Satan’s bait in the Ukraine

by | Mar 19, 2022 | Christianity Today | 114 comments

We can all agree that what Putin is doing is inhuman and barbaric. Nevertheless, the war in the Ukraine is not our war. It is a globalist war. A war without heroes on either side. And, it is a war we must avoid. Our sons and daughters should not be sent to die in this war.
The true victims are the Ukrainian people. We will talk later about what we can do for them.
The European Union encouraged the Ukraine to take a hard line with Russia. They promised to have their back if Putin did anything. Now they have backtracked and are only granting token support.
Are they hoping, yet again, that the United States will step in and take the lead—even if it leads to World War Three?

Hearing Americans rooting for action and rallying for us to send troops to die in the Ukraine is utter madness.

Have we learned nothing from our disastrous involvement in Vietnam? Afghanistan? What about Iraq?  Even the New York Times was claiming that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. He did not. The same mechanism that duped us into the war in Iraq is doing the same thing now. The same people who profited from the war in Iraq stand to profit in this one.

Why are you not suspicious when MSNBC, CNN and all the other Leftist hollow heads are unanimous in the drum beat of war? Why are you agreeing with the same people who locked down your church, forced masks on your children, and made billions off of forced vaccinations?
Are you buying the new-found patriotism of the Left who want us to attack Russia? This from the very ones who have proven, again and again, their mortal hatred for all things American?

Do not take the bait. This is Satan’s bait. It is a distraction from other critical issues.

1. This is a distraction away from the corruption which is about to be uncovered. A wise man once said, “A lie can travel half way around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” Well brothers and sisters, the truth finally got its shoes on. How convenient that the war in the Ukraine arrived just as the world was waking up to the truth about the present administration?
The truth about Hillary, Hunter Biden, the Wuhan Lab, Fauci, Pfizer, election fraud, mass profiteering, and the backlash against their cramming CRT, transgender and other sexual perversions down our throats got too close for comfort, and the Left needed another distraction. This is a distraction! It is meant to cause us to take our foot off the gas, just as we are about to uncover mass corruption.


2. It is a distraction away from Democrats passing the most evil laws ever. While you were looking at the war in Ukraine, Colorado passed a law that allows abortion, even at full term.
Maryland goes one better. It is a monstrosity called Senate Bill 669. It reiterates current law that deprives fetuses of all rights, meaning they could be the subjects of live experimentation when that is technologically feasible. The language of this Satanic bill is chilling:
“Nothing in this section shall be construed to confer personhood or any rights on the fetus.”
Next, the bill would prevent investigations and legal penalties for abortion at any point in the pregnancy and “perinatal” deaths caused by “failure to act” — which extend from the 22nd week of gestation.

That means a baby may be neglected and allowed to die even 28 days after it has been born alive.


That means a baby may be neglected and allowed to die even 28 days after it has been born alive. It states:
“This section may not be construed to authorize any form of investigation or penalty for a person:
(1) Terminating or attempting to terminate the person’s own pregnancy; or
(2) Experiencing a miscarriage, perinatal death related to a failure to act, or stillbirth.”
This means that a baby who survived an abortion can be allowed to die without care, and no investigation could be pursued nor legal penalty applied.
Imagine letting a newborn that survives an abortion go without any attention, medical or otherwise, for up to 28 days?
3. This Satan’s bait also distracts us away from the midterm elections.
To rehabilitate their heinous history, the Democrats now want to appear patriotic. They want to drum up the kind of patriotic fervor that existed during the Second World War. They are even saying Putin is worse than Hitler.

They want to ruin our best chance in decades to finally depose a depraved Congress.


I do not care how spiritual your pastor sounds when he or she says you should ‘stay out of politics’. Staying out of the midterm elections would be the worst thing the American church will ever do. This is our chance—maybe our last chance—to make them pay for the towering list of evils and misery they have heaped on the American people.
The Ukrainian people—and not the corrupt regime—deserve all of the help we can give them. But we must not be distracted from an enemy at home that is just as lethal. The Left is equally at war with our freedoms, even if they are not yet turning their guns and tanks on American citizens.
Keep your foot on the gas. Let us first win this war against evil at home. Then we will be better equipped to deal with evil in other parts of the world.




  1. David

    Amen, our government is probably the most corrupt in the world spreading mayhem And wickedness wherever they go.

    • gege4god


      • Debbie Iverson

        Clearly stated! No excuse for any born-again Christian to follow the democratic regime.

        • eaglepbm

          Amen to that. I am with you Deb. Can’t wait to blow that rams horn when this all goes down and they are stopped dead in their tracks.

          • Gabriel

            You will not see that in your life time. You false prophets have lead you astray.

        • Janet

          This is so true but people confess to be Christians and uphold their evil.

