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I have a vision for America. Here is how the Lord is restoring our nation, right now. From our inception, we have been blessed for three reasons: To preach the gospel, as the pilgrims’ covenanted with God; to stand with Israel; and to care for impoverished nations and peoples.

Recently, in an interview, I was asked about that vision. I said, “Even in our fallen, backslidden, immoral state, we still stand as a firewall.

“As a firewall, the United States stands against demonic plans. Satan looks at America and says, ‘I can’t do what I want in bringing the antichrist, the beast, and world domination, as long as American freedom exists.’ And when we pray, that essential knowledge must be in our mind.”

I went on to say that I am calling both pastors and intercessors to recognize that we are currently at war with Satan’s plans. In discussing Psalm 11:3-4, I pointed out that David’s plea to the Lord assumed that the righteous are called to act, with focus on the Lord. ‘Lord, what can the righteous do when the foundations are removed? God is in His temple, on His throne.’

How would David know that, unless he was staring straight at the throne of God?

In the midst of his being surrounded by enemies, David, the warrior king, always kept his eyes on the Lord―and so must the embattled believers in America.

In the midst of his being surrounded by enemies, David, the warrior king, always kept his eyes on the Lord―and so must the embattled believers in America.

This war must be won! The Christian righteous have dug in their heels. They’re not going to compromise. That is why our thoughts are that freedom is coming because, as the sheep and the goats are being separated, the power of God will be manifested over America.

God has called us to stand with Him, to do battle beside Him! The Power of the Christian faith is that anyone at any moment that says to the Lord, ‘Use me,’ has access to promotion, to equipping and to power. So, the fresh anointing is going to be this: People that no one had ever heard of, coming from places no one expected, will do things that people have never imagined.

Jesus said, ‘I send you forth as sheep among wolves.’ What is the predicable outcome for sheep who wander into a pack of wolves? Well, here’s what Jesus is saying, ‘That’s how you look: to the world, helpless. To the world, defenseless. To the world, ineffectual. But you do not recognize that the Lion who is standing behind those sheep, staring at those wolves, is The Lion of the tribe of Judah!

The Power of the Christian faith is that anyone at any moment that says to the Lord, ‘Use me,’ has access to promotion, to equipping and to power.

I am praying for an impartation of fresh anointing over all those who are interceding for America. In Isaiah, it says:

“No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong. This [triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord; this is the vindication which they obtain from Me, says the Lord” (Isaiah 54:17).

We are the sons and daughters of the God of the Armies of heaven. We must shake up our thinking, we must look in the mirror and realize that we come from a legacy of supernatural power. We are destined to do impossible things. That is who we are. That is what is needed in this moment, more than anything else. That is the fresh anointing God is pouring out on His Church!







  1. Wordforworld

    Mario, we share the same vision! These are glorious times; not for the weak in spirit nor for the sleeper!

    Ps 149 (6)Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, & a 2-edged sword in their hand;
    (7)to execute vengeance upon the heathen, & punishments upon the people;
    (8)to bind THEIR kings with chains, & THEIR nobles with fetters of iron;
    (9)to execute upon THEM the judgment written:
    THIS honor have all His saints!

    • David

      A huge amen to that!!!

  2. Delainya M Bell

    Hallelujah to the blood of the lamb!!! Preach to the MASSES…Rise up, Lift your voices, Praise his HOLY NAME, LET THE ALMIGHTY LORD JESUS use you like a vessel…as he intended to, be a soilder in the Army Of The Righteous, to defeat the evil ones in this spiritual and actual battle we winning!!!! Thank you HEAVENLY FATHER LORD JESUS, IN YOUR GRACIOUS BEAUTIFUL NAME AMEN AMEN!!!!!

  3. FrankMarciano

    As usual, very good Mario!

  4. Collin R Williams

    I so totally agree. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Praise God.

  5. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Thank you God, our Abba Father, for pouring out a fresh Holy One anointing, the Spirit of the Lord upon Your Church, as she arises as the Bride, shining with the Light and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  6. Teresa Harris

    Thank you Mario! We saw the Spirit of God in Batavia saying….Rise Up!!!! Body of Christ! To your Destiny in America!!!

