When a U.S. “President” and the media want an innocent teenager in prison for life

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Spiritual Warfare | 89 comments

Biden and the media are angry that an innocent 18-year-old did not go to prison for life. Think about that.

Can it get any lower than this? The verdict made Joe Biden angry.  A guilty verdict then would have made him happy.

He said, “…the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included.”

Who should really be angry and concerned? You and I. We should be concerned that depravity of this magnitude infests the White House. We should be angry that Joe Biden is devoted to mob rule. Our anger should be over his conscience, which has obviously been seared over with a hot iron.

The day after the Kenosha riots, Biden referred to Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist.”

The day after the Kenosha riots, Biden referred to Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist.” Nick Sandmann reminded us that Biden can, and should be sued for defamation of character.

The media is equally depraved. Check out the screenshot – it erroneously reports that Kyle Rittenhouse “killed three black men.” The media completely made that up. And they can make this up because they are not just biased, they want a race war.

The most commonly seen news-crawl at the bottom of the TV screen during the trial said that Kyle Rittenhouse “Shot Protestors” – not rioters. Not felons. They refused to acknowledge that he exercised his God given right to defend himself, even when kicked in the head, hit with a skateboard, and chased by a felon (who cannot legally possess a firearm) and who was pointing a pistol at his head.

However, there was a guilty verdict in this case. The mob was found guilty.

However, there was a guilty verdict in this case. The mob was found guilty. The idea that you can destroy innocent people, their livelihood, and property was finally declared guilty.

You and I will never get protection and justice from Democrats and Marxist Leftists. It has to come from the courts. Consider this insane, but unsurprising comment from the ACLU, referring to how Rittenhouse defended himself when there was what they characterized as “an outrageous failure to protect protesters by the Kenosha Police Department and Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office.”

Really? Are you talking about the protesters who were burning buildings, pointing guns, and smashing people over the head with skateboards? This, ladies and gentlemen, is how far gone the Left now is. This is how deep the Deep State goes: the White House, Congress, Federal agencies, such as the FBI and IRS, the fake-news mainstream media, big tech, social media, and on and on.

Instead of a hug and a pat on the head, drowsy, lukewarm churches need a swift kick.

The Democrats and the media are angry about this verdict because they not only need the mob, but the mob is the militant arm of the DNC. George Soros and other globalist America-hating billionaires paid for the mob. The White House agrees with the goals of the mob, Antifa and BLM. Mob rule is a centerpiece of perpetuating the lawlessness that is sweeping America.

What you need to realize is that they are after you, your property and your children. Their goal is complete control, unchecked power, and the destruction of this nation.

There is a cancerous belief circulating among Christians in America. It is the idea that we need comfort and cookies. Instead of a hug and a pat on the head, drowsy, lukewarm churches need a swift kick.

It shows that America—the real America—is ready to listen to voices of reason and righteousness.

I believe that the Rittenhouse verdict is a gift from God. This is a breakthrough we can build on.

It shows that America—the real America—is ready to listen to voices of reason and righteousness.

Do not hide behind a Fauci-mask or hide in the corner with the liberals, in fetal position.

There is nothing wrong with saying it out loud. We do not want a perverted atheist America! No way will we let thugs rule in our cities!

It is time to realize truth! The left could not cancel Kyle Rittenhouse. They also cannot cancel the counsel of God or the covenant of God over our nation. The church cannot be cancelled. Truth cannot be cancelled. It is our turn to see justice prevail for the Glory of God!




  1. Susan Chaffin

    Praise God he was found not guilty🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌. Ready to stand in faith and power of The Almighty.

    • Collin R Williams

      Even if all people would submit to mob control, the mob would not stop being a mob. Just as the days of Noah and Sodom and Gamora, the evil ones need the judgement of God to stop them.

      • Michael

        Excellent analysis brother.

    • Andrea Ludwig

      I so totally absolutely agree. Lawlessness rules our election, court’s and White house. Praying daily for America. Love you, Mario! Stay the Course!

