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Mario Murillo Ministries will never use an auditorium or church building that bans anyone who is unvaccinated. Here are the reasons why.
You force people to make a complicated and potentially dangerous decision. Are these vaccines safe? I would love to know.
I would love to know that these vaccines are not experimental drugs. That they have no side effects. It would be good to prove the FDA is neutral in their endorsements. Why do advocates use shady and tyrannical methods in to force people to be vaccinated?
They released the Salk and Sabin Polio vaccines to the public without stealth . They made the science clear to us. Americans freely chose and welcomed an effective and thoroughly tested weapon against a deadly disease.
If the leaders of the vaccination movement have made Americans suspicious and reluctant, they have no one to blame but themselves. A lot of questions remain unanswered.

I would love to know that these vaccines are not experimental drugs, that they have no side effects, and were not developed using fetal tissue.

If these vaccines are so safe and effective, then:
Why are government agencies and hospitals hiding the side effects of vaccination and inflating the death tolls from Covid?
Are people still getting infected with Covid even after they have been vaccinated?
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube censor honest and harmless questions about the vaccinations. Why?

Why are you denying the benefits of natural immunity, Ivermectin and Hydroquinone?
Why are masks still mandatory after vaccinations?

Should Christian ministries and gospel bands have less moral conviction than a fast-food company? 

Why are Democrats and Woke corporations destroying people’s livelihood and careers?  All over a disease that has less than a one percent chance of putting you in the hospital.
And finally, In-N-Out Burger’s statement said it best. “We fiercely disagree with any government dictate that forces a private company to discriminate against customers who choose to patronize their business. This is clear governmental overreach and is intrusive, improper, and offensive.”
What about Christian concerts in halls that ban the unvaccinated. Are you not discriminating against unvaccinated people? And, think about the health choice you are forcing people to make—just so they can come and hear your music or your ministry.
Should Christian ministries and gospel bands have less moral conviction than a fast-food company?
We have thought about it, and the very idea is repugnant to our convictions. That is why Mario Murillo Ministries will never use an auditorium or church building that bans anyone who is unvaccinated.



  1. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Do not comply with illegal mandates under our constitution republic under God our Father, with inalienable rights from God our Father, especially freedom of religion, speech, and medical freedom to choose what to put into your body, that is a holy temple of God where Holy Spirit dwells within, that we have from God our Father. Do not compromise with compromised science. Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind in the Mind of Christ. Do not consent to any ungodly, immoral, illegal, unethical human experimentation without conformed consent. Stand strong with the whole armor of God, the full armor of Light of Christ, putting on the Lord Jesus Christ like a garment. God is able. Nothing is too hard for God. Psalm 91 and 103 and 46 are truth. Stay in the Word, the Will, the Spirit of God; ask and receive Wisdom. Trust God, and keep your eyes on Jesus, and your mind set on things Above not on things on earth. With men it is impossible but with God ALL things are possible. All things are possible for those who believe. In America we can not be forced to go against our God-given conscience, and just as every American has the freedom to take an experimental biological, so does every American have the freedom to say no.

  2. NewHeavenOnEarth

    **should read INFORMED consent

  3. Victoria

    Thank you for putting this out there. I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, the body of Christ is divided over this issue. I have a friend who long prayed for her husband to return to the faith. During this past year he showed interest in joining a church’s men’s fellowship but was turned away for not being vaccinated!
    The Church is placing stumbling blocks to the gospel.

  4. Kelly Grant

    Bravo!!!! It’s good to see people stand up to this discrimination and tyranny! Praise God!

  5. John White

    A gentleman asked why military personnel of today object to the wearing of masks and the vaccines. I explained: the politicized CDC has forfeited public confidence by using products produced with fetal cells and fetal cell lines of aborted babies, by ignoring the scientifically proven superiority of natural immunity, and by flip-flops on masking policy.

    Shareholders of the drug companies are in a perfect situation, immune to torts and enjoying ever increasing financial dividends with the federal and cooperate vaccination mandates and ongoing “booster” shots along with the forcible vaccination of ever-younger Americans.

    We who knew polio victims surviving within iron lungs and we knew the facts around the polio vaccine readily, eagerly received the vaccinations. Likewise, the smallpox vaccine.

    My wife and I consciously declined the COVID vaccines due to the use of fetal cells of aborted babies. We became ill with the virus and survived with strong natural immunity for which scientific studies determined the natural superior to the synthetic. By the way, both the polio and smallpox vaccines created natural immunity.

