A Prophet’s Crazy Wisdom

by | Jan 20, 2023 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 737 comments

A Prophet’s Crazy Wisdom By Dr. Randall Verarde PHD

I wandered into an evangelistic crusade near the U.C. Berkeley campus in 1972 and was born again. Three years later I was working with the young man who snatched me from the fire and led me to Christ. Mario Murillo had established Resurrection City to raise up hundreds of young people like myself who were being delivered from the mean streets of the Bay Area.
We hit those streets and confronted young people bound by many deceptions with the love of Christ. Chief among those deceptions were exotic teachings from the East.

What does that have to do with what the Church is facing today? Everything! Mark Twain once said that “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.”

 With equally exotic names such as Muktananda, Da Free John, and Chogyam Trungkpa, the saffron-robed gurus, smelling of incense, pandered their mystical teachings to young hippies with slogans such as, “You are the One you are seeking.” Dubbed “crazy wisdom” by its critics, these gurus advocated total excess and practiced the same with their disciples. It was hip and cool. And deadly! Needless to say, the message of Christ followed by solid teaching
of the Word of God delivered many young people from the grip of a mass deception.

What does that have to do with what the Church is facing today? Everything! Mark Twain once said that “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.” The exotic has made its appearance in our time, not in the form of saffron-robed gurus but of home-grown, self-appointed
prophets. Do we have the discernment to distinguish sound biblical teaching from the devil’s attempt to repackage “crazy wisdom” in a more palatable form?


The exotic has made its appearance in our time, not in the form of saffron-robed gurus but of home-grown, self-appointed

A small group of modern “prophets” are claiming to bring “new revelation” to the Church. Is it new or the same old lie in a new guise? The serpent told Adam, “You shall be as God, knowing good and evil.” His message hasn’t changed much. The appeal to our vanity and religious ego is always alluring. We must ask ourselves, “are the new ‘prophets’ teaching truth or
appealing to our itching ears?”

There are certainly those preaching prophetically in the Church today. But all that glitters is not gold. Each teacher and each teaching must be judged on its merits. Is their teaching biblical? Are they handling scripture responsibly? Is their argument compelling?

I’ve chosen to assess a recent presentation* by Robin Bullock, a self-identified prophet, with those questions in mind.

 I’ve chosen to assess a recent presentation* by Robin Bullock, a self-identified prophet, with those questions in mind. In that presentation Bullock argues at length for the legitimacy of today’s prophets, even those who’s message may appear outlandish. Is his teaching biblical? Is his description of the prophetic compelling? Or is it more like “crazy wisdom” dressed in new garb?

On this occasion Bullock was introduced by the host pastor as a “powerful prophet of God” and “a deep well.” He emerged from the darkened side stage dressed in black, sporting a full-length leather coat, scarf, necklace, multiple rings, his long hair tied back into a half ponytail, carrying his “prophet’s” staff, a worn bible, and his notebook. First, he spoke to the prophets:
you must be steeped in the scriptures so that your prophecies follow the prophetic pattern laid out there. So far so good.

Bullock gave three examples of the prophetic pattern in scripture. The first was a “new” interpretation of the Good Samaritan story, which he claimed God had given him. In fact, his interpretation was neither new nor original. It came from two medieval Catholic priests, Origen and Augustine. They were early practitioners of the allegorical method—a way of interpreting the Bible to find hidden meanings beyond its literal sense.

Without acknowledging his medieval predecessors, Bullock explained that the man on a journey who fell among thieves was Adam, and the Good Samaritan was Jesus!

Without acknowledging his medieval predecessors, Bullock explained that the man on a journey who fell among thieves was Adam, and the Good Samaritan was Jesus! Taking the man to the innkeeper, who represents the Holy Spirit, the Good Samaritan promised to pay his expenses
when he returns in two days. Those two days represent the 2,000-year church age! And so on.

Unfortunately, God failed to tell Bullock he wasn’t the first to see through the story’s literal meaning to its mystical interior.

In fact, he completely overlooked the story’s plain but powerful message:

 In fact, he completely overlooked the story’s plain but powerful message: A Samaritan became  a neighbor to a Jew in need, giving him aid in defiance of longstanding ethnic animosities. But Bullock’s allegorical interpretation of the story did appear to demonstrate his claim that prophets such as himself are able to reveal the “hidden things” of scripture to the Church. Is that true?

There are several problems with this` teaching. First, it was not original despite Bullock’s claim to the contrary. We call that plagiarism. Second, the allegorical method has a long and sordid history in the Church. It was so abused in the Middle Ages that even the Catholic Church moved away from it because it tended to obscure rather than clarify the Gospel. In fact, Luther’s protest took aim at the elaborate allegories invented by the priests. Protestantism was built on the principle of understanding the plain sense of scripture, first and foremost. Bullock’s first example was not convincing. Perhaps his second would be better.

Bullock’s first

Bullock’s first example was not convincing.

`Bullock’s second example went like this: If God declares the end from the beginning and Genesis is the book of beginnings, then you should be able to read Revelation forward and Genesis backward! Bullock worked his way through the highlights of Revelation—the Beast’s mark, the tribulation, the rapture, Christ’s return, etc.—moving step-by-step across the stage as he

He then began to work backward from Genesis 7, moving back across the stage as he did: Noah is the end of the age; Enoch is the rapture; the Mark of Cain is the mark of the Beast, and so on. Here’s another prophetic secret! The Bible can be read forward AND backward! You see?! There are things in scripture you know nothing about! But God shows them to the “prophets” who reveal them to you!

Like his first example, this one also had its problems. Nowhere are we directed by scripture to read it backwards in order to derive hidden insights from it. Moreover, backward reading is an occult practice made popular by Aleister Crowley of the Golden Dawn mystical cult—another in a long line of “crazy wisdom” gurus. Crowley urged his followers to learn to read, talk, and walk backwards. The “law of reversal,” as it was called, was designed to overturn everything his followers thought they knew so he could overwrite it with “new” ideas.

Nowhere are we directed by scripture to read it backwards in order to derive hidden insights from it.

I cannot read his mind or intentions, but Bullock seemed to be doing something similar. The modern “prophets” like Bullock see through the literal words of scripture to its hidden dimension. You need them to reveal it to you! That is their claim. But does it hold up? Bullock’s third example of things hidden in the Bible was the Bible Code! Made popular by Michael Drosnin in 1997, it purports to find hidden messages in the Hebrew Old Testament that describe current events using a computer- generated skip-letter sequence.

Drosnin used the Code to find a prophecy describing Yizhak Rabin’s assassination. He tried to warn Rabin, but was unsuccessful, and Rabin was assassinated as the Code predicted. In telling the story, Bullocks failed to mention that Drosnin’s claims and methodology have been thoroughly discredited (see Wikipedia “Bible Code”).

Using the Code as his justification, Bullock went on to claim that everyone’s name is written in the Bible! Oh yes! Because, you see, God revealed to Bullock that the Lamb’s Book of Life is the none other than the Bible itself! Therefore, every believer’s name is written in it, and if you have the right code sequence, you can find your name in the Bible! Because, you see, there are things hidden in the Bible that you know nothing about, and you need prophets like Bullocks to reveal them to you! Needless to say, at that point he has stretched credulity to the breaking point.


Using the Code as his justification, Bullock went on to claim that everyone’s name is written in the Bible!


Bullock then got specific about various strange things that “prophet” Kat Kerr claims to have seen in heaven, including a mountain of Jell-O. Can’t find that in the Bible? Bullock asked. How about this? When the Jews crossed the Red Sea, the water heaped up and “congealed.”

“I’ve got one word for people who start talking about a (prophet). You had better watch your mouth. You better watch your mouth. You ought to repent for attacking a prophet! The Lord didn’t take it lightly. He didn’t. He didn’t like that. You are going to have to stop talking about prophets when you don’t understand what they are.”

Bullock then got specific about various strange things that “prophet” Kat Kerr claims…

Was Bullock’s allegorical, backward, coded reading of scripture an attempt to overwrite established doctrine with “new revelation”? Was his teaching biblical? Was his handling of scripture responsible? Was his rebuke of Kat Kerr’s critics appropriate when the Bible instructs us to judge the prophets? “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge” (I Cor. 14:29).

The answer is clear. His message was not prophetic and he is no prophet!

He did not preach the Gospel. He went from medieval Catholic mysticism, to the occult “law of reversal,” to fake Bible Codes. If this is “new revelation,” we should reject it! God is not disclosing hidden mysteries to a select group of modern prophets and their followers. We are not called to see through the Gospel of Jesus to hidden revelations or Bible Codes. Christ is not a
hidden allegory, he is the revealed Son of God! The Gospel isn’t written in code that requires a modern prophet to explain it. It is disclosed in scripture and proclaimed by the Church.

The answer is clear. His message was not prophetic and he is no prophet! He did not preach the Gospel. He went from medieval Catholic mysticism, to the occult “law of reversal,” to fake Bible Codes.

There is nothing hidden pertaining to our salvation that hasn’t already been revealed.

“Now to Him who is able to establish you according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery kept secret since the world began but now made manifest, and by the prophetic Scriptures made known to all nations, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, for obedience to the faith— to God, alone wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen. (Romans 16:25-27)

Bullock and those like him are leading naïve Christians over a cliff.

Bullock and those like him are leading naïve Christians over a cliff. Don’t be fooled by “prophets” hawking crazy wisdom masquerading as “secret knowledge” and “new revelations.” We’ve been here before! And like before, all that glitters is not gold. And all that claims to be prophetic is not Truth.





  1. Addie Scheibe

    Wow. Right in plain site. Caution everyone.

    • Evelyn

      So glad you are calling them out. I didn’t even know who Robin Bullock, Hank Or Kat were but after someone sent me videos of their teachings .
      After having been exposed to these false teachings and doctrines in the last 30 yrs I am able to recognize the self appointed from the God appointed prophets.
      They all seem to morph into each other’s routine and when you have to teach such outlandish doctrines and the crazy and self predicating shows that they put on .
      They all seem to have mimiced Kim Clement with his wild singing and hyped up atmosphere on stage. Everything is always lights , camera and action.
      No annointing but the stench of man’s flesh.

      • Shannon Suttles

        I’m pretty certain Mario is a Kim Clement supporter… Don’t quote me on that… But Kat Kerr and robin bullock are no Kim Clement. Kim did not stray away from the gospel and he was a real Prophet.

        • Sunita

          Kim Clement delivered my son and me from an old generational curse of death in 1996. My grandma, her mother, my mother all died young 30’s to 52 yo. I was dying at 39 and my oldest son wasn’t even 18. After we were delivered we both got well and we are living fairly healthy lives. It was instant healing, no more hospitals, no more doctors & tests and meds. Kim Clement came to the same church and called out the pastor, his wife. Other family members & another woman who were involved in nefarious ungodly behaviors.

      • Brenda miller@tricommercial.com

        Please do not use Kim Clement as an example, because he is a true prophet of God. I don’t agree with a lot of this, but there are things off about certain people mentioned, but not Kim Clement. We need to watch how we judge those in the body of Christ. Just because they are unique or different or have different methods does not mean that they are not true prophets of God. Look at Jeremiah, Isaiah, Elijah and I can go on and on how different and strange they were like at John the Baptist. Judge not lest ye be judged.

        • Kaba Kell

          Brenda, we are called to judge, even commanded to judge the prophecies, and to judge with righteous judgement.

      • Teresa Woodson

        I totally agree with you Mario i am glad you have the strength to bring out the fakes that are leading vulnerable people down to destruction. I watch everything people who prifess to be Christians who have :encounters “with God. They should be addressed and exposed for the harm they are doing to baby Christians and those who don’t yet believe and have a relationship with the Father and Jesus and holy spirit. You are doing God’s work and don’t let anyone stop your truth as you know it. I have come to trust what you say and I listen to your words and I pray for your ministry to keep doing what God is leading you to do. You are a blessing for so many people to hear the solid straight truth and many are being saved due to your following the guidance of the Lord.

      • Sue

        Kim Clement was the real deal. He never had the “stench of the flesh.” He was also a gifted musician and used that gift when prophesying.

    • Vasantha Narayanswami

      I feel God is wanting us to get back into the word of God for ourselves rather than constantly relying on those with very prominent ministries for direction. The baseline is that prophets hear God to provide DIRECTION for the body of Christ. It’s the TEACHERS who teach: lambs, the growing lambs/young sheep/ mature sheep ( Jesus’s word to Peter). The question is the content of what is being taught: is it directing the Church to grow, mature in Christ, be equipped to share the gospel to save the lost or is it focussing on minutiae ie minor theological jots and tittles which aren’t actually drawing us deeper into Christ. They may be tasty morsels but what is the end result of the word being preached? Exaltation of Christ or the individual? It’s a tightrope we all have to walk and it’s so easy to fall off without mature Christians around us to say : what is this word building in your life? Is it building “Christ in us” and causing Christ to be our total satisfaction or is it creating an obsession with the individual delivering the word because of an unfulfilled expectation? It’s a very sobering challenge.

      • Eric

        Exactly! Amen! Get into the word if God. He will reveal truth. Not deception.

      • MARY

        Greetings and God bless. For me personally seeking any kind of help I could get after the death of my mother I was wide open to hear anything any words of comfort from anybody. And this is how I believe people are deceived

    • John Adams

      Thanks for exposing the critical flaws in the teaching of false prophets.

    • Monica Hansen

      Omgosh.. the Lord was trying to show me about robin earlier and I wasnt seeing it or putting it together. A friend of mind bought his pool book and she let me read it. I quit after i got to ch 4. It just didnt seem right. Thank you mario for exposing. I am young in christ only 2 yrs. I didnt know what God was trying to show me. I felt something wasnt right.

    • Harry

      Mario, Your voice in the sea of voices has a clarity much needed today. I know you are truthful, I know you stand by the Bible as it is written. I know
      You understand the scriptures, and I know you are aware of false preachers and false preaching. I love the character of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I will shut off those who sully his powerful name by their falsehoods. Bullock, Dixon, Kerr shame on you all. Pray to God for forgiveness before it is too late. Thank you Mario! You watch and are vigilant. God Bless you.

    • Tony Ceceña

      I appreciate Mario doing the most important thing in life—his calling of leading lost souls to Jesus.

  2. Rose Vetter

    Thank you, Mario. I am so happy you are speaking out. Out of curiosity I have tried to listen to Bullock. He makes no biblical sence. I pegged him either a charlatan or someone sick in TBE head. May the Lord cause him to repent.

    • M

      Be Careful!! You are treading on dangerous ground!!
      The Bible tells us:
      1 Chronicles 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, And do my prophets no harm.
      2 Chronicles 20:20
      20 And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

      • Mario Murillo

        Not one anointed vessel has been touched…just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

        • Elisabet

          Thank you Mario
          I have listened to all of the ones you have called out.
          I must say you confirmed the stirring of my spirit.
          It didn’t sit well.
          Thank you for confirmation.

          • Katie Mak

            Thanks you Mario. I have watched Bullock and Kat Kerr. I felt in my spirit something was at off with them. These so called profits as they should be called don’t line up with the word of GOD. Kat Kerr talking so crazy. And that’s there’s all these people in Heaven. There is not. The word clearly states this. People who are now christians are being deceived. I was deceived as a new christian. I realized my error in judgement. The LORD sharpened my discernment. Thank you for taking a stand and speaking the truth. GOD BLESS You.

          • Greg

            How do you go on Flashpoint with Hank, if he too is a storefront Soupy Sales? Hank, Robin, Katt and now Richard Roberts have all done Services, (Meetings together).

          • dawna snider

            Me too! Two years ago when Kat Kerr ate cake on the show and said God said they will all eat cake, was the beginning of caution for me. I carefully studied her after that, and nothing lined up biblically. At the time I questioned why anyone of credibility would join her on the show. Good going Mario for standing up for truth, and disengaging from them.

        • Sandra Creech

          Amen Mario!
          Being a student of the Word , and listening to the leading of Holy Spirit, has kept me out
          of the grips of those who perform but do not possess.

        • Renee Vetter

          I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit for 33 years but I was saved in the Baptist church 9 years earlier. I immediately read the Bible after salvation so that when I was Spirit filled it was hard to fool me. I was called to the ministry one year after I was Spirit filled and God took us many places and I would see something that didn’t line up with scripture and I would say I don’t like that & id hear God say I don’t like it either Don’t do it. I always said I won’t do it.
          We’ve been to those big ministries and my heart was sick by what I saw. We’re to build the kingdom of Jesus not ours.
          I bring people out of the occult and every spirit operating in the church is not the Holy Spirit.

        • Patty

          Perfect! I was thinking the same thing when I read that!

        • KP

          I wrote a comment that was personal yet with proper wording as to not belittle your blog or preaching and you somehow blocked my info so that the only way I can now respond is through a reply. If a local pastor did that to someone else the entire community would be upset. How can you block those you just don’t agree with, while you yourself speak much more harshly? I don’t disagree with everything, but mainly the way you have responded back to fellow believers. By blocking those who respectfully disagree, are you creating unity or division?

        • Karen

          AMEN Mario! Thank you!
          God has given you a spine of steel for such a time as this. We, the body of Christ, are greatly blessed by your obedience. I am so grateful. ❤️

      • Jenny Knodt

        The prophets are to be judged. Just because one claims to be anointed and a profit doesn’t mean they are

      • Nancy chafin

        There are Gods prophets and SELF appointed prophets. Ask for discernment. I agree with Murio here.

      • Sheila Hendrix

        He’s not God’s anointed. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    • L B

      Pastor that took a lot of courage and scriptural knowledge to do this ans you stated. Even if other statements Bullock said were correct but this it is good to be accountable to others.

  3. Tim Stiles

    Amen..so many false prophets out there these days…tickling ears and always trying to promote their egos..people say the church today is growing and expanding..yep, it is ten miles wide now and about a quarter inch deep…got to get back to the simplicity of the Gospel…thanks for your love and boldness to address the hocus pocus BS in our midst..love you brother!!

    • Lisa

      I agree! Thank you for speaking out! What they are doing, claiming secret knowledge, wasn’t that long ago refuted as the heresy of gnosticism?

      • Paul Rosenfeld

        YES! The essential poison of the gnostic heresy was the notion that there were deeper truths to be had beyond the literal truth of the gospel.

  4. Ryan Schmid

    Mario, I’ve had great respect for you and have donated to your ministry several times. I believe you are doing a great thing for the Kingdom of God. It seems, however, you spend a good deal of time calling others out in how they should or shouldn’t speak on God’s behalf. If this is your thing, ok. But I’d rather not waste the time being a part of that. I wonder what you would have said when Jesus came on the scene and spoke the way he did. Either way, I wish your ministry well.

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you but 4 blogs out of over 3,000 about false prophets is not several times. This is extremely rare for me and I do not expect to do this again except on rare extreme times. Thank you.

      • VS

        I forgot to say, if I am out of order in any way then I ask for your forgiveness and first and foremost for God’s forgiveness.

        • Judi

          I have listened to both Robin and Kat Kerr and always get a weird feeling they are like mid evil actors in their garb and their staffs actually they look possessed. They scare me I could never take them seriously. Thank you for calling them out.i already knew who it was when I heard mario had a blog about false prophets.

        • Ava

          Another false prophet is Yuval Noah Harari. He is deceiving many.

      • Gwen

        I believe that Mario had the Holy Spirit directing him to call out these prophets. Many people listen to them and are being lead astray. I have listened to all of them in the past. Personally, I thought everything that Kat spoke of seemed a little far fetched to me. I seemed like all of them were part of a circus. I completely believe in the prophetic word, but only if it’s accurate and discerned correctly and is coming from a person who has turned their life to God and hearing HIS word and no one else’s. The enemy is always on the look out for ways to attack the people of God and perhaps he has slithered his way into their lives and the words they speak–I don’t know. But I know my walk with God isn’t always strong enough for me to discern that what is being said is accurate and I count on someone like Mario, who is a true man of God, to set things straight. God Bless you Mario in Yeshua’s Holy Name!

      • Maria

        We actually need more of those names to come out. All of the ones that the so called christian television shows are promoting. Julie Green and Amanda give me the chills as well.

        • Eric

          Julie & Amanda are getting on my nerves the wrong way. I stopped listening to them. I even wonder about Timothy Dixon. I just want to stay in the Word of God. Matthew 24 tells us what is happening and what to expect.
          Isn’t that enough?

      • Bonnie A Thompson

        I think someone needed to call them out, so people might stop being deceived. There have been many red flags over the last 2 years, ive never heard so many prophets speaking in my entire life, like when covid hit. Weigh everything against the plumb line-the word of God.

      • Sheila Jablonski

        The Holy Spirit has been leading me away from them and I must confess that I have been bucking it. Thank you for speaking out. I needed to hear this confirmation. Hank prophesied on flashpoint one night & the look on your face, said it all. God Bless you Mario & thank you again.

      • Laura F

        What about Hank Kunnamen? Someone mentioned him in their reply.

    • Brenda T

      Ryan…. Are you suggesting Mario should do like the Church has done TOO much of?? Turn a blind eye and deaf ear to false teachings and “prophets”! Thats what we are CALLED to do! God NEEDS His truth revealed NOT concealed, time is too short

    • Julie Eggleston


      • Mario Murillo

        4 blogs out of 3,000 is not a lot Ryan and Julie. I spend extremely little time on these subjects.

        • Nery

          I have been feeling the heaviness about this topic myself and questioned about Elijah’s Ministry allowing all of these preachers that say things that are not biblical . I was extremely disappointed that no one had spoken up so this gives me and other major respect for you .

        • Jo

          This is just what the enemy wants is for the body of Christ to turn against each other. This grieves my heart, and I believe it grieves the Holy Spirit’s heart as well! Thankful that Holy Spirit gives us discernment in all things. This to me is like chewing the meat and spitting out the bones.
          None of us “know” it all!! His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts!
          The main thing at this time is to preach the gospel and advance His Kingdom!

          • Mario Murillo

            The division that should concern is false prophets dividing people from God and His Word.

          • Mario Murillo

            When the meat is poisonous you spit it out too.

          • just-a-girl-out-here

            With all due respect, “chewing the meat and spitting out the bones”, isn’t scriptural, and I’d heard that so many times, I accepted it as truth, until I heard one pastor say that church leaders aren’t supposed to be giving us any bones! Because…. who is going to protect the sheep from leaders feeding them bones? Doctrine is a serious matter. You know what I think grieves the Holy Spirit’s heart?

            I THINK, this is just me, mind you, I think that it grieves the Holy Spirit’s heart when a “prophetess” tells people, “Believe My prophets in this hour, and you will be blessed. To those who are listening and are reporting falsely or talking ill of My prophets, I have warned in My Word “touch not My anointed and do My prophets no harm”. You will pay a high price for what you are doing. Turn back now and repent or you will receive Judgment in this hour. My year of Judgment and Vengeance will be against you. However, My Grace is sufficient for you to take and to receive My Mercy now; now before it is too late and the door closes on your time of repentance. The door you have opened, you will want to shut as fast as possible. To you who are listening, you know who you are, and you can feel this is for you. My Grace is enough, so take it while you can because what is coming for you and all in your house, you do not want. Your worst nightmare, your biggest fear, will come upon you. So heed these words now before it is too late for you.”

            This is a THREAT. You have to choose to follow a prophet even though his or her “prophetic words” have failed to come to pass over and over, and even the opposite has happened, or God Himself is against you? Come on. What happened to believing in Jesus for our salvation?

