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Thousands are saved and healed under our Tent. But please give this testimony your undivided attention.
“I attended the tent meeting with Mario, in Modesto, CA. Although I live in EL Dorado Hills and suffered from agoraphobia, my entire life, I have suffered from panic attacks; agoraphobia (not leaving my house); crippling anxiety; and torturing fear of, basically, living.
“Panic attacks, suicide, depression, a missing daughter—and I also had a past of backsliding. I became a very popular stripper, prostitute and movie maker in Vegas and L.A. I now see how the devil deceives and makes things appear very deceptive to drag us into hell.
“It wasn’t easy in my mental torture to get into my RV and head over to Modesto for the sole purpose of expecting healing, as I already fell on my knees privately before God. I had a choice. Die or surrender to Him
“I went up to the altar call again with Mario and went with my faith to be healed from the mental torture I lived with on a daily basis. At one time it got so bad I was afraid to get into the shower! I felt like I had lost my mind!

I immediately returned home afterward, and started living!

“I was healed at the revival and that dark spirit got off me! I immediately returned home afterward, and started living!
“Those who I considered my caregivers (companions who would escort me to daily chores etc.) saw me take off by myself, doing things I have never done before. I love my solitude with God and I had a blessed time visiting my parents in Colorado, and out of the blue, my daughter called (missing for almost a year) along with meeting my grandchildren.
“God gave me Psalm 147:3 and Isaiah 65:23. He dragged me out of that pit and all I had to do was give my heart, my children and my life to Him. He made Himself very real to me and now my desire (with God’s will) is to help those who have been in similar situations. I really feel like screaming from rooftops how free I am! Thank you, Mario, for being used of God and above all, thank you, My Father, for being my God.”
Yes, we rejoice at this miracle, but we are also aware of the flood of evil that is inundating our nation. We are haunted by the torrent of filth, perversion, addiction and despair. We are also keenly aware of the power that radiates in our Tent crusades. So, we knew we had to radically increase our outreach.
Then God told us to do something strange. When we obeyed, our outreach did not just multiply—it exploded!

I tried looking for a better word than ‘exploded.’

I tried looking for a better word than ‘exploded.’ I could have said we ‘multiplied,’ but that is an inadequate description. I could even say we ‘increased exponentially,’ but that also would not do it justice.
All of the glory goes to God for what is taking place.
A quick glance at our website or our Facebook page will tell the story. Nearly 2 million people have visited our pages in the last 30 days. Our YouTube channel had 2.5 million views in the same span of time.

We thought that our new 19,000 square foot Tent would be way too big

We thought that our new 19,000 square foot Tent would be way too big for the crusade in Hanford California. Instead, thousands had to sit outside. The harvest of souls and miracles was astonishing!
The term ‘explosion’ is fitting because we suddenly grew in all directions. We seem to be everywhere reaching out to lost souls. Here is a sample of what is happening to us.

7,000 people have registered so far, for the two nights we will be in the Mabee Center

7,000 people have registered so far, for the two nights we will be in the Mabee Center in Tulsa, OK. We will do Flashpoint Live on Thursday Night April 21st  and then a Living Proof Miracle Service on Friday night, the 22nd.

Meanwhile, the momentum for our next Tent crusade in Western New York is overwhelming. Nearly a thousand leaders are set to meet me for brunch Saturday April 9th at Cornerstone Church in Batavia, NY. This is the lead up to our tent crusade there that starts Sunday May 15th through Wednesday May 18th.
Next, we invade Colorado Springs, CO, with a regionwide pastors and leaders brunch, on June 4th leading up to our tent crusade there, July 10th through the 13th
What did we do that caused this explosion? We obeyed God and moved to Tennessee.
Why did we move to Lafayette, Tennessee? Of course, the answer is the Holy Spirit led us here. But why did He lead us here? I found the best way to explain it in Genesis 26:22, “And he moved from there and dug another well, and they did not quarrel over it. So, he called its name Rehoboth, (spaciousness) because he said, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.”

Our billboards are being seen by hundreds of thousands of people on the interstate between Buffalo and Rochester NY

Relocating to Lafayette, Tennessee is an incredible strategy. I never would have thought of it.

Relocating to Lafayette, Tennessee is an incredible strategy. I never would have thought of it. And it is no wonder that God is releasing a torrent of blessing. Because now we can sustain it!
To build for the impending awakening we needed land. But we did not only need land, we needed a favorable political environment. We are not fighting hostile Woke politicians here. We have freedom to expand our infrastructure.
The size of our crusades continues to grow. That means more equipment, vehicles, and a thousand other things. That means a lot of storage. Now we can meet that challenge.
However, it isn’t just about freedom to build, it is being able to build for a fraction of the cost we would have on the West Coast. We have always spent money wisely, but with the current inflation, our move here makes more sense than ever.
The technology is also here. Why did a major corporation install fiber optic internet in such a seemingly out of the way place? God provoked them, that’s why! Our studios and offices will all be fitted with the leading edge of technology.

