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This urgent message is for everyone. But those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to this first part.

I read your comments of support. However, many of you think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way!

Worse still, many say that because they are not on Facebook that there is nothing they can do to help. That is also not true. There is plenty you can do.

Still others have said I should be content with a vastly smaller audience, and that I should just passively trust that the message will somehow get out.

Jesus said, “Go into all the world,” and that is a proactive command. Not a passive-aggressive suggestion. How does the advice that I should be content with a smaller audience differ from a congregation that says, “We don’t want outsiders coming in here. Just preach to us.”?

It would also be like saying, “Hey Mario, go ahead and use a tiny tent for soulwinning.”

Or if you had an advertiser who said, “Hey, I want you to pay the same high fee for ads, but for an audience that is 90% smaller.” The cost of the blog in my case is time, energy, and yes, money.

Here are the two things I am trying to do to save the blog.

1. I am challenging Facebook because I believe they are breaking the law. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act says, “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.” Facebook hides behind the claim that they are a platform and not a publisher.

You have heard the generic disclaimer: “The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect…” Facebook is not neutral, but rather, is extremely biased against Christians, Republicans (and especially Trump supporters), as well as anyone whose opinion differs from the agenda of the Left. They should lose their immunity because the views and opinions are, in fact, theirs. And because they are shadow banning, censoring, and acting as a publisher by inserting contradictory information.

The American church is constantly picking up their marbles and leaving. When do we stand and fight? The spirit of surrender is what drove pastors, like sheep, to lock down their church.

Look at these verses. Acts 14:2-3, “But the Jews who spurned God’s message stirred up distrust among the Gentiles against Paul and Barnabas, saying all sorts of evil things about them. Nevertheless, they stayed there a long time, preaching boldly, and the Lord proved their message was from Him by giving them power to do great miracles.”  Note the phrase: ‘NEVERTHELESS, THEY STAYED’!

I will stay on Facebook, as long as I can. And I thank all of you fighting for us on Facebook. Keep on going!

The most dangerous lie you can believe is that you should not share links to controversial truth, either on your email or on Facebook. That silence is how we lose a nation. And it does not make any sense. If you say, “Mario, I don’t want to share your blog because I may be censored,” that is like saying, “I am remaining silent because I am afraid of being silenced.”

Multiple exposures create a see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil scene.

2. I am trying to break our dependency on Facebook by getting our Facebook readers into lifeboats and over to our website. That will take time. But time is running out.

Now, look at these numbers. This will explain the urgency.

So far in 2021, the total number of those on our email list who have shared the blog is 17,807.

So far in 2021 the total number of those on Facebook who have shared the blog is 204,052. You see that over 90% of those who share the blog are on Facebook.

Here is the bottom line: The blog is jeopardy. The hour is late. The nation is in imminent danger. I must choose effective weapons. If we do not save our audience, I must go in another direction to make wise use of time, energy, and money.

Telling me you love and want the blog will not save it. Action will. What action?

Easily the first move is for those on the email list to learn to share the blog. The share button is right there at the bottom of the page.

Next, understand that if you hate social media and do not like engaging, then you are unable to save the blog. Sharing is a vital key. This blog is a call to action and not just a soothing daily devotional.

If by tomorrow night, at midnight Pacific time, I detect a pulse, I will immediately spring into action for the next phase, which is to begin the crusade to get people subscribed at our website and the blogs will continue.

I want to wholeheartedly thank all of you who are on the frontlines, for reading and sharing the blog!


  1. kingskid48

    I forward the blog every day and post it on xapit and Telegram. It’s the only social media I do. But I’m asking everyone if they are on facebook and other social media to post it there and also forward it to all their lists.
    We need this blog, and we need it to spread far and wide. Mario is like a John the Baptist, trying desperately to save a generation

    • Billie Grumblatt

      I receive your blog through your website as well as email and share it through messenger on Facebook as well as texting to friends and family. I also send through email. Will continue to be praying and doing all that I can to keep your blog going Mario. I so appreciate your ministry and will continue to support and pray for you.??

    • grant perry

      Agree…Daily I read scripture and Spurgeon Daily Dose…then MMM and blessed beyond measure! Mario is LIKE John the Baptist reaching out to America turned into a wilderness by the enemy Marxist Hard Left…evil. I try to encourage family to check MMM out…pray for California Sacramento Crusade {wish I could volunteer but I live in upstate NY] God Bless g

      • Pearl Dalton

        I share your blog everyday. Iam glad to be a part of your ministry, by supporting you with a monthly gift,and sharing your blog. I first heard you speak at Victory Christian Center, in1984-85,Billy Joe Daugherty(my Pastor)

    • Lauren Jones

      Mario I am so very happy that you had decided to continue the blog. Yeah I think this new website is great! This is the first time I’ve been able to actually submit a comment. I continue to pray for you and your family and all of the wonderful people who are able to volunteer to help you.I think God for you’re dedicated Service .

    • Queen Esther

      Thank you Mario, I commend you for this initiative. We need a social media network by the name of FAITHbook instead of FACEbook.
      Which allows a community of Christians and Conservatives to share the truth of the gospel and to share their views with likeminded people

    • Ben F Hobbs

      Having been a member of another denomination for nearly 75 years, finally seeing the big screens, skinny jeans and fog machines, I have come to believe God has passed the candlestick to the Pentacostal movement. It is alive with truth and anointing, attacking the works of Satan in boldness.
      In many churches, we meet, we greet, we pray, we sing, we teach, we give, hear a Bible based message but there is no power, no anointing, and we leave dead as four o clock.
      I joy in the boldness of Mario Murillo, his anointing and his fearless attack on hell with a water pistol…backbone like a saw log, ribs like cross ties with a bucket of determination hung in the gable of his soul…bh

  2. Maureen Cretaro

    I hope and pray you will continue blogging. Your very busy with the ministry But I do believe Holy Spirit has given you this opportunity and also the gift to blog. I share your blogs with friends and family. IMO I do not think you should stop. Praying for you in this battle.

  3. camilla

    Praying from Australia for you and your ministry, we all need your blog

    • Eric

      Brother Murillo, It seems like you need to do a lot more praying and fasting and hanging out with God and a lot less “ministry”. Grace be with you.

      • J.M.

        So you’re a troll, Eric. Bully for you. But I’ll pray for your Damascus moment, as the Lord is merciful to forgive us.
        “For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive.” Psalm 100:5

        • Gunnar

          J.M. Don’t assume, Eric is trolling! There is NOTHING wrong with admonishing to Prayer and Fasting and calling those to do the same, and REPENT as watch out for those religious, self-righteous piety response. Had a major problem with a Pastor who wrongfully celebrated the opening of churches like it was back to dead methods and dead programs rather than Joel 2:15-17 and realizing the importance and severity of the Hour especially in his State and County.

          No, don’t do FB because if we all had all researched who founded and funded and the agenda behind of profiling and gathering information on you. Years ago VIP told me NEVER do Social Media, so what did they know that we all should have known? Read in quite a few Books and listened to interviews.
          Proverbs 6:16-19.

      • Eric

        I’m definitely NOT a troll. Is there something wrong with admonishing a brother in Christ to pray and fast more? I know God has been able to work mightily through Brother Murillo. I want to see that continue. However, that doesn’t mean doing more “ministry”. In fact, a person can easily start doing so much “ministry” that it no longer is ministry. True ministry needs to be God ministering through us. My family and I have personally benefited from Brother Murillo’s blog for years. However, I would want Brother Murillo to know if God is leading him to close the blog or delegate it to someone else, then we are fully behind him. I will be frank, God needs to be the one ultimately directing Brother Murillo, not any of us.

      • Christine Gomez

        God Bless You Brother Mario! The Blog? Social Media?
        I don’t have any social media right now. But I have a printer!! I cant tell you why I don’t have social media right now, but what I can tell you is there are hundreds of ways to get a message out. Your Blog has become a resource for me and my parents with Family and friends. A library of information to combat those in our lives who need to argue. But if I had to way out your calling and my calling on a table I would say they are very similar…PROCLAIM THE GOSPEL!!
        I’m 100% behind all and every fight against the things that FB, Twitter and sites that are for socialism/communistic ways and views do in this day and age. I mean, that what they are doing is to oppress, censor, remove Freedom and all liberties from Americans. …BUT GOD!! I’m a witness to the Glory and Power of Yeshua’s saving Grace! His Blood washed away my sins. If the BLOG went away today, I would still fight! If God told you to go a different direction I would still support you. We have always supported you since our Victory Outreach in LA days. GOD is the same Yesterday – Today – Forever and the call and message will be the same as well. So I say…FIGHT ON!! (I’m a Bruin & just used a USC term…YIKES!!!) Let’s rally the troops and encourage them to be the men & woman God has called us to be! Now, if you ever feel the need to have more writers and to create a syndicated MM Review I’m in!!! Its time people, we have to fight for the Promise God Gave Us…FREEDOM!! God Bless you in all you do!! Praying for you always…Keep leading and Know you are never alone!!

        • Darla Garcia

          Yes! We Fight On!

