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The last 72 hours of my life have been gut wrenching. There was no painless way to come to this decision.

The blog has been an amazing tool that has reached 16 million views. It has been used in a singular way to tackle the issues that most church leaders have been afraid to confront. It became a major ignition point for rallying the remnant of God in America.

That is one reason the devil hates it with extreme prejudice.

But, was it worth the brutal effort to research, write and post these messages? Yes, it was. Then it hit the wall of censorship and sabotage. That attack, plus the dizzying changes in technology, conspired to make me believe we might have to discontinue the blog.

But the real challenge I faced with the blog was the sudden outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Highway 99. The harvest is so great that it is consuming our time and, after all, aren’t souls what it is all about?

The deep question for me was how can I justify both the blog and the Living Proof Tent Crusades?

On top of that, when other avenues are open to me which carry far less resistance and complication, why put up with this firestorm?

It has been decades since I have had to pray, seek guidance, and search the Word of God with this much intensity. But my answer came in a strange way—a way that unraveled a mystery.

The attack on the blog was supernatural. It was sudden, and it came from all directions at once. I needed to step back, stop blogging, and see the whole picture. Please try to grasp the lesson to be learned from what I am presenting.

We often say, “If God is in it, it will be easy.” Imagine for a moment, what would occur if a general thought that way? All the enemy would have to do is put up fierce resistance and that general would retreat, looking for the easy victory.

One of the biggest reasons the church has lost ground in America is because Satan knows how to use this false axiom against us. That is why churches have moved out of cities and ministries are retreating from anything controversial. Suddenly, the church has circled the wagons and surrendered by default. They were not defeated, they just capitulated without firing a shot.

I couldn’t get past the fact that I need time to preach the Gospel. Then the voice of the One I trust said, “If America goes down, you will not be able to preach the Gospel.”

Then the second reality hit me from that divine voice, and I thought, “Why is the attack so fierce if the blog has lost its firepower? The enemy wants to hide the impact it is having.”

So, the bottom line is this: The blog will continue. But that does not mean I will just sit back and watch as the algorithm causes the numbers to dwindle. I fully intend to fight. I intend to deepen and intensify the content. But there is much more.

We will unleash an explosive attack on the devil, and his minions, on social media. We will learn ways around the algorithm. We will exploit the weaknesses in their censorship. We will fix it so that it will be easy for you to share the blog.

Prepare for renewed content that will be coming at you. Content that will enable us all to fight this culture war with all our might. For now, here is the news:

The Blog Continues―and we know that the enemy will be defeated!

One way that we are going to make sure the blog reaches everyone who wants to read it, is to post it where no one can shadow ban, censor, or change the number of reads. Be sure to check out our new website:

God bless you all!

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P.S. Volunteer this summer!

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Every week between now and August 8th something important and wonderful will happen on the streets of Sacramento. Our teams from Mario Murillo Ministries and Inner City Action are in the neighborhoods, and parks. We are handing out thousands of pounds of groceries door to door. We are leading souls to Jesus. We are praying for the sick to be healed. We are bringing hope to oppressed families.

We are stunned at the hunger of the people. They pray with us at their front door. Crowds form in the parks and listen to our unfiltered Gospel message. Volunteer, it will change your life. See why Highway 99 is a corridor of the Glory of God. Our training will reduce fear. You will surprise yourself by how bold you can really be. And how much joy comes from doing this. Do not wait.

Again, use this link to volunteer.


  1. Diana Grenier

    I applaud your decision! Stay strong in the Lord! And let’s always remember….it is not about winning….it is about STANDING! Let us all STAND against the wiles of Satan!

    • Dave Kirk

      So glad you are continuing the blog.

    • Brenda Turner

      Hallilujah!! Glad God led you to continue the fight!! Thank you Mario for your blogs and thank YOU for following the directions of our Lord!!

      • Alisa

        I agree with your decision in Yeshua’s Name. The enemy has only what his Creator allows and Yahweh gives us so much more.

        • Ann Brown

          Thank you General Mario for following the Lord of Angel armies, for strategizing battle plans and for rallying the troops!

          For the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ!

          • Ron Jones

            Thank you.

            Too many voices have been silenced.

            Ron Jones

      • Patti Jacobsen

        God’s Most Amazing blessings!
        Praying & standing with you!
        I listen to you on Flashpoint and Praise God as you share what God is doing. Whoo-Hoo!

      • Mary Linde

        Amen, sister

      • Teresa

        You are a warrior! Thank you!!!!!!

      • Wendy Lennox

        Praise the Lord we fight the good fight pressing in towards the mark of our high calling. Paul in prison kept writing. We will triumph in the Lord yes!!!!

    • P.Miller


    • Ann Asmus

      Very grateful you will continue your blog ,it is such an encouragement. to me . Thank you.

    • Bree


      • ik


    • George Te Kani

      Amen! We are so used to instant gratification that if we don’t get desired result it will deflate our zeal and our witness for Jesus if we allow it. “…Having done ALL to stand!”

    • PJ Widener

      You need to put a direct link on every blog to allow people to register.

      How can folks register for this blog when your the blog itself has no membership / registration protocol.

      Do not accept self inflicted wounds limiting your audience.

      How about social media posts specifically to register new readers.

      We, your loyal followers can copy and share these, to break the algorithm.

    • Alysa Giorgetti

      You are that voice crying out in the wilderness, sometimes you were a lone voice standing against an impossible overwhelming tide. We need your prophetic call to rally the troupes to pray, charge ahead and encourage the body. Thank you for your faithfulness.

    • Tiffiny Marsoun

      Praise God! I was initially concerned at the beginning of the article that the blog would cease, but in fashion with the fire in him he chooses to continue. That’s the Spirit of God at work! Keep up the faithful writing Mario, we are with you.

    • Kathy Barr

      Thank you for continuing.. I look forward to reading your blog everyday.. you have given me hope inspiration and I will keep fighting.. thank you thank you

    • Dianna Paulsen

      The message today in church was about standing. We must stand like Job, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego, Daniel, Moses. They stood because they had faith in our Father. No matter what. They stood and they moved forward….not back. God protected them, anointed them, but most of all, He helped them to stand.
      Thank you soooo much for your blogs-they are wonderful!!! God Bless you

    • Marcella A grateful servant of God from Canada

      Thank you for continuing with your blog.
      Bless you

  2. Diana Oldham

    I am so pleased you have decided to continue your Blog, you are a voice needed in this dark age. God bless you and keep you strong

    • Dorothy Keene

      Oh GLORY TO GOD!

    • Adaline Click

      I praying for you in your endeavors. God is with you.

  3. Praying in OK

    Hallelujah! So happy to read this!

    (And happy the link was fixed so I could respond.)

  4. Sarah Stephens

    Thank you for the good news, have missed the daily encouragement, but am glad God is always faithful!

    • Regina

      Thank you!!!!I stand with you and praying God Bless you watching from Ky.

    • Vicky Kunkel

      I’m praying for you and your ministry! I standing with you 100% God bless you abundantly in all that you do.

    • Trina Clark

      Thank you for continuing these blogs, they are vital , God bless every thing your foot steps on and your hand touches !!

