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They will make the greatest bid for world domination in history. It is no longer just armies that threaten freedom—it is corporations and corrupt politicians. I believe that evil in all of its vile colors is even now rising to try to crush our freedom and our churches.

They wield astonishing power. They have mountains of money, unlimited connections, and enormous influence. Will they destroy nations and borders? Will they drive the church underground? Is it possible that they can indeed plow under the entire moral foundation of America, and even the world?

Barack Obama, George Soros, and Bill Gates have plans—plans that could envelope the world. They are feverishly putting the finishing touches on strategies to redefine the human race. They are the apostles of the “new normal.”  Conspirator number one, Obama, wishes to rule through a puppet president. Soros, the second one is funding and managing global anarchy. The last one named, Bill Gates, seems to be pinning his hope on a mandatory vaccine.

Pandemic, economic collapse and rioting, provide the perfect situation for men to seize power. It is right out of the book most favored by the Deep State: Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’. The proof of their power grab? The illegal shutdown of churches.  The elites who believe they are on a higher level of wealth and power, also believe, “Never waste a crisis.” And if there is no crisis available—you create one.

This is not just about money. This trio despises Christianity and Israel. They are working to rid the world of the laws of God. They are described in Psalm 2:2-3: “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, “Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.”

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They are on schedule for world domination. What is God doing? Actually, God is laughing. He is laughing at their plans. Back to Psalm 2, in verse 4 it states, “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall hold them in derision.” God laughs and mocks their plans. He heaps divine ridicule on them.

But God’s dealings do not stop there: verse 5, “Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure…”  God is not only laughing at their plans―He will wreck their plans. His wrath will be poured out on their vain imaginings.

The word backfire does not begin to cover the next act of God against men who try to bury the church and set up their own kingdom. The nations are the express inheritance of Jesus Christ. Psalm 2 goes on to say in verses 7-8. “The Lord has said to Me, ‘You are My Son, today I have begotten You. Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession.”

Every believer shares in this final victory. Every believer is more powerful and purposeful than they know. We should shake off all fear and helplessness and then confess the end times are not happening to me. I am happening to the end times!

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Barack Obama, George Soros, Bill Gates—you would do well to abandon your course. A mighty God protects us. The devil whom you serve, is already doomed, and he will take you three down with him.

My final warning is this, gentlemen—beware of what God plans to do about your plans.

Psalm 2:9-10, “You shall break them with a rod of iron; You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel. Now therefore, be wise, O kings; be warned, you judges of the earth.”

But how should you and I react to this moment? We can fear and hide or we can stand and watch God give us weapons of supernatural effectiveness; words to preach that can’t be resisted and miracle provision to finish our course with joy. These are dark days, but God has not forsaken us. Rejoice! God is laughing at their threats!


  1. Ana


    • Rosario Aganon

      Yes, let us all stand together for victory against these tyrants who arrogantly think they can beat God.

      • DelorisQuick


        • Victoria

          HALLELUJAH! I live in the state Obama came from – the WHOLE state of politicians NEED to repent and ask for deliverance from the evil one. My prayer is that Obama and his cronies have a supernatural encounter with the Lord! Amen!

      • Barbara

        Amen 🙏,God wins

    • Sandra

      Yes and Amen!

      • Justice

        The LORD GOD WILL have them in derision.

    • T

      We do not know what to do Lord But our Eyes are on you Lord! Watch the Salvation of our God. The enemies will destroy themselves and each other. Thus says Our God.

    • Christie

      So very encouraging! Thank you, Mario!

    • Kary Reinerio

      AMEN!! Our GOD IS LARGE and IN CHARGE!!!!!

    • Ralph Stamp

      Amen to prophetic truth of the Lord’s word for such a time as this!

    • gdw2001@hotmail.com

      Father, You are faithful, You keep Your promises! We exalt You and claim Your promises to destroy the plans of the wicked, and bring forth Your righteousness, turning hearts from darkness to light, from the enemy kingdom to Your Kingdom.

  2. Shawn

    “And if there is no crisis available—you create one”.
    Aren’t you doing the same with this article Mario?
    Do you really think that Obama is working behind the scenes for world domination? And Soros is funding world anarchy? And who cares if Gates believes in mandatory vaccines? He has no power in that type of a decision.
    Can you please gives the specifics on your overly sensational claims found within your article?

    • Jj

      Wait patiently and watch.

    • Loyd

      Shawn, your ignorance is a crisis 24/7. Your wokeness speaks volumes.

      • Yvette

        Amen brother

      • Aaron Jackson

        Scott,Mark and now Shawn what’s his next name going to be?

    • philju31b

      Amen 😎😉👍🙌🙏🏽🙏🏻

    • Greg

      Obama as well as others have long promoted a “New World Order”! Hello! Do your own research and debunk it if it’s not true!

      • Brenda

        We as Christians, should shake off all fear and helplessness and confess, The end times r not happening to me. I A M Happening To The End Times. Amen, Glory to God🙏🏻Mario, Thank u for His Word Of Truth. And for spending time in His, presence it shows through this blog and your walk. Glory to God, expose the truth To All.📖We love u Brother Mario. Praying with u in agreement. I pray for Peace over Israel, and Peace over the United States of America. 🇮🇱🛐🇺🇸🕊🔥♥️🦁

      • Melissa

        Let GOD ARISE!!!!! And we the army of God arise with Him!! Let the flags unfurl , let the flags fly high! Let the banners of love wave , for the kingdom of God is come to earth as in heaven!!! LET GOD ARISE!!!

        • Missy

          Amen and Amen!!

    • Dixie L Zehoin

      Calling out the problem that is being created is not causing one, it is exposing one.

      • Shawn

        Dixie L Zehoin, Wrong. When you stretch the truth with misinformation about people it is creating a problem. I find it unbelievable that Christians now have a license to judge people based upon hearsay, gossip, and then it becomes a huge belief built into stone. This unevenly yoked right-wing Christianity is of this world and not of Christ. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not from this world. If my kingdom were from this world, my servants would………….” It is very clear in this scripture that because the Lord Jesus’s kingdom is “not of this world” that his servants react differently than the way the world would act on things that are presented before them. Is there a difference between right wing Christianity and right wing worldly politics? None.

