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It will only take you a few minutes to read this blog. But you cannot take the news I am about to give you lightly. This is momentous. It is not a spontaneous decision, but a deliberate and prayerfully conceived plan. Lance Wallnau and I are about to take a gigantic forward step in our ministry to America.
This is one of the most important announcements I have ever made.
Lance and I are coming the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida, October 24 and 25. It is called ‘Fire and Glory.’ One night for the fire of God to fall and settle the greatest question of our time. A second night for the Glory of God to demonstrate the miracles of Jesus today.
Elijah asked a simple question: “How long will you halt and limp between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him! But if Baal, then follow him” (1 Kings 18: 21).
A great evil has captivated America. The church, while sincere and zealous, has not found an effective strategy to stop the flood of evil and tyranny. Our efforts to reform are polarized into two camps.
One camp is focused on political action. The emphasis on the political, while vital for opening our eyes and waking us up to our duty, does not go far enough. Any political movement that gathers followers, but does not clearly call souls to Christ and repentance, can only go so far. It must have the firepower and authority to stop the demonic engine of the Left.

The other camp is focused on the supernatural. But miracles are blunted because they are expressed in safe settings. Practitioners use language the outside world does not understand. They engage in mysticism that leaves outsiders baffled.
The fire of God will declare who is God over America. The Glory of God will demonstrate the reality of miracles today.
Monday night, October 24th at 7 PM, Lance will present an explosive message that rips the mask off of what is happening in our nation. He will declare a manifesto of awakening that will shake the very foundations of corruption and deception in our government and culture.
His presentation will end in a Mount Carmel moment. The fire of God will fall on the audience—an audience that will transform into an army. Be there when the fire of God falls and changes us all forever.
On the second night, Tuesday October 25th, people are bringing the sick from everywhere to be healed. I already know that the Holy Spirit is going to demonstrate greater and deeper miracles than I have ever experienced in my ministry.
As a bonus, Lance and I will be doing day sessions on that Tuesday, starting at 10 AM.

Use this link below to Register for free right now .

Registration is not required for this event, but we will would like to know that you are coming.



  1. Carole M. Miller

    WOW!!! Will be parying.
    Carole Miller

    • Sunny

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 Jesus Christ in Healings 🙌😇

    • Donna Hudson

      Praise Be unto Almighty God ! The Harvest is Here ! Thank You Jesus !

      • Dennis Murray

        Your going into territory that’s already doing well. I thought you were going after liberal strongholds. Chicago is dying and none of the spiritual ” leaders” seem to care.

        • Marsha

          God shows up where He is wanted. He won’t force himself on the people of Chicago. He goes where He’s welcomed and shakes the dust from His feet where not.

        • Jodi Matthews

          I will pray for Chicago Dennis, you’re not wrong but evil is like a 🔥 EVERYWHERE rt now! I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live there now 😢

        • Monte Tito

          the great commission, says Go therefor and make disciples of all nations ,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you, and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.
          Matt 28; 19-20 Dennis. Murray Go, one can put a 1000 to flight 2 can put 10,000 to flight God will be with you till the end of the age

          • Dora May

            Monty Tito that’s a awesome prayer and a wonderful encouragement. Amen

        • Garry

          The same is true for the entire Northeast (New York and all of New England). I am praying for the Lord to send more workers to this field.

          • Bob

            Amen Gary! HE is raising up workers in New England! 🙌✝️

        • Terry

          Dennis I am from Florida we need the fire of God here, we may not be like Chicago, but we are not doing well. The church in Florida needs to repent and move in the fire of God. If God told Lance and Mario to come here God knows best, trust me we need it. Brother you keep praying for Chicago were sins abounds grace abounds more, Chicago the fire of God is coming to you. God bless.

      • Debra

        Thank you, Mario. I was a volunteer at Living Proof in Colorado Springs. It was life-changing for me and my friends. Thank you, Lance 🙏 I look forward to watching you Sunday morning 👇👇
        Mike Lindell has asked us to watch and pass the event link along to as many people as possible. This event is this Saturday and Sunday. Election tampering proofs. Call to action. Have a watch party 🎉

      • Dora May

        If my husband has not gone to be with the lord we are coming

    • Thora Evans

      Sounds wonderful. Praying an even greater manifestation of God’s power and presence than what you have declared.

      • Marlene Mathew

        “But two can put to flight 10,000” well done!