          • Dennis

            Jesus said, You will know them by their fruit AND You MUST be Born Again.

      • Douglas Milbourn

        On target as usual.

      • Daniel


      • Laurie

        Thank you for speaking truth always! ♥️

      • Glenda


      • Yat

        Amen! Thank you for standing up against the evil.

      • Debbie Coulter


    • Collin R Williams

      Totally agree with you sir. Saten and the people he has corrupted are liars and deceivers and care not a bit about babies or people in general. Every agenda they are involved with is meant to kill, steal, and bring the world to destruction.

    • BAM


      • Darlene

        This is spot on ! Wake up people of God !

    • Linda Tvetan


    • A Christi

      Yes, I made of list of what you have listed, and will be declaring against these satanic plots- ASAP!!

    • mmtasi

      Amen, thank you for speaking the truth and providing moral and mental clarity on the issues of today. We will keep America for righteousness, but we need to fight the battles at home to do so. Ukraine is not our war. We pray for the people of Ukraine.

      • Horatio

        Putins protecting his border,why aren’t we protecting ours.? There are only two choices here,GOOD or EVIL.!!

        • Sonia Jenner

          There is a reason the Constitution says there is to be a separation of church and state, Religion and the preaching against one party is not the place of a minister of the word, it is words coming from the mouth of a false minister of the word of God and I don’t think you are preaching Gods word but yours

          • Mario Murillo

            Please find for me where the Constitution says separation of church and state.

    • Lynette Marion

      The evil bunch mentioned in Mario’s article, as well as Obama and Sores are also to blame for the unthinkable corruption the underground devils are perpetuating over in Ukraine. It’s been a hotbed for crime and widespread corruption for years and it’s possible Putin felt threatened by the many bio labs there and other factors unknown to the public. I certainly do not condone the attacks against innocent civilians but we know the truth is not getting out about what is really going on. I certainly do not trust this present gang of criminals now in our government that seized power from a sitting president by the coup they organized in the election rigging in 2020. Pelosi, Kerry, Romney & the Biden crime family, Obama and the Clintons all have made untold millions of dollars in the various nefarious operations there and are scrambling to make sure nothing comes out about their shady dealings, not to mention the hotbed of child trafficking there. Only God knows the extent of criminality that is going on and only He can solve this evil mess.

      • Jean

        Absolutely agree. Putin actually has corridors for people to escape thru and advises everyone before he bombs a target of corruption. Most of the destruction of people & property in Ukraine is done by their crime army put together for this purpose. Paid for by the above mentioned ‘elete criminals’

        • Waynehayworth

          Truth refreshing! Mario, God has given you a very accurate it’s (internal guidance system). May He
          Increase your platform and microphone!🤙♥️

      • Laura Jackson

        Don’t forget Pelosi’s family members including her nephew Newsom. He’s got everybody under, what amounts too, house arrest. No one has committed any crime. He’s a criminal.

      • Tricia Dubbe

        Yes, Lynette,we don’t think that Putin is actually the bad guy in the story either. Most of the crimes being committed in Ukraine are coming from the Nazis.

    • Darla Calhoun

      Thank you for this it helps me see clearer what my spirit was feeling it’s not our war but I can pray for the Ukrainian people and even the Russians

    • Jan RUSH

      All the blue states are passing Satan’s bait. Inslee/WA signed a demonic bill this week that does not allow for prosecution of anyone involved in an abortion.
      satan has gone ballistic…his favorite sacrament…killing the innocent…blood is about to be diminished. All these minions working for their father of lies.
      BTW, UC San Francisco has been experimenting on born alive babies for several years. See Jeff White and The Survivors ministry for details.

    • Lisa Bartelt

      Amen to that brother you called it. Everyone seems to be deceived. I mean the American people. Most of the ones in charge from teachers to the president are corrupt. But God. I don’t like even typing these words about America. I believe Trump has something going on on the sidelines that is going to surprise everyone. Thank you Jesus. To God be the Glory 😁❤️. Keep up the good work on Flashpoint, I’m part of that army, and God’s of course.


        I attend the
        flashPoint tent meeting in Hanford and prayed for our world and also many friends who are very ill. During the healing service a friend who I was praying for Adon Sanchez who was healthy and the next thing needed a lung transplant and was waiting at Stanford for a new lung. During the service my phone on my lap lite up and he said he was in recovery and he received his lung and God is good. It was amazing how he was able to let us know his results. I also was given some news about how bad my spine was and was told I might not walk with out spine surgury and on the 21st of March the doctor read my MRI and said its amazing that I was pain free and walking —I claimed a healing on that night and I have felt wondeful since. Thank you for all you prayers and the power of the lORD

    • NickT

      If we keep politics out of the pulpit we will also be keeping our God out of the Government. Yes and amen to what you are saying about Ukraine,we shouldn’t take the bait.

