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I told you yesterday that we would make dramatic changes. I said that one of the changes would require us to cancel events. That is why I am announcing that I am canceling our crusade in Batavia, New York.
This is very surprising, because Batavia is the crusade that drew thousands during rainstorms. It was a remarkable event where hundreds came to the altar and God healed many.
But upon our returning to this region, we are facing pastors and leaders who oppose me because I support Trump. I do not talk about him a lot. I preach the Gospel and healing. But it is not wrong to mention him in the pulpit.
I was asked to speak in a local Bible College. After I agreed to speak to the students, the college president called me and cancelled my appearance.

We are facing pastors and leaders who oppose me because I support Trump.

Then at a pastor’s meeting the leader said, “We all know that Mario goes too far mentioning politics.” The shocking part is the guy who said this was leading that meeting in order to drum up support for the crusade. (With friends like this…).
Then one of them told me not to mention Trump in Batavia. The funny part is that Trump is mentioned all the time by Christian leaders who are against him. It seems you can talk all you want about Trump as long as it is to say something bad about him.
We see this in many cities, and we ignore it because it does not hinder the momentum of the tent crusade. This time we feel the hindrance. This time it has affected the crusade.
Ironically, many of the most outspoken critics claim to be going after revival. They say they are praying for revival. They saw four nights of fire, glory, miracles, and record salvations—in the rain. The answer was right before their eyes, but they rejected it. Because I mentioned Trump.

The answer was right before their eyes, but they rejected it. Because I mentioned Trump.

But the greatest shock came after we held a brunch for pastors and leaders, on Saturday, April 9th. This was the fieriest gathering of leaders we’ve ever had. I went away convinced that they had declared war on the devil’s agenda. But it never translated into workers and volunteers. The lion’s roar turned into a whimper.
The meetings are only weeks away, and we are still sadly lacking in counsellors, ushers, and workers. Never have I seen a group of people with more promise—who should have given wide and zealous support—fall so strangely quiet.

This is a controversial letter and it will probably cause a stir. But just maybe, it will ignite the firestorm that is long overdue for this region.

Maybe I am reading this situation wrong. Maybe the army is out there. Perhaps they agree with me about wokeness in the church. What if there is a massive number of on-fire believers in Western New York? If so, they have a strange way of showing it.
But the most compelling reason for this cancellation is the voracious demand we are receiving daily for us to come to city after city. How can we justify trying to persuade a reluctant army, when so many places are begging us to come—places that are unified and unanimous in their support for our cause?
This is a controversial letter and it will probably cause a stir. But just maybe, it will ignite the firestorm that is long overdue for this region.


  1. Jon Davis

    I supported you in Hanford. At the end of the volunteers meeting I got in the car and exited the parking lot and as soon as I hit the road 💥 POW💥!! .. there was some kind of lightning clap ⚡ in the cabin of the car. I believed and believe it was God showing His glory…….

    …. 😢 I guess…. I’ll cancel my Batavia flight and hotel reservations now ….

    • John Charles

      Brother Mario . . . I have followed your ministry for over 50 years and you know me from a few Art type jobs I have done for you. I 100% support what you are doing and I have supported President Donald J. Trump as I believe God. New York was my home until I came to Calfornia in 1970 to work in ministry with San Francisco Teen Challenge . . . I even played keys in your Mom’s church . . . Community Assembly of God with Pastor Stewart. Working with the Assemblies of God since I was 12 and walking with Jesus since i was 6 . . . I get you !

      • Jay Day

        These other leaders would rather support a proven pedophile Pedo Joe. I know Trump isn’t perfect but he supports our freedoms and churches. Biden was sworn in using a satanic book of rituals and is anti church and anti Christ

        • John M Owens

          He was sworn in with his hand on a Bible that has been in his family since 1893. There are some who believe it is a Masonic Bible.

          • Theodore R Vieu

            why is that bad ??? Ben Franklin, and George Washington, were Masons…………I think this is a BS rabbit hole to distract folks from the REAL evil……….IMHO

          • LeighGalbraith

            Not a Masonic Bible, study the history of the Hebrides and where this Bible comes from.
            God will openly and fervently expose those that are of the enemy.

            Keep going Brother Mario.

        • Anne Heilman

          My husband and I stand with you, Mario, because you are a humble servant of the Lord and powerfully used for His glory. We know you hear from God and you obey his voice. Thank you for your bold stand, and may the Lord bless you, your family, and the ministry He has called you to.

          • Vicki Roberts

            Thankyou! Mario, for standing up for what you believe in! I stand in support of you! .. & President Trump & what he stands for!…Remember Tulsa!…What a mighty man of God you are! We were So Blessed to have you come to Tulsa! People all over America came to see you in Tulsa! & I felt so many miracles that night!..never felt that before! Shame on those who oppose you & I pray God to deal with their hearts!…This is their Great loss!..I unfortunately use to live in New York & this does not surprise me !…I left their a long time ago,they don’t deserve you!…& they need Jesus!…as Franklin Graham said,you vote not for the man but for what he stands for & what his platform is!…President Trump stands for America,& our Christrian values & the rights of the unborn & was The Greatest President this Country has ever had !.America needs President Trump back & America needs you,Mario!…Thankyou,for taking a stand for America,justice & freedom & fighting for lost souls & healing the sick & hurting! America needs you! New York doesn’t deserve you ! God Bless you! Mario…& your decision!…

          • Rosemarie OBrien

            Amen & amen!!! More time to pray for u , ur wife. ,your team! Keep keeping on, Mario! Whenever I hear you preach on my cell, Iam always ignited tfot he Lord! Thank you and God bless you and it Team!a a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to meet your personal needs as well of ur Ministries! Yeah God 🤣. Rosemarie

          • Rose Rocha

            I am praying for the woke and or frightened Pastors. Nobody can stop the move of God. In Jesus’s name.🔥🔥

        • Debora Arminio

          Don’t be discouraged Mario!!
          There are more with us than against!
          Just another instance of the Lord exposing peoples hearts..
          Separating wheat from chaff, and sheep from goats!
          Any so called five fold minister who can not publicly support the only President who chose to take part in the RIGHT TO LIFE March, (and address countless other important events that have to do with the morality of our nation ) needs to examine him/herself!
          And to dare put a demand on you to refrain from supporting him is CARNAL AND COWARDLY!!!

          We are under the testing of the Lord to see where our true allegiance is!
          True colors are showing!
          I believe there will also be a an angry mob to deal with when these church leaders announce that the meeting is canceled for such ridiculous and poor reasons…
          Especially when our commission from the Lord is clear to GO AND PREACH the gospel to every creature-
          God forgive us for caving to the pressure of the enemy…

          But you are doing a great work, and I pray the energy and strength of God within upon you to continue!

          • Vicki Roberts


          • Liliana Mantilla

            Very sad 😔 but we’re living very difficult times Jesus is coming soon

          • Roy Clements

            Blessings Brother Mario!
            Please Ask Our God, if You are to converse with Johnathan Kaine for a possible different venue and timing!
            New York is a Key in the U.S.A. and yes , You do need to see God’s Army Mobilization to take it, and take it back!

          • Beverly Lewey

            I ditto everything you said so eloquently, Debora! Stick to your guns Mario, & listen to the Holy Spirit, not man & so called Pastors, who put their politics before their Christian values. We’re with you 100% I was with you in Tulsa for 2 nights & felt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Go where they call you first. Maybe the other places will reconsider, if they follow you ministry & God works on their hearts a little longer. Stand on your principles & keep on supporting Trump!! We need him back, & he IS our best President ever, & predicted in the Bible prophecy.

        • Frances H

          So true!

          • Louis C

            Any Christian who is happier with our current administration than they were with Trump, oughta be searching their hearts to make sure they are really and truly saved. It really boggles the mind that there are such people. Ridiculous!

        • Dave


        • Terri revels

          Don’t worry Mario the Lord allowed them to show who they for a reason…yes there are them lions waiting to roar…blessings brother and syr8for you

        • Steve

          I am behind your ministry 100 percent! I am also praying for your ministry!

        • Tony

          You have to see the wheat & tares. The supernate has to come to the surface in order to identify what’s really inside. Shalom Aleichem- Righteous decision.

        • Ryann Turkin

          Amen. Who are saying that these church leaders are of Christ? If they can’t discern what the government in this nation is doing, then they just may be agents of Satan. Also, we are suppose to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, not the culture

      • Lauren Jones

        Mario, these pastors havewithheld from you, They are valuing their ungodly leanings, because they have held themselves up as higher than God. They do not believe That God’s word is inerrerrant. While we must pray for them because they are weak, or and leave them in gods hand for him to deal with them. We know you do not make this decision without conversation with god and we stand with you wherever you go next it will be the right place. And now we turn our faces towards the next step and see where we are going next! To God be the glory p s Idon’t known what a website is? I gave you my email address and I’m writing this from facebook I am in my 70s and I have a hard time navigating my way to anything on Facebook is

        • Chaplain Viviana V Hernandez

          Pastor Mario, Many NY State/NYC Pastors unfortunately want access to Democratic leaders and their Purse strings or are afraid to make waves. I believe that is one reason why they reject any Affirmation of President Trumps leadership. It is leaving many without the truth of the EVIL perpetrated by this current NYS Governor, politicians and DC Administration. It keeps these Pastors bound by a deceptive political spirit instead of burning/moving in the Spirit of Revival. Please PRAY this stumbling block is obliterated by the POWER of the Holy Spirit. NY needs deliverance/ conviction of wrong alliances and repentance for allowing abortion up to 9 MONTHS, WOKE and Homosexual agenda in NYC schools, friendship with world rather than trusting in GOD’S Miracle working power to PROVIDE, drive out evil and TRANSFORM US into the KINGDOM STATE God desires us to become in this Season. Please Do not abandon us. There is a Remnant of Godly Pastors and Ecclesia thirsty for REVIVAL!

          • Beverly

            Mario thank you for listening to God and the Holy Spirt. You are welcome to come to San Angelo Texas. I was at your crusade years ago in San Angelo. And many of my friends we still talk about the time you were here. God we’ll do more & more for you in other places. We’re people hearts are open to God and what changes in there lives and healings so they can go out and share with others. We all need to step up to what Jesus is calling us for such a time. America needs to wake. Thank you for you dedication and your love for God and America. We pray for God to anoint you more and give you the strength that your body needs, and protection you and your family and your team. Blessing from Texas

        • liz Sherrell

          Bro Mario, I am so dissatisfied in “Gods people” 😟 I am afraid for them!! Those people are hungry and God may have to move the pastors out of the way to feed them! I support you and I support Donald J Trump!

        • Janice Porter

          Dear Sister, if you go to the website http://www.mariomurillo.org, you will connect w/ Mario. A friend or neighbor may be able to help you learn how to go to a website. In His Love, Janice

      • Jenien Nowocien

        So disappointed! Woe unto those who are preventing the works of God in this area because of politics.

        • Thora Evans

          I am 86 years old and longing to see the church and this nation turn to God completely. It grieves me to see those claiming to be believers so critical of that which would bring righteousness back to this nation. In the days of Jesus, his worst opposition came from religion. It seems that nothing has changed. I pray for you dear brother. God has used you and will continue to use you. People are desperate. Perhaps God will have to completely topple a lot of religious strongholds before this is all over. Praying.

      • Dan E

        Mario ive been with you since you spoke to my class at CFNI in 1975. I know Jesus is with you always and will continue using you in a mighty way. I pray for you everyday. Stay focused on the prize!

      • Sheila Tow

        Remember how Paul was abandoned by all in Asia. 1 Tim 1:15. Be encouraged to go especially where you are abandoned by all.

        Remember the great storm that arose as Jesus and the disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee to deliver the demonic. Speak to the storm, “Peace! Be still!” “Why are you so afraid?” Mark 4:35-5:20

      • Wes Woodcock

        Mario. Come here. I have reserved a space capable of hosting thousands yet if the Lord brings me one soul I will share the love of Jesus with him or her.
        Chiloquin In Perils Revival meeting July 07,08 2022
        Chiloquin Rodeo Fairgrounds,
        720 Chiloquin Road right off Hwy 97 next to Dollar General and the Chiloquin Oregon Airport. 2pm till closing.
        Keep on rockin’.. and PEACE in Jesus Christ.
        No Jesus?
        No peace!

      • Rosemary Bertolini

        Wow!!!Soooooo happy that you spoke up.God has GREATER plans ahead for you and His people.PLEEEEEES pray about having a tent revival in Ct.Would love to see revival break out around YALE NEW HAVEN!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

        • Sheila Donovan

          Any pastor that feels that politics are not part of a person’s daily life, or know how to love their enemies is not a Shepherd from the Lord, despite their hunger for revival but only on their terms, not God’s. I went to the last one and was blessed, its sad you have to shake the sand from your shoes and move on.

        • Renae

          This is so disappointing but typical of NY. I am about 90 minutes from Batavia in WNY. I love God and support our true commander in chief, President Trump. God has anointed you for a time as this. Keep moving and doing the Lords work ♥️

      • Lorraine Murphy

        I’m soooo sad about the cancellation and shocked that these pastors do not stand up for Trump who loves our country and the Lord. You without sin cast the first stone. As you have said this is not about a particular party but a “spiritual battle.” We have in my opinion cowards in the churches in our region and not WARRIORS and PATRIOTS like you. God bless you and you encourage me to continue to look up. Thank you. 🙏❤️🇺🇸 Lorraine Murphy Rochester, NY

      • Rick frazier

        Yes it’s a sad situation to have canceled, but not surprising I guess….. Looking at a state who kills unborn and born babies without a blink of an eye… Not surprising but I am sure it would have been an awesome experience and turn around for them…

        • Christine Papst

          For me its very sad since I live 30 minutes from batavia and attended the last one. I was preparing to go on vacation time to the crusade in May. I hope. and pray mario will not give up on us since there are thousands that need Jesus in their hearts in our region. We do not all believe like those pastors…we love Jesus and trump and the last crusade in batavia was absolutely beautiful. We will keep praying for mario and a return to batavia ny


        It is time the body of Christ stands up. I will not be silent

      • Kathy

        I agree, God chose DJT to be the leader of this nation. He was and is anointed by God because God saw his heart. Who are they to decide what another anointed man of God (M.M.) can and should say behind the Pulpit.

    • Ed and kathy bowers

      Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. The fields are ready to harvest. God is bringing the true president back!! Had to expose lawless and evil.

      • Tammy Thimm

        I just received my confirmation email for the volunteer training and was super excited not only that God would be using me in a mighty way for His Kingdom but for the fact so many people would be saved and set free here in wny….how we needed this…very devastated it has been canceled 😭😭😭 it just shows how much we all need revival‼️ God Bless you brother Murillo and thank you for the work you do for the Kingdom of God ✝️🩸🔥🔥🔥💖 Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻who was and is and is to come 🙌 🙏

        • Tina Mcadams

          I am very disappointed with all this. I support your decision in canceling. With the lack of support and the leaders not backing you is very disappointing. I will be praying about this. God bless you Mario!

        • Pam Torbeck

          Shake the dust off your feet n move on, Mario.

          • Kevan Prati

            Amen. And take the blessing to the next town.

      • Judy Conner

        Jesus was rejected, brutally beaten before he was crucified They hated him for the truth He spoke. You certainly will not be spared horrific REJECTION as you declare Truth. You’re in our prayers in western New York🥲🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

        • Laurie

          I am in Syracuse NY and was planning to go again. Mario, my heart is completely broken. It really looks like New York cannot be saved. God bless you brother I have apologized and an embarrassed for my fellow New Yorkers.

        • William Brown @ChristianActivistsNE

          Very sad to hear this but such is to be expected as you have said you are called to the communist states. Let us know if you want to preach at the Preacher’s Portico at the Connecticut State Capital Building. It has a Puritan preaching with a Bible in hand – engraved on the stone ediface. Jonathan Edwards and other revivalists are also in marble installments.

      • Ronda Loftin

        I praise ElShaddai for you and every prophet and believer who stands and fights for truth & frghteousness!

        • Pamela Bakker

          Wow. I was driving south to north in upstate New York today loosing a spirit of evangelism and prosperity as I drove, and against the spirit of heaviness. This is a panic move of the enemy, plain and simple. God has him on the run. He has already lost this battle with or without you there. God’s going to multiply your last work because you were willing to go and got a temporary block of panic. We need to praise God for the fall of the liar.

          • Pamela Bakker

            I am feeling bold. I’m praying that the Holy Spirit would fall with such power on Batavia during the dates you were supposed to be there, because it is now under your covering, that church leaders would be convicted and left in awe. It is now marked as God’s territory. Period. I’m setting up an angelic stronghold there in Jesus’ name!

      • Andy Schlehr

        I was a volunteer at the last Batavia gathering. I wept with joy because I was raised in Buffalo catholic never encouraged to form a personal relationship with Christ, read the Bible and exposed to but not violated by suspected pedophile priests. I was over joyed because I prayed for 33 years for family , friends who get angry with my encouraged to share their lives with Christ. Now I’m ready to weep for the opposite reasons. I’ll continue to pray for that region, btw did you know that many cults got there start there like Johova witnesses and John Smith the Mormon? Thank you Mario for.all your doing and how God is leading you. Amen

      • JerriLyn

        Amen Ed and Kathy…Shake the dust off your sandals and go to where The Spirit is moving!!

    • Cynthia Smith

      I agree with your decision to not return. While reading your comments, I received a quick vision of the virgins who did not have enough oil to fill their lamps and wanted those who had much to give them some. Sadly, the end for those virgins was NOT being with the groom.

    • Holly Page

      Very disturbed by this
      Very disturbed
      I guess I’ll be canceling my reservations now too
      I felt the heat of the fire and saw the healing at the brunch

    • Melba

      Wasn’t it an awesome revival. Gif was surely there with us in Hanford. I can’t wait till Mario comes to Sacramento

    • Marie

      Even Jesus could not minister in some towns. Unless there is a guidance of the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t make sense going for the fruit high up when there is such low hanging fruit all around.
      The Holy Spirit always guides us. I support your decision. I volunteered in Hanford, and saw the Harvest is ripe! God Bless you sir!

      • Darlene

        We have to continue to stand for Truth, Freedom and Justice. God will vindicate the righteous. It’s before Him that we will stand. I agree with your decision. We have to stand in our convictions. God bless this ministry.

      • Ismael Texidor Justiniano

        Jesus ssid that if they don’t receive you, shake the dust off your feet and keep going…God keep blessing you in all you do for the kingdom…

    • Debra

      I stand behind your decision 100%. Will be praying the Lords direction to each of your meetings.

    • Angela

      Come to PNW!!!!
      God is moving in the midst of darkness and witchcraft. Thank you Mario for standing up and speaking truth no matter the cost.

    • Iola

      I’m so sorry for this… we love you and love Trump…. can’t believe this is happening…. Dear Lord Jesus, we need a Move ….

    • GINA

      In 2018 I did not want Donald Trump as my president. I am an independent voter and have been for decades. I did not vote for him in the primary. However, the LORD had other ideas.. Over several weeks I saw several cartoon duck faces in short visions and one morning woke up to a dream of a green flag with while letters spelling out “I JOUSTLE [instead of jostle] YOU TO TRUST THE DUCK.” It had the feeling of a Renaissance banner. As a jouster on a horse is knocked with the sword of a passing knight and jostled, that is what the word “joustle” seemed to mean. I knew God was telling me to trust Donald (Duck) Trump. A few weeks later I had a dream image of an elephant raising it’s trunk and the word TRUMP came out. Note: I had only recently begun dreaming and getting visions and wasn’t familiar with prophetic things at all.

      I felt President Trump lacked respect for women based on a comment he made in the past. It had strong impact,, partly because of being grabbed myself. But God very clearly telling me to “Trust the Duck” convinced me to set aside my emotions and opinion and look beyond that. I realized Donald Trump was pivotal in the long-term future of our country’s application of the Constitution. Considering the Supreme Court makeup, there was a chance this man’s appointment(s) could actually lead to a reversal of Roe v Wade! Something I thought I would never see in my life… And since he was a new-comer to politics he wouldn’t be as enmeshed in the trading favors/power play/puppetry so common to the arena. He would operate as a free agent…

      My confirmation came here.. I saw a video of President Trump disagreeing with a reporter who said he (Trump) was the most famous person on earth. President Trump said it was Jesus Christ. He repeated it twice. “No, Jesus Christ is.” It stuck out that he used the present tense, not past. Jesus is ALIVE to Donald Trump. I believe Holy Spirit is capable of transforming anyone who allows Him to work, and I trust God is working.

