A Mighty Night of Power in Bakersfield

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Bakersfield, California, Mario Murillo Ministries | 43 comments

The Tent was filled to overflowing tonight, for the final night in Bakersfield. The air was a bit cooler, but the presence of God was much stronger. As they had each previous night, people began filling the place well before it was time to begin.

And once again the worship team ushered us into God’s presence. The air was charged with anticipation after all God had done the previous three nights. The collective question on everyone’s mind was, what more could He possibly do this night? Well, God had an answer.

Mario took the stage and began his message by talking about the time Yoko Ono performed at Carnegie Hall. She walked out, sat down at a piano, and begin to play a single note, over and over and over and over. All the while staring at the crowd, daring them to challenge her “artistic genius.” As people began to leave, she looked at them as if to say, “You don’t understand music.”

He used this story as an illustration of how the church does the same thing. We take a gift of the Spirit and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. In recent years, many in the church have been repeating the same single note over and over: the prophetic note. At conferences and at meetings, Christians seek personal ‘words from the Lord,’ ‘self-declaration,’ going online to get their ‘daily word,’—as if the words of their favorite prophet were a daily horoscope.

In the past, the only single note that was being played was healing. As American’s we believe, ‘if a little is good, then a lot is way better.’ Decades ago, the emphasis was on deliverance, and the single note was ‘everything is a demon.’

He asked, “When will we learn? It isn’t one gift we need—it is all the gifts.” He said the minute any ministry names itself after a gift, they go into imbalance. It is unavoidable.


The way to defeat the devil is this: if tongues will defeat the enemy, God will give the church a tongue; or if prophecy will do it, God will give the church a ‘word;’ if healing will do it, He will call out healings; or if deliverance will do it, then there will be power and authority.
That’s why the Bible lists these gifts, but they must work together. All the gifts must be in practice, not one or the other, alone. When the gift is properly released, there will be sufficient power.

The greatest truth about Christianity is that it is better not to persecute it. Because Christianity becomes stronger under persecution.

Mario said that the fully preached Gospel is not a dry message. God never meant for you to hear about heaven and hell without miracles. He meant for signs and wonders to confirm the preaching of the Word.

He then told a story about the time he started a ministry on the campus of U.C. Berkeley as a young evangelist. He was surrounded by people of intellect, so he studied the great apologists of the time to have a solid, intellectually grounded Gospel to preach to them.

Then one night he went to the campus where he found a hippie and began regaling him with all his great learning. Sharing what he’d learned from G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis and the like. Suddenly, a very large, muscle-bound Marxist grabbed him by the neck and began choking him.

As he was struggling against this man who was intent on taking his life, unable to speak, in his mind, Mario cried out to God. And God responded, “Did I not tell you it is not might nor by power, but by my Spirit? Didn’t I warn you if you come on this campus, you don’t come here with head-knowledge or cunning wisdom of man? If you don’t have power over the devil, you shouldn’t be on this campus.”


When Mario surrendered, God told him to pull the man’s hands off and rebuke him in the name of Jesus. In a moment of surrender and obedience, God gave Mario the power to break the man’s stranglehold. He rebuked the man in the name of Jesus, and the man backed off.

Then the man started to come back toward him, but suddenly stopped as he saw something behind Mario that terrified him, and he fled. It was from that experience that they started the ministry called Night of Miracles, where God began to heal the sick on the Berkeley campus.

Mario talked about evil and about the attempts of Satan to overtake us, but, in reality, how little power Satan has. Unlike what Hollywood tries to tell us, God and Satan are not equal. The truth is that Satan has no power whatsoever over God.

He read the scripture in Revelation where God tells an angel to go down and bind Satan for 1,000 years. Not a specific, high-ranking angel like Michael or Gabriel; simply “an angel.” Even the lowest ranking of the angels has ultimate authority over the devil and his demons. They are powerless against God.

He talked about the challenges we face in the world. How the number one crisis in America is mental illness. We have created a way of life that is unnatural: it can’t be done. Love can’t survive our way of living. You can’t hold onto your emotions by willpower alone, you have got to have the Holy Spirit.

After describing the challenges we face in this life and then declaring the absolute authority God has over those challenges and the freedom that is available, Mario then made a call for those who need to be set free.

Hands went up all over the tent. And within seconds of Mario telling them to come forward, the front began filling up. It was the largest response we have seen in the four nights here in Bakersfield, and one of the largest responses we have ever seen in the Tent.

Hundreds came forward desperate to be free, wanting today to be the last day they would be controlled by drugs, or victimized by evil. Mario prayed with them for the power of Christ to set them free once and for all.

After praying, but before releasing them to be ministered to, Mario focused on a man who was standing at the front of the crowd. He identified five places in the man’s body that were being healed of cancer, and the power of God began to heal those five areas.

The worship team again sang, “A New Name Written Down in Glory” as our new brothers and sisters in the Lord left the Tent to be ministered to. That song is clearly the sound of the Bakersfield revival and will likely be present in all the events this year.

