The goal of distraction is to make you unavailable for the move of God
The goal of distraction is to make you unavailable for the move of God.
The devil is doing something very special today. He is distracting God’s people so that they will not be available when He moves to save America.
You need to trust the troubling in your spirit. You came out of a Christian meeting, shaking your head. When you expressed your concern, several people tried to make you think there was something wrong with you.

Distraction number one: Out of Bible experiences:

When you heard a preacher tell stories and give illustrations, but never quotes the Word of God. You expressed concern, but were scolded and told that God is saying new things and this makes our movement more relevant to outsiders. That bothered you.
You hear bestselling Christian authors being praised for being “brave enough to downplay the Bible.” That troubled you. You need to trust the troubling in your spirit.

Distraction number two: Prophetic games:

You believe in the prophetic, but you are troubled by the fixation believers have for obsessively chasing “a fresh word from the Lord.” It seems that there are far greater concerns right now.
You are bothered that they do not instruct believers to organize against the evil overtaking America. Or to teach us how to challenge Woke education for our children’s sake. You feel that the games they play distract God’s army from the real battles we should be fighting.

Distraction number three: Sleeping through the harvest:

You wonder, ‘Why aren’t we winning souls?’ You wonder, ‘Why is there no call to come to Christ in church meetings?’ You wonder, ‘Why is there no training to win souls?’
You see people every day, barely hanging on to their sanity. You know Jesus is the deepest Desire of mankind—even when they don’t know it. The cold brutal emptiness of the atheistic agenda intensifies that desire.
I see this every night in the Tent. Sitting before me are the trophies of modern perversion: tattooed, spiked hair, boys in dresses, and young girls dressed as men.
They are addicted and angry, to the point of suicide. And then they hear His voice. The tears burst forth and they do not care who sees it. They run to Christ, and God rushes to meet them. Maybe you are like me…you wonder how can anything be more important than this? Trust the troubling in your spirit.

Distraction number 4: Worshipping worship:

It bothers you that we can sing the phrase, “Open the floodgates of heaven” 185 times, and not notice people walking out, because they just don’t get it. You love worship, but you feel that people are not focused so much on God so much as the warm feeling that singing gives them. Trust the troubling in your spirit.

Distraction number 5: Emotional excesses.

When people are rolling around on the floor moaning, it bothers you. You wonder why we think it is spiritual to look crazy to outsiders. You immediately think of the verse 1 Corinthians 14:23, “Therefore, if the whole church comes together in one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those who are uninformed or unbelievers, will they not say that you are out of your mind?”
There is a place for the prophetic, strong worship, and outward expressions of excitement. But what we do not want is to be unavailable for what God is doing in this hour to turn America around.
Trust that warning signal in your spirit. Do not lose heart. Do not let people overthrow your discernment.
In this hour the Holy Spirit is doing a fresh work to make us effective to a lost and dying generation of Americans.

You are not wrong to see the excesses and call them out in a spirit of love—sometimes firm love!

Many are feeling this troubling about the current fads in the church. They are yearning for more David Wilkerson gave the best description of them. He said, “God-hungry people are saying among themselves, “This is not it. There is something more. The bigness and the sensationalism of it all has left us empty and dry. We want more. More than entertainment. More than big, showy buildings. More than a shallow celebrity gospel. We want deeper values. We want to see Jesus. We want spotless robes of righteousness. We want to go back to doing things in total dependence on God.”
Many of these people were chased out of churches that were once fiery, Spirit-filled churches. They saw their church become obsessed with impressing outsiders. They no longer feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the worship services.
What are their chief complaints? They see the world system operating in the Church.  They can’t stomach the fact that prayer and anointed preaching have been replaced. The house of God is now a glitzy entertainment center.
They are done with egocentric preachers with grandiose, expensive, and carnal visions that have nothing to do with soul winning or revival.  They accuse these preachers of being distracted and even derailed from their first love.
They are deeply hurt that their church punishes them for wanting a move of God, but at the same time, caters to lukewarm members.
What is the urgency that drives them? They see America on the verge of destruction. They believe we have no time to play games.  Trust the troubling in your spirit. Stay available! God is up to something big.

 Register now to join Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau at the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida, October 24th and 25th. It is called ‘Fire and Glory.’ One night for the fire of God to fall and settle the greatest question of our time. A second night for the Glory of God to demonstrate the miracles of Jesus today.




  1. Johnie Imotichey

    Wow. Thank you for this much needed word for the body of Christ.

  2. dsc59811sweger

    That word is the heart of the Holy Spirit. We are to be delivered up to death for Jesus sake, so the life of Jesus will be made manifest in our mortal bodies. Jeremiah 23 gives us a promise of pastors and men that would speak truth of God in the last days. They are few and precious! I thank God for your ministry!

    • Michele

      Amen and Amen!

