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2022 is going to fool a lot of people. The same way that 2020 and 2021 fooled them. Do not let yourself be one of those who is fooled again. 2022 will be a year of extremes. It will either be your greatest year of opportunity or a massive missed opportunity.

Here are the big questions that confront us in the New Year:

-Who will lead the charge to restore American Freedom? Will it be Trump or DeSantis? Our present “leaders” have humiliated us before our enemies, stolen our freedoms, and wrecked our economy. It is clear that not only do we need a leader, we need that leader now. We cannot wait for 2024.
-What is the most dangerous distraction that is coming in 2022 for us as believers? It is the vast blanket of deception that evil will drop on us in an attempt to derail our progress and wipe out our gains. Some of that evil will look very Christian, yet it will be anything but Christian.

-How do we avoid being fooled again and chart a course to meaningful victory?

So, we begin. To clear away the cobwebs we need to go back to December of 2019. Remember when almost every preacher predicted smooth sailing in 2020? They said a great victory lay ahead. We were going to prosper, be blessed, and highly favored. But what happened? Within weeks we were locked down and the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ we were promised has turned into years that flattened everything but the virus.
How did so many get it so wrong? I remember the firestorm that came against me when I warned everyone that megachurches could suddenly become empty and that Trump needed to act to keep the election from being stolen. As late as October of 2020 I was issuing these warnings. I was ridiculed and condemned for my statements. They were see no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil.

Now I am issuing new warnings about 2022 and I am going against the grain again.

But my goal is not gloom and doom; it is discernment and preparation in order for you to be able to seize 2022 for the glory of God.
The deception that I see hitting American Pastors is their yearning for the good old days. What these preachers do not want to face is that there is no going back. Once again, they are dusting off the therapeutic sermons and the smiley face talking points that fooled them at the end of 2019.
Once again prophets of ease are predicting a wonderful, carefree year—the very same things they said in 2019.
You look around and you see all of the same messages, the same conferences, and the same souvenirs from that moment which fooled them before. To understand the danger, we must look at Samson.
And (Delilah) said, “The Philistines are upon you, Samson!” So, he awoke from his sleep, and said, “I will go out as at other times, and shake myself free!” But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him (Judges 16:20).

Those who prophesy good times in 2022 are getting it wrong for the same reason that Samson was destroyed. You see, Samson did not lose out with God at that instant. He had lost out even before he met Delilah. God’s approval had lifted off of him, even though power still operated in him. His attitude was, “I will go out as before, at other times.” He believed he could just do what he had always done, and that brought destruction on him.

That is no different from preachers who revert to their old ways—ways that failed to discern the calamity that was at the door. If they do the same things again in this New Year, I foresee a complete removal of their ministry.

It is not about politics. It is about evil.

Once again, we are hearing the tired argument that politics should not be in the pulpit. All around us are distractions from the real war which is to unite; to organize; to expose the last election; and to enforce election integrity in the coming elections.

Now let me say this: You do not need predictions as much as you need direction. False prophecies can be titillating, but they are destructive.

If you want to be ready for 2022, then heed my warning. We do not need to sit around and listen to all the soothing words coming from the pulpit describing how good things are going to be. We need to make something happen. God wants us to rise up in faith against evil. The last thing we need to do is to go back to a lukewarm fantasy world.

So, who led the political charge in 2022? My answer must include a mention of General George S. Patton. You must see Victor David Hanson’s lecture on Patton. In that lecture, he said this explained why Patton was constantly kept from commanding an army: because his superiors did not understand war.

“There is a pattern here of undeniable experience, preparation, and natural genius, who understands the horrific nature of war, and who bothers the people who command him, and yet, time and time again, when he is not given an appointment or a promotion befitting what he has earned on the battlefield, people die. And yet the way that the…therapeutic system justifies that, is that he slapped a soldier.”

The Nazis, who had executed over 25,000 men for cowardice, could not fathom why the Americans would take their most effective general off the frontlines “just for slapping a soldier”.
Eisenhower and Bradley felt pressured by the outraged “therapeutic community” at home. Patton was not only a brilliant general who won battles, he was an unequaled tactician who understood how to win wars. Time and again Patton suggested tactics that were rejected, but were later were confirmed to be right, and because of those rejections, thousands died for no reason.

So, do I think should lead us now? The answer is Donald Trump.

So, do I think should lead us now? The answer is Donald Trump. I wholeheartedly trust in his ability to drain swamps. He is our Patton. Once again, the Christian therapeutic system does not like him. He is not sweet. He has given out mean tweets. But we do not need Mr. Rogers right now. We need a political general who understands the evil and will not quit.

How did Trump come to these skills of exposing corruption and forcing deals in America’s favor? He did it in New York City. He faced towering corruption, mind-bending regulations, and criminal enterprises. He built his empire against insane resistance that none of us can understand. That is the skill we need now.

DeSantis is a stunning gift for the future who needs to build his legacy in Florida and win that state for Trump and the Republicans. But that future will not be there, then, unless we have a Patton now, leading the way both in the midterms and in the presidential election.

Our job is clear in 2022. Victor Davis Hanson said it best about the Democrats, “So this is a revolutionary Jacobin movement. I think everybody saw that in 2021 and I think they fear rightly that it’s going to continue in 2022 – even if it explodes and takes us with it. But they’re not going to change on their own.”

The revolution the Democrats are trying to bring is not going to stop— even if it explodes and takes us down with it.

Let that settle in your heart—the revolution the Democrats are trying to bring is not going to stop— even if it explodes and takes us down with it. And they are not going to change. We have no choice but to stop this threat.

Our job is clear in 2022. We must not back down from our free speech as Christians. We must brace ourselves for a long battle against further lockdowns and tyranny from all directions.

Do not let anyone shame you for believing in American freedom. Do not let the head-in-the-cloud Christians who are binging on emotional experiences distract you from speaking out. We must pray, evangelize, organize, and keep our foot on the gas. Freedom is in sight!


  1. Gloria

    Thank you for being loud and clear. Christians must get their head out of the sand!!!

    • Collin R Williams

      You are right again Mario. The evil ones following Saten will not stop their destruction of our world anymore than the evil dictators who have come before in history. Our Father has always caused the downfall of those that tried to destroy his covenant people. May we continue to hear the voice of God and stand up for his Kingdom.

