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I have been missing from certain television shows. People are asking why. They deserve an answer but I was not ready to go public until now.

I still believe in these shows. And, I am deeply grateful for the strong support they have given to our tent crusades.

But I had to step away for two reasons.  You will notice that both reasons have only to do with soul winning.

1.  The harvest is so great that it is consuming all of my time. The despair in America runs so deep that 20% of our youth have frequent thoughts of suicide. Furthermore, 9% of them have actually attempted suicide. And fentanyl is killing our kids on a scale we have never known in America.

Lost souls are stampeding to the Tent to be saved. The harvest is so great that we have a critical shortage of workers to handle all of those who are coming to the Lord. This has placed severe demands on my schedule.

2. The second reason I stepped away is because I do not want to be on at the same time as a certain other guest. It has to do with his association with two false preachers.  I went to him—as Jesus taught, privately. I implored this person to deal with these counterfeit voices. He did not agree with my counsel.

One of these false ministers is called a prophet and another that is called a seer.

Why am I so adamant about these false prophets? Once again, you will see it has everything to do with preaching the Gospel.

Why am I so adamant about these false prophets?

These false preachers say things that are absolutely insane and unscriptural. Examine:

One of them claims to see roller coasters, mountains of Jell-O, pudding ponds, cows on tractors, and the fictional character of Santa Claus in heaven.

There is no way this is true because the Bible says that all the works of Earth will be burned up. That means they will not reappear in heaven. 2 Peter 3:10, KJV: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

There is no way this is true because the Bible says that all the works of Earth will be burned up.

By claiming frequent visits to heaven and relating the details, she fancies herself above Paul the Apostle. Paul said it was unlawful for him to say what he saw. 2 Corinthians 12: 2-4 “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago—whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not know, God knows—such a one was caught up to the third heaven. And I know such a man—whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, God knows— how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.”

The female false seer said she saw souls getting second chances after they die. I do not need to tell you how dangerous that is! The Bible says, “And as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27).

The other false prophet is just as dangerous. Recently, he stood in a pulpit in Nashville and told the people to shut up if they did not believe there were mountains of Jell-O in heaven. He claimed God turned the Red Sea into Jell-O. Then he said there is a secret code that prophets know. And, we needed to trust the prophets who possess this code in order to understand a deeper level of the Bible. This, my friend is straight up new age and occult teaching—not to mention medieval Catholicism.

This, my friend is straight up new age and occult teaching—not to mention medieval Catholicism.

The bottom line:

I am against these false preachers for the same reason I am against leftist politicians. I did not pick a fight with them. The Left jumped the fence and came after the Gospel.

William J. Federer said, “The most important thing is to BRING PEOPLE TO CHRIST. The second most important thing is to PERSERVE THE FREEDOM to do the MOST IMPORTANT THING.”  I jumped into the fray because of the threat to the Gospel.

By opposing these false ministers I am fighting the very same fight—for the sake of the Gospel.

You should not accuse me of making these fake ministers look bad. You should be horrified that they are making the Gospel look bad.

These false voices are a greater threat to the Gospel because they cause outsiders to slander the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They give our enemies ammunition to tell people, “See, this is what Christianity is! Stay away from it!”

You should not accuse me of making these fake ministers look bad. You should be horrified that they are making the Gospel look bad.

2 Peter 2:2, confirms the danger of their slander. “But there were also false prophets in Israel, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will cleverly teach destructive heresies and even deny the Master who bought them. In this way, they will bring sudden destruction on themselves. Many will follow their evil teaching and shameful immorality. And because of these teachers, the way of truth will be slandered.

But they are also doing double damage. They deceive people in the Kingdom keeping them from true revival while preventing souls from entering the Kingdom. They are guilty of the charge that Jesus levelled at the Pharisees. “For you shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. You won’t go in yourselves, and you don’t let others enter either.”-Matthew 23:13 They are more dangerous than you realize.

Matthew Henry said “One traitor inside the church is worse than a thousand persecutors outside the church.” But modern preachers do not agree. They think preachers like me are overreacting. That we should leave it in God’s hands. He will take care of it. But Paul said in 1 Timothy 1:3-4, “As I urged you when I went into Macedonia—remain in Ephesus so that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine, nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which cause disputes rather than godly edification which is in faith.”

Paul told Timothy, “I urged you…” He said it so forcefully, because correcting false doctrine is one a sacred duty. Oh, how we need to get back to the Bible!

I long to be back on to these shows I love and support. My prayer is this will be resolved. But I cannot compromise truth. Too many souls are at stake.

I am also contending for the reformation of the Church—a moral cleansing that will wake us up, in order to bring in this massive harvest.


  1. Wendy Mcgowan

    Awesome Man of God, Mario Murillo.

    • Deb mummelthei

      Thank you … this took pure obedience to speak out. We keep running the race

      • Joy

        Thank you so much. I have a close relative who listens to both of them regularly. I’ve never listened to them, I tried once and was so uncomfortable in my spirit I turned it off. What bothers me the most is she keeps telling me they “have special intel” regarding the presidency and that RB has to not allow his location to be disclosed at times because of it. It sounds an awful lot like the Q trust the plan stuff that went around and I try to tell her that that is not from God and to be careful. There is also another that she listens to that I have gotten curious to listen to and he really delves into the Q stuff and goes so far as to promote Juan O’Savin. It is all so misleading and takes our eyes off God in these difficult days.

        • Eric Jones

          One way, Jesus!
          One job, Evangelism!

          • Vicki

            In agreement with you Mario Murillo.
            We must not back down from the truth.
            Keep speaking the truth !!!

          • Petra Brohsin

            Thank you so much for speaking up and speaking the truth.

        • Amelia Bontrager

          God is not the author of confusion. I speak and Declare that the Lord will deal with all confusion brought through these words and that people’s hearts will draw close to the heart beat of Jesus and out of that relationship will discernment and wisdom flow like a river. As his children listen to the Father truth will illuminate all things the Lord wants to make clear. No man! Ever takes the place of the Lord in our lives. We must listen to the Father for ourselves so we can discern things from spirit and from flesh. God is here and will deal with his people. Amen.

      • Brandy Siegmund

        I stopped watching KK almost a year ago. There was a huge Che k in my spirit about her, all the yelling almost fussing at the mouth, rage like that is not of God, I do not believe God told her to bleach out her hair and make it pink, I do not believe half of the stuff that comes from her mouth, I have never seen a video that is deep in the word that delivers the gospel, never heard a full accurate scripture from her and pure word. All of the yelling was not peaceful to me.
        I did like Robin, but some things just started sounding too off and it did feel a bit dark to me also.
        I just want straight Jesus and all of the fruits. Peace, gentleness, kindness, loving, self control, I did not get to at from them.
        I have listened to Julie Green for quite some time and her words are coming to pass. She is reading he word of God and she does even state. To stop lid tree Ning to do much prophetic word and just get with The Lord and listen to the Lord yourself. And it’s true. If we can’t hear from him on our own we need to. Thank you for coming forward and clarifying. I feel better knowing God already started speaking to me about these individuals.
        I pray Abba protect Mario, protect his life his family and his ministry. Thank you for all you are doing.
        God Bless You Brother!!

        • Gail

          I too stopped listening to KK about a year ago because my spirit was telling me she was a false prophet. For Robin I really do not like his music. Its very dark and like hard rock music. I don’t believe this is very pleasing to God. Also Robin mostly focuses on the book of Genesis and doesn’t seem to teach much beyond that.

      • Renee

        Mario, thank you for standing up for our Lord Jesus! The sheep needs to wake up, mark and avoid Kat Kerr Robin Bullock Manuel Johnson Mike Thompson Donna Rigney Kim Robinson Barry Wanush Tracy Cooke Stacey Campbell JULIE GREEN AMANDA GRACE Troy Black several others! Blessings

    • Debi Gamache

      Amen Mario. Thank you for taking a stand.

      • Lynn

        I too have been wondering where you have been. I appreciate your fidelity to the Scriptures!

        • vickie

          I watched them both for awhile. Thank you Mario for doing what’s right . Go as He leads you! Truth is beautiful! Especially His Truth!

      • Taz Acciaroli

        Thank you for your boldness and love for the saints.

      • Brenda Torres

        Thank you brother.
        We hear you.
        Sending prayers.

        • Pete Mears

          I would not appear on a Christian network because the other guest was a Preacher from California who divorced his wife and married his mistress the same week…then a Female Teacher said her and her husband’s ministries were going in different directions…been blackballed ever since.

        • Teri

          Thank you so much Mario for trying to honor the word of God. I had heard about the person who claimed to go to heaven many times, and talk of roller coasters, and so forth a number of years ago. It grieved my heart. And granted I understand prophets can miss it. But I did not see how any of that was in line with scripture. So when I saw her and the other person on very dear shows to me, I gave the 2 people a little more credibility. But I still really didn’t want to listen to what they had to say apart from the shows. I was uncomfortable in my spirit with both people. I didn’t even know the man had said some of those absurd things as well. Thank you Mario for fighting for the preservation of the word of God, which is most important. God bless you. We miss seeing you on one particular show. But we appreciate your stand for truth in the word of God. We appreciate all the ways God is using you. May he protect you and keep you always.

      • Mary Jan Hargraves

        I watched Christmas programs in several mega Churches that did not even mention Christ. They has Santa Claus flying in the air! And we’re completely secular programs. I could not believe my eyes and my heart broke!

        • Mary Ann Thornton

          That’s not a Church. It’s a country club

      • Sharon

        Could someone tell me who these people are so I can warn my children please?

        • Mario Murillo

          Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr.

          • Sheri Plasker

            Mario, I have been watching RB for about 7 months. After being led to this blog yest, I have been praying about it and asking God for guidance. I am going to stop watching for at least a month, while I let God guide me in this. Thank you so much for stepping out in faith and obeying God to share this! I do not want to be misled nor to mislead. I have been watching you for a lot longer and believe you to be a true man of God. God bless you!

    • Wheeler

      Thank you for “truth”. I stand with you.

      • Pat McLean

        I have followed you on and off for years….I consider you the St Paul for America…Thank God for your ministry!!!
        Now I am a Conservative Catholic, pro life who knows this Pope and many Cardinals (not all) are not on Team Jesus but
        Team satan.
        Having said that I have watched Bullock and while I find him masterful at story telling and also good in some things concerning being pro life etc…. my little antennae went up when he started scolding those who reprimand prophets and his support for Kat Kerr.
        That spoke in my spirit that pride is at work here…. it is not to say that Bullock did not start out hearing God but somehow he has gotten off the path…and can no longer discern …I do not know I only started listening to him for about 1 year …. He of course is not my main diet for the word. The word is. Now if he is off the path is Timothy Dixon also? Julie Green etc…
        Discernment is needed always.. I thank you for bringing this to light because having followed you since the 1990’s on and off you do not embellish the truth but state it..
        I take your advice seriously because I know you love our Lord to speak the truth even when it is uncomfortable and hard.
        When will you be in the dead state of Massachusetts? We are a bag of bones up here!

        • Sam

          So sad to see all these people thinking they have the insights to judge.

          • Christi Person

            Righteous judgment…thats the difference

          • Patrice

            Doesn’t it say in the Bible…You will know them by their fruits? What’s that called?

          • Tiffany

            If they are in the church, we have permission to judge whether the fruit is good or evil (1 Cor. 5). If they are outside we don’t judge but try to win them to Christ. We won’t win anybody with false prophecy. Jesus warned us (Matt. 24) and Mario is faithful to do the same.

          • Karen Richards

            We MUST judge. When we don’t, you see what happens in the Body.
            Judge not lest ye be judged is not talking about discerning good from bad and right from wrong. When we accept everything and everyone who comes down the pike, we have just what we have in our nation and churches today. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Evil is good and good is evil. We must repent of our spiritual laziness and come back to Jesus.

          • Laura Lee

            I agree w Sam.
            Touch NOT Gods Anointed.
            If it doesn’t line up with the Word of God don’t listen.

            Thank you Mario for your Prophetic Teaching/Healing Ministry and for leading the sheep. You are a good shepard. You are a Blessing to so many!

            That being said; I DO NOT know KK but I listen to RB and I have felt his Anointing; Jesus overturned tables of the moneychangers, Jesus was passionate about His Word and Teaching…I see that in RB and it is ok for me. As I said…if what they speak does not line up w th Word of God (for you) stop listening to them. And learn the Word of God yourself. Get into the Word yourself (as Julie Green ❤️ says) and learn it and study it and then make a decision. PRAY

            Knock and the door shall be opened…
            Get out there and learn the Word yourself don’t depend on somebody else to tell you about God…seek (Him on your own) and ye shall find.

            God Bless You and Thank You again Mario for all you do for God’s Kingdom.

        • Nina Clark

          Jesus warned us up front about being deceived ! Pray for discernment and confirmation and that the lies would be exposed for what they are !

        • Norma

          Hello Pat,I am also in MA. I to have been praying for a “Mario Murillo” revival here in Massachusetts. We definitely need it. Amen

          • Marie

            MA needs a e d to the worst abortion law in the country even NT and Physician Assisted Suicide. Please. Arion bring uour tent to MA/ NH.

          • Dee Ann Edwards

            I praise God for your boldness especially in such a time as this. I am one who has had to repent of listening to others rather than be in the word. The Bible is God’s truth without the word we are stuck in the wilderness easily swept up by false teachings. I pray you come to Washington State repentance salvation and revival is so so needed here.

        • Carolyn

          Also Robin tries to be like Kim Clement .. that really got my attention .. so I never watched him again

          • Nancy

            I noticed that. I feel that Hank Kunneman does the same thing trying to e like Kim Clement. They need to quit trying to ride on Clements coat rails. They are not Kim Clement and never will be. They come up with so many prophecies about our government we can’t keep them straight! Bodies in coffins being hidden in the WH and Capital? One gives such a prophecy about dead bodies then the next week the other one comes out with it. I’m done with the so called”prophets”! Seems anybody and everybody is a a prop he er nowadays. Give me Mario Murillo, Lance Wallnau, and Jimmy Evans along with reruns of Kim Clement. Most of the other prophets are wacko IMHO. 😵‍💫🥴🤣🤪🙄

    • Brenda Watson

      Mario I thank God for you and how genuine you are. I feel safe with your teaching and your walk with the Lord. My prayers for you will continue. Every blessing dear brother in Christ

      • MT

        I love hearing you preach Brother. I listen to several Prophets and find them so amazing and so inspiring. I’m troubled to think that there’s false prophets teaching untruths because people could be misled. You didn’t speak any names. One came to mind but I never want to be guilty of misjudging. How are we to know who it is that you are calling out?

        • Mario Murillo

          Kat Kerr and Robyn Bullock.

          • Annie

            I’ll be honest with you, Mario, those two bothered me in my spirit also!

          • Sharon C

            This all is indeed moving many into serious reflection. One of the first thing that came to mind after reading your blog is that living more in the word directly is best. Second thought was a scripture in Matthew:

            Matthew 18:15-17 (ESV) “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses.

            Have you gone to Kat and Robin and discussed these concerns? If yes, Have you followed up with a second attempt with other concerned believers?

            Praying for all involved.

          • Mario Murillo

            Sharon, they did not sin against me. They sinned against God, His Word, and the sheep. Therefore like the money changers in the temple they do not get a private hearing for their public lies.

          • ZAM

            Brother Mario, thank you for pursuing God’s anointing upon your life to see lost souls come into the Kingdom and establish their relationship with King Jesus. I have one question concerning this current matter and I apologize if I have missed a prior response to this. Have you personally gone to your sister & brother with your concerns prior to addressing others?

          • Mario Murillo

            Because Hank is my friend I went to him privately. Because Kat and Robyn are like the money changers in the temple I called them out publicly.

          • Diane Kiner

            I have a person I clean for who has become friend who follows KK. I have tried to reason with her about the “many trips to heaven “ and I cannot get her to see. She is a passionate spirit filled Christian and I don’t know how to handle this.

          • Mario Murillo

            Pray and don’t try to reason with her unless she opens up.

          • Tracy Creamer

            God dealt with me at the beginning of 2020 about my lukewarmness for the past 10 years. I had been watching KK during that time and kept on when she got on ES, as well as a lot of others. I was coming back to God but definitely had itching ears. Last year God started dealing with me about that, and to quit listening to the profits and get in the word. I’m so thankful my Father loves me enough to show me the right path. My heart is for the lost, and I should have spent more time praying for them than itching to hear another “Word from God.” If all these hopefully well meaning profits would put the time and effort into winning souls that they do coming up with these “words” what a harvest we could have.

          • Deborah Shunk

            I am in total agreement my dear Brother Mario! Praise GOD for men and women full of BOLDNESS!
            GOD does not speak foolishness nor does HE need our foolish gimmicks to advance HIS gospel. You mentioned these 2 people, but there are some others. When they’re on a program I change the program, because my spirit doesn’t agree with them! I cannot listen to them. They’ve made a spectacle of themselves and their words are hollow!

            I will definitely cover you and the team of workers with PRAYER!


            (CAPS not yelling, just filled with passion for the GOSPEL AND HOLY things of GOD.

          • Phyllis Miller

            I have had a uneasy feeling about these two…not going to say too much but I appreciate your stand Brother and we need the Holy Spirit and we need to listen to the Holy Spirit.

          • Norma

            Julie Green and Amanda Grace should be there to. Especially Julie

          • Sandra

            Thank you for the information. Praying for you. Keep the Faith

          • Kevin Dunn

            I am very confused now…I have been blessed by both you and these other ministries. I do know that a good tree bears good fruit and your tree has always been consistent Mario. So, I will turn away from these that tickle the ear and rest on the gospel and at the very least claim the moves of the Spirit outlined in the word.
            Thank you!

          • Christi Person

            I knew Exactly which 2 you were speaking of. I stopped listening to both of them about 9 months ago. Something in my spirit told me they were false. Especially when 1 talked about Adam’s 1st wife. What?!? No Where in scripture does it say Adam had a 1st wife name Lilith. I also stopped watching Elijah List, as I feel they have on people that speak what THEY want…not what the Lord is telling them. Thank you for the confirmation 🙏

          • Olinka

            One particular show that I am thinking of , it’s not the same without you. I stoped watching it. Hope they worked it out. You guys had a wonderful things going on and enemy didn’t like it

          • Caroline

            I agree, same thing, both were wrong about Trump. But, the check in my spirit was enough for me. Thank you for being a strong voice for God especially, in a time like now!

          • Phil Ragozine

            There have to be several more besides Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock. I have followed Julie green in the past And have been skeptical about many of her prophecies. She was wrong about the midterm elections. She has prophesied many other things that are seriously questionable. Like all the people she mentions that will be judged with death.

          • Mare

            You make reference to Hank. What are you saying… and who is Hank? Is this someone you consider to be off in the Holy Spirit and to be cautious about?

          • Mario Murillo

            He is a friend but I do not like some of his associations.

          • Karen

            Mario, thank you for your boldness to speak truth. We appreciate you and your desire to bring many into the Kingdom!

            I feel Hank K is also very questionable. Especially his love of Santa Claus and his showiness has me Very concerned. Can you please give us your discernment on Hank since you also know him well? Thank you.