      The sad truth is that our society has elevated the gods of sexual “freedom,” money, and status for decades. Is it any surprise that it has changed how men and women interact and changed what seems “ok?” His comment had some basis in truth. :/ Is he guilty of creating those gods? Does casting him aside change that truth? “No” to both. But the enemy will use any tactic he can to thwart God’s plan, even “pious indignation” like I was guilty of.

      Forgive me, LORD for not seeing Your hand in this earlier. LORD, open the eyes of the hearts of all those who call you Lord. Remind them Your ways are not our ways, and Your ways are always for our good. We want to lift up the name of Jesus everywhere. Thank you for sending Mario Marilla and others of his spirit. We stand alongside, help lift their arms when the battle goes long.

      • debbieblessesu

        Well said. I had a hard time getting past the womanizer image of Donald Trump until God reminded me I was to vote against real abortion and not to consider an image of a man portrayed in the media. God changes hearts where the media focuses on destroying images.

      • Virginia Drastata

        Praise the Lord

      • JT

        Hi. I read your comments. Thank you for your perspective. I had a few thoughts about your comment about Donald not respecting women (so they became offended) at him. Well, while it may have been in the past I didn’t see that as President. By contrast now I see babies and our youth being targeted for killing, confusion and permanent genetic manipulation all in the name of control, power and money. Perhaps we should think clearly about the differences between someone who was rude and disrespectful vs the consequence of stealing killing and destroying. Both may be wrong but we must correctly discern those who are influenced by the true evil when presented with the facts. Would a person see a difference between someone saying something offensive vs taking out a gun and shooting someone? You bet. We need clear thinking but most of all to pray our brothers and sisters can clearly discern the pure evil we are facing and take down the principalities over entire regions. The unity of the church is at stake and lives are at stake. Shall we choose the harlot or the King? I hope we get over self righteousness and come together in true unity and fight the good fight as one body. Not divided.
        The truth could not be more clear in politics today. We can choose to follow God or man’s way. One leads to life, the other death.

        We get to choose. May we choose wisely.

    • Ileana Garcia

      God bless you Mario, I’m praying for your powerful ministry, and I’m absolutely convinced that Holy Spirit is guiding every step.

    • Eileen Patten

      I do not want to cancel my hotel reservation. I had a woman who has not walked for two years asked me to take her. I have a couple whose husband had a stroke who are also accompanying us. Island 5 hours away but if I can help counsel or bring about this revival for us I will. Just let me know how I can assist you and God’s hosts about you

    • Brenda

      Come back to Tulsa

    • LINDA Guevara

      No wonder Satan has taken over our government (federal, state and local), our schools, and entertainment. No wonder millions of babies have been murdered. In California they harvest the babies organs while they’re alive! All because pastors refuse to lead the way to fight the enemy. Are they afraid to lose their tax exempt status? Shame on them! Or are they cowards afraid of criticism? Shane on them! Anyone that hates President Trump is a fool. He is the president and running the battle against Satanism and pedophilia along with our wonderful military. They are going to eat their words big time!

    • tnesham

      Regarding the “low” response, it might have something to do with the fact that there is another large movement going on at the same time called The Send. See https://thesend.org/
      Indeed, I was at Hanford and Tulsa, but I wanted to go to revival in KC, Mo. I was bummed they Batavia and KC was happening at the same time.

    • Roseanne

      “We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12
      Be at rest Mario and shake the dust off your feet. Look up! Our redemption draws nigh! Come Lord Jesus!

    • Judith Lowe

      I Agree Mario!!! Fight for Jesus Christ n even Bradford pa needs REVIVALS!!!! We were planning to come from Eldred, Pa. Stand Up for GOD!!!

    • James Franco

      Well…I too am disappointed that the Batavia Crusade is cancelled. I will need time to process this. I am sorry that the local churches have not welcomed you, but I am not really surprised. I saw over 2,000 people come forward at your 4 days here in Batavia….Very few churches here are growing, probably because they do not provide Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and Life….I attended one of the area Bible Schools. Perhaps it was the one who turned you down. (Could you send me the school’s name in a private email?) I did send the volunteer form to you, but did not receive a reply. Perhaps you did not get it….This is liberal, leftist, New York. Some pastors are practicing homosexuals and they have been teaching UNITY, TOLERANCE, and ACCEPTANCE of homosexuality, abortion, and sin. “We need RELATIONSHIP with everyone, bring them to church, get them saved, and only then can we speak of righteous living.” This business model is not working….I do hope you change your mind at some point. Thank you so much for coming last October.

    • linda paul beachy/

      reminds me of the scripture in Matthew 21:18 -22 “Jesus seeing a lone fig tree by the road , he went up to it and found nothing on it except leaves. so he cursed it that fruit would never come from it again. So many pastors full of potential Leaves full of promise but no fruit yielded. Are they hearing from God or the fear of offending man is more important to them Such a disappointment such a lost blessing , how many will have missed the blessing the LOrd had for them?

    • B.L.Brown

      I think it’s time it sunk into the minds and hearts of God’s people that Paul didn’t say many would fall away for no reason. You’ve said something along the lines of “Don’t talk about a remnant to me”, well, I will guarantee you that with every true revival or move of God, the result is division. Many leave, but are displaced by a number of newcomers. No true and genuine revival is without its falling away, its changing of the congregation, and its step up into greater truth, and the higher you go, the more people who fall away. I think you’re doing what you were called to do Mario, yes, you have the heart for it, but this is the beginning of the war in Heaven – which will not stop until many have been persecuted, injured, and killed. But for those who’ve used the leadings of the Holy Spirit well, doing God’s will and not their own, it will be glory on the mountains and a totally new and finished salvation state. NOW is come salvation, strength, the Kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ. Not centuries ago after Jesus rose from the dead. I don’t care how glorious the last day Church is – there will be a great falling away as things progress, and a great displacement as well.

    • Linda

      Please Mario, come to Batavia. It was my last hope

    • Debbie M

      I grew up in western NY and visit as some family members reside there. I am not surprised at all with the Pastor’s responses but so disappointed as the area is in so much need. The darkness is felt throughout the regions. Sadly the pastor’s responses resonate in other parts of the country as well. Praying, praying praying….

    • addedperspective2020

      Brother Mario, you are 100% on target and doing the right thing, these pastors have placed their political views far above Gods desire for revival. Sadly, many pastors are refusing to take any stand since they have a divided congregation, refusing to even stand for the word of God, will not end well for them.

    • kathryn dioso

      Mario please have someone check your websit, I attempted volunteer & order books and never have I been able to been able to get one. Could this be the reason you are not getting enough volunteers?

    • Amy Noble

      I was at the rainy crusade you held in Batavia. My husband sees things slightly differently that I do. He saw you at the Navy Center with big name TV preachers. I was streaming the entire event live on FaceBook as well as the Brunch in early April in Batavia. I beleive that those posts are still on my facebook page inviting people to this ministry. IDK if you remember a preacher named Bishop Jack Walace from Detroit Michigan. He passed away several years ago in his mid 40s. He came to Batavia several times. I always saw him at the City Church. I was a covenant partner with his ministy for many years.He had stated that the stronghold that the devil has in Batavia was so strong that 3x his entire offering was stolen from the Church he preached at. He said it was not the City Church. Yet he felt God constantly calling him back here. I do not know what church he spoke of but there are not to many churches that will hold that size of a ministry. Maybe you should call Pator Marty at the City Church as they never seem to have any shortage of workers. I am disabled and have home health aids but I will be more that happy to do what I can to help you as will my husband.
      It breaks my heart that my husband thought that the fact that you were wearing a black shirt while the rest of the Pastors at the Oklahoma Navy Center all had on nice suits was a bad sign. He took this as a sign that something was wrong. I pointed out that in 40+ years in missionary work on carnivals all over the country. I could no longer judge people by what they wore. Then he saw you in the early April brunch in Batavia and he was on fire. He did a complete turn around for God. I was so excited that my husband, an ex IV drug user. Got saved and is dedicated to full time ministry. He is currently attending college so he can be a help to others.
      The strong hold satan has in Batavia NY is real and terrifying and the fact that a minister who had such a turn out could just walk away over some negative feedback terrifies me. Mr. Mirrilo. Were you enticed by those crusade location where you can get make more money, bigger offering, more glory. God forbid.
      I only ask that you search your heart and ask yourself are you walking away from Batavia because not everyone loves Trump. I personally try to stay out of politics but I know for a fact that not everyone in Batavia hates trump.
      I will pray God will lead you to check your motives and decide if you are cancelling due to lack of workers because I am involved in Moms in Prayer as well as side walk advocacy for Glow4babies and I will call everyone I know to try to get you workers.
      If God wants a crusaid it will happen. Maybe the devil is fighting you because he knows you were right to chose Batavia and will do everything he can to keep this stronghold. You will remain in our prays. God Bless you. In His service. The Nobles.

    • James Franco

      Mario, I need to tell you of the entrenchment of demonic activity in Upstate New York. The demons do not want to give up the blood sacrifices that make them stronger. I am talking about abortion. “On July 1, 1970, Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse became the first affiliate to offer abortions.” Planned Parenthood started killing babies here in 1970, even before Roe v Wade. The evil spirits do not want you to stop the flow of innocent blood that comes from New York State.

    • Judy Pickering

      You can come to Sussex’s county we could use a lot of healing and souls saved for Jesus

    • Mark

      Please come. Throw the pastors out. It’s not about Trump or Pastors. It’s about Jesus

    • John goodness

      The scripture that comes to my mind is DO NOT BE COMFORMED TO THE WORLD.We as church leaders must leed the way.What did Jesus say to the church leaders and scribes. You brood of vipers.All church leaders are held to a higher standard.Mario God bless you .

    • WordforWorld

      No problem, Mario! In your own way, you got “revenge.” As usual, you had your MMM army interceding, plowing the fields in and around the Batavia area, the grounds, the ZIP CODE, the city and the state.

      God’s got this!

      Intercession was heavy in the Body of Christ for the NY state. The Word of God has no idea that the east coast is too far from the west coast. The Word of God doesn’t know how to stay under the speed limit.

      THE WORD that HIS Body speaks is what HE works with and confirms– with signs and wonders following. Those hungering for righteousness SHALL BE FILLED.

      Shoes are a little dusty, shake it off.

      Onward, brother!

    • Manuel Lozano

      Hello Mario, years ago we invited you to our city of Racine, WI and you came. Israel Houghton led praise and worship in those meetings. Salvations and miracles flowed for the two days you were with us. With all the invitations you have, if it would be possible to schedule, add our invitation to the list. With the new movie Dinesh D`Souza produced 2000 Mules, coming out in May, it shows the world exactly how the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. Perhaps some liberal thinking pastors and Christians will wake up to the fact that President Trump was on their side. Many disliked President Trump yet by what he did, he proved he liked them. Many liked Joe and by what he’s done, it proves he doesn’t like them. You may remember me as Pastor Manuel Sosa. My name has changed since I’ve taken on my birth name. It is now Manuel Lozano. https://www.wordoffaith.net

    • Pamela Roelen

      I’ve made hotel reservations and submitted a form to volunteer. It breaks my heart this is being cancelled.

    • Pamela Anderson Dalton

      My husband and I were just in Tulsa and we had a great time and we love Trump and we love you Mario and we love Jesus Christ most of all hallelujah a man keep standing your ground

    • Gerald Carlburg

      Brother Mario, WOKE is a work of Satan. As you have pointed out, “…WOKE IS IN THE CHURCH”! Perhaps the same folks that supported you in your earlier meeting IN Western NY, will make arrangements to have you come, without the support of the local (Pastors?) which their actions also demonstrate membership in the CANCEL CULTURE! Thanks for coming to Tulsa. Gerald Carlburg

    • Sally

      The compromised church of Laodecia? It is so disheartening to hear that pastors are still weak. I am still feeling the affects of speaking out in 2020. It stinks but whatever, I know God has me. I left my last church because they were so woke. The “pastor” said he was on the fence about politics and he recently assigned a one of the church leaders, who is a founding member of the local NAACP, to one of his churches as an on campus pastor… 😳 Anyway, thank you Pastor Mario for all you do. God bless you!

    • Mona Beaulieu

      Mario, I brought my father and mother to attend the brunch with me. I drove from CA to get them in Massachusetts and drive them to Batavia April 9th. We attended The Call, as well, on April 9, 2016 at the LA Coliseum for 110 year anniversary of Azusa St Revival. Thank you for coming to Batavia and bringing ICA. Frank Saldana prayed with my dad the next day at the alter call in church service. We were looking forward to coming back. Keep speaking and don’t back down… we support the call of God on your life and you are the voice that’s needed in this hour. God bless you and see you where you’re welcomed. #MAGA

    • John Scott

      We are to “Occupy” and I didn’t see any place in the Bible where we are not to participate in keeping our country’s elected on a Godly path. We need to find and run good God Fearing men and women for office from local to federal and refuse to vote for any that won’t tow the lines drawn by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we fail to hold to our principles, based in Christ, we to will be hiding from the swarms sent by the evil one to wipe US out and God will have no reason to call US his nor to save US.

    • Teresa

      We will take you in Connecticut !!!!!!

    • Rin

      Father God, once again save YOUR people “for such a time as this”! I know YOU, Lord God are telling all the modern day “PHARO’s” to “LET MY PEOPLE GO”! In the Name of Jesus Christ 🙏🙏 Amen

    • Lynn Marie

      Mario I’m from WNY and I was at the Batavia Tent meeting the final night. I went alone, and drove almost two hours to get there because I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to experience what happened that night. After years of woke sermons and watching congregations fall into deep spiritual slumber, I had to see something real. I was so encouraged by what happened that night. I’m not connected to a church because I was mocked and ridiculed for standing up for life and supporting Trump. Hard to believe, but true. Mario I’m so sorry WNY dropped the ball on this opportunity. Just so you know, those of us who are on fire were asked to leave our woke churches, or left on our own when we saw what was happening in the pulpits. There are a lot of small home groups in this area now, and we are fully AWAKE, fully on fire for God, and disgusted with our leadership in NY…including church leadership in most cases. We unfortunately aren’t “leaders or pastors” so we didn’t attend the meeting. We are still the church, and every person I know would have jumped in to help. We are just on an island of misfits and didn’t get the info. So sorry😞

    • Sandra Stewart

      Bro. Mario, shake the dust from your feet and move on. May God’s blessings be with you and those who go with you.

    • Julie Youngman

      Mario I was so shocked when I heard this. I had marked my calendar n planned on going. Please know that not everyone believes in this decision. I’m so sick, disappointed & shocked to say the least. Those who made this decision will have to answer to God. I’m so sorry n wish there was a close event near my Town. I’ve always supported you n your mission. I watch you weekly on Flashpoint. Blessings Maurio.

    • Crystalyn

      My mother got saved with you years and years ago she was excited to bring me here as I have lost my way and slowly trying to make my way back I was excited. I am sad that you are canceling I’m said to see the negative has seem to win. In a city that doesn’t want you to preach is where I feel the Lord would want you to be the most. I do understand not having the staff though and wish you safe travels. God bless.

    • Christopher John Samora

      Come to Albuquerque nm the city is ripe

    • Francine Danno

      Dearest Mario,
      We were at your Naples Destiny Church crusade a few months ago. The Church was packed and many went to the Altar. It was an amazing night for everyone. We love you and President Trump and Satan is trying to get the best of us. NOT HERE IN FLORIDA Satan!!! Keep doing what the Lord tells you and you will be more blessed than ever!!
      Francine and Gary Danno

    • Maria

      Wow im soooo sadden right now this would have been my first crusade and i signed up to help
      I just found this out that it was cancelled from a.random video of a man i never seen before and t i had o see if it was true. Wow SHAME on YOU pastors this is about souls and not a political debate!!!! THE LORD WILL DEAL WITH YOU CONCERNING THIS

    • Marta

      This is sooo sad, Thank you Brother Mario for sharing this content with us. Jesus himself was accused of dinning with tax gatherers and sinners. Have mercy on us Lord.
      New York needs this revival. I was praying for Trump to win over Hilary Clinton years ago before his first term. Even though I am from U.K. (African British), it was USA that received my family for political asylum, for which I am so grateful. I believe that once the move of God has started it will not stop. Our prayers are for America and Flash Point. Lord shine your torch on all Christian leadership,open their eyes to see the Truth. Blessings from Marta Leeds U.K..

  2. mary diane sullivan

    Mario, I support your decision

    • Folake Kellogg

      Mario we want you to come to Washington State! We have been waiting for the fire to fall here! Bob Jones prophesied a move here and Bonnie Jones also a few months ago! We are hungry and the Lord has opened the wells of revival

      • Gaynell Lira

        God help those pastors for interference in the move of God! They will have souls on their plate!

      • Linda

        YES, YES, YES! We are desperate. For a major move of GOD here.

      • Cathy Oconnor

        Dear Mr Mario Morello, it saddens my heart that this event has been canceled in Batavia I have been praying for finances and doors to open for you to come to our little hometown Church in Lyons New York in a poverty area in Wayne county little did I know what I was praying the door seem to open and you are coming to our church on Wednesday the 27th with a group of 20 people and now that has been canceled as well I know this the enemy is working overtime but I will not stop praying that this great event of what the Lord has to speak will get through signed your little hometown prayer warrior team praying for a miracle for our property strickened area of lyons New York

      • kathryn Johnson

        Oh yes, we do need a tent revival in our state of WA!

      • oldchristianguy

        ario was in Tri-Cities 2 summers ago. He was opposed by the church leadership then, also. Small turnout.
        All I see is a wall around tri-cities with a gate and a large padlock not allowing the gospel in.

        • kathyrae2014

          Have you been to Spokane, WA yet? We are in desperate need of revival.

      • Laura P

        Yes, Yes. We would love you to come to Washington State! This state is desperate for revival. We went to Sacramento to attend and volunteer and would gladly do all that we can to support a visit here.

        • S J Johnston

          YES,YES…come to Washington State!! If ever there is a forgotten state this in one of them. Don’t delay…

      • Jeanna

        The Word says in Matthew 10:13.” If the household is worthy ; let your peace come upon it.But if it is not worthy let your peace return to you.14: And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words,when you depart from that house or that city,shake off the dust from your feet.15: Assuredly I say unto you,it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city. “God help them.

        • Raquel DiazdeLeon Espinoza

          Amen to that. The word of God gives you the answer Mario God is with you .Keep doing what God tells you to do.

        • Ethel Himes

          I agree! Words of Christ – shake the dust off your feet and take the Gospel where it is ready to be received!

      • Joanne Harrod

        Yes, please come to WA! We need a revival here!!!

      • Richard Cochran

        Please come to the Northwest as Folake Kellogg requested.

      • Barbara Britton Hernacki

        Yes!! I live in Washington but went to the Tulsa meetings. Washington and Oregon are very divided states, not all liberal as many believe. We need to push back the darkness that hangs over us. Please come.

    • Jess

      I’m sorry you are having a push back but that’s what happens when God’s about to move in a mighty way!!! What else would you expect from NY?? I don’t understand? I didn’t hear anywhere in this letter that the Spirit had lead you to cancel this event. Did I miss that somewhere? I could see waiting to see if Christians stepped up to fill the necessary positions and if not then cancel. That would be sad but very telling. I could also see you telling the “powers that be” that you will not leave politics out of your speeches because that’s what the church in America needs and then having them cancel you if they felt that strongly which would speak volumes about them. But I don’t understand pushing through this for the sake of Revival?!? It’s only through our Almighty God that we will turn this nation back to him and make America great again. Not Trump! Just like you all proclaimed in Tulsa.

      • Barb Schmidt

        Jess, without the volunteer and counselor support it would be unwise to proceed. If you know Mario, you can be sure he has sought God’s direction. I am sure Mario and God are grieved.

      • Lorri Nelson

        Shake off the dust Mario!!! The fields are ripe for the Harvest! Oregon desperately needs the wind of God to Blow!!! Blessings Brother from Lebanon Oregon on Mount Hope Dr.