      • Mango

        Yes, re Trump! Let’s pread the word– policy over personality!
        Do we want to live with the policies as of the leadership of Detroit, Portland, Chicago, New York City…? He’s a typical brash native New Yorker! He’s a big businessman and knows how to run this country like a big business!
        The other issue is that much of the church is powerless and. joyless. And I just read _A simple guide to experience Miracles_ by j.p. Moreland. He points out that John Calvin and the other reformers started the teaching of Cessationism, which says most miracles and most gifts of the Spirit ended with the death of the Apostles!!!
        He started that!
        I Googled history of cessationism and readthe same thing!
        We should be experiencing much more power and love and joy than we are. I urge Christians to read this book and pass it around. Also, listen to Robert Morris’s series, The God I Never Knew. Then tell the Lord we are sorry we have grieved and quenched and mostly dismissed His wonderful Holy Spirit! and failed to be used buy Him to really make the Church and the world a better place!

      • Pastorkathaleen wuopio

        God showed me 2020 years ago in a dream. I shuttered knowing it was coming that we were not ready.. 400 years as a nation and God judges if we don’t repent. The blood shed cries out yet we still have not repented. Thank u Mario for your stand for righteousness!

      • Sherrill and Wayne Luebesmier

        I love how you speak the truth and you don’t mince words. Yes we need to fight the good fight to no longer sit back and let our freedom be stolen I know that I don’t want my freedom stolen and will do what I can with the Lord’s help. I stand with you Mario and I continue to stand with President Trump all the way.
        God’s blessings on you and your family Mario
        Love from Sherrill and Wayne

      • Carol J.

        Excellent 🙏🌈

    • Laura

      Mario, you talk about the “feel good” prophets and then you hang out with them. Hank Kunneman adores Kat Kerr and has her at his church. Where is the discernment you talk about? Kat Kerr has already prophesied so much that was wrong about Trump and yet she is propped up. But why do you appear on Flashpoint with Kunneman and go to his church to speak?

      • davidsstones

        Indeed. Where is the history of drawing attention to the Speaker and not the speaker? Loudness is not Boldness. Nor do humble words convict the Holy Spirit in us of humility. Those who have the Spirit of Truth “discern good from evil.” This is scripture but I would not accuse Kerr or Kunnermen of evil, rather perhaps there is emulation of projected personalities.
        And please, no more emulations of Kathryn Kuhlman; a forerunner with an anointing sufficient for a season. God has unlimited anointings, more powerful, for those He choses, for starkly different times. In 2020, 2021 and now into 2022, Kuhlman’s anointing of words of knowledge and healing is lessened by the unprecedented absolute undeniable need of warnings, identification of souls He wants us to find for His adoption and revelatory power that convicts the eye and ear of His Sovereignty and Holiness.
        Alas, many Prophets sent by God are not recognized or allowed to speak in churches because they lack *star* power or a Pastor lacks the Holy Spirit or discernment.
        No theatrics, no debate, no skilled hand and head motions; just deliver the message and let the Listener judge.

      • Pablo

        Actually Marillo has corrected criticized in the past prophets that promise dinosaur rides in heaven as a major distraction from what we need to do. I actually left a now blatantly wrong criticism for shutting down someone who may put a good face on Christianity. Boy was I wrong, we need warriors not feel-gooders. Marillo is 100% correct, but also a gentleman and believer that we need the truth for OUR PART in God’s mission. The entire Q movement is the perfect example of what not to do, sit back ad watch what someone else will fix for us. I now believe that we have what I call Q-prophets and unfortunately some are really profiteers as well. They reduce the will do do your part and just watch so you can feel good with tickled ears. My warning is from Jeremiah 14, were (Jeremiah14:16).

        Do your part as Marillo says and answer when called to action, don’t be a spectator.

        • Judy Lee

          The Q movement is a lot more than what you are describing. Several months ago I joined Telegram and was led to several channels that I believed were Christian-as they believed in God and prayer however I realized that there was no mention of Jesus! Just between 3 channels we are talking over 250,000 people. These channel owners are “anons”and very subtly promote vibrations, unity, god consciousness, ascension, light,prayer and god-mixed in with conservative news viewpoints—so many Christians are falling into a trap. Bottom line is they believe that through their god consciousness they have the power to change the ending of the Bible—in other words they and Q will destroy all of the evil from the earth and they believe Trump is The savior chosen by god (Jesus). That we go from where we are now straight into 1000 years of “peace and light”. They can’t see that what they are participating in is witchcraft and who they are offering prayers to (ultimately satan) is the same one they are working so hard to destroy—-let that statement sink in. Please join me in prayer for the Holy Spirit to be poured out and for the destruction of these demonic principalities. In the Mighty and Powerful Name of Jesus.

    • stephen munyer


    • Susan P

      I heard a pastor preach yesterday that he does not worry about the mark of the beast and Christians being persecuted in America because he won’t be here, he’ll be raptured. I wonder if the Christians believed that when they were helping the Jews during WWII?

      • Phil

        Read Luke 21:36 and Rev 3:10. This is Jesus speaking. We are not appointed for wrath. 1Thes 5:1-11. We all suffer tribulation but this is speaking of the seventieth week of Daniel or the great tribulation. You can stay if you want but I believe God’s Word and will. Jesus doesn’t beat up on His Bride.

    • Stephanie

      I love your boldness, and I agree we need a fierce leader as DJT, but please help us understand why DJT so boldly declared the C V Whack-scene is the best thing for humanity. (See recent Candace Owens interview) Is this an egotistical statement or is he stating this currently because he has to throw off the evil Cabal who lies in wait?!?

    • Michael McNight

      Bless you Mario!

      I’m in 100% agreement with you. We need Donald Trump back. The question is how do we get him back?

      The buffoons in the Republican Party have had over a year and the best intelligence in the world to figure out the corruption that occurred during the last election, and nothing!

    • John Santiago

      God is Lord of All and still on the throne.
      Eventhough we have many fragmented Christian sects, we need to unite and pray, fast, and speak out loud the word of the Lord.
      This blog is suppose to unify, and not to beat anyone down. Sure, some have failed at governing, have you not made any major mistakes?
      Let’s Pray for our dually elected President, and ask God to guide and keep him him everyday. There are those that would want to eliminate DJT altogether, but the Lord Jehovah covers him with his wings.
      I pray and lift up Mario and those around him as he continues to do what the Lord has instructed him to do.
      Let’s all keep Mario Maurillo Ministry in prayer and financial support.

