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Facebook has been keeping 90% of those who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our followers even know it when a blog is posted.

The algorithm which blocks people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of views and likes. We proved that today.

Yesterday the blog was shared 1,277 times, but Facebook says that only 2,278 people read it. That means that for every time it was shared, 1.78 people read it. Then we issued the challenge. Today, that ratio suddenly jumped from 1.78 to 5. That is nearly triple the number of readers per share.

That shows me that what we did when we challenged the ban has broken some of its grip. Why is that important? Because 95% of our readers come from Facebook.

I do not like Facebook. Many of you have commented that you no longer use Facebook. But you need to understand why I am standing and fighting against Facebook.

First of all I am trying to save this blog.  For it to make sense for us to continue writing the blog, one of two things must happen: Either Facebook stops shadow banning it, or we must train our readers to go to our website to read it. And that will take time.

The other question is this: I need to know if our deep decline is Facebook messing with our readers, or if it is apathy. Because if it is apathy then the blog has run its course.

Again, I realize we have a large number of avid friends of the blog who get it directly from our website…but 95% still get it through Facebook.

I am asking everyone, whether they are on Facebook or not, “Please give us one more surge Share this message and get hold of anyone you know who is on Facebook call them to action. Another surge can break the ban and give me the time to help 95% of our audience move directly to our WordPress site.

In simple terms, the blog is in jeopardy—we have already won a partial victory, but we need to keeping pressing the attack for the next 48 hours.  That is the time God has allotted me. That is when I will make a decision regarding this blog.

I want to personally say, “Thank you” to you, our loyal readers! Thank you for understanding, and for your support!

I want to personally say, “Thank you” to you, our loyal readers! Thank you for understanding, and for your support!

I have been writing this blog for 9 years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever seen. So, there is something I must find out.

The attack began with little things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we are being shadow banned very insidiously.

For instance, the blog I posted early this morning has now been shared 1,200 times.  If a blog is shared over a thousand times—even on a slow day—it will average between 7,000 and 10,000 reads. To the time of this writing, the site claims it has had only 1,800 views, not 7 to 10 thousand. I ask you, how can 1,200 different people share a blog, and yet that blog gets only 1800 views?

Why is Facebook throttling the true statistics? They are no doubt emboldened by their victory in bringing us the puppet government of Biden.

But are they threatened by the blog’s momentum? It was approaching 16 million total views. 3 million view in 2021 until they began to censor us. I guess I should be flattered by their attack, but, no—I am enraged.

That is the point I must get across to you. Please forget for the moment that Mario Murillo has anything to do with this blog. Look at the blog itself.

God used it to introduce an era of preachers speaking out against political tyranny. It awakened and informed the people of God about the evil of the Democrat Party, when that was extremely unpopular.

A vast number of believers railed against these daily messages. Then the tide turned. Why? Because Democrats lived up to every threat and dark deed the blog predicted. And then some.

That is when the blog caught fire. Many Christian leaders began to make it their daily habit to read it to gain understanding about what is going on and how to defeat it. My conclusion is that the blog is being targeted because of that effectiveness.

This is not a self-serving statement: this blog still has an urgent role to play in our struggle against tyranny. Why do Satan and the social media giant want this blog to go away?

Because it is a threat and speaks the truth about this illegitimate administration and its agenda!

So here is the deal. The devil knows how I am spread thin by so many amazing breakthroughs we are having in the tent and in the media. On other fronts, our audience has exploded. Because of that, most of the time, I do not begin writing the blog until the end of my workday.

Sometimes the enemy says, “You are exhausted, don’t write tonight. The audience is shrinking anyway.” That last part is the most relevant. Is the audience for the blog dwindling, or are we being cancelled?

But there is a side of me that says that, if they do this to this blog and we do not fight…where will it end? That is why I am enraged.

No matter how obvious it is to me that the devil is attacking this blog, I must consider the other extremely remote possibility. If this blog has run its course, then I must be prudent to place my focus elsewhere. I need to know.

I personally believe that this blog’s greatest days are still ahead. But again, I must know.

The cancelling/censorship has become so bad that I cannot ignore the question any longer. This blog cannot survive having its audience stolen. At this rate, I will have to shut it down soon.

However, there is something you should know. Something that is absolutely worth a try. The social media giant has a big weakness—a weakness we must try to exploit, at least once. The algorithm backs off when there is a sudden ground swell of support. If enough people read this blog, share this blog, and like it, all at one time, FB will back off.

If you believe this blog has run its course, then just sit this out. I will totally understand. If there is no major uptick in response after laying it out so clearly that will show me that this is not just Facebook.

But, if you believe the blog is worth saving, then I am asking you this one time—and this one time only—to let me know that you are fighting with me against this tyranny. I need you to talk with others and let them know what is at stake in this. Here are 3 additional things you can do on Facebook:

Read it. Share it. Like it.

After 9 years of writing this blog, I will be watching for my answer with great anticipation.

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

Thank you, my brothers and sisters!

In Christ.


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We are handing out thousands of pounds of groceries door to door. We are leading souls to Jesus. We are praying for the sick to be healed. We are bringing hope to oppressed families.

We are stunned at the hunger of the people. They pray with us at their front door. Crowds form in the parks and listen to our unfiltered Gospel message.

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  1. Esther L.

    Please consider asking readers to get on your email list. I read every post that is emailed to me. It’s a lot less cumbersome than going to a website. Also, I don’t do FB. Your message is so powerful I really don’t want to see it silenced because of this craziness. Ask your readers to subscribe to you emails. Eric Metaxas has had to shift to this strategy and I believe it’s working for him.

    • Kay

      Yes, Esther L. Those are words of wisdom. I agree with your thoughts. Pastor should get people to sign up for his daily blog on their email. That is how I am fed by his blog, in my email every morning! A wonderful way to start my day! I quit FB and twitter some time ago, once they started all this censorship.

    • Evelyn Clark

      I am not on Facebook, so can not respond that way. I have forwarded your message to quite a few people. My friends who have made comments say they want me to continue sending them your emails.
      Have sent you emails to Africa to people I know there.
      I appreciate the emails also.
      Evelyn Clark

    • magicsmom

      I totally agree! It’s so easy to read the blog in my inbox!

    • Wordforworld

      I think Mario is more concerned that his blog remain AVAILABLE for the secular component of fb audience. The huge numbers of followers are what keep his posts up front & visible for peops, globally!
      Second point, this is a freedom of speech issue. The Platform that said all are welcome to express opinion (has now displayed true colors) AS LONG AS THOSE PERSONAL OPINIONS MEET Fb’s STANDARD FOR FEEDING THE ENEMY.
      We’re seeing, even here, an apathetic attitude re: rising up when one of us is threatened. We’re seeing the reason for the condition of our condition. “I have to vote, now? I have to read the fine print? I have to text/call Senator re ungodly bill? Ughh! I have to say what? I already voted once! I can’t stay home & watch church? I have to get up and go to church now? It’s so comfortable “to church” in my jammies.
      What’s the harm? I save on gasoline, right? I’m protecting the environment, right? There are other websites. The newspapers publish accurate news, right? The tv tells real news, right? Well, there is one other channel that might carry godly views. Oh it’s not there anymore, hmm. Oh well.”
      (Little folding of the arms, closing of eyelids….)
      UH OH

      • magicsmom

        That’s a lot of people to lump into one category!

    • Margo Daugherty

      I too get your blog fro email. I do not follow anything on Facebook…period!

    • Lucy Martinez

      Also, instagram will actually reach more by using around 15 hash tags. Or go with a funnel works well.

  2. Versailles Exquisites

    When Christian men do nothing in the face of evil; evil achieves victory. The sins of evil men must be exposed and opposed. God commands those who are good, not just to avoid evil but actively oppose it.
    Christians should not only “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11)
    Those who do nothing about sin and evil, help the sin and evil to prevail. One who is silent when there are those around him in sin becomes a partaker with them (Ephesians 5:7).
    “Let him eschew evil, and do good” (1 Pet. 3:11). James explained, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17).
    “God Commands you to Expose and Oppose Evil. Pray, Rebuke Evil, Shout And Write Something Against It. While you still have breath, Stand firm! Raise your shield! Draw your sword and with all your strength Stand Strong and Fight with the Angels of God against the evil of this world! Give evil nothing! But take from it everything and send it to Hell!” by Alex Acropolis Calderon

    • Janis A. Schroeder

      I look forward to sharing first thing every day.. Blessings and favor and grace…

    • CD. Gentry

      I stop using Facebook 5 years ago. I could sense the demonic takeover and possession inserting itself. I receive, read and forward your daily postings to all my friends, both here in America and Ukraine.

    • Tracy

      KEEP WRITING!! You inspire us all!!!! I read your blog via email just bc it’s easiest. Thank you!!

      • Peggy Booton

        I read your blog everyday and send it to 6 friends, each of them live it as much as I do and look forward to hearing truth

    • Randy Dulworth

      Thanks Mario for writing this blog for all of these years! I send your blog out on Twitter and frequently to my pastor. I would read your blog and say, this is what every Bible believing pastor should be saying. So many pastors think that they shouldn’t speak out on the political, social issues and you have let us know how ridiculous that is! Keep speaking out you are making a difference! They took The President Of The United States off their platform! They Are Afraid Of Your Words!
      Randy Dulworth

  3. Vicky Beam

    I love your blog Mario – please don’t quit! We need to hear the truth and you have been unflinching in telling it like it is. I have great respect for you and your ministry. God has prepared you for such a time as this. You are in my prayers – keep fighting the good fight. We need generals like you in the Lord’s army.

  4. Naulage

    Thank you Mario.  I follow you on Facebook.  However, I rarely check the general feed.  I read my newsfeed and messages from friends.  I become aware of you new posts via this email.  I almost always  read your blog via the email or go to your site. I think your blog is definitely needed. Thank you again.  Sincerely, Orin Lee Visit Honduras Community Support Corporation at

  5. Dianne Eure

    I am praying that we blow the lid off this evil! Your blog is encouragement I don’t get anywhere else.
    Dianne Eure

  6. Homer Thomas

    i get your emails directly sent to my gmail account only ! i admit i don’t read them all ! i’m on a mission of my own trying to reach god, however i haven’t felt him in my spirit ! i did have a dream where mr. biden and i were on a large flat roof over looking the white house in washinhington d .c. ! mr. biden was speaking to me but i couldn’t understand him ! i told him i was walking off the roof top and i walked off of it and he followed me as i went walking into mid air, he then began to rapidly fall grabbing at me as he fell. however he swiftly was gone as i was left floating there all by myself ! then i woke up realizing it was a dream ! as far as your blog ask god not me ! i’m just another sinner unable to reach him !

  7. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    KEEP WRITING THE BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Psalm 78……
    God is faithful !!!!!!
    Keith & Denise
    South Africa.


    I read it on your web page, but I did what you asked on FB

  9. Patricia Roloff

    Part 2…..praying for wisdom regarding this blog. Personally this blog helps inform us about what is really happening and what we can do. It’s hard to find the truth these days.

  10. Bonnie Sue England

    Hi Mario, I love your blog. Please don’t stop it. Just encourage people to sign up to get it in their email box every day. I get it emailed to me every evening and I look forward to reading it. Your blogs encourage me so much because you say the truth! Please don’t stop! Bonnie England

  11. Thomas Lucas

    My wife and I have Never Used FB or any other social media sites. Don’t need them. The web is the best. Never trusted these sites and our gut feelings have always been right. I’m praying that millions of people will stop using FB etc sites. People have become too dependent on Social Media and this should not be.
    Thanks. And GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY!!! Sent from my iPhone

  12. tanyarocks54

    I receive your posts via email. When I wake up in the middle of the night I look forward to reading them. I then pray for you and your ministry and whatever your post is about. Please continue this blog. God bless you and your ministry!

