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I have been writing this blog for 9 years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever seen. So, there is something I must find out.

The attack began with little things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we are being shadow banned very insidiously.

For instance, the blog I posted early this morning has now been shared 1,200 times.  If a blog is shared over a thousand times—even on a slow day—it will average between 7,000 and 10,000 reads. To the time of this writing, the site claims it has had only 1,800 views, not 7 to 10 thousand. I ask you, how can 1,200 different people share a blog, and yet that blog gets only 1800 views?

Why is Facebook throttling the true statistics? They are no doubt emboldened by their victory in bringing us the puppet government of Biden.

But are they threatened by the blog’s momentum? It was approaching 16 million total views. 3 million view in 2021 until they began to censor us. I guess I should be flattered by their attack, but, no—I am enraged.

That is the point I must get across to you. Please forget for the moment that Mario Murillo has anything to do with this blog. Look at the blog itself.

God used it to introduce an era of preachers speaking out against political tyranny. It awakened and informed the people of God about the evil of the Democrat Party, when that was extremely unpopular.

A vast number of believers railed against these daily messages. Then the tide turned. Why? Because Democrats lived up to every threat and dark deed the blog predicted. And then some.

That is when the blog caught fire. Many Christian leaders began to make it their daily habit to read it to gain understanding about what is going on and how to defeat it. My conclusion is that the blog is being targeted because of that effectiveness.

This is not a self-serving statement: this blog still has an urgent role to play in our struggle against tyranny. Why do Satan and the social media giant want this blog to go away?

Because it is a threat and speaks the truth about this illegitimate administration and its agenda!

So here is the deal. The devil knows how I am spread thin by so many amazing breakthroughs we are having in the tent and in the media. On other fronts, our audience has exploded. Because of that, most of the time, I do not begin writing the blog until the end of my workday.

Sometimes the enemy says, “You are exhausted, don’t write tonight. The audience is shrinking anyway.” That last part is the most relevant. Is the audience for the blog dwindling, or are we being cancelled?

But there is a side of me that says that, if they do this to this blog and we do not fight…where will it end? That is why I am enraged.

No matter how obvious it is to me that the devil is attacking this blog, I must consider the other extremely remote possibility. If this blog has run its course, then I must be prudent to place my focus elsewhere. I need to know.

I personally believe that this blog’s greatest days are still ahead. But again, I must know.

The cancelling/censorship has become so bad that I cannot ignore the question any longer. This blog cannot survive having its audience stolen. At this rate, I will have to shut it down soon.

However, there is something you should know. Something that is absolutely worth a try. The social media giant has a big weakness—a weakness we must try to exploit, at least once. The algorithm backs off when there is a sudden ground swell of support. If enough people read this blog, share this blog, and like it, all at one time, FB will back off.

If you believe this blog has run its course, then just sit this out. I will totally understand. If there is no major uptick in response after laying it out so clearly that will show me that this is not just Facebook.

But, if you believe the blog is worth saving, then I am asking you this one time—and this one time only—to let me know that you are fighting with me against this tyranny. I need you to talk with others and let them know what is at stake in this. Here are 3 additional things you can do on Facebook:

Read it. Share it. Like it.

After 9 years of writing this blog, I will be watching for my answer with great anticipation.

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

Thank you, my brothers and sisters!

In Christ.


It will change your life. Use this link to volunteer https://forms.gle/3CUhD1PEVNU5XNHf8

 Every week between now and August 8th something important and wonderful will happen on the streets of Sacramento. Our teams from Mario Murillo Ministries and Inner City Action are in the neighborhoods, and parks.

We are handing out thousands of pounds of groceries door to door. We are leading souls to Jesus. We are praying for the sick to be healed. We are bringing hope to oppressed families.

We are stunned at the hunger of the people. They pray with us at their front door. Crowds form in the parks and listen to our unfiltered Gospel message.

Volunteer, it will change your life. See why Highway 99 is a corridor of the Glory of God. Our training will reduce fear. You will surprise yourself by how bold you can really be. And how much joy comes from doing this. Do not wait. Again, use this link to voluteer.  https://forms.gle/3CUhD1PEVNU5XNHf8


  1. Mary Hermanson

    We support your blog.

    • Pauline Kingston

      Mario, I am a New Zealander. I cancelled Face Book years ago, I read all your blogs through email, I love to hear you on FlashPoint. You are valuable, your words hit the spot. I am praying for your next big crusade in Sacramento.

      • thewelldressednest

        Same here, except I’m in the USA. Read the email and share through text messages.

      • Laurie

        Your blogs have opened my eyes and shown me truth I read and share them each day thank you good and faithful servant! Also, I have received a fake friend request from Mario Murillo. I wonder if other followers are getting these as well just FYI

      • Ronnie

        I, too, cancelled Facebook years ago and now read your blogs via email. And I am also praying for the Sacramento revival and am thankful for your unwearying devotion to speaking the truth, no matter the cost.

      • adelesnailum

        I agree with you completely and have also cancelled my fb account. Am praying for Sacramento. I appreciate your view of what is going on in the States.
        Believer in Belgium

    • Leola Morgan

      I am very encouraged of reading the blog. Keep up the truth & work. Im from Ohio. Thank you

      • C D. Gentry

        I also forward your blog to all my friends and associates, including several folks in Kyiv, Ukraine!!!

      • Gladys

        I’m not on Facebook, but I get your emails. Keep blogging!

      • Pam Thomas

        MARIO…….I am not a fb gal……..rather i receive your blog by email. i can’t tell you the COUNTLESS times i have passed it along! i am SO DEEPLY GRATEFUL for your strong commitment and FIERY BOLDNESS with which you have presented and challenged us with truth. may our God continue to bless you in this hour and give you the direction you seek. YOU ARE A VOICE RICHLY VALUED! BLESSIGNS

    • Keisha

      I read your blog daily and love it, but I access it via your website from Safari browser, not FaceBook.
      I often share your blog with friends both saved and non saved. I very much hope you continue doing this blog. I think it is an awesome way to get the truth out!!!!

      • Pam Hirsch

        Yes thank you so much I always read your blog ! Stand strong many are with you ??

    • Carl J Martinson

      Some of us access The Blog through your website. Stay strong!!!! We’re with you! Praise God for your diligence!!!

      • Hilda Winzeler

        yes, FB cancelled me last Oct before the election. I have not tried to go back to FB. I think ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD CANCEL FB. The same with Yahoo email. I stopped following Mario via Yahoo. Only go onto his website.

      • Mary Johnson

        I love this blog. Facebook does not thrive on truth because it exposes their liberal, Godless agenda. I have re-posted many of the things you write here and so many people have been blessed. I pray that you will be able to continue it.

      • Mary Marino

        Stay strong we love this blog and support you all the way

      • Danny Smith

        I stand with you. I read your blog daily on your website.
        Thank you!
        Pastor Danny Smith

    • Debbie

      Dear Brother Mario,
      We love your blog! We support your blog.

    • Leslie E. Everhart

      Please keep up the truth telling! I am not on Facebook but get your emails. They try and silence the truth, do not let them win. We are in a spiritual battle of the greatest magnitude!
      Thank you for all you are doing!

    • Kirk Dearman

      You must not stop speaking out the truth. This is the time when the “lions must ROAR!”
      You, dear Mario, are one of the few lions who are bold enough to roar. If we do not speak up, evil will prevail. The remnant – as well as the sheep who haven’t yet awakened to be transformed into lions – NEED you! I’m a member of Regeneration Church Nashville. I love and appreciate you and all you are doing for the ekklesia and the Kingdom of God! Abundant grace and blessings to you!

      • Clema rusk

        We need you brother keep going I will be praying

    • vickyvalandministries

      Because of your blog I know the truth not some watered down story telling me how I must blindly obey what I know is not God’s will. Thank you for your courage to speak the truth and your words of hope. Thank you for encouraging your readers to do our part as members of God’s army to fight the good fight of faith. Thank you for being a voice of leadership in this battle to save our country from the insane tidal wave of the Democrats who are trying to force feed the American people their garbage. Please keep up the good work!
      Vicky from NC

    • Brenda Jock

      I am so thankful for your encouragement and power you impart through God’s Holy truths. God Bless you. I look forward to these words daily.

    • Tracy Gerardi

      I love, love, love your blog and read it daily! It encourages me greatly and motivates me to pray for our country. I am not on social media. I read it from your website and recently signed up to receive your emails. I share your blog via email with friends and family on a regular basis. I hope you continue to write and post!

    • NeeterWoman

      This blog encourages me two ways: 1.It encourages me knowing The Church is going forth in other areas of USA. 2.It encourages me knowing what TheLORD is saying in the Murillo Ministry Camp because I can compare it to what I hear and also compare it to other Christian leaders’ reportings. Church unity is important.

    • Van Der Veen Jerry K.

      Your blogs are so right on. We look forward to reading it daily. Please be encouraged! You are right on target.
      We so remember you from our Melodyland days! Thank you for being so faithful over all these years. You are in our prayers. Jerry & Wilma

      • Tammy Adams

        I too used to go to Melodyland for services.

    • Trish

      I wholeheartedly support your blog!! Never miss a day of reading it.

    • Bonny Shiflett

      I always look forward to your words and knowing how you are spreading the good news of Jesus!

    • Carole Kier

      Truth hurts…and it’s hurting them. Your words are encouraging and one of the few blogs I read because of truth in content. It is not a waste of time. Your words are helping the people and lifting the hope we need to continue. I pray you have the strength and desire to continue. Perhaps only eternity will tell you how many you have reached…

    • Peggy Bojduj

      I read you in email. Fb is so unreliable I hardly get posts from friends and family on it!

    • Janet Smith

      Keep up the fight! There are more with you than are against you!

    • Mary Jo Coleman

      Never stop blogging! So full of truth, and inspiring!

    • Rachel Perez

      Please Mario don’t give up the fight. We all need your encouragement, we all need to hear what you have to say. Thank you for keeping up the fight I am right with you and praying ?? you continue.
      Laguna Niguel, CA

    • melissareednm

      Your ministry is God blessed. Your blog is truth, promoting action. Keep up the lifeline of truth!
      I avoid Facebook. I receive your daily email.
      Thanks for all you do!

    • Donna

      I love this blog and I share it with friends and family. I appreciate your way of stating how I feel and keeping it biblical. Please do not stop!

    • Gough P. Mahlon

      We look forward to your anointed, powerful blogs and appearances on Flashpoint and support you completely.
      In a time of ubiquitous compromise; watered-down, twisted truth; and widely applauded apostasy, your blog and contributions on Flashpoint are like the proverbial breaths (plural) of fresh air in a tainted, decadent culture. I left Facebook some time ago and stopped watching the “news” channels (e.g., CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, etc.) in 2008. Your words are one of the remaining sources of pure and absolute truth.
      Gough P. Mahlon

    • Harriet Miller

      I have been reading your daily blog for quite a long time. It’s my favorite. It keeps me encouraged because the Holy Spirit within me agrees with your posts. I stand with you. Please never stop. I order, in the name of Jesus, all hindrances and interruptions to your blog to be removed.