    • Kim

      You are like the people who mocked Noah who was building the Ark, they scoffed and made fun because their spiritual eyes were not opened. George Soros is an (not the) antichrist who is funding chaos all over the world. I’m certain that he sold his soul to the devil in order to become a billionaire.
      We all know that Bidumb is being handled by others. In his mental stupor, he’s even made those remarks about asking if he can do certain things. Enter Obama. Our nation became MORE divided than ever when he and Bidumb were in office.
      Gates wants to jab everyone with an unproven, experimental innoculation. Thousands have already died from the injection. Gates wants population control, that is a FACT! He is so arrogant that he thinks he can harness the sun. He thinks he’s God! When you have money beyond understanding, power is the next lust to conquer. Remember these words, and try to remove your blinders and ask Jesus into your heart. He will forgive you if you’re sincere.

      • Alex Barnes

        While I appreciate civil liberties etc…Cities like LA ( and many more to come) are going to shut down again BECAUSE of the UN- Vaccinated. This isn’t political, it’s common sense. I took the vax & magically I’m still breathing, alive, no side effect, AND, 95% immune to COVID. Spoke to my doctor yesterday in LA- he said “every hospitalization we have gotten in the last 2 weeks is UN-vaccinated people, most of whom are anti-vax.” … And so an entire country of 16 million people is now stepping back to mask wearing… & the next step is restaurants not allowing people to eat indoors etc etc etc. And it won’t be just LA, get ready.

        • Rochelle

          Please look at the most recent episode of The Highwire with Del Bigtree and watch any of the interviews Dr. Peter McCullough has given (one of the world’s top cardiologists who has studied the covid virus this last year and published two papers on it).

          The facts are in: people who have been fully vaccinated can still be infected with the virus and can transmit it. The antibodies it provides only last for six to ten weeks. Also, the antibodies the shot provides do not protect from any of the variants‼️ The director of the CDC admits this.

          You should thank God you were not among the 11,000 people who died as a result from taking the shot, or the thousands who have been damaged with myocarditis or uncontrollable shaking.

          • Alex Barnes

            Ok ok ok, let’s look at some of the facts here. Del Bigtree is the CEO of an anti-vax group known as Informed Consent Action Network. I watched the episodes of the show The Highwire with Del Bigtree, a popular weekly anti-vaccine broadcast, from January 30, 2020 to April 2, 2020, taking detailed notes (while I continued watching the show since, I did not continue taking detailed I independently wrote out themes from the show. Then I discussed, with my doctor our findings and converged on six common themes. We have identified six key themes that characterize the coverage of COVID-19 on The Highwire with Del Bigtree, themes equivalent to those used in promotion of anti-vaccine claims. First, a major thread running through the show was the claim that “government and the media are lying to you.” A sub-theme to this is that this is motivated by money, often linked to “big pharma.” There are many examples of this; on January 30, Bigtree said that “CDC and FDA really like to hide facts.” On March 19, Bigtree claimed the numbers of deaths and cases reported out of China were false, and on March 26, he claimed that the Italian cases and deaths were misrepresented, and that the numbers in the United States were also misrepresented, alleging that in both cases only 12% of the reported number died of the virus. This draws on a Telegraph article published several days earlier, explaining that 88% of the deaths had additional comorbidities, which may have contributed to the deaths Bigtree described the article – incorrectly – thus: “88% of the cases you have to admit died from something else but they leave the 7000 number to scare us.”

            On March 26, Bigtree argued that there’s a “global agenda” motivated by money – and led by Dr. Fauci – to bring a vaccine that will be forced on everyone in the world. This idea has gained considerable traction among anti-vaccine advocates; the hashtag #firefauci trended on Twitter in April and President Trump suggested firing Fauci again in November.

            Similar themes are often part of the anti-vaccine narrative. In testimony before the Washington state Senate, Del Bigtree accused the CDC of fraud – a theme echoed in the anti-vaccine movie he produced, Vaxxed. The same theme characterized the anti-vaccine description of a freedom of information act (FOIA) settlement with Health and Human Services (HHS).

            A second theme casts doubt on the ability of science to handle problems. Maybe the most blatant example is when, during his January 30 show, Bigtree brought in a sack of rice to try and claim that scientists’ concern about specific viruses is irrational because there are millions of viruses and bacteria (symbolized by the grain of rice). Bigtree described the quest to find vaccines against specific germs as “stupid” and asked, “At what point do we say this is futile?”

            While it is true that there is an enormous diversity of bacteria and viruses, only a small percentage cause us harm, and most of those have a vaccine or treatment (such as antibiotics) available; thus the analogy fails.

            The same theme appeared in other shows – for example, on March 19 he argued that we should just use natural selection like caribou—”sick get eaten by the wolves. That’s how we’ve thrived.” Along similar lines, Bigtree claimed on March 26 that immunity from getting a virus is lifelong and superior to vaccine immunity – it’s “something never achieved by a vaccine, it’s an inferior immunity vaccines provide.”

            A third theme emphasizes that government’s reaction to COVID-19 tramples civil liberties. The discussion of this started to increase in earnest after multiple states issued stay-at-home orders (starting with six counties in California, on March 15. On March 19, Mr. Bigtree asked “How many people are willing to sacrifice their health (including financial) to protect the vulnerable?” On March 26, he described the measures to contain spread as “government moving in on civil liberties.” On April 2, he asked “why are we locked down now?” This theme echoes claim of anti-vaccine activists that they are “the new civil rights movement”.

