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The Easter Morning sun rises on a devastated nation. The day that carries the best message mankind has ever heard, is greeted by scenes of chaos. Easter sees the cruel hand of government breaking the heart of patriots. Resurrection morning arrives to see America praising porn and even Disney parading perversion.

Easter 2022 witnesses America digging up her heroes from the very moral bottom of society—stifling truth, yet imposing lies on children. The morning sun finds mothers crying and the souls of the free and the brave sitting among the ashes in the prison yard of a ‘woke’ penitentiary.

In a prior blog, we investigated Mary Magdalene on the day Jesus died. Then we relived Peter’s agony on the day after Jesus died.

Now we get personal. We will talk about you, on this Easter Sunday Morning, in 2022.

You are trying to love God, raise your children, and eke out a life in this American Armageddon. And now the enemies of God have turned their weapons on the Church. They are hell-bent on driving Christianity out of our nation.

 I know you cannot imagine America coming back from this. But Easter Can!  

So, Easter stands up and boldly reminds you, “This is nothing new. It was like this the first Easter.” I know you cannot imagine America coming back from this. But Easter can! I know you cannot see a way for freedom, decency, justice, truth and love to pour down our streets like a river—but I can. The first time was total blackness and despair. Even those closest to Jesus could not imagine how resurrection power was about to turn the tables, flip the script, and deliver the blow to evil.

Easter, in 2022, is neither apologetic nor soft. Easter is acting like a general instilling courage into a beleaguered army.  Easter roars: “WE HAVE THE PROOF! AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!”

Easter is grabbing preachers by their lapels and shouting, “DON’T YOU DARE APOLOGIZE! I SAID WE HAVE THE PROOF—AND THE PROOF IS ALL THAT MATTERS!”

Easter is not an inspirational analogy.  It is not an anecdote to be preached in a wispy voice, reminding us, “The long winter will eventually give way to spring.”  That’s like talking about the atomic bomb as if it were a disposable lighter.

Today, our programs do not make Easter better.  The world can get better entertainment in many other places, under many other banners.  The idea that organizational-hype or stage-dazzle, can improve the resurrection, is pure foolishness.

On this day of all days, Easter demands we remember what separates the claims of Jesus from all religions on earth.

Easter is not polite. It is fire!  It is not about bunnies or eggs, and it has no place among the other harmless religious holidays.

On this day of all days, Easter demands we remember what separates the claims of Jesus from all religions on earth.

The difference is laid out in Acts 17:31, “For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the Man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising Him from the dead.”

The difference is that He has given proof.  The resurrection of Jesus is an imposing, unmatched event. It didn’t just happen; it is happening now.  Its evidence won’t go away. Its power never dissipated.  Its blast radius has yet to be measured.

Opposition only increases its power. The more man tries to bury the news of the Resurrection, the more it spreads.   Just when the enemies of the Cross feel secure in debunking Easter, some new wrinkle is found that pushes atheism back to square one.

Opposition only increases its power. The more man tries to bury the news of the Resurrection, the more it spreads.

The Resurrection rips away your excuses.  God has set a Day of Judgment—a day where everyone reading this, yea, every descendant of Adam, will stand before God to be judged.  And, He will do it with JUSTICE.

To do it with justice—to justify such a day, God would first commit an act—an act so undeniable it destroys every excuse for rejecting Christ.

Gospel preachers should never apologize at Easter.  They should proclaim!  The proof demands it!  It calls for all who hear to repent on the spot.  There is nothing to mull over or go home and think about.

The difference is the proof and the proof is the difference. That proof is why we know the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. That proof is why we raise our heads, because our redemption draws nigh.

And, because He is risen indeed, that proof is about to be seen as we cast off the lies and the threats, take up the weapons of God, and reclaim our nation!


  1. Ben Herring

    Praise be to God!

    • Cheryl Upshaw

      Hallelujah Jesus lives and is continually working His will

    • Harriet

      AMEN!!! Preach it, Brother!!!

    • gege4god

      HE LIVES!!!!!

  2. Joyce Tanner

    Glory Hallelujah, I shout HE HAS RISEN !

    • Collin R Williams

      Indeed, we have all the receipts and proof we need. Jesus has risen and has won the victory.

      • David

        Jesus’s resurrection is the ultimate proof of our faith!

      • Renee Nunamaker


    • Roberto Rascon

      Thou are the Christ, the Son of the Living God!