            I’m still waiting for any of these Hananiah type prophets to teach people to do the words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount, Matthew 5:44. You can do that, and still oppose what wicked men do. Why? Because we want our houses to built on a rock. Not on sand. Our focus should be on HIM, and following HIM, not gleefully waiting with bated breath for the destruction of our enemies. Jesus died for them too! Would we have our Apostle Paul if Stephen had followed these Hananiah type prophets?

            More leaders need to call this stuff out, because it’s leading people away from following Jesus to, I don’t know… another gospel, maybe?

        • KCETN

          Mario, what purpose is there in attacking a fellow prophet? You may have different opinions on certain topics but the division among Christians is the devil’s work. Do your thing and don’t worry about others. The fruit is what matters in the end. Especially, don’t repost a CA friend/ex-pastor’s blog. His intelligent words are of no significance. May God forgive and bless your ministry.

          • Mario Murillo

            That is not the purpose. The purpose is to obey God and expose fakes so that lost souls don’t see a perverted Gospel.

          • colette

            KCETN. Bullock is not a fellow prophet, but a false prophet. He needs exposed.

          • Barbara Shell

            Mario is an evangelist. He is not a prophet. Or do did I somehow miss God appointing him as one?

        • Brent Hudnall

          So my issue is this, if you call Robin Bullock a false prophet then that means you are calling Hank Kunamen, Dutch Sheetz, Tim Sheetz, Timothy Dixon, Amanda Grace and many others false prophets because they all have been on stage together interceeded together, prophecied together and released words of heaven together.

          What that means is you are calling all of them false prophets. In fact, your agreement with the man who wrote this article and his attack against God’s prophetic annointing reveals your heart not against Robin Bullock but against the Most High, himself. Even Jesus warned His disciples that there would be a time when they would be thrown out of synagogues by men who “believed” they were doing the “Lord’s” work. Saying that God doesn’t speak new things anymore or release new revelations to His body of believers. Well sir, if that’s the case go ahead and disconnect yourself from all prophets and don’t ever attempt to tap into the vein of God’s prophetic voice which according to God’s word is the gift to desired above all due to the Spirit’s ability to encourage, edify, and exhort, and REBUKE the children of Jesus Christ.

          Seek the Lord while He may be found, let go of the old order and its ways and move into the new order that the Lord is raising up, for just like John the Baptist who was the last of the old order had to go away, so Jesus the bringer of the new order could be the focus, I must decrease so he can increase. Lest you find yourself in direct opposition of the God you say you serve.

          So also today God is calling forth his Bride into the new order and AWAY from the old religious structures of the church and the systematic religious functions it has powerlessly operated in. You have a choice Sir, but it seems you have made yours.

          Then again only 300 were still with Gideon for the battle when the victory was won.

          • colette

            Brent, you sound like Hillary Clinton! There is nothing wrong with the old ways. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Holy Spirit has never stopped working in those who want all of Jesus and none of themselves. He still speaks in a small still voice. All the gifts are the same, they never went away except for those who have no faith. God is calling all sheep into one body, and separating the goats. Mr. Marillo is a sheep, not a goat.

          • Laura

            I agree with you Brent the scriptures also say to test the prophetic word I have seen many of Robins prophecies come to pass. Do I always agree with what they say no. But I pray for discernment to see truth. I don’t listen to Kat Kerr because something troubling doesn’t measure up with Kat. I also struggle with Jonny Enlow. But I choose to not listen to those that don’t sit right with my spirit. Even on Elijah streams I try to pick and choose and pray over those words that are spoken.

          • Liberty

            Just because they are on stage together doesn’t mean they believe what others say. There was a picture of a previous President with a person associated with Epstein, just a pic but they didn’t have a friendship.

          • J Bradley

            Brent Hudnall, you are totally missing the point. You need to listen to Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr’s messages yourself. I knew exactly who Mario was talking about without him even giving their names. I have believed the same thing about these two individuals myself and can’t listen to them. It’s not anything personal. I actually know Kat and used to go to the same church with her years ago. She’s very likable and so is her husband. Mario is not attacking them as people he’s pointing out the deception in what they are teaching. It doesn’t line up with the teachings in the Bible.

        • Gail

          What about Hank and Lance?

          • Mario Murillo

            Lance and I are partnering for rallies. I am only confronting Kat and Robin.

        • Marcia Smith

          Mario. What are your thoughts on Amanda Grace. Do you think she is a false prophet? I’ve not heard anything objectionable from her, but do question some of her associations with certain “prophets”.

          • Mario Murillo

            Examine her predictions.

        • Lynn

          Thanks Mario. I’ve been wondering for over 2 yrs. about all these so called prophets. I’ve been fasting and seeking the truth since Jan.1st. I’ve lost the desire to listen to them and feel like I’ve been set free.

      • Angela Vines

        I guess you both are just ok with them indoctrinating our children in schools and cutting off parts. Guess we should be silent on all occasions??? That’s a sleeping church and discernment says these folks are false prophets and he is biblically sound in his rebuke.

    • Bette Beatty

      Praying for you Mario


    False prophets easily prey on weak immature Christians who are always clambering for something new when they fail to study what has already been written. Jesus himself is never enough for them

    • Teresa

      satan comes to steal kill and destroy! Frankly his purpose is to divide and conquer. Mario I respect you I came from the realm of darkness into Jesus light and I see satans handy work all over this. We are called to expose darkness and inspect fruit “ judge not least ye be judged, with the same measure we have judged we to shall be judged. I see in the all comments and it breaks my heart, many people speaking judgement against other people! God can use whomever he chooses if these people have brought even 1 person to Jesus who are we to judge. Just my thoughts

  6. Slak

    I followed Robin Bullock for a time, but in recent months I have not followed him. He may be hearing from God, but I have not felt his message was right, or at least it does not witness to me. It seems somewhere along the line he got sidetracked.

    • Lauren Salamone

      I have had the same sense about Robin. We read the same bible, but he has quite a story line. Admittedly, im no bible scholar, but im a bit more than a spectator. Ive migrated away from his teachings. I will listen occasionally, but i listen to many of them. I always question what i hear and go to the text for my answers. With all of them …. I have an attitude of not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. But my final decision is in the bible. Go to the wird. God WILL interpret.

  7. Cathey

    PLEASE! Reveal other fake prophets!

  8. Eric

    Thank you Mario. The Lord is opening my eyes and renewing my mind and thoughts on many of these modern day prophets. I’m beginning to see many of them lately as false prophets. Since the scamdemic more and more of them coming out of the cracks and I have been watching and listening to so many only to finally realize there’s something wrong with MANY of them. Not all but many.
    Thank you for pointing the Bullocks out. I just read God’s words in the bible and get all the prophecy i need from what His Words and truths say in scripture.

  9. sebby

    your details are good and every matter should be settled before two or three witneses. Taking a stand for what you see and hear and believe with your heart is biblical. You were better when you were writting. As a matter of fact when you said people should write during the lock down in the early stages of covid that was my favorite advice I heard from you. Pray that God gives you wisdom and discernment to get through picking a fight with the adversry’s messengers that appear as fake light in the assembly. Dont back down. Keep your foot on the gas. Bring it all to light and expose the darkness.
    Amen (truth)

  10. Debbie Macika

    I always thought something was off with robin bullock and definitely Kat karr, I love Hank kunnerman, but lately I’ve been questioning his prophecies. Kent Christmas I love, I don’t see error in him. I thank you for having the courage to speak up on this. We have to be wise as a serpent and harmless as doves. Thank you lord for exposing these people, pour out discernment on your people.

    • S. Peterson

      Debbie, I agree. Never cared for Kat Kerr, and the Lord lead me away from Robin over a year ago. Also, check in my spirit regarding Hank. God bless

    • Margaret

      I also love Kent Christmas!!

  11. S. Marie

    The author of the post that you share here has deep concerns, We can tell. And you are posting it here in obvious agreement. My question is, Have you contacted Robyn to talk with him personally about this? First things first. We are all in the same family. First talk to him, please, not us.

    • Mario Murillo

      Jesus instructed in personal grievances to go to the person who offended you. In this case vessels of God are instructed by the Bible to expose false teachers. Jesus did not have a personal time with the Pharisees He rebuked and he did not have a private time with the money changers He drove out of the temple. A shepherd does not discuss with a wolf why he is driving them away from the sheep.

      • Pastor Aaron Jackson

        Every time I see one of these comments that try to explain how it’s better, to just ignore false teachers or that it’s hateful and judgmental to point out things It makes me realize just why our nation is in such trouble.
        Churches that refuse to deal with sin.Refuse to administer church discipline.Refuse to preach on uncomfortable issues related to political problems.
        Someplace this idea sank in to church folks that we are not allowed to Judge anything.
        Recently Andrew tate proclaimed a faith is Islam.
        He said that the people who claim Christianity have so much compromise in there life that he can’t believe they really know God.
        We have to get back to real convictions in the house of God.
        Thank You Mario all these comments really make me realize how weak the church is.
        It’s Sad but God is doing something.

        • Francis Tutu-Brenpong

          Pastor Aaron, you said it well for lots of us, thanks you,

      • Carolyn Lewis

        Mario, I see you as a man who loves God and will not bow down before people’s anger about what the Bible clearly teaches. You are greatly missed at flash point. I think you and Lance work very well together. You preach the whole gospel and aren’t afraid to disagree with feel good prophets and teachers.

      • Miriam Hammond Harris

        Mario, as we all know, the devil has infiltrated the church both spiritually and physically. The deep state has had their hands in every single system in the world, including, and probably especially, in the prophetic ministry. It is a place that can be used by the enemy to deceive many people. The man’s appearance and focus that you describe is disturbing in itself. It seems to draw attention to self rather than towards God, from what you post. I have not heard this man, but have seen him. I do agree with your stand, but it does not matter what I or anyone else agrees with or doesn’t agree with. It is only God we desire to please. Obeying Him, as you well know, is not always popular.

      • Angels Vines

        Hallelujah and amen. It burns me up and that’s the power of the Holy Spirit setting alarms off in my spirit woman. We serve a Holy God and Jesus is the spirit of prophecy not some crazy revelation and mysticism drawing a person to themselves. It’s false fire 🔥 and wicked…

      • Donna

        Exactly .. so true .. in Canada we have same craxy and so many chasimatics following them

      • LN

        Amen! Right on Mario.

      • Sonja

        I would truly appreciate your review of the Prophetic Standards Document. I believe the PSD swings the pendulum to a religious spirit, fathers taxing the Sonship for mentoring, and worse is boxing Holy Spirit.
        I love your passion for lost souls, your book Vessels of Fire & Glory escalated my spiritual growth, and what is needed to pull on the spiritual gifts.

        Thank you for this article to point out false doctrines. Trying to search things out when more than 70% est. of info online is wrong and family who knows have gone home. I understand why the church was not accepting of prophecy yet we all missed out on so much power. Everyone is hungry for more of God.

        Thank you for your giving us this blog. Blessings Indeed.

    • Antoniettegonzales

      False prophets that prophecy on public forums need to be confronted publicly. This is for the protection of the saints. Your approach would apply within a fellowship of believers like a local church group.

    • Karen Griswold

      This is a very good point ma’am!! Matthew 18.

      • Mario Murillo

        Sorry it is not. Jesus did not take the money changers aside and talk privately before ousting them from the temple. False prophets lie publicly must be rebuked publicly.

        • Barb

          Fortunately, I am very happy that Mario has had the courage to tell us the truth about these people. I have watched a couple of them and always had questions about things that are said, on my own, just reading the bible I know it is not biblical.
          These days are worrisome and scary, but you are 100% correct….read your bibles and just trust our Lord and savior.

    • Miriam Bennett

      Many Christians in the church don’t have very much discernment and sometimes it takes an older mature Christian to point out false teachings in the household of God. We all need to study to show ourselves approved of God rightly dividing the word of truth. I consider Mario to be a mature Christian. We need to pray for all these Christians who call themselves prophets.Miriam

  12. Paula

    Thank you Mario! It’s about time someone speak the truth regarding these self proclaimed false prophets.

  13. Linda Drew

    Thank you Mario for exposing this subject. The truth must be told.

  14. Marcia Chauvin

    Have you listened to Bullock or are you just repeating what someone else said Two people can hear a message and get entirely different meaning from it. I have great respect for you but I have heard people criticize other ministries in the past and thought they were wrong. The Bible also says to judge not. When the disciples wanted to go and stop some others from preaching and healing Jesus told them to leave them alone.

    • Mario Murillo

      Read the Bible Marcia. It instructs shepherds to protect the sheep from wolves. The preachers that Jesus told them to leave alone were not wolves. I am not judging them the Bible is judging them. And if you are correcting me, aren’t you judging?

      • Fred Holk

        That was awesome Mario

      • Tom in Oregon City

        We are to test every spirit. Truth never shies away from being tested.

      • Leslie Morris


    • Mary Honeycutt-Morgan

      I have been a Christian for 72 years. I have known of Mario’s preaching for close to 50 years. He has always called out error. I listened to bullock and Kat Kerr about 15 minutes each. They speak false things that Gods Word does not agree with. So thankful that Mario spoke this publicly .

  15. Lesa Marie

    Thank you! I always watched and followed this family The Bullocks, I needed this explanation as I let them into my home every single Sunday! I may have perished for lack of knowledge! God bless you Brothers and Sisters of the one true God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. 🙏🏼🙌

    • Shelley Woodworth

      I have a very straightforward question Mario. Is Flashpoint still allowing Bullock and Christmas to minister on their show? We have thankfully not seen Kerr on Flashpoint for a very long time. If I remember correctly she is a member of Hank Kunneman’s Church and I know that Hank is still on Flashpoint. We watched Flashpoint faithfully from the very beginning every single Tuesday and Thursday and then a couple of months ago we just quit watching it being uncomfortable and not in agreement with some things we had heard
      . We have trusted brother Copeland for well over 40 years and are concerned why he would allow these people on his Network.

      • LaDonna Bontrager

        Kat is not a member of Hank’s church, Kat lives in Florida Hank is in Nebraska. But she has been a guest there

        • Marie Bisnett

          Wow! What eye opening I have just received! I have been conflicted on the Bullocks. I trust Mario and believe his wisdon with the backing of the Word. . I am done with the Bullocks. Thank you Mario for your faithfulness in God and His Word.

      • Betty Reyes

        Kent Christmas is not on Flashpoint

    • Diane

      I have not listened to either Bullock or Kat as the Holy Spirit warned me not to. I am so glad to read this!

    • Taanjia W

      Amen, I used to listen to him until I found out he learned from Kim Clement. I had started reading Kim Clements book where he speaks of the law of attraction. That is new age teaching.
      I stopped listening to the prophets, I lost trust in them.

      • Barb Wosmansky

        Well Lance Wallnau was very very close to Kim Clement. So does this tell us to believe no one hears prophetic words from God? In 2020 when I was sick and am a widow who spent three months alone . I watched Robin and you Mario and Lance and Flashpoint and a couple others.

        What Robin and his wife Robin actually did was draw me into the Bible more than I ever had been.

        I have seen a change of late but I financially support you both ironically. I have grown in discernment and thats why I am becoming more aware and that was before I even saw this.

        With that being said I would much rather have heard from YOU. Your three points and critics. I am in NO way impressed that a PHD did the breakdown of points that I wanted to hear from you. I also read what the Bible says about the Philosophers and Educated thinkers. I guess I would have wanted it all from you the man I believe is strongly called by God.

        I think so many people know our entire world is evil and so many people (I can only speak for myself) feel like everyone and everything is not as we believe it to be. Except God but the level of faith does shake me by this make no mistake.

        Mario I believe you are a deep man of Christ. Thats why I sow to your ministry. But I have felt since I first watched you that since I am in Iowa the only places impotant are California and New York. I felt led to ones you discussed because I felt I could have daily services and that it did bring me back to the bible and gaining discernment. I guess I see how beautiful your tent meetings are and thats why I sow. I Just feel more disconnected. I remember you saying the Midwest doesn’t need you so you only stay in California and NY and the first time you said that I thought everyone needs Gods power and healing and signs and wonders. That is why our churches are exactly as you say they are.

        I am saddened by missing you on Flaspoint and the Flashpoint live shows helped me and I thought thousands came to the Lord. I respect you for following your heart and Gods word to you. I am just feelung other than my Bible and God can anyone in our world
        Unite on ANYTHING.
        I am going to pray for you and everyone you have brought forth.

    • Deborah Holcomb

      I, too was sucked in…the Lord led me out..All glory to God….i was personally baptized by Amanda Grace at Ohio Reawaken Tour…but I know God protects me from any evil that comes against me….ppl dont realize( neither did I)….that these false prophets come as angels of light( mesmerizing, speaking half truths, attractive)…. they are not going to come looking like satan..Satan is the great deceiver, liar, he knows how to DECEIVE the ppl… ive personally been praying for discernment since plandemic came out i still pray 4 that..praying 4 all those still deceived…LOVE 2 U

      • Kim Jensen

        Deborah, thank you for “praying for those still deceived”! I am found guilty of this, and Mario has thankfully closed the gap in my lack of discernment. MS, another name for Satan’s works has me severely disabled. In my every day I watch “prophetic shows”. Please pray in agreement for God’s wisdom and discernment to all of us who fall so short. My heart and joy is in the Lord, I’m reading the Bible, and still I am blinded by these false prophets! An ironic/ not so ironic, “but God” thing is that when I recently purchased Mario’s “It’s Our Turn Now”book, as a part of my comment to him, I explained that “I have been a Christian for 30 years”. A Bible reading Christian! I scare myself with my Biblical lack of discernment. Surely I’m not the only one, and I don’t want to be one who perishes for lack of knowledge, discernment, or any other ignorant or Biblical lack. Thank you again for your prayers, I am now united in prayer for others who lack this necessary discernment. I thank God for Mario and this blog!!

  16. Gil Zaragoza

    Excellent article! I stand shoulder to shoulder with the words written in this article.

    • Liz Carcamo

      I read your last heart felt article how you said you went to the false prophets in correction. I am assuming Bullock and Katt Kerr are clearly the false prophets you are speaking about . Thank you for exposing these false prophets for believers. It is told in the last days their will be more false teachers and prophets , thank you for taking the time to expose the truth .

      • Mario Murillo

        Yes they are and thank you!

        • David

          Hank K is a false prophet!! Hank needs a “dumb ass” to speak to him and show him his madness! He has gone the way of Cain and followed the doctrine of Balam. For gain he stands with Core! He doesn’t believe the written word of God, he promotes what comes out his own mouth as Gods Word. Wake up people Jesus is about to return! These false prophets are leading you away from the truth and into the arms of a false Christ!! All they want is to build a kingdom. Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world.” These false prophets will embrace the Antichrist when they are left behind! “Even so come Lord Jesus.”

          • Marrion Hamm

            Are you saying that Hank Kunamen is a false prophet? Sorry, but we strongly disagree with you! He’s part of the Flashpoint Army and there is nothing false about him!

        • Cathy

          Thanks brother Mario. I tried to watch them both but never felt peace about them. I love Flashpoint, it’s host, you and brother Lance, but I’ve never had peace about Pastor Hunk either. I give him the benefit of the doubt bc of his association with all of you in the show but they’re something within me that doesn’t let me trust him. If I’m wrong to feel this way about him please let me know through this post please. Thank you. I really appreciate you and your ministry. God bless you.

        • Christine

          I grew up in a little Pentecostal church that allowed every Tom, Dick & Harry to come and hold revivals, Some were true men of God and a lot were just plain grifters… Gregarious, funny, charismatic Prophetic types that were able to really sink their fangs into young people, and new Christians … they would prophesy and tell people all kinds of wonderful things that were going to happen… and other than it offering temporary encouragement … the prophecies never came to pass and I would watch those baby Christian’s faith destroyed… and they would leave the church…

          Now I watch as Christian folks look to these so called prophets like the secular world looks at psychics ( think Long Island Medium for one) …

          So for those who don’t understand how dangerous and demonic these false prophets are … it clearly shows they don’t study the word of God and are lacking in spiritual maturity…

          The time we are in it is paramount that we stay in the word of God, be full of the Holy Spirit to be able to utilize discernment moving forward…

          Holy Boldness is definitely in short supply

          Thank you Mario for following the leading of the Holy Ghost .

      • Darlene Estlow

        Thank you Mario for speaking out to warn of false protests.

    • Carol

      Thank you Mario for having the guts to speak out and explain why this guy is not the genuine article! I never had a good feeling about Robin Bullock. He was too “out there” on everything he talked about. Always exposing “hidden mysteries” about God and scripture.

    • Shelley Ensley

      Mario, I am grateful God has made you His warrior for truth! Thank you Jesus!

      I want to thank God for giving me the discernment regarding self-proclaimed prophets such as you speak of here. I tested by listening only a couple of times to this self-proclaimed prophet as well as the other one and God gave me a stirring in my heart that this was not good in any way. Thank you Jesus.

      You keep preaching the true gospel! I and so many others are counting on it!

    • Paula Kochanek

      Lord we earnestly desire truth in our inner man. TRUTH. Let it be our daily bread. Forgive our itching ears.
      Continue to protect Mario and his ministry. Let the Gospel of The Kingdom move forward.
      In Jesus Name Amen

    • Mary Anne Weeks

      Dear Pastor Mario, thank you for your tent meetings where many are saved, healed and delivered. I join with you in prayer for these evangelistic meetings as many are added to the Kingdom of God. I would rather that you continue in this ministry that God has called you to and for you to believe God to deal with His ministers/prophets as He sees fit. He corrects us and others as we seek Him.

      • Mario Murillo

        Mary, God expects us to call out false prophets. Paul did it, and he told Timothy to do it. I remember when they said the same thing to me about political commentary. Hypocritically, many believe we should speak out against politicians but not false prophets. Ther only reason I speak out is because the Gospel is slandered because of these fake voices with their crazy words.

        • Joe redd

          Mario Murillo
          I appreciate your ministry immensely… I have only one question… We’re you/are you being specifically directed by Holy Spirit to make these comments/blogs about the (false prophets) you have spoken about…? My greatest concern is that the enemy will use this as a reason to stir up great dissention among the church causing many to be divided and to attack others that do not agree with them… If Holy Spirit specifically told you to do this, I applaud you for your consecration to our Lord… If you cannot say that OU were specifically instructed to do this then you may have opened a door/portal for powerful attacks on your ministry… It has happened before to others as they were reaching the heights of ministry that your are being blessed with… Just a careful thought from a hidden one…

          • Angela Vines

            Your comment was essentially a false prophecy cursing him by insinuating his authority wasn’t merited. It’s his blog and his authority as he’s been called to be a prophet to nations not just his pulpit.

          • Carla W

            I appreciate Mario speaking out against these “so called” prophets. I listened to Robin’s message that Mario was describing and questioned it, but is it just “me” or the Holy Spirit warning me. I have listened to Kat Kerr many times and have cringed. I have been a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ for 6 decades. We need someone like Mario pointing out the false teachers, because there are so many immature Christians who swallow what they are saying hook, line and sinker. Mario does not want the sheep to sink – his concern is for the souls that could possibly be lost. As far as dissention in the Church, it is our position to keep our eyes on Christ as we run our own race. If we are focused on the Lord then there will be no dissention.

        • Kim Jensen

          Mario, thank you so very much for this post, it has opened my blind eyes to my own lack of discernment! I am questioning my ability to discern truth, even though I read the Bible! I am severely disabled and spend hours daily watching prophets. Your difficult decision has helped redirect me to the path of righteousness for HIS name sake. As for me, I am extremely thankful for your boldness. I thank God I had the ears to hear this! Stay strong and courageous, I can’t thank you enough!

