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It’s Friday Night, April 22, Tulsa Oklahoma:

The line for admission began forming at 10:30 a.m. The doors opened two hours early.

The main auditorium was filled in 15 minutes. Then overflow rooms filled—one after another.

The total attendance reached 12,000. Then people were turned away.

The miracle crusade in the Mabee Center launched us into a totally new experience. The meeting was actually too good.

They tell me that in two nights over 3,000 people came forward to surrender to Jesus.

They tell me that in two nights over 3,000 people came forward to surrender to Jesus. Only God knows the true number of souls saved.

The healings came in such abundance that we have no way of even estimating how many were healed.

How can a meeting be too good? It was too good for us to go on with business as usual. The shocking harvest of souls and unforeseen abundance of healings have forced me to make some radical decisions.

We are now overwhelmed with invitations to cities across America. These are desperate invitations. They are big invitations.

That means we cannot justify working in a city where we have to persuade churches to work together. Not while other cities are begging us to come and have joined forces because they burn with a passion to win souls.

It also means that we cannot do a conference where they want teaching, but are not willing to go and get the harvest.

This also means something else that is big and new. Some of the open doors will require a bigger venue than our tent. We now know that God is ready to fill arenas—and, even more than arenas.

Here are the words of Jesus, “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” (John 4:35).


We assumed that the results that have fallen on us would not come for years. And yet, here they are.

We have been planning based on what we have seen in the past. We assumed that the results that have fallen on us would not come for years. And yet, here they are. They are forcing us to throw our plans aside and make way for a massive harvest. What does it mean? It means the future is now.

But why has this happened at this time? It has happened because America is in dire straits. Our nation teeters on the edge of total disaster. God is pulling out all of the stops to harvest lost souls and heal sick bodies. We dare not get in His way!

The biggest implication of this event in Tulsa is radical change. The clear message here is “don’t wait.”

For the next few days, I will be deep in prayer. I am already aware that some of my decisions will offend some people…maybe even those are near and dear to me. But I must pay the price, because Tulsa was just too good for us to hold back now.

You will be hearing my decisions in the next few days.




  1. Ann Lynn Graham

    Praising God with you for every soul that came to Jesus!!!

    • Debbie hammer

      Praise God, Mario. have been praying for you and your team for two years. Thank you ALL FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE!. In 2020 the Lord gave me a word to “BUCKLE UP” and in 2019 the word was “ACCELERATION” I think these words are appropriate for this hour! Keep pressing on, you are an inspiration to us all.

    • Darla Bashor

      Praise God for His abundant blessings. We are praying and agreeing God has His plan for your ministry

    • John Roby

      We were there for both nights. Definitely way over 3,000 ppl gave their life to CHRIST.

      • Marilyn Karyl Stanton

        I was also there in Tulsa both nights! The meetings were fantastic – very anointed! I have never seen the Mabee Center so full! I live in Tulsa, and I was very surprised at the number that went forward for salvation! The Lord impressed me that some churches may not have altar calls in their services, so people really needed an invitation to profess their faith in Jesus as their Lord & Savior. Thank you, Mario, for coming to Tulsa! I sense in my spirit that you will be coming back for more meetings and outreaches in Tulsa.

        • Steffy

          Wonderful Tulsa Crusade, Better than Billy Graham or Oral Roberts Crusades. Americans and Canadians are in dire need of Miracles before most end up in Hell

    • Margaret Siciliano

      Thank you Mario for your dedication to the call of God! My prayers are with you,your family and team! A Greater anointing be upon you as God far exceeds your expectations. The Best is yet to come!! I look forward to your emails. Peggy

    • outspoken2blog

      It’s been harvest time for 2000 yrs and the harvest time is still not over but must continue.

    • gege4god

      PRAISE GOD!!!!!

    • Rosemarie OBrien

      Amen &amen!!!! Pray, Pray and more prayer coming ur way, Mario and his T🔥😊🔥💕🔥🔥

    • ricardo1944

      Dear Mario,
      May the Holy Spirit guide you in your decision regarding future fulfillment of God “s Word. We can pray for God to open the sports arenas of all kinds to support your mission world wide! May Our God continue to Bless you in your anointed mission for Christ Jesus.

    • Jack

      One of my favorite scriptures! Did I not tell you if you believe you will see the Glory of God.

    • Dorothy Smith

      This is so awesome it feels the heart with great joy! Hallelujah to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ! Go forth into all the world and preach the gospel to all people🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌Thank you for what you and the other prophets are doing🩸✝️

  2. Deborah Jahn

    Glory Hallelujah Jesus is Coming to Harvest HIS BRIDE from the earth! ❤️‍🔥

    • Denise Myers

      Amen! Jesus is getting his bride ready! Praise God!

