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At this time, the warrior of God can be vexed with discouragement. They can feel crushed between the two jaws of a vise. One jaw is the blatant depravity of our “woke” culture. The other jaw is the disheartening cowardice of preachers. These factors weigh you down, steal your joy, and even crush your spirit.

The Christian warrior sees what is happening in our culture:

This Christmas season, under the non-leadership of Biden, Americans have sunk to new lows of hatred and debauchery.
Speaking of Christmas, Joseph, Mary and even Jesus have lately been subjected to hateful, obscene and demonic depictions. Hating Christians is now fair game. Joe Rogan, who is not known as a saint, took to his massive podcast audience to decry the hatred of Hollywood toward noted actor Chris Pratt, who is an outspoken believer. Rogan said, “He’s kind of outside the lines in terms of his ideology, he’s a Christian, and pretty open about it.” Rogan added, “Because of that, they attack him.”

Our government calls Christian moms domestic terrorists for trying to protect and defend their children from school boards with a woke agenda, bent on promoting CRT and perversion.
Then there are the bands of organized thugs who are systematically robbing high-end stores. And Gavin Newsom, allowing drugstores to be looted on a daily basis by the homeless, with no consequences.
The Bible tells us about the vexation of Lot in Sodom. “For that just man, while living among them, felt his righteous soul tormented day after day by what he saw and heard of their lawless acts…” (2 Peter 2:8). This is exactly what the core of God’s people are feeling in our culture.

Now, look at what continues to happen in our pulpits:

The nation is on fire. The pandemic lockdown set the mechanism in place to silence the church. Most Christians believe our government is hostile to our faith. Yet, pastors with the influence to push back against tyranny, refuse to do so―even though they know the flocks they are supposed to be shepherding are suffering under the lash of persecution and perversion.
One megachurch pastor in Colorado said that he has decided not to talk about politics from the pulpit because, he says, he has lost friends and received “hateful emails.” Friends and emails? Is that all it takes to neutralize this man? Imagine how that statement sounds to the martyrs in all ages and to today’s suffering underground church?
The warrior of God is opposed from the front, and betrayed from behind. No wonder freedom fighters of faith can feel totally drained.
Now let me tell you what I know God is saying to you: Do not wait for things to get better. Do not wait for the lukewarm leaders to wake up. Do not look for a special sign. You have permission—whether or not anyone else agrees with you―to save America.

I am only going to make two points in this blog.

  1. Do not doubt that you and God are more than enough to win this war.
  2. It is because God is with you, that what you are going to do will triumph!
  3. 1 Samuel 14:6, “Then Jonathan said to the young man who bore his armor, “Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us. For nothing restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few.””
Child of God: You are more than enough to turn the tide. Your great weapon is your burden for America. Forget all about exotic prophecies and emotional experiences. The pilot light to your great adventure is in your burden for your nation. That burden is there for a reason.
When evil is exalted, God looks for deliverers. He scans the nation to see who will cleanse themselves from the carnal church and the intoxicated preachers. He looks for those who will allow God to make them the indestructible voices to restore righteousness to America.
“Now thanks be unto God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ!” He does not awaken us to action just to frustrate us. He jolts us awake in order to ignite a string of miracles and a plan. “Come, let us go!” is the watchword of this hour.
Our tent crusades in California were not condoned by State Law. But I obeyed the real law and the higher law. Gavin Newsom not only violated the law of the land, which is the Constitution, but also violated the highest law―which was God’s voice, telling me to go. That is why our meetings exploded with decisions for Christ and miracles.

And you also have permission to go!