    • Jean Alfredson

      We support your blog. Keep telling the world about God. His name be praised.

    • Leonard

      Yes, I am in the fight with you continue with the blogging. Thank you much.

    • Lillian Grumblatt

      I love your blog Mario and read it every day and so does my family. We love you and are fighting with you and will continue to share all the good things God is giving you. Praying for all your crusades as well. Please keep it going. I appreciate all that you’re doing for the Lord. May God‘s favor, peace, strength and refreshment rest over you daily.???

    • Linda

      Yes please keep your blog! It greatly blessed the body of Christ!

    • Randy Dulworth

      Mario, I look forward to reading your blog every day! If we could get thousands of pastors to speak out like you it would make a great difference! I hope that the real President Mr. Trump will get to read some of your blogs. It’s been great to watch you on Flashpoint! Please keep speaking out in your blogs!
      Randy Dulworth

    • Gerald J Slaminski

      It is so hard to share your messages because facebook, etc. seem to be blocking it. My computer freezes up every time I try to share your messages. Keep trying, you are being led of the Lord.

    • Osweego

      I read your blog daily directly from your website – not playing along with FB!

    • Scott

      YOU ARE AWESOME AND I SUPPORT WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHOLE HEARTEDLY! Your blog is where I first found you and you have been a light in a very dark place.
      Your boldness is a welcome and really needed today. Your stand and steady march into California with the gospel has been very encouraging. We need more people to be obedient to what God is telling them to do. Your example by itself is again what the Body of Christ needs.
      I also do not do Facebook but I get your blog in my email.
      God bless you my brother,

    • Julio Haro

      I read your blog daily. For the most part they are really good brother. Especially when you speak about what happens in the tent.

    • Diana Moss

      Thank you for your honesty. ?? I read your blog’s here in the UK

    • taralareau6gmailcom

      Mario, Thank you for speaking boldly and not compromising the truth! Keep it up brother!

    • Todd

      I personally believe that I heard from God that what you are doing is a primer or fuse so to speak for this nation. The greatest move of God that we have ever seen is at our door dont let up dont back down dont stop press on hold the line push through for the glory of God is at hand

    • geigerds

      Thank you for sharing truth. It has deeply impacted my daily walk. Like so many though, I don’t have a fb account or any other social media account. I think many have dropped those accounts but still have access on your actual blog site????Shalom my brother ??????

    • Donna Jeffers

      We support your blog and sometimes share via texts, but cancelled FB in 2020. Also watch Flashpoint

    • John Brown

      I read it daily from your website

    • Sandra S. Turner

      Dear folks,
      I am asking permission to reprint the June 12 blog post about wolves pretending to be Christians in my Christian newsletter for singles. Singles Scene/Spirit & Life, publishing since 1981. I will certainly give proper credit.
      You previously gave me permission to reprint an earlier post.
      My readers are mostly age 60 up and do not have or use the internet.
      I distribute 700 to 1000 copies bi monthly, nationwide.
      Please reply. I have sent messages through the FB messenger with no reply.

    • Dee Rupp

      I have never signed up for Facebook. I do read, and am very INFORMED as well as ENCOURAGED by your blogs Mario. Do not quit Brother, I see the summit.

    • S. Metz

      Mario, I so look forward to reading your blog. I love it!! You are TRUTH teller and I am encouraged by your words and insights. You uncompromising stance is beautiful, powerful, and refreshing. May the Lord bless you and keep you on your journey as you follow His voice and leading. Thank you for all you have been obedient to do!

    • Jim Steeden

      Of course I’m in my friend, I listen or watch you often and God is using you mightily.

    • Lorrie Bradway

      Thank you, Mario, for being upfront and honest. I am thankful you do not back down.

    • 4wwpuppiesgmailcom

      Keep working. Lord bless

    • Lorie

      Mario, A friend shared your writings with me early on when covid began. I then began reading your blog months ago via email because FB began “canceling” even the “least of us”. (I have just a small group of FB friends but have found that even my posts are not being seen. My daughter has also said she no longer sees my posts in her feed.) Therefore, I have used FB less and less and know my friends are as well…because what’s the point when our voices are continually canceled, or we’re shadow banned?
      That said, you are a VITAL voice of Godly wisdom that we need! I have shared various writings of yours via email or text because I believe you have the spiritual gift of wisdom and your writings have been a consistent solid voice of TRUTH without compromise, which I have desperately needed and have been able to grab hold of in this most turbulent and trying season our country and Christians have ever experienced. And at a time when I have felt extremely frustrated by the lack of courage, strength and shepherding (which the Church has greatly needed) from the men God has placed in our lives to Pastor and lead us to Him, your voice has challenged, encouraged and steadied me when I have felt lost and empty and hopeless. Your voice is needed!
      As a side note, may I suggest exploring the idea of using the social media platform called GAB? The founder Andrew Torba, is a Believer and allows free speech on the platform; there is no censorship (except that which is illegal). And I believe as GAB’s founder has said, that Christians must band together and form their own “economy” because we need one another. If nothing else, I believe the lockdowns and all that’s transpired with FB, Twitter, and YouTube censoring Christians and Conservatives — censoring Truth — we must have a place and ways to come together where we can unite. This will prove to be even more true and vital as time goes on.

    • Sarah Walsemann

      I am not on Facebook, but I receive your blogs via email. Please do not stop your blogs! I appreciate your honesty and boldness!

    • muxiaoyang

      I live in Taiwan and I am an American citizen. I am a missionary/pastor. These blogs are very meaningful and helpful. It gives me more specifics on what to pray about and for. Keep going my brother in the mighty power of Jesus and by the influence and direction of the Holy Spirit.

    • Carolyn Spencer

      I support your blog!! We must stand up to censorship!!! It must stop!!

  2. Victoria

    I LOVE reading your blogs… although mine comes in an email… not Facebook. PLEASE do not shut down these blogs. I depend on them, everyday!!

    • Joseph Simard (Australia)

      I with Victoria! Love ’em. Maybe Mario you a ‘migration’ strategy to other platforms needs developing and implementing. In the meantime, keep ’em coming. You’re a throw back to the American revolutionary preachers…for such a time as this.

    • hernch4

      I agree with this post! Mario, you are an inspiration! Be encouraged and may God bless you with good health, energy, and safety! You are a true warrior for the Kingdom!

    • Shoover

      I read it by email, not Facebook. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! Praying for you!

    • Sylvia Patterson

      So do I .. I get blog through email and forward as text msg…forward through another source.
      . And they forward… please don’t think FB is the only platform that this blog is seen!
      You are waking the ppl of America up!
      Their eyes and brains ? are coming out of the coma of deception that has lulled them to sleep. Amen

    • fayemart1316

      I also connect with your blog by email and look forward to receiving it. Keep up the good fight Brother Murillo. May God continue to use you.

  3. Jane

    To Mario and your wonderful staff: this blog is a breath of fresh air. When we know the truth it will set us free.
    Keep going, ignore the devil and his schemes, keep sharing truth. We live you.
    I an not on Fake book.
    Thank you kindly and many bless us to you.

  4. Bonita Skiba

    Please keep the blog going. It really blesses me and helps me understand. God bless you abundantly.

    • Carol Cantrell

      I am not on Facebook. I receive your e-mails and read all of them. I watch you on FlashPoint every time you are there. You are a great encouragement to all of us. Be encouraged and be blessed! Thank you for your faithfulness to the great commission. I can only imagine how proud of you our Father is. I certainly am!

  5. Sharon

    Reading your blog is the first thing I do every morning. It’s a life line in all this chaos!

  6. mmtslt

    Mario I read your blog through email and forward the email each day to three others. I do not tead it on Facebook

    • C D Gentry

      I too receive your messages via email. Thoroughly enjoy you stance, enthusiasm, dedication and determination against Satan and his demonic horde which influences each and every demon-crat and even possesses many of them!!! Locked & loaded for the battle for this Republic!!! CD Gentry

    • Paula

      Same here…I left Facebook years ago.

  7. lordswarrior111

    I support you blog and get it directly from your website. It is posted on my Facebook page as well. Your blog for me has been the central location for concise updates on what is happening in America. Thank you for the effort you put into making it available each day.

  8. mmtslt

    Mario I read your blog through email and forward the email each day to three others. I do not tead it on Facebook

    • Angie

      The devil is a liar! We are fighting with you in this battle! It’s time that we as God’s army, take a firm stand and not give up ANY ground!

  9. Lionel du Plessis

    Your blog posts are important!

  10. Sandra

    Mine comes by email too. How can I help?

    • Patti Munier

      Mario, so glad you made the decision to continue the blogs with even more determination and persistence. You are an amazingly strong voice that needs to be heard. You are a voice that needs to be followed and discussed. Many are out in the fields saving souls but most can not start holy warfare.
      Please keep posting. God bless you and your family.

  11. Heidi Watson ( Jon Watson)

    I read your blog daily – you hit things on the mark. I know what you write comes from the heart of God. Please don’t stop. Victory is on the way.
    I keep you and your crusades in my prayers and ask for God’s blessings and protection upon you at the end of reading each of your articles.
    P.S. the enemy works in the shadows – his works must be exposed and destroyed. The battle is the Lord’s – we are his servants and intercessors in this war.

  12. Cindy Gower

    Continue your blog/ thank you for it!

  13. Jeanette Maldonado

    I no longer have Facebook. I get it through my email. I look forward from the truth you give with Authority.
    Thank you for your due diligence.

  14. Pam

    Mario, I get your blog through e-mail and your website. Before and after the election last year, I would forward it, sometimes several times a week, to my e-mail lists. I appreciate your thinking and the work you’ve done to pull all this information together for us. I know the Lord will lead you and that’s what’s important. God bless and take care.

  15. David Lee

    Keep the blog, Mario.

  16. hosquatch

    Facebook will not allow me to post this column by Mario Murillo.

  17. Doreen Larson

    Dear Brother in Christ,
    Thank you so much in writing this blog! I share it with my friends and family as it is so honest and full of the Spirit of our Lord! I love and live the encouragement, truth, and hope it brings to all of us! I am praying for you to know the blessing of the constant presence and will of the Lord moment by moment in the days ahead.
    Sincerely, in Him,
    Doreen Larson

  18. Katherine

    Please, Mario, Keep telling us the truth and what The Lord is doing in California.

  19. dw54sbcglobalnet



    I wake early in the night — usually around 2 or 3 am, EST, just to read your email. As far as I know, you are the lone man of God crying in the wilderness — REPENT — and then engage in the battle.