    • Bernadette Pickles

      Thank you God for redeeming us all once again! Your faithfulness is compared to no one. Your perfect LOVE will cast out all of this demonic fear as you touch each and every one with your perfect love.

      • Larry Romestant

        46 ‘who does not exist’ must be removed from office.

        There will be no future for America if the 2020 election theft is not reversed and the rightful president is reinstated.

        We must not listen to or give any credence to Biden the Jackel. He is an imposter, an evil minion of Satan, a charlatan and illegitimate. We must resist at all cost the tyranny of the Left, and stand up for the Constitution, our Freedoms and our God. To Him be the Glory!

    • Grace

      We have the right to protect yourselves.

    • Linda

      Amen sister.
      To God be the Glory!

  2. Paul J Pratt

    Excellent Mario, thank you.

    • Judith MacPhee

      Thank you Mario. I strongly agree 👍. God Bless you 🙏 sir for your messages I love to receive ❤ here in Canada.

    • Nancy Buchman

      Love you brother Mario. Please keep speaking the truth. One nation Under Almighty God for his glory

    • Sandra Stewart

      Thank you Brother Murillo for speaking truth when others are trying to be polictically correct to the point of lying. May God bless you and give His Angels charge over you.

    • Sheri Nichols

      I know I was summoned to get up and pray even during the night for the jury decision, protection, wisdom and courage. I hear “engage” from Holy Spirit. I hope many others are being similarly led.
      Praise God for glorious breakthrough.🙌🙌🙌

  3. Clint Cheshire

    Well said, as always, Mario. God bless you and the World Harvest of Souls.

    • Yvooe Gray

      All GLORY to Father GOD

    • Clair Davis

      I love what you say & what you write. I do believe that God’s hand is all over this nation
      He is allowing all these evil idiots to revel in their victories
      God will win in the end & those of us who believe will witness it
      Our God is so awesome & will conquer SOON
      God bless you for all you stand for & do

  4. Evelyn

    My applaud to you for the courage to stand up for this truth. This message says it all. Thank you so much; God bless!

    • Dave

      Thank you Mario for speaking truth!! The Church and really all the people of this nation must awaken from the shroud of deception they have fallen asleep and complacent under. May God continue to bless, encourage and strengthen you!! 🙏

    • Shirley Geiser

      Outstanding with you and and believing for righteousness to prevail.God is on our side .There is NO God like Jehova!!

  5. Jan

    I pray that Kyle Rittenhouse sees the mercy and goodness of God from this horrific experience. That he sees how God intervened and saved him from living the rest of his life behind bars. I pray that he commits his life to Jesus. Amen

    • Christine Derksen

      Beautifully stated.

    • Penny

      I agree with Jan, Lord, save Kyle’s soul. Amen.

      Thank you, Mario. Another bullseye writing. Like you said on Encountertoday, 2022 will be a year of repentance and getting our marching orders.

    • debbie


    • Nancy Sheley

      Halleluyah!! I agree!!

    • Charmagne

      He does. He gave God all the glory when interviewed by Tucker Carlson

      • Joan Bigger

        Thanks for letting us know Charmagne! PRAISE THE LORD!!! and YES we LOVE Mario Marillo. So glad you did not retire Mario. Love me.

    • Janet Holland

      Yep. But he would not even be alive to receive salvation had he not been armed and
      trained to use it. I fully agree, salvation come.

  6. Gloria Mendoza

    I Pray The Righteousness of God ,Jehova ,Jesus His Son ,& The Holy Spirit Prevail Over The Lawlessness in The USA .OUR COUNTRY. & THIS DRUG EPIDEMIC THAT HAS INFILTRATETED THIS SOCIETY LORD OUR GOD .HELP US !

  7. peggy yost

    i WAS SO RELIEVED TO FIND OUT RITTENHOUSE WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY,thank you Mario for all you do!Our churches have to wAKE UP to the gospel of Christ!

  8. Elizabethanne Masaoka

    Praise God he was found NOT GUILTY!
    God give us justice in America!

