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All we are saying is that Americans have a right to choose. We should not be shamed when we exercise that right. All we are saying is that we have a right to the facts. That means access to any and all information that helps us make the right decision.
Why do you hide facts about effectiveness, side effects, and death rates? Why do you want decades to pass before you tell us the truth? We are right to be alarmed. John Kennedy said, “A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market, is a nation that is afraid of its people.” We cannot agree more.

No person should ever be coerced into an unwanted medical procedure.

Nothing is more antithetical to a free society.  Moreover, we believe that it is wrong to fire anyone because they refuse such a procedure. It is even worse to cancel their career. But the most heinous wrong is to deny their children an education. These actions violate everything America stands for.
Freedom of speech does not end during a pandemic. Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked those who feel their freedom is being violated, by paraphrasing them: “‘Well, my freedom is being kind of disturbed here.’” Then he said to them, “No. Screw your freedom.”
That is exactly what we feel our government is saying to us.
Now I will perform an experiment. Please reread what I have written so far in this blog.
Did I tell you not to get vaccinated? Is there anything I wrote that is a lie? Do you see any conspiracy theories here? Or any calls to overthrow the government?

Nevertheless, when this is posted on Facebook, they will link a disclaimer below it. And notice the comments that disagree with this post. They will say all of kinds of things that are inflammatory and false. Look closely, and you will see anger, accusation, and obscenities—but not one direct refutation of anything I have written.
What do I want you to note in all this? You need to see what is happening to your freedom. They want to bully and intimidate anyone who in anyway causes vaccination-hesitation.

But the real threat to freedom is going to come after this pandemic.

That is when we will learn that a lot of the restrictions have become permanent law, resulting in a permanent loss of freedom.
Former Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas once warned of a “twilight” phenomenon by which incremental deprivations of rights become permanent, especially when they exist long enough to become “normal” for a new generation.
All we are saying is that this is not normal. It is anti-American. And we must resist with all of our might.

 P.S. If your comment didn’t make it let me explain. You probably lied. For example one person tried to attack me for saying January 6th was a bad frat party. They said several people died that day. And they guilted me for making light of loved ones they lost that day. Never happened. Another said that Ivermectin does not work and that the vaccine stops people from getting Covid 19. You can only get Ivermectin from Doctors. If it doesn’t work why are hundreds of doctors prescribing it? And finally, today, in New South Wales Australia it was reported for the first time that the majority of Covid 19  patients in the hospitals are people who were vaccinated. Clearly, we are right to demand answers.



  1. Aaron

    Tested positive for the China virus I’m stuck in an air bnb half a days drive away from home in a neighboring state.
    I’m supposed to be attending a bible conference

    • Frank

      Aaron, praying for your healing. YOU will be healed, in Jesus name. All symptoms that are not normal that Aaron is experiencing – get out in Jesus name!

      • Jacquelyn

        Amen and Amen

      • Aaron

        Feeling a lot better.
        I’m on day 10 my wife is on day 9 and still struggling a bit.
        The spirit of fear keeps on trying to grip her and we are taking dominion of it.
        Sure appreciate everyone here thank you everyone for the prayers they are working.


      thanks as always to Mario

      • Simon Miller

        Amen Mario!
        I love your passion and fire,it’s rubbing off on me!

    • susanlinke

      Aaron hopefully you have access to a drive through pharmacy or can order supplies delivered to you. There are telehealth doctors that can prescribe medications if you need them. There are also supplements that will support your immune system. The government advice about quarantining and doing nothing is the equivalent of doing nothing and letting an infection fester. Not good advice.

    • JC

      Go home.

    • Penny

      Aaron, God sees your plight. He knew this was going to happen before you ever left home. Of course, He didn’t cause it but He knew. You are dearly loved. Lord, I ask you will give Aaron peace and healing to his body. Give Him the honor of Your presence, a heavenly visitation. He missed the conference but what You can give Him during this time can be precious. I also pray that this will not affect his finances. That provision for any extra nights will be covered. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Carolyn Esparza

      Order some Oregano oil thru Amazon. It really helps attack the virus. Adding thyme and Rosemary oil makes the remedy stronger.

