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 Tonight, the Democrats raided all of our homes. If they can do it to a former President, they can do it to anyone.
It is no longer a conspiracy theory. The Democrats have weaponized the Justice Department of the United States. They made the F.B.I. into third world goons. They have sent you and me a very clear message: If you mess with our power we will break into your house and take whatever we want.
In the next 48 hours you will every kind of excuse from the State Media to justify what they have done. They will tell you about all the precautions they had to take before getting a warrant and then breaking into the home of a former president.
But we know better. We know the judges that are in their pocket. We know the officials that are bought and paid for by the Left. This was a criminal act of political persecution. This was done to stop Trump from running for president.

This was a criminal act of political persecution. This was done to stop Trump from running for president.

In case you have been under a rock and do not know let me tell what happened.
Donald Trump said his home Florida Mar-a-Lago home is “under siege” and “occupied by a group of FBI agents” in a statement made late today.
“These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social.
“After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate,” Trump said.
Is it a coincidence that this alleged raid by the FBI came two days after Trump’s latest hint at a 2024 run? A hint in which he stopped short of giving an official announcement.
“Well, it’s not a long period, regardless, whether you go before or after, certainly not a very long period of time,” the former president said when responding to questions from the press before he took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday.
“It’s coming,” Trump said, “and I think people are going to be very happy.”

“Our country has never been in a position like this. We lost everything.” -Donald Trump

“Our country has never been in a position like this. We lost everything. We’ve lost energy independence. We’ve lost our prestige. We’ve lost every single thing you can lose,” Trump said during the event, noting the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he previously called “the greatest tactical mistake in history,” and the border crisis.
Trump called the raid “prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don’t want [him] to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls,” adding that Democrats “will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections.”
“Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before,” Trump said.
During an America First Policy Institute event in July, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), who was part of Trump’s legal defense team during the Democrats’ 2019 attempted impeachment of Trump, told The Epoch Times in an interview that the Biden administration has completely “weaponized” the Department of Justice (DOJ).

By design, the American justice system “is a bulwark against tyranny,” Johnson said. “But if the Department of Justice, for example, is weaponized for political purposes—which is what we’re seeing right now in the Biden ministration—that jeopardizes that foundational pillar itself.”
“Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries,” Trump said in his Monday statement. “Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before.”
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) echoed Trump’s comment.
“Using government power to persecute political opponents is something we have seen many times from 3rd world Marxist dictatorships,” Rubio said in a statement on Twitter late Monday. “But never before in America.

“After today’ s raid on Mar A Lago what do you think the left plans to use those 87,000 new IRS agents for?”

“After today’ s raid on Mar A Lago what do you think the left plans to use those 87,000 new IRS agents for? (Referring to the bill that passed to fund 87,000 new IRS agents to do audits on American citizens.)

“The FBI isn’t doing anything about the groups vandalizing Catholic Churches, firebombing Pro-Life groups or threatening Supreme Court justices. But they find time to raid Mar A Lago,” Rubio said.

Outcry from Republicans

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said in a statement on Monday: “The FBI raid on President Trump’s home is an unprecedented political weaponization of the Justice Department. They’ve been after President Trump as a candidate, as President, and now as a former President. Using the criminal justice system in this manner is un-American.”
“The DOJ & FBI are being weaponized like never before to target political opponents. This Admin has thrown the rule of law and faith in our democratic institutions out the door,” said Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) in a Monday Twitter post. “Joe Biden and Merrick Garland must answer immediately for today’s raid against an American president.”
“The inconsistent and partisan application of the law by the FBI has gone too far,” Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-Tenn.) said on Monday. “The Democrats, for too long, have used our government agencies from the FBI to the IRS to target their political opponents. This inconceivable raid is an attack on our Republic.”

“The Democrats, for too long, have used our government agencies from the FBI to the IRS to target their political opponents.

There are some urgent and key reactions that you and I must have to this unpresented outrage.