    Well, my home church and I have been in the battle for many years and will continue until we have fulfilled the perfect plan of God.

    Please, weary soldier, do not retreat now. We’re so close!
    However, please listen to the Holy Spirit, as I know you always do.

    My group and I survived 25 years at the White House. I worked there for 35+ years and had Bible study there every Tuesday. From 1999 until I retired in 2009, we would meet in my office every Wednesday night to pray over our nation. We fought many many demons. We prayed on the top of the White House building and Old Executive building prophesying to the nations that Jesus Christ is Lord. We anointed the furniture in the Oval Office, the theater in the Residence, the bowling alley, the press soon seats and everything we could touch, with oil.

    Yes, it was exhausting, but it was commissioned of God.

    So, my dear friend, you are not alone. I value the anointing that I read every morning and you are highly favored of God and man.

    Please don’t stop now with the pen — unless otherwise directed!

    We love and appreciate you so much!

    • Wordforworld

      Lynn! All of us here and MMM, we are so grateful to know God’s people ARE all over!! What a blessing to know of your “mission field.” Thank you so much.
      What an encouragement to us all!
      Sharing the blog, even to President Trump! However, never had fakebook.

  21. Jeffrey Van Horn

    Glory to the Lamb of God!
    Glory to the Lamb of God!
    There is none holy as the Lord.
    How thankful to God we are for you, and your faithfulness!
    We love you, pray for you and your beloved wife, and the entire arena of your influence for the gospel of Christ.
    There is no other life than Jesus. He is the Victor over all.
    We support you, and are humbled by your commitment to truth, AND ALL OF YOUR LABOR.
    It will be worth it all when the final battle is over, and when we see our beloved savior.
    Until then, we fight the powers of hell.
    We don’t fight a losing battle.
    We win. There is no tie. We win.
    The devil loses. Everything.
    Onward we move towards final victory, with pure hearts, entire submission, humility, love, and with the same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, living in us.
    Holy is the Lord God Almighty!
    We don’t do Facebook or social media, but share this blog with others via email.
    Thank you SO much for what you are doing.

    • Laura Cook

      I read this every morning! I shared! And I pray for you and your ministry. Never give up!

    • Bea Moore

      I would like for you to keep the blog! I just found it!
      I shared it on my Facebook and I was telling my mom and she said “I haven’t seen it” so I went in her phone on her Facebook and through that went to my page and sure enough not to be found or seen!!! I went in my phone directly to my page and there it was!! Clearly FB is suppressing posts!!

  22. Ps. Wayne Chapman

    Ps. Mario,
    In 1987 a mate and I sat under your teaching at the United Charismatic Convention in Adelaide Australia.
    I was delighted to find your WordPress site a few months ago and read the fire of God in your posts. I am not on social media so can’t help much.
    FB just canceled an Aussie Christian commentator, Bill Muhlenberg, your experiences are part of a bigger FB purge I suspect.
    Is it possible to mirror to Gab?

  23. David Poirier

    Yes Mario, I agree with this blog and tell everyone that you 100% on the mark. You’re right about the political area and about how and what to preach. I’ve always thought that. I tell everyone to read it. I used to follow Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham. My favorite was David Wilkerson. You’ve taken his place on the national scene.

  24. Larry Hieb

    The blog is the first thing I read in the morning. It is truly uplifting to me and I look forward to it every day. Please keep it going as it is such a blessing to me. I am 75 and it’s the only email I get during the day and I love reading it so much. It is a very important part of my day; Please keep up the good fight!
    In His love,

  25. Dan Roberts

    I have found the blog to be worth reading … and have been thankful for it.

  26. Melvyn Powell-Rees

    I think your blog is vital. Don’t stop.

  27. hvgarvey

    Hi: I follow you, but I don’t have FB. And I don’t want it. God Bless. Helen Garvey
    Sent from my iPhone

  28. Ranka Ilicic

    Thank you Mario!
    Please don’t stop writing the blog… it is so important for us to be Well informed and strengthened in faith by the Truth you share so heartfelt and generously!
    I personally am so much strengthened in my standing for The Truth hearing what you have to say.
    I receive blog in my email and look forward everyday to read it!!! (eventhough I live in Australia)

  29. Joanne Thomas

    I greatly appreciate your courageous voice at a time when the politically correct tiptoe around. Please keep it up.
    It also reveals the enemy’s tactics there, which helps us here in Australia. May the Lord abundantly bless despite the enemy’s attempts to thwart.

  30. Ana María

    Mario,por favor, don’t quit writing the blog, I translate It from English into Spanish to share It With my prayer group every single day. And ,we daily pray for USA based on what you explain on your blogs among others faithful believers. You are a blessing,And God is using you to encourage many believers here including people in ministry like me. At some point, Facebook And all of those demonic plataform Will vanish. We pray for you! Dios le bendiga grandemente! Thank you so very much for your ministry Blessings from Spain!

  31. Terrie Vinlove

    Mario, my husband and I love to read your blog. It has truly been a great blessing to us especially these past few years. Thank you for making time to reach out to all of us out here that are greatly blessed by your blog!

  32. Pam Morrison

    This blog is the main reason I open my email every day. I absolutely love your articles. They encourage me and keep me going in the battle we are in. I pray that you continue.

  33. Joshua Kim

    Your daily posting/email I get is one email I read everyday. I do think there is censorship and misrepresentation of the numbers by social media. Please continue to post and fight on in Jesus name.
    Respectfully, Joshua >

  34. judy geppert

    I enjoy the truth and boldness of your blogs. I get encouraged as I know we still have those who are willing to stand for the truth and refuse to shut up, sit down or back off.
    God bless you Mario, you are such a blessing.

  35. leina dc

    Please do NOT end the blog. I started receiving this blog since last year and have shared it many times. Let’s stay in the FIGHT.
    Keep the PRESS!
    Sent from my iPad

  36. Peggy Sullivan

    Love your blog! And so does the Lord! Keep writing and preaching truth. We need to hear it!

  37. greaterfreedom234356014

    I love getting your blogs! How can I help you if I deleted my Facebook account due to all the politics? I share your blogs with many people and they love them. You speak truth and that’s what we need in this world that doesn’t believe in objective truth. Keep writing please!

  38. Stephanie Senella

    I believe Facebook is stopping people from seeing many things and only allow certain content a few likes here and there. This happens to many posts. I know your reaching people, I would continue to post, some tech tyrant may turn around.
    California here, and we need all your prayers and recruitment.

  39. Jonah Matthew

    I’m praying for you brother and fighting with you in the spirit. I don’t use face book but I get this blog through my emails, it’s always encouraging to read and I’m glad your headed to Sacramento, Gods gonna use you in a huge way and He already has! I believe

  40. cameschmi

    Dear Brother Murillo,
    I answer you from far away Germany. Here we face this kind of censorship via Facebook too.
    That is the reason, why I personally left FB as a private person. And soon enough I asked to get your letter via email.
    I‘m so very thankful to get it frequantely and share it here in Germany as well.
    Please be encouraged and continue to do, what you do. It is very precious and important for us here in Europe as well.
    God bless you all and the United States of America.
    Carmen Schmidt
    Von meinem iPhone gesendet

  41. Marcia Walsh

    This blog is very important to me. It helps strengthen me, and helps me to keep on going in the Spiritual Warfare battlefield. This is all Spiritual Warfare, played out on several different fields. We each have different means and methods by which we can do our part. Your blog is edifying to me. I look forward to reading it every day. I believe God has annointed you to write this blog so we can learn how to be Spiritual Warriors.

  42. Cindy Jackson

    hello from Canada. i receive your blog by email and read it daily. i don’t know how to ‘like’ or share it from my email page. i’m not very ‘techie’. Sorry that i couldn’t be more helpful. i’ve shared your blog with my husband, we are praying for you and California.
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 2:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  43. Linda C

    Mario, this is my favorite blog of all time. Every night before I read my Bible I check to see if you have a new post. You speak my heart and I know you speak God’s. Please don’t stop!!!!!

  44. raywardell

    Keep going. I’ve stopped doing FB. Would it help you if I went back on ? ✝️?????????

  45. Dayle Beown

    We anticipate eagerly your faithfilled words to be a Word from our Lord in these times. A helpful daily focus.
    God Bless you. We are with you.

  46. mike beleky

    Mario, you have to remember all stats on views of Christian media are being skewed. You are not special. And also stop talking like some kind of martyr.  “Oh, I am so tired, I can’t write my blog….”. Give me a break dude. Muscle up.  You are not the end all.  You are everything to central California but please don’t let it get it to your head.  You act like you have just made it to the water hole and have been without water for 5 days.  Stop being so melodramatic. We don’t win by emotional antagonism. Meaning, Jesus does not want you to get people all emotional so they do what you want. You are being a little manipulative.  Well, more than a little but keep your head on straight.  Your ego is seemingly getting a little big due to what God has been doing through you.  But maybe that is what God wants you do to.  Just keep a clear head. If God does not want you to sensationalize then do or don’t. But don’t pretend to fool yourself.  I can see your manipulation a mile away.  Only if Jesus tells you it is ok to manipulate then it is ok to manipulate.  But if He is not giving you the go ahead, you better walk softly my brother.  

    • Jeff R

      And there it is! The phony Christian attack! Proof positive this blog is a threat. They’re sending in their troll clown operatives now.
      Nothing you said, “MIKE,” makes any sense. I hope they didn’t send in their best phony Christian troll with you, because that disjointed diatribe was horribly transparent.

      • Valerie

        Amen Jeff!! Mike reminds me of that “Bible Answer Man” guy. What a joke! The enemy ALWAYS overplays his hand. ie Mike.

    • Pauline Kingston

      What a lot of twaddle, right here is an attack, right back at you Mike, what a fake you are.

    • Hilda Winzeler

      Mike and your ego is out of mind and you don’t know God

  47. Jeff R

    Stay the course. I am 100% out of all social[ist] media, so I don’t have any avenue for sharing, but I have read every post you have made since I found your blog in April 2018 (and many posted before that time). The blog is in its most critical hour.

  48. Sue Cooper

    Please continue this blog you are doing a great job . It is very in formative and it helps guide my prayers for you, Lance W and Flash point topics and presenters.
    Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead.

  49. Bonnie Sue England

    Dear Mario, your blogs have been a tremendous source of encouragement to me since I discovered them in the past year. Please don’t stop! I am an older lady who doesn’t do much social media so I don’t do much sharing. But I will commit right now to praying for you every day that God will multiply your time and strength so you will be able to write it every day and get enough rest. (I have a prayer book and I just wrote it down. Y
    ou are the first entry for Saturday 6/19/21). I love you even though I don’t know you. Love in Jesus, Bonnie S. England

  50. Donna Garrett

    Satan wants you shut down. You are doing great things for the Kingdom of God. Never give up. I believe the turn around is just ahead. So don’t quit.