      • Brian Casperite

        Mario, you are like a breath of fresh air in a ship full of toxic waste. Our country has laid down their Christian morals and beliefs and will do anything for “safety and security”. As children of the light we need to be unafraid to die for our faith and the Truth. You have given the people vision and without that the people perish! My wife and I pray for your ministry and support you financially. Keep doing the awesome job of spreading the Gospel and the Power of Jesus Christ to the world!!

      • Becky Chinn

        Quercitin is the natural equivalent to (ivermectin) zinc. Vitamin D3, and C

    • Margo D

      Hon on home and do what needs to be done. Declare yourself healed, in Jesus’ name; by the same Spirit that raised Him from the dead. All of us believers will agree, in Jesus’ name

    • Claudio Basile

      Well said Mario .. Anyone who wants unbiased facts about Covid . vaccine . shutdowns etc. etc there is a very informative website from American Frontline Doctors . This article is not about the science of Covid It’s about how arrogant and power hungry politicians and Corporations want to use the pandemic to take away those fundamental rights our Founding Fathers fought and died for. Wether you agree or not about the effectiveness of the vaccine it’s your moral obligation to resist tyranny . Period

    • Vashti Monica Ford

      Excellent article. Truth written.

    • Jan RUSH

      Per Facebook(and Instagram as it is owned by Zuckerberg too.) After 10 plus years on Fb. I deleted my account after the November 2020 elections. Zuckerberg “donated” a half billion dollars to various state elections for ballot harvesting and other nefarious uses. Fb/Ig makes money tracking everyone who has the app on their phones or uses it online. That means Christians who remain on these sites are being used to agrandize the Zuckerberg empire and allow him to further foul our elections and society at large. I challenge all Christians and churches who see the abuse by this corrupt system to get off. Now.
      Thank you Pastor Mario for your heart for the lost and listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Praying for your Hanford revival. I lived there many years ago. God bless you.

  2. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, you laid it all out clearly. And I agree with your closing 100 percent: “THIS IS NOT NORMAL—IT IS ANTI-AMERICAN——–AND WE MUST RESIST WITH ALL OF OUR MIGHT.”

    I STAND in Agreement with You, MARIO. The Great Power of TRUTH and the Great Power of Agreement. And HEAVENLY FATHER, I Bless YOUR holy name, for YOUR servants who STAND as YOU LEAD, GUIDE, and PROTECT THOSE WHO YOU HAVE CALLED FOR THIS TIME IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA and the ENTIRE WORLD. In JESUS CHRIST PRECIOUS AND HOLY NAME. Amen

    • Sandra

      I also stand with you on all you say! GOD is the only voice NOT man! I hate the word mandate! It makes look into the subject and I never like what I find! I read the word and i will not be deceived in Jesus name!

    • Gail holdgate

      I agree with you Mario and i appreciate you and everything you ‘do , all the tent meetings giving the masses the truth
      God Bless you and your work..

  3. Louise Dubrule

    The 666 #tracetracktradepoisonous prick passport never meant to stop covid. Willing to sacrifice healthy populations- genocide of IST born, Children MIS-C agonizing pain and premature death. For KLAUS SCWAB who wears the pin 666 whom the minions have bowed. Steal kill and destroy like their father the devil. Lovers of Lucifer not Righteous Holy God.

    Persevere and Overcome

    Gates of Hell shall not prevail

  4. Debbie

    I agree Mario!

  5. Katherine Aguilar


  6. Norma Martinez

    I got vaccinated and here 9 months later, I was diagnosed with Covid, my PCP said I had common cold. I’m a Holy Ghost filled daughter of the Most High. I believe in people’s right to choose. Don’t tread on me, because I’ve taken the “jab”. Though unfortunately, some of our brethren will. The enemy is not each other! But we keep taking ” spiritual jabs” at one another. Let us turn our forces against the enemy of our souls .