  3. Joel GuthrIe

    Untold numbers of us are unable to attend. Would you consider broadcasting this live? I don’t believe God is limited by where the listener is located. Thank you!

  4. Nancy Espe

    Praise God for you and all the prophets who are speaking the truth, I pray for all of you! I am 84 and hubby 90 and I display a cross on a tree and a big flag on my garage wall,, I rise in the morning with my full armor on, devotional time with my Lord and much prayers and worship. The closer you get to home, you have the feeling within to step on the gas! Worship of God is 24/7 not just the day you set a part for Him. I have to prod the flesh daily to do what’s right in the Lord, I still fall short of His Glory!♥ Amen!!

  5. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    I remember being in a Kenneth E Hagin Campmeeting in Tulsa probably in the 90’s when during worship the 8000 people were singing IN THE SPIRIT. I saw the glory cloud come down and envelope us. Only some of the people were visible in this cloud. Bro Hagin explained that those visible were the only ones who saw the glory. The worship I see today is nowhere near that. We sang scripture a lot.

  6. Rebecca Hart

    I agree! As a worship leader (past times), worship tills the hardened soil of the heart to receive the Word (seed) from the Pastor at church. In the past 8 months, so hungry for God, I skip worship and go straight to the Word. Lately, I have started to worship, because although I hunger, I can’t get out of my flesh and into the Spirit to overflowing. Worship is a sweet savor in God’s nostrils. Love your heart for the people! It comes through every word you write and say! God bless you!!

  7. Mattie Diane Munson

    Hi Mario I would like to take this opportunity to reach out to you concerning the # 2 distraction you mentioned here concerning people whether they be Christian’s or not but (but I don’t suppose a non-Christian would be asking themselves this question about wanting a new word, revival, move or otherwise, of course we know that as born again Christians (& Jesus Christ himself said there is no other kind.)we all want these fresh closeness of encounters (for lack of what to call it ) but I wanted to know what you think about Hebrews teaching us that the Father has said every thing he has to say to mankind thru his son ! This is what I believe. I believe the Holy Spirit taught me this I don’t have a church or a pastor or a councilor no family or close intimate friends or a car, & I lost my only daughter Nov.13th,2021?& I am barely functioning there are no words to express my grief please pray for me Sincerly in Christ I am Mattie Diane Munson you can email me here Thank you for your consideration

    • Brenda K. Wetters

      Mattie Munson it sounds like you have an amazing relationship with the LORD and I’m praying that God will send you a special friend to stand by you in your grief to encourage you in HIM. Know that HE loves you and will never leave you alone. The HOLY SPIRIT is your covering and indeed your guide, your strength and your song. MUCH LOVE in HIM!!

  8. Elyce Mouskondis

    You just put in words what I have been sensing for some time. Even my family can’t understand why I can’t go to a church I have been in for 50 years. It’s because of all the distractions you just mentioned.
    Thank you for enlighten me and letting me know I’m in the will of God.
    I hope to see you on Oct. 24 & 25. Elyce

  9. ggramma

    AMEN! Excellent and the absolute truth on every point of distraction!!
    Thank you Mario for your ever perfect on point message and wake up call!

  10. Jeanne

    Timely, powerful, and a confirmation; thank you!

  11. Charlotte dean

    So, so , right on. Refreshing to hear and read. Thank you Mario

  12. jerrygivan

    Wow, totally on target, God got us out of a church that years ago was spirit filled and today is a “seeker friendly” church where if you pray for someone you cannot mention the blood of Jesus so that people are not offended. This is a great post that I am going to send to others!

  13. John

    Amen to all that was said

  14. Armando Llamas

    Rightly said!!

  15. Paula

    I love your hearts and mission to speak life and save souls. I love that you are not afraid to address the evil, speak truth and defend our nation. ❤️ Thank you

  16. Janis Lewis

    Thank you for the eye opening truth!

  17. wms2

    God is up to something big.I feel it in my spirit too.I see hints of it in the church I attend.I will not miss the day of my visitation.All of the things you mentioned is so grieving to my spirit but I know that i am not alone.If I saw it so did others.It is His anointing that that destroys the yoke.We need Him desperately.No flesh glory! God bless MMM in all you do.

