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My final word on Batavia is a series of answers to questions. After this, I will say nothing more about this situation. Our future is too bright. We are not going to slow the locomotive to throw rocks at the barking dogs. I am answering these questions for honest hearts.
Do I have a habit of cancelling crusades? I have only cancelled two crusades in 54 years of preaching. It is an extremely rare and drastic thing for me to do. Cancellations are very disruptive. That is why there has to be a very compelling reason for me to cancel—so compelling that, as I said, I have only done this once before.

Was I committed to Western New York? Last August I was deathly ill. Instead of cancelling my brunch with pastors I rode in a car 13 hours to keep my commitment. I had to drive because the airlines would not let me fly. My dear wife was terrified for two days wondering if I would make it back. Upon my return, after driving another 13 hours, I was immediately hospitalized. Glory to God! Jesus had mercy on me and healed me in the hospital. I find it insulting and sadly hilarious to hear accusations that I have “cut and run” from this crusade.

Last August I was deathly ill. Instead of cancelling my brunch with pastors I rode in a car 13 hours to keep my commitment.

Did I cancel because they won’t let me mention Trump? This cancellation has nothing to do with Trump. Our enemies oppose what is happening in our meetings. Trump is just the excuse. Why would I risk my life and then cancel just because pastors don’t like Trump. And, does anyone believe I would hold back anything God tells me to preach simply because of “woke” pastors?

I will repeat what I said before. I am not the one talking about Trump they are. The rule for these ministers is not that you cannot talk about Trump. You can say all you want about him so as long as it is bad.
What then is the reason I have cancelled this crusade? Martin Luther King Jr. said “in the end, it is not the words of our enemies that we will remember but the silence of our friends.”

Martin Luther King Jr. said “in the end, it is not the words of our enemies that we will remember but the silence of our friends.”

This crusade ended because of the silence of our friends. Do not blame me or my wonderful team for all the inconvenience you have experienced. It was the silence of our friends.
Where were our friends? I can understand the “woke” pastors and their hare-brained theology. I do not understand why any of our friends would listen to them and let them to cool their zeal.
I can understand there were computer glitches but certainly not enough to drop volunteer numbers this low.

I can understand how a hireling preacher could attend the glorious meetings we had last October and leave unmoved and indifferent. What I cannot understand is our friends who saw the fire, the glory and the harvest last October. Why wouldn’t they work even harder this time around?
This time around there should have been a flood of volunteers. The silence was devastating to me. But my broken heart was still not the reason I felt the leading to cancel. Now I will tell you the reason.
The last 4 weeks before a crusade are when lost souls make their decision to come to the tent. Consider the fact that in Hanford CA we had 1,200 volunteers but in Batavia we had 290 volunteers. This after a brunch with almost 1,000 leaders.

I pray you will go back and be the fiery army I remember. Who knows what God still has for us all.

My staff would have had to handle massive altar calls virtually alone. It would have been chaotic and even dangerous to have such little security, few parking attendants, intercessors, and altar workers.
The stupidity oozing out of “woke” pulpits is something I will soon forget. The false accusations from leftist Christians will fade in my memory very quickly. What will hurt, and haunt me for a long time, is the silence of my friends in Western New York.
My deep hope is that this letter will provoke you to rise up and rally against the religious spirit that is rampant in your region. I pray you will go back and be the fiery army I remember. Who knows what God still has for us all.






  1. Ron Jones

    Mario, Darkness is taking this country like Russia is taking Ukraine.

    This time, is appointed to evil

    As to the silence, consider the warning of being lukewarm, (or complacent).

    Have you noticed?

    Satan doesn’t talk about Budha, or Allah, because they pose no threat!

    But, Satan certainly talks about Jesus, Paul, Mario and Donald J. Trump!

    Good Company I’d say!

    Be blessed.

    • Marlene

      Dear Bro. Mario, Never give up to those who ” really want to hear/know”! I totally support your work for the Lord.
      Fulfill your call for the Master! Obey HIM, & leave the results to HIS SPIRIT.
      Thank you 🙏 for your service!👍🙏🙏🙏

      • Maria L. Cruz P

        Atter waiting/ interceding for over 30 years for what I saw in Hanford;;, I was in great anticipation, excited yet, personally engaged in much spiritual warfare. So much so that it seemed that I wouldnt be able to attend.I sensed a heavy attack of the dark evil workers of iniquity. I literally fought my way to make it to the tent. In the end I found myself alone there. When the doors open miraculously we must enter in swiftly. Im referring to the warfare that goes ahead behind the enemy lines. Then we must sustain the warfare after we obtain the
        How many times we relax and sit back after the bictory.
        Now personally as I looked around here in the Valley I sensed an apathy. And sadly we in the BODY of CHRIST are scattering our strength and energy. Lacking in discernment and spiritual eyes
        Entertaining spirits of FEAR.
        Nuff said.