-We must stop living in denial about the degree of tyranny over our nation. We must absorb the reality that this was done to all of us. They raided all of our homes tonight. This is not a drill, this is the real thing. Rogue government at the highest level has finally come out of the closet. Freedom, the rule of law, legal recourse, and privacy have been overruled by the Biden administration. Doubt that at your own peril. Anyone still okay with the current regime is clearly wanting a leftist dictatorship.
-Pray that this backfires in the most dramatic way possible. I am counting on this to energize, solidify, and vastly enlarge the Christian Conservative base in America. I am believing that Democrats have called down the wrath of all decent Americans and they will see it in a Red Tidal Wave in the Midterm elections.
-Take heart this is the way a wounded animal acts. This proves Democrats are utterly desperate. They are hanging on by a thread. Their January 6 investigation is a massive dud that has increased support for Donald Trump. Their build back better bill—meant to stop inflation—will instead pour gasoline on the fire.
-Do not leave quietly. This act of terror has removed every excuse for any believer to stay on the sideline. Preachers must speak out against the blatant depravity of our nation and marshal the faithful to vote. We must arm ourselves with information and boldness to share that information in the face of incredible resistance.
-Finally, understand the strategy of God in this matter. Trump has always been a wrecking ball. God provokes the left to act more and more insanely so that the entire mechanism of corruption can be demolished. Pray, believe, and obey.


Mario Murillo’s new book is causing shock waves. This kind of straightforward writing is not supposed to be popular today. But those who have read Do Not Leave Quietly know better. The reaction is almost universal: the book puts into words what so many are thinking but either didn’t know how to say it, or were afraid to say it. This book destroys the idea of remaining silent in the face of evil. It obliterates the lie that everyday people are helpless in this storm of wickedness. Most importantly, it turns everything we consider a disadvantage into an advantage. 

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  1. Michelle

    Yes, I believe God is stirring the pot so all of the corruption will come to the top and be exposed! I remember when Trump was running in 2016 he said a few times that he may be in the White House longer than 8 years, which I didn’t understand why he kept saying that but now I know. We all need to keep praying and keeping God’s word! Thank you Mario for all you do, you are a great man of God! May God’s blessings continue to pour over you and your team.

    • Manuel lozano

      I’ve forwarded your blog address to all on our email list. Hopefully it will multiply and stir active believers into action. I’ve read your book and am recommending it to our congregation. Thank you!

    • Charlie Moody

      The blatant depravity continues to deepen and become more evident. One thing we must be aware of and pray diligently against is the lengths such nefarious desperation will go to to maintain their hold on power. Since 2016 I have sensed the need to encourage our congregants to pray concertedly against assassination. When all the schemes and wiles of the power brokers are exposed and nullified then a “Caiaphas” spirit might arise, seeking for one person to die (John 11:49-53). Time to arise church. Let our prayers avail much.

    • Barbara Engler

      My opinion only. I think Democrats have stepped in s—. Did they Want to awaken the Good
      people, who want to do right, but just sit on divan, and Say or Do Nothing. Who says God is
      not in control for these times. Bless much much the people that Do Stand UP for Justice!

    • gege4god

      Yes! AMEN!!!!!!!!!

  2. djkappleton24304

    Brother Mario, I pray not only for America, and what is happening, but also for you and your ministry. My flesh and my spirit are at war, and I need to stay focused on God, and His word. I reach for Jesus’s hand to stay above water, to make it back to the boat. To battle this strife, and division, we need to remember what created the United States of America, which was our appealing to Heaven, and trusting in God for a way to navigate the wilderness. Jesus showed us what to do. What we are seeing now is Amerika runs by kooks, of a marxist, commie, satanic cult, on a piece of dirt, not a state, I call the District of Chaos. Two countries in one creates a war zone, and civil war, and supervene come to mind. But what does God say? Hold fast, occupy, and let the Holy Spirit fill and lead us. I watched an encouraging message by Brother Mike Thompson, that I would like to share, and encourage brothers in Christ Jesus to watch in times like this. God’s love, and blessings to all.

    • Karyn

      I’ll have to watch that; Mike Thompson is always good.