      • Marsha quinn

        God bless all of you i pray and support you financially

        all wo pray

  4. Linda Rath

    Mario: I post your blog every time I get it- and I admit I am behind in reading my email (sorry). I also like/share when it shows up on FB. So what if folks get it twice! It’s good for them. DO NOT GIVE UP! We need you- I need your blogs, and love the way you are fighting back. Keep writing- keep fighting. I am praying with you! PS – I have posted many “controversial” things on FB- haven’t landed in “FB jail” yet…so I will keep on posting!

    • Virginia

      I love getting your emails every day. I first saw you on flashpoint and loved your warrior spirit. Your boldness and honesty and you get right to the point along with your humor. And felt led to start supporting you financially. I want to be a part of what you’re doing even if at a distance physically. So I I haven’t really been searching for you on Facebook. I would love to get off of Facebook but I agree I think we should stay and fight and hold them accountable to do the right thing. I have shared your emails by forwarding them. But now I will go on Facebook and share your posts that way .

  5. kinthenorthwest

    Please please keep up your blogs Mario. Do believe that God has a purpose each and everyone of us on this earth, and you are fulfilling yours.
    And when it’s out of control I say it’s under control but it’s not
    And you know it
    I don’t know why it’s so hard to admit it
    When being honest is the only way to fix it
    There’s no failure, no fall
    There’s no sin you don’t already know
    So let the truth be told
    Matthew West – Truth Be Told

  6. Debi Peterman

    I’m on email and I share your email with several who now go to your website and enjoy and pass it on. That’s what others could do that aren’t wanting any social media like myself. Debi
    Sent from my iPhone

  7. Carol

    I appreciate every blog of yours and receive it via email because I subscribed on your website. Please continue to declare truth from God, His word and the accurate observations you make about our culture in need of our Savior.
    Thank you for fighting Facebook’s censorship. Blessings, Carol
    Sent from my iPhone

    • Roger Gullett

      You are amazing Mario ,don’t give up , I continually tell people about what your doing in California and to watch you.Bless you

  8. Susan Pollard

    Thanks Mario. I love receiving your email and know others do too. It’s a dark place here in New Zealand at the moment but those of us who are standing together are trusting the Lord for breakthrough. Praying with passionate women which is exciting but So many don’t want to know anything. We are standing with you and America . Have many friends in your nation. God bless you and give you strength. Sue
    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Kara W

    Message heard…however, I simply forward your emails…do your stats include email forwards? I would hate for you to be underestimating the impact of your blog via email. Thank you! Kara
    Kara Witzke ________________________________

  10. Jim Lowell

    A number of our new friends in Russellville, AR watch your blogging on the website regularly. Keep up the blog, Mario. It’s reaching people even here in the South.

  11. Dale Vig

    Thank you for sharing your heart! I get your blog in my email every morning and look forward to reading and learning more in the days ahead.

  12. James Bishop

    Mario thanks for this blog- strong words from the Lord, through you. Jim
    Jim Bishop Building Better Tomorrow Today 704 905-3433

  13. loriquandt

    “Let My People Go!” A demand over and over before it happened! Keep up the push, keep speaking the truth and stand firm!

  14. Carla Hockema

    I read daily and share with family on both coasts. Love your light you shine!

  15. Krista

    I shared your post on my Facebook page… I rarely ever post anything… I just went on there to see pics of my grandkids BUT I did share and if they kick me off… oh well… You are right! We need to pray, listen to God and BE BOLD! Thanks you for your blog! I watch you on Flashpoint too!
    Sent from my iPhone

  16. Peggy Bojduj

    Great job fighting the good fight. Other thing about staying on fb is the number of non believers who might stumble across you!! Glad you decided to hang in the Rand challenge these whippersnappers!!

  17. Wanda

    I receive your blog through WordPress and I don’t see any button or links for sharing.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Wanda look at the bottom of the page and you will see where it says Share this.

      • Heather

        When I receive the email, I have to click on the icon to open the blog (in lieu of reading it on my email) and then I can scroll down and see a share button…There isn’t one at the bottom of the email?

      • Judy

        We have read and posted your FB messages ever since we became aware of the powerful message God has given you. Keep up the good work! The church needs your clear voice to drown out the demonic chatter! Sinners need the straight message you bring!

    • Susan

      I too receive the email and did not find a share button. However, when I clicked the URL to go the WordPress site, there is a share button there. I usually share it by forwarding the email, and I don’t know if that is a part of the count. I hope this helps.

  18. David Enns

    I love your blogs, I use email and cannot find a way to share , I would certainly do it
    David. Enns

  19. Janelle

    I am commenting to let you know that I read your blog everyday and went on to Facebook to follow you there as well.

  20. Sabra Garcia

    Pastor Mario, what I am hearing in my spirit is for you to Keep getting the Messages God gives you out in ALL the ways available to us! Personally, I read your messages in my E-Mail and on FB. I will stay on FB as long as I can and will continue sharing God-given messages, praying that God will open ears and hearts to Him??✝️?
    Sent from my iPhone

  21. vickiofficer

    I have a FB account but seldom read or post anything. I much prefer to receive your emails.
    Thank you for writing your messages!
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 11:15 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  22. joshuaspencermgmailcom

    Clear and concise! Agree that effective methods and weapons must be used above all else. I’ll support whatever you choose!

  23. Mark Stripling

    We are like Abishai. We are with you in the wilderness, in the caves, in the Land of the Philistines, in Ziklag, or in Hebron. We are with you in the palace, in the dust of Shemei, or back to the palace. Lead on. We are with you wherever you go. For the duration.

  24. Sue

    I don’t see any share button on this email….

  25. dorothy41

    I thankfully receive your blog on email since I do not participate with Facebook. Keep up the eye-opening good work. The Body of Messiah desperately needs the message of repentance and the full counsel of God so that they can live today according to God’s Kingship and His Kingdom ways. Thankfully, in His Kingdom all who will can come near to Him. All who want healing can be healed. All who need deliverance are delivered. May His Kingdom come and His will be done. And to Him be all glory.

  26. Debbie

    I will continue to forward your blog via email.

  27. Rev PaulaAndra Aigner

    As long as you’re emailing your blog, I’m posting it..When I was on twitter I had 11.4K followers and I was doing really well if I got 25-50 responses per day and I’m a high volume poster..And I didn’t see your post being picked up that much..twitter especially blanks out anything they don’t want picked up…They also stole responses..Watched them do it…That’s how tight their censorship is plus there is a different group there than where I’m at now..Now, I’m on Gab with 2.6K followers and a low day for me is 100 responses..Your blog is very popular with my followers and it’s always being picked up..And by the way..I rarely see your blog in my feed on facebook.

  28. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    On Mon, 21 Jun 2021, 06:06 Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  29. Vicki and Greg Schauer

    Dear Mario,
    Your blog is a clarion call to the Body of Christ to wake up to the truth of our role in not only bringing the message of Christ to a deceived and fallen world (Revival), but to our role as Reformers. We use your blog everyday in our morning devotions and then share it with family and friends. We no longer have an account on Facebook, but believe multiple thousands of your followers can and will simply sign up on your Word Press account to keep receiving your powerful, awesome messages each day. You are making a difference in our lives…and thousands more. We are now taking a course in Biblical Citizenship to understand more clearly how to communicate the Church’s role in our culture and how to take a personal stand in affecting and changing the world around us…even at the local level. You, Mario, are the catalyst and bright light of Truth we so desperately need to help us interpret the political and spiritual climate we face now and must overcome, in order to see America returned to her rightful place in the world. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not stop writing your blog…we need YOU!!! We are praying for you and the upcoming tent meeting in Sacramento. My husband has been following you since your earliest days as an evangelist, when you preached at Melodyland Christian Center.
    With utmost respect and admiration,
    G & V Schauer
    Orange County, California

  30. janette

    Yes Amen

  31. George Brantley

    where is the share button on the bottom of the email? i can not find it.
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 12:06 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

    • Earlene

      My husband and I began to support your ministry when we heard you on Flashpoint. We believe you are “going to the highways and byways and compelling the lost to come to the Fathers feast…”
      We give to your ministry cheerfully, not out of necessity or compulsion, because our Lord loves a cheerful giver.
      I read your blog and I was reminded of when the Lord told Gideon to send all but 300 men home so when they won the battle all the glory would go to the Lord. Could the same principle be used here? Maybe the season that the Lord used your blog is ending and He has another avenue waiting for you to discover.
      I am meditating on Prov 10:5 TPT (Passion) Know the importance of the season you’re in and a wise son you will be.
      We all know The Lord is not finished with you, be encouraged!

  32. gab115727

    I appreciate this blog and read it almost daily. I pray for your tent meetings and hope to make it to one someday.
    I could not find a Share button at the bottom of any of my email blogs from you.

  33. katwerbelow

    Dear Mario,
    Quick thought…
    Do you have a simple cohesive message that includes how to sign-up for the email blog or website (as opposed to using FB) when sharing your blog?
    Maybe I’ve misunderstood, but we
    might have a better response if we use a quick read with an easy format that hits the high points as opposed to just forwarding your blogs (if that is what you’re asking). I don’t believe people will read it thoroughly and take the action needed unless it is summarized….?

