Time to pray for Ted Cruz

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Christianity Today, Saving America | 107 comments

Ted Cruz is a vital leader in our cause. He is an articulate, lightning-fast debater. And I believe in his stated core values. However, I also believe the enemy is tempting him to make a devastating mistake. The damage from this mistake cannot be overstated. Please: read what his mistake is, and why he is making it. And why we must pray.
Cruz is publicly lending credence to the great hoax regarding last January 6th. Here are his recent comments:
He said, “We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery, risk their lives for the Capitol.”
In a May statement opposing a Senate committee to investigate the January 6th protests, Cruz referred to the event as “the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol.”
Cruz said a Senate committee to investigate the rioting was only “politically motivated,” but he supported the prosecution of violent Trump supporters who participated.
“Everyone who attacked the Capitol must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and brought to justice,” he wrote.
But here is where he made his mistake. Calling it a terrorist attack is wrong. Not just because that is a lie, but also, because it aids and abets Nancy Pelosi and her reign of terror.

Next to this, January 6th was a bad frat party.

Referring to it as a terrorist attack?! Ignoring the 570 riots over 100 nights of real terror in Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots across America? That is mind numbing. Minority businesses were burned to the ground, never to recover. And, people were murdered. Next to this, January 6th was a bad frat party.
He said these things while fully aware of the facts.  The F.B.I. had embedded their own agents in many of the groups involved in the ruckus in the Capital. The F.B.I. was trying to incite violence, in order help Democrats. Think of that!

I believe that Cruz is being motivated, first, by a personal grudge against Trump.  And by his ambition to become President of the United States.

First the grudge: You may remember.  A Super PAC supporting Cruz claimed some obscene things about Melania Trump. Like any angry husband would, Trump fired back. Unfortunately, it was a crude retweet. He negatively compared the looks of Ted’s wife, Heidi Cruz, to that of Trump’s wife, Melania.
Second, the ambition: Ted Cruz wants to be President. He cannot do that unless Trump is eliminated from the coming election. That is the entire reason Nancy Pelosi invented the January 6th  commission. To discredit Trump and remove him as a threat to ever becoming President again. Ted, while he disagrees with the commission for political reasons, is not opposed to removing Trump. It all reeks of nasty politics.

We need to pray for Ted Cruz to realize the wrong motivation behind his actions.

We need to pray that he sees the division his actions will cause. Not only that, he has already disqualified himself from ever being President. Why?
Two reasons: The Left is laughing at him for being a shill. And 80 million Trump voters will consider him a traitor. Please pray for Senator Cruz!


  1. Derek

    Well said, Pastor. Thank you for everything you’re doing in this fight!

    • Wanda Gladney

      Wow God is allowing everything that can be shaken to be SHAKEN TO THE CORE. Only our dependance on God will bring this nation thru. Lord speak to Ted Cruz in the night season. Send your angel to deal with him. Let him FORGIVE if he has been offended. He is a believer that has been in the way longer than President Trump. Let him lead SPIRITUALLY too by example. You resist the proud but give grace to the humble. Amen.

      • Collin R Williams

        Well said sir. I pray that the Lord would show him the real truth.

        • SANDRA


          • Deborah Jones

            We lift Ted Cruz to you Lord Jesus. Only your truths and mercy can set him free and heal his heart. In Jesus Mighty Name we pray!

      • Linda Stewart

        I agree with this prayer !

        • SHARON L RILEY

          Amen..In the name of our Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus, Father God we are believing for Divine intervention…You see what’s happening, not just in Our Country, but the whole world..We Love and appreciate you Jesus.. Thank you for what you’ve done Lord, and all that you’re doing..Amen and Amen…God bless Pastor Murillo, and all of my brothers and sisters.. FAITH OVER FEAR!☝️🙌👏❤

      • Peter DePalo Sr

        Amen sister

      • Joane Tillman

        Wanda, I agree in prayer with you about Ted Cruz. Unforgiveness
        must go now. I pray that Ted will be transparent to the American people. And let himself be humbled about the statement he made and to make it right with the people. And most of all make it right
        between his family and Pres. Trump’s family.