  3. Jill West

    Jesse Duplantis told us at EMIC yesterday 4-24-22 that he had asked The Father to speed up the time of Jesus return/ had been asking Him this for years. And a short time ago The Father said Jesse I have sped it up!! So no wonder all of this is happening sooner than you or we thought. Glory to God!! I pray & cover you and your family with The Precious Blood of Jesus every day around 2:30am! Blessing & GREATGRACE!!

    • Ron Bouchard

      We need, desperately need healing in Denver Colorado. For the welfare of our inocent children.

  4. Janis Baker

    Have dedicated the next three days to pray for you as The Lord directs ( from Pennsylvania ).

    • Virginia L Greenwood

      MMM been in prayers for protection and great preaching with great healing. Welcome in King if Prussia/ Valley Forge area when God deems it.

    • Amy

      Yes same !

  5. Jennifer Olson

    This is where we are seeing a God of EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY above all we can ask or think! I was in Tulsa to witness these events. As a Pastor, and like so many other Pastors who attended, our messages to our congregation went up so many levels on Sunday! THIS is a true AWAKENING of the Lions! May God continue to bless you and all those involved above and beyond! He is Jehovah Jireh!

  6. Lillian Taylor

    I was in the Friday night Flashpoint meeting!!! NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I EVR FELT SOMETHING SO POWERFUL! ELECTRIC! God is MOVING! Over 10,000 people, “using their voice” praying in tongues for this nation and for the unborn and the children! I’m still in awe!

  7. Marcia Mehlhaff

    Yes, too good to not believe God wants to do it again and again and again! Prodigals, return! Lost souls, you have been found! Sick bodies and emotions, be healed! Jesus is here!

  8. Darla Winn

    Thank you so much for your ministry.

  9. Dale

    Pray to the Lord of the harvest…. I was there in Tulsa on Friday night and witnessed the anointing that came on Mario…. and believe that it came on others in the arena as well who will go back to their cities, churches and circles of friends with a renewed calling on their lives. Amen.

  10. Jan Traw

    We would sure love for you to come to Norman, OK. The OU Football stadium holds about 100,000 people. The Lloyd Noble Center holds about 12,000. Please consider it.

    • Angela Mcmanus

      Hello Jan, what church do you attend in Norman? My kids live in Norman and they need to attend a spirit filled church.

  11. Temple Richardson

    May God richly bless everything you touch in prayer and other ways.

  12. Ruth Bogy

    AMAZING! I’m excited to see what our God is doing!

  13. Donna Roy

    Praying that Holy Spirit will continue to guide you into the right decisions that will bring about fathers will. I know you have your eyes and ears open to the spirits leading. Trust and obey, for there’s no other way ….

  14. Mary Huffman

    Yes…it was marvelous and there was a breaker anointing that was so strong.
    I agree……only go where God has made the people totally ready to receive.
    Psalm 34. .the humble and afflicted will hear about what is happening and be glad. The testimonials with stir everyone out of their complacency.

  15. Judy Ennis

    Praying that God gives you discernment and guidance as you plan for the future. Hope your schedule will include northwest Alabama!

  16. Roz Allen

    Flash Point gave my husband hope for our Nation as well as beginning to see he listens too much to the prophets of Baal. Thank you for being obedient to God. I believe there are more for you than not. I stand with you in prayer for an abundance of souls and igniting a burning fire globally.

  17. Rita

    We attended the Tulsa event. I have never seen so many go forward for salvation. The Holy Spirit was in control and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life to watch God move the way he did. Thank you for being obedient and for coming to Tulsa. I have been wanting to attend a Holy Spirit filled meeting for a very long time and I was so blessed to do so on Friday night.

  18. Linda LaFleur

    We must all flow with Holy Spirit. God is in this movement and He will lead, guide and direct. This is the huge revival that has been spoken of; huge revivals like this will be taking place in multiple places at the same time all over America and the world. The time is now, God is moving, we must be prayerfully present, working, and not hindering the Spirit in any way. We must put our differences aside, and come together in the unity of the Spirit to minister, feed, train-up those He brings into the Body of Christ. Religion needs to be shown the door, and ordered to get out in Jesus Name! Manifested Sons and Daughters shall come forth. Amen.

  19. Rev. Sue

    I am reminded of an ‘old’ prophetic word that the beautiful sports stadiums will one day be used for revival meetings.
    HALLELUJAH! It’s happening!
    Thank you, Mario! Thank you, staff & volunteers! Mostly…Thank You, LORD!!

    • Christian Van Meter

      I was just telling my husband this same thing! I remember this prophetic word being spoken!

    • Denise Myers

      Amen! Tulsa was just the beginning and I absolutely believe God is going to use stadiums for His glory!

  20. Kate Berrington

    Praying for you dear brother. You hear and obey. Put Texas A$M University’s Kyle Field on your list. It holds over 100k people and there already is a group that’s been praying for and working toward having a crusade in it. Many prophecies confirming it as well!!