  34. Carolyn Hagen

    I also want to share your blog but have not figured out how to. Most blogs have the facebook symbol to click on. Yours does not so I thought you didn’t want it shared. Also in print at the bottom of the page it says Facefook not Facebook. {misspelling)
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 11:08 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  35. Mark DuBois

    I am with you brother. I just sent a response to you but it seems did
    not go through for some reason.

  36. raywardell

    Praying for you in England ??????? U.K. ??. Our God is bigger than FB , CNN , Twitter and the rest. Ray.

  37. Aaron Jackson

    I deleted my Facebook account 10 years ago because it grossed me out.
    I have been FAITHFULLY sharing your blog by text and email for years.
    I know some of those people that are in my contacts that I shared your blog with in turn share with people they know.
    There is no way to calculate how many eventually are exposed to your ministry through the exponential increase of personal contact sharing.
    I shared your blog with a journalist who is friends with Steve Bannon.
    There are friends of mine including pastors evangelists and lay workers that prior to the 2016 election were not aware of your convictions and powerful spirit led insights into politics.
    I will be bummed if you let the blog go.
    Perhaps I am being selfish.
    I was part of the old message board.
    I get the logic but I believe there are a lot more people who are exposed to your ministry with the blog than without it.
    I’ll miss it if it’s taken down.
    If this is the last message I get to write to you, I just want to thank you for the interaction and the times you took time to answer some of my questions or prayer requests etc.
    As a pastor there have been times that I can’t get into on here that I might have quit.
    You made the difference in my life when I felt alone and quite honestly like I was going crazy.
    Mario thank you for your faithfulness.
    You may not have time now like you did at one time to look at all these posts.
    God bless
    I will continue to buy your books and give them as gifts.
    Share YouTube videos that feature your content.
    I’ve given your latest books to church planting preacher friends who have a lot of influence.
    Appreciate you.
    Aaron Jackson.

    • Lisa

      I agree with you as was thinking the same. I believe there are a lot of people who share via email/text who in turn share with others and so on… Due to this one cannot really know the impact of how many these blogs are reaching.

      • Aaron Jackson

        The reason I left Facebook 10 years ago was the awkwardness of swimming through a lot of inappropriate interactions and also time management.
        It just seemed unfruitful to me.
        I witness to sinners all of the time face to face with the intention of following up and working with them as new converts.
        Maybe I’m just old fashioned.
        I feel it’s hard to establish credibility integrity without personal face to face relationships living out my faith and allowing my lifestyle to be observed.
        That’s just me though, I am sure that there are others who are much more suited for Facebook and do well utilizing that forum.
        God has used me and my wife to convince lifelong street thug liberal minded couples from the so cal area to swing completely over to conservatism.
        Many voted for there first time in the last election for Donald Trump and sharing Mario’s blogs through email and text was a big part of that.
        It was a big downer after so much effort…..
        But I still keep pushing ahead regardless.
        I live out my hope in front of those people unapologetically.
        I have been mocked.
        So what?

  38. Roger Culwell

    isn’t it amazing at the different opinions people give, when we should be letting the Holy Spirit speak through us, some are selfish and want only a chosen few whom they approve of to get the blog, like the religious group who say only their Denomination can be saved, when we are supposed to make sure every one hears the truth of the word, limited truth is the very reason we have what we do today, a shortage of real Gospel preachers who preach and stand as the Apostles did, they tell me I am going solo funny I see you sir and a few other preaching just what I am, but yet they try to shut us up and claim to be the Church, we were given a great commission to go ye, and many will only hear the truth preached through a few real Gospel Preachers as the Apostle were in men like you, and I salute you and may God commend you sir, people can’t see we are also FREEDOM FIGHTERS, because most do not want to fight today, the Church still needs to repent they are to many self centered Christians who will not pick up their cross and die daily as Jesus said, its ok as long as Jesus is on that cross but when they have to crawl up on it and die they scream NO you do it, when it is a requirement for us all who follow him, but to many are only thinking of self, I might get unfollowed or unliked, SO JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY START SENDING EVIL SPIRITS TO TRY AND KILL YOU, those likes will not mean as much then, the brave that fought so many years ago many have turned cowards today, and it takes brave men and women to keep us free and that is what we are fighting for sir, because as long as there is one lost soul out there and one wayward church we must try to reach them with the truth of the Gospel, and then will we have done our duty, and we must have freedom of speech, I SAID A FEW YEARS AGO IF WE CAN’T LEAVE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE THAN WHEN WE CAME INTO IT, WE HAVE NOT DONE OUR JOBS, and I stand by it, and some of us would even die to try and do that. GOOD WORD SIR GOD BLESS YOU, people have to many opinions just like arm pits and sadly enough most of them stink, and don’t apply or make any sense.

  39. Dawn Dell

    Facebook won’t let me share. I’ve tried several times.
    Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

  40. dagstraume39

    Thank you for the blog Mario, I usually wake up around 2 o clock in the morning and check my email and I look for your blog. It has been a blessing to me. I just posted it on Facebook this morning.

  41. Ron Ilbrink

    Awake since 3:45 (much earlier than usual) EDT. Just finished praying for y’all, and some others.

  42. becky allaire

    Your blog has been shared on

  43. Robert Miller

    Will do.
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 12:01 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

    • Frank Childers

      Don’t stop the blog! I look forward to reading it and praying out of it. I am a retired Baptist preacher .

  44. Samuel Epstein

    Dear Mario,
    I get up every morning and read your messages and pray over them.
    Those the Lord nudges me to share I do using the forward tool on my email that sends your entire email to my friends and family.
    This will not show up on your tool to forward and share your messages.
    I suspect many of these readers simply go to your website once they get these emails.
    You have a hidden army doing what I am doing — using the forwarding email tool on their email.
    I Kings 19:9 Elijah is thinking he is the only one left.
    I Kings 19:18 The Lord reveals to Elijah there are 7,000 left who have not bowed the knee to Baal.
    Elijah was not alone!
    Mario you are not alone on where your messages go!
    God is in control of who and where your messages go!
    He has a hidden number.
    Praying that the number of email subscribers will grow and the word will get out that way more as you desire. Your messages are God inspired and have His Power on them.
    Trust God to guide you in all of this as I know you do!

  45. Tricia Sims

    I’m standing with you, Mario, and will share this blog with as many people as I can.

  46. Allen Kinney

    Keep it going, please. Your blog has inspired me to do more in our local church and community. On June 12th 2021 we had a community outreach just as you were starting your latest outreach in Sacramento. That is because of your blog, and FaceBook posts.

  47. Gayle Saksa

    Dear Mario,
    I am not on Facebook so normally I forward the email to everyone but I can’t find the email SHARE button your are speaking of anywhere on the blog so what am I missing about the SHARE button and where is is located on the blog?
    Blessings Gayle
    Gayle A Saksa
    5 Elm Court
    East Haven, CT 06512

    T. 203 468.5232
    C. 203 305.8813

    • Janice Barr

      I just go to the top picture of Mario and hold my finger down. An option to forward comes up. Hope it works for you.

  48. Kathy Stopper

    I follow and share you on FB and email And pray with you To God be glory Kathy Stopper
    Sent from my iPhone

  49. Gary Edwards

    I see no share button. I only see a comment button . Where is it? I do forward the email I get but you probably have no way of tracking that.

  50. Trudy Lindemann

    I didn’t think you were trying to get us back on Facebook if we were off, I was just saying that I wasn’t on social media. I do share your blog regularly! Praying that everything works out!

  51. Denise Pitts

    Will share and keep moving forward Mario. God cannot be stopped.

  52. Cathy

    I’ll do anything I can to help get the message out! God bless all you do!

  53. Bettina King

    Dear Pastor Murillo,
    I will follow your blog wherever it is being posted. I am sharing your blog with many. Please tell me how I can contribute financially to your ministry. I m a retired person on a limited income, but I will support you. Try not to be discouraged. Moses took the Hebrew’s out of Egypt. God will help you find a way and quickly and in such a way that you will reach more people than at present. Is anything too hard for God? No!!
    My prayer are with you. Elisabeth King

  54. Mary J.

    I text your blog to friends and family. I don’t use your share button. So I don’t know if you can tell when I share it. But it gets shared!!

  55. Wyly Gammon

    I love the blog and get it on email every day, I think you should put share links for Facebook, Gab and Parler that would help.

  56. PEARL Dalton

    I share your blog daily and support your ministry monthly. I am all in….
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021, 12:01 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  57. lordswarrior111

    Mario and Staff and Helpers: Your blog is posted to my Facebook page and shared with friends of mine. If your time and energy are sufficient at this time, I hope you will continue your blog. It cuts to the heart of the fight against an evil and governmental administration like none other I have seen on such a consistent basis. Thank you for your endurance and faithfulness.

  58. Freda Crump

    Jesus left the 99 to go after 1 – that’s what you do with your blog. Please continue it!
    Sent from my iPhone

  59. Connie Wilson

    Hi Mario, I signed up for the email list, which sends the blog post to my email inbox and I rarely come to the website. There is no share button in the emails, only the website and Facebook, so those that are forwarding emails aren’t being counted.