    • Emily Iler

      Thank God you hear from the LORD and understand the Holy Spirit’s leading – thank you for continuing- I wish I were on the west coast I’d be there but I can pray and expect!!! PTL

    • Lisa Marie

      Keep on keeping on!!

    • Bri H Loftis

      Praise God! Thank you for continuing the blog! It is so powerful and satan is running scared!!

  5. Lesley McLaughlin

    Thank You for continuing the blog. I look forward to the words that you give each day, and I forward on to friends via E-Mail. God Bless you and your ministry.

  6. Carleta

    Thank you and your team for your aggressive fight for souls and their deliverance from the power of satan. I really appreciate all your doing in this war. I stand with you, praying for you all and that God would empower you all in a greater measure to get the job done. Praying the powers of darkness are bound and that Gods power is looses for breaking the chains of sin over all you’re ministering to in Jesus name and that they’ll be filled with the Holy Ghost and power to be faithful witnesses and workers for Christ in Jesus name. Thank you so much for all you do and the sacrifices all make.

  7. Marie E Giddings

    In agreement with you in Jesus’ Name for the blog to be received, heard, seen by millions. We declare no weapon formed against it and Mario Murrillo Ministries and crusades and all the volunteers and workers shall prosper. In the Name of Jesus, Amen. So be it!

  8. Brenda Royal

    Preach on, Brother Mario! Praying for you.

  9. Pearl McBride

    You are the General chosen by God to rally the troops. Keep going, we are with you. And the army is growing day by day.

  10. Linda Elliott

    Thank you for continuing!

  11. Marjorie Barton

    Thank you, Mario, for all you are doing for the Kingdom and for our Country! Thank you for teaching us by your example. We love you, pray for you and are standing with you and our fellow countrymen in California. God be with you!!

  12. S Widen

    Thanks be to God!

  13. Arlene Sarver

    God bless you as you continue to resist the enemy. I am interceding for you and for all the precious souls you are encouraging into the Kingdom.

  14. MyrtleAnn

    Loved the message of our most Wonderful Father-God moving in His children in California. The Lord. The Lord gives me dreams, visions and words of wisdom. His message to me for the last few years is about the church. The first message was the Jezebel spirit of manipulation and control by individuals in leadership and control f his house. His message, “They have turned My House into a den of thrives, robbing, looting and removing/trashing and throwing away all evidence of Me. Big names, big churches, and big merchandizing deals. He says theirs only one book, the Holy Bible. He also says the church as we knew it has withered away, as My people and leaders of the denominations have gone inside the church and quit going outside to find the lost. They have failed to go after My babes and young people. No children no future. The organized church world forvtge most part has lost its fire. The main reason, The leadership has done everything “Their Way” and the Father says we arecto go out. Look at the result when Jesus sent out the disciples to the people. We the church need to repent and change our ways until they line up with the word. Great distruction and great moves of our Father God are going to transpire on this earth, great earthquakes, signs miracles and wonders. Israel is going to finally see the light of true Messiah. He says look up Our redemption draweth NIGH. Church your mission field is not at the church, it’s all around you in your family, neighbors, and strangers all around you.

  15. JanC

    THIS! –> “I couldn’t get past the fact that I need time to preach the Gospel. Then the voice of the One I trust said, “If America goes down, you will not be able to preach the Gospel.”

    And that is what I have been saying for a long, long time to explain why Christians MUST remain active AND be involved in POLITICS.

    We are to be good stewards of our nation, just as we are to be good stewards of our church, our families and our communities.

  16. Mindy

    I am so glad to hear this Mario! You go! The devil has no power! He is under your feet!

    • Nida

      Yay!!! The Kingdom of darkness is shaking to its core for sure. Celebrating more victories thats coming through your blog. Fighting with you in prayer?

  17. Irene Fleming

    Praise Jesus that you are not caving in to the opposition and that you will continue your blog, Mario. God will prevail, He will break down every wall and make a way. We have His promises.

  18. Susan Paxson

    ?? Praise God for you!!

    • Kim Plummer

      Thank You Mario. Its Awesome that You are standing Firm to What You are Doing. With CHRIST all things are Possible . Fight The Good Fight.

  19. Leslie Gorny

    I am super happy and excited to hear you will continue the blog. I tried to go on to your website but it sent up error messages all over the page. Satan is scared, that is why he’s fighting your blog so much. Thank you for all you do! You are helping to change the face of Christianity.

    • Patti Lamar

      I got that same error msg 3 times, too, when trying to access his link…
      Finally got it to work by typing it in myself!
      Giving God the Glory!!!
      Thank you Bro Mario, and God’s blessings on you!

  20. Season Gentry

    We love you Mario!


    Your efforts are not in vain!

  21. Karin Wiese

    What a blessing you are Mario! My brother Orlando Mostert from South Africa remembers you from the 70’s when he was at Bethany Bible College…we are so excited at what the Lord is doing through your ministry…Im so glad you decided to carry on with a vengeance….many blessings to you and your lovely wife.

  22. Patty Foncault

    You are a warrior after the heart of Joshua. May GOD bless and keep you, and fill your heart with songs of deliverance.

  23. Sherry

    Thank you!! For listening and following the direction God has sent you. I will continue to share every social media site I know of!!!

  24. Sandra Cerda

    Mario, the Mary Magdalene Project fully supports you and commits to assist in helping you spread the word of God. Thank you for all you do on the front-line of this spiritual warfare with physical implications. It is due to the effectiveness that this blog has become a target. Stick to the plan, God is at the helm. http://www.MaryMagdalene.Film

  25. Santha

    Yes we walk in faith nit in sight. We must oress forward until the light overpower darkness. God will give youbstrength and orovision to carry on

  26. Randy Miller

    You’re a valuable voice speaking the relevant words of God!

    Thank you for continuing!

    • Jeff R

      It’s no coincidence that your area of operations is largely in California, and that you were given this blog “mission.” You know the saying, “As goes California, so goes America.” Whatever new, twisted assault on freedom and righteousness spawns there, you’re in a position to hit it as it comes out of the gate.
      It wouldn’t surprise me to see Living Proof eventually move up the coast and invade Oregon and Washington.
      Happy to see the blog continue. As always, you’ll have my support.

      • Dianne Doonan

        I am so blessed that you’re continuing your blog Mario as you have awakenen many saints and pastors. I’m also happy that you’re making it more shareable as l try so often to share. You are not alone in California as thousands of souls have come to Christ through Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Pastor Jack Hibbs didn’t give in or give up and kept his church open during this whole covid closing everything down time. The harvest is plenty and there are laborers who are banning together to get the Glorious Gospel Of Jesus Christ out! Your evangelistic heart and leadership are so necessary and l prayed that the Holy Spirit would lead you to make the right decision. ” Can anything good come out of California ? ” It did from Nazareth!!! Godspeed my brother in Christ. MMM is daily in my prayers! ?✝️???

    • Adaline Click

      I praying for you in your endeavors. God is with you.

    • iris kym


  27. Marie Kinch

    Thanks for continuing the blog.