            A fourth theme to emerge tells listeners that they are just as expert as everyone else, so they should “think for themselves”. In her book Calling the Shots, Jennifer Reich described how anti-vaccine parents saw themselves as experts equivalent to scientists, and in some ways, better. Similarly, Bigtree argues that he – and his audience – are as qualified as the experts. In part, he does it by attacking experts. For example, in January 30 he described CDC and scientists as “a bunch of morons”. On March 26, Bigtree said that “if they are … removing whatever lockdown they had it really sort of defies to me any idea that this was an infectious disease … it just defies reason doesn’t it?” On April 9, in response to alleged new discoveries on how to treat patients, Bigtree asked, “What took so long? … This is why people, we trust our doctor – aren’t they all sitting together and talking about differences? What’s wrong with medicine that it’s taking so long?” Bigtree both does not respect expertise, and sees experts as not doing their job, ignoring that in a new situation, new information comes up, and knowledge has to develop. This may echo a common misunderstanding of the scientific process, which is, in reality, often messy, involving starts and wrong ends, but eventually – ideally fast, but not always – converging on conclusions supported by evidence drawn from multiple independent sources.

            While he criticizes many of the mainstream experts, in the fifth theme we identified, Bigtree is skewing the science. In her article on tactics and tropes of the antivaccine movement, anthropologist Anna Kata described how anti-vaccine activists skew the science by rejecting studies that did not fit their views by latching onto studies and experts that support them. Bigtree consistently picks experts and data he likes rather than looking at a full picture. For example, on January 30 he brought in a scientist without expertise in virology or epidemiology – James Lyons Weiler – to talk to the origins of coronavirus, followed by a doctor sympathetic to the anti-vaccine cause, David Browstein. On March 26, Bigtree quoted several experts in various fields who agreed with his views that governments overreact to COVID19 – ignoring the many experts who disagree. Similarly, he described the limited evidence behind treating COVID19 patients with hydroxychloroquine as clearly supporting recommending it, ignoring issues, and said “Why attack the only option you have?”

            On April 9 Bigtree brought in bioinformatics scientist Knut Wittkowski (who claimed, among other things, that deaths in the United States won’t surpass 24,000; as of October 20 the United States saw over 220,000 confirmed COVID-19 fatalities). Wittkowski is not an infectious diseases expert, as demonstrated in a highly-publicized interview where he declared the pandemic “over” and claimed he didn’t understand why we were trying to “flatten the curve”.The claim of inflated death numbers was repeated on April 30, when he interviewed two doctors who own a chain of urgent care centers and who claimed that the death rate of the disease was very low –claims so misleading that the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) issued a joint statement condemning these doctors’ “reckless and untested musings”.

            As a final theme, the broadcast strongly suggests that “‘they’ (government, evil actors motivated by pharma) are out to get you” – they’re not just hiding information, they’re intentionally harming you. On March 19 Bigtree strongly criticized the harms of quarantine – “quarantine is not a safe approach. It is a deadly one;” that presents “grave risk to the destruction of our economy.” While it is certainly true that stay-at-home orders had a detrimental economic effect, economists have noted that a lack of them would also have been devastating, and would have come with a higher death rate. On March 26, Bigtree suggested that if we quarantine for COVID-19, we will need to do this for every influenza season as well going forward, implying that the government will continue this “over-reach” of powers to protect individuals from infection. Similar themes are common in the anti-vaccine movement – for example, Larry Cook, an anti-vaccine activist, put out an ad claiming vaccines kill children, and Del Bigtree made similar claims on previous shows.

            As for Dr. Peter McCullough who is a COVID-19 vaccine skeptic, was sued by Baylor Health, after he reportedly continued to use an affiliation with Baylor Health in interviews and publications, even though he was no longer employed by them. According to the lawsuit, BSWH and HealthTexas Provider Network reached a confidential separation agreement with Peter A. McCullough in February that he would no longer use his affiliation with them after leaving their employment.

            The lawsuit alleges McCullough broke the agreement and continued to use an affiliation with BSWH “dozens, if not hundreds, of times” in media interviews and other publications.

            They claim this has led to public confusion, with multiple comments on social media in which people continued to believe McCullough was still employed by BSWH.

        • KellyC

          In a free society, it is my right to choose whether or not to let people shoot poison into me. Because I choose not to doesn’t make it anyone else’s business. If others choose to be sheeple, that is their prerogative and I won’t dispute their right to do so either.

        • Dena

          You’re believing the lies and propaganda. It’s a shame that you don’t have the discernment to see what’s truly going on .
          You allowed yourself to be part of an experiment for a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate . What you allowed to be injected into your temple isn’t a vaccine but it’s synthetic gene therapy. Did you know that the vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability? Are you aware that over 45,000 people have died here in the United States from the poison jabs? That’s only one agency reporting to VAERS. The number of deaths go far above that . The number of injuries from the injections is horrendous!

          Those getting sick and dying are those that rolled up their sleeves. The spike protein attaches to the cells and attacks vital organs. Those that received the synthetic gene therapy are extremely sensitive to any wild virus or common illnesses as the body will overreact.
          The so called virus hasn’t been scientifically isolated. That should make you think .
          God bless you .

          • Alex Barnes

            I look at the science and yes some people have had side effects with SOME vaccines, but people dying from it?! Are you getting your information from Alex Jones? The InfoWars dude?! There is a nurse I know who this week had to take 21 teenagers off life support, one them asked her if he can get the vax and she replied, ” I’m sorry it’s too late.” People who’ve gotten the vax and then contracted the virus have SURVIVED not died. You can spout alll the research you want. 4 days ago I went with a friend of mine to a private event we were about to go into my friends tralier when we were stopped becasue the person who cleaned it tested positive for COVID, which means he put not just us, but the crew, other memebers AT RISK. I learned about vaccines at a private Christian Highschool. They work.

