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California is ready. Will you join me in a mass harvest of souls?
Yes, I am asking you to come to California. And, yes, I am telling you it is time for a great harvest of souls in the Golden State. I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!
The world witnessed the harvest of lost souls in Colorado Springs. Now we are ready for an even greater ingathering of souls on the West Coast.
Before you decide you cannot come, I am asking you to consider a few things.

The first thing to consider is the testimony of those who made the pilgrimage to Colorado Springs to be used of God. Here some questions they asked and then answered.
Was it worth the sacrifice? A lot of our volunteers had to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Could they take the time away from family, jobs and obligations? Would it be risky because some were battling illness themselves? Would the result be worth the sacrifice?

I am asking you to come to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Their overwhelming reply is a resounding, YES!  The hardships they endured were nothing compared to the glory they witnessed, both on the streets, and in the Tent.
The most common report was the thrill of seeing real miracles. They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.
The next question was about boldness. Would they have the courage to minister on the streets? Many of them were insecure about their ability to minister to strangers.
Our volunteers raved about the training. Frank Saldana, and our team from Inner City Action, gave them effective instructions and led them to neighborhoods. In those communities they encountered two more pleasant surprises.
The first surprise was the openness, and the hunger of people. The harvest is indeed great and the laborers are few. The second surprise was their own boldness. Again and again, they returned with exciting stories of the power and the words they were given by the Holy Spirit to win souls.

They witnessed the power of God destroying the works of the devil. Supernatural power flowed right before their eyes.

Now we come to the question of fellowship. How would they relate to the other volunteers? Well, it was amazing. The pandemic took its toll on fellowship. Believers have been separated from each other. The excitement of meeting people of like mind and heart is overwhelming.
Spirit-filled patriotic Americans were overjoyed to see how many others believe and think the way they do. Lifelong friendships were born!
We have many ways for you to serve. And I promise you that we will find a place for you.
It will be my honor to lead you in the evening rallies. California is ready. Here we come.
Please use the link below or the QR code to register.

Please use the link or QR code to register.



  1. Elizabeth

    I would like to know what follow-up Churches are involved that new believers would be encouraged to attend. I haven’t been able to find any information on your website. I live several hours away from Roseville, but I hope to invite my sister and niece who live in the area and are non believers, to come.

    • Mario Murillo

      We divide the response cards for follow up by zip code and with the churches in that area that are supporting the crusade.

    • Johnny Miller

      My name is Johnny Miller I want to volunteer for Mario Marilla ministries on July 31st I need help I am in a wheelchair I can walk but very little it’ll and I want to volunteer and I believe that the Lord will heal me at this place my phone number is 9515166148 my address is 22224
      Alessandro boulevardMarino Valley California 92554

  2. Janis Wefer

    I live in Ky. Please come down south too.


    If our Lord provided you with 2000 volunteers in Colorado Springs, I believe He will provide 4,000 for California November 13-17!

  4. Suzanne Roberts

    Where in California are you going to be?

    • Mario Murillo

      Living Proof California Sunday November 13th- Thursday November 17 Placer County Fairgrounds 700 Event Center Dr, Roseville, CA 95678

      • Sue Engle

        Can I go for just Sunday?

        • Mario Murillo

          Yes of course.

  5. Lynne Dunn

    Cannot make California,but really pray you would bring your tent to Florida we have a lot of homeless in Orlando

  6. Patricia and Rocky Stout

    Please pray for our daughter, Wendelyn. She is fighting cancer with a very rare uterine cancer in both lungs. She is in very much pain and her husband is not a Believer. We are asking for you to pray for her healing and that the Lord will give her His peace, blanket her in His love, and give her wisdom to know the Lord is working to heal her body. Because of her weakness and pain, they are not certain she will be strong enough to go to her third chemo treatment which is to be given 100 miles away. Wendelyn accepted Christ as her Saviour as a young child. Please pray for her daughter, Emile, that she will be comforted and will see the Power of the Lord heal her mother and know that Jesus is God and reigns in this situation. God bless you for praying and may our daughter’s family be totally blessed.

    • Marie Williams

      So sorry that this is happening to your beloved child. So very important her husband cries out to GOD to heal for his wife. GOD has made provision for us when we are ill. Please ask him to follow the directions of James 5:14 -16 “Is any sick among you? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.· And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”

    • Teresa Turner

      I will be praying for God’s anointing upon this meeting and angels standing guard over God’s army of workers. To God be the Glory! In the mighty name of Jesus!