    • Mariah Armstrong

      If our government is the most corrupt on earth” then why are we pointing the finger at the Russian government Cuba Venezuela Iran. Really Dave?


      AMEN… praying and declaring Psalms 35 over my Nation🔥

    • Mike

      Losing the opportunity we now have to expose the lefts corruption would surely be tragic; however, God is in control and this will unfold per His plan,

    • Sherri

      Amen! The truth dispels the darkness and Everything hidden shall be made manifest. So be it!

    • Don low

      So every true Mario.  I was thinking the same thing regarding the leftist who shut down our churches, forced people to be masked, forced vaccines.while big pharma profits off vaccines.  Did you know the FDA wanted 75 yrs to process Pfizer’s vaccine data dueto request of freedom of information act ? Well they took them to court and now Pfizer has to release that data month by monthSo far data is really bad  The CDC also admittedly held back data and the GOP intends to sue them if they get majority in midTerms. These left extremists don’t care about our own national security or borders and want to needle in Ukraine / Russia affairs.  God help us. !
      Keep preaching the truth brother. God bless you
      PS. I go way back with you to the Berkeley days, meeting in houses, outside rally’s , resurrection city. Barry McGuire. 

    • Dan.

      The US sitting on its hands while another democratic country is ravaged is like a bystander on a subway watching as an innocent woman is being raped. Not my problem?

    • Myra Walker

      Putin is another Hitler, but Biden and his administration have plenty of blood on their hands . He doesn’t want this war to end, because plenty of evil is ready to come out about Biden, Hunter, Hillary, and some of the crooks in Congress.
      Biden wants a New World Order, that is totally a forerunner of anti-christ.

    • Mary Van Deusen

      And it is all Democrats with RINO help. Disgusting

    • Tanner from Louisiana

      “Why are you agreeing with the same people who locked down your church, forced masks on your children, and made billions off of forced vaccinations”?
      🌲Time to rise up and take back🥊 this country 🇺🇸 for our children 🦅and
      Take the 7 mountains 🏔

      Build the 🏕 tents 🏕 and fill the
      🏟stadiums 🏟

      As One 🗡

  2. Gail McElroy

    Thank you for clearly speaking truth.

    • Brenda reed

      Our “bipartisan” committee in Poland is worried about 1 missle over the Poland border…when weve had “missles” streaming over our southern border for over a year now! Take care of your own border!!

    • Rose

      Mario is so right on, only God can turn things around ,Mercy Lord

  3. Selena Sundy

    Thank you!¡!!

    • Susan Richter

      Thankyou Mario Murillo, I appreciate the Lords voice through you here in Albany NY

  4. Randy Ripley

    You hit the nail on the head. But what will it take for the church to rise up ? Maybe the best thing that could happen is if the lost there 3 C status.

  5. Sylvia. Prince

    I love to hear you preach because you preach God’s word and don’t hold back l would love to hear preaching like that every Sunday l hear you when you are on Facebook I enjoy Robin and Hank too l thank God for all of you God’s blessings to you all to reach many more people each service PRAISE THE LORD THANK YOU JESUS

  6. Joan Keller

    Amen for speaking the truth. I totally believe this war is something we cannot die for. We as a country are too weak and divided. It’s is a distraction and a coverup from all the corruption. You have echoed my exact thoughts. No direct involvement in Ukraine. God we pray for you to intervene form the enemy within our country and send your warring angels to help the people of the Ukraine. Amen.

  7. Cheryl

    You are so right Mario we must not be distracted stay focused on Gods plan.

  8. pagesixty4

    Can I ask you why, at the heading of this article, the Democrat Party is listed? I was so confused about that.

    • Mario Murillo

      The Democrat Party has given itself to do evil. It was at first listed as the central topic because of their role in getting us to go to war. Since it looks like an endorsement we changed to the topic to Christianity Today. Thank you.

      • Debbie J Swanson

        Thank you for speaking truth. Thank you for keeping the church on the gas pedal and moving forward against our regime. We must listen to God and God alone.

      • Kathie FitzPatrick

        Mario, thank you for speaking out the truth boldly! The COVID vaccine has been declared to be a
        crime against humanity in a world medical tribunal in the Hague, Germany, as it is not a vaccine at all but mean for harm, and has been weaponized against all of us by the globalists with intent to kill. Put this link into your browser for a real shock:
        The World Council for Health Org has also also made an international declaration to “Cease and Desist” the COVID vaccine as it is not a vaccine for COVID at all, and not meant for human consumption as it is very toxic and has maimed, injured and killed many people. It is signed by some of the worlds most renown doctors. Here it is.
        Be sure you see these. It is a notice of liability and can served on anyone who tries to force the vaccine. The Truckers in Canada should have had a lawyer and used this. It would have been a great weapon!–Kathie FitzPatrick

    • eddie and sherrie

      there are articles about the democratic party–it is a link to those articles

  9. Sue lane

    Keep telling the truth! I love and support you with my praying!