    • Maureen

      Mario we thank God for you. We support you and our prayer group prays for you
      We know the hand of our Lord is on you. Blessings Mario

    • Debra washburn

      Thanks Mario. I need this blog to continue. I also forward your blogs. Today in our prayer time my prayer warrior friend used your 3 ways to cast down strongholds in our prayers for the country. With gratitude beyond words! Debby from sw Florida

  28. Becky

    I am so glad to hear you will continue this blog. I am particularly grateful for your explanation of how you were able to make this decision. Many of us need to know how to get directions from God. Praying for a huge harvest in August.

  29. Anthony Festa

    So happy you will be continuing your blog. I look forward every morning to reading and sharing it on facebook to family, friends and anyone……You speak the Truth from the Holy Spirit that no one has the nerve to. You inspire me and millions……and give me strength daily. through your word. thank you Mario

  30. Gail Fields

    THANK YOU! PRAISE GOD you are keeping on! Your fire keeps my fire burning. One log by itself soon burns out, but joined with others, they burn brightly.

  31. Carole Kier

    Thank you for your decision,Mario. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, you may be the only voice some hear. The responsibility is huge…however, the reward will be great. I thank God for your love for and ministry to the people.

    • Phyllis Pullan

      Praise the High and Holy living God! May He receive all His Honor & Glory for He alone is worthy!!

  32. James Smith

    Well praise God that the Lord will have you continue with the blog. It is extremely encouraging every time. I am one who shares it often and your memes too and I know they have a great impact. I have also shared your blog to other platforms, Twitter (The Twit as I call it) and Gab. There are no doubt ways to defeat the nerds at fakebook and others. For example, when they do a ‘fact-check’ or ban a news story, we sometimes take the content from that story and paste it to a post on a group/page. Their algorithm will never find it because it is looking for a URL link, not content. Second way to bypass this — find the exact duplicate of the story on another news site and post it, works every time, they can’t keep up! And most importantly, we can pray that our story reaches it’s target with ease binding all principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places!

    In the fight with you in the name of Jesus the Lord,
    James Smith

  33. Ruth Robyck

    Praying morning noon and night for your ministry!

  34. Paul

    You are the voice of one crying in the wilderness—especially here in CA. Please continue… we support you wholeheartedly.

  35. Ellen Mosher

    I LOVE your blog and LOVE you when I see you on Flashpoint…..You always give me something to meditate on and then see where MY GOD is taking you and me…I am praying for you and your wonderful team GOD IS GOING TO MIGHTIER WONDERS THAN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN

  36. CARYLON Stanley

    Thank You Jesus! Praise GOD ! We need leaders full of the Holy Ghost, power and might!

  37. Susan Seifert

    I have tears in my eyes. As I go through this journey, sometimes feeling all alone because others really do not understand this as a spiritual battle, I have been very discouraged. I have gotten into groups on Facebook where we pray and try to encourage one another, but, I can’t believe how hard it is to be encouraged and hopeful with what we are facing in our country right now. I feel like I am in a new, unfamiliar territory and many times, I don’t even know what to think. But every time I read the blogs or messages from Mario, I am very encouraged and hopeful. I can see that I am in the right place because the very things he writes are the same thoughts that are going through my mind. It’s not the surfacy type of stuff that we hope will work in the end. So I am glad the blog will still be here. Thank you and God for this help and hope that we can have through social media.

    • Mary

      Hi Susan Besides reading Mario’s blog, I engage in a prophetic prayer meeting for the nation every M – F at 1 22pm CST, which has kept me sane during this period of chaos. It is SO encouraging & open to anyone of like-mind who wants to join in agreement for the rescue of our nation. Go to Clay Nash if you want to join in. Look for the title Triumphant Daily Prayer Calls & follow the instructions to get onto the call. It has been a lifeline for me.

    • Darlene W

      We are feeling the uncertainty of unfamiliar territory also. It’s our walk on water time. Keeping our eyes on Jesus, surrendered to His Word and will and prayer. Let the things of this earth grow dim.

    • iris


  38. Vicky Naquin

    Thank you for keeping the blog. I start my day with you and Dutch Sheets. It is like getting my marching orders for the day. May God blessings overflow in your life and ministry.

  39. jeni jackson

    Thank you Mario for continuing the blog. God is good and during the past year, my husband and I have stayed up on your blog and you have been sounding off truth esp about the church, when we weren’t ( and still aren’t) involved in a local church. You word on the church in America has been accurate and is an encouragement for we who’ve walked with the Lord for years. God bless your forward steps with His mighty grace.

  40. April Julianne

    Mario the world needs your strong voice in this hour and to lose it would be a tragedy. So many don’t have the backbone to speak the truth. I am grateful for your voice in the wilderness. Please don’t stop. You lend strength to those who need it, encouraging the remnant, emboldening pastors who may otherwise falter, calling out the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the evils of our time. Please don’t stop. Gratefully, April

  41. Carlton

    I’m going to have to go back to see what happened regarding your blog, but in the meantime I’m so happy about your decision to keep blogging. Your words are inspirational and renew my spirit and my hope. We must keep up the good fight.

  42. Marge Maas

    We are in training for reigning and He surrounds us with songs of deliverance. Keep moving on for God.

  43. Darlene W

    Our time here is short. It is all about souls. Continued prayers for this golden river of glory along Highway 99. Praying it gains such momentum that it overflows it’s banks and sweeps over our nation. ??We give no place to the devil and are not ignorant of his wiles.

  44. Gail and Jay Neer

    God bless you Mario Murillo and may the Lord strengthen you and grant you the wisdom of Solomon for the journey, the strength of Samson, the strategies of King David, the knowledge and influence of the Apostle Paul and the love and compassion of Christ. You are in our prayers.

    • diane

      YES YES YES I pray this with you in agreement with Holy Spirit

      • Susan

        Amen MMM!

  45. Janice Burlet

    Praise the Lord from Whom all Good Things Come! What a blessing you are to the Body of Christ! Thanking the Lord for your continuance of this marvelous blog that encourages, comforts, admonishes, leads us and teaches us. So very needed, God Bless You, Yours and Warrior Teams.

  46. Diane

    I praise YHWH. Mario you are a faithful servant of our GREAT GOD. %0 years ago I was blessed by being taught by your ministry at “Saturday Night of Miracles” in Berkley and waas led and filled and convicted many times by Holy Spirit through what you preached. When I found your blog a few years ago I was so greatly blessed. You are the SAME MAN FOLLOWING AFTER ALMIGHTY GOD and being an obedient servant… have no idea how this blesses me and my soul .I am an old woman who is displaced , beat up, exiled but still I believe my God is not finished with me as He is my strength and shield. Thank you for being a formitable presence for those walking in darkness and a voice of encouragement for us who can not find a place to call home here in the dark.

  47. Donald Krause

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You are obviously upsetting the devil and he does not play fair. Stay strong brother!

  48. Susan Letts

    Thank you Lord! Thank you Mario! We need your voice, we need you to stand with us the remnant crying out to God for an end of the evil and darkness in this country! We are the warriors, we need to put on our garments of warfare to battle this evil darkness! And your blog is encouraging, inspiring truth and light! We must all go forward boldly in this spiritual battle to fight for our children and grandchildren! Satan will not have them! As long as there is a breath in my body I will cry out in mighty prayer! To God be the glory and victory forever,amen! God bless you Mario for your courage and boldness!

