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A massive number of Christians are experiencing a strange miracle.  And we are discovering that this was predicted—in detail.
The Holy Spirit is separating them. He has selected them for special grace and power to do mighty acts at the edge of history. They will be uniquely equipped to face the sophisticated evil of our time. But it all begins by making peace with the Holy Spirit and restoring His rightful place in our hearts and in the church.

Take a close look at the book of Acts and you will see the disarming down-to-earth way they related to the Holy Spirit. While they revered Him deeply, they had a sense of His nearness and His involvement in their day to day operation. They behaved as if He was close by and they could almost see Him. Most of all, they anticipated His instructions.

 Acts 13:2 “As they ministered to the Lord and fasted, the Holy Spirit said, “Now separate to Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” 3 Then, having fasted and prayed, and laid hands on them, they sent them away. 4 So, being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus.”
Millions are now hearing the same call: “SEPARATE TO ME!”

God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system.


The Holy Spirit told David Wilkerson about this coming separation, and how pockets of prophetic people would huddle together across our nation.
He said, “God-hungry people are saying among themselves, “This is not it. There is something more. The bigness and the sensationalism of it all has left us empty and dry. We want more. More than entertainment. More than big, showy buildings. More than a shallow celebrity gospel. We want deeper values. We want to see Jesus. We want spotless robes of righteousness. We want to go back to doing things in total dependence on God.”

“We want to go back to doing things in total dependence on God.”

Many of these people were chased out of churches that were once fiery, Spirit-filled churches that had taken on a new ‘seeker-friendly’ format. They saw their church now focused on church growth, down-playing the presence of the Holy Spirit, and only designed to attract outsiders. They felt punished for wanting a move of God.

They are fed up with the world system—especially when they see it operating in the church.  They can’t stomach the glitzy entertainment centers anymore. They believe we have no time to play games.  They are frustrated that church is catering to the lukewarm members.

They are done with egocentric preachers with grandiose, expensive and carnal visions that having nothing to do with soul winning or revival.  They accuse these preachers of being distracted—even derailed from their first love.   Disciples are abandoning “attraction” churches, and something revolutionary is happening inside them.  God is starting a fresh movement.
David Wilkerson explained more of what he saw coming: “God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.”

They are done with egocentric preachers with grandiose, expensive and carnal visions that having nothing to do with soul winning or revival. 

The praying people he mentions will force changes.  They are a new breed for a new need. They are frustrated, hungry, and their numbers are growing fast.  They are coalescing around certain truths: fasting, repentance, and holy surrender to Christ.

Why should we be surprised that this is happening?  When evil is exalted, God looks for deliverers. He scans the nation to see who will cleanse themselves from the carnal church and the intoxicated preachers. He looks for those who will allow God to make them the indestructible and irresistible voices to restore righteousness to America.

The praying people he mentions will force changes. 

Smith Wigglesworth saw this separation coming way back in 1927.  He predicted the same group of people that  David Wilkerson described: “All the people which are pressing into and getting ready for this glorious attained place where they shall not be found naked, where they shall be blameless, where they shall be immovable, where they shall be purified by the power of the Word of God, have within them a consciousness of the very presence of God within, changing their very nature and preparing them for a greater thing, and causing them to be ready for translation.”

Both men believed that this gathering unto the Holy Spirit would begin after a great falling away.
Wigglesworth said, “We have to see that these days have to come, before the Lord can come. There has to be a falling away. There are in the world two classes of believers. There are believers which are disobedient, or I ought to say there are children which are saved by the power of God which are disobedient children. And there are children which are just the same saved by the power of God, who all the time are longing to be more obedient.”

I know that the moment predicted by these two men is upon us. Every day, I receive another account of frustrated saints who have been suddenly driven to hours of prayer. Many are fasting. A vast number are about to find each other in a true outbreak of holy fire. Millions of believers across America feel they are being separated to the Holy Spirit for some amazing, yet unknown, reason. David Wilkerson talked about a “work” within us. Smith Wigglesworth talked about “pressing in.” The image is clear…the Holy Spirit is stirring souls across the nation. They are done with the overuse of big screens, skinny jeans, and fog machines.
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal! But mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds!

These frustrated saints are being pulled away from fleshly things, even as a spirit of prayer is overtaking them. They are surrendering to a special work of the Holy Spirit. A fresh work of the Holy Spirit has begun, and the impact will soon be widespread in all the earth!

