Fire and Glory Tour Launches With Powerful First Night

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Fire and Glory Tour, Mario Murillo Ministries | 36 comments

The Fire & Glory Tour kicked off tonight under the Tent in Ft. Myers, Florida. An area recently ravaged by a terrible hurricane is now being ravaged by the Spirit of God, but in a good way! It was a powerful night of worship and a great word from God to the Church, delivered by Lance Wallnau.

As has become customary at so many of the Living Proof tent events, the people showed up early and were hungry for God. The Tent was full and worship began nearly an hour before the posted start time.

As the people worshiped, many continued to arrive, and soon they had to raise the sides of the Tent in order to accommodate hundreds of additional chairs. An estimated 2,500 people were in attendance.

Mario took the pulpit and greeted the people. He told how the Tent was sanctified in the fire of California, and how tens of thousands had been saved there, under this very Tent. And then he announced it was now time for Fire and Glory in Florida. The people lifted up a shout of praise that roared throughout the Tent.

Mario asked the question, “What is the specific purpose of this tour and these two nights?” He said, “I’ve never known my country to be in more danger than right now. Never known a time where, in the beltway of Washington D.C., there is neither Democrat nor Republican—instead, there is just an elite ruling force. And they need to be put out of business. We need to pray them out.”


He went on to tell the people that we have lost many battles in the conservative and Christian movement. And that one of the things God has put on us, is to discover why we lost these battles.

He explained the reason for this Fire and Glory tour is that America needs a miracle, but that we have dropped the ball, because we have been afraid. Afraid to tell them to repent and that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.


Finally, he shared a quote from the Lord of the Rings, where Gandalf said, “The battle for Helm’s Deep is over. The battle for Middle-Earth is just beginning. All our hopes now rest on the shoulders of two little hobbits, somewhere in the wilderness.” 

Mario then told the people that is who they are. That they may feel unimportant to the story, but that Fire and Glory is here to say that the heroes of God are going to rise up and bring this nation back to Jesus.

And then he invited Lance Wallnau to take the stage.


Lance began by saying that our country is in a crisis, and the last thing we need is some pre-packaged formula that doesn’t work. We need to have the humility to admit that what we have been doing hasn’t been working.

He talked about the event being in the Tent, rather than in the arena they had originally planned on, and identified two prophetic things this represents:

  1. God did not want this event to take place in the arena. He wanted it in something that symbolizes the movement. The final restoration of the Church will be the recovery of the tabernacle, or the tent of David, where the Ark of God is accessible.
  1. The Tent is in a church parking lot. The Church has got to come out of the building in order to do the work.

He said being here in Florida now, after the storm, is by God’s leading, because, after the storm comes the winds of God. And that they more than any others can appreciate how God feels about the condition of His house, which is lying in ruin.

He talked about how we have all these programs and infrastructures within our churches, but have not moved the needle in our own nation. It’s not in the outward architecture, it’s in the people.

He asked, “What kind of house does God want? He wants a house that is capable of contending with Hell, in this nation.”

He then told the story of when David tried to returned the Ark of God that had been captured by the Philistines. How he had a special cart constructed and special oxen selected to pull the cart. But while they were celebrating the return of God’s presence to their midst, by singing and dancing and worshiping, something happened. The oxen stumbled and the driver reached up to steady the Ark. When his hand touched the Ark, he was struck down, and died.

Later David learned from his advisors the reason for the failure. The Ark was only to be transported on the shoulders of the Levites. Because the presence of God was never intended to be carried on a manmade platform. The kingdom of God rests on His shoulders and we are His priests.

He went on to talk about how to reach our nation—that we must do it on God’s platform, not on our man-made platforms. He talked about the gates of Hell existing at the various points of culture that the Left wants to control. And we need to step into those places and take back control.

It was a powerful message not only to kick off the first night of the tour, but it was also a message for the Church in America. Lance reminded us that we must take back our nation, but we can only do it as God leads us.


At the end of the message, Lance brought Mario back up to the stage to lead a call for lost souls. At first, the response seemed minimal; it appeared to be a mostly God-fearing crowd. But when Mario asked them to come to the front of the Tent, the altar area quickly filled with people coming from every direction.

It was a beautiful sight to see hundreds of lost souls find their way back to God. As the Father was calling them and the Holy Spirit was convicting them, they were rushing to the front, many openly weeping as they repeated the prayer of salvation.


Tonight, was an amazing night under the Tent, and I expect the second night to be even better. God is on the move and He wants His church to move with Him. All glory belongs to Him!

If you missed this first night, I encourage you to watch the replay of the livestream on the Mario Murillo Facebook page. It would be even better if you could experience God’s presence in person. There is still one more day of this leg of the tour, Tuesday, December 6, at 7 PM. Don’t miss it!


  1. Marie Brown

    Great being here. God’s presence surrounds and it’s wonderful to experience a large group that has one hungry heart for God’s purpose. Thanks to all the hard working folks working hard to facilitate the meeting and to Brothers Mario and Lance for pouring out their hearts. Message is clear call!

  2. Valerie

    Fantastic to hear of the hungry hearts reaching out. I hope it spreads all over the US and the world.

  3. Barbara Sonin-Robbins

    Praise God🙏🏻👏🏻

  4. Nadine Sanderson

    Isa.3:2-3, Yahweh warns that when a nation turns from Him, he will remove all leaders (Red team and Blue team) that are competent, and replace them with leaders that are incompetent (Isa.3:4). Thank you for staying in the fight for the return of this nation to our Creator GOD. May you and your ministry be blessed.