  18. Ron S.

    Another home run Brother Mario!
    Leonard Ravenhill said “Today God is bypassing men—not because they are too ignorant, but because they are too self-sufficient.”
    SELF-sufficient in all the things you just mentioned.
    We love and treasure the true prophetic move of God… But ONLY inasmuch as it conforms to the Word of God (Sola Scriptura).
    As usual, you hit every nail on the head.
    There are so many churches and leaders who take the title “Christian”, but you won’t ever hear mention of the core truths of the Word from their mouth: Sin, the cross, the Blood of Jesus, Repentance, Separation (come out and be ye separate), the Fear of the Lord, and Holiness.
    Yet Peter preached [1] Repent, [2] Remission of sins, [3] ONLY THEN, can you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).
    We have so many trying to move by the Spirit without Repentance of Remission of sins, and that only can only produce strange fire.
    The key is sharing an uncompromised, firm, word in humility, fear, and God’s agape.
    We have committed ourselves to being voices in the wilderness, not in obnoxious self-righteousness, but in fear & trembling, knowing from whence we came and the Holy One who has called us.
    I have never had, and never will have Facebook – But I’ve been unfriended many times.
    By Christians and pastors who prefer worldly fantasy, spells, and even incantations to the trumpet sounding a call to the master and to war.
    Many Blessings Man of God!

  19. Lisa Lankton.

    Wow! You nailed it!! All TRUTH!
    My husband and I need to be there in Florida. I will quit my job at Yale University if they tell me I can’t go that week, we need to be there.
    We are headed to Join Hank Kunneman, Kat Kerr and Robin Bullock this month. And next month for my birthday I need to be there to join Mario and Lance. 👏 God is doing something special for sure!! I want yo be part of it, I don’t want to miss a thing!

  20. Sonia Herrera

    We need you pastors here in Los Angeles California

  21. Lare Mitchell

    Well said. We saw you in Colorado Springs. Keep up the good fight.

  22. Cindy

    100% agree pastor Murillo

  23. wms2

    I truly believe that if people are listening they will hear the Spirit encouraging them to close their computers,put down their cell phones and spend time in the Word and communion with only Him.We are not designed for all of this information.

  24. Curt Gaines

    “Absolutely beautiful!” “Keep on preaching, just like your words written above.”

  25. Jo

    Thank you for Truth! I am registered for October 24/25. Hallelujah!!

  26. RaNaye

    Your blog brought tears. Everything you said is in my heart. I have been asking God why we are not all having the power of God move through us to heal and do the works Jesus did. He told us that those of us that believe in Him would do the things He did and greater. Why am I not seeing that in my own life or in others? I believe Him! I believe we are supposed to be doing these things! I long to see His glory and power on the believers and I long to see correct government restored and the evil done away with. I keep asking Him what I can do, where am I to go, how can I be of service to Him? I have been weeping for several years as my whole life has been flipped on it’s head and it would seem the world as well. I need answers, I need direction, I need His purpose to come forth in my life and to see it coming forth in the lives of all believers. I hunger and thirst for what only He can provide.

  27. Cheryl

    This is total gospel truth. Thank you for saying what needs to be said.

  28. Rich & Dottie Kane

    This is a right on word that Mario has brought forth. The Lord is placing a hunger in the hearts of His people who desire to know the ‘Living God’ in a personal way in their lives. The Lord Jesus will meet them at their point of need, for He is a God who is for His people. And if your God be for you then who can be against you – no one!! God is for you!!

  29. Sandra

    “Trust that warning signal in your spirit. Do not lose heart. Do not let people overthrow your discernment.”

    Thank you.

  30. Seafoam

    Oh AMEN!!!

  31. myconfidentstyle

    Mario you are right on in this post! Thank you for standing tall and strong and sharing the word and what God has laid on your heart! May the American christian church wake up and be the church, the agent of change, healing, deliverance and hope that our Savior called us to be. Start with me Lord, start with me!

  32. Roger Culwell


  33. Wilma Cobb

    Amen I agree with you Bro Murillo, God continue to anoint and bless you ministry in Jesus Name.

  34. Terri

    No truer words could have been Pastor, we must remember that our enemy will use anyone and anything to distract us from Jesus, all their efforts are failing and they know their time is short, trust in the Lird and do go, dwell in the land and feed on his faithfulness, delight yourself in the Lord and Hw will give you the desires of your heart🙏

  35. DiAnn Barker

    Thank you, Mario!

  36. Jeanne

    Love this! It is so true.

  37. Sandra

    I agree 100 per cent! We use to dress up to go to the house of God after working all week but now they dress down to go to church and dress up to go to work! Get rid if good preachers and keep those who are running off the flock! No one seems to be reading the WORD? Then how do you know if someone misquotes the word? Saw someone in TV with a big time evangelist at one time and he died young. Just saying where is the fear of GOD? And my my it is going to be worst for those misleading the flock than the simple believer, Just read the word and HE the HOLY SIRIT will guide you into all truth, please don’t depend on man to do all the reading of the word! God help us to be encouragers! In Jesus name!

  38. CH

    Thank you, Soooooooooo TRUE!!! Many of Children of God are growing up!!! PERFECT assessment of today’s Spiritual Climate!!! Praying for boldness and spiritual discernment we all need it NOW

  39. Cindy Welch

    Thank you!

  40. Brenda

    How deeply beautiful. Thank you, you have truly spoken bravely and touched my heart. Wish I could join you in person but am unable to travel at this time. Be blessed.