  10. ali

    amen and AMEN!!!!!!!!! Oh, LORD continue to shine YOUR truth upon this lost and dying world. Expose the powers of evil and bring YOUR people to their senses. Awaken the Woke in JESUS Name.

    • Sandy McCaa

      Our leader-LESS-ship is too weak to take us into another war. From the illegitimate occupier of the White House to all the weak cabinet heads to our woke generals who are more concerned with “white rage” and gender fluidity than training our troops for serious combat. Another war would be a disaster for America and the rest of the world, thanks to Biden’s weakness!

  11. Savanna

    Wow, this is the most clarity provided on this topic that I have seen or read. Thank you.

  12. Karen Henson

    Thank you Mario I agree 100%! It’s so refreshing to hear you We love you so much and pray for your ministry and your family!

  13. Peggy Z

    Amen! Amen! Amen! Keep praying for the Supreme Court to release a righteous ruling on Dobbs vs Jackson. And all done in darkness be revealed. Don’t stop Saints! God bless you Brother Mario for speaking the truth to us!

  14. Andrew Hyjek

    Thank you telling the truth about what is at stake! Much love and care for you!

  15. Evelyn

    AMEN! 🙏🙌

  16. R L Perrin

    Yes a Great word from God. I pray that this word goes into the deep and dark, hidden places of our nation and reveals the truth of men and woman’s hearts. Holy Spirit will drive the truth home light will shine in the hidden places.

    • J R Robbins

      God is working his plan in Ukraine through Putin. Putin is not the enemy of the good Ukrainian people. This is the way our creator works and has worked throughout all of time. Of course our evil government and their MSM would use this military action to lie and distract. Ukraine’s government is pure evil and is the head of the snake, the old serpent, as God calls him. God has the good Ukrainians under his wings of protection. HIS wrath is being poured out over the satanic bio-labs, sex trafficking dens, perversions, human experimentations, satanic sacrific rituals, genocide, and other evils satan and his demons are inflicting on the WORLD. DO NOT WATCH THE MSM! This and Social media are Satan’s main tools for destroying us. Pray, then pray again for God to give you His Holy discernment through this epic battle. Ask HIM to lead you to the Truth.

      • Bill Rawlins

        So Putin, the one who poisons his enemies, sentences his opponents to 30 years in the gulags, throws away democracy, and kills thousands of innocents in Ukraine, is God’s agent? What??? Tthere is some corruption in Ukraine, but only a thimble-full compared to Russia.

  17. Gidget Parker

    Thank you for words of truth and wisdom

  18. Thora Evans

    Right on, as usual. We must not be distracted.

  19. Julie

    Horrified by the continued evil in our nation to attack our children and future!
    Save us oh God!

  20. Mary Thompson

    I agree completely with you Mario. I went to a church that refused to speak about politics and it was so disheartening. I pray for your ministry and that the lost come to Christ by the millions.

  21. Ron

    I believe Israel had proof that there were WofMD in Iraq.

  22. Aaron

    The globalist neocon cabal is simply manipulating world affairs toward there technocrat humanist utopian dream.
    So far resistance has been minimal but there is a slow awakening.
    Inertia has yet to kick in because knowledge of evil is not enough.
    This must translate into action.
    America must be evangelized and then pastored correctly.
    I appreciate the 7 mountain plan but it’s been misinterpreted by pseudo-theologians as dominianism that abandons eschatology.
    And it’s being resisted so It would be wise to show that the rapture has not been tossed out.
    More will sign on.

  23. Nancy Lee Weiss

    Mario, I attended all days of the Hanford tent meetings. I have felt the call to throw my hat into the race and officially declared my candidacy for NV State Assembly District 13! I’m facing 3 Republican men in the primary and I’m the long shot, but with GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I cherish your prayers and the prayers of all God’s children as I run this race. He is taking me, a small nobody, an underdog, for others to behold what HE can do!

  24. Barbara Hardcastle

    My heart shouts AMEN! Then I ask the Lord what can a widow in her eighties do to help? His answer was whether a mite or might, sow what you have. God will take care of the rest if you sow in good soil. Mario Murillo Ministries is proven good soil.

  25. Julie

    Absolutely agree! When will Americans learn that the current Democrat Party is NOT the party of JFK that most of us remember! Today’s Democrat Party uses only Satan’s playbook and is out to destroy America. How can any decent person NOT vote against them? And we need more Republicans running for office, from local school boards on up.