    • Dennis Murray

      Anyone who will lie to get ahead cannot be trusted to lead. He will compromise truth to hold his position in the future.
      This is the LORD revealing something hidden in the heart of Ted Cruz.

      • Donna Rode

        Amen. I think our Lord allowed him to speak the truth from his heart – revealing his hidden motives. Thank God for Tucker Carlson. At present, I see Ted Cruz as an enemy of our Republic.

    • Linda

      I whole heartedly agree. I once voted for him but not again ! do pray for him to see the big picture of his need to stay in his lane. Also I’m disapponied that he’s not fighting for those unjustly held in deprived conditions for really not even doing what they are accused of. Wake up Cruz for the sake of America and our children and Grandchildren.

    • Danielle pentecost

      Good word Mario, totally agree. I was taken aback when I heard that statement from Cruz.

    • Sharron

      Accurate and Well stated Mario regarding Ted Cruz’ because he has from the BEGINNING targeted President Donald Trump with slanderous words. I would never vote for Ted Cruz because if he would betray our country through political deception and with his greedy…manipulative bullying against Donald Trump just to get favor with the devil, why on earth- would anyone EVER trust Ted Cruz?!

    • Deanie Cinnamon

      Praying as I read and continuing…

    • Dian

      When inquiring of the Lord last night regarding why Ted Cruz said what he said re 1/6 and used the word “terrorist” again — the Lord said exactly what you have indicated — dislike /contempt of Trump; his own personal advancement

    • glamma50

      I WILL NEVER, EVER AND NEVER VOTE FOR TED CRUS FOR PRESIDENT. And especially after making such comments about Jan 6th. YES, HE IS A TRAITOR.

    • Linda Bowers

      I have been praying and I do agree and come in agreement with all who want Cruz to be touched by God . I’m also reminded that I to need prayer and forgiveness in my life, thanking God for 1st John 1:9

    • Barbara

      I agree on every point concerning Ted Cruz. Thank you, Mario.

    • Sandra Stewart

      I don’t agree with the destruction and desecration committed by some of the people who stormed the Capital building any more than I agree with the violence done in protesting, blocking roadways, burning and looting, and killing police for BLM. But the current administration has made the riot at the Capital to be worse thing ever and blamed Trump for it. NPR recently replayed Trump’s speeches that day try to show Trump instigated the riot. I regard Sen. Cruz’s Conservatism but he won’t win anything by agreeing with the current administration in this matter. It shows he doesn’t understand just how terribly frustrated his constitutents are. Thanks to all who pray for Sen. Cruz though.

    • Leila

      I’ve watched this Cruz for a long time. He is a deceptor. Yes he wants to be President. He is a true blue politician like those we know. He straddled the fence for awhile but God will break them down somewhere. Check out where his wife works!!!! Scary!!!

    • Liz Lancaster

      This is truth revealed!

  2. Barbara Allison

    I agree he has really hurt himself and his motives are clear.

    • John Dalton

      I could not agree more, but I think Ted did this because he desperately wants to be President. He did this to make himself attractive to independents and establishment Republicans. I would say, in the words of Darryl Royal, “dance with the one that brung you, Ted.”

      • Pieter

        I agree, this not the time for own interests! We must sumit under the Lord God Almighty! More of Him!

    • Anthony Castro

      Senator CRIZ has tremendous skills and is a polished politician with good core moral values but unfortunately he is being tempted to make a move for presidency WITHOUT THE LORDS GUIDANCE OR PERMISSION. LORD OPEN HIS EYES TO SEE THIS ERROR. IN JESUS NAME!

  3. Kim

    Wow! Thanks for sharing.

    • kent

      Couldn’t have said it better! The evil, the unforgiveness, the bitterness and darkness of all our hearts will be brought to light(in the open) if we fail to deal with our heart daily by repentance!

