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“My name is Judy. I attended BREAKTHROUGH at Destiny Church, in Rocklin, in January. My girlfriend, Amber, was amazingly healed…from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, including her back, her 2 pre-cancer growths were gone, asthma, etc. SHE WAS HEALED. She went to the doctor and he confirmed it, writing in her chart, “THIS PERSON WAS HEALED BY GOD”!
“When my ex-son-in-law heard about Amber and saw her, he asked me to take him to Hanford. We were there Sunday and Monday. He and my grandson both went forward and accepted Jesus as Savior. He is changed. I believe he is also healed, but it is not confirmed yet. (Pray for Andrew). Not only were their amazing MESSAGES OF LIVES CHANGED…HEALINGS HAPPENED!
“And when we returned to our motel, more amazing HEALINGS HAPPENED! (Our motel was filled with people attending the Revival. It was like HOLY GROUND). Thank you, Mario for calling on Josey to tell me her story. PRAISE GOD FOR EVERYTHING!”

She had been suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for many years,

I invited Nicole up to share her testimony of God’s miraculous healing. She had been suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for many years, but when she had gone to two previous Tent meetings, I remember seeing that she was unable to walk, and that she carried her arm curled up on her side. She was hospitalized at the beginning of the pandemic and right after she gave birth to a baby girl, they would not let her see her own newborn child!
At each tent crusade, her husband had marched around the outside of the tent, asking God for her healing. It was in August, in the tent crusade in Sacramento that God healed her. She is now free not only walk and move, but also to dance which she did as we sang, after testifying on the stage.

She brought with her a doctor’s note, on which he had written that she had experienced “significant improvement of her condition” and that she no longer needed to take her medication. That is a doctor’s cautious way of saying, “You are healed”
And, in a miraculous moment, a wheelchair was emptied. Mario turned toward another area of the Tent, and asked a woman to stand. He then named the desperate needs in her body. When she first stood, her steps were shaky, but as God began to restore her body you could actually see her footing become more sure. She crossed to the front and began to dance before God, completely healed and restored!

After a near-fatal car accident, PJ had multiple injuries all over her body. On Tuesday at the Hanford Living Proof Crusade in California, God spoke through a word of knowledge and she was totally healed. She demonstrated how she was healed by walking and jumping with no pain or weakness.

If you ask anyone who was there, “Will the flames and fire of God die down after this week?”

They will give you a strange stare. Then suggest to them that what has happened over these past four nights is not real, and they will burst out laughing.
Go ahead and ask them to define these past four days. You will not hear them call this just a ‘good crusade.’ They will not tell you these were ‘wonderful services.’ No, they will tell you with firm conviction, “THIS IS THE DAWN OF A MOVEMENT!”

This group of people—who now number in the thousands—have seen too much.

But it was the astonishing harvest of souls last night that pushed these people past the point of no return. They believed that a bright future was impossible for those living in this region, but then at least 500 souls came to Jesus. It was not just the quantity that hit them—it was the intensity of conversions. They witnessed open weeping and deep remorse for sin.
God had done too much for these people for them to now return to business as usual. They absolutely refuse to let go of what God has given them. This is not the end of a crusade—it is the dawn of a movement that will now spread across America! Glory to God!


Our next major outreaches: Thursday April 21 and Friday April 22. Flashpoint Live on Thursday 7PM and a Miracle Rally on Friday 7PM Mabee Center Tulsa OK 





  1. Gil Zaragoza

    Glory!!!!!!! Believing God for a mighty wave of His Spirit moving in El Paso, Texas County in Jesus’ Name!!!!

    • Vincent J Mack

      I believe that there is going to be a revival over this country starting in 2022 that’s gonna shake this country to its core! Amen

    • Kim Barrett

      I was in Hanford. There is nothing like seeing the miracles I witnessed. Visited with many at the motel. A young jewish man from Pennsylvania had his father fly in from Israel & they drove 1,700 mi to Hanford. His father excepted Christ as his Savor. I wish you could have seen the glow & excitement on his father’s face. This was a huge miracle!!!

  2. Linda kidder

    To God be all the Glory and all praise and all honor. The Mighty God has come in power to call His people out of darkness!!!