  51. Rodney Lawley

    Mario, I read your blog however I get it in an email and hope and pray you stay strong in doing God’s work and God’s will. May God and guide you as only He can

  52. John Powelson

    I think it could be a combination. In other words FB blocks some of the content and even the email service is blocking/diverting/censoring some of the thing people do with email. I have had things come back saying the address didn’t exist or was undeliverable. Sometimes my emails are coming in blank or no content showing. Occasionally the service says that the content is not up to their “community standards”.

  53. Karen Staffieri

    I am with you!!

  54. Ruth von Backstrom

    ABSOLUTELY stand with you and read your blogs and watch , like and will share to more people. But even more PRAYING into this situation, JESUS CHRIST OUR MIGHTY WARRIOR GOD, THUNDERS FROM THE HEAVEN’S AND THE WORDS OF HIS VESSELS, SERVING HIM FOR HIS GLORY CAN NEVER BE SILENCED. AMEN

  55. ggramma

    I forward them to 4-5 others who also love them!!
    Your blogs are a lifeline for me during this crazy twisted time we are living
    through, most especially since the devil took up residence in the White House!!

  56. miggyanne

    I am with you every day. All the best.

  57. barefootronko

    I don’t see your posts very often anymore, but when I do, I share them.
    I am shadow banned as well. I hear crickets, when there should be sirens.
    Mario, time is being shortened before our eyes!
    Jesus will be here any moment!
    Remember the time, when David was overthrown and the temple utensils were used in orgies!
    We are there again.
    The stench of the abominations has reached God’s nostrils!
    Be blessed my brother,
    Ron Jones

    • T2020

      Well said!

  58. scenartherapist

    Maybe it’s time to cross to Telegram and dump FB. Why support FB anyway?
    Lovw your blogs, by the way! Blessings from Australia

    • Penny

      My friend sends this to me every day! I read it and share it with many other friends via email! Please keep writing, your insight and words are so helpful and encouraging to me and so many others! The Lord is using you in a mighty way!!

  59. Susan Joy

    We are not on Facebook but read this via email. Your words encourage and empower. I gave quoted and shared your posts repeatedly. Keep going and may God strengthen your resolve
    Sent from my iPhone

    • Davida Goldman

      Shalom Dear Brother Mario,
      I read your blog every day on my email and forward it to others. It is one of the spiritual highlights of my day! You have always been on the cutting edge of what the Lord is doing and your God given gift of communicating it to others is without equal. It spurs me on every time I read it! I’m so grateful that you continue to pour you heart into this as difficult as it must be to continue at times.
      Please continue to stand in this arena that the Lord has given you. We, your brothers and sisters in Christ, will be your Aaron and Hur. “And having done all to stand, stand therefore”

  60. Sheila

    I read your blog daily. Please do not stop writing it – the truth must be told!!

  61. Edna huwe

    Keep on writing. Nobody does it better!

  62. T Jordan

    Mario, My wife introduced your ministry to me in the past 3 months and I just signed up for the blog a couple of weeks ago. Please continue writing! God has given you wisdom and clear perspective that needs to wake up many more believers. I don’t have a FB account so I cannot share in that platform but I will share your website and blog with my neighbor. Walking His path with you, Tim Jordan
    Sent from my iPhone

  63. Alice McDermott

    I read your blog (via email) every day. I consider your writings the #1 leading voice for Christians fighting this battle. For me it would be a great loss if you stopped writing. I thank God for you and the huge impact you are having for the kingdom of God and in the war!

  64. Wanda Haralson

    I am not connected to Facebook. All of your blogs comes through my emails. I love it and we need it.
    I have heard from others that Facebook and YouTube both played with the numbers they have gone down thousands.


    I read and share your blog daily via e-mail. I no longer trust facebook. It is a wealth of information, inspiration and comfort to know that we do have at least one Christian leader in our remks with the courage to tell the truth.

  66. David Gute

    Please don’t use FACEBOOK as a benchmark or indicator. As most of these replies indicate, we’ve abandoned its use for obvious reasons; it is destined for the trash heap of history anyway.
    KEEP THE BLOG. It is one of the few things I read every day consistently for the insight and perspective that you share. YOU ARE APPRECIATED. Don’t give in to the false narrative that rankings on FB matter.

  67. Hilobaymoon

    I read your blog every day — some days several times! It gives me great strength and comfort. I access via your WordPress site because I don’t use Facebook.

  68. Debra Sabo

    I read it! There is no place for like or share This is in my email
    Sent from my iPhone

  69. Shelley

    Keep going, Mario. I was introduced to your blog just after January 6 this year. I am a traditional Catholic, and I look forward to your blog everyday. I receive it by email. I have passed it to several friends also by email. I read nothing on FB. There are so few people who give practical advice on what to do and how to pray. Keep it up! We need your public voice! Some people may leave just as they left Jesus following the Bread of Life Discourse (John 6). These are hard things and they demand much. But those who remain are being strengthened and sharpened for the battle. God bless you!

  70. Ava Hall

    My husband and I receive your blog through our e-mail. We read it and usually discuss your message. It is a blessing. Ava Hall

    • Katharina Probst

      Dear Mario
      I am not on Facebook. Thank you so much for the blog.. I read it with big interest to be informed about your Great Nation!

  71. Lourdes Petti

    Brother Murillo, keep doing what God has called you to do and please continue writing these posts. You certainly keep us all informed.
    Remember, YOU ARE making a difference.
    Receive the Love of Christ.


    Mario, I’m not on Facebook…. But keep writing. Can you move to Signal or a different site? God bless you!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  73. jgstrohmeier

    Please keep your blog going, Mario! I read it first thing every morning while having my coffee. SO encouraging and needed! However, I get it through email, as I cancelled my Facebook account years ago. Other than by making my donations and praying for you, how can I help??? -John

  74. Carol Douville

    Please dont stop
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 2:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  75. Sybil Stockham

    Mario don’t stop we need the truth; you know the more enemy fight you; is the more God getting ready to do something powerful.

  76. bettyandpip

    Please dont stop writing this blog. Thank you betty
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  77. Marilyn Davis

    Mario, I read your blog in my e mail , and forward it to 7 others. Thank you for writing the blog, I look forward to reading it every day. You are a man after Gods own heart.

  78. Roger Culwell

    It is the truth and they don’t want the truth known, they have risen to a place they think they can tell us what truth is and we have to buy it, and can only say what they say is truth, 5 years ago they jumped me at three in the morning, telling me I had to change, I had to accept gay marriage and the new system the church of HC, and I had to preach what they said I could, AND I SAID I PREACH THE TRUTH OF THE WORD AND WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT SAYS, IWILL NOT BOW TO YOU TYRANTS, AND YOU DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO PREACH, WE PREACH TRUTH AND ARE LED BY GOD NOT MAN, and they went on for a good while about a 100 you will do these things and I said I will not bow, and now more thean ever they are trying to shut you down because you reach so many more, and people need to hear what you are saying preaching has drifted so far from the word and many will not read the word for guidence but other books man wrote, instead of the one written and inspired by the Holy spirit under his influence, and they still get what is given under his influence here, and the people know it, where all could hear from him if they just one, they seem to trust you greatly to get a word from the Holy Spirit and know the truth will be preached and that is a threat to a Tyranical government that Big Tech calls the shots for, telling the truth about the vaccine got me ban 11 days on Twitter because it was truth and they all shadow ban us try to keep us from reaching many, because they do not want the truth known, just like they stole the election, they will steal the rest of our freedoms, I am to strict for a lot of the church, but just look what they are doing to us silencing us, putting us under a draconian leadership, where we can only say what they say we can, Biden gave a order to tell on the radical people, while they spread their lies, the vaccine now killing many, and is known now to be a toxin in the body that will kill no telling how many in 2 to 5 years, and its all coming out because of the one’s who will not bow to these devils. Keep preaching us truth sir very few doing it, congress will not repeal sec 230 and take power away from big Tech, but I can put a word on Twitter and a few hours later they get in their video say almost exactly the same words I did a few hours before, because it makes them look good, but they neglect to say you said, they take credit the same as they take Revelation you give and write their books, we have a stealing bunch of people today, I guess the Ten Commandments do mean mean a lot more than some think, because there sure is a lot of crooks now in government and church, they still from you more than congress or its close, while don’t they try stealing some truth from the word, we are outlaws to a the draconian lawless, and sadly to a lot of the church. But continue writting sir we love it, for we want truth not fairy tales, the world wants fairy tales. God Bless You Sir

  79. swallen56

    I don’t do the FaceBook thing but via email I read it everyday and learn from it.  I, also, forward many of them to friends.  Keep it up as long as possible.
    Mario Murillo Ministries wrote on 6/19/2021 1:39 AM: > WordPress.com > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have > ever seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began > with little things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly > obvious that we ” >

  80. Libby Carter

    I am not on Facebook but I read your blog EVERY DAY. I LOVE IT!
    In the current times when lies prevail and truth is deleted, your blog is an anchor to hold on to.
    Please don’t stop writing it. We need your blog.
    Be blessed.
    Sydney, Australia

    Sent from my iPhone

  81. Carie Kramer

    Do not have Facebook anymore, but I read your messages in my email. Please don’t give up, your are a bright light in this dark time. GOD bless you!!

  82. Linda Stevens

    There is no icon on my phone that lets me share this send this to Facebook
    I use to get it the same day on Facebook and u would share there but no longer do I blogs come thru to me on Facebook
    The only way I can share this is by email. They can’t stop email the way they do Facebook.
    We need u on face book
    Sent from my iPhone

  83. Audrey

    Mario they don’t like you because you are giving hell a nervous breakdown. They didn’t like Jesus either, so you are in good company. Have you come to torment us before our time? As a matter of fact, yes!Ha! You have reached so many souls through this blog. People are joining you in prayer as you keep us posted on issues and your evangelistic crusades in California. I also love watching you on Flashpoint and I pray that they never back down. Hold the line and push them back, way back.Souls are at stake and the Lord of the Harvest is counting on you to fight the Good fight and Finish the course. Praying for a second wind for you my brother that’s even Greater than the first. Run harder, Run faster. God bless you. Great will be your reward. Thank you. Praying for you.

  84. Roxane Rutherford

    Bro. Mario,
    You are the voice crying out in the wilderness, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near”. [Matt. 3:1-3]. You and this blog were born for such a time as this. I declare Psalm 91: 3-4 over you, your family, and MMM. Stay the course standing on Phil 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.”

  85. Rae Lynn Moore

    PLEASE don’t stop writing this blog! I read it everyday you are able to post it. The truth you write is so needed today. I have always gone directly to your website and the email I receive and AVOID FACEBOOK.

  86. Verl Hochstedler

    Keep it coming! I’m new to your blog, but I’ve been watching you on Flash Point. Also with Lance, l support what you are doing.