    • Nancy Sullivan

      Best article I have read all year! Essential to know for 2022… 🔎📰🆘⏳🗳

    • Diane Nardini

      Amen bro Mario. We stand with you. I thank God for you and Kent Christmas and Hank and the others.

    • Marilyn Nichols

      It’s still up to us. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves seek my face TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS!! Then will I hear from Heaven forgive their sin and heal their land. That begins in homes,churches,communities,States then County USA!!! I hear the Lord say we forget the turning which is key to the whole scripture. In Jesus Name I pray we see and focus on our part so God can and will do His part!! Amen!!

    • Miguel García

      Mr Murillo , I’m confused in one hand you talked about the fabric of the American culture being in danger “Agreed” in the other hand promoting redemption with a person that is far from God’s teachings.

      I’m going to agree that Yes! We need to pray and create a movement of no political influence so in the future “We the People” of this land can celebrate these god’s given country and working together we can teach our children companion, respect, honesty, hard work for generations to come.

    • Sheila


    • suzette

      Mario, I always get truth with you. Tell us what you want us to do. As many are, my family has been split in two. One locked her family in the house for over a year. Now she is addicted to testing almost every day. Another has had their 6 yr old vaccinated and the last one wont say either way.. It has never been about politics. It is the war between good and evil. Mario bring the tent to Nashville area. I need to have you and your crew here to heal and save the souls here.

    • Lon Spector

      When will that happen? Shortly after “The 12th Of Never?”

    • ethyanne

      Amen! With confusion everywhere ut is good to read this blog that gives direction. I believe we need to stand in every instance. We need to be louder than the enemy.

    • Wordforworld

      Agreed, Mario & commenter Gloria.
      Received a word from The LORD

      STOP advancing the plans of the enemy!


      (You say in your hearts, “how are we advancing the plans of the enemy?”
      YOU shut down MY WORD!
      YOU closed MY HOUSE!
      YOU forbade the sick to receive MY healing!
      YOU believed in bio-weapons for cure, and boast of it!
      YOU cowered to government to retain your precious “religious”-exempt status!
      You, in FEAR, did not speak against abortion, against anti-Semitism!
      YOU DID NOT speak against those destroyers of the peoples’ right to worship ME!

      MY EYES ARE ON YOU, get My House in order.)

  2. Teresa Schellman

    I will support you in prayer and finances…all I have belongs to God

    • CJanes

      I completely agree with your statement that the last thing we need is to return to a lukewarm fantasy world. Unfortunately, Trump is part of the Luciferian/NWO agenda. If he was about draining the swamp, he would never have let Fauci and Birx exploit a virus and drive our country into the ground You are absolutely right..we are not and should not “go back”, God’s own must repent and walk in truth and boldness. We cannot take America back for God via politics without His anointing, and we have failed miserably at influencing the culture in the ways we have been called to do so. We are two years behind the necessary response to latest His wake up call. II Chronicles 7:14 I pray there is more happening that is unseen, but as you noted, the response of most pastors has not been to call the people to repentance but to kowtow to man, close doors, and push the abomination/Trojan horse being called a “savior” and “gift from God”. I believe this alone is an indication that we seem at the point of Him raising up and preparing the remnant for the final few years (rather than a turn around for America). Either way, the job of every Christ follower remains the same as it was before He allowed us to reach the point we chose through apathy and sin.

      • Stanley Spencer

        Trump? New World Order? How do you come to that conclusion? Trump is the only President we have had that clearly stood for America First.

        • Mark

          Stanley is right. Trump is fighting the New World Order. Mario is also right, we need a leader like General Patton to stand up to the satanic evil. Trump is not our savior, Jesus is King and savior, but God is certainly using Trump in this time. Dasantis time will come later as a National leader.

          • Ramona Nordhoff

            Bro. Mario, you are correct. This is a spiritual War Good vs Evil. The Christian must stand up get involved. When destruction falls around their necks & families Life. Well that “Walk softly as a Christian but leave the STICK out of it” Will give them regrets but it will be to LATE! AMERICA belongs to God, can’t think of a better BOSS to Fight for which will SAVE OUR FAMILIES & COUNTRY. America is the Foundation to our everyday Life, if it is destroyed. Well so will OUR FAMILES & GOD CHANCE TO SAVE MORE PEOPLE. WITHOUT AMERICA THE WHOLE WORLD WILL FALL! I myself refuse to live on my knees to Communist. I find myself holding my Bible much closer to me these days. God will LEAD US. Trump as his General. Christian & Patriots must be God ARMY!

      • ali

        Thank you CJ….appreciate your heart and your comments. LORD bless.

      • Rich Chiero

        To CJanes: You raise very good and salient points. However, I disagree with your assertion that Trump is part of the NWO since he did not fire Fauci and Birx. As proof, I would direct you to Peter Navarro’s book “In Trump Time”, where he as an outspoken Trump supporting White House aide implored the president to fire them, only to discover that WH staffers including the press section feared the blowback which inevitably would occur with such a termination. In retrospect, it was obviously the wrong call. Fauci is guilty of the sins of omission (saying he was certain that the virus did not originate from a lab in Wuhan, which he knew is exactly where it came from), and commission, as when he lied to Senator Rand Paul about the subject of “gain of function” research of the virus, and its funding by U.S. taxpayers, as well as undermining therapeutics which could have mitigated the virus and saved countless lives, along with attacking the character and credibilty of the signers of the Great Barrington Commission, to name a few.

        • Nancy Sullivan

          FauxChi and Birx remind me of Jannes and Jambres… two magicians in the Bible who withstood Moses (II Tim.3:8). We need a “Moses” deliverer like Trump whose anointing and authority will swallow their snakes into oblivion! (Ex.7:10-12) 🚫🐍

        • Nancy Sullivan

          Excellent comment, Rich Chiero… I must get a hold of Peter Navarro’s book 📕 “In Trump Time”! Thanks!

      • L Celaya

        You are wrong about Trump. Ridiculous!

      • Brewer55

        Agreed. He made no attempt to drain the swamp. Instead, all of his appointments were deep state. Mnuchin, Mills, Barr, and many others. He’d fire some and then replace them with more of the same.
        And, he continues to double down on the vaxx, after mountains of evidence that show deaths and injuries. He has also left the Jan 6th Patriots hanging. They went to DC for him and he says nothing. He needs to go and I’m very surprised to see that Mario is still supporting him.