      • Brian K Burckardt


        My thoughts were the same. There was no mention Mario being lead by the spirit. The letter seems to invoke
        anger and frustration at the woke pastors. God works through people but so does Satan. I am guessing because it is not mentioned in the letter that the woke pastor leaders are the pastors at the church in which the event was to be held. If this was the case, yes Mario you seemed to make the right decision.

        • Darlene W

          He wrote about it in the previous blog that he was going to spend several days seeking the Lord.

      • Mary

        Mario, I am so sorry you are experiencing this. I beg you to come to Illinois. I know there are many anti-Trump people here, and a lot of evil, but I believe in you and the message you are sharing. I could sure use your healing touch if God were to permit. Please, never, ever give up on those of us who believe in you.

    • Dina Wigt

      I support you Mario 100%. Will you be coming back to Central California? I know you have been here lots of times. I couldn’t make it to Hanford last time but I feel compelled in my spirit to come to your meeting. My health is not good right now. I follow you, the Victory Channel, Prophet Hank, Prophet Robin Bullock and Pastor Kent Christmas. I support President Trump too. I really need an altar call. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God. Glory to God. May God Bless and Keep You and Yours Brother Mario.

  3. Sacha Ross

    It is clear you let Holy Spirit lead. The Pastors concerned should do the same.

    • Deb Abbott

      For those of us who are desperate for the Holy Spirit here pls let us know if we can try to get enough workers for you to reconsider! Believe me we understand your feelings!!!!

  4. Edna San Miguel

    I Stand with your decision to rebuke these religious nay Sayers. They are to afraid to look at Satan in his eyes, Communism is and has always been Satan’s handle, all throughout world history. President Trump faced them head on and even turned his enemies to fear him. I ran two Arizona Congressional races, and the communist Party came after me and still do. But I serve a Mighty God. Amen. Prayers for you and your Team of brave men and women. I want to work for you. Edna San Miguel

    • Patsy. Hedrick

      Mario I feel your heart . You have allowed God to make an incredible move of His glory. Keep up that amazing heart you have for the cause of Christ ‼️🙏

  5. Pauline

    Praying, those leaders, should not out weigh the thousand of individuals who would come, who would roar,

    • Dawna

      Amen! I have non-refundable reservations. I just might KICK IN THE GATES OF HELL and go anyway & walk the streets sharing the gospel. I was so looking forward to this!! WE NEED REVIVAL IN THE N.E!

  6. George Wanoa Te Kani.

    Shame on them and may God demote and rebuke these cowardly and absolutely deceived poor excuse for leaders in Jesus name.

    • Augusta Harris

      Brother Mario! I came to the meeting in Tulsa last week!!! It was a powerful move of God! Among all the thousands of people who gathered on the sidewalk; I happened (by the Lord’s ordination), to meet the lady whom you called on who wore the blue or green top. She shared her testimony with me and the Lord read it just as He permitted you to share!
      What an Awesome God! I’m so thankful that my Pastor and wife invited some of us for. Family Church of Lawrence to go to the meeting–they had attended the recent Hanford meeting.
      Well Mario, Jesus said. …I have other cities to go to. Would be nice if you came to us in Lawrence, Kansas!
      My Pastor is Ron Channell.
      NO PRESSURE😊. We love you and appreciate you and your family, and above all your STEDFASNESS

  7. Colleen Foltz

    i support your decision, I agree with you

    • Carolyn Dawes

      I have met resistance for supporting President Trump. I believe he is chosen to lead this country out of darkness and into the light.

  8. Wanda Pack

    Sad that people are so blinded by hate, and don’t realize the enemy isn’t Trump. If they would compare the agenda of the Left, to the agenda that Trump manifested when in office, while being blocked and a constant barrage of accusations, because he was disrupting the wickedness that was being orchestrated by those old timers that’s made a career in government.
    It’s a job to kill one snake, but a den of vipers takes some more help, which he didn’t receive .

  9. Patricia Gillis

    Thank you for standing your ground.
    I would love to see a crusade in Kentucky.

  10. Diane

    Wow! I am shocked and in disbelief that PASTORS would dare to stand in the way of salvation, healing and deliverance. I am so sorry and grieved. – Diane, NYC

  11. Mary bel

    What can they do .freedom of speech.you go brother .Go for Jesus not for men.we love you and pray for your welbeing

  12. Cyndi Goodrich

    Amen Brother. 🔥 I admire your boldness to speak the truth and your courage to openly live what you preach in front of everyone. May God anoint you double for your trouble!

  13. Wanda Schrimsher

    If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Matthew 10:14

  14. CB HorrCarol

    I totally understand! Did they think they could hate Trump, and fill their churches from the crusades?

    • Deborah

      I trust your hearing God Mario. This will be on the heads of those who are in fear or deception.
      And whatever city or village you enter, inquire who is worthy in it, and stay at his house until you leave that city. As you enter the house, give it your greeting. If the house is worthy, give it your blessing of peace. But if it is not worthy, take back your blessing of peace. Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet. Truly I say to you, it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment than for that city.
      Matthew 10:11‭-‬15 NASB1995

  15. Debbie

    I wish I could get your team up here. We need the Holy Spirit here so bad. The devil is causing havco all over. Who cares who you are voting for, that’s your choice.

    • Judith

      We the people need you here in New England! If not you, then who will come for us?

  16. Lauren Pamela

    Come to AZ!

    • Ben

      It’s sad to see so many pastors not preaching or living the truth anymore. What’s even worse is that the people that attend this church are getting tainted with their views. It’s time for Christians to lead in politics whether they like Trump or not is irrelevant. He set the pace to get started and the Christians need to step up and keep running with it. Maybe the answer to all this is there just needs to be a new church started in that town and let the active Christians that want to pursue the truth join the church

  17. Charlene McKenzie

    Yes, you must follow God’s lead. He will not lead you wrong! Praying 🙏🏻

  18. Teri ROTHWELL

    So,so sorry to hear this. I will keep praying for you and your team Mario! God will lead you. PTL

  19. Michelle Stettner


  20. John Taylor

    Doesn’t it sound like a fine place to be, in Batavia, if already committed why run now?

  21. Susan

    I stand with you. They fight Trump more than the devil. It’s crazy. God will have His way with Trump. I believe. It’s a sign to me He’s chosen.

  22. Sandy Bomar

    This is sad so sorry. I believe you are in Gods will and are bringing truth and salvation . My prayers are with you.

  23. Tina

    This is really sad to hear. The NY pastors would rather have the glory rather than God thru MMM. Get behind MM, Satan! The logistics of such an event is incredibly difficult to pull together, but not impossible. I hope NY can have a tent revival one day because I was at the Hanford, CA one where I saw the miracles of God healing random people in the audience. I’m a sceptic of such healings, but in the end, I had to believe that God totally changed those peoples lives as God does each and every day beyond such an event. I stand with MMM and his support of President Trump who left office with a way better economy than what we are currently experiencing. Pastors need to stop being silent and ignorant of politics in the church or we will lose this country to the minority LGBTQ?’s leftist agenda. May God bless America!

  24. Carmen M Batriz

    I am a ministry leader and I have been a supporter of and volunteer at some of your crusades. They are powerful events and absolutely must continue without being wasted on cities that are still blinded by darkness that they refuse to come out of. Perhaps, their time has not yet come. We shall continue to pray and seek God’s perfect timing, as always. His ways are perfect and His strategy will not fail. God bless you and the work of the ministry that He has entrusted to you to complete.

    • Cheryll Culver

      I am praying for the churches in New York for they have lost their way they are hindering people from coming to the Lord Jesus Christ I pray that they are convicted of this and they will turn again to God and to his word I am sad to know that someone who is hungry to save souls would be turned away from doing the job that the Lord God has called him to do please come to Pennsylvania we would love to have you God bless you brother marillo may the Lord guide you where you need to go next where the harvest is ready and people are willing to work for the Lord God Almighty amen

  25. Teresa Tarazi

    Thank you for standing up. We must be hot or cold. We must choose the Lord or His enemy. There is no place for “in Between” Christianity.

  26. Debbie Bellino Wrape-Meredith

    Please come here to our area of Blue Ridge, Georgia, Fannin County, we are one of the Tri-State Counties of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. We will welcome you and stand for God’s purpose 🙏
    We love God.
    and We love you Mario.

  27. Stacy

    God’s agenda trumps politics! I pray for the sleeping church! We love you! 🙏❤️

  28. Michael Lewis

    On one hand this is shocking and disappointing. But unfortunately, we’ve seen far too much of this compromise and outright lack of integrity from far too many church leaders. And I’d be willing to bet that every single one of these so-called “leaders” is harboring some form of immorality that has made them susceptible to an oppression that keeps them from being able to discern right from wrong.

    If you obtained your truth from CNN and the Democrats you were guaranteed to hate Trump. But to give any weight of validity to those who opposed Trump exposes a complete lack of understanding about where God is and what the enemy is doing in the world.

    Pastors of New York, do you not understand that witches across this country have been gathering by the 10’s of thousands to curse Trump’s presidency? Do you have any understanding about the fact that Trumps efforts were doing some much damage to the agenda of darkness that it brought out every cult leader, every politician who aligns with satan and all the false prophets who war against God daily?

    Are you aware that the leaders of the Global movement to destroy the US and the church had to get rid of Trump? Are you completely unaware that a man who has sold out his country and who was installed by a coordinated global coup, sat down in a chair that was not rightfully his to sit in and by executive order, signed away every policy Trump put in place to protect Christians, Americans, the church, the unborn and all who support freedom?

    And what was the outcome of this war on Trump? Open borders, International funding of abortions, an effort to destroy the nuclear family, weaken and destroy the military, seize the assets of the federal government, arm and fund our enemies abroad, defund the police, institute a police state, hand over our sovereignty to those who would destroy us, install chaos, destroy the dollar, drive the national debt into overload, push inflation, skyrocket oil prices, destroy our economy, promote transexuality, multiple genders, perversion, legalize drugs nationally, battle against every effort to audit the elections, promote propaganda while censoring the truth, seize control of and choke our supply lines, our food supplies and so much more.

    Everything that is destroying our society right now has come from those who hate Trump. To hate Trump aligns you with those who’s agenda aligns with satan’s plan to destroy the free world and usher in the era of the anti-christ.

    We’ve been familiar with Mario’s ministry since experiencing it first hand in San Jose, CA at the great revival of ’82. God confirmed His word and His truth with signs and wonders then and He continues to do so now. If God was not supporting this most critical effort to expose the evil deeds of darkness in the world of politics, these wonders would come to a sudden stop. But that hasn’t happened, in fact the opposite has happened. Many who’ve been in the grip of satan, bound by sin or oppressed by illness are being set free, healed and delivered. Blind eyes are opening to the truth and the truth is setting them free!

    We are at war with the powers of darkness that are working through a coordinated global leadership. This global leadership has installed false leaders in free countries worldwide including the Vatican. The enemies of God have mobilized and are battling those who are fighting this global wave of evil. Meanwhile, the prophets of God are sounding the alarm with a word to awaken people to what is happening so that they can resist before it’s too late. This battle is raging right before our eyes and yet we have many Christians who refuse to fight while the enemy ravages the innocent.

    The harvest is near and everyone is now required to choose who they stand with. And those who hate mean tweets could never accept the scripture that says: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? 8Produce fruit in keeping with repentance. 9And do not think you can say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham. 10The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

    11“I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. 12His winnowing fork is in his hand, and he will clear his threshing floor, gathering his wheat into the barn and burning up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”

    He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

    • Lori


    • Ada


    • Tina Fredriksson


    • Cathy

      Amen and amen!

    • Carolyn

      Well said and I pray manyore will come to the same understanding. Bless you and yours.

    • Phyllis

      Wow! Very well said! You covered it all!

  29. Laura Love

    After I cried hard I asked, whose side are they on? I cried again. One hundred thoughts swirl.

    A bride, now turned into bridezilla, suddenly slams shut her bridegrooms door.
    Oh that it could be to go get oil in her lamp.

  30. Catherine

    God will lead your path!

  31. Josef

    This is very sad. My job requires a 45 day notice to take time off. I have been planning to attend since February. I am very sorry to hear this news. Resistance could mean the devil don’t want you here.

    • Dawna

      I agree Josef.
      Sister in Christ from Vermont, here.
      I also took time off and have non-refundable reservations. I understand they need support; but wonder what kind of miracles God would have performed if they persisted. I, for one, just filled out the volunteer form yesterday. I’m so incredibly sad. The N.E. desperately NEEDS REVIVAL!! PLEASE PRAY FOR US!!

      I may go anyway, STORM THE GATES OF HELL and witness in the streets for four days!! Anyone want to join me?!

  32. Eunice Font

    Maybe eventually these pastors and leaders will realize how petty they are being and repent and come around. I have no problem with pastors or leaders getting political. We need to address what’s going on. Jesus said to occupy till He comes and we are also ambassadors and kings and priests for the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore have authority to speak about earthly governments and leaders and what they are doing right or wrong. Mario you are doing great! Thank you so much!

  33. Teri creps

    This is truly heartbreaking Mario . I pray in agreement with your passion for these people to ignite as God’s anointed president trump takes back his rightful place and they all see that God has a plan . Hugs and prayers. Amen

  34. Recenah Trover

    I’m so sorry Mario , God will just open a door some place else. How very sad though ,I pray for you all for the wo God’s doing bless you oh how I wish I was close enough to come and bring my grand daughter to your meeting. She has terrible seizures and hassan especially was a baby. We live In a area where no ;is ministry’s come. ! I will continue to pray for you. God ess America , Trump and what you are doing to God be the glory !

  35. Penny Morin

    Mathew 10:14 And whoever does not receive you nor listen to your words, as you leave that house or city, shake the dust off your feet.

  36. Trevor Dean

    Pride kills. They could and should understand the Biden fiasco. They are blind.

  37. Miriam Liner

    Shake the dust off if not received…scripture I believe. So sorry, go to the hungry & thirsty.

  38. Delia Kronk

    Pray that this will change and you will still go. All Christians out there start praying that this will still happen. It goes to prove that that area really needs you Mario to come and make a difference

  39. Toni B Lane


  40. Mike Beishline

    We’re from the Lehigh Valley area of eastern Pennsylvania and attended one service in Batavia. God’s anointing on your life and ministry is tremendous! It is just as evident now as it was at Christ for the Nations when we first met you while we attended there in 1976-78. We are saddened but not surprised by your decision not to return to Batavia. All of the USA needs revival particularly the northeast being a stronghold for the enemy! God bless you Mario! We will continue to support your ministry!

  41. Misti

    Are you coming to Tennessee in October?
    I know several pastors who are excited about this.

    • Mario Murillo

      I wish I did.

    • Bill Whitfield

      Yes, Knoxville,TN, would be a fine location! Kenneth Copeland will be here in May. He’ll get things warmed up for you.

      • David Larson

        Beware of Kenneth Copeland. If I have to say more, then double up on wariness.

  42. Melanie Materson

    Mario I love your heart but please notice how many times you mention Trump and how many times you mention Jesus in this post. I know which one will never disappoint you. The stakes are greater than America. Eternity is looming. I lived in NY most of my adult life but recents forced me out. I know what you face there. However it’s the sick who need healing. God bless you.

    • Mario Murillo

      Melanie, Trump was mentioned so many times in that blog because it was about how mentioning Trump stopped leaders from helping to win souls.

      • Carmen Mauldin


    • Bryan & Karen Green

      Brother Mario, you are doing the right thing. Keep going. We support you! Jesus will get a huge harvest anyway!

    • Lynn Marie


  43. Rita Bugg

    Shake the dust off your feet.

  44. Cindy Holland

    It reminds me where Jesus said cast the net on the other side.

  45. Sandra Strickland

    This is very sad! Do they not realize we are in serious times and the Lord could come at any time and hundreds of thousands of people are going to go to hell without knowing and hearing the true word of God. I know you’d have great support in North Carolina! God bless you pastor! Keep on preaching til He comes!!👋

  46. Simantov Allalouf

    I am praying for both you and the pastors in NY. Please do consider the work of God’s kingdom is much greater than political leanings. If you have some time take a look at my video where I explain why D Trump would be removed from office 5 months before the election. This not at all politically motived it is completely based on the word of God. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxrUQ2J1AGA&t=0s

  47. Connie Creel

    Keep up the good fight for Christ.

  48. Linda Drew

    This is very sad but I trust your leading Mario & God will bless where you are to go. Do not compromise what Holy Spirit speaks to you. So many places need this outpouring.

  49. Gloria Starkgraf

    Oahu, Hi here. 🌴♥️🌴 Praying for you and all who stand with you, Mario. May the Lord lead, guide, provide & protect you for His glory. May multitudes come to Jesus and may our family members be among them. Keep expecting miracles. 🎵🎶

  50. JassAndrew

    Am totally with you on this. Actually its nothing new. Many praised Jesus but when the test came they openly rejected Him to be well aligned politically with the high priest and those in the temple. They took care of their own interest. They were not discerning. Looks like these too are of the same spirit, outwardly nice and religious but inwardly woke and corrupted living in fear.
    Back home here in Singapore I too “lost” many beliver friends and pastors because I agree God has chosen Trump for such a time as this.

  51. lucinda t clement

    I am so disappointed, I feel trapped in an evil dark state.

    • Carmen Mauldin

      Brother Mario,
      Tulsa was a supernatural experience we brought back with us! Our church has been sifted and brought low the past 3 years. We have chosen to fast and dedicate ourselves to the things of God anew. Our prayer night with our people grows more on fire every time we meet. We know God is about to pour His Spirit over us and over our city of Texarkana, Arkansas. We are excited and expectant.
      Your work has renewed and restored our hope and zeal!!!
      Whatsover you decide to do, we trust that you’ve heard from God.
      He is separating His church to Himself these last days. We encourage you to continue unwaveringly!! He will bless whom you bless and curse whom you curse. We, the church, don’t get to pick and choose our biases. We are of Christ for Christ without wavering. In charachter, in holiness and in righteousness.
      Some will choose another Jesus and miss their God moment.
      We hunger to have your tent set up here in Texarkana. Hopefully one day!! We are thankful for your listening to the Holy Spirit. You have blessed upon blessed us!! We pray for you and will be at whichever of your gatherings we are able to get to. Maybe when you come to Dallas we’ll be there!
      Love and blessings in Christ to you!!
      Ptrs Michael and Carmen Mauldin/Cross Way Church of Texarkana❤

    • Ross Hanby

      Thanks Mario. These pastoral leaders
      In Batavia don’t seem to understand Spiritualy what is at stake for this nation. When Godless leadership wanting to kill baby’s and pervert and abuse small children to just name a few. It would seem to show the earthly kingdom is still more important to them than the Heavenly one that we are to be pursuing. Keep going. Lord Bless you Ross

  52. Wesley Sims

    You must follow the leading of the Spirit of God and if satan has planted tars in the harvest field using these church leaders than they not you Mario will be held responsible.

    • Nancy Molina

      God bless you (I am in support of Donald Trump also.)

  53. Leslie Whelan

    Thank you Mario. KEEP GOING!!!

  54. Janice Nash

    God is leading you exactly where he wants you to be. His word says if you are not received in an area to shake the dust off your feet and move on because there are many who need to hear and receive the word, our time is short!!!! Praise the Lord for what you are doing, your an awesome man of God….

  55. Joseph Gansmann

    Matthew 16:24-26
    English Standard Version
    Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus
    24 Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. 25 For whoever would save his life[a] will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. 26 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? 1 Peter 4:6 ►
    Context Crossref Comment Greek
    Verse (Click for Chapter)
    New International Version
    For this is the reason the gospel was preached even to those who are now dead, so that they might be judged according to human standards in regard to the body, but live according to God in regard to the spirit. Luke 17:33
    New King James Version
    33 Whoever seeks to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. Boldness in Christ
    2. Philemon 1:8 For this reason, although I have great boldness in Christ to command you to do what is right.

    3. Ephesians 3:11-12 This was his eternal plan, which he carried out through Christ Jesus our Lord. Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence. 4. 2 Corinthians 3:11-12 So if the old way, which has been replaced, was glorious, how much more glorious is the new, which remains forever! Since this new way gives us such confidence, we can be very bold. Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.

    5. 2 Corinthians 3:4 We have this kind of confidence toward God through Christ.