    • Lidia

      Definitely lifting you both in prayers 💕🔥🙏🌻

    • Lauren B Jones

      I pray that at least parts of these will be captured on tape because many of us will not be able to be there we would love to but it’s not possible but Many will be praying that each entity will be captured on tape for the multitudes it can’t be there.I will be praying that both entities will be available to see the following day at least if possible thank you

    • Trish Graham

      I am unable to travel, but will be interceding before, during and after this event. All glory to God!!!

    • Ana

      Awesome. Hope to attend! Fue go!🔥🔥🔥

    • gege4god


    • Wanda I Goldmith

      Exciting…can’t wait for the MOVE of God!!!

    • robert Bosetti


    • Bonny Cameron

      Believing for Gods Glory to fall,and come through the air waves!

    • Betty Milne

      Praying for America and Praying for a Revival in Canada. 💕🙏🙏✝️🙏🙏💕

    • lindasemler

      Brother Mario and Brother Lance…I am praying for the work you are doing in the field. However after 25 years of studying church history and the traditions and doctrines of man that the church has adopted, it is easy to see why the church is weak in influence in today’s culture and government. We must reture to the Bible and do Bible things in Bible ways. If it doesn’t line up with the Torah then it is of man. If it is of man it becomes a portal for the spirit of the anti christ. Graven images, Sunday sabbath, pagan holidays, rejection of God’s holy Feasts will not be tolerated much longer. Our Father is looking to be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.

  2. Renee Relf

    The share link isn’t working 🥹

    • Denise

      I’m so excited. I live in Cape Carol Fl & so excited to go. Going share this important & exciting event with others.

  3. Angela L Vann

    Like, WOW! Taking it to the streets! God’s speed!

  4. Cheryl Isley

    That sounds amazing. Please come to Washington state.

    • Carol Ann Biagianti

      Yes, I agree…please come to Washington state. The Northwest is in great need of God’s miraculous healing power!

    • Dean Simmons

      I second that!

    • Marla

      Yes, we need the power of the Glory of God to rain down on Washington state, very badly. I would definitely go to it and so would my friends. We need the big devils here to be conquered and destroyed. We need such a BIG cleansing. HEALING IS WHAT WE NEED ESPECIALLY!

  5. Greg Strom

    Glory to God! Prayers and expectations 🙏✝️🙏

    • Catherine Abbitt

      My husband needs a miracle from the Lord! Lung cancer. We live in the Fort Worth area and really need a way to come to Florida! Please be in prayer for Doug’s miracle even if he can’t get there! Thank you so much!!😍

      • Lois Colandrea

        Agreeing for your miracle!!’

      • Janna

        Praying for Doug’s miracle and a way for you guys to get to FL.

      • Paula Peichel

        Agreeing in prayer for your miracle, in Jesus’ name.

      • Judy Schmelzle

        Yes, praying that Doug’s life can be extended. Praying for a healing touch on his lungs and his entire body. In Jesus name. Amen,

      • Lauren

        Praying for your dear husband’s complete healing! 🙌🫶 And, for you 2 be able to go to this wonderful event! ❤️

  6. Vickie Lynn

    Wonder news.

  7. Lana Holt

    Amazing!! Yes sir the fire and the glory will show up! I love, love, love learning from you two gentlemen.

  8. Jewel Van Damme

    Wow!! I can’t wait!

  9. KathyHarvey

    Ordained by God! He will show himself Mighty. Praying & Believing for a great Harvest!

  10. Karen Bollinger

    I am Beginning to join in prayer for this event now!

    • Terri leggo

      Could you please come to Pa?sirely needed as everywhere🙏

      • Tracy

        Yes, PA is in need of the fire of God! Especially Philadelphia region!

      • Mark taylor

        Please come to Lancaster pa where America started , anywhere from my house to philly which is 60 miles away . Is where the people of God met and worked out our founding documents. I believe for this move of God to continue to grow and take over old strongholds and destroy principalities that think they have a sure footing here

  11. Roger

    When will God send you to The Detroit area

    • Yvonne

      Yes, please come to Michigan🙏

  12. Marge

    This is an answer to my prayers! Thanks for coming to FL

  13. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO and LANCE, I am so Thankful for both of you….YOU are a Great Team for the KINGDOM OF GOD. How HE has timed Everything and brought You Together at this time in the history of America.

    Today, I have wept much for America…..It has truly been a day of weeping and brokenness before the LORD.


    • Kim Lee

      So exited to see all God will do through you both How can we watch if we are too far away?