  87. Gary Edwards

    Please keep writing your blog. i look forward to it every morning. If it is not in my in box I am very disappointed. I find your insights very encouraging. We are in a tremendous fight against the forces of evil and for the most part the church is still sound asleep. The church needs leaders to speak the truth and unfortunately most do not have the courage to confront the evil we are facing. Please keep going. We need it.
    Gary Edwards

  88. Sandi B

    Hi I read this blog every day. I receive it via email not Facebook and love that you take the time to write it. Please don’t stop. Thankyou, Sandi
    On Sat, 19 Jun 2021, 4:38 pm Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  89. Linda Stevens

    I find more truth from your emails than anywhere else. They use to come up in my Facebook and I would share there. . No longer there.
    Sent from my iPhone

  90. Cleria Parnell

    Mario I’m from Tampa-FL. I read your blog through email every day and forward to 2 others. I do not have Facebook. Do not stop your blog. God Bless you Brother.

  91. Michael Herlihy

    Keep going, Mario.

  92. Ambassador Financial


    Mario I stand with you 100% and thanks for all you do and may His protection continue to cover you.

    Warner Rivière
    Puerto Rico I Virgin Islands
    9083 Estate Peters Rest
    Christiansted VI 00820
    Ph 340-778 9506 Fax 888 730 3574
    Visit us at http://www.afgod.com

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  93. Jennifer Sandino

    Keep going. I don’t have Facebook because I got tired of the censorship. You’re honest and you speak the truth. It needs to be heard. I pray Psalm 91 over you, that you are protected. Thanks for all that you do.

  94. Carolee Snyder

    Keep fighting Mario…we support you…God bless you
    > >

  95. E

    Brother Mario
    I am not on FB and I believe the blog is worth saving,!! Please please please continue I am fighting with you against this tyranny. I forward it to others daily and you bring clarity hope and the true word of God WE STAND WITH YOU BROTHER MARIO AND WE BLESS YOU! Onward with full armor in the name of Jesus we continue the fight against evil!
    Thank you for all you do and Bless You!
    “Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.”

  96. James

    Keep going. Read it everyday.

  97. Karen

    Am grateful for this daily word by email!! You do and say things that encourage us as we try to do what we can. We are all in this together!!

  98. Frank Savino

    I look forward to your blog every morning. Keep writing. If God is for us who can stand against us. The enemy hates hearing the truth. I support you Mario 100%. Blessings

  99. Judy Jacobson

    I read this blog the first thing everyday. I also forward it to others. Several of them have now set up to receive it directly from you. I also watch Flashpoint to hear your comments. Bless you!

  100. Esther Gibbs

    Keep it coming please! I devour every word and was upset a few weeks ago when I didn’t find Gods words through u for a few days. I can count on u to keep exposing the lies and junk so that I can keep my focus on praying and speaking out about the freedoms that we must defend in this beautiful nation He and so many left for us. Thanks so much.

  101. michelle Gatz

    Don’t stop!! I need the strength of this blog to know that I a not the only one with the same thoughts. The blog gives me hope and fire to keep going

  102. David Bushnell

    Dear MMM Team,
    Thank you and may the God of all graces fill you with joy and every fruit of Holy Spirit!
    In Christ, Dave
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 3:05 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  103. Doran

    Good morning Mario, I would just like a moment to tell you how important and amazing your blog is in my life. In this day when truth is hard to find this blog has provided truth, it has provided inspiration, and most of all it has provided wisdom. Thank you for being obedient in writing this. It means so much to me and many others. Now it’s official, you know your doing something right because FB is worried!


    Please do not shut down. Like many others, I depend on this “manna” every day. I can’t imagine the enemy/enemies winning. We must not bow or give up at this point, or ever. I pray a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on this blog and His protection as we all ban together as the Body of Christ in one accord.


    I am with you Mario.

  106. rosemary fanning

    I read this on email. I try to do as little as possible on fb. Your blog inspires, informs and centers me. Thanks so much! May God continue to bless you and your ministry??

  107. John Cento

    Mario, I am not on Facebook, so I can’t comply with your request. I can only reply and say I love your blog and will pray on your behalf continually. God will prevail to keep this going. In Jesus name ✝️✝️✝️✝️
    John T. Cento Overseer Mission WildfireInternational 407-619-4015 cell Email: missionwildfire .org Website: missionwildfire.org I pray that the Father of glory, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, would impart to you the riches of the Spirit of wisdom and the Spirit of revelation to know Him through your deepening intimacy with Him.” (Ephesians 1:17 TPT)

  108. Lisa Frye

    You took a stand and led the charge. Keep going and do not stop. Your platform will continue to enlarge. Any bubble of trouble will eventually pop.
    Where the River meets the sky,
    There the Eagle does fly high,
    Where the Root touches the Ground,
    There The Word can be found.
    You, your ministry, and your blog are a blessing Mario. May God continue to bless and move as you stand in Him. Jesus Christ we partner with You as we stand. In You Jesus, we move and have our being. As for me and my house we serve The Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!!! Such an encouragement and you instill a backbone of hope and faith in us toward Our God!

  109. Anne Kellar

    Please, please keep writing, Mario. This truth is cool water to our thirsty souls.
    On Sat, 19 Jun 2021, 08:01 Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  110. Jean Ritchie

    We need this blog. You and Lance keep me strong with your blogs. The truth must w

  111. pointyourlittletoe

    I read this blog in my email every morning. I’m not on Facebook. This blog inspires me to pray and praise Father, Son, and Holy Spirit… heaven down to earth… for the saving work prepared for Sacramento and our nation. I only started reading this blog one month ago. Please keep sharing what the Lord puts on your heart, Mario, and don’t pay attention to the data. It’s cooked and irrelevant.
    Kathy My iPhone

  112. Ban Majeed

    I read this blog everyday at 5:30 am. Please continue. It’s a lie that it is not effective. Your blog gave me the words to fight back with. God bless my hero
    Sent from my iPhone

  113. Nilsa Soto

    I’m not on Facebook, but I get your emails. I pray that the blog continues. It has blessed me. God bless you.

  114. Truman Kemp

    Your Blog is a daily blessing to me. Keep them coming. Maybe get on other platforms – Rumble, Telegram, Brighteon.com to get your message out more?

  115. Margo

    I get this blog on email, I do not use Facebook

  116. Steve Rose

    Brother Mario, You have become the 21st Century C W Spurgeon. God has a heavy hand on you.

  117. Dzintra Pequegnat

    Please do not quit writing your blog. Truth and courage by Yah’s prophets is crucial to encourage the body of Messiah. You are doing a great work like the prophet Nehemiah so don’t let the enemy dissuade or discourage you! The biggest wheat harvest of souls comes at summer’s end during the fall “Feasts of the Lord” in the biblical calendar known as…. ” Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot”.

  118. Diane

    I’m not on any social media anymore, so I can’t “like” your blog on FB, but I read your messages always and sometimes forward them to friends. You have impacted my life and my husband’s life in a special way with your messages and your book, Vessels of Fire and Glory. NOTHING matters anymore except doing “…the work of him who sent me…” (John 9:4) THANK YOU, Mario, for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. Glory to God.

  119. Carolyn Roberts

    Don’t stop !!! Your blog is a blessing to me every day !!!

  120. Wendy

    We are loving your blog, defiantly keep writing please.

  121. Sue Sanderson

    We are fighting with you!
    Do not stop the blog we need you and the blog desperately!
    Praying for you!

  122. Barb Grinwis

    Thank you, Mario for boldly standing for truth! I have shared your blog many, many times – don’t let the father of lies steal your voice or rob you of what God has for you!

  123. NPG

    I appreciate this as a source for truth and encouragement and challenge to likewise stand for truth myself.

  124. Jenny

    I start my day reading your blog everyday and have for over a year now. Love it.

  125. Lavera Beaslry

    Dear Brother in Christ,
    I receive your blog via email. I read it each and every day!
    DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!
    You are vital to the body of Christ.
    I know you fight what seems to be an endless battle against the evil that has permeated this world, but know this; you dont fight alone!
    With God on your side and the vast number of your brothers and sisters all in one mind and one accord, this battle will be won!
    In the mighty Name of Jesus!
    Be encouraged this day Mario.
    Prayers surround you.
    God Bless and keep you!

  126. David E Wells

    Weary not in well doing!!
    Continue steadfast and immovable!

  127. Barbara Peth

    Keep writing! I read these messages daily on your email, and then I forward to others! Agree with Truman Kemp above – get on another platform if you need to, but we want your messages – they are TRUTH!

  128. Gayle Saksa

    Dear Mario
    I get your blog by email and I send it to others by email. I am NOT on Facebook and have NEVER BEEN registered on Facebook. I have viewed some things on Facebook including you once when it was not required to be a part of that group but I have never wanted to be a Facebook user and now I can see why this was a good thing for me!
    So why can’t Christians get a Facebook like program so we don’t have to depend on Facebook to communicate. Don’t we have intelligent believers with money who could get together and create a type of Facebook communication or is Mr. Zuckerberg the only person who could invent a communication tool. Where is God in all this communications lockdown cancel culture?
    Just some thoughts!
    Thank you for your blog and I will be praying you are able to see this & know that Facebook has no part in my viewing your blog!
    In Christ our Lord
    PS I first started to see you on Flashpoint in the fall of 2020 and that is where I became interested in your daily blog. So Facebook had NOTHING to do with me finding you and then signing up for your blog!!! It was a Christian TV outlet called the Victory Channel which I started to get on DISH Network that got me to look you up on line and sign up on your website to get your blog & again FACEBOOK HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH MY INTEREST IN YOUR BLOG!!!
    Gayle A Saksa
    5 Elm Court
    East Haven, CT 06512

    T. 203 468.5232
    C. 203 305.8813
    E. gaidyannie@outlook.com

  129. Elaine Wray

    I tried to reply but it won’t let me.  Says my email address doesn’t exist.  Funny since I receive them daily.   Love your blog.  Thank you for taking the stand that you do.  Keep them coming and be encouraged that God is using you in a big way.  God bless your ministry.  

  130. Dana Halbert

    I don’t do Facebook. We need this blog…please don’t stop.

  131. Linda Hughes

    Please do not stop your blog, I talked about you so much my sister has started reading your blogs, she even signed up for your emails. I read you every morning to start my day… please Do not stop… God blesses a lot of people thru your writing… I am with you Mario…
    Linda Hughes lhughes4749@gmail.com
    Sent from my iPhone

  132. Jim Burton

    Don’t give up.

  133. Nancy Rife

    Thank you for persevering, Mario! God is using you mightily to encourage, challenge and equip the body of Christ. I read your blog often, but this is the first time I have ever commented. Forgive me for not encouraging you more. God bless you X 100!!