          • Karen

            Wow I was believing them.How about Hank and Brenda Kunneman and Tim Dixon and Kent Christmas?
            Are they alright?

        • Janele

          Thank you Mario for speaking truth! I have felt the void you have left on Flashpoint. I must admit, I am a bit apprehensive now of this person you speak of. Cautious maybe. May we all be open to Yahweh’s voice and willing to adjust when His truth is spoken. Blessings!

        • Charmain

          Thanks for sanity in a time such as this! The WORD, the WORD, the WORD! Not I, but Christ and Him crucified and resurrected 😁. Thanks for your obedience! Oh, the knowledge and wisdom to know Him intimately 👏

        • Anna Ritch

          Thank you brother Mario, I have been very concerned with the numbers of prophets, seers, and preachers poping up. What people of God need to understand is false teaching is leading the body of Christ into believing in a false doctrine or word not from the lord.
          Example:y brother in law recently called us to let us know that they are leaving the Methodist church they’ve attended for 25 years. The senior pastor announced that same sex couples, families will be welcomed and that same sex marriages will be performed. If this change is a issue for them they need to consider their membership.

        • Rosemary Padilla

          It is so important to spend time in the word and in prayer. Otherwise we can easily be deceived. We must make spending time in his word priority. I told the Lord one day, Lord there is so many voices out there. Help me to hear only your voice the voice of a stranger I will not follow. Grant me wisdom and discernment. The Holy Spirit has come to lead us to all truth. When you start listening to some of this prophets, the Holy Spirit will give you an easy check in your heart and you really need to pray for discernment. Thank you Mario for your boldness I pray that God continues to use you in a mighty way. Thank you.

          • LauraLee

            Thank you Rosemary that was an excellent reply for all of us reading these posts

        • Justine

          Mario..Did you take the vaccines?

          • Mario Murillo

            never did, never will.

      • Nancy Chirico

        I know one of the false prophets is Kat Kerr who is the other

        • Nathan

          Kat Kerr has an unsanctified imagination. The first time I heard her talk about heaven the Lord said she was from Satan’s camp. I believe she’s a witch. And that the mantles she’s given are cursed objects.

          When I watch Robin Bullock I too had a lot of Red Flags… the staff he carries and the music seems demonic. I believe he’s twisted. He has sorcery on him and needs deliverance.

          I was already praying that God would uncloak the darkness and that deception would be exposed. Thank you Jesus for your Light exposing the darkness!!

          Thank you Brother Mario for being obedient to God. You are an amazing man of God who’s been steadfast and never wavered!!

          • Cathy

            Wow is all I can say. Witches and warlocks speaking Gods word? Okay I’ve heard enough of this back stabbing.

          • Mario Murillo

            It is the false teachers who are stabbing us in the back.

        • Lisa Bafundo

          Robin Bullock, basically many who are featured on Elijah Stream…unfortunately
          We need to pray for them, mot especially for our brethren who are being distracted and deceived.

    • Judy Hyder

      Thanks Mario, l trust you. I have followed you for years. Please stay a voice for the truth of the Gospel. There is so few of your kind left. I wished l could help you out in your crusades but live to far away. 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

      • Donna

        I am so thankful to hear the stand you are taking because it is the truth. I pray for you everyday and ask the Lord to reveal His will for you and the ministry…..It is all about souls!!! I live in central CA and thank the Lord for the call you have regarding California,souls,deliverance and healing. God bless you Mario

        • Amy Williams

          This has been a really timely word. I had often in the recent past been troubled by the hearing of some messages from both of these mentioned that disturbs me. And my questions here were answered. If it contradicts the written scripture it is the lie, because God’s Word reigns as the authority. Thank you for standing for the truth. It is the only way to set men free.

          • Pamela

            Thank you Mario! I have turned off both of these for months. Everytime I hear them speak red flags go up in my spirit and I have to turn them off. If you are in the Word and seeking the Lord, you will know because the scripture says, we will discern this. If you are not in the Word, you will fall prey to this false teaching. My husband and I hope to come to a tent meeting in California, someday, however we live in Southern Oregon and we need one here too! God richly bless you and your wife, your ministry, put a hedge of protection around you and your ministry and continue to grow your reach in these last days. Blessings ❤️

          • Peggy

            Mario, l believe that Robin and Hank both changed after Kat Ker placed what she called a mantel (scarf) around their neck, over their shoulders. They both accepted it at seperate times in their place of ministery. Seems that was the foot in the door.

          • Charles Angerstein Sr

            Dear Brother, The Lord has been dealing with me for months now about so many false teachers and my soul has been disturbed when I see some of these false prophets and teachers on programs with ministers that I enjoy and trusted.
            I believe they all need to be called out.
            The name it and claim it, prosperity doctrine, the “little gods” doctrine, the “blowing Covid away “ freak show, the “ you wanna see what God looks like, just look at me “ show, the “dancing on money” freak show, a preacher writing a book titled “I Am” and he is not talking about Yahweh… I could go on and on.
            I just finished preparing a sermonette about sheep and how they will not follow a false voice.
            So much of the church believes that many false teachers will come in His name and deceive many when, the fact is, the false teachers and “prophets” are already here and they are all over the television.
            Satan has been trying to kill me for 22 years straight. First with stomach cancer that doctors said would kill me very quickly, a major car accident where I was hit on a major highway and shoved under an 18 wheel truck, I was knocked off the roof of my house on to a concrete driveway with no broken bones and nothing more than scrapes and bruises. I could go on but suffice it to say I know my Father’s voice.

      • Maureen C.

        I really appreciate you posting this blog. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I actually started listening to Kat couple years ago But had such a check in my spirit I stopped listening to her. I am not sure who the other person is doesn’t matter. The Lord bless you Mario.

        • Enoch

          It’s Robin Bullock, and I have had the very similar things from the Lord on these people as well as others. I look for the power and authority of Holy Spirit behind their words and most there is none. These people make true prophets in the body of Christ look like fools from an outside perspective

        • Rene

          Replying to Peggy. I have to say, the “mantel” she placed on both Hank and Robin set off all kinds of alarm bells in me. Seeing this and the warnings to discern what we see and hear, as a returning Christian, has made me yearn for Gods Word. Mario, I am so grateful for what you are doing. Being in Hawaii, I cannot tell you how much we yearn for tent revival, and we need it. Thank you Mario for all you do for the Kingdom.

      • Gabriella

        Jesus spoke truth.
        In the last days many will fall away giving in to fables tickling of ears.
        I believe in prophecy but it must pass the test of the Word of God
        So many people blindly follow without speaking up for truth or standing with those who do
        The proof is in the pudding
        Where is God manifesting His presence?
        In the prophetic words these particular ones are speaking or in the healings of the ministry of the one speaking out warnings?
        Wake Us Up Lord!!!!
        You called out the Pharisee and false teachers!
        You said we are to do what we see and hear you do and show us to do.

    • Pamela

      Thank you for the truth …. I end of times as Satan gets desperate many false prophets will come out …. Test what they say against the word of God . Amen y amen

    • JoAna

      I love Mario too. What a blessed soul he is!!

      • Diane Ressler

        Thank God for your fear of the Lord!!! Mario, I got saved in 1978 and immediately went to fulfill a 6 mo job commitment in the Bay Area. I attended Resurrection City snd you were my pastor! I am beyond grateful that you have such a heart for Jesus and for the lost. I went to Flashpoint Tulsa especially because you were ministering there. May the Lords richest anointing rest and remain on you. You are the Lord’s beloved!
        Diane in Sandpoint Idaho

    • Pastor G

      Thx for wake ups and reminders!!! Pastor G

    • Eileen Bowes

      Thank you! I have been uncomfortable for a while now concerning some of the prophets. True prophecy aligns with the Word of God. I have questioned some that feel more like curses or fortune telling than prophetic messages from Holy Spirit. God, grant us discernment and wisdom to know truth.

      • John

        There is lying spirit of prophecy permeating the church today. I totally agree with brother Mario about a prediction addiction. So many of the Christian social media shows have to have daily or weekly content for their programs in order to maintain their ratings that they have to come up with stuff and end up in error or ” prophesying ” opinions or obvious end results of ongoing events. It’s deception.
        Thank you Mario for addressing this issue. Don’t back down.

    • Vesna

      Mario,you are such a blessing to us .I just watched you on Encounter today and I appreciate your truth and stand .
      I would like to know when you will be in Winston Salem ? Not sure if I missed the date but I can’t wait to be there .

      • Brenda Howard

        Thanks for asking about Winston-Salem. It is not on the Events page yet. Thank God for Mario speaking the truth. Time is so short.

    • Faith Noles

      Bro. Mario, thank you so much for contending for the faith. I know the woman ‘prophet’ you are referring to. I never followed her but I had an uneasy feeling about her. I no longer watch a program because they’ve since had her on.
      Thank You Lord for men of God with a backbone who contend for the faith!

      • Neptali C. Cruz

        What program is it? Sid Roth?

        • Mario Murillo

          Definitely not Sid Roth.

          • Valada

            I’m glad it’s not Sid Roth. I was wondering about Dutch. I’ve been joining his devotional every day since before the 2020 election praying for revival in America.

          • Marlene

            Love Sid Roth but have had to let the other 3 go… used to work my Wednesdays around KK.. but started feeling uneasy and then downright LED to stop watching all three…

      • Dee

        Thank you Mario it would not have been easy to do what you did but somebody had to.
        God has been speaking to me about dealing with leaders in the church before he deals with those in the world.
        I am not surprised about Kat Kerr as I used to follow her but was still sceptical about some off the things she was saying about heaven. The Red Flag for me was when people wrote in asking specific questions about heaven and she didnt answer “yes or no” but she would respond “I think there will be” or something to that effect. To use “I think” as an abswer says to me I’ve got no idea so I’ll just fudge my way through.

        Robin Bullock I am really surprised and shocked…He reminds me off Kim Clement in the way he delivers prophetic words.

    • Cindy Golden

      Thank you brother Mario for having the courage to speak out against these false teachers. May He continue to bless you with his presence. Love you brother.

    • Anne willschlagr

      Thank you for exposing false teachers and prophets. Gods truth prevails. Keep winning souls and standing for truth.

    • Paulla Frazier

      Thank you Mario….I have watched these 2 and had questions in my spirit. Thank you so much.

      • VF

        I questioned these 2 too but the worrying thing was that because KK has just done her 111th broadcast on the program concerned I started watching her again to see if I was wrong in my opinion.
        The host on this program has a responsibility to act really but they are good friends.
        One of the things that was said by KK recently was about God’s backyard & how he took her there -said it was really beautiful & had mountains. Said that God goes there to pray…..The host asked who God was praying to! Huge red flag, HUGE!! Basically, she then said that he goes there to decree & declare.
        What is worrying is that the host did not act on this. She has also prophesied that he will live for another 50 years…..he is now 67!! Another red flag – why would he even repeat this let alone broadcast it!!?
        Something must definitely be done about this. I find myself now questioning the credibility of all the other guest. There are definitely 2 more that I suspect.
        If the host suspects this, why does he continue?
        Each program now starts with a request for donations too – such a shame, it never used to be like this. People do donate as I did in the beginning but now it feels very much more uncomfortable & a bit pressurised tbh. Says that each person that donates will receive back & quotes the scripture for this.
        People would feel led to donate & the donations would be enough with God being our provider, so why all the requests?

        • Michelle Kornegay

          God please reckon with these false prophets leading your people astray!
          God’s sheep know His voice and a stranger they will not follow

          • Julie

            Mario are you also putting Hank in the category with Katt and Robin? I was listening to Robin daily now I can’t bring myself to listen to him. I’ve watched you with Hank on Is it right side broadcasting with the other pastors. I don’t know who to watch now and what to believe about what everyone is saying about Trump and the cabal and everything I’ve heard for the last 3 years.

          • Mario Murillo

            I am no longer on Flashpoint. I love Hank but do not like his associations.

        • Jan Wheeler

          VF, I agree. The host, Steve Shultz is so star struck or enthralled with “what Kat says she does”, he’s so envious of her I’ve watched him change so much since Kat has been a weekly guest on his show. He has so very many of his own personal questions he asks weekly it’s sad how he blindly believes and never questions her and some obviously made up answers. As far as his advertising for donations, last week he was discussing with Kat about people donating to their wells being dug, she actually told him if people donate to that ministry, they’ll be given crowns from Jesus when they go to heaven for “winning souls” by donating because some recipients of the wells get saved. So he just reinforced if they donate, they’ll get crowns in Heaven. That really was upsetting to me. I prayed for more discernment on some if the prophets around now and this definitely has given it to me. Robin Bullock has changed over the years too, he was never one to seem to believe these type stories until he got hooked up with Katt Kerr, since, he’s kind of gone off the deep end too and it worries me, what is happening to otherwise very steady Men of God.

    • Melinda Cicero

      Thank you Mario for your message. You are in my family’s prayers. God bless you for all you do.

    • Kelley Halliburton

      After listening to Rick Renner’s message on prophets I have a different understanding. They are not FALSE prophets but WRONG prophets. I do not agree with them, but “wrong” has a different purpose behind it than “false”. I’m not agreeing with what they are doing is right. We all need to get on the same page at this very crucial time and get control of the great liar. You know it’s name.

      • Mario Murillo

        I know Rick we have communicated. He definitely calls these two wrong propphets.

        • Mary

          This helps. I will look up Rick Renner’s broadcast.

        • Connie

          Thank you Mario for your honesty. I have really been wondering who will come forth and tell us the truth. I love Rick Renner I have listened to you and him since way way back. Thank you and please keep giving us tips.

      • Renee

        I totally agree with you. I do not believe these Prophets intention is to lead anyone away from God. Accuracy is not the stamp of a true prophet. If this was so, Prophet Jonahs prophecies would have happened. God can and has changed his mind because the free will of the people to repent. I find my answers through prayer. People would be surprised as to all that’s in Heaven. Many people have died and been revived who saw it. Including children. Actually a child who drowned and was revived rode a rollercoaster in Heaven! That’s a true story.

        • Linda Holly

          To Renee on she doesn’t believe these prophets are trying to lead anyone astray. They are. Deuteronomy20:21-22 and being right is a true proof if they are a profit or not

      • Lisa

        I understand the difference. There are some that are wrong, and they should own up to it when that occurs. But in this case, especially KK, I think she is a false prophet. I have always had a major check in my spirit every time I have heard her. I used to listen to RB, but I have seen and discerned a change in him over the last year or so.

    • Lou Ann Barnes

      Thank you ! So refreshing ! I am very concerned about a departure from Bible Doctrine and the compromise of the scriptures. That is to those who actually read them. I guess there is a loss of understanding that reading the Bible gives you discernment which is so needed. If you are reading them and know The Lord you should get that check!

    • Sandra

      Thank you, Marrio, for speaking up. I witnessed a couple of events that happened on the panel that was so disturbing that I have stopped watching. I wondered how you could stand with them. Thank you for seeking God in handling this distorted representation of the Word of God.

    • Moe S - NH

      Thank you Mario for your truthful messages. I have watched Kat 1-2 times, Robin about 4 times. I felt immediately suspicious of Kat & after my last time watching Robin I knew I would not tune in to him again. I’m curious about what you think about Julie Green & Joseph Z. I get really excited listening to Joseph & Heather. My daughter listens to Julie everyday & I do about weekly. I’m cautiously watching for their prophecies to be fulfilled.

      • Mario Murillo

        Thanks for the encouragement. I have no comment yet on Julie Green.

        • Lisa Bafundo

          God bless you abundantly Pastor, for bringing awareness of “prediction addiction ” Glory to God. Pray for our sister Julie. She’s aligned herself with “false” prophets of the deceptive Q cult fanaticism, who spew outlandish military sy-ops and insane theories and mysterious plans.The motto of the Q movement is ” trust the plan” I pray leaders in the church would bring awareness to this deceptive (form of mysticism) that has infiltrated the Body of Christ.The Word of God is not a mistery, we are to trust only God’s Plan and be faithful to His promises🙏

        • robin

          I find it interesting Julie Green has prophecies for everyday of the week.Julie Green also says that you better listen to the prophets and don’t say anything against them.She has repeatedly said that ,which got my interest.Amanda Grace has words from the LORD occasionally and says it takes a lot out of you..I haven’t seen anything wrong with her or what she gives prophecy on.Now before I heard you stepped away and any controversy I decided I needed to read MY BIBLE and be responsible for my salvation and MY walk with GOD. All the information is in the BIBLE that we need…

          • Danna

            At first – and for quite a while – I thought Kat was genuine. You know, who is to say that, in these last days God might not move in unusual ways, as a way of revealing more of the reality of what His Kingdom is like – in the heavenly realm? I do wonder if she’s “broken” in some way, so that she may have authentic faith, but her sense of “reality” may be altered. I also thought Robin Bullock was the real deal. I’m very sensitive to the “sounds” of music, though, and some of the sounds seemed to be more on the dark side. I read my Bible continually; but, it does take the Holy Spirit to give us discernment, when wolves may look and sound very much like sheep. I do believe that Amanda Grace is genuine; not sure about Julie Green.

        • Cathy

          Wow is all I can say. Listen to this one don’t listen to that one. I’m fed up with all of it. I thought Christ taught we should love one another. Hank is my friend so I spoke to him about it. I thought we were all brothers and sisters in Christ? Fed up with it all I’ll just stay home. Seems like that’s the only safe place to be.

          • Mario Murillo

            Keep this in mind Cathy, It is the false teachers who cause division and not those who correct the false teaching.

    • Lynda Meliza

      I totally agree! it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to stand for the Word, I have been persecuted by family for not accepting homosexuality in the family. How can the church be moral unless we stand for morality and righteousness through Jesus Christ. I am praying for you as I miss you on Flashpoint as well.

    • Kenneth E Postel

      I agree. I have watched these people of mention and had thoughts that something is not right! Thank you mario, I will strive to meet in one of the upcoming tent meetings. Bless all!

    • Laura Brown

      Thank you Mario, for bringing the hammer of righteous judgment, front and center!! Scripture tells us to judge EVERYTHING by the Word of God; then the Spirit of God inside us, will bare witness of the truth! Amen, brother…… turn up the heat…… the fire of God would burn up the chaff!

    • Jackie Whitis

      Thank you for taking a bold stand for Christ and His Word! I was always checked about the female and have listened to R Bullock some but the hard metal sound of his music and the darkness of the platform area where they play just didn’t sync – also I wondered where he studied the scriptures that he expounded on. I was thinking there must be something wrong with me – thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!

    • joe mancini

      Deut. 18:22 “this is the way to know: If the thing he prophesies doesn’t happen, it is not the Lord who has given him the message; he has made it up himself. You have nothing to fear from him.”
      love you mario and thanks for calling out false prophets. I have to say both Hank and Dutch Sheets failed the tests predicting Trump would win in 2020 and be back in office. Dutch on give him 15 every morning would tell of a dream some relative would have and interpret trump would win the election and be back in office. Hank also would prophesy things about trump, but although Hank and Dutch are very nice men, they are not prophets according to Deut. 18:22 test. My wife and i are very leary now of anyone prophesying because of so many false ones, which is a shame. we loved mario on flashpoint and like lance and Gene, and now fast forward most of the show.