    • Michael

      Dearest Mario:
      I thank God that the Lord Jesus has made you a loud voice crying out in the wilderness regarding the theft of our nation by Satan’s children, the democratic party. These abortion worshippers and lovers of every vile thing, will stop at nothing until they succeed in their quest to demonize every soul on earth. THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED!!! Through the power of Jesus’s Resurrection, we will conquer these and every other power that exalts itself above the teachings of the Lord Jesus. Be encouraged my brothers and sisters. The scriptures teach us that there is a time for peace and a time for war. The time for war is here. Be strong in the Lord and we will succeed.

    • Karen T Solano

      Dear djkappleton,

      Thank you for the link to Mike Thompson. I had never heard of him; but I like him. I took down the information so I can hear him again in the future. That was a nice thing you did to share with us. Thank you.

      Karen Solano

  3. ali

    Thank you Mario. Perhaps now the American Christians will wake up. If now now, WHEN, if not us, WHO???

  4. Elyce Mouskondis

    We are now seeing the evil in boldness like never before. But God has many surprises coming to bring justice and freedom to His people and this nation. We can’t and won’t lose hope. No weapon formed against us will prosper. God is on our side and truth will prevail. Do not believe the lies. Let us all keep our eyes on Jesus. The greatest weapon we have is prayer. Just keep praying God is with us who can be against us.

  5. lance j foreman

    demons dont die, same demons at sodom, nazis, mao, stalin same demons in DC, thats why history repeats itself, WE the People, especialy Christians and the Church are the restrainers to evil, we deserve this pain imo, we have tolerated evil the last 40+ yrs, i saw with my own eyes the government building drug cartels, im not surprised how evil the government is, im surprised how deceived people are and cant even wrap my head around how Gods people cannot see clearly, imo the Constitution of the United States of America is a Divine document, we cannot lose unless we do not stand and fight, like the Bible it only works if we follow and stand on faith , we dont break the Word of God or the Constitution, they break us, we live in exciting times, people seeing evil are ripe to be harvested for the Lord, wake up Christians to have the courage to die for our King, the Patriots at the top with our support will either win, or we going to have a civil war, which we will win or the Rapture and we win, the only losers will be non believers or lukewarm Christians that either miss the Rapture or if we have a civil fight will live in fear and be completely ineffective not only to their fellow brothers, sisters and citizens and worse of all Almighty God

  6. debbyburow

    If this does not motivate silent pastors of the Church to get some courage and begin shouting in their pulpits, and if they don’t respond passionately, the people in the pews will walk out and join God in His actions. I don’t know what it will take. God knows, but I shudder to think if they do not respond loudly and decisively, what God will allow to bring Christian leaders to their knees repenting and rebuke the evil in America.

  7. Vicky Mitchell

    Mario, thank you for your excellent email regarding the corruption taking place in our country and the despicable act of the FBI on Donald Trump’s home and, therefore, in all of America. I agree with you in prayer that this act will backfire in the most dramatic of ways and all the evil taking place will be exposed to all people——believers in Jesus Christ in particular, and that Americans as a whole will see the truth of the corruption in this country. Thank you, Mario, for speaking fearlessly and waking all of us up to the seriousness of what is taking place in our wonderful home of America. May God continue to bless you, strengthen you, and protect you wherever you go and whenever you speak the truth. You are deeply loved by thousands, Mario.

  8. Scott Robson

    AGREE – AGREE – AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DECREE – DECREE – DECREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joyce Bidwell

    Mario, your words of wisdom have been a respite and God-send to all of us from the tyranny we are living through at this time. I have your book Do Not Leave Quietly and recommend it highly. We need to be loud and clear with our words going forward. We also must elect those who have a loud voice who will let their voices be heard and stand up for our values. Right now we have a few execellent nominees and we should support them and stand united behind them. Even it they are in a different state. They will be the strong leaders we will need for going forward for our survival as a country and for grandchildren’s future. We the people must stand together as a united front and remember what President Reagan once said…We win, you lose.