    • Ella Call

      Thank you Mario for not only speaking Truth, but for giving advice on how to stand for Truth.
      In April 2018 as I got up from bed I got a “gutpunch” from God to pray for California.
      I interceded for this state for awhile. The same thing happened for NYC and then the Vatican. God is moving in America and beyond.

  9. Alyce Prewett

    AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!! Perfectly said Mario!!
    SO SO thankful for the NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS VERDICT for Kyle!!
    Prayed for him and parents and the final verdict!., THANK YOU JESUS and thank God for that Judge Schroeder!!

  10. John N White

    The 1776 Declaration of Independence identified three natural — God-given — rights of all mankind: Life, Liberty, and Private Property (aka “the pursuit of happiness”), the Right to Life above all. Without life, there is no possibility of liberty and private property.

    I quote from U.S. Law Shield: “In 1628, a jurist named Sir Edward Coke wrote in The Institutes of the Laws of England:

    For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium [and each man’s home is his safest refuge].”

    Adding over 80,000 IRS agents to pillage and plunder our wallets and bank accounts is consistent with the desire of the godless Marxists, leaders of the Democratic Party, to disarm ordinary, law-abiding U.S. citizens. The multiplied federal forces would facilitate the confiscation of privately-owned firearms.

    Joe Biden and his rioters are angry, I believe, because the Rittenhouse Jury effectively endorsed and reinforced the Castle Doctrine. Although young Kyle was definitely not in his personal ‘castle’, the spirit of the doctrine underscores the natural Right to Life, an inherent natural right to self-defense.

  11. NickT

    Amen to all you said, Mario,

    We are being ruled by the evilest leaders in the history of the US and the rest world and the mob rule of the Left! Every Christian and Patriot should know this by now and pray, speak up, and get involved. Put down the coffee & cookies and go outside the four walls of the church and engage the culture, stand for in truth and love. Let God’s goodness overcome the darkness in this world! Also yes the covid is a trojan horse for the evil leaders who want to change their worldview and not God’s worldview.

    • Ross Hanby

      Well done Mario. So much deception. Wow Lord open the eyes of the lost and the blind.

  12. Martha Kane

    Lord God! Protect Kyle Rittenhouse and his family in Jesus name!!! And Lord protect Mario Murillo and his family in Jesus name!!!

    • Joan Bigger

      AMEN & AMEN totally agree with you! In JESUS name we pray!~ <~~~

  13. Wilda Essary

    Thank you for speaking the truth! Appreciate you and all you do for the kingdom of God. Love Flash Point!!!

  14. Seth

    Amen. And thank you this post, Mario.

  15. Laura Russell

    But the people and the high priests, shouting like a mob, screamed out at the top of their lungs, “No! Crucify him! Crucify him!” (Luke 23:23 TPT)

    It was the mob (stirred up by the high priests and elders) that sentenced our Lord Jesus Christ to death (Matthew 27:20). Nothing new under the sun.

  16. Eileen

    I’ve been praying for you Mario, I’m happy to see that you have taken your place over these last few months. This is the Mario I always knew & loved!💖

    • Mario Murillo

      Thank you Eileen!

      • Angelia Cooper

        Yery well said. Our nation needs revival!

    • Roberta Adrian


  17. Susan

    I surrender all. I heed the call. I’m sitting here in Vegas now, as the Lord called me too from Iowa. I’m praying for God’s direction to make this Call enacted. He said, go and grab the searching women in the streets out. Those who want to forsake their lives – grab, give them places to dwell, that they may have Peace for themselves and for the children they are raising.
    If you can use me at the CA tent meeting, to enact then my calling for Vegas women being called out of the streets, then may God provide the way; I am eager to join up with your cause.

  18. Deborah Ann Boudreaux

    Come on Mario ; that’s the truth ; I God is a God of Justice ;,His very throne is Righteous and Justice . Thanks for preaching and standing for truth .

  19. D Garvin

    Backwards and forwards it is the same!
    2 2 0 2 2 Destined to be a never forgotten date in the history of America as God takes it back!! Bless you Mario!