  6. NickT

    Mario to the questions you are asking about the mandate and they should be answered by the vaccine companies and leaders who mandate them without being censored! Our nation wide company mandated the vaccines on Aug. 31st and went into effect Nov. 1 2021.
    My wife and I did not feel right about getting vaccinated. We prayed about it and did our research and decided against it… no matter the outcome. Praise God he did a miracle and the HR dept. granted my religious exemption in the last minutes of Friday Oct. 29th.
    I am 62 1/2 years old and it is not easy to find work in rural MS. I like my job of 16 years and again I thank God for the miracle he did to keep the income flowing. PTL!

  7. Aaron Jackson

    I will share this now.

  8. Robert

    Pray for N.J.

  9. Koleen

    THANK YOU MMM for taking this stand!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly!

  10. Kathy Broussard

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry team!! You are bringing the TRUTH!!Thank you!!

  11. Susan Ely

    Amen! Thanks for always standing bold for the Lord!

  12. mberg1963

    Thank you for your stand!! I am with you 100%!

  13. Jantha Campbell

    Thank you Jesus and Mario Murillo!

  14. Cynthia

    Thank You!!!

  15. salejune

    AMEN! Well said. Thank you Mario Murillo Ministries for taking this stand! Glory be to God!

  16. Renda

    Well said. Thank you for your voice of reason in this deceptive season.

  17. Ron McNeil

    Good article!! Totally agree with your view.

  18. Julie Meredith

    I agree 100%!! Thank you Mario for taking a stand that ALL Christians should be taking!

  19. Donna


  20. Marrion Hamm

    This is sooo totally true!

  21. Ruth Haverdink

    Thank you for your stand and also being courageous in speaking the truth.

  22. Tillie


  23. Alfred Sarmento


  24. Teresa Delucchi

    Bravo brother Mario! Did Jesus keep lepers from attending his meetings? Of course not! Enough insanity! And Christian Music Artists: “Those too the challenge!”

  25. Claudia MacPhee

    AMEN! and Thank you, Sir, for clearly stating and boldly standing!

  26. Tina

    Amen Please pray the mandate stops immediately!

  27. Kelly Brown

    It’s not a vaccine. It’s a bio-weapon meant to harm, sterilize, and even kill

  28. Tom Teutsch

    Mario – This is spot on! Thank you for your leadership and your example as you follow the Holy Spirit. If “In N Out Burger” has the courage to stand for personal freedom, granted by God, surely the church should have at least the same boldness and courage. I believe that we have been polluted by a political culture that surrounds us and that the Lord is saying ‘come out from and be separate’ (with regards to beliefs/practices that defile us); 2 Corinthians 6:17.

    Best Regards

  29. Theresa Woods


  30. Karen Secrest

    I agree with your message. Our hospitals are seeing vaccinated and 7nvaccinated right now.
    Yesterday was an eye opener: no vac…no vote? Illegal and manipulative.
    Thanks for your stand..

  31. Elizabeth Tramontano

    Mario thank you for standing up we need so many more Christians standing for the gospel of Jesus Christ… The Shepherd teach…Fear Not …But they’re all hiding away leaving the sheep to the slaughter.
    I Thank God every day for you and to keep you safe

  32. Ray

    Amen, I agree completely
    God will bless you for taking a firm stand!

  33. Jean Brown

    Amen! I agree with Mario’s position on this matter. Government wants to take away the right of conscience, of which God has given to each person. See Romans 2:14-15

  34. Joyce miller

    Good for you!!

  35. Jeanette

    I love receiving your emails, Pastor Murillo. I read your powerful words thoroughly. Thank you for your amazing contribution to America’s freedoms…. and most of all…. for America’s salvation!! God bless you and your wonderful family.

  36. Pamela Fedrizzi

    Do you mean Hydroxychloroquine..? Hydroquinone has a completely different use and structure.

  37. bobphillips12

    It’s important for them to change your DNA and establish control in everyones life

  38. Becky Mullin

    Thank for Mario for your word and being a true disciple of God! I am a nurse who lost my job after working for 24 years, due to my choice and religious conviction of not getting this Covid vaccine. I believe with all my heart God has convicted me that this shot is evil and morally wrong on many levels. I believe God will not forsake me and others who have been let go. I enjoy reading your blog and watching you on flashpoint! Keep up the good work! God is on our side!

    Becky Mullin



  40. RL Perrin

    My hope is everyone would read this article that lives in the United States it’s clear and cuts to the chase thank you God for Mario Murillo ministries and the stance that you take

  41. Denise J

    Thank you Mario! 🥰 Finally a Pastor speaking up on this issue and siding with our freedom. Many of us are at risk at loosing our jobs because of this including me. I don’t know why our Pastors are hiding out saying it’s our choice and won’t get involved on our behalf when it’s clearly not by choice at this point. I’m having a difficult time figuring out why they can’t discern good and evil 🧐lately.