  10. Jerry Givan

    Brother Mario, you are 100% on target. “This act of terror has removed every excuse for any believer to stay on the sideline. Preachers must speak out against the blatant depravity of our nation and marshal the faithful to vote. “, it is time for ever preacher that calls himself a Christian, to act like the true watchman on the wall and raise the danger of socialism and depravity we are seeing is to EVERY church.

  11. Collin R Williams

    Thank you for continually raising your voice against the evil that is our current government. May the Holy Spirit pour out upon all who have been doubting how badly our great country has fallen. Only God can stop this insanity.

  12. Betty A Njos

    The evil corruption that is taking over certainly shows their desperation, fear and we must pray and come against this.

  13. Janette LoBianco

    Shaking must come so the evil can be exposed, but ‘do not be afraid’. Keep your eyes on the Lord. Do not look to the right or left. God will not give this nation over to the devil! Pray, pray, pray!!

  14. Miriam Bennett

    Mario: I want you to know that I am totally proud of you. You’re doing a fantastic job for the Lord. I watch Flashpoint every Tuesday and Thursday and I believe firmly that what you say is true. May God bless Mario. I applied for a job once when you used to live in Wood Ranch in Danville so I know who you are and I have seen you personally. I also wanted to let you know that I was born in Nicaragua and I know that your mom was from that country like my mom and dad. I also want you to know that I am a prayer warrior and I am on the prayer team at my church,The Rock in Danville. Presently I am furious as to what just happened to my beloved president, Donald J Trump. My prayer is going to be like never before because I am angry, actually furious, at the unrighteousness that is going on from this present administration. God spoke to me when I was in the hospital with Covid. I was very close to death but I survived because I know that I know that God has me here for a purpose and that is to bring His Kingdom to earth. Love you Mario!!! Like Martin Luther King said, “we will overcome!! Praise the Lord!❤️🙏

  15. Mary K Kauffman

    everything you said is true. Lets hope that this turns on them and Trump gets back in to fix this nation and bring revival and salvation to all of america

  16. Barbara Lee

    Have you listened to Tim Sheets the last 2 or 3 weeks. His dreams and his decrees with us in agreement.

    • Mary

      Tim Sheets dreams and decrees came immediately to mind when reading this blog! Great encouragement in the midst of these upsetting times.

  17. John Brown

    The red tsunami wave won’t do us any good if we elect RINOs.

  18. dotmasker

    I am reading Mario Murillo’s new book “Do Not Leave Quietly”. It is the most honest book I have ever read. It takes a lot of courage and a deep Love for our country to write this book. God bless you Mario and thank you.

  19. Barrie

    We are living in last day Bible times God’s plan is about to have an avalanche effect on demonic plans Praying and feeding on his word Mario I have understood that our fathers plan is going to change America Love you photo THe Lion of Judah Roars

  20. Stacey

    Mario- I feel like we are at the point – there will either be a revolution or these shananigans will continue on…. b/c no one is doing anything to stand up. When is the church going to be bold, stand up and say enough is enough? A President of the United States got kicked off social media, had the election stolen from him and now his home has been raided. If this doesn’t wake people up, I don’t know what will. A revolution or a God intervention is the only answer. Where do we go from here, Mario? Where do we go from here?

  21. Glynis

    In Jamaica when a hurricane that will cause huge loss of life and colossal damage is heading their way – the churches are full and more often than not after much prayer the storm passes or very little damage is caused. If ever a time the people of God should be filling the churches crying out to God to head of this hurricane its now. Yes, it has come right across the world and everyone is watching. I am praying that this is all part of God’s plan – we sing a song – the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory!! Psalms 37 v 13 NLT But the Lord just laughs for He sees their day of judgement is coming

  22. Manuel Lozano

    I’ve forwarded your blog to all on our email list. Hopefully it will multiply and stir up active believers. I’ve read you book and am recommending it to our congregation. Thank You Mario!