  3. lordswarrior111

    Agree and am working in that direction. The task is clear. And now to the battle and victory in Christ Jesus!

    • Jonah

      Hey great word Mario, it’s interesting you brought up Samson cause I wrote a song about him and recently put it up on you tube. God bless you!

  4. Larry Sprague

    Truth well spoken. and we all as indviduals must do our part . We must publisize the Biblical principals that our nation was founded on like the 10 comandments that our bill of rights were founded on. and are enbodied in our Constition. .We must bring forward that our courts are in many ways based on biblical paterns ,and that lies must never be acepted in the function of our society and law . Our entire nation is based on the indevidual honesty and moral values of Christanity and those who are in oficial positions surve ONLY AT THE PLEASURE OF EACH OF OUR CITIZENS AND THEIR JOINT AGREEMENT They have no authrity on their own . They are litterly the servents of the people and if the people abandon the standerds and principals of Christanity the Lord will indeed abandon our nation and the indivdual citizens ..Without those principals our nation as a whole will crumble as dust and will be no more

  5. Sheldon Craig

    Well said Pastor Murillo and Amen! God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for standing firm for Religious Freedoms. Thoughts and Prayers for you and your team Awesome job you are doing. Keep fighting, we are with you.

    • Angelena Goad

      Thanks for this word I enjoyed it and it’s all right that as Christians what we need to do

  6. Elinore welke

    I would like to support your mission but can’t find a link.

    • Sandra

      Mario Murillo Ministries
      P.O. Box 7000
      Reno, NV. 89520

      • Jeffrey

        On Dec 19, Mario posted they had moved to Lafayette, TN, if indeed it was Mario himself posting. I saw it about halfway down the comments under the Blog post about God giving us permission to take America back. PO Box 408, forgot the zip.

  7. Petro

    Well said Sir! God bless America!

  8. Mary Helen 3

    Good word.
    Thank you.

  9. Misti

    what about him promoting the vaccine and going to the LBGTQ banquet?

    Not sure about him anymore because of these two things.

    • Kay Lienhop

      The vax is individual choice. Nothing more. It doesn’t mean you’re evil if you have taken it. It’s a distraction. Don’t be distracted. Franklin Graham, Phil Robertson and other are vaxxed.

      • davidsstones

        Dr. Robert Malone (mRna development) has been vaxed twice, per his interview with Rogan. He is also utterly devoted to our Lovely Lord.

    • Adelin Schauer

      You are so right Mario. Thank you for telling it like it is. Praying for you

    • Heather

      If Trump had not developed ‘Operation Warp Speed’, we would have been locked down 3-5 years. Remember that Trump is brilliant and never does anything without a different motive than we’re thinking. Don’t be distracted.

      • kakkypants

        That still doesn’t explain why he is highly encouraging people to take it, and shared in the Bill O’Reilly interview that he’s had a booster shot. Would it hurt anything for him to stop talking about it???

    • ali

      Thanks Misti. I too have seen another side to DT in the last couple of years; a side I really did not want to see. God alone is our Saviour. He will set up kings and He will bring them down as He wills. Let God arise, HIS enemies be scattered.

    • Gayle Anderson

      I am on the same page. We need someone LIKE Trump; but he made some weak decisions regarding the pandemic.Was he getting poor counsel from the Christian community or was he not listening? From the beginning, a lot of us knew that the masking, lockdowns, and injections were unwise. We distrusted certain leaders and organizations due to their past behaviors. WHY did he do it? And has he learned from what he did? One wonders because he is still out there pounding the drum for these injections that even the scientific community are seeing as unreliable against omicron.

      • Deborah

        After watching trump preach America first, but then let Fauci lock down our country, and to continue to let 1 man dictate to all 50 states un scientific propaganda, and never investigate the lies that were being used to hypnotize the globe with unjustified fear, the payment to hospitals for every diagnosis of covid, whether the patient lived or died, most were allowed to die, let’s remember no treatment was promoted, just stay home and treat yourself like it’s a cold, until you end up in er, Appalling!! That should earned dismissal of said health taskforce, but trump didn’t fire any, very fishy behavior for leader of the free world. To let a year go by and not stop that, or to promote a jab with No safety data? Who does that? Someone complicit with Global order, I dont want trump in the white house, I am praying for a real leader, who doesn’t comply with globalist agenda on any topic, as for waking up church, what more will people endure or ignore? Before they read the bible for themselves, see Jesus never let’s evil win, and paid so we dont have to either. Take dominion over evil, expose it and push it back, this has been war since garden, we must be courageous, Jesus overcame the world, listen to His plans for your community and get busy, pray He raises up a strong Joshua for America’s next leader, May God Be able to find faith in Him on the earth in America.

      • Rochelle

        My opinion on this is that Trump trusted medical advisors, not imagining that they would be so evil and treasonous that they would be willing to harm Americans and prefer them to die rather than use every means to save lives. I will not attempt to name their motives but am trusting God to always reveal truth.

        I will point out that the top vaccine official in the FDA, Dr. Marion Gruber and her assistant, resigned last fall, and then Dr. Frances Collins, who was head of the NIH, resigned. Del Bigtree’s interview of Dr. Geert Vanden Bosch (worked for W.H.O. on the ebola crisis) on The Highwire is definitely worth watching.

        There is an excellent article with an interview of Dr. Peter McCullough in the Epoch Times showing how the response to Covid in the NIH and CDC has always been about vaccines rather than treatments to help people get well, as you would have seen with any other illness. Why?

        Mario is correct: this is a war against evil on many battlefronts. As God’s family we need unity like we see in the Trinity. May His glory be revealed from coast to coast, and from north to south across the USA, so that we see truth and justice restored to our nation.

    • Diane

      Trump supported the vaccine because he knew they would keep us shut down without it and the gay community still needs love we can hopefully show them the love and truth of God’s word.

    • RAFO

      Misti, regardless of what others may write, you are DEFINITELY right on when you question Trump and the death jabs… they are NOT vaccines and actually change the DNA God gave you… you become a spike protein factory that can’t be shut off.

      Trump is WRONG for pushing the jabs at this point in time. Literally millions worldwide have been either killed or forever maimed by these injections! Micro-clotting is causing all sorts of problems. The word for 2022 is DISCERNMENT and the body of Christ in 2022 has so little of it. You are exhibiting discernment by your questions and others are poo-pooing your legitimate concerns.