  42. Orla Stauffer

    Amen!! I am with you all the way!

  43. Peter E. San Miguel


  44. Bridget E.

    I so appreciate your discernment and level-headedness!

  45. Annette Hauck

    Love this!

  46. Linda Claiborne

    Mario please read Dr Judy Mikovits book “Plague of Corruption “ for truth about vaccines and “Covid-19 and The Global Predators: We Are The Prey” by Dr Peter Breggin and Ginger Breggin. The public needs to know the truth! We need to be informed!!

  47. Mary J.

    Amen! I loved the T-shirt I saw on Flashpoint one night. It read – Unvaccinated lives matter!!

  48. Michael

    Congratulations Mario for your firm stand regarding these tyrannical mandates. I already had Covid, and have the best God given antibodies; far exceeding anything available by taking any dangerous experimental injection. Even so, I wake up every day and am told by the evil news media that I am hateful, unchristian, and uncaring, because I will not take this unnecessary injection. Additionally, in several states, I have not been allowed to attend any sporting events or musical events due to these unnecessary, unconstitutional, an discriminatory mandates. We need to pray that
    this evil administration, led by the satanic abortion worshipper Biden, is immediately driven from office. Saints, please pray that he and all of his evil minions will be replaced by the righteous. DON’T GIVE UP THIS MOST NOBLE FIGHT!!!

  49. Mae

    Thank you Mario I so enjoy reading your blogs and watching you on flashpoint. You are truly a strong man of God. Thank you and God bless you.

  50. Jim

    Amen. Thank you.
    Too, along with the sin of the use of cells from aborted human babies, another affront to God, who made the human body through Christ Jesus, is that God is perfect, He created perfectly, including the human body and all that composes it, including RNA. He did not ask any advise when He created human RNA, He certainly does not need mankind changing RNA. What next? Oh, there is the idea of chipping or digitally tattooing, isn’t there, as well as vaccines that can alter the way people think.
    Thank you again

  51. Beverly Lewey

    Thank you for your stand! I totally agree!

  52. Susan

    Amen! Please pray that the church in NZ will wake up and the remnant here will take a stand – In Jesus Name. Amen

    God Bless You MMM and God Bless America!

  53. Michelle Heaton

    Thank you for taking a stand! God bless you and the ministry and God bless the USA!!!

  54. Donna Freitas

    Thank you!

  55. Joyce Chaplow

    I am so glad you brought this out… I have been wondering the same thing. That’s why I won’t take the vaccine. Too many unanswered questions that are not being addressed. I have even tried to get my family not to take the jab because of these same questions. Why is this vaccine so important that they are bribing people with money..free products..free passes to places if they just take the vaccine! Notice they haven’t bribed anyone for the Flu vaccine..or a Tetnus shot? I’m still under the belief that I heard in the beginning that it’s a way of population control. I will risk getting sick and let my body fight the virus and trust in God our creator of these bodies to help me through it!
    Thank you Pastor Murillo for standing up a for what is right.


    Thank you, Mario, for continuously shining light on the path for us, as Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ! Blessings and wellness upon you as you boldly, generously proclaim TRUTH at a time when lies are coming from many places of past trust!

  57. Heather

    Fantastic! Amen! I agree! Praying for many doors tI open for MMM

  58. Susan

    Thank you Mario for standing up as a true Christian! Many Blessings!

  59. Michael Melillo

    Thank you for your position, I would say I agree. What if the government (FDA) were to come out and say that these shots are no longer experimental, they don’t have any adverse side effects, and they are not developed with fetal tissue, would that change the ethicality of mandating the shot? Are these questions the only reasons for objection or is there something more fundamental at stake here? Say inalienable rights.

  60. Collin R Williams

    Thank you. May Jesus bless you and your ministry in all ways. You are correct as usual.


    Great information

  62. tricia

    Thank you Mario for making this stand, people need to wake up to the agenda of the enemy, even some of the churches are not talking about it. There is a remnant that are awake.

  63. Sandi

    I agree with this 100% I’ve seen side effects people have posted on there different uncensored accounts. I’ve seen families post there family members died right after the vax. There hiding the statistics because no one would take them knowing how dangerous they are. We had 2 family members died shortly after the 2nd vax and friends with same results. It’s very very dangerous.

  64. David

    Yes and AMEN!!!!!!

  65. Daniel Hutto

    Amen and thank you


    love you Mario – way to voice truth

  67. Judy M Radachy

    Amen to that, Mario. We feel the same. Not opposed to people getting the vax but totaling opposed to government mandating it.