      “O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”
      ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭12:34‬ ‭KJV‬‬

    • Gery

      Thank you Pastor Mario for telling the truth with no fingers pointed just truth based on known facts. May God continue to give you a voice that confronts with clarity and boldness. We need more leaders who are not afraid to speak up when there is wrong and motives are not pure. Thank you for your integrity may God continue to strengthen and keep you. Father, I ask that senator Cruz may come to truth and wake up before it is too late. Deal with his heart Father. Send able ministers across his path to show him the error of his ways. May the knowledge of your word that tells us to do nothing out of strife or for vainglory pierce his heart. Show him the true motives of his heart so that all the right things he stands for and gives a voice to will not be destroyed in this drive for selfish reasons in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  4. Jim Dudley

    Almighty God will decide who is going to be the President

    • Ernie

      Well we thought that on the last election & the ememy came in & stole this election because the body of Christ is not in unity there were Christians praying against Trump we also see this in the OT there is power in agreement…

    • Michael Latva


  5. Janice

    I’ll pray but the damage has already been done. Just like Pence.

    • Ginnifer Louise Heard

      Agree! Cruz just put a big big nail in his coffin. I don’t think he can recover from this big lie & betrayal. It’s a betrayal to the American people, President Trump & to all the Christian Conservative Patriots who love our country & peacefully attended the rally only to have it infiltrated by bad actors who encouraged some to enter the building as they cleared the barricades & opened doors (looks like police). He knows better but for some reason he now wants to please somebody (or some group) on the left. Tucker did a great interview where Cruz tried to backpedal & Tucker wouldn’t allow. He told Cruz he flat out didn’t believe a word he was saying in defense of his remarks.

  6. S Huffy

    You are so correct Mario. He is driven by wanting to be President.
    Yes he needs prayer.
    You may remember what he did to Ben Carson. Announced That Ben was dropping out of the 2016 race- when Ben wasn’t. He wanted Ben’s voters.


      Pray for him? Yes, but Cruz can’t be trusted. Therefore, how can he be a “vital leader of our cause”? We must have discernment.

      • danielpetercopeland


      • jbird212


      • Jeanine K Kincheloe

        I agree with you. He ran for POTUS while not being a Natural Born Citizen and ran for TX Senate while not even being a citizen. His wife helped write the North American Union Treaty, a globalist dream, which would have done away with our sovereignty. Trump gave him the
        stage at the R Convention and he showed who he is for, and it wasn’t Trump.

    • Dot

      I would have voted for Ben Carson, a Christian government outsider; so, in a way, Cruz helped elect Trump, as I was definitely going to vote for an outsider!

  7. Trisha

    His eyes, I have never trusted his eyes!

    • Heather

      Exactly my sentiments. The eyes are the window to the soul and I can see that his soul is not pure. You’re right, Mario…he ruined any chances he had to become president. It’s a good thing he spoke what he did now, instead of later.

  8. Dean E. Witt Jr

    Ted needs a super touch of conviction from Holy Spirit ! Let it be Lord ! 🙏

    • Bill P.

      Pray? Yes, for the Lord to complete le expose this lying Deep State shill and remove him from politics.

    • Dale Pennington

      There we have it… a succinct and targeted prayer of Holy Spirit conviction.


    Well he also ran head first into Tucker Carlson. Tucker called him out and demanded to know why he said that. He tried to redeem himself but Tucker wasn’t buying it. Tucker had him on his show. If you haven’t seen it it is worth the watch. Tucker called him a liar to his face. pretty brutal. We only have a few good senators and we don’t need to lose any of them. I agree with Pastor. It is about the Presidency. But if you go against Trump ,historically it doesn’t bide well.

    • Stella

      The damage is done but God is able

    • wolcotag

      The Republican party is becomming the party of the Rhinos. We need to pray and watch words and actions very closely.