      Sorry to say, but our Brother Mario has missed the boat on this one. God DOES have a leader in the wings… that person will come on stage in God’s good time and it will be a “nobody”… someone that will rise like a meteor from nowhere… that’s how God works. Trump had his day. Tomorrow belongs to another.

      And BTW, if a person is a Christian and got the jab… and God forbid a booster… they’re doing it either out of fear, or ignorance, or both. Just cursory research will yield a wealth of horrific information on what these jabs are doing to people’s bodies… don’t be fooled, forced or shamed into taking this poison into your healthy body. It will eventually destroy your natural immune system. People must be warned!

      Here’s a freebie… if this is the year alien contact is announced (yes, it’s coming and the Vatican is ready)… don’t be sucked in by the hysteria and hype… these are demonic entities that have taken solid shape and will pass themselves off as alien “saviors” of mankind. Read your Bible and have discernment! Jesus is coming soon!

      • Brewer55

        Yes, you are absolutely correct. Mario is spot on with so many of his comments, and beliefs but, he needs to see Trump for who he truly is. Reading comments on this page by those that have blown off that Trump is still promoting and selling the shots is appalling. They sound like the same cultists that are masked up and lining up for the boosters. He could murder someone on camera in cold blood and they would give him a pass. They are probably listening to the X22 Report and the Qanon cult. Discernment people.

  10. Joyce Gibson

    Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing the truth! In 2018 the Lord kept speaking to me “reveille”.
    He said my army must wake up and dress for battle. In 2019 I shared this at a pastors conference. I had reveille played and blared out. Then in 2020 we should have been ready for battle. Battle is not popular or fun but
    IT’S NECESSARY! WAKE UP ARMY OF GOD! The battle is raging.

    • Kenneth Davis

      You are not alone! Ephesians 6:10ff Put on the whole armor of God. A good soldier knows to prepare for battle involves gathering and getting his armor ready. Our armor is a gathering of the elements describe in Ephesians for battle against not men but forces of evil. For what end – TO PRAY!

      I have been feeling the same things you described for the past several years myself. To discipline myself to understand, comprehend, disciple and grow into the armor He wants me (all of us) to wear. This is not a pleasant experience. However, the intimacy of learning the commander’s voice is something there are not human words to describe.

      Mario’s book ‘Vessels of Fire and Glory’ describes extremely well the self conflict and the often times struggles involved in becoming part of the army of the Most High. Press on my brother. You are one of many being drafted.

  11. Penny

    Thank you for your words and your wisdom!
    You warn and yet you encourage. Praying for you and your ministry to continue being used mightily by God. I can see even here there are still those who absolutely have a total block about you even mentioning President Trump. They are so blinded they can’t see ANY of the good he had done and continue to revile any Christian that does. Praying for the scales of deception to be removed from every eye and heart by the Holy Spirit.

    • Monte Mutschler

      What ever happened to Beth Moore

      • Ejeff

        She went off the deep end of progressive Christianity- lost her way.

  12. Frank

    Amen Brother Mario! Please continue to speak TRUTH and LIGHT. Awaken the sleeping and those in a slumber. Maranatha!

  13. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, here we Stand…..There is no room to “flounder” now. That Time has passed. We Cannot sit back and “hope” things will get better—–the Only way that we will Even Survive is to ENGAGE THE DARKNESS that IS Destroying America. We Cannot HIDE! WE MUST ENGAGE AND ENGAGE NOW.

    And I so Agree with You….TRUMP is the Only one who has the “know how” to LEAD America back from the edge of the Abyss! I like Ron DeSantis and I believe his day will come—-“down the road”—-if America Survives. That will only Happen if the election fraud is OVERTURNED—and the duly elected United States President Donald John Trump is placed back into the Leadership position of America. WE ARE BACKED INTO A CORNER AND TRUMP IS STILL GOD’S CHOSEN VESSEL FOR AMERICA. HE IS THE VESSEL THAT CAN LEAD AMERICA OUT OF THE HELL THAT HAS BEEN COMING ON US FOR MANY YEARS BECAUSE OF OUR DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD. IT CAUGHT UP WITH US AND HERE WE ARE.

    Thank You, MARIO, for this Powerful message of TRUTH.

    • Dana Tibbitts

      Mario continues to man up! And so do we. Let no one suppress the voice of truth or the power of the Holy Spirit to completely change the game. Throw off the death clothes of fear and intimidation. Let us become those who turn the world upside down again to advance the kingdom of God

  14. Mary J.

    Thank you Mario! It is clear the Holy Spirit anoints your blog! Your words are brilliant! You are leading the charge for those of us that have eyes to see and ears to hear! I thank God for you and your obedience!

  15. Ron Sawvel

    I am continually amazed at the precision of Mario’s prophetic revelation and comprehension of the times… Especially when compared to the chirpy, empty, and misleading voices of so many of today’s ‘professional’ prophets. I’ve personally grown very weary of the vain repetitions of “Peace! Peace!” I heard a story years ago about the author of the great holiday song White Christmas: In a time when most songs of the season were written in bright and happy major musical chords, Irving Berlin wrote this classic in the longing sound of minor chords that somehow gripped the hearts of people around the world. That’s because Irving Berlin, a Jew, had bittersweet childhood memories of himself out in the snow pressing his nose to the cold glass of the Macy’s display case just to see the toys that other boys would be getting on Christmas Day. To him, Christmas represented being forever on the outside looking in at pleasures he himself would never partake. I think many of us have to finally accept that, like Berlin, like Patton, and Mario, we have to content ourselves with the fact that our place, as voices in the wilderness, is to be on the outside looking in, at a church world of comfort, unqualified permissiveness, bright lights, contemporary music, and empty hearts. But that’s the way Special Forces are – The regular military rank & file never comprehends or fully accepts those self-sacrificing warriors. Yet, the regular Army could never succeed without the contribution of these forces in penetrating enemy defenses, often alone, and without the pomp and ceremony of the greater martial body. The Lord recently and suddenly directed my wife and me to move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a provocative message (we hope like Mario’s). We’ve been here a little over a month. We have made four attempts to attend church… We were careful to only go to the churches that presented a strong image on web pages and search engines. But three of four were shut down and had suspended in-person services without warning so we just stood outside with our noses pressed against the cold glass of the locked church doors trying to fathom when the mandate to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together had been deleted from the Bible. We tried to call or message each of these churches, one had a number that was disconnected, another never responded to our voice mail, and the third pastor called back and sheepishly said they had decided to close (without notice) because a couple of their members had tested positive for the Omicron variant. One church was, thankfully, still open but from the leaders on down through the flock, everyone was in a shell-shocked depression and only going through the motions of service (our hearts were breaking with compassion for these defeated and beaten saints). Truly, the thing that we greatly fear WILL come upon us. I got up one night a few days after we first arrived in Texas and had a waking vision of a figure, dressed in grave clothes almost like a lace wedding dress, standing mournfully on our front lawn. It stood there looking pitifully looking at our house (but unable to come in) trying to comprehend us and what we were here for. It had a face of such sadness & neediness yet I sensed it had an evil and menacing objective. I knew this to be a principality covering this particular area and that its focus was the church. Later that morning I realized I had seen this image before – It was from the dark Mexican folktale of La Llorona, the wandering spirit of a jilted young girl who had murdered her own children to cause their adulterous father to come back to her. Upon her death, she wandered the earth weeping & lamenting for her dead children, and murdering the babies of others forever trying to get her lover back. For us, children in dreams & visions have always represented the ministry (either ours or that of other men and women of God). There is a spirit loosed in the earth whose objective and agenda is to get us: Churches, ministers, and believers, to make our children (callings/anointing) available, through the dread, and even love, of things in the world, to be killed and destroyed. but, I t can not touch our ministries without our cooperation. The spirit of fear (literally foreboding & dread) has covered our land, culture, and even the church, like a dark mist. So much evil darkness covers the land… Could there be a better time for us to exercise Isaiah 60:1-5 and Psalm 149?