  68. Frances

    I stand with you Mario! God’s Word tells us “My people perish for lack of knowledge “! Why do Christians blindly obey an evil government and think God has anything to do with promoting an experimental shot that contains aborted fetal tissues! It is an abomination to our Lord! 🇺🇸☦️🕊🙏🥲

  69. Bri H Loftis

    Yes! Agree totally!

  70. Dennis

    My wife will be losing her job at the hospital this coming Friday because she is unvaccinated. When she was working during the height of COVID, she and many many others were appreciated until this madness started. Thanks for your article. May God grant you a abundant harvest of souls.

  71. Ellie

    Thank you Mario for taking this stand. My husband and I are both seniors and not vaccinated. We don’t have a family doctor we have never been on medication’s except for my husband this last little while. We trust God as our great physician. My husband was in contact with a friend that he spent the night with waiting for an appointment in the city close to us. His friend was double vaccinated and ended up being very sick when my husband was there at his place. A day after my husband got home he ended up sick his friend called him that day and said he tested positive for Covid. My husband is now in the hospital and with lots of prayer and intervention from God he is doing so much better. Now he has some issues from the medication they were giving him I ask you to pray for my husband please. I ended up sick also but I’m doing really good. So thank you Mario for taking a stand God bless you sir.
    I have been yelled at asked to leave restaurants even in my hometown, there have been times that I have been treated very cruel from people that walk in fear. This has to stop.

  72. Kristen

    Yeah, Mario. You are helping us feel more convicted to the moral code of truth-telling by statements such as this one.

  73. Jan mcDonald

    Praise God Mario. I praise God for you and the stand you have taken for liberty in America. Shots and vaccine have always been available for people that choose to take them but not mandatory. I believe people are being conditioned to take the mark of the beast. Open their eyes Lord I pray. Prayers for you and your ministry. 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

  74. Bonnie Gerke

    Praise you Jesus!! Thank you for taking a stand against this tyranny!

  75. Edgar and FrancesEve Drake

    Here in Canada it has got so bad that CHURCHES are refusing to allow congregants into their “Churches” with a vacciine passport. There are also reports that isolation camps are being built for those who are unvaccinated. We covet your prayers. Canada is moving rapidly towards a Chinese style communist country.

  76. Joe

    Excellent! Truth!

  77. gennawalter

    Believers should not have less conviction regardless. If you are a Believer and when the holy spirit has conviction over you and the very idea is repugnant to our convictions then we know we are aware what is right! Many people through out the country and the world are in crossroads in getting vaccinated. In our own communities, either state government, federal and other business companies are mandating for you to get vaccinated. I seen many so-called Christians, have been vaccinated to stay in their jobs. Their remark is “God is in Control or I prayed before taking it.” This really blows my mind! We have “Christian” and Pastors that are cowards and have not done nothing!
    For those who have not taken the vaccine are being dismissed or fired from their employment. Some are given deadlines to get vaccinated or will be out of a job. Unless they get a religious exempt or medical exempt. And again, it is up to the company to accept it or reject it. Many people are worried about what will happen tomorrow the next day if, they will have employment. I gave it thought and latter on in the day, I reached for my Bible and open it and came to 1 Corinthians 10-23-33 and partial of 11:1. These scriptures points out our duty as Believers. I been hearing that there is is a deadline for November 13, 2021 for any of these requesting. Brother Mario, is there any way you can address this topic of being vaccinated and what people can do for the religious exemption? God Bless you and your ministry!

  78. janet white

    I love Mario Murillo and attended his Sacramento crusade maskless. Unfortunately my friend and I came down with Covid soon after we returned to Daytona Beach, FL

  79. Roger Culwell

    Amen exactly right sir

  80. Tama Hollar

    God bless you! Too many people have compromised truth and values to satisfy human government and Mammon.