In fact, the largest crusade in our history will be in California this Fall. Look for a huge announcement.

And finally, and most importantly, we are now centrally located. That means that many major cities are within range of our trucks. It means we can touch more cities than we ever imagined.
Does this move mean that our focus on Highway 99 in California is over? Absolutely not! We are redoubling our invasion of the Golden State. The crusades in California will continue until Jesus returns! In fact, the largest crusade in our history will be in California this Fall. Look for a huge announcement.
What is the mood at Mario Murillo Ministries? It is a combination of joy and reverential awe. We are like those who dream, but the dream is real. The blessings that are flowing are real. But so is the sobering weight of responsibility that God has placed on our shoulders.
Satan truly believes America is doomed, but God is already reviving, reforming and empowering a great awakening. It has already started! Come and join us on this astounding adventure!

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 408 Lafayette TN 37083  mariomurillo.org



  1. Jill Thompson

    Thank you for this post! It’s now 3:36am in Indiana. At 3am, the wind and rain were hitting this apt bldg like I’ve never hear before. At the same time I was dreaming I was alone in my childhood home experiencing the same storm, in my dream I got up and walked through the small 4 room home and the front door was open, I yelled for my son, who wasn’t even born yet. He was not there, I woke up and I was trying to call the police in my dream, but couldn’t remember the address. I woke up and began saying Jesus’ words “Peace be still” to the storm. I did take 1/2 an anxiety pill. Back in bed, now on FB, read the ladies story of being set free from panic attacks. I feel better. The storm must have passed. I don’t hear the wind now. Thank you Father God. So happy you are moving to Tennessee!. Your ministry is amazing. Blessings forever as people are being set free. Your voice is very calming and convincing as God has blessed you all.

    • gege4god

      PRAISE GOD!!!!!

  2. Beverly Terpstra

    So amazing ! God is moving and over turning tables! Exposing darkness so Light can be seen! Thank you thank you. We are coming from Iowa to Tulsa!!!! May God protect your family and all you are doing!!!

    • Marisabel

      Mario…please pray for me. I wanted to be delivered & healed of all my health issues so I can give GOD the glory! Please pray for my prodigal daughters..may they come back suddenly like they did for that lady! I believe “with God all things are possible” according to Matthew 19:26. God bless you. 🙏

  3. Carolyn

    God is on the move! He never forsakes nor leaves us and is drawing us to Himself!

  4. Vivian Spinks

    I never thought you would have a revival within driving distance of GA. So thrilled to hear you are only one state away. I can’t wait to attend one if your tent meetings. I too have suffered from severe crippling anxiety and would line to he set free!!

    • Merrie Jean Shiparski

      Vivian I just wanted to offer the help of another ministry that is all over the world. The Last Reformation. You can look up their map and find people in your area that are trained Disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ who would be willing to connect with you and pray for you. Don’t suffer with this anxiety any longer. God wants you to be set free so you can serve Him in health and wellness.

    • Margie Stolle

      I rebuke the spirits of afflictions and infirmity including anxiety coming against my sister Vivian Spinks in the name of Jesus! I plead the Blood of Jesus over Vivian and thank you Lord Jesus for the authority and power to do so. We love you Papa God and Jesus!!🙏

    • John Rackliffe

      Vivian, Isaiah 26:3 proclaims God’s promise to keep the one who trusts Him in perfect peace. In Jesus name Vivian you will have this peace today, let Him know that you trust what He says, and His will be done.

  5. Bonnie Davis

    Hallelujah praise God

  6. Bernice Condron

    Praise God!!!!!

  7. Bruce Urban

    Praying to be able to make it to Vatican ny in may. Amen. 🙏🏻❤️🔥

  8. Jill Hughes

    I am so excited for you and what God is doing. I joined you in Batavia and will join you in Tulsa. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  9. Joyce Cox

    God bless this ministry! We truly need to save America! Please pray for the Ukrainian people & Russian people!

  10. Linda

    We love you and your ministry! We’re praying for you!

  11. richard P truzzolino

    Praise God

  12. Lynne Abbott

    Praise God! The same yesterday, today and forever!

  13. Jerri Vandergriff

    Welcome to the Volunteer State. We are blessed to have you! Come visit us at Abbas House in Chattanooga!

