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The city wanted grass. Think of it! A simple thing like grass could have stopped this mighty outreach.

I love the field we have rented for our crusade. I also love the fact that we rented the adjacent 10 acres, just to park cars and RVs. It is a perfect setting for soulwinning and healing miracles. But it almost did not happen because the city said we needed to plant grass over the entire field!
So, we planted it. But we faced a crisis. Where do we get enough water to make this grass grow in time for the Tent? California is in a terrible drought. We certainly would not be able to truck in the daily amounts of water that were needed. Farmers here will tell you—water is the one thing you can’t get in the Central Valley.
Then came the miracle rains and snow that you may have read about in the news. “See if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing you will not have room to contain…” As you can see in the picture—we got our grass!

But we were not out of the woods yet. We were also told that special ADA ramps for the handicapped will be required. (Our deepest desire is for those in wheelchairs to use the ramps to get in to the Tent, but not to need them after they leave! Hallelujah!)
Time was now our enemy. These are special ramps, and with the supply chain madness that is going on right now, we would never have them in time. Then the Lord sent us another miracle! Bishop Steve Perea who leads Christian Worship Center in Manteca, CA, just happened to have the most beautiful ADA ramps. They are far more adequate than what was required by the city. We offered to buy them, but Bishop Perea donated them!

We got our permit! That is the big news. We got our permit!

The grass and the ramps are only two of many miracles we are experiencing right now. Our soldiers from Inner City Action report an openness to Jesus on the streets that we have not seen anywhere else. They are not waiting for the Tent meetings to see healings. They are on a righteous rampage to touch addicts, gang members and the homeless.
The churches in the Hanford area are enjoying unity and joy. Pastors are bold to command their congregations to seize the opportunity to join in this outreach. Believers are experiencing boldness to share their faith in the midst of a pandemic.

All of this adds up to the one thing we wanted most—expectancy! An electrifying expectation is gripping the Body of Christ. The focus is not on Mario Murillo. These people have fixed their gaze on the Lord Jesus Christ. They are bringing people and operating in faith: believing that Jesus will be in the Tent saving and healing. And He will!!
These verses best describe what is happening at this moment on Highway 99:
Mark 6:54-56, “And when they came out of the boat, immediately the people recognized Him, ran through that whole surrounding region, and began to carry about on beds those who were sick to wherever they heard He was. Wherever He entered, into villages, cities, or the country, they laid the sick in the marketplaces, and begged Him that they might just touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched Him were made well.”
Now check out our commercial that is inviting hundreds of thousands to the tent. Please come and bring someone if at all possible! Everyone please PRAY!


  1. Paul

    Praise the Almighty God!!

    • David

      The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord endures forever!

    • Renee

      So thankful for the Tent!! Holy Spirit come fall upon us, save us, heal us – O hallelujah Thank You Jesus for what You are about to do, We Praise Your Wondrous Name 🙏🏼

    • Annaliesa moberg

      Praise the Lord our perfect and on time God.

  2. cbtnlady

    I know God is with you and all that will be there So happy to see you got the permits necessary. What wonderful miracle’s Our Lord is already doing…

  3. Nita

    Praise The Lord who provides and makes miracles! This is so amazing! I’m praising Him now 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  4. Renee

    You cannot stop what God’s doing, one day they may get it, I pray! Bless the Lord.

  5. Ann Day Jones

    Praise the Lord our God!

  6. Mary Pence

    Praise God He is still performing miracles to behold. God is so good Hallelujah ❤️❤️

  7. Waitangi

    Is the planting of that grass prophetic…I had a dream July 4th 2020 that snakes were coming into NZ from another country and special grass was sewn to catch them……

  8. Greg

    Unless you are norn again and have holy spirit then you will be put in the lake of fire during the judgment

    No churches are teaching holy spirit and being born again. Most Christians will be destroyed

  9. S. Harman

    Today as I was praying for the I-99 corridor, I saw Jesus cover the interstate with a soft white blanket. The blanket was wide enough that it covered the areas on either side of the highway. Please, Lord, draw those who live under the bridges to the crusade.

  10. LeNora Bryant

    Praying for these revivals.
    May Jesus be lifted up, to draw all men unto HIM

  11. Maryjo Coleman

    This made me cry….God is moving and we take back this state for the GLORY OF GOD!!!!

  12. Lynda Schwemmer

    This thrills my spirit. Oh what times we are living in! Praying.

  13. Samuel

    Man! This is one mighty Halellujah report! Halellujah indeed!! How the Holy Spirit, our almighty God is at work, leading and guiding and answering the prayers of His saints. Praise God! Over the top encouraging. Continual and fervent prayers for this Tent Crusade coming and literally already happening in all the area in Hanford and the Fresno area. God bless our Brother Mario, his wife and all the team members gathered and working as well as those Pastors and individuals coming around.