    6. Hebrews 10:19 And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy Place because of the blood of Jesus. https://bible.org/seriespage/lesson-5-overcoming-discouragement-ezra-51-17 Jeremiah 29:11
    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

    Joshua 1:9
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

    2 Corinthians 12:9
    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

    John 16:33
    “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

    1 Peter 5:7
    Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.

    1 Chronicles 22:13
    Then you will prosper if you are careful to observe the statutes and the rules that the Lord commanded Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Fear not; do not be dismayed.

  56. Pieter Harmse

    Your enemies are liberals not Christians.

  57. sandra

    I agree with what you said, we had a speaker at our church who talked about to many traditions in the church and that we needed to change to reach more people, and that we should build back better ! I couldn’t believe what I heard, !! wokeness has come into the church

    • Susan Kathleen Duffy

      God is separating His sheep from the goats!!! Do not grow weary in well doing. Praying that the ‘pastors’? who do not realize that God chose Donald Trump for His purposes will awake from their wokeness before it’s too late——–
      for them!

  58. Jane

    We are CALLED to govern as ambassadors for Christ. Part of the reason we are in the mess we are in is because the church WASNT involved in politics.
    We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have you come to Pennsylvania Mario. Pennsylvania is filled with thousands of rural towns crying out for a move of God and of course you see who our governor is……what a mess…
    You have many who are for you and praying over you…🔥

  59. Hermine m young

    goiod for u mario

  60. Carol

    Well said Mario! Keep on fighting that God will move in miraculous ways. There needs to be a hunger; I believe that. If they can’t see the truth about Trump, how will they ever be able to stand against the real enemy. God bless you!

  61. Lidia Marques

    Keep standing no matter what, be the VOICE for other’s. I will be praying for you. Blessings Blessings Blessings 🕊🙏

  62. joseph gansmann

    do not be dismayed marrio has not the Lord commanded you what is good.. Does he not know the course you should go.. for no one is above their master.. Is it not the will of Yashua that you continue in preaching the gospel even in the face of adversity.. Be bold as paul and overcome your discouragement..

  63. Andy

    Thank you for not bowing down to the woke.
    You inspire me to do my work in the kingdom.

  64. Debbie Blick

    Listening to God is much more important than listening to men that are being influenced by satan! You do what you need to accomplish God’s work!

  65. April

    I am with you Mario, sadly disappointed in our so called brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the great divide in the Body that my pastor was warning us about. Moses went through this very same thing.

  66. Virginia

    I know the move of God is real and moving. I know the “Mario’s ” are great and bring the word of God but you leaders show the world. You take that leap of FAITH show up like Mario is coming. Get out there so he’ll show up. LEAP OF FAITH GET OUTTA THAT BOAT. THE EMBERS ARE LIT FAN THE FLAME. ITS YOUR TIME. BECON TO THE PROPHET’S TO COME. BRING THE GLORY FIRE. INVITE THE HOLY SPIRIT. COME HOLY SPIRIT COME

  67. Carol Cooley

    So sad you had to cancel

  68. Marilyn Stewart

    May the Lord continue to give you Wisdom as you follow Him! In agreement with you Mario. I feel bad for the people who really want you there, but the Lord is exposing the enemy within the Church now. He is shining His light in the darkness. Go where he leads. In Christ we stand. 🙏🔥🔥🔥❤

  69. Lorie Dasch

    This is so sad… Christian’s need to wake up and see how God used this man to help stop abortion funding, human trafficking, close our border problems, supported Israel.. these issues that far out way mean tweets! If they cannot see ether evil in the current administration, not sure how Christ like they really are.

  70. Cindy Lawrence

    Please come to Kansas City

  71. Patty Hicklin

    You should go anyway. The Lord will supply

    • Linda

      I agree. Dont not come to save souls and see people healed just because of some ignorant pastors who only want more people and more money for their church. I live in Buffalo which is anout 35 mins from Batavia. I was soooo looking forward to coming. I was going to rent or buy a wheel chair to get there.

  72. Cynthia

    Keep pressing and pushing in – we know for such a time as this.

  73. Sharon

    Please come to New Hampshire!! There is revival going on here !! We would love to have you! There are Trump signs of support all over. My pastors love Trump , so do I . Please come.

  74. R L Walters

    I am crushed. I have been praying into your visit for the last year. I was planning to bring my prodigal child who has been in needof healing. My hope was that the Lord would heal her and she would come back to Him. I need healing and I was hoping that I would be healed miraculously, if my child refused to come- as a witness to God’s power and glory to my children and my husband. The piece you wrote about the cities needing arenas to hold the multitudes was so encouraging yesterday.

    Even so, Lord Jesus, COME! I am still filled with faith that the Lord will repair and restore my family and will never stop praying for them to be right with God!!!

  75. Chris

    Praying for Gods protection and his greatest blessings for you, your family and team. If no one we’re trying to stop you you should be worried, but you are making the devil angry and he is using some pastors to try to kindle you fire. You are not sugar coating or diluting Gods word with compromise. Mentioning Trump favorably is not the problem, “Exposing the Truth is their problem.” Be strong, be courageous and don’t compromise. Go to where you are needed and welcome!

  76. Janice

    All you can do is listen to God. It’s sad how many churches are of this world…

  77. Brenda Sokolis

    I am with you Bro Murillo to hear & obey God!
    I fully support you & your ministry with my prayers! I see your heart’s intent to fill up the Kingdom of Heaven with precious souls!

  78. Robert Mentzer

    It is amazing , I read your letter that the pastors didn’t want you to mention Trump. Then I watched Give Him Fifteen, Dutch Sheets was talking about Politics, and how the Church has failed in this area. He even talk about the failed policies of Biden Administration. Keep on doing that what the Lord called you to do Mario Munrillo Ministrey. Seems like a Conformation to me.

  79. Michelle

    We need this in Albany Ny, the capital of NY!!

  80. Renee Lotz

    Love you in Christ Mario, you know the spirit and we are praying for your ministry to explode! We were in Tulsa, all I experienced was Jesus! Glorified!

  81. Carol Pritchard

    God does direct your steps. We are praying for you.

  82. Rachel Davis

    Do not give up go where the Lord is saying to go. If they continue to say no then it will all fall on there heads. The people will find some way to go to the meetings God has set up. I speak blessings on you and the crew and I speak refreshing on all who are working , especially you and I speak peace on you. God bless his move for us💜✝️💜✝️

  83. Susan Christofides

    I was going to fly to Batavia from Long Island NY, something stopped me from booking the flight and hotel, now I know why. Please come to Long Island. There are so many Trump supporters here. We need a revival here desperately. I support Trump, you and Gods plan for our life and future. God Bless!
    P.S. I will volunteer!

  84. Marie

    Come to.SC we need it!

  85. Sue and Pete Schnitzenbaumer

    My husband and I pray for you, your family and ministry everyday. I am a small prophet and get a substantial message from God every week. He has cited you and your movement. He is a big supporter and we know who is trying to put out the fire-the one who is burning in hell and trying to get as many souls as he can to be with him forever. No way! God wins. We are part Of God’s army and the Flashpoint Army. God bless and we pray for doors to open. You are a soul winner blesssed by God. We keep praying.🙏🏻Let the lion roar!

  86. Henry Shaffer

    God is judging New York. Abortion Laws and rejecting God’s leaders. God said,”Watch New Your, I’m not done with her, yet.” (More judgment to come)

  87. Jacque Gellman

    After experiencing Tulsa in person where God definitely showed up, it’s sad to read pastors would try to restrain what the Lord would have you say. Especially after the success Batavia has already experienced. I pray uour letter does cause a stir. People are hungry even if leaders aren’t.

  88. prayinginok

    Acts 16:7 “When they came to the border of Mysia, they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.” There is a reason the answer is “no” sometimes. Go with what God is telling you to do.

  89. Lynn

    Well Brother Mario, I will say what the Lord Himself said, ‘ If that city doesn’t receive you, then shake the dust off your feet in that city and depart’. Oh but Woe unto that city in the day they rejected the Word of God and Healing…. Prayers for you Brother…

  90. April Baucom

    Supporting you Pastor Murillo. I agree with your assessment. It is my individual opinion that a certain spirit needs to be broken off that region before another date can be set for a meeting there. Blessings.

  91. Mike Caternolo

    Mario, please, please check out Firestormrevival.com. I was at your Oct 2021 Batavia meetings. We speak the same tthings only by God’s driving force. Firestorm has been active for two years in greater Rochester area and by His grace,, we are spreading, not only thru Rochester, but through Syracuse, batavia and this coming weekend into Buffalo. I had hoped to serve with you and meet you in .May. God bless you brother. I can tell you stories of local church leadership that has thwarted our movement much like you had described in this letter. God reigns and He will have awakening in Western NY.

  92. Dessie Dennie Young

    Mercy LORD mercy on Batavia. Forgive them for their hatred of Your Servant, Donald JOHN (the Beloved) Trump.

  93. Ann Suttee

    Keep it going Mario! We are behind God who is in YOU! No weapon formed against you shall prosper in the name of Jesus. Ann from Oklahoma!

    • Tom

      The Trump of GOD shall sound and we who are alive shall be caught up to meet Him in the clouds. JESUS is Coming Soon.

  94. Vonnie Henry

    I was I’m Tulsa at the Mabee center. It was incredible. I live in South Dakota. If you need volunteers Batavia I will come. Too many souls are at stake!

  95. Irene Hutchins

    Mario, We support your decision..WE know that God is leading you on this. Our prayers and support will continue. Irene Hutchins

  96. Susan Coyne

    Good for you Mario in taking a stand for truth! God is using you to separate the sheep from the goats.

  97. Cindy

    The Lord is blessing so many. The enemy is hard at work. He loses. I hope someday I will be able to attend one of your crusade. I pray for strength and endurance for you. The Lord has blessed you. Thank you for fighting for Gods people.

  98. Tammy

    God bless you and the crusades, Mario. So sad. Don’t let the opinions of man discourage you. God doesn’t need man’s approval. Neither should we strive for it. His is the only opinion that matters. Bless you brother. 🙏🏻 Love to you and your family ❤️.

  99. Joyce

    Mario, go where truth is wantwd and received. Matthew 10:14 “And whoever will not receive you nor hear your words, when you depart from that house or city, shake off the dust from your feet.”
    Praying for your ministry!

  100. Debbie Allred

    I am so sorry to hear about this but I am glad your standing your ground Mario, we pray for those Pastors and all leadership that are being astray, there are a lot of us that will not stop roaring like a mighty lion , my husband and I wrote a song the lord gave us during the so called Covid it’s on Spotify our band is called BURNING LIGHTS WORSHIP the song is called “ LION TRIBE OF JUDAH “ Mario we stand beside you and pray that we all stand on the battle field together WE WILL ALL BREAK THROUGH. We will keep you in our prayers and where one stands we all stand. Would love for you to come to Cumming Georgia in Atlanta. We will keep you in our prayers.

  101. Chris Sustaita

    So sad to hear about the leaders & Pastors & where their hearts lie. They are the ones that need revival in their hearts. Lord, help us! They need to quit listening to the news & spend time with the Lord. It is the Lord who raises kings & sits them down. They need to ask the Lord who He wants in office & do accordingly. Their opinion doesn’t matter. Much prayer needed in the spritual realm. I will be praying 🙏 for you Mario, God bless you & your team. God goes before you & will make the crooked places straight

  102. Yvonne Davie

    I stand with you Mario. The church needs to wake up!

  103. Mary Gary

    Shake the dust from your feet and move on. Those that hunger will follow.

  104. Verna Charter

    It is surprising how many people just can’t stand Trump, including so-called Christians. They’d rather have someone like Biden in than admit Trump was a good president. Trump isn’t perfect, and no one is, but he has a good heart and cares about the people. It is pride, or blindness, in my opinion. You should still hold it because the people are what matters, but that is between you and God. He will guide you,

  105. Carol Sneath

    Your perception is probably right. Even after he lost the election they still hate him. In todays world we need revival more then ever and there are many people rich and poor that are looking for revival but the ungodly rich and the people of power try to oppress it. They are scared and they should be especially if they are saying they are born again Christians but are living for the world. You cannot have both either you serve God or you serve the world.

  106. Al Slusser

    Shake the dust off your shoes and go where you are received

  107. Diane M Roney

    Mario, this grieves my heart so much. I live in Fairport, NY (near Rochester) and was there in Batavia on April 9th. As a resident of Upstate NY for most of my life, I am very familiar with the resistance about which you write. As you may know, Upstate NY has long been referred to as ‘the burned out district.’ I applaud your gutsy decision to cancel the crusade. I hope it will shock the leaders and pastors into examining themselves before the Lord. May the Spirit of the Lord deal mightily with them, causing them to repent over their attitudes and how they are blocking the moving of the Holy Spirit. I will never stop praying for a move of God in Upstate NY. We need salvation, healing and reformation. There are others who also feel this way and will continue to pray. May the Lord continue to use you and multiply your ministry.

  108. Carl Wager

    How sad. How can we overcome this. Thousands are expecting God to move. How can us the silent majority change the cancelation

    • Mario Murillo

      Speak out Carl. Of course the army has the power to change this.

      • vince falco

        I was so looking forward to this crusade. I believe the Devil just wants you out of NYS I did hear someone had a problem trying to sign up to be a volunteer. I was at the leadership meeting in Batavia , ELECTRIC !!! I vote you bind the devil and come here and don’t allow the blinded woke pastors ruin it for the majority who will be healed and will be saved Don’t let satan win. I believe the Lord will provide the volunteers , and The Lord will be praised. But you have to listen to what you believe the Lord is telling you. God Bless you Mario

  109. Ralph C Melucci

    Welcome to the east coast brother, I live here in Rhode Island which is about 6 hours from Batavia and was planning on driving up as a volunteer. This is the spirit we deal with here, the people resisting you are bound up in fear and tradition. I was convinced you had broken through the last time you were there in Batavia, I was there I saw it with my own two eyes and I was so impressed and encouraged and so excited to part of such a great move of God! Well it looks like I’m going to have to travel a bit farther to be involved.

  110. Ray Martinez

    Hello and Blessings to MMM…I support the Position that you have taken..When I find myself with this type of Hypocritical Presence, I ask myself, “What would Jesus Christ Do”, “What would Jesus Christ Say to these People”, and we have to follow suit. We kick the Dust from our shoes and Move On..amen..Continue to Blaze the Trail..reminds me of my community that you had come into back in 2014 to rebuke to Pastoral Leadership for not wanting to come together in the Spirit of Unity, and Bond of Peace.

  111. Diana

    Sounds like they are wolfs in sheeps clothing!
    Keep to your beliefs, you are authentic and they aren’t

  112. Tom Sanders

    I support Trump, and I live in California. Maybe because God supports him.

  113. Jose

    Brother Murillo, I’m my humble opinion, I believe that God has chosen you to make an impact in our country, but by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We know no man can save America. Not even Trump. The problem of our nation is not all these new laws or the LGBTQ+ community. The real problem is in the heart of men.
    And it is only the Spirit of God the one who has the power to convict and transform the heart of people. No man, no government can change the heart, only Jesus.

    So, keep doing what you are doing: preaching Jesus and stay away from all sort of politics. Jesus is the answer our country needs. I will continue to pray for you my brother in Christ. God bless you.

  114. Mary Pugh

    President Trump did more to protect religious freedom than any other president in my lifetime. And… the candidates who ran against him supported very evil policies. So I don’t know where these pastors and leaders are coming from. Wake up, church!

    • Cindy H

      So sorry Mario you are not coming in May. Sounds like some Pharisees have been revealed. Been busy passing out your invites and my heart was saddened when I learned about this last night. Praying another wi down opens on the 90 corridor.
      Whether those pastors realize it or not this will have a ripple effect on them. Especially when Jesus says to them I don’t know you. Sad.
      I was at a revival meeting last night in North Chili and Harold was witnessing to the thousands coming to Jesus in other countries. The church was packed with worship that lasted hours. We will not be silent.
      The media is full of liars claiming Christians are not moving – it’s because they are scared when we all begin to move in the name of Jesus. GOD is on the move. Praise the Lord.

  115. Dana

    With MMM being on the front lines leading the way.I see this as the separating, the weeding out, those to take a stand! This is the beginning of that.

  116. egallagher2015

    I find this very sad. Your ministry is amazing and I wish you were coming to Greenville, SC. I will pray that God softens the hearts of these people and that they can stand publicly for what they believe. Such a shame for you and the people that were looking forward to you coming. They will reap what they sow. God is in control so maybe he has better places that really need you to come.

  117. Pat Crumpton

    Nobody should tell you what to preach or say but God.

  118. Lina Barrow

    Praying for you, mighty warrior of the Lord!

  119. Deborah Fickezx

    I live in Rochester NY and this makes me heartsick. . President Trump is a test for “Christians” and many here have failed! They have allowed the veil of deception to blind them to the point of being unable to discern good from evil—and have failed “to see the forest for the trees”! There is an army here that is chomping at the bit for revival—but it has been constantly trampled on by territorialism and fear of damaging their reputation —or, God forbid, losing wealthy members! God bless you for your efforts here! Don’t give up on us, please!!! As Kim Clement said “it is time to kick devil butt”—and that is my mission!

  120. MaryAnn

    They are trying to silence your talk. Stand firm

  121. Kathy Patrylo

    The sad thing is many Christians don’t vote the Bible. If they did they wouldn’t look at the man whether they like him or not but what he is standing for. Christians need to wake up they are a big part of the problem in our country. Either they are to lazy to vote but complains when it don’t go their way OR they are man pleasers not God pleasers including pastors who are looking to fill their pockets and be popular rather then fill themselves with the Holy Spirit. Praying for a revival in America.

  122. Margo Young

    I’m 🇨🇦And I’m shocked and abhorred by the response of “Christian” leaders who oppose President Trump and all that he stands for ! Shame on them😱😡we can only by obedience forgive them and bless them knowing that they have God to answer to !➕🙏❤️🇨🇦🇺🇸

  123. Pastor wilda Brown

    Just keep preaching the pure Word of God. God is the answer.

  124. Glenda R Smith

    The devil is in battle. but guess what. God wins and victory is HIS.

  125. Cathy

    What a shame. What will they think in Heaven someday when Donald Trump is there to greet them.

  126. Robbie

    So, I took off work and bought plane tickets to volunteer at this event. Is this really cancelled? I can’t just change my mind back and forth. I need to know what to do. Thank you

    • Mario Murillo

      Hold on to your ticket.

      • Cheryl Reeves

        I am praying for a turn around in this situation. I’m from Rochester NY and attended the tent meeting at Batavia & was planning on attending in May. I appreciated your political comments as I believe the pastors need to be vocal about them. Look at the mess our country is in. Our churches need to take a stand for righteousness & biblical values in politics. God bless you Mario & praying for you.

      • Lisa

        Please reconsider Mario. If there was only one person who wanted you to come would it not be worth it to the kingdom of God. You filled tents before and you will do it again. Please do not make a decision based on those who don’t want you here but for those who do. We love the Lord. You have never been known to back down so please don’t punish those who are crying out for a move of God because of a few who have lost their way. We pray that Jesus comes back into our homes, schools, churches, government and businesses in Jesus mighty name. If not now then when? If not you then who? Let’s rally together Rochester and surrounding areas.

  127. Joyce

    Go where God leads you…

  128. Ada

    I have followed Mario for many years
    And I support his Luke 5:1-10 ministry
    God said even the elect would be deceived
    If NY can’t handle the name Trump, I guess
    They might as well forget the Holy Spirit is still moving today, God is not Dead, He is warning us.Keep the obedience of God before man Mario, fear not God goes before

  129. Carol quinion

    I might be wrong but I think it’s like that in the whole northeast. We need prayer here.i left my old church recently because there are a lot of people who don’t like Trump and they don’t speak the truth. I’m going to a church now that speaks the truth. I watch flash point all the time. God already spoke the truth to me and led me to pastor hank and Brenda I watch them as much as I can. Then God led me to flash point.i have been saved for a while and have always loved mario because he speaks the truth.