        • Debra Jones

          Thank you Mario for speaking out & naming names. I have felt this way about these for quite a long time. God Bless you!

      • Kim Jensen

        Mary Anne, Had it not been for this blog post of Mario’s, my own discernment would have been following these false prophets. Iron sharpens iron. I thank God Mario walks boldly in truth and love!

  17. just-a-girl-out-here

    My only regret is that you didn’t do Julie Green. Her disciples condemn people to hell for even questioning her “prophecies”, and delight in the belief that those who “question” will get what they deserve. It’s not even about believing in Jesus anymore… it’s about whether or not people believe Julie and the prophets. Sick.

    • Cindy Lee Campbell

      I’m praying for Julie Green. So many people are hanging on her every word instead of GOD’S WORD. It’s sad that so many people are seeking “prophets” & what they say instead of Jesus/The WORD.

    • Maria

      Yes, Julie Green followers and even herself threaten people who call out her false words…

      • Denise

        Thank you Mario for your heartfelt warning, and specific examples. I have listened to Robin and Kat, and very much appreciate this eye opener. I have listened to what Julie Green speaks, and I’ve questioned how God gives her so much revelation on a daily basis, but she uses so much scripture that I feel I learn from the scripture. I’ve “learned” about decreeing and declaring, and the authority we’ve been given through the blood of Jesus. These were not things I was taught growing up. Are these things false as well as their prophecies? I need a discerning spirit. I appreciate you and your sole desire to save souls. God bless.

      • Donna

        I didn’t know about a good many of these “prophets,” but something was never totally with me on Robin Bullock … even the music behind him and the music he plays sounds “demonic” or “mystical.” But I’d like to know what you “personally know” about Julie Green, as I’ve only felt good spirit from her … and a good many of the prophecies she has given have come to pass! Please explain … thanks!

        • Julie Clark

          Yes, the same here about discerning something wasn’t / isn’t right and with his music also. I happened to watch Julie Green this am for a bit. Not very familiar with her ~she is on the Re-Awakening tour with so many. My hope is with all up and coming persons, that the old, wise, tried and true men and women like Mario Murillo will talk with other wise men to reach the right and Godly consensus and then go to that brother or sister, point out what is out of alignment and teach and admonish them in there folly, in what is not accurate or biblical and then train them in Righteousness. Hopefully this has happened, is happening and will continue to happen. I do believe the elders of the Church have this responsibility. We must remember that we are all the Body of Christ and if one part of the body is suffering, then we all suffer. Lets get behind these that are walking in a vein that is not True Godliness and Accuracy, then if they repent and turn to back to True Factual Biblical teachings and accurate Godly words of knowledge, wisdom etc, they will have been restored and made whole. I pray this will happen ~ I am reminded of this old saying: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.
          (I think what is equally detrimental is the way he was introduced on the program)

        • Dan

          None of Julie Greens prophesies have been fulfilled. Only a few guesses they claim.

        • Jenny G.

          Donna, I have personally met JG a couple of times and she is a fraud. Have you met her and spoke to her in person? Her prophesies are piggy backed on others.

      • Linda Dimaggio

        I appreciate your comment on Julie Green. Some of her prophecies didn’t feel right. I didn’t know they threatened others who question her.

    • Tana

      Mmmmm Julie is frightening…..certainly deceived

    • Michelle

      Thank you. I got attacked for posting that Jesus did not need to be born again. Julie Green issued a correction video stating that Jesus was not born again when John baptized him, but when he resurrected. She then said the word “perfected” in Hebrews 5 meant the same thing as born again. I got called a troll from hell with a religious spirit for clarifying Christ’s identity as fully man and God.

    • Debbie

      If you try to speak against what she’s saying as a .ember of her group, the admin will shut you down, and not allow your post to be seen by other members. I challenged her about teaching that Jesus had to be born again. She mentioned on a later post that she k ew people were mad about her teaching that, but that it is the truth. Done.

  18. Scott MacPherson

    Awesome handling of the Word! Thank-you so much for exposing Robin and Kat for the false prophets they are!! I have several friends in the Church who buy into this garbage hook, line and sinker!! So sad, indeed.

    • Gina

      Thank you for explaining.

    • Linda C

      Thank you Mario. And thank God for you.

    • Diane Reichenbach

      I have listened to Robin explain detailed things in scripture that were incredible revelations and shows scriptures etc. This is very weird to think, he has bodly even through covid spoke of Us not folding. Has exposed Biden etc etc. so im sad yo read this. Have u talk to Robin, Mario? Ugh i cant believe i lack that much discernment! I spend a lot time w the Lord. Im seriously upset that if this is do im deaf??

      • Mario Murillo

        He has also said other things that did not come to pass. Would you choose an airline that landed safely most of the time? Prophets have no room for false predictions and teachings.

        • Joyce Palmer

          Mario when I read where have you been I couldn’t think of anyone that was saying such things but I understand now I didn’t listen to either of these two. Anyone who reads the Bible would know without question things they were saying about jello was off the mark

          • Linda Jackson

            Amen! You are exactly right. Only those who do not know Gods Word will lack discernment and will be deceived. The Word clearly says, let the prophets prophsy and let the others judge. The problem arises when prophets deceive themselves. Thats why God said to let the others judge. Then there are those who are just doing it for filthy lucres sake.

          • Kezia

            Just a bit of background, when they were filming the ten commandments they used gelatin to congeal stuff and filmed it backwards. Hence the jello. Hollywood trickery

      • Howard

        I hear you Diane, and I also can’t believe I lack so much discernment between “wolves and sheep”.
        Mario, I think it would be good to talk directly with Robin, and see how you come away from that conversation. 🕊❤️🕊

        • Mario Murillo

          Did Jesus talk to the Pharisees privately before rebuking them. Or the money changers in the temple?

    • Claudio Basile

      It is time to know that WE the EKKLESIA have the Spirit of God inside us .. Pastors,Prophets Evangelists etc they SUPPLEMENT our spiritual nourishment..They were never designed to be a ” cristal ball” for the Church .Christ in us is our Guide , Nourishment etc.

  19. Paul Pratt

    Mario, Regarding Jesus being the good Samaritan, you assume that Robin Bullock was aware of those two medieval Catholic priests,Origen and Augustine. If he was unaware of what they apparently wrote, that is not plagiarism.

    • Mario Murillo

      Okay so you believe God gave him an interpretation that was 1. Widely known and documented. 2. That has been discredited as false doctrine.

      • Kezia

        So many of us do not have a deep enough background to know of origin or Augustine. God allowed me to have enough discernment to know something was wrong but not what

      • Charlotte McIlnay

        Mario, I have been in the Pentecostal church, Assembly of God, for 6 generations. I have followed you & David Wilkerson (before his death) All these years and this is why… You and he speak truth without compromising though at times the truth is gut-wrenching. I would rather have a sock in the gut then my ears tickled. I trust you, one because you’ve been around a long time and seen many prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists come and go and secondly your message has never changed. You have always preached the blood of Jesus, Christ crucified and raised again. You have been tried and tested Even when at times I’m sure you wanted to quit. Thank you for not quitting! You remind me of Paul he said”I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ because it is the power of God unto salvation” and “And my message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom [using clever rhetoric], but [they were delivered] in demonstration of the [Holy] Spirit [operating through me] and of [His] power [stirring the minds of the listeners”. In Knowing this is who you are, I trust your discernment and I also have felt a quickening concerning these false prophets.
        I traveled with a tent revivalist for several years and therefore feel a connection with you, even though we’ve never met nor have had the opportunity to be in one of your tent meetings. Someday if it is the father’s will I would love to come and help with your ministry.
        Much Love, Charlotte

  20. Rebecca Gates

    God bless you Mario ! I have personally experienced your anointing and trust you . You are taking a bold stance even though you know you may be persecuted for it in calling out the false prophets . Many are and will be deceived but thank you for being brave and following God’s word .

  21. Monica

    I’m so disappointed Mario!!!!

    • Mario Murillo

      You should be disappointed that these false prophets are destroying people.

  22. Hazel Pagan

    Thank you so much ! I use to watch him but felt something was not right and stopped watching.

  23. Kathie FitzPatrick

    I did see Robin Bullock speak on U-Tube a couple years ago, but he seemed so strange an ceepy, Thank you for defining this false prophet with more detail.

  24. Rebecca

    Eye openning woah! I have been tithing to church international

    • Dale

      We as followers should welcome healthy debate and testing of others who claim to be Prophets and Seer’s. As one iron sharpens another is a good thing. The early church leaders had disagreements and conflict and even called each other to account for their behavior and words. Paul calling out Peter for his hypocrisy comes to mind. And as Mario points out, 4 times out of thousands of posts is not a problem. Lighten up with the “touch not the prophets” talk. We’re all under the umbrella of prophecy in Christ Jesus. It’s a family argument and affair. I’m learning discernment from this. Keep it up Mario!

  25. Fred Holk

    Mario I’ve never heard of that I knew you were going to have fake profits but for them to already be here then we must be close and anybody that professes to be a Christian a born again Christian has the holy spirit in them by promise of Jesus and if someone has the Holy Spirit they shouldn’t be easily swayed if at all because the spirit gives us discernment wisdom strength and knowledge when you put all those together nothing can break the foundation of Jesus Christ and the heavenly father amen and that’sGod’s story and I’m sticking to it

  26. Debra

    Amanda Grace, His Glory, Hank Kunaman, Elijah Streams, Timothy Dixon, these all support each other’s ministry’s, Thank You For Your Information, I’ve seen bits and pieces of Robin and Kat.

  27. Lynda Lawson

    Since Kent Christmas hosted this conference, is he also a false prophet of did he rebuke Robin for his false abd deceptive “prophecies? Have you spoken to Kent about your deep concerns? It IS concerning!!!

    • Maria

      I feel the same way , why are christian shows and pastors such as Kent Christmas, Kuneman and Elijah ministries promoting all of these conferences, interviews with false prophets? I was vehemently listening to Elijah’s Stream and the pool of “ prophets “ became very polluted . Like everyone can say “ thus says the lord nowadays” It is disgusting that we are rebuked for even being able to question any of these individuals that sound so fake. I used to be addicted to these shows and forgot about the Bible and then all of a sudden the holly spirit started dealing with me in a gentle way so I stopped . God talks to these people daily, this suppose to be a sacred gift to cherish.
      There are so many false prophets and prophecies being thrown as it is a daily fortune telling show .
      To name a few of the so called prophets:
      Bullock ( he was my to go to for years )
      Kay Kerr ( she reminds me of witchcraft)
      Barry Wunch ( creepy man )
      Amanda Grace ( she reads lots of news and puts her own predictions, disregard the ones that didn’t come to pass)
      Hank Kunneman ( free mason, promotes the occult)
      Jonny Enlow
      Julie Green ( weirdest of all)
      going on reawakening America tours around the country ? They are ripping off poor Americans that are just looking for a glimmer of hope !

      How about Bo Polny and Manuel Johnson prophesying the major wealth transfer and promoting bitcoin by 2022? But of course we can’t comment on any of these people because we would be in trouble right? Bible says:
      “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” I tested them for years now and their words seem just pure scam. It is a sad reality. Please bring exposure to all of them! Help us go back to the basics which is the word of God.

  28. Dwayne Desmarais

    Wow…I spoke earlier that the gift of discerning of spirits is sorely needed today, because it is becoming harder to discern what is and is not of God. Scripture urges us to be *** one who studies to show yourself approved by God, a workman who need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth*** (2 Tim. 2:15) So many over the years mistake the calling for the commission, often failing miserably in their supposed knowledge of certain situations.

    A true prophet will make many mistakes in their walk, trying to “hone their gifts” until they finally realize that the gift is perfect, it is them that are being honed! Many who are called to this office, unfortunately do not wait on the Lord for revelation and begin to prophesy through their own vain imaginations.

    ***The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have neither sent them, nor commanded them nor spoken to them; they are prophesying to you a vision of lies, divination, futility, and the deception of their own hearts*** (Jer. 14:14) Scripture is clear that we are to judge those within the Church (1 Cor. 5:12) those who’s words or prophecies do not line up with the Word of God.

    Scripture says: ***If a person is sinning, confront them. If they will not listen, bring two or three with you that every testimony be established by two or three witnesses. If they still do not listen, tell it to the church. If they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector***………………….. (Mt. 18:15-17)

    What Dr. Verarde so aptly pointed out is one being enticed by the wrong spirit. If we do not guard of ear and eye gates, satan can come as an angel of light, deceiving us into believing the lie. The lie runs rampant among the saints today. God sees His people coming to the gate, but He cannot help them if they do not enter in…be blessed…><(("<

  29. Amanda

    Weird. You won’t publish comments that don’t agree with your slander.

    • Christine

      I know I had said there are prophets update on Robin Bullock that he says year or two before and not post

  30. Nicole Jackovich

    Thank you Mario! I stand with Gods word and that’s all believers should stand by. The word of God has to be our absolute! You remind me so much of David Wilkerson! As a little girl, my granny took me to his meetings & my granny sowed into his church in Times Square as it was just opening! David Wilkerson refused to compromise and he took a lot of heat for it. Many pastors & spiritual leaders rejected him and spoke against him but he never wavered and I see the same with you! Thank you sir! God is definitely doing a cleansing starting in his house! My husband & I are honored to partner monthly with your ministry! I served at the Colorado Springs revival and I tell everyone I know please go serve at one because it changed my life! God bless you Mario!

  31. Sue

    Would like to know who you think is a true prophet Mario. You don’t mention it and if you don’t think that Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman, Robin D. Bullock are real prophets, then who? Is Dutch Sheets in there as well? Thanks!

    • Mario Murillo

      I am not the problem. The silence of timid leaders has allowed false prophets to roam the church and resist the promotion of true prophets. It is those who love the true prophetic who should be the loudest against false prophets.

      • Linda Jackson

        You will carry a cross Brother Mario, just like Jesus said, if you espouse the truth. Thank you!!

    • Mary

      I have watched KK twist the Bible to fit her narrative. She has said that she has seen God, even sat in God’s lap. The Bible is clear on this. No one can see God and live. There is a lot of other things she has said that did not align with God’s Word.
      I watched RB a little but not enough to give my opinion.
      But I have followed Mario since his Berkeley Days (even though I was a small fry) and I have come to trust his judgment because he is a Godly man. He would not speak against True Prophets.
      I will continue to Pray for HK and others who have been deceived by those false prophets.

  32. William Greenwood

    I think for the most part people that are giving prophecies that are not accurate will eventually be exposed. Not sure if we can know the intent of why they do it. I think eventually the truth comes out. I think we should be careful about going down the path to where were aggressively want to expose people.

  33. Joyce Jeffcoat

    It’s like listening to records backwards just a trick of the Devil

    • Gracie

      Thank you for such a concise review. The enemy used the pandemic to usher in these false prophets as people were taken by surprise and many afraid and confused. The amount of dates flying around and shows like Elijah Streams and Its Supernatural certainly didn’t help eith “prophets” continually contradicting themselves and there excuse was – “we see in part”. Colossians 1 v 26 that is the mystery which was hidden from past ages and generations but has now been manifested to His saints. Ephesians 3 v 5 which in other generations was not made known to the sons of men as it has now been revealed to His holy apostles and prophets in the Spirit. Luke 16 v 16 Jesus said the law of Moses and the messages of the prophets were your guides. But now the good News of the Kingdom of God is preached and everyone is eager to get in. There is no new way or new message. Thank you Bro Mario as in your tent meetings people are eager to get into the kingdom!

    • Kim

      This was excellent. Thank-you Mario for sharing this….very helpful. The only “prophet” we still listen too is Julie Green but honestly lately thinking we need to stop, not sure yet though.

  34. Mark Larsen

    Thanks for the heads up! Robin isn’t the only, self proclaimed prophet, I have been wondering about.

    I’m certainly no Bible scholar, but Heb 1:1-2 says, God spoke in time past to the fathers through the prophets, today He speaks to us through His Son.

    • Janice P

      Thank you, Mark! Your scripture reference does simply answer it all for us! Appreciate your humble diligence and handling of the word of truth! And sharing.

    • Olivia

      That’s why He gave us the Holy Spirit. The counselor, the teacher, the Word of God, the Bible. Test all spirits,

  35. Rosebuds777

    Thank you for this article. Well, now my question is whether Kent Christmas is the real deal. He had Robin at his church for a conference. This is all so confusing. “Send the spirit of Elijah into this mix” Jesus. Let’s see what is revealed.

    Elijah was the last true prophet left standing when Jezebeel went after him. He went up agsinst 450 false prophets. Go figure.

    • Joyce

      This concerns me. I listen to Kent Christmas all the time, and so far haven’t heard anything not biblical. The minute I heard Robin speak I was uneasy in my spirit. I don’t understand why Kent allowed him to speak. It was unnerving then, and sad now when I realize he should have known.

      • Nora darting

        I heard Kent Christmas prophecy that a church in our area was going to grow and pack out. It never did

    • Tim

      Seems like the only comments here are the ones who agree with one another I stand with these prophets I don’t what others think or have to share

      • Kevan Prati

        Yet here you are, Tim, reading Mario’s blog and all of these comments…and I commend you for doing so because deception is rampant and we must be constantly vigil to see it when it appears. Matt.24:11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. This verse follows verse 4 where Jesus said, “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

    • Carol

      I love Kent Christmas! He is the real deal. He always gives scripture to back what he says. I’ve always had my doubts about Robin Bullock though. He was too “out there” on what he talked about. He should just stick to music.

    • Bill G Ingram

      Hey You ask about Kent Christmas , Sadly nothing happened from the sept Prophecy that in the next 3 months all this (his Prophecy was going to happen and we had better buckle our seat belts, Sadly I fell into this with out a doubt believing God was going to heal the church, and restore the US and revival was going to burn in this nation. Thank You for asking the question? He put back up lights on his word when he said not everything prophesy has to come to pass, I said If God said it it has to happen God is not a man that he should lie, , Sadly he is just another preacher that has risen to the fame standard .

    • Dennis

      For over 40 years, I have watched what I now call the “spiritual deep state,” or “good old gospel boys club,” anoint each other as apostles and prophets, misleading the multitudes- shipwrecked people’s faith.
      “Judge not,” was the cry of the cowardly and hirelings, instead of “judge righteous judgment.” I hope your actions turn into a revival of cleansing the church from false teachers.
      2 Corinthians 7:11
      For observe this very thing, that you sorrowed in a godly manner: What diligence it produced in you, what clearing of yourselves, what indignation, what fear, what vehement desire, what zeal, what vindication! In all things you proved yourselves to be clear in this matter.

    • Annie

      Thank you Mario. Just recently I have been asking and praying to the Lord to reveal to me true and false prophets. No coincidence this was brought up by you.

      • Ree

        Me too! So many prophets popped up suddenly, and saying so many encouraging things. My aunt said there are no modern day prophets. The ones I now wonder about are Hank Kunneman, Kent Christmas, and Timothy Dixon.

        Until God shows me further on those 3, I am going to focus on The Word and listen to messages by Mario, David Jeremiah, and my daughter’s preacher.

        Time for me to stop being lazy, and get back to study and worship. I was guilty of hanging onto the words of these “prophets” to give me hope during these turbulent times. I should have been immersing myself in God’s Word.

        • Sandra

          I’ll stick with the trusted teachings of David Jeremiah, Charles Stanley and Billy Graham. Just good, Bible based teachings without all the flare and far out statements.

    • Lawrence DeSantis

      I do not trust Kent Christmas. None of his prophesies given at the Return 2020 in Washington, DC came to pass.

    • Marlette

      Hmmmm I’ve had my questions on him for sure

    • MaryJo Coleman

      This is one of the reasons we have a mess in the church. Who to believe? Many of these prophets had sincere beliefs and maybe still do, but have gotten off track. The world laughs at us bickering. We sooooo need a revival in the church at all levels!

    • Kim

      Also, this weekend Robin , Julie Green , Timothy Dixon are others are all doing a big conference together. It is confusing for sure.

      • Servant

        Robin was a no show, and according to Timothy, it’s the first time Robin has EVER canceled an appearance. He was supposed to speak the night of the 20th. Mario posted this on the 20th. Things that make you go hmmmm…..

    • Pamela Parker

      I believe Mario called out a “Nashville prophet” the same time as calling out Kat. I hope it’s not Kent Christmas but I am not familiar with another.

      • Mario Murillo

        Not Kent. Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr.

        • Patricia Mcglohon

          I guess Im too trusting. I like Bullock but his teachings are weird. I just put things like that on the shelf and let God show me If he shows me good if He doesn’t I don’t worry about it. I love reading and learning the bible so I can lead people to Him and give them a proper foundation.
          Thank you Mario for pointing this out. I’ll be more discerning in the future.

    • Linda Pero

      I also saw that service with RB at Kent Christmas conference, my question is did you see the response when Kent took the platform after RB spoke? I have my doubts that KC was in agreement with what was spoken that service by RB, but that was just what I felt watching and hearing.

      • Mario Murillo

        If he did not agree, he should acknowledge it before the sheep God has entrusted to him.

    • Jeff Barnes

      Mario have you gone to your brothers and sisters and confronted them privately?

      • Mario Murillo

        Jesus taught to go to those who personally offended you. This is different. Did Jesus have a personal conversation with each and every Pharisee He rebuked? Did He counsel every money changer before He drove them out of the Temple? The shepherd does not reason with the wolf before stopping him from attacking the sheep.

        • Julie Clark

          Hmmm, well, your above comment sounds very charged and it seems like he has personally offended you ~ Once a Syrian officer perceived a prophet as inferior to him and the officer didn’t want to go and wash in the dirty water 7 times either, he judged the prophet as inferior to him, he thought he was above doing what was told him to do to be healed. Humble your heart and go to your brother. Then you can stand and when and the Lord will have seen that you did all you could for this brother, you will not be held accountable, even on the Day of Judgment. It takes a big man to truly humble themselves.

          • Mario Murillo

            I am sorry Julie you are mistaken. I am not personally offended. This man is injuring the Body of Christ and bringing shame on the Gospel. Your analogy falls flat because Elisha was a true prophet and healing came. Many of Robin’s predictions did not come.

          • colette henry

            Confronting Mr. Bullock It is not required. Rebuke is! Bullock has given so many false words, along with other people listed and Liberty also. Bullock stood before the body of Christ proclaiming Trump would be re elected, saying our country would turn back to God and thing would turn around and tons of other lies. I knew right away it was lies because I read God’s word and the Holy Spirit lets us know what is coming, and it is not good. Yes, people will get saved under a mighty move of God but is coming on the tails of disaster and hardship.

        • Markus

          Right on Mario as you rightfully explain scriptural meaning regarding “going to your brother.”

          • Julie Clark

            Sir, your points taken, my “analogy” was more about the Syrian officer who chose to humble himself .This man is your brother. I am not denying that he is in gross error. This is not about turning over tables in the synagogue, it’s about loving your neighbor as you love yourself in humility vs. flesh. My experience of you in this blog is superiority, and defensiveness Everyone commenting on this blog truly cares enough about you to be honest. I almost did not send this but then I thought it would hypocritical to not send. God alway be with you Mario Murillo ~ Peace out.

          • Mario Murillo

            Any defensiveness you see is in your imagination. I have no need to defend truth. As far a brotherly love let me tell you that Paul the Apostle would take a flame thrower to Robyn’s teachings.