    • Danny Ekizian

      Right on! Satan is opposed to anyone receiving the light of Jesus that transforms, impowers, heals and gives the gift of salvation and eternal life. It’s really about SOULS being SAVED! Stay the course and Jesus will bring the results as he is only beginning to do. Let REVIVAL begin and many come into the kingdom of God. Blessings Always, Mario

    • Stephanie Lanin

      Praise God, Mario you have the right path set out to help others and when you came to Fresno Cornerstone Church i was blessed to hear your words. You did what you had to do and with the lords hand upon your every step and you don’t have to explain anything. Thank you for staying real and loving through your passion for Christ.

    • Rosemarie OBrien

      I a.m Not sure if u got this the first time.. or not. Keep on keeping on, Mario!💕 ,You have the Gift of Preaching God’s Word!!!🔥🔥🔥 My Trust and Hope are in ,oyou,I Lord! Amen & amen. My heart, and soul are with y,ou,Mario. Just keep on keepin g on! God will do the rest as u already know! Thank God for friends like Lance and all of Flashpoint,too🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥. You and ur Team are in my prayers! Rosemarie😊🔥👏

    • Suellen Grenko

      God bless you, my brother, for drawing the line clearly for the people of New York. And thank you for having this discussion with Lance and “with us”! I hear your heart, and I know many others do as well. Shake the dust off your feet and move on. There are perhaps many of us out here who know your heart for those who might have been healed in New York; I feel the burden to pray for them as well. God will touch them in another way. But move on, dear brother ! I was so delighted when the Lord picked you up again after all you did in the Bay Area (when I was teaching in Santa Rosa !)! I know you didn’t expect it, and aren’t we just amazed at the ways of God when He does something like this! I’m thrilled! And there is much more ahead. I just can’t tell you how your efforts to serve God and the people He brings blesses me! I suspect I am far from alone in being one of your supporters. I’m praying!
      Thank you for your faithfulness to the Savior we both love and seek to serve!

    • Laura Tralmer

      Amen you’re both right on. You’d think after the last two years what we went through the pastors would’ve learned they need to speak out and say what the truth is and guide their people during such a time as this. They also need to preach to their people that they need the Holy Spirit and the power of speaking in tongues so that they get truth of God’s direction and stop being confused by leading their people from their flesh instead of Holy Spirits leading. Yes Acts 13 pastors can’t leave out biblical citizenship too it’s ALL about what happened toTrump. People get in alignment take your muzzles off. When they worry about the numbers in the church and money also instead of putting the truth first that’s sad.

    • Cheri

      Oh brother! Let’s go! Carry the fire of the Holy Spirit of God and the Name of Jesus Christ! This is a time like no other. This is the time of God’s firebrands being released through the ripe harvest with swords of FIRE to set the prisoners free and see them healed for the glory of God! We are here- we don’t care about names, money, fame, status or promotion…we are in love with Jesus Christ and rejoice in His joy and love! Let’s go people! Support Mario Murillo…he is doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for him and his team. Volunteer at his crusades.

    • addedperspective2020

      The true bottom line, this is what happens when you have pastors/Christians that are more in line with the new religion of the Socialist/Marxist democratic party than they are with God!

    • Alice

      Mario, Satan has blinded so many eyes! Yes, it is unfortunate that some Christians/Churches don’t follow God but are so embedded in the culture, they stand for evil and those committing it! I don’t understand how you can be a Christian and stand for democratic policies. God sees all! The time will come when they will have to stop being lukewarm and decide who they will really serve–God or man.

  2. Roger Weeks

    Brother Mario, my wife and I are with you. Have been for many many years. Praying interceding supporting and sharing with others every time the opportunity comes up. Standing for California still from the Central Coast. Hearts tore to be fully involved In this last harvest. Still working at near 65 because of cost of living here. Thankful for that and very blest. Don’t want to spend the rest of life just to make a living. More important things to do. Do not back off, we sense your heart and well understand what you’re speaking of. When it’s our own familiar friends it’s the toughest. Blessings and prayers. Roger Weeks

  3. faye Vance

    Why would pastors tell you what to preach about in the first place. They should know that you preach what God tells you too. What a world we live in.

    • addedperspective2020

      Preachers try to control what someone preaches when they are afraid their congregation will see just how shallow and out of the will of God they are preaching is! God is separating the wheat from the tares!

    • Norma

      I sent you an email earlier this week Before Mario, my apologies for not fully understanding what you meant about not talking about Trump. I voted for him, prayed for him as I pray for President Biden. That is my Christian duty. I believe though, that some of my brethren have been overtaken by idolizing Trump, as the one who can save America. Trump even says, he can’t save anyone, only Jesus can. So I pray you accept my misstatements and misunderstanding your last blog.

      • Tina

        You still dont fully understand the hatred towards Trump and people that voted for him. It’s not the man so much they hate it’s all the people that support the American Dream, Agenda, Way,Values, Morals whatever you want to call it. They Scream over us in droves, they cancel us, fire, us, vax us!! They dont believe in God or Country, they are infected with hatred, greed, lust. I too pray for our leaders, even the bad ones, more so that God will wipe the scale off their eyes, the covers off their ears and to warm their hearts to Jesus! Amen

    • Joanne Villegas

      I grieve with you for those in New York who were reluctant to serve the Lord. I pray and will continue to pray for New York to embrace the truth of the Gospel and honor and serve our Lord Jesus!
      I wonder if you are ever coming to the Phoenix Az area? My husband and I would love to help if you do. In the meantime we will continue to keep you in our prayers!