  81. John Willer

    Wow you ask a ton of questions, since I have a medical degree, from Harverd, I’m going to answer your questions. First, the vaccines are safe and effective. Just this past month the FDA and CDC both green lit the Pfizer vaccine as safe and effective same thing with J&J and Moderna. Second they’re are some side effects that they have acknowledged but are very mild and not life-threatening. A lot of people have reported feeling a numbness in their arm and it goes away the next day. Every medication vaccine whatever has side effects even Tylenol. Ok no one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated unless you work for a company that employs 50 people or more, now if they don’t want to take it they can submit a religious exemption. No one is hiding anything as the death and intake of Covid patients I’ve seen our steadily go up but not as high as when we first saw it. Yes there have been breakthrough infections people have gotten Covid even though they were vaccinated however patients that I’ve seen are great full they have taken the vaccine and didnt have to be placed on a ventilator. I recently had a 76 year old male patient who got a breakthrough infection and he literally got well in less than a week. Another thing about vaccines they activate antibodies, which are the disease fighting blood proteins that attack any virus that touches the human body. Let’s say you get injected with the seasonal flu shot. That vaccine has a weakened or inactive version of the flu and your antibodies then build up to fight the infection should you ever get it same thing goes for Covid. According to Facebook, YouTube, and every social media site they are taking down videos that spur conspiracy theories about Covid and vaccines not because they have honest questions or concerns. Also taking down Qanon but that’s a different subject. Ok this made me laugh, Ivermectin is a treatment used to deworm horses I’ve never, neither my colleagues, have given patients Ivermectin. It doesn’t work cuz your not a horse go ask the FDA. Hydroquinone again this also doesn’t work in the treatment of Covid. If your taking your advice from the President on your medical condition then you have a problem but I digress. If I remember correctly he also told you to shoot up bleach, when injected by either injection or orally bleach can cause death. Masks are still recommended for medical or treatment places. However, where I live, I have walked into restaurants, coffee shops, and people don’t wear masks. However let’s say you and your family are going to gather at a holiday event at your house and let’s say your grandma, aunt and brother are vaccinated and the rest of your family isn’t. Your more likely to spread Covid, even if they’re caring around in their bodies one of the variants, to your whole family even if you are vaccinated. Now let’s say you go to that same event and you wear a mask and social distance well then your more likely to get food poisoning from your Grandpa’s Turkey than Covid. As for the moral thing you mentioned I think they just want people to enjoy events in a safe environment. Ok Covid does not have a one percent chance of putting you in the hospital. If you look at the daily case rate reported by Health and Human Services then that one percent doesn’t add up. In N Out Burger has their own problem is not ours to voice concerns over. We’re not banning people from entering we’re just saying you can’t come in unless your or have a negative Covid test 72 hours before the event started. I’ve been to 7 concerts this past month I’ve seen no one get banned but I’ve seen people been turned away from entering the venue because of no vaccine or Covid results. We’re not discriminating anybody, venues just want people to enjoy a little sense of normalcy in their lives without the possibility of getting this virus, it’s not discrimination it’s common sense as for your last question I’m not even going to attempt to distinguish that. Let me just say if you don’t want to get vaccinated that’s your choice and I’ll respect it, but don’t get all surprised if you get Covid and end up in the ICU. You had a cure and you wouldn’t take it. One more thing about the horse pills and Trumps miracle drug. Both of those were supported by Qaon. I suggest you watch the documentary Q: Into The Storm you’ll find who Q really is

    • Mario Murillo

      How right was Thomas Sowell when he said that in every American crisis there is usually a graduate from Harvard

      • Brother Bob

        That’s right Brother Mario, and I will add: “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808). I could write a 20 lb book filled with all the lies the CDC has published over the last 1 1/2 years on this COVID. But I’ll spend my days teaching light rather than preaching all the evils the wicked ones perform. The only sure cure I know of is Jesus Christ crucified and his ressurection from the dead, and the forgiveness of our sins. The entire population of this world will soon learn that the cure for hunger and thirst is not food and water, the cure for hunger and thirst will only come to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. We have lived as kings upon the earth, most became so busy building their kingdoms that they forgot about the King of Kings. Transformation was tossed aside, then replaced with a sugar-coated Christianity that mocked repentance. To understand what is really going on in this world, most of us need to look no further than the small circle we inhabit, at least that is where I seen the real fault. It is hard to face the real truth, when that truth exposes ones own need for repentance. I was once caught in a raging river pulling me toward a great destruction, and I knew it! During that time I had my own Job moment, not a moment, but years. Just like Job, the day arrived when God finally opened my eyes, it crushed me, but I knew it was the truth. I was a hard case, I planted my self purposely in the hot desert where my flesh would suffer the most, it took years of losing friends, family, my health and everything I possesed. My health finally reached the point when my doctors told me to contact my children and friends, I had a very short time left, that was 3 years ago. Now that I have repented my family has been restored, I now have more friends than ever before, and I am content with what I have. I still have some fences to mend, I trust God will make a way to heal the wounds I created along the way. Why have I written all of this, I have no idea, God knows. God bless you Mario.

  82. Ramona Nordhoff

    Amen Brother Murillo, You said it ALL!

  83. Dee Farrell

    Thank you for leading with the truth and integrity of the WORD.

  84. Lois Kotzin

    I agree. Thank you Jesus for discernment!

  85. Mary K Kauffman

    Your right they should be given a choice not a command that they have to do it. God Bless you.