    • Anna S

      Mario Murillo has been at events with Kent Christmas and Robin Bullock. He should be going to them privately and presenting his views. (Maybe he has?) But this is divisive and hurts the Body.

      • Mario Murillo

        Anna, The falsehood I am exposing was not evident until after the one meeting I was in on July 4 2020. Never went to another with them. Jesus said to go to those who personally offended you. Did Jesus have a personal conversation with each and every Pharisee He rebuked? Did He counsel every money changer before He drove them out of the Temple. The shepherd does not reason with the wolf before stopping him from attacking the sheep.

        • Elly

          These people have worked their into large influential ministries and are deceiving many of the body of Christ you are correct to expose what you have seen

        • Matt accuardi

          back in the mid 1980s I attended a very anointed strong church in Costa Mesa California.
          They were not careful to prove teachers and “ prophets” by scripture.
          One twisting that came in was “ touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm….”
          That became the basis for a controlling spirit. It started innocently. The pastor and church leadership started teaching strange doctrine — remember pigs in the parlor ? And if anyone questioned them ….. then you were touching the Lords anointed leader.
          That eventually devolved into sheparding in such a way that you had to get the approval of the church leadership to make any personal decision .. buy a house, date someone ( for singles) etc. and threat and fear of angering God and having your “ covering “ removed kept people in line.
          I was in my early twenties and I and the group of regular intercessors that would show up to church 6:30 am – 830 am every day and pray in tongues and in agreement in English finally approached the pastor as a group and voiced our concerns and disagreement according to scripture were met with accusations of rebellion. Most of us left shortly after.
          Two months later a couple of the church staff vanished with several hundred thousand dollars and the FBI showed up looking for them. This was not the first time these folks had scammed churches.
          Anyone who can’t or won’t be questioned is a deciever.
          Keep it up!!!

    • Dee Reichenbach

      I have listened to Robin explain detailed things in scripture that were incredible revelations and shows scriptures etc. This is very weird to think, he has bodly even through covid spoke of Us not folding. Has exposed Biden etc etc. so im sad yo read this. Have u talk to Robin, Mario? Ugh i cant believe i lack that much discernment! I spend a lot time w the Lord. Im seriously upset that if this is do im deaf??

      • Gigi Cox

        A family member loves Robin Bullock . We’ve listened to him but just felt something was wrong. He gave many messages that created false hope & none of these “positive” prophecies came true. In the Bible it says if it doesn’t come to pass the person is a false prophet. I think it’s the devil’s distraction to keep us from the Word and a relationship with Christ. “Tickling ears.”

    • Wayne Gile

      Why is Robin being beat up for saying something about the Red Sea being congealed? If you check Strong’s concordance on the word congealed (kaw-faw’) it says plainly becoming solid, dense, hardened, to become curdled, thickened. What on earth is going on here?? I’ve heard the Samaritan allegory for decades. So if the 10,000 preachers who used this allegory did not ascribe credit to the original medieval source, they are false prophets and fake teachers?

      • Mario Murillo

        Wake up Wayne, that was only one remark. We are not beating him up but he is beating up anyone who disagrees with him.

      • L Scott Wentzloff

        Seriously?? YES. They are. Ask for the Heart ❤️ of God to be birthed in your spirit.

  36. Theresa Shepstead

    I watched a few of his videos. I was actually frightened by some of them. They are nothing like I’ve learned throughout my life so I stopped watching. Thank you Mario for this revelation. I will steer clear of his teachings.

  37. Charles Briwn

    Amen and God Bless you for exposing this in a correct manner My gut (Spirit Man) always deterred me from Listening to folks speaking falsely

  38. Tim

    I believe this is exactly what Satan wants and he’s getting his way. Division in the church backbiting you know there is a scripture that speaks on this and I don’t need to quote it. The Holy Spirit will direct you to it if you ask Him. You don’t need my interpretation. The bible says He will lead us into all truth does it not? Anyway let’s stick with scripture and to reaching the lost and stop the division in the church are we not supposed to be walking in love towards one another and what does the Bible teach about loving our brothers and sisters in Christ ask again the Holy Spirit will guide you into truth. I wonder when people will stop with their own opinions of others and walk in love? Probably not going to happen is it? What does the bible say about unity again we go to God and ask. Really I’m tired of all the backbiting and division no wonder churches aren’t full to the brim on Sunday anymore because the church acts like the rest of the world believe me I’m preaching to myself as well because I’m far from perfect just saying

    • Mario Murillo

      As long as you understand that the division you should care about is that the false prophets are dividing people away from the Bible, local churches, and the Lord. They only drawing people to themselves.

    • Shimon Bar-Ner

      Hi Tim, this is the last hour and many false prophets are already here. They indeed divide the church, but God allows them to do it because he is using them to separate for Himself a faithful remnant who will follow Him to the end regardless the cost. Mario’s blog, exposing false prophets serves not only to warn and protect the unsuspecting sheep, but also to expose the hearts of those who tend to follow men rather then God. Those who insist on protecting false prophets, in spite of God-sent warnings, are in danger of falling away from the faith. Make sure you are in daily fellowship with Jesus. He will lead you to all truth.

  39. Heidi

    Thank you for speaking the truth.
    Saving souls for Jesus, and exposing the lie.

  40. Jim

    I see a circular firing squad forming with those of us on the outside watching getting shot too. I have no wisdom to offer, just caution.

  41. Rose Marie Weeks

    Mario, the reason we support your ministry is because of your integrity, honor, character and consistency. I personall remember you back in the day when you would come to Santa Maria CA 4sq, when Pastor Roger Wheeler was pastoring, you have been consistent in exposing the truth, love, truth, fire, prayers and soul winning and healings. Thank you for opening the eyes of many peoples understanding, you surely saved souls in this one. Keep going brother and know we are proud and honored to call you brother. God bless you and all you do. In Christ Service, Rose Marie Weeks

  42. Richard Greig

    I appreciate you naming names Mario and think you spoke a lot of truth here. I agree with most of what you said and think it’s very dangerous to claim “special revelation” of Scripture that can be only interpreted by the “prophets”. Hermeneutic is very important here and especially the literal/plain sense interpretation over the more allegorical side. The one disagreement I have is regarding codes in the Bible. I fully agree with what you said about the Bible code and the special revelation scenario that can only be interpreted by who God gives this access to. That’s dangerous and wrong. No special class of people in interpreting God’s word. My disagreement though is that I do believe God has supernaturally concealed things in the Scripture that only He could know or do and it’s evidence of God being outside of time declaring the end of the beginning and Him breathing through all of Scripture through all the writers. Proverbs 25:2, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” My evidence for this and someone I greatly respect (who sadly passed away some years ago) is the Bible teacher Chuck Missler with his Koinonia House institution/organization/ministry. He’s super solid in my view on studying of the Scripture and no special insight from Chuck. The Berean mandate was their creed to search the Scriptures daily and find for yourself what God has hidden in His word. Any hidden mystery must not ever contradict the literal, straightfoward, plain text understanding and interpretation of the Bible. Anyone can discover these hidden jewels through their own Bible study and research. No new revelation though, just things God has concealed in His word. One example is the belief that the letter to the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 has a prophetic profile and outline of all of Church history from the early church in acts to the state of the church before Christ’s return. The evidence for this view is that that Jesus chose those 7 churches for a specific reason (no mention of the Church of Jerusalem or Rome) and that in the very specific order it was listed happens to perfectly outline all of church history (with study of the progression of church history). Could be wrong and no special history here, but my understanding of church history and the details given to each of the seven churches lends to this theory that Jesus prophetically outlined all of church history in advance giving this to the angel to give to the apostle John. Ephesus = the apostolic church, Smyrna = the persecuted church, Pergamos = the married church, Thyatira = the medieval church, Sardis = the denomination church, Philadelphia = the missionary church, Laodicea = the lukewarm church. This is just a view/opinion and not fact. However, if true I think it’s a remarkable account of Christ’s hand in Scripture guiding John to write things he could never know. Chuck Missler is very solid in my view and I’d encourage you Mario to look at his work with Koinonia House. He has commentary on pretty much every book of the Bible and fascinating things on the end times, understanding, Melchezedech, and the pagan elements that are brought into Easter, as well as the occult practices of Halloween and how Christians have not taken it seriously enough.

    Sorry for the long post. I agree with most everything you said. My only different opinion is that God has encoded things in Scripture that can be revealed to any believer by the help of the Holy Spirit and through immense Bible study. No special revelation, prophet or Bible teacher needed. Chuck merely mentions what he has come across in his years of Bible study and we are to be like the Bereans and see whether it’s true or not (while holding to a literal interpretation of Scripture). I’d love to know your thoughts on this Mario. God bless you and your work. You are right on. Sadly, too many false prophets claiming special revelation or shying away from criticism. I love Chris Reed from Morning Star ministries (as well as Rick Joyner) and also Eric Metaxas’ view of the prophetic. We accept the prophetic and God speaking through the prophets but their words must be tested against God’s word and whether or not their prophecies come true or not.


      Nicely done Richard! I had the same instinct and also thought of Chuck Missler’s teachings. Some of Mario’s replies implying Robyn’s fruit deficiencies were much more persuasive than the arguments by Dr. Verarde. Also Mario, if you read this, I am grieved sometimes when you seemingly demean all mega churches…I go to one. Henry Blackaby told us to look where God is moving and jump in. That’s what I did. My church is very functional, is creating many disciples and is impacting the New Orleans region. Also, I have many Catholic friends who I believe are truly saved. Fruit is the correct criteria to judge by…including doctrine to a point. We see through a glass darkly , but I am overwhelmingly in your camp theologically.
      Paraphrasing Augustine, unity in essentials, tolerance in non essentials, charity in all things. Love you man!!!

    • Andrea

      I’m so glad somebody finally mentioned Chuck Missler. I spend a lot of time studying my bible with him. So sad he’s gone on before us, but boy would he not be surprised to see the state of America, huh? He was wise and humble and everything you stated about him and the ministry is 100% correct. He always said, “Don’t take Chuck Missler’s word for it” I think there may be some conflict in the WOF movement and the ministry of K house. I don’t agree 100% with every doctrine I hear. I follow Chuck’s advice and use discernment. That’s all he was really saying was use discernment and for goodness sakes, common sense!

  43. Fani

    May the Holy Spirit reveal Himself to us in such a way that we will turn from false teaching. May we devour more of Your Word, Lord Jesus in the secret place!

  44. Leola Morgan

    Thank you so much for the great in sight.

  45. Sandy

    Hank Kunneman has had Kat and Robin at his church, also.

  46. Brenda Watson

    This has answered a few of my prayers. Thank you Jesus

  47. phyllis fernandez

    Thank you Mario, for telling the truth. I watched these so called prophets, but they are not good. keep your programs on the air. we need the truth.

  48. Mary

    Elijah Stream is promoting these people.

  49. Russell Bowman

    Thank you for I occasionally listened to him wondering about his claims. He and his like are completely off my listeners list. What about the Word of Faith bunch? The gospel is preached but then if I give to their ministry, miracles will take place. Really?

  50. Myra Miller

    Thank you so much for this clarification, because I have felt this also with Kat and Robin. It was ridiculous teachings, and there are several more I really wonder about. Please continue to call these people out, because they are leading people astray. I cannot listen to Kat Kerr’s fantasies about heaven, or Robin Bullock’s Red Sea prophecies that change all the time. They are deceiving the people who are not grounded in the word. I have seen some respectable men of God falling for them also. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  51. Cheryl Woods

    It’s easy to get caught up in satan’s traps when your walk with the Lord is not solid and fed daily by His Word, His presence in your prayer time with Him daily and your seeking His will, guidance and intercession in your life.
    Pray for wisdom and discernment and run after Jesus, not men. Amen🙏🙏🙏🌲

  52. Mary Wilson

    I’m in complete agreement with you Mario. Often I tried watching Robin and could never get through an entire “show” because he would always lose me in whatever he was trying to say. Being raised Pentacostal, I have no knowledge of what he preaches so I turn him off. I have no knowledge of what Kat says either and frankly….I won’t go there. The bible is quite clear to all of us and if not, ask God to interpret it. We don’t need false interpreters. And I’m not apologitic about that.

  53. Cheryl Vanwinkle

    Thank you for exposing these false prophets because we don’t watch every episode to hear these narratives and now I’m questioning those who fully endorse them like Kent Christmas Steve Schultz and Timothy Dixon. Please continue to speak out and show us the truth.

  54. April Humphrey

    Not because anyone told me.. I too believe our names are all written in the book and if we REJECT Jesus as Lord & Savior then our names will be blotted out psalms 69:28
    I don’t believe God will allow His created ones who have not heard the message of the gospel to spend eternity in hell by saying “ so sorry you didn’t get a chance to hear about my Son, you have to burn now “. That’s not my loving father, now on the other hand you we’re presented with the TRUTH and you REJECTED the truth then your name will be blotted OUT! Which is in line with, it is my will that none should perish. I believe our names where written in the book when we were created, when the Creator said “let their be light”.
    2nd note LOVE BELIEVE THE BEST, not the worst.

  55. Athena Jacobs

    You may be right, and you probably are, but it bothers me that there seems to be such anger and angst in this blog. I read your other one just now as well. I just think that these blogs could have been done in a better way.

  56. Linda Masson

    Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper. 2 Chronicles 20:22
    My own relationship with Abba, Yeshua, and Holy Spirit has deepened and grown since hearing Robin (and Robin) Bullock’s teachings. Right now there is a great battle going on to discredit the people who speak prophetically. Your article is divisive. We are expected to use discernment. Abba won’t give us a stone when we ask for bread.

  57. Rebecca

    So blessed this is confirmation when the Lord God , the Holy Spirit spoke to me not to listen to these so called prophets. There are more, do not be deceived Amen 🙏

  58. Marleena Stein

    Thank you for always speaking true, and for rightly exposing those that don’t!

  59. Karen

    I thank God for discernment because something never did “sit right” with him!

  60. Ken Derrickson

    What about Dana Cobberstone? Has any of his prophesies come true?

  61. Mary Lou

    Honestly, I’m so saddened by all of this. If all of this has been known about Robin for so long, why did you wait so long to disclose this information? I have a great idea. I’m no longer going to “follow” anyone. Who can we honestly trust? The Bible is the only true word of God. Read your Bible. I say this in love to you all.

  62. Rick Lee

    Thank you for sharing this article, Mario. I was watching Bullock for awhile, but something didn’t seem right. I felt like the Holy Spirit was telling me to turn these people off. Which I did. I remember Kenneth E. Hagin teaching that it is unscriptural for Christians to go to prophets to “get a word.” The word of God and the Holy Spirit is our guide. I hope you expose other false prophets as well, Mario. This is dangerous ground! I don’t want to be deceived, and I’m sure other Christians as well don’t want to be deceived.

  63. Renee

    I am in 100% agreement. I did not ever follow them. It takes great courage to stand up and called him out but that is what we need to be doing. Thank you so much.

  64. Carolyn

    I have seen these things and found Robin distasteful in dress and mannerisms after attending a conference with Flash Point in Tennessee a couple of years ago. Mario was dominant as he spoke and the Holy Spirit penetrated our hearts. Robin spoke before Mario with his weird music and black garb I didn’t understand why he was there, then he spoke and like a wall pressing on me I was strongly press back. I cannot say it was evil, we are to test the spirit, God is not the author of confusion. This said I will leave it alone. What I am sure of is that we must not look to the prophets for direction or purpose as Jesus has given us a very clear understanding of His heart and that is “that none be lost”. Let’s align our hearts with His and join Mario and the true evangelists of our time in the fight for souls.

  65. Terry

    Thanks for steering Christians away from the mud. Hopefully some other leaders wake up and purge unnecessary associations. I don’t understand the defense of those who’s prophecies fail. I have been on a mission to find out who can be trusted since 2020. My denomination only preaches the gospel. But I feel they are not open enough to the supernatural. I would like to know who currently is operating with a true prophetic gift. I remember Hank saying there would be a January of justice, a February of fury and a March of celebration in early 2021 this didn’t happen. I know some operate correctly so I listen and remove those who get it wrong. I consider Manual Johnson who had a dream about Trump back in office in 2022 false. I do believe with the word and the real prophetic you can get an idea what season God has us in, what events we are moving into and an opportunity to plan accordingly. Thanks for being Real!

  66. Gloria Paschal Buchanan

    Agree I believe God is separating the sheep from the goats. Follow Jesus not women and men. The Holy Spirit leads into all truth

  67. Hilda

    2 Tim 2:15
    15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
    This is a commandment but many Christians do not study or even read their Bibles. Prophecies have to be backed up with scripture and not by someone’s interpretation if they never did the study. Just the appearance of Robin shows a demon. The so called Christian music some present has nothing Christian about it.

  68. Cathy B.

    my heart is so grieved but grateful to know the truth!

  69. Marlette

    After listening to Kat, suggested by a friend, I just could not agree with all that. And stopped! I’ve heard Robin quite a few times and have had my questions for sure and doubts. I’ve prayed often for discernment of all I hear! And Holy Spirit has just unctioned me to stop a lot of what I’ve been suggested to hear. Now Julie, I had no idea her church organization teaches that! Wow! And I’ve listened to her a lot, especially since she shows where prophecies are fulfilled. HMmmm?

  70. Tim

    I don’t know who Robin Bullock is, but if he’s not preaching the cross first, then he’s building on a different foundation. I pray for Robin Bullock that he may see Jesus, the servant who gave His life for us, and repent of pride.
    I am grateful to Mario for exposing false prophets, but the elect shouldn’t *need* Mario to discern them. 🙂

  71. Tomilyn Cunningham

    I have always been reluctant to trust in modern day prophets and wondered if my Faith was not strong enough to believe them but after reading your article I call that discernment from The Holy Spirit. Thank you for being bold enough to bring these things to light. Let’s pray for these people that God will reveal personally to them that they are not speaking His truth and that they may repent and begin to allow the real truth to come out or just stop trying to be prophets. I pray too for the Christians who honestly meant well by following them. In these days of serious deceptions where finding truth is getting hard and harder to do, we pray that Christians will be given a serious guidance and direction from The Holy Spirit. Thank You for your emails and books especially during these past few years Mario. May you and your family be blessed and protected In Jesus Name

  72. Cathy B.

    Yes, It’s all so very disturbing! I have heard both Kent Christmas and Hank at Christian International in Warrior Alabama. I remember seeing Kat Kerr on Elijah list and she said quote “I am not a prophet, I am a Revelator” unquote. So she never claimed to be a prophet but says she goes to heaven and back to give us all Revelation. I’ve always a hard time with that. Not scriptural! I to have had an encounter with JESUS in the unknown realm where there were colors and things I’ve never seen here on earth but I only share this cause it’s so uplifting but mostly personal for me. My heart is grieved but thankful for you Mario! I do know that winning souls is GOD’S HEART and HE does not want anyone to Perish including False Prophets! GOD BLESS THEM AND BRING THEM INTO KNOWING THE TRUTH!

  73. Rhonda Bell

    I’ve increasingly been aware lately of the spirit of deception at work. I have been praying that I would not be deceived. I’ve purposely backed away from listening to certain people. I want revelation to come from God, not man. The Bible is our standard and we ourselves must know what it says, otherwise even the elect will be deceived.

  74. pamela fedrizzi

    This has turned into a can of worms. I don’t know who Dr. Verarde is or anything about him either. I’ll stick with Hebrews 1v1-2: “God, Who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son,…” I have to admit that we seem to have “prophets” coming out of the woodwork these days which I find unsettling. It seems since all the dust has settled over the 2020/Covid debacle many “ministries” have returned to what they are familiar with. I pray for keen discernment for myself and others for the remainder of our days. I think things are going to get radically darker…

    • Mario Murillo

      Sorry, you can’t cherry pick verses. The counsel of God is the Bible. It teaches us to discern false doctrine and it commands leaders to expose false prophets. It may have opened a can of worms but we should never have tolerated the can of worms.

      • Debora

        If God has given you a platform to speak the truth , then you must speak the truth .

      • Paula

        There were many prophets in the Bible that did not live to see their prophecies fulfilled like Daniel but they were obedient to give them. We expect everything to be quick these days so that shouldn’t be the only thing we consider. I also heard that sometimes Gid will tell a prophet what the enemy is planning so we can pray against it if it is bad. That made sense to me I appreciate your ministry

      • Aj

        So, Do you also consider Hank Kunneman a false prophet?

        • Mario Murillo

          Not yet but he is in bad company.

  75. John E.

    As a teenager, I attended a Lutheran Charismatic conference in Minneapolis, Mn in the early 70s where David Wilkerson gave his original “the vision” message. To say it had an impact on my life would be an understatement–I still have a copy of his message on a cassette, (for those who even know what that is) and every so often I listen and marvel at the words spoken through that humble servant of God. Although Pastor Dave is no longer around, he did live to see much of what the Lord revealed to him in that “vision” and I imagine that he would not be surprised by this blog and the comments that follow. During that conference, I also learned about the gift of “discernment” God provides, and more than any other gift, I begged and pleaded for Him to provide that discernment so that I would never, ever be drawn away by the false doctrines to come, or by the great liar himself, and the tremendous influence his lies would wield in these “latter” days. With the advent of cable TV and eventually the internet, I began to understand how easily the lies and deceit could grow and spread like wildfire so as to even sway “the elect” to follow the ever so subtle lies and distractions to the unique plans and purposes Christ calls us to as His servants.

    With that said, I am thankful for Pastor Mario responding to the Lord’s obvious call to expose and confront those claiming to speak in God’s name. May the Lord pour out great wisdom and the discernment required to separate the lies from the truths proclaimed in His name during these amazing times we are blessed to serve Him together.

    • Ellen George

      Lord I thank you for the gift of discernment enabling your children to search the scriptures for the truth.

  76. Lynn otoole

    Wow not even going to touch this. I believe in all prophets. I believe in Mario.I’m sorry you feel this way. But only God our Father can judge what’s right and wrong.

    • Mario Murillo

      Lynn you need to read the Bible. Many warnings about following false prophets. God has ordered us through His Word to judge false prophets.

      • Margo Charman

        I’ve just been reading through Jeremiah and wondering about what God says regarding the False Prophets. I never felt good about Kat Kerr but liked some of the others. Now I don’t know who to trust, if any? I listened to Mario Murillo today because I thought he was sound, since I first was saved in the 80’s.

  77. Pamela Parker

    Thank you Mario and Dr Verarde! I never cottoned to Kat but trusted Robin greatly. Very disappointed but thankful to know the truth. Not a fan of Juli Green and totally shocked by a video I recently saw that was taken at Bethel, with Bill Johnson, in Redding. Hope all fakers are exposed quickly. Why aren’t other powerful men and women of God speaking up about charlatans? Most of us are not Bible scholars and large numbers of us are not well taught in the Bible. It’s too easy for us to be led astray. Scary! Blessings to both of you! Pamela

  78. Laura

    I don’t know if Mario addressed Hank K. He has Kat in his church and seems to hang on her every word. I know Mario once went to Hank’s church and probably wouldn’t now. What are your thoughts on Hank, Mario?

    • Mario Murillo

      Read earlier comment.

  79. Laura

    What about Hank Kunnemann? He is on Flashpoint with you, right? He has hosted Robin and Kat at his church.

    • Mario Murillo

      Confronted him about it and finally chose not to appear on Flashpoint with him.

  80. Kathy Lynn Stowell

    The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth, the Holy Spirit will teach you, the Spirit of God on the inside of you will bear witness with your spirit.