        • Jon

          Hello Alex. Did you ask your doctor to support his claims or did you simply take his statement at face value? Please ask your doctor for the documentation and you may be surprised to learn your doctor is only repeating talking points he has been spoon fed from a complicit media or from his pharmaceutical sales rep. We all look forward to seeing your next post with the supporting documentation your doctor provides you. It sounds like you have a good relationship with your doctor so it would seem likely your doctor helped to sell you on the positives of injecting your body with spike proteins which are toxins to humans, so he is evermore conflicted in how he interprets data. You are not magically breathing, each breath comes from God. As with all toxins, they affect each person differently and it would not be prudent to swallow mercury even if you do keep breathing. An experimental medicine never before injected in humans maybe is keeping you safe from a virus that most people’s immune system can readily manage without the need of a man made chemical cocktail. Still, it is only an experimental treatment and you are one of the hundreds of millions of human test subjects. Have you considered why Uganda has a near zero death rate from Covid while in CA with all the best of the best medical options we have one of the highest death rates? You are a thinker as evidenced by your connecting of the dots to blame antivaxers for restaurants closing and return to impotent masking requirements. Certainly your thinking mind will want to know that in Uganda where malaria is prevalent so too is hydroxychloroquine. What would thinkers choose if they were allowed the choice to use a zinc ionizer (hydroxychloroquine) which has been safely used for over 50 years treating malaria, or an experimental cocktail that has ingredients never tested on humans, which would a thinking person choose? Of course, even a conflicted thinker like yourself knows the answer…now you understand why zinc ionizers and therapeutics and the thousands of doctors who recommend such had to be censored because if we can prevent sickness then the unbalanced massive wealth transfer and power grab that took place from Covid never could have occurred. Finally, please do not be naïve. The masks and lockdowns had to return because the power they so craved and gained was slipping through their fingers when the fear was subsiding. Keep the masses fearful, and divided and a handful of elitists can increase their wealth and power like even thinkers like you would have speculated. If nothing else was proven in the past 18 months this is undeniable.

          • Alex Barnes

            Jon here’s the information my doc gave me from a placed called the Mayo Clinic. Never heard of it? Here’s a quick definition of what it is: The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit American academic medical center focused on integrated health care, education, and research. Here’s what they said: The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective in preventing the COVID-19 virus with symptoms in people age 16 and older. The vaccine is 100% effective in preventing the COVID-19 virus in children ages 12 through 15. This vaccine is for people age 12 and older. It requires two injections given 21 days apart. The second dose can be given up to six weeks after the first dose, if needed. The WHO also stated: Vaccines contain weakened or inactive parts of a particular organism (antigen) that triggers an immune response within the body. Newer vaccines contain the blueprint for producing antigens rather than the antigen itself. Regardless of whether the vaccine is made up of the antigen itself or the blueprint so that the body will produce the antigen, this weakened version will not cause the disease in the person receiving the vaccine, but it will prompt their immune system to respond much as it would have on its first reaction to the actual pathogen. Some vaccines require multiple doses, given weeks or months apart. This is sometimes needed to allow for the production of long-lived antibodies and development of memory cells. In this way, the body is trained to fight the specific disease-causing organism, building up memory of the pathogen so as to rapidly fight it if and when exposed in the future. No they say that some people can’t get vaxed cuz of underlying health conditions. An AMA Survey ask doctors if they recommend the vax, 96% of doctors recommend and have already been vaxed up. According to The John Hopkins Research: Over the past months, millions of people in the U.S. have been safely vaccinated. The FDA and CDC continue to carefully monitor each of the authorized COVID-19 vaccines for safety concerns. These organizations are being thorough and transparent. One example is that in April 2021 the CDC and FDA paused administration of the J&J vaccine so they could review data on a few reported cases of serious blood clots following vaccination with that vaccine. After this review, the FDA and CDC determined that the benefits of the J&J vaccine outweigh the risk of this very rare side effect, and authorized vaccination with the J&J shot to resume. Safety is always a top priority as federal agencies work with vaccine manufacturers to develop and authorize new vaccines. Here are some of the steps: Careful testing. All vaccines go through clinical trials to test safety and effectiveness. For the COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA set high safety standards for vaccine developers to meet. This infographic from the National Institutes of Health shows the four phases a vaccine goes through before it is released to the public.
            Authorization for emergency use. If a vaccine or medicine is needed to address an emergency situation such as the coronavirus pandemic, once it is shown to be safe and effective, the FDA can grant it an emergency use authorization, or EUA. An EUA allows a vaccine, treatment or medication to be used before the formal FDA approval.
            Continuous monitoring for problems and side effects. Once a vaccine gets an EUA and is being given to people, the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to watch carefully to make sure no problems arise. Data on the vaccine’s safety record accumulates over time when more and more people who receive it report on their experience and any side effects they experience. One important way to report any adverse events after vaccination is through the Vax. Medical Economics ( The Journal of Medical Economics is a monthly peer-reviewed academic journal that covers econometric assessments of novel therapeutic and medical device interventions. It is published by Routledge and was established in 1998.) said this: It’s not physicians who are declining the COVID-19 vaccine,” says Marcus Bryner, MD, a radiologist in Grant’s Pass, OR.“ Every physician I know at our hospital has received the vaccine or is scheduled for it. The problem is the rest of the clinical staff—nurses and x-ray technicians. Probably half of our non-physician staff are skeptical and declining the vaccine.” George Davis, MD, an emergency physician in Texas says that all of the emergency physicians at his hospital except one has received their COVID-19 vaccine, compared with about 60% of the nursing staff. “And now the last doctor just told me he is going to get his,” says Davis. Allergist and immunologist Purvi Parikh, MD served as an investigator in COVID-19 vaccine trials. She agrees that physicians have been very accepting of the vaccine. “I don’t know a single physician who turned it down, including in my own practice,” says Parikh, who notes that the highest number of vaccine refusers in her practice have been nurses.
            Marsha Taylor, MD, a family physician in Charlottesville, VA, was surprised when she saw media reports portraying rates of vaccine acceptance as low as 50% among healthcare workers. “I kept seeing a media portrayal of skepticism among health experts of the vaccine. But based on what I was seeing in my own clinic, it was not the health experts—physicians—but clinical staff that were more hesitant.” To confirm her suspicion that it was not physicians who were declining the vaccine, Taylor posted a poll on two large physician-only Facebook pages. Out of nearly 3,000 physician respondents, 95% said that they had either already received or planned to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. “This doesn’t match the reporting in the media,” says Taylor, who is concerned that the public is being misled by polls that lump healthcare workers into one category. Perhaps one of the reasons that physicians are more accepting of the vaccine is a greater understanding of the scientific background behind its development .For example, four Kansas health department nurses refused to administer the COVID-19 vaccine because they felt uncomfortable with “a new technology we’ve never seen before.” But many physicians point out that mRNA vaccine technology has been well-established over time. Gina Leoni, MD, a family physician in Los Angeles felt comfortable taking the vaccine after she studied its development. Now she takes the time to explain the science to her patients. “I’ve been surprised by what has been left out of the mainstream media. For example, that there is no actual COVID-19 virus in the vaccine, or that the mRNA vaccine technology is not new—it started in the 1990s.” Another reason that physicians are highly accepting of the vaccine may relate to their experiences caring for patients infected with the COVID virus. Mary Margaret Clapp, MD, a family physician in Tuscaloosa, AL says, “During the worst part of the pandemic I spent months living on little sleep trying to keep my patients safe. Getting vaccinated is the least I can do to support my colleagues, decrease the risk to my patients, and decrease the reservoir of this virus.” Physicians are also influenced by seeing respected colleagues step up to be vaccinated. Terence Alost, MD, an emergency physician in Louisiana, says that he noticed hesitancy in a few of his co-workers until they saw their fellow physicians get vaccinated. “The medicine service chief got her shot early on and let all the other docs and employees know. Once that happened, I haven’t heard of seen any physicians refuse the shot at all.” Paul Dorio, MD, a radiologist in Naples, FL says that it is important for physicians to speak out about receiving the vaccine—and for the media to publicize high acceptance rates by physicians rather than emphasizing lower acceptance from healthcare workers in general. “Fears and doubts are so much easier to sow than confidence and understanding.” Torre Halscott MD MS, a maternal-fetal medicine and critical care physician was the co-author for COVID-19 in pregnancy and is a vocal supporter of the vaccine. “I’m proudly and gratefully vaccinated, and I ardently encourage everyone to join us. I truly believe that it’s the best, quickest and most effective way to get back to our lives safely.” Tina Adkins, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Jacksonville, FL, was part of the Moderna vaccine trial, and she urges her patients to take the vaccine. “The fertility concerns are a social media conspiracy theory,” says Adkins, noting that some women in the vaccine studies became pregnant during the trial period. “We know that pregnant women are at increased risk of severe disease from COVID. The risks from the vaccine are less than the risk of COVID, so, the risk/benefit ratio favors vaccination.” And just two months ago: In Britain, researchers reported in May that two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine had an effectiveness of 88 percent protecting against symptomatic disease from Delta. A June study from Scotland concluded that the vaccine was 79 percent effective against the variant. On Saturday, a team of researchers in Canada pegged its effectiveness at 87 percent. And on Monday, Israel’s Ministry of Health announced that the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 64 percent against all coronavirus infections, down from about 95 percent in May, before the Delta variant began its climb to near-total dominance in Israel. It’s possible, for example, that people who choose not to get vaccinated may be more likely to put themselves in situations where they could get exposed to the virus. On the other hand, older people may be more likely to be vaccinated but also have a harder time fending off an aggressive variant. Or an outbreak may hit part of a country where most people are vaccinated, leaving under-vaccinated regions unharmed. One way to rule out these alternative explanations is to compare each vaccinated person in a study with a counterpart who did not get the vaccine. Researchers often go to great lengths to find an unvaccinated match, looking for people who are of a similar age and health. They can even match people within the same neighborhood. Also a recent investigation found out that, Donald Trump and his whole family GOT VACCINATED. Wow that’s a shocker isn’t it? Hmm I wonder about Fox News, oh, they too are ALL VACCINATED. Need anymore info from my doc? You can stay ignorant and cry Fake News and honestly, that’s fine. If that’s what you believe hey, more power to you. Just a final thought before I head off somewhere, FACTS OUTWEIGH OPINIONS( I’m not screaming or shouting) God Bless you and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

