“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry.

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“I keep politics out of the pulpit.” I believe that there are 5 devastating things that excuse will likely do to your ministry. We have spent so much time talking about the hazards of speaking out that we have not realized the disasters of remaining silent. The nation is careening toward division that is even more intense than what we see now. Be warned! The middle ground is going to disappear soon.

This message is urgent. But it is not bashing pastors. It is my honor to work with thousands of sincere men and women of God in our pulpits.

Sadly, there are also many other preachers who are hoodwinked by the devil. They think they are doing the right thing by remaining silent on burning issues. It is deep in my heart for this to warn those preachers about the disaster that will come to any preacher who refuses to stand against evil when the evil is so glaring and the price of disobedience is so high.

It is wrong to keep politics out of the pulpit for the simple reason that it is no longer about politics…it is about evil.

It is wrong to keep politics out of the pulpit for the simple reason that it is no longer about politics…it is about evil.

I believe there are only two reasons politics is out of the pulpit: Preachers do not believe tyranny is about to destroy our freedom. Or, they are so controlled by fear they are in denial about that tyranny.

No matter what, the tyranny is here and the Bible is clear about preaching in this season. Here are 5 disasters that will befall preachers who continue to hide behind a lame excuse:

1. Many in your congregation believe you no longer care about them.  They are being fired for refusing the vaccine or simply because they are Christian. Their children are suffering at school—being expelled for wearing Christian T-shirts—being groomed by teachers for sexual perversion—being labelled racist oppressors by Critical Race Theory. They are facing brutal things every day. If you do not address, equip, or defend them in the war against their families…they take their family to a pastor who will stand up for them. The sheep want help. They need help. Paul said “I kept back nothing that was helpful…”-Acts 20:20

Christian moms go to school board meetings to confront child porn in the classroom. They look around and wonder “where is my pastor?”

2.You are ignoring your duty and power to stop persecution of the church. Paul models this duty for you in Acts 16: 37 “But Paul said to them, ‘They have beaten us openly, uncondemned Romans, and have thrown us into prison. And now do they put us out secretly? No indeed! Let them come themselves and get us out.’ 38 And the officers told these words to the magistrates, and they were afraid when they heard that they were Romans.” Paul did not do this to protect himself. He did it to protect the fledgling church at Philippi from rogue government.

Christian moms go to school board meetings to confront child porn in the classroom. They look around and wonder “where is my pastor?”

3.God will seek a replacement. You are not only disappointing your people, you are grieving God. Mordecai delivered this warning of replacement to Esther. Esther 4: 14 For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Likewise, God gave you a pulpit and influence “for such a time as this.”

4.Government will not allow you to remain neutral. Acts 4: 19 But Peter and John answered and said to them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. 20 For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” Peter realized that he had no choice but to resist the irrational ban on the Gospel. He knew that left unchallenged, their restrictions would lead to control over everything they could preach.

In the great global reset, the state will hand you your sermon topics. In the short term silence will let you keep “woke” members, but in the long term you can lose everything.

In the great global reset, the state will hand you your sermon topics. In the short term silence will let you keep “woke” members, but in the long term you can lose everything.

5.You are also endangering the souls believers who consider themselves woke. Yes, there are many who see nothing wrong with combining Christ and Wokeness. They don’t see it because they are blind.

Denial will keep you from facing what Wokeness and Christianity cannot mix. Wokeness and the Democrat Party no longer just support abortion, they celebrate it. They longer advocate for transgender rights, they are trying to destroy anyone who disagrees with their sexual mandates. They no longer just disagree with the Bible and Christianity, they seek to eradicate it. Wokeness hates everything a Christian stands for.  If “woke Christians” in your church do not realize that they cannot be “woke” and Christian—that is a reflection on your preaching.

You should be more concerned about their souls than their membership.

You should be more concerned about their souls than their membership. You may have held on to them physically but they left the church spiritually. Worst of all, they do not know that the concoction of Christianity they cling to will not save them.

In conclusion: I see no upside to staying neutral and quiet. I see only disaster. In fact, I will probably not have to write on this subject again because the idea of remaining quiet about evil will very soon collapse under the weight of its own folly.

There is still great hope for every ministry that chooses to sacrifice for truth. Our ministry is seeing great fire and harvest. Before it is too late, follow Paul’s exhortation to Timothy. “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.”-2 Timothy 4:2





  1. Susan


    • Joyce

      I have two grandsons who are homosexual.
      I have been asked, “but don’t you love them”
      because I’m against homosexuality. My answer is I love them to much to compromise the Word of GOD. I don’t want them to be cast into hell. Lovingly I tell them the truth!!