  130. Mary

    That’s is Gods will so be it amen

  131. Sonia Zoeller

    I beg you don’t cancel batavia

  132. Kathy A Berry

    Come to Knoxville, Tennessee I know we want all that God has. We would love for Trump to be in his rightful place, and we pray for him daily

  133. Carolyn Gutierrez

    We are told about the Overcomers and the Fallen from faith. God is revealing our hearts

  134. Christine Wilcox

    Back in the 70’s, Keith Green said that the Jesus movement was stopped by the organized churches that kept telling people they couldn’t….😥😥😥

  135. Joni Long

    Mario Murillo, I agree with what you said.I was blessed in 2019 Feb. At Heart of the FATHER MINISTRY in Lakekand Florida. There was a conference, Isahia Saldivar, Lou Engle and Mario Murillo. I was new to that church and never heard of any of you. But wow, those were the best 4 days ever. Thank you for excepting the invite. I know usually you did not except invites like that. What an on fire conference it was. Since I have read several of your books. Vessels of Fire & Glory, my favorite. I have been following you since. You are an awesome man of God. I am a disabled woman who loves the Lord. I have been healed of so many things and expect to be healed from the rest of my illnesses. Keep on keeping on, you are right where you are supposed be and doing exactly what God wants. There will be changes of plans along the way, Glory to God!! You have great discernment. I hope to meet you oneday. I am not even sure you will ever see this. But God put you in my life along with a few others. God showed me your heart for Him. God Bless you in your calling.
    Joni Long
    Lakeland Florida

  136. Mae

    This is so very sad….heartbreaking for those who are probably still standing for you in New York. The enemy may win some battles…..God wins the war. May God Bless and continue to use you. Stand strong in the Lord.

  137. Pastors Rich and Kathie Ienuso

    Our prayers and support are with you. As Christian New Yorkers we are sorry that fellow “ministers” respond in this way. Believing with you for a move the Holy Spirit in NY.

  138. Mark Gilley

    Thank you for your courage! What about checking out Tennessee?

  139. Luisa Smith

    This saddens me! And what’s worse is I probably know some of the pastors that are blinded by the Trump hatred and can’t see that God has and I believe continues to use him!

  140. Kendall Kuhlmann

    This makes me very sad but I guess that opposition should be expected in this culture when truth is spoken! Very sad for the individuals that would have been saved or healed. I belive you have made the right decision.

  141. Angela

    Right on Mario! Let the dead bury the dead. You are a heat seeking misslr and to go where the fire is hot. Oregon sure needs you.

  142. Melissa Smith

    My heart breaks, those cities are blinded with the lies. Will be praying. If you’ll ever close to me. I would support your ministry in volunteering. I would love to be apart of God’s Kingdom move.

  143. Stephanie Camacho

    The eyes of their understanding open in Jesus name. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. 🙌🙏🏼🕊🎵🇺🇲

  144. Becky Tiner


  145. Robert Garrett

    Praying for continued outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit and for Pastor’s to hunger after God’s anointing and the yoke to be broken and the scales to be removed from them.

  146. Maria

    If you were coming to my city I would certainly volunteer!

  147. Bev Wolf

    Keep moving forward with what God tells you to do. We support you! May God’s blessings be on you!

  148. Misty Novotny

    Mario I read your cancellation about New York and completely understand your frustration… But GOD—I believe these are territorial demons trying to block The word of God from going out into the air —it’s not really what comes out of these peoples mouths— but the demons talking … It’s the demons manifesting their strategy and assignment to stop this Move of GOD. These are territorial controlling jezebel/leviathan demons that don’t want the True GOD there… I plead with you to press on and go anyway… unless of course the Lord has told you No— these little stinking slimy marshmallow demons are all talk… I believe the people will be there to be ushers— and prayer Warriors- I’m asking for strategies for you to combat these territorial demons that are so thick in that area. I’m not big on fiction books but I read “this very present darkness” and this is exactly what we are facing everywhere— territorial demons that don’t want to let go of control- they will pop up and use anyone’s mouth and use Christians to come against the true move of God… But these people in NY need the WORD OF GOD PROCLAIMED! I actually have a friend from New Jersey that her parents are Catholic- they don’t even know anything about the Bible but they were coming to your tent revival— you are a man of God like Moses!!! I was there in Tulsa. Thursday was great but Friday was what I was there for— I was there to see God move and Jesus be lifted up… Brother you are the real deal and I am praying for you but I know in my heart these are territorial demons and they need their heads cut off and they are using the mouths of people as they always do to get things going… and stir up confusion and chaos— I pray that you would go anyway—and God will conquer these slimy slithery snakes from hell— and God will accommodate you in your needs for the ministry and for the revival— I am praying that it will turn around because as Luke 10:19 says we’ve been given all authority to trample on the serpents and scorpions and by no means shall any of them harm us. Blessings to you man of God you are the real deal- but I believe this pushback was because of what happened in Tulsa —it’s smoking mirrors because these territorial demons do not want you planting your tent/seeds anywhere near their control… prayers for you Mario and your team and your family and The harvest to come— I knew after Tulsa the enemy would try to fight back- he is nothing- he is already defeated! Jesus died on the on the cross and defeated death hell and destruction! We lift you up my brother in Christ! The devil does not get to win!
    Blessings, prayers and favor to you!
    Sincerely M. Novotny

    • Dorinda

      Yes Misty…I agree wholeheartedly with your response!! Lord Jesus please forgive the area pastors for their insensitivity and bias and wake them up!! Bro Mario we ask you to please forgive us!!….We need the light of the Gospel that you carry to break out in Revival and dispel the darkness that has held this area captive. Please Brother, would you reconsider this assignment? I will sign up to volunteer and ask my friends to do the same. Praying for you and the team!! We love all of you, in Jesus, and we stand with you for Gods Kingdom and His righteousness to prevail.

  149. Suzanne Mall

    This makes me so sad 😞. We love President Trump!!! My quiet husband even went up for rededication and prayer 🙏
    I did hear that many came down with covid at the crusade, as did my husband and I, which may be the reason for less volunteers but not a peep did we hear about President Trump. This makes me so sad 😭. I assumed most Christians and Pastors understood the calling on Trump. There are thousands of us here in Buffalo, New York who understand the call 🙏🙏🙏
    Please pray for the leadership in New York State. Its pretty liberal here.
    And please don’t write us off 😭

  150. Judith Wynne

    Jesus did not go until the right time either … John 7:1-18 (vrs 18 Charlatans praise themselves an seek honor from men, but my Father sent me to speak truth on his behalf. 19. And I have no false motive, because I seek only the glory of God:

  151. Jacque

    Woe be unto the leaders of the hungry flocks….
    Luke 10:11
    King James Version
    11 Even the very dust of your city, which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you: notwithstanding be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

  152. Sherri Fyan

    It’s not just Western NY. The Easter upstate is just as two faced and double minded with the exception of a few Holy Ghost filled pastors that are kingdom minded.

  153. Charity Witt

    As a seer of The Most High God, YHWH, I heard the Lord say, “Do not relent, do not bend to religious men filled with religious spirits My son.” I am praying for you. New York needs His message through you. More want to hear your message than those who are trying to limit you. Rest in His presence brother and know Our Father is with you through these birth pains.

    In the New Testament, the book of Acts records the civil disobedience of Peter and John towards the authorities that were in power at the time. After Peter healed a man born lame, Peter and John were arrested for preaching about Jesus and put in jail. The religious authorities were determined to stop them from teaching about Jesus; however, Peter said, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you rather than to God, you be the judge; for we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19–20). Later, the rulers confronted the apostles again and reminded them of their command to not teach about Jesus, but Peter responded, “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

    We decree the Rahab’s will arise in Brother Mario’s situation to help make a way for truth to be spoken and revealed. In Joshua 2, Rahab directly disobeyed a command from the king of Jericho to produce the Israelite spies who had entered the city to gain intelligence for battle. Instead, she let them down via a rope so they could escape. Even though Rahab had received a clear order from the top government official, she resisted the command and was redeemed from the city’s destruction when Joshua and the Israeli army destroyed it.

    So be it in Jesus mighty name! Amen!

  154. Joe

    God doesn’t need a massive army to complete His purpose. I was part of the prayer team in Hanford, Ca, it was amazing. Trust what God is telling you, not what you see and experience in the natural. God’s purpose in the region will prevail.

  155. Nellie

    Mario, satan is mad and he is manipulating these people with double standards, just as in the garden of Eden.
    Stand strong and keep proclaiming the Good News and God Himself will deal with rhese people in Batavia.
    Shalom and blessings.

  156. Jack Smith

    Please reconsider your decision. I believe that Satan himself is trying to discourage you from what is likely a supernatural event event in the making! Persevere and find out what our great God has in store!

  157. Jeff Gosney

    Continue to Praise God in all things and situations 🙏 🙌

  158. Peggy

    Your right

  159. Patricia Ciampa

    I was just about to volunteer for Battavia! Mario, Western NY needs you!!! I come against the forces keeping leaders asleep! WAKE UP in Jesus Name! God is urging you to WAKE UP New York!!!

  160. kim

    I am sending this on behalf of my family in NJ! Our God leaves the 99 to go for the 1. Please don’t leave the east coast behind. Do it for the people in spite of the pastors! The enemy cannot shut down this movement and neither can the flesh of pastors. Praying you push through!Remember god told you to go to NY and we are all praying for you. We so appreciate that you came to Tulsa and you can bet we were there! This is about the people and the people in that area are hurting and only know “dead” churches. So many of us are expectant and believing for out families there and many have already changes their schedules and booked rooms. I support you and can imagine the obstacles but I am believing God will make a way!

  161. Holly

    What I love about you most they are trying cut off . Love your ability to call out hypocrisy, evil and foolishness of a political view, ideology political missions. One of my most favorite people in the Bible John the Baptist he was able to call it like it was of course it cost him his head. May you have all the freedom in Christ you need to full fill His mission going in power, power of the resurrection, power of the Holy Spirit, power of truth, power of Elijah, power of the Word of God . Make straight the way of the Lord. Un-gnarl the way of the Lord open the eyes of the blind. Lady 6 in the elevator

  162. Paul

    Appreciate the transparency Mario! I know you will ‘shake the dust off your feet’. Thank you for not holding back truth, regardless of what it is; and living out Matthew 10 “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs”

  163. Michele K

    I trust you that you hear from the Lord and stand by your decision, Mario! I live in New England and was considering going to this event but known our paths will cross someday! God bless the work of your hands!

  164. Buck Underwood

    Mario, The prophets clear the way and the evangelist moves in to deliver the words of the Lord. Ravening wolves do not like the “wild Fire” of the Holy Ghost! So, say what God says and do what God does, elevate Jesus and put down the workers of iniquity. God goes before you, and sends his angels to clear the pathways and make them straight. Go! and Do! the will of the Lord! No one goes out to see a weed shaking in the wind!!

  165. Richard Pope

    You go Boy , being on the Lords side is all that matters. The Lord and the lords army is on your side. God bless you, Richard
    PS, Thank you for your service.

  166. Joe Hammer

    Doing what is right can be difficult. My sincere prayers are with you and your team. I pray for a mighty move of God as you and your team reach out to those who want and need help. I pray physical and spiritual safety over you, your family, the team, and volunteers. Amen 🙏

  167. Cheryl D Drake

    I am saddened, but I agree. New York is in the state that it is in because Satan has the churches believing they have no business in the mountains of influence. Please pray Father God will show the leaders of the churches their error.

  168. Billie J Keough

    Just shows you are on the right path..fighting Satan..not man..! Keep the LION ROARING!

  169. Lynn jacuzzi

    It’s so sad the the enemy is using those who call themselves believers. Trump wasn’t perfect but he loved America. All should appreciate and respect him for what he did in the last four years.

  170. Diana M Goldsmith

    Satan is angry because of Tulsa, you made correct decision about NY. Stay strong!! I am part of Flash Point Army from western Wa. I am a 73 yr old grt grama and I will NOT give up on my country. Remember God is exposing the darkness. We believe in you, God our Father and Jesus is Lord. ❤

  171. Mike Bush

    We as fire believers can’t give in to this . We have to hold the line and stand up for Christ and not let Satan win.

  172. Cheryl Ingham

    I stand behind you in prayer!

  173. Iris Perry

    The devil is a liar and whenever you are pleasing God, satan will try to disrupt. Praying 🙏 in Jesus name for His will to be done no matter what the enemy brings against you. God is with you!

  174. Norma Miner

    Please come to New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Nobody ever comes to these New England states and we need crusades and tent meetings. I live in South Western New Hampshire and border Vermont and Massachusetts. The need is great as drugs and suicides and homelessness are everywhere. Moody auditorium down the road 6 miles.

  175. Sharon

    Mr. Murillo, I am so sorry for New York; I wonder if they even understand what they have rejected. I truly hope someday that you will be close enough that I will be able to attend a tent meeting. Thank you and my prayers will always be for your work.

  176. Sharon Ketchum

    Brother Mario God bless your faithful heart. “God never said it would be easy, He said it would be worth it.” It’s sad that the pastors in New York would rob the people the Lord wants to save and bless. They are accountable before God whom they serve!

    I have longed to attend one of your crusades, for reasons I’ll not bore you with. Let me tell you that Boise Idaho, I believe, would welcome you with open arms. And if you can use an old 70 year old woman to help out I volunteer.

    Love, hugs, blessings and prayers.
    Sharon Ketchum

  177. David

    Jesus dropped this in my heart this morning when I read this.
    1 Samuel chapter 8

  178. Michael Mastrodonato

    Mario, I know you hear and obey the Holy Spirit. We stand with your decision and will continue to pray for an open heaven over Rochester, Batavia and all of Upstate NY. My wife and I I are highly disappointed and saddened as we honestly believe Holy Spirit is doing a great work in Upstate NY. I do support you 100% in speaking the truth about President Donald J. Trump. He was and is God’s choice! God bless you, the ministry and may God arise and His enemies be scattered!

    • Y. C. Martin

      I still stand completely with your decisions. The prophets say Trump was picked by God. I haven’t heard the same of the current regime. And if your opposition likes the present status quo in America, only God can help them and it seems they’re turning him away. You can come back to California any time.

  179. Sheila

    I totally support your decision Mario!
    Dust off your feet
    Keep following the leading of Holy Spirit! ❤️🔥🙏

  180. Debra Nix

    Jesus said go and preach the gospel to all the world. Take nothing else with you and if they reject your message…shake the dust off of your feet and move on.
    If it’s the gospel they want then give them the Gospel and leave Trump out of it. Go after the lost sheep. But if it’s politics that keeps them from the gospel. Move on.

  181. Tamie

    God Bless you 🙏🙏🙏❤️🎚️🎚️🎚️ Hope to see you when you come back to the Sacramento area

  182. Linda Yancy

    Praying every state has Gideon army’s arise. Praying Deborahs arise. Praying for the real harvesters to come. Praying Holy Ghost strength for your crusades.
    Holy Ghost come🙏🙌🔥

  183. Timothy Wadley

    While I believe we are nearing the end of the this age, and we need to prioritize the Gospel, those of us who live in America need to fight for the system of government God gave our founding fathers the wisdom to establish!
    We seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and we fight to keep America a Sheep Nation.

  184. Wanda+Noland

    Praying for you and your team

  185. enoughenough1

    Evangelist Mario CONTINUE to preach on, proclaim EVEN LOUDER, lay hands on the sick even MORE, cast out demons increasingly and DO NOT BACK DOWN TO THE ENEMY’S SOUND!!! Thank You Jesus for your boldness and stand for the Lord Jesus Christ…and even supporting President Donald Trump!! Go to the cities where the cry for God’s glory and salvation are longing for fire revival!! Blessings to you always!

  186. Delynn Dancz

    God will deal with this, so sad …. the anointing is on President Trump they will see God’s Glory hopefully sooner than later God Bless you Mario

    • Laura and Mitchell

      Sorry… but a not so nice steam of words has entered my consciousness for this “group”.
      We volunteered at your event in CA (medical/first aide).

    • Cheryll Culver

      If the churches and the pastors in the state of New York do not want God or his Word or salvation to come to the people that live there then please come to Pennsylvania for there are people here who hunger and thirst for righteousness and want to see God’s hand move and his power and anointing be upon all people God bless you pastor Murillo may the Lord guide you

  187. Bonnie DeMartini

    My prayers since Tulsa have been that Holy Spirit would speak very clearly and plainly to you and those you trust would be in agreement. Sad that religious, judgemental spirits in leadership have rejected not you, but The King.

  188. Patrick Quick

    Go in brother! We cannot be silenced by these lukewarm hypocrites! We cannot allow them to usurp authority over us!! Go in, in Jesus name!

  189. Nancy gentry

    We were just at Tulsa event. My grandchildren got to experience it as well. Astounding! The number of salvations like we’ve never seen. Would be amazing for you to come together with Lou Engel

  190. Kay Harris

    We were with you in Hanford, we were with you in Pasadena, and will stand with you and all who love Truth in Jesus’ name!

  191. Glenda Mason

    Go where you are both needed and wanted!!!

  192. Pam Morrison

    I understand your decision completely. I wish you’d come to Kansas City. Wherever you go, I am going to get to one of these crusades and volunteer. Talk about President Trump all you want. I hope he will be elected again. The leadership we have now and the direction of the country is devastatingly wrong. God bless you immensely and the whole ministry.

  193. Joanne

    I work in a ministry in the Buffalo area ( not a church ) where I have reached out to many families, speaking truth about public schools, abortion, sex education, etc etc. I will continue to sound the alarm and speak up, no matter what. I knew you were not supported last fall by local ministry but I also knew you were coming to a dry area that many of us have been standing in for 40 or more years. Here in NY we are facing a compulsory sex ed course if passed by the state assembly will start in Pre-K – 12th grade. Continuing heavy abortion laws where our governor said NY will be an abortion tourism state, I could go on and on.We have to sound the alarm whether pastors or churches do or not! It will never be easy to come here. The strongholds are exactly that, ( Strong Holds ). Many word of faith speakers came through here in the 70 and 80’s saying how hard this area was and never came back. Now people are leaving in droves and I can’t unless the Holy Spirit says so. I pray you will consider coming back at some point. I have listened to your words on Flashpoint and I heard you at the brunch in Batavia. I am praying you hear God’s voice, whether churches or leaders support you or not. There are so many of us no names crying out for revival. God Bless You and I am praying for you. I know your decision was not an easy one.

  194. Marlene Potwora

    I live in Buffalo New York and I am so disheartened about this. We support you. We love you. It’s hard to live here and hear about some of these pastors. It makes me cry. We were so very happy you came here and were coming back, we prayed for an invasion in this area, we need it. I pray God’s favor on you wherever He leads you and please keep us in your prayers.

  195. Charlene Richards Hudgins

    God is blessing thru you Mario!! I stand with whatever God is telling you to do. I am so tired of WHIMPY weak so-called Christian leaders who are so blinded by fear that they can’t or won’t see the truth! They WILL be held accountable. President Trump is not perfect but neither was King David and many others used by God. You keep saying just what you’ve been saying and if it’s not time to “shake the dust from your feet” then go for it and show all the demons from hell just how God intends to build his army in spite of Weak Pastors they have been influencing!!!!

  196. Kathryn Johnson

    I trust the spirit of God inside of you, and wonder if there is a larger purpose in your decision. Perhaps the wonderful supportive believers in Batavia and the surrounding areas will contact their leaders and let them know where they stand regarding the issues you have mentioned. “Where the spirit of the Lord goes, there is freedom”

  197. Luisa

    and yet there are those few around Batavia that have been praying for the Spirit of God. Just those few – isn’t there a place where they can gather with a few of you and be ministered to and healed? A city may not be changed but they will be – and maybe they will change the atmosphere around them

  198. Christina

    The Lord will lead you and also keep you from danger (which could be ahead). You are always true to the holy spirits leading, so therefore events are no different. We all respect your decision, Mario. You have shown to be the real deal serving the Lord in all kinds of political adversity but we are no longer living in any sort of just world which proves it’s wise to be safe. Prayers for you, your family and ministry from York, Pa! I’ve been listening to Derek Prince so much in the past 2 years. I sense his knowledge & his wisdom in your life, words and ministry as well!

  199. ML King

    The Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 Paul listed the least to the most egregious characteristic of the human condition in the last days. 4b “lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”
    We continue to pray for your ministry and have total faith in HIS direction for you.