  4. Doreen Martelly

    Mario, it was so exciting when you came to New York in October! I was one of the volunteers. Did we get relaxed and feel like this would be a yearly event? We didn’t feel the urgency of the times. I repent. I was going to attend in May, but because of work I was only going to stay for my two off days and not volunteer. It would have been worth taking off! I’m sorry! I hope and pray that the Lord leads you back to New York!

    • Debbie soberg

      Mario you are such a vessel for the lord our country is in such need of this outpouring of the holyspirit..the Bible says you will know them by there fruits.the lord is shaking there hard as it is it was the right decision…God richly bless you I hope you come to minnesota lord knows this is so needed here…..very oppressed.

      • Jannene

        Mario good on you. Thankyou for standing firm and speaking truth as always.

  5. Kelly Bushey

    Please pray about coming to the area where Finney traveled Watertown, Syracuse, etc. we love your heart and totally understand why you canceled Batavia.

    • Nanette Lawrence

      Mario, We would love to see you in Northern NY

    • Renée Ricco

      Well written Mario. Thank you for all you did for this region !

    • Dee


  6. Bonnie

    Are you coming to or near Tn?

  7. Linda Kidder

    Blessings brother Mario. Just a thought. When the three Hebrew men took their stand against the idol that Nebuchadnezzar built Daniel is not in the picture. So perhaps the Lord will see if His people will stand with out you leading the charge.

  8. Penny

    I’m already praying for CO. May God richly bless you and your team. I feel compassion for the good people caught under the influence of the religious Spirit . Enough said. Pour our Your Spirit, oh Lord on Co. Stir up the gifts, even now. Pour out a great hunger and thirst. Move through the Air Force Academy. Be with the chaplains in the Academy, hospitals and others . Bless MMM in Your Name. Amen

  9. Doris

    This is just so sad there is such a great need in buffalo Batavia specially Rochester that needed this revival. I wish there was something we could do about this. We need revival. The Lord sent you and these people are wrong for all this. We need to pray for these evil spirits can leave the region in the name of Jesus. The Lord has been saying a revival is coming to this region and they are putting a stop because politics. It’s about Jesus Christ. I agree

  10. Lori

    This breaks my heart Mario. New York really needs a revival & an awakening move of God! These pastors have a lot to answer for when they stand before the Lord. So many souls are lost that need Jesus as their Savior, so many broken hearts that need healing, addicts that need to be delivered. All these “play acting pastors” care about is their woke ideology & reputation; not Father God’s business. I will be praying for your friends in western New York that did not stand with & you & were silent. They will break their silence & rise up for the Kingdom of God! Prayer for these pastors to be convicted & repent before the Lord. The Lord bless you & your staff! 🙏

  11. Katie

    We (6 adults) would like to support you. We signed up to volunteer in Batavia, from Ohio, and we would like to stay in touch to volunteer where you need us. Please reach out to us, and all of your volunteers across the US, so that the workers can come from everywhere. We love you and we are in “agreement ” with you.

  12. Michael McBane

    Mario, God had me and my family come to upstate New York twice to follow in His steps. Once in the 80’s and we returned in 03. Both times we were abandoned, lost most of what we owned and found little to rejoice about as it concerns our expectations. Now I live a distance from your planned crusades so I could not be boots on the ground so to speak. I am sorrowful deeply that this as gone this way. It concerns me deeply for I have to ask God will you remain here? I have wanted to go to a place less contentious but Gid says remain . Thank you for being strong and courageous

  13. Heidi Dizer

    Forgive them for they know not what they do. They’re not trusting God. They’re trusting government, political party and other false gods.

  14. Nance Tanner

    Mario, you are a man of God. You are very generous and kind to feel the necessity to give “reasons” for your decisions, however, this is not necessary. Nevertheless, the people of Branson will always be curious about what the “jerks”, here did to you. Just sayin’………..

    • David Braasch

      Brother Mario, don’t forget the great move of the Holy Spirit and unity in the spirit you had in Batavia in October, sorry to hear that a few religious demons are stopping you from being a blessing to Western New York. God knows there’s a lot of them around here. I was very impressed with your ministry in October with the many salvations healings and the several meetings were you didn’t take up an offering. That’s very rare for an evangelist! Keep up the great work.