  21. Jim Gilbert

    I am in agreement and will pray that you will hear from the LORD concerning this decision and acceleration.

  22. Lynette

    It was amazing to watch the move of God at the Mabee Center! Thank you Lord! You get all the praise and glory!🔥🔥🔥

  23. Jean Berry

    Oh brother Mario, you are such an answer to my prayers. A revival of the Holy Spirit is so needed in our world but I’m praying for the Holy Spirit to come to our town, Statesboro, GA. It’s a small town and I know you can’t come here But the Holy Spirit can. Our pastor doesn’t believe the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is for today’s. He is a very prideful man with lots of gifts singing and teaching but his sermons are dry as is most of the congregation. We attend because that is where we have been members and we have a wonderful Sunday School class which is our church family. My husband and I have had some very hard bumps these past few years and their prayers and help has brought us through. My friends and I have been praying that the Holy Spirit would fall upon our pastor with the evidence of a prayer language and his eyes be open to the knowledge that miracles and healings are truly for today.
    Praying strength and blessings for you and your staff. Love FLASH POINT. 🙇‍♀️🙏

  24. Betty Lyons

    Praise God! We support you 100%!

  25. Janice Thomas

    Do what the Holy Spirit guides. However Tulsa is unique in some aspects. It has been for a long time.

  26. Dwight Craig Atkinson Jr.

    It’s about building the bridge from the crusades to local congregations and/or planting new congregations. Years ago, when I was the National Director for Lowell Lundstrom ministries, we built those bridges before, during and after our crusades.

  27. Amie

    Thank you for coming to Tulsa! The Lord’s presence on Friday was very powerful. We are able to attend and bring my 4 teen age children. We are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use you and your ministry in the coming months and years.

  28. Beverly Terpstra

    Thank you Mario🔥it was holy! It was the fire of God🔥 the song I speak Jesus was anointed! I came home and wrote it on my sidewalk. Where 150,000 to 200,000 people will be walking by in a town of 10,000 for a tulip festival in 7 days! We then went and bought a speaker for outside to play that song and as thousands walk by our house in small town Iowa!

  29. Charlotte Curry

    Brother, Tulsa, formerly the jewel in the buckle of the Bible Belt; home to Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn, Kenneth Hagin and too many other world wide ministries to name, needed this. It is no longer that sweet spot in the nation where one can inhale the Spirit of God just by breathing its air. Tulsa needed a freah anointing and power in its midst. I pray God to do this again and again and again, in Jesus’ Name.

  30. Susan Fletcher

    Praise God for you and you listening to His Holy Spirit. I’ve been praying for you or someone like your ministry to come to NJ. We are hurting bad here and it seems at times God has left for a bit. I know this is not true and I also know that the Spirit is on the move here, but sometimes a huge shot in the arm is what is needed. God bless You all that are standing, moving and just sitting praying and doing God’s Work.

  31. Deb

    I am thankful God sent you.

    • Louise

      Thank you Mario. Come to Oregon! We need to drive out demons and break strong holds! Praying for harvest in the northwest!

  32. Linda kidder

    Amen. Brother. The Lord will receive the reward of His suffering. Don’t hold back. Be bold and continue to follow the Spirit and Him only.

  33. Mary Ellen Coxon

    May the Lord continue to bless you with Wisdom, Anointing and Favor !!!’ 🙏🙏

  34. Sandra Scolini

    Praise God. God is so awesome 👌!!!!🥰🙏❤

  35. Brenda Williams

    Head South … MONTGOMERY Alabama

  36. Pat Carfield

    God bless you, GO FOR IT🙏🏼🙏🏼

  37. Kipg

    I showed up at the Maybee Center parking lot at 4:50pm. I had a sinking feeling I might be too late. Had to park across the street and walked over looking for the end of the line. It didn’t take long to realize there were too many people already in line to expect to get in. While I was admittedly disappointed I hadn’t got in to hear Mario’s anointed message, I rejoiced and thanked God that I saw the evidence of how many people are hungry for his righteousness. I prayed for his anointing to fill that place. I also prayed that he might place his mantle on many many more people (myself included) to bring that anointing to a world so ready to find him.

    And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”

  38. Laverne

    God is Awesome! God told Kat Kerr that the time of Acceleration is here, now! Praise God! Keep listening and following what He tells you, people will get over themselves.

  39. Tony

    Do it! The time is now! The harvest is abundant and ripe.

  40. Laura Prather

    Wow! Hallelujah. Praying for your wisdom and guidance.

  41. Kathy Broussard

    May God continue to bless you and use you mightily for the advancement of His Kingdom!!!

  42. Wanda Brigman

    Praying with you! Totally agree! Was shocked when so many went forward Thursday night!