  49. kingskid48

    Every day that your blog didn’t come, it became more and more obvious how badly it’s needed. Not just to make us aware, or remind us, of the huge spiritual battle we are in, but also to make us aware of the good and encouraging stories. Reports of more and more parents and decent people standing up against the tyranny of the elites at every level of government.

    I join with the others in thanking God for you, Pastor Mario.

  50. Kathleen Huggins

    Thank you staying strong.

  51. Wordforworld

    Welcome back, Mario!!
    Looks like you passed THE test:
    the hard
    or… the path of least resistance.
    We win!
    Will continue praying Psalm 91 for you & MMM. (As you know, it’s no ”night-night” prayer.
    We are grateful.

  52. cheryl

    Thank you so much for all you are doing. We give praise and thanksgiving for all the souls that are being saved. My prayers go out for you and your teams as they do the Lord’s work. The evil one will be gone and the Lord will shine. Miracles will continue and we will live in a wonderful place, when this is all over.

  53. Gail Ramsey

    Thank you Lord, for your hand upon this blog, and upon Mario and his ministry, and all who work with him to spread the gospel!
    Although I would certainly have understood how you decided to stop this blog, I am so grateful that you will not go in that direction.
    I have asked the Lord to give you a sevenfold increase due to the thief who tried to destroy and stop your forward momentum.
    I praise the Lord for you Mario, onward, upward, and forward! In his power and his grace!

  54. Ken Bohmann

    Mario thank you for your faithfulness and unwavering spirit. My wife and I are praying daily for you and your ministry. I pray the Holy Spirit will put a thorny hedge of protection around you and your entire team as you continue in God’s army to bring forth His revival to this nation. You truly exemplify the humility as spoken in God’s promise in 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

  55. Mary

    Praise the Lord!
    Thank you for staying in the fight for souls. Our Father knows we (His Body) need your part.
    Let’s all press in and stay faithful to our call. You are in our prayers.

  56. Dolores

    Thank you brother, because for years I wondered if there was any real voices of God left. Then finally came you…Isaiah 41:10 is what God has been giving me so I share it with you. God4me and nothing else matters…

  57. Cherie Oquendo

    Praise the Lord!! I love your blogs as they are another means of weapons for use against the enemy and to get the truth out. Thank you for your steadfast obedience to the Lord and sharing as Holy Spirit directs you. May God continue to keep you in good health, fill you with His wisdom, redeem your time, and prosper you!

  58. Susan Sharp

    Praise God! Light dispels the darkness and the darkness cannot prevail. Your blog has carried the light to so many, thus it is no wonder Satan tried to snuff it out. Be encouraged, though, because God is in the process of dealing with big tech and the time will come when they will no longer have the power they now wield to suppress truth.

    I would still recommend that you go on alternative social media sites, such as MeWe and Gab with your blogs. Not only will you not be censored, but you will pick up a whole new audience to inspire.

    Remember all that you have written in past blogs about standing firm and never giving up. God will give you all the energy, time, and resources you need to accomplish His purposes. May the promise in 2 Cor. 9:8 encourage you greatly!

  59. Karen Marie Van Wyk

    This is AWESOME!!!!!

    Go Mario!!

    Thank you JESUS!!!!!

  60. Carolyn Laes

    Praise God that you are able to continue. I am praying with other believers that your Ministry will continue strong against evil one and strong for His work.

  61. Penelope Wesley

    I am so happy you plan to continue your blogs. I am blessed by your words and determination to fight the battle. Thank you. ???

  62. Bev rRodriguez

    We love reading your blogs and are glad they will continue. Thank you for being a voice for God in this time of desert.

  63. Connie Snook

    Thank you so much for being faithful to what God calls you to do! I was so excited to read that you are, indeed, continuing the Blog. God Bless you abundantly in all you do for our God! Thank you so much for what you are doing in California. I was born and raised in Southern California. I haven’t lived there since 1980, but, my family is still there. They are not saved, but, I pray for their salvation daily. I know that these crusades will spread to them as well (by word of mouth and Gods glory). God bless you Mr. Murillo!

  64. Sue Whitson


  65. Jodi Matthews

    I cannot imagine the sleepless days:nights you must have?? As a Believer & a Patriot, I THANK YOU & I THANK OUR SOVEREIGN FATHER! ?I started w/Dutch on Give Him 15 which gives me peace however it is YOUR blog that gives me FIRE OF THE SPIRIT every morning! I,as well as countless others, are forever grateful for the FIGHT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU! ? STAY STRONG IN YOUR SPIRIT & ENERGY TO CONTINUE THIS REVIVAL & AWAKENING! ? GLORY BE TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST ?‍♀️
    Love from NC

  66. Lorna

    I’m so glad you’re continuing the blog. We’re not all able to attend your meetings. I’m from Canada for instance. Meetings as much as they are absolutely necessary and amazing are not as far reaching as the Internet. God bless too richly in your ministry! My mom listens to you and it’s so exciting for me because we grew up with legalistic teaching and want more!

  67. Mary Cooper

    Standing with you brother Mario! Can’t wait to be with you and the others in Nashville on July 4th!

  68. Clyde L Clymer

    “If America goes down, you will not be able to preach The Gospel.” The voice you trust told you that? I am going to assume that the voice you trust is Holy Spirit’s voice and He said that to you. I find that very difficult to believe…:(

  69. Clair Davis

    Mario, Thank you for continuing your blog. You have been been my inspiration & I have been praying for God to give you wisdom, satan can not take control of this country. I totally believe in you and your mission & I know that “God’s Got This” & he will not let the evil one prevail
    I live in FL and am elderly therefore, I am unable to help with your crusades but am praying soooo very hard for your volunteers
    Thank you for all you do in Jesus name
    God Bless
    Clair Davis

  70. Mary J.

    My friends and family and I are so thankful to you for continuing this blog!! Thank you!!

    • iris

      God bless Mario !! Mario is one brave and amazing inspiration.

    • ik

      God bless Mario !! Mario is one brave and amazing inspiration.

  71. Linda Webster

    I am so grateful that you are continuing the blog. I use it in my Bible study to pray for events and happenings. I am praising the Lord for strength for you and your ministry and standing with MMM in the fight to take down giants and pray for revival. Thanks you for “confronting” the weak church and pastors that are afraid of confrontation with the dark side. Your ministry is a true need for us today. LW

  72. Linda Kidder

    Amen brother, I had never heard of you until “Flashpoint” and the fire of God was all over you when you spoke. Bless you and know of a certainty that you are hidden under the shadow of His wings and you fight your battles from that position of protection. will continue to pray and war with you.

  73. Nina

    The spirit is moving!! The starving was waking up.

  74. Patty Bates

    Thankful and Blessed by your Ministry and your Blog!!

  75. Kent

    Thank you for continuing Your blog. I missed it for the last 72 hours. I bless your efforts with the life of God and ask the Lord to send His armies and remove all chaos in our lives.

  76. Kina

    Thank you for continuing your Blog. It has been eye opening and life changing for me. May God Bless you richly.

  77. Gayle DeWitt

    Praise God for your decision to continue the blog. I receive so much encouragement from reading them. I also save most of them to read again.