  81. Kathy Miller

    Thank you Mario Murillo for giving us the truth we need to know

  82. pamela fedrizzi

    Who is Dr. Randall Verarde, Ph.D.? The only info I found on him thus far is a trail of Psychology studies and various religions. Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology–
    Religious Studies, Mythology and Folklore, Comparative Religion, Abrahamic Religions, Other Religions. Why is he considered credible to speak to this issue? This has turned into a mess. I pray for very, very keen and divine discernment for all concerned. God help each one of us.

    • Mario Murillo

      Pamela, Doctor Verarde got his Doctorate for a dissertation of the Book of Mark. He is a Biblical scholar. Instead of trying to discredit the man why don’t you look at the article and show me where he is untruthful or in Biblical error. BTW the mess is the flood of people being fooled by false prophets. Shedding light on this crisis is a Godly thing.

  83. Pat Wilcox

    Thank you for this very simple and clear, explanation of false prophets. So appreciated.

  84. Debbie

    Robin Bullock helped me understand that God is absolutely good, but his book pool and portal were garbage, and hearing secret conversations in the night and never praying about them but broadcasting them like breaking news, turn all that stuff off and Read your bibles people! Jesus said see that you are not deceived, if you think you can’t be you already are

    • Teresa Thomas

      So true. We need to get out our bibles and read the scripture and ask God to reveal the truth to us. During covid people got away from the Bible and went searching for other things. We must turn back to God and his teachings.

  85. Pearl

    God is the judge not you! They preach the plan of salvation , and many people have received the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Jesus said to John who ever is for us is not against us. Mark 9:38-40 Praying all christians will come together in love!

    • Mario Murillo

      Pearl, read the Bible. God told us to correct false prophets.

    • Jeff R

      Actually, Jesus said, “Whoever is not against us is for us,” and said that in response to John telling Him that they tried to stop someone from casting out demons in Jesus’s name. They weren’t teaching false doctrine; they were attacking the kingdom of darkness with Christ’s authority. John’s protest wasn’t that they were false; it was that they weren’t one of them.

    • Joan Collins

      Dear Pearl, you must be a ‘Baby’ Christian, not very aware of what The Word of God says and obviously, not under the teachings of a Pastor that teaches EXCLUSIVELY from The Word of God!! This immature use of the word ‘judge’ is a hoax to keep common sense from being exposed. Chill, relax; “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalms 46:10 NIV Bible

  86. Maureen Hoffman

    Thank you Mario for continuing to teach us to have discernment in these times. Keep reminding us and to help us stand up to the evil

    • D Nickelson

      Mo that you? I agree. Even decades ago Derek Prince, like him or avoid, spoke that the goofy prophetic did damage to the true. Miss you and FH

  87. KRK4JC

    Are there any prophetic voices that the Church should be listening to in our day or has this gifting ceased? Does God still reveal what He is doing in the present through His Prophets?
    I would not expect to see you on the Elijah Streams program anymore and certainly not alongside these whom you have discredited as false as they lead other’s from the truth.

  88. Cathy T.

    Thank you for confirmation. My Spirit was very unsettled whenever these two were ”prophecing”. I stopped listening to them a long time ago. It is good to know that I can always trust that feeling in my spirit.

  89. Cheryl Hinckley

    Thank you. It was crystal clear Kat was nuts, but Robin was much more convincing. I have known the Lord for decades and didn’t have a clue about the Eastern mysticism. Pressing into the Lord and His word and expecting the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to me Himself.

  90. Dora

    If they are false prophets, you should be praying for their souls not tearing them down and slandering them.

    • Mario Murillo

      Paul would tell you, because they are false prophets stop them. It is not slander when you tell the truth. And you should be grieving by the sheep they are damaging and tearing down.

      • Ron Moerbe

        God says to judge the prophets. What else do you need?

  91. Sandy Zinschlag

    I am disappointed in your article. God will judge people like Robin Kat and others. It saddens me that you have taken this on yourself instead of trusting the Lord. I have followed you quite sometime and this is first time you disappointed me.

    • Mario Murillo

      God has entrusted us to follow His Word and call out false prophets who “do not spare the sheep.” I am sorry you are disappointed but you should be more disappointed by the devastation being done to people by false prophets.

    • Jeff R

      You erroneously conflate the harvest with the final judgment. And you have zero understanding of the job and calling of a pastor.
      Get used to this kind of calling out. There are more preachers like Mario coming.

      • Angela Vines

        Clearly you are not called to the nations and you might do a Bible study on discernment versus judgement .

  92. Lora Selby

    I have not felt comfortable with Robin Bullock prophecies from the first time I heard him. I believe it was the Holy Spirit giving me discernment about him and his “ministry.”
    The same is true of Cat and her “ministry.” Thank you for opening my understanding and reinforcing my concerns with facts.

  93. Mark Mecucci

    As a young Christian of 23 yrs old ( I’m now 71) The Lord deeply impressed upon my heart that anything that strayed from the scriptures was false. I remained in the Catholic Church for years, at first involved in the charismatic movement believing God was going to convert all Catholics as He did me. But it became apparent that the Catholic Church was intent on putting the fire of the Holy Spirit out, and they were successful. The Catholic Church and these multitude of false prophets are preaching lies. The Catholics worship Mary and the saints, though they deny it. The so called prophets are just as obviously false proven by their failed predictions. Over the years I have written down what I felt the Lord was speaking to me while in prayer. Not once did I receive dates or times. His word to me was always about His love for His church and a warning to those who were wolves in sheep’s clothing. It was and is always a call to holiness and denying self. Whether prophets exist today as they did in the Old Testament I do not know. I am surely not one, but I know God has called me to warn those who call themselves Christians (including myself) to repent, and strive to enter in through the narrow gate. We must continuously deny our flesh, pick up our cross and follow Christ. Saying the sinners prayer is not a magic formula for receiving salvation. Jesus said that those who hear the word of God and obey it, and those who do His father’s will belong to Him. Many quote/unquote Christians are under the false pretense that they are saved, and are in danger of hearing those fateful words from Christ, “I never knew you” God has told me the time is short. Whether that means Christ’s soon return, or the end of our life here on earth I do not know, but does it really matter? Either way we have such a short time to get right with God. Where we spend eternity hangs in the balance. I pray that God reveals to all of us who call Him Lord the extreme importance of being obedient to His Word. Repent and obey, something you don’t hear the TV prophets say.

  94. Wayne Gile

    You both are absolutely correct when you say we must judge prophecies as the Bible instructs us … HOWEVER, landing judgements such as ‘false prophet’ and ‘fake preacher’ on people is walking on a slippery slope. Everyone misses every once in a while but when they do, having such condemning titles proclaimed on them without full due process by recognized church presbyteries opens doors for you both to be treated in the same fashion, with your present and past ‘misses’, both ministerial and lifestyle misses, to made public in a bashing way. God has a proper, scriptural method for dealing with His servants, both for good and for correction, and most of the time, it is way beyond just a select few.

    • Mario Murillo

      I only do the labeling when they are false prophets and fake preachers. To do otherwise would be to lie or worse to remain silent to perpetuate a sickness in the Body.

  95. Ann

    Who then is a prophet?? Can you give us names?? Noticed comments about Julie Green and I have followed her for months now and have never heard her say anything close to what these comments on here are accusing her of. I follow several prophets and try to discern if what they are saying is TRUTH. I do know many of their prophesies have come to pass though, so I try not to critized them, but take what I discern as true and leave what does not register with my spirit.

    • Mario Murillo

      My question is, Why do you need a prophet so badly? I am afraid we have perverted an office that is primarily for calling out national sin and falsehood in to personal life coaches and Christian horoscopes to provide shortcuts for Christians who do not read and obey their Bibles or live under the care of a real pastor.

      • Stefani

        Amen, Brother! The one time I watched Kat Kerr, she said (at Hank Kuhnaman’s church when she was there with Robin Bullock) that, “You won’t find this in the Bible, but…”. Then I stopped watching Robin Bullock because he kept referring the Talmud and ancient Jewish writing so and then said Evangelists have no right talking about prophets (which Kat Kerr said she’s not a prophet), but that’s not their job and can’t hear God the same way, which is NOT true. These offices are given to those to train and teach and edify, not make outlandish claims and take people’s money. That’s what Balaam did, and the Bible is soooo specific on what happened to him because of that (the ways of Balaam). Also, Robin Bullock claims that Kat Kerr gave him a mantle, which we are New Covenant. What mantle did she have to give him??? Too many emotions and not enough dying to self.
        Thank you, Brother! Second generation who stands with you!!

      • Praying grandmother

        Because we are living in unprecedented times when our own government is trying to kill us. I for one have been called to the most intense intercession of my life. I have found confirmation through the prophets that reassures me I am on track and hearing right.

      • Pauline Browne

        That is so helpful to me Mario. Thank you for thus well written statement.

      • Ree

        Thank you for this reply, Mario. I got caught up in focusing on the crop of “prophets” in this turbulent time when I should have leaned into God and His Word. I’ve been praying to see who to trust, and your recent blog and these comments have opened my eyes. If you ever come to my area, I want to come and to bring others with me. We need Revival. I want my “fire” for God back and am trying to get there again.

      • Barb Wosmansky

        Here is where I am completely struggling. I got INTO my Bible BECAUSE of Robin and Kent and Timothy Dixon and Amanda. I have passed on your healings Mario and prayed I would get to California but there are people who think I am crazy when I talk about your healings so I face the exact same thing there.

      • LeAnn

        Yes! Thank you!
        Maybe we should be asking (ourselves) some difficult questions.
        Such a great question and would be a great topic for a future blog.

    • Jamie

      My thoughts exactly! I listen to all mentioned here and & they have never showed themselves to be of a wrong spirit!

  96. Victoria

    Interesting and informative article. I made the choice, or maybe Yeshua made it for me, a long time ago to not listen to these “prophets”. I have a dear friend who is so caught up in all of these people. There is one mighty man of God that I listen to outside of my own pastor, David Wilkerson. A true Watchman for the flock…he is greatly missed. Another thing I avoid is conferences! All we need is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and He will reveal what He knows we need to see in the Scriptures. I hear of Christians I knew in the past caught up in this web of deception. Our responsibility is to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are caught in this to be set free. And to pray that we are not deceived. In Matthew 24 Yeshua tells us 3x to beware so we aren’t deceived. Let’s pray for them that they will return to true Biblical preaching.

  97. pooch55


  98. Bob Morgan

    I used to watch Bullock. I enjoyed his interviews on Elijah streams but over the last year I have been pulled away from Bullock. There was a check in my spirit. I could not put my finger on it just a constant caution. This is not only Bullock but have felt this way about a few of the prophets. So I just disconnected. Mario please do not get pulled aside by this stay focused on what you are doing for God. I missed you when you came to upstate NY I hope you come again but hopefully closer to Albany NY. God bless

  99. Kristina Wright

    I have seen a few things with Robin Bullock & 1 episode of Elijah Streams with Kat Kerr and have always been troubled in my spirit by what they say. I did not have the background knowledge to articulate why I felt that way, but in general, have tried to avoid watching them. Thank you for a clear explanation of why they are not prophets of God.

  100. Henry McGuirt

    Understanding how frauds can make a nice living grifting believers in Christ is easy: most Christians are quasi-literate regarding Scripture and trained by pop culture to continually seek after “new” things.
    The arrogant demand to “watch your mouth” when pointing out apparent deception and nonsense like you’ve described is to be expected: there’s plenty to hide and a lot of money at stake.
    Avoiding Bullock and the pack of “prophets” engaged in manufacturing false interpretation of Scripture that aids in putting on a good show is a wise choice.
    I’m both saddened and relieved to read your article about this man and this subject. My dear sister enjoys Bullock’s preaching, I’m sure he’s good at it. But, plagiarizing other people’s words and ideas speaks for itself. Then, to call those ideas “prophetic” or to associate them with God Himself can only be described as blasphemy.
    There are extremely harsh penalties for false prophets.
    Thank you. 😎🇺🇸

  101. Linda Barnes

    Thank you for for your article .. I never listened to this man .. was always turned off just by looking at him .. now I know why .. Am so glad and grateful for the discerning of the Holy Spirit for keeping me safe and out of trouble .. We are told to in 1 John 4:1. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

  102. John Everson

    “I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me…I am against the prophets who wag their own tongues and yet declare, ‘The Lord declares’. Indeed I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” declares the Lord. “They tell them and lead my people astray with their reckless lies, yet I did not send or appoint them. They do not benefit these people in the least,” declares the Lord. — Jeremiah 23:30-32

    • Sheron Peltier

      One time I listen to Robin bullock he said he wanted to buy a building on the top of a hill or a mountain it was 250,000 he asked us if we would send contributions for this building I sent $100 and then I googled him and it came up he was worth $46 million and it angered me so I sent him a message and I said if you have $46 million why would you need 250,000 from people to send in money it didn’t sit right with me for a long time and they never answered my message when I sent it back

  103. Grace Johnson

    Mario murillo, you also go to interviews with them, get together with them, what’s up with that? I don’t see you confronting them! I you talking behind their backs? I just wonder🤔

    • Mario Murillo

      No you don’t see me with them. When I saw what they were saying I was out of there. The one that I was with on the program I confronted privately 4 times.

  104. Jane Lewis

    We have entered a time where if we do not use the gift of discernment, we will be deceived by people and fall into the trap of prophet worship. I too have felt that something was “off” with several “prophets” and have stepped back. If there’s more glitz and glamor surrounding a prophet than Jesus … time to step back. It’s becoming about prophet worship!

  105. Bertha

    This is so dangerous!!! God give all of us the real spirit of discernment. I am not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater here! I believe there is more to this than what meets the eye! I would love to see these accused all get together and talk so we can hear what their hearts are saying! I hate the one sidedness of this! Please allow these people to respond!

    • Mario Murillo

      Bertha, there is no baby in this bath water. It must be thrown out.

  106. Marlene Hamilton

    Thank you Mario. I have followed your ministry for some time. You have proved yourself trustworthy and faithful to accomplish in what God has called you to do. It is time for those who carry the torch to call out the wolves in our midst. They can no longer be allowed to deceive and make a mockery of our precious Lord and His Word. The beauty of the simplicity of the faith was just not enough for them. God bless you and your family as you carry out your mission in these dark times.
    Marlene 🙏

  107. Margo D

    Wikipedia? That is so woke I don’t believe anything on there. I still say let God do the judging.

    I respect Mario Murillo, and I am sure he has a lot of detractors, but he preaches the gospel of salvation, and
    The fruit is there.

    Evangelism is one of the 5 fold ministries; Prophecy is another.

    Bullock’s prophecies have come to pass. Some have not yet been manifested. Neither have some of the Old and New Testament prophecies.

    I will WAIT on the LORD.

    • Mario Murillo

      Dear one, you can say it all you want but to let God do the judging you obey the Bible. We did, and it Judges Robin.

      • Margaret Unger

        Kat Kerr has been on Flashpoint. Please help us by calling out the false prophets. If a prophecy doesn’t come true does that in itself mean they are false.
        Follower of Kevin Zadai

      • Iva

        Thank you again, that is why discernment is important to have. My red flag would go up with those 2 something in my spirit was not right. If it don’t line up with the Bible I toss it out

  108. Sally Afton

    Thank you for exposing Kay and Robin. I had my doubts but now I will no longer follow. Thank you so very much.

    • Donna Potter

      People better ask for wisdom in all of this…..God works through people differently. I’m leaving this all up to God to judge, including Mario.

      • Mario Murillo

        Donna if God trusted us to judge there would be no Bible. Read the Word and you will see the falsehood.

  109. Maggie

    But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother?
    For it is written, as I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
    So then everyone of us shall give account of himself to God.
    Let us not therefore judge one another anymore: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way. Roman’s 14:10-13

    • Mario Murillo

      Maggie, That would be Robin showing contempt for his brothers by lying and raging that all should believe him without question and threatening those that do not go along with his teachings.

      • Maggie

        Brothers, if anyone is caught in any sin, you who are spiritual [that is, you who are responsive to the guidance of the Spirit] are to restore such a person in a Spirit of gentleness [not with a sense of superiority or self-righteousness], keeping a watchful eye on yourself, so that you are not tempted as well. Carry one another’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the requirements of the law of Christ [that is, the law of Christian love.] For if anyone thinks he is something [special] when [in fact] he is nothing [special except in his own eyes] he deceives himself. Galatians 6:1-3

        • Annette Vickery

          My daughter asked me what my thoughts were. I told her to heed sound judgement. I trust Mario, there’s no dishonesty in him. I also think that the prophets “all of them” that are glorifying God have sincere hearts towards God, and if they are erring, I don’t believe it is to deceive. However, to be safe I am choosing to step away. Not out of disrespect, but out of self preservation to make sure I am not falling prey to deceiving doctrines. I have nothing negative to say about any of them and truly love them, but again I must listen to my heart regarding this. I feel like God used them tremendously when 2020 went crazy and the churches bowed to the crazy lock downs etc. But maybe it has evolved into charismatic fortune telling where the church or a large part of it are no longer seeking God, but a word from a prophet. I’m waving the white flag on this one and am going to erroneous on the side of caution here.

    • Debra D

      Well since this audience is so kind and respectful!!!! Mario is doing his job as an evangelist. Read 2 Timothy 4: 1-5 very powerful.

  110. kenneth Lieberman

    Mario thank you for staying true to the simplicity of the Gospel and the passion for souls. I believe you are the real deal just Gospel truth and calling the church to become the ARMY that God has called us to be TO SAVE SOULS. Keep up the Good work. Ken Lieberman

  111. Deanna Vasquez

    WOW….. 😳
    I’ve watched bullock on YouTube and thought he was a bit much and way off!
    Thank You Brother Mario for the confirmation and exposure of evilness.

  112. Bruce

    Thank you Mario. You are right on. Actually when a so called prophet or for that matter anyone in the 5 fold ministry, including apostles, we the Christians are to judge what they are saying. And the NT tells the prophets to judge the prophets. Again, when someone as a so called prophet announces judgement or threatens someone who judges them, their message, that is a BIG RED LIGHT. It just does not line up with scripture for the church to judge the message.

  113. Jim Elliott

    So sad to see such division and in fighting within the church. My heart breaks over it all. Please stay the course and keep Jesus and the Cross the focus

    • Mario Murillo

      I am sorry you are sad. The greater sadness is to let people be destroyed because we do not obey the Bible’s teachings about confronting false teachers. That is keeping Jesus and the Cross the focus.

  114. Laurie

    While I believe every prophet should be evaluated for falsehoods, I respectfully disagree with this Dr’s conclusions. I believe the root of the problem is that prophets today make their gifting into full-time jobs. It forces them to speak on topics that sometimes come from their own knowledge and beliefs; not what God has shown them.

    I find weaknesses in this Dr’s evaluation of Robin. For example, if Robin had a PhD, he might know that what God taught him was also known by his medieval predecessors. Do you expect Robin to look up everything he says before he speaks? He doesn’t write down and preplan his speeches, like this professor does. Please remember, our minds are Satan’s playground and knowledge puffs up. A better response is to go straight to the Bible and ask God for wisdom rather than believe what Drs of Theology say. After all, these are the same people who took miracles and healings from the Church, making God’s children weak and powerless. We should do this as well when we listen to prophets and our pastors.

    We all have our God-given motivational gifts wrapped in human skin. Mario is a powerful evangelist because his gift keeps him skimming the simplicity of the Gospel, where most people reside. The Dr. who wrote this blog can teach others the facts of Church history and the pitfalls of using their decisions as a gold standard for our belief because all men have impure motives. Robin goes deep and investigates nuances, because that is what prophets do. Use the tools God has given you to evaluate truth from falsehood.

    Now is not the time to nit-pick God’s people! We need to stand as one against this demonic onslaught in our country.

    • Mario Murillo

      “I find weaknesses in this Dr’s evaluation of Robin. For example, if Robin had a PhD, he might know that what God taught him was also known by his medieval predecessors.” Ok here’s the deal his plagiarism is so complete and so publicly available that to ask us to believe he got direct from God is not a reasonable request. I cannot quote the Gettysburg address and claim I got it from God. In any case, the allegorical approach to interpretation is wrong and has been discredited. Why would God give him a falsehood. And yes, Robin and I should look up everything before we speak. 2 Timothy 15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

  115. Becky Dunlap

    Thank you, Mario! I’ve had a check in my spirit about these people, but so many around me truly believed in them. So I just followed the caution in my heart and didn’t listen to or follow them. Your blogs confirm what I felt. I was at the meeting I think you’re referring to and wanted to walk out, but I had committed to help, so I stayed. But all the while had up my shield to guard against swallowing anything that wasn’t right. As I’m reading the Word this morning, it’s like Light, not like things hidden in darkness and only for certain people. I came upon this scripture, “Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love.” (1 Cor. 16:13-14). I know as you speak out, it comes from a heart of love to protect God’s children and love for our Savior, to protect His truth. I appreciate you so much! I’ve known you since the 80’s (East Bay Faith Center, San Leandro, CA). (although I lost track of you for a long time), and I believe you are faithful and true to our Lord Jesus. Thank you!



    • Mario Murillo

      Wrong to apply that here. I am not judging them the Bible is. And are you correcting me? Isn’t that judging?

    • Jeff R

      Wrong context. This verse is the beginning of Jesus’s polemic against hypocrites. He says you can’t take a speck out of another person’s eye if you have a log in yours. He then says to first take the log out of your own eye, THEN take the speck out of your brothers eye. So in the end it’s not a blanket condemnation of all judgment, but rather a warning against hypocritical judgment.

  117. Rus

    Thank you Mario, I was watching another self proclaimed prophet not mentioned here, and as I was watching I started reading Jeremiah 23, opened my eyes or at least confirmed my thoughts.

  118. W

    Sounds like your trying to divide people?

    • Mario Murillo

      W yes away from disaster.

  119. Emmie Thurman

    January 21, 2023
    Beware you followers….Who are you following?
    Everyone seems to be looking for someone to follow. They want what they want from God and the spiritual leaders of our day. There is so much misplaced attention given to who is going to turn things around for us instead of our own personal character and spiritual development. The heart of man is the proving ground of whether you will be deceived or not! The Spirit of God inside every believer is your compass but it takes time and diligence to learn to hear and know Him. Humility and repentance is the key to knowing God and avoiding deception. We are a social-media infected populace even within the body of Christ. Unfortunately, even Christians are capable of a prideful desire to have large numbers of followers.
    In regards to Mario Murillo’s post….he has the position and experience to speak such words to the body of Christ. There was a cost for being in the place he holds. If you don’t agree with him, respect the position and keep quiet. So many Christians are lacking in the fear of the Lord. They think they are equal to everyone and just spout words that reveal their spiritual immaturity.
    Are you troubled about something? How about just go inside and pray in the spirit and learn to listen. Humble yourself and just listen. God’s kingdom places leaders in positions of authority that HE gives to them. Your humility will give you eyes that see, ears that hear and a heart that understands.
    Mario Murillo’s post is confirmation. When the bible says God voice is ‘a still small voice,’ it is very small indeed, but it was there!!! The slightest little pause I got inside about these two prophetic people has been confirmed. Thank you Lord!
    The body of Christ must learn to live from within and fear the Lord, following the still small voice within. If you choose to humble yourself and keep a spirit of repentance, you will see and know and not be deceived.