  20. Ardath G Wolcott

    Bless you for being a true Christian and patriot. Yes the lukewarm , give them entertainment, put food in front of Jesus churches had best wake up. The liberals and coohorts will have nothing to do with the progressive Christians once they have full control. I so hope all you are doing is not too late. God Bless you

  21. D Garvin

    Actually it goes further:
    2202022. 2 20 2022. 2 2 0 2 0 2 2

  22. Suzanne Bonne’

    Wow. This may be your best one yet. Thank you for saying what really needs to be said.
    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You are such a blessing.

  23. TarMar

    The reason the PTB (powers that be) are angry with the verdict is this, in my humble opinion…

    The absolute LAST thing the leftist/BLM crowd wants is for armed conservatives to start showing up in droves to protect life and property from the anarchists! They thought if they could drive Kyle to prison (or worse) it would send a very chilling message to other conservatives to NOT SHOW UP… we’ll challenge, threaten and then bury you! That didn’t happen and now the demon controlled are having meltdowns.

    The next “riot” should be attended by thousands of armed good guys and this kind of destructive demonstration would STOP! Of course this is ultimately a SPIRITUAL BATTLE so make sure you’re prayed up before going to confront the demonically controlled.

  24. Simon Copley

    Here in UK many of us feel that this was a significant verdict. Justice means nothing if it cannot be applied to individuals in particular circumstances and Rittenhouse got justice. Evil and lies of the media, spineless indifference of the police and perverse and warped moral values of your so-called President exposed; lawlessness checked by the justice system.

  25. Claudia R Jones

    Amen Brother! Keep telling it like it is!!!

  26. Anthony

    Christian’s should be thankful that the Lord is exposing all the evil in our nation and in His timing justice will be served. Trust and be strong in the Lord. Fear is the devils tool. Thank you Mario and all the brave evangelists who stand for the truth.

  27. Peggy Shroyer

    Everyone needs to hear Kyle’s interview with Tucker Carlson. There is a lot more to his story. He is an extraordinary young man .


    So thankful for true justice. Praying for the Christian’s in America to stand up and be who God called us to be! Imitators of Christ! Thank you Mario Murillo for the truth you publish as well as the Excellent Christian who you portray to the world.

  29. Theresa Anastasia

    Amen! You, as always, have spoken with truth and clarity. Thank you man of Gid!

  30. fran

    your article is refreshing and needed to hear…so sorry about Biden and his remarks, shows us more and more the attempting to have America fall down to a lower than lower if possible. Thanking God for this verdict for Mr. Rittenhouse. Thanking God for you and your message of Love of God for us. Keep on many are praying for you and the ministry, for it reaches many whom you do not hear from and in a positive way. Blessings to you keeping you in prayer for all these endeavors you have. fran

  31. Larry Franklin

    John 3:17 says God didn’t send His Son into the world to condemn it; instead, He is here to rescue a world headed towards certain destruction.
    That’s not good news, that’s the best news ever!

  32. Carolyn Brinkmeyer

    Mario, thank you for continuing to speak the truth. It makes me sick to see our church sitting on the sidelines and ignoring what is happening in our world. If it wasn’t for you and the others on Flashpoint, I would totally lose faith in humanity and particularly, in Christians.

  33. Vincent Mack

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy it it may be our last

  34. Jim and Janet Janet Freiberg


  35. mary

    praise the Lord that the truth came out. We should all thank God for the outcome.

  36. Sandra

    So proud of our justice system, need more who judge righteously! So proud you have taken a stand for truth and right! Praying for victory in Jesus name!

  37. Katheryn

    Thank you for posting this wonderful blog, I can hear your voice as I read it, you write just like you speak. This verdict gave me so much hope that not everyone has bowed their knew to ba’al, there was a fourth man in the fire with the Hebrew children and he was right there with Kyle also.

  38. Fritz Brown

    Thank you Mario for telling the truth.

  39. Karen Secrest

    I hear the Lord saying, “it is time to double down and follow the leading of the Holy One. Call on me and I will answer. Amos 4:6 is to be prayed as action among every newspaper and twisted untrue comment for the past two years.”