  13. Roger Thrower

    I read the email every morning

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Joy

    Came off FB years ago due to fraud and always get your blog via email. But today, somehow, I manage to get in and like and share it x 4, before it locked me out!
    PLEASE don’t stop blogging. It helps inform us here in UK what is REALLY going on in US and how to pray. Shalom Joy

  15. PEARL Dalton

    I am sharing this and standing with you. And my support is behind you
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 3:28 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  16. Paul Janson

    Hello Mario. I read this blog everyday and I am not on Facebook nor will I ever be. You speak Truth and I need to hear that Truth. Please do not stop writing this blog. I also watch you on Flashpoint and am a faithful follower of that program as well. Keep doing what you do. There will be great rewards from this.
    Paul Janson Maryville, TN
    Sent from my iPhone

  17. openittogo

    I receive your blog through email. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed of what is going on on the west coast. I am in PA.
    Trish Ambler

  18. Sue Sanderson

    Please keep the blog going it is a lifeline of truth for thousands and it is the encouragement we need desperately to keep fighting and exposing the lies and strategies of the enemy!
    We love you and you and the tent revivals are in our prayers!

  19. Linda Stevens

    I no longer get your blog on face book. Months ago maybe year ago it always came up first thing and I would automatically share w everyone in my face book
    Now I only get it by this email
    Sent from my iPhone

  20. Michael Herlihy

    I don’t use Facebook. Keep it up, Mario.

  21. Roland Stedt

    Keep up the good fight! If God is for us, who can be against us? ________________________________ Från: Mario Murillo Ministries Skickat: den 20 juni 2021 09:32 Till: Ämne: [New post] PART TWO: I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view”

  22. Louanne Weeks

    I read your blog through e-mail

  23. E

    We stand with you Mario and we are helping in the fight !!!

  24. Connie Wilson

    Thank you Mario for all the time and effort you have put into this blog. I normally don’t comment on anything but this blog is too important to stay quiet. I receive it via email and read them all. I’ve even found myself waiting for them everyday. Your writings offer current events tied to biblical truths in a way I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s essential for the times that we are maneuvering in right now. I agree with you that the social media site in question isn’t playing nice (I’m aware of the huge understatement here) and I honestly don’t expect them to. Have you considered an alternative, one that doesn’t shadowban? I don’t know if that’s a helpful suggestion or not, just thought I would toss it out there. Just tell me where you’ll be posting and I’ll follow. I strongly believe in fighting back against what’s happening, just thinking maybe the best way to do that might be to sidestep them altogether. Turn the tables on them by canceling them. People will follow. Either way I’ll support you, just please keep writing. Thank you

  25. LaJuan LaGrappe

    I have not been on FaceBook since November 2020. I will not go back. I read your blog in my email.

  26. Christina Kudzin

    Please Mario be encouraged and blessed
    Christina from England

  27. Bev Campbell

    Dear Mario have the Spirit of a Lion & together with the Saints who are full of the HOLY SPIRIT & POWER we will shout His Praises from every corner & every tribe ..& our Firey Love will continue to Burn Brightly as do the Seven lampstands in Heaven representing the Church! As an 85 year old I have followed you & your outstanding teaching at conferences & books for most of your ministry.Greater is He within you than all the cancel woke crowd..who are about to encounter the wrath of God in all His might & Power! Much Love ..Bev. Campbell.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 8:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

    • Elisabeth King

      I value this message greatly. I am praying that it will be kept on.
      I am also praying for you and for your crusades. May the Lord pour out His Spirit mightily. And thank you for your tireless work to advance the Kingdom of God. My declaration is “No weapon that is formed against your shall prosper and any voice that rises in judgment against you I condemn!!!! Elisabeth King

  28. Katherine Boyle


  29. Anne Streker

    Please continue! You give us so much hope! And the best is yet to come! (I am not on social media but follow via email)

  30. mike beleky

    And you can guarantee that on YouTube you have received at least 10x more views than it shows but that is how it is. Keep up the fight. I hope and pray you get them all to show correct numbers, they hate us Christians. Remember, satan owns a lot of Facebook and YouTube, but in reality Jesus owns much more of it. So the time will come where Jesus gets His way. Pray into it, Declare it, it will be done. 

  31. jayclosner

    Don’t doubt the CALL you have been given by our Lord and Savior. Many supporters of yours have abandoned the apostate social media platforms for the reasons you have accurately discerned. Even if the few remnant hear the words of Life you are blessed to convey with a contrite heart; do so with His Grace in power.

  32. Ronald Sellers

    The only way I get your messages now is on my email. Keep writing Mario. God bless you. Ron Sellers
    Sent from my iPhone

  33. Bob Turek

    Mario, I stand with you, American Christians need your blog,I beleive God approves . As a nation our God is our only hope. Please keep doing your part, mine is to pray and pray I will. I am almost 80 and in the confusion of this computer world. I only know I found you and Flashpoint because of it which is one of the few good things about this modern era of communication. You are a shining light of God’s Word for all the world to see and come to Jesus Christ. Please keep your blog going and sharing the truth. Thank you brother

  34. Philip Sartell

    If you’ve proven that FB’s shadow-banning is the reason for your fall in “reads,” then why would you give in and allow FB to win? Is that not bowing to the left? I believe all true patriots and Christians who stand for truth will eventually be kicked off FB and other media – your readers will be gone anyway unless you adapt. And we, your readers adapt. Why not post your blog to where it will be welcome? Those who park on FB and Twitter will become the proverbial frogs in the slow-heating kettle.

  35. Steve McFaddin

    Don’t stop your blog. I for one left FB because it censored and tries to fact check with their liars. Try to get people off the FB addiction and sign up to the email or other media. Keep up the good work. No compromise with suckerberg.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 3:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  36. Anne DeRuiter

    I don’t have a FB account; I read this via email.
    And I miss it when you’re busy and away!
    Anne DeRuiter Heflin, AL

  37. Peggy Timmerman

    I pray you will keep the blog going. It is a great source of truth & inspiration. You inspire us to pray and fight. We can’t let these evil organizations win. God is exposing them and I believe, like you & others, He is about to do a great deliverance in this nation. We need more ministers like you.

  38. Marcia Walsh

    Mario, —— I posted a reply yesterday; but I don’t see it here. I am not on Facebook, nor do I want to be on Facebook. This is my only chance to read your blog, which I very much enjoy reading. If you stop the blog here, I will no longer be able to read your writings.

  39. Melissa Howard

    If I see your blog post on FB I will normally share. I love your blog and what you have to share! One other thing to consider also, are the readers who do share. At least for me, because I also try to share the truth, have been told by FB that my page will not reach as many people because of the posts I choose to share. Therefore, those we may have been able to reach before are considerably less.
    I have grown to really dislike FB, and have considered leaving, but for me it has been a way to communicate with family that live far away, promote my business, and of recent, start a church group. It’s sad that this censorship is going on. But just like every other aspect of this situation, I think we need to stand our ground for as long as we can!

  40. Mike Mealer

    I have always used the blog, no Facebook.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 2:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  41. pointyourlittletoe

    Mario, please continue to publish your blog… my friend who went to Modesto shared it with me just a month ago! It helps me know how to pray! Please do not let FaceBook or any deceitful Big Tech platform discourage you! God has called you to Sacramento and to this blog! Refuse to even follow the reports of sharing etc.. write and lift it up to God! I left FB in 2016 and Twitter in 2019. No more social media for me. The Holy Spirit doesn’t need Big Tech! Thank you for all you do! God bless you! Praying for Sacramento and YOU!

  42. Chris Tucker

    I cannot support Facebook. I deleted my account months ago


    I am selfish as I think of me. Please continue with blog. Your example and stand is needed.
    Sent from my iPhone

  44. Joan Talbot

    I am reading this in my email account. I don’t know how to share it to Facebook. I love to read it every day. Please keep it up.

  45. Debra L.

    Hi Mario. I read your blog daily via your emails and am always encouraged. So thank-you. I, myself, have been blogging nearly 17 years and have chosen to keep things simple: I’ve asked God to let me know when He wants me to stop. The way I believe He’ll do that? By ceasing to send His ‘spark’ of ideas, His anointing, His taking my simple words and making them powerful. Until then I’ll keep writing at His prompting.
    Oh, and as for Facebook, yes, they’re even messing with who can view my simple daily-life-with-God blog links. I would have left Facebook months ago, but God won’t let me due to the opportunities still available to share not just blog posts, but scriptures and encouragement. The way I see it? Any door still open to us, even a tad, is one God has opened–and no man can shut it. Hope this helps and again, thanks so much for what you do.

  46. RAFO

    Mario, I neither use Facebook or do I go directly to your site… I get your blog directly to my email. I guess I signed up for it in the past. So, not really understanding what the issue is.
    Everyone just needs to sign up to get your messages directly in their email. Forget Zuckerburg’s (really the CIA developed it) “social media” (information gathering) site. All they’re doing is keeping track of who reads your blog… to target Christians in the future (logically a non-Christian would have no reason to read your blog, other than to troll).
    Yes, you might be unable to use statistics… so what? If God has called you to write a blog, then write it! Stop being concerned about how many are reading it and forwarding it… God will take care of the distribution… He’s very good at multiplication!

    • RAFO

      PS… sometime in the future God may move upon you to warn your audience about the dangers of using Facebook… it’s an insidious tool of Satan that’s used to data mine every aspect of our lives to the corrupt government. If you’re still using it you’re compromised and can’t warn others not to use it! Pray about getting away from Facebook, Twitter, etc. totally.

  47. Lynn Hampshire

    Even though I said it yesterday, I’ll repeat it today… you are a voice needed in today’s world climate. We as your co-laborers stand with you against this, and bring our shields of faith up with yours! Keep up the good work and a fresh anointing to do it!

  48. Mary Ann Simkins

    I’ve never had anything to do with Facebook! I get your blog via e-mail. I love it and look forward to it every night!! Please don’t give up!! God bless you!

  49. John White

    Today, I subscribed to the email subscription and I have been following on you WordPress since you began your blog. You and your wife are both my Facebook friends.
    Our mutual connection goes much farther back than nine years ago when you began your blog. We met on a few occasions of your preaching at Scott Hinkle’s Street Ministry Conferences in Dallas, Texas.
    I had not subscribed via email before because I automatically include your blog in my morning devotional time. The subscription was made so you can know that you can count on me, Mario.

  50. Audrey E

    I love your blogs!! They are the truth and information we need in such a time of this. Please don’t stop! I get them directly from your posts in my emails.

  51. Sherry Williams

    The Holy Spirit has always warned me away from f b. God will make a way and communicate His message to His children. I won’t support f b.

    • Audrey E

      I just tried to post something and it did not go through. I’m retrying. I love your blog! It the voice we need in such a time as this! Please don’t stop posting!
      Praying for God’s intervention ?
      Audrey E

    • Mary Kleyzker

      Your blog is the best email I receive. Please do not give it up. You speak truth the world needs.