  43. Judy Weber

    We welcome you to Tulsa and our cities. We would welcome a chance to be street ministry teaching.

  44. Connie Dieffenderfer

    Praying for you Mario. Thank you for all you are doing

  45. Roger Cantrell

    Think BIG! Ask BIG! We serve a BIG God!

  46. pagesixty4

    Mario, there are no words to describe the impact your ministry has had on me. I grieve also for those who can’t or won’t see what the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour. God has chosen for this mission, and he will see to it that His harvest is complete.
    Thank you for your humility and your compassionate heart.


    I’m from Chico California and I was in Tulsa. Your right on Mario. I believe that God showed me that this was the NEW NORMAL in this harvest time. I also believe God showed me that you 4 were not prepared for hat He showed you. I wasn’t either. I will be praying for God’s path be opened before. You are anointed man of God and have done nothing that I have seen without Him being first in your life. You are a leader that will have my prayers for sure.

  48. Deborah

    I was there in Tulsa both nights. The unity in the auditorium, praising the Lord was amazing!!!! People happily waited for hours to get in.

  49. Jeannette Spears

    My husband and I are so very thankful that we were there for both nights and saw the mighty works of the Lord. We saw men weeping When Mario called them out to receive their healing. We saw a fragile lady with MS being healed as she was making her way down the steps to be completely healed by the time she reached the floor !
    “ don’t tell me my God can’t do it! “ thank you Mario for saying “ this is God’s work, not man’s ! “ TRUE, SO Blessings

    • John J Candillo

      I also saw the same healings.Give God the Glory!

  50. Margaret

    Praying our Lord gives you clarity for your future revivals! PTL!

  51. Jim

    Praying for you as you seeks God’s direction.

  52. Margarita Rios

    Praise God forevermore!

  53. Collin R Williams

    Praise God that you hear and discern the Word of God. He will continue to open the doors for his glory.

    • Jim younce

      We absolutely loved the salvation response both nights & healings . Thanks Mario for Your obedience to the Father

  54. Esther L Gibbs

    Thank you, brother Mario for listening to the Lord and His directions for you! You cannot go against what you feel/know is His direction for you, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you! As I’m finding out more and more, even after the times that I mess up, I MUST listen to the Lord as much as I possibly can and then GO FOR IT! Bless you and your team in all that you do in this time of harvest and pulling out all the stops!

  55. Wendy

    Praise God. Thank you for being faithful Mario and team.. Praying for the cause; volunteers, finance, safety, venue, and…SOULS.

  56. Al Kincheloe

    God recently told me the church is entering a NEW era Would involved five fold ministry WITH the leadership by Evangelism and the Harvest Said to watch the ministry of Mario Murillo, as he was equivalent of the nature of ministry of John the Baptist when Jesus came on the seen the first time. Until recently I have never watched Mario Murillo, but God is doing what he said already PTL Simply telling you this for a word of encouragement if at anytime it is needed.

  57. Sabina Becker

    Pastor Mario and staff, PLEASE come to Wisconsin! Milwaukee, Madison, and GREEN BAY (my hometown). Alcohol/drug abuse, satanism are active in our beautiful state. Please come and fill our stadiums with REVIVAL!

  58. Carla Savage

    Praying for a Great revival and for Hod to use us for winning souls for his kingdom!

  59. Bea

    Hallelujah praise God! Thank you Jesus! Truly the fields are ripe to harvest!

  60. Michael Mauldin

    At & T Stadium is in your future.

  61. Sharon Moon

    You must be obedient to have God’s results. Flesh is always offended

  62. Linda Haze

    Praise God! He is using you and blessing so many through your willingness to serve! I wish I could be at every event!

  63. Nick

    THANK YOU JESUS! Thank you Jesus for your servant Mario, and all who stand by his side in person and by sowing financial seeds to accomplish YOUR will of soul harvest.

  64. Ms Terry Martin

    Thank you! I watched it!!! You are doing the work of The Lord God. Seed, plant, harvest!

  65. GladysCope

    GOD is so good!!❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  66. Barb

    I watched it on rumble victory channel, God is so amazing, I was in tears the whole time. Thank you Jesus!

  67. Jeanie Hutchings

    Mario, thank you for preaching the gospel with signs and wonders! Our God will give you wisdom and knowledge as you pray. Your path is clearly marked!

  68. Dessie Dennie Young

    Rabbi Landry says don’t focus on what was, what is or what is to come. Focus on The.Never Before Seen. What was is gone & not coming back, what is has too much Chaos & confusion, what is to come May or may not have more chaos & confusion so FOCUS ON THE NEVER BEFORE SEEN. HOLY SPIRIT IS USING YOU TO POUR OUT THE NEVER BEFORE SEEN.