    May “clearness of teeth prevail in All your cities.

    There are those like Clinton, Obama Devos,, Soros and Pelosi who the Lord pursued for many years. Yhe Time has come that the hedge of God the Father has been removed.

    I was led to a meeting in a neighborhood church. Many changes and new calling from a different organization. Imagine how disappointed I was when I found on entering..it was like entering an abandoned building. It’s to weep over but move on. Praying for that “swift kick” Pastor Mario mentioned…

    Bless this ministry for Standing..

  40. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario. When I saw that Kyle was found Not Guilty On All Counts, and saw his reaction, it brought tears to my eyes. Anyone who has a son or grandson would surely have to be affected by the way this kid has been treated by the Left in all venues.

    How do those people even manage to sleep at night? It has to end. These despicable people who pretend to be politicians and journalists have to be held accountable, no matter who they are.

    Even well-meaning folks say “He shouldn’t have been there. ” So many facts have been squelched all through this case. That was his town, his family lives there and his uncle asked him to come and protect his business.

    In this day of the Fraudulent Media, we have so many people who are fact/truth-deprived. I know intelligent people who think they are getting actual news from CNN and the rest. There’s no excuse for their ignorance. Even CNN is now trying to backtrack and starting to tell the facts of the case, trying to act as if they just found them out. They may be evil, but they are not totally stupid. They know by now that that Covington kid has reached out to Kyle and offered his advice, and Kyle Rittenhouse has informed Tucker that he has excellent lawyers working on lawsuits already.

    There’s something special about this kid. Tucker asked him if he felt, “watched over”, and Kyle answered that he felt that God was with him all the time.

    There were so many people praying for him, I have no doubt that that is so.

  41. Mari

    Praying for Kyle. That GOD would protect him from any one who would do him harm. Heartbreaking! Poor kid!

  42. Barbara Petrucci

    Excellent, Mario! Keep up the good work of the kingdom. Thank you for all that you do.

    • Barent OToole

      Amen brother Amen!!!

  43. Marie Feltz

    Great words Mario, from the heart of God. We will overcome this evil regime by the power of the Living God. May the Lion of Judah walk through the halls of Congress, the White House, the house of Representatives and the Senate along with His Heavenly Hosts destroying the demonic strongholds that are terrorising this nation.

  44. Debbie

    I am very happy about Kyle Rittenhouse’s verdict. However, I was saddened to hear about Lin Wood and his other attorney. Can anyone shed some light on this?

  45. Priscilla Danley

    I just cannot buy another mask. I am out. I went to a store and said, I just cannot buy any more masks — they said go ahead and shop.

    This article is very well written. God bless you Mario and your lovely wife.

    Our top Generals are not protecting our constitution. I am an “older” lady and think about grabbing all her Grandmother friends and going for a strong in face chat with a couple Generals and some Congress persons. We have more courage and patriotism and mean it than they do. We fight harder too. SMH

    Americans both forsaken DEMS and former Repubs seeing so many RINOS need to unite and take care of business like we have all our lives in USA.

    We should not allow non-elected persons make pseudo laws and mandates. Oh dear God, how crazy.

    Dr. Gene Bailey explained how the Military is in oath to the Constitution first.

    Praying! Yet want to march for America. Sick of all this insult to our country, our flag, our anthem.

  46. Debra Kerher

    I agree with you Mario

  47. Holly

    Amen for your truth!!! You are a man of God and a gift to our nation and the world!!!! Stand up and reclaim our “One Nation Under God”!!!!

  48. Jeane Whiteside

    Hallelujah and more Lord more. Thank You Father God fir strong voices releasing words needing to be sent forth accomplishing Your will on earth as in heaven. Thank You fir shaking Your Houses awake. Thank You fir Mario. Give him victory in every area of his life.

  49. Claudia MacPhee

    Amen Mario!