      • john powelson

        Amen! The best thing we all can do is to tell the truth. We will be called all sorts of names but it is what is called for. I am so thankful for Mario, so many are afraid to say anything that might upset anyone and the truth us lost in the jumble of kind but untrue banter.

      • MissVal

        Amen Grandma. I pray continually grace and wisdom for you. I pray the truth spoken in love will bring light to their understanding, deliverance to their souls, healing to their bodies and salivation to their spirits in Jesus name.

    • Margarita Eriksson

      Mario, I so look forward to your blogs. It is a dialogue that causes us to think and to ask Our Savior and Lord “ How can I be of service to you Lord and to your precious children in these critical times we face? I believe everything you say about pastors and Christians standing up NOW!! I was born in San Francisco to Mexican parents. I have seen much through my 74 years of life. But never anything like today. Pray for me that I come to realize how I can help!!
      Thank you Senior Mario Murillo,
      You are God’s instrument for Truth, Healing and Salvation.I pray for you and your ministry.
      Margarita de Jesus Eriksson🙏🏽

      • Micheal D. Ussery

        Amen brother!!!!
        God is on the move!
        We have got to get on board right now.
        Holy Spirit we invite you to spread across our nation and world.
        Praying for you brother you are so right on Hallelujah!!!!
        Coming to you from Alaska. Mike

    • Lucia

      Amen! And thank you for speaking TRUTH!!!! We are blessed here in Tennessee to have World Outreach Church and Pastor Allen Jackson who has been speaking about everything that is going on from the beginning and equipping us believers and encouraging us to stay deep in the W
      ord, keep our account short with God, and be in small groups near our homes and realize we are not going back to where we were. To realize that the time before us will be hard and we need to be strong and courageous! Amen to you Mario, for being the Watch Men on the Wall. And for Pastor Allen Jackson for being the same! Be blessed!

    • Linda Darkins

      Amen and amen!!!!!

  2. Dr G Harold Roid, Goodyear AZ

    To add to your concern, take a look at David Barton’s “The American Story: The Beginnings” where he has a LONG list of Pastors who showed courage to stand for the Declaration of Independence because of evil Kings–Tyranny was not accepted and Election Sermons were made from 1634 to 1901. It is only in the 1900’s that the error filled “separation of church and state” and removal of the Bible and Prayer in schools were dictated by a small number of Supreme Court judges. The original meaning of “separation” was to keep the GOVERMENT from creating a national church, not the opposite.
    Many Pastors in the Revolution not only urged their church members to fight, but they themselves were soldiers against the kind of tyranny we have today.
    Dr. Gale Roid, Goodyear, Arizona

    • Sandra Stewart

      Pteach it! May God bless and protect you

    • James D. Alderdice

      Preach it Dr. Gale! We were called the “Black Roge Regiment” – I say “we” ’cause as a pastor I count myself as a movern version, commentary Every Sunday from the Pulpit on the Evils of the Demon-crats! We stream Live on my Facebook page every Sun. if you’re interested; better yet, you’re in Goodyear, our Church New Life Worship Center Church of God is in Peoria AZ, on 99th Ave. 1-block N. of Peoria Ave., on the border with Sun City, please consider joining us this Sun. for worship at 10:30 AM. Feel free to call my home office at 623-572-4400 for more info. Here’s a link to last Sunday’s Political Commentary starting at the 33:44 mark: Pastor Jim Alderdice 10/10/2021 Praise 0:00; Prayer 21:11; Prophecies “Change is Coming to My Church” 27:30; Political Commentary 33:44 – Humor 40:20 – PC continues 42:55; Boxing Report 1:22:05; Sermon The Centrality, Offense & Necessity of The CROSS 1:30:20: https://www.facebook.com/100000658130714/videos/701095644184343/
      Pastor Jim Alderdice

    • John Powelson

      We are giving a class in Wickenburg at the Presbyterian Church, 180 N Adams St. Wickenburg AZ starting the 20th of October at 6pm on David Barton’s American Heritage Series of videos. We have been showing them here in Surprise at our home but we are Praying for more people at a larger place and since it is all about our Godly Heritage what could be more appropriate than at the Church. If you want to know the “Truth” about America’s Godly Heritage be there if you live near by. God Bless those that seek the truth and let them tell it for those that seek it from them, I pray this in the Holy Name of Jesus.