    • dekizian

      I agree that Mario and Lance are the match! Lord Jesus pour out of thy Holy Spirit mightly through them !

  14. Keith Grumbine

    Will you ever come to York,Pa area ?

    • Bob Zold

      Keith, I’m w/you. I’m up in Lewisberry PA. Dear Father…IJN!
      Bob Zold

  15. Michele Tillman

    Hey Mario, I met you at Flashpoint in Dallas and told you that I was from Louisiana. Will you be doing a tent revival here?

    • Brenda Moyer

      Yes, Please come to Louisiana!

  16. Marthie Esterhuizen

    Pastor Mario, from Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa – the three of us in this house will be praying from today on for GOD’S HEAVEN AND EARTH SHAKING POWER TO EXPLODE during those gatherings — and far BEYOND!

    ..and… oh How my heart cries out to GOD to be there too …

  17. Monica Dwyer

    Thank You In Advance Father!
    Be ye Glorified!!! 👏🏽📖👑🔥

  18. Carrie Lynn M Wasson

    Mario, praying for you and Lance in this! Let His fire fall and His Holy Spirit move unhindered!
    Our church in little Nampa, Idaho is hosting the 2nd (1st was in May in Kansas City) The Gathering–NW by The Holiness Partnership ( Please pray for us, too, as we seek to call people–especially those in the Church and leading His Church–back to holiness!

  19. Karen Robinson

    I’ll be praying and believing for miracles and wonders to manifest. Please come to Michigan and break the forces of darkness we are facing here. Its time!

  20. Vicki Burke

    Thank you for coming to Ft Myers, FL

  21. Beverly Campbell

    To the Obed- Edom Boys.. Mario & you continue to guard the Ark of the Covernant.. The Lord said last night “ Take the Battle to the Gates of Righteousness..Ps 118:19zz& Isaiah 36::2 & the gates of hell will not prevail against you.Matt 16:18.. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but Mighty in God for pulling down strongholds 2 Cor. 10:4 . God says He gives strength to those who turn back the battle at the Gates & to releasing of the Spirit of Justice from the One who sits on the Throne. Blessings .Bev. Campbell

  22. Renee Planje

    God is with you and Lance Mario! You both are Mighty Warriors of God! It’s time to Rise. I want to come so bad. I will be fervently praying for god to move so all who come will be filled with gods mighty fire as a testimony to encourage us all to be Bold and Courageous for him. I’ll see you in Sacramento! Gods Speed Renee

    • Mrs. Ilene Eames

      This truly is Good News.
      Praying for God to use you and Lance to unite and strengthen the church’s and the people of the USA.

  23. Mona Beaulieu

    Prayers for FIRE AND GLORY in October in FL. Our country is in desperate need of both from the Lord. The body of Christ needs healing and deliverance so we can move as the army of God in the days ahead. The theme I’m seeing is “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”- there’s many battle weary soldiers who have been contending for so long… seasoned Christian’s in the body who need a second touch… let your fire fall Lord.. Show US your Glory once again. Let your power fall on us…breathe and resuscitate us just as you did in Ezekiel so that we can accomplish the task set before us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen


    What exciting news! We Floridians are honored to have both Lance Wallnau and Mario Murillo grace our blessed state! We count it a God given privilege that we will not take for granted!

  25. Secilia Winter

    Praise God for all the work that y’all do.

  26. Michael (Mike) F McGraw

    Wonderful News for America! Praying these words will be fulfilled as it is written! Pray of us here too in Canada that one of us will listen to the Spirit of God and take up the same purpose of God for His Kingdom here in this country.
    Bless God for both you and brother Lance.
    By the way Friday is the 19th.

  27. Elizabeth Marrow

    Heaven come down and fill the House with your glory!!

  28. kukawaka

    Please come to Minnesota!

  29. Jerry Givan

    This is awesome news, going to share this event, hope that many will be able to tune in on-line if they cannot be there! Praying that Mario will bring revival event to Georgia/Tennessee area!

    • Sheila Turney

      Pleases come to Georgia, Tn or Alabama!

  30. Paula Slow

    I am so excited, my prayers are with you. I so respect you Lance and Mario. God will move I am sure, wish I could be there!!!!!

  31. Collin R Williams

    I’ll be praying for you both.

  32. RAFO

    Being a long term resident of Florida I can tell you the Southwest coast of Florida is a stronghold of Satan. So many older retirees from liberal Northeastern states have moved to that area. They bring with them their liberal ways and beliefs. I can think of no other area of Florida (outside of Orlando or Miami) where a spiritual breakthrough is needed more. God bless you and your efforts here… may many souls be harvested for His kingdom!