  60. Paula White

    Brother Mario, I will start sharing your blogs. I pray you will continue.

  61. Linda Stevens

    Thanks for telling me how to share blog to Facebook. Bottom of page
    When I put on Facebook I have 150 followers. Then some share to all their people so on and on it goes
    Sent from my iPhone

  62. Sharon Prink

    I need your input and will do whatever it takes to help continue it. I have no problem going to website or getting email. I do nothing else on facebook except receive and read your input.

  63. John & Gail Egnew

    Hello Brother Mario. I’m on Facebook because it is a platform and audience that needs to hear the Truth and the Love of Christ. Thank you for your bold and courageous ministry.

  64. Karl H

    I commented yesterday to let you know I read via email and forward it to others on a regular basis. Maybe rather than focusing on how many share you primary post, consider the ripple effect of the blog being shared exponentially from person to person.
    One final thought. Jesus did not concern himself with how many were listening to him. He followed his Father’s will. If you believe God wants you to do this then it should not matter who or how many share.

  65. k3p

    Sharing to FB.

  66. Roland Stedt

    Whole hearted suppport from brothers and sisters in Sweden. ________________________________ Från: Mario Murillo Ministries Skickat: den 21 juni 2021 06:04 Till: Ämne: [New post] THE LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR THE BLOG IS AMAZING BUT I MUST CLEAR THE AIR.
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m”


    Yes, I am all for you. I have written to you several times and on e-mail used forward. I found that your email does NOT forward. I have never seen that happen before. I end up copy/pasting to get your word out.
    What you write is very important and I’m trying to help open the eyes and ears of those I know.

  68. Jennifer Crawford

    By doing an online search for you via Duck Duck Go just now, I was able to get to your FB page where I did like it.
    I first heard about you on Flash Point & then I searched for your website to learn more. Later I signed up for your blog. I like your blog & I do share it with my friends directly not through platforms.

  69. Janice Barr

    I look forward each morning to your blog and have been forwarding it. Thank you for doing it because I know you are busy. Thank you for reminding me of the need to get off ofF of Facebook and move in other directions. I will forward these daily now because of this blog. I pray that God will bless you and everyone’s efforts to get this out.
    Janice Barr

  70. mike wade

    Idea……WE pick out a super informative clip , perhaps even a 30 minute film , set a time and lets thousands of people post it on a particular date and time.
    Mike in VA.

  71. Joe

    I have shared this message (in email) to those I know use face book and asked them to share it. I whole heartily believe in God’s mission for you in this time.
    Which way things go from here, “when you have done all you can do stand” and keep bringing in souls Mario.

  72. Georganna Ritch

    Bro. Mario, thank you for being so passionate for Christ and our nation! I share on FB. Not just the link, but I copy and paste on my page because I know some are afraid to go and open a new link.
    Our intercessory group prays for you and your ministry! My husband and I watch Flashpoint.
    My God, help each members of “The Church” to rise up and take an open public stand for who they are in Christ Jesus!
    Love and prayers
    Georganna Ritch from Alabama

  73. Steve Terry

    “When do we stand and fight?”….a rhetorical question….and the answer should be ALWAYS…Why do Christians seem to play defense most of the time???…
    Sent from my iPhone

  74. Shauna Hirth

    Good morning! I receive Mario’s blog on both Facebook & email. Just as an fyi, I do not share it thru email because I don’t communicate with my friends thru email. I text or use messenger. Others may do the same thing.

    Shauna Hirth

    Sent from my iPad

  75. Ruth

    Dear Pastor Mario we your brothers and sisters in Christ thank God for you. I read you blogs through email. Only you and God know the extent of the war raging against you. May we keep holding you up in prayer and let us know so we can can continue to read your blogs. May the Blood of our Lord Jesus so cover you and your ministry. In Jesus’s name. AMEN!!!!

  76. Sherry Brookheart

    Mario and team,
    There is no Share button at the bottom right of the page. I have been forwarding these emails. Again, I’m not seeing a Share button.
    Thanks!! Sherry Brookheart

  77. RAFO

    Mario, suggestion…
    On the email, just send out the URL link to the message on the web site, without the whole message. That way everyone will be funneled to the web site where the “share” buttons are located. There are no share buttons in our email blog. Thanks!

  78. Ken O'Leary

    Read your info daily, pray with and for you, contribute to you financially, I will continue to pray, give, stand with you and your faithful position regardless of the opposition. Ken O’Leary. Also, prayed and got off face book in 2012.

  79. T Kirk

    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 11:08 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  80. Laurie Adams

    Keep standing! Keep fighting! I’m a contemporary of yours and I weep to think of what my children and grandchildren are facing. When I’m gone, I want them to remember that I stood and fought AND I want to hear, “well done good and faithful servant “.
    Sent from AT&T Yahoo Mail for iPad

  81. David Krewson

    It’s Monday June 21st and I just read your blog THE LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR THE BLOG IS AMAZING BUT I MUST CLEAR THE AIR. Then I went to FAKEBOOK and the blog was not there so I could like it, share it or make a comment. I would begin SUPER AGGRESSIVELY sharing your website (and have people sign up for the blog via email) on FAKEBOOK for the next 30 days. Then enlist the support of FLASHPOINT to have it’s viewership share your website with everyone they know and have them sign up for the blogs via email. Just some thoughts because there is a solution to bypass FAKEBOOK.

  82. LaDona Flowers

    My husband & I read you blog each day. I have shared it many times, however I have not seen a “share” at the end of the blog. I forward it from my phone. I also discuss the information with others. We need your leadership to move us into action! Please continue.
    I do not have FB.
    Sent from my iPhone

  83. Linda

    Mario thank you for speaking truth. I am sharing your blog everyday with at least 6 friends or more. I receive feedback on how much they appreciate you.
    God bless you. I claim a hedge of protection around you throughout this day and night. In Jesus Name.

  84. Sharon

    My husband and I dropped Facebook several years ago. They are evil.
    Thank you for what you do and say Mario. We subscribe to your blog and read it daily. I feel lost without your words. Also pray for you daily.
    God bless always.

  85. Carrell Mullins

    Thank you Mario for your stand. I have followed you via email for a long time. Our pastor is also giving messages along the same line and we are thankful we were not one of the
    Lockdown churches!!
    I am glad to know we have a “button” right here on our page to share by email and social media! I just never paid attention to that because I have been sharing my email directly to friends and family and prayer warriors for a long time. I’m going to share on FB today for the first time!! Thank you for your encouragement and keep up the good work and running the race!!
    God bless you!

  86. barbmlee

    I can’t log in to the wordpress account because I forgot my password. This was set up years ago when I created my web site and I don’t know how to fix this without messing up my web site situation!

  87. Robert

    Mario, I access your blog in three different places, email, FaceBook and your website. Please continue writing, you are having a huge impact

  88. Chicky Taylor

    I read and share from both places, but mostly on Facebook as I can share with more people there.

    Sent from my iPhone

  89. Sharon Smith

    Thank you for fighting the good fight!
    Keep going!
    God bless you ❤

  90. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Don’t be an Ostrich! 🙂 Re-posted to Facebook!
    I don’t have a pulpit so, as long as they continue to tolerate me, Facebook is my pulpit and my web site is my delusion of grandeur.
    Mario has an important and legitimate calling as an Evangelist and I am thankful he is there doing battle.
    Because of the overwhelming support you all gave Mario, I had to cancel my subscription to that blog post, just far too many replies to it to handle. Which is awesome. So, I may not see any replies to me through WordPress.

    • Wordforworld

      Hi Michael, a commenter earlier said people can receive Mario’s blog w/o the comments. There is an oppty to choose to opt out of just the comments. Would that help?
      Belated Happy Father’s Day to all Dads
      God is absolutely good!

      • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

        [Hi Michael, a commenter earlier said people can receive Mario’s blog w/o the comments. There is an oppty to choose to opt out of just the comments. ]
        I had opted in, and then opted out. It took me a while to notice the “Subscription Options” link at the bottom of the eMail, though. 🙂

  91. Sharon

    Sharon from VA again. I forgot to tell you that I forward your blog every day via mail. These friends of mine are now forwarding your blog to their friends.
    Please don’t stop. I left our church during lockdown. Our minister is not a shepherd. He is a sheep that is controlled by the dictates of the government and his bishops, etc.
    You have become my pastor. Please don’t leave us! God bless.

  92. Becky

    PRAISE GOD!! I stand committed to pray and war against the tactics of the enemy on you, your ministry, and all the outlets you use to proclaim Gods Truth!! I have shared this message concerning your blog on my fb twice! I also forwarded it in my emails! I must let you know that every morning your message reignites the Holy Spirit Fire inside my spirit and I refuse to allow the enemy to stop that!! ??☝?❤️

  93. NickT

    I don’t Facebook…can you add a share icon for Rumble or MeWe? I do use those sites I have always just read your blog and share thru e-mail from your website also I am waiting for your purchase store to come out of construction so I want to purchase/offering something. You are doing great work informing the body of Christ.

  94. Kate Bryan

    God bless you Mario. I’m not a facebook user (and I do mean user). I’ve been sharing your blogs on email for months and getting the link to your web site out.