  7. Larry Franklin

    Amen, and may the people rise up.
    Now glory be to God, who by His mighty power at work within me is able to do far more than I would ever dare to ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes. {Ephesians 3:20}

  8. Brenda Torres

    Amen… Amen! Thank you!!!!

  9. Norma Arce

    Love what you are doing praying for you.

  10. praying grandmother

    This is excellent and inspiring!!! Personal confirmation: “no weapon formed against you will prosper” came to me in my morning prayer time today. It’s been a frequent prayer lately, yes, but I love how the Lord brings specific confirmation.

    I’ve also thought the coming revival would be a more sweeping “common man” driven rather than splashy or prominent personalities. After learning about the Isle of Lewis revival, I see the Lord rising like the sun, creeping inexorably and slowly over the land with His light. Then shall your light break forth…

    Bless you, Mario, for your faithfulness. I love hearing about your tent revivals.

  11. John White

    Your boldness is contagious, Mario.

  12. Margo Daugherty

    And behind that LION are the armies of heaven!

  13. Marleen

    That is my prayer, that God will use me, somehow, someway to defeat the enemy and save souls…not sure what that looks like but I’m praying and willing.
    Thank you Brother Mario for these posts. They are great encouragement to the body of Christ.

  14. Dave Strittmatter

    Much appreciated that you continued beyond Ps 11:3 into verse 4. Most of the time I hear a preacher use Psalm 11 as their text they stop at verse 3, take it out of context, note the world condition, and go into a lament.

  15. Patty Ann Piper

    Amen.!! We are standing with you, praying with you and for you!!! YOU ARE SHINING GODS LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!!! We Shall and Will Overcome!!!! We all love you and your sweet family. Thank you thank you for being God’s Voice!!!!!

  16. RAFO

    I believe BEFORE we see a breakthrough in this country God wants to see a breakdown! He wants to see brokenness and repentance on a massive scale! The abortions and murders continue. Corrupt politicians from the top to the bottom are still calling the shots. Why?? Because God Himself has allowed this to come upon us… to drive Americans to their knees! No, there is a small cry in the land, but not enough. God will continue to apply pressure by turning up the heat. We’re not there yet. There’s still too many (even so-called Christians) that go about their day as usual… as if all is OK and will always be OK. No, I don’t see this nation turning around as a whole… but… God will pour out His Spirit on a remnant! As our situation continues to deteriorate, remember, God is allowing this because He Loves America as is trying to get us to repent. Stand in the gap as best you can for your country and perhaps God will be merciful upon us… by His good graces!

  17. Patty Kosier

    Amen! So be it!! Thank you, Mario!!! I belong to Jesus Christ, and I say “Use me, Lord!”

  18. Marie Kinch

    Yes, thank you.

  19. Linda Forster

    Praising God for what you have allowed Him to do through you! Can you recommend a church in the Carson City, Nevada area?

  20. James Lockwood

    From South Africa: The foundations will indeed not be destroyed; not in America or South Africa. This is bigger than revival, and although we rejoice with the regions where His Glory is currently manifesting, the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of His undeniable Glory, even as the waters cover the sea. Forty years ago we sang, “All over the world the Spirit is moving —as the prophets said it would be”, and now, in our lifetime, we’re seeing it happen. Let our wineskins be new for what God wants us to do. Little is much when God is in it! Halleluiah!

  21. Brian T

    Praise God, I pray that you are absolutely correct and we will see a giant revival in this country–soon. I see all of the evil being forced upon us and our children’s children, and can scarcely believe how great this evil is; however, I know my Lord is greater, and He that is in me is greater than these adversities, and WE Christians working together can overcome all of it. Now is the time to rise up and FIGHT. Fight with prayer and with loving action, being led by the Spirit we will become insurmountable and will vex the devil’s plans. Praise God!!