  86. TarMar

    The TRUTH concerning the misnamed “vaccines” (actually mutagenic therapy drugs) is out there for those interested enough to do a little elementary investigation, which SHOULD be everyone, but unfortunately is not. Satan has used his most effective weapon, FEAR, to heard billions of people into the taking the jab. True Christians cannot allow themselves to be taken into the Covid cult. Jesus died for ALL… not just the so-called “vaccinated”. There is a sinister spiritual side to this whole thing that people with DISCERNMENT can clearly see. Anything made with fetal cells from murdered babies is SPIRITUAL POISON, especially to a Christian. If you’ve taken these shots, take it to the Lord and repent of this great sin!

  87. Sarah Day

    Thank you!

  88. Dee Peacock

    Thank you for being a voice for many — a good percentage have these questions that Fauci and the Boys will never answer truthfully.

  89. Sue C

    Thank you for speaking the truth and having the courage of your convictions. God bless you for your honesty and assertiveness!!

  90. Maria Silva

    Amen! May you continue to be bold as a lion and not back down !! You are a great example to the rest of us!!

  91. gege4god

    Amen! You are so right my bro.! I know people who were vaxxed & still got the virus! I also know people who had horrible side effects from it! No way! Go to frontlinemds.com ,for a safe supplement & med. regimen with no side effects!! Do not take the vaxx!!!

  92. Arthur

    You have stated it well. I agree!

  93. Georganna Ritch

    Amen to all the above! Bless you Mario!

  94. Margo Daugherty


  95. Paul

    I thank God for people like you Mario. God bless you more and more.

  96. Michelle


  97. Carla Smith

    100% agree

  98. Marilyn Haspany

    Amen! Thank you for standing up for Truth!

  99. Linda C

    All so true!! Thank you for your clear, well-thought out, and articulate stand on this issue, Mario!

  100. zephyr

    Amen Brother. I agree with you 100%. Please keep up the good work as few are and we need your thoughts and words badly to help people open their eyes to the truth and take a stand for it.

  101. Jefferson Froehle

    We just cancelled our 24 year wedding anniversary trip because of this very thing! We cannot participate in this new medical slave system just go to a concert . Thank you for voicing a position that should be a no-brainer for body of Christ ,yet most are still stuck in a trance thinking all this is actually about a virus.

  102. Melvyn Powell-Rees

    Totally agree with you

  103. helpinghands1212

    I chose not to take the vaccine. I have read too many negative reports about it and I believe them. I also read that this a precursor to usher in the mark of the beast. I pray that God’s mercy will set us free from this.

  104. d48day


  105. Jodi

    AMEN BROTHER MARIO!👏👏👏 Spoken in the true Godly Murillo fashion!!! MURILLO FOR PRESIDENT! 🇺🇸 ✝️💓

  106. Linda

    Amen amen! God Bless you Mario for your stand and the soul winning you are doing!

  107. Lauri Karaglanis

    You are so right Mario! I thank God for your boldness. I pray the demonic strongholds will be utterly destroyed over our Churches, schools, media and government…worldwide. I thank you for speaking truth.
    Lauri K, from the communist state of California

  108. Harlan Stillions

    Not only are they not safe but they are designed to intentionally kill you as part of the world depopulation agenda. They full of graphene oxide.

  109. Roberta Laverty

    Very excellent, truthful and helps us all with encouragement to take our stand!

  110. Wordforworld

    True words, Mario!
    Just last week our pastor declared he took the jab, and said, “I’m not afraid!” (I’m not afraid????)

    He closed down the Church when cdc spoke. He told the congregation not to come to Church services if they had fever. He told the people “don’t touch me.”

    Now he’s advancing the cause of the Usurper to “vaccinate” every human? God forgive him! Many love our Pastor so much. Now many, and elderly, may make a wrong choice. Oh grief! The pain! I groaned when I heard him, realized the others and those watching by media heard same message.

    Dismissing the difference between a vaccination and a bio-weapon, he is now (maybe unknowingly) using his INFLUENCE as a SHEPHERD.

    How crucial it is for Pastors to exercise wisdom when leading the LORD’s sheep. How serious it is for them because they WILL answer to the Great Shepherd and Saviour of our souls.

    The horror Pastor will know when he finds out his error. It would have been better had he said nothing about the PERSONAL choice he made. In fact, it would have been better to say, “if sick, come to Church for the elders to anoint you and pray for your healing, we are not afraid!”

    We MUST and do, however, rejoice at the courage of all the righteous citizens, doctors, nurses, pilots, law enforcement, military, retailers, truckers, pastors, teachers, parents, congressmen, mayors, governors, employers, employees WHO ARE STANDING AGAINST EVERY INFRINGEMENT OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

    I apologize for going on about my recent event, but not naming names—there are others in similar situations.