      • LaDell Walker

        Joe M. please don’t give up on Dutch because of the apparent results of the 2020 election. The Deceiver is at play in the natural, but God is doing a new thing in the spiritual. It ain’t over yet. So please put on hold that one mark against Dutch until this album plays out. God’s not finished yet.

        • Linda Koch

          I agree, we haven’t seen the true results of 2020

      • Lisa Bafundo

        Dutch Sheets has not prophesied of Trump returning to the White House, i wouldn’t call him a prophet, he is a prayer warrior and only one time he spoke of an open vision whilst he was speaking at an event, it was about revival of the next generation
        His daily channel is on prayer and declaration for America.

    • Sandra Jaques

      Well said, Mario, you have given scripture & said truth as our Lord commanded & his Disciples! For His WORD is our LIGHT & TRUTH & HIS HOLY SPIRIT our witness! Reading the WORD yourself is a KEY for everyone that believes…not what others say or
      a pastor or a prophet but TRUTH is found in our own search of His WORD in the HOLY SCRIPTURES. (Deception is the enemies tool). Sandra J

    • Rick Johnson

      God bless you Mario. You are doing the right thing for the Kingdom of God

    • Bob Abel

      Thank you LORD, Savior, Master and friend…for delivering me from the bondage of sin and drugs that held me for so long.

    • Mary Ann Thornton

      I saw the same errors. Yep New aafe and Witchcraft. Run from it! We cannot mingle in that error. Too much compromise and ignorance.

    • Lynn

      Absolutely agree with you 🙏🙌💗🙌🙏

    • Judy Burton

      I went to a church, was actually ordained there. I was invited to a Christmas party by one of the church members, everyone, even my Pastor was drinking alcohol. I confronted the Pastor and he said he didn’t see anything wrong with it. I left that church. I now am Ordained and work for Joan Hunter Ministries. Praise God!

    • Laurie Johnson

      I agree with you. When I heard Kay Karr say rapture will not happen for at least 100 years, that the Lord told her that I thought of the ten virgins. Five were waiting ready for the bridegroom and 5 were not. I knew when she said don’t worry that was wrong! Thank you for pointing this out. I had already stopped watching her and the program she appeared every Wednesday. God bless you Mario, thank you for the truth

  2. Chayil

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    • El

      it’s about time, I gave up on you, they revealed themselves long ago. Now get away from them all, Hank, lance, robin, they all exposed themselves. Glad you are back. it was evident you were not a false teacher, but couldn’t understand why you always appeared with them.

      • Ruth Storkel

        I don,t believe Mario was saying all those men you mentioned were false prophets. They are not. He is speaking of others.

        • Dennison Strong

          You are right. Mario was referring to others who he described without naming. Hank and Lance love and respect Mario.

          • Mario Murillo

            I am naming them now Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock.

          • Matty Weiler

            Your among good company. Paul Keith Davis and Rick Joyner have already called out Katt Kerr. We need to pray for them whatever delusion they are under. God is getting rid of mixture so its safe for the harvest to come in..

        • Daniella

          No thats exactly who he was speaking of..Kat Kerr & Robin Bullock..Lance & Hank Kunneman I’m not sure about..But Kat & Robin 100%

          • Mario Murillo

            Definitely not Lance.

          • Tammy

            I got sucked in by all of them. Please reveal any other false prophets so that I will not be sucked in again. Thank you for defending truth.

          • Cass

            Wondering if you confronted Robin and Kat to their face, and if they refused did you bring someone with you to confront them again?

          • Mario Murillo

            I am rebuking them on behalf of the church. False teachers do not warrant or deserve a personal visit.

          • Doris

            I have been sure for some time that Kat Kerr was living in a fantasy land. Mr. Robin and Hank Kunneman I felt Like Holy Spirit did not approve of listening to them. There are a few more on that show, I do not believe have the right motive.

          • Lisa Bafundo

            Definitely not Lance or Dutch Sheets.

          • robin

            Lance wallnau is a good teacher and has a genuine love for God,I have not seen him much or Hank kuneman .It seems when Mario disappeared they did as well.As far as Kat ☹️Most rational people see through this.Elvis,michael jackson,prince in heaven..Why is God showing her this and having her tell us?Seems confusing as well.I found it far fetched because if HEAVEN is so great why is God putting earth up there?No need to go to heaven I would think.Anyway all this malarkey has me scouring my Bible daily.I want to be like Jesus/God.We were created in HIS image,but like it says in Psalm 17:15 I want to be in HIS likeness….

          • Lisa Bafundo

            Not Lance, he has not prophesied about Trump’s reelection. Lance is a teacher..he receives words of knowledge, but i would not put him in with, Hank Kat or Robin.

        • Leslie

          I agree with you 100%, Ruth!

          • Charlie Hinson

            Wow Brother Mario!

            I am an elder Jesus person trained at Christ for the Nations. I attended expo 72 in Dallas.

            I turn 70 in July. Wife and I are part of a mega church in Ky. Both Robin and Hank are booked to speak at our church in February.
            Hope you can get thru to Hank. We love you and will be praying.
            Good job!

        • Stephanie, Bay Area, Calif.

          I agree with you Ruth. The other 3 are annointed men of God and Mario said so in a recent interview. I’m aware of the female seer, but only suspect who the other might be. I pray and hope they hear this message and change their ways. He WILL deal with any iniquity that is found during judgement. Pray for ALL of the prophets. They really need prayer and the LORD!!!! Especially these days!!!

          • Debra

            Mario, thank you for speaking the truth! I have church friends who are totally accepting of Robin And Kent Christmas. I have told them straight out that Robin is not speaking for GOD and that I question Kent Christmas as well. What about Kent Christmas?

        • Don Williams

          Agree, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Not all are false prophets.

      • Lori H

        I reached out to all of them a long time ago about this. There’s a web of endorsements among this group and it is heartbreaking. I would see a few I thought were really ok, then they’d make mention of the ones I felt strayed from The Bible. If you disagreed, they got very mad at you and said you are not to attack the prophets. It wasn’t like that, it was questioning their claims against God’s word, and they got really mean. I saw a video clip of one guy really high up stating he met this current pope and found him to be a man filled with the holy spirit. That was a red flag, because the pope didn’t hide antibiblical pronouncements he has made. I wondered if this guy was part of one world religion then? He controls a great number of these prophets and seerers. It is very scary that everything can look on the level, until you get that one thing you know is wrong, then it blows the whole claim out of the water because they used 99% truth to slip in 1% of doctrines of demons.

        • Keith Maxwell

          Thankyou for sharing. I have felt a definite ? over Kate Kerr,

        • Diana

          I wish you would state the name of this man for the younger believers and those just learning to discern.

          • Ann Williams

            Mario just did. He said Robin Bullock.


          This is right on the money, devil loves to mix truth with his lies – we all need to realize this!

        • Veda Morris

          Plz tell me who you are referring to that claimed the Pope was filled with the Holy Spirit.

        • Caterina

          Who is the one in advocating fir the pope

      • Penny

        Yes I always felt something was not right about what kat kerr was saying , this was my conformation . God bless

        • Dorothy

          Yep, totally agree. Amazing how they all started out, years ago, soft spoken and seemed so authentic and humble.
          Lately they are so bold and protective of their image and ‘special office’. They are getting louder and so forceful, some even scream to make an impression.
          My motto and advice is; don’t follow people, follow Christ. Read your Bible and the Holy Spirit will lead you and teach you, in All Truth.
          God bless you, Mario.
          Love from South Africa

          • Carolyn

            Mario how do you feel about Dutch and Tim Sheets?

      • Lorraine

        I felt the same way as EL. You were always a straight shooter; but watching you with all those false men, I had to turn away from you too. It broke my heart to see you being used. Thank God for His Mercy and Grace that he extends to All of us as we allow the Holy Spirit to bring us back into His Truth.

      • Elaine Adams

        Agree. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t speak up and rebuke such foolishness. Restored my hope that he wasn’t falling into the deception too.

      • Judy Grooms

        How does anyone determine if they are in the wrong church. Someone told me we need a Healing Church. ????

        • Maile Cavender

          I wish I knew. I tithed to Robin bullocks church for a year. The only reason I stopped typing is cuz I lost my income at the beginning of January. I pray that he will call them all out. I need to know who to stay away from I don’t have a good Discerning spirit, obviously

          • ONE

            Then ask (for discernment). Talk to GOD for yourself! And read the Scriptures.

      • Tiffiny Marsoun

        Lance isn’t one of the ones he’s referring to, even though he did appear on Flashpoint with them all.

      • Emily

        Lance is Biblically sound

        • Mary Ann Thornton

          Sometimes. 7 mountains are not in Bible. They are in KCF. IHOP both strong errors

    • Verajmartin

      Thank you brother! I agree with you totally, God bless you, keep pressing on!

      • Joan Corle

        I never heard Robin say there were mountains of jello in heaven. Robin never said the Red Sea was turned into jello. I watched Robin at church .. He said God breathed on the Red Sea and it seperated. He said from God’s breath the Red Sea congealed like jello. He NEVER said the Red Sea turned into jello. That’s a BIG FAT LIE …

        • Mario Murillo

          Joan, do you really believe I would say he said that without verifying it first. My statement is a big fat truth.

          • Crystal Rasch

            Love you brother Mario. You spoke over my father one night and he knew it was from the Holy Spirit.
            I have been a listener if Robin D Bullock for sometime, so I searched for the very service where he spoke about the jello and the Red Sea.
            Keep speaking when the Lord tells you to. I would love some prayer for various health issues right now. I have faith for a complete healing.
            Love in Christ, Crystal R.
            🔗 YouTube channel Saved by His Grace:
            At 43:40 in that link

          • Sue

            I have really felt this before you said anything. I for one am glad you spoke up

          • M

            I felt you had the anointing of Reverend Billy Graham as Elisha did of Elijah. However, I must say I don’t believe I ever heard Billy Graham call out who he considered false prophets by name. I could be wrong. Also, Paul encouraged us with ‘nevertheless Christ is preached’ in Phil., I believe. Because the harvest is the most important focus, why not stay focused on that area.

          • Mario Murillo

            Billy sure did. He called out televangelists for being puffed up with pride.

          • Diane

            Thank you Mario I read 2 of Kat’s books on heaven and it did not seem right. My friend told me God told her 3 different times that Robin was a false prophet so I stopped listening to him. God also directed me back to reading the word more than listening to prophets because I know it is truth.
            I did feel right about you and Lance.

          • Teresa Thomas

            Mario, I have listen to you for a long time. I know you love the Lord. What about Timothy Dixon and Julie Green? I don’t want to be misled by anyone. Thank you for you devotion to the work.

          • Mario Murillo

            Just be careful and not over dependent on prophetic words.

          • David Perkins

            What about Robin’s teachings about Lucifer being the angel God used to create things on the earth?

          • Barb Boreen

            What about Timothy Dixon

          • Mario Murillo

            do not understand your question.

        • Cathy

          Joan Corle you are exactly right.

          • Mario Murillo

            Dear Cathy and Joan you are both mistaken. We have Bullock on video saying both of those things. Direct quote “Kat Kerr knows more about heaven than you will know in 4 lifetimes. If you don’t believe in mountains of Jell-O just shut up,” Well, I don’t and I didn’t.

          • Sue

            Robin actually said that if there are jello mountains in heaven, it was because someone, somewhere wanted it. He used a Bible verse that said something like “He will give us the desires of our hearts,” and if he didn’t have it, He would make it for us. Thus, the Jello mountain.

          • Julie Goksel

            Julie Green said Biden is dead & an impersonator is in the White House. I’ve been wondering why no one called that out or addressed such a bizarre statement??

        • Susan Rivard

          Robin Bullock never said that the red sea turned to Jello. I watched that program, he said that it probably congealed back like jello. I don’t like what is being said about any of these Ministers. I believe that they always point to Jesus. Robin Bullock is probably one of the best Bible teachers around. Many of his prophecies have already been fulfilled. He was the only one that said about the ship in the canal being stuck. Many other important prophecies have come to pass. As far as Trump winning, he did win it was STOLEN from him! I really respect Brother Mario, but it concerns me that he is bad mouthing these other people. I just pray this doesn’t come back on him for calling out the Prophets.

        • Jill

          Mario never said Robin said those things. That is from Kat Kerr.
          She did day those things.

        • Roxanne Croft

          I’m concerned about all of the attacks against our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This doesn’t sit well with me. Is this discernment from the Lord, or all of your personal feelings? There have been a lot of names thrown out on this Blog and that is what I have found very upsetting. Mario, I love your heart for the lost. Thank you for all that you do, but this, this I find very upsetting. It’s turned into a big Christian Gossip Page. Social Media at its best.

          • Mario Murillo

            The real upsetting part Roxanne is the ones who are defending false prophets.

    • Diana Masters

      Thank you Mario for speaking the truth of the Word of God. More pastors and preachers need to stand up, speak out the truth. Our son is a pastor and speaks the bold truth also and I thank God for preachers like you both. Thank you. You are not ashamed of the gospel. The world needs preachers like you all ! God bless you !

      • Diana

        Does your son have sermons online? Always like listening to solid teachers and preachers.

      • kenna snyder

        I’m shocked about Robin bullock. I have been watching him for about a year now. I have questioned some things he has said but I did not feel right about Katt or Hank for some reason something didn’t set right about those two. Robin on the other hand has a different method of teaching. I followed Kim clement for year’s. Robin sat under him. How many other’s have deceived the people. Are there more? God bless you Mario for bringing this out. Hopefully more people will stand with you and expose them.

        • VF

          Can’t even listen to Hank he makes my flesh creep

          • Lauren Salamone

            I know what you mean about Hank. His wife addresses him as “Pastor”. I find that odd for a wife. Its like a worship thing going on. It was one of my first signs and then there were more signs.

            Same with Robin. He reads a different bible than i read. He tends to embellish stories to a point they are not biblical. I find myself picking and choosing his messages. Its all exhausting.

          • Faith

            I feel that many people can be operating in a mixture of spirits along with the Holy Spirit…We definitely need to be grounded in the Word of God and seek the Holy Spirit for wisdom… I know people are rattling off names but I think the reason is bc we are beginning if not already to realize that scripture is coming to life in these days… there is a rise in satanic activity and deception and the church needs to start pressing into the Word and not being fed by what people/prophets False or not have received in their “alone time” with God! I’ve had a check in my Spirit with these people and praying about the others…I find it hard to believe that there is a steady flow of prophesies conveniently ready for every media post and blog on a daily basis….I love Dutch Sheets I feel he is a true man of God.. praying about the others

      • Catherine Markwell

        Thank you for TRUTH!!!!!!

      • Neptali C. Cruz

        Sue, why would anybody desire Jell-O in heaven. You are in the very presence of God, our first love, our sure great reward, and you think about Jell-O? God giving us the desires of our heart has been twisted far too many times

      • Caroline

        Thank you Maro, I just watched that link and thank God it is the same revelation I had on all three in that video, and it wasn’t good!

  3. Danae

    Mario – Thank you for taking a stand, and in such a gracious way.
    God bless you and the ministry.

    • Jill Lochre

      I indeed heard the claim that you have a second chance after you die . I knew at that moment I was listening to a FALSE PROPHET . Pray for discernment and the Lord will show you !!! It’s very dangerous especially iwith the return of our Lord comming so soon !!!!!

      • Tricia Sims

        Thank you, Mario, for your explanation of your concerns and convictions. Praying for all the individuals involved. Important that we seek the Holy Spirit for discernment and wisdom concerning who we are listening to and what they are saying. God’s blessings on your ministry and all you do to further the Kingdom of God.

    • Toni Baca

      Mario, I respect you and believe you are a true man of God. There is so much deception all around us, and I need to know if you have any qualms at all about Hank.
      In the beginning, I had confidence in him, but now feel differently and I need your guidance. Thank you!

      • Mario Murillo

        He had dangerous associations

        • Paula Acker

          Plus, Hank was actually “anointed” by Kat at one of his services (with, as I recall, a robe & scepter). Was very disturbing. We pray that you would deliver all of these dear ones from evil, Abba Father!

        • Melinda

          Thank you Mario, I have also been one that has had strong doubts about these so called prophets. We need Godly men like you to sometimes help us discern the truth. Praying for you as you serve our mighty Lord to spread the gospel and save souls🙏

        • Lisa Bafundo

          Pastor Hank has made claim Kim Clement had likened Hank to himself, God forgive me, my spirit has rejected that statement..Hank has an impostor spirt on him…a Kim Clement mocking bird..he performs Kim’s gestures, style and even mimic his prophecies. God have Mercy 🙏

      • Tammy Smith

        Toni I agree I get pains in my chest when I hear Hank speak I dont know why. So i just took it as a warning. I have heard Robin Bullock as well as well as Katt Kerr Robin just seem ok at first then I started to see him as dark I dont know why I just seen him as dark.

        • Karenamelia Payne

          Is it possible Julie Green is a false prophet? I find it hard to believe she gets a word or words every single day

          • Dee

            I have the same concern.

          • Deborah Woyden

            Julie Green regulates what others are saying.

        • Dee

          That is what I saw also. I couldn’t see his facial features at all. Total darkness

  4. Marilyn Phelps

    Thank you for following Jesus and telling others. I do not have television to know who you are referring to but I agree with your decision. There is no room for anything but the gospel, the hour is late.

    • Georgia Thomlison

      There are people we don’t agree with in the body of Christ. I pray that God will call any and all that have veered off the true path to come to repentance and the true gospel. The church is seeking a word from God like a horoscope. This is not the way God works and I myself have to repent of looking for the now Word we need to ask for the washing of the Word everyday. Ask to be made ready to gather in the harvest.


    I commend you for your boldness to speak out like this. I know you’ll get ripped to shreds over this, like many times before. But i thank you for speaking this message against all this unsctiputal stuff going on and being spouted as truth. Thank you.

  6. Frank Chapman

    God bless you Mario, we need more good honest evangelist like you!!!

    • Julie

      You go on attacking those who are blessing you. Enough. I got more from their attitude of forgiveness than your stark attacks. This person bears much fruit, let God deal with it. I’m sad at your continued rant. Your verse here has nothing to do with what’s in heaven. You are speaking of earth.

      • Mario Murillo

        Not one person here has an argument for these false ministers that holds true from the Bible. I stand by every word I have written and I will never back down. Don’t tell me that because I am an evangelist I should stay in my lane. I made it very clear that it is because of lost souls that I have written this. These false teachers have jumped into my lane. Don’t waste your time trying to slander me. Either make a case or move on. But know that if you are trying to change my mind—or the mind of the Bible based friends of this ministry—you should not waste your breathe.

        • Crystal Mclendon

          Mario please turn this negative into a positive and finish out this message.

          As a integral part of the Fivefold Ministry please do not leave this open to speculation and/or condemnation of all Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Preachers and Teachers.

          Please let the body of Christ know who you think they can listen to and learn from.

          I know who the Holy Spirit has lead me to learn from. If you would like his name I will gladly post it for the people? I do not think you would disagree, but I could be wrong.

          Give them the opportunity to learn from someone who will teach them how to be open to Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit so that He might use them.

          Message beginning of 2021: As a once fractured and broken church (Ekklesia) starts to reunite, a new healing will come to the body of Christ. New roots will run deep into new ground. New branches will grow new limbs and those limbs will flourish with new life. The new fruit of its revival will ripen, and a new harvest will be reaped.