Once everyone had been ministered to, and had returned to their seats, Mario had a video played on the screen. It was the video of the woman who had been healed in Colorado Springs and who had testified Tuesday night here in Bakersfield, about her healing. She told Mario about the parasites that were literally consuming her from the inside out. She was skin and bones, could barely stand, and was clearly at death’s door. As we watched the video, it was incredible to see a miracle right before our eyes. The power of God was all over her.


Then Mario had the woman from the video come up to the stage, so we could see her, fully healed and restored. Her body is a healthy weight, and she can move and walk and dance freely without pain or struggle. She is living proof of the power of God to heal.

Mario then had the worship team lead the people in the song, “We Are Here,” and he asked the people to stand up.

Then he identified a man who was being healed in his back. His legs were healed from numbness, weakness, and pain. The man confirmed that his legs were numb even now, just from standing so long. He then began to move his legs up and down, started walking, then running and jumping!


Mario declared miracles were happening all over the Tent, even as we sang and worshipped God.

Another man on the other side of the Tent was healed in his arms and legs of a muscular deterioration that he has suffered since he was a young boy. The man began to move his legs without difficulty. He came out and walked and ran and jumped, across the front of the Tent.

Mario then called out people who were suffering from heart disease, diabetes, stomach ulcers, lung issues, anemia, glaucoma, and multiple cases of asthma.

He gave some good instruction to the people to not go off their medication before going to their doctor to confirm the healing. He talked about the time when Jesus healed the leper and had them go to the priest to confirm their healing. The verification brings glory to God.

Mario then had everyone who had a need in their body raise their hands. And then he asked everyone around them to place their hands on them and begin praying for them and their needs.


Mario made it very clear that it is never him performing any of the miracles of healing that take place. We are all the extension of Jesus, it is through all of us, not one man, that these needs are met, that these miracles are performed, and that God’s power is able to flow. In this manner, everyone receives a touch from God.

The Bible says, “These signs will follow those who believe…”

He had the audience declare, “I believe! I believe! I believe that my hand can be used of God!” He added that this teaching is important because, after tonight, Mario is going to leave town, but God is not leaving, and He wants to work through all of us, in whatever place we are found.

Words are not able to do justice to the momentous night we experienced. God was in the room, and He spoke truth, poured out His love, changed hearts, and healed bodies.

If you missed this meeting, I encourage you to find the videos on the Mario Murillo Ministry Facebook page, and watch them. And, if possible, I would encourage you to find a way to make it to one of the future events in Colorado Springs or Los Angeles. Bring the lost and the sick and see the power of God for yourself!


  1. TeD

    Glory to God!!!

  2. Liz Connell

    How wonderful. I would love to come and be a part of this but sadly we can’t get in to the USA because we’re not vaccinated. Praying for you all and with you in spirit. Would you consider coming to the UK?

  3. Wilma Morrell

    God is using you marvelously in these days. I miss you on Flashpoint and have been praying for you to reconcile and return as part of this five fold ministry team. You were correct to point out false prophets leading God’s children to destruction. Well done. Now take care of your own spirit and testimony for Jesus and reconcile with Gene Bailey. This has been placed on my heart to pray for.

    • Phyllis Pedde

      I agree. Mario is missed much on Flash Point. It is not the same without the original three prophets! Look forward every Tuesday and Thursday to watch FP!

      • dcampbell

        would you ladies ever consider that mario is in the perfect will of GOD without being on flash point. seem to me that he is hearing GODS VOICE perfectly, especially since he is quoting
        our dear departed brother in the faith david wilkerson


  4. Benjamin P Sheppard

    Jesus is Lord

  5. Marilyn Lacey

    To God be the Glory! Thank you, Mario, for allowing God to use you to reach people for His glory alone!

  6. Tim Smith

    We have been watching the videos from Austin Texas since we couldn’t come in person this time. God is doing great and mighty things! The video recordings stop after the alter call. Is there a plan to add the times of healing and miracles to the videos?

    • Mario Murillo

      The last two nights of streaming included the healing portions. You can see them on our Facebook Page.

      • Thomas

        Is it possible to watch the videos from Bakersfield, and others, apart from Facebook?

  7. Tim Quirk

    Thank you Lord for what you are doing!!!

  8. Samara

    At one point, you had talked about going to Winston Salem. Do you think you may still go there at some point?
    Wonderful news about Bakersfield. You are being used mightily of God.

    • Mario Murillo

      Winston-Salem Fairgrounds October 22-25

    • Thomas

      Is it possible to see the videos from Bakersfield apart from Facebook?

  9. Corinne V

    Awesome article… Thank you so much! And I definitely agree with balance and not playing the OneNote. However, I do want to add a note about deliverance. Yes, we do need to keep it in balance and the deliverance ministers that I know that God is raising up today are doing that. But we also have to acknowledge that that is the one note That the western church has completely excluded in almost every church. I say almost because that’s not every church that’s part of the body. But… It’s hard to find a deliverance minister if you need one and in many churches, if someone starts manifesting, they are more likely to be escorted out by security than they are to be delivered.