      • soljerblue

        Mario, I notice since you opened up this new website, we’ve accumulated a few trolls, or one troll with a few posting handles. Stay on the bomb run, Brother — you know you’re over the target when the flak gets heavy. They’re puttin’ it up there but they haven’t reached your altitude and their aim’s no good either.

        • barry

          Alex Barnes – from your post (article more like) above, it’s 100% certain that you lifted everything you wrote. Sad. I’m not even going to argue against the points you copied and pasted but to say everything in your article is company talk…nothing new to us who have been listening to what many, MANY doctors across the nation have said about covid and the un-vaccine product that is killing people by the 1000s. Have you heard of America’s Front Line Doctors? Huge number of them that formed their organization a year ago and were immediately shut down from all social media because they didn’t tow the line with the company talk.

          By the way, Johns (yes, with an ‘s’) Hopkins Medical Center is controlled in a left-leaning corporate environment (maybe you haven’t heard of the corporations who are going along hook-line-and-sinker with the whole fear-mongering covid masking and forced jabs in order to continue or be hired in a job with them). The so-called ‘virus’ has not even been determined to be a virus, but a bio-weapon. Oh, well, that’s enough. Surely you know enough from what I’e said here to see that the company talk is demanding that we all just fall in line. However, I know enough from what you copied and pasted above that there’s no changing your mind – you’ve pretty much closed up shop and gone home. I wish you the best and hope you are not affected by the jabs you’ve taken already nor the ones yet to come. Oh, and did you know? “There are MORE viruses coming.” That’s a pretty good indication that something is terribly wrong. Remember when fauci said we would have a pandemic in the form of a virus during Trump’s administration? “Those who have ears to hear…” Jesus Christ.

          • Alex Barnes

            I already got my two, as you put it, jabs. As I said no side effects. I did copy and paste the info because it’s WHAT MY DOC SENT ME. If I choose to type it out I would likely get fired from my job so coping and pasting was faster. I did lift anything, the person above asked for documentation that my doc gave me. I’m more concerned about Mario preaching of the gospel. He came to my church and preached a great message but he also hosted a 3 day tent revival in the midst of a pandemic. I attended all 3 days( wearing a mask and trying to social distance) but when I heard him speak he tended to weaponize the Gospel and it’s wrong and reading his blog it’s still weaponized and starting a great divide between believers. Anyway I’m done with this back and forth I got other things to do.