  22. John Mark

    We are preaching in prisons, churches, city parks, halfway houses, recovery centers. Weekdays, Saturdays, Sunday mornings and Sunday nights. We have a 2 hour prayer conference call on Tuesday nights with a group of ministry leaders. (We have to watch the replay of Flashpoint at 11 pm!) We have a one hour prayer conference call with other ministry leaders on Sunday afternoons. We give our tithes to the Lord. We fast for a 24 hour, sundown to sundown, period each week. We pray for one hour before preaching a sermon. We intercede in prayer for several hours each week for our nation and for the lost. TV and sports are in the past. We average over 20 salvations, sometimes as many as 50, each time we minister in prisons, and we serve as certified volunteer chaplains. And we want to do more! We will not let this nation fall without a fight! Thank you Mario for leading the way!

  23. Sonny J.

    *** ” We Were Born 2 Succeed But Programmed 2 FAIL ” {{ The TRUTH May Hurt, But The LIES Will KILL Ya }.. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🙏

  24. Clair

    I so agree Mario. I put my trust in Jesus everyday as I know God’s Got This & I believe that with all my heart. Thank you for all you do

  25. Randy Rock

    Amen! Right now the Loed is Developing National Guilt but in a little while, a very little while His upheaval will come to pass.

  26. Roseanne

    Amen! Blessings to you Mario!

  27. Amira

    Could you pray for me Mario please.

  28. NickT


  29. Teresa Harris

    Amen! Romans 8. 28-30. She may look like a harlot now but she is becoming and regaining her Bride/son status. The anointing is STILL on her! God’s calling is without repentance.

  30. kingskid48

    Wonderful word, Pastor Mario, and very encouraging. I needed to read this today. Thank you and God continue to bless and keep you and yours.

  31. gege4god

    YES! AMEN!!!

  32. Roger Weeks

    Hello Brother Murillo, my wife and I are so thankful for your heart and ministry. Ours has been the same for many years. So hear we are at such a time for this, we are daily making ourselves open for the opportunities God sets before us. To minister to one or many. Over the past two years my wife and I both have felt serious agitation in the spirit. We know it’s part of the warfare going on for the times we’re in, so we flow with the battle. I just turned 64, I work nights and usually wake up around 9AM. Just a few days ago as soon as I awoke (before actually) I sensed a strong pressing/pressure. I immediately saw a big huge tent service. It was Greg Lockes church I saw. It was representative of the harvest that has begun ( not only Greg’s church). I sensed it covered many many parts of the harvest. There was a question looming over all of the harvest. It’s hard to articulate it as I felt it. But basically, once it comes in, what then. It was so strong, what then. I came to the Lird in May of 1975, got saved at home and started going to Madison Pentecostal church of God ( some family members went there) so why not. I didn’t know much. It was a great little church. I came out of so much and all I knew was I loved Jesus a wanted more of him. It was a spiritual church with great worship. But almost Zero Discipling zero training zero equipping. We’re proud of your doing good kinds thing. Gradually the performance acceptance thing came in. I survived purely by the grace of God, hungering after and pursuing him. Much of my life and ministry seasons has been to equip the saints for daily practical Christian living. Knowing who they are. Just felt I should share that with you. I felt so alarmed for the multitudes coming and that will be coming into the kingdom. The body of Christ has to get it right this time. These babies will need adaptable growing Holt Spirit flowing servants to protect and guide them. To lead them to lean into and on the Holy Spirit and know Gods word in truth and experience. Thank you, praying that way and just needed to share

  33. Esther Gibbs

    Amen to all this and I’m getting more and more on fire for the Lord! This “ain’t over” till our awesome Father says it’s over and then, look out cause here come all the God-Lovers!

  34. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, as disturbing—and Oh so evil—is everything that is going on in the United States of America for the past ten months—not counting all that was manifesting in darkness to steal the Presidential election…I Now Realize that we Americans MUST SEE ALL THAT IS BEGINNING TO COME TO LIGHT, IN ORDER FOR US TO SEE THE TRUTH.

    The “blinders” are beginning to be removed Now—even though multitudes of Americans have not wanted to face the truth……..WE HAVE NO CHOICE NOW……GOD has allowed the “revealing” to begin to take place….With each passing day—More LIGHT is shining through and Exposing the Darkness that has been and is now coming through more and more clearly….