  14. Jeralyn Enns

    Beautiful testimony! God is so good! Thanks for being faithful.

  15. Monica Miller

    I shared!

  16. Gloria J. Starkgraf

    (sing it with me) 🎶🎵 I anticipate, the inevitable, supernatural intervention of God.. I believe I miracles, I believe in miracles,.,I believe in miracles. 🎶🎵 💗

  17. Cathy

    Oh Glory to GOd! Thank you for your BOLD faith and trust in the Living God Mario!! (and all your staff and all affiliated brothers and sisters in Christ) I appreciate you all so much

  18. Kate Drybrough

    Wonderful!!! While watching the commercial, I could feel the anointing through my iPad screen!

  19. Glenda Ingersoll

    South Carolina here and we have been praying for the fire of the living God to fall in this upcoming tent revival in Hanford. We are praying for mighty signs and miracles to follow Brother Mario’s “Rhema word” and for lives to be transformed by the shed blood of Jesus Christ! FIRE FALL!

  20. Linda M Meyer

    I think it was Hank Kunnemann (but possibly another) who prophesied of snows in places that were unusual and then a resulting flood of water! Praise God for His goodness and provision!

  21. Frankie Roshong

    Been praying for you

  22. Julie Ann Hill

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so powerful Mario and team!! the things GOD is doing to get you to where you need to be to get this harvest in place is so powerful! I am praying for you all and sending money to help your ministry. I am in Montana until April this year then moving back to CALIF. to the San Luis Obispo area. I pray I can be involved in one of your upcoming events. God be with you and strengthen you and your team. Love and Blessings from Montana. Julie Hill

  23. Manuel Lozano

    Psalm 104:14 KJV He causeth the grass to grow … California and The USA God is for you!

  24. Diane

    WOW WOW WOW GOD!!! YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! Cast out devils, heal the sick, raise the dead–freely you have received, freely give!! I pray my son, Israel, will be delivered from all addictions even if he is not in the tent in Jesus mighty name.

  25. Carol Rush

    thank you for doing the work that the Lord gave you…we all so appreciate you and give all the glory to our Father in Heaven…..♥

  26. Shanda Donahue

    Praise the Lord

  27. Georgia Yost

    I have you and your revival in prayer. God’s miracles are happening. A retake of Azusa Street

  28. Renee Nunamaker

    Praise God! He is in charge all will come in as needed God is doing the revival

  29. Ronda Robb

    God is so good!!! Ask and you shall recieve.

  30. Joyce Miller

    Praise God for you Mario Murillo and your awesome team reaching this city for Jesus!! Blessings 💜💜

  31. Bonnie Wiggins

    Praise Jesus

  32. Frances Rallis

    Wow!!! Yes!!! In agreement 💯

  33. Collin R Williams

    Praise our mighty God for all his mercy. May Jesus continually bless you and your ministry.

  34. Carol Sneath

    Praise God for what you are doing. I wish I could come but I live on the east coast and have so much pain in my back and legs and can not walk very far but may God bless you and your team as you give the message of Gods love and mercy on his people.

  35. Gayle Hukriede

    I live in Minnesota and would love to be able to watch this online? May God continue to Bless you and show lots of Favor on you Mario Murillo!!!

  36. wolcotag

    Mario’s revivals are amazing – attend if you can and join the altar call. The altar call returned my breath to my ailing lungs and breathing has improved ever since. Thank you Mario for having the Lord heal me.

  37. Kay

    I am thrilled by the miracles God has given you to show you that HE is in charge. and He will bring in the harvest!

  38. Judy Wiley

    Hallelujah Mario! So excited for California! Was healed in your tent revival at Batavia last October, 2021. Looking so forward to your return to Rochester, NY. I have never been the same since Batavia!!!! God’s blessings!!!

  39. Jean M Humes

    Amen this is amazing. My prayers for the Lords gathering to come up North to Duluth or Superior WI will someday be answered. We so desperately need an intervention here. The evil presence is strong. Love you for all you are doing.

  40. Steven & Connie Coy

    Awesome, glory to God!

  41. Curt Vinson

    Hello, I would love to see a follow up on all those that have been healed with interviews of Dr.s and evidence. I am a solid Christian and think doing this would have a huge impact on the ministry.

  42. Gracie Ginrher

    I would love to be there! I need healing, back left hip. Now my shoulder. Can’t believe this. God is well able! 🙏🙏🙏🙏😂

  43. Marrion Hamm

    So encouraging to hear what God is doing!