      • Sandy Jaks

        Very well said. Amen and amen.

    • Wordforworld

      -The LORD has rebuked the heathen &
      -Has destroyed the wicked and put out their name forever
      -the heathen are sunk down in the pit they made: in the net they hid is their own foot taken
      -the wicked shall be turned into hell
      -the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned
      -slaughter is prepared for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

      The throne of iniquity (those that frame mischief by a law, those that gather agst the soul of the righteous, & those that condemn innocent blood) SHALL BE CUT OFF.
      Yea, the LORD our God shall cut them off.

      But thou. O God shalt bring them down into the pit of destruction: bloody & deceitful men shall not live out half their days.

      We think Mario sufficiently covered the point.

      Thanks, Mario, for leading us to the Word to discover HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!
      God, be MAGNIFIED, which takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants!
      In the Name of Jesus, amen.

      • Shawn

        Have you forgotten the Good News? “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”
        Sounds like you are living in the Old Testament.

        • NewHeavenOnEarth

          Did Jesus get out a whip and remove the money changers who were defiling the temple or did he say, “I love you and your deception keeping my people from God our Father?”

          • Shawn

            Jesus was directing his anger “solely at religious people” defiling God’s temple. Regarding sinners, “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him”. Again, it looks to me that people posting on this site, including Mario, are living in the Old testament. A very heavy load of judgement and condemnation. This is not the Gospel that Jesus proclaimed.

      • Collin R Williams

        Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

    • Darlene W

      Shawn if you are truly interested you might want to check out Olive Tree Ministries. Their videos are more in depth. Space is limited on these blogs. But nothing is more beneficial than doing research and taking it to the Lord and letting Him speak Truth to you.

    • pooch55

      I pray the LORD opens your eyes before it is too late

    • Randall Verarde

      Shawn, what’s more likely, that Mario’s creating a crisis or that millions like you are ignoring it? As Covid-positive migrants pour into our country and we’re on the verge of another devastating shutdown; as riots breakout across Europe while our President appears clueless? While Soros and Gates, to name just two, have their fingerprints all over every aspect of healthcare, pharma, and politics? The fact is that arrogant tyrants have been defying God since Babel. Mario’s counsel stands: it will not turn out well for them. To the proverbial frog in the pot of water, I say, sure is getting hot in here.

      • Shawn

        Randall Verarde, A frog in a well cannot discuss the ocean, because he is limited by the size of his well. A summer insect cannot discuss ice, because it knows only its own season. A narrow-minded Christian cannot discuss objectively because he is constrained by his indoctrinated teachings.

        • Demetra

          Wake up Shawn! You think you know more than you do…I am an MD…Covid is treatable and most of these hospitalizations are preventable with early treatments which are available and safe. The fact that so many people have been allowed to progress to the point of death should in itself cause you to wonder what is going on…don’t be so gullible. I pray in Jesus’ Name that the spirit of deception be removed from you and other blind (and muzzled) sheep like you.

          • Shawn

            Demetra, I do not remember discussing covid in any of my comments to prompt your statement about covid to me (with exception of who cares what Bill Gates thinks?) But since you brought this up, are you suggesting that there is some kind of deep-state conspiracy about how many people have died of covid as if Bill Gates is responsible for all these deaths? Can you please explain with detailed FACTS what you are talking about?

            My next question to you is can you tell me any difference from the way you believe compared to QAnon beliefs? Can you list the differences please?

            Don’t get me wrong, I am all for natural preventatives towards fighting covid. I just smell something very odd about your comment to me. I mean, because you are a MD, does that make you have authority high above most of the MD’s in the USA that have an opposite opinion to yours? So what if you are a MD? Regarding your statement, “You think you know more than you do”, doesn’t that apply to you as in a projection of yourself?

            God laughs at your MD credentials.

      • Maola W Hayes

        Amen. Thanks Mario for speaking truth to further enlighten us to what’s really happening. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

    • Rex E Sanders

      You can hide and Watch what God can do or you can parcipate in it with Open Hands . Are we part of the problem or are we willing to be used by God as the Solution? …… This is freedom of Choice .!

    • greatgran141

      Mario gave you the specifics. He quoted the truth written in the Scriptures. That is all that is needed. But if you need proof that the prophecy is true, listen to the news. Read the paper. Note the things taking place and the people (mainly the MSM and democrats) that have been brainwashed to follow the philosophy/money spread around by these three minions of Satan.

    • J.Gagnon

      Yes, Obama is working behind the scenes, Yes, Soros is funding world anarchy and yes, Gates has patents on vaccines and he does have influence and power. There is proof, pictures, recordings of Obama, Soros and Gates incriminating themselves. It’s all out there. You just have to OPEN YOUR EYES and especially your heart to Jesus Christ.

    • Sandra

      You bet he knows what he has said! He and the spirit are one and we know the heart of GOD and man, Incase you don’t know it, it is discernment! He is right on target! Thank GOD and He who laughs beat laughs last! Have a good day!

    • Aaron Jackson

      Your back to invade a blog post that you disagree with.
      You bring nothing, no facts or numbers or stats.
      As your president would say “Come on man!!!”
      This is NOT a mainstream social media site like twitter, etc and you think it’s important to address the author on his own website.
      Why do you care?
      Your here to plant seeds in peoples minds to discredit the author.
      If this is the tin foil hat brigade WHY would you bother, being that you are so much more grounded in reality?
      I’ll tell you WHY.
      Because your a leftist and that is the most insecure cult there is.
      I don’t know any respectable believers who would go into liberal speakers personal websites and infiltrate there blog posts.
      If you saw this article on social media someplace fine why don’t you argue on there?
      Most likely that’s not were you saw it.
      You came here on a mission.
      Spare the explanation that your a Christian here to awaken the people to Mario being the problem.

    • soljerblue

      Go back abd read, Mr. Troll. The sources were given. But then you probably aren’t familiar with Scripture. Too bad, dat.