  5. NCh

    5 of us from Melbourne FL were able to attend one night and we were blessed to be there and sit under that tent. We are part of the FlashPoint Army that have been interceding everyday for the past two years and will not stop, believing that AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!! We believe GOD’s prophecies about Florida that it is a forerunner for this Nation, acknowleding that the fight has just begun, but knowing that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC & JACOB!!!! Thank you Mario for not retiring and being obedient to GOD’s calling for souls. May the LORD continue to use and bless you, Lance, and FlashPoint and your families. We will continue to pray for you ALL, for we will see GOD rise up within HIS remnant here in the USA and be glorified!!!!!!.

  6. Debra L Campbell

    Praise God Almighty! I declare He is Lord of America! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!

  7. Louie Self

    Where can the Live Stream replay be found?

  8. Thomas Garvey

    You said “If you missed this first night I encourage you to watch the replay of the live stream.” but I can’t find out how or where to do that.
    Please advise.

  9. Joel and Kathy Davisson

    We cannot find the livestream… last night ir a replay today.

  10. Don Krause

    To God be the Glory!
    Great message Lance.

  11. Kitt Parry

    May The Lord Jesus Christ, who sent His Holy Spirit, guide us to use the power of God in even greater ways as the Lord stated …. we need God’s power on this Earth as witnessed when He was on Earth.. Praise be to our Father and all His
    ways… thank you Father for sending The Lord Jesus for our salvation and for the Holy Spirit to teach us in all truth that we we may represent His light in the darkness .. that His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven… New Jerusalem come..Salvation is at hand… no weapon formed against us will prosper…

    Thank you for hearing our prayers..
    AMEN and AMEN

  12. Jane Zelinsky

    Thanks Be To God ❗️ And thank you Lance and Mario✝️❣️

  13. Deb potts

    We watched from Texas and it was great!

  14. M Kinkade

    Where do I go to watch the replay of the live stream of the Fire and Glory Meetings?

  15. M Kinkade

    Where do I go to watch the replay of the live streaming of this meeting?

  16. Janice Schoen

    💕🙏🙏🙏💕 To GOD be the GLORY

  17. Anne Marie

    God bless you Mario and Lance! Love that you quoted from Gandalf – there is so much to learn from Tolkien’s sub-creation including another from that ‘wizard’ who was actually an incarnate angel – “All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us.” Yes! You two are leading the way to show us! Love your book Do Not Leave Quietly. “Lord, let me use the rest of my life to strike terror into the heart of evil!” Yes, Yes, Yes!

  18. Vic

    All the glory to God. May God continue to bless this ministry… and please plan a visit to the Pacific Northwest.

  19. Tony Schell

    I felt Gods presents last night, thank you men of God Lance and Mario for your courage and obedience letting God speak through you and bringing so many people to repentance and watching them surrendering their hearts to the Lord our God.

  20. Darlene W

    Thank you for the update. Yes we pray them all out. And we wait upon the Lord and watch for His leading. God bless MMM

  21. cthatcher74

    I was a volunteer at the Tent Crusade in Roseville, CA. What an amazing event. God showed up and people got saved. God is on the move and He is and Awesome faithful God! Wish I could be there. But I hope to be at the Bakersfield event in January. Praise God!

  22. Amy Van Buskirk

    For those of us who do nto use fasebook, is ther another place where we can see the livestreams of these wonderful glory meetings?

  23. Cindy

    I watch the revival last night at Fort Meyers last night, very powerful speeches. I hope Americans are listening truly from their heart.🙏 opportunity

  24. Jill Penn

    This is AMAZING! Please come to Houston, TX. The city needs this.

  25. gege4god


  26. Patricia Orr

    T.y, good coverage, very thorough, yet simple, upbeat, & real. Godbless your faithfulness in relaying these two powerful men of God who are helping to lead us to the promised return of our God-founded nation, & their/the msgs they brought to Fla., Via the Holy Spirit. Wish they d make an appearance in South Fla.

  27. Christine Gallagan

    It was absolutely powerful and fire was ignited in the believers!!!

  28. Bertha Paden

    Are you ever coming to Illinois? I love all the blogs and updates about the tent revivals. I have been praying for my church to have a tent revival. Blessing.

  29. Obasoro Akindele

    Praise God

  30. jim

    Keep up the fight. God is looking for those who will commit their lives to Him!

  31. Sandra

    Awesome and yes the church has to pray for GODLY leaders to go into all offices from the cities to the Capital!! We have more power than the demonic and if GOD himself took down Ahab and Jezebel in Israel, what should we do? Let’s pray!!! Look up what qualifications of leaders should be in Deuteronomy Chapter 1: 16 &17. Of course Dake makes it very plain!

  32. Mirian Montalvo

    Praise the ?ord God Almighty!

  33. Norma Jean Berry

    Praise God! The Lord is on the move!!

  34. Sandie

    Fire and Glory is being brought to America.We give all Glory to God and his plan.5783 Jewish year next year the ripple effect and awakening America in all states.Thank you Mario and Lance Warriors for Christ.

  35. Cecilia Gladson

    Thank God for your obedient heart and not giving up! Bless you, I want to be part of your ministry and help with your calling. to win souls and to show everyone the way to the Lord and by preaching God’s Word thank you so much I pray for you , We all need you to complete our calling along with you.




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