    • Caleb c

      I agree with you Norma I don’t agree taking the jab but I agree if you decided to you are still my sister in Christ and I will not put you down for making your choice. My Pastor has also gotten the vaccine and I am not judging him for his choices. Everyone here has to learn to love each other and allow everyone to make their choice and still help and support each other

  7. ali

    We must take our stand for truth or we will be crushed under the weight of tyranny, lies and liars. Let God arise, HIS enemies be scattered. He has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Let’s use what God has so graciously given us and pray down the powers of darkness and speak the truth in love. Thanks Mario for doing both.

  8. 1944etsel

    I totally agree with you, Mario! The “woke” and leftest crowd is all about taking away our freedoms!

  9. Michael

    I thought our freedom comes from Christ? When did the US have the ability to take away freedoms that come from the Lord?

  10. David Espenlaub

    Well said. We declare the dismissal of unjust laws as well as those who promote them.

  11. Doug Snyder

    We love you Mario, see you in Hanford in February. My wife and I have volunteered to help At the crusade

  12. Esther Gibbs

    This is what any free born person wants – the truth and to make our own decisions. I left a volunteer position I loved because of this stupidity of masking all day long when there was no one ever near me. That’s not freedom

  13. Marie Giddings

    Thank you! This needs to be said, again and again! It’s time to stand and speak truth and common sense.

  14. tracey adams

    Well said brother! I continue to pray for you…

  15. Steve

    “All we are saying is give truth a chance.”

  16. Stephanie

    Agree Mario! ..I used to think American history class was boring..wish I paid more attention but i know this country USA (key word United) was founded by people seeking freedom(s)
    Ref. Patrick Henry speech 1775 ? As for me, Give me Liberty

    (We are ) “”millions of people armed in the holy cause of Liberty .
    The battle is not in the strong alone, it is in the vigilant, the active & the brave ! “”

    • Sandra

      I agree! We are in the group of many but the few as in Jesus day! I stand for freedom for all and will fight for my rights!

  17. Flynnie


  18. Cookie Eckels

    Freedom is not free. We must use our voice

  19. Karen Secrest

    Major impact predicted for Feb tent meeting as the Lord leads .

  20. RL Perrin

    I agree total, more importantly so does the Lord. Thank you for not giving up.

  21. Mary J.

    Seven of us gathered for Christmas. Four came down with Covid the next day or so. Two vaccinated, two not vaccinated. My sister and I did not catch it because we already had it. My vaccinated brother-in-law who did not hug anyone, did not catch it. My sister is still being pressured to get a vaccine by her employer. It’s amazing that two vaccinated at the gathering got Covid and we didn’t. Yet we’re told the vaccine is the answer. The world is hoping for herd immunity, however our individual immunity isn’t sufficient for them. That is totally illogical and downright idiotic to me. All I can do is shake my head anymore and pray for those who are absolutely brainless sheep following the Thief! Jesus thank You for helping us reach this lost world!!

  22. Garry Ross

    GARRY. MÁRIO, I’m so thankful for your voice of clear distinction. Life is continually successful based upon having a free will and to choose what is best. Ones voice as a believer should always STAND OUT because our nation was birthed as a nation under God. Values maintained demands distinction from right and wrong, good and evil, truth and lies. The church’s position is Gods Word which are principles of freedom placed into our society. Since our constitution was constructed on Godly values, we must voice them, support them and reinforce their influence to everyone within its borders. Thank you for seeing the church is more than an institution, but a living organism touching every aspect of the 7 mountains of influence for empowerment and success.

  23. seojohnny

    Well Said Mario. All we want is access to information so we can make an educated decision.

  24. Mindy

    And Facebook is why I post your Blogs on Xapit, Mario. This is a great one! Xapit will not take it down or post a disclaimer. Freedom!