  69. Barbara Irwin

    I now realize after reading this blog upon my awakening this morning, the the plans God has for this ministry of HIS, Is far beyond what a man can plan! God has/will give you and the workers that work along side you the strength you need to March forward! I Will continue praying, not in my own wordy, but how the Holy Spirit will lead…because He Knows what needs to be prayed about! Stay the course Mario, the Lord IS with you!!

  70. Marilyn provtor

    I’m with you. The time is now to preach the truth and no watering it fown

  71. Ruth Ann Patterson

    God bless you, Mario Marillo for standing strong for what only GOD tells you to do! Thank you for your example and your passion for souls, which is contagious.

  72. Sharon Currie

    I was at the crusade in Tulsa. People in the parking lot after the service were telling each other what God had done for them! It was amazing, awesome, faith building, life changing. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  73. Karen Grundy

    Please come to Ohio. We need a mighty move of God. God bless you

  74. Jeff

    Praying for wisdom and guidance!

  75. Donna Boddy.

    We loved the ok service. My daughter and future son in law both came forward to rededicate their lives to Jesus.
    We would love you to come to the Kansas City area. There is a great need for revival here

  76. Barbara Sonin-Robbins

    Praise God💕🙏🏻❤️✝️May those who are lost FIND HIM🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  77. Marleen

    Praises to our Almighty God!! I am praying and supporting your ministry. Run to the battle!

  78. Mabeline

    Remain humble Mario the father will be lead the way! It’s all about Yahweh 🙌🏼

  79. Rosemary MacGillivray

    Thank you Mario, for your faithfulness and obedience. I am believing for a move of GOD in my church, my city, and my country of Canada.

  80. Tammy

    Bless you Mario. You will do what God wants and that’s what matters.

  81. Lethy

    I couldn’t be there but watched online. It was totally awesome. Thank you Mario for all you do. God bless you.

  82. Valerie

    That is so fantastic! All of us should join you in the prayers!

  83. Hristo

    God bless!!!

  84. Sharon

    God is in control
    I have been watching Flashpoint since it’s inception and look forward every week for the podcasts
    The four of you have awakened a new enlightenment for the Christian and lost souls seeking answers.

  85. Rhoads Family - DFW

    Mario – In my entire life, I have never seen a meeting like I did Friday night. I am 37 years old. I was moved, touched and praising the Lord for the souls saved and the miracles brought forth through you by Jesus. This is what America needs. Please, keep it going. Go weekly to cities around our nation – open up the venues, people are hungry for a touch from God. People want to be saved. People want hope. You are in my prayers, but please don’t stop!!! You are the modern day Apostle Paul. Stay humble. Stay hungry. We love you so much and are praying for you. -The Rhoads family

  86. Bonnie McPeck

    This is such encouraging news. I would suggest that you take advantage of technology by asking those who come forward to text “SAVED” to a number you set up for the purpose of following up.

  87. Lisa

    I know you are doing Gods business about His house. Please keep Canada and other Nations, in your prayers. Grace and peace to you and your family.

  88. David Brady

    So proud what God is doing through everyone may God Bless you God called you for such a time.

  89. Gisele

    So exciting to hear about what God is doing! Praying that God will continue to guide and direct you.

  90. Sherry Kempton

    Dear Mr. Murillo, the time is now. You are here now, for such a time as this. Your decision is clear. Jesus walked among thousands and yet He heard the lone voice calling to Him and He responded and they received. The Lord opens doors and He shuts them. Your decision is clear. I bless all your comings and goings in the name of Jesus! S.K in Spokane, WA.

  91. Becky Ferguson

    The move of God in these two services was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

    Pastor Mario before the start of the service Friday (I was a volunteer at both services) while praying for the service I felt so strongly to pray for you. I saw you in a room on your knees praying with light shining down on you. The prayer that came out of my spirit was for direction, guidance and to only bring Glory to God. That the power of the Holy Spirit would fall in a fresh new way.
    A true cry for lost souls. Not only just for this conference but from that moment on.
    It was a prayer for you and in agreement with you.
    I have never had an experience like that before.

    Thank you as well as Gene, Lance, and Pastor Hank Kunaman (as well as others) for being on the front lines, being the trumpets and voices to wake us up and show us the path back to God.
    Willing to lay EVERYTHING down to carry this mantel and be a light in the darkness. A darkness that we didn’t even realize we were in.

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. .

  92. Sandie Nikakis

    Praise our precious Jesus ❤️

  93. Wendy

    Wow, wow, wow! God is so good!
    Thank you Mario for all you have done to awaken the church and get us ready to roll in this final season!
    God Bless you and yours abundantly!

  94. Christian Van Meter

    Praise God for this Harvest of souls for the Lord! God summoned me to Tulsa and told me to go and expect many things like I have never seen. God placed a calling on my life back in December and I now have a YouTube channel called “your Christian mama” I am trying to navigate all that God is doing! It’s so encouraging to see you operating in the Spiritual Gifts! I have been given gifts but never got to see them in action! This was incredible!
    I would love to have you come to Springfield Missouri! JQH arena would be amazing for you!!