  95. ali

    Thank you Mario – I do share your blog post email with those in my address book. However, I do not use the email at the bottom of the post as there are several I send it to, not just one. Hope and pray this helps. Will continue to pray for you and the ministry as you stand on the front lines. May we who have been called be faithful to the call. LORD bless. aw/tx

  96. linda4146

    Pastor Mario,
    We had some of this happening at our church over the past year or so. They complained that Pastor Monte was speaking too freely and politically and left the church. In commenting on a sermon a few weeks ago his wife, Pastor Peggy, brought this up.
    I told her that I didn’t feel qualified to be preaching to the preacher but wanted to remind the church that YESHUA JESUS was not without controversy and he spoke against the Pharisees and Sadducee of his time. so let’s not hold HIM us an example of complacency. John the Baptist said in Matt 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said to them, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? 8 Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance, 9 and do not think to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones. 10 And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit [a]and fire. 12 His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.”
    Brother, the harvest is upon us and the HARVEST MASTER has HIS winnowing fan.
    The previous church that I left was hard pressed to speak anything against what was going on in this country. Oh, they did a small bit on sexual perversion but it was watered down. It got to where I wondered if the pastor and church were afraid to speak and I believe that they were. But by failing to call sin what it is and offering hope and repentance we, the church are condoning it. That is why I left that church and moved to Faith Christian Outreach Church in a nearby town. The former refused to speak against anything that the liberal left was doing and praising on their political platform. Any thinking follower of YESHUA has to be wondering why and am I just to knuckle under and forget what my BIBLE teaches. We are to LOVE the SINNER and HATE the sin. But by not calling it what it is we are by doing so condoning and saying it’s OK. Say it straight or show it crooked.
    The message back was that FCOC will stand fast. We are admonished to put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD and stand.
    Know that I share your writing with many others and I know that GOD is using you and your voice. I’m not sure that you should be asking the public their desire but look to HOLY SPIRIT for what HE is telling you about this ministry. If you stop, I will miss you but I also know that you are being moved and used as HOLY SPIRIT directs.
    Again, I feel like I am preaching to the preacher and I shouldn’t be doing that but I also feel that I am speaking to a brother in CHRIST JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT is directing my thoughts and my fingers as I type this. I will add you to my prayers and you look to HIM not man.
    Yours in CHRIST JESUS, Linda Robertson 1255 Messiah Dr Burlington, IA 52601

  97. Dalen Fuller

    Love it and thanks for being a warrior on the frontlines – we are in a battle for sure blessings

  98. Kay

    Pastor, you wrote in your blog “understand that if you hate social media and do not like engaging, then you are unable to save the blog.” Many of us are being obedient to our calling – by Not supporting censorship by big corporations like FB and Twitter. That is just one way for some of us to engage in this battle. Many of us know what is going on in America and the World. We are engaging in the way our Lord has instructed us.
    I trust GOD to direct your path as well. God’s Love, Peace and Blessings.

  99. David

    Hi Mario,
    On our fakebook account we opened the Saturday and Sunday blog as you requested. We liked it, commented, and shared it (both of them). And then on Monday we opened our fakebook account and the Monday blog was not there. It’s pretty clear what FB is doing.

  100. Malone Daugherty

    Where is the share button to share the blog that comes via email. Please don’t stop Malone
    H.Malone Daugherty BS,MBA,CBC 423-453-5775 423-506-4324 Sent from my iphone

  101. Gisele Cox

    I’ve been sharing your blog by word of mouth and e-mail. Please don’t quit doing your blog. You speak the truth – I look forward to your blog every morning to give me the courage to keep going and fight this spiritual battle. It’s also encouraging to hear about the tent revivals and how many are coming to the Lord! Thank you for putting in your time and money for these blogs.

  102. Margo K

    I do not use FB, I get yyf Blog. On email and look forward to seeing it each day. You are a true blessing. I do tell friends and family about your website and how they can sign up for your emails. Please don’t stop. God bless you and keep you safe.

  103. Bonita Gavran

    I love your blog!!!   Direct and to the point….no dancing around the parameter!  I’m tired of that!   I do share your blog when it comes up on facebook, but I have not seen anything posted since June 16, and June 1 before that.   I have not seen the blogs that I get by email posted on facebook recently.  I do pass on the blog emails, and they get passed on from there! Love you, God bless you, and let His Kingdome come!!!Bonnie
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  104. Kimberli Wehmeyer

    Oh dear Mario, I share your blog via email with other believers as wake-up information and encouragement and I must say, IT IS WORKING! It’s an End Times battle we are in and need all the “enforcements” possible to daily sharpen our Swords!
    Bless you, Brother!

  105. hsborn

    Liked and shared.

  106. Sally Wolbert

    Love the blog. Keep um coming

  107. Crystal L Stone

    I am not on Facebook any more. I have shared your blog on MeWe.

  108. bwalker42

    Forgive me Mr, Murillo, I love and Trust Jesus in you. I know you have the mind of Christ.
    I have done what I can and forwarded your blog to the greatest prayer warrior friends I have. I believe they are on facebook.
    I look forward to Where the Lord takes us in these times. I know He is faithful.
    In Jesus

  109. Gina Seese

    I read your blog daily and share it with others. You are one of the few voices in ministry fighting against the oppression of the church and fighting to save America. I pray there is enough support to keep this much needed blog going!


    I do not see a share button on the email. I usually copy and paste which is probably not helpful. I love your blog and do not want to see it vanish!!! Yours is a strong voice to our nation and others!!!!
    Live, Love, Laugh!

    • Debbie

      Same here, but if you click on the title of the blog it takes you to the website and that particular blog/day…

  111. addedperspective2020

    Yes, pray that for time being, you please continue this blog. A core problem is that so many churches have gone full bore into the curse of seeker friendly mentally, completely removing the Holy Spirit and watering down the Word of God. Revival on a national level is in the air. As many above have stated, we are emailing and reposting to Facebook(a totally corrupt organization bought into the Socialism/Communism of the new democratic party).

  112. Cathy Tetamore

    I am so grateful to receive your blog posts every morning in my inbox. You have given me hope and courage to stand in my faith. I am not a social media user but I see the mass of people you can reach through Facebook. I trust the Lord will show you the next stepping stone. Your words inspire me to be brave and I’d hate to see them stop.

  113. Adele Giusto

    OK. I’ll find more to read your blog.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 10:08 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  114. Linda L Lindner

    Dear Mario,
    You are a faithful man of God. Keep doing all you are doing. The Holy Spirit is guiding your steps and we all need to get up off the pews and go out into the world and do what Matthew 28 says. We were created for this time and should proud to be warriors for Jesus, we are his modern day disciples. I am so excited for all that the Holy Spirit is doing in California and I know from there it will sweep across this nation and then cover the whole world. I keep you in constant prayer guided by the Spirit of God. I am a revivalist and so proud God chose me. So yes keep doing what you are doing and God will open the door wide and no enemy can stop the power of God. Blessings to you and your Family.
    God Bless,
    Linda L Lindner
    PS I have been following you for over three years and as a intercessor use your emails here to help me pray even better for the world. You are a true fighter for the faith. thank you brother in Christ.

  115. Ellie

    Dear Brother Mario,
    I’m in Canada where so much deception and control is happening in our nation and in the church. I look for your email everyday and flag it as a keeper and truth teller which is such a breath of fresh air. When I see your Facebook message I always share it. I watch Flashpoint and miss you when you aren’t their. I have to say you are one of my favourites, keep it up you are not alone even if you don’t see us all, we are with you. I Bless God for you.

  116. CS1

    amen Brother Mario

  117. Susan J. Reinhardt

    Hi Mario,
    I can’t post a comment on WordPress, so I have to reply to your email. I appreciate your blog, share it on FB, and fully agree that you shouldn’t settle for a small audience.
    Many felt abandoning FB was equivalent to boycotting a company’s products. I almost followed that line of reasoning, but had a check from the Holy Spirit. If those speaking the truth all left FB, it would be walking away from our rights to speak out freely. FB should not be allowed to get away with their actions without a challenge.
    A lot of Christians have become spiritual pacifists. After submitting to God, we must resist the devil and he will flee from us. Many people point out the Scripture says that the devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. They declare he’s a toothless lion, but if we don’t submit to God and resist him, guess what? He will steal, kill, and destroy. Why would God provide us with armor and give us dire warnings if we were to sit back and do nothing?
    Thank you for speaking out, prodding, and making the Body of Christ think.
    God bless, Susan Reinhardt North Wales, PA
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 12:04 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  118. Wes Johnson

    I have been forwarding your emails however I have not used your prompts at the bottom to add others.
    I tried to share the email but was unable to from the email.
    I needed to click on the blog to get the ability at the bottom to add others.
    Just to help clarify the process.
    Keep up the great work!!