  14. Linda+Kidder

    Amen Mario. looking forward to the second round in Batavia

  15. RL Perrin

    Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful for such a time as this.

  16. Collin R Williams

    What great news, on all fronts. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  17. Paul Veldman

    All praise and glory to God!!!
    Amen and again Amen.

  18. Terry Barnett

    Thank You for all that you do!

  19. Sue

    Mario please come to NJ. This state needs healing desperately.

  20. Miriam Dahl

    Amazing beyond words … how great is our GOD!

  21. wdsljscomcastnet

    I battle with alcohol. I pray and pray but my stress overwhelms me. My husband an I have separated because of his narcissism. Please for me, us. Thank you, Linda Solberg

    • Darlene W

      Dig into the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you and calm your fears. He always answers faith.we just need to take Him at His Word. 🙏❤️

  22. mhuffman73

    What words of encouragement do you have for us Christian Conservatives in CA. It is really bad here as you already know.

    • Mario Murillo

      The Academy award show demonstrated the bankruptcy of the left and how they are splintering. It is a sign of things to come. San Francisco parents dumped school board members. There are more of us than we know. god is up to something.

      • Mabeline Melendez

        YES! We are the seed of Abraham so many who can count the stars in the sky!!

      • Mari

        GOD richly bless you Mario! I was sickened by that horrible slap in the face at the Oscars, and then the applause of the crowd . . . . Ugh! Thank GOD FOR YOU, Mario!

      • Emily Best

        Mario Please come to Long Island-to the North Fork which was settled by Christian freedom seekers from Europe in 1611. There is such a fight for Christian values. Please come to Cutchoque, , Southold or Mattituck New York-contact me for further information if God leads you.

    • Carol Maness

      I also am in Calif. Thank you Mario for all the hard work and prayers you, your staff, and all volunteers have put into California. I live in Tulare near the 99 and I am so grateful for your heart for California. We need it. I have a burden for our unborn children and the fact that too many churches/pastors, don’t want to take a stand and talk about, educate our young people of the horrors of abortion. All Christians need to stand and get involved/speak up about the good and bad that is happening in our Country/world.

  23. Elaine Delafield

    wow! May God be Praised!

  24. Jamie Elstein

    Praise the Lord for all He is doing! When will you be close to the South? Love to volunteer! God’s blessings continue on His work through the people of God!

  25. Stacy

    Welcome to the South Mario, Mechelle, and MMM team. I am praying that you will bring the new amazing tent to North Central Florida.

  26. Judy Lee

    Wow!!! Praise God and all Glory to God!!! In the mighty and Powerful Name of Jesus!!!


    This blog causes me to DANCE LIKE DAVID DANCED!! Ever since I found, again, MMM (after many, none of your business, years) my faith has grown the spirit within me has become like a furious tornado and the JOY OF THE LORD has over taken me!! I became born again, spirit filled, 43 years ago! Saved in a Baptist Church, delivered of drug addiction and all the filth that it includes, was dying of hepatitis and had to move home to our old family farm in Lincoln County, WV. A small house near by lived the pastor and his family. They new my Christian mother and began a corporate prayer chain for my salvation!!Of course, I was unaware and would have cared less. The other neighbors had horses and I would spend time, stoned, having conversations with the horses. The pastor and wife would drive by, stop and invite me to church. I still see the glowing love on their faces, nevrr s hint of condemnation!! After they finally got me to the little one room country church, the pastor called the men to the altar to pray. As the men , standing before the altar, began praying, my little 5 year old son, ran up and joined the men!! I tried to stop him!! Once be was side by side of them,, he turned and looked me eyes, waved and SHOUTED, “come on mommy”!!! I RAN TO THE ALTAR!! During my baptism, the pastor asked me if I believed JESUS could heal me? Not knowing the scriptures I answered that I knew he could do anything.He prayed for my healing and lowered me into the coldest creek water one can imagine!

    Three days after, my doctor diagnosed my impossible healing and prescribed I continue do what I had Been doing to remain clean!! He was shocked!!

    Six months later, I moved to Charleston, WV, and joined an Evangelistic tv and outreach church, New Life Church, and began traveling with the leadership to cities & towns to hold revival and miracle meetings. MMM has returned to me that joy of salvation!! I celebrate with y’all and pray!! If I were younger I would be right there volunteering and ministering!! I thank GOD for MMM, GOD bless you all!!


    Debbie, Almost Heaven, WV🙋

  28. Sid Runyan

    In Colorado Springs will you only be speaking with pastors or will you have a crusade here?