  78. Mary Gustin

    Thank you and I praise God for your decision in continuing on standing strong. He is using you/your voice for such a time as this to help awaken His church. Again PTL. You are continually in my prayers. We fight from the place of victory. Onward!

  79. Marta A. Pizarro

    Thank you, Mario!

  80. Margo Frechette

    Thank you, Brother Mario and God bless! ?❤??

  81. Cheryl S Brown

    So glad that you are still writing. You have spoken to my spirit so many times and VERY FEW will do that certainly in today’s churches and ministries! Few dare even speak the truth and they will answer for this if they do not change. I would rather have the courage to speak the truth and stand with a few warriors than I would with those who are apathetic, blind, or just cowardly. God Bless you MMM….you all are so loved! Prayers for you, your family, and team go up to the throne room!

  82. Judy Chouinard


  83. Donald Townley

    Check out Telegram. Works great for Amir Tsarfati.

    • diane

      Yes. I follow Amir daily on Telegram to understand world news in light of Truth. Good to hear that voice is being recommended by other believers.

  84. MLynn

    Wonderful response to your situation! God has given you clear direction and we support you in it… Blessings.

  85. Beverly Bogart

    Your blog has been blowing me away!!! I’ve been reading and “selahing” your blog for quite a while now and will share it where I can until the Lord comes back–which will be VERY SOON! ?

  86. Randy Dulworth

    Thank you Mario for continuing your blog! You have been one of the few ministers that is not afraid to address any political, moral, social issue of our times! All I’ve heard for years is that politics should not be spoken about in church. It’s like what you guys on Flashpoint were talking about, when they don’t want you to speak about something you should ask why. What is the reason that they want your voice stopped! We need your voice Mario! I hope that you can get your blogs to President Trump! To think that we could get the next generation of ministers to speak out Boldly like You!

  87. Beverly

    Your blog has been blowing me away!!! I’ve been reading and “selahing” your blog for quite a while now and will share it where I can until the Lord comes back–which will be VERY SOON! ?

  88. Jeanny

    1Cor.16:9 “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” the greater the resistance, the greater the harvest!! Following your blog from Greece using it as a tool to pray and inform others, Manifold blessings to you, your family and team brother

  89. Audree Tipton

    I’m so very thankful for this. Hallelujah! God will richly bless you for your good works.

  90. Mark Huffman

    Hi! Brother Mario, I so glad that you continuing the blog and standing your ground. We will continue stand with you and fight and take down the Left together. It time for the Warriors of the Lord to stand up for righteousness and fight and pray to defend it. God Bless you and your family and your ministry!!!

  91. Ginny Grasso Butler

    Thank God you are continuing. You are ministering greatly to me and many many others. We need to pray continuously for you as we are all in this battle together. May the Lord bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you be gracious to you His countenance upon you and give you peace

  92. Cynthia Jennings

    Thank you Mario! I am emboldened by your blogs and believe many of us have far more courage because of them.
    May God give you the wisdom and strategy to flank the devil and his minions!!!

  93. cheppe casillas

    thank you Mario, your words of truth are encouraging and richly anointed by the Holy Spirit, the church needs to continue to hear words of truth and clarity at a time when there is so much lies and deception. Jesus said “the truth shall set you free” and the believer needs a steady diet of hearing (and reading) God’s clear call to righteous living.

  94. Patrisha Poe

    So so happy your blog will continue. First thing in the morning I read this blog it helps me fight and stay focused on God.
    Such a tremendous need.

  95. JoAnn Querio

    Mario you are rite to continue the blog. God is in it all the way. Shadow banning is what got me on Facebook and all the conservative christian sights fighting for God and Country were taken down. And yes your numbers show less and less because Facebook itself changes it to discourage you and your followers. God Has Everything Under Control. You are fighting the good fight. Stand strong warrior.

  96. Pam

    Mario, thank you for continuing your blog! I have to say, we need what you are writing at this time in history. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and to us.

  97. Deena Loftis

    Yes the enemy will be defeated!

  98. Larry Johnson

    May the mighty outpouring of The Holy Spirit continue to lead your team.

  99. Terry Griffith

    God Bless Mario….knew you would chose correctly. To his kingdom be the Glory.

  100. Linda

    Your blog is great! Keep it going. I dont understand the algorthim, but is it. A form of counting? If so no worries. Do as the Lord instructed King David as to not count the people.
    God is getting your word out. You just put it there and He will get it to where it is supposed to go.
    Stand strong. God bless your every step.

  101. Kathleen Ann Callahan

    I thank God He showed you to take up the challenge of the sword of truth instead of the bait to quit. Praying for new joy and Spirit filled leading as you continue, with new strength.

  102. Gary and Diane Aeschliman

    Yes! This army and our prayers are with you. Praying God opens the doors to fight and set America free. Many thousands of salvations ahead, prople set free and delivered, miriads of healings ahead! This arrmy’s on the move, Hallelu- Halleluyah!

  103. Kathleen Ann Callahan

    Thank God He showed you to take up the challenge of the sword of truth instead of the bait to quit. Praying for joy and renewed strength in the writing.

  104. Salamatu

    Praise God, I’m thrilled that the blogs will continue. We are right here following your balanced messages. Keep up the good work Pastor Mario.

  105. Benjamin Shavitz

    With you all the way! I thank you for you fervent zeal your backbone and commitment, we already have the victory, let’s not get weary in well doing, Nothing can stand before the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH HIM!!!

  106. edith macqueston

    Oh Thank You Jesus!!!!!! I read just now exactly what I was praying to hear!!!!! Thank you Mario for listening to and obeying Holy Spirit!!!! May He give you encouragement to see the impact this Blog is having on His remnant!!!!! Stay strong dear brother and team; we stand with you!!!!!!!0

  107. Maureen Hoffman

    Thank the Lord and you Mario. I read your writing all the time. It gives me hope and builds my resolve to fight back. My prayers are with you

  108. RS

    Praise God!

    So glad to hear you are putting 1,000 to flight, and with us who are standing in agreement with you, praying for your ministry, and supporting you financially, we will put 10,000 to flight!!!

    Ps 75:10 – “God says, “I will bring down all the power of the wicked; the godly will be victorious.”

    Glory to The Living God, Jehovah!! He has just begun to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are pure!

    2 Chr 16:9 – “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.”

  109. Eleanore Reise

    When we are following the Lord and doing what He asks, the enemy will attack because he is losing. I have several prayer warrior friends that have also come under attack, physically and family, but we will stand and fight with you for the greater cause. I am grateful for your blogs and always pass them on. Much is accomplished by them. It is also a great commitment by you with all you do. We also pray for the strength and wisdom to carry out your assignment from the Lord. God bless you. You have impacted my life and my daughter has been walking “uprightly” since Monday night at the William Jessup Crusade. My friend in the “orange shirt” was called out for a heart problem. He has been struggling with for awhile. God moved on both that night. BLess you.

  110. Shara

    I pray for you and your ministry daily. Thank you for not backing down from the onslaught of darkness!!! God bless you and your efforts!