    • Jerry Daffron

      Emmie, Thank you for your Spirit-led comments. In my spirit, I couldn’t agree more. For the sake of every follower of Jesus Christ who is reading this, I need to re-emphasize a couple of very important points: 1) “the heart of man is the proving ground of whether you will be deceived or not.” If our hearts are not completely yielded to our one and only True Source, be assured that the enemy of our soul will use deception whenever and wherever he can, 2) “Humility and repentance” are the Keys to knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit and avoiding any and all deception and 3) get ALONE, “pray in the Spirit” and LISTEN, listen for the “still, small voice” of God.

      Mario, Thank you for being obedient to our Heavenly Father. He has your back! I will keep praying for you and this ministry and supporting God’s work toward revival and renewal through them. I love you, my brother.

  120. gary willett

    But now who are you beliving another who say the profits not right or another one who is denying they know it all with no proff but what they think.thats suppression.

    • Mario Murillo

      Robin tells people to follow him without any doubt. I tell you to follow the Bible and question anyone who does not.

  121. Suzette

    Murio, I have long respected your ministry. Even supported it. Definitely, I have appreciated your courage and tenacity to call out truth based clearly on scripture. At the same time I sincerely hope and pray you take the time to contact Robin privately and discuss your concerns with him. Scripture teaches us to go to a brother first. Then if he won’t listen take others. 5 fold ministers need to work together, and as we are all human, we will make mistakes and go off course at times. Please pray and reach out to guide back on track. I thank God for your fathering by example of the evangelists among us and the chuch, Blessings my brother, Suzette

    • Mario Murillo

      Suzette the injunction to meet privately is about personal differences. Paul called people out that were false publicly. He did not have time to interview each one of them while the church is being devastated. The shepherd does not go out and reason with the wolf he stops the wolf.

  122. Anthony

    I believe that this prophetic movement started when covid began, or at least when I started listening. Things in this country were so dire that many Christians wanted to cling to this for hope, I was one. I began to listen to them all. Here is the list…Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock, Hank Kunnerman, Julie Green, Amanda Grace, Johnny Enlow, Kent Chrisrmas. I even watch Flashpoint but not much as of late. I even pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment on who to listen to and what to watch. I have narrowed my list down to Johnny Enlow, Amanda Grace and Chris Reed, but would like some clarification on those if possible. It’s a shame how these so called prophets toy with believers heads and their vulnerability. I would even like a heads up on false pastors if possible, that seems to be big on social media. There are so many fingers pointed at prophets and pastors now a days it could confuse and make your head spin. If it says in the Bible we can call our these impostors I wish someone credible like Mario or someone else would do so because we need to be guided in the right direction out here. It’s getting frustrating out here. Reading The Word is mandatory and I get it. Thank you Mario for all you do, I love all your books. Keep up the good work of the Lord.

    • Juliet

      I wonder about Amanda Grace, too. I have listened to a few of her podcasts.

    • Becka Ruth

      I find myself very careful around Johnny Enlow, as I believe he is Dominion Theology. (Which to me is blatantly unscriptural.)

  123. Johnna Stuart

    Proverbs 28:10
    Whoever causes the righteous to go astray in an evil way, they shall fall into their own pit: but the upright shall have good things in possession.

    • Toni

      I am very disappointed in this and what I am reading. You are stirring up strife in the community of Believers but what is worse you are confusing those who are new and young in their faith or even worse is the unbelievers that may be watching this garbage!
      I am seeing this infighting everywhere and I am sick of it! I am seeing it in our circle of faith, in the conservative community, in the republican party… it is everywhere! Satan has gotten a foothold and devil is dancing with glee! Are you dancing with him Mario? I used to treasure your Wisdom and faith. Now all I see is bitterness because your “religious” ideology is different. All I can say to any of your readers is that after reading this I hope they understand that no one is true to “follow” except Jesus and that is includes you! The thing people need to know we are all human and we only know what we know as humans. All things should be taken to the Father for guidance and clarity and anything we hear from anyone we need to seek understanding from Him.
      Not that what I have to say matters to you, but I am saddened and disappointed in you. I am continuing to seek the Lord for guidance in all I learn and know.

      • Mario Murillo

        Not stirring up strife. I am exposing a lie that is destroying people, churches and the reputation of the Gospel. That is what you should be sad about. I notice that most claim the cure is to seek the Lord but they do not mention reading the Bible. That is where you find the reasons behind the action to expose false prophets.

  124. Michael

    Thank you for affirmation. i never sought after either and always had a check in my spirit about them.

  125. Wendy Foley

    These are the last days folks. We need discernment more than ever. Matthew 24:23-25 warns about false messiah’s and prophets. They will perform many signs and wonders to deceive even the chosen or elect. Mark 13:21-23 finds Jesus warning us of the same thing. Anyone who believes this dribble coming from these false prophets needs to go back and study their Bible. I had a friend when she was still alive sending me this prophetic garbage all the time. After watching 5 minutes or less I got sick. I realized she was being deceived and just kept deleting this stuff. When she died, I figured the Lord took her so she couldn’t continue to be deceived anymore. READ AND STUDY YOUR BIBLE FOLKS. If someone teaches or preaches something line it up with the word. If it doesn’t line up, throw it out!

  126. Nick

    Brother Mario,
    Foremost thank you for reminding us of the better way in all this season of “voices” demanding we listen. At the risk of seeming too old fashioned, or invoking a past more simpler teaching, I choose to stick with the “Main and Plain”. Anyone who aspires as a prophet or gifted to prophesy loses me when the word doesn’t seem to align with God’s. And I’ll even give some elbow room to the prophetic realizing as the Apostle Paul I believe said he saw in part, and he prophesied in part, realizing he could get it wrong. Just my three centabloes.

  127. Candy Brooks

    Thank you Mario, for your honesty, in exposing false prophets. My mother & I have been following the Bullock Ministry, for over a year. Lately we have questioned many of his teachings… We have both had uneasy feelings about his interpretations of the Bible – And JESUS’ life.
    We had seen Kat Kerr on Elijah Streams, but soon doubted her odd accounts / experiences of Heaven.
    She even went as far as to tell viewers to support Disney! – Which we are completely against, because of their extreme “Rainbow Pride” pandering, and transgender propaganda! It’s an EVIL PLACE.
    Thank you, for bring these facts into the light! Your words only cement the doubts and questions we have been wrestling with.
    God Bless You and Your Ministry. This Broken World Needs Someone Like You… Leading the Lost, back to God.
    We have missed seeing you on Flashpoint. 🇺🇸✝️🙏🏻♥️🇺🇸
    Sincerely, Candy Brooks

  128. Deborah Holcomb

    I was taken in by 3 prophets..JG,AG,RB…the Lord ( after months)…led me to STOP…to stay in HIS Living Word…i found i was idolizing them as it was difficult to stop listening to them. I am SO grateful i was obedient. I have and am learning so much and REALLY am growing in my walk with the Lord….im a little concerned as AG baptized me privately at a tour…creeps me out now knowing i was baptized by a wolf in sheeps clothing….i keep on believing God protects me always!

    • Paula

      Just make sure you are going to God and seeking discernment from only Him. Amanda Grace is not self-seeking and takes no credit. She gives all glory to God, refers back to scripture and Always states to seek God’s Word, pray about her words and ask for discernment. You should be doing the same about this blog post. Mario is an incredible minister for God but asking God for discernment regarding this post, is just as important as discernment with others. Congratulations on getting into God’s Word and growing as a Christian. All our answers are in the Bible 😊

  129. Maritza Rose

    Have you reached Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr as a brother in Christ you are?

    • Barbara

      Mario, thank you for all your comments. I always questioned Kat because she said God sometimes spends hours with her and one day she said she “doesn’t sin.” That struck me as very arrogant. For the past year I watched Julie Green every morning and was taken in by her. When her major prophesies failed to come true in 2022, it seemed like she turned on her followers who questioned her, blaming us because we didn’t pray enough so the prophecies were delayed. But God knows everything and would factor that “delay” into a prophecy, right? I was attacked viciously online by some of her ardent supporters, being called a demon. It seems that Julie is a great actress and can go from crying to screaming within a few seconds. She has no compassion for those who followed her and felt betrayed. I felt sad and horrible, but prayed for her and moved on. I pray every day for discernment and now mostly read the Bible for answers.

      • Tearee Ewing

        Hi Barbara, I was attacked as well for questioning some of Julie Greens prophecies. I was told by one of her followers that I was found guilty for creating division. I was told in a threatening way to touch not my anointed.

        I watched her every morning for several months until my spirit started screaming that there is a whole bunch of flesh in her words. The word tomato will be in your news in a significant way. Kentucky will be in your news for an unusual way. Pinecone will be in your news in a surprising way. Most of her prophecies are from other prophets like Kim Clement.

        I am not speaking badly of Julie. I am just stating true facts: These JG prophecies from 2022 have NOT taken place. Schiff was not removed, and he did not apologize to Trump. Charles has been made King. Trump was not inaugurated as president by 2022 (Julie blamed the saints for the delay because some were discouraged…really!). There was no wealth transfer and no exodus. Katie Hobbs sworn in as Governor in Arizona stolen election and Doug Ducey left with a smile! Pelosi alive, Garland alive, Walker/Lake/Mastriano lost, Arizona didn’t decertify, Kemp/Wolf/Ducey no scandal or Treason Failure. Ukraine war did not come to nothing (thousands of life’s lost).
        We have every right as Gods people to Biblically test the spirits.

        Here are my prophesies for 2023: The word water will be in your news in an unusual way. Washington DC will be in your news for a significant reason. The word apple will be in your news in a strange way. The word pinecone will be in your news in an important way. God is giving all of his children a trillion dollars each in March. All the fraudulent government officials will disappear off the planet with Treason as their end. All God’s rightful appointed leaders will take office before April 2023. Please don’t believe my prophesies as I made them up just to make a point.

        P.S. I don’t watch Julie anymore I have to say that many of her followers are some of the most vicious attackers of the brethren I have ever seen. After being viciously attacked, I knew my spirit was discerning correctly.

        For those vicious attackers, I say, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’” I serve God, not Julie.

  130. Deb Burow

    Agreed. I always felt that way, too.

  131. Maritza Rose

    But Mario, you are not Jesus. You are raising yourself above the prophets like you have authority over them. I have followed you since 1986 and this action you have taken has me thinking twice about you.

    • Mario Murillo

      Why do I have to be Jesus before I correct false doctrine? If you have followed this ministry since 1986 you would know this is nothing new, we have always called out false teachers. Why? Because they bring shame on the Gospel.

  132. Nina Prainito

    I wouldn’t discount him completely

  133. Chery

    Hard to find a good “real” pastor these days. Covid revealed that clearly.

  134. Maritza Rose

    Totally in agreement with you Sandy, Christians are to intercede but not create division. Our weapons are mighty and effective for sure. Attacking other Christians is not the answer.

  135. Sheri Scheer

    When will you start exposing the NARM, Bill Johnson and the Bethel beliefs? This false theology is invading almost every church these days. More people in leadership need to expose these false teachers. We applaud you for your bold stand against unrighteousness! Amen! Keep up the good work!

  136. John Davenport

    Interestingly enough, the word “occult” means “hidden, mysterious, secret”. Been there, done that. This article is right on. Watch out folks.

  137. Hazel Stamper

    I’ve felt some of these “prophets “ have become like fortune tellers. Bullock, Green and Kat have not set well with my spirit. Thank you Mario for confirming that.

  138. Rosie

    Thank you for this article and the previous one calling out false prophets. There was a time a couple of years ago that I listened to many of the prophets. But the Lord told me I had too many voices in my head so I focused my attention to the Word and what God told me. I have your books and trusted you, until I saw you on programs with prophets that I did not trust. I wondered if you were in alignment with them. I appreciate that you spoke the truth and called out the false prophets. And I believe there are more.

  139. Eva Chaboya

    People love fist fights, Gods word teaches us to pray for our enemies. There are many false teachings out there and people should rely on the Holy Spirit to guide, not a human man. There is no growth when a person turns to a man to find out if something or someone is right or not. I only trust the Holy Spirit to give me discernment to know the truth. There needs to be placed a responsibility on our brothers and sisters to pray, read God’s Word and ask for revelation knowledge, when times get tough you won’t be able to look for answers from Mario, you need to go the The Father. .

    • Mario Murillo

      Eva, this is not a fist fight. And the enemies that God tells us to pray for are outside the church. False prophets are destroying people and God–in His Word–commands true ministers to call them out publicly.

  140. Raymond D

    May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless Mario Murillo!
    Thank you, Mario!
    Please “Do Not Leave Quietly”, we as your fellow members of Christ’s body NEED these statements from you to assist our journey!

  141. Rhonda

    Yes! Good word, Mario. Wake up, Church. God has already given you everything you need. Seek Him!

    Thank you for your faithfulness, Mario. This must have been difficult, but the Church needs to hear it.

  142. Sharon

    Thank you. I have never felt comfortable concerning the two mentioned. In fact, I have been asking the Lord to give me wisdom and discernment as to those who are true prophets. I feel until He shows me something, I “walk” very cautiously concerning any of them. I am beginning to search diligently the Scriptures regarding this area (prophets and the prophetic) as I feel the Lord will show more that we can use as a basis. Thank you for taking this stand.

  143. Melinda Bacon

    Mario – Thank you for this blog and for responding real-time to these comments! It’s making me re-examine who I listen to and how much I listen. For the first couple years of the whole COVID thing, I sought prophecy because I was afraid, and wanted to know what would ultimately happen. Many of the prophecies were comforting. But, lately, I’ve begun to think that I need to be at peace without knowing the future; to trust God’s goodness for the future of me and Believers; and re-focus on the present, on sharing Jesus, and on “making disciples”. Only thing is; after being active in evangelical/pentecostal churches for nearly 20 years, I don’t think I’ve ever been discipled or encountered a more experienced Believer or church Leader who’s WILLING to invest in discipling others.

  144. kathryn wilbanks

    I miss you very much on Flashpoint and am now wondering if Hank Kunneman is the reason, even Dutch Sheets shares prophetic words and dreams. I respect both of these men SO much, just as I do you, and consider them above the fray. Is your disdain only toward certain prophets, or are you discounting this all together? I don’t personally listen to those you’ve called out, but it makes me wonder of your views on the prophetic in its entirety. I do know that we see clearly in Scripture that many words didn’t come to pass immediately and some we still await. That being said, false prophecies are false, no matter the timeframe. I appreciate you, Mario, and have looked forward to the day when my husband and I can volunteer with your crusades, would be a dream come true, and we LOVED hearing you live at Charis Bible College where we attended (as some of the older population). I’m a little confused by the anger I hear in your writing, but I certainly don’t question your hearing from God nor the zeal you carry. Some of the flurry of comments stated things about others that I know are wrong, so that part bothers me. I don’t “follow” anyone but Jesus Christ and am led by no one but His own Spirit. But, I do see a proper place for the prophetic in our day, as stated in the New Testament. Who is next on your list? I don’t think I’m the only one wondering…

    • Mario Murillo

      Kathryn those who love the prophetic should be the loudest voices against Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock. They are doing profound harm to the gift and those who remain silent are part of the problem.

  145. Sherry

    Be careful with your nick picking in true prophets.

    • Mario Murillo

      I will, because I haven’t done that. These are false prophets and it is not nitpicking but exposing gross error and crazy ideas.

    • tony cargile

      So Mario needs to be careful when calling out false prophets? But you are qualified to identify a “true prophet”?

  146. Allan Cougle

    Is it possible that 1 Co 13:9 “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.” comes into play here? A prophet can indeed hear from God but then overstep and interject (maybe unknowingly) his/her own thought or beliefs.
    Does the same thing happen in healing where one person is indeed healed but another is not? Because of lack of faith, wrong timing or the absence of God’s power–healing has not (yet) occurred?
    Somebody teach me.

  147. Olivia

    The problem is, people do not read the Bible for themselves, they want somebody else to go to God and hear for them. Just like in the time of Moses. People did not want to go to God and listen to him. They sent Moses. Church, read the Scriptures, just like the Berean‘s. They checked everything out with scripture.

  148. Loren Bensen

    Disappointed in you Mario, it seems that the people who think they know it all in the name of Doctrine cause the most damage, division in the body of Christ.

    • Mario Murillo

      Why aren’t you disappointed that people are following false prophets? The real damage is the silence.

  149. Drema Kay

    Who is this man Dr. Randall Verarde, Ph.D. who wrote this. I could not find any information other than this blog. Honestly WHO IS HE???
    I never took personally Robins warnings, I always believed it was directed towards the One World Government and those on their side. So I will continue to ask the Lord about this, only He knows the truth.

    • Mario Murillo

      Drema read the Bible.

      • Drema

        Still, can you please shed light on who this Randall Verarde is?

        • Jeanie.

          Read up further so he won’t have to repeat himself. Earlier he said who he was. Read

  150. Dar

    Let’s remember to pray for those to repent who call themselves Christians and give false prophesies because they are talking too much and not listening to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. In fact, any prophet that proclaimed TRUMP would be re-elected in 2020 should never be listened to again. He was NOT re-elected because the other side cheated. Let’s get back to evangelism like Mario. Let’s do less talking on the internet. Get out and do some street witnessing and tent crusades. These TV people all talk too much about how to get blessed and live the good life while others are going to hell. Where is outreach in the Body of Christ? Mario, can you please come to St. Louis, Missouri!!!

  151. Carol Alexander

    Jas 5:9  “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.”

    Rev 3:20  “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”

    2Co 5:10  “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.”

    Php 2:2  “Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”

    2Ti 1:7  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

  152. Becka Ruth

    Pearl, the Word commands us to “test all things,” because “many false prophets are gone out” (1 Thes. 5:21, 1 John 4:1). Our love is to “abound yet more and more in KNOWLEDGE and ALL JUDGMENT that we may test and put our stamp of approval [only] on things that are excellent” (Phil. 1:9-10). If we accept naively everyone who comes in Jesus’ name we will eventually end up in trouble, because there are “many deceivers” afoot (Matt. 24:4-5, 11; 2 John 1:7).
    I am thankful for those in the Body who assist God’s people in this process of discernment. We all need to LEARN so we can discern for ourselves (with the aid of the Holy Spirit).

  153. Becka Ruth

    It has been the same for me. Every time I would hear Robin, I just couldn’t — I would turn him off. And same with Kat…. too much that’s troubling in her words and her spirit.

  154. Kregg

    I so appreciate someone with your platform to stand up and speak truth biblically. God bless you sir

  155. Sally Thibodeaux

    Mario, you are wrong with this comment. Robin always tells us to search the Word for ourselves. And I do. I really doubt you listen to all of his services. I’m sure you don’t have the time. God has called you to win souls, and you are doing that.

    • Mario Murillo

      He actually tells you that you cannot understand the Bible without the prophets. He in fact says there is a code for a deeper meaning to the Bible. I am calling him out because as a soul winner I see him causing outsiders to slander the Gospel.

      • Sue

        Mario, are you talking about when Robin says, “I’m speaking in code here.” If so, he’s choosing his words so that he’s not blocked by YouTube!

  156. Linda DiMaggio

    Thank you for clarification on false prophets.My inner spirit felt something was out of synch with what they were saying. And what’s with Robin Bullock’s hand signal (seen often in Star Trek)? If it sounds too good to
    be true, it probably is! Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 proclaims there is nothing new under the sun and what has happened before will happen again. Also, Isaiah 44:25-26 supports Mario’s uncovering false teachers and prophets: “I expose the false prophets as liars and make fools of fortune-tellers. I cause the wise to give bad advice, thus proving them fools. But I carry out the predictions of my prophets!”

  157. Unonimous

    “Do not touch my chosen people,
    and do not hurt my prophets.”
    Psalm 105:15 NLT
    We’re in this together!
    Why would anyone in the Kingdom speak against God’s own who are In Love that’s endowed within by the Holy Spirit. Doing so is very dangerous!

    • Mario Murillo

      Not one prophet has been touched by this blog.

      • antoniette gonzales

        Brother Mario, exposure of these harmful false “prophets” and teachers is so needed! They do need to be named publicly, since they have assumed public platforms. Thank you!

  158. David Kelling

    Like the beginning of the book of Hebrews states, in former times God spoke to the fathers through the word of His prophets, but in the last days He speaks to us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We as believers must have discernment what is true and what is false using the Word as our source.

    • Nan

      Thank you Mario for this! I have great respect for you in addressing this.. no one wants to say anything about these false words that these false prophets are speaking for fear of back lash.. however HOLY SPIRIT is obviously saying ‘IT’S TIME’
      People are getting upset about this because they follow these false prophets.. they ‘LIKE’ and are getting offended because their guy or gal is being called out. they unfortunately hang on their every word instead of working to hear GOD themselves and what the Bible says about this…the Bible being the one and only true prophetic word of GOD..

      Could you please also address these false prophets that claim to be healers and ‘revivalist’ like this couple Tommy and Miriam Evans who appeared on The Supernatural television program with Miriam Evans claiming an Angel came to her in a dream and gave her an ancient book? They also just recently appeared on a program with another opportunist a Larry Sparks claiming that when anyone watches them on that program they will be healed?? Larry Sparks works for a book publishing company and has published all their books .. Tommy and Miriam Evans , Larry Sparks, Jesse Green, Parker Green, Jeremiah Johnson and others are all in this group and are all friends and promote each other and all claim to be from GOD and of GOD but they speak mixed up garbled nonsense and people are following them.
      Jeremiah Johnson himself in his church ( I watched his church video) told his congregation that instead of fasting he wanted them to come up with something to sell.. sell whatever they had to sell and give it to the church because he said everyone does fasting and why be the same as everyone else ? That is not scriptural but yet these people in his congregation seem like this is alright.. he’s coming up with all kinds of false prophecies lately.. what are called ‘general’ words which anyone could speak..but have none of HOLY SPIRIT power, authority or anointing behind it. One could say.. ‘well they haven’t come to pass yet so I’ll wait’ one is suppose to earth on the LORD.. not the false words of a false prophet.
      There are so many of these wanna be false prophets showing up now trying to make a name for themselves and HOLY SPIRIT shows THIS WILL NOT BE ANYMORE!
      So thank you again for this and for being obedient to the Lord .. the HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH OF JESUS IS SPEAKING THROUGH YOU..I pray that GODS hand of continued success on everything you do!

  159. Alan Bivens

    Amen and Amen. After the election of 2020 there were so many voices so much confusion some were staying up at night to hear the latest podcast, of people who had “inside information” people having dreams that went viral and to keep up their following they had to keep on with new dreams. Then in December 2020 I felt the Holy Spirit say” SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” So many voices, prophecies Confusion, I felt God speak to me ” You have trained and studied the word, now get back to it and stay in it, it’s all you need.” December 15 2020 I went to our church alone to pray, just a little bit of light was shinning through the stained glass . I cleared out my mind and said to God I want to know, What is the spirit saying to the church , He that has an ear listen, God what are you saying? Then right before me I could see a black boiling pot turning over I saw a violent whirlwind before me and for a brief second I felt the anger of God. Then I heard these words” Sleep Haman sleep, fill your yourself with the delicacies of the King… But soon you will be exposed, behold the gallows you have built for my servant. Since then I know God is going to expose the unjust corruption and will also expose these false teachers. Stay with the word, it”s all you need. Thank You Brother Mario.

  160. Patricia A Scalf

    I “knew” when I was “introduced” to Robin during the Trump era that something was “off”. How do I know if the Lord is using me in the gift of discernment? I got the same feelings watching Kat Ker. I am so glad you are takinng a stand. We are living in the Last Days and deception will be rampant. I keep hearing the words “strong delusion. Thank you for your ministry of peace and truth.