  16. bwalker42

    I agree. I pray the heart of the Remnant is as One Voice in the ears of God, the Lord of Host’s. In Jesus

  17. ggramma

    I certainly could not add any further more powerful or direct hit on the truth than what your blog just pointed out!!
    SO ..my only comment is AMEN AND AMEN MARIO!! Thank you for your honesty insight and powerful urgent message!! 👍👍❤️❤️

  18. John G Cowper-smith

    Thank You again, for listening and obeying God. You always seem to confirm what God is speaking to me in my heart. As a Canadian< I believer we are in a lot worse state, but people are beginning to wake up. God win not fail the faithful who seek Him and will not fail His Church. These trials purge and purify.

  19. John Gibson

    It isn’t just the Democrats, it is the majority of the Republican party involved as well. We must act, I agree

  20. Gail S Purcell

    Such an awesome truthful post! I did listen to Victor Hanson’s lecture and disagreed with him a bit. I have read several books from different historians on Patton, Bradly, Eisenhower etc. and Hanson picked events without explaining the complicated circumstances surrounding them to support his thesis. Eisenhower studied tactics and was brilliant. He understood team playing and also logistics. He also knew that Patton was an amazing general, but not in every circumstance. History is usually a lot more complicated and nuanced so we need to study all of it and not take one historians point of view as fact.

  21. Paul

    I’ve been dwelling on the message of Samson and how it relates to America.
    1) Samson was set aside for a purpose – his parents made a covenant with God (America’s founding fathers and as far back as the Pilgrims did the same
    2) Samson relied on his parent’s covenant with God for his source of power, then was careless with it. America relied on past victories and past covenants for it’s source of power and we got lazy.
    3) Samson was then humilated, however he then looked to the real source of strength and then was rewarded with a blow towards the elite’s of the philistine power in his final day. America, if people turn to the only source will be rewarded for ushering in something significant against the evil elites of our time.

  22. davidsstones

    The current powers in office have no intention to allow Trump to be President ever again.

    Hatred of the Church and Trump is obscured temporarily. Watch for the rage to enter the streets again, unfounded accusations released, threats of imprisonment to instill fear, preempting 2022 elections. No one imprisoned can vote. The US has the highest count of prisoners in the world.

    What is the plan? To attack and defeat or wait till corruption and law breakers come to your door in uniforms pinned with badges of authority.
    Can anyone tell me the plan? Yes, of course! Pray! Psalm 94. Every word.

    A majority is in agreement our elections are vulnerable because of unverified voters deceased, not citizens, or who, without oversight, complete multiple ballots or were voting days after the polls closed.
    Does anyone think a repeat of the unstable 2020 election will be risked in 2024? Anybody?

    What would it require to prevent Trump from taking office? That must be answered.

    Keeping election laws is high risk; even overruled by Judges as we list the laws broken and lies crafted.
    Civil war as bait to suspend elections?
    Marshall law?
    What is a Lawbreaker’s solution to maintain the highly prized im-balance of powers?
    Patton is a hero in our household, always has been.
    I’m confident he would ask the same question and as confident he would anticipate the obvious answer.

    For there is no winning without recognition of the determination of the opposition.
    That determination has been spelled out in block letters and ugly details of how.
    What you wouldn’t do is certainly what someone else will do.

    The line you will not cross was drawn by your enemy.

    2020 Prophets who declared Trump would win by a landslide were correct, if you believe the Prophet, then the 2020 election was fraudulent. He was elected! But prevented from being inaugurated or seated, as President.
    There cannot be any doublemindedness.

    If the prophet said Trump would be a “two term president” then there’s a belief he will be elected in 2024.

  23. Jeff R

    I had to laugh when I read the phrase “smiley face talking points,” because not very long ago I had to sit through a sermon series based on emojis.

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be emojis for repentance or holiness.

  24. Karen Cable

    Wow this is so good. We have a job to do and we need the full armor of God to do the job. You are a blessing to me and so many others. God bless you and your family. Love and prayers.
    Karen Cable

  25. Ralph C Melucci

    I completely agree brother Murillo, I worked as an usher at Batavia New York and saw first hand what God is doing in the hearts of people all over this nation. We must continue to keep our foot on the gas as you have said. This nation needs us now more than it ever has perhaps since it’s inception during the revolution. The church played an active roll at that time and is being called upon again to play an active roll in saving this nation. The true church of God must rise up and stay up and not give up any ground! Scholars will look back at this time in history and say if not for God’s people standing in the gap and holding the line, this nation would have been lost!

    • Sandy

      “The true church of God must rise up and stay up and not give up any ground!” Amen! So be it.

      It’s time for us to go in and possess our land! Just who do the devil worshippers think they are? We are the children of the Most High! We only need one smooth stone from the brook to take down the giant. We must take aim and do our part, then GOD will deliver it to just the right spot to bring down the giant stalking America with its drooling lips. They have stolen enough from God’s people. NO MORE! We will stand in the power of HIS MIGHT!