  25. Victoria

    WHERE is the BACKBONE of the CHURCH? Mario, THANK YOU for being a VOICE of REASON and God’s voice to raise a clarion call to stand for FREEDOM before we can’t. I pray for the multitude of churches that remain silent – the Lord will hold us accountable for our silence. Also, I want to encourage us NOT be part of the propaganda – “Tested Positive” – What does that mean when the CDC admitted that the PCR test cannot differentiate between the flu & COVID. What does testing do besides full their propaganda machine. I AM SICK TO DEATH OF THE LIES & THE FEAR MONGORING! Let us say, “I’ve tested positive but by CDC admission, PCR test cannot distinguish between flu & COVID ~ what else are they not telling us?” We must be a voice of TRUTH not an echo their rhetoric.

    • Wordforworld

      Victoria, excellent truth spoken, for the most part.

      Humbly, respectfully, I offer this: the Word says: what you say, you shall have. In Mark 16 the LORD works with & confirms (HIS) Word (that we speak). We must all guard ourselves from self-sabotage. Meaning, for instance, why is any Christian saying “my feet are killing me, or that cracked me up”. Things like this: “That blew me away, you’ll be the death of me, I died laughing, I’m such a birdbrain, I always get the flu, I never win/get ahead/lose weight, etc.”

      The LORD will not bring those ungodly words to pass, thankfully. The enemy, ‘tho, has an accusation against you, as the words one spoke WILL produce something.
      It gives an opening to the adversary to bring to pass what you or we spoke!!

      You will be held accountable to Me for every idle word you speak. Matt 12:36.
      “Idle?” Useless, it means useless. The One who desires to USE your words can work with AND confirm HIS words you speak, but not those idle, or dangerous-to-you words.

      Therefore Victoria, and all who believe,
      you are Not sick to death! WITH TRUTH, you prevail against the lies! In The NAME OF JESUS, you cast out the spirit of fear! Everywhere you go, you tear down strongholds & every high thing that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.

      All in the Name of Jesus!
      Go and do valiantly!
      God bless you for your fervor and righteous indignation on behalf of all around you. You are an Intercessor! We need you!

  26. Isreal

    Yesss! Thank you for speaking up. The truth hurts but it will set them free. Really wish people would stop being afraid to stand up for what is right and so obvious. We must be bold as warriors and stand for TRUTH.

  27. Anita

    Amen I agree completely

  28. Tina M Starr

    People of God need to hold fast to their beliefs and not allow themselves to be bullied into going against whatever they believe. Thank you Mario for speaking the truth and for standing tall. God bless you and keep you safe always!

  29. Dayle Emary Brown

    Mario, Man of God:
    Absolutely TRUTH. Articulate, succinct and eloquently stated.

  30. RAFO

    The “American Dream”, as envisioned by the founding fathers, was one built on FREEDOM which is a natural outgrowth of a Bible based society (no, I didn’t say everyone were Christians, but there was a Christian ethos that permeated all of American society). Communism is the opposite, built on TYRANNY and an overall societal permeation of man-centered humanism.

    As we as a nation have drifted AWAY from a Bible based belief system, we are drifting into Tyranny. Our form of government, our foundational institutions, our very fabric as a Constitutional Republic is INCOMPATIBLE with Communist tyranny. Hence, the all out efforts going on right now to DESTROY the old and bring in the completely substandard new.

    The traitorous elites are joyous at our downfall, thinking they will always be on top. What they don’t understand is once they’ve served their purpose, they will be considered excess baggage and destroyed.

    PRAY for our country and PRAY the traps set by the traitors traps them instead! May they fall into the ditch they have dug for us! God IS ABLE to turn this around! Lord, move us back toward Thee!!

  31. Robin McCoy

    Thank You for speaking out. You are 100% spot on!!!

  32. Cheryl Wright

    So true, Mario!!

  33. Stephen

    All I would like to say is read the ‘Declaration of Independence’.

  34. Chris Dirksen

    Thank you for speaking up. You are absolutely correct about all of it.