  200. Lynette Marion

    I am totally devastated in hearing this news. Mario, we need your crusade here in this New York State of darkness. Many Christians here in New York feel a desperate need to have more of the Lord Jesus Christ and His revival, leading to more godly leaders. We have a wicked governor and state legislators who are trying to turn our beautiful state into concentration camps and its people subjected to the most tyrannical policies in the country. Not all of us can pick up and move to Florida. We were so looking forward to another Batavia crusade, and so desperately need a powerful move of God here, and revival to change the hearts of people who are dying spiritually here. People have made plans and moved things around in their lives to come to the crusade. Please do not let these woke pastors and leaders hamper the good that would come out of so many Christians gathered in prayer and worship in our state. If there is any way you would reconsider, please do so. I believe that my own brother was healed from a very desperate fight with covid, because of the intense prayers of people in that surrounding area (he lives within a few miles of Batavia), These people were so touched by the Batavia crusade in October, and the afterglow of that crusade is still being felt, but we need and want more of the Lord! My brother was planning to go to the crusade as was I. I totally understand your frustration and share your strong support of our President Trump, and do not agree with these cowardly pastors and so called leaders that have criticized you for supporting him. They sound more like hirelings that don’t care about the sheep, and selling out to what amounts to supporting the wicked administration now in place. We do still stand with you Mario, but this announcement leaves many many Christians who are sincere and hungry for God’s move, terribly disappointed and let down.

  201. Judie Adey

    This is SO sad! Dutch Sheets actually did a “Give Him 15” that echoes a lot of what Mario is saying here. We don’t have separation of church and state, we have separation of church and “politics” which has led to a whole host of unholy men and women in OUR government!! https://www.givehim15.com/post/april-26-2022

  202. fredsheltonministries

    Perhaps it is time for the believers in Western New York to fast and pray and be filled with the power themselves. Mario can’t do it all, nor should he. New Yorkers saw what God will do…maybe it’s time for God’s children to arise and take God’s word to everyone that will listen and let the Holy Spirit do the proof through us. Just a thought.

  203. Valerie J. Hoffman

    Dear Rev. Murillo,

    I have the utmost respect for you. I pray for you and your ministry. I am asking that you reconsider your decision to cancel your tent meetings in Batavia. New York needs the declaration of Jesus’ Name over it, to hear the Holy Spirit beckoning them to come and be saved. Please do not allow the demonic strongholds, even in the church, to win this one. It seems the evil one is using President Trump’s name to defeat the Name of Jesus. I pray you return to the Lord to seek His will. I will trust your decision.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Valerie Hoffman

  204. Jeannie Steely

    This is so very sad to hear. I just came back home from the amazing crusade in Tulsa, WOW God was there in Full Glory. To hear that you are not welcome back because of Pastors not liking Trump is asinine! It boils down to Good vs evil what side are they on ?? However “ the people “ welcomed you with open arms and they are desperate for truth.

  205. Joshua

    I am disappointed about this, but i know that God has a plan because the people in western New York are ready for revival the field is ready for harvest. I believe Mario Murillo need’s only lend the tent and God will send someone in his place. For it was but a week ago at least 1,000 pastors and leaders showed up and proclaimed they will take back the state for God’s glory.


    As my wise wife has told me, “Good can be the enemy of the best.” Your time is limited, and God is showing you where He can get the biggest bang for the buck. You are a wise man, Mario, and we support you 100%.

  207. MIchele Pettenati

    I have lived in Western NY all my life. It is dry here and just recently I see churches against each other. They will not support each other and have a JEALOUS bone of contention. I am sad that the Lord has to watch this happening. I am sad that we cant just LOVE each other the way GOD has commanded. THis is just another sign HE IS coming back……

  208. Ann

    With church leaders such as you mentioned Mario, is the reason the USA is in the situation we are in today. They lack leadership skills and courage. Lame church leadership needs to get on their knees and pray to God for direction and stop pointing fingers. They should also remember they will be held accountable for how they lead their little lambs. I am with you Mario and God Bless YOU.

  209. Jean Blancato

    I support your decision 100% and thank you for standing your ground for our country and for President Trump! Please come to Northern NJ! I saw you last fall at the King of Kings church which was a little far for me but worth the 2 trips! What about putting up your tent at a fairgrounds? We have the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta NJ but not sure if it is big enough for you or if it has the availability you would need. http://sussexcountyfairgrounds.org/ I have a farm to run so I cannot go too far from the animals but can do nearby day or evening trips to your tent meetings! I have been watching you as a Flashpoint Army member and you are a blessing and an inspiration! You are in my thoughts and prayers every day and my friends and I are believing you will indeed return to the NJ area this spring/summer as you said when you were here last fall! You are a blessing!

  210. Linda Kidder

    As many others have shared I am shocked and saddened. I volunteered in Batavia last October and signed up right away when I heard you were coming back. Even making my room reservations a month ago but if indeed the Spirit is restraining you then the Lord be blessed and I will continue to pray here for you. Be strong and go through the doors that the Lord opens.

  211. endtimes messenger

    This isn’t hard for myself to figure out. You’re not out there before the people as a Trump guy. You’re out there as a Representative of Jesus the Christ, saying and doing exactly as your calling defines. So what if you’ve been catagorized as a Trump supporter! The thing to do now is to preach Christ from here forward, and He will convince the people that you are His best supporter who loves Him a whole lot more! Please… just leave Trump out of it. And instead tell the people how much you admire Christ and the great things He will do. Make all your statements supportive of Him, and He will vindicate you. PS. Don’t post this. For your eyes only. Bless you, Soulwinner.

    • Mario Murillo

      While I am grateful for your compliment and encouragement, I can tell you have not been listening to very much of my preaching.

      • Julie

        Proverbs 3:5-6
        Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

    • kimbwaterman


  212. Jillian C

    If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet. Matt 10:14

    • Linda

      Thing is, in northern NY and surrounding areas? Our voices are drowned out by big cities etc. We vote for leaders who align the most with our faith. We need revival. There’s a dark cloud over this state We sign petitions against evil agendas and laws. We stand up against things. But, we are drowned out. Our area and all around are red. We love Trump here, for the majority. Our family is so disappointed he needed to cancel. We were going to make about a three hr drive to get there, and we’re so excited! NY state is getting worse every yr. 💔

  213. Colleen

    Brother Mario You will know them by their fruit. Look what the Lord did in Tulsa Oklahoma. Preaching of the gospel, salvation, signs and wonders that followed.
    No one or nothing can stop the Lord Almighty and if the Pastors in Batavia region are rejecting your comments on President Trump just wipe the dust off your feet and move to the next harvest field that God has. You always speak the truth in love and you represent the heart of Jesus to the body of Christ worldwide. May the Lord prosper you and all that you put your hands to do and may the Holy Spirit continue to use your ministry to save and set people free. God will confirm He is with you because every region that you will go to signs and wonders will follow. God bless you brother Mario.

    • Steve

      It is obvious that Satan does not want you there. It sounds like you have lots of support. Who knows? God does the work anyways through the holy spirit. When John was preaching he had no team of volunteers. He just preached repentance. And all came out to hear him. Sometimes we let organization get in our way. Preach like you have never preached before. Go where God has called you and do not let anyone hinder you.

    • Kathy Thompson

      Good time management. It’s past time to push back on religious spirits. They are not your God!!

  214. Danielle Ridgely

    I agree with @Pastor Kathy Hill. MMM did not ask for volunteers at the leadership brunch (which I thought was going to emphasize these logistics) and it’s been like pulling teeth to get info to help mobilize. This is a slap in the face for those of us who have been passing out flyers to our family, friends, and business relationships. Now I have to backtrack and tell them all it’s canceled and there is no good excuse for it. And for all you commenters with a “good riddance” mentality, you would not have the same attitude if it was your backyard harvest of souls getting canceled because of one local pastor. Rochester will be saved in Jesus’ Name!

    • Mario Murillo

      As long as people continue to blame innocent bystanders and ignore the local culprits you will have business as ususal

  215. Amy

    It may be encouraging to you ….. Dutch Sheets in Give Him 15 is aligning with what you are saying Tuesday and Wednesday of this week! Guessing you both have no idea ! God bless you !

  216. Mike

    I’m so sorry this happened. These leaders are so misguided and stuck. I live on Long Island in New York and would love to see you come to the island

  217. Richard

    It’s really not about Trump. It’s about good vs evil. It’s about treason. That’s what has taken place and will continue to take place if Pastors and spiritual leaders continue to bow down to fear and not be a voice. Thank you Flash Point for your uncompromising voice!! Thank you believers around the world who are fearless and believe in the power of prayer.

  218. Laura

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have been believing for a healing of cancer for over 3 yrs and knew that if I got to Batavia, that spirit of cancer could not stand up to the power of God. I will continue to stand and believe for my healing. I don’t need Chemo, radiation or surgery. All I need is a touch from the Master.

    I pray that God continues the good work He is doing thru you and that you continue to have the wisdom and direction from God.

    Please come to Gaylord, Mi

  219. Carolyn Denison

    Purging and cleansing. Wipe the dust from your feet. Go to the strategic places Holy Spirit sends you. Mario you have my full support but more important is you have the Lord’s full support.

  220. Jacqui Brokaw

    God Bless you, Mario as you hear from God and are bold to tell it. You are “ARMED AND DANGEROUS.” Love that book you wrote. As you continue to be humble yet bold, I believe what you are saying is TRUTH and the decision you made about Batavia will set the standard and eyes will be opened. Like you said at the Mabee Center last week, they need to know that they know they have been Born Again and are truly living for God, or their own agenda. Love in Christ. Jacqui Brokaw

  221. Thom & Joy

    I have heard you preach and see the anointing on your life. God can open doors and He can close doors. I will still be praying His will be done and His Kingdom come.

  222. Sue

    I am from upstate NY only 2-1/2 hours from Batavia. This breaks my heart but I know you are a praying man of God and I know God is in control. I will nerve understand how you can be a believer in Christ and not like Trump. He brought Christian leaders to the White house to pray and he wants to end killing of babies. I thanks God for raising you up for such a time as this.
    Sue O’Connor

  223. Eric Zurcher

    Mario my wife Patti and I were there the first night in Batavia. We were only two out of the hundreds that came forward that night. We could not go for the rest of the week as we live a couple hours away in Warren, Pa, just across the border from NY. Come to us!!! You are MOST welcome here! Is it possible to arrange this? We support you no matter what. Please come. My wife and so many others will do what we need to try and get you all here. Godspeed Mario and as always, God bless!!

  224. Lisa G.

    Brother Mario, come to Southwest Washington – we need your revival here! We also have plenty of rain to make it feel like Batvia.

  225. Tracey Nowak

    How sad that these pastors are playing politics. Shame on them. Where is the burden for the lost? It’s pastors like this who crucified Christ….

  226. Cindy Bell

    When people make decisions/judgements with their fleshly thinking or out of a spirit of offence they will miss it every time. In the natural some things about him may be offensive to some BUT if one is in tune with the Holy Spirit of God and can see past offense into the plan and purposes of the Lord you will put away the mind of the flesh and Spititually discern the will of the Father. The natural man understands not the things of God neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned 1Corn2:14

  227. Sharon Palmer

    I pray NYS doesn’t reject the fullness of its hour of visitation. But, Mario, go with God wherever they receive you, brother. We love you.

  228. Marlene Baron

    Mario, There are many believers here in Tampa, FL who support you and know you are directly in the WILL of G-d! Come to Tampa!! I’d bet Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne would welcome you and help.
    It is tragic that these pastors canceled you. Whoa be unto them for judgement is on the horizon if they don’t repent.
    And, I urge everyone on this thread to put your $$ where your mouth is in support of Mario’s ministry. Every dollar adds up. Do what you can. I pray blessings on everyone here!

  229. RAFO

    Mario, coming from the military medical establishment I’m very familiar with the concept of triage… using limited resources to effect the maximum good. You’re doing the same. You’re absolutely correct in “triaging” where and when you’ll have a crusade as resources, time, personnel are limited! You must go where God leads and where you’ll have the most impact.

    Yes, Trump is a lightening Rod and always will be, but I truly believe he loves this country and tried to do what he thought was the best for America. Because he was not part of the Washington insiders the main stream media tried to destroy him. What do we have now? A communist/lucifarian government and no one says a word. Stick to your guns and call it like it is! God bless!

  230. JerriLyn

    Amen Mario… Shake the dust off your feet and go where The Spirit is calling!

  231. Samuel Stephens

    Matthew 10: 14-15.

  232. Kathleen

    Dear Mario

    We watch you all the time. I believe that you should not cancel the revival meeting. You should have sent a letter by email or mail stating all the verses in the bible referring to government. No matter what ‘status’ these people have in the pulpit, they are speaking on behalf of satan. Satan is smiling now. I was looking forward to watching. Now is the time to speak the truth – speak it Mario. Don’t stop for what a few are saying. Prove them wrong. God is with you,

  233. despenla

    Dear Brother Mario, we support you and your decision, We pray daily for you and your team to have wisdom about where to go for the fields that are ripe for harvest. Even Jesus found a place where He could do no miracles and it was in the natural sense a place you would expect great success, but it was not. Keep leading the harvesters!

  234. Anne Westlake

    We need you in California. California is the linchpin. As people are fleeing California, we keep praying God will raise up an army to redeem this state. People who will stand up against the enemy. Contrary to popular opinion, there are thousands of believers who are trying to stand against this evil but more and more our spiritual family is abandoning the ship. We can’t redeem California but God can.

  235. Annette

    Dear Mario,

    I have been a life time resident of WNY (Buffalo) for 61 years. The battle here is real and has been for decades. Niagara Fall is a very dark place. Buffalo is just behind it. God is clearing out His House in Buffalo. People who I thought were godly people are now being brought into the light.

    I can’t even count the number of times my husband and I have discussions to move out of New York State. However, God has not called us yet to leave. We are still fighting! In the last year we even changed churches because of the way they handled culture, politics etc. Let me tell you, there is a movement here and God is moving people from these churches to the smaller ones. My husband and I have supported you and your organization in many ways.

    I was broken hearted to hear that you have changed your mind and not come. Yes, we have not signed up to volunteer yet as I did not see a deadline nor did I see a request stating ,’ we need more help otherwise it will be cancelled. ‘ If you needed more help, why wasn’t this communicated to us ? I also had to wait as my husband had knee surgery and I had to see if he would be able to walk and stand for the numerous of hours needed as a volunteer. In fact he was disappointed that he was unable to do ‘street ministry’ with your group. We were volunteers last year and were there almost every night. (PS people in this area are always late

    We attended the Revival Fire Network meeting on Monday the 25th. We heard a wonderful message from Frank, Pastor Paul and Assemblyman David DiPetro. New York is dark and we need outside help! Nothing was mentioned about a cancellation or needing more people for volunteers. There are some really

    There are many of us who are working behind the scenes passing out flyers to church family and we actually had plans to pass it out on the street to people on our own. (with another couple we met in our church )

    Yes, I question why? (why does Western New York and Buffalo always get the bad rap? I can’t even begin to list all the disappointments we have faced over the years, and now it has triggered into Christianity here as well)

    Mario, if God has called you to come and fight the battle in WNY, why would you not come because of resistance? It is not like you to run from the battle! I just don’t get it. Yes, there is resistance and there was last year. We need a strong faithful leader to ignite this area and NYS. We need warriors who are willing to come and fight the enemy head on with the power of Jesus.

    Mario, where is your David spirit against Goliath? These Revival meetings and leadership meetings have been on fire. Just because you can’t see the results from the pulpit and pastors, it doesn’t mean God is not working in the ‘messengers behind the scenes.’ He is using the ‘unqualified’ to do the work. Pastor Paul is a man on fire for the Lord. Most of all I am brokenhearted for him. He has put so much hard work into this area and community.

    Praying for wisdom, and discernment for ALL. May our Heavenly Father direct our steps and strength the hearts of those who are dedicated to Him.

  236. Ron Gowin

    Mario This is great news!! A new army of your movement will now rise up and join your fight. Watch the massive influx of funds and people now. This event is a new pivot point in your ministry. Grab it, embrace it, and run with it. Believe me, this is a recharged new beginning in your ministry.

  237. Dana Tibbitts

    God is exposing the hearts of his people. Judgment comes first to the house of the Lord. Remain fully rooted in the things God has shown you and he will give you the ground where you place your feet for the hearts of the people to return to Him.

  238. Mari

    GOD bless you Mario! Thank you for being an example of going all-out for KING JESUS. Here’s hoping/praying we learn to put JESUS FIRST in NY, stop the nonsense of baal-knee-bending (starting with pastors) & learn to recognize that DJT is a gift from our LORD & Savior JESUS CHRIST.

  239. Faith Faber

    Don’t be surprised when the characters of people are being exposed. We are in the time of the shaking. “Fear not, little flock, for it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”

  240. Carol Smith

    Unfortunately these spiritual leaders aren’t concerned with the lost souls in their area. So many people are won to Jesus in your meetings. Brother Mario we will continue praying for all of your meetings and appreciate everything you are doing for Jesus and the kingdom of God. Blessings!

  241. Susan Arellano

    I will never forget being at the gym and hearing Donald John Trump say during an interview after the republican debates “ they (the rhinos) want me to tone down my rhetoric , how can I when Christians are being beheaded in the Middle East”. I Thank Our Father-in Heaven for insuring I knew this. Then during the debates his naming babies in the womb… never did I think I would hear that from the president …. Then he personally stood on stage at the March for life with Alveda King …. Not to mention his holding his Bible at the Church but also his ancestor’s involvement in the Hebrides revival. His United Nations speeches encouraging leaders to protect their people and untold numbers of intercedings by his family . Finally, his statements regarding not worshipping government but God alone!

  242. Viviane Smith

    I watched the crusade you had in Tulsa and I wept through most of it. The power in that meeting was amazing. The whole time I’m praying that some day you would come to Canada 🇨🇦And I could attend. I continue to pray for your crusades and I as a Canadian appreciated hearing pastors mention Trump so we intercessors could pray for world leaders I am very touched when you mention the street people you minister to and how drug addicts are healed. I am presently grieving the loss of 2 sons from overdoses. God bless your work. 🙏🇨🇦🇱🇷 United in Christ. .

  243. Cowley Tim

    I am at a loss; We in ROCHESTER NY; need God; can’t the leadership get past there desire to strongarm their people! the leadership in our area are mostly full of half truth; mostly about money;

  244. Pamela Parker

    Stand firm, Mario! Come to West Palm Beach, FL and help win Palm Beach. We/they need you.
    Blessings to you and your entire crew! Pamela

  245. Susan Arellano

    Dutch Sheets has a post regarding GOVERNMENT….these are my thoughts over several years : I am 67 years old so I love the truth that is opened to us . May God open our eyes regarding following Him and not succumbing to the enemy…. What is it like to live out from under the Johnson amendment? He PUNISHED Christian leaders for telling their parishioners truth about their corruption . An 80plus year old gentleman said of Johnson SCHEISTER I am a retired nurse supervisor. God instructed me not to enter into arguments regarding Trump/ the elections and when asked, implored to answer , He said my bottom line iS STOP THE SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD”. There are many Christians who voted against Trump, who do not even want to talk of abortion, history of covenants made in this land . The pastors even warn their parishioners against getting involved . We sell in the local farmer’s market in a military base town . There are many from around the world who come through here that are unified in Christ alone. I AM THANKFUL TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN TO LIVE IN THIS AGE. Isaiah 30 is very precious to me …. Susan

  246. Susan Seven-Sky

    I am so sorry we had a small group of intercessors who pray for NY praying for your event, it is 6-7 hours away from where I live & I am a single mom & have a special needs son so I could not participate in person, yet I was interceding and will keep on praying for breakthrough in this state…this makes me really sad.
    Dr Susan

  247. Daryl


    I respect your decision – you know more about this kind of thing that I do. It’s just that Jesus did not wait for buy-in from the local synagogues before starting his ministry. Paul didn’t either for that matter, and the disciples themselves didn’t start hitting on all cylinders until Jesus had been off the scene for a solid 40 days.

    I doubt you get more Trump-love in southern California that you do in Western New York, so that shouldn’t be so big a factor in the decision process. Neither should the so-called church leaders either. If you coming here to minister to pastors and churches, I’d wonder what you are thinking – most them are about cashflow, otherwise, we really wouldn’t need a tent revival, would we. From what I can see from Cornerstone – we’re 100% behind Paul and Lee whether you come or not, and we have our eyes toward Jesus and the fate of those who need to hear the Word.