  26. john hakins

    Mario, soon the truth about why Putin went in will come out, Nukes and Biological weapons were being readied to be used against the world, he was the only one that would move against the corrupt regime, we know people have died but how many more would have died had he not gone in and destroyed these labs, many of them put there by our government, not Trump, but those that came before him. They have so much proof on the corruption that Biden needs a war to protect his tush.

  27. Lana Garner

    Sent this to Senators and Congressmen!!

  28. Sandra


  29. Karen Secrest

    Isn’t it amazing: just as covid fizzles out along comes another money making crisis (or two).
    So it’s not by might not by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord God Almighty. Watch as I declare I AM ABLE to defeat those coming again as t the Ekklesia. Amen..

  30. Dianne Carol Kirk

    Amen, Amen, Amen!

  31. Irene

    Thank you heavenly FATHER amen

  32. prayinginok

    Thank you Mario!

    “Why are you not suspicious when MSNBC, CNN and all the other Leftist hollow heads are unanimous in the drum beat of war?”

    I truly have been! I’ve mentioned it to multiple people. There is something much bigger going on behind the scenes, and no doubt the devil is involved. Praying for all the innocent people!

  33. K. Krause


  34. Mike Burke

    MMM is one of the few Christian Organizations I donate and contribute to.

  35. lance foreman

    imo, our government are way past traitors to America, they more like domestic enemy assets, its not only the Churches duty to fight back against evil and wickedness in high places we are the only ones who can, the Church is standing in the way of the new world order and they know it, not even the gates of hell will prevail against the Church, so with that being said there is no fear, the only way we wont prevail is to do nothing or accept the evil

  36. George & Carole Phelps

    Good Word from the Lord with great insight into the truth of what is really transpiring. I was healed in your meeting in San Jose back in the 70’s and have loved and trusted your ministry ever since. Thank you for keeping the standard of the Lord raised high, spreading clear and understandable Truth until He comes.

  37. Debbie J Swanson

    It is indeed a wicked and perverse government we are under. I will not bow to any of their lies or corruption. I am keeping my foot on the gas and we will stop this regime by fervent, intercessory prayer and making your voice heard in politics! We cannot and will not bow down to them.

  38. wms2

    Yes and amento all that you said ! God bless MMM

  39. Marleen

    Holy Spirit, give us power and boldness to take on these giants! Fill your people once again… the gifts of the Spirit. Angelic assistance to pull down these wicked abortion agendas.
    Please open eyes and hearts and minds to the Gospel.
    Please protect and deliver children out of satan’s grip in Jesus’ Name. Save children! Fill them with the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name.
    Thank you for this article. God bless this ministry and prosper it to reach millions.

  40. Carolyn

    Amen and amen!

  41. Sue

    Mario, I have long wanted to ask this question. We have to remain vigilant on the abortion disgust that the dems herald in our nation to make money. but why isn’t the initial question being addressed? Which is, WHY ARE THE PASTORS NOT MENTIONING THE FACT THAT THE ABORTION INDUSTRY WOULD COLLAPSE IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST STOP HAVING SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE?!!!! I once worked for a state’s Right to Life and all they were interested in doing was raising money for their salaries. Never did I see anything going on to stop abortions and before I arrived, the woman in charge of donations stole about $30k! Nothing was done to her and she kept her ‘job.’. But I did read how many women use abortion as birth control. One woman had had 22 abortions! Said she was proud of it and continued to sleep with as many men as possible. It goes back to getting people saved but to also teach morality in our country. We’ve lost that – it happened in the 60s after Kennedy was killed and our country is being demoralized every single day. Now it’s in high gear in schools all across the country. My husband teaches high school and is refusing to quit during this mess, but the middle school in his district promotes and celebrates all things homosexual, etc. It is an outright war on the children and we have to do more from the pulpit. How on earth did our pastors ever get so enthralled with money that they forget about the verse in Revelation that mentions those in the pulpit will be judged more severely? We spend so much time talking about the end result of immorality but never focus on the cause of this incessant murdering of children in the first place. Stop the ‘fornication under command of the king.”(which did happen way back when – sex was commanded by the king of England to increase the population), and abortions would decrease immediately. It’s looks like the more the government can get people to commit fornication, have more pregnancies, the more money they can make dissecting their aborted babies for money. This has gone WAY too far – doing experiments on babies born alive? DOES IT GET ANY SICKER OR CLOSER TO HITLER’S REGIME THAN THAT?!!!!! Hitler did that to the Jews – have we learned nothing from history? The church HAS to wake up IMMEDIATELY, GET SOME COLUMBIAN COFFEE, AND GET BUSY TO END THIS STUFF! Maybe do more crusades to get pastors saved – that was awesome when you mentioned that on Flashpoint. I truly don’t believe people realize how many unsaved pastors are in the pulpits. Help…..