  1. “Then the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you, and you will prophesy with them and be turned into another man. And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you.” (1 Samuel 10:6-7).
Do as the occasion demands. The tepid teachers who refuse to obey God say things that sound right, but they are completely wrong for the occasion. This is no time for apologies, camouflage, or passivity. The occasion demands action. But not just any action. It demands a Holy Ghost filled vessel to do anything and everything that is now justified by the occasion.
Some will read this and say there is not enough information. Those are the chilly souls you need to get away from. Those are the people who are not looking for guidance, they are just seeking an excuse. The people this message is targeting have already heard from God. They are ready to launch. They just needed permission.
What are you waiting for? God has given you permission!
Now, let’s go save America!



  1. Petro

    Thank you Mario Murillo Ministry! We honor Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Father God is faithful and true

    • Sandra

      Absolutely! We will be judged by GOD not man and I do not want to be a Balaam! I will never compromise with the world because I am a citizen of heaven! Wrong is wring and right is right! Love, love, love your stand! May GOD mightily bless and keep you and make HIS face to shine on you! It is a privilege to be chosen of God! I will never give in to the devils of this word!

    • Cindy

      PRAISE GOD FOR TRUTH!! God will fight for us if we will fight for Him!! God never said it would be easy…but that it would be a fight. America is worth saving to God and us!!!!

    • Ethyanne

      God bless you Mario. Holy Spirit in your messages give me strength that I’ve never had before.

    • Nancy Bryda

      I agree with Mario. Evangelissm and taking back righteous government go together. I decree the ekklesia is not woke but awakened to the purposess of Almighty God. God is absolsutely good all the time.

    • Tommy Harden

      Gavin Newsom was a student of Klaus Schwab. He is a evil as they come. He’s a cog in the wheel of this 1 world government takeover.

      Thank you for speaking out and having the courage that many so called ‘men of God’ refuse to display.

      And welcome to Nashville! We worked together many years ago and I’d love to be a part of your work any way I can. I’m in the music business. Many thanks again for standing strong and I hope we can meet soon.

  2. Sybil.Hannon@carringtonms.com

    Thank you Apostle Murillo for God has indeed spoken and His Word will not come back void

    • Christine Derksen

      Thank you for your comment. I also see Mario as a apostle ( John) thank you for your confirmation!

  3. Collin R Williams

    Our Father has truly spoken to you brother. You tell the real truth when so many others hide their heads in the sand of a perverted world. Our Lord is waiting for his body to stand up and say “enough”.

    • Cindy

      PRAISE GOD FOR TRUTH!!. Thank you Mario for always giving us God’s truth. America is worth saving to God and us!

  4. Linda Hackwell

    When I read your blog, it was like hearing in words the cry of my own soul. Since there are so few preachers who are lightening rods for The Church, the Holy Ghost Himself will be our Leader. It’s so good to know that each of us is not alone as it would appear, but a small army of God’s own choosing. I, personally, have no idea how to “go save America”, but I am waiting, watching, listening and praying. And, I am “chomping at the bit” for action.

  5. Bene O Rika

    Thank you, Mario and God bless you – you are a voice in the darkness!

  6. Gayle

    Yes Lord ,Yes Lord Yes Amen

  7. lioness

    That is beautiful Thank you

  8. Larry Franklin

    More and more American’s are now depending on the government for their needs and not trusting God to supply them. Jesus this is your country founded on Biblical principals and it has been taken over by the love of money and power. More people today are numb, taking more drugs, drinking more and legalizing pot in a lot of states. Lord wake up your Church from it’s slumber before it is to late. Thank you Pastor Mario for speaking out to open the eyes of Christians to see what is happening to our once great Country.

  9. John

    Thank you. It blessed me reading this. I believe the church I go to is also afraid to speak out about the government. I go to the biggest in America. Life church. If the leaders of this enormous church would speak out it would make a difference. I will continue pressuring them and would appreciate your prayers for the courage to follow through.

  10. Deborah

    Thank you Brother Murillo!

  11. Marleen

    Yes, thank you brother Mario! I praise God for His faithfulness to His Church and for empowering us with The Holy Spirit. I have been a little discouraged lately. I need to keep my eyes on Jesus and not on the waves. I need to persevere in studying the Word and hiding it in my heart.
    I thank God for the true body of believers.