  23. A

    On various platforms and forums the phrase “Cival War” is trending.
    It seems we are at an unreconcilable crossroads.
    This was a Catalyst for an uprising to bring physical violence to the surface.
    It’s part of a strategy to provoke an out of control response.
    Then the Biden gov can justify further excessive force and invasive behavior.
    The criminal mind behind this is hard at work developing more intimidation tactics.
    Don’t be surprised at what you see next we are in unprecedented times.
    No one has the luxury of apathy we all must be involved.
    1,Support those with a platform who are preaching the Truth unabashedly.(Like Mario)
    2,Get vocal and develop a sense of urgency in your rhetoric if you’re filled with the Holy Ghost you cannot be intimidated.
    3,Get involved at a local level.
    Join a school board run for a local office.
    When there is a rally etc, be physically present.
    4,Be involved at your local church let it not be said that 10% of the people are doing 90% of the work and outreach there.

  24. Rebecca

    My spiritual papa told me in 1988, that all the fallen beings cast out of Nazi Germany, came to the US, socialism. Our weapons are not carnal, but mighty to save! Thank you, Jesus, for putting them under your feet! Come on, fire-breathing Christians, let’s pray 🙏!

  25. Prodigal48

    Amen, Pastor Mario. That’s what I have believed for the last 18 months. God is allowing the evil to bubble up and rise to the surface and be exposed. If the election had not been stolen, and the dems had not been allowed to steal total control, the decent people still hanging onto the democrat party would never have believed just how evil that party has become. It is time for them to face the facts.

    Thank you again for speaking out in boldness. Every pastor who follows you had better do the same immediately, or one day, it will be their church that is under siege.

  26. Rebecca

    Funny thing, after hearing about Pres. Trump this morning, I was reminded about the time I saw Nora Lam in 1988. My friend said, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! So I went. Evangelical Lam had a word of knowledge for everyone in the room, except me. I wondered at her powerful testimony! And how she miraculously escaped and came to the US to bring millions of people to Jesus. We sound like we are heading in the same way she did. But, Jesus said do not worry and keep our eyes fixed on Him!

  27. Shannon Johnston

    Be cautious of these Never Trumper RINOS that are popping attacking the raid. Take their help and support, but be cautious. This is good way for them to get votes over MAGA Candidates. And I mean be cautious all the way to the top to McCarthy. We’ve heard a lot of words, but actions have shown the TRUTH. DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR TRUST IN THESE REPUBLICANS NOW. Remember they go to the back rooms for meetings. So just be CAUTIOUS!!!

    Many of the Republicans get out and make comments such as these quotes and go behind the scenes and do opposite. A couple of them mentioned need to be cautious of.

  28. a. gagnon

    the criminals may have won a battle when the invaded President Trump’s home but they lost the war, instead they have awakened billions of people around the world. Matt. 24…the tired, the poor, the destitute will rise and defend their children, their land, and their right to be secure in their homes. Psalm? the Lord is our general, we should not fear, He leads us across the battleground where the skeletal remains of lies and deception are turned to ashes and scattered by the winds of victory for His people who wear the tattered robes of truth.

  29. Myron James Mire

    Mr Mario I am not to wise when it comes to, getting a message to someone.. hope you will reach out to me, I think I have something for you to see. Your eyes and hears only.

  30. Marie Williams

    O, wonderful Lord Jesus, Thank you for Our Father’s promises which I claim today for President Trump and for his family and for all who people who love and serve you. Now arise, Lord, as you have promised. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    Psalm 103:6 The LORD executes righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.

    Psalm 12:5 “For the cause of the oppressed and for the groaning of the needy, I will now arise, “says the LORD. “I will bring safety to him who yearns.” Blessed be the Word of The LORD!

    • Michael Bugh

      Keep preaching the truth. You are on target.

  31. Faye Seay

    Thank You Mario you always speak the truth I am so Thankful for your post about what they are trying to do to Our President Donald J Trump We understand that the democrats are anti American, Anti Christ Servants of Satan by doing this to Trump they just added more coals to the fire God is putting on their heads. They will add more and more before November they don’t yet understand their fight is not with Trump or the people it is with God and God is going to win, and so are we when God shows up. Thank You again Man of God. Iam sending love and Prayers to your way.

