God’s Power Erupted in Colorado

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The first two nights in the Tent had been so powerful that, when I left the Tent Monday night, I remember thinking, “What more can God do? Will it be more of the same?” But, on a scale of one to ten, God turned the power up to eleven tonight!
I arrived a couple hours early and saw that, once again, the Tent was filling up. The people are so hungry and excited to see God move that, 30 minutes before the announced start time, the place was packed and worship had already begun.
During the broadcast of FlashPoint tonight, Mario went live, and gave a report of what was happening in Colorado Springs.
About an hour before the 6:30 announced starting time, Catherine Mullins and the Radiant Church worship team brought holy fire to the Tent!

Because Catherine is so anointed, the worship was incredible. Just as it had been with the Destiny worship team, this wasn’t a concert—it was a cry of awe and adoration to our God and Savior. And once again, the youth led the way, filling the area in front of the platform, as the first notes were ringing out. And many others followed their lead, joining them there to worship God.
Mario entered then, and began by telling a story about a time when a serial killer called the Hillside Strangler was committing murders in the Bay area. Because of this, entire counties were affected. No woman felt safe or would walk anywhere at night. And Mario said that even though the area was affluent and nice, if anyone had said it was ‘safe’ they would be lying, unless they had power over the Hillside Strangler.
That is the difference, Mario said, between Christ and all other theologies. The reason Christ is better than Buddha or Muhammed, or any other spiritual beings, is that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross.
Mario then went on to preach a message of salvation. And, as they had during the first two nights, hands went up all over the Tent. When they came forward, they again filled the entire width of the Tent, and up the full length of all the aisles. It was the largest response yet—nearly 1,000 souls came forward to be saved. All glory to God!

Each night, as God performs miraculous signs and wonders, it draws people. Much like when Moses saw the burning bush in the desert: Then Moses said, ‘I will now turn aside and see this great sight…’ (Exodus 3:3).
Signs and wonders are the tool God uses to get the attention of the lost. Once He has their attention, He can get hold of their heart.
Mario next challenged the people. He talked about how we suffer all the indignities of a visit to the doctor’s office when we go, and we take whatever he prescribes, because he told us to. But when the man of God says to stand and be healed, we suddenly become afraid. We don’t move, because of fear or embarrassment. Mario asked, “What is wrong with you?”
Next Mario told the people to begin praying in tongues, and as they began to pray, suddenly, God erupted in miraculous power.
He told them, if you feel power in your legs, start to move. A man came toward the front and was moving his arms and legs. He was healed in his legs, spine, neck and shoulders.
Then a woman came toward the front. She was being miraculously healed of a multitude of conditions. He told her he had been waiting for her, and that God had shown him her face as he was on the way to the tent, and that the Lord had also revealed her story to him. God healed her lungs, dizziness, weakness, a growth in her abdomen, heart, her neck, back, hips, knees, feet and hands. Mario had her raise her legs and wave her arms. He kept instructing her to move in different ways. She finally began to dance, and the crowd erupted with joy and applause for the miracle God had performed.
Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Mario called out a second woman near the front. He had her show the cane she had used when she walked into the meeting. Then she put her cane aside as she moved her legs and arms. She came to the front, and she, too, began to run and dance—totally healed!

He next spoke to a pastor whose son had broken his wrist. Mario said God was restoring the bones and tissues. He said that the same anointing which had replaced the nerves in the woman’s spinal cord, was going forth and was healing the young man’s wrist.
Healings then became rapid fire, as Mario began calling out specific illnesses in entire sections. 18 people, mostly in one section, were all healed of heart disease. Many in a second section were healed of cancer. In another, migraines were healed.
Mario then called out to a young girl in the youth section. He told her that she had a condition that came and went that caused paralysis in her limbs. She stood, and began to walk. We later learned she had told her youth group, that morning, that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. But she had also told them that she believed God would heal her tonight. And He did!
As I watched God move throughout the Tent, healing and restoring bodies and changing lives, I saw what appeared to be a cloud of smoke hovering above the people. It was the anointing of God being poured out over the people, and it filled the upper regions of the Tent.
Mario finished the night by asking everyone who needed healing to raise their hands. He then requested that those in the audience who were nearest to them, should lay their hands on them and pray. Many, many healings took place.
This began the transition of God’s power from a singular event, to a release of healing into the churches, where it can continue to flow.
If you weren’t there tonight, you missed a mighty demonstration of the power and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. But there is still one more opportunity. If you are anywhere near Colorado Springs, I would encourage you to come to the Tent and bring someone with you who needs God, needs a healing touch, or needs both.
If you can’t be there, you can watch the live-stream on the Mario Murillo Ministry Facebook page. But I encourage you to try to be here, or to come to future events.
God is clearly on the move. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of what He is doing!

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  1. Linda Taylor

    I don’t have Facebook or any of the others. I finally got this though to have sent to my email.. I love your ministry and pray daily for you and your family , I pray for my bills to be paid and unlock my time so I can travel and follow your tent revival and go out lay hands on people and pray and invite them to your meetings… we live in Cape Coral Florida and my husband and I were able to go when you were in Naples… praying in daily devotion that God protect and watch over you and Michelle … God bless you



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