  12. TarMar

    Mario, you said “It demands a Holy Ghost filled vessel to do anything and everything that is now justified by the occasion.”

    So, are we fighting this battle on our knees, in the spirit realm, or in the streets of America with material weapons, or both? Paul said we fight (wrestle) against a spiritual enemy. However, with that said, if the Revolutionary War was strictly fought on the knees, would we still be ruled by the British monarchy today? In that instance it took a physical war to be fought to ensure a spiritual victory.

    Today… we know the enemy is just chomping at the bits for some Patriot to take matters into their own hands. We’d be under martial law and active gun confiscation before the evening news was over. But, are we just postponing the inevitable by delaying our response? And as time goes on the enemy is becoming more firmly entrenched.

    Who among us will be the first to go down in history as the Patriot who gave his/her all for their country and left friends and family behind? Which among us is called by God to start what no doubt will be a bloody long fight for the rest of us? Anyone? Everyone? We need a Joshua that has heard from God and will sound the trumpet and rally the troops. Who will that person be? We need direct Divine discernment and direction to know where to go from here.

  13. Doreen Lloyd

    Thank you Mario for your faithfulness!!! What a Blessing you are and I Plead the Blood of Jesus over you as you continue to minister.

  14. StevenTres

    Amen and amen Mario! So .. where are today’s Black Robed Regiments?

  15. bluecat57

    Jesus didn’t turn the moneychangers’ tables over just ONCE, He likely did it many times. Why do you think they hated him so.

    Too many people focus on “God is Love” and forget about God is Holy, Just, Vengeful, etc. We are “lucky” God is Tolerant and Patient.

    http://epistle.us/inspiration/godwillsaveme.html God Will Save Me

    I chuckle every time I read that meme. And while Trump is no “god”, he ain’t going to save us either. I’ve been saying for nearly a year (OK. it can’t have been more than 9 months) that Trump is NOT going to run in 2024. Trump has done his bit and showed We the People how to be winners. He pushed the snowball off the mountain top, now it is time for us to manage the avalanche that created.

    Christ finished His earthly mission. It is now the task of every Christian to build His Kingdom on earth. And that means “saving America” but also that means Christians is EVERY nation must save their OWN country. It isn’t the responsibility for American Christians to do that too.

  16. ggramma

    Thank you Mario!! ❤️ A true Living Word from the heart of God!! We must MOVE forward and not shrink back in this the greatest hour of need to Save America!!g🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  17. Cindy McGill

    I wrote a book on navigating woke /counter culture. Avoiding language land mines and things God taught us during our 16 year outreach at burning man. The book is called “words that work”. And it’s on my website and amazon. http://www.cindymcgill.org. The strategy is well laid out and will help guide us in this new era.

  18. Susan

    I’m fully charged and ready to rumble!!! I have put on the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-20. Thank you so much Mario for this amazing blog. I have copied and pasted it on my FB page! Let’s save AMERICA!!! I give God all the glory and praise!!!

  19. Nancy Williams

    Mario, thank you for encouraging all of us!

  20. Laurie Huddleston

    Mario, I am ready to tell it on the mountain, talk to the mountains, journey with Jesus from mountain to mountain with every confidence He is the Christ, our healer, source, peace, righteousness, banner , strong tower, ever present, Lord of Hosts, Lord who repays, Shepherd, who makes us clean and to do it with Love and compassion. I will walk this out and thank you for sharing your inspiration!

  21. John Hodges

    Mario I am wanting to partner with you in evangelizing the nation do you have a physical address I can send my contribution to?

    • Mario Murillo

      We have moved to Lafayette Tennessee. Our new address is PO Box 408 Lafayette Tennessee 37083

      • Mary Gallagher Will

        Mario, you are no longer based / headquartered in California?

      • Mary

        Mario, you are no longer based in California?