  3. Dennise Heck

    Thank God for a man like you. I saw you 30 years ago at a church in EL Paso Texas and I was born again . You tell the truth not many do in these days

  4. Donna Caruso

    Amen and God bless you! Thank you for coming to New York! Please come back.

  5. Susan Grow


  6. Darlene Bihn

    Praise God! Resurrection power is here now!

  7. Tina B Smith

    PTL for all you are doing,,,,,with such boldness! ✝️🙌

    • Pamela Bakker

      I watched on line a church in Ukraine filled with refugees doing an Easter service with the sound of bombing going on in the distance. For some of those children, it was their first time in a church. I thought about the power of that resurrection story. God can do anything anywhere under any circumstances. Happy Easter!

  8. Kristen

    Amen! There is no way around Jesus we must go through him. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! No one goes to the Father except through the Son. The Bible says so. So this Easter let’s make it a point to speak out the name of our Savior Jesus. It does not have to be a long drawn out sermon but just saying Jesus has blest me and my family. There must be something that we all are grateful for. Proclaim it into the atmosphere and it will help break the very strongholds over your life and those you pray for. Don’t let Satan take your joy or your destiny. He wants you to feel defeated and discouraged but you are not that , with Christ in you , you are a child of a the Most High God . The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Start now today to speak out the name JESUS. Don’t just think it but say it. Think about how it feels when you hear the voice of a loved one, especially a child. The Lord waits in anticipation for you to say his name and even greater to speak with him. He has given so much to his beautiful family he just wants relationship with us. God Bless you! He has risen!

  9. Daina

    Thank you for being a truth speaker and not separating the reality of our lives and nation from the gospel!

  10. Renee LaRue


  11. Gisele Cox

    Amen!! Thank you for your encouragement! Praise God!

  12. S J Johnston

    Thank you SO much, I am so grateful for this message of the Kingdom and others of the same. Jesus is King. Praise.

  13. Joyce Bidwell

    Resurrection is the word for this country today. We will overcome the evil trying to destroy us.
    Today we celebrate Jesus our Lord and savior and we pray.

  14. bwalker42

    Amen! Amen! I agree!!!!! ” These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33!
    Thank You Jesus! Thank you for all you did and are still doing on our behalf. On behalf of Your Bride! We Will get Brighter and Brighter! Thank you for Overcoming the World for Us!! I love you! We Love You!! Thank you!!

  15. janice bartolomew

    my employer goffs at Easter saying things against OUR SAVIOR BEING RAISED FROM THE DEAD… little do people know
    THAT EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD….I pray for these people in darkness….may God truly have mercy on the world….

  16. Acropolis De Versailles

    By Alex Acropolis Calderon

    Mario – you said, “And now the enemies of God have turned their weapons on the Church. They are hell-bent on driving Christianity out of our nation.” You also said, “And, because He is risen indeed, that proof is about to be seen as we cast off the lies and the threats, take up the weapons of God, and reclaim our nation! I would add, “They are also hell-bent on killing as many people as possible through their Diabolical Genocidal Plan of World Depopulation. We must cast off their lies and threats by exposing and opposing their evil plan with the truth:

    At the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine is created using many deadly poisons including a Synthetic Snake Venom produced in a lab that is identical to the venom of a the King Cobra and the Krait Snake. They Were Also Putting this Snake Venom in Drinking Water to make the symptoms spread among the population. When a person drinks it, they have a Cytokine Storm occur irrupting in the lungs that looks like pneumonia. It’s been proven since 2005 when they got rats to drink the venom it caused them to break out with Alveolar hemorrhage which is autoimmune damage to the alveolar blood vessels making them rupture and bleed causing pneumonia. This pulmonary complication of catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome is associated with high mortality risk.

    The actual infection of the Coronavirus including Remdesivir poisoning is a Snake Envenomation – Poisoning from Snake Venom. The mRNA vaccine has peptides of Snake Venom in them. The answer to treating someone who has the Coronavirus is to simply treat them as though they got a snake bite which causes blood coagulation.

    When a person has been bitten by a snake, you treat them with Anti-Venom which is derived from monoclonal antibodies that neutralized the lethal toxicity of Snake Venom. If you experience symptoms of the Coronavirus and have been tested positive, you can trust taking the monoclonal antibodies.

    Anti-Venom is made by taking venom of a snake and injecting a small dose into a horse or another large animal. The toxins in the venom trigger the horse’s immune system to produce antibodies that neutralize those particular toxins. Over the next year, the horse receives several booster shots with increasing amounts of venom. Eventually, the horse produces so many antibodies that it’s immune to the Venom. The horse’s blood is then drawn. A machine extracts the Plasma, the part of the blood that contains the antibodies. The rest of the blood is returned to the horse. The plasma is sent to a lab, where chemists purify it and package it as a liquid or freeze-dried powder. It’s then shipped in vials to hospital pharmacies. This Anti-Venom contains Monoclonal Antibodies or Polyclonal Antibodies.