  111. darlene zink

    So glad you are not stopping!!!!!Your words have given me hope during the election and after till now and beyond!!
    You are loved and prayed for!!! Keep up the Great WORK!!!!
    darlene Zink

  112. Clay Rooks

    “If God is in it, it will be easy.” I’ve never heard this saying before and must say that it has not been my experience. Perhaps in these days it is best to retire that saying.

  113. Christine H


  114. Pamela Townsend

    So glad The blog will continue. Bless you!

  115. Gerald J Slaminski

    glad you are continuing to minister online.

  116. Christina

    PRAISING God and thanking Him for your decision to continue with the blog.

  117. Darlene W

    Gamaliel told the Sanhedrin to be careful about censoring the apostles. If their message was God’s they would not be able to stop it and may find themselves fighting against God.

  118. Jan Preus

    Thank you for your decision to continue this blog. I always find something uplifting and faith strengthening in your words. I know it is a lot of work as I wrote 3 blogs for my business before I retired. God bless you in all your work and a heart-felt thanks for all you do in God’s name.

  119. Linda L Rath

    TY for continuing to write this blog-the messages you bring thru’ this venue are so needed -I need them! I “happened” upon it a few months ago-on FB-read it, liked it, & now get it in my email. I always share your blog & the memes on FB. So I guess it’s a “good thing” that you are getting so much pushback-satan is running scared. I stand with you, & your ministries. I’m excited to see what God is going to do to “fix” this mess we are in. Will continue to pray for you and the ministry.

  120. Randy

    Create & produce your on station with an app like His Glory, Victory, Arc of Grace, plus many others. Partner with those who have sights like you have on Flash Point. Add a Roku station. You have a good web site. Technology is God given for his ministry. God will bring the funds & people.

  121. Diana Emlet

    This is great news! Praise God for helping you see it must go on and that you must fight it. I pray for you to have His wisdom and strength to do it along with the tent crusades! May God bring you the tech gurus you need to crack this thing. It is hard to be a voice for the things you write and speak about since many think we are crazy extremists, so your blog is a constant source of encouragement for me. Those of us that want truth and refuse to go along and be fools need leaders like yourself. I thank God for you and believe that this weapon formed against you will not prosper. He will cause you to triumph! Abundant blessings! Diana

  122. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    I am Most Thankful that your blog will continue….And Yes—you would not be taking “such heat” if it were not doing a Great Work!

    Count on me to STAY THE COURSE WITH YOU.

    Most sincerely,

    Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

  123. Allison Barnes

    Thank you for continuing the Blog! God is good, all the time!

  124. Alyce Prewett

    I am so very thankful you will continue your Blog Mario! ??????

  125. Juanita


  126. Flynnie

    Brother Mario: May I remind you of your words of April 6th?

    “Again, to quote Churchill, ‘This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, in nothing, great or small, large or petty…Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.'”

    Thank you for standing and not giving in!! I will continue to pray for you and your ministry! Hold fast!!! Hold fast!!!! Hold fast!!!!

  127. Mimi Pavell

    Mario, you and those working with you are doing the bottom-line, most important work Christians are called to do. You’ve held the line and thousands of hurting people now have security in a faithful loving Savior. I’ve been so blessed by your reports of what God is doing through your tent meetings. People are always hungry regardless of the deception the devil spreads.. I’m so glad you have decided to fight him – he’s such a looser and no match for the people of God. “If God be for us, who dare be against us.” (just to name one of many). I pray you fight til the battle’s won and I’ll be praying and confessing victory all the way. God’s doing great things – I think we’re closer to victory than we know. I wish I could volunteer. I’m sorry distance prevents it, but I will do everything I can from my home in VA. God give you wisdom and inspired ideas. Thank you for what you’re doing and for keeping your blog coming!

  128. Loretta

    Praise God! We must never give up or give in!

  129. Gayle Shull

    I am nearly without words Mario!!! I am so proud of you and so thankful to God for the precious Holy Spirit! We are with you Brother! We are putting on our armour. It’s time to enter that war field of the Last Days Jesus has been preparing us for. Let’s Go!!!

  130. Paul

    I know what you went thru to some degree. From 2006-2018 I had a blog and for the first years not many readers. I learned more about using the tool and began posting controversial topics too as well as reblogging from sisters and brothers who were like minded. One of the sisters emailed me in August 2018 to say that WordPress had cancelled her blog. In November 2018 they cancelled mine. When I didn’t have readers in such numbers from 60 countries I didn’t attract their attention (the censors) but when they checked out why it had grown so much they didn’t like what they saw and told me that it contravened their community guidelines or some such baloney. I pray God will richly use yours and that He will take care of the “interference”

  131. Sharon Soldo

    I’m thankful that God has answered you the way he did and with what he told you. This means that your blog will keep going and I’m really happy for that! Not many people just say it like it is or how it needs to be said. You never fail to put out a compelling and powerful message that fits for the days we are living in. I know you will defeat the enemy in whatever means the attacks come. I will keep praying for you and the ministry! God Bless you and your family!

  132. Danny Smith

    Thank You Lord and you Mario for continuing the blog. We are with you.

  133. Tracy Popolizio

    YES! Amen! Thank you for listening to the Lord and standing to fight.

  134. Suzy

    Am glad to hear this decision! The Lord is willing that None should perish, but that ALL come to repentance! Don’t ever let the Devil tell you that your voice will be silenced- it will never be when God uses it. Algorithms are made to be pushed beyond, so let’s do exactly that! Let’s push so hard that it becomes silenced while we become stronger. Blessings in Jesus our Lord!

  135. Audrey

    The enemy may have come in but like a Flood the Spirit of the Lord has raised up a standard against him. Thank you for yielding and availing yourself to be used by God to raise that standard. The enemy is going to wish that he never came against you. He wasn’t banking on the Flood of Revival and a Kingdom Remnant forming to push back Hells agenda.He wasn’t banking on a Resurrection either. He who sits in the Heavens laughs. Keep up the Good Work. Fight the Good fight of faith. He who wins souls is wise. The reward is to the faithful

  136. Virginia Lampkins-Nichols

    Keep speaking Brother people are listening. Thank you for your stand for God’s Truth and for the Love of Christ that is pouring out of your Spirit God continue to Bless you and Michelle for the work you are doing

  137. Kim McGuire

    Thank You so much for continuing to write your blog. It has been a blessing and I appreciate your time and dedication.
    Bless you and keep up the good work.

  138. Connie Wilson

    Hi Mario, hallelujah! This blog and the appearances you have made on Flashpoint have greatly benefited me in my journey over the past few years. I’m not a new Christian, let’s just say I was a non-functional one for a whole lot of years. At the end of 2017 I had to choose, and the choice I made left me with a whole lot that I had to learn about the gospel. It’s been a huge challenge, I’ve had a lot of teachers, most of which, like yourself, don’t know me. You’ve not only taught me incredible things about the Lord, but you’ve brought stability and biblical clarity to being an American and all that means. I want to thank you and let you know how much you’ve helped me in my journey. I also look forward to reading the wisdom and strategies in your blog, and am especially looking forward to the new content. God bless you

  139. Amy Van Buskirk

    Thanks be to God, Mario. We will pray more for you and your ministry. I know you are being fiercely assaulted by the enemy. These are the most difficult days I can remember and the constant attacks and discouragement sent from hell do not stop. Your blog is so critical to the fight we are in. You won’t know until you get to heaven how much you have accomplished, how many people you have kept from going under.
    Thank you!!