  22. Charles Valencia

    Mr. Murillo, I do appreciate that you are a true believer in Jesus but I feel that you are doing a great disservice to all believers in telling them that THEY personally can save America. YES, I do believe that we should pray for our country and ALL the leaders, that GODs Holy Spirit would touch them and turn them from evil, not only for our country but for themselves personally but you fail to tell them that GODs will is sovereign: ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – 2nd Chronicles; 7:14.
    This denotes ALL Christ believing people repenting and turning from their sins whether great or small but nowhere will you find in the bible that any one person can save their land except those incidents GOD appointed certain men to do so ie; Jonah (who did so reluctantly) Isaiah, etc., not even in the new testament do you read of Paul or Peter or any of the Apostles, men who were CALLED BY GOD, through JESUS CHRIST, saving any nation, corrupt as they were.
    I believe that instead of filling peoples minds with the falsehood that they can save this nation from any destruction that GOD may have already willed, that you should be telling them to MAKE SURE that they are personally ready to meet the Lord at HIS return.
    1.) Be ready!
    2.) pray for Israel
    3.) tell your family and friends so that they are ready
    4.) spread the good news to ALL creation
    5.) pray for our country and its leaders
    6.) be of the mind of Christ
    7.) live according to the precepts of the Lord so that others may see Christ you. “He must increase, but I must decrease.” –
    John: 3:30
    I truly pray the best for you Mr Murillo

  23. Manuel Lozano

    Perhaps you need to look at it from the point of view in 1Corinthians 2:20, many members yet one body. So in essence when one member steps out to do the will of God, say like in soul (spirit) winning, it is considered one man, Christ Jesus working through that one individual yet collectively. Just a thought!

  24. Mary J.

    Thank you Mario! It’s pretty bad when a 65 year old widow has more fight in her than a lot of these younger male pastors! But it won’t discourage me. I stand with you and we will see victory!

  25. Jim Fox

    Hi Brother Mario, I really think Hank Kunneman and possibly you, if Hank won’t, need to correct/censure Gen. Flynn for the occultic prayer he led others in praying (mainly Hank’s flock) a while back. It doesn’t matter if Gen. Flynn is highly exalted or whatever, he needs to be corrected, but moreso, the flock needs to know the prayer they declared with Gen. Flynn was a prayer to satan’s minions. This flock needs to be led in a prayer of repentance and deliverance forsaking what they prayed, even if innocently. I’m sure you understand and agree with this, Mario! At a minimum, you and/or Lance or Brother Bailey need to exhort Hank to deal with this soon, even now, please?

  26. Linda Drew

    Praise God Mario. I’m standing with you & I’ll be with you in Hanford to start taking back our
    state for the Glory of God🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  27. Beverly Bogart

    This blows me away! Thanks!

  28. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    O LORD GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – LIFT US UP—whether we are hindered by sickness and suffering; or by fear; or by emotional upheaval; or by the uncertainties of life that cause us to pull back and hesitate because of the uncertainties of life at this Time.




  29. Alex Alexander

    Thank you Maurice for reminding us we have God’s permission because sometimes with the opposition we forget.

  30. Stephen

    Each one of us must become a David ‘anointed’ by God with ‘slingshot’ in hand, God’s Word and plan, to take out the Goliaths of this world.

    These Davids like Gideon’s 300, must come together and rout the enemy of God and humankind. The Midianites, the Amalekites and the Philistines, must be ‘put to the sword’ and God’s House rid of these invaders and intruders and their false gods.

    If not, like Israel, we will be judged and cursed for betraying God and not being His true stewards, protecting and increasing His House and governance, His government.

    Hence Jesus commanded us, “Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness”.. and the weightier matters of the Law; mercy, justice, truth.

    God is seeking His Kingdom, so is Satan. Man will decide whose kingdom is established as in the Garden. The children chose incorrectly. We must choose correctly.