  42. Jane Fairchild

    Personally, I do NOT think that Biden and Biden Administration want UKRAINE to win this war, but UKRAINE be completely given over to Russia for USSR SOVIET UNION. As an appeasement for Russia. And this is like throwing out a piece of fresh raw meat to RUSSIA to destroy INNOCENT people of UKRAINE. ALL in the name of POLITICS AND GREED.
    And through this, this appeases that RABIED BEAR NATION OF RUSSIA to get what they wanted all along, and then a way to SAVE AMERICA from being bombed.
    NATO is worthless. They always have been.
    AMERICA through Biden and Biden Administration has become the weakest, most venerable nation of this world GLOBALLY as this is what Biden Administration wants. So that we no longer are the greatest nation in this world but we are below all other nations as the weakest nation of this world. Does NOT matter if this destroys AMERICA, AMERICA VALUES, AMERICA FREEDOMS… but this is their GOAL and their AGENDA.
    Look at all the ILLEGALS forcing their way through. Most times drug cartels are running the BORDERS. Sex Slavery; Drug Traffic all time high… and what does BIDEN ADMINISTRATION do, takes our tax paying money to give them SMOKE PIPES to take their drugs… Destroying our children in schools, preparing our children to become the dream of PEDOPHILES GENERATION.

    Has anyone thought for a moment about NO FOSSIL FUELS… how do we intend to fly JETS 8 to 12 hours overseas on electricity? How about farm equipment? How about should one actually get into war and FOSSIL FUELS are needed for the tanks, for the FIGHTER JETS, for MILITARY EQUIPMENT, and even needed to set off BOMBS. Imagine ELECTRICITY POWER for these things and you lose your power and fall flat from the air.

  43. bwalker42

    Amen! Amen!

  44. testificari

    I can’t agree with Mario entirely. The US was a major author and co-signer to a UN bill in the 1990s where Ukraine got rid of nukes and possibly other heavy weapons, and WE agreed to back them up! Russia also signed, UK, Belarus, and Kazakhstan I believe. Those three helping to attack the ones they disarmed! We are not keeping our promise because we have been too weakened (intentionally) and may not be able to keep peace in the world with just a threat or a few soldiers.

  45. John Sanborn

    Thank you Mario for hearing the Spirit of God and then actually share what is going on !!!
    It’s not red vs blue !! It is black and white !!
    The light of Jesus Christ vs the Black evil of satan.
    Thank you !! Thank you !! For telling the truth !!
    Wake up church of God !!!
    This is our time to let our Light shine!!!🔥

  46. Doris Martinez

    Amen brother, thankyou for speaking truth 👏🏽, God bless you and family with strength to continue spirit soul and body 🙌🏽 And meet all your needs according to His riches His love His mercies in Jesus name amen so be it 🙌🏽 !

  47. Karyn Dawkins

    I totally agree. Mario is right on.

  48. arigoldberg1

    Thank you Mario – your instincts are spot-on. I would say that the biggest natural enemy we have is Globalism, Internationalism, the New World Order, Global Governance, the New International Economic Order, World Federation – it goes by a variety of names. The Power Elite uses wars, pandemics, depressions, bankruptcies, and other catastrophic events – which they engineer – to move the world towards a synthesis of Capitalism and Communism into a new world-wide political, economic, and religious system.

    This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work: problem, reaction, solution, or more precisely: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. The thesis is the fixed position that made Western Civilization so successful and happy: Christianity, free markets, and the rule of law. Those who wanted to become “as Gods”, to rule the world, who are described in Psalm 2:2-3: “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.”, they wanted to move society off its fixed position, so they created an antithesis – the opposite of Christianity – Atheism, the opposite of free markets – central planning, and the opposite of the rule of law – arbitrary dictates.

    They intentionally built up the military-industrial complexes of the USSR and China to challenge the West and lead to wars, depressions, and pandemics, resulting in a complete erosion of freedom and the emergence of the synthesis. The synthesis is neither Capitalism nor Communism, but Technocracy, as envisioned by the World Economic Forum, similar to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. It would no longer have the brutality and outward oppression of Communism, but have a kinder, gentler control system where people would “love their servitude”.

    Of course, we know from the Bible that Jesus will come again and overthrow this Antichrist system. Until then, He is testing each one of us to see whether we will suffer for standing on our fixed positions – our “thesis” – or whether we will allow ourselves to go along with the transformation of society into the scientific dictatorship which they are building – the “synthesis” – for the Antichrist to rule over. No matter how intense the suffering, we must endure it: “he who endures to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22 and 24:13, and Mark 13:13.

