A massive harvest of souls is coming in California.

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California is ready. Will you join me in a mass harvest of souls?
Yes, I am asking you to come to California. And, yes, I am telling you it is time for a great harvest of souls in the Golden State. I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!
The world witnessed the harvest of lost souls in Colorado Springs. Now we are ready for an even greater ingathering of souls on the West Coast.
Before you decide you cannot come, I am asking you to consider a few things.


The first thing to consider is the testimony of those who made the pilgrimage to Colorado Springs to be used of God. Here some questions they asked and then answered.
Was it worth the sacrifice? A lot of our volunteers had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Could they take the time away from family, jobs and obligations? Would it be risky because some were battling illness themselves? Would the result be worth the sacrifice?

I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Their overwhelming reply is a resounding, YES!  The hardships they endured were nothing compared to the glory they witnessed, both on the streets, and in the Tent.
The most common report was the thrill of seeing real miracles. They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.
The next question was about boldness. Would they have the courage to minister on the streets? Many of them were insecure about their ability to minister to strangers.
Our volunteers raved about the training. Frank Saldana, and our team from Inner City Action, gave them effective instructions and led them to neighborhoods. In those communities they encountered two more pleasant surprises.
The first surprise was the openness, and the hunger of people. The harvest is indeed great and the laborers are few. The second surprise was their own boldness. Again and again, they returned with exciting stories of the power and the words they were given by the Holy Spirit to win souls.

They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.

Now we come to the question of fellowship. How would they relate to the other volunteers? Well, it was amazing. The pandemic took its toll on fellowship. Believers have been separated from each other. The excitement of meeting people of like mind and heart is overwhelming.
Spirit-filled patriotic Americans were overjoyed to see how many others believe and think the way they do. Lifelong friendships were born!
We have many ways for you to serve. And I promise you that we will find a place for you.
It will be my honor to lead you in the evening rallies. California is ready. Here we come.
Please use the link below or the QR code to register.

Please use the link or QR code to register.




  1. Marilyn Corbeil

    I am praying from Florida for souls as Abba Daddy draws them to His heart and for miracles and wonders to fill your tents!

  2. Connie Carpenter

    God Bless All that Mario & Mechelle sets their hands to! Praying that your Glory spreads throughout the land and descends upon the Sacramento State Capitol and they fall upon their knees and say.. There is only One God and He alone has visited us in the convicting power of His Holy Spirit!
    Praying , Connie C

  3. Adelin Schauer

    Though I can’t come I can pray and help support your work which I do.

  4. Janice Houck

    I asked before…please come back to Bakersfield. We want & need a move of God in our city. The hunger is great!!!!!

  5. David Lawson

    I was blessed by God to be at both Hanford and Colorado Springs. I cannot tell you what the experience was like. It was too great for words. To see God move in such a strong and powerful way was truly amazing. The joy of seeing thousands come to know Jesus as their personal savior and the true blessing to witness the healing of the sick was something you just can not explain. The influence of the Holy Spirit on me remained for days. It was truly a blessing. Everyone should attend one of these crusades. It will be life changing even if you are already saved. I will be at all the crusades I can attend in the future, and, yes, I will be attending the crusade in California in November to witness the power and glory of God at work.

  6. jongigi

    I’m registered and very excited about serving at the crusade. Thank you for coming to California. The crusade is on my prayer list. Many souls for Jesus!

  7. Doris Cooper

    I am already signed up , Just pray I can come.



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