    • Mario Murillo

      June 4 will be pastors and leaders. Then July 10-13 is the tent crusade.

  29. Darlene W

    It is all so worth it. Just reading that one testimony brings gratitude and awe to my heart. Out God is so good. The Highway 99 river of glory was opened by God and it isn’t closing. I can’t wait to hear and see all God has planned for this next chapter. I love these testimonies. Thank you for sharing. God bless MMM🙏✝️

  30. Maria Esther Reyna

    Please come to California, I live in Los Angeles and two days ago I read California The Golden State becomes the abortion State.as well as Legalizing Infanticide. Senate Bill 1142. CCORDING TO THIS California WOULD SEE A DRAMATIC 3,000% INCREASE OF PEOPLE TRAVELING TO CALIFORNIA FOR ABORTIONS. The Lord woke me up and revealed to me this is an abomination and child sacrifice like they did to Moloch. It is a burning pain in my heart to see how much rebellion is now in our country. But what is more interesting is that The Lord our Mighty God took my hand to read about your ministry. You are the one who is to lead millions to salvation before Jesus comes and Rapture us, before the wrath of God falls upon a world full of disobedience. I will pray and support your ministry. Please pray for me and a man who God brought in my life and we want to pass tracks and do whatever we can do to help souls to be ready for the soon coming of Jesus and don’t be left behind. God bless you.

  31. Ann Morgan Miesner

    Dearest Mario,
    As I’ve been watching your ministry, I’m beginning to see that yours was highlighted in the open vision the Lord gave me in 1995. While driving from Oklahoma City to my Kansas home along open wheat fields ready for harvest, I thought about how Jesus is head of the body of Christ. I pictured Adam and Eve in the neck, the 12 tribes if Israel in the torso, En-grafted from there down were people I had known who were now in the great cloud of witnesses. Then, I realized we, alive today, are in the feet of Jesus. In fact, we are in the soles of the feet where all the stress and weight of the large body resides.

    As I imagined all this, I found myself staring at a HUGH body,just standing still.. It had no detail, only like a great big teddy bear about 25 feet into the air. something started to happen as I felt I was watching a television set. It turned very slowily, was heavy and creaking like it needed oil. Next, it took one step, then another, and then another until it was moving quickly from the west coast to the east coast; then back and forth until it was running.

    And, now you are running; faster and faster you will run until the whole body will run so fast that it will overtake gravity. From the east, it took off like an airplane. I felt the thrust upon takeoff! Holy Spirit entered my van and tears ran freely all the way home. There’s so much more to the story and another event that says the smae thing, only different. The fact there are two events, means, as with the dreams of Pharoah, the two are one, and are established by God and will happen very soon. Links to the two events are on my website, 1994, 1995.

  32. Judy Fishaw

    Mario, please come to Michigan! The Mitten really needs Jesus!

  33. Lisa Scarlett

    Please come to LAFAYETTE, Indiana!!!

  34. Nina Hughes

    God bless you and keep you strong as you go across the country spreading the gospel and the fire of the Holy Spirit healing and bringing souls to salvation.

  35. Judy

    Wow brother Mario what amazing news! Isn’t God just awesome! I’m here in California and have been able to attend in Sacramento and Rocklin. I am so happy that things are opening up and go figure a California boy in Tennessee 😁. I continue to stand with your ministry and pray for you daily. Blessings and shalom

  36. Kenneth Hofelich

    What an amazing testimony. Who is this woman?

  37. Linda Matson

    I am so filled with joy that you will be coming to Colorado Springs in July!! Now my only request is that FLASHPOINT will also be there. I have been unable to attend the meetings up till now, but will be zooming down to the Springs for the events in July. Praise our God and thank you, Lord, for revival and direction for your church!!!

  38. lordswarrior111

    Thank you for all that you and your team are doing to usher in the Great Awakening in these end times. May God bless all your efforts to win souls for Christ Jesus!

  39. Beverly Murrell

    Praise be to Jesus
    His timing is the right timing. I thank you Mario Murillo for being God servant all this years for listing to His voice. My prayer that as many come to know Jesus and they will be set free . And share the greatest love that only God has shown them and then they will tell others. Thank you Jesus for people who come to you.
    God bless everyone’s

  40. John Wingate

    Praise God! Welcome to the heart of America!

  41. Roberta Neal

    I’m so excited about the meeting in Tulsa. It is close enough for me to attend. I’ve been watching you on Flash Point am so
    glad to be alive at such a time as this being able to watch GOD move in such a mighty way. My son is coming with me and we are both expecting to be healed form the top of our heads to the bottom of our feet. Love and prayers for the whole team.

