receive what they need from the live stream too. God is so awesome! He is absolutely good.

  14. Susan

    Hallelujah-Praise His Holy Name-JESUS👏👏👏👏👏

  15. Margaret Karakas

    Mario and Lance-
    Last night was truly amazing! The World Equestrian Center couldn’t be a more perfect facility to house everyone who came. I look forward to this morning’s session followed by another fire filled evening!
    I praise God for you and your team!

  16. Margaret Karakas

    Mario and Lance-
    Last night was truly amazing! The World Equestrian Center couldn’t be a more perfect facility to house everyone who came. I look forward to this morning’s session followed by another fire filled evening!
    I praise God for you and your team!

  17. Martha West

    so wonderful to hear. my son just had half of his foot removed Friday due to serious infection they think more will have to be amputated please pray he won’t have to have more removed. they also found a mass on his only kidney (he is on dialysis ) pray it is not cancerous as his other kidney was removed several years ago due to cancer.

  18. Russ

    What is the link to the live stream in Ocala….and live streams in general?

  19. Pamela Sims

    This sounds amazing! I would have loved to have been there! Bless you Murrio and Lance!!

  20. Alisa Long

    Lord, help my unbelief turn to extravagant belief.

  21. Gerald Deaton

    Praise God for His ministry through you, Mario! FYI: We are actually seeing breakthrough in our Southern Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. God’s are hungry to learn and walk in more power over the enemy!

    • Gerald Deaton

      God’s people are hungry…

  22. Mandy Fenchak

    I watched on Facebook – it was truly amazing! Jesus healed me too! My kidneys are healed! When all the people were going forward for the altar call, I couldn’t help but tear up and my kids noticed. My seven year old started crying, and she couldn’t explain her tears but she was being moved by the Spirit in compassion. Later, when she was saying her bedtime prayers, she thanked Jesus for all the people who went from the “bad side to the good side.” Hallelujah!!

  23. Linda Martin

    What time are the meetings?

    • Mario Murillo

      March 20 6:30PM March 21 10AM/6:30PM

  24. Trish Frost

    The good news of the gospel it’s always wonderful healing news! What a beautiful service and the Holy Spirit shows up and people respond. Thank you Mario and Lance For being obedient to the Lord!

  25. Kelly Miller

    You cannot explain with words what the experience of being there was truly like.
    I came from St Pete, FL and signed up to be a volunteer.
    Anxious to see what the Lord had in store but not knowing the extent.
    The Glory of the Lord came down, it filled the arena and as people praised, lifting their voices to heaven, He began touching souls. His warmth and Love just flowing, moving, filling, healing.
    Cannot wait to return again. I am so greatful to be a part of this wave that is sweeping America bringing restoration and reformation to a dieing land.

  26. Linda Pinckert

    I’m not able to go…..I’m tacken care of my Mama….she is not able to go out……
    I believe Holy Spirit is hovering over our sonshine state….
    I know the fire & glory are here the angels have been released
    Thank You Maro & Lance for obeying God & coming down to Florida

  27. Tony Perone

    Praise God fir His mighty power to save!—Not by might, nor by any other power, but by My Spirit says the LORD our God

  28. Nellie Haden

    Wow, this sounds absolutely amazing, wish I was close.
    Watching from UK.

  29. Victoria

    WOW! It’s never a dull moment with Yeshua!
    The comment that grabbed me most was about what the lost, paragraph 9, don’t want to see. I have to agree, I am so tired of church being a hollywood production!! I go to a powerful Holy Ghost filled church with a young pastor who is being led to completely by YHVH…very service we hear from YHVH!
    I’m 2017 YHVH put on my heart to pray for revival in my family. Most of us are saved and have a relationship with Yeshua. But, there needs to be a deepening of that relationship. It’s a small family…7…and the 3 men in our family are either true prodigals (2) or have never truly accepted Yeshua.
    But oh what YHVH is doing in me during this time is awesome! The wind of revival that is blowing across our country and the world is blowing through me I don’t see much of the effect of it yet, in my family, but I know it’s changing hearts.
    What I yearn for is that lost people will see the authentic Yeshua in me so they are drawn to HIM!

  30. Mike

    If possible can I get a schedule for Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st the schedules I’m 15 miles away I would like to see it

    • Mario Murillo

      6:30 today 20th and then 10:AM and 6:30 PM tomorrow.

  31. Mike

    What time does it start on the 20th and on the 21st please

    • Mario Murillo

      10AM and 6:30PM

  32. Dr. Michael Lee

    May the residue of Gods Glory always remain over Central Florida.

  33. Judy Campbell

    All glory to God! Thanks for this great report! Go, Holy Spirit!!

  34. Martha Meadows

    Praise God!!!