  35. Linda Rowe

    The people who fought in the Revolutionary War encountered the enemy on their property, in their home, and in their face. No different now. As feeble as they felt, they knew that they must fight against injustice. The same God who delivered them is the same one we serve. God’s hand is not too short to deliver. I believe God has been wanting to know if we want deliverance and if we want His intervention for our country. God heard the cries of the Israelites and then He acted.

  36. RAFO

    Where’s my comment?

  37. Jaunita Hopp

    Thank you Mario for your very wise words. I continue to pray for you & your teams as you are out spreading the word and will continue to do so. God keep blessing & using you.🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 God Bless America!

    • Deborah Ann Boudreaux

      Thank you Mario ; we stand with you and with our Lord Jesus . We must let our voice be heard ; we must not allow the enemy and these governmental people to steal our freedom. I went for a check up today; and my doctor asked me if I still didn’t want the vaccine; and I said “No “ I don’t want it . Then I told her there are so many people who received the vaccine who is being effected still with Covid . May the Father’s will be done in our nation .

  38. Anita

    Absolute truth! Praying to see Gods deliverance from the evil in our land.

  39. Mary

    You are blessed Mario and you bless all who are reading your blogs. I’m thankful for you and for the emails as I am not not, nor will I ever be on such hate-filled, bias, free-speach censored platforms as Facebook. I once was and I can honestly say, I do not miss it one bit. I believe in truth, free speech and un-biased media outlets like the Victory Channel. What a great time we are living in, even through all the craziness, there is God, our light, truth and the ONE who loves us all. Isn’t that amazing?

  40. Deb

    Mario I have followed your ministry for years and I know that you always speak the truth. Thank you for having the courage to do so. May God Bless you and your ministry. Praying for you always.

  41. Laura Wemple

    God bless you brother and those that stand with you. I am truly grateful that nothing has stopped him down or slowed him down. Thank you for keeping your ears open to the father and continuing your stand for the freedom of this nation and its people.

  42. Joyce Bidwell

    I pray for the children and the young folks of this time period. They are being shortchanged from having good clean fun and growing up with fresh air and being outdoors on their bikes and playing with other children. Children need to act like youngsters and have fun and grow up naturally.

  43. Gab is the way to go!

    All you ministers of the Gospel need to abandon that fascist social network and come to Gab. The bastion of free speech! Sure there is some anti-semitism, but it’s easy to block and not see it. I have blocked and unfollowed those who do it and I hardly ever see it now.

  44. Jim

    Be bold be strong! Praying for your ministry!

  45. john scott

    Isn’t it interesting that the CDC changed the definition of “Vaccine”. Who gave them that authority? In effect changing all the laws, “legislation”, having to do with vaccines without ever having to get elected to anything. They can’t do it. Show me the “legislation” giving them the authority to change legal definition on the spot. I doubt seriously that ever happened.

    The CDC Suddenly Changes the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and …
    Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease,protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.


    Pastor Mario the PS part took me by surprise. I stand with you. I watched last Jan 6 unfold, even before it became media cannon fodder-all I could think was this looks coordinated, allowed and even “guided” at times with verbal proclamations but you don’t see fear in the eyes of guards…

    • Mario Murillo


      • Aaron

        Hey Mario if you blocked me I must have deserved it,if it’s so just let me know and I will no longer engage the blog posts.
        Sorry if I am a pain.
        I am overzealous and I stick up for righteous people like you.
        In the past I have probably been inappropriate and brazen.
        Regardless I still appreciate you.

  47. ggramma

    Late getting to reading this, but… are 100% right Mario!!!🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗❤️

  48. ggramma

    Where’s my comment?? I said YOU ARE 100% RIGHT MARIO!!🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗❤️

  49. Linda Bowers

    Thank you for loving people and caring whether they go to heaven or hell. This is about getting rid of God, Jesus,Holy Spirit. I feel that God told me in 1997 to tell people to repent when I did I loss everything I loved, yet my heart hurts for people who can’t see how beautiful and wonderful He is. All I know Is I will not ever stop praying are believing that God is watching and we are not alone. He see our love for him and for the people who have been blinded by satan.Prayer fasting and praise are very powerful weapons when joined by the word. We are together all praying the same thing we are flooding Heavens Door .

