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President Donald Trump will be joining us on Flashpoint tonight. What does that mean?

Yes, it is true that Donald Trump will be on Flashpoint tonight, Thursday, September 30, at 5 p.m. Pacific/ 6 p.m. Mountain / 7 p.m. Central/ 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Victory Channel.

But what does it mean? It means something that all of us—Gene Bailey, Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman and myself have been sensing for a long time.

Donald Trump will be on the show tonight. But, think about Donald Trump’s schedule. Consider how much care and strategy goes into his choice of interviews. Agreeing to be on Flashpoint is quite a statement.

A simple idea in the heart of Gene Bailey has, in just a little over a year, become a spiritual and political phenomenon. It did not launch from Fox News, but rather, it came from the fledgling Victory Channel. Social media has tried and failed to suppress the hunger that exists for this hour of Faith, political commentary, prophetic words, and soulwinning.

Agreeing to be on Flashpoint is quite a statement.

Am I boasting about the show? No way! I walk in fear and trembling because of the great responsibility that comes with this massive microphone.

It is a fearful thing to be in any way associated with Flashpoint. It is something that we must all pray for. Along with our high profile comes enemies in high places and, trust me, there are many who would silence us if they could.

So, what will Trump say tonight? I am very curious and very hopeful. And maybe it will be a chance to give back to someone who took one hit after another for us, as our President. I still call him Mr. President, because many of us recognize that he won the election and he is the legitimate leader of America.

Finally, I believe tonight is our chance to say thank you and to urge him to keep fighting for us.

It is amazing how many Christians are still afraid to openly support Donald Trump. But the church must wake up! The Leftist Marxists hate you! The people who hate Trump, also hate you. They hate your faith. They hate your Bible. They hate your values. They hate Israel. They hate the Constitution and, truth be told, they hate America. They hate you, even if you don’t support Trump. And they will hate you after Trump is gone.

Finally, I believe tonight is our chance to say thank you and to urge him to keep fighting for us.

But President Trump still has a destiny in America. You can speak up for him and face the backlash, and if you endure that backlash, it will give way to a lasting blessing. But if you remain silent, Trump’s destiny will be fulfilled anyway, and you will be remembered for your cowardice.

Yet, tonight’s blessing goes both ways: My prayer is that President Trump will feel the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Body of Christ. And that he will be impacted by an encounter with God tonight.

What America needs most is a true moral awakening. Nothing less will heal our land. God is using many new tools like Flashpoint to blindside the devil. Let us all be in prayer that fire will fall tonight on Flashpoint, and not just on this show, but in churches and in hearts all over America!





  1. Linds Winterroth

    Amen & Amen !!!!!🙏🙏🙏👌👍👌

    • Stacy

      Yes and amen!!! Praying daily for the Holy Spirit to fall on our President Trump! I can see him on his knees in love with the Lord🙏🏻🙌

    • Janine Sheatz

      Halalulah Praise the Living God and Bless Donald J. Trump I love him,pray for him and will support him no matter what.

    • gege4god

      PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

    • Frannie Antonucci

      Amen and Amen I pray He comes back Mr. President Trump and also Mario you come to North eastern New York GOD bless u ..

  2. cishm

    praying for tonight

  3. Brenda N Morgan

    Praise the Lord! Praying for our nation. I keep hearing R&R as in the military but God means it to mean Repentance & Revival🙏🏻❤️😊Brenda Morgan

    • Rick

      Awesome love Flaspoint

  4. Todd Lisa Jennings

    He is POTUS! You are anoited by God! Fulfill the prophecy and return for 2nd term. Prayers continue for you President DJT and your family! Let Jesus be in your heart for every decision. Let God be the Father of Love that He is for you and belivers. Let the holy spirit lead, guide and be the fire in you in all things. We love you POTUS! We stand with you as God’s army 9f belivers.

  5. MaryG

    May the Lord be merciful towards the United States of America… May America turn it’s heart towards Almighty God once more, and may America repent, turn from her wicked ways and seek the Lord that we may experience God’s full blessings again!! May the Lord bless you! Pray for those still in Afghanistan!

  6. Lynn

    I totally agree with you about everything you have just stated! I feel so alone in where I stand! It is good to know there are people of God who think the same. Thank you!

  7. Mary Justice

    Can’t wait to see our President Donald J. Trump on Flashpoint tonight!
    We agree with your prayer in that “President Trump will feel the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Body of Christ. And that he will be impacted by an encounter with God tonight.”
    To God be the Glory!! Amen.