  161. Bryan

    My wife was listening to one of the fore mentioned prophets, I could hear him speaking and the Lord spoke to me and said”he’s huffing and puffing”, I was shocked as I had not heard those words since I was a child. Of course they reference the three little pigs story. I asked God what He meant and He replied” they are trying to do it on their own, with their own power”. I’ve had a bad feeling about many of the attention seeking prophets of today and I avoid them.

  162. Cindy

    Thank you Mario for making us aware. You Many in the limelight are not following scripture…like Amy Grant having same sex weddings at her property and twisting the Bible verses about it! We need to follow Jesus, know His Word and share the Gospel; the Great Commission. Your doing that. Thanks for all your explanations.

    • Markie

      Bravo! Brother Mario! Thank you for standing on the side of biblical TRUTHS! While also standing with GRACE and allowing the HOLY SPIRIT to use the rod of correction. In the name of JESUS! Our Lord and Savior! Amen!

  163. Pamela Porter

    I agree Mario. We all have the ability and freedom to pray and come close to the King. We then would know who is and who isn’t being honest and following Jesus. Repent for allowing this charade to continue. Iron sharpens iron. We hold each other accountable. Being a part of the body is founded in Gods grace, mercy and His love. Scripture tells us how to handle such things, are we not to test the spirits?

    • Sheila

      Repent for believing Robin is evil the both of you.

      • Mario Murillo

        Nothing to repent of Sheila. Bullock is a false prophet.

        • Carol

          So do you believe RB has no true relationship with Jesus and purposes to deceive those who follow his ministry? Do you believe his wife and children are in on it also?

          • Mario Murillo

            Jesus would never tell him to say the things he is saying. I do not have anything to say about his wife and family.

  164. Natalie

    Exactly, Rhonda! Amen.

  165. lance j foreman

    in my opinion very well done brother, a needed word for many Saints, truthful, simple and direct, good for you and us, thank u brother-)

  166. Mark P

    These prophets speak publicly, Their rebuke should also be pubic.
    Thank you Mario.

  167. Dena

    I am glad this is being exposed, but it troubles me. Why aren’t more ministers speaking up? Why does Christian TV allow them on their shows?? I have elderly family members listening to these false prophets who believe what they say because they’re on Christian TV.

    Just because they’re on Christian TV or they say they’re a Christian doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy! They’re going after gullible Christians! I tried to speak to my Dad, but he trusts the “Christian” TV shows he watches. He says they wouldn’t allow someone who is fake on their shows. He trusts their judgement.

  168. Fred Taylor

    The entire group of ‘prophets’ seemed so convincing in the early days following the election debacle of 2020. I just couldn’t believe such an evil and corrupted event in our wonder country which I love could happen. Jesus is first, but I believe he loves America, had his hand of guidance in our founding and wants to use us as a nation, especially for the end-time harvest.

    So, the message of the ‘prophets’ was a comforting one, one I desperately wanted to believe. I’ve followed Flashpoint regularly until recently. I wearied over Hank K’s pronouncements of “Flop-Flip’ and a month of…., and another season of….. which never seemed to come forth. I have distanced myself from these folks over recent months. I’m thinking the HS was subtlely guiding and protecting me.

    Mario, I remember you from the days in the ’80’s when Pastor Jack Hayford gave you the platform regularly. I applaud your courage to take a stand. It’s a confirmation to me.

    I AM troubled….how can Holy Spirit men and women dedicated to Jesus get so far off the mark? We all see in the mirror dimly.

    Maybe it would be wise for Dutch Sheets to distance himself from Flashpoint going forward.

  169. Joan Collins

    Mary Anne, please note that Mario has been used BY God to call out this charlatan, do you get that? He was also responding to requests to make the individual known if he had reason to believe there was false teaching. Also it was Dr. Verarde that wrote this blog if you’ll note in the introduction by Mario.

  170. Merritt Reeves

    Mark, there are also numerous mentions of NT prophets in the NT. The difference between the prophets in the NT were not to “house” the only revelation by the Holy Spirit, as in the OT. Paul spends 3 chapters in 1 Corinthians describing the ministry of the Holy Spirit through people. The letter to the Ephesians addresses the five-fold ministry – for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. In those and other of his letters, he confirms the importance of prophecy along with healing, miracles, teaching, preaching the gospel and shepherding. Gifts of prophecy and the prophetic office are including in instructions to the church — AFTER Jesus rose again from the dead and returned to the right hand of the Father. We are still in that “age.” Peter’s 2 daughters were prophetesses. A prophet, using a prophetic demonstration, said what would happen to Paul if he continued to Rome. He was correct — but Paul said he was still compelled by the same Holy Spirit to go. I encourage you to study the scriptures and to not so quickly dismiss the role of the prophet in the NT church. Our job is to draw near to the Father, Study, and Grow in discernment. Mario has never argued that prophets do not exist today; he is simply confronting false prophets. The scriptural point he is making is that we do not depend on the prophets for revelation. God expects all of His children to seek Him and His kingdom. He expects US to know His Word and His nature to the degree that we CAN judge the prophets. We cannot do that without reading, studying and meditating on scripture — a lifelong endeavor.

  171. Sandy Jackson

    Thank Mario for your courage and your love of Jesus and His gospel that transcends the opinions of men. I appreciate that you are a true voice calling in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord. Excellent article that answers questions I myself have had. The voices declaring do not touch the anointed of God, do not reject the word of the prophets cause fear in some of us that to do so is to reject the Word of the Lord, This article is a reminder to all in the church to be wise as serpents, gentle as doves, and to be like the Bereans. In this day, there are so many voices out there, especially in leadership in the church, we need this message. It points us to seek the Lord before accepting any voice into our hearts and spirits without searching it out ourselves to see if it’s true. Thank you again.

  172. Barbara Coyle

    Amen, Pastor Mario! You obeyed God in calling out error and false teaching and preaching, saving many people so they don’t fall into error as well. Thank you and God bless you!!

  173. Connie Kerby

    Thank you!!!! I used to listen to “all” of them & now I listen to none of them. I spend that time with the Lord. People act like part of a cult defending them. Doesn’t our Lord warn against following false prophets?

  174. Susan

    The Holy Spirit gives us discernment by bringing scriptures to our minds. He uses scripture to guide us, so if we think listening to the Holy Spirit for guidance comes through our intuition or feelings we can easily be led astray. Truth must line up with
    scripture & the HS helps us to understand & apply it to our lives. Hard to discern true
    prophecy from false without putting in the work of developing knowledge of scripture.
    Thank you Mario for helping the church to not go astray under false teachings.

  175. Carol Reed

    Mario, I so appreciate your standing for the truth. I am wondering if you will be speaking to some of the other “prophets”? Timothy Dixon? Amanda Grace? Julie Green? Kent Christmas?

  176. Audra L Watson

    Mario, thank you for being the only one currently to follow exactly what the scripture tells us to do. I thank God that you are a willing servant and have the courage to speak out instead of hiding behind pulpit or TV screen!

  177. Debbie Martens

    Dear Brother Mario. Thank you for humility and deep concern for the body of Christ. Isn’t this about honoring Jesus Christ the Son of the living God? For this reason we bow our knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  178. Barry Deats

    I feel bad when I read what some of these “trolls” say. In my opinion you are definitely
    qualified to call out these false profits. I used to fast forward thru Hank and some of the others
    and listen to you and Lance. Why has no one mentioned Copeland? Is he untouchable?
    I saw him give a prophecy on youtube that covid would be gone in a month. That was about
    two years ago and we know how that worked out. God bless you and your work.

  179. Lori W

    He would have done exactly what he did and prayed about it. The Holy Spirit would have revealed that Jesus was who He said he was, and Mr. Murillo would have rejoiced in his teachings. Somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that the Holy Spirit is our guide in these matters. We aren’t discenrning in our own power, but He certainly is. And when we know that He is sending a clear warning (I have had the same warning in my spirit concerning Mr. Bullock) we dare not disregard it! If you hear a warning from a trusted apostle like Mario Murrilo, stop and pray about it. Ask the Lord to show you by His Holy Spirit if it’s truth! Cancelling a proven man of God because he calls out a false prophet without seeking God about it first is irresponsible. This plays right into the enemy’s hands. Come on church, we are called to be better than that!

  180. Joan Collins

    Mario, grateful for the stand you’ve taken in bringing Dr. Verarde’s testimony of the so called ‘prophets’, in response to those wanting to see support of your previous blog. Seems TRUTH is not what many of those individuals really wanted to see; very sad.

  181. Michael Coffman

    Glad to see you’ve seen some of what’s going on. To be honest, what I’ve learned about Victory channel as a whole caused me to stop following you while you were on there. Nothing good can come if your association with that whole group. They are buying influence over you Mario. Please sever ties completely. As you know God is quite capable of handling your financial needs without associating with deception.

  182. Joe Stockton

    I appreciate your humble work for the lord. I feel foolish for not discerning the truth regarding Julie Green. I wasn’t so fooled by Robin Bullock. I think his music was my first clue. Jesus is simple to understand, even in parables. But Bullocks had me interested for a short while. Keep your truth and courage.

  183. diane Jackson

    Thank you, Mario. I trust your discernment. I have not watched Kat, but yes, I do watch Robin. Now I plan to listen to Holy Spirit, and be directed by Him.

  184. Catherine

    I will pray for you as you endure the attacks. I do not believe you have a personal offense with those mentioned. You Are, I believe, calling out the false prophets based upon unbiblical teachings and prophesies as we are called to do as Bible believing Christians. Thank you for being a watchman on the wall. ! Bless your ministry in these days!

  185. Diana

    Thank you Mario for being someone who speaks truth! You are one of the very few that I know I can trust. Please continue calling out the wolves. We need you more than ever. Do you have any comments about Kevin Zadai?

  186. Tabitha Robinson

    Truth is always appreciated! Especially when it confirms something within our own Spirit. Like someone said previously in a comment here, deception is running more and more rampant so we need to make sure we’re always checking in with Jesus and praying for the discernment, wisdom & knowledge that we all have available to us with the Holy Spirit. In my opinion, the Holy Spirit is one of our greatest gifts but most underutilized. Can’t we just avoid the middle man of prophecy all together?

  187. Greg Halter

    Mario, I am someone that follows you and Robin. I even had my folks go to your Batavia tent meeting.(I live on the west coast) It seems you went to a middle man(Hank) and not directly to Robin. Shouldn’t you have gone straight to Robin to point out your concerns? For anyone to say Robin does not look to the Word is false. I have NEVER heard Robin say that he has codes and we can only go to him for answers. He always points directly at the Word. He also never said God gave him, alone, revelation about the Samaritan story. You come from academia, Robin does not. Did you ask him if he knew about the Catholics discovering the meaning way back then? Maybe he did not know. Also why the long description on how Robin looks? Seems really petty to describe in detail his appearance. Backwoods Alabama people will look much different than Californians. Why not call out Hank, Dutch, Kent, Nathan, Amanda, Julie, Elijah Stream? I agree that giving the Gospel to the lost should be our number one concern.

    • Mario Murillo

      We proved our case Greg. He is false.

  188. Tabitha Robinson

    Boldness to speak truth, even when truth hurts and stirs things up is a rare gift. I’m thankful that you’re a good example of how to do it!

  189. Barb S

    When I’ve tried to listen I cringed and left. New he was off. Too bad too. Very sad

  190. Geneva D Green

    Thank God your willing to stand up for what you believe! There is so much sloppy agape in the body of Christ. The Word is also for rebuke, but you see little of that going on because some believers think your attacking if you bring correction. Hence we have way too many wolves in sheep clothing along with so much false teachings. A red flag to me is when a person threatens you if you dare to question them because truth has no problem with you questioning, we are try the spirit to see if it is of God. It takes a lover of the truth to stand up for it at all cost because the spirit of religion will jump on you like a duck on a June bug!

    • Bryan

      I don’t think a prophet would do all the theatrics that Bullock performed either. Jesus did not make a scene like this man. He did not even want the fame. Jesus told several people not to speak of what He had done. In Eph 5:1, we are told to imitate God, so, we should not be seeking fame, but the kingdom. God does promise fame, wealth, and authority, but these should not be our motivation. Love is our motivation.

  191. Caro Johnson

    Thank for exposing the truth, Mario. A friend introduced me to the teachings of Robin and Kat about a year ago. was never comfortable in my spirit when I heard them teach. Something felt off. I used to be a faithful watcher of Flashpoint but haven’t watched for over a month. Keep spreading the good news and leading people to Jesus!

  192. Barbara

    Cindy, I was one of those people but have wised up. She told us what we wanted to hear. It was addicting. I pray for her, too.

  193. Kenny Spitler

    Dealing with a Sinning Brother
    15“Moreover if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. 16But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’

    This is direct instruction from Jesus. Did you follow this Mario?

  194. Mark

    Rev 2:6 Yet you have this [in your favor and to your credit]: you hate the works of the Nicolaitans [what they are doing as corrupters of the people], which I Myself also detest.
    It seems Jesus said he favored people who called out the false!
    Thanks Mario

  195. Chuck Haser

    Thank you Mario for bringing out the facts. Besides KK I figured that the other false prophet had be RB. A few months ago I heard him describe how God made Adam. It was not like anything I had ever heard before. I asked myself, where did he get that? It’s not in the Bible but his story is so descriptive.

  196. Chuck Haser

    We have the right to discern.

  197. Sandra D. Angeluski

    Jesus did call out the religious of His day. John 8:44 (ESV) You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  198. Gavin L Poultney

    Never been able to watch him

  199. Jenny

    Read, fast and pray and listen to the Holy Spirit and He will lead you to truth, the truth is the word of God, that is why we have God the Word which is Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more time you spend with these three you will hear the truth, I think we all spend more time with men then these three, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, thank you Jesus for your guidance. Amen

  200. Christopher John Samora

    I seen robin recently. Got to say i did’nt run to his teaching. Like the crowd of starving around me. I watched and tested the spirit all heard was mysticism. But the patriot community and beleavers here in new mexico are starving for hope in a state that has been oppressed for a hundred years. With a poverty mindset that reminds me of my past addiction and gang life. That was made to be part of the Hispanic community identity.
    Jesus is enough and asking why do we still reason from a place lack.

  201. sheila taylor

    Hello Mario

    Thank you for your service, and for being bold. In this blog many people are adding other individual’s names to the list of false prophets. Since I trust you, and do not know anything about those who are naming other names. I just wondered if you are in agreement about the other individuals, Hank Kunneman, Kent Christmas, Amanda grace. Are there any real reliable prophets at all. I have listened to the names I listed and had not seen fault in them, but now I am concerned I have been deceived. Thank you

    • John10

      One thing you should ask yourself is which of these prophets actually prophesied and warned about COVID virus and the (deadly) vaccine? Did any repent or offer apology for false Trump election win for 2020? Crickets. There are only a few I know that warned about hard times coming (ie. The Tribulation and not prosperous times) and called the church to fast and pray for what was coming in 2020 and beyond.. Pastor Dana Coverstone saw COVID happening in a dream he had late 2019. Jonathan Cahn called for “The Return” in late 2020. Robert at Blazing Press also warned about hard times coming for 2020 and beyond. No one wanted to listen because many of the false prophets were rising with a false sense of hope deceiving millions. The vaccine could very well be the mark of the beast and signaled the first seal of revelation to be opened. We have famines and wars, false prophets abound, and someone calling for peace through an Abraham accords and has all the right answers to “save America” and save the world. Did any of these “prophets” or even Mario warn of these things? No. That’s all you need to know about how far deceived this movement has been. Repent and turn away from them..:get back to the Word of God and get on your knees. The Lord is coming quickly and it’s only going to get worse not better.

  202. Sue

    Linda, Robin’s hand signal means “Shalom” in the Jewish community.

  203. Michael

    The apostle Paul states in 1 Cor 11:14 – “Does not the very nature of things teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a disgrace to him”. Translated in plain English, Paul is teaching us, that even nature teaches us that having long hair is an affront to God. Several false preachers today continue to disobey the Word of God as instructed by Paul and rebelliously reject the obvious teaching contained in the bible. People like Robin Bullock and Todd White are classic examples of violators of this command. Yes, often one can judge a book by its cover. Reject all false prophets and embrace the Word of God. Jesus will speak to you through His Word.

  204. Cathleen

    He makes perfect sense. GOD IS ABSOLUTELY GOOD

  205. Tom in Oregon City

    Truth always survives examination and testing. When I talk about science (my work) or about my faith (my life), I emphasize, “Don’t take my word for it. Read about it for yourself. Test it!” Because the biggest corrections I’ve ever gotten came from being tested and challenged, and it scares me silly to imagine NOT being challenged. Thanks for confirming some of the concerns I’ve had, as well, including a platform that hosts both of these two, without any critical review.

  206. Vicki

    These are perilous and upsetting times but not at all unexpected. The Bible warns of false prophets abounding. Now more than ever we should emerge ourselves in the Bible, walk in the Holy Spirit and seek for discerning of the spirits lest we be lead astray. In the meanwhile we should not forget for those who do not know Jesus or who have strayed from the narrow way.

  207. George & Carole Phelps

    God bless you, Mario, AMEN!

  208. Teri Cook

    The example of the allegorical interpretation of the Good Samaritan was used in my hermeneutics textbook as being an incorrect method of understanding the text. So for sure he didn’t come up with that on his own! The Bible explains itself and we have to understand the context of a passage by many factors. Who it was weitten to ( the original audience), comtext in the chapter, book, and Bible ad a whole. Does the theme occur other places in the whole Bible? Historical context, and many other things, but the best thing is the keep the main things plain. The Lord is not the author of confusion and no interpretation of scripture is private. God bless everyone!

  209. Laura Mullen

    Mario, thanks for warning us about Robin & Kerr. Is Hank, Amanda Grace and Julie Green false prophets too? I trusted Hank the most. Is he the reason you left Flashpoint or because of Robin or Kerr? I read in an earlier post that you confronted someone a few times. It wasn’t clear as to who. I’ve been praying for discernment on who to believe. It seems that when I fall to listening to someone, they end up being false.

  210. Stephanie

    I agree with this comment in every way . What Mario is doing isn’t right. God is big enough to deal with ministers who He knows are false ministers. I’ve seen God do it myself. Mario doesn’t have to do it for God.

    • Mario Murillo

      God has commanded leaders in the Bible to expose false teachers. Even though he is big enough He has chosen to use men and women of God.

      • Hilda

        When Jesus said “IT IS FINISHED” He sat down on the right hand of God and gave the authority to His Church. That is us. Christians just do not study their Bibles and are not taught our authority.

  211. Lois Calderwood

    I agree. Somewhere along his way he has gotten tripped up,..deceived. I too watched & followed his ministry until it began not to resonate with my spirit & often seemed to be stretched beyond sound biblical reasoning,.. like the Red Sea then congealed (jello). I also saw him verbalize an angry “slap across the face” to those who might legitimately question a prophet’s words, because the prophet is in such a higher level of knowledge & not to be held accountable by someone not “in the know “ so to speak.
    This is so sad to me, because there is something about him that I like & it would be so hard to believe he’s not saved. I’ll leave that to the Lord!

  212. Linda

    Thank you Mario for the revelation . I appreciate your obedience to the Word. You are one special man of God the Father!

  213. Kelley

    I have listened to them both over the years, Kat first and Robyn recently, But, I must say I have had some concern expecially about Robyn more than Kat either way there are plenty of bible teaching proven preachers and prophets that not listening to them is no gre
    at loss. Not to mention my own home pastor and church. I will leave them alone from now on I believe because this does make sense.


    Thank you brother Mario for speaking TRUTH.

  215. Dee

    Mario, you will never convince people if its opinion vs biblical truth. Its you and Holy Spirit and he is whom we answer to.

  216. 8675310

    I have not heard Robin say to read the bible backwards literally, as I believe Crowley did. Rather, I understand him to be saying that events that transpired chronologically until Jesus came are since occurring in reverse after Jesus came. I wouldn’t call that reading it backwards.

  217. C. Dove

    Mario, I believe that every person is given some degree of spiritual discernment. Now we can pray for wisdom and discernment, God will gladly give these gifts to us if we are obedient servants to Him.
    I think we are walking dangerously when we speak against any preacher or prophet who says they are a servant of Jesus Christ. Of course there will be many false teachers and prophets but it’s up to US AS INDIVIDUALS to discern whether they are really OF GOD.

    • Hilda

      There is not enough teaching on the 5 fold ministry. They have a responsibility to the church to correct error in anyone. Each of us have to study scripture daily and be spirit filled to discern false teaching and prophecies.

  218. Lynette S

    A while ago I started listening to Kat Kerr because she was one of the “most respected prophets”, until she went to a TV show you used to take part of, and she started yelling after Trump lost in 2016 (literally screaming) that Trump was going to stay there after 1/20/2017 and we should not doubt it because God was speaking through her. That never happened. I asked God for discernment and discernment came. I have not listened to her since 2021. On Robbin Bullock, I have been listening to him for a few years and I was asking God if he was a true prophet. The more I listened, the less I understood what he was trying to relay. He makes the word of God confusing with fantastic stories. I also asked for discernment because I read the Apocalypse and ask for revelation and understanding, and the more I read it, the more I understand. Same with Genesis, and the letters of Apostle Paul, but with Bullock I only get confused. And given that God does not cause confusion, I understood that was not good food. Then I started missing you on Flashpoint and now I read your blog. Thank you for the courage to stand up for what is right. I appreciate your candid message and completely understand what you are saying. God bless you and your ministry!

  219. Linda

    GOD Help us all…1st Timothy 4 is very much a truth today, we must all pray diligently we be not deceived as we are warned of in Matthew 24:24

  220. Janet Roy

    When we have a person who stands up and preaches and/or prophesizes we may listen to that person at first because he/she is hosted by someone we respect as a genuine Christian who loves the Gospel of Jesus. I went to the Flashpoint in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and loved it. I drove that far (from Georgia; I am 74 and certainly not wealthy when it comes to paying for motel rooms) mainly because there was a weekend conference put on by Hank Kunneman right afterwards. I only knew Hank K. from Flashpoint. So I expected to be greatly blessed by the weekend of meetings. Kat Kerr spoke of roller coaster cars – one carried her grandson and Jesus up the lava of a volcano – in heaven??? Her whole talk was about heaven and the many times she had been there and all the things she had seen – jello mountain included. I was very alarmed by all of this. Robyn Bullock came on dressed like a death cult rock musician and played what I can only call heavy metal rock and roll (I was in my teens in the 60’s and heard the 70’s and 80’s music before I stopped listening). It made me very uncomfortable. Then he preached on all kinds of things relating to Creation. He absolutely said that when Lucifer found out about the status that man was going to have with God (before man was created) that Lucifer wanted to be a man!! He said that Lucifer sang at the beginning of every Creation day. But on the 6th day he sang about wanting to be a man – challenging God. That caused all that had been created to be blown away and a restless ocean of water was left. Somehow it was filled with sperm (yeah – I was having trouble following that, but I have a Master’s degree and consider myself educated but he lost me) from Lucifer and after that I was unable to keep the narrative straight about how everything went. He went on and on but it was not Biblical and I couldn’t coherently explain what he said to my husband when I got home. But it was all so very important for him to tell us that he had been up most of the night preparing! Neither of these 2 touched sin, salvation, or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I got no blessing – I was very puzzled why they were even there. Hank Kunneman spoke Sat. night and his own message was great, but he must have been challenged about what Kat and Robyn had said because he addressed that and DEFENDED both of them. He said that if Kat said there were Jello mountains in heaven and all the other things that he was not going to harass her or question her because he believed in her and would accept what she said. I agree that Kat and Robyn are dangerous because they are giving out strange doctrines and prophecies and not pointing to Jesus. Now I don’t know how to relate to Hank since he defended their nonsense. I loved watching Lance, Hank, and Mario along with Gene Bailey – they interacted so well with each other. But I do see the rift this is causing and I hate that. But this whole thing is about being faithful to God’s word and standing for the TRUTH not for men’s opinions or sayings. So it cannot be ignored. I feel we all need to pray and pray and pray that God will do His good work in dealing with this. I will say I am going to Lance and Mario’s Ocala meeting and I’m looking forward to it. I was at the Fort Myers one and loved it! I believe it wasn’t easy for Mario to publicly confront this – but his great dedication to upholding the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as the center of all preaching and teaching and the need to warn about dangers – not just from the liberals and the left, but from within our own midst led him to speak out.