  32. Myron James Mire

    What happen on flashpoint, did you not do the altar call right? To many people came?
    Are was it not the way, People thought it ought to be? To God, Only be the Glory, when will they see?

  33. Barbara Ronne

    Read Psalm 2..that settles it!!!

  34. Ken Davis

    Well spoken, Brother! The gathering of Israel was confronted with the truth that they had crucified the Messiah when the Holy Spirit showed up on Pentecost. I pray for the same anointing to fall on the harvest field of America. The evil one seeks to steal our hope, but will miserably and profoundly fail. I join with your voice for the call to clarity, conviction and awareness of the times upon us – I WILL NOT LEAVE QUIETLY!

  35. Ron S.

    Absolutely stunning!
    It’s so amazing that the FBI is now no different than the Gestapo or KGB.
    Victor Davis Hanson has many times talked about the need to decentralize all the alphabet soup entities of government and move each of their headquarters out of the Washington D.C. cesspool (I can’t even say swamp anymore because I hate defaming leeches & mosquitos) throughout the nation where they will be harder to politicize by corrupt officials.
    I believe The FBI needs to be broken up… I’d be all for defunding these goose-stepping thugs.
    That’d be a good start, then move on to the IRS.
    Though it is predictable what will come out of the mouths of the elite “intelligentsia” of the left wing: Folks like Whoopi Goldberg, Don Lemon, Joy Behar, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, etc., I’m more interested in God’s verdict and judgment.
    This is his land that they have profaned & defiled.
    So much blood on their hands and they will not be held innocent!
    I pray this latest outrage will so backfire that heads will roll for months to come.
    Early Sunday morning I dreamed of my life and events in our nation and heard myself muttering this several times: “hope is lost”.
    As I started to wake up, the Spirit of God told me to go to Ezekiel 37 and then spoke these words as clearly as I have ever heard him speak:
    “I AM THE LORD. I will sustain you, I will uphold you. I will keep you in my hand. I am your shield and your deliverer. The enemy WILL come against you but I WILL drive him away. I will cause him to flee in confusion and terror. YOU shall be a terror to your enemy. As he flees he will shed the encumbrance of the treasure he has stolen. He will flee and cast off all that he, the thief, has robbed from you. I will make him repay all, and you will gather in joy, and rejoice in me. I AM THE LORD!”
    As wrote the words of this prophecy and read Ezekiel, I saw so many parallels, not only for me personally, but for other believers, and this nation as a whole. Just as the whole house of Israel declared in Ezekiel 37: “Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost”, Many of us have regarded the lying vanity of hopelessness and are in danger of forsaking our own mercy. But God is saying: “I will open your graves, and cause you to come up out of your graves, and bring you into the land.”
    Now is the time to rise up, an exceeding great army!

  36. Moreland

    Excellent coverage, Mario. Thank you for the clarity.

  37. Cathy Vaught

    Totally concur! This is war.

  38. Nick McCuin

    I am leaving my door unlocked hoping they will come my possessions are worthless but the price is high if the first shot fired will set off the war let it be right here in my home

  39. Ronnie Cooper

    Pastor Mario – what happens when this blatent effort to silenc President Trump fails like the others have? We need to pray for President Trump and his family safety and health. Its apparent what their motives are and equally visible that they will stop at nothing.

  40. Sheila Price

    From the moment I heard the news Monday night I have been praising God… not that the atrocity to Trump and our nation, but at the fact that satan is just pitching a hissy fit because he knows God is getting ready to do something BIG to expose the depths of depravity and corruption in the leftist movement. God is sovereign and He is still in control!

  41. jason F schweitzer

    to all my spirit filled brothers and sisters…the battle is on ! get ready and speak up!

  42. Avril Blackwood

    Thank you speaking up! So would love our pastors to speak up against injustice!

  43. Doris Green

    God is our victor. Only He can sustain us. Stay faithful, Repent stay faithful and true. He will save our nation.

  44. Mitchell Fleisher MD DHT DABFM

    It seems pretty clear that thw Revelation is upon us. The fascist Marxist Democrats in control of our government are the spawn of satan. Adonai will toss the unrepentant among them into the lake of eternal fire for their just reward for the evil that the4y have committed.