      • Greg Rogers

        I’m afraid that ship sailed a long long time ago. The Republican Party is just the opposite wing of the same filthy bird.

    • Jan Zimmerman

      I don’t think Cruz was trying to redeem himself. Otherwise he would have spoken with honesty and clarity. I only saw lame excuses. He’s too intelligent to misspeak the way he did. Tucker reminded Ted that as a lawyer, he uses words carefully and intentionally. Since he’s a lawyer, he knows the implications of what he did. He’s a poor lawyer if he thinks his responses to Tucker were stated with honesty and integrity. Many in the US are becoming very awake and won’t buy this. He should have considered that. I was really surprised about all of this. It’s such a disappointment.

  10. NeeterWoman

    Pray? Yes, but Cruz can’t be trusted. Therefore, he’s not “a vital leader of our cause”. We must have discernment.

  11. Mary Crawford

    Praying! Thank you for this information.

  12. John May

    It is easier for me to pray for Democrats than to pray for RINOs. Not saying I’m right. Just speaking my mind. I have a bit of vindictiveness toward traitors.

  13. Gil Z Zaragoza

    I fully concur!!! God bless you Rev. Murillo!!

  14. Lynette Marion

    Cruz was right in saying terrorists attacked the capitol… Only he didn’t correctly identify the people responsibile. It was the Democrats and Speaker Pelousi and her ilk who set this farce up, to fast track the fraudulent Biden into the White House illegally, and to futher attack President Trump and his supporters. The Democrats are the domestic terrorists who perpetrated a coup against a sitting president and stole his rightfully won second term by rigging the Nov 2020 presidental election. The 81 million voters who voted for President Trump had our votes stolen and illegally transferred to this miscreant of a puppet installed by the puppet masters operating in the darkness. We the People are still enraged and furious by this atrocity, but realize that our Almighty God who sees all, will have His outcome in His own time, and in His way. A holy God will not bless an unholy and fraudulent “president” and administration who stole the office and continues to destroy our country and freedoms.

    • Lynda Beckman

      I agree 100%

    • Rob Robinson

      Lynette you are 1,000% accurate. We look forward to what God is going to do.

    • Terri Perry


    • Jackie Deorsam

      Outstanding comment!! I concur wholeheartedly!!!

    • chiana72

      Right on Lynette.

    • Roxanne Rice

      Perfectly said!

    • Barbara Ratz

      Lynette, u are correct, Cruz did not identufy correctly who the ‘terrorists ‘ were! But Mario is correct! Cruz is intentionally making it sound like internat’l terrorists! Or not this country, American terrorist!

  15. John Mark

    I will pray for him. I voted for him on every occasion he ran for any office. But pandering to the left? He cannot be trusted any longer and he will not have my future votes. I used to think he was one of God’s men for such a time as this. Not anymore.

    • Ron Frank

      i, too, have always voted for him… and will again unless he goes left and completely loses his marbles!

  16. Mr. Rudolfo Valentino

    Rudolfo V Rosales When i herd him proclaim the terrist attacts and riots at the Capital, i was hartened and broken, because i really loved and trust him that he was on our side, and Yes! I WILL STILL BE PRAYING FOR HIM. p.s he really needs to wake up and smell the coffee and most of all repent to the our Creator God Almigty.P.P.S Iove you My Brother be loved in Christ Jesus keep on and keep on.

  17. Claudette Guillory-Massey

    Lord I pray that Mr Cruz come to the end of himself and seek Your Face. Even as we see the Apostle Paul and all the threatening he had done against the Christians, You still saved him. Now we need to see Your Hand move in the miraculous over Ted Cruz. In the natural he’s useless but placed in Your Hand You can mold and make him again. I don’t trust anyone apart from You but I trust You. Save him and heal him. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN

  18. Linda R. Sampietro

    I will pray for Ted Cruz to humble himself before God. To search his heart and let go of bitterness towards Trump. Cruz is falling into a trap. I pray the Lord will, by His Holy Spirit, speak to Ted’s heart as well as have holy men of God speak to him also. Father, we beseech You, in Jesus name, to open blind eyes and give spiritual discernment so Your will be done in America. Amen. So be it.