  3. Mj Coleman

    Thank you Mario!

  4. Cecilia

    Amen! God bless you for preaching the Truth!

  5. djFaul

    Sir, you made a comment on FlashPoint last night that I’m not familiar with..
    Could you explain, “What he (Biden) wants to do with your checking account is evil” means please!?!

    • Mario Murillo

      He wants feds to examine any check written for $600 or more. Huge invasion of privacy.

      • Roxanne Rice

        It’s not just $600 checks, it is any transaction of $600 or more. So the feds will know whenever you deposit your paycheck, pay your rent or mortgage, pay a credit card bill, buy a sofa or expensive sports tickets, and so on. This is just one of the heinous things hidden in the $3.5 trillion bill being pushed thru Congress.

        • Danielle

          Tresury Secretary Yellen says this new law is important to find high income tax cheats… but this also logically follows allowing thousands of undocumented illegal aliens to come into the US…

        • David Jones

          Any check that Biden Boy writes would bounce since he is a liar and a thief. He doesn’t break laws, he just makes new ones to his own destruction.

      • Christine Derksen

        Mario- brother Lance taught on the book of Acts. He said it is the Book of Act ivist! I agree. We must be Bold in the Word. God will spit out a luke warm church.

  6. NickT

    Amen Mario,

    I agree with you 100%
    I have devout Christian for over 40 year, I have never seen the culture in America and around the world this bad.
    We are not bashing Pastor’s we want to help them. This is not about politics anymore, It’s about pure evil !
    They think they are doing the right thing by remaining silent on burning issues. I don’t think God would want that.

    Bonhoeffer during the Nazi regime in Germany Spoke up and stated :

    Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.
    God will not hold us guiltless.
    Not to speak is to speak.
    Not to act is to act.

    WE must engage culture and stand up and speak out against this tyranny going on in the Untied States and around the world. while we still have a voice. Also I was mandated by my company to get the vaccine complete by Nov. 1
    I will not comply.

    • kays392

      Amen to everything you said my brother in Christ!

      • Connie Strock

        Amen in agreement Mario.

  7. Collin R Williams

    Truth, truth, and more truth. Spot on brother.

  8. Sherry Pinnick

    Praise the Lord that Mario Murillo follows the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Mario for taking a stand against the wokeness in this nation and for speaking the truth, no matter how unpopular. I pray these ministries heed the word of the Lord.

  9. Annie Horsfield

    Thank You, this message needs to be preached in every pulpit!

  10. NewHeavenOnEarth

    We are seeing the “fruit” of that lie now and I pray all the churches wake up and stop conforming to the world, and get back to the Word! thank you for all you do MMM; to God be the glory!

  11. Steven W. Honeycutt

    Thanks Brother Mario! for taking this bold stance” because we all really needed to hear this ONE!


    “I keep politics out of the pulpit.” – what passes for politics today, is demon-infested drivel! Evil that should be fought at every turn, by every Christian. Any Christian who cannot see Satan’s handiwork in most of the politics of the time, is either incredibly ignorant of current events or is dangerously WORD-impaired. “Cannot discern the times …..”

    Brother Mario keep doing God’s mighty work through your ministry and your voice, (which is clearly Holy Spirit guided).

    We need more “BLACK COATS” preachers like you ….. not any more spiritual WIMPS!



  13. Eileen Dean Lehmann

    As an involved pastor, I thank you for speaking up and speaking out. We appreciate you!

  14. Beverly Chick

    I agree with you! I left my church because of this. They are going with the policy of no politics in the pulpit. It’s a don’t ask don’t tell situation. And I’m totally fed up with it.

  15. Jim

    Thank you Mario for standing for the truth, preaching the word without fear. America needs to hear the truth

  16. Don Krause

    I am sharing this with as many preachers as I can.

  17. Jan White

    thank you for standing strong in the face of evil and proclaiming truth!!!

  18. Renee

    Could not agree more.

  19. Richard Young

    Preach it Brother……..Our Pastors have gone to sleep, and as a result the Church is also asleep…..I pray that God will wake both of them up………Before it is too late……..I to think God has begun to move and the Latter Rain has started to fall….

  20. Ann Morgan Miesner

    Thank you Mario. I shared this on Facebook. We so appreciate you- what you say and what you do

  21. Peggy Timmerman

    Thank you, Mario for all you do for the Kingdom of Our God.

  22. Di Kennedy

    Ichabod churches that will lead many away from the Truth. Plants of Lucifer himselt. Woes have been declared over them.
    Thank God for the faithful shepards who love their flocks and their Savior.

