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He screamed and he kept screaming until he could scream no more. Then he fell off a cliff into the abyss of broken souls. The force of his crash could have moved the earth. Fragments lay around him—the new and hideous replacements of his former self. Shame replaced love. Cowardice replaced faith. Fear drove out Hope to make room for the mocking predator. Worst of all, he saw his destiny plunge into a black hole of regret.

This is the day after Jesus died.

To survive, Peter became a robot. He went fishing. It’s what he was programmed to do. Peter went through the motions.  Avoiding feeling, suppressing every emotion.

The difference between Peter and Judas Iscariot is razor thin. The same fever of despair and regret raged in both of them. It drove Judas to suicide. Why didn’t Peter do what the other traitor did? It was because Jesus prayed for him.

Satan told Peter a lie. Peter not only believed that lie, he now embodied it. And, it is the same lie that Satan is telling America right now—the lie that all the good and important things are gone forever.

Whenever those who hate God and America try to enforce a change, they call it ‘THE NEW NORMAL.’ They sold us on ‘THE NEW NORMAL’ of abortion, same sex marriage, and godless education. Their latest excuse for seizing control is the coronavirus. Something to remember: ‘the new normal’ is always nothing other than the old abnormal, it is just disguised.

Memories tortured Peter. He tried to fight it with all his might, it was impossible not to relive those days. Two mistakes haunted him the most. Thinking he could save Jesus, he swung it at the head of the high priest’s servant, Malchus, who, fortunately had moved just in time, losing only an ear. But his greatest horror was his discovery that he was a coward. He denied Jesus three times. The rooster was still crowing in his spirit.

And, it is the same lie that Satan is telling America right now—the lie that all the good and important things are gone forever.

Peter is haunted by the day he met Jesus. He was minding his own business when Jesus interrupted his entire life. Fishing all night and caught nothing.   His hands are red and sore. Every muscle ached. He had nothing to show for a brutal night out on the water.

Then the strange Teacher said, “Let your nets down again for a catch.”  Peter half-heartedly did as he was asked, and the catch was so enormous it terrified him.  He begged Jesus to keep His distance, “I am a sinful man!” Peter cried. Instead of leaving Jesus spoke the eternal words “follow me and I will make you a fisher of men.” That was Peter’s destiny. That became he identity and reason for living. It is his destiny.

But Peter is now convinced—after his failure and denial—it is too late. He believes his destiny is lost forever. You must get that or lose the impact I what I will say next.

It’s dawn on Resurrection Sunday.  Peter couldn’t know that at that very moment, an angel was talking about him.  Mark 16:7, “But go, tell His disciples—and Peter—that (Jesus) is going before you into Galilee; there you will see Him, as He told to you.”  The angel added the words “and Peter.”  Why?  Because God knew Peter would have disqualified himself if the invitation was “for disciples only.”

The angel added the words “and Peter.”  Why?  Because God knew Peter would have disqualified himself if the invitation was “for disciples only.”

Peter demanded: “Are you certain the angel said my name?!” “Yes, the words were, “Tell the disciples, and Peter.”” At that moment, Peter rose from the dead. He knew he was not rejected. He knew the unmatched glory of a second chance.

Satan did all he could to destroy Peter. He knew this man would shake the gates of hell.  The first shaking came on the Day of Pentecost.  Wind and Fire transformed Peter.

The coward, who had denied his Lord three times is restored. Jesus  appeared to Peter, giving him three new chances to affirm his love. Jesus even provided a charcoal fire. It was by a charcoal fire that Peter failed. Peter is utterly transformed. He is now a lion carrying a devastating witness. He roared, “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel!”

He is now a lion carrying a devastating witness. He roared, “This is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel!”

In the days after Jesus died, evil exerted a crushing blow on the entire city. All the Christians hid in their homes behind locked doors, and it’s like that today. Satan wishes to crush our hopes and dreams. Evil men would sell us the lie that we must adapt to a grim, cold, and dark lesser vision of America, the church, and our futures.

Those who are marked by God are unstoppable. When the doors reopen for America, God will fully restore our destiny.

But there is one miracle that remains to be explored. Cutting off Malchus’ ear haunted Peter. But there was more to it than just healing an ear. Because, my friend, that night Jesus healed more than an ear—knowing the future, Jesus knew Peter must not be sitting on death row on the day of Pentecost. Jesus prayed “permit even this” and reattached the ear, in order to protect Peter’s destiny.

He is also guarding yours.










  1. Cindy

    Praise God, I needed to hear that! He’s still guarding my destiny; that dream He put in my spirit so many years ago! Thank You Abba!