    I read it on email and send it to friends. I read it on facebook and share it every time. Please do not quit facebook. Many people need to read what you have to share. Very valuable to the kingdom of God. Encouraging and instructive. Love and appreciate you so much. You are God’s instrument. Thank you for being such a blessing. Fran Dunn
    Sent from myMail for iOS
    Sunday, June 20, 2021, 2:28 AM -0500 from : >mariomurilloministries posted: ” >Facebook has been keeping 90% of those who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our followers even know it when a blog is posted. > > > >The algorithm which blocks people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  53. Jan C. Goudeau

    Im confused as to why people don’t just read the blog through email?? I’ve never used Facebook. Do people only go through Facebook even though they know it’s censored? I don’t understand why people don’t check their email as well they can access it on the same device. Maybe you could suggest they do this? I never miss your blog because I read through my email account. Are you saying you will no longer write the blog unless Facebook posts it? That’s how I am interpreting this.

  54. Hollie Bethmann

    I don’t use Facebook. I receive your blog via email. I read them all.

  55. Celine Ernst

    Mario, I get your post in my email, I think from your site. I never use Facebook. When it destroyed Parler, I was done. I also stopped doing business with Amazon, changed my server, only use You Tube when it’s necessary . Many of us have made radical changes in our lives in the last year. Please know that I love your blog, and watch you on Flash Point regularly, as do most of my pals. I also am a warrior. I am so strengthened by your tough rhetoric. Thanks to your Mom for not aborting you! We love and appreciate you, Mario. I’m praying for Sacramento and your preparations. Celine M Ernst, RN, PHN, PN
    Sent from my iPhone

  56. Penny McCartney

    I found my prayer points,by reading your daily blogs on face book. I pass your blogs.
    I bind the works of satan , he has no authority over this page, and I loose the power of His Word, His Power to set free, and heal. Pour Your Spirit through this page and make it stronger in truth. Amen

  57. Robert Conners

    Dear brother Mario,

    Being GREATLY disappointed in FB’s behaviour regarding a number of issues,
    I have ceased relying on FB as a source of TRUTH.
    I look forward to reading your blogs; they are informative, encouraging and trustworthy.
    Now only depend on email to receive your blogs.
    God richly bless you.
    Keep on keeping on.
    Yours in Christ Jesus,
    Robert Conners ?✝️?

    Sent from my iPad

  58. Pat James

    Dear Mario,
    I am an avid reader of your blogs, but not on Facebook. Even though I am following you on Facebook, it never shows up on my feed. Only the top 25 or so people or ministries get to me. I prefer it emailed to me.
    Thank you for your service to the Lord’s kingdom!
    Pat James

  59. margaret dow

    I receive your posts by e-mail and not on Facebook.  Please continue sending them as they are an encouragement and blessingThank you for all the work you do for the Kingdom of God!! Margaret Dow

  60. Marla

    Keep the blog going, I need it.
    I am on FB but I get your blog through my email.
    We need your voice in this fight to standout!
    I pray for your Sacramento tent revival.
    God bless you and your helpers.

  61. Audrey Eisenstein

    I’m not on Facebook. Please don’t stop your blog We need your voice of truth!
    Covering you in prayer!
    Audrey Eisenstein

  62. Barb Grinwis

    Not on Facebook, but want my vote to matter. Keep walking in the path God has set before you.

  63. Daniel Stibolt

    We start each day reading your blog. So thankful for you and your tram.
    Daniel Stibolt, Sent from my iPhone

  64. Cynthia Sampson

    I have always read your blog in my email. Your website sends it faithfully to me everyday. Please do not stop writing and informing what is happening in these times that are so dark. I have learned so much, been uplifted, been awakened in my spirit and convicted of wrong thinking. If it will help I will go to Facebook and like every one of your blogs. But I am asking you to continue in your very vital work. I pray God will continue to guide your hand in this matter. Please dear Father I ask it in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen Cynthia Sampson, an avid subscriber

  65. Sue Kirby

    I get your blog by email. I hope you continue. Sometimes you sound too strong in your words or opinions for me, but I’m not getting this information from anyone else. It’s easier to read about souls being saved than the political and moral conditions in our nation. I think you’re doing a good thing, the right thing and I’m still having a hard time coming to grips with the conditions of our nation. So even though you sound ‘too strong’ to me, I think it’s necessary. Keep going. Do not grow weary in doing good. Thank you
    Sue Kirby

  66. John Beasley

    I get the blog via email, thus going around Facebook which I rarely visit. Keep up the good work for God. We’re out here praying for you and your ministry.

  67. Catherine A Eddleman

    Dear Mario, I canceled my FB account in January and apparently haven’t been missed nor am I missing it. I read your blog/email daily and often forward it to others. Your words are inspiring, strong and good for my soul. Please don’t stop writing them. Much love in Christ, Catie Eddleman

  68. christiane0429

    Keep up Gods work. I found you through a friend just this year and enjoy reading via your email!

  69. construct

    Please keep it going

    Sent from my iPhone

  70. Ann Hoffee

    Hi Mario, I read you on my email!

  71. bcjewelryartist

    Dear Mario, please continue this blog daily! I can’t even share it on Facebook, because they have shadow-banned me for my conservative views. The Church, the Ekklesia, needs your voice. America needs another great awakening, and we pray the Revival in California spreads through America! I for one am desperate for God to move so we can reap a harvest of souls for Jesus. So many hurting souls in our midst. Thank you Mario and all who minister with you!


    I read your email blog daily and pass it on thru email

  73. Debbie Bain

    I read it daily from email.
    Sent from my iPhone

  74. Kathryn

    I shut down my Facebook account months ago. I receive your blog via email and I look forward to reading it every day. You speak the truth in boldness, I am encouraged and inspired by your daily blogs please continue! I know many of my friends still use Facebook so I will share this bog with them and encourage them to do as you ask. God Bless you Mario!

  75. Joni

    Hi Mario,
    I read you on my email…never used Facebook or other media outlets like Twitter, etc.
    I hope you get the response you need to keep the blog going, because I find it extremely encouraging and informative about what is happening in our country, so that I pray with more precision and fervency knowing what’s at stake.
    God bless you,
    Joni Chase Coutin

  76. Crystal Bancroft

    I am not a supporter of Facebook, but so want you to know I read and support you.
    Sent from my iPhone

  77. Ava Hall

    Jon and Ava from Rochester, Mn. We Read your email everyday. If you will, please keep us informed of information we are unaware of.. We also watch you on Flashpoint and are encouraged greatly by the program. Onward Christian Soldiers,,,, We see the importance of praying in our spiritual language which builds up our most holy faith. When we pray for you and those in leadership we are learning we are helping the pastor, teacher evangelist etc. Prayers prayed in faith makes tremendous power available. Continue to open your mouth AND HE WILL FILL IT. YOU ARE LED BY THE Holy Spirit We send love and prayers from Rochester,Mn,!???

  78. Bonnie L Locke

    It’s an old saying but still pertinent “You were created for such a time as this.” This blog is part and parcel of the work God is doing in you and through you and an integral voice from above. Do not be weary in well doing nor allow FB to dampen the Holy Fire God has placed in you!

  79. Ron Ilbrink

    Still ‘holding you, your family, staff, and the blog in prayer. I first ‘met’ you when you spoke at Resurrection Life Church, Grandville, Michigan. May God bless you with His answer, clearly as a bell at break of day shatters the silence of night.

  80. Wendell Stewart

    Hello my Brother Mario,
    Your blog is very valuable and I look forward to reading it every day. My wife and I have never been on the “cesspool of pointless narcissistic activity” called Facebook, which along with Twitter has enslaved most of the population, and we’ve gotten along fine without it. Why would any patriot or Christian go on Facebook?
    I get your blog via e-mail daily and frequently forward to friends and clients. Please keep it going.
    God bless,
    Your partners in NH,
    Wendell & Laurie Stewart
    75 Searles Rd.
    Windham, NH 03087-1201

  81. Theresa McKenzie

    Please don’t stop the blog. I read everyday and share. You have a gift for articulating exactly what needs to be said to awaken the masses. You are greatly loved. I also watch you on Flashpoint!
    Sent from my iPad

  82. Linda Crane

    I rely on this blog to keep me 1) truthfully informed, and 2) what to do about it! I subscribed to the email option to view daily so I can avoid Facebook completely. Thank you for your anointed words of truth and wisdom.

  83. mkirkwold

    I love your blog. I am hoping that soon God will deal with these evil companies.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 2:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  84. addedperspective2020

    Mario, plead with you to not stop your blog, I resend it to 12 others, it gets re-posted on Facebook, the number that appear to be sending it out via email is amazing. We need the voice that God has given you to speak truth into the nation at this time in history. Wake up the pastors that have fallen under the lie of seeker friendly delusion that totally ignores God’s call for repentance.

  85. Kristin Salzman

    Blessings to you, Mario Murillo for this blog that I’ve always gotten in my email. I’ve never had any witness to be on any social media. Please continue your blog as you are one main source of truth in my life and I have forwarded your emails many times to others who also need the truth the Holy Spirit gives you…fresh manna from heaven. Thank you for seeking the Holy Spirit on what He wants to impart to those of us who are hungry for truth and eagerly wait for your post each day!

  86. terrilea423

    I rarely use Facebook, but I liked and shared part 1 and part 2 of this message. I receive it daily via email. That is the best way to get it! Train your followers to do that. I am waiting for a new conservative social media platform to come out. May God continue to bless your ministry! Terri Willeford
    Sent from my iPad

  87. Lois Kotzin

    I read it every day and I find it encouraging! Don’t stop!
    Sent from my iPhone

  88. LaDona Flowers

    Mario, We read your blog daily. Please continue writing it. May God Bless You. D & L ?
    Sent from my iPad

  89. Susan M Roberts

    Pastor Mario,
    I subscribe to your blog via email; I do not use Facebook—I can’t stand it.
    TRUTH MATTERS!! That is what the Holy Spirit has been saying to me for months and months. Thank you for sharing the TRUTH! You are an example to the Christian world and everybody else what it means to follow Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. I look forward to your blog in my email; it has been a constant source of encouragement to me in this fight against evil. I wish other pastors would follow suit.
    Bless you for continuing to evangelize and make know the TRUTH…it matters!
    Sjusan Roberts
    Prescott Valley, AZ

  90. Carol Pritchard

    I am still using Facebook
    Sent from my iPhone

  91. Roger James Boynton

    mario, saw you in ren with perry stone in july of 2019. I feel connected with you in the spirit, encourage you to continue your unique role in exposing evil mindsets, especially in dead religious people! Roger from upstate NY

  92. Jeanne Locante

    Please don’t stop your blog! I do read it from your emails and often on fb too.

  93. Dan Ford

    Mario , like millions of people I never have used Facebook. Keep getting and enjoying your weekly messages (first thing I always read). ….. almost the only thing that makes sense. Need-less-to-say KEEP Sending!

  94. Ethel Azariah

    Mario, I appreciate your blog and hope you don’t stop writing it. It is a much-needed word to the church. I receive it regularly on Facebook and by email since I don’t go to Fb every day. (And I see you on Flashpoint!) Thank you for speaking up on several platforms, encouraging us all to stand.

  95. Richard Best

    Thankfully, Brother Mario, I receive your blog in my email box everyday. I then post it to my Facebook page so others can have access to it, too. Please continue to post the blogs as they do touch many lives.  Your fellow believer in the labor of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST!

  96. Linda Oliver

    Dear Mario,
    We declare no weapons formed against you and your followers shall not prosper and every tongue that rises against us in judgment we condemn. It is our heritage as servants of the Lord God Almighty and our Righteousness is from you oh Lord of Hosts. Isa 54:17 —we forgive those who condemn and ask you to bless them to give them opportunity to repent. If they repent we ask for mercy, but if not that they be removed from any position of authority over the nations , in Jesus name amen.