    Why should we endure such suffering? Because of the promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus. We can afford to stand for righteousness, to refuse to take the Mark of the Beast, to refuse the editing of our genetic code by injections, to refuse the digital currency which can be turned off if we criticize or expose the evildoers, the “passport” they want us to take to participate in the new control system, and the social credit scores they’ll assign us for “behaving ourselves”. We can instead obey God, speak the truth, refuse the chains, thereby laying up treasures for ourselves in heaven, and a crown of righteousness when we see Jesus face to face. “…for you had compassion on me in my chains, and joyfully accepted the plundering of your goods, knowing that you have a better and an enduring possession for yourselves in heaven. (Hebrews 10:34). Those of us who endure to the end will look back on this time of testing someday and be so glad we did the right thing. We’ll know then, and only then, that we weren’t really losing anything, because this short life is nothing in light of eternity. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)

  49. janice bartholomew

    I get out there and gather signatures for the next ballots for the election….we need to dig in and prepare for that election for
    TRUMP…and , we need to pray for getting this administration out of office BEFORE he causes us to collapse …WHY WAIT

  50. Maxie

    Until we adress the voting system fraud, they will continue to appoint themselves and their families (see California).

  51. Dale Oyler

    Amen Mario totally agree!!!

  52. kingskid48

    I appreciate your clarity on this matter, Pastor Mario, and I know you are right. But there’s so much information swirling around, it’s so hard to know if it’s all true and who we can trust.

    All I know, is my heart is broken into a million pieces for the innocents fleeing this mess with their little children. I just don’t want us to develop a cavalier attitude, like, “Not my problem”, and go about our business in our warm, comfortable homes with enough food, water and everything else, and ignore those poor souls. I do not believe God will hold us guiltless if we develop that attitude. If our hearts don’t break for the innocents, and we do not do give to the organizations that are going over there to save lives, then shame on us.

    Samartian’s Purse
    Operation Blessing
    Mercy Chefts
    Mercury One

    And there are others.

    If we can’t dig in our wallets and each one send a little bit, then God help us. Putin is demonic, Ukraine is corrupt, (like ours isn’t), and the world is a disastrous mess, with the US being one of the worst. I don’t care what happens to any corrupt leader anywhere. But that doesn’t mean The King is not going to divide the sheep and goats. Ukrainian Jews fleeing that war-torn country need help also. Decide where your heart is, and give.

  53. Barbara Kugler

    Thank you for putting all of this in perspective for me. I really do appreciate hearing your view, Mario Murillo, as I do have much trust in you and your life’s work.

  54. 🤍Becky Tesone

    Please pray for Colorado this week of March 20th as the Senate will vote on the Abortion bill called the, “Reproductive Health Equity Act ” It just horrible. We need 2-5 democrats to change their position.This state needs prayer!
    On a better note tunnels for sex trafficking are being destroyed all over the world and in Ukraine the largest sex trafficking country.

  55. Kathy Stacey

    I live in the UK. The night before last God gave me a dream of a church where the pews had been made into beds and the members were worried about a shortfall in offerings to meet their overheads. He told me ‘The Church is asleep and more concerned about its finances than doing My work.’ I am seventy years old and desperate to see Him move in this land and use me for His purpose. I believe our country is at its lowest ebb ever and most are unaware of it. Mario, like the Macedonian man to Paul, I plead with you to come here, please.

  56. mrfourtwenty

    In the end God wins, we are in the end times, the jab is the mark of the beast or at the very least part of the beast system. Our only salvation is through Jesus. The 2nd seal has been opened, the 3rd is fast approaching.

    (Revelation 6:1)  And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

    (Revelation 6:2)  And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

    (Revelation 6:3)  And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see.

    (Revelation 6:4)  And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

    (Revelation 6:5)  And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand.

    (Revelation 6:6)  And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.

    God Bless

  57. Tanner from Louisiana

    🪃🪃🪃🪃 Boomerang 🪃 🪃🪃🪃

  58. Donovan

    The only problem with your article is the first sentence: “We can all agree that what Putin is doing is inhuman and barbaric.”

    We don’t all agree on that. At all.

    You need to listen to the reasons why this invasion is taking place. The years and years of suffering and murders in Donbas at the hands of Ukrainian nazis (yes, actual nazis). Look at the videos of evil people like John McCain in Ukraine years ago stirring up trouble and leading Russia to this point.

    Russia is protecting itself and its own people from an encroaching threat on its border. Wouldn’t America do the same if Mexico was building up military on the Texas border and killing Texans? Think about it.