  42. kingskid48

    I needed to read this blog today. Thank you, Pastor Mario, for your faithfulness in maintaining your closeness with the Holy Spirit, always being in tune to what He is saying. What a wonderful healing testimony.

    My heart is with every person who deals with agoraphobia and social phobias. That was me for many years. I had to quit my job, it made things difficult in my marriage, and no one understood at all except my mother because she was a shy person also. I had years of a living Hell, especially since I was not living for the Lord during that time and did not know how to depend on Him.

    God delivered me by using a wonderful man in Menlo Park, CA named William Hardy. I saw him on the Phil Donahue Show, many years ago, got in touch with him by mail, and that was the beginning of my healing. At that time, literally no one knew what agoraphobia was or how to treat it. I tried to tell a regular doctor about it once before that and he spoke to me like I was an escaped mental patient.

    To this day, I do not think much of the medical profession really knows very much about agoraphobia, to their shame.

    To the woman above who is dealing with a very difficult husband, I also understand what you are going through, and I will add you to my prayer list.

  43. Mary Wagler


  44. Samuel Stephens

    It’s hard to wait for GOD to move. It’s great to watch GOD’s mercy and grace at work in men and women’s lives.

  45. Cydney Beatty

    I am thrilled you are in Tennessee. On my 6th year. The Lord said He is bringing people all over to Tennessee. He is getting ready to do something like never before Spiritually and it starts in Tennessee. 6 years ago He spoke that to me. Your move is another confirmation it’s on the way.

  46. Kevan Prati

    We certainly do serve an amazing God and amazing testimonies of His power and love are born from His all-encompassing grace! Planning to see you and many in God’s army at the Maybee Center in Tulsa, April 22nd.

  47. Nancy Swecker

    I am thrilled that you have moved to my state of Tennessee!! and I am praising God over that crusade testimony!!

  48. James Maddamma

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post!
    God is so, so Good! Praying that God continues to do great, great things through your ministry-and I know He will!

  49. Brenda Rambo

    Mario, I have been tracking your ministry for decades. I am thrilled about your move to Tennessee. I live in a small community south of Franklin called Thompson’s Station. Many people in TN follow your ministry. Blessings to you in all God leads you to do. I am an author/writer, and I reviewed your book in several posts I wrote promoting your book and your ministry. Brenda Rambo-Igney

    • Sandy Westad

      Mario, I weep just about every time I read your blogs.
      My husband and I are from Washington State and have lived in Redding, CA., Las Vegas, Nevada, Lancaster, Kentucky, and now in Sumter County, Florida. God has taken us to all of these places since we sold our home in 2018. Ministered in many places and met so many wonderful people. I am also very involved here politically in Villages for Trump and Salt & Light Council. Went to Talahasee and spoke in favor of HB 1557.
      Now the LORD spoke to us that HE is sending us back to Western Washington State and our family.
      Please pray about coming to this dark state.
      I believe God is going to do a Hugh turn around there!
      Thank you so much for your love and obedience to our awesome and Holy Father God by leading of Holy Spirit! May HE continually to richly bless you and your precious team! Hallelujah!

  50. Kristin Salzman

    Praise God for this awesome testimony of healing and deliverance! I just looked where Lafayette TN is..a small town! I live in rural Illinois and our very liberal state desperately needs a Mario Murillo Tent Crusade! Hank Kunneman had a very encouraging word for IL on 2-13-22. “In Illinois God says there shall come something unusual. Illinois, you shall be known as Illi-NOISE, for a noise shall rise up out of you from Chicago that will throw your mayor out and a new mayor shall arise and great reform shall come unto you Illi-NOISE because there will be a noise of conservatism that shall also break the power of liberalism that has been over you.” I pray it will be manifested soon!

  51. Marleen

    Praise the Lord God Almighty! Wonderful news about the move to Tennessee and all that will be done for the Kingdom of God.
    Awesome testimony!

  52. ggrammaAlyce

    Hallelujah!! God is moving by HIS SPIRIT all across our land!! Gods richest most powerful anointing and Blessings be upon you and Mechelle!!🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

  53. Nick

    Pastor Mario. WOW! She would likely have been a person I would of held my distance with knowing her background. But Holy Spirit challenged me – see the life that wants healed not the past that tarnishes. Glory to God I will lift her in prayer often. And Tennessee is a frequent destination for me. So grateful to follow all God does through you. Nick

  54. Carol Edwards

    Praise God for what He is doing thru you and your teams. So thankful our Lord is not giving up on America. We still have much to do for Him in this His nation. Carol



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