  119. joan caruso

    thank you Mario Marillo for your posts i look forward every day to be reading them, they are so helpful and a teaching tool and knowing what God desires
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 12:03 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  120. John Cento

    I plead the blood of Jesus over yiur blog and if He is lifted up (which you are) I will draw all men unto me. So Lord break the barriers, draw draw draw everyone to this blog. Thank you Mario ?????✝️
    John T. Cento Overseer Mission WildfireInternational 407-619-4015 cell Email: missionwildfire .org Website: I pray that the Father of glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to you the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know Him through your deepening intimacy with Him.” (Ephesians 1:17 TPT)

  121. michelle whittaker

    I want to share the blog – I am on the email list – your post said the share button was at the bottom of the blog – but it’s not! the only button is this one for “comment”. help please

  122. Marie Giddings

    I agree with what you say and I will do all I can to share your messages with others. It is vitally important we use our voices, and stand and speak out for justice and righteousness in these days.

  123. mcussery

    We need your blog!!!!! To know how we need to be praying everyday!! I understand we do not need to be wasting time the hour is short. We are praying everyday for Mario Murillo Ministries. Mario you are so Spot on with how you are preaching!!! Brother David Wilkerson was the preaching and teaching the same way. ( first time I herd you I told my wife he sounds like David Wilkerson. He is a man being lead by the Holy Spirit.) Praying Holy Spirit help all of us to pay attention to be bold and strong!!! This is a mighty strong blog to keep us informed here in Alaska. We feel at times we are out of touch at what is really going on. God we pray for Mario for great wisdom and strength for the task ahead. Holy Sprit thank you fir your leading!!!! Blessing brother!!
    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  124. B Hanson

    When I share the blog from the website by clicking email, it is an oddly lengthy process. After entering my address and recipient’s address, I’m taken through about 8-10 reCAPTCHA screens before it will send my message. I’ve shared today’s blog to two individuals and each time it took me through about 8-10 screens.
    I’ve encountered reCAPTCHA screens on other websites, but I’ve never had to go through so many reCAPTCHA screens – usually it’s 3-5 screens max.

  125. Linda Esquibel

    Mario, Keep up the bold fight of faith with courage. Speak the word in truth. I am praying for revival and reformation to spread like wild fire. In am excited and anxiously anticipating this great move of God. I post your blog on my FB page. I also forward emails. So continue the work. God is using you.

  126. MaryJo Coleman

    Please don’t stop blogging on any media!

  127. chrislnorton17689

    Hello MMM support team,
    I receive the emails and follow MMM on Facebook.
    I’ve been sharing on FB, but am happy to share the blog and support moving to the website.
    The recent email says the share button is at the bottom of the blog, and I apologize but I don’t see in the email where to share?
    Please advise.
    I’m open to doing whatever it takes to support pastor Murillo’s blog and ministry.
    Kind regards, Chris Schlehr
    Chris Schlehr
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021, 12:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  128. Sandi Harris

    I’m confused: the Share Button is NOT at the bottom of my blog page. I have to physically go to facebook and get on the MM site to share it. FYI Sandi Harris

  129. Barbara Schulz

    I’m having the same issue. I am not on Facebook or any other social media. I frequently forward the emails in order to expose friends to Mario but I don’t see a share button on the email.

  130. Teresa Diekman

    I pray into your ministry and your blog. You always speak the truth no matter what. I pray GOD will continue to hold you up with his righteousness right hand. The world absolutely needs you to keep speaking out with the boldness that GOD has ordained for this time. Thank you. Words cannot express how grateful I am for what you are doing in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!

  131. dianle25

    Why not move to Rumble?

  132. Wordforworld

    Mario, totally agree that your evangelist’s heart is for the unsaved. Ours are too! Keep doing what you’ve got to do, as always, led by the Spirit of Truth. This is YOUR BLOG, YOUR TURF, YOUR GARDEN. GUARD IT.
    Just know that the blogs are a God-send, a network to reality in “la la land.” The regular commenters here are much like a bible fellowship.
    Your blogs also serve as summaries of current events. Can’t get more relevant that! Maybe Victory will hire you as their “roving man on the streets.” (That’s all you need is more work, huh?)
    Thank you! Blessings of God to you!

  133. Darlene W

    When I click on comments and scroll up to Mario’s signature the forwarding links are directly below.

  134. Marietta W.

    Hi Mario,
    I’m so glad you do what you do! I was at your Firepower class in Fresno at church (where I attend, although it’s an hour, forty-five for me to get there. It’s worth it). On the last night when there were mass healings, I sat there crying like a baby (which is not usual for me). I was sitting in the upper section where earlier in the evening there was a demon-possessed man acting out. My friend and I began praying and binding it (or them) and thankfully, a couple of men (one was a police officer) had a little talk with him and he and his friend left.
    The next day, when I put my reading glasses on in the morning, my head swirled and I got a little sick feeling. Then, a little later in the day when I put my glasses on again, the big swirl and sick feeling! It then occurred to me, (I’m a little slow,) the Lord was healing my eyes!!! I’m now wearing the reading glasses I was wearing 15 years ago and He will finish what He began!
    I don’t remember exactly how I found you, but I do know without your blog I wouldn’t have had the connection to know about and attend your meetings. Of course, there is always the possibility the Lord is moving you away from blogging, and I understand you are putting out your fleece. I will be praying for direction for you, but it’s obvious (to everyone who knows you) God has big plans for you! And whatever they are, it will be good! HE IS GOOD!!!
    Thank you for all you do and all you’ve done!
    FYI, I have gone on FB and shared, and I will share your email (if I can find the share link, as I’m a little tech challenged.). May the Lord pour His abundant blessings on you and your family!

  135. Jane

    I look forward to your emails every day! I learn so much and very encouraged by your reports on what is taking place in California! I keep telling everyone that the Awakening has begun and coming this way (Texas)!
    I enjoy what you contribute on Flashpoint as well. Keep up the good work for the Kingdom of God! I thank God for the gift He has given the body of Christ by giving us you and your team!
    God Bless you!

  136. Sophia Mackiewicz

    Mario, I get your point, but I have been blocked more than once, and every time I say something, there is a blue line going down left side from top to bottom. I think they are watching everything I say. Sometimes it seems that my shares are not shared. I am thinking of leaving them but do not know where to go, Which platform…. I used to like Facebook, and they used to be fair. Very disappointed in them and what is happening to what I say.

  137. Sarah Stephens

    I write a digest for my friends and have included the following to hopefully get them to move to the direct blog (this is what I sent out today)
    Mario’s FB site is being shadowbanned, so I would suggest If you would like to receive Mario’s blog yourself- go to: * Do not include the star when copying the email address. On the blog page is a box to enter your email address and then you would click the box named follow and you should receive notification that your address was noted and that the blog will be sent to that address ALSO, if you use FB please be sure to tag (don’t ask me how that is done because I don’t use FB ) but it will help Mario’s site (is there a like or subscribe link?) Also at the end of the page (under Mario’s name) you will see Share this offers different platforms (FB and Twitter)-this found on Mario’s blog page listed above (*)
    I know you want to use FB for as long as possible, but I am just planting an idea so if and when something happens others will be aware of how to find you.

  138. Betty Monroe

    Count me as a watche Mario. God Bless you with his richest blessings and wisdom, and strength for what you are doing. I pray, he will continue to send you helpers and finances to do the work of salvation and awakening for the lost . I read your posts daily, but this is my first comment. I feel you are expressing my sentiments. Continue on WARRIOR FOR GOD!

  139. Dayle Emary Brown

    I will continue to share on fb as long as I am able to.
    However, they post,” We will let you know when this POSTED”.
    However I never get a notification that my share is posted. So I guess I will not be effective anymore on fb.
    I am going to your web page and sign up for emails.

  140. Patty

    The blog is a wonderful tool to share the truth with friends, family and even those who disagree. God has given you a gift and Holy Spirit will guide us all where to share “your blog”. Don’t be discouraged God will guide your footsteps as you know. And he will use his Heavenly Host to to clear the way.
    Praying for strength, wisdom, guidance, knowledge, and peace with joy for you my brother in Christ and all God has called forth in this hour to accomplish the task set before us.
    Stay armored up you warriors and stand your ground. Victory is ours in Christ!

  141. Administrator

    Team Mario –
    I learned about Mario Murillo Ministries through this blog. Not on FB, but from a friend who emailed me a blog she received from a friend in email, who received it from another friend in email. That was around the end of 2020. I could feel the anointing all over the content in the blog and wanted to learn more about what Mario had to say. I went to his website and signed up to receive the blog via email. I had no idea it was on FB.
    I don’t see a SHARE button in the emails I receive. I see a COMMENT button but not SHARE. I have a list of family and friends I forward emails to on a regular basis, I don’t know if your analytics pick that up or not.
    All this to say only God knows what this blog is doing that you are not seeing in your analytics. I live in the Midwest and would love to come be on the ground with you in your tent meetings. After praying about the best way to support these outreaches it made more sense for me to send financial support instead, and of course prayer. All of which were made possible through my email exposure to the blog.
    Go after FB, but don’t let their numbers be the reason you stop this powerful platform God has provided you, along with the anointing to write.
    Thank you for all you do for Him!
    Julie McDevitt

  142. jt mcdevitt

    Team Mario –
    I learned about Mario Murillo Ministries through this blog. Not on FB, but from a friend who emailed me a blog she received from a friend in email, who received it from another friend in email. That was around the end of 2020. I could feel the anointing all over the content in the blog and wanted to learn more about what Mario had to say. I went to his website and signed up to receive the blog via email. I had no idea it was on FB.
    I don’t see a SHARE button in the emails I receive. I see a COMMENT button but not SHARE. I have a list of family and friends I forward emails to on a regular basis, I don’t know if your analytics pick that up or not.
    All this to say only God knows what this blog is doing that you are not seeing in your analytics. I live in the Midwest and would love to come be on the ground with you in your tent meetings. After praying about the best way to support these outreaches it made more sense for me to send financial support instead, and of course prayer. All of which were made possible through my email exposure to the blog.
    Go after FB, but don’t let their numbers be the reason you stop this powerful platform God has provided you, along with the anointing to write.
    Thank you for all you do for Him!