    • Joseph

      Thank you Mario for your faithfulness. My pray to God is This country’s followers of Christ will fall on there knees and cry out for this land to be healed. Friday’s past, but, SUNDAY’S COMING. HE IS RISEN….GLORY and HONOR TO OUR SAVIOR..all the power in hell could not keep HIM in the grave. It can’t keep this nation down either if HIS PEOPLE continue to seek HIS face and turn from OUR WICKED WAYS….

  2. Marlys J. Hoover

    Astonishing insight! Thank you!

    • Connie Wilson

      Thank you Mario. A beautiful testament full of new revelation. I appreciate all of your messages and all that you do for the body of Christ.

  3. Deb

    Thank you for this writing.

  4. Linda kidder

    Amen. God’s love is ferocious and He comes after us to bring us back to what He has called us to. He says As long as it is called Today harden not your heart if you hear His voice. It is not too late!!!!!!

    • Debbie Gladen

      Peter is always been my favorite disciple. I’ve always identified with him. We are so much alike in temperament and each of us were given a warrior spirit but we fall short in the area of trusting God by faith. This post Mario, impacted me so greatly today I can only thank you for your ministry and the time you take to do what you really didn’t want to do was blog! I have been desperate for a miraculous healing for so many years now that I’ve given up hope. That these Miracles are for somebody else not for Debbie. When the angel told Mary Magdalene to go tell the disciples and Peter as you say he knew Peter would feel unworthy if he were classified just as a disciple because he didn’t feel worthy to be a disciple. His world was shattered Jesus was dead. All the hope he had as a warrior to bring in the kingdom of God was shattered. I know I am greatly loved. And I’ve pinned on myself something hidden somewhere in me is keeping me from receiving but I desperately need is a full healing. I have no heart complications stand in the way of other risk factors that have prevented me from getting a really needed hip replacement for 5 years now. I go in for an MRI on the 22nd this month to see if I have fractures in the femoral head and the hip bone because I have now a complicated issue of edema in the bone marrow. Meaning my synovial fluid has leaked into the marrow of the bone and the cyst that have developed are most likely creating a hairline fracture is leaking the synovial fluid out of the fluid sac. This now complicates the surgery immensely. Besides being diagnosed with heart failure and having had an MI, it just doesn’t look very good for me. I have kept trying to believe in my healing and at times really thought it had happened but then everything reverted. Like Peter I have not felt Worthy. This article, has given me hope again. Thank you and God bless you for your ministry I wish I could afford to financially support you but I I can’t. My Social Security doesn’t even pay for my necessities and I have to depend on others to lift that burden in order to pay rent and utilities. It’s not that I can’t work I’m very capable experience-wise, but under the circumstances my body stands in the way and poverty has hit me hard! We’re supposed to move to Tennessee if things work out financially for my son we will go by the end of the year. Maybe I’ll get a chance to come see you in person.

      • Roberta Neal

        I’m praying for you Debbie. It is God’s will to heal you. By Jesus’ stripes we are healed. He’s already paid the price for our healing. We are just as healed as we are saved. Love you in the Lord. Roberta from Kentucky

  5. Judy Campbell

    What a powerfully encouraging word from God! Thank you, Brother Mario!

  6. Nancy Allen

    All I can say is “amazing”! for that insight, it’s overwhelming to hear He is guarding my destiny! I needed to know that!!!

  7. Norma Cyprus Moreno

    What love God has that says it all he is completely love I feel loved and I’m thankful for that thank you Mario Murillo keep on standing it will be worth it all now and then

  8. John Jordan

    Wow. Thanks Mario! This one hits.

  9. Claudia MacPhee


  10. Charlie Moody

    Totally awesome and timely. America stands ready to plunge headlong into a moral abyss and most of America’s Christians live with the lie of hopelessness. The voice of truth calls the church back to its true destiny – history makers….if they but have ears to hear and hearts that will embrace the call. Keep sounding the clarion call, brother, for many are hearing and responding. Blessings.

  11. Vicki

    This is amazing!! Thank you, Mario!!

  12. decordell

    This Country Is Under Satanic Attacks ! Satan is using his Minions in HIGH PLACES to Steal, Kill, And DESTROY This Country !Satan Is Powerful.. Yes.. BUT NOTHING COMPARED TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOR ! He Gave Us a Way Out and a Plan To Destroy the Enemy ! Mark 9 v 29 And he said to them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by Prayer and Fasting. (These things are SELDOM Done Anymore BUT IF DONE WE WILL SURVIVE This Enemy ! Fear Not and PRAY AND SEEK HIS FACE ! God Is Greater Than ALL OUR PROBLEMS ! ) People … PRAY AND FAST ! And LIVE !