    • Carole Phelps

      Jesus is LORD over Wendelyn’s body, His temple! Feed her spiritually with the Word, feed her body with the nutrients essential for reversing illness. My daughter is also recovering from a rare uterine cancer. She began feasting on a smoothie each morning consisting of fresh, organic cruciferous and other top nutrient veges, mushrooms, garlic,etc. She lost 25 pounds and her energy increased in spite of chemo treatments. Her cancer numbers have dropped to 7. God is no respecter of persons, he loves her just as much. One touch from Jesus, his fire and glory manifested changes everything. God bless you as you take back her health and watch God raise her up for His glory and honor. I was healed, 30 years ago when facing a physical challenge with a 50/50 chance to live, while quoting the Scripture: “I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the works of the LORD! Psalm 118:14-17 God bless you!

  7. Brian T. Blauer

    My major concern is housing. Will there be discounted Hotels near the ministry center. I’m 77 yrs old, part of the Jesus People Mvmnt and formerly pastored for 35 yrs. Still active but not full time in a church. I’ve followed Mario from the first time he came to Mpls, MN to Jesus People Church. I still keep current of his ministry and love him more today than ever. I’m just concerned about where someone my age would fit in as well as finances and lodging. Thank you for reading this and giving any consideration to my questions. Sincerely, Brian

    • Rosalind santini

      Do I have to register. Can I just show up.

      • Mario Murillo

        No one needs to register to attend the California Living Proof Crusade November 13-17 Registration is for volunteers.

    • David Lawson

      Hi Brian. I have been to the last two tent crusades and have never had a problem with getting a reasonably priced hotel room. It is truly a blessing. You will fit in well. I am 72 and feel right at home at the meetings. If you have problems you need help with feel free to email me at I will try to assist you. God bless you, brother.

    • Ken Lunn, Hanford & Roseville volunteer

      I Love Mario’s Blog for 07/24.
      It is UNDERSTANDING. It is the unction of importance in what God is saying right now.!
      And I believe it came suddenly in the day.

      In all things kingdom, we have a choice to offend, and a choice not to be offended.
      To sowe in a place of misunderstanding is to reap in abundance of the same.
      It is our duty to FIND the goodness of God and praise Him in it, so that understanding may come and fullness is the measure thereof.

      – Ken

  8. Wilma Rademakeri

    Please tell me how I can text to give. I am not able to attend. Wilma Rademaker

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you for asking. You can text MMM to 91999

  9. Cynthia Rodriguez

    I would really love join you but transportation is a problem. Southern California also needs God! We need preachers who are not afraid to preach the truth. Praying that one day God will lead you this way!!!

    • Mario Murillo

      We are already working on Los Angeles. Pray.

      • Carolyn Hoffman

        Mario Murillo I have been praying you would come to Southern California, near Los Angels area.. Many souls are lost here and need Jesus. I want to come to your service so I can have the power of the Holy Spirit over me.

      • Bobbi

        What are the dates for L.A? I am reading your book right now, Do Not Leave Quietly! Sets me on fire and ready to volunteer in L A and hopefully my son will join me.. and my husband! God be with you always!!

        • Mario Murillo

          We are working on dates for Los Angeles. Our next Crusade is at the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville CA. November 13-17

      • Deanna Vasquez

        Yes I will be Praying for Los Angeles. I live in Montclair CA. My honor to serve as a volunteer in LA for the Kingdom’s Glory!

    • Cathy Silvers

      And I’m praying God will lead mama rip to Georgia . We need more pastors like him!
      I am old enough to remember a preacher going to Berkeley California in the sixty and realized in 2021 that it was Mario. If I was young then but I remember it. CS

  10. Glenn Filer

    I want to join you in California for the next tent revival!

  11. Donna O'Brien

    Please come to the Bay Area.
    Pray for rain

  12. Rosa Osborne

    I wish I would of got this email ahead of time. (I got the email the day of 🙁 !)
    I would of absolutely love to witness God’s power. I live in Reno NV…I don’t know why we are being left out. I have not seen a true warrior of God like yourself pass by Reno. I pray that God will remember us as well!
    Churches here do not know how to use their power & authority God has given them, and they don’t like to hear about deliverance ministry!
    I love the ministry of setting people free…Praise the Lord of Lords…and King of Kings. God bless you brother for what you do, and the great sacrifice you do for God’s kingdom. May the Lord keep you safe in His glory & mercy for eternity!! ❤🙏🙌

    • Mario Murillo

      Dear Rosa, The crusade is not until November 13-17 in Roseville CA

    • Susan Vetri

      I will come to L A when you are there . I was with you last October in Batavia NY

  13. Denise L

    I can attest that the Colorado Springs tent meeting was THE top “God event” of my life! I am in my late sixties. I am still basking in the memories! I was there from Saturday through Wednesday night. So many “God appointed” meetings with people. Connections made, phone numbers exchanged.