  59. Janet Salsgiver

    Amen! For those with eyes to see, all things are not as they appear. Our emotions will carry us away from the “Uncovering” GOD is doing and propel us into a war that is not ours. My heart breaks for the Ukrainian peoples, for the evil that has been perpetrated on them; but we must seek GOD’S guidance as to our actions on their behalf and stay the course as HE untangles the web of deception, evil, and political corruption in our own country. We must not be distracted at this critical time.
    Jeremiah 49:10 NIV “But I will strip Esau bare; I will uncover his hiding places, so that he cannot conceal himself.”

  60. Michelle kent

    Please talk to your pastors, clergy etc…
    It is time for action and to unite to defeat these bills and people voting for them. If every church and synagogue stood up and marched now and make there voice heard. We need to be louder than the truckers. We have the power of God on our side. I want to keep it. Stand up everyone.
    How about a Passover march!

  61. LAUREN Pamela Laub

    AMEN! No doubt evil and corruption exists everywhere in the world, the Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and yes here in America! No where in this world is anyone, any country guilt free, sinless, corruption free! But as sin, and Satan are at work in the world, and ramping up evil, Praise be to God that Jesus Christ is also at work saving sinners, exposing corruption, and confronting evil wherever it exists. My prayer is that while we pray to an end of the atrocities and this ungodly invasion and takeover of Ukraine by Russia, that corruption is exposed wherever it exists. Child trafficking flows through and from Ukraine. Corruption, as exposed by the “laptop” of Hunter Biden, has roots in Ukrainian corruption. The innocent people of Ukraine, Russia and even innocent victims here in America and around the world suffer because of corrupt governments installed and bolstered by Satan! May Christ expose and topple the evil regimes everywhere, and may the people of the world continue to wake up! turn from their wicked ways, call upon the Lord and receive the healing of their land! Amen

  62. Acropolis De Versailles

    PART 8


    The Russian Commander said, “What we have seen makes the blood freeze in the veins…”

    Underneath the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine, Russian Military found Abused and Mutilated Orphan Children in Chains locked in a chamber in a tunnel on the fourth floor. They freed and rescued all the living children while sadly many were already dead. The Deep State Criminals involved were shot but some members escaped and are on the run including their Commander. Putin stated, “We are rescuing Biden’s Victims.”

    The Russian Military also found a significant underground Biological Weapons Lab at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant where they discovered a hidden storage facility containing all of the Bio Weapons.

    Remember: Putin has not only located and taken control of 12 out of 30 Biological and Chemical Weapons Laboratories that were working hand in hand with Wuhan in China and were being financed by the United States Pentagon and implemented by the CIA, the FBI and under the leadership of the Democrat Party and protected by the Nazi Militia in Ukraine, but has also discovered evidence of how these Diabolical Evil people were planning to carry out the next pandemic after covid-19 and its variants. The evidence proves that these Labs were working to infect fleas with a Biological Weapon to flood the world’s animals specifically dogs and cats so that when humans pet their animals, these infected fleas would bite and transmit the deadly Bio Weapon into them. Putin’s Military also found documented evidence that officials from the U.S. Pentagon were gathering DNA from Russian Ancestry to create a Bio Weapon designed to specifically wipe out All Russians from the face of the earth. They were also planning to create another pandemic to kill 90% of the world’s population. They believed that wars weren’t killing enough people so they needed to use disease and starvation to accomplish this. Since then they’ve been releasing many Biological Weapons on the population of the world. This diabolical genocidal killing plan has come to an end as Russian Military took control of these Bio Weapons Labs.

    The last stand of the Deep State Cabal is in Ukraine. It’s the head of the snake where they were trying to establish a Nazi base but fortunately we’re witnessing the collapse of it.

    Remember: All roads lead back to The World Economic Forum, The Chinese Communist Party and The UN. They’ve captured our country and the regime in Washington D.C. is working in relation to implementing The One World Government. Their goal is to destroy America into becoming like Venezuela. George Soros, Kissinger and Laurence Fink from BlackRock said, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) model of Communism; where people don’t have freedom, are fully surveilled, where people don’t have access to anything without the permission of the government and where the government controls their money and everything they do, is a much better model for humanity than the freedom and liberty we have in America.”

    This rogue group of diabolical people running this vassal state in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the Unites States, is not running by our Constitutional law but rather some kind of Maritime law. They don’t respect The Constitution, The Bill of Rights or Our God Given Unalienable Rights. Just recently, Homeland Security put out a memo stating that if a person questions the government they will be considered a domestic terrorist; this sure sounds like the (CCP) Chinese Communist Party are putting out an order.

    – Durham on March 8, 2022 wrote, “SOON THEY WON’T BE ABLE TO WALK DOWN THE STREET. IT’S SHOW TIME.”




  1. The Cult of Fools - "Gonna Have to Deal With God" - Mar 27, 2022 • Skeptical Science - […] Mario Murillo says the war in Ukraine is a distraction: … “The truth about Hillary, Hunter Biden, the […]



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