  13. RAFO

    Where’s the comment I left??? It’s been a while since I submitted it.

  14. Jan Voelzke

    Awesome message I’m going to preach it and give you and God the credit. What a great wake up call and establish hope in the body. I have lots of Peter’s in the prisons I take the message of God’ mercy & grace to. God of a second change and many more. God bless.

  15. craig s list

    Jesus caused narcissistic injury wherever he went. RIP covert narcissist Judas Iscariot.

  16. gege4god


  17. Annaliesa Moberg

    Beautiful and so amazing our God is🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. My heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Sandra

      Loved your mini sermon on Peter and my testimony is I thought I was good but after repenting and all my sins flashed before me I felt like Paul, “ the worst of sinners”! That is why I praise Jesus my Savior and supreme sacrifice! So pray I could call people to awake to reality of eternity ! Heaven or hell? Prayers for your ministry! Not perfect but forgiven! Hallelujah!

  18. Ron

    More than one month ago on a Sunday morning God had me speak a message to the people at church that day “Do not be disturbed by what you see. I have already won the victory!”

  19. Cheryl Fuller

    Thank you for this powerful reminder!

  20. Roberto Rascon

    I love this insight, as I ministered a message on Peter following from a distance, and how some people can do the same. Later, we know that Peter followed the Lord with all his heart, and after Peter’s denial, Jesus did not appeal to Peter’s denials or failures. Nope! Jesus appealed to Peter’s inner love for the Lord. It is such inner love that will help us overcome such moments. Peter didn’t question the love Jesus had for him, yet, Peter found himself in question to his love for the Lord. When he focused on the love he had for the Lord, and what had carried him through the years, Peter made a major recovery!

  21. Jeff R

    I am the hundredth sheep. He came out into the darkness and brought me back; He found me when I didn’t even know how utterly lost I was. I too am a restored traitor.

  22. Darlene W

    I am so blessed by and thankful for this ministry. God bless MMM.

  23. Paul Rosenfeld

    A beautiful post that I very much needed to hear. Thank you!

  24. Bev Lott


  25. Sandra

    Those forgiven much love much!!!

  26. Collin R Williams

    Thank you Jesus for loving us even if we fail you.

  27. kingskid48

    That was beautiful Pastor Mario. What a blessing.

    I saw on the news that the NYT ran an article out how we need to abandon God completely because of the war in Ukraine. It amazes me how these poor lost souls who hate God can blame all the evil that mankind does to each other on God, but when goodness comes in the form of Christian groups traveling to Ukraine and giving of their time, resources, love, and strength, the heal the injured and save lives, the atheists are nowhere to be found ..they won’t even give Christians the credit, much less, the Creator Who sent them to help.

  28. bwalker42

    Thank you!

  29. NickT


  30. Wilfred Barasa

    True pure Word of God

  31. Kathleen

    Amen. He has risen! Thank you, Mario for the affirmation and hope that our country will make it. Ever since I saw you in Rocklin in January, you have lit a fire beneath me to become a lion and no longer afraid to voice truth. You also have helped me in my health crisis. I will overcome because of faith, hope and the knowledge that Jesus wants us strong and well to fight this battle and glorify God. I am now at Destiny learning, growing and healing. In Jesus’ mighty name!

  32. Scott

    Amen, so on point! Just what I was pondering on! Thanks for sharing Mario!!

  33. joanetillman

    Dear Mario, tears came to my eyes when reading this blog about Jesus encouraging Peter that his destiny was intact for him to fulfill. Then impowered him to go forth and ‘be’ on the day of Pentecost!!! The day THE CHURCH was born. Prayers for your bodily strength and the Holy Spirit’s anointing as you go forth to fulfill your destiny. God Bless you!!!!

  34. Patricia

    Makes me think of happening it my life.

  35. Christina Morrison

    Thank you Mario! Yes, Jesus prays for us, for me. He never leaves me or forsakes me. After I had been walking with the Lord for several years, in time of struggle and great disappoint, I had sinned and felt great shame; it was so hard to regain the emotional assurance of His love. He told me to cling to His Word and confess what the Word tells me to be true. Over time and life experiences the Lord re-established my assurances. Now in the times when my aging body is uncooperative and I can’t accomplish what I used to, I know that I am in the beloved and He is with me and carrying me through. I worship the King of Glory for His embracing love, eternal forgiveness, and magnificent grace and mercy!



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