    Satan usurped God’s Kingdom in the Garden by deceiving His children. Today Satan usurped the Presidency by again deceiving the children, and again the children have not ‘acted’ in defence of God and His Kingdom.

    In the history of God’s Providence man has always been required to act for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    That is God’s Principle of Creation and Re-creation, hence the Commandment and God’s Laws and statutes we are to obey, that is God’s Word. Deut 28. Jn14:15-24

    America; Christians, patriots men of good conscience and heart must rise up, and take back what was stolen as David did following the Ziklag incident. Joshua took Canaan with the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, God’s Word, leading the Israelites, to encircle Jericho and cause the walls to collapse as we too need to drain the ‘Washington swamp’.

    “Cometh the hour cometh the men and women of God” to take back the birthright, the blessing that was stolen from God all the way back to the Garden of Eden, as God has worked tirelessly to restore and retrieve His Garden, which is His Kingdom.

    Now we must pick up our crosses, and be prepared to lose our lives to gain them, for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Jesus spoke endlessly about the kingdom for a reason. He too wanted to establish God’s Kingdom of ‘which there will be no end’.

    He commissioned us to do the same, so now with Satan breathing down our necks, we now have a renewed faith and determination to push Satan out of this world and establish God’s Kingdom as Jesus commanded us to do.

    God gave Gideon 300 men who lapped the water from their hands and remained alert, not those who fell to their knees and drank directly from the stream.

    God wants His ‘warriors’ now to step forward, those without fear and will look death in the eye and stare him down. There are millions of Christians in America, but God will only need a handful to get the job done.

    ‘He who seeks to gain his life will lose it, but he who seeks to lose his life for God’s Will and Kingdom will gain it’.

    How much sacrifice required depends on how quickly and effectively we slay ‘Goliath’. You can hit a nail six times, bend it, take it out and repeat, or give it one good ‘tap’, and it goes in all the way.

    Time is running out, Satan is shoring up his offensive line. We can not delay any longer. It’s time to act, and go into battle!

    Those who have that heart like Joshua and Caleb, God will guide and reveal His plan to.

    This is our D-Day. Plan accordingly.

  31. ICanThinkForMyself

    Mario, you eloquently describe exactly what’s been on my heart. Some days it is so overwhelming. I feel like I am stranded on an island alone. I have no church or like minded believers around me. Although my husband and children can see it, they are not grieved the same way I am. I have pleaded with the Lord to link me to others who are passionate like me. I love this nation with all of my heart. How does one person change anything? When you speak, you just alienate yourself.

    • Wes

      But speak you must. And continue to speak now matter what. Your courage will encourage others and attract those who will stand with you. Those that reject you are only rejecting the truth you stand for. It’s not as personal as it seems. This battle is in the heavenlies and through prayer is the power. Pray and then speak! Lord bless you with the courage of a lion….the Lion Of Judah!

  32. NickT


  33. Terry Barnett

    May God continue to bless you and keep you. Thank you for all you are doing.

  34. Deborah Ann Boudreaux

    Yes let’s go save America ; thank you for this message ; right on time

  35. Mark Dunn

    Thanks again for your timely words. Not a time to quit, but time to strap it on and go to war.

  36. brendamac1

    Thank you. I needed to hear this just now… I am teaching high school students their true His Story and Heritage to equip them to possess the land!!!

  37. Karen

    Our country is so very covid weary and so disheartened, with the evil frauds in govt. and no end in sight from this man made plague… I was at your Batavia crusade and it was wonderful… But I have to admit I am so very distraught and exhausted now, my brother Danny is at the hospital in Batavia, fighting for his life on a ventilator.. I am begging prayers for God to raise him out of that sick bed, and give him back to his wife and me, his sister. I pray for all the victims of this horrible curse and pray for God to end it… Please pray for Danny, he needs a miracle.

  38. Nick

    Send me, use me O’Lord



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