I feel a calm sense of hope amid their tyranny.

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Mario Murillo Ministries | 39 comments

It is easy to lose hope when you see these villains escape prosecution while noble men and women are unjustly ruined. It is easy to forget that when this happens it is because God Himself wants to deal with their wickedness.

Fauci is guilty of perhaps the greatest scandal in American History. Obama callously dictates policies that are killing freedom because he hates America. Biden is a lawless puppet who will do and say anything to appease his masters.

Other evil doers have wrapped a noose around the neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. TRUTH is being choked to death in America. Not just Obama–Tech giants wield crushing control over people’s opinions.

And yet, I feel a calm sense of hope amid their tyranny.

The elements of the media, key intellectuals, and some mainstream institutions that have been trusted and objective in the past are strangely quiet during the censorship, the silencing, and even the cancel-culture obliteration of many American lives.

And still, I feel a great hope, even in this situation.


Kamala Harris, along with the Democrat Party have declared special war on the 80 million Americans who voted for Trump. They will not stop until they have destroyed everything good and decent about America.

And again, I am convinced God will expose and even exploit their evil.

2022 has been a year full of evil forced on the American people. Beginning with the election–then a lock down–and perversion of our education, and finally, a total abandonment of Israel.

Yes, what is happening to America is evil. Preplanned and premeditated evil. We are watching something that was hatched decades ago and is finally upon us. So why do I feel hope in a seemingly hopeless situation?

I feel hope because I know it is evil–and I know what God has done about evil in our history.

Genesis 50:20 explains what I mean: “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”  Those words were spoken by Joseph to his brothers who had sold him into slavery. That vicious act was exploited by God to promote Joseph into a position of royalty in Egypt, in order to save a nation from famine.

It is time for you to settle your spirit behind a historical fact. God has always dealt with evil in America, even when we did not deserve it. It is not by accident that ‘wokesters’ have tried to bury our history. It is there that we find the irrevocable evidence of God’s intervention in America. It is not simply the people of America that God loves, it is the idea of America. In order for that idea to be destroyed, you would first have to get past our omniscient and loving God.

Many believers are throwing in the towel too early. We could very easily see a miracle in a few days. That miracle would cause unprecedented nationwide convulsions. Or it could take longer. But one way or another, surely and eventually, the evil will be exposed and it will be punished.

God may do it by changing the tide of public opinion. Another way is by exposing the evil acts and those who have committed the evil. One thing has already begun:  because Fake News outlets such as CNN have openly called for the shutting down of any news outlets that do not spout Democrat Party propaganda, such as One America News Network and Newsmax, Christian conservatives have been forced to build their own mass media—something they should have done long ago.

Another way may be the sudden groundswell of hunger for righteousness, which I see sparking mass conversions. The tide of revival is only just now beginning to crash upon our shores.

What the minions of Satan mean for evil, God will exploit for good, in order to save many.  You can either let the images of blasphemy and arrogance drain your spirit or you can take your stand, lift up your head and anticipate the inevitable intervention of the Holy Lord of the Armies of Heaven!

This is an hour when it is urgent for the people of God to gather for action. That is exactly what the Fire and Glory tour is all about. Join Lance Wallnau and me in Estero Florida on Monday and Tuesday October 24,and 25. All seats are free but we want you to register so we can prepare for your coming. Use this link below to Register for free right now .






  1. Jerry Givan

    Yes! A great message for this time in our history! “It is time for you to settle your spirit behind a historical fact. God has always dealt with evil in America, even when we did not deserve it. It is not by accident that ‘wokesters’ have tried to bury our history. It is there that we find the irrevocable evidence of God’s intervention in America. It is not simply the people of America that God loves, it is the idea of America. In order for that idea to be destroyed, you would first have to get past our omniscient and loving God.”

  2. Denise

    Thank you for these words of encouragement! They are needed! I began reading your new book last night. WOW!!! Move me, Lord!!!

  3. Sharon

    Please televise it or make it available of DVD for us to buy. We need fresh fire from God too.

  4. Stacey in Texas

    Biden is so out of touch with America. Did you see his 60 minutes speech? It’s pitiful. He can’t even acknowledge that American’s are hurting with grocery bills. It’s almost like we are watching a movie… he is that unfit to run our nation. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who sees it because how does this continue to go on week after week?


