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The Woke Narrative was all powerful. It instantly ended careers, put people in jail, and victimized children. It stopped anything and anyone that disagreed with it, and silenced any and all detractors. It seemed all powerful. It could do whatever it wanted.
But now, the Woke Narrative is collapsing in California. And it is right and just that the death of this insidious ideology should begin here. To paraphrase Tolkien, the ring is being thrown into the fires of Mount Doom.

The panic in Gavin Newsom’s eyes is undeniable. He is blasting his own party for their disastrous response to the midterm election. But, true to form, he totally misses the point.

He believes the Left should no longer act defensively, but they should double down on their attack on American traditions. He does not get it. That is the pride that comes before a fall.

But you say the woke media in California controls everything. That used to be true but today the Google world is only talking to themselves. Because a massive uprising is happening here.

Maybe it began the day that a five-year-old child, wearing his Covid mask, came home from school and described in a suffocating voice the sexual positions they were taught in school.

Maybe it was one of the more than 100,000 businesses that were needlessly destroyed by Woke refusal to follow the science. Or maybe it is the criminals—many of whom are here illegally—who Newsom allowed to pour into every California community.
Something has changed. The pushback has begun. Take for example the tweet by Hillary Clinton, blaming Republicans for the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The time was when such a tweet would not have been challenged. Whoops! It was.

This is only one example of thousands of voices that are now speaking up—and, lo and behold, wonder of wonders—they are not being cancelled.
Californians are turning to prayer. They are protecting their children. They are fighting for their freedom.
And we, my friend, are joining in the fray! I have never felt a greater sense of excitement over a tent crusade. We are literally pitching our Tent under the shadow of the Capital of California. The timing is perfect. Our crusade begins the Monday after the midterm elections.
The witness currently being spread across the Golden State by Mario Murillo Ministries is coinciding with a massive populist uprising against crime, immorality and, yes, the Woke narrative. Stay tuned—this is going to be amazing!





  1. Joe Stockton

    What a wonderful day we live in. Keep it up Mario, YOU are making a difference. Glory to GOD!!!

    • gege4god


  2. Jerry Daffron

    The ROSE OF SHARON will be there!!! Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in My Name . . . Thank You, LORD JESUS, for the signs and wonders that You are bringing to this crusade! Move in Your Mighy and Awesome Way, O HOLY SPIRIT! Glorify Yourself, O LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! We love You and praise You as the Triune GOD of the Cosmos, GOD in Three Persons, Blessed Trinity!!!

  3. Lora Sink

    Praying for this Revival and especially for California!!! Also praying that every person there, helpers, musicians, whomever, will be divinely directed by God.

    • Dorcas Stalling

      Absolutely wonderful!

  4. R M Bibbs

    Praise God our prayers are being answered. STAND and SEE the Salvation of the Lord! We win! Never stop believing! TRUST God is faithful! Amen & amen!

    • Marcus Maddox

      There is a time for every purpose
      Now is the time to pray and say
      Pray and say what The Lord tells you
      Say and pray
      Do not be afraid of what man can do
      Do not be afraid be of anything or one
      Except if course, our God
      He is greatly to be feared
      Reverenced and loved by His own people

  5. Martha West


  6. jerrygivan

    Praying for record numbers of salvation’s, healings and people delivered from worshiping the false god of the Socialist democratic party!

  7. Gail Curtis

    GLORY TO GOD!! Thank you Mario, Good And Faithful Servent!

  8. intercessor3

    Praying for the upcoming crusade in Texas. Believing with you for the mighty God to show up in amazing ways. God bless you all

  9. Cheryl Lynn Andrew

    My microwave bing tried blocking your message. I sent them a message asking where freedom of speech was. I was then able to get this blog. something has to change. we need our freedoms back. GOD Bless You for what you do. I believe GOD is working!

    • Karen D Capps

      I too was blocked from my browser, Google Chrome, it was giving me an error that it would not connect because the site couldn’t give me a secure connection. Before today, I connected 100% of the time with no problems.

      • Mario Murillo

        This will be resolved by tomorrow.

  10. Donna Hudson

    The Day Star has arisen , and The Glory of The CROSS of Calvary , For The tomb is empty ! LOOK Up ! Look Up HE DRAWETH NIGH !

    • Marcus Maddox

      Good word

    • Suzanne

      Hi Donna
      I agree with you completely. I’m from Canada and I wish I could attend this mighty meeting. I’m next door to you and can’t move to the USA. How come all those illegal people moving to the USA and being supported by your tax. How do they find a place to live and afford if they don’t work. Again you are paying for them.

  11. Jann

    ALL GLORY to our Father, and to His Son, JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH, our SOON RETURNING MESSIAH, and to the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD for the momentum that will flood the Nations of His earth! 🕊

    • Norma Smith

      HALLELUJAH 🎶 AMEN 🙏 🙌 📖❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Cynthy

    Signs and wonders….all glory and honor be to you … The great I AM!

  13. Cindy Bell

    Install Duck Duck Go web browser




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