    • mysteryfan247

      Can you not see what is unfolding before your very eyes? Who do you think is pulling Biden’s strings, or do you really think Mr. Biden has the full use of his senses and is leading the country himself? Why do you think that Biden is trying to tear down everything Trump initiated, even if it is irrationally hurting Americans? Is it not to reinstate the fundamental changing of America that the Obama administration tried to accomplish in his eight years?
      Soros has been funding anarchy for years. Do some research and discover the projects and foundations he funds. As for Bill Gates, he does wield limited power in the decision of mandatory vaccines, as he is well connected, well financed, and in partnership with powerful people who can influence legislation.
      Rather than knocking what Mario is saying, why don’t you try listening to his words and at least consider their validity.

    • Bryan

      Shawn. Not only have you got your head in the sand… your whole body and mind is buried in a cesspool of corruption if you are siding with the left.

    • Linda

      Are you aware that Soros and Gates just bought a COVID test company together? And that within a few days of that, the CDC announced that the most-used COVID test up to this point (not the one Gates/Soros bought) would no longer be allowed and that its use would be phased out? And you think Mario is being sensational?? Wake up to the spiritual battle going on here.

    • Paul

      The dark horse here is Obama who has been the Trojan (king of ISIS) horse that entered the WH as one make believe Christian being ordained and planted by the Deep State Globalists with a clear mandate of pushing the New World Order Agenda of dominating the whole world. So differ to Gates and Soros who are out there in plain sight. Btw, this is what I uncovered from a thorough research..

    • Jodi

      Shawn… do you have a Bible?? It only states EVERYWHERE exactly what Mario is speaking of… here’s just a snippet of the evil these so called self proclaimed “rulers” God speaks about: Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    • Bernie

      How does it feel to be part of the blind who choose to not see what Mario is saying?

    • CazM

      It is clear you haven’t been paying attention. Open your eyes. The “elite” of the world has been planning this for some time. The great “reset”. Check out Davos meetings. (Switzerland) They plan to depopulate the earth with their vaccines….which are created to sterilize women. Gates was exposed for his plans in Nairobi…treating women of child-bearing age with five tetnus vaccines that would sterilize them. The Doctors there found out about it and exposed it.
      Soros has been involved in our politics since the early 70’s. Using his fortune to destroy the USA. He is on film declaring that is his life’s goal.
      Obama, who is not an America citizen, came with the intention of destroying our nation. He has promoted alot of wickedness in his two terms as president.
      But, as powerful as these men are, they are NO MATCH FOR THE ALMIGHTY GOD.
      I recommend that you start digging for truth, because the media isn’t exposing these truths because they don’t want people to know it.
      Praying for you.

  3. Loyd

    The God of peace shall bruise satan under our feet shortly! Romans 16:20

    • Aaron Jackson

      Last night before I went to bed the troll guy engaged me and I responded back to him and those posts are gone this morning I think he deleted those posts somehow.
      Did you see his second round with me?
      I doubled doin with him about being mark and Scott.

  4. Greg

    A Big Amen to this article! Jesus is the ruler of the Kings of the earth, Rev.1:5-6! Not antichrist, the beast or these pathetic people! As His Kings and Priest we must participate in administering “Throne Justice” Psalm 149, as well as and disciplining nations and saving souls!

    • Wordforworld

      Yes Greg, we totally agree “we must participate in administering ‘Throne Justice’…!”

      To the kings & priests of our God, the saints,
      go with the high praises of God in your mouths, & the 2-edged sword (of the Spirit)

      to execute vengeance upon the heathen, punishments upon the people;

      to bind their kings with chains, & their nobles w/fetters of iron;

      to execute upon them the judgment WRITTEN: this honor have all the saints.


  5. Phil Beatty

    My hope is in the Lord!!!

  6. Jan

    Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ who gives us the victory!

  7. Shirley Bryfogle

    I just read this psalm yesterday and jotted much the same words in my bible. I thoroughly agree with you, Mario. I have a question for you and for any readers from Delaware. I cannot find one church (I live in Sussex County) that is outwardly confessing their concerns for our country. I have been praying for just one friend with whom I can pray with and share my concerns. Our president spends quite a bit of time in his home state. I have been feeling that with his presence an evil spirit is spreading throughout the state. I am praying against this and asking God to tear down any and all strongholds the enemy is perpetrating. Do any of you agree with me? I would love to a prayer partner.

  8. Darlene W

    We live in amazing times. The harvest is ready, distinguishing the wheat from the tares is becoming more obvious almost daily. I am thankful for this blog,it brings encouragement.

  9. Rachel

    So thankful God raises up bold truth speakers to warn and encourage the Church in this hour. God bless you.

  10. Tim Stiles

    Amen Mario!! GREATER id He who is in us, than he that is in the world!!

  11. Judy Plumlee

    Amen, come on believers let’s get unified in the Word of God and not man. The battle is the Lord’s and we are to listen to His instructions to us through the Holy Spirit!! Amen

  12. Sandra

    Thank you again, Mario. I am loving Psalm 2 these days!

    • pooch55

      I love Psalms 83 and 92

  13. Petro

    Yes and amen! God bless Mario Murillo Ministries! God bless America! America and the World is in the hands of God Almighty! He is faithful and true! Nothing will separate us from the Lord Jesus! Come Holy Spirit! Blow over the World with Power and Strength!

  14. Yuriko

    Thank you Mario for encouragement, teaching truth and sharing Psalm 2! Praying for Sacrament revival!!



  16. Scott MacPherson

    Thank-you, Mario, for sharing Psalms 2 with us! It is one of my favorites, and totally meant for this time! it is a message of encouragement, not fear; of hope, not despair….people in the End Times need to be watching US! Thanks again, brother. ScottMac

  17. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario, for being a willing and open vessel for the Lord in these insane days we live in. The marxist democrats have gone full bore, doubled down and tripled down, to steal the rest of our liberties and bring America to its knees. Global government is their goal, with America being just one more average nation among the nations, or possibly to do away with nations altogether.

    The nations are determined and set by Almighty God. They may succeed for a time under the actual antichrist, but they will fail in the end, and all who supported them will fall, into the same destruction that they will see.