  95. Barbara J Miklosz

    So moved by you coming to my City of Tulsa. It was a Supernatural Holy Ghost filled moment. The Portals of Geaven are for sure open. Yesterday, Sunday, my Pastor of Flame International was moved as well. We are now making plans to do a Tent Revival in October.

    • Barbara J Miklosz

      I did mean to say ~ Portals of HEAVEN are sure open. I am excited my Church is planning a local Tent meeting for Tulsa in October!!

  96. Harry and Alona

    Awesome………go for it !!!

  97. Joel K. Granderson

    I attended the Tulsa crusade at the Friday night service. My wife and I “forcefully” persuaded our kids to go with us. We arrived to the lines outside at 5 p.m. At that point, I was a bit concerned that we might not make it to a seat inside the Mabee Center. We met people in that “line” from St. Louis, MO, and the Spirit of God was moving as we discussed revivals of the past and what is needed now. It was an awesome time already, and the numbers of people, I realized, were not just from Tulsa, but from all across America. We made it inside the building by 6:00 p.m.
    We rushed to find seats, because by that time, it was almost full. Fortunately, we found seats near the top to the right side of the platform. The Praise and Worship was outstanding. After this, Mario Murillo came and immediately gave an altar call for souls. It was indeed powerful! Two of my kids stood and went all the way down toward the platform with countless others. I know my kids, and I know they were saved before this event. However, a radical rededication of their lives to Christ is what happened. Needless to say, I was super glad we were insistent that they be there! Then, healing miracles were happening all over the arena. There was no way to keep track of these miracles. It seemed to me that Jesus was giving miracles to all who wanted to cry out for them! I would also say that somewhere during this part of the service, time seemed suspended. Then, all of a sudden, it was over. My daughter remarked afterward that she thought it was too short. “No, but it seemed that way,” I told her, and I kept looking at my watch. We are truly grateful for your ministry, for all it has been in the past, what you’re doing now, and what God is about to do in the future. P.S. I was there when you came to ORU in the late 1980s. I’ll never forget that experience with God either. God Bless and crown all your efforts with success!

  98. Gary M Sylva

    Didn’t get a chance to come but I am glad the impact was successful! This is a time God is doing amazing things and it would be great for our hunger to continually increase for the harvest of soul.

  99. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Praise God! thank you Jesus! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! all glory to God! all thanks and honor, praise and worship, dominion, power and authority to our King of kings and Lord of lords!

  100. Catheryn Atwood

    We are behind you Sir, what ever the Lord wants, we want! HALLELUJAH TO THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! HE IS MIGHTY AND AWESOME IN POWER!!!!🙏🙌💕🎼🎶

  101. Darlene W

    Will be praying as well Mario. I can’t wait to here what God has planned.

  102. Gail

    Praise the Lord God Almighty. I plead the Blood of Jesus over you.

  103. Cheryl Boone

    Arenas open, in Jesus’ name!

  104. Katherine Aguilar

    Brother, I have been trying to contact you. I was first saved in 1982, while watching TBN where I first heard you share the gospel. Soon after that I dreamt you on a cliff, fire in front of you, I didn’t know much but I knew to pray. In 2020, I had a quick passing thought(not so random), I wonder whatever happened to Mario, that afternoon while listening to tv, I heard a voice, I turned and it was you speaking about your book, I knew deep in my heart that this moment was from God. I sought out anything I could fine regarding your ministry, and ordered your books, I was was then led to Flashpoint, and have been involved ever since immediately following the election, I know that God has led me to a deeper walk with Him, and has used you and your ministry mightily in my life. I am praying for you, and I do still pray that God will open the doors for you to have a meeting in San Bernardino, as THE MIGHTY POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY is what we desperately need., BLESSINGS!!

  105. Stefanie

    Wonderful for God;s glory, Yeshua, Do what is in your heart to do, don’t be swayed by Man. Many Thanks, I am happy for your Ministry. I live in Vancouver BC area.

  106. prayinginok

    Thank you sooo much for coming to Tulsa, Mario! I was uplifted and encouraged by all of it! Wow!!! Still on cloud 9 from seeing so many hungry people accept Jesus. Hallelujah!