  134. Christine

    On ward Christian Soldiers, brings to mind this song to start the morning. With the Cross of Jesus. STAND

  135. Arlene Wesche

    I receive your blog via email and look for it each morning. .
    I’m so thankful for the information and update about what God is doing through your ministry. It strengthens and encourages.

  136. Karen Nuccio

    Very supportive of the blog and share it. Many times I have people tell me they read what I post but they don’t comment or like although they do. Maybe fear? Please keep blogging.

  137. Cathy S Mattice

    I support you 100% and look forward to reading your blog everyday. Keep on going.

  138. Lee Blake

    Mario, please keep writing this blog. It’s a light in the darkness. People recognize TRUTH.

  139. kenneth traister

    Don’t give up! I read your blog every day in my email. We are winning, God has called you for this time. You have inspired me to do similar tent meetings where I am. May God Bless you and give you strength to endure the battle we are in. Thank you, Ken 
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  140. Sr Tabitha

    Keep going Mario. We’re supporting you in prayer. This blog is important and read daily by so many. God bless you and your team

  141. Gloria E Riegsecker

    Do not stop writing! In conversation with people I don’t know I ask them if they have heard of you and I hear YES over and over. People are excited to see what is happening in your ministry. It is refreshing to know that there is a man that SPEAKS truth BOLDING. We are tired of the weak
    spineless pastors that bow to this evil interloper in the white house. Your blog in my email and on Facebook. I will commit to share your blog on FB more then I have done in the past. You are a
    Welcome Fresh Breathe to this nation. Be blessed.

  142. Wendy Stamford

    Hi Mario, I’m a reader of your blog from the UK also follow you on flashpoint. I greatly support your cause MAGA and my husband and I pray for you. DON’T STOP THE BLOGShalom & BlessingsWendy

  143. Freda Crump

    Please continue to write these! I love reading what our Lord has given you!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  144. Bob Turek

    Mario, Please continue your blog. I receive it by email every day and it gives me great encouragement and comfort to hear the move of God and His people against the evil that exists in our govenment today. May God continue to Bless your ministry.

  145. Lory May

    Keep the blog alive, Mario. I and many of my friends read it daily. It comes in my email, not facebook.
    You have an army of people with you in prayer as well as evangelism. Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might.

  146. Jan Sharpe

    Fighting with you, my Friend. NEVER STOPPING
    Jan Sharpe .
    Sent from my iPhone

  147. James Barnard

    Keep on keeping on
    With God all things are possible

  148. Jennifer M Crawford

    Keep standing, Mario!!! My husband and are not on Facebook, but I read your blog daily on my emails and forward it daily to my husband. We need pure, unadulterated Truth from the meat of the Word, not baby food. Keep preaching, Brother Mario!

  149. Madri Spoelstra

    Please continue your amazing message, I cannot wait in the morning to get it in my inbox
    God Bless your powerful work

  150. Bettina King

    I thank God for you. I am praying for you. I am fighting with you. I am sharing your blog. God is the victor. No weapon formed against you, Gid’s servant, will prosper. Good bless you mightily. Bettina King;

  151. Kim

    We treasure the voices of men of God who won’t back down and give in to the tyranny of the times. We need you, dont EVER stop speaking truth!!

  152. Don and Mary Mooney

    We look forward each day to your blog. Thank you for all you are doing to keep the Body of Christ informed. We battle with you.

    • artma60

      Please continue your blog!!!! I read it and share it every day inspires me to stay in the battle.?

  153. Nancy

    I read your blog by email. I do not trust Facebook. I share it with many of my friends. Many of them have signed up to receive them! The Lord has me pray for
    you and Sean Feucht daily. Keep writing, standing and encouraging the remnant!
    We love you!

  154. artma60

    Please continue your blog !!!! It inspires me , and I look forward to reading it and sharing it every day!?

  155. John Robertson

    Mario, I love you brother and what the Lord has done in you and the gift He put in you must continue! I have shared your comments many times and you must not be silenced ! You are absolutely correct it is greater than you it is about our freedom which is slowly eroding with lies and deceptions which you counter with truth daily. These giant heroes
    (In their own minds), will not prevail because of the true warriors of the Most High who He has raised up for this time to be giant slayers.Our weapons are mighty in Him for the pulling down of these strong holds. The Word of God is greater in us than he that is in the world. Thank you sir for stirring up the gift that is in you and us!

    Lord bless and keep you and yours,
    John Robertson

    Sent from my iPhone

  156. Beckie

    You already know the answer so why trifle with us?
    I love you, bro Murillo. You hear Father and fearlessly speak what HE says to say. This post is NOT that. Please, if Father says to keep writing, do it. If not HE has other things for you to do. You already have my email.

  157. Patricia Wilcox

    I so look forward to your blog , it is the first one I go to in the morning. It is so encouraging. Thank you from Michigan and May the Lord strengthen and encourage you for all your efforts, in Jesus Name.

  158. Wylie Babb

    Never, never give up by God’s grace, mercy and enablement!!!

  159. PJ

    I don’t have Facebook, but love receiving your daily emails. Don’t let them win!
    I will not be part of Facebook because of what they have done and are doing. I pray you blow up their algorithm!

  160. Ron Ilbrink

    I’m truly grieved at your frustration. Although I can understand it. I deleted my FB account because of it. You write the blog at the end of your day….. the “cool of the day”. Until recently I thought God ‘poked Adam in the ribs’ as a ‘wake up, let’s go for a walk’. Recent reading stated the opposite, God wanted to hear Adam’s day. Kind of a, ‘ just checking in, did everything go OK? Can I get you anything?’ While I’m not on social media much at all, and can’t, ‘share or like’ know this, I’ll definitely be holding you in prayer, especially in the ‘cool of the day’.

  161. Lisa Conn

    Please Mario, keep standing firm! I’m not on Facebook nor my husband, but your blog and the Word of God are my greatest source of encouragement. I live in a lawless, God forsaken place in the northeast – Maine.

  162. Angela Woody

    I get your blog by email. I read it daily and share it with friends. Thank you for your insight into the corruption in our government. Thank you for standing on God’s word. I am in NC and praying for all your revival meetings in California. God bless

  163. Kina Pearce

    I love your Blog. It is informative and I then this helps me how to pray. Thank you and God Bless you mightily.

  164. Valerie

    We read this everyday by email. We are not on Facebook. Wont waste my time with those bozos. We are encouraged, enriched, enlightened, and motivated by what you post. Please don’t give up!

  165. Ellen Dupont

    Please continue to do what Holy Spirit wants you to do. He knows best-not man. If it is writing this blog then continue to obey your Commander-in Chief, Jesus the Christ.
    God bless you and your family and ministry for Jesus .

  166. Karen Humphrey

    I read your blog daily by email. Maybe the email readership has taken the place of Facebook. Do you have a way of knowing how many read the email message over the Facebook one?
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 2:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  167. Roger Webb

    Keep doing this blog. I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t help on that front. But I share these almost every day.

  168. terisheddy

    Please don’t give up. I live in a rural area with very little access to Truth preaching and teaching. I am not on social media. You speak clearly and truthfully. There are those of us, scattered throughout this nation, that have not bowed their knee to Baal. Your voice is clear and encouraging. And we need to hear it! Don’t give up, Don’t give in. I share you posts by email.

  169. Ray French

    Please keep the blog coming!
    I share it with friends.

  170. Ellen Ortolani

    Mario = I urge you to NOT stop this blog. I read it every day without fail. Many, if not all, of the members of my church do also. I do NOT read it on facebook…. It comes to my email. But I will go find it on facebook and do what you ask to help.

  171. Stan Beattie

    Mario, Please do not stop, and may God continue to bless all you do
    Stan Beattie 0408234251

  172. Karen Hammond

    Please do not stop this blog. It is a huge key for the war/fight against this evil agenda. We love and appreciate your honesty and that truth is what we are partnering with you on.
    Thank you so very much. We enjoy seeing you on Flashpoint. God bless you!

  173. shirleydelahousie3900

    God is absolutely in this blog and it is an amazing tool being used to expose satan and his evil plans for this nation. I pray for God’s encouragement and wisdom for you. Please continue the good fight, I am so blessed to read and share your blog.

  174. Tracey Kennon

    I deleted fakebook some time ago. I get this blog in an email & forward to share with family. Keep up the great work Mario. We love you!

  175. Christy Stock

    I currently can’t share or comment or post on Facebook. I am in Facebook “jail” for 30 days for sharing an article where Fauci wrote himself in 2005 that Hydrochloriquine worked to cure Coronavirus. Fascistbook didn’t like that. I wish you would create a page at Facebook alternative usa.life. That was created by Pastor Steven Andrew. I know it doesn’t have the audience Facebook has but you won’t be censored. Pastor Andrew worked in Silicon Valley. He is also working on developing a search engine.

  176. Mary Clark

    Mario and team, this is when it gets tough. People like “Mike” who call themselves a Christian, start criticizing, who most likely have never been in ministry before or even part of one, do not understand the depth of spiritual warfare involved. Yes Mario, the very reason your question arises in this blog is that you ARE making a huge difference in dismantling the demonic machine. You and your team are frontline warriors. I and others pray for you, share your blogs and give. DON’T STOP! If the Americans would have stopped on the beach at Normandy and not fought through, if Washington would have stopped in freezing winter weather and not crossed the Delaware, etc, where would we be?? I also do not use Fakebook, but I do subscribe to your emails. Maybe it is time to leave Fakebook, I do not know, that is your ministry decision. Whatever you decide I know Holy Spirit will guide you for the best. Scripture says in Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” And Hebrews 12:3 “Consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Take courage Mario, you have been brought forth for such a time as this.
    Shoulder to shoulder, Mary Clark from Ohio
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 2:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  177. Lynn Hampshire

    Bless you and your writings! I know you are the voice of Holy Spirit in a time such as these. I read the blog every morning and look forward to what you are seeing and saying.
    I get it through email too, and share it. May God renew and restore and gird up your mind as we stand with you in this!

  178. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    You are not alone! I am so much lesser, but even my Spiritual Posts are being “Shadow banned”.
    Now in my case, some of it is my fault because I get “Fact-Checked” rather regularly and they promised to move my posts further down in the news feeds the more I am Fact-Checked.
    The sad fact is, is we do not own Facebook, they do. And, only God can fix that.
    What will change it? Instead of complaining and getting up in arms, pray for them! sic The Holy Spirit on them for their Salvation. 🙂 that will fix them.
    As hard as it is to believe, what would happen if Revival overtook the leadership of Facebook?
    That alone should scare them into better behavior!