  45. Jeff

    For those who do not think there are not any problems or issues, and laugh at those who bring truth to light:

    “knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” For they deliberately overlook this fact, that the heavens existed long ago, and the earth was formed out of water and through water by the word of God, and that by means of these the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished. But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.”
    2 Peter 3:3‭-‬7 ESV

  46. Karin

    Even I, as an Australian, am thouroughly indignant at this raid on Pres. Trump. One thing it proves, without doubt, is that this U.S. administration hates America and its people. Why are they so “hell bent” on preventing Trump from making America great again? Because they don’t want it to prosper like it was beginning to do under Trump’s administration. They want America disabled and weak so it can be controlled by external forces. BUT GOD wants it to be strong and powerful in Him. THE GOD WHO SEES [Gen 16:13] will only allow this current illegitimate administration to “have enough rope to hang themselves”, and I believe they have already signed their own death certificate.

  47. Dwayne Desmarais

    I guess the Dems thumbed through the phone book in FL to find a willing “officer of the law” to issue a bogus warrant to search President Trumps home. A magistrate ***listens carefully to “all” evidence given in court and follows structured decision making process*** He heard the name Trump, and that was enough. If your Hillary Clinton, your innocent until proved innocent. If your Trump, your guilty until proven guilty…

    ***When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your all and peace has become sin. At the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and foe, with all the fire of your faith***
    Abraham Kuyper

  48. Aaron J

    Was a little disappointed tonight I was really hoping to see you on flashpoint then the email I got from them does not mention you and the brethren for Thursday.
    Gladyou put out the post

  49. Wade Williams

    I don’t know, and maybe what I’m about to say is going against the grain but I am beginning to feel like God has turned his back on this country. Look at all the pure evil He sees in just a day and look at the tragedies happening now on a daily basis, Fentanyl, sex trafficking, corruption everywhere, water shortages, food shortages, indoctrination in schools, homelessness, personal safety, pains, and sorrows not seen in lifetimes. Is it possible that God has left us to our own devices because of our sin as a country? The more I see, the more my heart tells me it’s a very good possibility.

  50. NickT

    Amen, right on Mario.

  51. Chuck H.

    We are witnessing a coup and the intentional destruction of America, It started with the fraudulent election and was ramped up after the imposter took office. Open borders, closing down our gas and oil industries, creating food shortages, creating supply issues, creating massive inflation by outrageous spending legislation, forcing our military to take the covid shot or be forced out, implementing CRT and the homosexual agenda in our schools, military and other public agencies are all designed to collapse America as we know it.


    Brother Mario. Yes I was shocked. I, for a few seconds, had thought “no they wouldn’t stoop to such a level, but they did and their excuses amount to this – The Maximum Effective Range of an Excuse Is Zero Meters”. As you implored Father throw them one and all into utter chaos and let the spirits controlling them be bound now forever more. Let the minds become dull and without sense, for all the world to see. In Jesus name amen

  53. Andres J Nunez

    My family was blessed by GOD to be able to immigrate to this wonderful country in the mid 1960’s and escape communist Cuba. We were sponsored by a loving church that helped us in many ways. I was 12 years old when we left, so I distinctly remember the abuses of that tyrannical Marxist power machine. How they abused and treated Christians, how they tried to divide families and how basic freedoms were lost for ever.

    So when I saw the tyrannical actions on display by the Department of inJustice and FBI at Mar A Lago yesterday, It felt like I was back in Cuba once again. The treatment of our Christian institutions, the mockery of the Gospel, the complicity of the Federal Government in allowing deep rooted satanic strong holds to exist an thrive on this blessed land could the signs of the end of our Constitutional republic.

    Part of my daily prayer is for GOD to root our the demonic presence in the many places throughout this federal government, the swamp. Psalm 94:1 “THE LORD IS A GOD WHO AVENGES. O GOD WHO AVENGES, SHINE FORTH. RISE UP, JUDGE OF THE EARTH; PAY BACK TO THE PROUD WHAT THEY DESERVE”.