  140. Greg Strom

    A grin just came across my face! Glad to hear you are going to stand and fight with this anointed blog ! Praise God
    We stand with you and will fight along with you in Cali … God willing

  141. Kenneth Langham

    God bless you Mario for your unflinching commitment to the cause of Christ. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. We are praying for you and your family and team and thank The Lord for your courage and leadership. So exciting to see the great harvest that is taking place as a result of your ministry. Keep up the great work and be strengthened and encouraged in The Lord.

  142. Greg Dean

    It is that G-D is using a multi front attack on the Adversary. Mario is hitting them with blog and with the tent. The chosen video series is also being attacked. Again too effect as it is not only reaching millions but bringing believers back to reading their bibles.

    Look for others to do like Mario is doing but in other strongholds of the adversary, the big cities and universities. Also look for people doing prayer walks in their communities. Especially in neighborhoods hit by violence.
    And do not forget the impact of K-Love radio.

    • Esther Russell

      Hallelujah!! Ive been praying for you & the ministry!

  143. Jennifer Brinton

    Thank you so much for your blog. I don’t always get to read it every day, but it’s always good stuff!

  144. Lee

    Thank you, Mario, for continuing your blog. Your ministry is much needed especially during these times. God bless you for your courage and strength and for all that you are doing for the Kingdom of God. To God be the Glory Forever.

  145. Paula Huff

    Hallelujah!!! Praise God!!! Mario your blog is dynamite to the kingdom of darkness!!! It is imperative that it continues. I am thrilled to hear it will become sharable!! I have been unable to share like I wanted. Glory to God!! Your text made my month!!

  146. Susan Palmer

    Rejoicing in your obedience to wait upon Him for the right answer in a pertinent time in a juggernaught city preparation of the Church in the highways and byways.
    Praying for winds of Holy Spirit to break thru extreme heat from now into August campaign. When I typed word ‘campaign’ I saw heavens above tent and region shake like an earthquake but in the sky. Looked like 2nd heavens.
    Judah can do this. Praying there begin young intercessors of tongues start singing in the spirit on paths with those delivering food, and praying for the people. This duality can begin to go out together now. New Era unity force. It’s time now.
    God strengthen, equip and impart you all.
    Please seek Lord about this. New day, new way.

  147. Secilia

    I am so happy that you will continue the blog. I look for your blog everyday. God bless

  148. susan k warren

    I thank God you will continue to write your blog, Mario. You are able to not only articulate and clearly speak about what is going on, but you encourage us not to lose hope, that the battle is the Lord’s and as His foot soldiers we have been directed to pray for each other. You are in my prayers.

  149. Becky Long

    Mario, you are doing an Amazing job! Our entire family supports you. You gave a word to my son and to myself for healing. We both walk in complete victory,!
    You have been light in the midst of darkness, the word also says, “His Light Overcomes the darkness” ! We Love You !

  150. bobspunkin

    Thank God! I really believe that God spoke to you about this. I witness it in my spirit.

  151. GLBaker

    God bless you the more. Your labor is not in vain.

  152. Mary Shelton


  153. Bob

    Glad you are keeping up the good fight

  154. Chris

    Thank you Mario!! we will continue to stand with you and like and share the blog everywhere we can

  155. Julie Anrews

    Bravo Mario! The true warriors of GOD do not give up and stand down when they meet opposition, they fight back even harder. Remember Who has WON the War – Jesus our Commander in Chief!
    Resist the devil and he will flee; but he will ride roughshod over those who are passive and compliant. David ran At Goliath in the power of God and he prevailed, and he had to Keep on prevailing believing and trusting in God. If he could, how much more can we filled with Holy Spirit. God is our Refuge, our Stronghold, our Shield, our High Tower: This is where the righteous run into and are not afraid.
    Albert Einstein: “Unthinking respect for (un-godly) authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” (my addition)

  156. Kim

    Reading this gives me peace and rest.

  157. Linda C

    Praise God!! This blog means so much to me. We must pray against the attacks on it. Because you’re right, Mario – if America goes down, we won’t be able to preach the gospel.

  158. Debbie

    Thank you for continuing the blog!! Your writing is excellent!!

  159. Gisele Cox

    Thank you!

  160. Pamela T.

    Thank you so much for your continued position and stand in the Army of God. I will up my prayer time protection over you and your ministry. Thank you for continuing your Blog.

  161. Brenda

    When I opened my email box yesterday morning, I saw the MMM blog decision.
    I opened it up, began reading. I couldn’t stop till I got to the part of the decision. Tears began to roll down my face. It was both relief, and joy mixed. After I composed myself, I reread the blog. I knew it was a tough decision for you, Mr. Murillo. I also knew Jesus would take care of His Body, His Bride.
    My greatest relief was When I read when He spoke to you, I knew you would follow His direction.
    I’m So Thankful to God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit for this blog!

  162. Pearlie Owens

    Thank you. God bless and protect you.

  163. Marian Murdoch

    Great news. God continue to bless you Mario.
    Now is the time to take the kingdom. Rise up, be strong, tis Christ’s commnd, that every power and dominion is given now into his hands.

  164. Anne Teymourian

    Thank you Mario for listening to the Lord. Our little prayer group (all subscribers) pray for you. We will continue on and share your blog so that your Spirit inspired messages will penetrate the “Wokeness” of the church and do major damage to the enemy.

    We pray for the Holy Spirit invasion of Sacramento and abundant provisions in all areas.

  165. Laura Leone

    Amen Brother! I am with you & will continue to pray for your ministry, our nation and my local town & county! Small miracles are happening here & Satan attacks. Like you said: what I am doing is the Lord’s will & it’s making a difference and the enemy doesn’t like it. Praise God for all His benefits! Victory is coming!!

  166. Shirley Young

    I welcome the continuation of the Blog!
    I send it to all my list of patriots.
    It is filled with wisdom and good judgment.

  167. Audrey Eisenstein

    I’m so grateful you are continuing your blog. We need your voice and wisdom so we can stand together against the enemy of our souls!! I pray for you daily.

  168. Larry Lunt

    I read your blog/emails daily. I am glad that you continue blessing the world with your insight

  169. Maggie

    I’m grateful the blog will continue. It is an important and informing missive in this censored world. I share it frequently.
    Thank you and Praise God for all you do.

  170. Diane Radunz

    My sister sent me your blog and said, “this is the guy you’ve been looking for…he’s not afraid to speak the truth about what’s happening in America from the pulpit and addresses the hard issues”, and she was right. I applaud your courage and the courage you give me to stay faithful to both God and country. I was somewhat disillusioned as I searched for a church that didn’t just “entertain” but was lead by a pastor that addressed the social and political issues of the day and remained grounded in the Gospels. But I found “cookie cutter” Pastors who appeared reluctant to address the pressing issues for fear of offending their flock and emptying their coffers.

    I was appalled by the number of “Christians” who didn’t vote for Trump because they questioned his character and were supported by their Pastors, yet you addressed that issue very eloquently and to the point. How is Trump’s character a factor when the lives of our unborn are at stake? Abortion is not a means of contraception.