  221. Jeff king

    While I hate to see this, you must speak the truth and protect the sheep. 100% support you in this as false prophets can do so much harm to the Gospel and the church. It will only increase as the time of Christs return draws near. God uses prophets, and Satan tries to mimic to entice people and to get them to throw out everything including the good. We must put the Bible above all as it is Gods word and judge the prophets according to this. Hold onto what is good and throw out and expose the bad.

  222. Jeff king

    You don’t repent for exposing lies and protecting the sheep

  223. Jeanie

    He has been very hard for me to follow as well and I just could not listen. That was the discerning spirit in me that something was off

  224. Theresa Taggart

    Stopped watching Robin Bullock after many things said raised red flags. I am so glad I stopped. Thank you for having the courage to expose these false teachings.

  225. Angela Vines

    Hallelujah thank you Jesus for exposing the heresy! I’m sick and tired of these soothsayers, diviners, pimping the anointing with false fire. Everything that God has given us the enemy perverts and I praise Jesus for truth! Exposure and rebuke. And I pray Sod Roth will stop hosting these people all for an audience that wants a fortune cookie

  226. Janet Anderson

    Thank you so much for speaking up. I have felt such a heaviness in my spirit as I’ve tried to understand all these prophets and their strange, unclear prophecies. My spirit was just not in agreement with much about them. You have confirmed in me that what I felt in the spirit was right. I feel the church needs a strong warning about putting their faith in ANY preacher, prophet, book, emotional manipulation. God has warned us back in 2020 to not look to others for information from Him. God wants us to draw closer to Him and communicate with Him for ourselves. Look at the millions who devote themselves obsessively to a cult. Do not be fooled into defending what has you fooled like them. Know the God of the Bible and rely only on what His word reveals to you. Stop pointing fingers, placing blame on anyone who speaks against your belief. Give it over to God and just look to Jesus. Focus on Him.

  227. Conita

    Thank you,for clarifying that since his name keeps coming up here,before someone ran with it, saying “well Mario said it.” even though you did not. This was about Robin.I attend RGN as much as possible, I do know without being told,that Pastor Kent is the real deal. The others…I do not watch, I have once..in part, didn’t hang around long enough to hear all that they had to say. But yes, there are false prophets, there has always been and when the Lord says to speak up, we must. Whether it is popular or not. If it is the Lord, it won’t be popular, never has been. The Lord is about to clean house and it always begins in His House first. Many will be surprised at the fallout.The Lord bless you Mario, been watching you longer than I like to admit I am old. Lol. The only thing that I wish is that we as the body of Christ would realize that even with true Prophecy…we can delay it ,if we first do not do what we are supposed to do. It says, IF MY PEOPLE…not the world. God is waiting on us, Jesus said it, the world is always ready. It is the church that is not. but we better get ready cause God’s Word is going to come to pass ready or not. However, yes, His Word is plain…nothing has been added and the Holy Spirit is still our teacher. If it does not line up with God’s Word, I don’t care who is saying it…it is wrong. Whether simply by human flesh and error unintentionally or the enemy..there is only one truth and the Lord is not going to change for anyone.Nor does His Word. Expose the fake and pray for the real..because the real also are just men and need prayer as each of us do, we can do nothing of our self and we are to love one another, pray for one another and to stand firm, never backing down from the truth or the enemy.

  228. Heath Myers

    Mario, who do you call a true modern day prophet? Are you comfortable giving names? Thank you sir.

  229. Louida

    Mario, Thank you for taking this stand using scripture. I never followed these two, and am grateful that I heeded the check in my spirit. In January 20, I felt RB had really stretched scripture to make a few points. After that, I just stayed away.

    I have browsed dozens of comments to your previous post. I didn’t read them all, and I could have missed this obvious point…

    In heaven, we will be filled with such awe and joy at just endlessly giving praise and glory to Jesus and our heavenly Father…that we could not care less about Santa Clause, carousels, or jello! It isn’t about us…it’s ALL ABOUT HIM!

  230. Rick Fultz

    Thank you Mario for finally speaking out about these false prophets! I have been warning people for two years of these false teachers and false prophets. They have spoken false words that never came to pass, visits to heaven with roller coasters, Elvis at a car show in heaven, grandson playing in lava in heaven, and to top it off they are speaking death to many politicians. What happened to what Jesus taught? Pray for your enemies, and pray for those in authority. God is cleaning His house for sure! When the church returns to true worship, the political arena will change for the better. We need God! He is our hope for America, and for the nations. Praying for you brother Mario.

  231. Christopher John Samora

    Have we become so desperate that we want a word. Without discernment that we embace mystics. I think mario right on point. Ive noticed the church has been shamed into not being able to call a spade a spade. Were are Samuels were are the Gideons who pulled down alters. Have we become samson the back slidden judge who god has to prod. So believers can stand and walk in there calling. Or wake up one day and strength is gone. Our anointing for the hour needed has left. Our wisdom has led us with cowardness fruit. All we got to do is lift jesus high.

  232. Ruth L.

    Thank you Mario Murillo for giving clear direction. I listened to Kat Kerr a couple times and my gut was saying something was off.

    • Dan Mitchell

      Why are you choosing to focus on these two ministries as damaging to the gospel of Christ? There are many others who are more damaging. Amy Grant believes in gay marriage for example. Are you calling her out on your blog so others won’t follow her? As for the prophets, you are going to be quite busy calling out all those who differ with your understanding of what aligns with scripture especially the things it doesn’t go into great detail about. To me, I don’t want to climb jello mountains or ride dinosaurs, but if someone does it’s not going to keep them out of Heaven. Bible codes, reversal theology, and hidden insights mentioned in your blog isn’t what attracts me to listen to Robin Bullock. It’s his calling out wickedness, corrupt government leaders, World Economic Forum, etc and his boldness to fight against the kingdom of darkness. That’s a role of a true prophet. Preaching Biblical righteousness, lifting up Christ and His kingdom is quite evident in his ministry. That causes me to give him room for things I question or don’t fully understand. I would not call him out as a false prophet and destroy those being saved under his ministry. I hope some day you will see that Robin and Kat are reaching and influencing souls for Christ that you can’t.

      • Mario Murillo

        Dan feel free to write blogs against Amy Grant. You argument is with God who ordered me to take on two fakes that are wreaking havoc in people’s lives. Just because God doesn’t require me to write against every imbalance does not mean that the truth that has come out is not of God. The insights you read in my blog show their falsehood. You can’t ignore that and just listen to the parts you feel good about. A preacher cannot be partly false anymore than a woman can be partially pregnant.

  233. Donna Terryll

    Please explain Exodus 15:8 The watery depths congealed in the heart of the sea.

  234. Scott Allen

    This is a very well-reasoned article detailing the problems with a specific talk by Robin Bullock, with understanding from history, personal experience, and the Word of God. Excellent. Except for the baffling and senseless appeal to Wikipedia for a rebuttal of the Bible Code! Please give a credible source, not a worldly, relativistic, crowd-sourced site rife with both spiritual ignorance and outright lies. They are not creditable on any spiritual topic, least of all when it comes to the Gospel, and have no place in your otherwise sound argument.

  235. VS

    I mean no disrespect to you Mario, I have known of you for years, have you gone to Robin Bullock personally and talked to him first?
    I have always been taught NOT to speak against ANY of God’s called especially His prophets. And yes we are to be ware of false prophets, perhaps you don’t understand him?
    We already have so much division in our world and tearing each other down, yes, we are to speak God’s truth, I am very surprised by this. I love the Bullock family, I follow a lot of Pastors and Prophets and I pray for them all especially when something they speak doesn’t sound right, we all make mistakes but God will be the judge of us all.
    God bless you

    • Mario Murillo

      Jesus did not go to the money changers first before casting them out of the Temple. Going to someone privately is about personal disagreements. This is a man of God being ordered by God to expose wolves who are destroying the sheep.

    • tony cargile

      you say you were always “taught” Not to do that. so were taught that by man or by God? If by God, then consider All of Gods teachings in context and you will know Mario is not out of line in this manner.

  236. Heath Myers

    I could be misinterpreting what you wrote, forgive me if I am. But are you accusing Kim Clement of hyped up atmosphere and everything is always lights camera action with Kim? Kim Clement was a legit Prophet. His words are still speaking.

  237. Jan

    I don’t know Mario. I have seen prophecies from the Lord thru Robin come to happen.
    Ill have to consider what is said here. But I do agree that you should have talked to a brother in Christ first.

    • Mario Murillo

      Yeah and a lot of his predictions do not come to pass. Would you fly an airline that lands safely most of the time?

  238. Feriba

    tears of joy Mario that you are exposing the falsehood Thank you so much ! It sounds like some of them watched Willie Wonka too many times

  239. Jeff Barnes

    Why have most of Kim Clements prophetic words come to pass if he was not a true Prophet?

    • Mario Murillo

      I never said Kim wasn’t

      • Petra

        Yet, your words have lead others to assume Kim was not a true prophet. The church needs to stand united against true evil. But you have created division. I wonder what your true intentions are. If you truly want to heal our land and bring peace to our nation… then you are going about it the wrong way. There are indeed false prophets… but they are not leading people to Christ, only away.

  240. pamela fedrizzi

    Thank you for the kind rebuke. It wasn’t my intent to cherry pick God’s Word. This has all been eye opening and somewhat overwhelming…

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank Pamela, God bless you.

  241. Jeff Barnes

    All this brings nothing but division in the body.

    • Mario Murillo

      Wrong Jeff. The division was started by them, I am trying to heal by getting people back to the Bible and right on pastors. Blaming truth for causing division is like blaming a surgeon for removing a cancer.

  242. Virginia Drastata

    Praise the Lord for your courage to tell it like it is. I have tried to listen to this prophet but just did not feel right. We all need to be wise in listening to others as they try to tell their side of the Word of God. Lord give us eyes to see and ears to hear what You want us to know and a discerning spirit that is from You and You alone.

  243. S.Turner

    You wrote months ago that you were done with attacking Kat Kerr. Did you forget?….. “Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.” Romans 14:4

    • Mario Murillo

      She is not God’s servant S..She is fomenting lies about heaven and giving false hope that loved ones who died unsaved can get a second chance. She receives money for saying this and therefore is not different than medieval indulgences sold by the Catholic church. Not to mention that she claims cows drive tractors in heaven and Christopher Reeves is giving flying lessons. Do you also believe in a waterfall of chocolate milk larger than Niagara? As we say in the hood…c’mon man.

      • Ann

        LOL, hilarious Mario..! You do realize how many hopes and dreams you’ve shattered telling them that cows won’t be driving tractors in heaven. lol

  244. James

    I have followed off and on, Mario, Murillo, for nearly 40 years. Over the last number of years, prophetic ministry has been all over the board. I believe the current state in the church for more discernment and judgment is God’s means for cleaning up this ministry. Derek prince had a quote about prophetic ministry, that if you were not willing to be scrutinized by your fellow prophets, you should just be quiet. I believe this is sound and accords with first Corinthians 14. Jesus is coming back for a spotless church without spot or wrinkle. Judgment must begin at the house of God, and we must embrace it.

  245. Jim Pritchard

    Way to respond Mario!

  246. Delia Salinas

    When my spirit doesn’t connect to the speaker I know there is something very wrong. This Brother is wrong and thank you Mario for this blog.

  247. Lynn Anderson

    Mario, are you naming Hank Kunneman in this?

    • Mario Murillo

      I love Hank and have a friendship with him. That is why I have gone to him personally to ask that he step away from these false ministers.

  248. Lynn Anderson

    Mario,are you including Hank Kunneman in this?

    • Mario Murillo

      I love Hank and have a friendship with him. That is why I have gone to him personally to ask that he step away from these false ministers.

  249. Peter H

    Beware the Spirit of the Scribes and Pharisees who routinely rejected the voices of the prophets. Prophets have always threatened the religious status quo. If the Prophets do not speak for God, their words will come to nothing. If they are speaking for God, beware of speaking aginst His anointed. AND you will not be able to stop any new move of God. God is on the move through Mario’s Ministry AND elswhere. Jesus Christ is Lord and God is absolutely good. Pray for one another. The evil one loves this type of division among God’s children. Spirit of Truth prevail in our midst.

    • Mario Murillo

      Prophets also call out false prophets. Kat Kerr and Robyn are not anointed and are teaching false doctrine therefore they are rightly being touched.

  250. Linda

    Thank you Mario for your faithfulness

  251. Anna - Tia.

    I concur. The problem is that RB is more convincing. Hank K can sometimes sound authentic, however, thankfully, Kat Kerr is overtly ridiculous.

  252. Henry McGuirt

    Thanks, John. Every so-called “prophet of God” caught lying again should have to write those verses on a blackboard 1000 times.

    There is nothing worse than lying while pretending to be an agent of the Creator of the universe.
    Letting this behavior slide is irresponsible, an aid to what can only be an evil result.
    How many Christians are shaken by Bullock’s dog and pony show, clearly an intentional deception involving mysticism and pagan dogma?

    Forgiving adultery with the church secretary is one thing. But this raw arrogant pack of untruths trotted out for entertainment value is despicable and unqualifying for anyone claiming to represent God.

  253. Joanne Villegas

    I am so thankful to Mario for exposing these 2 false prophets! The Holy Spirt warned me right away when I first listened to these deceivers. I left comments after listening to them that they are false and do not listen to them. I since have prayed that the Lord would do the exposing and it is good to see someone like Mario Murillo prayerfully and intelligently do this. There are other false prophets out there and I continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal them, and I know He will. Thank Jesus.

  254. Ann

    Thank you Mario for being a voice of truth in this social media circus of deception and lies from these false prophets like Robin Bullock, Julie Green and others. We’re fighting ignorance of the true Gospel and the word of God here. Many young sheep and simple souls are being swept up in the hopium and prosperity message.

  255. Trish

    Mario thank you for writing these blogs. They were hard to read. After 2020 I was very disappointed in the church. They are all about coffee bars, smoke machines and going on trips to amusement parks. Then when I saw some of the things going on in churches closing down ect it really seemed like the final straw. I will admit I turned to listen to many of these people at first as my church in addition to studying my Bible. I saw you and these other people twice in nashville since I live here. I started getting checks in my spirit about each one and within the last 7 months I quit watching them all including flashpoint. I stay home and just read my Bible. I know it is not biblical because I am forsaking the fellowship. The church is sorely lacking in true leadership and I think that has left many of us feeling displaced and prone to listening to these people. We desperately need true soldiers and leaders for God locally to stand to fill the voids. Thank you for sharing and it’s my prayer that more local pastors with your courage will stand.

    • john e.

      Nothing wrong with praying and reading the word by yourself for a time, sis, we’re all overwhelmed by the myriad voices claiming to speak for God these days…but in my experience Holy Spirit speaks powerfully when we desperately rely on Him to speak–after all, it was His voice that actually drew us in, not the one we thought we were listening to…

  256. Claudia Reynolds

    So sad that so many people are deceived by always looking for something new and only finding the old lie.

  257. Claudia Reynolds

    Remember, that says HIS PROPHETS, meaning God’s prophets, not man’s.

  258. Z (@zandraonfire)

    Wrong; it says judge them by their FRUIT. Where is Robin’s bad fruit? Is he encouraging people to follow a false God?

    • Mario Murillo

      Yes he is because he yells at audiences and orders them not to question the prophets. The only one we do not question is God.

    • Ann

      Not only does Robin yell at his audience and tell them not to question him, which is not Biblical at all given the fact that we’re supposed to test the spirits and everything that come out of his mouth. Robin also compares himself to Elijah, and compares his power to the two witnesses in the Bible. Robin predictions that he said were to happen before the end of 2022 just didn’t happen, yet he excuses himself, by then claiming that they “haven’t happened yet”. God is never wrong. Deuteronomy 18:18-22

  259. Terry H

    I pray for discernment when ever I consider a “prophet”. I had a feeling that Robin was lost as well as Hank Kunneman. I wonder who else is in this camp? God please give us wisdom to discern the truth.

  260. Debbie carver

    I too followed Robin faithfully.But his messages have gotten way off track!
    Thank you Mario for your insight.

  261. Debbies carver

    Are you also calling out Flash Point?

  262. William Stephen Ingersoll

    Mario Murillo judged what Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock “said” in their prophecies. Mario did not engage in “ad hominem” personal attacks such as the creepy hair of Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock (1 Corinthians 11:14-15). Those defending Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock appear NOT to address what they “said” (the prophecies that failed).

    Let’s start out with what the Bible says (these examples are not exhaustive):

    What did Jesus say?

    Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

    John 14:29 I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.

    What did the law and the prophets say?

    Deuteronomy 18:21-22 That if thou answerest by privy thought, How may I understand the word, which the Lord spake not? (And if thou ask within thy selves, How can we know that the Lord did not speak this word?) thou shalt have this sign, or token, (to know a false prophet from a true prophet,) if that prophet saith before in the name of the Lord, cometh not, the Lord spake it not, but he feigned it through (the) pride of his soul, and therefore thou shalt not dread him. (thou shalt have this sign, to know a false prophet from a true prophet; If what that prophet saith beforehand in the name of the Lord, cometh not, then the Lord did not speak it, but the false prophet feigned his prophecy through the pride of his soul, and so thou shalt not fear him.) Wycliffe Bible

    Jeremiah 14:14 “The prophets are prophesying lies in My name,” replied the LORD. “I did not send them or appoint them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a false vision, a worthless divination, the futility and delusion of their own minds.

    Jeremiah 23:16 This is what the LORD of Hosts says: “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They are filling you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

    Jeremiah 29:8 For this is what the LORD of Hosts, the God of Israel, says: “Do not be deceived by the prophets and diviners among you, and do not listen to the dreams you elicit from them.

    What did the apostles say?

    1 Corinthians 14:29 And let two or three prophets speak, and the others must pass judgment.

    1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 Do not extinguish the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt, but test all things. Hold fast to what is good.

    1 Peter 1:19-21 We also have the word of the prophets as confirmed beyond doubt. And you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture comes from one’s own interpretation. For no such prophecy was ever brought forth by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

    1 John 4:1-3 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

    Am I the only one who can see that if people prophesy a revelation, then their prophetic revelation must be judged? The sign of a false prophet is that the prophecy does not come to pass – the prophecy failed. Those who defend Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock must pass judgment on their prophecies – did they come to pass? If the prophecies do not come to pass, then they are false prophets!

    • Kevan Prati

      We should all re-read Ezekiel 13, a chapter titled Woe to Foolish Prophets. Note what verse 8 says, Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: “Because you have spoken nonsense and spoken lies, therefore I am indeed against you,” says the Lord GOD.

    • Anna

      William Stephen Ingersoll, if you are going to quote scripture, please quote the entire thing, not just in part. You left off verses 2 and 3 of 1 John 4:1-3
      “This is how you can recognize the spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. Question, does RB not acknowledge that Jesus has come in the flesh?
      Would you care to respond to this Mario, or will you choose not to release my comment to be posted?

      • William Stephen Ingersoll

        Anna – I noticed that you did not address the other Biblical references that I cited:
        1 Corinthians 14:29 And let two or three prophets speak, and the others must pass judgment.
        1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 Do not extinguish the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt, but test all things. Hold fast to what is good.

        Anna, very clever to cherry pick 1 John only:
        “Question, does RB not acknowledge that Jesus has come in the flesh?”

        My response: I don’t know, but I didn’t say RB was an antichrist – so this seems like a moot issue (denying “Jesus has come in the flesh” is only one of the criteria for rejecting a false preacher). I did say that RB is a false prophet in accordance with 1 Corinthian 14:29, 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21, etc. I referenced 1 John because of its dire warning: “many false prophets are gone out into the world” – not just antichrists. Notice that I cited the other apostolic warnings before citing 1 John – no comment on the other Biblical citations or whether RB is a false prophet – how come?

        Anna, please answer whether you have tested RB’s prophecies and did they “all” come to pass (1 Corinthians 14:29 and 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21). If they didn’t come to pass, then RB is false prophet according to the Bible. Anna, please prayerfully consider the failures of prophecies of RB to come to pass – remember that a broken clock is “on time” twice a day!

  263. Sandra

    Boy you opened a can of worms! Ha Ha apparently no ones cares much for the truth! I believe there are too many so-called profits today it is the small local Christian with prophetic words over you that really count prophetically! It is a big show that they put on and I agree we need to use caution in believing them. The WORD says to try the prophets! So many wolves are out there wanting to get rich off the unsuspecting. God bless you for following GOD and the WORD as we all should. Why do christians not read the word? God directed me a long time ago to read the WORD and when it put me to sleep at night I started giving HIM the first hour of every day to read and pray. He has started really opening it up as I go through it even to the place of seeing which son of Noah and which sons of japheth that went west and north from Babel that is where my race came from. And GOD loves different races and desires to keep them pure! I love the WORD even though there are some mistakes in it from translation but not enough not to see the Father in it all. Also think one day is as thousand and thousand is as one day means 6,000 years for man and one thousand is for Jesus reign which fulfills the 7. Isn’t the Father awesome to reveal things to us! Praying for your soul winning ministry, that is what is needed not a prophecy!

  264. Gina

    Well I used to follow the Bullocks but about a year ago started to get away from that because something just didn’t sit right with me, especially when he began criticizing and slamming people for questioning the prophets. I think questioning the prophets is not only biblical but it’s our God given responsibility. The Bible says if a prophet is wrong even once then we are not to continue to follow them. So many prophets have been continually wrong about a lot of things, and then they have excuses to cover why they were wrong, instead of just admitting they were wrong. When God gives a true prophecy he is never wrong. Not saying these prophets are always wrong either, but they are a large percentage of the time, and it is giving people false hope. I too got carried away in listening to them because wanted to find hope in this messed up world, but have realized Jesus is the only true hope we can rely on and put our trust in.

  265. Linnie Dee

    well, I feel that I must be discerning, because I sensed in my own Spirit that these “prophets” were false. I had no knowledge other than Godly revelation. Thank you, Mario, for pointing this out. As far as Hank Kunneman, who I actually like until he “changed into Kim Clement” with the music and drama. Can you comment about him? Why would Flashpoint have him as a guest? He’s the one who had Kat Kerr in his church. Please tell me Lance agrees with you !!! And please comment on Kim Clement — was he real?

  266. Dorless Helms

    This is new for me and I am really concerned.I have read several comments on seeing people on Flashpoint and I also have seen them on Flashpoint. Is something going on here that this was not caught by someone from the Flashpoint people ?