    Andres Nuñez
    Miami, Florida

  54. Rocky C. Collins

    This is what happens when a people turn their backs on GOD. The mockers in America are out in full force and it seems most Americans & Christians are embarassed of proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior in the public square. It’s true there are too many rabid death cult zombies on the loose in our country right now but they don’t stand a chance in the realm of worship of the God of the universe. This is where the answer to all of this is, the ultimate worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus our messiah.

  55. Aaron j

    (This opinion is not necessarily that of MMM)

    Just in case a snowflake should appear and gaze down on the phrases delivered by my cramping thumbs,
    simply remember.

    If the shoe does not fit your foot disregard it.


    That is called a sentence qualifier,
    they teach that in 6th grade English class.

    let’s all just give up and let our country die since Jesus is coming back someday.


    Who cares about what happens to our kids and grandkids.

    Let the homos and pedophiles off the hook to advance unopposed upon all the school districts across our country.

    Let Soros gain complete power over all of the religious institutions through hostile takeover.

    Let’s just give up and find a comfy pew to sit our fat butts on so we can drift into denial.

    There are some Christians that are more angry that Home Towne Buffett and golden coral never reopened after the pandemic than they are about what happened to Trumps home.

    If I have to hear one more Christian whine and carry on like a disappointed little school girl,
    even one more time I swear I’m going to backslide and punch someone.

    Get a spine go out and start witnessing and start talking non voters into voting for Trump endorsed candidates.

    If we do not stop being distracted we will lose and then I promise you just like the children of Israel in Babylon our big screens, skinny jeans and fog machines will be hung in the willow trees.

    The weeping will be dramatic and sorrowful like you could never imagine.

    If the Democrat party hangs on to power this November,
    everyone of us that ever had anything to say in forums online that goes against woke doctrine will be hunted down like animals and punished.

    If you doubt it your already in trouble.

    Please get a clue.

    Call me what you want.

    I don’t care!!!

    Get mad please because we better get enraged enough to do something about the problem.

    Having done all stand (have you done all?)

    Still so much to do.

    • Mario Murillo

      Pretty much the opinion of MMM

  56. Acropolis De Versailles

    By Acropolis De Versailles

    The raid at Mar-a-Lago was planned by the FBI and was well known in advance by the National Security Agency (NSA) as they intercepted all of the communication from the FBI. Trump’s safe was left unlocked along with a few boxes on the floor for the FBI to find; Trump knew they were coming.

    Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida has made arrangements with the New Republic and its new group of States in the U.S. to exempt him from any legal action from the old bankrupt United States Incorporated government. He has created a new National Guard within the National Guard where their job is to protect Trump. If any federal marshals working for the Biden Administration or FBI agents turn up against Trump there would be a heavy standoff. As long as Trump is in Florida there isn’t anything that will happen to him as he’s well secured.

    Intel has revealed that the Deep State will attempt to arrest Trump using a body double of Trump with the intention to create a massive civil war in the United States of America by threatening to execute Trump. This will enable the Deep State to take control of America. We are in the end game as the United States Incorporated is bankrupt and coming to an end.

    The White Hats made a deal with the Black Hats to keep the actor Biden in office until October. But when the White Hats pulled out of the deal, suddenly the Black Hats found themselves without a script because the White Hats have always written the script for the fake Biden character. So to buy time, the Black Hats pulled Biden out by sticking him in isolation and claiming he had Covid. Then we had the incident with Biden coming out of the helicopter unable to put his arm into his coat and then dropping his glasses. What everyone missed was that the two guys standing by the helicopter didn’t solute Biden. This was an intentional clue by the White Hats. The raid at Mar-a-Lago is a reaction by the Deep State for the White Hats pulling the Biden character out of the picture.

    On August 11, 2022, Former CIA Director Hayden Called for Trump to Be Executed for having nuclear documents. The Deep State is in complete utter panic and desperate as their power is being taken away. While many of them have already been arrested, those that remain to see their own downfall are foolishly bringing themselves down.


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