      Search your heart. Has He shown you something that just makes sense but you don’t know what to do with it? DO something with it. He will give us the keys to the kingdom. You might have the key to a mighty move of God; don’t dismiss it. Talk about it with others. God will lead us and organize us, but we have to step out in faith.

      I heard an evangelist say something years ago and I’ve thought of it many times. I’ve done it and saw great things happen. In ministry with my husband and also in our personal lives together, we did it and show great things happen. Shirley Caesar said it, “Faith is stepping out on nothing and landing on something!”

      Faith without works is dead. Don’t worry, God orders our steps, but we have to be stepping! He will say, “Don’t look to the left or to the right; this is the way, walk in it!” Let them who has ears to hear, hear.

      Don’t miss Mario’s blog “God is giving you permission to save America.” Read it more than once.

      Let’s do this! God’s people can come together in faith and action and save America!

  26. parrillaturi

    Well put! As the hymn goes, “Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching As To War.” We are at war with our enemy. The one who would want to change to make up of this great Nation, into a communistic way of worship, which is the enemy. Many need a slap from the Holy Sprit, in order to wake up some of those who are asleep at the helm. As soldiers, we need to cover the left, right, front and rear flanks, as we deter the enemy from overtaking us. In God We Trust, and in His name, we will win not only the battle, but the spiritual war confronting us. Pray that President Trump will return to his rightful place, and with God’s help, will overturn the enemy’s plans. Blessings.

  27. kingskid48

    There is little doubt that the dems are frantically thinking up every dirty trick known to mankind to steal the election of ’22 like they did ’20. Someone on Tucker just reported that they think Pelosi has the power to prevent Republicans from running again. They are that insane and that stupid, to think up something like that. Democrats are not democrats any longer. Check out Lt. Col. McGinnis’ new book, “Give Me Liberty, Not Marxism”. Marxism is demonic and prevalent throughout the country. It has taken over the democrat party. It’s doubtful that they would be capable of abandoning their evil agenda at this point, even if they wanted to, short of getting radically saved to the bone.

    As far as the election of ’20 and the prophets who said Trump would win again, they \were right. He did win. The election was stolen from him. It’s time to put that debate to bed and leave it there. One of them gave up his ministry over the issue and is still whining about it. Seriously? Can we be adults here? When did Christians become such wimps? If we were studying our Bibles like we should and doing research like we should, including into the Hebrew Alphabet and customs, we would have a lot more understanding of who God is and how He works. There’s no excuse for any Christian to be so clueless, much less those who have been operating in the Gifts of the Spirit.

    Thank you, Pastor Mario, for your bold, discerning, and unchanging stance. Blessings to you, your family, crew, and volunteers.

  28. Rev. Mark L Shaver

    What did the republicans do for the 8 years Obummer was in office: absolutely nothing but take their checks and vote for higher levels of spending. We are right back to where we were before Donald Trump. Republican’s don’t have a clue. Many were against Donald Trump then, many still are now. That’s the problem.

  29. David Pegram

    Great, vital directives to the agingand foolish church remnants here in USA, Mario… until you got to the part about putting our trust back in an ungodly man. It’s splinters in our hands again if we go down that route, leading to more divine judgment.
    Get ready, people – Communist China is coming to our shore in 2022, by invite of the Biden administration, just like Judah’s kings of old, even the good ones, made foolish appeals for help, resulting in destruction and overthrow. Read the Isaiah 22 forecast for America in ‘22. . 😭

  30. Patricia Rowell

    Mario, please explain how Trump’s current comments on how the vaccines are saving lives and that we should all get them makes him the one who should be our leader. He went as far as saying that those who aren’t getting them are the ones filling up the hospitals. All these statements are lies that will ultimately injure and kill the people who believe them and go get the shots. Some are saying he is only saying these things because of some hidden plan that will ultimately benefit us. If so, at what cost!? Also, as a Christian, lies and deceptions are sin and come directly from Thr Father of Lies, Satan himself.

  31. d48day


  32. jewels1573

    Mario, I share your posts on Facebook, but your website is showing zero shares. Don’t believe it! Praying for you and Michele! 🙏🔥🙏

  33. Jerry Hostetler

    I really loved this artical. Looking t some of the comments, I don’t think people see that there are two veins in this world.(Light and Darkness). The Bible is clear about these. In the last days,evil will go into gross darkness, the church will shine into the darkness. This is what helps bring forth the Glorious church without spot or wrinkle!!

    Phil 2:15
    For then you will be seenas innocent, faultless, andpure children of God, even though you live in the midst of a brutal and perverse culture.

    • Yo

      Even the darkness is as light to God.

  34. H. Richard Esvelt

    Amen, to needing to battle Satan (his greatest supporters-the dems). I pray for Donald J. TRUMP, who is our current president! I am praying for the Supreme Court to approve “the pillow guy’s work” that “the state attorneys general” are presenting!!

  35. Scot MacGregor

    Laura sweet sister …Re: Hank & Kat- We must stand united together. At least where there is no heresy or severe sin that’s not repented of. If you’re not going to stand with anyone that is not perfect you’re not gonna stand at all, You couldn’t stand with Abraham, king David, or even Peter or Paul, everyone of them made major mistakes.
    we have to stay united and And love and pray for each member of the body of Christ, discerning the Lords body correctly or else…. Don’t take communion!

  36. Susan Jones

    Thank GOD —- the only LIVING GOD —- for the way you think & preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, Mario Murillo.
    Our Beloved Commander-in-Chief Donald John TRUMP is still GOD’s Man for this hour that confronts Our Constitutional Republic.
    W-01/05/2022 Psalm 144, NASB 12:13AM Pac

  37. Lon Spector

    Yep. Satan is the “Artful Dodger.”
    They said Trump’s victory was secure because “He plays three dimensional chess.”
    It just so happens that Satan the Devil plays a “hundred dimensional chess.”
    Google the song “These Boots Are Made For Walking.” Look at the lyrics.
    Satan and his minions are more than capable of head fakes and diversions. No assumption is
    secure except that Satan never quits.

  38. willreadalot

    The Lord wants for the true believers to read, pray, and hear from Him…EPH, Phi, and Col until February as a great thing is about to take place in America….
    A word from the Lord God Almighty…Isaiah 64:1-2 KJV
    Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence, as when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence!