  50. Kathy Deal

    I am so thankful for you Mario and the call God has on your life, the platform He’s put you on to share the gospel and the heart of God at this time. I pray for you daily and support the ministry. Thank you again.

  51. Robin Coleman

    Mario I stand in agreement with you Amen

  52. NickT

    Amen Mario,

    “No person should ever be coerced into an unwanted medical procedure.”

    I didn’t feel right about the vaccine and so I was bullied for several weeks for not getting vaccinated and finally decided to try for a religious exemption which the granted until Feb. 1st. 2022 and they will re-access it after that.
    Hopefully with the unconstitutional vaccine mandate which was struck down by the Supreme court for 100 employee’s will help to keep my job, Their vaccines I believe are not working well… they get two shots and a booster and still get Covid virus, and then the Legacy Media censors anything we say against the vaccine.

    I believe the should drop the never ending vaccines (that don’t work well and they have horrible side effects and even death to them) They should try something else like Ivermectin or HCQ early but they won’t hear our side and something is wrong with that. The spiritual darkness from Satan is over the Left and woke corporations and they censor us. Take a stand against all this craziness in our country and around the world!

    P.S. GE dropped the mandate on their employee’s.

  53. Juanita Cunningham

    I’m so glad to see you are taking stands and addressing the obvious! I truly love your authenticity and will continue to support you. I remember watching one of your sermons and you stated to the Pastors “if they don’t speak the truth or take a stand they will not have a church”. If I can be honest, some pastors I have seen are trying to barricade themselves with a congregation who will speak truth to protect them but the pastor himself will not speak the truth from the pulpit. We left a church because it felt as if we would have been body shields and it didn’t seem right for him to hide knowing the truth about the vaccine mandates etc. as if God is not looking at all of our hearts. It was so sad to see the people go through certain things unnecessarily only because he was afraid of losing his church and suffering financial losses. When God is with us nothing can stop us and we must be all in and not lukewarm. God knows the intentions of our hearts and he knows who cares for the people and who doesn’t. May God continue to bless you brother Mario and may God continue to keep guard over you and your family. No matter how many arrows the devil throws your way, all his weapons are already defeated by the blood of Jesus, Yeshua, Emmanuel.

  54. Angela Davis

    What you are saying is entirely true. I’m a black woman from one of the poorest and most corrupt cities in the country, Camden, NJ. We’ve had three mayors go to jail. We used to be the muder capital for seversl years. And, as far as I know, we were one of the first cities to defund the police, causing devastating results to the rights of Camden residents.Camden, like most inner cities, have been decimated, ravaged, and exploited for years.

  55. Aaron jackson (so cal)

    I heard your sermon On the 18th.
    You made statements about moving on from this blog.
    Only my self centered nature would try to talk you out of it.
    Can I say that I was there in the mid to later 2000s before your current refined blog became reality.
    I was there before you got back together with your precious wife.
    I was there at the Christmas dinners in Southern California.
    The point is that I will miss waking up and reading the blog when it comes to an end.
    I will miss interacting with you.
    You are a major reason I made it through some very dark days.
    I doubt you will respond to this but your a hero to me.
    As this is being written obscurity is my lot.
    That’s ok but I so appreciate what God is doing in and through you.
    I knew you would become known to Trump.
    I knew you would be a major chess ♟ piece on the board in the last days.
    I hope that whatever the next move is for you that it’s full of personal satisfaction.
    God bless

  56. prayinginok

    Awesome message, Mario! The CDC just put out a study (that they conducted) which shows those who have recovered from Covid have the best protection of all. And yet no one seems to recognize natural immunity. They still push the vaccine. It shows us that this is NOT about our health.