          A reminder to the people: “Christ in YOU, the hope of glory” Colossians 1:27.
          You are STRONGER than you think!!

        • Vangel

          I am 200% in agreement with you pertaining to these two people you have callled out. I have followed your ministry since the days that you started teaching “Armed and Dangerous ”
          You have always preached the Word of God and never deviated from that. I pray that God will strengthen you and gi e you even greater revelation concerning false prophets who are amongst us.

          • Vival Johnson

            God Bless You Bro. Murillo !!

        • Toni

          Thank you Mario for standing up and exposing these two. This is confirmation for my husband and I. We both followed Robin but my husband heard from the Spirit who said to stop following him several months ago. Thank you again for the confirmation 🙏

          • Jamye

            I think we all felt a turn several months ago… and there are several others in this particular network of prophets who stand together…as well as numerous others not in this network.

            I suppose that Pastor Murillo would’ve called out these others as well if he had any issues with them. (?)

            I for one have also had checks in my spirit with some…one in particular I cannot listen to without experiencing very negative physical symptoms.

        • Joyce Elaine

          It makes me sad to hear you say that anyone trying to talk to you about this is a waste of breath. We must use discernment, but we also have to keep an open heart to the fact that as humans we can be wrong. I have never heard Kat Kerr or Robin Bullock say anything that would make anyone stray from the fact or the path of salvation.

          • Raeuvhope

            Living however you want to and thinking you have a second chance after death is certainly causing someone to stray from salvation ??!!

          • Sharon S

            This is true. I completely concur that we need to stay in the Word. I am guilty of getting my “addiction” filled 2-3 times a week in listening for what God is saying through these prophets during these extremely evil times. I have become less in the Word (although I know the Word and love it, same as I love Jesus -the one and only Word). I have been convicted of looking for answers more so from these modern day prophets, rather than seeking God’s face. This has been an eye opener and yet I do not feel, as you, that there has been one word spoken from those brought up in question, against salvation or the Way, Truth and Life in Jesus. On the contrary, there is great love for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If they have gotten off on things that truly do not matter, I pray they will hear from God and get back on track. Either way, my hope is in the Lord, not man. Thankful for Mario Murillo. Thankful for his sticking to scripture. Thankful for many souls coming to Jesus through these tent meetings. And Lord I pray that every town you send Mario to, that you will raise up local workers for this harvest of souls.

        • Marie

          Thanks so much for sharing! I’m so glad to hear you speak the truth and have been so blessed listening to you! Please know that there are so many people of faith praying for you and your ministry!

        • Mary

          Re reply to Julie-Well said Mario, Thank you.

      • Patricia Murray Cooper

        I absolutely agree that you must come out from among them. I have followed you for many years and you are the evangelists that’s needed in these last days. I really watched Flashpoint because of you! I like Lance and some of the guest that appear. However, I absolutely do not like hank k. when he comes on I flip channels. I lost a lot of respect for Flashpoint because they still want him to prophesy after he said President Trump would be reelected. And the excuse he made for that false prophesy was heresy. His pride would not let him say he didn’t hear from GOD. When a prophet speak the Word of GOD it will come true, if not the prophet has prophesied falsely, or GOD didn’t send them, period! These Prophets prey on the people that are looking for someone to tell them what HOLY SPIRIT is so willing to share with them. After all it is HOLY SPIRIT’S assignment
        to speaks what HE hears from the FATHER!! When we study the HOLY WORD there will be a check in our Spirit when we hear a Word and it is not from our GOD. GOD does not lie!! These false prophets hurts our witness. I imagine that physics have more respect than these so call Prophets. I support your decision to walk away from anyone or anything that will hurt the work that GOD has destined you to do. Flashpoint is know longer light in this darkness! David Wilkerson went through some of the same things. Love your books!!

        • Brett McGrechan

          Kim Clement had prophesied that Trump would do 2 terms as president. Maybe just not consecutive 🤔

        • Margaret H.

          Many prophets have said Trump will return to be President.

      • Sally Davidson

        Have you become his enemy, because he speaks truth?! The truth sets us Free, Amen. Thankful for this honest man of God.🙏⭐️🙏

  7. Laura Dean

    Thank you Mario. I was watching last Tuesday flashpoint and I got a check in my spirit. Something wasn’t right. I made a comment with my concern and got attacked by another viewer. Not watching and reading The Word instead. 🙏👍🏼

    • Ruth

      God Bless you, I could feel in my spirit something was wrong…
      You are loved and supported for your faithfulness…

  8. Ramona Self

    Thank you Pastor Murillo!!! PLEASE keep calling out these people that would try to mislead others because of what THEY are believing too be true when its actually really f a lse..i praise God and thank Him for you. And for the works you do. You have a very sweet spirit about you. And I know you are speaking the truth. I have also heard some of the false news

    • Eric

      Yes. Call them out! That’s what I’ve been doing! We all need to call out these serpents who slithered unto the church!

    • Kathy

      Mario is not a pastor, nor a prophet, nor a revelator, he is an evangelist and may I add, an anointed evangelist, an individual I respect. None of us as Christians knows everything, we only know what God shows us. To say that Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman and Robin Bullock are falsehoods is a very troubling and strong statement, it grieves me to hear words spoken against #1 the five-fold ministry and #2 the Body of Christ itself to hear such, especially the babes on milk. None of us is perfect, none of us has the same personality and trust me, God uses us all. If you hear something and not sure about it, put it on the back burner and let God show you truth. Mario was correct in walking away according to his convictions but should have never voiced his judgment against others publicly. Kathy

      • Mario Murillo

        Kathy, Not one person here has an argument for these false ministers that holds true from the Bible. I stand by every word I have written and I will never back down. Don’t tell me that because I am an evangelist I should stay in my lane. I made it very clear that it is because of lost souls that I have written this. These false teachers have jumped into my lane. Don’t waste your time trying to slander me. Either make a case or move on. But know that if you are trying to change my mind—or the mind of the Bible based friends of this ministry—you should not waste your breathe.

        • Amy

          Thank you for your boldness! These are souls at stake people! No falsehood should be celebrating or hid for the sake of face especially when souls could be lost

        • Sherry

          My husband & I were at meeting in Tulsa when you spoke on Friday night. We have both been Christians for many years. We are in our 70,s. We were part of the many that came forward that night, thinking it was for healing. Others expressed the same thing to us. So many of us came forward that there was not enough room for us. It was then that you exclaimed we were all coming to be saved. Later it was told that thousands were saved that night. Everyone we spoke to said they had come for healing. Very deceptive in my opinion.

          • Mario Murillo

            Sorry if you were mistaken but my appeal to everyone to come forward was very clear.

          • Pastor Aaron Jackson

            Sorry man but I just watched it and I just can’t see how you can’t segregate a call for salvation from a call for healing.
            Do you understand how difficult it is to maintain order in an environment like that?
            I think you are being pretty harsh over a technicality.

          • Tina Rickman

            I’m confused because I watched the video on YouTube for April 22 and there was no altar call. What date was that? All the times I’ve watched it’s seemed clear to me.

          • Holly Adams

            My husband and I were there the same night. We clearly heard Mario give an alter call to those wanting to receive salvation. If he had called for those who needed healing we would have been down there.

          • Teresa Thomas

            Confess your sins and believe and you will be healed. Healing comes from God not man.

        • Chris Roscher

          We miss you brother! Hope you can come to Hopewell Va.

        • Cathy

          Mario, thank you for taking a stand. I have felt a check about one and never liked the other as what she said was too far out. You followed Bible doctrine, then took a stand.

        • Cathryna Fagervik

          I have concerns with some of them that call themselves Prophets. Like Robin he acts like puffed up pride and the LORD don’t like pride. We can talk about what they say about Trump. don’t get me wrong I did vote for him. but I have had an uneasy feeling about him. When he was elected the scripture in my head was peace peace and sudden destruction. I do think GOD used him like Cyrus, but I just don’t feel he is of GOD like many of them preach and I guess why I still have concerns about Amanda Grace. I do have dreams but don’t always know if I understand them right, sometimes they are straight forward and others are not. In this dream I had last year about Trump I give up on him because I believe it tell me he is not whom he seems. In the dream it was very dark outside and Trump was sneaking around, There was 3 big black cars and they were watching him and then all the sudden he was in the light where everyone could see him.

          • Dee

            Oh I like that dream alot.Trump is working in the darkness at this time covertly to eventually expose the dark deep state. Three black cars are his security detail protecting him. In time he will come out in the light and be transparent. And the collected evidence will convict many. Thanks for sharing. Hope I have not overstepped this blog. This is my first time here and really enjoying the sharing.

        • Leah Williams

          Thank you for calling out the insanity.
          question: Could it be that they are a true Christian brother and sister but have gone astray in their “revelation”?

        • Vickie

          Amen! Mario! I agree!

      • Mary

        I agree with you Kathy

        • Mario Murillo

          Kathy–Nothing you say is an argument from the Bible. I stand by every word I have written and I will never back down. Don’t tell me that because I am an evangelist I should stay in my lane. I made it very clear that it is because of lost souls that I have written this. These false teachers have jumped into my lane. Don’t waste your time trying to slander me. Either make a case or move on. But know that if you are trying to change my mind—or the mind of the Bible based friends of this ministry—you should not waste your breath.

          • Sandy

            Mario you also did not mention Hank , another viewer did but I am trying to read this thread for you supporting him, but I can’t find it. Is he bad too?

          • Mario Murillo

            I am not ready to deal with what I think about Hank. I am addressing the two false ministers: Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock

          • Lloyd Caudle

            Mario you never claimed to be a prophet but yet you are more sensitive to spiritual things then they are. 28 years ago, I attended a church in Kent, Washington. when an intercessor of the church preached. He would pray many hours a day for months, and one time he felt to pray over the pulpit, so he did. After that you preached at that church, and after a while of preaching you stepped back and said there is just something about that pulpit, I don’t know what it is. It’s something how you would pick up on the intensity of someone’s fervent prayers like that.

          • tajana2222

            Brother Mario, Croatia here. We’ve been following your blog and messages for some time and are so grateful we found you. Calling out dangerous lies is much needed. I wish more ministers would openly speak about what they, I’m sure, see as false teachings. I believe some will though. Nevertheless, the voice of one crying in the wilderness is enough to call us to repentance and draw us closer to Jesus. Thank you again.

      • Pastor Aaron Jackson

        Do you realize how difficult it is in today’s religious world to not just go along to get along?
        Mario is risking a lot by doing this.
        The prophetic movement is out of control and lacks submission to grounded apostolic ministry.
        As a pastor I am submitted to leadership and accountability is a huge deal.
        It’s one thing to be eccentric but another to tell people “Thus saith the Lord”
        There has to be some restraint and it’s obvious that humility and a submissive spirit are missing from kat and Robins life.
        They never publicly proclaim any type of personal accountability.
        There are people who listen to them every day and take there words as the Gospel.
        If you are a follower of there’s you need to stop and at least give God a chance to show you what’s right here.

        • Thomas Blea

          …Very wise words Pastor Jackson.

        • Patricia Murray Cooper

          I totally agree! However, HOLY SPIRIT is showing us these false prophets when, we have that Check in our Spirit!! Yet, none is so blind as those that refuses to see! Ask yourself, what Good Fruit are they producing??Are they pointing the people to JESUS or to themselves?? What is the litmus test to say they are sent by God?? GOD is not the author of confusion!! If what we hear can not be back up by Scriptures, then we have a problem! Do Not be deceived! In the last days there will be false teachers!!

      • Mari

        He’s a Shepherd As well as an EVANGELIST.

      • Carolyn

        So would you say it was unfair to stone false prophets to death? We have to call out the false prophets. We forget God is a just God. We want to only love the forgiving Jesus… It is our obligation as a true follower of Christ to call out the enemy in the camp. When wolves came after the sheeps did the shepherds let them kill the sheep? He was there to protect the sheep. Thank you Mario for being obedient to the call.

      • Amanda

        Mario did it right according to the scriptures and much kudos to him for doing it. He didn’t make a YT video and spread this around. He approached them personally -which take more courage than most people have these days. He was thoughtful and took the time to seek God on the matter.When you see people on the same platform or same show together, it’s a validation of each other, a recommendation to go to each of their websites, buy their material, support their ministry. I was recently hurt very badly by a woman recommending a person, then leaving them when she found out some more information that this person she recommended was into occultic/new age practices. She didn’t have the courage to talk to me though,(this was a Christian counselor for my daughter who was 13 and we’f just lost her father.) Now this person didn’t do any NewAge things in front of me, but I began to see other things and we obviously quit. I was livid that this person felt like you and just kept her new revelations about this “counselor” to herself and felt no responsibility to give me any kind of heads up to protect my daughter. I too was grieving and vulnerable and maybe my discernment was off. Too many people who are cowardly, just tell themselves they’ll let the Holy Spirit do the informing. I agree with you that there are way too many people calling out others on public forums and bashing them horribly- and that not the correct way to correct error. The humility, the delicatness to the things of God are obvious in how Mario handled this. Respectfully said

  9. Dalila Hawkins

    Well said brother. It takes true God fearing men like you to stand on what the Lord says about such people and taking the steps to confront a fellow believer. May God almighty open their eyes before it is too late for them. Thank you, Mario

  10. sebby

    hank kunniman and kat ker

    • Wanda

      Hello sebby. I assumed one of the people that Bro. Mario is referring to is KK. But you say the other voice is HK. I’m not doubting your word by any means because I know there is an association with the two but can you tell me where you heard HK say the Red Sea was turned into Jell-O? I have felt for some time that something is “off” in this ministry and I just want to be confirmed in my spirit. Thank you and be blessed

      • Christine

        It’s Kat Ker & Robin Bullock. However, Hank K., Timothy Dixon & Kent Christmas are all false prophets too.

        • Feriba Grimes

          I agree Christine. Some of them sound like they just came out of the mental ward too soon. If we are reading our bibles we will recognize the falsehood pretty quick

          • Teressa

            Feriba, that is exactly what I told my sister today. God will give you understanding of His word if we ask. I’ve long since had an odd feeling about Kat and Robin so just don’t listen to them. Wasn’t sure about Hank or Kent so won’t say anything but don’t watch them either.

        • Mary

          You are absolutely correct Christine.

        • Gayla

          I like kent Christmas and Timothy Dixon, i hope they arnt false prophets.

      • Priscilla

        I quit HK when he did that demonic prayer with Flynn and did not repent.

        • Patty

          Hank didn’t pray the prayer. It was Mike Flynn. I was there in person. Hank did not take any part in the prayer

          • T. Wilson

            Patty, I believe the problem that most believers have with HK and the Flynn prayer situation is that after the facts were revealed that it was a demonic prayer, HK never came out against that prayer. Never denounced it. Allowed all those in attendance to partake in the satanic prayer. And never offered to pray against that prayer. Meaning, never offered to pray over anyone who may have uttered those demonic words to pray that God would not allow the words uttered to come against them.

            It is situations like this, that, ministers must be extra diligent who they allow to stand in their pulpit to speak, to pray, even to sing or share a story, to the people God has entrusted into their care.

            If a minister is truly of God, he would passionately want to protect the flock of believers he is responsible for.

        • Marcia

          Yes I had a problem with that too. I felt he was angry & arrogant with people for criticizing General Flynn’s remarks.

      • sebby

        After watching Flashpoint from its inception I noticed Hank Kunniman speaking in a loud and arrogant voice claiming it was God speaking. But as time went on Hank also spike his own words in a loud and obnoxious voice . He was claiming it was God and he was obviously confused who was who. I am convinced Hank is hearing from a false fortune telling spirit that foretells the future. I was sure of it when there was no January of justice, February of fury and a March of celebration… which he said was coming and never came. He has said many many things he claims arw direct from God and I am sure they are from a decieving spirit. Did anyone watch last nights (1.19.23) FLASHPOINT?
        I discerned that it was likened to a duel.
        Gene Bailey is best friends with Hank and he specifically said over and over again he is NOT backing down. His ridt with Lance has always been evident and they joked with it as Lance puffed up Mario and aided his ministry. I like Lance and Mario but I sensed something very wrong with Hank.
        We are commanded not to be afraid to speak out and let God do the judging that will surey take place soon between these people. Kat Ker is obviously decieved and acts crazy so her folly should be evident to ALL who have discernment.

    • Tanya

      Haven’t seen Kat Ker on Flashpoint in ages. Could it be someone other than Hank? Although I’ve never been at ease when he’s talking/prophesying. What happened to Creflo Dollar? He’s disappeared off the Victory Channel.

      • Karla

        I think Creflo is part of the woke preachers now. Sad.

        • Tammy

          Karla, Creflo is woke. Daystar shouldn’t even allow him on their network for no amount of money.

    • Greg Strom

      And Robin Bullock supports Kat 🤬

  11. John

    Thanks Mario for “protecting us” from pink haired lady. Who is the other person you refer to but do not name? I find it interesting when believers throw stones at believers… no matter the glass house we live in. Love all you have brought to the BODY… not just on FLASHPOINT (been to 2 live events) but also for long while before, however, you should be more specific when calling out those you associate(ed) with……. AMERICA shall be SAVED ! ? !

    • Danielle Ridgely

      I stopped watching flashpoint after they hosted Kat and her so-called word from the Lord that Trump would be reelected as president failed to come to pass. Huge loss of credibility (for her and the show). Thank you for standing for the Lord, Mario. Praying for you and your ministry.

    • Nikki Wurn

      Mario is NOT talking about Dutch Sheets.

      • Cheryl Hill

        Cut h Sheets a a true man of God, he’s sound in doctrine .

  12. Steve Elizalde

    I’m with you Bro Mario! Zero compromise!

    • Kathy

      I have to admit that what she said tickled my ears because I wanted so much to believe that people have a second chance after their should leave their bodies. But it is not scriptural and as you said dangerous and will cause many to miss heaven. I can’t believe that heaven isn’t all about worshipping the Father instead of all the self pleasure she says goes on there. Oh Lord I repent for being deceived and taking my eyes off of you.

      • David W Rowell

        Kathy, what about those who died and never heard the gospel? Doesn’t sound like a fair deal to throw them into hell? And, the babies never born? Many have judged that, “Well, of course the babies will have a real chance.” So, some WILL get a chance after the first death. Not the “second death”, for sure! I’m not so sure we have God’s never-ending mercy figured out as well as we might think. If the wages of sin is death, how do we come to the conclusion that it’s eternal life burning consciously in torture for eternity. Sorry, but I see some confusion there, since eternal life is a “gift” of God.

        • Mario Murillo

          David, those who have never heard is not the same thing as those who have heard and rejected it. Please don’t sneak in support for a false doctrine by inserting something that is not relevant to the point. Kat offering second chances is false doctrine.

  13. Rebecca

    Do not compromise Mario ! You are right winning souls is too important. The Lord is using you in mighty ways . God bless you !

  14. Geraldine Smith

    Amen I agree with you. Keep up the soul winning our families and friends America needs Jesus so bad right now

  15. Sarah

    God Bless you Mario ❤️‍🔥🔥🙏

  16. Leanna McKay

    Mario I have agreed with you about the lady. I did not hear about the man, but I wish I could find out so I could be sure not to be listening to a false voice. I am praying for your ministry and if I’m ever able I will volunteer at your meetings.

