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I have a very special message of encouragement and direction for you. I want to share this message with you over a delicious, free brunch. The brunch will be served Saturday October 1st at 10AM at Destiny Church in Rocklin, California.
Encouragement: A giant harvest of souls is coming! First I will share with you the encouragement. Hold on! Do not quit! A harvest is coming. John 4:35, “Do you think the work of harvesting will not begin until the summer ends four months from now? Look around you! Vast fields of human souls are ripening all around us, and are ready now for reaping.”
How do human souls ripen? They ripen in misery. The Woke movement’s biggest mistake was that they made everyone miserable. Wokeness drained the color, vitality, and enjoyment out of American life. It was the God haters themselves that tilled the soil and added the ingredients that ripen vast fields of souls.
I have no doubt that this harvest is coming. I have never seen so many Californians open to Christ—not even during the Jesus Movement. But there are specific things we must do to be able to gather this great harvest.

But there are specific things we must do to be able to gather this great harvest.

Signs and wonders. Because the hour is so desperate for California, signs and wonders will be abundant in our gatherings in that State. The Holy Spirit is being poured out to save us from destruction. The verse that comes to mind is Acts 14:3, “…and the Lord proved their message was from Him by giving them power to do great miracles.”

I want to talk to you about the right way to surrender to the operation of the Holy Spirit in miracles.
Direction:  Next, I want to talk to you about how divine direction is a weapon. We live in complex times that require guidance from on high. By the power of the Holy Spirit we need to understand what is going on and what we should do about it.
California government continues to increase its war on our faith and freedom. The pressure on Bible-based Christian leaders is at an all-time high. To make matters worse that pressure is now a crossfire. It is not just coming from the Left, but also from Woke ministers who have lost their way.
1 Chronicles 12 is a chapter that lists the firepower of Israel’s armies. Each tribe is described by virtue of their skill and weapons. The strangest weapon listed is not a sword or a spear. Verse 32 speaks “of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do…”
What should we being doing in this hostile and volatile situation? To be leaders in California today, we will need the wisdom of God. That is how we can exploit the weakness of the enemy and walk through doors that cause breakthrough.

Let me share the full message with you in person. I know this is going to be a life changing brunch. Remember that the brunch is free, but you must register so we know how much food to prepare. Use this link to register now!







  1. Eletha

    Mario, when are you going to bring a tent revival to Roanoke Virginia?

    • Mario Murillo

      We need the leaders and pastors there to come together.

  2. Tammy Adams

    Hi Mario,
    I have NO way to go to this brunch. The best I can do is pray and leave an offering of faith for the harvest. Love you and what your ministry is doing for Cali and the rest of the world.

  3. Jerry Givan

    Is this going to be on-line, cannot be there in person, in Georgia, but want to hear what is said. Sounds like a true word of today! We are praying that the demonic delusion and insanity in California will not come here even thought we some lessor aspects of it already.

  4. Irma Velasquez

    What is the Woke

    • Mario Murillo

      They side with the left on abortion, LGBTQ agenda, and critical race theory. They also do not rejoice that Roe V Wade was overturned.

      • James O Germany III

        He Mario! I thank God for you brother! God really got a hold if me and when I turned 50 I said no more compromise and no more roller coaster rides I’m all in! I’m spending time with God reading a lot and every time I get in worship and His presence I am a big baby because of all He has done for me and all that I’m trusting Him for. I want to be free financially and walking in all His provisions for me and my family so I can do everything He wants me to do! I want to be up and on the front lines of what He is doing wherever I may be. I’m praying for revival in my Church but it seems so restricted because of the timing and being broadcast on the internet. The whole prayer team is ready but it does not seem like leadership is digging in like tge prayer team as far as tongues and supernatural. I read a book by Terrell Hebert The Biblical Church and it really makes since but My pastor said he is really against the house based church Idk. Oikos Ministries

        I go to Journey Church in Central LA. Pray for us. I feel the tide turning slowly.

  5. Paul Shiplett

    We can’t be in California then but pray for continued guidance from our LORD.

  6. Michele IronCastle

    As a God fearing, lifelong resident of California, I have started praying the 51st Psalm replacing I/me with California. There is a lot of warring for California that needs to be done on multiple levels so praise God for you Mario and your ministry as we need to break the chains off California and it’s residents.

  7. John Kirkley

    I’d love to be there … but am about to complete my first full year as a voluntary missionary speaking to Churches, Prisons and Schools in Kenya! Tomorrow will be my 52nd Sunday here, and I’ve talked 55+ times at churches or church related events. Keep up the good work!

  8. Linda

    Praying for the brunch!!

  9. Bro. Andrew

    Lets all continue to pray for the JESUS California Hwy 99 Tent Revivals! Thank you Mario for being able to hear loud and clear : GOD the Father and Son and Holy Spirit voice! Amen!

  10. Glynis

    We had pray from early morning today and yet again I had Haggai 2. Haggai 1 v 13 lets us know that the Lord is with us! And “He stirred up the spirit of Zerrubabel” – awesome. Haggai 2 The Lord tells His people to be strong – WORK – for I am with you and my Spirit remains in your midst. It continues with many encouraging words and ends in wonderful blessings. Bro Mario sincerely many thanks for your strength and encouragement. I live in Wales, UK and really wish I could be there. We truly were stirred up in pray today!

  11. REBECCA G Galvan Estrada

    Along with Pastors’, who do you identify as “Leaders” that can attend?