  97. percyharris

    Keep  on trucking.I love the  truth and know I am not  alone.Sent via the Samsung Galaxy A10e, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  98. Mark Stripling

    We are with you!

    • RL Perrin

      Mario how about encouraging the 95% to use your website instead of FB before you stop your blog?

  99. Wendy R

    I love reading your blog. I get it through email, which I prefer over facebook. I try to limit my time on that platform to posting encouraging thoughts as the Lord puts them on my heart. I will continue to like and share it there also! Blessings!

  100. bwalker42

    I will answer with a question.
    How many people across America rely on this blog because They Can’t Find a Local Church? Would God take away someones only means of hearing what should be coming out of all the pulpits across America but isn’t?
    It’s true, I didn’t even know about this blog until it “Caught fire”. But I printed your literature and mailed it to 8 churches pastors to invite them to your Pastors teaching meetings because I wanted to see revival in my area.
    I visited all of the churches I sent invitations to and spoke to almost all of the pastors. Not one of them spoke against abortion. I specifically asked each of them the question.
    One of the churches guest speaker was the Mayor of Houston and they took up an offering for the cause of the Mayor, robbing the body of Christ for a hater of the Gospel. The movie they showed before all this took place was about how the lawmakers laws are god.
    How many Pastors Across America rely on this blog? Would God stop the unification if His Body?
    Can’t you see? You Are the Next Billy Graham! I don’t see that we have anybody else to tell us the truth.

    • bwalker42

      “of” his Body not if. Typo.

  101. kayeminton

    I am on Facebook, and I see your blog posted there, but I also get it through the WordPress app that notifies me by email when it’s posted. Now that I understand this is a an effort to bring Facebook’s censorship to light, I will start sharing your posts often. Please don’t stop writing!

  102. Kathy Allgier

    I look forward to your blog and read it daily. It lifts me up and gives me hope. The ratings are the devils deception to discourage you and the readers if they pay attention to it. I get your blog via email and do share with my children via email. Do not falter in doing the Father’s work. You are faithful, passionate, work hard, and one day you will hear “Well done my good and faithful servant.” I support you and your work through prayer and monetarily.
    Remember the devil and his minions fight more viciously when they are backed in a corner. Let’s keep them in the corner until justice is done.

  103. David Maddox

    God bless you Mario. PLEASE continue the blog. I & my wife read it faithfully. I’ve never missed one. I have known for a long time that Facebook/Twitter/Google, etc. are garbage, propaganda machines. You are one of the few ministers who dares to tell the truth. Thank you. Unfortunately, the truth is not coming from the vast majority of pulpits in America.

  104. jslund7hotmailcom

    please keep posting. we are not on facebook.
    j Lund

  105. Donna Meier

    Dear Mario,
    you have been raised up as a leader in this season, a general in the army of God. We need your voice! If FB is shadow banning you, which seems to be the obvious interpretation of the numbers, it means that your blog is needed MORE, not less. Many FB communicators are using email now to communicate with their followers. Many are also using Telegram and other platforms more committed to free speech.
    Please, for the sake of the Ekklesia and the Kingdom of God, please don’t give up your blog! I know you are busy. But I am sure there are many talented people who will help you expand to other platforms besides just FB.
    Thank you for leading and inspiring us in this critical season!

  106. Patty White

    Have never had FB & never will, but read daily through email.

  107. Nancy Davis

    Mario I read you on my email and read almost daily. Please keep up the needed work. God bless you!
    Sent from my iPhone

  108. hsborn

    Liked and shared: day 2

  109. Jennifer Crawford

    I attempted to find your blog on FB, it was unsearchable & I could not like it as requested. This same thing has been done to others in ministry or natural medicine. I love having your blog in my inbox & I learn much. You must do as the Lord leads you.

  110. William

    I read your blog on Sound of Heaven. I don’t support Facebook.

  111. Frank Mikulka

    Mario, I read every blog you placed by Email, I am not using nor have I used any of the social media outreaches as I don’t trust Facebook, Twitter, etc. At times I will print and mail out with my payment to those I owe money. I will also forward to friends on my address book.
    I refuse to use Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Have a Jesus filled day.
    Frank Mikulka

  112. Adele Giusto

    Absolutely you are important. One thing an evangelist does is put a fire under less committed Christian s.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 1:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  113. Pastor Thomas Albrecht

    Don’t quit now, we are winning! Thank you for persevering.

  114. ottie

    This blog comes to me as an email. I look forward to reading this.
    I will go to FB and like and share.

    Sent from my iPhone

  115. Roger Culwell

    it is an attack to away our rights to freedom of speech and let these Big Tech tyrants control all of what is being said, they are trampling all over our first amendment rights, and the Constitution, they do not have the right to tell us what we can say, nor do they have the right to control who reads it, this is Tyranny plain and simple, you either say what they say you can or your in trouble, and we have bowed enough to tyrants, they now run just about everything canceling whom they don’t like along with so much of the church, you either comply with them to or they try to squash you out, surrendering to the Holy Spirit is a big no, no to much of the church today, they don’t like Holy Ghost and fire filled preaching under the anointing of God and thats the only kind of preaching that will save, heal, deliver, and set free, to many mama called and daddy sent today who have no anointing, and they want us to bow to the Church of HC, and we must fill the Church with the Holy Spirit and fire, before the man made system totally puts out the fire and that is the goal, to shut down the power and presence of God and let the man made church of HC go in to place the NWO, OWR, so they can bring in a bible that has removed certain or all sin in time, and these Big Tech control freaks can take over and destroy freedom of speech, so much of the church is even trying to help them, thats what is crazy, SO WE MUST STAND NOW OR IT WILL BE TO LATE, VERY FEW ARE STANDING AND TELLING THE TRUTH, AND WHEN THE CHURCH GETS RIGHT WITH GOD, IT WILL HONOR HIM, AND ALL HIS WORD, CAST OUT DEVILS INSTEAD OF UNITING WITH THEM, AND TRY AND SAVE PEOPLES LIVES INSTEAD OF INSISTING THEY TAKE THE JAB, WE HAVE FOR GOTTEN WHOM WE WORK FOR AND STARTED HELPING satan, AND WE MUST REPENT AND GET OUR HEARTS RIGHT WITH GOD, AND FIGHT ON GODS SIDE, OR AT LEAST QUIT CLAIMING TO BE ON GODS WHEN WE STAND FOR THE DEVIL AND TRUST HIM RATHER THAN GOD, I NEVER HEARD SO MANY CHRISTIANS BACKING AND STANDING FOR EVIL IN MY LIFE, WE DON’T KNOW WHOSE SIDE WE ARE ON WE CLAIM GODS, BUT WE BACK DEVILS, TIME WE LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. GOD BLESS SIR KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WE CAN’T ALLOW THESE TYRANTS TO WIN.

  116. Betty Sipple

    Man of God, thank you for all you do, i appreciate your word every day. I went to Facebook, its not on my feed, so i go to your site and like and share, the word has to get out. God Bless you! Keep posting, I’ll keep sharing.

  117. Sarah Bates

    Mario I am in Canada I receive and read your Blog every day, Please don’t shut it down, it gives reference where prayer is needed. we are fighting with you. I hate to back off, we need to keep going. Sarah and Duane Bates

  118. Joyce Bidwell

    I realize you get big numbers on Facebook. However, we who receive you by email are stalwarts and are committed followers. I have sent your blog to several, even President Trump. Have your tried other platforms? There are some new ones. Parler is back and is better than before.
    Please hold the line Mario. Your voice is a salvation to so many.
    Enjoy a happy Fathers Day

  119. msuzannet

    I read your blogs mostly via email….I dont see them often enough to follow on FB

  120. Jan

    I’ve been getting your blog for so long I don’t remember how I signed up but I read every word faithfully every day.  Like you I don’t use facebook but I know there is much evil involved.  Your voice (blog) is Elijah calling to the dry bones to come alive…keep calling.

  121. Barbara McTighe

    Sent from my iPad

  122. Judith Scheel

    I am with Frank above. I never use any of those media outlets. I gave them up years ago. You come on my email only. I want to thank you for your mighty words. You refresh me every morning and you are the first email I read every morning. Please continue, we need a strong warrior like you to speak truth to our nation.
    Judith Scheel

  123. Gail Erickson

    I get your blog via email but have joined you on FB to accentuate your message. Please do not give up! I read you daily for fighting power.

  124. Taryn Rogers

    If the enemy is targeting your blogs then it must be doing the enemy damage. Why would you quit if it is doing the enemy damage.? Even if you reach and helped 1200 or even less people isnt it worth that? The Bible says that when even one person is born again the angels rejoice! Luke 15:10

  125. Connie Landen

    Mario, please keep writing the blog. I am standing with you! I usually read it via email as I have cut back my time on Facebook as I no longer view the site as creditable. You are a voice for truth and your writings are encouraging the body of Christ. Keep fighting the good fight!

  126. eaglepbm

    I do not go to Facebook, they are controllers. I read you every day on my email.
    People need to think twice about Facebook and find another way read your blogs.
    Don’t give up you are doing a great job.

  127. vvinje

    Dear Mario, I live in Norway but I follow your blog and I share it with my family. I am not on FB and I get it direct to my email. We pray for revival and USA. We understand that what happen in USA is very important for the rest of the world. I got a direct word from the Lord to follow your blog and I do.

  128. Lindsay Staffiery

    I wanted to reply to this email because this may also be the reason a recent decline of viewership. Me and many others have been banned from Facebook. Since Obama I was very active of bringing awareness of the evil agenda the left has been engaging on America. Me being from the Bay Area this didn’t make me popular for my stance. Was rejected and disowned by many friends and family. But at the end of the day I felt it was important to speak truth and warn others. Especially during his second term. I soon on realized the shadow banned that was happening then. Prior to posting anything political I had a huge following. I knew with Trump especially regarding his accomplishments especially for Christians (election fraud) or discussing what Trump had implemented for America would be the same. I realized discussing what he had done to stop human trafficking would be a big red flag as well as shadow banned. The evil that is prevalent in America most have no idea. Many are dumb downed or ignorant of how history is repeating itself. The msm are truly a crime against humanity. Fake news and doing their operation mockingbird. (Look up the term and if you aren’t aware. I would also suggest watching Even a year ago I remember reading a Forbes article that mentioned Zuckerberg was a member of Nambla and had left that organization in 2012. I think that article is now “removed” from the internet. But nonetheless read what that organization is. (Very, very evil). I used to watch your lives on Facebook and share with many. I have purchased and shared your books with many. But wanted to share what possibly could me the reduced numbers on Facebook is people as myself have been banned. My account which I didn’t really share much on Facebook this election due to seeing the results from Obama era what had happened. Out of no where my account had me banned and unable to get reopened. There must have been a algorithm or something had be identified not a friendly on Facebook. But the interesting fact was if I wanted to challenge this “Facebook” ban they wanted me to email them my drivers license or state ID card!? Seems like an evil plan or plot. Perhaps time will reveal. In short I wanted to say is that I read your blog and share with many via email and other means of platforms. I know you are one of the few Pastors going against the grain and speaking the uncompromised truth unlike these other mega churches and or “woke” pastors. Please don’t stop this blog. What can we do as supporters to help you in this endeavor of getting the truth out? Have you considered a .TV channel? There are other truthers that use this platform that had a big following had been banned or de- platformed. Some of them have fees for watching like $2.99 per month and are able not get censored for it. For example there are channels called or
    Just a suggestion and I’m sure many will support and subscribe. Remember what God provided you in SF against all odds at cow palace. I hope this brings you encouragement as I always look forward to your emails on blog and always share with others because it is the truth. We need your voice in this dark hour America is facing. I pray this reaches you and God makes provisions for your ministry.
    God Bless you! I hope one day my family can meet you. Btw my cousin is Joseph Olberg. I haven’t been in communication lately but his father (whom he has always been not the best of terms) due to him being an absent father. He has cancer and doesn’t have much time. Maybe you are still I touch with? I feel he may regret not communicating with if this is the case. Just kinda a gut feeling.
    I pray you continue your endeavors and reach more for The Kingdom.
    Lindsay Staffiery
    Sent from my iPhone

    • Gunnar

      Lindsay S.
      Excellent response. Yes, IF we ALL had done our research; amazing people don’t know NAMBLA’s motto; or what’s written in Dane Phillips, Dr. James W. Wardner, David Kupellian, Charles Sykes, John Gatto, Brice Taylor, David Shurter, Julie Angwin; George Green reads and information. Mario: this might help along with all their other information.
      Reminder: The Occult hides sin, lives in darkness, doesn’t live in TRUTH and sweeps sin under the carpet.