    • Lisa

      Mario said it was Robin Bullock

  17. Linda Barrow

    Thank you for being uncompromising & strong. We are the Lords warriors!

  18. Fannie Finney

    Those false prophets need to shut.down, christians are not reading and studying the bible as they should. Those that know the word will not listen to false ideology.

    • Dena

      Agreed. When we don’t know the Bible we become naive and gullible.

  19. Shirley

    I agree that these are false prophets but I think they should be named so that baby Christian’s will know to not hear them or follow them.

    • Liberty

      Katt Kerr, Hank Kunnamin, Robin Bullock.

      • Lillian Palkovich

        Show me where Mario mentions their names?

        • Anita

          Read comments by him.

    • Cindy Bell

      He named them scroll back

  20. Pauline Gackle

    Thank you Mario for all that you do! Miss you on FlashPoint News.

  21. Paul

    Much appreciate the update. To make sure we do not get drawn in, why are these people not named?

    • Tana Stadjuhar

      Thank you Mario. Pretty sure of whom you speak so thankful you are feeling the same as we. We want no deception

  22. Margie McKenna

    Thank you Mario for this post. So many Christians have become so glib and foolish in their jesting about the precious happenings of God. We need to see the false at times to be reminded to repent of our own self serving ways. I have decided to follow Jesus! No turning back!

  23. Tim

    Good on you. I respect your integrity to stand by your convictions instead of parlaying appearances into gain for your work. The Father will continue to draw others to Himself through your working with Him


    Thank you Mario!!! I stand with you, but more importantly, we both stand for Truth and God’s Word is Truth!!!

    • Terry L Certa

      Ok, so you have called out 2 false prophets and maybe a third. Would you like to tell us who the REAL prophets are, or are there none in this day and age?

      • Mario Murillo

        Exactly! And why don’t we know who they are? Because leaders have been afraid to call out the false ones who are drowning out the real ones.

        • Randy watson

          I am asking do you not believe in the prophetic, I would not listen to a prophet if he does not back it up with some type of scripture! Like something that parallels with scripture! One prophet said it would be boomerangs like it was in the book of Ester???? Now what they said Trump did the same is happening to Biden!

  25. Janis Pollard

    Thank you.
    I’ve felt sickened by this.
    Lord bless you and keep you.

  26. Pete Wall

    Thank you for standing on God’s truth, not man’s. God bless you and you’re ministry.

  27. Nicole Jackovich

    We love you Mario! My husband & I partner monthly with your ministry and what an honor it is! I was blessed to come serve at the Colorado Springs revival! What a blessing! We live In Nashville and we pray for you and thank you for having a spirit that does NOT compromise! We have to stick to the word of God!
    Thank you sir!
    Blessings to you
    Nicole & Todd

  28. susanlinke

    Thank you Mario for your unwavering stance for the Truth. There is no room for compromise, as you say, souls are at stake. It’s deeply concerning that the level of discernment in Christian leadership is so lacking or perhaps they have become unwilling to “offend” and stand for truth. I have always sensed that you have set your face as a flint, unwavering, and this further solidifies my opinion of you. May God continue to bless you and your ministry and bring more souls to your tents.

  29. dorothy wallace


  30. Rebecca

    God bless you, Mario. Thank you for your truth through Jesus Christ.

    • Regan & Becky

      Thanks for your update. We have missed you on Flash point . We were at Open the Heavens conference in Omaha and Kat Kerr was there . She was talking about Heaven and had bizarre, wacky stories about what she saw. What bothered us more was that she had a lot of support from the event goers. So…we stand with you and pray that Hank Kunneman wakes up.

      • Jerry McDaniel

        I watched that conference two years ago and she got up on the last night right before HK preached. The spirit of God was there strongly but he lifted and when HK got up to preach he was confused and babbling. She spun her spell. She is a witch.

  31. Mavis

    Thank you, for this message. And i believe I know exactly who you are talking about. I’ll pray, that they will not follow nor pervert the Word of God.

  32. Diane Mulford

    Thank you, Mario, for bringing this matter to our attention. It is getting more and more difficult to know who to believe. I found this article very helpful because I know you speak God’s truth to us.

  33. Robert Rutherford

    I stand with on this with you!

  34. Lisa Flanigan

    I thought this is why we haven’t seen you and I do agree with you Mario. I stopped following Elijah List about a year ago because of some of what you are saying. I agree we have to stand up for Biblical truth and remove compromise and outright lies from the church. I pray that this is resolved and unity in the body of Christ. I pray that the Lord strengthen you through this battle. God bless you Mario

    • Jill

      I’m so thankful that you are calling them out. I enjoy listening to many of the new voices of the past few years, but there area some that my spirit just couldn’t take. Those two are definition the list. I never felt edified or encouraged by them. It would be nice to hear of any others you question. Thank you for your ministry and faithfulness to God! I’ve been to your tent revival at Jessup!

    • Deb

      I agree with you, and had stopped watching Elijah about a year ago as well. I felt a heaviness in my spirit when certain “prophets” were speaking.
      My husband and I can’t find a church in our area that’s not compromised. We do our own Bible Study at home.
      Thankful for Mario and his messages.

  35. Sherry B.

    Thank you for being honest. And thank you for standing up for scriptural integrity. I pray God’s hand continues to guide you and guard you.

  36. Susan M. Hope

    Brother Mario thank you for believing and sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We know and we’re told by God there would be many false doctrines taught. My prayers are with you. Susan Hope, Conway, Arkansas

  37. Christopher haring

    Awesome, say it like it is. Thanks for the truths.

  38. Suzanne Rutherford

    Thank you for your honesty and integrity, Mario. God has given you a vision for saving souls and doing His work that cannot be compromised. I know in my heart what you say about the “guest” and his misplaced loyalty to the false prophet and seer is true. I pray with you that this will be resolved soon.

    • S Becker

      Mario and John Mcarthur. Real evangelists!!!!!Right on!!!!!!!

      • Lori Tucker

        John MacArthur has stated people can take the mark of the beast and still be saved. False! Revelation 14:9-12

  39. Gloria Ruiz

    We have missed you Mario!
    I knew something was not right. My spirit could not accept her teachings.

  40. Diana Kennedy

    I am so encouraged to hear a preacher tell it like it is! There is a GREAT HARVEST to be gathered and the hirelings, tares, and false agents will do their best to interfere with it. But it is not by might nor power but by the Spirit of God that the strongholds will be brought down. Pray before, during and after Church. Don’t quit and don’t give up. Rescue the Perishing and love and care for the dying. There are multiple thousands of souls at stake. My health and age prevent me from physically being active on the mission field but I can pray as long as I have breath and a right mind. Thanks, Brother Mario. May God richly bless you.

  41. Judith Strode

    Thank you for sharing this. I have missed you greatly on Flashpoint. I understand that you must do what God leads, hopefully this will be resolved. God’s blessings on you and your ministry. 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏♥️♥️

  42. Charlene Henjing

    I totally agree with you. Praying for you.

    • N Barnes

      My spirit is grieved after reading your blog Mario. Grieved that the Body of Christ has been pitted against each other. We must Pray for the Family of God.

      • Mario Murillo

        Not one person here has an argument for these false ministers that holds true from the Bible. I stand by every word I have written and I will never back down. Don’t tell me that because I am an evangelist I should stay in my lane. I made it very clear that it is because of lost souls that I have written this. These false teachers have jumped into my lane. Don’t waste your time trying to slander me. Either make a case or move on. But know that if you are trying to change my mind—or the mind of the Bible based friends of this ministry—you should not waste your breathe.

        • Licia powell

          You Mario and Laire Lightner need to stop railing at people, whether it be God’s prophets or we who disagree with the two of you.

          • Mario Murillo

            Licia, no one here is railing against true prophets.

        • Janice

          I never believed in Kat Kerr’s traveling experiences. What about Jesse Duplantis? He has spoken about going to heaven. What has Robin said besides standing up for Kat. He seems like a good teacher when I have listened to him

        • Carolyn

          Keep on speaking truth. Calling out the enemy in the camp is biblical. May the Lord continue to use you. Don’t let the negative comments get to you.

        • Linda Corbett

          Amen Mario! Thank you for encouraging us to be strong and. For standing up for the divine word of GOD!

        • Terry

          You are wise and brave to disassociate from those two and there are a bunch more. They would eventually ruin your ministry and testimony.

  43. Stanford E Locke

    My wife and I will miss you…you are the anchor that kept me returning to Flashpoint. We admire and praise your wirk and honest representation of God, Christ, and Holy Spirit. We pray fou you and your continued success in winig and preserving souls!! God continue to bless you.

  44. Bonnie Phillips

    Mario, thank you for standing for truth, even when it is not popular. I pray for God’s favor and wisdom to continually be upon you, in Jesus’ Powerful Name!

  45. Thomas Benson

    I couldn’t agree more.

  46. Tim Lindquist


    • Wendy

      Thank you Mario for speaking up with the truth and taking a stand. My stomach feels like its dropped after hearing this. I suspected for years about the gal.I am going to be in deep prayers for repentance for allowing her to pray over me a few years ago and it felt wrong and some of her teachings were just off and we left that conference feeling like something was so wrong and now I know it wasn’t me….

  47. Joyce

    Mario I totally agree with you.

  48. Karen Groszczyk

    Thank you Mario for always being true to what God is leading and telling you to do and say. I appreciate you sharing your concerns about false prophets because it’s such an upside down world these days, I too have been trying to discern who is true and who is false by going back to the scriptures. Thanks for your faithfulness. May our God continue to protect and guide you, your staff, and volunteers as they minister to “hungry” people.

  49. Pamela Burns

    Praying for you Pastor! Your eyes are open, and I’m so thankful! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  50. Linda Etherton

    I agree with you 💯% Mario. God bless you.

    • Patricia

      God bless you Pastor Mario for standing up for your convictions. It will inspire others to take a stand for the Gospel—the good news that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

  51. Garry M.

    I agree with you Mario 💯 percent! GOD’s blessing!

  52. Corrine Cardoza

    Thank you Marion for speaking truth and keeping souls at the forefront of your ministry. You remind us what’s most important.

  53. Charlotte Austin

    I stand with you sir. I love it when I get to hear you.

  54. Stella Murray

    Thank the Lord GOD for people like you who stand for Truth and expose those against it 🙏

  55. Rita

    You have done the right thing Mario!
    People come to The Lord when they see genuine truth and seriousness to God’s word. I commend you for standing for God and HIS word.

  56. Debbie

    Thank you for your bold clarity.

  57. Amy Krautkremer

    So, so good! Thank you, Mario Murillo, for your commitment to the Truth.

    • Rose Badenhop

      Thank you Mario for taking a stand. Many people will not and that is dangerous. God bless and protect u.

  58. Carole Smythe

    Thank you for standing up and speaking up! God bless you!

  59. Sabrina

    Thank you for standing for the gospel.

  60. Jeff

    Keep living your convictions Mario!

  61. Robin Denison

    Thank you for this, for your words of truth in spite of those that don’t want to hear it. Your words ring true in my spirit. I am believing for my husband’s complete healing, but the saving of his soul is at the top of the list. He doesn’t seem to want to hear the word of God coming from my mouth. Prayers please…

  62. Myra Foley

    My husband and I watched a certain program tonight and both said how much we missed you. I pray this will be resolved soon and you will return. God bless. Praying for you!

  63. Joanne Villegas

    I know of whom you are referring and I agree 100%!
    I have stopped watching these shows that allow them on.

    • Oceanbreeze55

      Thank you Mario for warning us about heresy that seems to be overlooked by others. I surmise the other regular guest is Hank Kunneman and the false seer is Kat Kerr. However, I hope someone will disclose the false prophet who is supporting Kat and saying prophets have a “secret code” or that we should blindly trust them without testing the spirits. I continue to support your soul winning crusades and ministry.

      • Shanda Donahue

        Thank you for standing true to the word. I’ve had a check in my Spirit about Kat Kerr and lately with Robin Bullock.

      • Denise

        I would like to know names as well. I assume it is Robin Bullock but do not know for a certainty. We may miss a false flag because we don’t hear everything they say. I trust Mario because his only goal is saving souls. I would be interested to know if Julie Green and. Amanda Grace are true or false. Julie quotes a lot of scripture and gives good teaching, but I do not want to be deceived. Giving names would help others not be deceived.

        • Mario Murillo

          All you have to do is track their predictions. If they do not come true bingo, false prophet.

          • Mary

            A lot of Julie greens has come true and still coming true.

          • Mario Murillo

            Would you fly an airline where a lot of the flights landed safely?

          • Wendy

            I thought a false prophet was one that led people away from Jesus. Isn’t that the definition? Kay Kerr and Hank dont lead people away from Jesus.

          • Mario Murillo

            Yes they do by lying about what He has said.

          • George

            We have to be careful about predictions/foretelling and timelines. There were many prophecies about the Messiah LONG before Jesus was born. How many years did people wait and hope for the Messiah? Many died waiting. How many who prophesied were called false prophets when it didn’t happen in a timeline assumed by the hearers? Many assumed the Messiah would be a warrior/deliverer based on the scriptures. We MUST remain humble before the LORD – both the speaker and the hearer – and realize we don’t know it all. Keep preaching the Word, Mario, and leading souls to Christ. Bless you and your ministry.

          • Terri

            I have quit watching flashpoint because of Hank. So unfortunate. Still follow you and Lance.

          • Cheryl Dubbels

            How do we do that when even in the Old Testament prophecies took hundreds of years to come true.,,like Isaiah. He certainly didn’t live to see Jesus born and all he prophesized about nor did anyone living in that day. Likely they called him a false prophet. I’m genuinely confused about that statement even though it is exactly stated that way in the Bible. Lots of examples and of that in Old Testament. Thoughts! I don’t want to be railed on here…just a truly genuine question in my head.

          • Penny

            Discernment, and the fruit of their words..

          • Barbara A Anderson, Jana Spangler

            I have a question about that, maybe you can explain. I have wondered about things people prophesy sometimes because I don’t see it happening. But then I think people in Isiahs day or Jeremiah or Daniel, Malachi etc may have thought the same things because some of those prophesys took years and years to come to pass. I am trying to listen to the Holy Spirit, if we all listen we know His voice. Now I ask Him before I take in anything anyone is saying, knowing that we can, anyone of us, be deceived. The Bible is truth, read it and humbly ask the Lord for guidance each day as we walk through these perilous times is my thinking. I know that you as a leader of many have a great respnsibility before God and men to seek the truth and boldly proclaim what you know. Thank you for that boldness, I will be praying for you as well as Kat, Robin, Hank and the rest of us. The Lord knows. That is my real source of peace. May the peace that passes understanding be with us all. Barb Anderson

          • Karenamelia Payne

            I dont know if you can go by that unless they mentioned dates. I might be wrong but I think in the Old Testament a prophet gave a king a word from the Lord but it took 450 years for God to carry it out. I should have looked it up first before i typed this lol

          • Mario Murillo

            That is true…but false prophecies do not age well.

          • Debbie E

            Mario you mentioned a blog about Julie Green. Can you post a link to that please? I am on the fence about her and numerous 2022 prophecies that did not come to pass. Thanks

          • Mario Murillo

            I did not mention a blog about Julie Green. Thanks.

          • I MOORS in AUSSIE.

            Kat said she saw Whitney Houston in a garment covered with diamonds in heaven…RED FLAG.
            It’s a Robe of Righteousness and a garment of Salvation.
            She’s smoking the same wacky backy.
            Thanks Mario.

  64. Barbara J Miklosz

    Thank You Mario for Standing up for Truth, I myself stopped listening to the first one you mentioned. We all will be held accountable some day

  65. wesley j hull

    Thanks for standing up for truth and opposing these false prophets who bring shame to the cause of Christ.

  66. Laura Fondren

    I thank God for you Mario. We cannot compromise one inch or the devil will take a mile. We must stand for truth and the word of God. We must be Holy Rebel Warriors. Hallelujah. 😉🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. JoAnn Napoli

    Who are the false prophets on the shows you were affiliated with?

  68. SC

    Amen, Mario. Thank you for obeying God’s Word. We certainly do need to get back to the Bible.

    • Susan Roach

      I believe that Mario is right. I am going to give more into his soul winning ministry. More soul winning is what this world needs.

  69. Mary Olsen

    I praise God for your truth and conviction. I have listened to these false ones and it stopped me from being a follower of Flashpoint. Thank you for your faithfulness to the gospel. May God bless and keep you


    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Amen received thank you 💕 THANK GOD 💞🔥🔥🔥 BLESSINGS Precious Mario & Michelle Murillo prayers love hugs SHALOM 💕 from Hershey Pa USA 💞

  71. PatandWindy

    Pat Caspary
    Brother Mario, You are firing on all cylinders and always have been, and I’ve been inspired for 51 years when you take a stand on heretics and all the blind leading the blind. But two things I want to exhort you about: 1)You change the subject 2 days from now with another blog on a different topic. Let’s grasp the fact that God wants to bring the wayward to the altars, and therefore, the long-lost main theme of the CROSS and REPENTANCE needs to be heeded and focused on and worked deeply in multitudes in the deceived leaders and the multitudes of lemmings fawning the false prophets, false translation, false spirit, and all the new-age unbiblical NARcissistic nonsense which is being spewed out! But then 2 days later, you’re on a book promo or a nifty report on who got their knee healed. 2) You continue to speak out about pink-haired Kerr and a few others, while completely guarding the main bizarre factory for fire-tunnel, sozo seances, Gnostic kenosis heresies and self-love mantras, by golden-calf mesmerized spell-bound neophytes at Bethel! Maybe they’ll send a check our way? Why not look into the countless Youtubes and websites exposing the false prophets and goose-bump circus generating the “buy my monstrous building and pay off my ranch and get my book and pay mega bucks for a seminar to be a better YOU”, which is all s anti-Cross and another gospel we were all warned about! THANKS, for being the warrior and witness for the Light!

  72. Eloy

    Miss seeing you on TV.Disappointed to here this news.I pray for all to be Blessed and fixed in Jesus name.From Visalia, Ca.Saw you in Hanford recently.

    • JoAnna Dipastena

      I agree with those who wonder who the man is. This can lead to gossip and slander. You must go all the way with this for correction and cleansing for the body or others will just leave. Help from heaven is needed.

      • Teressa Blackman

        He said who the man is, gave first and last name above in the comments.

  73. Kathy Broussard

    Thank you, Bro Mario, for standing up, unapologetically, for the Truth and exposing the counterfeit!! May God continue blessing you and your ministry with an even greater anointing than ever before in Jesus name!!

  74. Gil Zaragoza

    I stand shoulder to shoulder with you in Jesus’ Name!!!

    • Bethany Lynn

      Kat Kerr is not a false prophet lol. God is not against fun, imagination, creativity. We forget what it’s like to be young, and to see the world thur the eyes of a child. Her teachings saved my life lol. I’ve reached many unbelievers far from God with her help. God created the heavens, the earth, and each one of us. Get out of the box! God is going to save this younger generation! Blessings bro! ✨🙏🏻

      • Charlene

        I agree – I don’t believe that Kat is a false prophet or false seer

      • N Barnes

        Bethany. I agree . Anyone who has experienced Heaven all say it is not possible to use earthly language to Relate to what they experienced and see in Heaven.