  50. Irene

    Praise GOD his light is over this country AMEN

  51. Nan Isaacs

    Thank God for a righteous verdict for kyLE. Now, I have written to the DOJ of Wisconsin to request the Governor to do an evecutive order to execute the man who killed the group in the Christmas parade in Waukesa . We need swift action for these crimes, and then see how they begin to lessen

    I thank you for your ministry and messages. WE are seeking God with all our hearts to restore the U.S. to a God fearing, God honoring state, which the Devil has taken from us as the masses seek pleasure, grotesque and evil movies, corrupt immoral teachings in public schools, etc. We must all repent and seek God until Revival rocks this nation into integrity and righteous rulings and life-styles to honor our Lord Jesus Christ…AMEN

  52. Jaimi

    Bro Mario thank you for having the guts to write this blog. You LOVE people…and when you love you speak truth, whether the person you are speaking to like it or not. Christians need to stop fussing with each other and link arms. We CAN humble ourselves and pray, and save our land!

  53. Heidi

    Blessings to all! I am grateful, Mario, for the standing for the truth, encouragement, and passion in these recent days and months. Well, years, really. I am so encouraged by your love for Jesus and the fire it puts in you for the lost.

    I also really appreciate your analysis. I usually find it accurate and on point.

    However, and this is a small thing but the enemy uses the small things, have someone different read before posting to help catch errors. For instance, today you posted:

    “The media is equally depraved. Check out the screenshot – it erroneously reports that Kyle Rittenhouse “killed three black men.” ” However, the screenshot says he killed 2. He shot 3. Better to protect your integrity than a point.

    God bless you, Mario! Dios te bendiga muchisimo!

  54. Roxanne Rice

    I was so moved with gratitude when I heard the verdict! Finally, some American citizens with courage and integrity, willing to do what is right in spite of threats and intimidation! May God richly bless them all!

    The Sunday following the verdict, my pastor passed out a prayer for all of us to pray together. I gasped in shock when I read it! It had obviously been written by some leftist, moaning about white supremacy, the verdict being rendered by a “mostly white jury”, and asking God to open the eyes of those who approved of the verdict. I got up and walked out DURING THE PRAYER, (I have never been one to make a scene, so this was HUGE), and walked home alone at night in the rain. I will never go back!

  55. Aaron Jackson

    Just heard the bad news about Pastor
    Marcus Lamb the president of Daystar TV Passing From covid.
    Praying for The family and the partners there.
    Have no clue about the details but……
    I don’t blame people for not getting the jab but “IF YOU GET THE VIRUS” get looked at right away don’t play with it.
    I know several friends that did not get seen now it’s too late.
    Simple meds can ward it off if it does not get a chance to get imbedded in the lung tissue and start a storm.
    Catch it early and it will be ok.
    I have heard time after time that treatment will work but the key is “EARLY” treatment.
    here is a link to Dr Emmanuelle”s Telehealth service.

  56. Jim Brooks

    God words, truthful and well said, Bro. Mario. All Christians need to her what you have just said. They also need to take those words to heart.

  57. Cynthia D Franklin

    Thank you for speaking truth. Sometimes we think we can’t do much, as I work full time, plus run my farm of 80 animals by myself, help take care of elderly stepdad, and fighting sickness myself, but I can pray and give. it’s post like this that encourage me to be a prayer warrior and pray against all the evil that is going on in our state and local governments, pray for the sick, and pray and give to those who are standing up in action fighting for our freedom. We will not be defeated if we are faithful to pray against the attacks of the enemy and for protection for our brothers and sisters. Thank you brother Mario.

  58. Cynthia D Franklin

    All, pray that Donald Trump will be reinstated by taking over Pelosi’s position, and then become president after Biden resigns or is no longer able to be president. Not exactly sure what might take place but I believe that God will not allow Biden to continue as president for the evil he has done, and that Kamala is so unqualified that even Democrats won’t support her. With God all things are possible. Keep the faith, God used Trump to wake up America and we must support what is right in the eyes of the Lord, and pray against all evil spirits that are taking over in our state and federal governments.

    • Aaron Jackson

      Missing you on flashpoint this week Mario,believing God for you.
      Not the same without you.



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