    I must share a word from the LORD for all believers re the power in the Blood of the Lamb. The Blood of Jesus Christ renders spike proteins harmless to life. There is nothing too hard for our God. Nothing, and no-one. By faith believers, can pray for those who made erroneous choices. By faith in the Name of Jesus, we can do what He said, and SAY what He said. He works with and confirms His Word that we SAY, with signs following.

    Father, Thy Will BE done in the earth AS IT IS in Heaven. We are the redeemed of the LORD and we say so!
    In Jesus’ Name, saints, be comforted and encouraged!

    And show your $upport for those courageous citizens! Think “Christmas” gifts & certificates from retailers, books from MMM! Thank you, Mario!

  111. Sandra

    I agree! They are setting us up for the mark! You know he is already and they have partnered with him! I listen to the Almighty Father not man! Don’t care who the man is he is still just a man! Holy Spitit has never steered me wrong!

  112. Pearl

    Amen! Hallelujah to the King of Kings! King Jesus!

  113. Lorie

    thank you!

  114. Mary Aversa

    What about Christian concerts in halls that ban the unvaccinated. Are you not discriminating against unvaccinated people?
    So what next? Will they demand the Mark of the Beast to attend Christian worship concerts?

  115. RSC

    There is a need for fellowship among the unvaccinated especially in
    liberal states. There is a need to exchange ideas, strategies, etc.
    Also many of us feel isolated when most people around use are
    vaccinated and need to fellowship with like-minded folks.

    I am not aware of any such fellowship (at least not in CA [and for me:
    not in the bay area]). If you know of any group, please share.

    Otherwise start praying for people to rise up to form such a group
    (i.e. Mt:9:37-38 laborer for the harvest). I envision groups
    everywhere – at least in CA.



    The 3 vaccines (Plifer/Biotech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) are
    definitely unsafe. While I can post tons of dated links, z3news has a
    current list of what is happening.


  116. Margaret Fober

    Thank you for this! We agree with you 100%!! We “met” you on Flashpoint & praise God for you, your ministry and your call to repentance, cleansing and stepping up!

  117. NL Appleby

    God bless the ministry. You live the Gospel. I pray for your well being & protection from the evil one so that thousands more will be saved. Thank you for your obedience in spreading the Truth in the power of Christ.
    My husband & I are not vaccinated & I agree with everything you wrote in your blog.
    It’s true, my husband & I wanted to go see Michael W. Smith’s concert for our anniversary this month. When I went on line to get tickets whoever is presenting the concert said they are cooperating with covid rules so you must be vaccinated to attend. My thoughts were, wow.. even Christian venues are discriminating & are following the ways of the world. Very sad.

  118. John Robertson

    I once again I am encouraged by your boldness and willingness to stand up for us. I agree completely and thank the Lord for your voice in this season.

  119. Becky

    So agree!!!
    Thank you for speaking out in this!!

  120. david carroll

    thank you for standing up for what is right ,God bless you brother.

  121. Gail Erickson

    totally agree with you. Thank you for your stand!!

  122. Marie Dennings

    We must stand together and fight back by not doing what Washington DC demands that is unconsitutional and it is against the law for WE the People of the United States of America! This should be done World wide!

  123. JT

    Thanks Mario. A lot of people have had this crud, & now have natural immunities better than any experimental jab.

  124. Juliana

    Thank you for your stand against vaccine mandates. This vaccine is dangerous.

  125. Marie Giddings

    Praise God! I support your stand, Mario Murillo, 100%. Every point you made I agree with. Thank you for speaking out.

  126. Marlene Harrington


  127. Mark Berger

    Absolutely right! I lost my job over vax mandates. This jab is pushed by the NWO promoters like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab who are on record for wanting a “great reset” and using a manufactured pandemic and toxic vaccine to cull and control the masses. They want to see who will comply. It may not yet be mark of the beast but it sure feels like it.

  128. Donald Richard Gaunder

    Well said!

  129. nbg62

    Amen! Thank you for speaking sanity among the insane. No one in gov’t or federal workers must be jabbed; illegals get a free pass and I don’t believe for a minute that Biden received that mRNA poison. They are sanctioning the deliberate genocide of the American people.

  130. KimWilkinson

    Almost all vaccines were developed using fetal tissue. The tissue was harvested from live babies. Anesthesia would have rendered the tissue unusable. Likewise harvesting tissue from a recently deceased baby would have been useless. All vaccines use clones of fetal cells that were originally sliced off of live babies.


  131. Kathi Hodge

    I could not agree with this more.