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  1. Paul Choquette

    Thank you. Wonderful

  2. Nancy Buchman

    I 100% can relate to this blog. What Mario is saying here I feel in my heart and have been getting stronger and stronger in prayer and fasting, fasting not as much as I should be but I will be, and just getting together with people to pray. Never before my life, I’m 70 years old, have I felt like this. Something big is about to happen.

  3. Robert

    Christ’s second coming is when the harvest is ripe.

    The Rapture occurs in the twinkling of an eye.

    A twinkle is the time it takes for light to reach your retina from your eyeball.

    Yours In Christ

  4. Len Generoso

    Well said!

  5. Laurel Mavis Stevens

    We welcome the kingdom of heaven!

  6. Robyn S ONeal

    Mario Murillo describes the pulse in me, and it’s Jesus’ heart beat loving me free!

  7. Robynhymn

    Mario Murillo describes the pulse in me, and it’s Jesus’ heart beat loving me free!

  8. Brenda & Ervin Spiekermann

    We have yet to find a church that will use my husband and myself. God formed us to pray for people at the alter and see their pasts and pray for deliverance. All churches want to do is make big money and not pray for salvation, healing, deliverance and baptism in the holy spirit. Please pray for us to find a church that will use us.

  9. grandjim

    Great word! This confirms my inner feelings.

  10. George & Carole Phelps

    Yes, Holy Spirit, Amen!

  11. Eric

    This is encouraging. I’ve been feeling frustrated about the church catering to lukewarmness.

  12. Diane

    Words from the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for this ministry.

  13. Renee Grace

    Mario, appreciate this word. I am one who for a few years now have felt a separation even from Christian friends and family who claim they are Christians, although I do not think they are born again. Definitely not baptized in the Holy Spirit. During the initial pandemic lockdown I was actually happy because the Holy Spirit nudged me in January 2020, to separate, pray and fast and not go out to eat. (I was in CA., for a week) and when I returned to AZ that was what my new norm was. Since then, I have been separated even from a Christian ministry I went to help and ended up hurting my back very badly. I was then REALLY separated for about 3 months because I could not drive and won’t go into more detail. I will just say I am one your are sharing about. I know you from Open the Heavens conference x 2 years and honestly I do not think I will return this year. Was very disappointed last year when Matt K. did not aknowledge Phil Driscols giftings and the presence of God after his performance. I fell to my knees during Phils performance; the Holy Spirit was so present. thank you again and will be praying for you and the conferences. God bless. Annette Rousseau RN

  14. Genoveva Olivas

    I am praying brother Mario, I know the Glory of God will be in Bakersfield Crusade 🙏🏼❤️

  15. Michele

    Praise God! Lord, Move on your people! I’m so hungry for a move of God in our town and across the world. Lord bring repentance!
    Mario, you have been such a blessing! So good to meet you In Dallas!

  16. barbaraeblog

    Mario, thank you for this encouraging word. There are several of us here in my community that are seeking this new thing that the Lord is going to do. We feel it in our spirits and in our souls. Lord, we pray that Holy Spirit will take control of our lives and help us be and do what You want us to be and do. Lord, protect and shelter Mario and his family and ministry from the evil one. Let their lives and energies be used by You in a mighty way to help others know and love You. In Yeshua’s name I pray. Amen!

  17. Melanie Brais

    I feel separate unto God for such a time as this

  18. Matthew Morgan Esau

    Merciful Greetings of Peace to all of you. Very impressive! Albeit, extremely inspirational. I’m presently experiencing such deep expunging purgatorial separation since July 2019 the day I’ve moved unto this rural mission, 50km from Cape Town, South Africa. My pathway to the ordained Anglican priesthood has been cancelled way back in 1996. The persecution never seized! Dear Saints of America, please do not neglect to pray for the persecuted church in Africa. It will be our loving reciprocal duty to pray for you too! Shalom! Matthew Morgan Esau.