        • Mario Murillo

          She has not experienced heaven.

          • Sherrie

            Who are any of us to say who has or has not experienced heaven? I’m in shock to see the hypocrisy among believers here. I’m beginning to think this blog has been hacked. Why would Gods servant turn on his brothers and sisters, even if they were led astray? These are assaults against the body of Christ and he does not take pleasure in this betrayal. God can use anyone he chooses and he can use them in any way he chooses. God help us for bashing one another. I honestly do not believe that this is a legitimate Mario posting. Godly men do not attack one another like this, that would be the work of the enemy who wants to divide the body of Christ. Go to God in prayer and ask him to open your eyes to the truth, not a man. A Man will let you down, that’s why God tells us that. Do not get on a platform and bash men and women of God. God warns of these very things. If you truly believe these things then pray. Satan is a deceiver, do not be deceived. And if I remember correctly, there are still prophecies waiting to be fulfilled from the word of God as well. Think before you speak against one another, God is here

          • Mario Murillo

            We can all say because the Bible is so clear. You are mistaken this very much is Mario and you must see Holmes said “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” You are straining at a gnat and then swallowing a camel in trying to justify the unjustifiable. She is simply not telling the truth.

          • Shauna

            Love your reply on Matthew 23: 24-26 The LORD gave me a word 6-21-21 that we were sent to break the 4 horns off the alter of the church the LORD began to open our eyes to things going on in churches and our schools Greek mythology has been being taught in middle school talking about nymphs & beastality do we really have to wonder what is happening to our culture this is a very entitled community and to top it off we have youth ministers having Friday and Saturday dancing byob and that is not bring your own Bible and school faculty getting rides home from youth because they can’t drive 3rd grade children talking about sex 4th grade children caught having sex we have a problem with church when we’re afraid of telling the truth and appointing adults who are from the entitlement crowd to teach children and wonder why we have 27yr old fathers dying from liver failure and we have the older generation just wanting to show up and sing hymns don’t have a problem with hymns but these are the old penicost people who want a move of God and won’t get their butt off the pew and confused as to why we have furries showing up wanting litter boxes in schools for their children to go to the bathroom Houston we have a problem

    • Lisa Brunner

      Thank you for being an example for us to follow …. For giving us clarity … for always directing us back to God‘s perfect unchanging WORD – helping us to be strong to speak in boldness for God‘s truth-unwavering….

      • Lois

        A true Prophet exposes false Prophets God has given them the authority to do so.
        They also have discernment and are bold to speak the truth.
        How do I know? My Father was a Pastor also had the gift of discerning of Spirits. One service this Woman was coming to the front God spoke to him her intentions. When she got close to the podium He said you are not coming on the podium to speak .
        She didn’t speak but of course the devil didn’t like that. Also have seen him pray for people who needed deliverance. If people don’t pray they become prey. If they don’t read they cannot discern the truth from the false and become prey. My Spirit witnessed strong to Mario Murillo because I have a friend who listens daily to Julie green . I think people should really seek the Lord in the days we are living . Some of the prophets I have heard are for profit. They sound like a auctioneer beguiling unstable souls. God’sWord the Truth will set us Free but we must know the truth.

    • John

      The Spirit of the living God protect, surround, and strengthen you by His mighty hand.

  75. Pamela Grantham

    Your the real deal Mario. Thank you.

  76. Ronnie

    I thank you for taking a stand against false preachers. We must draw a line in the sand and stand. The greatest miracle is winning lost.

  77. Tom in Oregon City

    Believe the imagination of others, or the written Word? Not complicated. Keep up the fight, brother!

  78. CS1

    Dear Mario,
    this to is to be laid at your feet. There has been for sometime those who seek the gifts of the Holy Spirit as did Simon the Sorcerer did for perversion and money. Acts 8:9-25

    “18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19 and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

    20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

    Mario, the work of the Lord and the battle in CA is not won! the national stage was offered to you for the purpose stop the real move of God. At a time the Lord was using you on 99 the devil was raising up lying signs and wonders.
    staged demon possession and deliverances that would make the likes of Bob Larson look legit. We need to fast and pray. As sure as the devil is murderer he will attack you through these whom you shared the stage with. The biblical illiterate and ignorant are falling for this like those investing in micro currency. I will be praying for you. WE are about to be hit, by a foreign enemy, there is violence in the land and lawlessness. the only answer is revival and crying out to God. some think just because the GOP took the House that is some kind of mighty move of God. The Babylonians are at the gate and our land will be given to another. Oh Lord help us I believe there are more for us than against us. We must hold sword in one hand and the trowel in the other. Lord forgive me for only doing one we need to do both! .

  79. Linda Ann Baldwin-Yeatts

    Thank you Mario Murrillo for standing for the Truth of the Gospel.

  80. Robin

    Thank you for speaking truth! Praying with you in this!

  81. Mary Nadwodny

    With you 100%. Have been hungry for a Spirit filled church for 20 years. Just moved to Tucson. Looking for a preacher here. Non-compromising on fire for God who puts his feet to the gospel. Lived in VA for 18 years. Never found a church where Holy Spirit was permitted. I always invited Him to whatever service I was in. Once He told me that I was the only one who invited Him. Made me cry. How sad. Are you ever coming to Tucson. Would love to participate.

  82. Maronee

    I appreciate that you are standing against it. As I mentioned before, I stopped watching because of this. It didn’t sit well with my spirit and caused confusion because I was watching people I listen to and trust acting like what these people were saying was perfectly fine. I had to protect my mind.

  83. Debra L Campbell

    Keep standing on the Word!

  84. Natalie

    I kinda had a feeling this was the case. Good for you that you stick to the truth and don’t associate with those teaching about things not in the Word. I get this weird feeling about those folks who seem to have a new prophesy everyday. I think we just need to let the Word guide us along. Not being a hater, but trying to discern what’s going on out there.
    Thanks, Mario!

  85. Jeanette Maldonado

    Thank You for standing your ground and being obedient to The Lords word.

  86. Barbara

    Thank you, Mario, for vocalizing this truth. It saddens me that many people believe in this woman’s stories. I pray the Lord opens their eyes to see, their ears to hear and their hearts to receive the truth, the Word of God and to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls and minds. May God have mercy on those that lead His children astray. Thank you for all that you are doing to bring many to the Lord. The Lord bless and keep you and your family safe from harm. Amen.

  87. Judy M Radachy

    Thank you, Mario, for standing up for truth.

  88. Mary Linda Runatz

    Understand. You have my prayers for the good work you are doing.

    • Brooke

      I appreciate you standing up. I stopped listening because I felt I was being led astray by these “prophets”. I always felt like you were genuine, but wondered why you shared the stage with someone in particular. Thank you for sharing and for pointing out the truth of the gospel. May the Lord continue to bless you in all wisdom.

  89. ralph scott carrier

    I agree brother, though I suspect your shot pattern is a bit narrow. I had conniptions when “Harry Potter” first hit the stores, and was all the rage. I am still astonished that churches didn’t take a stand against pushing the witchcraft stuff on children. I mean, what could go wrong?

  90. Marilyn Kirkwold

    I have never heard such weird things, like giving a 2nd chance to be saved after death, or the Red Sea being jello. I know one of these is Kat Kerr, but thr other l have no idea who it is. I love hearing about the tent meetings and how hungry oepple are for truth. I do miss seeing you on Flashpoint.

  91. Cyndi Gamez

    Mario, I’ve known your ministry since 1971 & your integrity separates you from many, many other preachers, people in ministry! I’m so glad to know that you have not changed regardless of being on TV programs! You are God’s servant with “discernment!” Keep voicing & doing as the Holy Spirit leads you 🙏

  92. ShirlynnDenise Corbett

    Wow, they claim that Jesus is God came in the flesh. The believe and confess that Jesus is God in the flesh. 1john 2v22..
    And you have no ideal what Heaven is like..and everything is possible with God… so if God wants roller coasters in Heaven why not it is possible…
    And God says we are to rejoice if Jesus being preach rejoice… and I don’t believe they are hurting the Gospels because the preach salvation in Jesus , they Preach only the Blood of Jesus can save us …

    God Bless you and I am grateful for you preaching salvation in Jesus..and healing by Jesus stripes we are heal…

  93. Ralph E Robole

    I believe in you Mario. I believe that your assignment is from God to take his message for this hour to the world. Yes, it is unfortunate that we have so many preaching false doctrine. That is why God has called you to feed his sheep. I pray that God’s strength and mercy would continue to overflow from you . God bless you.

  94. Deborah

    I am sorry to hear that you had to quit because the others are not listening. But I know our Bible says exactly what you said so I am an in total agreement with you. Honestly, I’ve already said these very things you’re saying, so thank you for standing up for what is right in Christ. I am praying for you. I love you as a sister in Christ.

  95. Teresa Schellman

    Mario. I trust your judgment in these matters..praying all will hear this message and not associate with such deceivers.

  96. Victoria Arredondo

    Is it Kat Kerr? But who is the other one? Wow this is so crazy…Thank you for your warning🙏🔥

    • Linda Matson

      Agreed. I don’t know who the gentleman is.

    • Pamela Farmer

      I am thinking the other one is Robin Bullock because he was on a stage in Nashville taking up for Kat Kerr

  97. Marcia

    Mario I have deep respect for you and your love and faithfulness to our God. I don’t know if you can share who you are talking about if you can it would help in knowing so that I don’t get caught or have family members lost because of who they are listening to. Our prayers go out to you and your ministry

  98. Teresa Woodson

    I applod you Mario. You are one of the BEST who stand up for God’s truth. You are doing fantastic work for the lord. I give when possible for your tent revivals. I was at Tulsa and my husband was totally amazed at the people who were going forward to be saved. We were a way back from the stage on the floor and the people were past where we were sitting. You keep your goal and don’t waver you and your wife are doing awesome things.
    Thank you for everything you are doing for saving souls.

  99. CK

    We should be certain of who they are!

  100. Gerhard Brost

    Thank you for standing for the truth! I am so encouraged by the great harvest of souls you are bringing in! We are here for such a time as this. Keep up the good work!

  101. Joe Sherwood

    Thank you Sir, for standing up and calling it the way it is , and not making excuses for them , like others have, , I have followed your ministry for a long time every since I first seen you in Portland Oregon
    at the Portland Foursquare.
    keep doing the work what God has for you , If i were in the Bay area or wherever you guys are working I would try to help you at the tent meetings, , thank you for staying strong.
    God bless you sir , in Jesus Name.

    Joe S
    Woodland Washington

    • Rosemary Luciano

      Thank You Mario for explaining! I have watched and followed you for sometime now I sure pray Lance and yourself have not separated, I completely understand why you haven’t been on I felt the same over a year ago

    • Barbara

      Does anyone know who they are? I am so new and confused. I do not want to be a part of it .. im.steuggling with understanding the Bible ans I do not want to follow no false doctrines … The only seer I have heard.of is kat kerr but I have no clue who the other one is
      If somebody knows please do tell for the sake of people like me.just starting off .. Thankyou
      And Thank you Mr. Mario for lifting your voice and saying and speaking the truth to help us not to be deceived .. May God Bless You

      • Mario Murillo

        The false prophet I am referring to is Robin Bullock.

        • Pastor Aaron Jackson

          I sent this letter to leaders in the organization I pastor under and I also did fwd it to Francis Swaggart at JSM sonlife I hope that’s ok?
          I believe when doors shut others fly open.
          Thanks for keeping the main thing the main thing.
          Your truly a Man of God.
          There are some things I won’t write here because I do not have permission from certain people but This needed to happen publicly just the way you did it.

        • Tricia

          God Bless you Mario , It was not sitting well in my spirit that people replying here were assuming it was Hank Kunneman and that is NOT right that anyone slanders him assuming he is whom your were speaking of !! I have felt the distance in my spirit watching flashpoint and your exodus . I truly believe in your discernment and your convictions . There is much to be learned from this event and your calling out the false ones . The Preaching of the gospel and winning Souls is far to important to be lost over the false doctrine and teachings from some !! Thank you for standing up and declaring the truth . We stand with you as I’ve been listening watching and being a part of all that is being done on your part for the kingdom and also Hank & Lance .You most definitely were the fab 4 for Christ and I’d like to think you still are and someday God will work it all out and you will be back . We truly believe y’all were winning souls together in truth . Keep up the work the Lord has called you to do I fully support you and your convictions . I humbly ask that you make it known to all of whom you are speaking of . Only because they may not see this reply and things that are not true will start to snowball against the ones you are not speaking of . Just my humble opinion and a feeling I’m getting from the holy spiritual . God Bless Mario . Been a fan and supporter from the beginning and even more convicted now . Take care brother Mario and I will keep praying for discernment and resolution of all this . Blessings from Arizona and from my grateful heart ♥️ Thank you for being so bold in all you do for the kingdom !!! You are truly a mighty man of God who has been called for such a time as this . You are so appreciated and needed . Thank you 🙏🏻 Hallelujah

        • Leona

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Might this be a situation for a form of “Matthew 18 discipline” since these people are believers? I know it is a process meant for local believers with people whom you know. It’s a little sticky in the 21st Century where prophets/teachers/evangelists etc. have a global reach and not known personally. None of “us” are in a position to clean up this kind of mess. We can “unsubscribe” and vote that way, and we can label people as a false prophet online which could possibly become slander if we are wrong. Since these people have national access, and since you have national access, you might be a good person to instigate the process to correct and restore someone like these two people. If they are “of the Lord” they will repent publicly and change. If they are not, they will reject correction. If correction is rejected, then the road is clear to tell the larger Body of Christ the results of your attempt to correct the errors and then name the people. I’m sure you understand the Matthew 18 process and can’t image anything more painful to do. I’m understanding more clearly why Jonah didn’t want the assignment to preach repentance to Nineva. Maybe it’s not what God is calling you personally to do, but somehow these people need to be confronted graciously but firmly.

          How to handle this is a tough one.

          Only one time have I ever seen a pastor go through the steps of discipline in Matthew 18 . . . and I’ve been around a long time. He told us one Sunday at the end of the service about a member who refused to stop living with his girlfriend. I didn’t even know who the man was, so I know he wasn’t a regular church goer (church was about 200 in attendance at that time). I was impressed with how humble my pastor was and how much he wanted this man to repent and get right with God so he could enjoy God’s full blessings. I was impressed that he gave the man time for the Holy Spirit to work. He made an appointment and met with him a second time and took a co-pastor with him to the man’s home. The man’s heart remained hard. Pastor then did what Matthew 18 said to do—he brought it before the church and ask us to withhold friendship for a season in order to provide added reason to repent. The man never came back. He would have been welcomed with open arms. The pastor was John Huffman and you know him. You spoke at South Coast Fellowship in Ventura, California many years ago. I was a member there for 23 years.

          I think we are looking at a tipping point in the Body of Christ. We’ve been hearing how God is cleaning house, so it might get a little messy for awhile.

          On a completely different note, I’d like to tell you that I still remember a story you told at that meeting at South Coast Fellowship in the 1980s. It is regarding the first time you ever heard the Holy Spirit speak to you. May I indulge? Someone stole your bicycle when you were a little boy and you were devastated. One day you went to a bakery very early in the morning and saw a bicycle there. The Holy Spirit told you to take it. You couldn’t do it. You couldn’t understand why God would tell you to steal something. But eventually you caved into the leading of the Lord and took the bike and peddled home as fast as you could. When you got home, you examined the bike and saw your personal markings on it and realized it was your bike—but someone had painted it. The Lord told you to “steal” your own bicycle, so you weren’t stealing after all. There is more backstory and I would love to hear it all again. You told it so well. Can you believe I can remember that after 40 years?! God bless you.

          • Brad

            He did go to at least one of them privately first according to his own previous comment.

        • Robert currie

          Mario are you certain he’s a false prophet.

  102. Ramona

    Mario you are speaking the truth. I got saved in 1978 because I heard you speak the truth of God’s precious word on TBN. I was so lost and ready to end my life that day; but hearing the truth of God’s word for the first time in my life; I was completely set free and I haven’t looked back. Thank you for standing by the Word of God and not compromising it no matter the cost.
    God bless you as you continue His work in the harvest of souls.

  103. Marian Strong

    Thank you for you bravery Mario.

  104. Dan

    I pray for you Sir, Jesus take care of Morris . I love and also trust you, this country is being taken over by the devil and there is only a few men of GOD to stand against him. Thanks Sir and hang in there I’m praying for you we need you. You are one of a few with the power of God on you.. and as we know that is what it takes, GOD BLESS YOU, Dan

  105. Monique

    It’s good to stand together. There were certain things that you said confirmed what God was getting my attention on. God is so good. Keep voicing the truth! God bless you

  106. Linda Matson

    The first time I saw the lady with the pink hair, I knew something was wrong. I decided not to listen to her and was happy I didn’t see her again. I recall Lance wrote something similar to what you said, also. I have no need for entertainers and performers to act out the Gospel for me. But I have no idea who the man is. Can someone say who. I have been troubled by some of the claims of prophecy, etc. I always have to ask the Lord for discernment.

    • Madeline

      Mario Murillo said it is Robin Bullock

  107. Cindy

    I don’t know what to say, shocked that this subject has again has come up; a word from one of our pastors this last weekend that you will be setting up a tent again with our church in Colorado, and speaking here in a couple of weeks, this kind of letter is hard on my heart, sure wish it hadn’t again reared its ugly head.

  108. Linnie Dee

    The devil is in the details – Thankyou for confirming what my spirit has already sensed.

  109. Virginia

    Thank you for speaking Truth❤️

  110. Patty Hardy

    Thank you so much, I was questioning and thought there might be something wrong with me, and my relationship with God. They’re going to destroy many lives. Now I know what the scripture means, if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect!❤️

  111. Gregory J. Adami

    I totally agree with you Pastor Mario. I pray that some how that God will shut the false preachers down, without hurting anyone amen 🙏

  112. JoAnn

    Thank you , Mario you are a true Blessing opening our eyes …now it’s up to us to open our ears and hearts to receive what God wants us to hear … for such a Time as this souls need to be saved ♥️ I do miss you

  113. Aj

    He is referring to being on the show with hank kunneman
    The two in the article are kat Kerr and Robin Bullock

  114. Nick McCuin

    May God bless you in your efforts good work!!!

  115. Sylvia Peterson

    Wow Mario you are bold just like Jesus. Thank you. I support you with my tithes. Keep on keeping on. I desire to be a volunteer at one of your tent meetings.❤

  116. Michelle wiegand

    Thank you for this confirmation. I did not seek out those two individually because I felt a wee bit unsure about them. Glad to know I had little discernment going on. Praying for the harvest.

  117. Colleen Vierling

    Are you referring to the lady with the pink hair?

  118. Pat Miller

    Thank you for taking a stand. Please inform us of any other false teachings. The Passion Bible’s author says God has another chapter of John and will give it to this author soon. Please warn the church of this false prophet.

  119. Karen Nuccio

    Thank you for your stand! I hope more follow your example and speak up and turn this stuff off!