    I thank GOD 4 U. U always lift me up just as I was hanging by that red thread of hope beyond understanding, yes hope the rope, by believing and obeying the one true and truly living GOD. Our FATHER AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST along with His HOLY SPIRIT.
    LOVE YOU Mario.

  6. Maureen Davies

    We look off the circumstances and look to out Almighty God, who Can Make A Way Where There Us No Way. He alone is able to expose the corruption and wickedness and He is at work. Oue eyes are upon Him,Hallelujah. Bless you brother, we are on the winning side.x🙏🏽❤️🔥🔥🔥

  7. maryapatton5gmailcom

    Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. Thank you Mario for all you do

  8. Jason G.

    I agree, brother. I too have a peace in all of this. And it’s not like I’m insulated from the evil. I’m in the midst of those who are in the dark. Despite my best efforts to show them the truth, my testimony has not been enough to persuade them. So, I hold onto Truth through it all, pray and stand for justice. Blessings!

  9. Vincent Mack

    I don’t mean to sound so negative but I believe we are in a season of judgement our woes are just beginning, that doesn’t mean God can’t intervene he can do anything but I believe the worst is yet to come unfortunately. Abortion alone is bad enough but I believe there are things going on behind the scenes that are just as bad or worse

  10. Barry Armstrong

    Time is of the essence, wait no longer!

  11. Ramona Nordhoff

    Amen Brother Murillo

  12. Pamela

    Thank you!! I will be watching 🙏🏾🇺🇸

  13. Barbara

    Amen! God’s armies are on the move! No plan of man can stop it

  14. stevewitt2

    Here here.

  15. Ray Martinez

    God has always allowed dEVIL to manifest, Show it’s True Colors, Bear it’s dEVIL Fruit, so when Judgement arrives there is NO Question about it…Let us All remember, that there is a Part that we play in this battle..My People suffer because of Lack Of Knowledge.-Hose 4:6…Get Educated or Remain Enslaved by the “Not So Obvious Establishment”..This Establishment does nothing but Serve Deception, Corruption, Distractions, Entertainment, and Will tickle your Ears, Heart, Emotions to Cause Division all the while raping and piliging the American Tax Payer to no End..We end up Financially Struggling with their Deceptive Entertaining Agendas that Produce No Good Fruit for the People, While their Bank Accounts continue to Grow endlessly at Our Expense…Wake Up People..Their is ONE Movement in Place that Understands the Science of Systems that are being used by the Not So Obvious Establishment (Soros, Gates, Rockefeller’s, Kennedys, Obamas, Clintons, Fauci’s, Big Pharma, Social Media Giants, High Tech Industries, to Brainwash Us and Keep us Entertained and Enslaved, It is only with God’s Leading, Intervention, and Our Understanding of these Systems to Start a Bottoms Up Movement to Overthrow this dEVIL…The only one I know of Today is Called “Truth Freedom Health”, Led by Founder Dr. Shiva who founded the Email System at the Age of 14…He himself was persecuted for being the Inventor of the email system. He is the David against the Goliath (Not so obvious establishment) that is destroying our “One Nation Under God”…Please go to Vashiva.com and learn about focusing your energies to get Educated by MIT Tech with 4 PHD’s Dr. Shiva who has stepped up to reveal the Truth, and the Deception that has Brainwashed us for Hundreds of Years…


    Wish I could be there!

  17. Sherry Nieminen

    Exactly ! Spot on as usual Mario! Father God is exposing all of the deception, the corruption, the lies, withholding of truth, distortion of truth and the evil intent for one purpose–so we will know what it is that He is in the process of delivering us from!!!

  18. Marie Giddings

    Mario, this was the most encouraging message I have heard from anyone in a long time. I agree absolutely with it. And want to share it with others to encourage them.

  19. Debra

    Amen… God bless you Frontline mighty warriors and men of God!!!!!!!💪🔥🩸🩸🩸

  20. Marleen

    Standing and waiting with expectation that the Lord Jesus WILL intervene in America. Amen.

  21. Maxie Jo Johnson

    May God richly reward you, Brother, for your faithfulness and fearlessness. You are an immeasureable blessing to the body of Christ!!! Will continue to pray for you!