  44. Steve Jones

    Praying and Believing for You from ENCOUNTER MINISTRIES IN NORTH CAROLINE !!!

  45. Tom Thompson

    You are in our prayers. May God replicate the highway 99 experience all over the nation.

  46. Freda McCloud

    Praise the Lord!

  47. William Lanning

    Praise The LORD! He is faithful beyond our finite comprehension.

  48. Shirley Webb

    Thank you Jesus for moving in the Central Valley we need Jesus Christ in our state of California. Will be praying for you and for Jesus to move in mighty way. God bless you for stepping up for California. Need to get the state saved before Jesus comes back.

  49. Blanche F Franks

    Awesome what our God does.

  50. Grey

    Absolutely amazing ! Praise the lord of all things .

  51. Catherine Spillane

    Praise God, our God is a great God. This is His harvest His love being manifested. His love for His chikdren, his renewal, His battle against Satan

  52. Paul Svenkeson

    Thank you
    I plan to be there and help where I can.

  53. Candy Goddard

    God Bless you, Mario and all that you are doing for our Lord and Saviour!
    Such amazing miracles before and after…brings such joy to my heart!
    To God be the Glory!

  54. Kevan Prati

    Praying here in the Dallas, TX area for your CA outreach, Mario. Reap the harvest, brother!

  55. Phil Minard

    Hallelujah, Praise God! We in the SC Flashpoint Army are with you Mario, as Jesus and the Holy Spirit work through you to save and to heal, Sozo!! Bless you all!

  56. Mary Leeds

    Thank you Mario for all you & your team of workers & intercessors are about God’s Business! Jesus! Name above all names!

  57. Catherine Doctor

    What an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in all that we need! Blessings and prayers from Louisiana 🙏🏼🙌

  58. Ann

    This is absolutely wonderful. A God thing for sure!

  59. Colleen Forsyth

    It will be tremendous. Mario Murillo is a wonderful preacher. 🙏💕

  60. Mary Berry

    Mario, I compare you to Saint Paul, who gave his life to Jesus to save so many souls. My love, prayers and gratitude to you for what you are doing. May God protect you that you may continue your mission!!! By the grace of God, you are a true soldier of Christ!

  61. Bill Smith

    Video doesn’t play when I click on it. Very frustrating…. I am praying!

  62. pooch55


  63. Nancy Bateson

    I am in awe as I watch what God is doing through this ministry! I am so excited to see what happens as I know this is just the beginning of the great awakening!!

  64. Lisa Hernandez

    Thank you for coming forward to help Californians to realize their need for Jesus. Praising the LORD for the souls Saved!!!
    Onward Christian soldiers… ONWARD!

  65. Gary Henry Warrior of God Ministries

    God is Good All the Time! My wife and I are praying for this great revival.

  66. Bonnie

    Love it!

  67. Darlene Spear.

    Only Our Lord and Savior, Our God could do that. Praise His Name.

  68. Randy Carmichael

    Praise God. While suffering from a kidney stone I started watching Mario healing service. During prayer I was healed, the kidney stone gone. The next morning I noticed my neck pain was also gone. I was scheduled for surgery on my neck. I went to doctor office told them i was canceling my surgery,asked why, I told them I was healed. Prayers for you and your ministry always.

  69. Laura Donovan

    Our God is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Darlene

    The don’t allow facebook to have my info. will not let me see video.

  71. Mary Kettner

    Praying for Jesus to move on everyone, everyone, everyone within the sound of your voice. Amen

  72. Doug Max

    Awesome news on ramps and new grass. Our God is on the move!

  73. Kim James

    This is so amazingly awesome – that is our God!!!

  74. Cindy McRoy

    This is so awesome! EXPECTANCY!!!!! IMMEDIATELY when I read this, the power of the Holy Spirit and FAITH rose up in me Strong!!!! I just broke out in WORSHIP with my husband and GOD ‘s GLORY AND PRESENCE JUST FILLED OUR HOME! So much peace and joy!! It’s still going on!!! So much peace and expectancy!! I am REVIVED! Thank you so much for sharing this testimony!!! I am looking forward to GREAT AND MIGHTY THINGS FROM THE LORD!!!

  75. Sherry Posse

    Praise God for the miracles to get the Word to the people. Blessing on you and your staff!

  76. A

    Our God is an awesome God!!!

  77. David Caya

    Praise God! Thank you Jesus!

