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I am writing this prediction in fear and trembling. I am writing it as if I was going to be ushered immediately into the throne room of God to give an account for what I am saying now.
I am warning you! Brace yourself for a miracle in California!
Do not believe anything the media tells you about the Golden State. There is a groundswell here. The crime—the perversion—the economic devastation—and the addiction have all combined to drive millions here to a divine desperation.

The ruling class in California is not ready for the tsunami that is coming.

Our workers have observed it on the streets—in the neighborhoods—on the campuses: an openness to Christ that we have never seen before.
Parents in California are praying and holding their children close. Youth are walking away from godless professors. The last voices you would expect to decry the crawl toward communism are doing so.
Thank God we were ready! We enlarged our Tent. Our partners filled our war chest. I can report to you that we have knocked on thousands of doors, and when those doors open, a new thing happens.
Instead of suspicion and rejection, there is a cry for help. They want prayer. They eagerly accept our cards. We are nearly in shock as community leaders in the Sacramento Valley are thanking us for setting up our Tent and preaching Jesus.

The number of businesses that have accepted our posters here is the equivalent of all of our previous crusades combined.
But nothing excites me more than what I am about to report to you. The cooperation among churches and the spirit of prayer and repentance is breathtaking. Matthew Henry wrote, “When God is about to send revival, He sets His church to praying.” Above everything else that excites me—the spirit of prayer that has broken out in the Sacramento Valley is what has me jumping for joy. I know the devil is defeated!
Our Tent goes up in just a few days. In this mecca of red tape, we have even been asked to set up the Tent early, which is absolutely unheard of!
Jubilant volunteers are traveling toward Roseville, California, right now. They are coming with an anointing that will flood this valley with salvation and healing.
Mechelle and I are in radiant expectation: will we see record conversions? Will we see the greatest demonstration of divine healing we have ever seen? At this point, I cannot imagine anything less.

We are also excited to announce that Lance Wallnau will be our special guest in the tent on Tuesday morning November 15 at 10 AM.

There you have it! All the makings of an astonishing tent crusade are in place.

In this atmosphere, it is not wrong for me to challenge you. Come to the Tent! Even if you have to sacrifice in order to travel, you will not regret it! If you have friends or family within traveling distance, contact them and implore them to come to the Tent.
No matter what else you do – I want you to get somewhere where you can pray. Ask God for the mightiest outpouring ever! And then brace yourself for the miracle that is about to come to California!


  1. Marilyn phelps

    Praise God!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

    • gege4god

      GLORY TO GOD!!!!!

    • Beach Lady

      God bless you! So exciting! We celebrate all the souls that are coming to Christ.May God’s perfect will be done at this event . Praying for all of you!!

    • Darvi Newberg

      How can I sign up to help volunteer? I can stay with friends in Roseville!

  2. Ruth Luce

    Oh Mario, I am praying so hard for God’s will to be done! I believe that God is giving us another chance, He isn’t done with our country yet! I feel so uplifted when I hear the wonderful things you and your workers are doing. A great harvest is coming! I have seen the great evil darkness trying to spread over our country, trying to envelop us, but then a great, brilliant light starts to push the evil darkness back until nothing is left of the dark. Glory be to God in the Highest! His will be done! March on Christian soldiers and defeat the evil forces trying to destroy us. 🙏🌾🍎🍇❤️

  3. Teri Gonzalez

    I was part of a great outpouring in 2003-2006 – in Tulare Ca. That’s when the glory of God took over Hiway 99. People came from all over the US and the world! Charisma Magazine and local newspapers reported it as well. A great Tsunami was also prophesied would come also during these meetings .. so I know it will happen again but it will be much BIGGER !
    Revivalist Teri Gonzalez

  4. Tricia Sims

    Praying for your tent revival and thankful, Mario, for your dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I lived in Sacramento for 12 years and have a heart for that place. All God’s blessings on you with God’s angels charge over you!🙏✝️

  5. Sharon

    My backslider son Michael is moving to the Sacramento Valley next month. Please pray with me that he will come back to the Lord in California!

  6. Beverly

    We will be praying for all who can come . That are Lord and saver will pour out all the glory on you Mario and Lance and all the volunteers who help and the Church who will step out of the convert zones and help with the mass of people. Who will come to hear the message of salvation & healing and so much more. Are Lord what’s all to come to Him and expect His love and forgiveness, mercy, salvation and to be set free to share with other. THE BEST IS YET TO COME LORD JESUS.


    We (2) are praying. We will see you in Florida. God is in control and prayer changes things.

  8. Ann Harper

    Hallelujah that is Marvelous and we set ourselves in agreement and prayer for such a move of God.

  9. Deela Hubbartt

    God Bless you and this tent meeting ! Ca is my home

  10. Edward Morvant

    God is on the move! You know when the leadership in Sacramento ‘want’ this tent crusade to take place, that they are at the end of their rope as to having answers for so many needs. Let’s let Jesus back into our country!

