This book destroys the idea of remaining silent in the face of evil.

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Mario Murillo’s new book is causing shock waves. This kind of straightforward writing is not supposed to be popular today. But those who have read Do Not Leave Quietly know better. The reaction is almost universal: the book puts into words what so many are thinking but either didn’t know how to say it, or were afraid to say it.
This book destroys the idea of remaining silent in the face of evil. It obliterates the lie that everyday people are helpless in this storm of wickedness. Most importantly, it turns everything we consider a disadvantage into an advantage.

This book destroys the idea of remaining silent in the face of evil.

The book roars the warning that God’s surprise attack on evil in America has already begun. Every believer is gifted and chosen to play a key role. Do Not Leave Quietly fits perfectly in the soul of leaders, politicians, business owners, educators, preachers, stay at home moms, and youth.
The first gift of this book is urgency. You will see why everything we do for God now will grow out of the right level of urgency.

The next gift of DNLQ is wisdom. We need to stop giving knee jerk answers and hollow cliches to a dying generation. God wants us to have powerful words—effective communication. You will find the source of those mighty words in these chapters. And you will begin to speak those words.
From there you will gain boldness. Boldness is the golden key to influencing a nation. As you turn the pages you will watch yourself become an educated bullet—a devastating instrument in the hand of God. You will confidently answer the mad ravings of current America.

As you turn the pages you will watch yourself become an educated bullet—a devastating instrument in the hand of God.

DNLQ will reconcile factors that seem at odds with each other. How do we combine political action with moral awakening? How do we bring together a Biblical balance of supernatural signs and wonders and irresistible preaching?
Let’s face it…this Fall you are going to read a book. This is the book for you to read. But there is an even bigger reason for you to get your copy: IT IS A WIN-WIN!
Here’s why: All the proceeds from Do Not Leave Quietly go directly to soul winning. You heard right. Not only will this book ignite a revolution in your mind and spirit, it will help us reach more lost souls. And that statement takes us to a burning issue: Please do not give your money to Amazon! Get your book from us. To induce you further we are offering you free shipping and something that Amazon cannot give you: Mario will sign your copy.
These books are moving fast, so please act now. Use the link below to order your book right now! Click where it says Do Not Leave quietly.

Do Not Leave Quietly




  1. Kay Runyan

    Does this come in Spanish? The problem we are having is the illegal immigrants coming here for our handouts don’t understand the Constitution or any other true information of how the USA found the freedom that we have through our forefathers who believed God. They are coerced to be here and paid for by Soros et al of the evil bank and they have NO IDEA what America really is. I wish I understood how i could get a copy of the Constitution to every soul crossing our border illegally. They think coming here will give them a better life. But, they are leaving their old regimes to come to a place where we won’t be any different if we don’t teach them the Constitution and it has to be in their language.

  2. Jeff

    I appreciated your book. Where I live in Canada, you could stay out in busy bar for ‘the last call of alcohol’, but you couldn’t gather in a church for worship and an altar call. We met in homes and sometimes outdoors, for months. This will not happen again on our watch, and we are praying for you and the churches of Canada and the United States to stay open and be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

  3. Gail Segars Rainey

    I received by copy this morning! THANK YOU!!!!!

  4. Patricia Michael

    I am so encouraged when I hear from Mario Murillo. Between these blogs & seeing & hearing him on Flashpoint (which is the highlight of my week & a don’t miss program), I am lifted up & know there is still hope for those of us who believe in and belong to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. My book is ordered and I look forward eagerly to reading it.

  5. Rich Balswick

    We love you Mario!
    An ex- Genesis student from the 1970s in Santa Rosa

  6. dotmasker

    This has been the most honest and courages book written. I couldn’t put it down. I even wish that Mark Levin would invite Mario to discuss it on his program on Sunday nights. I am 83 and an invalid and this is my way of doing something. I pray that everyone read it. God bless you Mario you did a great thing for us.

  7. John Powelson

    Great book I already read ours twice and planning to read it again soon. We are to do his work as well as learn. If we do nothing with what Christ teaches US have we really learned anything? We are now teaching the “American Heritage” from Wall Builders and Rick Green’s Patriot academy “Biblical Citizenship in Modern America”. Get off the couch and get involved in doing all that Jesus taught US!!!

  8. Ramona Nordhoff

    Amen Brother, Christian must know this is our last chance to Save America. FEAR is of SATAN he trying to steal the Country from God & THE PEOPLE. Stand & get involved to SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  9. jerrygivan

    Love this book, clearly every pastor in America should read this book and grasp the times we live in. Sunday school teachers should use this to teach a few classes from, wake up Christians to intercede for their church and America.

  10. seventyfiveandcounting

    I ordered the book after listening to Lance Walnau!

  11. Revs. Jerry and Sonia Mashek

    Love your Book, Mario! Looking Forward to Celebrating with you and Lance in October in Estero, FL. God Bless you and Lance ALWAYS!!!

  12. Warren

    I’d order the book from you, but it doesn’t include availability to ship to Canada!

  13. Mark B

    Is there any way to order this book in Canada without using Amazon? I would rather order directly from your website.

  14. Marlene Hamilton

    I did have to order my copy of the book from Amazon unfortunately. You do not ship to Canada and that is okay. I am just happy to be able to get a copy of the book. God bless.

  15. Anne Benson

    I read this very important book. It made me righteously angry. Ten of us evangelists were recently in a public park sharing the Gospel when we were told we could not do that. We were stunned and didn’t know what to say. After reading this book, I know what to say now!! I have a copy of the constitution in my purse and will cite the first amendment and let them know the constitution IS the law of the land!! Thank you Mario for leading the charge and the army of God is growing across America!!

  16. Jim Bird

    I have already ordered and read the book and agree with the precepts that we as Christians need to stand up and not stand stand down in the face of the evil that is taking place in our government and permeating our society and even from the pulpits of some of our churches and leaders. We must face up to the tyranny being forced on us and say no and back it down.

  17. Charlene Mibus

    I read the book all the way through the day I got it. It is a must read for sure book and get one or more to bless your frinds with!

  18. John Powelson

    I have read the book twice and am getting ready to read it again. I highly recommend it. My wife and I are teaching Wall Builders American Heritage and Rick Green’s Biblical Citizenship and it all goes right along with what Mario wrote in this Blog. Time for US all to get off our butts and get to work on something that teaches God’s connection to our founding as a country and that we should never have allowed the Courts to remove God from the Schools and our other institutions that were God honoring for hundreds of years and were designed that way from the beginning by our founders who were devout believers and wrote the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and know a lot more about what is Constitutional than any of the judicial appointees and lawyers graduating from secular law schools and classes in the last 100 years. Further our “Real History” proves it a thousand times over. Thank You Jesus for our bible trained and educated founders and their willingness to risk it all to do what no other governing body ever did, Trust in the Lord and in the Holy Bible as written!!!!! Amen.

  19. Jeniece Owens

    Hi Mario I have been trying to order Do Not Leve Quietly several times I can’t get it to go thru.
    Is there a Phone number I could call to order it. I am a Flash Point Army supporter. I want your book
    could you help me please?

    • Mario Murillo

      Alexis will email you to help you.



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