  8. NickT

    I too still call him Mr. President, and recognize that he won the election and he is the legitimate leader of America.
    We need to pray God will continue to work on our true President Trump and continue to use him to break up the Washington establishment and there willing allies in the press and around the world to help defeat the enemy. we must speak up and never give up! I believe that is what God wants of us.

    • Phyllis Metz

      Agree, Amen 🥰

  9. NickT

    Also flashpoint is the #1 show my wife and I watch on TV, Rumble, etc.

  10. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, FLASHPOINT tonight cannot come fast enough. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is continuing to grow stronger and stronger. I can see it on TRUMP’s face at the rallies.

    He continues to be GOD’s Chosen Vessel—GOD’s modern day King Cyrus—and NOTHING NOR NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT…..

    The sheer folly of the Democratic Party and the Rhino Republicans is NAUSEATING! They think they are “little gods.” BUT THE ONE TRUE GOD IS LAUGHING AT THEM……They continue to edge closer and closer to their demise.


    • Sandra McCaa

      Well said, brother! I too support the real POTUS!

  11. Jeff

    I’ll be there.

  12. Jeff

    I’ll be there

  13. Ernst Norwig

    Praise God !!!

  14. thefathersfeet

    Thank you Mario for letting us know. Looking forward to Flashpoint tonight. The people at Word press are not letting me comment Your blog wasn’t flashing today like it has been there. Talk about censorship! They had done that previously. They made it to where I couldn’t even comment at all. Thankful that I can come over here and comment. God bless you. God bless President Trump. God bless the USA!

  15. Peggy Lewis

    Praise The Lord for Flashpoint and the stand this show has taken! We are prayerfully in agreement. May God bless this night with unforgettable power and wisdom.

  16. Tanner from Louisiana

    Praying for you President Donald J. Trump and that God save America 🌲🇺🇸🚂

  17. Collin R Williams

    Praise God. He is so good. Looking forward to this. Thank you brother for your holy boldness.

  18. Janice Burlet

    Praying for Father God in the Name of Jesus to grant His Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to President Donald J. Trump and Protection from the Evil One and His Blessings on FlashPoint and Guests as well!


    Thank you Jesus, Praying for our President Trump, God Bless You President Trump and God Bless the United States, We are asking for the Blood of Jesus over the United States Now, in Jesus Name, Amen ..

    • Christine Derksen

      Amen! I plead the blood of Christ over our “one nation under GOD”

  20. leah Riley

    This is an answer to prayer!!! President Trump is the Trumpet of truth and that’s why the left hates him so much. I cannot wait to share this episode and I hope he’s gonna call in on the Red Phone!!! I will continue to pray for God’s protection, wisdom, and glory to fall on his people. Hold the line Christians, we will prevail. AMEN

  21. Joni Wooten

    I pray our TRUE PRESIDENT, DONALD J TRUMP only listens to true prophets as his council. We all know he has many “ advisors” that have their own agenda. I pray Father God Will give President Trump more discernment than he ever thought possible. In Jesus name. So grateful for him and mostly for Jesus.

  22. Wordforworld

    “I walk in fear and trembling because of the great responsibility that comes with this massive microphone.” Spoken like a true, journalistic & beloved voice for the people.

    No wonder you have such a huge following, Mario! We applaud you and Gene Bailey, Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, the staff of Flashpoint, Victory, and their many distinguished guests.

    Tonight’s guest is one we ALL have been waiting for. May the Absolute good God direct the entire event. May HIS COUNSEL
    raise up His “appointed, anointed…and not to fail servant.”
    In Jesus’ Name, we declare President Donald J. Trump loosed from lying advisors; and that he STANDS as God’s servant and rises to his duly elected position as President of these United States. Amen.

  23. Susan

    God Bless America!
    And God Bless the President who defends the most innocent and vulnerable.

  24. Pam Whitfield

    Watched the show last night. It was awesome! I’ve been praying for President Trump for years, and even more so for over a year, and have no intention of stopping now. I have taken a stand publicly, and will never back up. I believe in God and I believe in the prophets. God has promised the United States will be saved!

  25. sineamarie

    It was epic!!!
    Something to pray about. I realized last evening as I watched Flashpoint on our big screen (I usually watch the rerun on my little tv in the bedroom later on) that it is not in HD. I don’t mind as the content is so important to me that I will gladly watch no matter what. Newbies, though, who are less committed may click out if it is fuzzy looking. So, let’s all pray in going HD for VICTORY CHANNEL!

  26. Dave Hunsinger

    The Flashpoint mentioned was on last night and I received this message Friday morning, after the event. Is this a problem on my end?

  27. kingskid48

    I didn’t receive this email until about 8:00am this morning, but it’s okay, because I record Flashpoint every Tuesday and Thursday evening. I love it. I am so glad that I saw the program last night. It was such a blessing.