    One more thing before I go – I was in Tulsa last week. I saw for the first time that those with us are more than those with the enemy. I assume you saw the same. If I got no closer than waving a flag in the parking lot at Cornerstone, that was where I fully intended to stand, right where I was when you drove past a couple of weeks ago.

  248. Tom Z

    You are making the right decision Mario. You have had such great success in your ministry and you have refused to let anyone muzzle you. Stay the course. My wife and I continue to support you in prayer and financially.

  249. Linda

    I’m in the north country. We were so excited and were going to make the drive to Batavia, about a three hr drive with a car full. Our area has a lot of Trump supporters. I’m so disappointed and heartbroken. Shame on the leaders that did this. The souls that would have been won. Healings that would have taken place. Strength gained by weary Christians in this state I wish wasn’t home anymore. It’s not the state I grew up in. It’s gotten so much worse. We are voiceless in the north country. Voiceless 💔

  250. Tamora I Gallagher

    So sad to read this… I was going to drive in from Syracuse with my Autistic son. I hope there’s a revival somewhere else relatively nearby… I’ll keep watching you on the internet and on Flashpoint!! Love your message!!

  251. Dina Wigt

    I stand in agreement with You Brother Mario. I hope you will be able to return to Central California in the near future. I couldn’t make it to Hanford last time. My health is not good right now. I would like to got to one of your altar calls for a healing. I follow you, the Victory Channel, Prophet Robin, Prophet Hank and Pastor Christmas. I support President Trump. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God, Glory to God. Thank You for your preaching and your ministry. For me, it is just right.

  252. Darlene W

    I know that this golden river of God’s Glory will continue to flow. I know that it will cause a GROUNDSWELL. I know that the devil lost a long time ago when Jesus utterly and completely destroyed him. God will raise up His standard in this fight. 🙏❤️

  253. Kristin Salzman

    Praise God, Mario, for you fervently seeking the Lord’s will and following thru in spite of the attacks. Stalwartness overcomes fear and man-pleasing/compromise. It would be wonderful for you to come to Illinois as it is in desperate need of a supernatural move of the Holy Spirit with salvations, signs and wonders. Two words have been given that encouraged me: February 13, 2022 Hank Kunneman Prophecy. “In Illinois God says there shall come something unusual. Illinois, you shall be known an Illi-NOISE, for a NOISE shall rise up out of you from Chicago that will throw your mayor out (They need to!) and a new mayor shall arise and great reform shall come unto you, Illinois, because there will be a NOISE of conservatism that shall also break the power of liberalism that has been over you.” April l, 2022 – Robin Bullock Prophecy. “I heard Illinois, what can I say to you? I would, but you will not hear. So Illinois government, so now it’s time for you to fear. I heard exposed, expose, yes, expose to read. So Illinois government please take heed.” I pray God leads you to just the right places and He will be glorified by your obedience for His will to be done!

  254. Samuel J Stewart

    Sorry to hear the opposition to Mario. Sir, Brother we support you. We move on. Much prayer for you and also Flashpoint. God is doing mighty things. Mighty things! You are a Joshua or Caleb in our times. We pray daily Gods agenda shall come to the full fruition He purposes and means fir it. I’ve been attending since August 21 in Ft. Worth., Hanford 4 nites. Tulsa Millenium and now Mabee. Center ORU. Oh the glory of God each and every night. Praise God. God is opening a great portal before you/us And it can’t be stopped. As One Brither. I live in Ft. Worth. Leave to El Salvador and Guatemala now, on the plane. My son and I have received the annointing and blessing and we are taking it with us as we preach snd serve the next few weeks. Been hearing Mario since his Jesus Movement days. How awesome how God is waking Bis church up and powerful the signs and wonders following the preaching of the pure word of God. Halellujah. Praise God!

  255. Dorinda

    Brother Mario we ask the Lord to forgive the local pastors whose eyes are yet to be opened and we ask you to forgive them as well. NY has evil demonic strongholds that have blinded the eyes of many…but not all of us!! We are asking that you please reconsider coming to Batavia to continue to awaken the church leadership and help dispel the darkness. We are hungry for the next move of God to ignite more hearts and bring much needed levels of breakthrough! We are praying for you to have a change of heart; and will sign up to volunteer ASAP!

  256. David Williams

    While I am disappointed that the crusade is being cancelled I understand why. If leaders are opposed to what GOD is doing in America through President Donald J. Trump that explains why so many are blind to the devices of the enemy. I attended the Tulsa Crusade and I was blessed tremendously by the message and the worship. GOD has the ability to use whomever HE chooses to use. I look at the platform and if it aligns with my biblical worldview then I support it no matter the candidate.
    I live in Georgia and will volunteer and support Mario Murillo Ministries. Praise God for your willingness to stand for righteousness and not wokeness!

  257. Diane Hammar

    Mario the remnant is standing with you because you are encouraging us to take a stand and roar!!!! Get Your ROAR back up and go…. Where you are not wanted or accepted…. The Lost are waiting for you there and their eternal moment of Salvation!!! We are with you always!!!

  258. Marleen

    Come to Virginia! Or Raleigh, NC.
    I don’t understand Christian hatred for Trump when he has stood firmly ProLife. Pro life…it’s a grievous day when “Christians” support the killing of the unborn. Wolves in sheeps clothing.
    Come Holy Spirit!
    Press on Brother Mario and team.

  259. david alvarez

    I think as believers we got to stop trying to fit into a world that doesn’t want us here anyway. I’m guilty of not being more bold and vocal about my faith but stay true to Jesus and the Word as much as I can.

  260. April Trush

    Dear Brothers, lay down your offense. Be reconciled with one another. Do not give the devil a foothold. Remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but with the principalities and rulers of the air. Please search your hearts regarding this matter. Thank you. 🙏

  261. Doreen Tucker

    Mario my heart is heavy for you and the decision you have had to make. I support you and know that God will need to change some folks in that region of NY. I pray that Batavia has not missed a visitation from the Father because of some stubborn people.

  262. kingskid48

    Gracious, it is hard to believe that these pastors can be so ill-informed. To be so filled with hatred for Trump, then they must be supporters of Biden. If that is the case, then may God have mercy on their souls. They will answer for remaining so blind, and encouraging that blindness in their congregations. You were right to cancel and shake the dust off. There was a move of God stopped in this town years back that appeared to be over a lack of forgiveness in the Body of Christ. The town has paid in every way possible.

  263. Sherry M

    This is sad to hear. Though I am a Trump supporter, disappointed that politics override the potential for an outpouring of Holy Spirit in the northeast. Darkness has dominated the area way too long. Hope the opportunity hasn’t passed us by. Holy Spirit, minister to the hearts of everyone hungry for revival. Give us all Your wisdom to rely totally on You. Help us to hold fast to the vision. Father, Your Kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven. Your agenda not ours. In the mighty name of Jesus.

  264. Faye M. Linton

    Brother Mario, you are sent by God. You heard Him and called me out of a meeting in Antioch, California several years ago. God healed my joints in that meeting, which allowed me to avoid double knee surgery. I am so sorry. I’ve not been able to attend a tent meeting but promote it always. God knew these leaders would refuse you. I DECLARE/DECREE they will come to realize their extraordinary wrong decision as your tent meetings will only grow more and bigger. One early morning God woke me to pray for MY President. I hesitated as I asked – ‘Do you mean President Biden?’ Quickly I heard: “NO! He is NOT your President.” President Trump is anointed but is still a man and prone to errors not unlike Moses. Moses is honored among other religions. I send BLESSINGS INDEED TO YOU AND YOUR TRIBE OF WORKERS SENT BY GOD. They did not chase you away, God gave you an exit plan which you wisely took. God gave these leaders a choice. So sad they made the wrong choice. God will send you to another town. Those sad dogs in NY will bark for nothing as YOUR TRAIN KEEPS MOVING. Your local support groups will continue to support you and your work. Father your Word tells us to forgive others as they know not what they do or say. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  265. Linda Bates

    I am completely in your corner, Bro. Mario. We are all aware that Jesus said there was a time and place to shake the dust off your sandals and move on. You can’t fight religious leadership when it opposes you or wants you to change to suit their sensibilities. Jesus understood that.
    It grieves our hearts for the lost and hurting people in that area.
    I pray God will lead them to Him in spite of man’s hinderance.
    I know God will continue to anoint and bless your meetings.

  266. Bonnie M Saunders

    I am so sorry that you are not coming to Batavia, NY. I didn’t volunteer due to my age and health situation, but I attended the previous crusade and it was amazing!!! I planned to attend with my husband at least two days. I am so sorry that you left the meeting in discouragement, but that is what the devil does. We CAN’T let the devil win. He is opposing you as he knows that many will come to know Jesus through the tent meetings. I hope more people will volunteer and you will fight back against the plans of the enemy!! I will be praying for you. Love in Jesus!!! Bonnie

  267. kays392

    When Trump ran for President I was going to support Ted Cruz. It was in prayer the Lord spoke to me and said what if I could use Trump. I knew then Trump was the one God had chosen. He was the man for the hour and I have supported him ever since. I have followed your ministry and prayed for you for many years. God is with you and I know you hear from the Lord. God is going to open doors that no man can shut. Thousands will come to hear the word and experience the move of the Holy Spirit. Signs and wonders will follow those that believe. God bless you and your family.

  268. Jeff R

    Come to Enid, Oklahoma, birthplace of Oral Roberts’ ministry. We need a spiritual kick in the pants here as well. I’ll be your first volunteer.

  269. David Larson

    Mario, if you’re surprised by the ‘Church Lady’, remember Branson, Mo., a few years ago. I was there when they locked you out of the building only hours before the service without a word of warning.

  270. Daniel Klinger

    Trump is appointed by God as the prophets have said, and I agree with!!! To go against God’s choice is to go against God! God is transforming His Church everywhere, bringing it into the 5-fold alignment, with apostles and prophets the restored foundation!!! You just stay strong brother, because you my friend are an apostolic prophet!!!!

  271. Cathy

    Mario, you planted many seeds in Batavia region, those exposing themselves now are dead. Many of the seeds are growing the Holy Spirit is watering them, they represent David. The enemy wants New York to believe their strength is in themselves. .Mario you taught and feed many pastors and wandering sheep how to see, hear, and hear the love of our Savior. Their numbers might be small but their strength is mighty in the blood of Jesus. The evil trying to swallow New York will fall over just like Goliath. The seeds growing are getting stronger and stronger every day because they are keeping their eyes on their Creator. God used small armies to defeat the impossible

  272. Roseann Sparacia

    I can’t believe how many Christians are deceived. I live in Massapequa, NY, and we would love to have you come to our town. We love God and we Love Trump! I would love to volunteer to help in your ministry. I was praying one day, and out of the blue, God said that I would be connected to your ministry in some way. It wasn’t something I ever thought about, so I know it was God. We have to keep praying for New York and for the blinders to come off. They’re missing their blessing!

  273. Kathie FitzPatrick

    Mario, I think you made the right decision.–Kathie FitzParick, Yakima, WA

  274. Annette Gall

    ear Mario,

    I have been a life time resident of WNY (Buffalo) for 61 years. The battle here is real and has been for decades. Niagara Fall is a very dark place. Buffalo is just behind it. God is clearing out His House in Buffalo. People who I thought were godly people are now being brought into the light.

    I can’t even count the number of times my husband and I have discussions to move out of New York State. However, God has not called us yet to leave. We are still fighting! In the last year we even changed churches because of the way they handled culture, politics etc. Let me tell you, there is a movement here and God is moving people from these churches to the smaller ones. My husband and I have supported you and your organization in many ways.

    I was broken hearted to hear that you have changed your mind and not come. Yes, we have not signed up to volunteer yet as I did not see a deadline nor did I see a request stating ,’ we need more help otherwise it will be cancelled. ‘ If you needed more help, why wasn’t this communicated to us ? I also had to wait as my husband had knee surgery and I had to see if he would be able to walk and stand for the numerous of hours needed as a volunteer. In fact he was disappointed that he was unable to do ‘street ministry’ with your group. We were volunteers last year and were there almost every night. (PS people in this area are always late

    We attended the Revival Fire Network meeting on Monday the 25th. We heard a wonderful message from Frank, Pastor Paul and Assemblyman David DiPetro. New York is dark and we need outside help! Nothing was mentioned about a cancellation or needing more people for volunteers. There are some really

    There are many of us who are working behind the scenes passing out flyers to church family and we actually had plans to pass it out on the street to people on our own. (with another couple we met in our church )

    Yes, I question why? (why does Western New York and Buffalo always get the bad rap? I can’t even begin to list all the disappointments we have faced over the years, and now it has triggered into Christianity here as well)

    Mario, if God has called you to come and fight the battle in WNY, why would you not come because of resistance? It is not like you to run from the battle! I just don’t get it. Yes, there is resistance and there was last year. We need a strong faithful leader to ignite this area and NYS. We need warriors who are willing to come and fight the enemy head on with the power of Jesus.

    Mario, where is your David spirit against Goliath? These Revival meetings and leadership meetings have been on fire. Just because you can’t see the results from the pulpit and pastors, it doesn’t mean God is not working in the ‘messengers behind the scenes.’ He is using the ‘unqualified’ to do the work. Pastor Paul is a man on fire for the Lord. Most of all I am brokenhearted for him. He has put so much hard work into this area and community.

    Praying for wisdom, and discernment for ALL. May our Heavenly Father direct our steps and strength the hearts of those who are dedicated to Him.

  275. tnesham

    I volunteered in Hanford and was in Tulsa (I live in MO). Regarding the date of Batavia, that was the weekend of May 14? I wanted to go to Batavia but https://thesend.org/ is having the a gospel/outreach at GEHA FIELD AT ARROWHEAD KANSAS CITY that weekend. CFAN with Daniel Kolenda, Jesus Image and many others. Perhaps some volunteers are attending that event and the number of volunteers for Batavia was down because of it.

  276. Gia Pauldine

    Mario, we know there will always be naysayers & scoffers especially in these last days; those who would like to “…stop the re-building of the temple”, even brothers who are so jealous that they miss the end game. Has God said that there is truly not enough faith for Him to work more miracles through you in Western NY? Even if there are less souls in this area versus other locales, are their saved souls more valuable than man’s taunting designed to cause doubt, distraction & deterrence. The stakes get higher as you continue to be used to heal and build God’s Kingdom… there can be no doubt that the testing of your faith will be increased along the way, as well. We love you, lift you up and ask you to stand your ground- as it’s overcoming the darkness as we speak.

  277. tim

    I was looking forward going to this revivial tent for one night bc last time the evil gave me covid so I couldnt go. Its still 4.5 hours away drive, but now Im gonna have to wait even longer. You should hold it anyway and dont be discouraged. remember the portal over the WH that needs to be closed.

  278. Lori

    I feel so badly that you have withdrawn from the crusade. This may be a reflection on our left leanings in this state, affecting churches as well. I pray for new and godly leaders in government and that we the church can truly turn back to the Lord. So sorry.

  279. Tricia Sims

    Mario, My husband and I are sad and disappointed that you won’t be returning to Batavia, NY for your tent revival. Living here in Upstate New York has been spiritually draining. The churches where we live have not stood for the truth of the Gospel and will not talk about the ungodly political climate we have been living in. We attended the tent revival in Batavia in the fall and it was refreshing and encouraging to us. Please know that we understand the decision you made to cancel this meeting. We watch you on Flashpoint and financially support your ministry. All God’s blessings on you and your ministry. We love and appreciate what you are doing for the Kingdom of God!✝️

  280. Bill

    I didn’t get to read all the replies so forgive me if I’m repeating someone else. You should go where God tells you to go, regardless of politics. God bless you.

  281. Mary Wilson

    Ignite the storm! Blow it all up! You KNOW it’s the right thing to do. Put the woke pastors/preachers to shame. They NEED to see what they are doing is so wrong on so many levels! They have so many open doors to reach out virtually. So many refuse to see outside the box, refuse to reach out to our youth at their level (virtually or whatever ignites them). And what happens? Our next generation is lost. Shame on us, or anyone who is incapible of seeing, truly seeing the future and what our Father wants! You have it all Mario, you have the gift of the Father. He knows your heart, we know your heart and you give God ALL the GLORY. And rightfully so. Go! Go in defiance of the opposition! Prove that they do NOT own you or our next generation, and have NO power over God’s will, You work for the Master and He will pave the way. You know HE will. I don’t attend church services, I see them as being ‘boxed’ in and I have so much joy just wathing you and Flashpoint, Brother Kopeland and others that there is no void in my heart, no need to go to a brick and mortar building. This is no longer your brick and mortar living. And for the bible’s teaching that we must ‘unite’, I can certainly do that in the 21st century via the Internet. Like it or not, it IS what it IS. We are in new generation. Let’s join and meet the need however or whatever that NEED is. In Jesus name, unite! Be in the AGE that we are in!

  282. Curt Kliewer

    Pastor Mario, I think you made the right call. The church has to wake up to the fact that such division is directly from the enemy’s playbook. And pandering to it would pollute the work Holy Spirit is doing through you and your teams.

  283. Mary Wilson

    UGHHHHH!! I Hate this! I HATE that we are not in line with the 21st century. What in the world is going on with the dead, old-timers? They need to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Jump into the 21st century for crying out loud. We are commanded to reach our YOUTH and how do we do that? By exactly what you are doing. By also using virtual resources. Hello? Knock, knock… is anyone there? Forget the old pastoring and forge ahead…anew. Politics = people = church = state. If they don’t get it, forget them, just forge ahead. Unbeliveable… our values are in the Constitution written by our biblical forefathers… they knew this would happen… let’s NOT let it happen…out with the old and in with the new. The NEW includes POLITICS!!! How can it not??

  284. Colleen

    I am flabbergasted that Christians would be so against President Trump, especially now after seeing what the Biden Administration has done to our country in 16 months. Trump was the most pro life, pro Christian, pro border control, pro law and order, etc. President we have ever had. He is all the things that Biden is NOT! Biden and Pelosi claim to be Christians but are the most pro abortion and pro transgender/gay president and speaker of the house we have had. These two issues are clearly and adamantly against God’s laws according to the Scriptures. It makes no sense!. To refuse to have a soul saving, miracles, signs and wonders event for the Glory of God because of Trump is truly unbelievable. These people have a lot of explaining to do to God Almighty!

    • Freda

      I am not surprised by this turn of events in New York. I am from New York and as I said in the past our churches are failing us. Our leaders are woke and they fail to stand for Truth. Pres. Trump is not perfect but he is still the best person to lead this country if we are to be a free country again. New York is by and large woke but there are pockets of awakened Christians who are actually feeling lost and feel like they have nowhere to go. If you come to New York City my friends and I will support you but I cannot say the same thing for our pastors and leaders. We are like sheep without a shepherd but God has promised He has His “700 who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” Maybe you can plan a small crusade in the heart of NYC. God will still show up. He continues to use the foolish and the weak of this world to shame the wise and the strong. The Lord bless you more, bro Mario, for your faithfulness and servant heart. I am praying New York will repent and arise again.

    • Rose Rocha

      Praying for you Pastor Mario. We are the winning side.

  285. Gracious

    Mario my heart breaks for the pastors and the people of Batavia NY as I read the post. We will continue to pray for that area and many others that have such deceived pastors and people in leadership. As the pharisees of old they will miss what is right in front of them. Praying for eyes to be open.

  286. Roxanne Rice

    Hello Mario, my beloved brother!
    I fully support your decision to cancel the Batavia crusade, but for a different reason.

    There were hundreds of pastors, churches, and volunteers serving at the last crusade. Where did they all disappear to? From the previous comments, it sounds like there is a multitude of fervent believers who are believing for a move of God in western New York. It seems to me that it would be their responsibility, not yours, to bring it to fruition. You have done your part. It is time for them to do theirs. If they are not willing to do this, the responsibility for any lack of a move of God is more on their shoulders than on the woke pastors.