  15. Cheryl Gustafson

    I know your heart weeps and I am praying and standing with you Mario .I will support your ministry Please pray for me for I am in a church that Iam praying for God to open my pastors eyes to preach on end times living or lead me to a church that will.🙏🙏

    • Jill Kinney

      Thank you for your response and for speaking on Flashpoint and with Lance Wallnau. We are truly blessed by in many ways. It’s a sadness that volunteers were few and far between. I had already received the email for our volunteer’s meeting to be held that Saturday. When I saw your first posting I thought it was a way to fire up the body of Christ. Then I heard what was really happening. It’s true. This area has been beaten down by evil over and over again. The voices for goodness and truth are weak and can barely be heard over the steam rolling shouts of evil. I pray that God will lead us to churches filled with voices of revival. We need to put on the armor of God and stand tall.
      I’m sorry Mario (I hope it’s ok that I call you that☺️) that our people were led like lemmings to follow in silence and disbelief. I will continue to pray for your ministry and for the people and pastors of WNY.
      GLORY BE TO GOD! He is in control and will give us divine leadership and guidance as we travel the path He has laid out for us. May God forgive us and count us worthy. Blessings always to you!

  16. Audrey Burk

    We are shocked and disheartened. But we are praying for you and your ministry. You have many faithful followers and I know that you know this, but these people are not rejecting you, they are rejecting Jesus. We love you and always look forward to seeing you on Flashpoint. Don’t let this get you down!

  17. Sally Ackermann

    Mario Thank you for makes a stand. God bless your family and ministry abundantly.

  18. Eric

    Knock off the dust …

    • Mario Murillo


      • Rose Rocha

        “And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.” Matt 10:14

      • Mareva

        Revelations of God are America is having Revival Mario there is a group of remnant coming together We are praying from Australia

  19. Bonny Layton

    What is so heartbreaking is that hundreds of souls will miss out because of this selfish political agenda. I’m sure God’s not happy with those who are resisting the move of God Himself!

    • Teresa Gunter

      God Bless you and your Ministry 🙏🙏

  20. Shirley Kundinger

    Awesome! So much truth and humility!! Thank you both. Blessings 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Paula Slow

    I am so sorry that there weren’t enough volunteers, I so want to be able to help, yet I have a job that Is in the way. I also want to be able to come to help in Colorado, I have a trip to visit my daughter and family I live far away from. I have been praying and asking God to show me a way! I have a place to stay with friends. I am praying God send you the help and the people to come to it !!!!!!

  22. Patricia Best

    So sad but as a Christian in a small town ( 600) in Northern NY who follows the Elijah list prophets including Mario and the others ,I have tried to bring the prophetic stream into our small church or at least share what The prophets are saying. . I can’t get anywhere especially with our pastor ( whom we love and have a good relationship with-former Catholic , then Baptist) who refuses to allow any political or supernatural discussion disrupt our older congregations peaceful existence . He fears division in the church I guess. He preaches scripture so that is good but taught for weeks on the HS with no invitation to receive the gift of tongues. Wow! I am an implant from full gospel churches so have been exposed to healings ,deliverances and the supernatural acts of God. Other than Catholic not much church choice without traveling at age 73 and 75. Anyway I was disappointed to hear about the Batavia cancellation but hearing your explanation of WHY made me realize why my husband and I have received so much pushback. Hang in there and thank you for obeying God.

  23. Bonnie

    You are a man of integrity and spoke into my life 44 years ago when I asked God for a sign that He loved me and hadn’t forsaken me. He spoke through you and it gave me hope through the next 22 hardest years of my life and continues even now. A reminder that God saw me in a crowd of people and reached out to give me hope. I know God leads you and the greatest revival of all time has begun. Redeeming the time we run the race set before us. Cheering you on and ready for whatever God calls me to do.

  24. Doug Bowers

    Man of GOD, I’m with you, I was at Tulsa, the devil afflicted my intestines, I almost didn’t drive the 300 miles one way… I was unable to help, yet I was so blessed to be there… I prayed constantly during your service, and the presence of The Holy Spirit was ” enveloping”
    GOD Bless you Mario and your team…

    • Ross Hanby

      Father’s.. said Mario. How many in the pulpit are truly born again and sold out for Christ. We can see the strongholds over new woke York. May
      the people and the church rise up! We in a bad way!

  25. Derri kelcey reformat

    I live in wny and didn’t even know about mario coming… I m so grieved and sad that this is happening…please pray for us who do truly want real revival. I know this area is very hard,even to find a Godly church is difficult. Please Holy Spirit don’t give up on us! I’m praying that mario canceling will put a fire in the believers who are wanting to see God move.

  26. Katherine Aguilar

    Brother I have messaged before about dreaming you (over 35 years ago) on a cliff and up out of the gorge were flames, I prayed then a prayer of a baby in the Lord, however powerless, still sincere. Today, I feel the Spirit of God rise up inside, “For such a time as this!”, I am praying, not a weak prayer, but one spoken in the authority of Jesus’ name, one of declaration, that what God has planned /ordained WILL come to pass, that He will use you mightily in these days, for HIS Glory!!! Amen, go forth my brother.

  27. tnesham

    God is using more than 1 person. The harvest is so big. 60,000 believers coming, May 14 at Arrowhead Stadium in KC,MO. See TheSend.
    I was in Hanford and Tulsa, but I wanted to attend TheSend as well and support both Mario’s and TheSend’s efforts. ATM, I see TheSend as evangelistic training that I can apply during Mario Crusades.
    Perhaps others did too and it reflected in a decline in the “Army” numbers.
    But I plan to be in Colorado Springs, and the “Army” will show up!