  129. Diane

    I am not on fb but want to be a part of the surge. God will shake anything that can be shaken. What is hidden in darkness will be brought to light! Thanks, Mario for fighting the good fight of faith!
    Sent from my iPad

  130. Rebecca

    I read you on email not fb and find encouragement from your words. I hope you will continue. Your words are needed in these times.

  131. Linda Pranckus

    Dear Mario,
    Please continue to write your blog! I quit Facebook when they cancelled President Trump. I read your blog on your website, and I look forward to it everyday! God Bless you and your ministry!
    Linda Pranckus
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 2:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  132. S

    Here is what will convince you that you cannot and MUST NOT continue this blog.
    There are too many people out there that have been beaten up and convinced God does not exist or love them anymore. Me and my minions are working overtime to suppress the truth because we know that our time is short. Hahaha even the so called believers or should I say christians you know those that think they are saved from my destruction my some holy man are developing major cases of PTSD and they must be stopped from reading your daily blog or else I might LOOSE SOME SOULS in this final battle of deception I’ve worked overtime to conjure up. Its hard being a principality in dark places!
    You cannot continue to write as that Paul did or else you will uproot what I have sown these past 2 years. I cannot have you do that.
    We Hate,
    Your unfriendly and hateful light bearer Lucifer aka Satan and my slave “Fauci” aka my personal “sickle.”

  133. Tim

    I have made this “email “ part of my morning reading ,as well as some other readings, THANK YOU for your insights and service to spreading awareness of where we are as a nation and GODS plan

  134. NPG

    thank you for this blog


    Facebook is disgusting and
    so is the founder! It shouldn’t matter how many are getting your blog especially through Facebook. I dropped Facebook back in March 2020, so should everyone else. Use a different platform but don’t stop the blogs, if you do Facebook and Mark SuckerBergs has won. That’s what they want, for you to stop, don’t give in to there demonic games and attacks. Thank you for your post, I read them everyday so do millions of others. Don’t stop! Barb Shuster from Victoria Minnesota

    Sent from my iPhone

  136. Karen Nuccio

    The only way I ever see your blog is to go to your website. Sometimes I see when another member shares though.

  137. Jackie Farmer

    Hi Mario, I left Facebook several months ago because of their censorship. I receive your blog by email and I am encouraged by it. I know your blog is anointed by God, because truth prevails! Your Brother in the Lord, Jackie Farmer.

  138. Mary Lambert

    Keep posting

  139. Sebastian

    Mario Murillo,
    The most inspirational thing you ever stated was that you thought people should write and journal while they were imprisoned inside their homes last year. Why stop now?
    That’s what Paul did. Where did he get the inspired thoughts from?
    Holy men wrote as they heard from God.
    I take care of my combat wounded veteran father daily and I can tell you that you don’t realize how he reads your blog first thing when he opens his iPad. He has never used Facebook… ever.
    Don’t get sidetracked between two opinions.
    Paul wrote and I realize that Paul must have had some PTSD AS WE ALL NOW HAVE.
    Why do I say this? Because the stoning of Stephen. He wrote for God to get over the trauma he went through persecuting good people. He was working out his salvation with fear and trembling but it was GOD WORKING IN HIM FOR HIS WILL AND FOR HIS GOOD PLEASURE!
    Don’t let Facebook “Screwtape” with your feelings. They are doing it on purpose.

  140. Melanie Wayne

    I do not have a Facebook account that I use any longer. But I get this blog through email.
    From: Mario Murillo Ministries Reply-To: Mario Murillo Ministries Date: Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 1:31 AM To: Subject: [New post] PART TWO: I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view”

  141. David Johnson

    Brother Mario, the blog has run its course WHEN the Spirit says so, not facebook, ie. the devil. Sorry I can’t help in your census since I don’t do facebook.
    I get your blog by email and your website. Perhaps, for now, focusing on the tent meeting first and then the blog will serve better, with seasons of time apart… Romans 16:20. Dave, Buhl, ID

  142. gail2270

    I’m not sure how to respond but I follow you on my emails & forward to family & friends. I will try to connect on Facebook to help! We love you & God Bless you’
    Sent from my iPhone

  143. Fr. James L. Stout

    Keep the blog running
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 12:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  144. Georgia White

    I love it, I’ll share it, I’ll pray and support the ministry. Don’t stop blogging!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  145. Jean White

    Mario I have you in the morning with my coffee ,I have you in the middle of the nite when I don’t sleep. You are a warrior. I would miss you Jean white
    Sent from my iPad

  146. Pam Carr

    I love your post! Read it everyday from email! Sincerely, Pam & Tim Carr
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 2:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  147. Joy Niswander

    I like receiving Mario’s blog on facebook and email. I appreciate his ministry and will continue to read his messages.
    Joy Niswander

  148. HUSTUSA

    As of this upload…FASCISTBOOK has BLOCKED me for 239 days since August, 2017…and for that…THEY MUST DIE!!! [] FASCISTBOOK…MUST DIE w/smoke!!! Same as original…only with smoke!!!As of this upload…FASCISTBOOK has BLOCKED me for 239 days since August, 2017…and for that…THEY MUST DIE!!!https://…
    HUSTUSA ________________________________

  149. Sharon Ullrich

    Please don’t stop Mario. I never miss a day and share with friends, but I’m not a fb person. Thx for all you are doing. We need your voice of truth in the wilderness.

  150. Rochelle

    I have tried to forward this email to friends who use Facebook but the server is not allowing it to be sent. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  151. Cindy Gower

    We love, support & bless this ministry!

  152. David Furgiuele

    Send the blog link to folks phones. They use text more then email these days.
    David C. Furgiuele 423.448.1388

  153. whowillstand8

    I am reminded of the book of Nehemiah when they were rebuilding the wall. You are doing a good thing and must not come down.

  154. Cindy Gower

    I get your blog by email & like reading it there! Keep it going!

  155. Joubert

    I also get the blog by email and read it there. Haven’t used FB in 8 months. Keep the blog going. I pray for you and your ministry. May the Lord bless you even more exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask or think!

  156. Kathleen Noble

    Love your blog but only get it thru email…have not seen it on FB

  157. Zelta Ogrady

    Father I pray for all that can’t be with their dads today. Regardless of the situation that caused it. Let your love and peace be without measure in their lives today.
    I pray for little children that have dads that are users of all unnatural substance that causes them to be unloving and abusive , physically or mentally. Please heal the hearts of these little ones hearts. I’m asking you to please stop that generational curse now. Give these children a new hearts. Send labors across their paths to tell them about you.
    And Father in the name of Yeshua, I take authority over every demonic spirit that is at work to destroy the natural family. Lord there are so many of these demonic spirits by different names that have been sent to earth to kill, still and destroy both believers and non- believers. But right now I sense the need to life up all men and women that are filled with the spirits of anger, rage, drugs, drunkenness, criticism, all sexual immorality, pornography, lust, bitterness , multiplication, selfishness, and in-forgivenesses . I bind up the strong man over the spirits and loose Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance to each person , in the mighty name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit . Amen
    Sent from my iPhone

  158. Bobbie Howard

    Dear Mario,
    I have never been part of Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.
    I receive your blog through my email.
    I read every single one.
    My spirit resonates with everything you say and I know God is speaking through you. It is vital that you not stop your blog. You are like a voice in the wilderness of pure evil that surrounds us, speaking the stark naked truth that we desperately need to hear.
    Please DO NOT STOP your blog.
    It is a direct line to God’s mind and heart in these turbulent days.

  159. Donna Paige

    So thankful for your blog!

  160. Judy Hoy

    I am not on fb and won’t be again. I get your post via daily email. I like it that way. Keep it up.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 12:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  161. Di Kennedy

    Bro. Mario, Like SO many others, I am not on social media but I look forward to your blog and very often forward it to most of my address book! Nothing but positive feedback.
    The Church needs Truth, encouragement, rebuke, Hope, Love, to be made bold and provoked into prayerfulness and righteousness.
    Don’t look back….plow that straight row.
    You are a blessing to me and thousands of others!

  162. Joanne McClellan

    Keep doing your blog. I get it by email and it is very informative and helpful!!
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 1:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  163. Dennis

    Stand strong in the Lord and the power of HIS might in Jesus name amen

  164. Helen

    I look forward to reading every word of your blog! At times I forward the email blog to others. Your words are strong encouragement to many. A bold and courageous Spirit-filled perspective is a minority voice in this time of overcoming great darkness.
    Some of your readers may have left FB because they do not support their policies and alliances. I only use FB to watch occasional webcasts. Perhaps there is another platform that would allow your blog to reach more people. May the LORD of Angelic Hosts BLESS and KEEP you, Helen

  165. Laurie Forbes

    I can’t find a link anywhere in this to see the blog on FB… Maybe I’m already getting it, but I’ll reply if possible. Thank you. I believe FB is trying to destroy anything that’s Christian or any truth that’s posted. Blessings to you, Laurie
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 12:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  166. Pamela Ferguson

    Mario I appreciate your blog. Keep fighting.

  167. NewHeavenOnEarth

    I used to be on facebook but no longer. I thank you for continuing to share what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

  168. Mae

    Thank you for all you do. I like and share your blog on Facebook everyday. I also get your emails everyday which is such a blessing. I appreciate you and all you do. God Bless you.

  169. Judith Scheel

    I forgot to tell you ,Mario, that I pass your email on to friends and family then, they pass it on to their friends and families. I believe that we who read your message are not being counted. Thank you again for waking up America, May God richly bless you. Keep fanning the fire of truth,
    Judith Scheel

  170. James Franklin Eubanks

    Brother Mario, Find another platform. Those who love the truth will find you. I get your blog straight to my gmail inbox. I refuse to be jacked around by these people, which is why I deleted my facebook account. I know your heart is to reach people, but I hate to see you grovel before these fools. I love you brother there will be a provision and an outlet for that giant heart of yours. You do not need facebook or any other God hating resource.
    Much Love and thanks for you and your voice. It will be heard in Jesus Christ name and for His sake. “Of the increase of His government and Peace, There will be no end
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 3:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  171. Cheryl Newberry

    I did post it on Facebook. I totally appreciate all that the Lord leads you to do. Blessings on this Father’s Day to you for your natural and spiritual sons and daughters. Cheryl
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 1:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  172. Candy

    I have never been on Facebook but wake up every morning and read your blog on email faithfully. Bless you for doing this and I pray it continues.