  19. Anthony DelGrosso

    1ST thing that went through my mind when I got this news was that he was hoping to position himself to be President!

  20. Irene Fleming

    I do agree that it is important for us to pray even for our enemies. Jesus died for the sins of all men. I also agree with you Mario, regarding Ted Cruz’s motives for pandering to the left on one hand and calling them out on the other hand, as he has done in his interviews and debates. Pride and ambition, both. Now he has lost the respect he may have had with Conservative Christians, who expect him to have integrity and bear witness to truth, in so much as it relates to supporting President Trump and his supporters, as well as defending our Constitutional rights, which he clearly knows. He has disappointed millions, and his excuses were merely that: excuses. He may be forgiven, but unfortunately, earning back trust may not be possible at this point.

  21. Ellis Guthrie

    Pray for him? Excellent council. Unfortunately, Cruze has shown us that he places his career above integrity, truth, and the American people. He demonstrated that he is not fit to lead our country especially if he plans to do it under the banner of being a Christ follower.

  22. Rev. Vincent gulino

    Mario your insight again is spot on. Ted needs our prayers he has lost his way. Thank you for all you are doing I am proud to be your partner. Blessings to you in Jesus name

  23. Lori

    The attack on the Capitol was wrong and misguided. However, many who attacked didn’t see themselves as trespassing because our government is supposed to be run by the people. Certainly, one could say that the true trespassers are those who reign there and who have stripped the rights from American citizens. Still, we should NEVER break the law and should always walk in light and not lawlessness.

    I agree with your pleas with the body to pray for Cruz—he does indeed still hold a grudge against Trump. I’m thankful to Tucker for confronting him.

  24. Julie Jones

    I pray that this nightmare had been resolved a year ago. The fact that we still have an illegitimate person in the White House tells me it is not yet God’s time to make the correction. The longer it takes, the more people are being revealed as part of the problem with our government. We pray that all who were part of the election fraud and who are trying to use this confusion for political gain will be revealed and removed…not one will remain in office. God knows their hearts.

  25. Janice Fresh

    Thank you for clarifying this. I was a cruz supporter. I wasn’t sure I could Vite for Trump. I did. I’m glad I did. I wish we could get a Cruz Trump blend we need them both. Praying

  26. Marleen

    Praying for Senator Cruz. Deliver him from selfish ambition.
    If he continues down this path, may God raise up a Holy Spirit-filled believer to take his senatorial seat.
    Praying for the upcoming revival! God bless!

  27. dahlia

    LORD rebuke you demons in the WH, LORD fill that place with your holy angels and waring angels. Keep your divine conviction upon them in Jesus’ name amen

  28. Nancy Sullivan

    Thank you for identifying this issue, Mario. Totally agree that Sen. Cruz is being blinded by his own ambition and history and so glad that Tucker Carlson called out his motives publicly. Praying for Holy Spirit conviction and rapid course correction for Sen. Cruz. Reminds me of a David and Nathan confrontation… God is faithful to save!

  29. TarMar

    If Cruz is in a “tit for tat” with Trump over wives and elections… we’ll, he’s taken his eye off the ball and fumbled badly! We need conservative leaders that are thick skinned and have their eye on the goal of getting the Communists out of office. With God’s help we MUST take our country back! Ted has allowed pettiness to cloud his judgement and has therefore disqualified himself even as a Senator, in my humble opinion.

  30. Jackie Deorsam

    Yes, I agree with Pastor Murillo. I was unaware of the comments made by President Trump to Sen Cruz concerning their wives. This was poor also, in my opinion, from President Trump. But, he does not back down when his family is attacked. We must pray for Sen. Cruz and our nation as well.