  107. Ronald Turk

    Hi Mario,
    I am rejoicing with you for the unexpected harvest over the two nights.
    May our Father God give you the revelation and wisdom as to know the steps to take on the path ahead.
    It is a wonderful new day!!!
    God is so good to us!!!
    I will continue to pray for you, your ministry and the ministry of Flashpoint.
    All the way from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
    And may the Revival come to Australia also!
    Blessings, Ronald Turk

  108. Gil Z Zaragoza

    To God be the GLORY!!!!!!! Believing God that the same story will occur in El Paso, Texas County in Jesus’ Name!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Lora

    I was going to the meeting on Friday night but could not get in, I did not get off work early enough but that’s ok because I did get to go to the meeting you had at an earlier date at the Millennial Church the presence of God was so strong at times I didn’t think I could get out of my chair ❤️ I tried to get my son and his friend that are bound by drug addiction to go with me and I tried to get others to go with me I told them God is doing a work and He would help them but couldn’t get anyone except one young man that just got out of prison to go with me and God touched him that night!!
    I say that to day brother your are such an anointed man of God that the Lord has put you and your family on my heart to pray for you every day! I live in Tulsa and I’m believing this is the beginning of what God is getting ready to do and I want to be in the middle ❤️
    You are a man of God and it better to obey God than man and wherever God leads you He will anoint you and make a way!

  110. Linda Dixon

    I was in Tulsa for the two days. Never have I experienced such love and release of faith. I am 81 and waited in line for hours. It didn’t matter because the Lord told me to go! Pastor Mario I am agreeing in prayer that whatever God leads you to do, so be it! Linda D., Bartlesville, Ok

  111. Norm

    Are you seeing what God can do and is doing? God love’s His children and He is calling out to them, Matthew 11:28-29
    28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. Pray for Mario as he seeks God’s will and not of man.

  112. Peter Ingraham

    Go for it brother. Now is the time for refreshing. If God means what he says that His Ways are above, even more than our ways, let’s believe him and ask him for more than we can think, or even imagine. Praise God for this time in our land…another mighty wave of His calling the elect to come into The Kingdom before Jesus comes back. Hallelujah!

  113. Sandra Stewart

    Blessings to you my brother. May God protect you and all your helpers.

  114. RAFO

    Jesus is coming very soon… I feel it with all my being! Also, we’re in the time of the final harvest of souls. Soon, one newly saved soul will be the last before the Rapture. Who will it be, and when? Only God knows but that last soul is alive and being wooed by the Spirit as I write this… it might take a month or a year, or two, but when they’re saved that will be it! Think this is just imagination talking? Someone has to be last before God tells Jesus to come for His Bride… who will it be… you?

  115. Richard Young

    God is on the move…….I saw Jessie Duplantis on Victory Chanel last night …….and he told EMCI that God had told him that He was speeding up the time………I believe we are seeing the proof off that from this past week-end in Tulsa……..Stay strong Mario and ALWAYS follow the leading of the Holy Spirit……..Wherever It may lead you.

  116. Linda King

    Lord God Almighty..We Worship You for Who You Are! We reverence You for Your Plans, Your Mission, and Your Holiness! Thank You, Jesus for Your Mercy and Grace! Thank You for Mario Murillo, his family, his Pastor Friends and their Ministries that bring Glory to Your Name! We agree with Mario and his wife Michelle’s every prayer for their next step in Jesus Name!
    In Jesus Name! Thank You, Holy Spirit for allowing those of us including me to be included in the services in Tulsa! Glory to Your Name, Jesus! Thank You for Your Anointing and Your Presence! Thank You for answering our prayers that more a thousand people would accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and for those who needed healing! You never disappoint! You Blessed us more in than in Triplicate! Hallelujah! Look what God has done! It was my honor to volunteer at Mario’s book table..to meet so many people who loved Jesus..There are really no words to express how much I love Jesus! I am excited about what’s next and what I can do for Jesus! I’m beginning to see what it will feel like when people will be drawn to services like these everyday because God’s Anointing will be so strong to bring Glory to His Name!
    Thank You, Jesus for Mario and Michelle! God Bless them with Your Wisdom, Joy & Peace!
    In Jesus Name! Glory to The Lord God Almighty! Hallelujah in The Name of Jesus with The Power of Holy Spirit! Amen
    Love, Linda King Fairview TN

  117. Judy Jung

    Mario I was one of the brethren who attended Tulsa. It left me speechless, the anointing and presence of God was breath taking. The salvations were mind boggling, the healings were amazing and the presence of God overall was like the wind of the Spirit blowing a fresh anointing over all of us. I am not the same and I was not in a bad place at all, but I am different now, “BOLD”. When I went to church after getting back to St. Louis, I allowed God to have his way in my life and I responded yes when he said “NOW”. I too will join with others as we stand in the hedge and fill in the Gap for YOU. God will give you clear vision. God bless you and thank you Mario for all that you do, you and your family. Love you brother.

  118. Penny Marrone

    When Trump was running the 2nd time for president i was praying in the spirit and I saw arenas filled with prayers and praise

  119. sgcoy7

    Awesome bro Mario–praise God,
    all glory to him!