    The (CDC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the (FDA) U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the (NIH) National Institutes of Health doesn’t promote the use of monoclonal antibodies but actually forbid its use even though they know it works. It’s come to the point that when these agencies tell you what to do its best to do the opposite.

    When these agencies tell you – Don’t use Hydroxychloroquine. YOU SHOULD!
    When they tell you – Don’t use Ivermectin. YOU SHOULD!
    When they tell you – Don’t use Zinc. YOU SHOULD!
    When they say – Don’t use Vitamin C. YOU SHOULD!
    When they say – Use Remdesivir. YOU SHOULDN’T!
    When they say – Wear a mask. YOU SHOULDN’T!
    When they say – You should trust the PCR TEST. YOU SHOULDN’T!
    When they say – You should not trust Monoclonal Antibodies. YOU SHOULD!


    When data showed that the least amount of people showing up in hospitals with the Coronavirus are people who smoke, immediately the CDC, the FDA and the NIH took to the air ways and lied to the world by saying, “Smokers could have an increased risk for being hospitalized or an increased risk of death or being placed on a ventilator if they get the virus that causes COVID-19.”

    The truth is that if you want to beat the effects of the Coronavirus simply chew Nicotine Gum or put a Nicotine Patch and it will block this Bio Weapon called Snake Venom. When the CDC, the FDA and the NIH tell medical doctors don’t treat Covid patients with these drugs, it’s because the drugs they don’t want you to take have been proven for decades to cure against Snake Venom. Corticosteroids have also been known to cure against Snake Venom.

    The Venom Peptides inside of the King Cobra, Krait Snake and the Russell’s Viper specifically target the pancreas of diabetics and is why diabetics are being targeted; they’re actually taking these people out. They actually have Venom Peptides specifically targeting inflammation of heart tissue which is why heart disease patients are dying. These Venom Peptides also target lung tissue of those with pathologies – not smokers because Nicotine blocks King Cobra venom and Viper venom. These Peptides also target kidneys and spleen tissue of people with these Comorbidities. This is why in 2020 the CDC said 94% of all cases of Covid-19 deaths had Comorbidities that could not be completed blamed on covid-19; that’s because they have Weaponized Peptides from Snake Venom. The gene sequence called PRRA is tied to Krait Venom Peptides and King Cobra Peptides that Dr. Fauci, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Wuhan Lab and The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) were testing in the Gain-of-function research.

    All the symptoms of the Coronavirus are the same symptoms you would get if you were bitten by a King Cobra or Krait Snake. The Venom is in the mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine.

    I leave you with these Dots:
    The word corona in Spanish means crown – A Kings Crown – King Cobra. The word virus comes from a Latin word meaning venom – SNAKE VENOM.


      • Mario Murillo

        Share it all you want.

        • Viviane

          Thank you for sharing this blog on Easter Sunday. I am so grateful to be able to read your blogs as I am a Canadian and I know that we are fighting for our our freedom in our country and as we are such close neighbours we are greatly influenced by what happens in your country. 🇨🇦❤️🙏

    • Mark Regalmuto

      Did you get this information from Dr Ardis?
      He broke it down like you did. Dr Ardis is on rumble.

      • Mario Murillo

        I have not had the privilege of hearing Dr Ardis.

  17. Bridget E.

    Yes, yes, and YES! Resurrection power in our nation and in our lives!

  18. Sheila Price


  19. Jim Long

    Thank you, Brother Mario; you are an encouragement in dark times; press on!!!

  20. Steven Hamlett

    What you said Mario was Spot on. It cannot be any clearer than what you spoke. We have RESURRECTION POWER everyday all year long. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Thank you MMM! Thank you Jesus for taking our sins in your body on the tree, so we might die to sin and come alive to righteousness (1 Peter 2:24). Happy Resurrection Day!!!

  22. Ginny Seymour

    You are a man on fire with a message of fire!
    Thank you for being who you are! An inspiration and banner to follow for all of us!

  23. NickT

    Because of the Lord’s resurrection we celebrate and have hope, praise God!

  24. Gail Erickson

    I’m baaack! 🤣

  25. Angela L Vann

    Not over my resurrected soul!! #WARRIOR



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