  28. Philip Sartell

    Mario, We grieve with you at the loss of the support of the army in NY. You made a tough and wise decision. Thank you for explaining it so clearly and courageously. If you ever can hold a service series in Nashville we two will volunteer and show up. And – welcome to Tennessee!

  29. Kelly Lodge

    I seem to recall that ” Love is not easily offended “. I stand with you, and understand how people are so easily disturbed and flighty these days. Christians, we need to HOLD FAST to what we have, (today it is Faith and Truth itself), and not be swayed by evil reports. We must show our faith through actions, words can be meaningless if we do nothing.

  30. Carmen mauldin

    Yes, yes, yes and AMEN!!
    Thank you for your humility to God making difficult decisions.
    Praying and standing with you, in Jesus name!!

  31. TO

    We press on…because God’s word does not return to Him empty. Jesus saves, Holy Spirit gives gifts, and God Almighty is the great I AM. All glory to the Lord! So be it!

  32. Susan Grey

    I was one of the 290 volunteers, flying up from Georgia to assist. Thank you Mario and staff for not placing us in a situation that could potentially be chaotic or dangerous. You are a good shepherd.
    I have an airline credit and am ready to buy tickets to anywhere the Holy Spirit moves that tent! The Lord has called me to carry the Fire and the Spirit from the North GA Revival to His harvest, whereverthat may be! I cannot wait to hear where He directs you all next. God bless!

  33. Barb

    The Bible say to wipe the dust off your feet and go and preach the gospel of Jesus in the next town, city, state. Good decision, God is with you. Thanking God for you, your ministry, and your workers. Praying 🙏🏻

  34. Gracious

    We continue to stand with you and with God and will continue to pray for Batavia and for all the cities that the pharisees of Old stand in pulpits. of today

  35. Clint Cheshire

    Totally understand and agree with your reasons. Always hurts when friends don’t answer the call, but that is reality sometimes. Look forward as you take the love of Jesus to those who will die and go to hell without it. No time to waste on those who will not listen. I pray for native New Yorkers to rise up and back their state for Jesus Christ.

  36. Megan Kennedy

    Mario,Thank you for all you do! You answer to God and so will they.Thank you for exposing this mess…but watch what will happen!You make me think of Paul and how he suffered-yet persevered.Your reward is coming so hang on tight!I love your zeal.I believe that what has happened will cause a shaking ..maybe some of these ‘christians’ sitting around in these dead ‘churches’ will wake up and get up now.There is a separation in the ‘church’ that has is wordly,carnal,and dead..& SO asleep. The other is like Peter,they will get up and make a stand,they will make up there minds,and we will have this great world wide revival!Kick the dust off and charge on!-and know this,GOD WILL deal with Judas.

  37. lance j foreman

    I have heard thru the years new england, northeast, has a religious spirit dating back to the beginning of pilgrims coming here and very very hard to penetrate, hard to even understand what a leftist christian is, i see people in church wearing surgical masks and imo very offensive the the Lord, so i can barely imagine what its like in new york, but confirms what i have heard over the years, i have been all over the USA , the northeast is the only part of our great Country i havnt been, but this episode seems rather normal for whatever demonic strong hold the devil has over the northeast, very real as this letter confirms, hopefully you will be the guy that breaks thru (no easy task) but once it happens it imo change our whole country

  38. Mark Hagey

    I admire you mostly for your seeking and doing the will of our Father. It makes no difference what anybody says or does if we can please Father we are good to go. Jesus our great example only went where Father told Him to go, only spoke what Father told Him to, and only did what Father told Him to do.

  39. Ron Sawvel

    What an amazing time we’re living in!
    God is on the move, and all the opposition of evil forces and small minds will not change what the Lord is unleashing in the earth through His anointed.
    Brother Mario we are CONVINCED you are being led by the Holy Spirit and, no matter how hard the call, when you follow Him you cannot go wrong!
    We’ve been privileged to attend and even help a little at some of your California tent meetings and we always were left with the impression about the tents that “this is not BIG enough!”
    We’re grateful for the days of ‘small beginnings’ but, that day is past.
    Just a few weeks ago I shared in a couple of our meetings that, just as Reinhard Bonnke progressed through a series of larger & larger tents (finally abandoning them because no tent could contain the crowds), God was going to be moving Mario Murillo into a similar place in his ministry… And here you are!
    It went beyond that for me as I was praying and considering what I believe the Holy Spirit is doing, because I truly believe that God is mantling you with that same anointing that rested on Bonnke! Much as John bore the mantle of Elijah.
    Certainly to draw stunning multitudes, but even more so, an amazing miracle working release upon you and your ministry.
    And ALL your need will be met, even to overflowing.
    Anyway, pharisees, like leopards, cannot change their spots – They will not enter in themselves, and will always try to hold back others who are entering in.
    Blood is on their hands and they will give account.
    Hard as it is, it’s time to let the dead bury the dead, and move on into the GLORY God has reserved for you!
    Count on our support my Brother!