  143. Dorothy Sherrard

    Your blogs are no longer showing up on my Facebook feed. I would gladly share if I could.

  144. Marie Kinch

    I see a “forward” at the bottom of my page, but not a “share.” Are they the same thing? (Have forwarded your blog from my e-mail account to the e-mail accounts of other people.)

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      [I see a “forward” at the bottom of my page, but not a “share.” ]
      On the actual blog post itself, immediately under Mario’s signature, you should see a share block.

  145. Cathy Kinder

    I read every message on the blog. I share that same message to my friends when you have it posted to facebook. I can reach more people i know thru fb. If i have your website i will share that also. (I also share thru messenger)

  146. Darlene Farley

    I’m very content with not going back on FaceBook because I have been in trouble twice for sharing something they did not like. I have had people be mean to me when I shared in the comments and I had enough and said by to Face Book don’t even miss it

  147. Mike Keyes

    Mario, do NOT stop putting out this blog!! Tens of thousands of people feed off of what you’re saying. I share your blog, and I know others do, too.
    Mike Keyes Sr
    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  148. kit93mar

    Thank you so much Mario for all your blogs. I read them every day. But not on Facebook.
    Sent from my iPhone

  149. kbacpa

    My husband shares this post to quite a number of people. He reads his email from his phone and then forwards the email to several people. A few of these are elderly and it is easier for him to forward the blogs rather than them sign up. They are not on FB and neither is he. I just wanted to let you know that while he doesn’t hit the share button, he is sharing.
    Katherine B. Ashley, CPA, CDFA®
    5958 Snow Hill Rd., Suite 144, #308
    Ooltewah, TN 37363
    423-910-0386 fax
    To ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service Center Circular 230, we inform you that any tax advice contained in this message (including any attachments hereto) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, to (1) avoid penalties under the Internal Revenue Code, or (2) promote, market or recommend to any other party any tax-related matter(s) addressed herein.

  150. Nina Cedar

    Team Mario!
    Thank you for all you do!! I like , sometimes comment and should share FB posts more often!
    Love the email too. As a refresher to remind and remember key points.
    Still standing with the prophets and Gods promises through them!
    My job is advocating (with affiliate volunteers) prolife bills, protecting existing laws and electing endorsed prolife candidates in the Midwest
    Excited to see the work God is doing!! How that will impact the prolife effort here remains to be seen. Encouragement, doing more than ever and calling out for Gods will- on earth as it is in Heaven- though we work with atheists- is my challenge.
    No longer attend my mega church (unsaved spouse happy to attend for the entertainment) – they refused to talk about abortion and were afraid of “nationalism”. I depend on online sources like you, Elijah List/streams, etc. Saved since 1988, baptized at my mega church with DIL in 2018.
    Covid. fraudulent election, lockdowns and my eyes are opened! No longer drinking milk but fed and ready for meat!!! God is patient!!

  151. mrsbmp

    Finish the race that God has appointed you to run. Don’t stop being a champion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. God is using you and will not allow Facebook or any other social media platform to have the last say. God is Lord over it all despite their “gnashing of teeth” threat or response. Carry on soldier of the Lord. There are more with you than there are against you.

  152. Lori

    Mario I have followed your ministry for years and years..way back when you used to be a regular on TBN. I get your blog posts thru my private email and have been sharing on FB for several months. I find that if I take an excerpt or pic from the article and post that portion (giving you credit of course) then post the link in the comments section, it is seen by many more people. Just posting the link to the article is shadow banned by FB. Thank you for all you do for standing for #truth. We appreciate you and your strong voice for justice and righteousness. God Bless you my fb friend and brother in the Lord.

  153. Ginny

    In the Bible when God’s people were being prosecuted that was when they received the most growth. Don’t lose heart, Mario. In Phillipians 3:13 “forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.”


    I have shared your blog many times on email over the last few months, but I did it by clicking the forward button at the top of my screen. Sometimes I send it to several people in one email. When I read your blog today I saw the share button in red at the bottom of the blog and used it to share with one person at a time, hoping that will record many shares. I think a problem could be, for people like myself, who didn’t realize you have to click on the comments in order to go to your website to see the share button. I don’t see anything that says share at the bottom of the email.
    Some low-tech people may not understand that you have to share from the actual blog and not from the email they received.

  155. Sheila Schworm

    Where is the share button ?
    Sent from my iPad

  156. ahnaainsworth

    Hi Mario, I am share this on facebook and all that I get from you.

  157. kingskid48

    If you received the blog by email, just forward it. If you want to post it somewhere, click on Comments, which will bring you into the full blog. Then copy and paste the url wherever you want to.
    I’ve never forwarded the blog from Mario’s website, so I don’t know if there’s a button, but the copy/paste protocol would work from there also.


    Totally in agreement with what you have said here. Sharing is necessary without fear of repercussions. We must get the word out!

  159. Dr. Mary Conte

    Dear Mario, with all respect I have a social platform with three groups garnering 8,000 personal followers and I belong to 7 other owned groups that total 372,000 members where I post every email blog I receive from you with few exceptions…you are not thinking this through when it comes to numbers!!!…People on fascist book are the very low uninformed and the 501C3 Christians who do nothing to “take a stand” and I have learned from experience as a minister of the gospel myself that some people you just cannot effect!!
    Perhaps you need to stop “supporting bahl worshipers” i.e. fascist book!! Just a suggestion to look deeper man of God and see who is really being affected by your blog…it is not always about numbers and I know you know that, however, your numbers are hidden from you because you are not looking deeper. I am on an awesome non-censored platform that is growing daily…we have to “choose” who we support with our presence. When you are censored on platforms you can either stay there and be silenced and die or leave and take the fight to those who are looking for leaders and support!
    In His Care,
    I am Sent For You,
    Dr. Mary A. Conte
    Raising Up A Standard Apostolic Ministries
    Isaiah 62:10…lift up a standard for the people.

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      That is absolutely the best reply I have seen in all the replies in these comments! Thank you for this; and blessings on you and your platform for the Lord.

  160. Kay baskerville

    As a receiver of your blog via email, there is no share button at the bottom. I can forward your email, but I cannot “share” it in a way that you will know about.

  161. Gail Neer

    I am selective in my emails because many people are in overload and overwhelmed but I do forward your emails from time to time to many on my email list. Your research and writings are relevant to the times that we are living in. Your emails are helpful to me and to others in knowing how and what to pray for.

  162. Margaret Hegan

    I’m not on Facebook anymore. I was put in FB jail before the election & wasn’t allowed to share anything, on my crochet group no less. I will never get back on their leftist propaganda site again. I do read & share your blog. Keep up the good fight! We are behind you.
    Sent from my iPad

  163. Debby

    I have liked and shared t h is blog and will continue. Please continue! We need your boldness! Thank you. 

  164. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    I do not do Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. I get your blog through my email and through your website. I pay tithes through your website also. Am praying for GOD to enable me to give more. We have had serious sickness. If we do not do email, I will go to your blog. Don’t want to do Facebook ,etc.

  165. Pam Loomis

    Thank God for you
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021, 12:09 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  166. Lesliejscott

    I don’t see the share button for email.
    I am spurred to action by your blogs so it’s frustrating to not know how to share.

  167. Victoria Ferris

    Please don’t quit your blogs!! They are most helpful, encouraging and inspirational message I get daily! THANK YOU!!

  168. Gail Ramsey

    Dear Mario Murillo,
    I received your blog every day in my email. It is the one blog I absolutely look forward to each day with great anticipation. I hope and pray that you will not stop writing it; and that Facebook will back off and bow it’s knee, in Jesus name.
    Gods greatest blessings do you, your family, and your ministry, Gail Ramsey
    On Sunday, 20 June 2021, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  169. Phyllis Marie Carvalho

    Amen Brother use EVERY AVAILABLE VOICE!

  170. Neil Nelles

    Suggest you join with Mike Evans and his suit against FB, as they (FB) are trying to cut off “The Jerusalem Prayer Team” because they are Pro- Israel! Another Christian group to sue FB would help the entire Body of Christ! Neil _
    Sent from my iPhone

  171. Bettina King

    Where are you??? Missing your daily briefs and praying fervently for the Lord to intervene in your behalf. Blessings, Elisabeth King

  172. Mister B

    You misquoted Mark 16:15 And he [Jesus] said unto them, Go ye into all the world, AND preach the Gospel to every creature. Not politics, not our opinions, not prophecy, no debates; just the Gospel of Jesus Christ; God’s grace, mercy and love for redemption.