  132. Bruce and Cindy Bernakevitch

    God bless you Mario Marillo! We are Canadians living in Mexico. We wish we could attend one of your tent meetings. But all this vaccination mandate for flying and crossing boarders has ended that dream. It almost seems to me that this is a precursor somehow to The Mark. Maybe an experiment to see how people would react to mandates that infringed on freedoms and whether they could be coerced or convinced to do something that was possibly harmful and irreversible.
    Anyway, whatever they are doing God is so far ahead of the devil’s moves.

  133. Marla

    Good for you. I stand by what you say. I will not be forced to have to take the jab. I will never do it. I do not trust big PHARMA or the elite paying for it. The devil is not going to make me do it!!!!!!

    I love seeing you and your buddies on Flashpoint. It is a powerful show.

    God bless you and your ministries. You are one of the big reasons, for the seasons of believing. I wish you would have Revival in Washington state outside of Seattle, of course. My friends and I would go in a heart beat.

    Thank you for your blog. I enjoy the truths you tell and fight for. Keep on fighting the GOD fight. We need prayers up here because of the Satan governor.

    Keep up the good work on pushing a huge REVIVAL all over the US and the world. We will win over the evil.

    I pray for you and your ministry.

    Have to fight for the right to be FREE!

    Love you Mario!!!

  134. Rhonda Gunn

    I’m happy to hear this

  135. Ross Hanby

    Wonderful Mario!

  136. Daniel Adame


  137. Norma McGrew

    Well said, God bless you🌈🙏

  138. Bruce A. Ladson


  139. Shirley Landspurg

    Thank you for clarity, especially for people who can’t think for themselves.

  140. Irene Knapik

    God bless you, Mario!

  141. LouiseCA

    Amen and Amen, Pastor Mario. Thank you for your bold and clear stance, and strong leadership.

  142. Susan Hoyt

    Today my son was looking up videos of young people had taken the vaccine and died. They were so young and healthy before they took it, and than others who took it and disabled. I spoke to my other son up in Nevada and he said many of the people up there are saying no matter what they are not taking it. I got a letter from my coverage asking me to come in and get it and update my records, but I am not going to. This is a wicked scourge on the nations and they are using lies to push it. They have innocent blood on their hands! May God arise and scatter the wicked!

    • RSC

      People vaccinated need to spike protein detox. They are
      dying because of too much metals.

      Possible Ways to Neutralize Covid Vaccine Spike Protein Damage
      June 27, 2021 but updated Sept 21

      3 Foods That Contain Shikimic Acid to Halt Spike Protein Transmission
      Sep 24, 2021 Modified Oct 19, 2021 | Jacqueline

      Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol – Protection against Spike protein and vaccine shedding (contagion) from vaccinated persons
      David Avocado Wolf | August 24th 2021

      How To Detoxify and Heal From Vaccinations – For Adults and Children
      May 22, 2015 pdated August 28, 2021 | Michael Edwards

      To find these links, use an unfiltered search engine like
      DuckDuckGo or StartPage. G0gg1e and other “mainstream”
      search engine filter out all the anti-vaccine sites.
      F@ceb00k, Micro$oft, and many others are also censoring.

      Here’s a DuckDuckGo search link for

      “vaccine spike protein detox”



      • Wordforworld

        Thanks RSC,
        Looked at the wealth of helps available for all who took the experimental injection.

        Much good info at the websites you offered & even more cause to PRAISE THE LORD WHO CREATED LEAVES/HERBS for our healing.

        (Although millions feel they had no way to avoid the dangerous injection, the pressure from a faux administration has been horrendous. Personal struggles started ‘way back when dealing with agent orange used by our military in Vietnam, excess fluoride dumped in our town’s municipal waters (as an experiment) by the dental association, as well as toxic overload of more than 30 amalgam mercury fillings, courtesy of same dental association. Plus, certain vet care centers overloading vets with injections galore. Fought “over there” and still at it in homeland. Been detoxing and thriving for decades. ALL GLORY BE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, THE HEALER!

        Grateful for the many healthcare providers who remain loyal to their vow to “FIRST DO NO HARM.” May God bless them and protect them from every threat/harm, in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

        Also, THANKS to MMM for being a godly source of spreading the TRUTH THAT MAKES FREE.

        Thanks to all our fellow Veterans for your service! And may you know the REAL FREEDOM FIGHTER as your Lord & Saviour.

  143. Tanner from Louisiana

    Let’s keep praying and standing for King 👑 Jesus, our families, and our rights. You will be blessed for rising up. 🇺🇸🌲🇺🇸 Remember and thank our Veterans and never forget the history of The United States of America and that we are a Christian nation. ⚡️ Hallelujah ⚡️

    Build the ⛺️tents🏕
    Fill the 🏟Stadiums 🏟




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