  120. Jeanie

    Thank You Mario for standing up for THE GOSPEL of Jesus and the Written Word of God! You are spot on and that’s why I support you and your ministry!

  121. Randy Rae

    Mario, I understand your motivation for the sake of the Gospel of Christ! I wish you would not leave us guessing as to who these two false prophets are, so that we can judge them according to the Word Of God! Then we (the Body Of Christ) will be able to judge righteously, and not by mere outward appearance. Katheryn Kuhlman seemed odd to me, but I believe she was genuine. Same with Oral Roberts. Please give us more information, and let us discern these accusations that you are making,
    In Spirit and Truth

    • Priscilla Beggs

      People say Oral Roberts was a 33rd degree Mason. If true, so sad. People start out good and go all bad…maybe money? Power? Illuminati get to them? 501(c)3 makes churches slaves to the godless government. Come out from among them!!!

      • Nancy

        A Pastor of a Church we were attending was a Mason. We left. Tried to reason with him but he said there was nothing wrong. He paid his dues as a member and that be it. I said don’t you have to take an oath and vow for starters. He said yes but that was alright. No! Not alright!
        Oh my dear Jesus. I found out because a deacon’s nephew was celebrating with his deacon uncle of being sworned in as a Mason. And his uncle was one and got his nephew initiated. So so grieving. I spoke to the Pastor and he revealed he was a member and no big deal! I was an Intercessor Prayer leader, taught teens Sunday School and on the Worship Team and my heart broke! I prayed for their repentance and Deliverance. We had to leave could not align with darkness. Jesus is coming to clean His Church!
        Holy Spirit Fire! Consuming Convicting Purifying Refiner’s Fire on ALL! Readying His Bride, and called to give Jesus in this Great Harvest! Crying out Sparing not holding to the altar! Jesus wants all of who we are! Surrender to Him! He has our books! The Father knows who truly knows Him! Really time to know the Father and do His will in making Jesus known!
        Holy Spirit lead and guide and into all truth! In Jesus almighty name!

    • Nikki Wurn

      Mario said in the comments it is Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock. Katherine Kuhlman was a beautiful woman of God. ❤️

      • Mario Murillo

        Miss Kuhlman also called out false teachers.

  122. Linda

    I watch Flash Point I greatly filter that pastors words. I do not believe they are all wrong. But I remember the glowing endorsement of the pink hair lady. I had a huge check, stop me in my tracks concerning her. I can see why you take this stand. Many by association blindly accept everything. They saw it on Flash points it must be okay. I had to caution and warn several concerning her.

  123. Laurie

    I thought Flashpoint and Kenneth Copeland were corrupt. He’s the richest pastor in the world. How do we know Mario is not corrupt being on that show. Mark Taylor says that the Flashpoint logo is demonic. A bullseye pointed at the Bible. He also says Hank and Kat are false prophets.

  124. Steph

    You appear to be more and more angry about things that don’t really matter. Are the prophet and the seer turning people away from Christ? No they are not. Whatever people believe about heaven makes no difference and probably draws more people to get saved. Stay in your lane I say. This divisivion you are promoting is very damaging to the body of Christ. It is sad you keep doing it. I can’t listen to you anymore.

    • Mario Murillo

      You believe that saying you can be saved after you die is not important? Not only are they turning people away from Christ so are you by believing there is such a thing as a harmless false doctrine. They division you should be concerned about is how they are dividing people from the truth.

      • Raymond

        Mario can you please tell me if Laura lightner and Kent Christmas are true Prophets

        • Mario Murillo

          No I cannot at this point.

  125. Pam


    Thank you for your stance on truth! I praise Gos for your boldness and pray others will follow.

  126. Viviane Smith

    Thank you Mario 🇨🇦 I pray for your ministry from Canada. I understand the great need to minister to the drug addicts as the fentanyl is killing our loved ones daily. I lost 2 sons to fentanyl overdoses. Without Jesus I could not face the sorrow. Thank you for standing on the word of God. I sensed in my spirit something very askew with one of the prophets you are referring to. I pray for your ministry as we are one body in Christ🙏

    • Ginger

      Viviane, I also lost two sons to fentanyl. One in 2019 and one in 2021. Without the Lord it would not be bearable. My prayers are with you my Sister in Christ.

  127. Doreen

    We stand with you Mario and thank you for speaking truth. It pains me to see how easily tricked the body of Christ can be when they do not test the words of these individuals with the Word of God. You are right to withdraw as those who continue to give these false ones a platform bring confusion to the body

  128. Cindy

    This saddens me now satan is doing overtime in the ministry of who the Lord gave prophecy too. You have a great ministry you worked well with Hank Kunneman in these flashpoint meetings. The Lord has lead you to a different road. I’ll be praying for you.

  129. Steven R Smith

    I had my suspicions about the lady. I quit watching her when she just got too far out there for me to believe what she was saying, especially about the return of Jesus being so far away. Nobody knows when Jesus is coming back except the Father. I have a feeling I know who the other person who you presumably went to Hank to talk about is, but not sure. You owe it to the people who follow and support your ministry as I do to let them know who these false teachers are so they won’t get connected with them. E-mailing them would be a good way to keep it private if you feel that need, but something should be said to make people aware that don’t know. We will continue to support your ministry, as you bring many souls to the knowledge of the truth. May God bless you in everything you do.

    • Mary

      He said “Robin Bullock and already said Kat Kerr”. I discerned it when I saw her and him. You can trust Mario. He’s been used of God since the 70’s. He’s always was a strait shooter like Paul. He will not comprimise the Gospel. We need them call them out. Thank God fir his courage and reliance ti do what the Spirit speaks to him. We need thousands more of Mario’s . To speak truth, and evanglize.!

  130. Christine Gomez

    Wow!!! I’m so grateful for you and your wife for making a stand and obeying the word & Holy Spirit.
    It’s funny since the Atlanta event with Flashpoint I’ve watched the show less and less. When I saw that Mario was appearing less I don’t watch at all. I listen to Lance on his show and the others are just a lot of noise.
    A lesson I learned from Mario through many years of hearing him as a youth at Concerts with Petra is don’t believe Man always Believe and Trust in the Lord and he will direct your path.
    We love you Mario and we support the Harvest and thank you for teaching the kingdom Truth!!

  131. Larry Lavallee

    Correct, follow the money ☹ SOULS are of The Greatest worth 🔥 Nothing else can compare ✝️

    • Sadie Reid

      I appreciate true servants of the Lord who are not afraid to take a stand for the Truth. Thank you Mario Murillo for calling out those false prophets and revealing who they really are: Sadly, they are enemies of the true Gospel!
      You also made athe godly choice to separate yourself from those people who are deceiving many. As the apostle Paul warned us;–they are preaching “another Jesus”

  132. Lynn

    I watched last evening and was very disappointed with the guest. Made me question the integrity of the show. Stay strong in faith Mario!

  133. Stacey R - Texas

    Yes, one is Kat… but who is the other? Why not name them and help us out?

    • Madelin

      Mario posted today that it is Robin Bullock

    • Laura Luciani

      He mentions above the other Robin Bullock.

    • Darla Dunn

      He did name them…the other is Robin Bullock

  134. Mary Irvine

    I understand who and why in the case of the female. I only heard her once, and that was enough. So many are claiming to hear from God everyday with a new word. Lord help us to discern TRUTH and Light

  135. Lynne Brown

    Thank you thank you thank you Mario! We came to your tent revivals in California twice and it was life changing! To see your pursuit of plundering hell to populate heaven convicted us to do the same! Doing outreach with frank was amazing!! To love on people who don’t know their value and share Christ with them and see lives changed was an honor! Thank you!!

  136. Dawn Ricks

    Amen!!! We must stand up for the real truth of God’s Holy Word and ……..NOT LEAVE QUIETLY!!!

  137. susan boniberger

    Thank you.
    Matthew 24:24

  138. el

    Yep, also robin bullock and lance wallnau…. they preach the 7 mountains

    • Mario Murillo

      I support Lance but not Robin.

      • Tricia

        Mario , This is another example of why you should be specific about whom you are speaking of . People are doing much assuming and slandering of those you are not speaking of !! This is very sad to see this happening . Please make your feelings known of whom you are speaking of as to avoid a disaster to others reputations that includes Lance , Hank, Gene, Brother Copeland and all of Flashpoint and that ministry . I see this spreading hurting the kingdom and the reputation of good godly men and their ministries . FLASHPOINT REACHES MILLIONS . All these speculations are NOT GODLY NOR RIGHT !! Please do correct this , it is in your court now because you wrote the blog the way you did . I’m just a sister asking you to NOT LET SATAN WIN THIS ONE BY HURTING FLASHPOINT THE VICTORY CHANNEL AND OTHERS WHOM YOU DO SUPPORT!! FOR THE SAKE OF LOSING SOULS PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT BY RESPONDING AND STOPPING THE ACCUSATIONS AND SLANDER OF GOOD GODLY MEN, THE SHOW A GODLY SHOW AND CHANNEL .IM PRAYING TOU SET THIS RIGHT IN JESUS NAME AND ALL FLORY TO HIM

        • Mario Murillo

          Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr. And they should not be specific…they should apply this to all who are teaching these false doctrines.

          • Patty

            I have heard Robin Bullock’s prophesy some very specific things that came to pass, including the release of a bio-weapon virus. That word he gave 2 and 3 years prior to covid. Is it possible that your example you gave is a time when Robin misheard? Do you have other examples where he gave incorrect words?

          • Mario Murillo

            He told those who doubt the existence of Jello-O mountains to shut up. He says there is a Bible code that prophets know.

      • Wayne Gile

        Thank you Mario for your many years of service for the gospel. I remember in the late ’90s I was in a restaurant in a small town in Central Oklahoma and was wondering what is Mario doing nowadays? Within 1 minute I saw someone walking by the Chinese restaurant window and came in and walked across the restaurant and sat down within 6 ft of me. It had to be Mario’s doppelganger! I went home and looked up your ministry schedule and sure enough, you were preaching in Pawnee Oklahoma that day just a few miles away. Wow! We have supported your ministry financially for quite a while and I feel that support has benefited the harvest of souls to Jesus. Although we will no longer be able to do this given this recent issue , I wanted to encourage you to keep ’em coming in! We’ll see you in Heaven! God bless you!

      • Lori Tucker

        Just curious…so do you support New Apostolic Reformation teaching?

    • Sylvia A Croft

      I don’t see anything anti-Biblical about the 7 mountains. Lance is different, but not in a bad way. He is so sincere.

  139. Robin

    I have seem these people on the shows you are referring to and knew they were false. Honestly, I had lost respect for you as I really admired your fire and comittment to souls. Now you have gained my respect again! Thank you for speaking out! There is SO much Deception out there!

  140. Sandy Pisz

    I know you speak the truth. Thanks for bringing this to people attention.

  141. Donna

    Thank you for calling them out God is holy

  142. Cheryl Hinckley

    Blessings for taking the high road. I plan to be in Ocala, Florida in March with 2 friends. We are willing to help anyway we can. We are praying the Lord uses us and help us back here in NH bring forth the harvest.

    • Gracie

      Thank you for speaking out and speaking truth. Nothing KK says can be backed up or substantiated by scripture. There is not an inkling what she says can be married with the word. Even Jesus backed up what He said with scripture but this is the figment of her imagination. Go and look what the Moslems will see in heaven. Very similar. How can fictitious characters become Godly? Even Disney has put the anagram of Santa to what it really is – satan. If you go to Europe where I live some regions have gothic emblems of Santa eating children and they have been there for 100s of years. We don’t need to plough in heaven as everything will be going back to before the fall. I was pained to watch Elijah Streams and watch Steve try and put a prophecy right by saying a prophet saw Trump inaugurated in January 2020 and it will happen. Well it didn’t but they were still trying to say he was correct!! Crazy 🤪. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the madness. HK trying to be Kim Clement.
      R Bullock dressed like John the Baptist – its embarrassing. I know what I read about heaven and what it will look like from the word and on top of that Paul said we see through a glass darkly. Even if you are the only voice – thank you!!

  143. Connie

    Thank you for taking a stand and alerting the sheep!

  144. Lorene Ness

    If these false prophets didn’t have followers they would go away. Many times do they have to be wrong with their prophecies before people will quit following them? It’s really unbelievable. Are Christians that gullible and ignorant of the word?

  145. Lb

    Mario, I listened all the time to the show. It would be nice if we knew who the two are you are talking about so that we don’t listen to them (if we do now) anymore. Please let’s us know or if someone else knows, leave a comment here!

    • Nancy

      Kat Kerr, said he doesn’t support Robin Bullock, surely he went to Hank in private. Look at his 2 responses. Trouble with ministers who just talk and have no word in the pulpit
      Last year heard one, not saying he is false but after 2 hours of already hearing him speak on lock down, there was no ministry and no real.word, people came from out of state. Over 2 hours I sat and I left. A shame. Also same church had a guy there, saying he orayed in tongues for 7to8 hours a day. Had 1 scripture on giving, but no real word and no gifts flowed. Would benefit if people gathered to pray for 3 hours than sit and wait for word to be preached.

  146. Christopher

    Get behind me satan, these are the words of our Lord Jesus when Peter rebuked him. I love you Brother Mario, lend yourself to your calling sir. None of us understands the ways of God for they are higher than our ways. I see you being used for division amongst the brethren and my love says to help you not give heed to these things. There is already an accuser of the brethren, satan. Even Paul said “God knows” well leave it with Him. And in that same chapter says he does not want to be exalted over anyone. Let Gods perfect love cast out all fear! May He bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, and give you His peace, in Jesus name!

  147. Lucy

    How do you know it’s Hank? Kat I believe is one of them but would like to know why you think it’s Hank. Don’t want to listen to him if it is

    • Madelin

      Mario posted today that it is Robin Bullock

    • Carolyn

      He said Robin Bullock! Not Hank

  148. Lynne Wright

    I in my spirit are in complete agreement with you, Mario. You are confirming what has been in my spirit for over a year. Thank you so much for speaking out…in love, truth and humility.💕🙏🏻🕊

  149. Marie Groves

    We love you and praying for you daily.

  150. Eric

    These serpents have been slithering into our churches and programs and NOBODY, not even the church custodian has called them out! They are rodents dropping their feces of destruction everywhere they go!.
    May our precious Yeshua bless you Mario and hoping I can keep learning more and more wisdom such as you. I’ve been calling out these two false teachings (and their are many more) for a long time!
    Praying I can make it to Bakersfield to volunteer. Roseville was a miracle!

  151. Annaliesa moberg

    Thank you Mario. Truth needs to be put out there. I have to say I listened to someone say there would be jello in heaven, and that didn’t sit right in my heart. I am so blessed to read this message. I don’t want to ever follow false teachings.

  152. Lisa

    Yeah, I’ve had a problem with her stuff too. It lacks reverence, awe and mystery. The type of Heaven she describes, I wouldn’t even want to go to. Also her description of creatures forming portals in the clouds creeps me out. I don’t however see the connection with Catholicism even though we have our fair share of false prophets too that I’ve been trying to shed light on

  153. Elaine

    A house divided against itself will fall. Those of you who pray in the Spirit, please do so more often. I really appreciate the explanation. I miss you Mario and I am blessed as I see the harvest coming in, especially the young people.

  154. Nana

    It’s not Hank.
    Yes Kat Kerr

    • Pastor Aaron Jackson

      It looks like Mario confronted Pastor Hank for platforming Kat and Robin at his church and the large event he did months ago.

  155. Gary & Debbie Carmichae

    God has blessed you immensely Mario, and we support you even though we miss you on Flashpoint. We volunteered in Colorado Springs and witnessed how greatly God uses you. We know you will stay strong in the Lord and not compromise His Word.

  156. Sandi Southerland

    In total agreement!! Thank you for speaking out on this!!

  157. Barbara Haiss Martin

    Just as we have been taught to write our Congressmen, I wrote a very brief letter to Gene Bailey at Flashpoint. I told him I read Mario’s blog, I agree with him and I am praying the issue gets resolved. If Mario was referring to shows other than or in addition to Flashpoint, I am not aware of them.

  158. Martha Wertz

    Thank you for taking a stand, including the details concerning false ‘teaching, preaching and representing’ God’s Word. Our God will not be mocked. Crazy unbiblical claims to attract crowds, gain favor or fame should be a huge turn off and red flag to those who have studied God’s Word. As there are many levels of new Believers,we should be like Paul to teach and point out false doctrines. New Age, false religions, sugar coated sermons are unfortunately spreading like weeds among the lost and lonely, confused, naive, desperate. Desperation, lack of knowledge, greed has caused too many mis-informed folks to ‘drink the koolaid.’ THANK YOU for modeling that we should seek God’s wisdom in this area, including not partnering with foolish as well as destructive teachings. May the Lord continue to be with you and your family.

  159. Val

    I couldn’t agree more Mario. I heard the woman speak one time and my spirit said NOPE! I was not aware that the man you speak of aligns himself with her teachings. Even though I truthfully do not follow him, I won’t going forward. Thank you for who you are. Keep glorifying God in all you do and say. God bless you.

  160. Jan Hood

    No not Hank. But I do believe you’re right about Kat Kerr. I actually heard the man talk about Santa Claus in heaven but I can’t remember who said it

  161. Jan Hood

    No it’s not Hank, Lance or Robin. It’s none of the regular Flashpoint crew

    • Linda Matson

      Read Mario’s answers and his explanation in the blog. I searched and searched and saw RB claim he also has been to Heaven and saw God (which is NO WAY) sitting in a cube of gelatin. HELLO?????

    • Sylvia A Croft

      Jan, Mario said it is Kerr and Robin in these comments.

  162. Colleen MacPherson

    Thank you for speaking the truth Mario and for taking a stand against those that distort the gospel of Jesus the Christ and are speaking lies. I continue to pray for you and your ministry. God bless you abundantly more than you could ever think or ask and may He continue to give you passion and zeal to bring the lost to Christ, boldness and courage to speak the truth, the Word, the gospel no matter the consequences and a heart of compassion in Jesus’s name AMEN 🙏🙏🙌🔥⚔️🙌🔥⚔️🙏🙏

  163. Gail Erickson

    Even though I agree with you ,I always assumed when you were on the show I watched, that you didn’t agree with that. You represented (to me) “another” viewpoint.

  164. Gail Erickson

    Not Answering your question but I somehow don’t feel a check at all re HK-think he’s right on. (Battle of the “checks” -haha)

  165. Roger

    Creflo now declares that the tithe is no longer relevant to today. Pretty sure that’s why he has less prominence. Carlton Pearson got off with unbiblical teachings and was debunked in his circles.

    • Nancy

      Carlton Pearson is preaching Universalisim that Satsn himself will be saved. Some years ago and back then over night seemingly thousands in his church left! Good for them. But with some here posting, what be wrong with him!

  166. Carolyn Gerling

    Thank you for presenting the unadulterated word of God.
    His Spirit bears witness with our spirit if we are in tune.I have eliminated a half dozen programs for the very reasons you state. “Having done all…….stand.”