  173. John Stumpf

    Mario, Forgive me but I see no share button.
    But I do forward this to people in my address book. I was one who never has used Facebook before.
    John Stumpf
    On Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 12:07 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  174. awestruck09

    I couldn’t figure out how to comment, but found the option in the email. Not sure why it was so hard to find this especially since I am on WordPress as well.
    I feel the same way about social media. It’s like we are on a mission field, and I feel like so many believers in Jesus Christ, are just irritated about the actions of Facebook, Twitter, etc., so, they feel like in order to get back at these social media platforms, they leave. But they are not hurting anyone but themselves, and the cause of Christ.
    For the life of me, I don’t understand the hesitancy of putting truth out there. I have had friends, in a good way, tell me how bold I am for doing what I do. I put out the hard truths of what’s going on in the political/cultural world today. I bring in God’s perspective from His word. Not sure why people think this is bold. Yes, it could be offensive but that’s because the truth hurts and people aren’t able to accept the truth because they don’t like the truth. But they need to hear.
    I remember hearing Rush Limbaugh talk about his early days of broadcasting. He would be speaking in his microphone and he said that he didn’t even know if anyone were listening. He did it anyway. Look where he ended up. He is probably one of the most revered men who spoke out on the injustices going on in our government and politics.
    I feel that way many times. I have gotten on Gab, Orby’s, Caucaus Room, MeWe, Parler, Twitter, Facebook, and wherever I can find an open door. I don’t know if anyone is listening, but if I stay on there long enough, I would think someone would eventually see the things I post.
    I am staying on Facebook and will continue to put the words of truth out there. The day may come when I will be kicked off. I pray God will direct my posts to the right people to see.
    We need to not be discouraged with this. I post a lot and get very little response from anyone. Yet, I have had people tell me they love the things I post. I wonder why they don’t respond on Facebook? Maybe only eternity will reveal the fruit of our labors on this.

  175. Jolynn sitagata

    Mario, unfortunately I was out of town with no internet, so was unable to share your blog. I have already shared your blogs, so please continue. I watch you on Flashpoint and have supported your ministry financially. Please continue this blog as it IS inspiration and soooo needed in today’s times.

  176. Leslie Gorny

    I’ve been censored by Facebook several times for sharing blogs, links & such concerning President Trump, Mike Lindell & now you. I will not back down! I’ve only recently began receiving your Blog via email, they are a BLESSING. I only remain on fb because of my children. I pray the Blog is saved for it gives much information & clarity.

  177. Steve and Lupe Bowden

    My husband and I are new readers to your blog and we would hate to lose it. I am out of Facebook for now.

  178. Mark DuBois

    Your welcome brother Mario.
    Thank You.

  179. Charles McCarthy

    May the Lord bless you and strengthen you. You are a cry in the wilderness. I look forward to your emails eagerly. You are a source of much inspiration and encouragement. Few others are calling things out for exactly what they are. I hope that you can continue with the emails and blog. But you have to go where the Lord leads. I will pray for you and the continued success of your ministry. Thank you and God bless you. Charles McCarthy

  180. Colleen McKenna

    Hello Mario, Keep the blog going. I can’t express to you the sanity and peace of mind i feel after reading your daily blog. I have posted and shared many over the last year or so. I know I’m not alone with what God has put in my heart on these issues and it’s comforting and affirming reading your straight forward and accurate words in relation to what’s happening in our world at a breakneck speed. We have to keep fighting the good fight to the end! By the way, I went to a prayer event in Washington DC with my daughter back In November 2020, you were there with Lance Wallnau. You had an alter call and my daughter walked forward in tears and received Christ as Lord and Savior. I will be forever thankful and grateful for you. Thank you for your faithfulness. May our Lord continue to bless you, Colleen McKenna North Carolina Sent from my iPhone

  181. candn1970gmailcom

    We need your blog so much. We often refer to you as a general leading us into war!!!! We do share your blog and pray to God it will NEVER stop!!! We have become financial supporters to MMM and pray your tents grow larger each day. God bless, the Browns
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 11:05 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” This urgent message is for everyone. But > those of you who get the blog via email should pay special attention to > this first part. I read your comments of support. However, many of you > think I want you to get back on Facebook. No way! Worse still, m” >

  182. grant perry

    I’m amazingly amazed…looking at the comments – Looks like God’s hidden ARMY is REALLY there. Press on NEVER, NEVER…NEVER QUIT! NEVER QUIT, NEVER QUIT…paraphrase Winston Churchill when tough DARK times hit. Blessing on you and your wife – praying for MMM

  183. Walter L. Johnson II

    In agreement with the other people that have posted on this blog, Mario. Please keep this blog going. It’s one of the few sources of media that most people, especially Christians, can really and truly trust these days. Otherwise, Thank You and God Bless You.

  184. gvmiller

    Mario, PLEASE keep doing the blog. It helps me to know how to specifically pray for our country. I forward it through my email. God Bless you and your family and keep you safe.

  185. kingskid48

    By now, most people here, including Pastor Mario, have probably seen what is happening at school board meetings and how parents and the few decent teachers are being treated. We are at a crossroads in America. It’s time for Christians, Conservatives, and normal, decent people to take the country back from the crazies. The Teachers’ Union, many school boards, marxist teachers/professors at all levels-they all have to be replaced. Perhaps it’s time for the entire public school system (or, as one man said, the “government school system), to be dismantled and changed from the ground up. If you are a person who has ever had the slightest inclination toward running for any office, now is the time. If I was younger, I would do it in a heartbeat. Let’s work together to save America. Pastor Mario, your blog is needed more than ever.

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Yes, it’s so important that we are all of one mind and spirit, to get this job done.

  186. susan k warren

    I was introduced to Mario’s blog in God’s perfect timing, when I couldn’t understand what was going on with the silence of the church, when I saw evil seemingly overwhelm our culture and “everyone” seemed to be in denial or afraid to talk. Mario is the encouragement I need and appreciate to remember we are in a mighty spiritual battle and not to give up! We are not helpless and hopeless! I am so very grateful for Mario and all that work with him. The left wants him silenced. He needs our prayers, we need his voice.

  187. Siv Saak

    I do not appear to have received any more of your emails since this one……..??? Could you resend them, from the date below (June 21) to current date…………. not sure what is happening.

  188. kassie1948

    Mario, thank you for keeping your blog up. We all need to hear the wisdom of the Lord. God bless you and all God’s people helping. Thank you God for for all your people doing anything to help

  189. Esther L.

    Mario – so thrilled to hear you will continue! Regardless of the number of shares or re-posting, know that the content of what you publish is resonating with countless millions of patriots who love God and country. Praying for your protection daily.

  190. Sam


    Saw your new blog and new comment format come up — knew then your answer was a resounding YES — Praise God!

    Awaited your email next and got it this AM. Yes Jesus! Yes Holy Spirit!
    Yes Father God! Wisdom from the Lord.

    Each of us who read these must not depend on Mario alone. We must pray and seek for our own direction from the Lord in all of this.

    “For such a time as this” We all have attained royalty in this time!

    Esther 4:14
    For if you remain silent at this time, liberation and rescue will arise for the Jews from another place, and you and your father’s house will perish [since you did not help when you had the chance]. And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this [and for this very purpose]?”

  191. Sam

    Note to webmaster. Please activate the comments link on Mario’s latest post — Thanks.

    We are commenting on his previous post to his latest post.

  192. NickT

    The new website is great. We know you are busy with crusades but thanks for your blogs. It put a spark in us to be informed and get involved at all the satan has been throwing at us and the church for a long time and the church also not speaking out. If you can speak out about the injustice of culture wars and election fraud, and more so can we. Preach the Gospel and let’s save our country with God’s help.

  193. Kathy lee Andrews James

    Amen my brother we must remain strategic in this fight for the TRUTH THE LIFE AND THE ONLY WAY!! JESUS CHRIST the LOVER OF OUR SOULS❣️

  194. Susan Seifert

    I just recently found this blog and ministry as I am in a few Trump supporting groups on Facebook. Also, I recommend the blog to others and post some of the articles in the groups I am in as well as on my Facebook page. I have gotten on Parler, MeWe, Gab, Orby’s, CaucusRoom, and wherever I can get an account. It’s time we get the word of God out there before we are in prison!! Hopefully, there will be a long time before that happens if it does, but regardless, we need to sow the word of God anywhere we can. God will take His word and use it wherever He wants. Evangelism and teaching truth is what will ultimately save our nation.

  195. Kalena

    Thank you Mario for your blog. It is truly a gift..I share it with my family all the time. You speak truth and we need truth in this hour. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. May the Lord bless you and give you strength through the storms. Know that you reach so many people through your blogs and deeply touch us. Thank you for the sacrifices you make…it does not go unnoticed.

  196. Barbara E Burt

    Thank you so very much for your prayerful decision to continue the blog as well as your Tent Crusades. I praise God for men and women of faith who love the Lord and do as He puts in their path. It ain’t easy! But You Can Do It!!! I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Your blogs have helped me grow stronger in my convictions as well as faith. Thank you!



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