  179. Daniel Stibolt

    Mario and friends Keep fighting the good fight. Post and keep on posting. Please note that some of us never joined FB and many who did join it have walked away from it. Your blog – your message reaches beyond that platform.
    Daniel Stibolt, Sent from my iPhone

  180. Wayne&Claudia Rouse

    Brother Mario, we read your blog everyday, and if you have not posted anything new, we reread the old ones. We pray for you, and for the lives that are being reached in California and across the nation through your tent ministry and Flash Point. Do not grow weary in well doing. We know the battle is heating up and that battle fatigue is real. Don’t believe the enemiy’s lies. He is just raging because your ministry is waking up the churches, starting Holy Spirit fires all over the country and abroad that cannot be put out. We send you our blessings, and looking forward to you being here in Omaha in September. God speed!

  181. stephanie hughes

    i am reading, i am sharing, i stand with you.

  182. Thora Evans

    I have only discovered this blog in the last few months. It has become a life line of truth to me. It has encouraged me to keep fighting on. Please do not stop. We are on the winning side. People are waking up. How do I know that? I am one of them. I was ready to relax and enjoy my “golden years” until God opened my eyes. Thank you and may God give you daily strength to endure and pursue.

  183. Pam Malchow

    My husband forwards your blog everyday to me and our kids. I read it and forward It to a group of 24 people. So that’s almost 30 of us reading it from one subscription. Please keep encouraging us and keeping us in the truth. I appreciate you so much.

  184. Colleen

    DON’T GIVE UP! KEEP FIGHTING THE BATTLE! Microsoft prevents forwarding too!

  185. Pat Pearce

    Ezekiel 33 shares the responsibility of the watchman who sees danger approaching to sound the warning trumpet. You are fulfilling this very effectively. Continue to share because some are listening.

  186. Lynn Cullison

    I support you and this blog. Bless you for standing!

  187. Richard

    I pray that you continue the good fight, you must continue because so many of us need to hear what God has to say through you.

  188. Chris Tucker

    They probably don’t count emails.
    I read everyday!!

  189. Sheryl Ask

    The audience, much like myself have also been censored (perhaps?) and have left FB, Twitter & Instagram etc.
    The only way I would be receiving your blog is somehow someway I receive by email. ( my email was also hacked but now recovered).
    Your blog and your voice is more needed now and into the future more than ever!
    Don’t stop, keep blogging!
    In Him

  190. Connie

    Don’t let Satan steal our truth and freedom

  191. Marianne

    Do NOT let the enemy win~ Your Bog speaks truth and those who know and love truth – we NEED you to stay in the fight!!! God has and will continue to give you a VOICE to reach many. Lean on HIM when discouraged, but keep fighting and educating many to the real evil in this world. Be the spirit of Elijah we need in these times.
    Thank you for everything you do and may God continue to bless your work!!!!! THINK OF THE SOULS YOU ARE SAVING FOR ETERNITY!!!!! May that provide you added strength and endurance!! God has to be pleased!!!!

  192. Josh

    It’s called “over the target” God Bless!

  193. judy2tee

    PLEASE, keep sharing. You’re one of the few voices left! I read your email blog EVERYDAY!
    I don’t do Facebook!

  194. Mariea Carey

    Your blog is vital. Reading your blog is part of my devotional time each morning. I also share it with family members each day. Stop your blogging only if God tells you to do so.

  195. Mary T. Clark

    Mario and team, this is when it gets really tough. When people who call themselves Christians start to criticize and call you out, so-called Christians who most likely have never been in ministry before or even part of one, do not understand the depth of spiritual warfare involved.
    Yes, Mario, the very reason your question arises in this blog is that you ARE making a huge difference in dismantling the demonic machine. You and your team are frontline warriors. I and others pray for you, share your blogs and give. DON’T STOP!! PLEASE DO NOT STOP!! If the Americans would have stopped on the beach at Normandy and not fought through, if Washington would have stopped in the freezing winter weather and not crossed the Delaware, etc, where would we be??
    I do not use Fakebook, but I do subscribe to your emails. Maybe it is time to leave Fakebook, I do not know, that is your ministry decision. Whatever you decide I know Holy Spirit will guide you for the best. Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Hebrews 12:3 ” Consider Him who endures such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lost heart.” Take courage Mario, you have been brought forth for such a time as this. Your voice IS being heard and we are arising.
    Shoulder to Shoulder,
    Mary from Ohio

  196. Sherry Williams

    I don’t do fake book. But I fully support and share your email blogs.
    God bless the work you do for the Lord!

  197. Sheryl Kuosman

    I believe the enemy is mad He’s trying to stop everything that is godly and I believe you are doing what God has called you to do you are a great defender of the things of God and the enemy’s mad but he can get sad and glad all one time keep up the good work and I share your message with a lot of people also I read this every morning just like I read Dutch sheets every morning please do not take this off let me know what I can do to help cuz I’m willing to help and know God’s calling all of us to fight and keep fighting and don’t let the enemy win God bless you your sister and our Lord Sheryl

  198. Sr Jane

    I read your blog everyday and find it so helpful for the daily battle. But I receive it via email and do not use Facebook.

  199. David and Alva Hay

    Mario, please keep your voice strong! We are with you!

  200. kbenitez1

    Your blog is one of the things I look forward to reading everyday. I pray you get the answer you need.
    God bless you and your ministry. You are making a huge difference.

  201. Marie Kinch

    Not quite sure how to share.  Couldn’t find a “like” button to click on.  But I do read this and sometimes forward the blog to those I think might wish to read it.  Hope this is helpful.  Please do not shut down this blog. Marie

  202. Debbie Page

    Dearest Mario, This probably isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but here goes… The answer you’re looking for lies within you… this blog you write & share with the world is a gift God has given you. Are you saying you no longer want it? I myself am not on Facebook anymore. Facebook is an addiction & I say this because when I deleted the site, I picked up my phone numerous times a day for almost a year with the thought I’d give it one more try. That, in my opinion, was an addiction for me. My point is, if you touch just one soul on there, that just might be the one that God was after & he is using you to get it… All in all the choice is yours… Blessings❣ Deb
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 1:36 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  203. poppacobra


  204. d48day

    Sorry I got off FAKE BOOK i get your blog via email – your blog is one of the first things I read in the morning – it is relevant and I do pass it on to others and they feel it is relevant – KEEP POSTING!

  205. Rick

    Thank You Pastor, I read Your blog first thing every morning, I look forward to it, Keep up the Great work.

  206. garthgreenhalgh

    I don’t have Facebook but daily read your blog and forward it to various family members and friends. Please keep it going as there is nothing like it to encourage and build faith in today’s secular society. May God richly bless you and your ministry.  Garth GREENHALGH. Australia. 

  207. Faye Winn

    I support this blog and read it daily. Please don’t Mario

  208. Andrew

    I get your emails and normally read your blog that way. These days I have to go looking for it on Facebook otherwise I don’t usually see it in my feed. I think it is more important now than ever as a source of information and inspiration. The Lord is definitely using it.

  209. Judy Wall

    I too get your blog via email. Please continue!!!!

  210. Patricia Roloff

    Dear Pastor Mario, I have this blog email to me so it won’t be canceled by Facebook. This is an essential blog that I share with family and friends. It’s one of the sources I use to find out the truth of what’s really going on so I can pray. You can’t trust any of the news out there except maybe Victory Channel.
    I pray the Lord will continue to have you blog. I live in a blue state that we’re fighting for the truth here. I also know you need to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We continue to pray for you and lift you up and support you.
    Together we are strong and in the Lord we are victorious.

  211. Clair Davis

    Please do NOT stop these messages
    I don’t have FB so I get it thru email
    It’s the first email I look for & read every morning
    God bless you for all you are doing in the name of Jesus
    Please ignore the moronic comments like Mike has written No true Christian would have written that
    I am forwarding it to my Christian friends. Thank you again for all you are doing

  212. jandmcasey2067

    The Lord has strengthened you for such a time as this. We need your leadership and discernment. You, your family & your staff are in my prayers.


    Yes I am all for you and this blog. I get it through e-mail and notice I can’t forward it so I copy paste so others may see.
    I’ll go on facebook and share with all I know.
    Please be encouraged, we are there for you and your ministry and praying!
    Cath Kable

  214. Rick Pugsley

    God is with you. Do not discontinue this post. I don’t do social media or Facebook but you must know that Satan is enraged at the darkness. The Silent majority will stand. God will prevail. Silence is not an option.

    Sent from my iPhone

  215. AHB

    Thank you for the blog that is posted daily. I do read from your web site and is one of the first things I read in the morning.

  216. Ellen Dongieux

    I couldn’t figure out how to do what you’ve asked so I’m writing to say I love your blog! I look forward to reading it every day and am always encouraged and agree with what you have to say. Please don’t stop! I pray for you and will continue to. May God continue to use you mightily for His kingdom!

  217. Del Nuss

    Dear Brother Mario,
    My wife and I ready your blog EVERY morning the blog is there. This is usually the first thing we do each morning. It is very common in our house to hear one of us say to the other, “Did you read Mario this morning, it’s really good” Having said that, we both deleted our FB and Twitter accounts earlier this year. We receive your blog by e-mail and do forward to others on occasion, and we are always excited to see you on Flashpoint. God bless you brother, we are praying into you and your ministry.
    del nuss

  218. David Broyles

    Keep up the good work

  219. marsucrook3941

    Many of us are no longer on Facebook because of their constant anti-Christian
    and anti-conservative views. (Just like we left Fox News in droves). I get this via email. Don’t give up, you are making a difference. You are one of the few voices I trust! May God strengthen and preserve you! Sue Crook, Bay City, MI
    Sent from my iPhone

  220. Tim Simmons

    I read it and share it. God bless
    From: Mario Murillo Ministries Reply-To: Mario Murillo Ministries Date: Saturday, June 19, 2021 at 2:36 AM To: Tim JW Simmons Subject: [New post] I MUST HAVE AN ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION.
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we “

  221. Paula White

    Brother Mario I read your blogs from my email and will reply on occasion. They are Always and inspiration and filled with faith filled words. I closed my facebook (yes small f) account since this election issues started since I was never on it anyway. I’m praying for another platform to arise were opposing views are welcomed. Please continue the blogs and I will reply to them more often – now that I know what is happening. I will also become a monthly giver – starting this month! You are a true gift to the body of Christ and we need you blogging now more than ever! Love you Brother Mario!!

    • Donna Rose

      I appreciate the boldness with which you speak of what our God shows you. Please continue. I receive it on FB and through email.

  222. PETER


  223. Donald Wills


  224. My Father's Child

    Write the vision. Make it plain on the tablet. Please continue this blog.

  225. John Giebfried

    I read everyone!
    Sent from my iPhone

  226. arnoldfishman

    We appreciate your writings. Do not stop regarding questions of volume or being censored. To be quite honest, it really does not matter how many people read this. Does it really matter how many people subscribe? Its not a matter of numbers but impressing God’s will and understanding of the times to God’s people. Now, if its a matter of financial support to pay for the web usage that is another issue….and if this is the concern, this can be solved by openly announcing your need in this arena. Those who daily drink from the fountain should be able to pony up to it and provide your needs. thank you and keep up the good work. AFishman

  227. sbruser52@yahoo.com

    Past Time to use other platforms
    Sent from my iPhone

  228. Victoria Stickle

    Mine comes through via e mail. I have forwarded it to friends. The truth will prevail. Continue on. Haven’t watched TV news for over a year. Please continue to keep us informed.