  40. Betty Bernat

    Mario ty for listening and hearing GODS VOICE. GOD BLESS YOU & all who are working with you TO FOLLOW THE LORD OF TRUTH. PRAYING for you. Betty

  41. Collin R Williams

    We stand with you brother.

  42. kays392

    God bless you Mario! We stand with you and continue to pray for your many upcoming crusades. Tulsa was just the beginning of what God is going to do.

  43. Sharon Bente

    I am thanking God for you and your truthful testimony! God is using this situation to separate… well you know!

  44. Tom

    So sad to hear of this. Totally understand the reasoning behind cancelling. A friend of mine and I volunteered to work the salvation line and were coming up from Pittsburgh area. Already had hotel reservations which are non cancelation rates. Guess my wife and I will take a mini vacation.
    Blessings Mario. Shalom.

  45. Aaron

    if I email you will you get it?
    I’m not asking if you will respond just asking if you will actually see it.

      • Eric Retzlaff

        Sorry to hear that. My wife and I drove from Schenectady NY to the first day of your Batavia meetings. We were hoping you’d be coming to the NY Capital Region, but you’d probably have a bad reception here.

      • Aaron Jackson

        Thank you

  46. RAFO

    Mario, remember, Jesus’ greatest nemesis in His day was the religious establishment, so you’re in good company! Could it be apathy, or jealousy, or spiritual blindness that prevented better cooperation?? Only the Lord knows the hearts of people, but obviously He has, at least for now, bypassed Western New York to water more fertile ground. If certain people have a problem with your change of plans, tell them to take it up with the Lord, then move on. If anyone would know the heart of the Lord in this, it would be you my brother!

  47. John Mark

    Thee is a fire burning in the hearts of many ministers that I know. There is an army of the redeemed, intercessors, stand in the gappers, and make up the hedgers in America. We wear the Full Armor of God every day, and some, like Nehemiah, wear it to bed at night! We stand and stand therefore! We fight with non-carnal weapons at the Gates of Hell. We pluck brands out of the burning. We weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. We cry out for more souls. We ask, seek, knock, believe, and we know the harvest fields intimately. America is in trouble morally and spiritually, but there is an army who won’t quit or surrender. The prisoners and the parolees, the drug addicts, the alcoholics, the “down and outers,” and the lost and hurting who are desperately searching for God are the focus of our lives. And Mario, even the “religious” are being sought out by God, and getting saved! I’ve experienced it! For those who have learned the secrets of the secret place in prayer and fasting, God has a plan of action, and He is faithful to His word! What we do in the secret place is rewarded in the open in a great harvest of souls!

    • Maria LCruz Pascacio

      The Secret to Great power🦅🦅🦅💥
      Joy Unspeakable.
      I WILL REMEMBER your name🔥💥
      Come to Legacy
      Mario will be there

  48. Darlene W

    When God opens the heavens the enemy attacks. Let the battle rage. There will be payback to the devil. God just turns up the heat. The river of glory will not be stopped. There will be a groundswell. We don’t quit!

    • Lorraine Caci

      So sad these pastors are heartless. I don’t see how a Christian can be a democratic…. how can they prevent a man of God coming to minister to those hungry for the Lord. What about those who need healing. So sad , God open their eyes, give them a conscience. In Jesus name Amen

  49. Darlene W

    Jesus said to Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send laborers.He already knew this moment,He was already there. And He already has a plan that is even greater.

  50. Brenda Bounds

    Brother Mario, God has a bigger plan than this! Glory Matt 27-21) The Governor said to them which of the two do u wish me to set free for u ( New York)? And they said Barabbas.” Mark 15-15) So Pilate wishing to satisfy the crowd ( Pastors, New Yorker) set Barabbas free for them; and after having JESUS, severely whipped ( scourged) he handed Him over ( to his shoulders ) to be Crucified. Well Bro Mario, they made a choice!! This day chose who your r going to serve?? Good or evil?? God or man?? There choice!! Now Bro. Mario, even the dust of your city( New York) which clings to our feet we wipe off in protest against you ( breaking all ties) ;yet understand this, that the kingdom of God has come near ( and you New York) rejected it. Lord, Give Bro Mario, your wisdom and strength to move on heal his heart of any rejection from his friends or the people in Jesus name. Amen 🙏🏻We love and support you Mario, Alabama “ Welcomes You Jesus, 📖🕊🛐🔥❤️✝️🛡🗡🌈👏🙋‍♀️👣

  51. Marianne Korrell

    God bless you! Religion demands to be in control. When it cannot be in control, it attacks those who allow God to be in control and follow His leading. I was in a church like that once and had to leave when God wanted to be in control of my life. Thank God you do not bow to the religious spirit but follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to the Glory and Honor of Almighty God. The Lord’s hand is mightily upon you and we pray for you continually.

  52. Anna Murphy

    I’m sorry that pastors are not in tune with the Holy Spirit! I volunteered and was ready to drive from CT (6 hrs.!) We need revival!