  23. Judy Pink

    Yesterday, I wrote a message very much like this and shared it. I have been crying out this message for years. I always feel torn after I write to Christian leaders. First of all, not many see my message, so why bother? Also, who do I think I am to say these things? Am I being judgmental, am I beating on the body of Christ? I do this with fear and trembling before a Holy God. It is not a happy, feel good message. So, today, I was feeling a bit sad about what I wrote yesterday. Then, I open up FB and there is Mario’s message. Thank You, Jesus. This has happened quite often over the last few years. I am feeling, writing, sharing something that I feel is from the Holy Spirit on this topic and Mario Murillo confirms what I am hearing.

    I love my country and it grieves me deeply to think that what God has given to us is in danger of being destroyed by an evil power that seems too much for us to deal with. It is, for us. But, it isn’t for the Lord. And He works through people. Remember Jehoshaphat. Remember David and Goliath. Remember the Red Sea. Remember Esther. Remember the Resurrection…He got up!

    Our Father God delights to deliver His people. So, we call upon You now, O Lord of Heaven and earth, for the sake of Your Name, forgive our sin and heal our land. Cleanse Your people, and make us vessels of honor, sanctified and useful for the Master. Restore to us the honor of being called a Christian nation. Let the glorious light of Your gospel shine from our shores unto a world that is hungry for the blessings You have bestowed on us. They need to know it is You they hunger for. What I ask is not a small thing. But, is anything too hard for You, our God?

    Bless Your people, Lord. Bless us with a renewed mind, a heart of flesh, and an anointing from the Holy One to declare Truth to those who pride themselves on speaking lies, to a world that is under the sway of the deceiver.

    May the word of Your power sustain and uphold our nation, for Your purpose and for Your glory. Amen.

  24. Windell

    Mario, thank you for your challenge and thoughts. I’m wondering about Paul under Nero when he wrote Romans 13? I am definitely down for preaching against evil, ALL evil, including the evils of slavery, which many southern preachers refused to preach in antebellum America. I am very much for civil disobedience, I’m just wondering about the direct message of the Gospel being conflated with cultural madness. I preach against woke culture like I would any sin that changes the truth of God into a lie. Paul preached clearly against self justification that included many sins, like homosexuality, greed, deceit, maliciousness, etc. Yet, in the same book he tells us to obey the government and pay our taxes. Just some thoughts seeking clarity from your perspective. And thanks.

  25. Aaron Jackson

    It’s interesting how Christians are completely unaware of what the left is doing.
    Head in the sand syndrome.

  26. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    Many beginning to wake up…… “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people mourn.”

    More and More AMERICANS are beginning to mourn…..


  27. Tanner from Louisiana

    Praise King 👑 Jesus, revival has started and America 🇺🇸 will be saved.

    🔥🔥🔥Acts 16: 37 “But Paul said to them, ‘They have beaten us openly, uncondemned Romans, and have thrown us into prison. And now do they put us out secretly? ⚡️ No indeed! ⚡️Let them come themselves and get us out.’ ⚡️38 And the officers told these words to the magistrates, and they were afraid when they heard that they were Romans.” 🔥🔥🔥

    🏔🌲🦅Apostolic’s shift and change situations and atmospheres, let’s take back our cities and territories🏔🌲🦅Hallelujah 🇺🇸🚂🚂🚂

    Build the 🏕tents⛺️
    Fill the 🏟stadiums🏟

    As One 🗡

  28. Freda Delara

    Our churches have become so silent on pressing issues that they have become irrelevant. We churchgoers end up going online looking for online preachers like you, sir, who can feed us. Thank you for your faithfulness and boldness!

  29. Frank Marciano

    Very good Mario! I’m ramping up for battle. An army cannot have lukewarm soldiers, they create too much drag on the army. Time to call it what it is at all levels and go for it!

  30. Cornell Quintero

    Amen Mario !! We need true watchmen in our pulpits who will sound the alarm that our freedom is on the alter of sacrifice by evil men in key positions of power and influence. Jesus said for us to ” work while it is still day , for the night is coming when no man can work . ” We have to be salt and light and push back the darkness as long as the church remains on the earth. When the church is removed , the restraining force , gross darkness and tribulation will be released in the earth, especially during the second half of the tribulation period. But for now we must occupy and do business till Jesus calls us up !!

  31. Steve Derry

    Jesus Himself will not allow us to remain neutral. Revelation 3:15-16, to the Laodicean church: “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I would you were cold or hot.  So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue you out of my mouth.”