  57. Tanner from Louisiana

    🇺🇸🌲🏔🦅🇺🇸Keep praying, standing, and moving forward in King 👑 Jesus name, 🪓Hallelujah. 🗡

    Which mountains 🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔🏔 are you going to take?

    Build the 🏕 tents 🏕 Fill the 🏟stadiums 🏟

  58. Yvette Miller

    Thank you for being obedient to God. Praise God for the truth you speak and for all who stand on The Truth which is Jesus.

  59. sjpaul92

    I could not agree with you more. God bless you for speaking the truth.

  60. swordandspiritwriter

    Amen, brother Mario! In addition, brother, it seems that many Christians still don’t know that all of the COVID vaccines were grown and/or tested in the cells of aborted (MURDERED) babies therefore making them against God and His Word to take.

    Abortion is human sacrifice, so the Word, not the opinions of man, tell us that it would never be God’s will for a believer to inject themselves with these shots. Vaccines produced FOR PROFIT using murdered unborn babies will NOT save someone nor protect their health – discernment alert!

    To be carnally minded is death, the Word says, and there are spiritual implications to partnering with injections using child sacrificed babies – it’s also partnering with the spirit of death, and demons that inspire child sacrifice.

    How any believer could have so little discernment and believe that child sacrifice-tainted shots will save them proves Jesus is coming soon and that the mass delusion has begun – many will deceive and be deceived.

    It’s heartbreaking seeing how many in the church have minimized taking these shots to: ***It’s just a simple choice that’s up to each person.***

    No, every time a follower of Jesus takes a vaccine grown and/or tested in the cells of aborted babies, they are giving the thumbs up to continued use of fetal cells (from aborted babies) to be used for scientific research, thus PERPETUATING and PROMOTING the murder of the unborn with their choice. This is participating in great evil. Praying the church has eyes to see this.

    Christians have become GRAVEROBBERS of the murdered unborn by taking these vaccines. Innocent babies cells’ were turned immortal and used in vaccine testing and productions. This is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. The church must speak plainly and warn too. ***Warnings based on scripture is NOT judging***

    We aren’t called to be like this: “His watchmen are blind, They are all ignorant; They are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark;
    Sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. (Isaiah 56:10).

    May His people be unafraid to make His Word plain upon the tablets in these evil times. Help Your people, Lord. Shake them awake. Help them see that are calling what is evil good just like the world.

    “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes someone’s life, that person’s life will be taken because of their sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for their blood.” – Ezekiel 33:6

  61. Aaron jackson (so cal)

    Thanks for the prayers it’s been over 2 weeks and still dealing with some lingering effects of the virus.
    My comments were purged.
    guess I must have said something wrong.
    didn’t disagree with anything.
    paid some compliments and wished you well.
    No worries you must have had a good reason.
    Take care.

  62. Alex Barnes

    Ok ok ok let’s clear the air here. I DID Not NOT call it a, “ bad frat party” I was just using your words on a blog post you posted. It was a little after the events of January 6. Your right a lot of people didn’t die that die, but 3 people did. One was a woman and the others were Capitol police officers. Also the guy who commented that it looked guided and no fears in the eyes of the police officers probably didn’t watch all of what happened. What about the officer who had his head almost crushed through a doorway? He screamed help so many times while being crushed by the mob. That was fear he felt. Capitol police officers still say they have night terrors about that and some of their fellow officers committed suicide.

    Again you are correct Ivermectin can be used by people and is prescribed by a doctor but, despite countless research it doesn’t cure Covid. You can look online the research is there.

    Again yes you are right people have still gotten Covid after taking the vaccine. Those are called “ breakthrough infections” and those are documented but here’s the good part, if you do come down with Covid and your vaccinated symptoms are very mild and your body is going to fight the infection because you trained it to with a vaccine. I already know this comment is not going to post cuz I’m lying but truth is, I’m not. I’m telling the truth from what I’ve read and from research that I’ve done.

  63. Krista Farmer

    I could not agree more!



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