  35. Howell Shaw

    Praise the Lord! We need this in the swing state of Nevada! Clark County is as crooked as Maricopa!

  36. Anne Sears

    Thank you Jesus for raising up Mario for this time. Thank you Mario for answering the call. These days will go down in the history of Christianity. Wish I could have been there.

  37. Georganne

    God gets the glory🙏🙏🙏



    • Mario Murillo

      We will be at the Legacy Center in San Diego May 25,26 and at Victory Outreach San Diego Pentecost Sunday.

  39. Carol Stamper

    Will you ever be close to Cincinnati Ohio? Please come!

    • Carol

      When will you bring the crusade around Cincinnati Ohio?

  40. Douglas Krause

    Praise God for your ministry Mario. I would like to share this message from Karen Wheaton, that Holy Spirit inspired her to give, when she was at a womens conference in Nashville. God saves the best wine for last. Enjoy. Start at the 50:10 mark for the message from Karen.

  41. Anne Menger

    Even just reading this article has helped me, as I have been having migraine symptoms. Praise the Lord!

  42. Judy Curtis

    I cried and praised God as I was reading your blog. Just wishing I could have been there. Praying for God to continue moving throughout the world that you would continue to be anointed and preaching and teaching the love of God. Hallelujah! From Georgetown Tx.

  43. Peggy Giles

    I watched the service online. It was indeed powerful!

  44. Tyara

    I was there last night. I felt the power of God moving through my body and I nearly fell over. When I got home and was laying in bed I felt free and light and like I was floating or flying. There was none of the usual heaviness I had been feeling in my body for a very long time.Thank you Jesus. Even though I had already given myself and my life to Christ several years ago, I went up for the altar call. I believe God had something more for me if I was just obedient to what He wanted me to do. Thank you Jesus and thank you for all your anointed ones doing your will.

  45. Jacque B.

    Awesome God, Father, Son Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit. Thank You Glorious Lord for Your presence saving, delivering & empowering Your children to fulfill Your plans. I rejoice & thank Mario, Lance & all the laborers with him.

  46. Robin Martin

    This is so awesome to hear I was so blessed by this message! Please Mario, please come to Oregon! We need you here! Everything you said is so true , we are so weary of commercialized churches, no power, no Holy Spirit, fake, I haven’t went to a church in almost two years. But as I read this testimony I saw a map of America and this looming dark cloud over it, like a dark blanket covering it. But all of a sudden I saw light poking holes through it, piercing the darkness, and the light came in great shafts piercing this darkness, bigger and bigger as true saints stood up for America! Then the shafts of light overcame the darkness and America was bright with light shooting out and upwards like fireworks! The light overcame the darkness & we were strong & United again! Wow! Glory to God! We need hope in Oregon!

  47. Carolyn Langley

    Mario, come back to Indiana !!!!!

  48. Daphne

    Wow! I live in Ocala. Will look up the times. Praise God!

  49. Brittany

    I’ve heard you mention going to Colorado in July. Could you tell me if you have dates for that yet? God bless both your ministries and your Fire and Glory tour!

    • Mario Murillo

      Sunday- Wednesday July 9-12 at 6:30PM on the Campus of Church for All Nations
      6540 Templeton Gap Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

  50. Shanda Donahue

    Praying for you and Lance and healings and Salvations


    It is not coincidence that God had Mario on both coasts of America within 48 hrs.

    • Sandra

      Thanks for your ministry and being faithful to your calling! I love the move of GOD in your services and HE gets all the Glory! Praying that your ministry gets bolder and bolder and people see GOD and truly trust HIM! Praise the mighty name of the FATHER, the only GOD and continue to pour out HIS spirit upon HIS children!

  52. Darlene Williams

    I love to hear these testimonies.The church did get in trouble compromising the gospel.And now we are seeing that people need and want the Truth.Blessings MMM

  53. Michael Hugh Quinn

    Tried to get there. RV transmission failed . Our efforts to save souls and the USA shall prevail. Freedom is His Way

  54. Michael Conti

    We are ready for you in Dallas TX. In the eighties we had the greatest prayer revival in the history of the church; impacted 65 Nations; God said Redig the well. Genisis 26:18.

    Michael Conti
    714 943-9050

  55. Anne ODonnell

    A crime spree gripped the City of Ocala, FL in 2014. In response, a prayer vigil was privately organized. City officials, police, and chaplains attended the event. Individuals opposed to prayer sued, and a federal court ruled that the public prayer was unconstitutional. We need your help today to overturn this ruling as we take this case to the Supreme Court.


  56. Janice Ciarrocchi

    Will you come back to Ocala

    We missed it!

  57. Janice Coarrocchi

    We need you in Philadelphia



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