    • Sue Cox

      RAFO. SW Florida is not a stronghold for Satan. It is covered by the blood of Jesus. The people love Him and have strong, righteous families.

  33. D Wms

    The golden glory river has overflowed and is spilling out in our nation.

  34. Mrs.Victoria King


  35. Candy Goddard

    To God be all the Glory for this event! Thank you both Mario and Lance! Believing for miracles.
    Hoping this will be livestreamed?

  36. Gracious

    Mario I live in the area what can I do to help?

  37. Susan Jones

    Well, it’s about time, fellas! Hal-lê-lu-jah!

  38. Sharon Hernandez

    WOW, God is on the move, praise God. I am in Texas will we be able to watch it live? If so, what platform? I am excited for Florida!! 🙂

  39. Deb Hughes

    God bless you both! Please come to Ohio.

  40. lance j foreman

    i wish i cud go, i need a miracle, been crippled 10 yrs now, Praise God for this meeting, i know many will get healed

  41. Anita Campbell

    I can almost feel the power! God will be glorified!

  42. oldgeezer84

    I want to bring my Sweetheart for the last 30+ years if she could survive the trip, With very advanced stages of COPD Stage 4
    . Need prayers from everyone for Sue’s healing.

  43. Eunice Forcet

    Praying. The Lord will direct you when you pray. In Jesus name. Amen.

  44. Joyce Bidwell

    From The Land Of Enchantment, I will be with you in spirit and in prayer. I trust you will be streaming or recording this event for all that are able to attend.
    Lance and Mario, best wishes to Fire and Glory and to The United States of America.

  45. Kenneth Meadows

    We praise Jesus Christ for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He is about to do. Glory Hallelujah!!

  46. John Mark

    I have been preaching in church and in prisons on “Moses and the Gods of Egypt.” Yes, I have read where some scholars say not to read the gods of Egypt into the plagues pronounced by God on Pharoah. Do the research, and I believe there is a relevance to the situation of Egypt then and to the USA NOW! The god Molech was dealt with as God moved to reverse the curse of Roe v. Wade over America. States can now vote to curse themselves or remain free of this curse. (We will see the difference between Goshen and Egypt!) The Bible is a book filled with stories that are political in nature. And it greatly illustrates the fact that whoever is in authority over a nation does matter greatly!!! I am involved in several intercession prayer groups lifting our nation and the world before the throne. Each of us have selected a political leader to pray for regularly. My burden of prayer is Washington D.C. as a whole. In a dream, I was standing in Washington D.C., and God showed me a high school annual page. Each row of the photos of the student’s faces were either black silhouettes, shaded in rainbow colors, or “normal” photos. Instantly I knew that God was warning me about the efforts of BLM (Confessed sorceresses) to harm our children through CRT, and of the efforts of the LGBTQ crowd to capture and recruit our young children and teens. I saw that only a move of God can give our children back a “normal,” innocent childhood. The power to introduce these doctrines of devils into our schools begins in D.C. God told Moses, “I AM THAT I AM!” Only He is God. He proved it as he defeated the gods of Egypt in each plague. Even the magicians confessed, “This is the finger of God!” They witnessed the powerlessness of their own gods in comparison to the power of their own imaginary gods! He left none standing! We need that same demonstration today. Prayers for great success for you and Lance in doing just that in our generation!! As Habakkuk said, “God, the only answer is revival. I want to be an eyewitness to a move in my day! DO IT NOW!” This is our prayer.

  47. Mary W. Speck

    I can’t come to this one. Will be praying and fasting for y’ moly Spirit reign.

    • Patricia Warren

      Please come to Vermont

    • Maria Carney

      Praying for this, 🙏from Australia,🦘our God is Mighty and will bring His purging fire.

  48. Susan

    Awesome news! We’re Australian so can’t come but will be praying for you all God bless your endeavours

  49. Brenda Bounds

    Amen! Please come to Alabama, Thank y’all God bless and protect each of you. Let your Glory rest upon us Father.