    There is NO turning and walking away NOW…..The Mountains of Evil MUST BE BROUGHT LOW…..Each of us has a part to play…..GOD IS WITH US IF WE ARE WITH HIM—-HE WILL HOLD US UP.

    GOD WILL BE GLORIFIED…We must do our part…..As we seek the LORD in prayer, HE speaks to us and guides us…..THERE IS A FAITH RISING IN HIS PEOPLE GREATER THAN ANYTHING WE HAVE EVERY KNOWN BEFORE.


  35. Pauline

    Thank you Mario, I pray for you and your family and your mission, I live in an embattled New Zealand, with communism taking a huge hold. Love your blogs and watch anything I can access that has you on, Flashpoint, I.S.N, etc.

  36. Sandie

    watched all the videos on Batavia.I wander if possible to have next year baptism font.Soooo Glory to God and the Heavenly host that was their in your tent

  37. Cindy Hager

    In total agreement in Jesus Name!! We stand Mighty by the Word Of God!!!

  38. Ramona Nordhoff

    Amen Brother Mario, American is a Nation that protected others. Now she must stand & Fight With God For America!

  39. Sybil Hannon

    Amen to God be the Glory

  40. L J Mitchell


  41. sylvialewallen1119

    Amen and Amen

  42. Judy Graden

    I am new to your blog. This ‘right now’ word is right on track. I am so glad I found your ministry and am praying for God’s continued blessings on your work. I am trusting the Lord to save my entire family, and for divine healing for my great niece who was born with Tay-Sachs disease. At the age of 6, she has already passed the age at which most children die from the disease, and I have had dreams of her running and playing with other children. I am believing for a divine miracle.

    • Susan Woodall

      In Jesus lovely name I am believing with you for complete healing in your great niece’s body, Judy.
      I will continue to pray for total, complete healing in Jesus name!

  43. Tammy Broomall

    Hallelujah use me Lord I believe I receive and thank you Lord Jesus amen

  44. Jo Ann

    Amen! We will stand

  45. Susan

    Awesome Scripture! Encouragement and truth! Amen!

    Praying for swift Justice in Jesus Name. Amen

  46. Joanne Gayle

    Such wisdom and encouragement fir me! Bless you my brother!

  47. Aaron Jackson

    I am amazed and thrilled with the direction of your ministry.
    Confrontation of evil in society.
    Souls are the main thrust.
    Miracles signs and wonders.
    I respect you and I have a sincere question.
    Could you please explain the shofar blowouts going on during the tent meeting in New York?
    I see the bigger picture please believe me.
    But the banner dancing stuff and the shofar blowouts are a bit distracting for me.
    Am I an old wine skin?
    I feel bad 😞 that these things irritate me.
    What am I missing here?
    I hope I’m not some religious Pharisee.
    I am so excited about all the other things going on in the meetings!
    Please help me understand.

    • Wordforworld

      Hi Aaron: about the shofars, in Israel the sounding of the shofar indicated a call to arms, or blasts signifying a celebration underway, announced feasts, or declared the end to fasts, etc. Like the bugles in our military bases, the blasts signify something. Large groups of people would be able to know what was going on, back in OT days, and even now.

      Some churches have brought in the shofar as a return to a comforting or rallying sound for the Body of Christ. Don’t be uncomfortable. Right now, maybe it’s just a joyful noise. Praising God in the middle of trouble is what we’re called to do. We don’t need any rocks to sing our praises, right? (Luke 19:40)

      Banners are visuals that always make people look up. Looking up to The Most High God is what we’re called to do. One of the Names of the LORD translates to “the LORD our Banner,” These days definitely show our greater need to look to God.

      You’re no Pharisee. If you’re born again, the old (wineskin) died to sin, and the new (man) is alive to Christ!

      So, it looks like you’re on the winning team too!! This calls for great rejoicing! The angels in heaven rejoice each time a human receives the LORD JESUS! Your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life! Calls for celebration!

      • Natalie Grandinetti

        Thank you for this clarification! I, too, wondered about the shofar blasts.

  48. mick1952

    What a priviledge, and responsibility, to be a part of God’s Army through our Lord Jesus Christ!




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