  173. Denise

    Please keep this blog going. You are measuring by numbers, but how can you quantify the depth of impact? Your blog is sent to me by email everyday. I start out the day reading it. Sometime I reread it throughout the day. I share it by email or text. Never read it or shared it on Facebook. How do you know when your blog is read or shared by email or text?
    I have a Facebook account but get into Facebook less and less frequently. I find that reading the Facebook post causes me to be more melancholy. I rarely receive a post that doesn’t have an element of negativity in it. Is it possible that part of Facebook’s selection criteria is an element of negativity? There is something evil about Facebook. Are you certain God wants you to decide the fate of your blog based on Facebook?

  174. Ann Rasmussen

    Mario, Again, thank your for all you do for the kingdom. In your blog you state, “For it to make sense for us to continue writing the blog, one of two things must happen: Either Facebook stops shadow banning it, or we must train our readers to go to our website to read it. And that will take time.”
    You have a third option – you can email your blog to a mailing list. I receive your blog via email. I don’t go to your website. Many who responded to you yesterday are like me and receive the email.

  175. shirley wallace

    i am standing with you, praying for you and your team. thank you for standing tall and proclaiming absolute truth in a language that a child could understand beyond a shadow of a doubt. because Jesus is Lord!! please do not stop posting. i need you. shirley
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 2:38 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  176. Mary M. Shelton

    I don’t use Facebook much. But I love reading your blogs each day in my email! Your comments and teaching and exhorting are so powerful! I’m very thankful for your words of Truth in this evil day!!
    God bless you, your loved ones, and your ministry!!

  177. Claire Graham

    I believe this blog is important in continuing! Many Christians need this encouragement to stand against the enemy and his cohorts! Please keep up the good work you have been called to
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  178. marciagebhardt

    I am not on Facebook, but receive your posts through email. And I look forward to them daily. Please stay the course & keep up this mighty work, Mario – these posts are a blessing!!! Thank you -marcia gebhardt

  179. Charisse Carrigan

    I am thankful for the “fight” you, Mario, are encouraging us to fight. “…having done everything, to stand firm. Stand firm therefore…” Ephesians 6:13-14
    This only proves you are in the thick of “His WILL.”
    “But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. DO NOT FEAR THEIR INTIMIDATION, AND DO NOT BE TROUBLED.”
    1 Peter 3:14-15
    Again, thank you!

  180. Dzintra Pequegnat

    Dear Mario,
    We get your blog via email direct each day. We never use Facebook.
    You blog keeps us informed about what is truly going on in the States
    Mass Mainstream media is very unreliable for truthful coverage.
    God is using you, so please don’t ‘t quit now….

  181. Tricia Sims

    Praying for God’s intervention so this blog will continue. It is an encouragement to all of us who value TRUTH. God’s blessings and angels charge over you, Mario, and your ministry.

  182. Montgomery M Minchin

    I’m not on Facebook, anymore, but I get your posts via email and love them. I share them with a number of people. They are very important during this time. Keep writing. Thank you and God bless you, Mario.

  183. Judy weir

    with you 100% in prayer and praise

  184. Ann Harper

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device I love this blog and read and pray over it .

  185. heathercurrier3

    Mario I read your bog EVERYDAY by email. I haven’t been on Facebook in years. You are so anointed by God ,your messages are so powerful, so timely ,I hope you continue speaking out but I know you will listen to the Lord and you will do according to His will concerning this . ❤️?

  186. Karen Witt

    Thank you for your daily blog. I follow it daily and what your ministry is doing in California and pray for you. I also listen to you on Flashpoint. May you hear clearly the voice of the Lord as to what you are to do and where this is going. Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you will reap a mighty reward. I am 76 years old and a passionate intercessor for the nation. I do not do any social media. I receive your blog through my email. There are many in my area just like me. Thank you for calling out the church especially the leadership at this time. My pastor has always been on board and supportive of what you say so I am blessed in that. Every Wednesday morning we intercede for the nation. What you have done is very effective and hitting the mark; otherwise you would not be a target. Karen, Georgia

  187. loriquandt

    We have said many many many many times that what the Holy Spirit is putting on your heart is what He has been putting on our heart and others that we know. We do not shrink back from speaking the truth. God will make a way “Let my people go!” A demand made more than once before there was compliance!

  188. Oseni solomon

    FB did not allow my liking and sharing of this post, I did liked and shared on Facebook but I couldn’t find on anyone page and I couldn’t find it on Facebook to reshare either.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 8:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  189. jtw27

    My husband and I really look forward to your postings. We both have shared them with others.
    We will continue to support you and your ministry.
    Courtney and Jack Thomasson

  190. Janie Majors

    Happy Father’s Day! Brother Murillo thank you so much for being a “light” in this world with truth and boldness! Your blogs are bold, powerful and the truth! My husband and I are blessed and encouraged by them. Thank you for being on “FlashPoint” you always have a great word from God. Thank you and God bless you. ??? Mrs. Janie M.
    Sent from my iPhone

  191. davidsstones

    Please be warned WORDPRESS WILL give you -30 days written notice before shutting your blog down. You can be a Christian on WordPress. Only if you are silent about politicians, government and do not defend the Bible.
    BUT you cannot be a Christian, a Conservative or a Republican who presents, opinionates, or reports anything political or against or attacks the MSM Narrative, or you name names committing crimes or you say they’re lying and use the Bible to expose the conflict.
    You’ll need a lot of money to completely, from the ground up, build an entirely new, your very own, Platform. In 30 days. Do it now on your schedule and absent the threat they most certainly have surprised and proven they will make good on without the slightest courtesy or mercy.
    That’s “tent money”, evangelism money. And YOUR staff and yourself will stop ministry to scramble 16 hours a day for a month just to save what you have and have any voice at all.
    I urge you in the strongest term not to build a site on WordPress. Do as you will.
    I am responding to warn you of experiences of other straight up Christian warriors who became popular, thereby using up too much space on WordPress’s platform while they influenced and united millions with a stronger voice. Until WordPress pulled the WordPress Rug (Platform) out from beneath them.
    Aligned with The One Who Rescued myself, Rev. Anna Glover

  192. Theresa Abrams

    Thank you Mario for your blog! I cant wait every morning to read it. I have never been on facebook and do not plan to be. I receive your blog in my email. I forward it to others that way. Thank you for praying and waiting before God. I am so thankful to our Father for how He is using you in these days we are living in. I cant imagine you stopping this blog. I will be praying that God will reveal His will to you concerning the blog.

  193. Lonnie

    Have never used Facebook or any other media blog keep preaching the truth don’t stop our country needs the info

  194. SC

    Dear Mario
    I posted a call to battle and sent it to all names on my Facebook list..many of whom I don’t know personally….your blog is encouraging and powerful ..much like the letters from Paul, Peter, Timothy etc..we are not getting this from our churches..I also send it to others on my two e mail accounts…and they are getting it..your blog keeps me encouraged to fight this spiritual battle…a. Praying for all technical strongholds that prevent your blog from appearing to all people to be BROKEN IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS…

  195. Marci McCulla

    Mario, I shared your blog via email to 3 of my friends. I have never participated with facebook.
    Please keep up your blogs via email! We DO read them!! We need your voice that our LORD is using to reach His people!!
    God Bless You!

  196. Jackie Eubanks


  197. Irene Mills

    I am not on facebook,I would never be on facebook. They don’t care about people they just want your money. I believe what they are doing is against your I,st amendent rights. Keep on Mario ,we need you and the church needs to hear your words with boldness. Thats what facebook is afraid of ,you tell the truth with boldness and the power of the Holy Spirit My prayers are with you. Keep doing what god has equipped you to do. We are the army of the Lord, we don’t back down. Thank you for doing what the Lord has asked of you

  198. Jan Zimmerman

    I discontinued FB. YouTube is suddenly permanently taking Patriots off their site even though they have been careful what and how they say things. America’s Frontline Doctors had their website taken down and created another. This, too, has been occurring more. Trump is ramping up. Maricopa county audit is getting closer to finishing. Congress (minus Patriots) are still going after innocent people from Jan 6 even tho the FBI is now being named as setting up the riot with BLM, etc.
    Personally I’d suggest Telegram. Have a link to the blog on your website. We could also read on your website how the revivals are going so we can pray.
    Jan Zimmerman
    Get Outlook for Android

  199. Gary H

    I read your blog every day on my phone using your app. Please continue writing I look forward to it every day. I also watch you on Flashpoint.

  200. Randy Gray

    Keep it coming brother. The devil doesn’t want these truths shared but he is already defeated and we declare the victory of Jesus Christ. Keep them coming.

  201. Revs. Fred & Carol Seiler

    We have been watching you on FlashPoint hosted by Dr. Gene Bailey on Tue and Thurs. nights for many months. This is where we heard about your blog & signed up. (We do not go on facebook).
    People need to read the blog and watch you live or from the archives. The tangible Presence of God comes through both the program and the blog.
    Please don’t stop Mario! Your efforts to help awaken the church to fight for this country is necessary and to see people coming to the altar at your tent revivals brings us to tears. Both revival and the restoration of the United States of American has begun!

  202. j r

    Mario, I receive your blog in my inbox, since I subscribed to it. I hope you will continue it!  I appreciate your wisdom and I often forward it to others. I also pray for the Sacramento crusade everyday! God bless you and give you JOY and VICTORY!
    God is So Good   

  203. Bob Helms

    As God wipes out the “Giants” we must have people smart enough to open up communications for “we the people”

  204. 4wwpuppiesgmailcom

    Still watching what is happening there.

  205. Erin Walker

    Cheering you on…I am hoping you will continue to email your blogs as well

    Blessings of joy and peace


    Mario we read your messages every day. Thank you God BlessThe Letts

  207. Marlene Nichols

    Mario, I don’t get you on FB, but on this email. Enjoy your blogs so much! Marlene Nichols
    Sent from my iPad


    I am no longer on Facebook because of their aversion to the Conservative truth but I do receive your blog via email. I wish all Conservatives would cancel their Facebook accounts. We need to stand up for what we believe in.

  209. Wilma Fagio

    I am fairly new to your blogs. I applaud you for the awesome work you are allowing God to do through you. No weapon formed against you will prosper. Love you Mario.

  210. Jim

    Mario, your blog is 1 of the first things I read every morning, along with my devotion scriptures. Please keep writing your blog. You help inform & teach so many people, & we can’t lose that. Blessins, Jim

  211. Val & Bill Stares

    We love your blogs we receive via email Mario. You are doing a ‘great work’ of encouragement and of revealing the truth. Thank you for your faithfulness, we bless you in Jesus Name. Never give up PLEASE!

  212. Noreen Christon

    Pastor Mario..praying you continue the good fight with this blog..while you must be exhausted, the LORD will restore your will walk and not be weary, run and not faint for GOD is with YOU!
    The LORD bless you and keep you and give you His Shabbat Shalom moment by moment…..?

  213. H. R. Lily

    I, too, love your blog. I receive it via email, and have never used facebook, nor do I intend to. I believe Zukerberg is one of several trying to destroy our wonderful country. You tell us the truth about what is going on and not just a “feel good” message. Please continue as Lord Jesus guides you!

  214. banana1956

    Thank you Mario!

  215. brusue1

    Sent from Bruce Nelson

  216. Carol Snoeyink

    I love your Blog Mario, please continue. I also read off from email!
    Carol Snoeyink

  217. Victoria Ferris

    This is a vicious attack from Facebook!