  78. Eddy

    FANTASTIC God promised in the last days I will let my flok grow, I wil pour out my spirit on the Youhg and the old the slave and the freeand so on( paraphrasing)
    Butifull work of You Mario and all others that work with the Lord

  79. David Caltabiano

    If I was in California I know where I’d be. All members of the church rise up and support the lead of Mario and reach the lost. Give the freedom.that you have received to others. I live in Australia.

  80. Juanita J Sloane


  81. manners1944

    Amazing Faithful God. Amazing Mario and Helpers. Amazing Results. Amazing Example For Us To Follow Worldwide.

  82. Tammy Adams

    Come Holy Spirit and bless Mario Murillo’s crusade in the Name of Jesus

  83. Meredith Yates

    AWESOME! News is awesome! GOD is awesome! You are blessed beyond measure MMM!

  84. Elizabth Keeton

    So glad the grass grew and the ramps were provided.God is so good and many people will be set free, healed and delivered.Let the fire of the Holy Spirit fall on Hanford in a mighty way. Bless Mario and all the workers in this crusade.

  85. Paul Majewski

    Only God can do what God does. Glory to God! I add my faith to yours and our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what we can ask or think.

  86. Lare Mitchell

    Oh Mario we love you for your boldness. I am going to become a monthly partner. I so wish I could come and help but I need a new pancreas. Blessings

  87. Lare Mitchell

    Mario we are praying

  88. escapethemousetrap

    Hallelujah to read this and watch the ad. Such movement by the Holy Spirit. Could anything be better?

  89. Sandra Tyson

    Oh Praise God!!! Thank You for coming to California!!! I was blessed to be in Bakersfield when the tent meeting came.
    We the people are Hungry for Salvation of souls. Our Father is Beautiful 🙏🕊

  90. joe Pileggi

    OMG! The power of Holy Spirit came through that ad and brought me to tears. The city will be taken for the Kingdom! Hallelujah!

  91. gege4god

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!

  92. phil redmer

    We will mark the date and pray for the miracle producing Name above all names to be preached to the healing and salvation of thousands and thousands.

  93. Marlene Falvey

    PRAISE GOD! WE GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY HE IS STILL ON THE THRONE! God bless you Mario, your family, your ministry and may many be heal in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.

  94. Gary Kalmback

    What a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit and blessings on you Mario for your heart for Revival

  95. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    And With GOD All Things are Possible. I love this Scripture…..It is a Great Comfort because IF GOD SAID IT THEN THAT SETTLES IT.

    i ordered 4 of the With GOD All Things Are Possible pillows from Mike Lindell last year. I sleep with one every night and keep one in my recliner to my back. I gave the other two away.

    When the grass grew as the rain and the snow watered it——what a Mighty Sign from GOD! HANFORD is going to be the Greatest Crusade yet! And the Blessings of the RAMPS for those who need them to enter—but will Not need them to Exit!!!

    Thank You, LORD JESUS CHRIST, for YOUR mercy and YOUR compassion. Thank You, for all of the volunteers and for Mario and his faithfulness. When he did the teaching on dying to self… was a real eye-opener for many of us.


  96. wms2

    The commercial,the article! I’m in tears at the goodness of God.Highway 99 corridor is a river of His Glory. Continued prayers.So blessed to have a small part in this.

  97. Kendra Lynn Mott

    Praying for an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit in that tent! And on the streets! Our God reigns!

  98. Mindy White

    Woo Hoo!! Praise God for His hand in this work! We love you Mario! – Chris and Mindy

  99. Irene

    Praise GOD amen

  100. Sandy Ellsworth

    Keep the Fire and Glory coming !!!! Bring many souls to Him!! Thank You Jesus!!

  101. Susan Makridis

    I will continue to pray for you as you are a genuine, O such a genuine believer in God Almighty !!
    You are truly His bond servant and May Jesus lift you up to bring more people to Christ

  102. Connie Cortez

    Amen 🙏 all honor and glory belongs to the lord, hallelujah hallelujah praise Jesus!!!

  103. parrillaturi

    He is a God of miracles. The enemy thought he had you, but, God! Praise His name.

  104. Mary and David Haug

    Thank you God for all you are doing on HWY 99!!!!

  105. Don

    Praying 4 sure!!

  106. John Blaylock


  107. ethyanne

    I hope you get to come near to San Diego. We would love to attend on elf your services.

  108. Diane Foster

    Praying for God’s blessings of healing, wisdom and salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord And Savior. Repentance, Revival and Restoration! The body of Christ must Wakeup! Wordup! Wiseup!🙏🙏🙏


    Praise the Lord. May God always Bless the work and protect the servants of the Lord! Hallelujah God is so good!

  110. Lon Spector

    How will the Chinese treat the enviornment when they get the spoils as the victors?

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank God that we will never know.

