Powerful Conclusion to California Crusade

by | Nov 18, 2022 | California, Mario Murillo Ministries, Roseville | 21 comments

The final night under the Tent was full of anticipation. You could feel the expectancy in the room as the people began to arrive. The presence of God was there from the moment we stepped foot on the grounds.

Once more Destiny Music brought heaven down, beginning with the crowd’s new favorite song, “Doing a New Thing.” People were dancing and worshiping with their whole heart. Toward the end of their time, they once again sang, “Holy Spirit You are Welcome,” and once again the place was overcome with the sweet, gentle presence of God.

Just before Mario took the stage, they ended with, “I Speak Jesus,” and the place erupted in a mighty shout of praise.

Mario talked about the livestream of Tuesday night’s meeting, in particular, messages that have come in from people who were healed as they watched online—confirming that God is able to touch you where ever you are.

Then Mario began to teach. His message covered the topics of sin, separation from God, and most importantly, the remedy which is Jesus Christ.

He talked about the reputation that the city of Capernaum had in Jesus’ time. How their contemporaries had written them off, and how they were considered the lowest strata of society. Yet, even though it was ground zero for being left out of everything, Jesus went there first. He went to the lowest and to the people who were the most forgotten.

When Mario gave the call to come to Jesus, the response was overwhelming! This was the largest altar response for salvation of all four nights. Hundreds came forward to surrender their lives to Christ. It was a beautiful sight to see.

After the crowd left the altar to be prayed for, a shift occurred in the atmosphere of the Tent. God’s powerful presence became almost palpable. And then the miracles began.

Mario began by having the people tell God that they want more of Him. He had them raise their hands and their voices to God. As people began to pray in their heavenly language, the presence of God in the room became even more powerful.

Mario then said, “If you hear the Holy Spirit telling you to do it, get up and walk! Rise up and walk in the name of Jesus!” Within a few moments, over to one side of the Tent, a woman did just that. She made her way out from her seat and began to walk across the front of the Tent, praising God as she went. And, soon, she was followed by another.

There were so many miracles taking place, that Mario wasn’t even able to call them out individually. He began to identify specific healings as they were happening to multiple people in the same section of the audience.

The first group he identified was in the middle section of the Tent, composed of five people who had heart disease. Also, Mario called out diabetes, pain in the spine, and hearing issues. In another section, seven people had all been battling diabetes. In another, three people had been diagnosed with cancer.

He then called out a woman and told her that her healing would bring salvation to souls. He spoke into her life, telling her that she had a ministry praying for others to be healed, and that it was after she had begun praying for the sick that her body was attacked. She was healed in five areas of her body, including multiple tumors.

Next, he called out 10 people who all had migraine headaches. Then Mario highlighted one of the 10 who was seated near the back of the Tent. He shared with her that the Lord had shown him that her pain was not just the migraines, but that she was healed also in her neck, her legs, her back, and her jaw.

He encouraged the people, “Reach out and get what you need from God!”

Mario then pointed to a man in the crowd whose legs and back were now healed. Then he focused on a woman whose legs, arms, back, lungs, and eyes were all being healed. Next, he called out several who had suffered from stomach ulcers.

After this, the worship team was called back up to close out the service. They began with what had become the theme of the crusade, “Doing a New Thing.” 

The night came to a close, but as I walked around afterward, I could still feel the fire of God burning in the Tent. I know there are going to be many more reports of miracles in the coming days. We can’t wait to hear the reports of all God has done and to hear the testimonies from those who have been healed, and the stories of how their doctors confirmed the many amazing words from the Lord over their lives.

If you weren’t able to be with us in the Tent, plan on attending the many events that we are planning for 2023. The next event in the Tent will be in December, with both Mario and Lance Wallnau, in Florida, then Mario will be in Bakersfield, in early January. More details will be available on mariomurillo.org in the next few days. See you there!