  22. NickT

    Yes, 2022 has been a tremendous year of evil from the left in our nation. It really blows my mind how everything that comes out of there mouth is a lie from the pit of hell. I just have to mute them because I can’t stand it. But you are right God knows everything going on in our nation and the world and he will do something in his time. Eventually Hitler and the Nazi’s got what they deserved, and kingdoms have been destroyed because of there ungodly ways. God have mercy on our nation and save it.

  23. marienbury

    You are absolutely telling the truth. God bless you Brother Mario.

  24. Paula Slow

    Thank you for this encouraging word. I wish I could attend the conference.

  25. Foy Shuler

    Amen. Even the strongest of us. It’s hard to keep our heads looking to the heavens. I know God will not let evil win. God bless America.

  26. gege4god


  27. greenacrescottage3046

    Thank you for your encouragement and for speaking truth, Mario! Revival is spreading now, with reformation on its heels!

  28. Robin York

    Yes, I sense the same! On September 10th, I came across the composer Vivaldi’s piece ” Summer”…Storm Extended. It’s very intense, chaotic so I listened to “Autum” and there is a calmness with anticipation almost joy…..so I thought what day does Autum start? September 22! Then I listened to “Winter”, and it is like a take charge commanding, victorious tune, yes, this is happening, almost like a musical score to a movie that we are watching play out

  29. Von Reagan

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK- MARIO. My prayers and financial support is with you.

  30. Barrie

    Go overboard for the Lord.We the intercessors are praying for you and Lance.Believe God will do Miracles.Exposure will happen.We know that America is going to be saved.Bless you Mario and Lance.So many hungry for Jesus.I believe you will have 7thousand people first nite.More chairs please..

  31. Roberto Rascon

    Gen. 50:20
    God is with us in the midst of injustice, and will turn it around.

  32. Dorothy Anderson Herron

    Mario, so in agreement! God is good, exposure and judgement are from Him. Give God all the glory when He brings revival and restores our nation.

  33. Grunt

    Thank you Pastor Mario for being a faithful Man of God, a Warrior, having cojones to stand up to evil by publicly standing up for His Kingdom. You are a man who will not abandon his fellow man in a fighting hole when the battle gets violent, nasty, dirty! “Semper Fi!

  34. Janice Smith

    Wonderful! You give us hope here in Australia! If God can do it there, He can do it here!

  35. Arnie

    “But one way or another, surely and eventually, the evil will be exposed and it will be punished.God may do it by changing the tide of public opinion.” It might also come by His direct judgment. I have been praying Isaiah 26.9. With God’s judgment people will relearn the fear of God again which has departed from the minds of mankind

  36. lordswarrior111

    Glory to God for this awesome word of insight from the LORD. America shall be saved!

  37. Glenda Deason

    I praise God for all the men like you Mario who are I afraid to preach the truth of Gods Word! May God Bless and protect you and your family as you continue His work of lifting Jesus higher so all men will be drawn into Him.

  38. Lynnette

    Right on as usual, Mario…. I was led to read the archived blog you wrote back in March 2020, “It was Biden all along”…. That was before this nightmare of the rigged election was made a reality, before the swift destruction of our nation was kicked into high gear with the installation of the Obama stooge puppet we are now suffering under. You forecasted with astonishing accuracy, what was about to happen if these evil forces gained control of the presidency, the third term of the silver-tongued devil that would propel America into the New World Order. Many of us then were fearful what would happen if they got in, but were hopeful that President Trump would win… He did in fact win, but their stunning and elaborate fraudulent methods, coupled with the rigged “Sores” machines, installed this present darkness into our highest office. We now stand at the crossroads of this National nightmare we just can’t seem to wake up from, like waking up to the devastation left by the tornado from hell that had swept across America… we are now over two years into witnessing the destruction of our beloved country, feeling powerless to do anything to stop their devil inspired madness….. I can’t answer why God allowed this travesty of justice to occur, why evil tyrants have been let loose to go this far in the ruination of our country, but I do know God is our only hope in these incredibly wicked times. We can only guess at the desperate means the forces of darkness will use to retain power, but the Lord knows. We must hold onto Him through it all…. If ever we needed to heed 2 Chronicles 7:14, and take it to heart, it is NOW, because our very lives depend on it.

  39. Patricia

    Thank you Brother Mario for standing strong for righteousness.


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