What happened to our website? It is not what you think.

by | Nov 6, 2022 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 24 comments


What happened to our website? It is not what you think.  Three of the most important blogs we have ever posted were blocked from many of our readers. Ironically, this was not done by leftists. It was a complicated glitch. It was an issue of technology, not politics. However, we do believe the enemy was involved.

We believe we have solved the problem, and we want to encourage you to read the last three blogs, if you have not read them yet. Our site is safe and should be working perfectly, as it normally does.

We have asked Larry Rutledge, who handles a great deal of our technology, to explain what happened. –Mario Murillo Ministries

Here is Larry Rutledge:

“To fully explain what happened would require a lot of technical back story. In simplest terms, we were using a delivery network to ensure the site is always available around the world, in both accessibility and speed.

“The service we were using had a bug, and was being decommissioned. In that process, I moved the site to another similar service, CloudFlare. However, Cloudflare had some issues that impacted us and I needed to move to a secondary network in order to help share the load.

“The two primary things that went wrong in that process: 1) I did not properly disconnect us from the original network, and, 2) it required a couple of steps to fully disconnect from Cloudflare.


“The first issue, not properly disconnecting from the original network, is what caused the server to come to a crawl every time a new blog was posted, because it was trying to push the information to a disconnected network.

“The second issue, disconnecting from Cloudflare, required making some significant configuration changes that unfortunately required 24-48 hours to fully complete. In the interim, it can sometimes make the site appear to be offline, which is what we observed this morning.

“Both of these issues have been fully resolved and should not cause any further problems.

“In addition, I confirmed that our secure encryption is still in place and working correctly. I also replaced the security certificate to ensure it was not impacted by any of the changes.

“It was an unfortunate combination of issues that, on their own, would have caused minor hiccups. But because they occurred simultaneously, they made the site appear offline, unresponsive and potentially insecure.

“I apologize for the headaches this caused. And I will continue to monitor the site. But we should be back on track now.”

Thank you for your understanding!  -Larry Rutledge



  1. Michele Cort

    Can’t wait to see you in Estero!!!!

    • Mario Murillo

      Michele, Instead of Estero we are moving into our crusade tent on the campus of Word of Life Church in Fort Myers. Your registration is good for this no need to do anything. A DIVINE PROMOTION!

      • Leonard Uronis

        How is the new event location address the parking situation? Hertz Area was no problem with parking while the new location has parking but how do you handle 4k plus attendees? This facility is in a congested area.
        We registered long ago at Hertz Area so I assume we do not need to re-register and we can use our printed tickets.
        By the way it is more difficult to get friends to attend this event despite having a real need for the Fire and Glory to fall upon them real-time. They are all Christians. Go figure?

        Len Uronis -Naples Florida

        • Mario Murillo

          No need to register. Use your printed ticket. We are using adjacent parking lots not just the church. The cooperation we are seeing for this event is inspiring!

          • Leonard Uronis

            Thanks for the response. God is on the move and His Glory will be pervasive at the Fort Myers event.

    • Bonnie L Locke

      I was really dismayed with your blogs. I thought for sure it was being suppressed on purpose. Thanks for being back and explaining why?

  2. Debra L Campbell

    Thank you for explaining what happened; but it is not all on you, Mr. Rutledge. I believe there were many “bugs” in technology at work . Recently the Lord led me to create a Facebook page to call others to join together in prayer for my county in California. I ran into so many technical glitches! I had set up a secondary page before without any problems. So yes, I believe the enemy was at work in this too! But he will never stop the work of the Lord! God bless you!

    • Russell Crooks

      What County Debra? I am trying to figure out how to start one for my County.

  3. Collin R Williams

    Glad the problem is resolved. Continued blessings for you and your ministry.

  4. Gretchen Anne Carter

    Ha ha! Technology! I had blamed the unsecured message on our new intenter service not knowing what it was doing. Lol, I am only techy enough to access your blogs and to share them. 😄 Thanks for all you do for our Lord!

  5. Lare Mitchell

    Thank you sir

  6. Cindy Golden

    May the Lord bless your and your team Mario. May your courage, tenacity, and boldness overflow to us all! You are in my prayers mighty warrior of God.

  7. Kevin Straight

    I could not get the blog to come up through my email, so I went directly to your website and found and read your blog from there with no issues. Today I had no issues reading directly from my email. Thanks for solving the issue, and I will continue to keep this ministry in my prayers. God Bless! 🙏🔥

  8. Susan Jones

    Technologically challenged, I quickly gave up, and simply prayed for you. So kind of you & Rutledge to offer explanations. Tho it appears “the devil was in the details,” Our FATHER saw you through! Hal-le-lu-jah! Thank you, Mario.

  9. Jeri Farley

    Larry Rutledge. You are forgiven. I appreciate all posts I get from Mario. So inspiring and uplifting. Praise God for y’all.

  10. Mickey Holiday

    © Mickey Holiday 2021
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    _ I miss A-mer-i-ca what hap-pened to the dream?
    _ I miss U-ni-ted States I’m look-ing for the team,
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    _I miss the U. S. A. come back where you be-long.

    (Vs. 2) (Key F)
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    (One more time)

    (Tag) (Key A)
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    A-men! A-men! A-men! A———–men!

    • Cynthia

      I’m liking the song!

  11. Maria Rhodes

    Your ministry is always encouraging.

  12. Laurie Van Wyckhouse

    Yay, the site problem has been resolved! I thought the enemy was up to something.

  13. Cynthia

    Glad for the fix!!!

  14. Lorinda

    Such joyous news.

  15. Lydia Dalessandro

    What time will the doors open for the events? We are so looking forward to attending these two days of events. Thank you so much.

    • Mario Murillo

      Doors will open by 6PM

  16. Sandie

    Establishing your Victory structures.Thanks Larry and Mario Ephesians 221-22.Technology glitches happen but all is now good.Gods blueprint is Victory on all levels.Praying for I believe in Miracles Mario.



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