  3. Collin R Williams

    Our God is so good. He meets us right where we need him. Glory to our arisen Saviour and to the creator of all things. His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.


    Christ’s love is contagious! Be refreshed Mario, your wife, and whole team.

  5. Glenford Kauffman

    WOW! The power of God is undeniable!

  6. Karen Westcott

    All I can say is: Praise the Lord! Please bless Canada too!

  7. Marie Kinch / Marie Riegle

    Praise God!!!

  8. Laurie Painter

    It makes me so happy for God for all those people and all the ones in the future coming up that are going to be saved it’s so exciting saved and healed in the name of Jesus.

  9. Revs. Jerry and Sonia Mashek


  10. Lauren Jones

    Bless you for all that you are doing and bringing home the message that God is Real And true to his word . So many lives are forever saved due to your tireless service to God. and blessings also to all of the helpers who have showed up in to work with you so that these miraculous crusades can take place! I
    Thank you so much for bringing God’s truth to the world!

  11. Pastor Jonathon CaDena

    Mario Murillo

    Yes Mario, you are blazing a trail for many other outreach evangelical ministries by pushing back demonic regional powers dominating over populations.

    I also am believing for an outpouring of salvation, deliverance and healing as a massive wave of the Holy (Spirit) Ghost is coming soon like never seen before in Biblical or recorded history.

    And yes, in proportion and to the extent people seeking God and hope and to those who respond individually with an open heart of true repentance to change toward the daily relationship value of having Yeshua Jesus.

    Many years of my own prayer warfare has gone into a coast to coast tent revival (since 2015) and the Lord called it “thirty three”. Things the Lord told me to look for are: Prayer partners, anointed security persons, ushers, a large tent, a bus and His timing to move-out and start.

    Other points from the “33 tour” applicable to you are binding and releasing within the terra-spirit. ie: replacing the void after pushing-back the evil territorial spirit(s) with a fuller measure of Agape love of the Heavenly Father and “Holy Spirit, Holy Ground” proclamations.

    Also leaving behind each visited city (revival) location, Kingly decrees ie: renouncing abortion and making it legally unavailable as well as defunded, etc. And priestly declarations like anointing individuals who live in those cities visited, a mandate of prayer(s) over there taken terra-spirit Holy Ground.

    A type of sit-down meeting with designated community spiritual (Pastor) church leaders to keep the Spirit of the Lord welcomed in their respective community as well as a short presentation teaching of what I call “The cult of liberal theology” and actually, that was a tag by Dr. Walter Martin my mentor.

    Hope this helps you pave a wider path toward the “Big Top’ Spirit-filled event of salvations, deliverance and healing COMING OUR WAY. Prayers to you and yours, Pastor Jonathon CaDena, San Diego, California

    • Mark Regalmuto

      Praise the Lord!!!

  12. Bill Smith

    Mario, please bring this Holy Spirit fire to New Jersey! Many of us have been praying for a mighty REVIVAL — we know it has begun — and we want to see God’s mighty signs, wonders and miracles here!

  13. Doug/Annette Conwell

    That is amazing! This is a testimony that God does care and He does visit His people. We live in a state that is dark from the top down. The ungodliness and corruption is rampant in our state. How we need the conversions/healings here in Washington State!

  14. Mary J.


  15. fran

    Praising God with all of you for the miracles that He has done for many many people, and also for Salvation received by many. Praying for Mario and all involved in this movement of God, and believing it will spread and stretch across the country, and even the World,
    Gods Arm is Not Short !

  16. Sophie Beausoleil

    God bless you Brother Mario 🖖🏼

  17. Shaeliya Sage

    This is only 5 hours from my home. I’m not getting better any other way and tell my husband, what do I have to lose, not getting better? Do I have a chance of getting better? If I could just stop being so miserable and in so much pain, that would be better. I’m having a very hard time accepting Jesus as the way the truth and the light because I spent 35 years as a super active Baha’i and I haven’t figured out how to get past that despite 20 years inactive. I know Christ is a Manifestation of God, but was taught and shown all kinds of proof, that Baha’u’llah was also. Please help me.