  218. Rita Santaella

    Keep going!
    Sent from my iPhone

  219. Melinda English

    Awww Mario…. we’re still standing!! Your words and obedience for the Lord and our time is beyond valuable. I quit social media several months ago…. I do the email… I do share your info, but you have inspired many of us to continually be bold, stand and speak!!!!!Praying for you and your team…. so thankful……

  220. Vicky

    Please do not stop this blog. I look forward to it everyday. I love the fact you speak the truth even though you catch persecution for it. Thank you Mario!

  221. Carol

    I receive this every day via email. Have never used Facebook and never will. “Social” media is not social at all—for the most part it is an invasion of privacy, a propaganda platform, and a major way to distance people from each other.
    Mario, your voice is needed in our sick church environment. Keep writing!

  222. Aura

    Continue with the blog!.. I dont use Facebook…but I read your blog via email and share with others!

  223. mjpeery

    Mario, I am no longer on Facebook but I receive your Blog in an email. I love it and share it often. Many that I have shares it with signed up to receive it themselves. I stand faithfully with you to continue. Let them lie on the numbers but let us believe that God has thousands more reading it!   Blessings, Mary Peery
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  224. Andee & Rick Swanson

    Your blog is the 2nd most important thing you do. It’s the banner we march behind & helps keep us sane in this crazy world. It steels our resolve & gets us ready to stand up & battle evil. The # 1 most important thing you do is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ! Amen! Many years ago I ended my FB account & now receive your blog through email. Often I ask myself, “How is Mario able to have the energy to do this?” Only Jesus! When I receive your blog I pray for you immediately. May we all commit to praying for Mario as he considers where God wants him to spend his PRECIOUS time.

  225. Kirsti Pfeiffer

    Sharing this on Facebook too. Thank you very much for this blog—very important! Prayers for you and your team ________________________________

  226. Carol Bergeron

    We do not follow on FB. We follow you by email.

  227. Liliano

    Lol… hopefully you are just telling on Zuckerberg. Post in faith. I have written comments on random internet websites for 20+ years without so much as a single acknowledgement from anyone except an occasional witness or instruction from the Holy Spirit. Do I think it got where it needed to go? Absolutely. The Facebook algorithm is powerless to stop me.
    I occasionally visit Facebook pages and don’t pay much attention to my feed. I don’t follow anyone. I think I gave one preacher a chance and joined an email list when he claimed he was going all email and no Facebook to break the ban. He was marked as spam in fairly short order… nothing but marketing emails.

  228. David Giles

    Thanks Mario,
    I read your blog direct by email as I do not get it through facebook. I am on facebook but rarely do I share things on that platform.
    Thank you for your frank and helpful statements about the American Government as it really puts things in perspective for me. I am a Brit but knowing how things really are in America is so important. I also follow Amir Tsarfati for the real picture in Israel. I am so grateful to get a true perspective on these two important nations. I also sometime hear about Mike Lindell who is a valiant warrior for the truth.
    Thank you again.
    David Giles.

  229. Janet Townshend

    Mario, I got fed up with FB in January and deleted my account. I did try to open a new account to help with your request, but they wouldn’t let me! Please do not stop this blog, it has been such an inspiration and blessing to me since I found it right when the pandemic started last year. You are one of the few pastors speaking truth! I will continue to pray for you, your ministry and your family.

  230. C Calladine

    It is not apathy. Internet providers are also shadowing usage and sometimes won’t allow it to forward.

  231. Jenny K

    I am on FB but hardly ever use it, getting your email and am totally blessed each time! Praying for you and your family that you remain steadfast in what God has called you to do, bringing Truth (God’s Word) and exposing satan’s evil intent!
    Thank you from Canada

  232. Sharon

    I am thankful Mario, for all the blogs that you send out. I read them, in my email box, but I would also like to see them posted on Facebook. Keep up the good work for the Lord!

  233. alesiakay

    I rarely see anything from you

    • mariomurilloministries

      register at the blog page and get daily links to the blog.


    Love you. Do Not give in!
    Sent from my iPhone

  235. Eleanor Missel

    Dear Mario, Although I am not on FB, your blog is very important in my spiritual life and in the lives of those of us who are not on social media! Please be assured I read and share it via email. You have a lot more readers than you realize. If you cancel it, our world will be poorer spiritually.  Thank you so much for taking the time at the end of your day to sit down and write these words that bless us! Your point of view and messages resonate with Christians like me. Sometimes you are the rare voice of sanity in this crazy times we are living through. May God bless you, keep you strong and healthy, and protect you and your family! Eleanor Missel

  236. johnjgibson

    Don’t give up, God has a call on your life, don’t let anyone or anything persuade you otherwise. Thanks
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 12:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  237. Rev PaulaAndra Aigner

    I read this blog from the email you send out. Due to some of the people who follow me I can’t post this on facebook. But I did post it on twitter til I was a part of the purge in January. Now, I post it on gab where it gets more responses than twitter did.

  238. Joan Stair

    I receive your messages on my email…is that okay??? As you can see I am not a “techie” person…always have to call my son for help!!! (am 81 years old…you know, can’t teach an old dog new tricks lol)

  239. kmjstrong

    Dear Mario,
    I love reading your blog and look forward to receiving it every day. I am not a FaceBook user, so I’ve been receiving your messages via email. I then forward your message onto several others (who do not wish to personally sign up to receive them).
    Please keep the blog going … you are blessing countless numbers of people who are being blessed through it.
    Thank you for all you are doing to advance the Kingdom, Kathy Strong

  240. Christine H

    Thank you for your PASSION FOR TRUTH in writing this Blog.It has opened my eyes to TRUTH about the world + church in a whole new way. Your BLOG is my MAIN NEWS SOURCE. GOD BLESS YOU MARIO MURILLO for being on the FRONTLINE for JESUS. I personally recieve your BLOG THRU EMAIL ONLY. PRAYING YOU CONTINUE ON– YOUR CHANGING LIVES???☦??


    I very much appreciate your blogs, Mario. I receive them directly in my email. I don’t use Facebook. Sometimes I forward them, again via email. Thanks so much!

  242. T W

    I have liked and shared on FB. Just letting you know. Thank you for all you do!!!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  243. Christine Sellards

    God bless you Mario! Thank you for the blog.

  244. Carol Carlson

    I don’t see a place to like. Can you advise?

  245. Tim Taylor

    We don’t have the scope/reach of your ministry but our experience is similar to yours with Facebook. It’s shadow banning. No doubt in my mind. It’s not apathy with the audience you (we) reach. There is an awakening underway and there is a remnant Church rising. We are very grateful for how our Father is using your voice at this time and we love and appreciate your fight. We are standing and fighting with you to see Jesus’ name magnified and our Father’s will done in this generation. We are still in this fight. No matter the resistance, I’,m/we’re more encouraged than we’ve ever been. We were made for these times! It’s a battle of the ages and the issue at hand are the souls of men and women and their eternal destiny in heaven or in hell. Our Father will have a harvest of disciples, an in gathering of Biblical proportions. :).

  246. Kelly Lodge

    Hi Mario,
    I closed Facebook account in 2019. I get these directly by email. Hope this respond gets to you. I read usually a batch at a time, still working a lot at 62. I have never shared one yet, but that isn’t because I don’t like it. It’s because I just don’t share the stuff I get from my favorite sources.. So many are offended about everything!
    Have you heard of Vlad at One Nation Under God on Utube? Very good, I think. Others too, and I always enjoy Flash Point. Will likely see you in person at a CA tent meeting. Born/raised in the Bay Area, live in San Ramon. My wife wants us to go to the Sacramento one coming up.
    Don’t be discouraged!
    Kelly Lodge
    925 997-3534

  247. Angela Woody

    I may be replying twice. But I get your blog by email and send it to friends.
    Sent from my iPhone


    Mario, I receive this as a blog post, not on FB. Hope that helps. Blessings, J. Wood Alaska Wilderness Missions

  249. Anne sammis

    Keep going Mario. We need truth out front. I share your posts!
    Sent from my iPhone

  250. kingskid48

    This blog, and those of us who gather here to comment, are like a watering hole. This has become Daily Bread for a lot of us. Not that we should depend on any one person to get us started for the day, but we need these little rituals, gathering to discuss this blog and the issues of the day:we need someone to lead us, let’s face it. And someone like Pastor Mario, who is fearless, Spirit-filled, and full of wisdom, fills a void for us, especially someone like myself.
    I am married to an unbeliever and have very few real, committed Believers around me on a daily basis. Also, I am no longer associated with a church, which I’m not happy about, but it was not my choice. Right now, that’s just the way it is.
    I get the blog by email. I thank God for it.

  251. Rick Harris

    I appreciate that you stand 4 the truth! Keep standing in the gap for those ehose eyes are blinded. Blessings to you Brother Murillo. Continue to drop that “Bomb of Truth” to all who will receive it.

  252. Mary-Hope

    I am not on FB, but I read your blogs on email and frequently share them with other people. I hope you will not stop writing your blogs, because they inspire, encourage, and challenge so many of us. Thank you!

  253. papaya3

    I LOVE your blog. I am not on FB. But I do email your blog to others!

  254. Randy

    Call your lawyers. ACLJ should sue Facebook.

  255. Wordforworld

    SEE COMMENT BETWEEN 6:39 am and 6:49 am
    Think Mario will want to handle this one himself, this is Mario’s turf!

  256. Linda Hunter

    Mario, I always read all of your blogs!!!!
    I enjoy them and believe everything you say. I am a born again Christian, living for Jesus and looking for his soon return. God bless you and don’t give up on America. I pray pastors will wake up and preach the truth, no matter who toes they step on.

  257. baygirlernest

    I would like to share the blog post that comes to my computer email address but there doesn’t seem to be any FB “share” icon on the site to do so.

  258. Janice Seaver

    Mario, My daughter Jill and I just prayed for you. Please don’t worry about Facebook. God is in control. Don’t let the enemy oppress you. Breakthrough is coming quickly. All the words you have about what God is doing in Sacramento are truth! Press in! Rejoice in Jesus. You are his vessel of power and glory! We will continue in prayer for you. Jan Seaver.
    Sent from my iPhone

  259. Perry Wilson

    I do not get your blog from FB. It comes to my email inbox. God bless you for your work to spread the gospel of Christ.

  260. nancy attaway

    I do look for you on Facebook. I would just as soon get an email-. I do not like supporting Facebook Thanks for the inspiration I receive from you- Nancy Attaway
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 3:48 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  261. Joe Kunze

    I am NOT on Facebook. I get your blog sent to my email & then pass it on to several friends.
    Joe Kunze Peoria,Az
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 12:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  262. hayforkquilter

    I don’t use my Facebook very often but went there and shared these 2 posts per request. I very much prefer getting your post in my email and look for it every day. Thank you. I pray God will find us a way to hear from Him through you!
    Angenett Taft

  263. Joshua Kim

    I read your posting everyday. Keep on fighting in Jesus name.
    Respectfully, Joshua

  264. Kris Stennett

    Mario, I depend on and look for your email most every morning. I read it and share it with about 3 people every time I read it. I went to Facebook, as I follow you on Facebook…but I seldom go on Facebook. I went yesterday and liked and shared and will go back now. .I depend on your email (Blog). Thankyou for writing consistently….. when you miss a day …I Notice it! Thankyou! Kris Stennett
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 2:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  265. sozosusi

    I read it in my email. Doesn’t that count??? And I appreciate it. 😉 Thank you and God bless you, Mario.
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 2:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  266. sozosusi

    I read it in my email. Doesn’t that count??? And I appreciate it. 😉 Thank you and God bless you, Mario.