  111. Tammy

    Mario, Thank you for all you do. Praying for you and your family and all of your team. Love seeing you on the Flashpoint. Praise God for ministers like you! It is so exciting to see what God is doing through you. Blessings

  112. Liz Perry

    Praise the Lord. How mighty is He

  113. Starr

    Praise God! Thank you for this wonderful news! I’m excited about some of the special “Mario blessings” like this paving the way to amazing miracles from God, most of all the greatest miracle of bringing millions of souls to the Lord. It always seemed to me that God’s separation of wheat and tares would begin with the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Wheat is being spotlighted and growing at that location in California: Mario Murillo and his selected team of ministers. What a refreshing joy you are, Mario. Thank you for holy boldness in standing up for the right to worship and to assemble as Christians. Thank you for all you do for the kingdom of God.

  114. Brenda Bounds

    Glory , Yes, Amen. Let me tell u about my Jesus! He will make away where there seems to be no way. ( grass, ramps, permits) Let me tell u about my Jesus!! Thanks Mario, for showing us our Jesus. Thanks for standing. The GLORY, IS About To Be RELEASE!! Hallelujah 🕊📖❤️🔥I pray ps 91) over each of u In Jesus name. Just reach out and touch the hem and hold on to Him.. In Jesus name. Love, Blessing, Hope

  115. Ann Parker

    Glorious report! But the commercial won’t play.

  116. Ross Hanby

    Thank you Lord Jesus! Praise God! Thank you Mario , your family and all those who have been praying serving and supporting this kingdom cause! I long to see the joy and the tears of people encountering Jesus our Saviour with salvation,
    deliverance, healing, miracles, restoration, peace, love ,and Joy in the Holy Spirit! Wow! 🙂

  117. David Jones

    The grass withers and the flowers fade away, but the word of the Lord endures forever!

  118. Laurie

    Wonderful news about God’s favor on you all.

  119. Ron

    You will be astounded, when tears bless my eyes Holy Spirit has arrived

  120. Glenda Fly

    Praise God – It will be an Awesome meeting in Hanford under the Tent. See you there!!

  121. Nathanael Reese

    Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!!! Will definitely be holding all up in prayer – have a feeling that California is going to lead the way, a revival/restoration gateway to America! So many souls, we all need Jesus!

  122. Teresita R Pizarro

    Halleluiah ! Father You are Awesome , Great , Mighty , Powerful, Wonderful , God of wonders , the I am that I am . Glory , honor , power belongs to You! Let Your kingdom come , Your WILL be done over Hanford revival services. Favor this ministry and all support team in all areas . Open the flood gates of heaven on this event and pour out Your spirit on every ministers and attendee. Cover your servants, mouthpiece , ministers, volunteers and supporters with the blood of Jesus , charge Your angels over them . Draw all men and all neighboring cities and bring them all to the knowledge of Christ and all will experience the great encounter of a lifetime with God .

  123. Wordforworld

    Such joyful news, Mario! Laughter at the LORD’s provision! In the face of all those probably illegal hindrances, MMM persevered!
    At the time of rental agreement were you made aware of those conditions enforced by the “City” ?

    Saints, the time to intercede for God’s favor for His outreaches is not on the actual date, but ‘way before the events, Our prayers of intercession “plow the field”, so to speak! (Sorry, Mario, I couldn’t resist!!)
    As soon as Mario gets the Word, he makes the plan known to us for the very real need of the Body of Christ to “go before” in aggressive prayer and pave the way. This is God’s Way! Those in the vicinity can pray around the venues, inviting the Holy Spirit to convict, convince & convert all who even approach the area.

    I appreciate MMM for letting us know details so we can pray more effectively for next event.
    Blessings to you Mario & team and wonderful volunteers!! Thank you so much!
    Father God, please send wave upon waves of refreshing to them! Protect their families, properties as they look to furtherance of YOUR KINGDOM! We delight in Your Ways, Father! In Jesus’ Mighty Name, amen!

  124. Maria Luisa Cruz

    1990. The Call to intercede for An Awakening in the SanJoaquin Valley has been my heartbeat.
    “FRESNO Will be known Internationally.”
    WORD OF THE LORD 1998.
    Even our local news has anmounced
    The Atmospheric River!
    This has now been fulfilled.
    This Move of GOD Will move EASTWARD.
    No Shaking
    No Waking
    No Waking
    Now we march in Unison.
    If you walk in the LIGHT even as HE is in the LIGHT,we have FELLOWSHIP

  125. Aaron

    It would be apropos to post the sermon entitled “looking for grass” but I cannot find it.
    I realize the obvious irony in my post🙄



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