  53. Peggy Anders

    I’m praying for you.

  54. Clair

    God bless you, Mario & please don’t EVER stop fighting for what is right. I have a feeling that you will be back in Batavia as God isn’t done with that area. God will find a way of punishing those evil pastors that have done this & you will be the one who saves western NY. God is with you & your team.

  55. Sandra

    I fully understand your reasoning and GOD gave the OK! It just grieves me that so called christians listen to men (and so called pastors, keepers of the flock) and not GOD or Holy Spirit but rest assured they will ALL stand before the Almighty Judge! Love the WORD and pray for blessings on you and your team! Go with GOD and so thrilled about the conversion of the lesbian, they make great converts, met a pastor that was converted, awesome! The Father wants us all converted! God bless!

  56. Brenda Rowell

    You aren’t the only one who has faces this type of opposition. A move of God is often opposed by “church leaders” in revival. Ask Charles Finney.

  57. Eric Smith

    I am extremely disappointed. I was in Hanford and had the honor of leading someone to the Lord. I kept hoping Mario was going to call for volunteers, finally, I told my wife I guess they have enough. Then you made the call and I was very happy to sign up. Now I just hope that you will do something on this side of the country because CO is 1000 miles away (I’ll be there) but I just hope there will he something closer to the midwest.

  58. prayinginok

    Praying Isaiah 54:17 over you and your ministry Mario.

  59. Marc Carlos

    Mario and your team…when I need encouragement I reread this booklet from Rev. Owen Murphy and I’m reminded that our LORD can do anything and HE does lead his people. “When God Stepped down from Heaven”

  60. Gil Zaragoza

    I stand with Rev. Mario Murillo 100% … and as of this very second, I firmly throw down the gauntlet against “woke” pastors/ministers. I am firmly convinced that judgment is about to begin in the House of God … particularly “woke” churches!!

    • Larry Lavallee

      We were there in October 🎪
      Plans are already made,
      bringing another couple with us.
      I’m the man from Port Charlotte FL. See Renee Ricco interview. You called me out during your visit to Naples FL when you noticed my T Shirt from volunteering in Batavia. Since then we are having Sunday night meetings at our Home and teaching the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire 🔥 We will be attending Cornerstone Church Sunday May 15th and inviting the Body of Christ to Fellowship with us at our Rental House near by. I’m Expecting Miracles, Signs, & Wonders!! My Miracle will be the “Terrifying One” you speak about on Flashpoint 💥😇
      Believing for GOD to remove my 2 pins thru the pelvis and restore my right leg. HALLELUJAH
      See you soon as The Lord Directs us to volunteer next. VICTORY THRU JESUS ⚔✝️

  61. Joan Goodman

    Mario, I will stand with you always. Today I pray for conation and the steel punch of the Lord! As you say, we must be warriors and know the elements of this war against evil. Glory be to God!🙏

  62. Cindy Bernakevitch

    Hey Mario, I’m sorry to hear about this terrible upset in your ministry, I have come through a great deal of rejection and pain due to the “global reset” losing friends, and all family. My husband and I escaped Canada a year ago, just before the vax passport came out. There was nothing to stay for. We live in Mexico now…so close but yet so far from your tent crusades.
    Anyway, I just want to say, (I mean you already know it brother, but I just want to remind you as I’ve crawled back up on my feet) “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose.” You know it. The angels aren’t solemn and sad in heaven, but are rejoicing. They know God isn’t finished with you. I mean I can’t believe your energy and determination. I’m 65 and I feel like I can barely get through a day shopping and making dinner. I’m holding onto hope for help from God to accomplish what He’s put me here for. I wouldn’t have to struggle at all if I was anything like you. You are sooo blessed. Rest and rejoice, you will get everything done God has purposed for you. I have no doubt.

  63. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Bonny Layton: Your comment is my Exact feelings.

  64. Clay Rooks

    There is no such thing as “Leftist Christians.” That’s an oxymoron. You can be a leftist or you can be a Christian. You cannot be both. It’s like saying you can be a “woke” Christian. If you are woke, you are not Christian. Period.

  65. Rita Mascaro

    I was a volunteer worker at the Batavia conference for the entire 3 days. A factor, I think that may have been overlooked, is that the Batavia crusade happened during a particularly dangerous outbreak of the pandemic plus 3 days of constant rain whereby thousands of people were stuffed into tents for shelter with out much air circulation. (a perfect storm) Many were infected. I was in the hospital by Oct.20th. Many of those who contracted covid are still dealing with the effects of it. Therefore, a little hesitation regarding round 2 just 6 months out.

    • Marcus Maddox

      I hope I haven’t been blocked here for any past comments I’ve made. It would be unfortunate if that were the case .

      I’ve never seen so many comments on this forum.

      Mr. Marillo now sounds EXACTLY like a letter from The Apostle Paul.

      That said, this situation is obviously the result of the last successful meeting.

      Satan comes down fast when he sees his kingdom in jeopardy

      So take heart .

      This is a sign of success rather than failure.