  1. Jeanette Harold

    I wish I lived in the states I would love to witness God doing all of this…….WOW

  2. Eric Moon

    What a MAGNIFICENT presence of the Holy Spirit! I did not want to leave when this ended.
    Thank you Father for your son Jesus and using MMM to reach the lost souls and for the many miracle healing. The amazing worship songs were holy spirit filled. I love volunteering and meet new brothers and sisters in Christ. The Shofars sounding Glory and this place was just filled with the fire of God.
    Thank you Mario and Team.
    May Yeshua keep you protected and keep his army angels around you.
    The incredible love and power of Jesus reigns forever and ever.
    Eric Moon
    Concord, Ca

  3. Dorothy Radatz

    I praise the Lord for all the wonderful things he has done for us. I would have really rejoiced had I understood it was on line as I have trouble with eyesight and hearing loss. I will watch for the December crusade.

  4. Holly Whitten

    All praises to our almighty God. God is on the move in the US and the world. His Divine Presence will be on His Beloved and a mighty harvest is on the way.

  5. wms2

    Thank you so much for these testimonies.I can feel the presence of God on your words.Truly awesome.

  6. Cheryl

    I wish you could come to the East coast. Here in NH, we are desperate for evangelists. We are crying out to the Lord to set people free.

  7. Kathleen Lord

    I was one of the three with cancer. I feel DIFFERENT today. I had metastasis of the lung/liver. I had pain in my liver days leading up to this crusade and even during night one of the crusade. By the second night, it was a little better. After LAST night, the discomfort is gone! Crying on and off with the overwhelming knowledge that GOD called me out to be counted. This has great meaning to me. I have been battling this for almost three years and had been told it’s terminal. I have no doubt when I return for a scan it will be clear. Hallelujah and Amen. God bless Mario and his ministry!

  8. Phyllis Bacinett

    My son and i attended your tuesday night service. It was an awesome night. The holy spirit was present. Now we can go back to our church filled to the brim overflowing to share how awesome Jesus truely is. Thanks for the courage to keep marching on. God bless what you Fab four are doing.

  9. Gladys

    AMEN 🙏 Hallelujah! To God be the Glory. Great things He has done and Great things He is doing, and Great things He will do. Praise His Name! 🙏

  10. Randy Miller

    When are you coming to the southeast coast. N.C, S.C. and VA? My wife needs you to pray for and she needs Jesus to cure her. She has diabetes, pain in her hips and legs, Renoe’s syndrome and a hernia as big as a grapefruit in her stomach and has had open heart surgery. She is in so much pain and I have prayed to Jesus to make her well again. I am 88 and she is 76. We have been married for 51 years, but the last 15 years hasn’t been blissful as the first 36 years. God did bless us with 2 beautiful Daughters, and they have been established in life and we have two fine sons in laws. I started with you when you were doing your Blog. I was in 18,000’s members group when I ran across your blog. Have been with you ever since. I have been following your Tent Crusade all over the states. If you can please say a special prayer for my wife Betty. Seeing all these people in the tents at your Crusades give me goose bumps. I can fill like I am there with them. God bless you in your

  11. Marcus Maddox

    Come to Merced please

  12. Robb Mutch

    Thank you Jesus

  13. Vandeir

    Oh how our GOD is faithful and awesome, I’m so deeply glad to hear that. Thanks JESUS!

  14. Pamela Stewart

    I was there each night to serve and it was such a privilege to be a part of these amazing meetings! Thank you for all you do to build God’s Kingdom Mario!

  15. Dawn

    Would you please come to Maine? We need Jesus to encounter the people with love here! I know the East Gate has been supernaturally opened. Praying for Gods love to be seen and experienced.

  16. Kathy Grinley

    Praise the Lord. God, bless this ministry and Mario and his team. Thank You for the mighty move sweeping our nation. May we all grow in faith, trust, and our expectancy of Your wonders.

  17. Sharon Schoof

    MARIO: God bless you for what you are doing for these needy souls – your time, your energy, your purpose in your heart to do what God has directed in your life in order to minister to the needy.

  18. Stanley Spencer

    Where and when in Florida? I want to attend!

  19. Wanda Weaver

    God thank you for Mario, a Servant of yours, Being a powerful Spiritually filled minister that draws people to him for being Bless by our Lord Jesus and take care of him and his family thank you God for all that you are doing.

  20. Vicki Stahl

    Praise God. What a encouraging blog.



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