  41. Sharie Soderlund

    Yes and Amen…Needed this for my spirit has been troubled

  42. Michael Spingler

    Thanks for such a timely word brother Mario. I to am sick of the repetitive mindlessness of many “worship” songs that are worshipped by many congregations today. The weakness and foolishness of many of today’s worship songs is appalling. Also, Paul clearly tells us that an entire congregation is never to speak in tongues at the same time because the unbelievers will think we are crazy. Even so, I see many videos where the pastor ENCOURAGES the congregation to disobey Paul’s clear teaching. How many have been turned from the faith due to disobedient pastors!

  43. Janet Ames

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and truth!

  44. Cheryl

    A lot of what you just described is so true about the church that you are visiting for lunch in Naples, Florida, on the 24th.. so many left because of those very reasons. I’ve talked with many. Too many to count. The leaders of the church might be in some back boardroom praying politically privately but they are certainly not leading this church politically speaking. I even talked with some people who work there and they say the pastor just refuses to openly go political. Yet we all Love him and nobody wants to say anything.
    I hope so much that they listen to you.

  45. David McCandless


  46. Roberta

    I’m so thankful for someone who loves soul winning above everything else. God loves people. Thank you!

  47. Martha Norris

    Awesome Word! You are a Mighty Soul Winner! Thank You for all these tent meetings. Maybe one day I can attend! God Bless You!

  48. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, you are reading my mind. Thank you for this POWERFUL Word.

  49. Loraine Thompson

    I am sometimes heartbroken with the devil’s assault on us. Riding home after church tonight with an acquaintance whom I thought I knew I was shocked when she told me that ”no one goes to heaven and comes back.”.
    i am so tired of denominational crazy
    teaching of people! They will do and say anything from the pulpit to snuff out the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts from God.
    I will return quickly to the joy of the Lord but living in a small town with backward- thinking preachers and “christians” is like living in a desert. What would I do without the internet and God’s prophets and other spiritual leaders in the 5 fold ministry’s? Thank God for you!!

  50. Paula M Slow

    This is exactly what I have been feeling about the Churches for years! They denied the power of God, therefore we have no staying power or drawing power to going deeper in the things of God. Thank you!!!! Wish I could come to your and Lance’s gathering, but I have to work! Glad you two are doing this though!!! I will be praying for sure.

  51. Mel

    Thank you Mario! Continue proclaiming the Truth!! Amen and Amen.

  52. Mary Thompson

    I agree completely with what you said Mario. The church I left when I moved had started out full of the Spirit of God but when the congregation grew the Pastors never preached against most wrongs. They didn’t want to lose anyone. I now live in Texas and am attending a church that preaches the Word but never do an altar call. That grieves my heart. I never knew it would be so difficult to find a new Spirit filled, bible believing truth home church but for now, I am staying where I am hoping I can bring the light as they think evangelism is within church walls. I believe we are to go into the world and preach the Gospel, which I do when God opens a door.

  53. NickT

    Amen, so true.

  54. kingskid48

    Great blog, Pastor Mario, thank you. All of us have probably seen a few people who do, “show off”, in the Spirit, and yes, it is a distraction. That’s why I believe in closing our eyes during worship so that we can focus on Him. I have seen the children of people who should know better, mocking the worshipers, which I consider grievous. Close your eyes and focus on Him and just ignore them.

    We’ve also seen those who run from meeting to meeting, hoping to get a personal, “word”. While I do know that God does give those Words to His anointed people, chasing after them seems questionable. I believe if He wants to tell you something, He will find you where you are, or send you where He wants you to go. Stay in harmony with the Spirit and you won’t miss it.

    Also, it’s important, I believe, that the pastor be fully in tune to the Spirit and avoid quenching the Spirit. He should always be in control, and if He wants to say something through one of His “vessels”, He should be allowed! To me, quenching the Spirit so the pastor can get his message in, does not seem like the right thing to do. Unless, of course, the Lord is telling the pastor to do that. Seems doubtful thought. Sensitivity to the Spirit is paramount.

  55. Sharon Smith

    Isn’t it true that if we do not feel or see Holy Spirit move in our church then we should pray and stand fast on the foundation of God. He says where He is is Holy. If He is in us as His followers, Christians, then where we are is Holy. The Living Word says He is in US and if that be the truth, which I believe, then where we are the Holy Spirit is. We cannot fight the battle if we run away from it. If Holy Spirit tells us to leave the church then that’s different. God does not put us in a battle and tell us to leave half way through. We are victorious through Christ. If we want to see souls won we must stand fast in the truth of God’s WORD.


    Even my soul thrilled at seeing these words, as even my carnal mind having seen and heard almost all the matters of distraction has caused me to push the voices of many out because they have become instruments of distraction. Amen Brother Mario thank you.



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