    It is up to all of us to warn the lost that Scripture is being fulfilled before our very eyes and time is getting short.

    As far as someone trying to accuse Pastor Mario of creating the crisis, it’s hard to believe they that person can be serious. Warning the lost that they are in trouble with Almighty God does not create the crisis. It prevents it.

    I had one unsaved person ask me why would anyone want to be a Christian when I tell them that the world will go through difficult times. In other words, he thought if I didn’t tell them what is coming, it would not happen.

    Unsaved people can certainly think strangely at times.

    • Darlene W

      Well said ! Marxist have gone full bore but they are never a match for God. Maybe we do the same. The Lord can cause division and fear and confusion among their own ranks. Ps 94:23He has turned back their own wickedness upon them and will destroy them by means of their own evil. The Lord our God will wipe them out.

  18. Roger Culwell

    big amen sir for sure

  19. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Thank you MMM! God bless MMM, God bless America, God bless all the saints and faithful brethren of Jesus the Christ of God! May the Spirit of Truth guide us all into all the truth (John 16:13) even those who can’t yet BEAR the truth (16:12).
    “Beloved, do not believe every spirit [or any religious spirit], but test the spirits to see whether they are of God [not familiar spirits, unclean, evil, wicked, demonic, religious, not of Christ of God, world rulers of this present darkness (all listed in Ephesians 6:12)]; for many false prophets [both secular and religious, especially the false media] have gone out into the world…You who are of God have already overcome them; for Christ in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are of the world, therefore what they say if of the world, and the world listens to them. IN CHRIST we are of God. Whoever knows God [through Jesus] listens to us. By this we know the Spirit of Truth versus the spirit of error” 1 John 4:1-6

  20. Mary J.

    The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Thank you Mario for being one who leads the charge!

  21. jmw4grace

    Thank you, Mario, for being devout, sacrificing, and faithful to Yahweh in these days of infamy. The prophets must speak truth to lies and liars and give warning to the sinner and the bride.

  22. mrcrider2013

    Whatever the Lord tells you to do! Just do it. BE LED fellowship with the word [JESUS] pray and believe, because all things are possible with God and them that believe.

  23. RAFO

    Mario, in the Old Testament ancient Israel went through seven cycles of judgement for their “harlotries and idolatry”… serving Baal (Satanic idols) was all the rage. God sent foreign armies to punish Judah and Israel… hauling off the cream of society and killing the rest.

    Now, the Word says God is the same yesterday, today and forever. After killing MILLIONS of babies in the womb (just to name only one heinous sin), why do we feel here in the West we are immune from divine judgement? Are we not even more brutal and sinful now as a nation than ancient Israel, or even Sodom and Gomorrah?

    The point is… our Biden and scamdemic judgements are from God… and no amount of wishful thinking or positive confession is going to get us out of this mess (which has only just begun BTW). God is looking for NATIONAL REPENTANCE and He’s looking for Christians who will weep before the altar, taking on the sins of a wicked nation and confessing them before His holy throne! (Joel 2:17)

    It will take MUCH MORE, unfortunately, than what we’ve already been through before this “stiff necked and proud people” bend the knee. Remember, unto much is given much is required. God holds us to a higher standard than the rest of the world because of all the BLESSINGS He’s bestowed on us from the beginning… our foundation WAS on the Rock of Ages… now we’re up to our waist in quicksand. Will it have to get to our neck before people start saying “Uncle’? THE SOONER WE REPENT AS A NATION THE SOONER GOD WILL LIFT THIS CURSE OFF OF US! My concern is… corporately, we may never repent. If we don’t, well, that’s the end of us. We will fall in Communistic servitude or worse.

    Pray brothers and sisters for National repentance and be one that stands in the gap! Ezekiel 22:30

  24. L

    I am unable to discern if Trump expedited the evil plan with operation warpspeed or other reasons dictated his need to do what he did. Thousands have died and many more will die as well because of getting the jab. Millions have paid into big pharma now due to their fake reason for a vax. The vax is the bio weapon. Trump fought them by reducing prescription prices and they retaliated killing through out the world. OR Trump is acting like the good cop and pharma the bad cop when in reality they are on the same team.

  25. n9nwo

    Keep our focus on the Messiah. The adversary has played this strategy over and over. It successes for awhile then G-D steps in and crushes his head.

    • Susan

      Amen. Stay focused on who God is.

  26. Susan


    • Robert Norris

      Don’t give these trolls the time of day or energy to rebuff their ignorance, praying for you Mario and your ministry

      • clair447

        Thank you, Mario, for your encouraging words re these troubling yet exciting times. I have been standing on Psalm 91 ever since this type of cold virus occurred. Psalm 91 is all about protection- all 16 verses. In my 70+ years on this Earth, I have experienced at least one episode of the common cold every winter. NO COLD IN 2020 OR 2021. God is working in my life and He can work in the lives of all His children. Stand on His promises. It’s His Word!

  27. Paul Vojt

    Please REAL brothers and sisters in THE LORD Jesus! DO NOT give your energy and time to the minions and trolls of the enemy. But, give all GLORY and HONOR to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER and THE LORD JESUS, This is where your energies should be centered. Not on hearsay and unbelieving faithless fools. praying for you Brother Mario, Keep speaking truth and keep the fire burning in our hearts,

  28. Aaron Jackson

    This is an excellent sermon that I watched right before I read Mario’s message giving confirmation.
    Mario is nailing it right hear and that’s why the trolls come out.
    It’s always when Mario is right over the target that they manifest themselves.



    All I can think of is Isaiah 59:14 Justice is pushed back, And righteous behavior stands far away; For truth has fallen in the city square, And integrity cannot enter.

  30. Lori Mollan

    Thank you for sharing this truth! It is SO helpful in keeping the right perspective!

  31. parrillaturi

    Man proposes, but God dispossess. They are so arrogant and have no fear of the Lord. They won’t know what hit them, when God unleashes His wrath on these evil ones.

  32. NickT

    God is on our side and is laughing at the wicked, God will help us and the wicked…. there day is coming.



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