    That needs to change and I do believe this move of God, while we need to pray for balance and guard for balance, is so needed in the body of Christ right now. You mentioned that these signs shall follow… That’s one of the signs that has not been following the American church. It’s time for a change! Add trusting God to raise up bar out doing all the works like Mario Murillo…Many blessings and thank you! ❤️

  10. Cora Thompson

    Please come to North Carolina!

    • Mario Murillo

      Winston-Salem Fairgrounds October 22-25

  11. Gerhard

    Praise the Lord!

  12. Donald Olsson

    My wife, Judy and I just finished 4 nights with you in Bakersfield. I bought your book “It’s Our Turn Now” and am really enjoying reading it!

    • Patricia Stanton

      I was at Bakersfield 11th-15th . I have never been in a constant
      Atmosphere of Love with others like this ! Loved it when the band was rehearsing-“There’s a new name written down in glory and it’s mine “
      Most of us couldn’t help dancing!! I Praise Jesus on the 13th Mario called on me to be healed! I had 7 Thyroid nodules
      2 very large choking me when l eat . Causing raw throat pain. l was healed . I had other issues still . I had been asking The Lord please heal My Neck/No Cartlidge & My Spine/Degenerative Arthritis. I have been on pain pills 20 years
      I was praying no more pain pills
      I’m having other issues from pills On the 14th Mario said someone has been praying no more pain pills they have Spine & Neck pain . I stood up ! Mario said your Faith has healed you! Before l arrived to Bakersfield l said Lord May l have a Very Special Birthday Gift !!! This date will never happen again!
      My Birthday is 3-23-23 ♥️🎂🕊Praise Your Name Jesus ♥️

    • Justin Leavens

      Thankyou, Jesus!!!

  13. Brenda

    Amen, Thank You Father for showing up bringing healing, salvation to these people. Thank u Mario, for being obedient God bless America

  14. Kim

    God is awesome! Thank you for being obedient to His calling! I have one question, once people get saved, is there any follow up or discipleship for them so they get rooted in Him?

  15. Howell Shaw

    Please come to Las Vegas! We are so hungry here. I am also willing and able to help make it happen!

  16. Brittany

    Just curious if you have dates for Colorado? God bless your ministry.

    • Mario Murillo

      All day Sunday April 16 at Radiant Church.
      Sunday- Wednesday July 9-12 at 6:30PM on the Campus of Church for All Nations
      6540 Templeton Gap Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

  17. Judy Elaine Jarrett

    Please come to Atlanta, GA

  18. Amy Van Buskirk

    I wish you would put these videos and live streams on sites other than facebook. Many of us do not want to use facebook. How about rumble? Thanks be to god for what He is doing through you, Mario.

  19. Samara

    Thank you, Mario! Hoping to maybe come from Ohio. May God bless you and keep you safe.

  20. Joan Davidson

    What wonderful events! Praise the Lord for your ministry Mario!! and for all the lives that have been changed and are now part of the Kingdom. Do you Mario ever feel the call to go out of the USA? We would welcome you in Canada. Our nation needs a move of God desperately.

  21. Jack Donaldson


    I would love to see you back on flashpoint as well. you are missed by many watchers … and your absence has weakened the program significantly.

  22. Tricia Fryer

    I am praying that God will lead you to Austin, TX. I volunteered as a Greeter at your meeting in Modesto in March 2021 and would love to see you come to Austin!

  23. Kathy Grinley

    Praise God. We are in a Jesus Revolution. The biggest in history. Holy Spirit, find us worthy of your presence! God bless Mario and the team. Protect them and provide all their needs. Bring in the sick, the weary, the lost. Come, Lord Jesus! Amen

  24. Debra McAfee

    Please come to Louisville Kentucky

  25. Nina

    Awesome, awesome. What a privilege to be able to watch the salvations and the healings. So glad you put the healings back so we could watch and rejoice right along with everyone else. Thank you Mario for listening to the Lord. God Bless! Keep up the good work.

  26. Linda Muniz

    God is moving in miraculous ways to set the captives free. Glory to God!

  27. Rachael Moralez

    I was there! Praise God, it was a wonderful crusade. I had the privilege of serving as a volunteer. Thank you pastor Mario for coming to Bakersfield. See you in LA in September!

  28. GENE


  29. Betty Lough

    AWESOME< Thank YOU. GOD & Mario !!! Do ;ike. the son says, Do it again, Oh,Do it again!!!

  30. Richard Rosier

    Mario thank God for your commitment to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Fresno meeting about 3 years ago woke me up spiritually, Then there was Hayward Ca what a glorious time, I miss being in your meetings and seeing the Power of God overflowing throughout the people.We are in revival a much needed waking up. This is the only movement that will save America. The wheat and the tears are certainly being separated these days. The year I spent in California last year really woke me up to the real and the false. Praise God for the truth you teach and practice. Many blessings to you , your family and team members.Jesus is Lord



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