  120. Kathi

    Mario, I originally read this at 5:30 AM EST and heard this from the Lord for you. It’s been growing in my spirit all day:

    DO Whatever He Tells You To Do
    Let It Be Done Unto Me (You) According To Your Word

  121. Judy Demuth

    He is coming soon!!!!

  122. Nancy Allen

    This is all so exciting! My daughter and I got to see you at a conference in NC the week the election was stolen and we’ve followed your ministry ever since. Chuck Pierce’s prophecy to Mike Bickle coming alive!!! Please consider Richmond, Va, conveniently located for drug and human trafficking, and prime target for racial upheaval. We could use some soul-saving and healing here. We’re praying for you and your team!

  123. Rose Canela

    I couldn’t wait to see what the Lord would do in Tulsa, I was glued to the tv. I was so happy to see many come and receive Christ as their Savior. That is the ultimate desire, a new life in Christ. Thank you Mario and all your team the “Fab 4” and thank You, Jesus!! ( from Aloha, Oregon)

  124. NickT

    Praise God! Now is the time.

  125. Mike

    We are praying for you, your team and the meetings God has you holding, and how God will direct you going forward.
    Our attendance at your FirePower conference in Fresno in May 2021 impacted us drastically.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to the calling of God.

  126. Candy Getz

    So glad you are going to be in Colorado Springs. We live in Western KS, so it will only be about 4 hours to drive to the crusade.

  127. Freda

    Oh, Hallelujah! Jesus is here to set our nation free! Praying with you for God’s clear and sure direction, bro Mario. I pray the people of New York City would hunger for this move of the Holy Spirit, too, and the LORD would bring you here!! We need to be set free from apathy, wokeness and dejection. We need the fire you bring – the fires of love, compassion and righteousness of Jesus!

  128. kays392

    Praise God! I have been praying for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and many to be saved and healed. When I was praying I felt the Lord was saying that your ministry would be moving to big event places like Billy Graham where thousands could be reached. God bless you and the many faithful volunteers.

  129. jason F schweitzer

    we are waiting in batavia n.y. praise the lord!

  130. Steven W. Honeycutt

    I am so excited to hear about the souls and the mighty moving of the Holy Ghost” Let God Arise and let his enemies be scattered Pastor Mario! I will be Praying right along beside you my Brother”


  131. Merrie Jean Shiparski

    Praying for you Brother Mario as you seek the Lord about how to proceed in the Harvest!! God will direct your steps and make a way. He is so faithful and good.

  132. Peggy Coley

    Watched live online both nights. Awesome! Thank you, Brother Mario

  133. Natalie

    Please come to the Southbay in California! There are large venues in the city of Carson. There is a need for revival and healing in our area. I know if you came here, there would be an overwhelming response. There are so many people struggling to get by and that have suffered due to the lockdowns and the economy. I know this is typical of many parts of America but like northern CA, southern CA has the same issues.
    I wanted to bring my brother-in-law’s aunt that has stage 4 cancer and my sister that was diagnosed with a stage 4 liver condition. The cost for the Pasadena conference was not doable for us and only later I found out the healing service was free. I wish I had know because I truly believe they would have all received the Holy Spirit and complete healing. I pray you can get to the Southbay soon! 🙏 Praying for your ministry and God’s protection over you and yours. 🌈

  134. david alvarez

    God bless you brother! I’m praying for you and for many more souls to come to Christ!

  135. Betty Cone

    Praise God, we were there both nights and it was AWESOME, filled with Heaven’s atmosphere and charged with God’s presence and power! I thank God for your passion and boldness to follow God’s leading whatever the cost. You and the Flashpoint crew make a great team. Praying for you as you seek the Lord and love you, Brother Mario!

  136. Danise White

    Mario we were unable to attend but watched on govictory.com. Praise God all glory to our King. What an exciting turn out by the Spirit of God. Bless you Brother and your team. We uphold you in prayer and we know as long as God is acknowledged and given all the praise this movement will continue to prosper in every way. God is on the move and he will be exalted. I speak life, strength, provision and spiritual CD understanding to you and all involved in Jesus mighty name. Your Sister Danise❤️

  137. Stephen Spano

    need Jesus to heal my lungs from chronic asthma/COPD and bronchitis

  138. soljerblue

    There was a book some years ago, entitled “A Sure & Certain Light”, recommended to me by a old and dear mentor and friend. It brought a truth, a signpost and a lifetime reminder of two things about God. First, he works on a need-to-know basis, always, and when you need to know you shall, but you must ask. “Seek and ye shall find” means exactly what it says. Secondly, YOUR job is to ‘do the next thing’. If you are in prayer — truly seeking — the right path, direction, action, will be shown to you. Take it, embrace it, act upon it and trust that any of your concerns will be resolved. A path is being shown to you, Mario. Take it. He has your back.



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