    I like to compare Trump to King Jehu…Trump is an unlikely King Jehu but that’s the pattern (paradigm) revealed in scripture approximately 2800 years ago which we are now forced to echo because evil persists, and Israel’s slippage into paganism and destruction are prophetic for America as history repeats itself.

    Who is King Jehu? He was a Warrior King, a soldier, a strategist without much finesse and certainly not “Kingly” material but God chose him. He was anointed King of Israel by Elisha, successor to Elijah, God’s prophet, to rid Israel of those who worshiped the god Baal. If you know your Bible you will remember that Elijah was the one to stand against King Ahab and his evil wife, Jezebel. He condemned their worship of Baal and child sacrifice. He was one man, but he didn’t back down. After Ahab was killed, his son Joram became King, yet Jezebel his mother remained a force in Jezreel commanding the prophets of Baal. “With Jehu’s ascent to the throne, the nation of Israel and its capital were polarized into two camps.” Jehu took the throne with the blessing of God and his people. But for those of the opposing camp, Jehu’s “arrival in the city produced dread, resentment, hostility, and anger.” (Cahn, Jonathan. The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times (p. 212). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.) Sound familiar??

    And to coin a phrase, Jehu drained the swamp. He eliminated King Joram of Israel, the evil Jezebel, all the prophets of Baal and King Ahaziah of Judah. However, “the warrior [Jehu] remained a figure of controversy and an enigma. His nature remained contentious, and his ways, questionable.” But the issue then and now begs the question as to whether someone of a “less radical or combative” persona would have accomplished what was called for in view of the political, societal and immoral nature of the times.” (Cahn, Jonathan. The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times (p. 214). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.)

    It doesn’t take a genius to see the similarities of King Jehu’s reign to Trump’s turbulent first term and the hostility born of fear from those who despise his independence and accomplishments. God uses the imperfect to accomplish his purpose…He sees the big picture.

    So thank you Pastor Murillo and God bless you for your strength and courage. I find refuge and solace in your ministry and want to support it.

  171. Praying in OK

    For some reason my first comment still shows it’s awaiting moderation.

    I went to WordPress when I got this message in an email as that is where I always responded. There were NO posts from Mario on that blog at all. Now this message is on WordPress but no comments are allowed.

    I’m very thankful you will continue the blog, Mario!!! Hopefully this comment will post.

  172. Mark Domangue

    I’m so very grateful the blog will continue. I cherish the bold, forthright, and refreshing manner in which you share what God has put upon you. I share the blog frequently with others.

    Praise God and thank you for all you continue to do.

    You remain in my prayers daily …

  173. Denise Maples

    Thank you for writing these blogs they have been a encouragement to me every time I read them. They remind me to hold on , have faith another day, be strong. I thank you for spending time with God to give us these much needed messages. They are a blessing, you are a bless and will continue to pray that your reward will be great here and now.

  174. Tim Quirk

    Mario, thank you for sharing this. We are praying for you and the team at MMM! I have been greatly encouraged by your blog, keep it going! I pray that Psalm 46 would encourage you today. God bless all of you, Tim Quirk.

  175. Laura Russell

    Praise God! Your blog is needed now more than ever. Your blog has been both encouraging and offered confirmation for me in so many instances. And I have used some of your blog in my teachings for women’s ministry. Thank you man of God!

  176. joe pileggi

    I signed up for your blog in February on my G-mail account. After receiving the first few, they stopped coming. I didn’t know what happened until recently when I clicked on “social”, not knowing what it was. There were all of your blogs! It is the “ad” section of the email! G-mail had arbitrarily assigned your blogs to the “junk” (ad) drawer! I have been trying to catch up and just read your entries from last week. I am so sorry I didn’t get to participate in the “surge” but am so glad you are continuing it. I will participate in the “share” and “like” from now on. God bless you, Bro. Mario. I watch “Flashpoint” regularly and am so inspired by your anointed commentary. We pray for God’s continued anointing and boldness and His protection on you and your family.

  177. Marilyn Lacey

    Love this! Thank you for continuing and standing up to defeat darkness!

  178. Ron Lenz

    Mario, we are standing with you in this BATTLE!! The Lord just told my wife that He put you there in this battle and that you are one who will do the will of the Father until He calls you home. We love you brother!!

  179. Judy

    Ok, I have to admit I thought you were going to tell us it was over, and I was preparing myself for it totally respecting your decision and appreciating all you have done. But then you surprised me!! I am speechless, and so extremely happy. I love everything I know about your ministry, and you cannot even imagine how I have grown spiritually through your openness and truthfulness. It only fires me up to do even more and to do even better. Your tent ministry is saving souls, but your blog is strengthening the Ecclesia. I am no baby in Christ, so you see you are reaching all Warrior Lines in the Army through this blog. Thank you for all your tireless effort, I will continue to pray for you, your wife and the ministry. With love in the Lord, I stand with you. Amen.

  180. Mark DuBois

    Amen, thank you brother Mario for staying faithful!!
    We must keep asking, seeking, knocking and decreeing & declaring
    and taking God’s territory away from the devil and his minions in Jesus’
    Keep up the good work brother!

  181. Kristy McTaggart

    Your emails are coming through loud and clear! And I read them all. Thank you for persisting under pressure like this.

  182. Sheryl Hesse

    Thank you for continuing the blog! I find great comfort and encouragement and a renewed will to fight on for the Gospel in your writings. May God bless you continually.

  183. Gayla Guthrie

    Thank you so very much for continuing this blog! I love it and is so powerful!!
    God Bless you!!!

  184. Anna Lohman

    Thank you

  185. John G Cowper-smith

    You are a great encouragement to us and have no Idea of the impact God has on HIS church through your faithfulness to stand strong.

  186. John Robertson

    Thank You Holy Spirit for speaking to my brother in Christ who is an important bold voice of truth in this time for America’s Church and beyond. Thank you for giving him ears to hear you and the heart to obey YOU!

  187. Sandra Douglas

    Beautiful are the feet of those who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ….you are anointed and appointed Mario gor such a time as this to bring hope and healing to the masses of souls who are longing for their redemption that is about to be revealed to them through your ministry….having worked with you in Las Vegas I know firsthand the impact your frontline efforts have in taking ground that the enemy cannot quell ….great and greater still, is His Faithfulness to your tireless dedication to His miraculous leading….im thrilled to see your continuance of the vital blogs you post ….keeping Us steady out in the trenches …. armed with Truth and Faith to see and discern the spirits that are trying to suppress it… carry on as we follow the colors to victory in furtherance of the Kingdom….Our allegiance to
    Jesus Christ, our King of kings and Lord of lords is guaranteeing that victory!
    Thank you for your leadership of love ….God has you unwaveringly in His care!!

  188. Robyn Spradlin

    It’s not only a firestorm of attack; it’s a FIRESTORM of the Holy Spirit. It’s procreating more of like-kind. Check out NOAA’s information on natural firestorms, if you haven’t already, at . The information is amazing!

  189. Veronica Flood

    Please, if you can, Bless this man and his Ministry – invest into your future in Heaven !



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