  19. Barry Warner

    Hello Brother Mario. It really does seem like we are near the end of days, and soon all knees will bow and all tongues will confess. I agree that there seem to be two kinds of Christians. There are those that want to interpret the verses in a way that is “woke friendly” for the sake of filling seats and bank accounts. They are basically an extension of Disney; something that used to be entertaining and wholesome is now a Trojan Horse for the indoctrination of all that fall for the allure of “cutting edge” entertainment. Beneath the bells and whistles, the colorful packaging, and the watered down gospel, there is only the hollow message of “join us so we can virtue signal together.” There is nothing in most of the modern church about knowing the heart of God, or the salvation provided by Jesus Christ. There certainly is nothing being taught about doing what we are all commanded by Jesus to do. If that were the case there would be fewer brick and mortar churches and more missionaries, more preaching in the streets, more laying on of hands and the family unit would be stronger than ever. The point is, God IS the answer. He’s the answer to everything that is wrong in the world today. We were given an incredible gift, the Holy Spirit, and yet it never gets mentioned in the mega churches that basically give Anthony Robbins seminars with the addition of God being mentioned a couple times. Thank God for the true believers. Thank God for the true preachers like Mario that get out there with the people. Thank God that our young people know in their hearts that something isn’t right in our culture and are turning, in large scale now, to Jesus. Be encouraged everyone, the tide is turning. The “woke” churches are declining in numbers while the Bible based, steadfast churches that refuse to bow to corrupt government
    and woke expectations are growing, and in some cases massively. Now isn’t the time to cave in, it’s the time to gear up! You can choose to believe the Bible is just a bunch of stories and parables not to be taken literally, or you can believe in the word of God and believe that what he says is coming is the truth. I’ve read the book already and I know how it ends. It’s about to get real, folks! Get ready!

  20. Judith Lowe

    Are you having Revivals anywhere else besides California???

  21. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    Has the GLORY CLOUD been seen in today’s church services?? I saw it come down several times when WORSHIP was WORSHIP. never seen it in skinny jean and fog machine services. There is a big difference in praise and worship. What they call praise songs will not bring in TRUE WORSHIP.

  22. Scott Goddard

    Frustration is not a fruit of the Spirit. Neither is Apathy! There’s a holy discontent in my spirit and I am pressing in and expecting a serious and powerful outpouring of the Spirit! Our little church baptized 3 souls this week in cold dead New Hampshire! We are praying for a Holy Ghost Spring!

  23. Deborah

    Yep! Intimacy

  24. Mona nieto

    Praying for Bakersfield!

  25. Kathleen Garcia

    That’s beautiful.

  26. lance j foreman

    remember me Lord, here I am send me!

  27. John Cowpersmith

    Amen and Amen and I am excited.

  28. Rebecca Mommer

    When are you going to be in Colorado Springs?

    • Mario Murillo

      I am at Radiant Church North AM/PM April 16 and then the tent crusade July 9-13 on the campus of All Nations Church.

  29. Jeff Fairchild

    Thank God for Mario as a true prophet of the Lord. I’m so encouraged and enlightened by these posts. BUT PLEASE, PLEASE GET A GOOD EDITOR TO PUT THEM TOGETHER! The seemingly random repetition of sentences and whole paragraphs as callouts, as captions, and as narrative makes it very difficult to follow the great message these posts proclaim. In this one, the paragraph beginning, “God is revealing to all praying people…” is printed two times in a row and then occurs again a few paragraphs later as if it were the first time. I know someone thinks the photos and callouts make them more dramatic, but I believe they’d be more effective as simple text than with all embellishments. Something in between would be best.

  30. Carleta Billy

    Bro. Mario. I appreciate you so much and your heart for souls. You have influenced me to seek God for more compassion for the lost. Thank you for all your sacrifices and the sacrifices your team makes. I know you will all reap what you have sown for the Glory of God. I intend to be a supporter with an offering monthly. God bless you and continue to use you mightily and give you continual revelation in what needs to be done for this time and season. Blessings, Carleta Billy, Montana

  31. Catherine Guzovich

    Explanation please. A while back, you said that you would not appear on the same program with the woman with the red/pink hair. You repeated a few of her statements that santa claus has his own home/village in heaven, the Lord changed the waters of the red sea into a jello-like substance. NOW, you are on FlashPoint with this same woman. What changed?????????????????

    • Mario Murillo

      Was only on once with her 2 years ago and that was their choice because I had never heard of her before. After that I have never appeared with her. Those are reruns you must be seeing.

  32. Charlie Bauer

    Proverbs 12:17 says, “He who speaks truth declares righteousness.”
    Mario Murillo speaks truth and he declares the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

  33. Suzanne Taylor

    In 2020 God told me that it was the end of the seeker friendly church. Praise God!


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