  267. yesua7

    I post and or share them all that I get

  268. Regina Elliott

    I received the email from a friend… but we well know that FACEBOOK hates Christians, hates President Trump. If they can ban the President of he United States… they have control over everyone in our nation. That is a fact. We know who this entire socialistic agenda keeps controlling everything… yet God is still God. What shall we do but pray and keep waiting… expecting God to show up in our behalf.

  269. Mark DuBois

    Please keep up the good work brother Mario.
    I am with you.

  270. M. Morgan

    God is not bound by Facebook, and He doesn’t need Facebook likes to get His message to the people He wants to hear it. Trust Him! “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.”


    Thank you, Mario.
    I receive you messages through my email.
    There are times I send it to friends via email.
    I thought when I would read at the bottom of the transaction I was not to put it on FB. From now on I will post on FB .

    I want you to know that you encourage me greatly
    through the emails and on flashpoint.

    Thank you for being faithful in ministry.
    Holy Spirit power is at work in You.
    You have blessed me.

    BLESS THE LORD, in His love, Dona

  272. Lizanne K.

    Can you add a share to telegram button?
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021, 3:32 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  273. George Brantley

    I read this each day as it comes directly to my email box…how can I help with the Facebook situation as I do not know how to respond on it or send anything to it?
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 3:33 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  274. Linda K Sauermilch

    I replied to your request yesterday through Facebook (after some searching to find your posting there). I receive your blog via email since I am no longer a fan of Facebook and its control over what is said and done. I understand that, if Facebook was not controlled by those who fear the truth, it is set up so you can easily see the responses of your followers. You may not be able to “see” me, but I am a faithful reader and I share with the small group of friends and relatives I have. God Bless You and I will continue to read your blog and listen to you speak whenever and wherever I can.

  275. Sandie

    I read this frequently. Mine comes as an email. When I try to do anything other than read it I just go in circles. Hope you will continue with those of us who get this as an email.
    Watch you on Flashpoint.

  276. bgerk58

    Keep writing your blog, I’m reading it, liking it and sharing it. The Bible says “no weapon formed against us shall prosper. “. This blog is a weapon for righteousness and encourages us during these troubling times. I started following you after seeing too on Flashpoint and know God is using you help tear down strongholds. Thank you for being a warrior for Christ and leading this charge. God Bless and keep you as you continue to serve Him!

  277. Dale Sunday

    You are so instrumental in keeping a much needed revival of Christianity!

  278. Jeanette Odness

    Please continue writing your blogs. I receive it through EMail daily. I do not go on FB as often as I used to. If they are censoring what we should read there is no reason to post or share anything.

  279. Jeanette

    Let’s roll !!

  280. Miranda Farris

    I receive your blog through my email and appreciate it very much! Thank you Pastor Mario

    • Janet Ammirato

      I, Janet do not go on any social media. My dautgher sends me your blog everyday and then I forward it to another friend who is also interested. We are all prayer warriors and know what is at stake. Your blogs are very informative and help us to know how and what to pray. Don’t give in or give up!

  281. Claudia MacPhee

    Mario – in this case it will never be apathy! I read your blog, sent to my email, everyday or as near as I can – If I’m out of the net for a few days, I catch up! I believe you and your ministry are THE PULSE of our heartbeat as the body of Christ, together with KCM, Flashpoint, Hank, Lance and pastors like Pastor Artur from Canada!! I got off FaceBook for the reasons you already know and agree wholeheartedly with you – you (and some of the others I’ve mentioned in the Ministry) are still reaching people through these mediums and I thank God for every medium that gets the undiluted WORD of GOD out!!
    I will support and stand with you where ever I can find your Ministries as I believe you and all that stand with you are the front line of the GOOD FIGHT! We must not step back, we must not give in, we must help those who are lost find the Hope and Salvation that can only be found IN CHRIST!

  282. Jean Drzewiecki

    Please keep the blog going Mario. I read it to an elderly friend who gets no outside encouragement because she doesn’t do technology. We are so encouraged by your blogs?
    Sent from my iPhone

  283. Deanna

    I stand with you my Brother in Christ. I have shared via email. I don’t partake in twitter or FB anymore.

  284. needleweaver01

    Love reading your posts!! Have one of your books also. Keep up the great work you do. Always, Alice Harmon

    Sent from my iPad

  285. Margie Riddle

    I get your blog through email. I read it every day. Keep up the good work! Thank you for all that you do. Continue to preach the truth!

  286. dekizian

    Good ole fashion email is working for me. I don’t miss one of your blogs. I do have facebook but I’m using it as often for the reasons you have experienced

  287. Phyllis Pullan

    Dear Mario, Please keep the blog on face book! I have shared it on my status. Keep fighting! We have your back and are praying for you and your ministry. God bless all of you and encourage you in His Word and Holy Spirit. I also receive your email. So happy about the revival meetings!!

  288. Elden

    I deleted my Facebook account a few months ago. We need an alternative.

  289. Suzann Lorenc

    Mario, I haven’t had a Facebook account in years, but I do read your email every day. Facebook, well you know what Facebook is, another weapon of the enemy. Your voice will be heard, whether on Facebook or your blog or Flashpoint or the revival tent meetings. We will promote your blog and my old ladies prayer group will continue praying for you and your team! I’ve been following your ministry since the 1990s and won’t stop now! In Him, Suzann

  290. Sandra

    Read it too. Appreciate your words. Thank you

  291. Rhonda Aiello

    Standing with you Mario! We need strong leadership now more than ever! Don’t stop your blog! I receive blog by email and forward as such. There is no obvious local leadership here for the battle. We need you to continue.
    Thank you!
    Rhonda Aiello


    Standing with you Mario. Don’t stop your blog. I receive it by email and also Facebook. We so need to hear the truth.

  293. Arline Reed Trowbridge

    I receive your blog by email and send it to as many as I know who will read it via email.
    You are God’s blessing to us.

  294. Janet

    I read your blogs at least three times a week. I look forward to going to my email to read it. I dont do facebook. Please dont stop, Mario.

  295. Janet Grace

    Mario I reaf your blogs and feel they are so very important for the body to hear. I do not do face book, I read as email. Please don’t stop. The Body needs to hear your voice – The Holy Spirit’s guidance through you.
    Sent from my iPhone

  296. Faerie Jackson

    I love the blog, just keep speaking the truth as God gives you direction, and we Gods people will defeat Satan, and all his followers

  297. Sandra Calhoun

    Hope you keep this up to encourage us and let us know there are a few good men willing to stand and fight for GOD and good! Praying for victory to start in California and spread like wild fire across our nation and then to the world! The world has amazed me with their comments and concerns! We are brothers and sisters in Christ World Wide! Love your ministry!  
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  298. Helen Szpunar

    I love this blog! I don’t love Facebook, so I get this in my Inbox so I can read it without supporting Facebook! Just want you to know I read it often and forward it often! Sorry I can’t help with the Facebook thing because I don’t use Facebook!
    God bless you and the work you are doing! Praying for you and your ministry!
    Anita Szpunar
    On Sun, Jun 20, 2021 at 3:29 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >

  299. Donna Rosenquist

    I get your blog in my email

  300. nbg62

    Oh Mario, I despise Fakebook and haven’t used it since 2014. I receive your blog daily in my Hotmail account. I thought something had happened to your blog when I hadn’t received it for a couple of days last month or so. I was devastated until I received your blog explaining why. Please do not stop this blog! The seeds you painstakingly sow has produced so much fruit! You are loved and will continue to be blessed by our Almighty Father.

  301. Gail Ramsey

    Dear Mario Murillo,
    I received your blog every day in my email. It is the one blog I absolutely look forward to each day with great anticipation. I hope and pray that you will not stop writing it; and that Facebook will back off and bow it’s knee, in Jesus name.
    Gods greatest blessings do you, your family, and your ministry, Gail Ramsey
    On Sunday, 20 June 2021, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Facebook has been keeping 90% of those > who follow my blog from seeing it, when I post it. Only 10% of our > followers even know it when a blog is posted. The algorithm which blocks > people from seeing the blog, backs off whenever there is a surge of view” >


    Firstly, I thank God DAILY for this ministry. In a time when courageous Believers are hard to come by, you have been fearlessly addressing the issues of our day. I don’t know when “the church” became so passive, irrelevant and anemic, but that is where we find ourselves. A clarion voice such as Mario Marillo’s brings to Christians across the nation “rivers of living water”! We are behind you all the way! I follow you on FB and I reread the blog on my email. The messages are so profoundly anointed that I need to read and reread them to fully absorb the words and the power of the HS within the words. I make it a point to never miss Mario on Flashpoint. Jesus is being exalted and being represented in the way that He deserves to be. This excites me because I know that if we will just live as Jesus would have us, He WILL take care of the rest!!! I love you all with my whole heart!

    • Arline Reed Trowbridge

      I am only one of those who follows your blogs via email. You speak the words that are in our hearts. I am an 89 year old woman, a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I have seen the changes in our world and the changes within our churches. I pray for the stamina to be as courageous as you are, Mario, We are light bearers of Jesus. Let His light shine! Amen

  303. Margie Mckenna

    I hope and pray that your blog stays on! It is of great value to us as we fight and pray with you. It is one that I rely on because of the truth and nothing but the truth. I went off Facebook for 6 months because of their extreme leftist agenda and their unholy censorship. I will share this around so that people can become more aware. God bless you Brother Mario and keep you alert and in good health.


    I don’t always get you on Facebook.
    Lucky to have been receiving via email which helps.
    Thanks and God Bless

  305. Patti J Heropulos

    I never see your blogs anymore on facebook…only when they are shared and have shared them when I do get them. God Bless You and Your Ministry.

  306. mrs3

    Your blog is powerful and goes right to the heart. Please know it is a light in the darkness. Even the opposition can be reached by The Light of the knowledge of the Glory of God. Jesus is The Light of the world. We are to be the light of the world to reveal Jesus . What a brilliant Light shines when we join together. God’s anointing is on this blog. Keep shining.

  307. DiAnn Barker

    Although I’m not on Facebook, I read your email blog and share it by forwarding it or sending by text. It has been great! Thank you for writing it and for your wisdom politically and Biblically and merging the two.
    Standing up for Jesus and America!

  308. dianne perrin

    A lot of us have been banned from Facebook, like me! Please don’t let the devil throw you a curve ball. Continue your blessed work in Jesus name. Thank you Mario!
    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone Get Outlook for Android

  309. Laura Leone

    Since I sent you my email address, I read your blogs that I receive on my email account. I did this in light of the possibility that I could still read the blog if Facebook shinanigans occurred & so it appears that it has. Prior to this I always went to your website to read the blog.
    Know that I am praying for you, the ministry God called you to, as well as the attacks on our country and God. We are already seeing victories. I stand behind you in fighting against unrighteousness wherever it pops it’s ugly head!
    May our gracious Father continue to grant you his peace and power for His kingdom.
    God Bless You!

  310. Marcie Hwcht

    my wondeful SaintlyMan MarioMurilo I am in FB jail for another month til July10 =love your ministery and loveya Marcie Hecht WWG1WGA WW F.R.O.G. FULLY RELIANT ON GOD……..GOD WINS

  311. Edith Toole

    Mario, Thank you for your bold stand for Truth. All unrepentant evil that comes against the body of Christ will reap a greater eternal punishment than any can ever imagine.
    I don’t think any ministry has ‘run it’s course’ until the minister has exhausted all strength, desire and means to minister. Never quit.




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