    God spoke to 100 prophets and said I am about to make the nations tremble at My presence. I am going to roar out of Zion! God is about to make His name famous. God is getting to roar, in that He is getting ready to manifest His miracles, His power, His glory. He said, “I am going to start showing up so many places. It’s like brush fires (Holy Spirit fire acts 2) being set all over the world. Satan can’t stomp it out fast enough and it’s going to happen. Matthew 25:32, 33 All the nations will be gathered before Him, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides his sheep from the goats. And He will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Righteous from the unrighteous. Conflict after conflict could be a war this spring. Covid was a China was a Chinese Pearl Harbor. China was militarizing during that season. China would try to gobble up Taiwan, then go for Korea, Vietnam, and Japan and the world if we declare détente. You now can see the whole strategy the administration, now very pro-China. And for Israel; we see Iran trying to arise, even during all this we are to Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. As during the seasons the nations will be trembling. God warns so we’ll be taken care of. Asking yourself…what am I suppose to do? Satan shook the nations Now God is going to shake the Nations. Some nations that we thought were gone are just going to have transformations and some will be okay like Canada and this criminalization is going on in the USA. We need revival and reformation, prayer activists to pray and act. We are seeing this today seeing people rise up so their voices are heard while there is still time. You can see the evil around you, but you are in God’s glory. No weapon formed against me is going to prosper. I personally believe that we’re in the end-time harvest. As you know evil of satan is pushing back. We see this in hyperinflation as Argentina went through this see what their country is doing. God’s economy is not based on the world’s (Biden) economy remember this when in need. The new measure of faith is coming into the earth. We will walk in a higher realm of spirituality than ever before with God. Pray for this with faith not doubting. Say, I am going to have everything I need, and you will. God says to decree: I decree in Jesus’ name Biden’s administration, evil Judges, and all against God in our Country be removed. I am going to pray you convene the Council of Heaven and pull them down. People like me are supernatural solutionists…like I know what to do and especially hone my spiritual gifts on a higher realm to help everyone see truth. I pray for supernatural wisdom because we are living in New Times in a new season since Sept. 2020. It is to understand people need to hear from God more than ever. With the Holy Spirit you can hear supernatural knowledge and discern the spirits. I pray all the men and women endorsed will become the new heads in all our offices this is a part of America’s transformation. Pray for your children to have a destiny that is blessed and believe for your children to prosper and trust Him. And the Lord would say, I am positioning you for greatness. They had a job, but God has something better a career. Lord says, I am getting ready to open the doors. Isaiah 22:22 Open doors that no man can shut and shut some doors that no man could open. This is what we are seeing a positioning for His glory. God is going to use some for politics this is God’s confirmation. For those enduring persecution God is showing them in the midst how to maneuver and will come out. Those you know or even hear of have the spirit of death, but in Jesus name they can be healed. This is what is going on with the Prophets and what is to come. So continue to endorse as many in as many states possible, because we have war here at home… even the liberals are beginning to buy guns…God is with us and satan is leaving shortly…call on the name of the Lord. Listen to the Holy Spirit for this will help in what is to come…pray and listen. God will be with you in a stronger release come February He will be with you according to your faith.

    Prophecy Two Month Portal!

    February must focus on what God wants you to do. Some GOP’s are against you and some of the advisors around you need to be let go. Changes are coming to demonic activity prayer is important now to come close to the Lord you and your family. Listen as it is hard if you are not use to hearing clearly. Take these two months to connect to God set aside away from all people until you can see clearly those you should be around to hear. Read prayerfully given from the Lord: Eph. being in Christ; Philip.; Colosians who Christ is in us, read a chapter a day. This will up your status with Him and position you into what decisions you will be making…it feels like a great weight is on your shoulders…seek the Lord for the rest of these two months. As like me you have very good people who seek God who will not fail you in guidance. This is being a part of the body of Christ. Preparation at this point was made between The Lord and Michael his angel…He will use those who love Him to help others to love Him too. Third Heaven authority is to do as the Lord wills to be done…His true power is upon us in February. Do not look to a hollywood version it will be strong within you to fight the spiritual warfare to rid of the evil…catch the anointing get ready….Prayer and scriptures. God will speak to His true church the Body of Christ. There is a flow of God in great love who wants to kiss the souls of those who hate Him. This is the God we open ourselves too as we can only give love because of Him and His strength is within his army. The glory of God in this release takes steps of increase of His power of Love…it is bold and love…everyone is willing right now…The prophets and those who have followed faithfully. Let Jesus free your budens filling your heart with 3rd heaven empowerment this will raise you up to walk and go through everything. This is the greatest revival ever be encouraged and know God is with you. You are important to God and you are not left out. Anything that caused you pain remove them from your mind. Be equipped for one of the greatest experiences coming shortly in February open your hearts in the name of Jesus. By the Holy Spirit overcomes all hurt and pain that you feel and know God is with you to be raptured in His presence. Refreshing and I pray for assignments to be meaningful for you and clear be revealed. Revelation breaks the strongholds of the enemy but greater is God within you than what is going on in the world. You are of God’s world and He is with you through all things coming in the future. There is purpose for all in this world who seeks Him healing, peace, love, and joy. Wisdom for finances and prosperity is God’s and by His will come to you a release for you, your family, and those in your assignment for this nation…

    May the blessings of God be on our nation, family, and all that we say and do, In Jesus’ name Amen.

  39. RL Perrin

    Beautiful statement it’s God

  40. Reno Faust

    Mario, God has surely annointed you for this time. Continue to storm California with hope and healing, then the USA and the world. God’s angelic host has gone before you, and your ministry will prosper!

  41. Simon Miller

    With all due respect I’m not knocking what your saying…Your Words below.

    Remember when almost every preacher predicted smooth sailing in 2020? They said a great victory lay ahead. We were going to prosper, be blessed, and highly favored.

    I love what you’re doing and I highly admire what you say however I must also share with you that this literally happened to us…2020 and 2021 we’re the best years we ( Me and my Wife) ever had both spiritually and financially,praise the Lord!!
    We prayed at the beginning of the plandemic that the death angel would have no power over us and no Covid would hit us…here we are almost 2 years later and never got COVID even though we were exposed to Covid many many times because we both drive trucks and have went many places in the USA and Canada…
    God is Good!
    Love you Mario!

  42. Yo

    God looks at the heart.


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