  31. Joyce Bidwell

    I believe that Senator Ted Cruz made a big mistake in characterizing the 2021 January 6 rally on the capitol as a terrorist attack. What! That was so out of character for him. Although, I heard other Republican Senators say similarly the same thing and then following it with a BUT. They are good at covering themselves. It sounds like they all have the same talking points sometime. This was difficult for us because of all Senators we never expected this from him. Cruz immediately appeared and gave his Mea Culpa on the Tucker Carlson Show and stood up to Tucker’s tough questioning. He’s not perfect and as a forgiving Christian I won’t hold it against him. Actually, this was a teaching moment for him and for the rest of them in Congress to be smart and to not step over the line and disrespect the people who voted for them. We are not the corrupt media. We know the truth and they better do their job to protect us against this rampant corruption we are being subjected to on a daily basis. I will forgive Senator Cruz for this huge gaffe. This was an eye-opener for him and the others who will be voting this week to protect the Filibuster and to protect our vote and the people.

    Let’s not forget that President Trump took a lot of abuse from people pointing out his mean tweets some of which were unnecessary. We looked the other way and forgave him. Senator Kennedy from Louisiana said to his fellow senators before they voted for the build Back Better Bill to vote with their heart, but don’t forget to bring your brain. I feel that way about Cruz. Let’s not be short sighted and judge a good man by an inaccurate description of the January 6th and move on to more important issues. Senator Cruz went from a A to a B+ in my book, BUT because of his depth of knowledge and fearlessness can be restored to an A again.
    That’s my humble opinion.

  32. Pauline

    will be praying from New Zealand, we need the USA, thanks for the well written and clear blog Mario. Love seeing you on Flashpoint!

  33. Arly (Robert Lee)

    When I was Born Again it was the direct result of prayer John 6:44
    [44]No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day..
    Surely GOD can reach Senator Cruz. PRAY

  34. Betty Collins

    Will pray that God will take the veil from his eyes that Satan has put there, so Cruz can see clearly. In JESUS NAME AMEN!

  35. JoAnna Dipastena

    Trump called him out during his campaign called him “lying Ted Cruz”. Cruz has been playing the FOX all this time. Waiting for this moment. Bottomline jealousy. Like Judas it’s all about the money and power. God raises and lowers according to His will. In God We Trust. Amen.

  36. Mary Patton

    I was aware of his statement and very disappointed, Tucker Carlson interviewed him regarding the statement, and he lied and covered up, the entire family in times past professed to be believers, our entire elected officials need prayer and a wake up call,

  37. Esther Lum

    Amen! You nailed it on the motive. I live in Texas and sent Cruz an email saying that like Tucker Carlson, I don’t believe Cruz’s lame apology and I do pray that he will repent.

  38. lordswarrior111

    Ambition is a dangerous thing. Cruz is smart but unskillful in letting his ambitions and grudges show pretty clearly to anyone with normal discernment. I think you are on target, Mario, but not quite as sanguine about your hopes for Ted Cruz. I have prayed for him and hope my (and yours) prayers are answered and Ted will accept correction.

  39. chiana72

    Cruz is concerned more about himself than the country.

  40. margaret

    Those without sin throw the first stone. Yes, he needs prayer. May the Lord’s light shine through him. All those in office need prayers. May the Lord save, heal and deliver them.

  41. Nina

    Last Sunday I had an urgency from the Lord to pray for Ted Cruz! And I knew In my spirit he was “on the ropes” well 3 days later he fell and this is a very hard fall and I’m afraid a testing which he failed. Jeremiah 17;10 comes to mind

    • addedperspective2020

      Yes, need to pray that God will send messengers to him to make it clear the danger he is in. God has a call on him, if he fails to see it and turn back, God may will remove him!

  42. Stephen

    Cruz is mis-motivated and that didn’t happen overnight. This has just exposed his lack of moral integrity. You don’t throw a whole group of people, who happen to be patriots under the bus, because of your animus towards someone else.

    That is what Lucifer did, and he used to be one of the good ‘guys’ too, before he attacked God and His children.