    • C Hoelscher

      Jesus IS THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. He IS God. Call out His Name to save you. He wants you to be His more than you want Him. He DIED for you, so you could be His. SOAK yourself in His word in the Bible and ask Him to show you how to spend time with Him each day. Ask Him to show you what verses especially will help heal your mind from past wrong beliefs and repeat them out loud several times a day for as long as it takes to really change your thinking. Keep thinking God’s thoughts whenever your former beliefs come to mind. He will help you.

    • H. Ch.

      You have a duty to yourself to try. Your past beliefs didn’t help. If you accept Jesus this will stop: “If I could just stop being so miserable and in so much pain…”

      When the misery caused by past beliefs disappear and is replaced with daily joy, smiles and good health then you won’t need words for conviction,


    • Denise

      Heavenly Father, I pray that Shaeliya will be healed and will accept Jesus as the way, the truth and the life. In Jesus’s name, amen. I thank you for it in advance, Lord.

  18. Laurie McGee

    I met Nicole walking in my neighborhood. She commented on my Flashpoint hat. I prayed for her. Thank you Jesus for healing my friend! She is so sweet!

  19. surely08

    It’s about time and am totally in Him for this fabulous ride in the US Republic THE Salvation NATION!

  20. Marianne Chen

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!


    Donna Eubanks on February 26, 2022 at 3:00 pm
    I agree with the Conwell’s about Washington State. Here in Oregon we need a breakthrough of God’s love, salvation and healing in a state consumed with demonic powers everywhere. May God’s hand of protection continue to cover you and your team as you bring God’s living word and hope to our country so in need.

  22. Darlene w

    This is what we have longed for. The river of His glory spilling out of it’s bank and flowing thru our nation and the world. There is no going back.thank you for the update,it’s so encouraging.

  23. Grace Faria

    We need you back in sacramento. When can you come?

    • Mario Murillo

      The tent will be in the Sacramento Valley in November! Details ahead!


    Hallelujah, He is showing us from Glory to Glory. The Biblical Model over the Business Model every time.

  25. Kathie FitzPatrick

    It’s so exciting to see what God is doing! He is still using you starting with you as the 19 year old teen evangelist at the Silver Dollar Fair Grounds in Chico, CA. I was there. You had meetings there twice. Shortly after that, you moved to the Bay Area and started meetings in Berkeley, CA. I remember you when the meetings were 25 people at the old Chi Alpha building on a Saturday night. Then it was noticed that people were being healed. Many more came and a much bigger building was needed like the Wheeler Auditorium on the Cal Berkeley Campus. The miracles continued . . .and they still continue now! So wonderful to see your faithfulness! You are the same devil basher today as you were then. No backing down! Thanks!–Kathie FitzPatrick, Yakima, WA

  26. Mike Headlee

    every region needs revival ! this country must come together in unity under Jesus Christ Messiah ! calling all evangelists, pastors, apostles, preachers prophets intercessors teachers and all those who know and love Jesus coming keep the faith keep the love keep the power and fire of Ho;y Spirit burning repent and renounce all personal known sin and corporate sin , banish wickedness keep yourself in the love of Almighty God. this must cover the world Come quickly Lord Jesus This is what it will take Gaining Back Dominion one life at a time

  27. Kasma

    Praise God for all He’s done through MMM! “No plan of (His) can be thwarted!” Wish I could join your ministry, Mario! Was blessed by the 1982 Revival and in Martinez. I’m so ready to work for Kingdom Purposes. I pray all are “used” by God….even by our prayers! Glory to the “Great I AM”

  28. Aaron

    Mabee center needs to post your promo on there events calendar page.

  29. Karla M Kreighbaum

    Hello. My name is Karla Kreighbaum from Indiana. I have cancer and I need a miracle from God. I am a Christian woman; my oncologist only gave me up to three years to live. I just had brain surgery on December 1. I got a very good report after that. I now have a couple of tumors on my right side next to my shoulder; some nodules on my lung. I was very disturbed by his report and my limited time here. I don’t believe it but I’m asking God to heal me completely. I would appreciate your prayers. God bless you



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