    If they would unite together and ask God for divine strategies, they could bring in the harvest themselves (and they should). The five-fold ministry (of which you are one) is to “equip the SAINTS for the work of ministry, ” so THEY can build up the body of Christ. God is perfectly capable of flying under the radar of those woke pastors and pouring out His Spirit in ways we can’t even imagine. There is nothing they can’t accomplish when they are in unity, listening deeply for the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and doing what He shows them to do. As Jonathan said to his armor-bearer (I Samuel 14.6), ” nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few.”

    They may need some guidance in getting themselves organized. Perhaps your ministry could help with that?

    If you do decide to return to Batavia, I will fully support that decision too. I trust you to follow the Spirit’s guidance.

    Much love and gratitude to you for your faithfulness. Your ministry has meant a great deal to me. God bless you in everything you do.

  287. Sue

    God has been showing us through this entire plannedemic who is on His side and that line has been FIRMLY drawn. We’re spending our time trying to get our brothers and sisters to cross that line with us, however, many are not willing to come and stand for the Lord when it counts. A pastor I heard once said that God gave him a dream where he was following Jesus, but kept passing people along the way. Some were standing and chatting with one another, others were busy doing ‘things.’ When he asked the Lord who they were and why they were not following him deeper into the forest, He told him that they were the believers that were happy where they were, and didn’t care to go any further in their walk with the Lord. I’ve never forgotten that. We’re seeing it now and I applaud Mario’s ability to hear the Lord and to stop the crusade. Until the church gets a passion for following the Lord’s heart, they’re not hearing what He’s doing. We’ve been too long without true pastors and fervent leaders who are truly in LOVE with the Lord! So, here we are. Undereducated Christians who probably have learned more about the Lord’s heart during this plannedemic than in their entire lives. I know I have. It’s HARD to find a church that will preach the true Word of God and then believe it, passionately pursue our Lord, and to discover His Heart. They forget He wants a relationship with us and not just a casual hour on Sundays. Keep going Mario – the same thing happened to the disciples. We’re all with you!.

  288. Shannan Howlett

    All I can say is unbelievable!! WOW! Sadly, this shows the state we are in and my heartfelt prayer is God please don’t pass America by because of such pettiness…

  289. Julie Eggleston

    Dear Mario, Frank , and all the Inner City Friends I made in Hanford , You all inspired my brother Lewis Marcelino and me that we made a commitment to Batavia and already to Colorado, We cancelled our hotel, rental car, etc. in Batavia and we are fine with that. BUT, we need, NEED, to continue the work the Kingdom of God has called us to do! Gather up, fire up, and find us a place to have a revival! We laborers are ready; the harvest Is ready…let’s go Mario! We trust you and God in the partnership you have. Good bless answers to this urgency! Amen

  290. Enid

    Mario, I LOVE that you speak the truth about what is going on in our country. You name NAMES! You are so refreshing. Many believers unfortunately are blinded and can’t see the truth. I have Christian family members that have rejected us because we support DJT.

    My husband and I just saw you in Pasadena 4/23. I don’t know how you did it after several days in Tulsa. My husband was “in the back row under the exit sign “. God healed his heart increasing circulation in his legs. His edema is gone and we believe his neuropathy will continue to improve. We are reading Bosworth’s ‘Christ the Healer’.

  291. Linda Bowers

    Every time I try to leave a comment it doesn’t go. I want you to come to Houston Texas because I’ve been praying for 6 cities in this area for over twenty years since 1997. I felt lead by God to pray for repentance for my country the same amount of time. I told God that you said you wouldn’t come to the south, but I said Father we need him so I think he wants you to come. I will go and speak to the churches. Even though they have no idea who I am. Mario you have my permission to ask him (God) about me. He can tell you what ever He want s please ask God if you can come. Because He Lives, Linda Bowers

  292. Nancy

    I wholeheartedly agree with Annette. Western New York desperately needs a revival. Many years ago, there was a wonderful prophecy about the Lord visiting the cornfields of New York – indeed we felt the stirrings of this when you were here last year. It is easy for some to quote scripture about the disciples shaking the dust off their feet – as long as it doesn’t concern the area you live in and have passionately interceded for. Would many areas of the world have been evangelized if opposition had not been faced head run rather than turned away from?
    Our cities are full of drug addicts and lost men and women. We need an event like this. The “churches” you are referring to in no way represent much of the Body of Christ here. As for volunteers I have no doubt they would come from the furthest corners of our state if so summoned. I would urge you to reconsider your decision. Even the Lord repented over His decisions when prayer and intercession prevailed. I would venture to ask you – what do you need to truly make it possible for you to come? Please let us know.

  293. Avril Blackwood

    I’m so sorry to hear about the cancelation of the crusade in Batavia, NY! The harvest here is so ready. The body of Christ is in line with God for the crusade. But the leaders are not. Our Church leaders never spoke out again the riots in our cities. Our Church leaders never came forth to speak out against racism. Our church leaders never came out to pray for our city against covid and masking. Our church leaders have not stood up to speak out against the evil happening in our our cities and state: abortion, sex trafficking our children, human trafficking, drugs, etc. It’s like their eyes are closed to the evils that are happening, Their ears are deaf to the heckling of sin. No faith! No presence of God! Where does their trust lie?

  294. Holly

    Mario! At the Batavia revival last October, I experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit & my life is now forever wondrously changed…You are experiencing persecution, just like our Lord and Savior Jesus did. That means you are on target and a threat to these false prophets that call themselves “pastors”. I do want to finish with this … could there be a glitch in your on line system for volunteers? I signed up for the whole week as a volunteer and never received a confirmation or acknowledgment.. just a thought..Blessings on your path dearest man of God🙏♥️

  295. Linda

    I am standing with you in prayer, Mario. Keep going wherever God leads you, and please continue to speak the truth. I pray that the church wakes up. God bless and keep you!

  296. Becky

    Love your heart for all things righteous. The ground in Colorado is as dry as the pulpits, I get this! I couldn’t get a pastor to talk about the abortion bill here HB-22. The awful 28 days after bill.I am with you! Mario a brave servant!

  297. NickT

    Like him or not President Trump had our backs as Christians and did all that he could to help us.
    So sad these pastors don’t’ understand this. God was using him even though he was not perfect and he also did a lot of good to go against the left!

  298. Gina Shattell

    Mario. I was in Batavia last fall and witnessed so many incredible moments. The patriotism and spirit of God was so moving and encouraging.
    I don’t know if this made any difference but volunteer sign up wasn’t available for this spring until this past week. I was excited to volunteer again.
    I am sorry you had to cancel. I know I and thousands others were blessed by you and your team. Thank you for your passion, honesty and honor to God. I’m so discouraged and pray for the veil of deceit to be lifted in NY. Please know that there are people in NY that want to hear what you have to say uncensored. We know you are doing Gods work. Be blessed. I pray you can come back to NY. Thank you, God bless you, your family and your team

  299. Kristy

    Mario, according to your 9/01/2021 blog, when you left the first Batavia Pastor’s Brunch early, it was because you had become very ill following the Sacramento Tent Crusade and in fact you went into the hospital before you even reached home. The prognosis was not good, the fear level was hyper-elevated but your wife’s call-out to your proven healing ‘support group’ brought you back into the fight and you preached to yourself in weakness until you broke the chains of wickedness and killed the death demons. Then, you returned to Batavia for a glorious rain-soaked over-capacity filled Tent Revival! Their immediate need was fulfilled. Now, this anti-Trump reaction by a few pastors is like the money-changers at the Temple. But, they cannot defile Our Father’s Tent! For those who are innocent- this cancellation is not a punishment, but it is a huge wake-up call for those who are still wandering amidst the broken Woke Agenda because they are relying on the comfort of secularism- like the very tables which Our Lord, Jesus Christ threw over- money and all. Keep on moving forward, Mario, your honest heart is protected by Father God and His angels. The heart’s of your soldiers are being renewed for the final battle with these minor skirmishes simply giving the volunteers time to hone their swords of prayer and righteousness so that God’s many David’s & Queen Esther’s can fulfill their divine destiny’s along with yours. To God be the Victory!

  300. Michaela

    Many of your messages speak against this kind of hypocrisy by leaders. It’s incredibly sad for the people who are hungry for truth. Unfortunately some leaders who say not to talk about politics are the very ones who have the politicians in their back pocket. They’ve sold out for mamon.
    I volunteered in Hanford and my friend PJ was healed when you called her out. You referred to her later as Christina. I think she got a new prophetic name along with her healing. She’s on your video when you were on Sid Roth. Your efforts are yielding many miracles. I’m only sad for the people who have rejected You and Jesus for absurdity.
    Keep doing what you do. You will stand blameless before our Lord while others will be required to explain themselves. They might not hear “Good and faithful servant…”
    I hope you come to Colorado where I live!

  301. Gail

    Great post! I am not surprised with the response of the pastors. They have been running and hiding from the battle for decades! Eventually you have to shake the dust off your feet and move on. They and their followers are the reason the American Christian church is so wimpy and irrelevant. I would hate to be in their shoes when they meet our Lord.

  302. John Curtin

    Someday SOON!! brother Mario- the River of God will flow like the Niagara river through western New York- Then to the nations of the world just as it did with Charles Finney in the 1850s! Those that opposed Finney got saved or they perished! Read his books- those are Finny’s words!
    Satan knows this and that’s why he is fighting this work so ferociously! It will go to the nations!

    ‘For Where there is jealousy, envy and contention (Rivalry and selfish ambition) they will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil and vile practices!!’ James 3v16 (look at all of James 3)
    The Pharisees and Sadducees (The pastors and leaders opposing you) And their religious, antichrist spirits are coming against you Mario like they came against Jesus because you are anointed of the Lord and they are jealous of this anointing- so sad!!
    You are right to cancel because these leaders will let this deadly spirit into the crusade- it would not go well!
    But the King of Glory will have His way! He will use fisherman and tax collectors, His remnant, His intercessors to bring this move fourth!! He will change pastors and leaders hearts or He will remove them from their office
    The King of Glory WILL open the gates in western New York Mario soon- be ready to come back!
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and increase your fire and anointing!!
    His servent- John Curtin

  303. Freda

    The church leaders here in New York need the preaching of Jonah – repentance! The Crusade must happen in their hearts first. As for Trump, no prophet will have honor in his own city. Many New Yorkers have rejected him as the Galileans rejected Jesus. They need the revelation of the Holy Spirit. All the more you need to talk about Trump to New Yorkers, bro Mario! Praying for you and for New York.

  304. George Ride

    Hi Mario. Lord we come before you with this development in Batavia. Father convict the Pastors of their evil way and move in their Hearts to get with Your Program and put aside theis Political Beliefs to sere the Living God Jahova and Jesus Christ and not their Political Beliefs. Its true there are differences b. But we dont sere Political Beliefs but only our Lord Jesus Christ and the furtherance of the Kindom of God!!!!

  305. Joe Pileggi

    My heart breaks at this news. My wife and I labored in the Batavia area in ministry for 16 years before moving to Alabama.
    It was hard, fallow ground and we saw very meager results.

    As I saw the powerful results in last year’s meetings, I wept openly. Finally, revival was coming to my home area! Perhaps our labor was not in vain after all.

    But now the ugly side reappears. I was ordained with this group Mario refers to. The politics run deep and wide. They have no room to accuse Mario of politics. The Pharisaical spirit has gripped that group as long as I have known them! That is why I withdrew from that fellowship and moved to more “fertile” ground.

    Last year’s crusade “softened” the ground in preparation for what God wanted to do in this one, but these arrogant Pharisees have turned Holy Spirit’s plan away. God will hold them accountable for their obstructionist spirit and I don’t want to be anywhere near them when He does.

    Because of their rejection, the Batavia area will return to its original hardened, fallow state. The tragedy is, the souls that WOULD have come to Christ through this crusade, may not be reached. Eternal destinies are at stake and are being bartered in a political arena of so-called men of God.

    I stand with you, Mario. This is the right call, even though it may cost souls for the Kingdom. But God has other ways of reaching them. I pray that He does. God bless you, my brother and my wife and I support you as you move in the power of His Spirit!

  306. Donna Gragg

    Mario, as devastated I feel currently over this cancellation, I agree that you cannot be censored by the very pastors who called you to affect a CHANGE! You just spoke of the Courage of your fellow Christian leaders at the Mabee Center in Tulsa. Courage, not COWARDICE is what these NY pastors are lacking. We know that God warms us in Revelation not to be cowards. I pray they change their minds, they will not get the desired results with a “status quo” minister. You are not the “status quo minister”…and that is why we love you.

  307. seojohnny

    Come make disciples in Georgia Mario. We will accept you with open arms.

  308. Cora Sanders

    Come to New England! Please, we need to hear God’s Rhema word for our region. There are many of us who are in agreement with your message – including what you say about President Trump – and who are praying regularly for breakthrough in our hard, hard region. We know our land needs deliverance. My pastor mentions Trump and believes the election was stolen. I know another local pastor who believes and preaches the same. But our congregations are small – 25 or less. We need encouragement. Please reconsider.

  309. Rick Holz

    Calling out what is not! Pastor Mario you are coming back to Batavia! Praise God!

  310. JT

    May the Lord forgive us of our blindness and division. May He grant us mercy for those who would choose Jesus and give these pastors yet another opportunity to choose life and salvation. May all those who Truelife seek Him find their way to Jesus. God have mercy on us for partnering with wickedness and deliver us from evil. Let Your light shine in the darkness.

    Mario, the body of Christ supports you in what you are doing. Thousands coming into the kingdom of God and eternal life. Many will reject Him, others will accept Him. Go where God is leading you. The rest of us … let’s keep our prayers before the Father and pray for the eyes and hearts of the pastors will see the truth and choose what God is doing.

    This is not about Trump vs someone else in government. This is about good vs evil. Light vs darkness. God vs the devil and we are to take dominion over the evil. Folks let’s get our thinking past personalities and get to the truth as defined by the Bible.

    Blessings to keep going. Keep trying. Don’t give up because of someone’s rebellion. Let’s pray for mercy.

  311. Jim Wirth

    Mario, you have to do what God tells you to do. Many of us believers in the Western New York region aren’t aware of how far our leaders and churches have drifted from the truth. Trying to control what you can and can’t preach isn’t from God. Those pastors and leaders who tried to tell you what you can and cannot preach will be held accountable for the souls that could have been saved and bodies that could have been healed and delivered. Sometimes the insulation has to be lifted to find the rats nest, I believe you did this for us. This is a wake up call for all of us in the region.

  312. Denise H

    Keep up the good work of the Lord, Mario and crew!

  313. Aaron

    Denominational headquarters for most of the so called spirit filled organizations pressure there area leaders to keep Trump sup[port out of pulpits and keep the status quo.
    A local church is treated like a franchise and the product must keep denominational ingredients in the revival burger.


    If the mention of a mere man’s name (Trump) can inflame such resistance, then I count it all joy that the Name Above All Names, even Trump God bless him in all righteousness, has to do little to separate the wheat and the chaff.

    In battle we call this a strategic move to the rear to re-group and advance on another avenue of approach/axis of attack. To God be the Glory. Father for the souls You had prepared for the harvest in Batavia, let their’s truly be a supernatural salvation coming from the Lord Himself, showing the evil one – you can block an event but I WILL SAVE! In Jesus’ name amen.

  315. Noreen Christon


  316. Edgar R Gonzalez

    My dear brother Mario, I am an old follower of the LORD: I respect your ministry because you preach Jesus and you always give the glory to GOD. You know why these people oppose GOD’s plans. They got lost. They believe that Religion is their god and their “fire Insurance.” I feel sad for those blind pharisees. They think they “know God well” but still follow lies. You must be doing something right for Jesus and for those of us who need HIS encouragement. Brother, please, keep going. You are not pleasing people, but the LORD. HE gave us a brain, a heart and a conscious/His Spirit: WE VOTE WITH THEM. We vote for someone who feeds “abortion,” “injustice” “destruction” and “godlessness” or not. We know, Mr. Trump is not the problem. He is the “trigger” which stirs what we really have had in our heart. He is just another imperfect man, sinner (like any of us) who loves our Republic. Brother, you and all of us know that disappointments never feel good, but we also know (by faith) that the LORD do not deviate from His eternal plan, He has a purpose… for you, for me, for us all who love, worship and follow HIM in spite of… whatever! I keep praying for you (and leaders like you), your ministry and your followers… by now, a Remnant of our awesome Republic.

  317. Teena

    Wow, this is totally mind blowing. A sad instance of God moved, the devil didn’t like it and the church picked the wrong side.

  318. Mark Berger

    Sometimes things like this come up to launch an evangelist where God is taking him. Reminds me of challenges Reinhardt Bonnke had when his new big tent was destroyed and he wondered why, God? But God had expansion plans and from then on, he held outdoor meetings, the largest of which was over 1 million in a single meeting. God is using this. You may be back in NY soon but perhaps in a stadium with massive support by workers outside unwilling churches. Maybe God is just separating the goat and sheep churches as we are now in the Valley of Decision that the bible talks about.
    Great days are ahead. It will all make sense soon.

  319. Wilma Van Der Veen

    Thank you for your sharing, and your honesty. There should be nothing controversial, but of course, there will be.

    May I please say; the people I feel sad about, are the ones in your army, preparing themselves to go to war against the enemy, and now the war is not being brought to them!!

    I know that God has an army, marching through this land, deliverance is their song, and theirs healing in their hands, everlasting joy and gladness in their hearts AND IN THIS ARMY I HAVE A PART!!! This reality should be shouted from the roof tops, that God has an army, and now is the time for all of us to find our place in this army and fight the good fight of Faith!

    Love and Blessings
    Wilma Van Der Veen

  320. Patty

    Don’t let the enemy win, you are going there for the lost not for judgemental church goers. The lost still need Jesus. I’m sure flashpoint could send some volunteers to help you. Praying for you 🙏.

  321. Lori

    It looks like satan wins again in New York state. I can’t believe God would let him win. I was in Batavia 3 of the 4 days last year and was attending again. The people want God here even if the pastors don’t. This is devastating.

  322. NickT

    Memphis, Tn. Would be a good place to reach people, they really need God!

  323. Mabeline


    Elohim has placed a mantle on you. Remember Abraham when God said to him, “leave your country and your people, leave your family and go to the country that I will show you!”

    He had to depend on God all the way on his journey. That meant everything, food, shelter, finances including a support group. God had him covered because he send him, he prepared and gave him what he needed along the way.

    Different time and generation but Gods word stands no matter what, it never changes it always stays the same!

  324. lance j foreman

    i have heard many times for years that the northeast has a very strong demionic strong hold, i have been all over the USA but never the northeast, this confirms to me that what Christians have discerned for many yrs is true about this area, i believe it even more when Christians shut down churches, wear masks to church etc etc like Psalms 91 doesn’t exist, so everything u wrote makes perfect sense to me, it going to take alot to break thru to this area, and even tho the crusade is cancelled i believe u got a couple good punches in, its to strong for one man or a small group to penetrate, but the fight is started and thats a good thing brother, just my opinion but be encouraged brother

  325. David Mastel

    Hi Mario,
    Seems like “the harvest being plentiful but the workers are still few” is still prophetic and in this societal mess in the churches filled with people only coming to see the show and not willing to get their little hands dirty actually seems a lttile pathetic. I am sorry that the order of the church is to set up doctrine and to denounce anyone that does not aline with their truth, I am sure it greives the Holy Spirit that they are maintainimg their superficial controls on the congregations. God will have His way and it might not be as easy on them in the future! Repentance is a humility many leaders have forgotten to include in their sanctuary of positional authority, but does it bring all the glory to God? I hope anyone reading this is called to needing more of God and a lot less doctrine and political wrangling!

  326. Douglas Marrano

    It’s very sad that politics are standing in the way from people coming to God this is no reason to cancel crusade that reached so many people including myself with a joyful spirit that reaches your inner soul and brings you closer to being with our Lord and savior for eternity

  327. Connie Spencer-Plante

    I just realized that you won’t be in Batavia. Incredible! My Family and I were in attendance the last time that you were here; you said that you would come to Rochester…we all cheered, we were elated because we came from the Rochester area for that event. When we heard from you that the next event would be in Batavia again instead, we were still excited to go to that gathering. My Family doesn’t know yet…they will be very disappointed; we were just recently encouraging others to join us at the Batavia event. Conservatives in New York State are not being represented, we have been muzzled, many of us left organized religion because of the corruption in the organizations that has been growing in power for decades. Please God, help US.




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