    Cruz had a whole year to sort this out in his mind and ‘on this solemn occasion’ give the right, if not, clear message. He didn’t, and he muddied the waters with a ‘word salad’ and got a huge serve from the ‘right’ for doing so.

    Was it sloppiness, a mistake? If his heart was in the right place to start with, he would never have said such things.

    He spoke with ‘forked tongue’ like the serpent, and without heartfelt repentance, he is just another servant of Satan!

    He didn’t address the true nature and purpose of the supposed ‘attack’, the real actors involved in this ‘false flag’, and that ultimately the cops invited the people in, into a trap to make them look like insurrectionists and bad people.

    The one person murdered on that day was Ashli Babbit, executed by a security guard.

    Compare this to all the rioting, looting and murder in the summer, you have a ‘storm in a teacup’, save this was instigated by a branch of the government, supported by another, and then manipulated by the government itself.

    What Cruz did by saying what he did, was commit treason against ‘We the People’, and the Constitution. His words were an act of terrorism, and then on Tucker Carlson he just doubled down.

    Jesus said, “Seek first God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness”, not political Satanism. Is that what Cruz is doing and the other 500 or so politicians? Is that what anyone is doing, or have we all lost our way in Babylon?

    God wants His Kingdom, not a tin pot Republic, corrupt to the core. God’s Kingdom is predicated on moral virtue, keeping God’s laws and commandments and public service.

    We shouldn’t be voting public officials in, we should be praying them in, so that God will anoint those men and women worthy to serve their country and God’s Kingdom.

    That is the next step we must take in the fulfilment of God’s Providence. How else can it be God’s Kingdom, if we continue with Democracy, now as flawed as any other totalitarian system. Totalitarian being the lack of freedom and our God given rights, now being replaced by ‘authoritarian dictates’.

    Satan has invaded America through the ‘long march through the institutions’, encircled us, and is now squeezing the life out of us.

    Patriots must rally, come together and take back the nation God gave to us for the accomplishment of His Will. Satan has invaded and taken over the ‘system’, democracy is gone, there will be no ‘midterms’.

    As in the past, exemplified by our bible heroes, such as David, Joshua, Gideon, Moses, men of action, they fought the enemy to attain and maintain ‘the Promised Land’, God’s nation.

    Can we do less? History will also judge us if we fail.

    • Dan

      Amazing insight on your part and definitely something else to pray about concerning swamp monsters attacking us. But doesn’t everyone make mistakes especially in this environment. I hope and pray that he will see the error of his ways and asks for forgiveness and reconciliation and then go on. He could be an important Ally if he is given over to Gods designs for him.

  43. john fairburn

    Trump is a general like Patten and wants all Americans free to live their best life. I can see that from New Zealand. The Democrats want Socialism which is basically Communism which has a lot of blood on its hands. We can feel the communist pressure from our leader in NZ and it’s ugly. Pray like Jesus said and you WILL move mountains!!!

  44. Carol

    I am truly disappointed about Ted Cruz and his calling Jan.6 a terrorist attack. We all saw the police welcoming folks in to the Capitol. I will pray for healing of his heart. God will have his way. Victory is coming, Praise the Lord!

  45. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, I have never trusted Ted Cruz. He flips and flops! And look into his eyes. My godly mother taught me that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. LOOK FIRST AT A PERSON’S EYES, AND THEN GO FROM THERE.

    Ted Cruz cannot get elected President. The American People will not be fooled by him. The American People have had to learn to become “street smart.”…..and more and more are waking up—-and “not drinking the cool aid.”

    Cruz is a part of “the Establishment”—and he covers it pretty well—Most of the time….But GOD allows Cruz to “slip up” and reveal himself……We have seen it on multiple occasions.

    AMERICA WOULD NOT SURVIVE WITH TED CRUZ. He is a pawn for the Left. So Sad—but so true. I am praying for Ted Cruz, But I am Wise to him—–and multitudes of other Americans are also.