  66. Marietta W.

    I believe we are living in a time where the very mouths and words of people coming under judgement in this hour are sealing their own fate. And unfortunately, I think that applies to (and maybe especially to) those in church leadership who have left the truth of God to pursue the wicked foolishness of the age. Only the LORD knows hearts and those who are about to reap their own harvest. But we know many by their fruits and so it is right now. It’s an exciting time to be alive and your ministry is blessed and anointed to reach far and wide! May God continue to bless you, your family, His ministry through you, and may all you put your hand to prosper!

    “For you shall go out with joy, And be led out with peace; The mountains and the hills Shall break forth into singing before you, And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Instead of the thorn shall come up the cypress tree, And instead of the brier shall come up the myrtle tree; And it shall be to the Lord for a name, For an everlasting sign that shall not be cut off.”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭55:12-13‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  67. kingskid48

    Until the people are so hungry for God, nothing can stop them from laying everything down to see a move of God in their area, they are not going to see it. The Holy Spirit doesn’t go where He is not wanted. It sounds more like a religious spirit than a fear of Covid. Covid is dying, although, the evil powers that be appear to be desperate to find some other excuse to lock us down again. The wonderful Crusade Mario has there last year in that area was a surprise. The actions of the religious elites this time is now. When political blindness gets hold of Christians, it creates a stronghold that is tough to break through. The relatives that I have who are democrat are hopelessly blind to what the democrat party has become. It’s impossible to change them, no matter how much they claim to know or love God, or if they have no belief system at all. Marlo did the right thing in cancelling. Perhaps it will be a wakeup call and they will begin to fast and pray. Jesus said some demons only come out by prayer and fasting. I hope this wakes thos pastors up, for the sake of the lost.

  68. Sandy

    Thank you for your honesty as to why you canceled the Batavia crusade, also thank you for your obedience. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for us in the area.

  69. Kenneth Durkin


  70. Wilfred Clay

    Mario, I am very sad that you have given up on New York. Yes, I said it. I feel you might have made a mistake. I am a born again, spirit filled Christian. When I heard the announcement, there was an immediate check in my spirit( and my wife) that this was the wrong move. When you talk about the low number of volunteers, there are two stories in the Bible. The first is in Judges 7 which talks about the Lord choosing just 300 men (led by Gideon). The other was II Kings 6 – mainly verse 17 and Elisha prayed to open eyes of the servant to see the Lords army all around the mountain. Let me state, I am not against you. I wish you had not gone to the pastors, I feel you should have gone to the people on the ground. If I had known earlier in the year that you were coming back to this area, I would had set aside vacation days to work with you. I am that voice calling in the wilderness for you to come. I feel like you have washed your hands on the possibility of returning to this area. I think one soul is worth fighting for. I can understand why you may have made this decision , based on what happened on the night of April 21. I see that, not as a problem, but a glorious thing. This shows how hungry people are for the Lord and taking back our country. I know people will beat me up for speaking up and I know that you may not agree with me, but I still LOVE YOU and Pray for you !! The Lord in me has moved me to speak up. And, yes, I prayed before I wrote this. If any place that needs revival, it would be New York up and down state. Please , Please don’t give up on us here in New York.

  71. Tanner from Louisiana

    King 👑 Jesus and Trump2022🇺🇸🌲🥊🥊

    Take the 7 mountains 🏔

    Build the tents 🏕 Fill the stadiums 🏟

    As One 🗡

  72. Mary W. Speck

    Sad about Batavia. By your fruit you shall be known. Clearly these pastors do not understand scripture. Back to 3fold ministry. NOOOOOOOOO. God said the church will accept Holy Spirit. or they will close. Y I KES>
    . God will send the right people to these places that rejected you. a line from China cry. How can you stop the wind? ( Holy Spirit). answer Y O U C A N ‘ T..

  73. Connie Spencer-Plante

    So, again the corruption wins and the people of New York State lose.

  74. Friend from Rochester NY

    Dear Brother Mario … may I ask a very sincere question. Why, yesterday May 13 2022, did I receive a mailing from your wonderful ministry that has a picture of a tent crusade meeting billboard May 15-19 for your tent meetings in Batavia NY? Why do you have in bold type “Our billboards are being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the Interstate between Buffalo and Rochester NY” if you are not going to be there? People will show up, you know.
    With love from Rochester NY

    • Mario Murillo

      That newsletter was created weeks ago. Before we were forced to cancel for lack of workers. Cornerstone church is still holding meetings this week.

  75. Tanner from Louisiana

    Brother Mario you was once again right on with this one, standing, praying and pushing forward with you. As One🗡
    🙏🏼 Praying for Western New York. 🌲🏔🌲

    Martin Luther King Jr. said “in the end, it is not the words of our enemies that we will remember but the silence of our friends.” 🤫

    My deep hope is that this letter will provoke you to rise up and rally against the religious spirit that is rampant in your region. I pray you will go back and be the fiery 🔥 army I remember. Who knows what God still has for us all.

    Rise up and rally NY🇺🇸
    Build the tents 🏕
    Fill the stadiums 🏟



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