  50. Barrie

    Supernatural gathering for Florida .Praying for Gods Miracles.Maybe you will have a surprise.Baptisms in order.Holy holy is the Lord of hosts.Glory days .We pray for Lance and Mario

  51. Marolyn Tocker

    Before there can be a true revival, evangelical/pentecostal leaders must repent of ecumenism. Otherwise it will be a false revival with false signs and wonders. See “After Signing One-World Religion Covenant, Pope Francis Makes His Next Pitch” by Michael Snyder, Feb. 13, 2019

  52. Prodigal48

    Awesome, and wonderful! It’s so exciting to see the Harvest and the explosion of healings and miracles beginning. I will definitely be praying for both of you, your families, crews, volunteers, and everyone who will be blessed enough to attend the meetings.

  53. elletelle

    I am having a difficult time understanding what the breaking news is. Not a joke. Probably my inability to focus.

    • Mario Murillo

      In Summary: Register now to join Mario Murillo and Lance Wallnau at the Hertz Arena in Estero Florida, October 24 and 25. It is called ‘Fire and Glory.’ One night for the fire of God to fall and settle the greatest question of our time. A second night for the Glory of God to demonstrate the miracles of Jesus today.

  54. John Weber

    Where do you register?

  55. Eric

    Isaiah 42:1-9
    “Here is my servant, whom I uphold,
    my chosen one in whom I delight;
    I will put my Spirit on him,
    and he will bring justice to the nations.
    2 He will not shout or cry out,
    or raise his voice in the streets.
    3 A bruised reed he will not break,
    and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.
    In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;
    4 he will not falter or be discouraged
    till he establishes justice on earth.
    In his teaching the islands will put their hope.”

    5 This is what God the Lord says—
    the Creator of the heavens, who stretches them out,
    who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it,
    who gives breath to its people,
    and life to those who walk on it:
    6 “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness;
    I will take hold of your hand.
    I will keep you and will make you
    to be a covenant for the people
    and a light for the Gentiles,
    7 to open eyes that are blind,
    to free captives from prison
    and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.

    8 “I am the Lord; that is my name!
    I will not yield my glory to another
    or my praise to idols.
    9 See, the former things have taken place,
    and new things I declare;
    before they spring into being
    I announce them to you.”

  56. Sharon Fletcher

    Will this be live on Facebook or YouTube?

  57. Aaron J

    Soros is trying to subvert righteousness in Florida right now through some real nasty candidates.
    Charlie christ is one of the SJW types going after Ron DeSantis.
    Im so glad your going to make impact in what a blessing.

  58. Linda Esquibel

    Lord, let the fire fall down! I will be praying along with all my fellow intercessors for a powerful move of God!

  59. Mark taylor

    Come to Lancaster pa or philly where it all started and where we need to stomp on the devils head and take back everything every single little detail that has been wrongly taken from Gods people . I have seen this tent in my mind for at least 6 years and didn’t know if I was supposed to do a tent or you my brother,,,, please consider Lancaster pa and I will find a location to have a meeting

  60. Susan Maier

    Come to Upper Midwest. A state like Minnesota, where all this woke stuff exploded. Give the believers an agenda to gather in mass and be empowered to spiritually confront strongholds.

  61. Stephen

    Thank you Mario for changing America back to even better than what we’ve ever known. We thank your dear brother Lance for being a intricate part of support for this ministry. Mario we just moved to Callahan Fl. And I need a Miracle in my whole body from my neck to my feet from a bad accident in 2008 left me with a lot of titanium in my body. I know Jesus still heals ! Bless you brother. Praying God gives a double portion !

  62. Ron

    Thank you sir… guys are a blessing to the body of Jesus Christ✴️: ) R

  63. Diana Woodside

    Praise God!!! Cannot wait for this meeting. Where do I sign up to volunteer?

  64. Marta

    Glory to God, my prayers are with you everyday, I am from Leeds U.K. I believe the Lord has opened major doors that cannot be shut for His children in America, and closed satanic doors that cannot be opened. It’s Gods time to be glorified, it’s time for Jesus to be honoured. Blessings.

    • Zak

      I’ll be praying so that there will be many souls saved and healed at this event and after the event has ended

  65. Mark B

    So good! I know the Lord has anointed you both. Do crusades/meetings across the nation. We need the fire to fall everywhere.

  66. Marolyn Tocker

    Correction re title of the article on my post of Aug. 17, 2022.
    Before there can be a true revival, evangelical/pentecostal leaders must repent of ecumenism. Otherwise it will be a false revival with false signs and wonders. See “After Signing One-World Religion Covenant, Pope Francis Makes His Next Push” by Michael Snyder, Feb. 13, 2019

  67. Barbara Kirkpatrick

    Please come to North/South Carolina.



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