  46. Sheila Price

    I think we must first and foremost pray that Ted Cruz realize that there is no winning anything that is worth it’s time unless Holy Spirit is guiding the process. I pray for God to place people in his circle of influence that will help Mr. Cruz see the need for living in the center of God’s will so we don’t get in His way and the only way to do that is to receive Jesus as Savior AND LORD and ask The Father for the holy power of Holy Spirit. Once those basics are tended to all the rest of these issues will be worked out in his spirit and he will move in the direction God’s Will is pointing.

  47. addedperspective2020

    Yes, you are totally on target, pray that Ted stop spreading hate, lies and division in America. Pray that God will send the Holy Spirit to speak clearly to him to be used by God and not against the will of God. We need to pray that God will send messengers to every pastor in America to wake up, stop preaching “feel good messages”, and like watchmen on the wall, speak the truth of God and the danger of Socialism, Marxism, and the evil in our government.

  48. Wendy

    Brother Mario, thank you again for your faithfulness to God and to the body of Christ! We appreciate your willingness to speak the truth in love and equip the saints to stand in these crazy days on earth. We are praying!

  49. NickT

    Ted Cruz is good but he never should have said that. Ted don’t give the left any ammo. We are fighting the spiritual forces of darkness in DC and around the world and all of the puppets that Satan is using. If they can call it a insurrection then President Trump may not be able to run again if the left get their way. God used President Trump in spite of himself, he also had our backs in the Christian world. Forget about the political theater from the left, and the farce that was pulled on Jan. 6, 2021.Trump – DeSantis all the way. Yes we must pray for Ted Cruz to get back on track.

  50. Joan Weber

    Ted seems to be completely blind to the fact that millions of Trump supporters will never trust him again, let alone vote for him as president… just like we will never forget Pence’s betrayal on 1-6-21. Just when we needed him the most. We forgive both, yes, but that does not mean they are entitled to our trust because they are not.

  51. Lloyd

    Let’s not be like the liberals who do not accept apologies and people who admit their mistakes. It takes some courage to face the straight forward questioning of Tucker Carlson but Cruz came and took the heat and admitted his error. Unless we see further compromise from Cruz we as followers of Christ should forgive and continue to verify.

  52. CS1

    why should Ted Cruz Be any differnt than Liz Chenney ? Ted Cruz could never with stood the attack thatwas done to Trump ansd the most asuredly would have done the samething. Marco Rubio is another wimp. The spirit of deception is well moving. January 6th is a Lying devil narritive while all were silent during BLM and ANTIFA RIOTS. Finally IN CA the chickens have coke home to roost, and the Democrats are trying to now stop the S,ash and Dash that is plegued so many busiess. The Captial shooting still we don’t know who fired the weapon and killed Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran.

  53. Barbara Ratz

    Mario,You hit the nail on the head!! Am Praying! As a Texan, we as Texas can make a Big difference by not only praying, but by calling his office! Cruz will listen to his voters!! After all, he wont get fsr without his voters! You are so correctt Pastor Mario! But Cruz feels also that he is not so appreciated for what he Has done. Or so much loved by Christians! He needs to feel Our Love as we as a little appreciation. PIcked that up in the Spirit a while back. But The Facts are Blunt and blaring!! Need to be bluntly stated!! Cruz will listen to his voters!! So I m urging Texans to not only pray but call his Office!!

  54. Barbara Ratz

    This is a side note. I have wanted to become your partner for a very long time! I pray for you often and pray in the Spirit When you sre live or even through your tapings videos and you are aware! I pray in theSpirit oQuite often! Is there a wsy to do donst,partber with you on line? As therd is not a valid phonenumber to call or reach you!! I have your mailing address but would like to be able to do it directly!

    • Bill McGiire

      Love this!

  55. Kathy Irvine

    Did you see on Fox News about a week or so ago when Tucker Carlson called Ted out on this very issue? And Tucker did not back off. It was good.



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