  11. Judy Walls

    May the glory of the Lord envelop all who come into the tent and and may His Word burn in the hearts and lives of all His children as the Holy Spirit fills the atmosphere.

  12. Rick

    Standing with you!

  13. Rita

    Crying out with you in joyful expectation of a mighty outpouring of glory and power, and believing and declaring that God will do exceeding abundantly above anything we could ask or think! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  14. Linda Hackwell

    Absolutely awesome!

  15. Sharon Oestman

    Oh wow praying for revival.
    It is so awesome to hear your excitement 😀 😊

  16. Tom Sorensen

    Praise God from whom all Blessings flow! This is the best time ever to be alive and serving the Lord! Bless you Mario, and all your team for staying faithful to your calling all th these years!

  17. Janice Houck

    I have asked before but will ask again….please come back to Bakersfield. There is a hunger here for God….He is the only one who can deliver this city & we need your tent anointing.
    Janice Houck

    • Mario Murillo

      Janice we will be there in early 2023!

  18. Joan Collins

    Praise the Lord God Almighty for boldness, foresight, knowledge and the Power of the Holy Spirit that directs you, Mario, to take on the prince of the power of the air, unafraid and eager to crush the damage he seeks to do in our nation and the mighty vision to see our Country free from the wickedness and damage of the current administration!! Hallelujah!!!

  19. Sandra

    Praying for a mighty rush of GOD! Holy Spirit come flood the tent with souls unto salvation and miracles like never before! Over come evil with good in these last days! I feel like America is teetering on Sodom and Gomorrah destruction! Bless your ministry powerfully in Jesus name!

  20. escapethemousetrap

    How absolutely wonderful to read all this. The Holy Spirit is very very busy and we must all occupy until we are raptured! Thank you for your commitment to God’s future family!

  21. Anna

    Amen! Praying for revival!

  22. Barbara E Burt

    Praise the Almighty Lord who loves His people and will draw them to Him continually. Thank you, Mario, for all that you are doing through and for the Lord. You are an awesome vessel for Him and I pray that He will continue to bless and equip you to do what He has called you to be and do. Amen!

  23. Gail Crockett


  24. Jeralyn Enns

    So thankful for your ministry and believe God will show up big time with signs, wonders and miracles – including the biggest miracle of all, thousands becoming new creations in Christ Jesus. Glory to God!

  25. Kasma

    I cannot wait to see His Glory revealed! You are in my prayers, Mario! Do you ever need counselors to meet individually after conversions, to briefly explain what someone just did? I would be honored, of course, to do that. Follow-up to an alter call would have helped me in my youth to not go astray for awhile.

    • Gigi Cox

      I am very excited! I will be there as a volunteer.

    • diane nunley

      Exciting times for California! I hope His miracles expand all the way up the coast states to Canada! We in Oregon need changes too! Praise our God!!!

  26. Lora Sink

    Praying for this event – and everyone that is there to minister. GOD HAS GOT THIS!!! So excited for y’all.

  27. Ron Frank

    Mario. praying for you Brother!

  28. Gretta Harris

    We are keeping you and your team in prayer. So excited to have you here! Our intercessory team will be out early on Monday to walk the campus, declare the grounds and blow the shofar. Holy Spirit – bring them in!!

  29. David Lawson

    I have been at your last two tent crusades working as a volunteer. The blessings from doing so is unbelievable. If you havent volunteered for one of these be sure to do it. It is a once in a lifetime experience that you should not miss out on. I am praying that the Glory of God over the tent we be visible all over the city of Roseville and Sacramento. God bless you all. See you soon brothers and sisters!!!

  30. Eldoris Peak

    Praying for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit to come.

  31. Teena Brizzi

    I’ll see you there! I have been praying since you announced this and I also volunteered! God is going to move in a mighty way.

  32. bryansandberg

    Signs, wonders and miracles in Jesus’ name.

  33. Sandie

    Free re and Glory your book now is coming home.This is the beginning Mario.Special Angelic forces will open doors for American Revival and Worldwide revival.Praise Yeshua.The Lion of Judah Roars.We continue to pray over you and workers and Lance.Gods plan is Miracles and Wonders will happen.America rise up.George Washington had Angelic help.

  34. kathiefitz1

    I’m so excited for what God will do in California! Wish I lived closer, I would come on over! I will be praying for God’s success, victory and great annointing on this meeting!–Kathie FitzPatrick

  35. Jocelyn Meredith

    Praying for God to move in great and amazing ways! What a harvest it will be!

  36. Fred Holk

    Mario, never never give up never relent Never Back Down. God has given all of us a mandate, and since we have that mandate we won’t fail because we got the mandate for our heavenly father who is never failed he would never give us a something to do in his name there’s no no way that any of us will fail. God bless you.
    I’d love to be up there this weekend next weekend after the elections but right now I’m going to lay up in the hospital and I’m in Southern Cal but our prayers will be there our intercessory prayer group will be praying for you and your group so you know what to do. Thank you Fred Holk



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