  167. Madelin

    Mario posted today that it is Robin Bullock

  168. Shauna Laird

    Felt this last April when at a conference my husband and I were attending this person was not a speaker but showed up every morning at the same place with us wearing enough makeup for a dead man thought then it was a mask and I have seen several appearances since giving message in tongues to give the interpretation after there is always other ministers there that if by the spirit it is given someone else would give the interpretation

  169. Linda Barnes

    Thank you for taking a stand .. If possible are able to you name the the man? we need to be aware of who to stay away from .. This is why we need to know the scriptures .. as we are told to “test” the spirits .. in the last days people want to have their ears tickled .. and boy, are they being tickled!! Sad!

  170. Dianne Wood

    Can you be specific about why you don’t support Robin? Also you spoke against Julie Green and said God doesn’t need to give out daily prophecies. I listen to her daily. Are you also opposed to her and could you please explain why. Thank you.

    • Mario Murillo

      The blog is very specific.

      • Peggy Bowling

        Amen, Mario your blog is very specific as is the word of God…

        Ephesians 5:11
        Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead Expose them.

        Thank you for being more concerned about what God thinks of you than any man.
        As we all should!

      • Terry

        We should pray for Julie. She is caught up in something way over her ability to cope. She is being used.

      • Anabel Cardinez

        Mario thank you for letting us know why you’re not on flashpoint. We miss you every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now flashpoint is coming to Florida and you’re not going to be there. I watch Hank’s services every week. Is it ok to do so? I don’t want to do something that’s against GOD’S will and direction. May GOD continue guiding you.

  171. Elaine Sprinzl

    My family stands with you Mario! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry. We are part of the Flashpoint Army and are praying that this will soon be resolved.

  172. Shaun

    I assume Hank is the person he tried to reason with directly. The “rollercoasters in heaven” person is most certainly KK. The person who referred to the Red Sea turning to Jell-O (his actual phrasing was the Red Sea congealed in its depths) is Robin Bullock, who is a fierce defender of Kat. I’ve always liked Robin, but his defense of Kat has been a serious check in my own spirit, because I’ve heard outright anti-biblical heresies come from her mouth, first hand.

  173. Sue

    I’ve been following some of the famous with large ministries (never Katt Kerr)and over the past 2 years I’ve noticed a change, most have gone off the rails including people like Kenneth Copeland! His daughter was using something Lyle Lovett said about his relationship with his earthly father as an example for us with God! I immediately replied that he has a scandalous reputation and evidently his father didn’t teach him much! I have recently moved and thought I had found my church home, large congregation in South Lake Texas, They are so far off it was shocking, no reference or respect of God, everyone dressed in very casual/pajama clothes drinking coffee in the sanctuary and they brought out a large screen and it was a video of Saturday night service, no live Sunday service! I think I’m giving up trying to find a church home. Where are the real signs following the preaching of God’s Word?

  174. odelja servo

    Thanknyou thank you Mario, yes the Bible says in the last days even the elect will be deceived, the devil is so sly we need to be in the word .

  175. Judy Marleen Ledford

    False prophets don’t line up with the WORD. She doesn’t line up with the WORD!

  176. Lou Kuncaitis

    I appreciate your honesty. I am glad that you do not wish to appear with false prophets. I always wondered how you could. Thank you for availing yourself of God’s grace.

  177. Lori

    Thank you for this truth, Mario. I got caught up in wanting to believe all that because I didn’t want to see us lose the country, but I knew deep down that the story was not consistent with the Word. It’s not. No where does Jesus ever say, “oops, those birth pains were Braxton Hicks and no active labor.” We don’t get a reprieve. We don’t get a reversal. The Bible doesn’t say that. In fact, all that false prophesy sounds like it takes place in either during the tribulation or in the Millennium. Jesus clearly said, “These things must happen. See that you are not troubled. ” He didn’t say you will eat cake and celebrate! And could anyone even fathom a guy named Trump coming on the scene, and the Bible talks about a last Trump? That short time of 45 was our wake-up call. Trump’s positive economic and family centric achievements provided the contrast against evil ungodly policies so the sleeping fools could recognize evil at last. There’s just too many things in the Bible coming to pass at lightening speed that gives undeniable proof of where we are on this ending timeline. Jesus is coming any time now.

  178. Sharon Wilder

    Thank you for your humble reply. I have always ask God to not let me be led away like the silly women in Corinth. This helps me understand. I have missed you on FP. One day I hope to attend one of your tent meetings. Keeping you in my prayers.

  179. Rose

    O, Amen, Mario. You are so right. May the church and every one who claims Jesus as Lord submit all teaching and prophesy to the Lord Jesus through his Word. We need to examine everything by the Word. May the Lord Jesus use you to preach the Word which will open the doors of salvation to whoever will hear and believe.

    • Mary

      I have seen so many videos on YouTube of people accusing so many pastors of being heretical. I’ve always asked myself, who are they to accuse the brethren in the way they do. We all know who the accuser of the brethren is. However, I can see that you have a different heart than most of these Youtubers. You do not put yourself on the same level as God. You are judging what they said. You are not taking it out of context. You are speaking with a sound mind. You are not trying to exalt yourself to a superior position. I agree with your judgment, and do pray that flashpoint will reconsider their stance. We miss seeing you on that program. You always bring it back to the gospel and lost souls! I will be praying for all of this!

  180. Christopher

    The Pharisee’s said that same thing about Jesus because they did not understand or believe. These are people that love you, please do not allow yourself to be used to slander them. Not everything God does, makes sense to everyone. If they love Jesus and preach the Gospel and salvation through Jesus, where have they gone wrong? How is that not biblical?

  181. Judy Seltmann

    Mario, I understand about Kat Kerr but please help me understand your issue with Robin Bullock. Thanks.

    • Judy L Littrell

      I’ve never heard Robin speak anything about the things Kat has said. Robin believes the Jesus is coming soon, but other prophets say that it’s a least 100 years or more.

  182. Beverly Lemoine

    Best information I could read. Thank you for standing strong in your faith. Reading this helps me in my Ministry to stay the course

  183. Eddie Bowers

    I agree. God told me to quit listening to the prophets and to read the word. Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. The Bible says to have nothing to do with those teaching false doctrine. All they are doing is getting people’s attention on things of this earth and distracting from the work of the harvest.

  184. Linda Green

    Thanks for your bold truth! I too have missed you on Flashpoint! But, understand why you had to back away at least for a time. I have said for years that it is False teachers amongst us, that does more damage to the Gospel than any other single thing. And my spirit has always felt that Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock are two such false teachers. I also understand the damage it does to have an otherwise trusted program, host those that are not teaching the truth!! It is dangerous! When this sort of thing happens it often causes you to start questioning the integrity of the overall program. Thank-You Mario for pointing out what needed to be pointed out, and staying faithful to the Word of God! May God continue to bless and protect you as you continue to do his work faithfully!!

  185. Hubert Heimburger

    Greetings from Germany!

    Dear brothers and sisters, I implore all who love Mario and his ministry, who stand by his side, who pray for him: Let us unite in fervent prayer according to Matthew 9:37-38: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

    We cannot allow a lack of voluntary workers to cause Mario’s next tent crusade “Living Proof” in Bakersfield, March 12-15 to be cancelled!

    I am coming all the way from Germany – to learn from Mario and see God’s glory at work in the first place, but also to help wherever I possibly can.
    So may I challenge you precious American brothers and sisters and soldiers in the army of our Savior to consider registering as volunteers as well???

    Hubert Heimburger

    Translated with (free version)

    • Judy Vinson

      God bless you, Mr. Heimberger!

  186. Elaine

    Thanks for speaking truth, Mario. We stand with you and in prayer.

  187. Laura

    I don’t think that we should call out names I think Mr Mario Murillo did an excellent job in informing us of his decisions and the reasons for his decisions! But this is where you have to really seek the Holy Spirit and let the discernment of the Lord lead you! God knows who is false and who is not and he did the right thing he took them aside and called them out face-to-face as the Bible says. God had critiqued who I listen to almost a year ago now let him do the same to you he will guide you he will show you the enemy is trying to destroy the church but if you stand on God’s word and really seek him and really ask for discernment on who you should listen to he will tell you he loves you he cares about you You’re precious

  188. Dena

    Christians need to read their Bible so they can discern false doctrine and prophecy. We need to stop being gullible especially in these last days. Thank you for not being silent Mario.

  189. lance j foreman

    hey brother, just in my opinion not naming them is a mistake, i figure if they were politicians they would be named yea? I dont know who you talking about, i agree with what u just wrote here but what good is it if u wont name them? how many of the Saints could benefit by being warned? no sense in going cryptic with a Bible command, i understand the tradition of not naming sheep in wolves clothing, and much of that is many are competitors or the one sounding off not sure etc etc, if you sure say it, in such a time as this more than ever in our generation we need iron in our words, without it, these warnings dont really mean much, imo God Bless

    • Adrienne GORKA

      He already stated the names, kat kerr and Robin Bullock

      • Linda

        Stated their names several times!

  190. Teena

    I am so glad to hear this from you! Thank you for always being courageous enough to speak the truth.

  191. Terry Haight

    Good for you friend. You are by the way one of my most trusted source’s for The Word. You are rightly dividing the truth from the lies. I believe The Spirit of The Lord is upon you.

  192. Mike Walker

    We are living in critical times and I appreciate your stand and admire your courage. Praying for you and I’m grateful for this platform I believe you are referring to introducing me to you and your ministry now more than 2 years ago. My wife and I gladly support your ministry and believe you are helping usher in this end times harvest before our Lord returns. Stand firm in faith and know that many are standing with you.

  193. Chris Eden

    The one thing God promises is that his word will not return back to him void, I am standing on the promises that can not fail. He that is in us is Greater than he that is in the world.

  194. Carokyn

    There are many in the comments that have the names listed wrong! Mario said Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock no one else!

  195. Sherry yerby

    I know what Robin preaches is different but what has he said that was false?

    • Mario Murillo

      Read the blog. Please.

  196. Jimmie Novak

    Dear Mario, thank you for your message. I would appreciate it if you would give the names of the people you were speaking about. God bless.

    Jim Novak

    • Mario Murillo

      Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr

  197. Julie Robertson

    Mario, what is your opinion about flowers and trees and rivers and seas in Heaven? They don’t fall into the works of earth?
    Just wondering, not being critical. Thank you for a great article, express ing thoughts of many.

    • Mario Murillo

      Works of men on Earth not God.

  198. Dena

    What about her saying you get a second chance to get saved in heaven? That’s dangerous and false teaching that needs to be corrected.

  199. Dena

    Mario I was watching your link on Facebook on the Sondra Heartstone Show. I saw you have volunteers at your crusades who go out to the streets prior. I was trying to find more information on that. Is it street witnessing in groups? I’m not very good at witnessing, but like to get better at it. I’m a hands on learner. Can women be involved?

  200. Judy

    Does this also mean Kat?

  201. Deborah

    My spirit lines up with this for sure! May God continue to use you mightily Mario to win souls for His kingdom! Jesus is coming soon!

  202. Ken Schmitz

    Keep it going brother, been following your lack of compromise! The Lord says here I’m!!!!

  203. Mark B

    Mario, God bless you for taking such a courageous stand for the truth of the Gospel which cannot be perverted. It hurts a bit as 2 of these I had followed for awhile and even liked them a lot but things were being said that did not ring true and were not found in the bible so I stopped listening to them. I wondered why no one else was speaking up. But you have the conviction of the Holy Spirit and it is shown by your heart for the people to know the truth and be set free and is proven by the many souls saved and healed in your ministry. I thought of Jeremiah where he didn’t want to speak anymore what the Lord was telling him about the false prophets in Israel but he said if he keeps silent, it is like a fire in his belly and he has to say what God told him to. There is only one we follow and that is Jesus Christ.

  204. Rose

    How do you know it’s Lance and Hank?

    • Janet Roy

      I heard the false prophets say the things he mentioned – they are Kat Kerr and Robyn Bullock. I heard them say those very things in a meeting. Host of the meeting was Hank Kunneman. So I am thinking that his endorsement of those two is a problem for Mario Murillo. I went to Kunneman’s meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa, after the Flashpoint meeting. Most of the speakers were new to me. I had never heard Kerr and Bullock before. I was very disturbed with what they said. Kat Kerr mentioned her grandson went riding in a roller coaster car up a volcano – and the lava and stuff didn’t hurt them!!

  205. Mary Lou

    I think this will probably be addressed in more detail by Mario. I still watch Flashpoint because they have great news information and updates, and Mario was not referring to Lance or Hank. His comments clarify that and if you read them all; he was referring to Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock. God has given us His Spirit for discernment and we need to pray for those who misuse God’s Word.

  206. Karen Cable

    I miss you Mario. My heart aches because I love Flashpoint I pray God reveals who the false prophet is to me. I’m heartbroken because I love and respect all of these men of God. God bless you standing up for the right thing.

    • Mario Murillo

      Robin Bullock and Kat Kerr

      • Melissa

        I am grieved about Robin Bullock. I knew the first time I heard Kat it would be the last time I would listen.

    • Becki Kester.

      I agree. Who is causing the greater damage. A false prophet among us or those who will not adhere to the greatest commandment of all to love our brethren as ourselves? How many times has God pursued me? More times than I deserve.

  207. Elyce Mouskondis

    Elyce Mouskondis, Dallas
    Mario God bless you for standing for truth. The Bible is the only truth there is and we need to get it down in our hearts so that we all stand against heresies and win souls for Christ. We are all called but few are chosen. Blessings, Elyce

  208. Mark B

    Yes, I felt the same. It used to be my favorite show. I too have spent much more time in the bible and away from following others.

  209. Molly Jennings

    I stand with you Pastor Mario!Amen!

  210. Mark B

    My comment is identical. Stopped following Elijah List and Flashpoint. I wasted so much more time watching them than reading the word. Now I am focused on the Word everyday.

    • CH

      Be careful in whom you judge, be careful and prayerful that you are correct …
      2 Chronicles 36:16 But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people, till there was no remedy.
      Matthew 7:1-2 Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
      God says, ‘touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no Harm’.
      1 Chron 16:22: Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm
      Psalms 105:15: Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm
      Deuteronomy 32:35 “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay…
      Hebrews 10:30-31 For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge His people.” 31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.…
      Amos 3:7 (God calls the prophets “HIS” servants; therefore, perhaps we should be very careful in whom we call to be false.)
      “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

      • Mario Murillo

        CH is that a name? If you are so confident that you are right why are you hiding? No one here is touching God’s prophets.

        • Sherrie

          This is why I do not believe what is going on here. Why would you attack CH? He is stating Gods words, nothing more. This is not how Jesus would handle this blog, Jesus would shut it down

          • Mario Murillo

            Not one person here has an argument for these false ministers that holds true from the Bible. I stand by every word I have written and I will never back down. Don’t tell me that because I am an evangelist I should stay in my lane. I made it very clear that it is because of lost souls that I have written this. These false teachers have jumped into my lane. Don’t waste your time trying to slander me. Either make a case or move on. But know that if you are trying to change my mind—or the mind of the Bible based friends of this ministry—you should not waste your breath.

        • Teresa

          “Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I (Paul) withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed…”Gal 2:11. I think that Mario in speaking to this prophet face to face and giving exhortation when he is at fault is very Biblical. Here was a great opportunity for this person to course-correct! Paul was not out of line and showed love toward his brother in setting things straight. If the exhortation is not received, then the Bible says to speak openly, so all can take heed.

      • Peggy Bowling

        Ephesians 5:11 ESV /

        Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead EXPOSE them.

      • Nancy

        Please read the book of Nehemiah. He contended with Prophets and Prophetess that were paid to lie from the enemy Tobias and Sandbalat. Nehemiah called them out for being treasonous and false! That is a powerful book, well needed to be read and studied today!
        Because there is such need of its truths and teaching for today!

  211. Margaret Whittington

    Mario, Thank you for being a warrior for God. The one thing God’s Word repeats throughout the Bible is to be His foot soldiers, and to share the gospel with others. We should put on the Armour of God and set our minds on things above and not on earthly things. He also warns us not to be deceived. We should find decrement in God’s Word, it is our instructions in righteousness, gain knowledge and apply it to our lives.

  212. Ellen a Headlee

    You will know them by their fruits , Pray for God, who knows all hearts, to give us the gift of revelation knowledge and discernment remember what the Lord requires of us, is to do justice love mercy and walk humbly with our God . thank you Bro Mario remain true to your convictions and remember everything goes back to the veracity of the word of God

  213. Janet Roy

    Yes, yes, yes!!! I went to the weekend meeting after the Flashpoint meeting in Council Bluffs. Most of the people speaking were new to me. I heard the 2 false prophets speak and it was worrisome to me because I knew something was very wrong. Then the preacher hosting the conference spoke at the end and he endorsed these two people!! I left feeling very concerned. You are so right!! Unless the main guy changes how can you join him on ‘the program”? I cannot imagine him changing because he has put it out there that he supports these 2 – that would mean he was wrong and he doesn’t seem to be one who would admit he was wrong. He usually redefines things or comes up with some way to move on without being “wrong”.
    Looking forward to hearing you and Lance in Ocala. I was at Fort Myers. This old lady (74 with health issues) can drive and I won’t miss anything of yours that I can make it to.

  214. Kristie Cable

    Thank you, this is exactly what I expect from you Brother Mario because you always walk in the integrity of God’s Word.

  215. Marti Weddepohl

    Stand brother, my household and I stand with you.

  216. Pastor Aaron Jackson

    The comments are proof that tictok,YouTube shorts has ruined the attention span and ability to properly ingest long form written content.
    Bible reading is taking a huge hit.

  217. Celeste

    Thank you Mario and God Bless your God given courage to speak out.

  218. Nita

    Amen Mario… please continue to stand for the truth!

  219. Laura

    You are doin the right thing, Mario!! It’s gotten out of control. Flashpoint needs to listen to you

  220. Betty A Jackow

    Thank you brother Mario for standing and not comprising that circus is all about money the scripture that rings LOUD in my spirit is wolves in sheep’s clothing I stand you Brother Mario and I pray for GODS divine protection over you and your family also that our heavenly Father will meet every need in abundance. Love and Blessings

  221. Karen Ikeler

    THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for your stand for the TRUTH!!!

  222. Jackie

    Do miss you and agree with what you have said. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. Wonder if they knew what would be said ahead of time. Pray Those you spoke of are not on again Pray also things could be cleansed so you could come back the Lord Jesus was always exalted when you ministered. Love you

  223. Janine Keim

    Thank you so much for your honesty and for including scripture to back your beliefs. I believe I know the woman you spoke of and I wrote her off as false a long time ago also because of her claims about Heaven. While watching her speak I remembered verses I memorized in childhood that contradicted what she was saying. I shut her off after that. I have been suspicious of others (one in particular) but my first suspicion was more of a feeling about their character than a specific thing they said. They came across as prideful (they lacked humility and reverence for God). I understand why you didn’t mention them in this post, but I would be very grateful if you could message me and let me know the names of these false prophets and any references to things they have said and the scriptures it contradicts. I have a couple of dear friends who still follow them and believe everything they say. I know my friend’s will listen to me if I talk with them about my concerns but I need solid scriptural proof and not just a feeling before I go to them. I feel it is important they know before they are sucked in too deep. I am a mother of 7 children and I homeschool. I don’t have time to watch all their videos (especially the false ones) and present the cases. Thank you for anything you can share, and thank you for your faithfulness to the Gospel and to the truth.