  32. Esther L.

    Thank you Mario!! I just printed this out and mailed it to two former “woke” pastors, asking them to please take a few minutes to read it. These are powerful, anointed words and God bless you for being so completely straightforward.

  33. Bob Klen

    Let’s be reminded “politically” all nations are rejecting God. People all over the world, love sin. Democrat, republicans and every other political group. Yes we speak out against all sin as does the Word of God. Our purpose in God’s will is to tell the people about God’s Kingdom that is too come. We all must repent…..ask for forgiveness……and turn to Him, Jesus Christ and make sure that our faith is in line with His righteousness and kingdom to come.

  34. Tori Brixius

    Thank you so much Mario! I’ve felt like this for several months and felt guilty that I was having these thoughts about my pastor. Our church is so divided right now and we pray that God will give our pastor the courage to take a stand. I pray that you come to Chicago to do some of your tent revivals! We need it!!!

  35. anthony perone

    As a retired public school teacher in LA and Kern area of California, I too have been ordered to keep my religious beliefs out of my classroom. That lie of the devil—that church and state should remain separate—has led many to keep silent. I taught “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God” (which was in our American Literature textbook) and got called into the principal’s office for preaching hell fire judgment. Amen!
    You are right Mario, with tyranny crouching at our door we must take off that muzzle/mask and proclaim the gospel of salvation in the public square!

  36. Dr. Timothy Parker

    Thank you for this crucial message. In a similar thrust, we need to bring back the sentiment of the Black Robe Regiment who boldly proclaimed righteousness in the face of growing tyranny. Our churches NEED this!

  37. Shirley

    Jeremiah 23 has a specific warning for shepherds who scatter God’s sheep. Thank you Mario for gathering those same sheep.

  38. kingskid48

    None of this is by accident. Biden is not failing, he’s succeeding, at what he’s been put in power to do;the total destruction of America.

    The same people who were praised as heroes last year, are now being vilified and run out of their jobs. Straight A students who are great kids and have never caused any trouble in school whatsover, are being banned from school, even from private school. Their choices are to be home schooled or leave and go to a state that is still sane.

    This is what is happening to my daughter-in-law and grandson. My dil has poured her life into being a Special Education teacher. She’s a very good one. She will be fired tomorrow for refusing to take the vax. My grandson is a top student in his school, a super-good kid, never a bit of trouble. As of July 1, he will be banned from school and denied the right to spend his Senior year at this, or any, public or private school in California.

    Meanwhile, the governor who has ordered this mandate has not had his own daughter vaccinated. This man either has to get saved, or he has to be removed. He has been emboldened since overcoming the recall, and has become a tyrant, destroying the lives of good people up and down the state.

    I would appreciate any prayers for my daughter-in-law and grandson. This is very hard on them. Pray for all the other families too, and that this mandate will be overturned immediately. There’s no way this can be Constitutional.

    I need God to show me what to do for them.

    Love to all.

    Pastor Mario, if you accept prayer requests, I’m asking for prayer for my daughter-in-law today. It’s her last day at her job. She will be fired tomorrow, without an immediate miracle. She never, ever texts me from school-she’s been texting me all morning. Her heart is broken. Mine is too. But I know, that with God, all things are possible.

  39. Annette M Riley

    Mario, I wholeheartedly agree! A quote from a decent TV show I watched recently. It’s from the 1800’s era. These kids were afraid of their teacher who was bullying them. They thought to do nothing. The kid asked his Mom what should they do? She said, “evil thrives, when good people do nothing”

  40. Edgar and FrancesEve Drake

    God bless you my brother in Christ. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about this so clearly for about three weeks now. We live on a sizeable island in Canada. Christianity is DEAD. We have been following a media church in the USA for 7 years but realize that with all their excellent doctrine they are ABSOLUTELY unwilling to go near the EVIL they will go as far as homosexuality and abortion and that’s it. So we are at a crossroads. No fellowship where we live in fact the people here are openly against us and Canada is in a mess. Would you not consider doing some crusades here/? We are in DESPERATE NEED OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OR WE ARE DOOMED.

  41. John G Cowper-smith

    I am excited about what God is doing. God spoke to me this morning as I have been praying for our community and area for over 30 years. He has constantly reminded be about His cry for unity in His CHURCH, for His people to come together as one. Then this morning I kept hearing “Normandy”. We are in a huge Spiritual battle these days. Praise God for His faithfulness.


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