    President Trump was so respectful, and it was so good to hear him. I sense a difference stirring in him. God is working in him and has His Hand on him.

    What a blessing Flashpoint is. I love all of you on there.

  28. JAN Seaver

    God wins! Jesus said “It is finished!” He meant it! We agree in prayer with all those praying for our nation. Thank You, Lord, for Flashpoint and all Your faithful men and women who stand on the rock of Jesus Christ and never give up. Thank You for President Trump and all our Christ-following leaders. God bless you all abundantly!❤️

  29. Jean-Yves Poirier

    Here in Canada some of my relatives told me that I was “stupid” to say to everybody
    that I consider Donald Trump as the “Greatest President we ever had”. It proves that the satanic media have destroyed the Donald Trump’ reputation all around the world.
    Even if I am Canadian, I consider President Trump as MY President because he is “The Leader” we need to save the world
    from communism with our Christian values.
    My wife and me pray for him because we believe he has been chosen buy God to have an impact in all the world.

    Thank you to the FlashPoint team used buy the Holy Spirit to give us hope.

  30. Esther L Gibbs

    I did watch FlashPoint last night (Thursday) and was so blessed to hear everyone and especially to have my President, Donald Trump who has done so much for this nation, speak to Pastor Gene and us all. I was disappointed thought that he did not answer Gene’s last question but reiterated all that he had done when he was in office. We are very thankful for all that he and his whole team did but I wanted to hear what he has on his heart for us now. I do appreciate all that he, his wife and his whole family endured for the call on his life from God (I believe) and for staying true to what he believes about this nation!

  31. Ginny Seymour

    Thank you Mario Murillo for boldly using the gift and the guidance the Holy Spirit gives you! You are a faithful servant!

  32. Victoria

    I have not abandoned Mr. Trump, but I am extremely skeptical of the RNC! I still have not gotten over how they abandoned him and us!

  33. bwalker42

    I could hardly wait for the phone call interview with Gene Baily and President Donald Trump. I was glad to hear the phone call would be taking place! I was so excited! Anticipation!
    And when Gene asked Mr President Trump what we could do to engage to help him, President Trump listed what He already did for us. I think it took courage to do what He did for the Church and Israel. He actually did what he knew to do, and he would have done more good if the evil public servants would have not been wasting every body’s time and money on witch hunts. Truly He is the greatest President Ever. He’s Leading by Example. I believe he want’s us to take courage, and do what we know to do in the face of adversity. Speak up for the Lord, our families, houses, Country, and our President! President Trump!

  34. Marrion Hamm

    We saw Flashpoint last night with President Trump in it! What an awesome honour!

  35. Dani G

    For those who speak lies against President Trump and truth and righteousness, “Let their lying lips be silenced, for with pride and contempt they speak arrogantly against the righteous.”

  36. David Jones

    Christianity is not for cowards! We stand with President Trump, NOT Lyin Biden the Democrat puppet!

  37. Mary Wilson

    He’s still my President! And I’m so thankful for all of you at Flashpoint. God bless you.

  38. parrillaturi

    Praying for our legit, President Trump. He will be back. God is not through with him. He will use him again, as He sets up these liberal evil ones, for their demise.

  39. parrillaturi

    Praise the Lord. God is setting up these evil liberals for destruction. Their demise is at hand. Our legit President will be back.

  40. Carol Maness

    Thank you Flash Point for standing for Truth. Loved to hear President Donald Trump on the program. I always feel comfort hearing him speak. Love all of you on Flash Point!

  41. Aaron Jackson

    Breaking news
    Australian premier resigned because of astra Zeneca and Pfizer lobbyists bribes to push through mandate legislation in Australia


  42. ClarkeKennedy

    You can support President Trump by praying for him live with others anytime day or night on the 24×7 National Strategic Prayer Call. (712) 770-4340;543555#. This whole call is to pray for President Trump 24 hours a day.

  43. Sheri H.

    Hard to believe that was already a week ago but I came back here to check out the blog (for several reasons.. one having to do with what took place in upstate New York…!!!).. I am so encouraged though to see what you felt PRIOR to President Trump coming on Flashpoint..
    It literally struck me as highly significant..

    As I listened.. I felt another shift take place. I say another because there has been at times when you and the others share, when I feel a shift. The anointing always comes through as well during the show.. This is for all of you, along with Pastor Gene who so faithfully show up (when able) week after week, and now, just over one year later..

    God is moving!

    and He’s using (to some) the insignificant, but humble, vessels to do it through!

    That said.. THANK YOU for keeping your face like flint, and not moving from the Fear of the Lord.



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