    For me, right up there with the healing miracles was the meeting in the tent on Sunday morning when Mario had the 1500+ volunteers pray in tongues. I can hardly describe what it felt like to hear the roar of everyone praying loudly to God under the tent…in their prayer language! It was simply amazing and awe-ing! I think the sound kind of bounced off the tent ceiling, but God definitely heard us! To God be the Glory! And thank you Mario for answering the call of God to do these meetings!

    Now, I have a question… will volunteer training again be taking place the day before the meeting begins, November 12th?

  14. Barrie

    Prayers are being Answered.Glory to God Miracles are happening.More chairs being ordered.Cant fly over.But sending Heavenly host .God’s army coming Mario..Avalanche of souls on their. Knees hungering for God.

  15. Linda

    Are you coming back to Hanford??

    • Mario Murillo

      We will always be returning to your area until Jesus comes!

  16. Larry

    I want to help and to get more involved because I am so fatigued of the powerless church in America . However, seeing that there is a problem and being a part of the solution are two very different things. I left my church over their dismal failure to properly handle the COVID lie and their bowing down to the BLM lie as well. I am hesitant to join a new church because they are able to ‘seem’ normal because things are returning some what to normal. I do not want to plug into another buch of cowards who will bow to government and culture before obeying God and abandoning their values again. No one seems to be willing to give up everything and suffer all for the pearl of great price. Instead they want short sermons and nothing that asks too much of them, least of all personal accountability self introspection. They want cheap salvation and easy discipleship that won’t interfere with the game on Sunday or Sunday brunch because they already made reservations. No, these folks ate too willing to shove an old lady to ground to get out of the the worship center to beat the rush out of the parking lot. We’ll siad by you that Californian has some of the greatest number of mega churches but still is the most demonic hellhole in America. Why? There is no power of the Spirit in the churches. How do I get more involved to actually help instead of just seeing the absence of the Holy Spirit? I am in my 50s and have seen this as a growing problem for decades.

    • David Lawson

      Hi Larry. Go to this crusade. What ever it takes get there. I felt much like you until attending the first of my crusades as a volunteer. I try to make them all now. I believe if you come God will show you what you are to do. I hope to meet you there. God bless.

  17. Peter bunting

    Come to Nottingham U.K. please or lead me to someone in the U.K.
    Cannot make Colorado I remember the Jesus revolution and of course AA Allen and Miracle valley ant standing healings etc trust the Lord will do same again for your meetings Mario Only the Glory to Him

  18. Carolyn Hoffman

    Mario Murillo, I am praying you come to the Los Angeles area, we need you very badly here. I want to come to your tent service to get the power of the Holy Spirit prayed over me.

  19. Penny

    I pray you come to Seattle, Mario. Overall it is a dry, dry place spiritually speaking but intermingled are some truly good churches who are not afraid to speak a biblical worldview gospel. God bless those pastors! But come, our city is dying.

  20. Eric

    If God calls, He will supply. My wife and I didn’t think at the last minute that we could make it to Colorado Springs because of stuff medically with my wife. But God showed us through a dream that we needed to persist and persevere. We got there a day late but we got there and were able to volunteer in the Intercession team and Prayer team. (We got a last minute flight 1,400 miles across the country. But God provides.) You all are our church. We don’t like giving money to most other ministries, churches, etc… for fear it will just be flushed down the toilet. Don’t fear giving your time or money … this is truly of and for the Kingdom of God. Besides giving towards something of consequence, we truly know we are part of a team. We knew others were praying for/with us as we were praying for them. Let’s take our country for Christ! May His kingdom come and will be done!

  21. Gwen

    Lord willing I will be there.



  23. cheryl

    Hi! I didn’t see any material that kinda explained the logistics of how this works….so i just filled out a registration form!

    please come to Louisiana!!!!

    • Mario Murillo

      Cheryl, thank you for volunteering. We will be in touch with you soon. If you have any questions please call us at (800) 980-3424

  24. Sheila Turney

    Please come to the South, Huntsville, Al, or Birmingham, Tennessee, Atlanta.

  25. Mistie Clark

    How exciting, we are only about 45 minutes from Roseville. I was wondering, can children attend too? We have 3 littles.

    • Mario Murillo

      Of course they can!

      • Dora Jepson

        Do you plan on being in the Fresno California area anytime soon?

        • Mario Murillo

          We will return to Fresno but no date set yet.

  26. Valerie Barber

    Mario, words cannot express how grateful I am to God for you and your team! Thank you for your commitment and
    faithfulness to fulfill your calling. Self is clearly put to death, thereby allowing the H.S. to work freely in and through you. I love your books too! God bless you brother, praying for you and your team. Would love to have you come to Michigan!

  27. Egil Stenset

    Thank God for what is happening in these campaigns Mario Murillo!
    We need this level of anointing in Norway!
    I’m desperate! Pray for us!



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