    • Mario Murillo


  12. Glynis

    Thought I’d share a dream that my previous pastor had. He came to Wales as a missionary many years ago and now lives back in USA

    Crazy dream? “Horseleech”> “Night of 8/12/22”?
    Students of the Scripture realize that horses many times in the Scriptures prophetically
    represent spirits, such as in Zechariah chapter six and in Revelation chapter six and in
    chapter nineteen….
    Many time when I retire for the evening, I ask the Lord to speak to me with His Word in the
    night or give a dream or vision. Even though I am unworthy of such, many times He does so,
    for which I give Him, thanks. Sometimes we can have crazy dreams from eating too much,
    hearing things we ought not to. Lol.
    The Dream, I saw in the night a most beautiful black horse, I believed to be a Stallion. There
    was something sucking the blood out of the horse. The word Horseleech came to me. I
    did know that such a word existed. Then on the night of 8/15/22 again the dream with the
    word “horseleech”.
    So I went to Webster, and sure enough the word horseleech was there. Meaning > A large
    leech said to attach itself to the mouth of horses while they are drinking. Leeches are
    parasites, blood suckers; that cling to something or another for the purpose to drain dry.
    I found the word horseleach also in the Scripture >>>
    Proverbs 30:15 The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give. There are three
    things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough.>>
    Horseleach > In the Hebrew meaning to suck. al-oo-kaw’>> Feminine passive participle of
    an unused root meaning to suck; the leech: – horse-leech.
    Failure to drink from the Living water that comes from JESUS and drink from the waters of
    this world, is to endanger ourselves with leeches that will bleed one dry in the spirit.
    I believe the black horse in Revelation 6:5 is Capitalism, our democracy, and there are
    leeches at this time that are attaching themselves to it for the purpose to drain it dry.
    The waters of this world at this time is full of leeches, and many times there are people
    in this world, who will attach themselves to you like horseleeches to suck or drain the life
    out of your spirit.
    Drink from the well of living water that JESUS gives where there are no leeches.
    Just a dream, for your consideration, Elder Willhoite 8/20

  13. Brenda Shoshanna

    Blessings on your harvest of souls and on the wonderful work you do. Wish I could be there in person, but age and physical condition prevents it… I’ll be with all in spirit.

  14. Marcus Maddox

    God bless Mario and all who work the fields of the Lord of Salvation.
    The Lord Jesus Himself protect and guide us

  15. Norma Smith


  16. safeway62

    This is exciting. I would have signed up, but at this time I would be a hindrance to your work. I will be praying and supporting as much as possible for a huge harvest!! I have known of you since the 80’s and am so excited to see what the Lord is doing thru your ministry!

    • Mario Murillo

      How would you be a hinderance?

  17. Sunny Tae

    Bless your breakthrough in California!

  18. Loretta Rehbein

    So grateful to God for you, mighty man of valour, Mario Murillo ⚔️🔥✝️

  19. Sandra

    I believe every word and every bad thing our leaders are doing GOD is taking account of! Rest assured in HIS grace, we shall overcome! Paul tells us in Romans we have to not pray for our leaders but be leaders for change and right. If we will not do it then the enemy has won. Praying our leaders repent if not gone to the enemy too far and vote only for Godly men and woman to lead us!!! And Holy Spirit help us to know how to lead from the cities and counties to the state and capital! Give a loud cheer for Godly leaders!

  20. Scott Robson


  21. Kathleen Lord

    Is this just for pastors or can church members attend?

    • Mario Murillo

      yes you can attend

  22. judy walker

    Mario–I met you and your wife, along with the rest of the Flashpoint team, at the first Flashpoint Live event in Texas last year. The whole experience was unforgettable. The ‘work of the LORD’ which you are presently spear-heading is exploding like a bomb. Know this: Every one of us who are “awake” (and in this Army) in this present hour are being knitted together into a Great Net in this massive harvest. Our love, kinship, and purpose are making us ONE in heart, mind, and Spirit. Thank you for your courageous stand and awesome inspiration. I am so pleased to call you Brother!!

  23. Viola

    When are you coming to Tucson Arizona

  24. Nancy L Murphy

    Okay, my husband and I will be there! That’s my 70th birthday so we will come and spend it with you!! 🙂

    • warpedw

      It is my birthday too! Hope to be there from Bakersfield! 😊

  25. Elizabeth Morton

    Praying for someone to come to New England sometime–the East Coast is also in desperate need. There is the D.L.Mo0dy center in Northfield, MA with outside and inside space.

  26. Lynda Bass

    I love to listen to your direct and clear presentation of God’s Word! Thank you! Do you have a visit to the Bakersfield area planned in the near future? I live here and would love to work for the Lord’s harvest in my area!

  27. Maria Rhodes

    I’m so thankful that GOD wouldn’t let you retire. HIS PLAN is greater to reach the lost as well as believers
    that have been discouraged through you, your wife, and those that volunteer. I know because I was brought back to drawing closer to HIM and HIS anointing returning to me after years devoid of it through attending the meetings in Hanford, California.

  28. Jayne Farrell

    GO MARIO!!!! Yes! Another Great Awakening – BETTER than the Jesus Movement!!! It’s COMING!!!! BLESS YOU BROTHER!!!

  29. Aaron Jackson

    This will be the largest so far.

  30. Linda Sampietro

    Will you be in Hanford California again?

    • Mario Murillo

      We will be in your area next year.


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