  229. Jack Wetherall

    ‘Sounding an alarm in Zion’. Excellent blog, sound doctrine, factual, extremely clear and very challenging.

  230. Kim Bixel

    We’re reading. Keep going. I’m not on fb. I read from email and forward them to friends and family.

  231. Roger bright

    Your posts are a bright spot of my mornings, you are one of the first things I read each day, most of my friends check you out each day also. Please keep your blog going . I believe the skewed numbers are a tool of the left to discourage you!

  232. Joanne

    I look forward to reading your blog every morning. After reading it, I uphold in prayer – you, your ministry and the issue you target in each blog. I pray for funding and against the attacks of the enemy.
    I praise God for truth-speakers like you. May you continue to reveal the truth to the body of Christ.
    Thank you and God bless!

  233. Mary Ann Simkins

    I love your blog!! I look forward to reading it every night before I go to sleep! I stand with you in all you’re doing! Don’t stop!! God bless you!!

  234. Sandy Kay Duskey

    I can not wait to read your blog each day. God is using you mightily. May God encourage you and strengthen you and increase your influence. I read you on my email every day. Keep on fighting the good fight. You are a source of Truth in a dark world.

  235. Katherine Boyle

    Keep going with the blogs! God is using you (and them) mightily!!!!

  236. Jo Hall

    I read your blog everyday and look forward to seeing you on Flashpoint!

  237. Marjie andrews

    Standing with you! ?

  238. S R

    Dear Pastor Mario, Please keep up the great work! I look forward to the blog every day…keep speaking the truth, sharing the truth in this format…you are a bold, courageous mouthpiece for Christ, each day you inspire me to be the same. We must fight!!!! Count me in! Blessings, Susan Roberts Prescott Valley, AZ
    On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 11:34 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  239. Kathleen S Wood

    FB is over, at least as we know it. There is enormous pressure, lawsuits, ramifications from other social media sites and groups all furious with cancel culture trampling on free speech, freedom of religious beliefs, and political “appropriateness”. My thought is that there are more with us than it appears. Nazi tactics from preWW2 are only as good as the church being silence. So, CHURCH, shout! Do what is right, regardless. Psalm 37

  240. John Beasley

    Mario’s blog is my morning encouragement. Although that sounds weak it is not. With all that is going on in the US and over the world I need direction for effective prayer. Fight the good fight, know that your efforts are effective and needed. Thank you, keep it up.

  241. Sharon L Brgant

    Mario……….I am standing with you with this blog, and I appreciate all that you do to get the TRUTH out God Bless you, brother in CHRIST ! I am praying for you and your team ! Sharon Brgant

  242. fumiotaku

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I read it every day. I receive it via forwarded email from my friend.
    I CANCELLED MY FACEBOOK so I don’t read anything on Facebook.

  243. Jo Hall

    Please don’t stop, we need your insight and admonition! You are the light in a darkened world.

  244. Velma

    Our Precious brother… we have enjoyed and NEEDED greatly this blog that GOD called you to do all those years ago!! It is MUCH MORE NEEDED this day than before maybe!! I pray for the PEACE but STRENGTH OF HOLYSPIRIT to cover your ministry and all family. Hoping to get to be with with you all in service someday, or forever together with our SAVIOR in Heaven. Thank you again for your sacrifices and obedience to our Father GOD. Please KEEP UP THE FIGHT > there are more with you than there be against you !!!!

  245. kathycollins3

    Praying for and standing with the Believers! We don’t have time to let the devil get us down! Spread the WORD, in season and out of season.
    Blessings, Kathy ________________________________

  246. Danny Raymond Lake

    Off of FB since election. Never be silenced. I look forward to reading your blog everytime there is a new one. You are right on Mario.
    Love you Brother.
    I forward you blogs often.

  247. Margo Frechette

    Thank you for your hard work and God bless you! ?❤???
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 2:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  248. Joseph Marino

    Keep writing, Mario. You are blessed to be a blessing, Kingdom Warrior.

  249. Pauline Larson

    I read it every day, please continue! America needs it.

  250. Kay Faircloth

    Pastor, I stopped using facebook, twitter and social media once they started censorship. I do however forward your daily letters to friends. This may be one thing you will not receive a notification or have a way to number who is reading. I will pray the Holy Spirit will encourage you and direct your path. Stay at Peace in Christ. Blessings, Kay

  251. Tessia Davenport

    I need this blog every morning! Please don’t quit! I’m not on Facebook so I can only comment here

  252. hsborn

    I read, like and share daily via Facebook and email.

  253. Joanne Coolbaugh

    I am standing with you and sharing every day! Do not give in to the evil that speaks garbage! Keep this going for the sake of even the one!!
    Joanne Coolbaugh Pennsylvania Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  254. jacqueheebner

    Mario, God has given you a gift of Love to share with all mankind. You share this so generously to protect us and keep us in His Love, which is Forever. Stand proud, and strong as you carry His Message. He will be with us always as will you as you share His gift.

  255. Elizabeth

    This blog is a blessing for all who are able to read it. Mario is transparent ,courageous and honest. Would that the numbers of readers increase to millions.
    May your message resound throughout the world.

  256. Sandie

    please keep the blog going I read it all the time and share all the time thank you amen

  257. dailydontgiveup

    This blog matters and we need it around, Pastor Murillo!

  258. Tami Johnson

    Hi Mario, I read your blogs through both facebook and my emails. I also watch you on Flashpoint. Although I have gone to church my entire life, I am new to the truths that are being uncovered in government and appreciate your teachings. I am part of the prayer army rising up! Tami

  259. tinplate0

    I am not on Facebook. But I do read and share your blog that I get on my email. Thanks and my prayers are with you.

  260. Kathleen Mechem

    I do not have facebook – but support this blog whole-heartedly. We need this to continue the fight – your blog is helping us keep focused and bringing wisdom against the tyranny and cancel culture. We need to stay united for the ground swell of information getting ready to flood this country. I read this every day and support you and my brothers and sisters. We need to hear your voice as God is speaking through you to us.

  261. Daniel Cosgrove

    Keep your blog going we need to hear the truth. Thanks for standing up. It’s been good seeing you on Flashpoint as well!

  262. Carolyn Bardsley

    Mario I read your blog every morning and I believe God is using it to wake up not only pastors but Christians who are asleep and think that this will all blow over. This is a war against evil, not just against those who are doing evil. I share your emails with 3 people.
    In my emails from you there is no way to say I “like” your blog. But if your emails are your blog then I give it a “really essential”. I want you to know that you are giving me hope that my family of God is out there and that more are being added each time you do a tent meeting. Your courage gives me courage to listen to God and do what he asks me to do to help save our country from this evil.
    Please don’t let the numbers bother you. God is not about numbers. Keep speaking what God has and is showing you. Many are listening. I am praying for you. I pray for your protection and for courage to continue. Many need to see your courage to come against this giant of evil.

  263. D Sanders

    Dear Brother Mario, I get your blog by e-mail and it is greatly appreciated. You are an inspiration and a true warrior for the Kingdom. The focused information that you are bringing forth to help guide the troops is indeed inspirational and needed. Yahweh has raised you up as a leader for such a time as this. DO NOT BACK DOWN. You are an inspiration and a true blessing dear brother. Your Brother in Messiah Yeshua, Daniel Sanders

  264. Robert Daino

    Word Press “Like” is broken or designed to frustrate.
    Love what you’re doing Mario.

  265. Jeanne Reese

    Please don’t stop sending the blogs. I read them every morning and it keeps me fired up. I love that a man of God is telling the truth and not pretending that as long as Christians keep silent that all is well. I also love hearing about the tent meetings because it makes me hungry to be a part or having tent meetings where I live. God bless you Brother Mario and keep up the good fight.

  266. cjd729

    Mario, your daily statements are more than a blog. They are providing leadership to a vast group of Christians, including pastors, that are looking for the leading of the Holy Spirit. Don’t back down, don’t compromise, don’t stop, don’t listen to the dead spies network!!!!

  267. Blake Morris

    Dear brother Mario, we are with you 100% but, more importantly, God is with YOU… and He’s with us! We rejoice in all that’s happening because we have “read the back of the book” – God’s Holy Word, The Bible. Hence, we are well aware of the current events and of the tragic end for His enemies. Hallelujah… WE WIN!!!
    God bless you mightily. Total victory is at hand for His faithful followers!

  268. cjd729

    I had a very difficult time logging in on WordPress to leave a comment. I have never done Facebook as far as I’m concerned no Christian should ever be on Facebook for any reason. So Mario, we love you and support you, but get off of Facebook.

  269. Wiley Shepherd

    We get your blog directly from your website and have shared many of them. Appreciate your ministry. Praying for the meeting in Sacramento. We are not on FB.

  270. Bonnie Johnson

    I read this first thing every morning on this site. I don’t see it on fb anymore. Please don’t stop if you don’t have to. It’s so informative with the truth. Thank you so much Mario. God bless you. Praying for you and your ministry

  271. Susan DeMars

    I read and will share your blog. Dont give it up!

  272. Carolyn Eubanks

    I read your blog daily through e-mail, not Facebook.  Please continue.
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  273. Lori Marsh


  274. seasekg

    Please don’t stop writing it! Gail
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  275. Marian Murdoch

    What a blessing your daily blog is. I have learned so much about the battles going on in the spirit realm, and pray constantly, doing warfare with the enemy within and without. I am convinced it is not lack of dedicated followers, but the works of the devil in facebook and social media hindering your site.
    Why do you not duplicate your blog over onto Frank Speech.com

  276. Ann Robins

    Please, I implore you , keep the blog going. The enemy is causing this, you can be sure. I am in Canada and I get the blog daily, however have noticed in the last 2 weeks ever prophet I try to listen to has been taken down and the latest on You Tube is Timothy Dixon. I will forward this immediately to all that I can and know that I am holding you up in your exhaustive fight for the Lord Jesus Christ and we WILL win.
    Sent from my iPad

  277. Susan M Roberts

    Dear Pastor Mario,
    Please keep up the great work! I look forward to the blog every day…keep speaking the truth, sharing the truth in this format…you are a bold, courageous mouthpiece for Christ, each day you inspire me to be the same.
    We must fight!!!! Count me in!
    Susan Roberts
    Prescott Valley, AZ

  278. Gery Williams

    Please keep up the good work! You are having an impact! The truth is always unwelcomed to those who are in deception. I pray your strength and boldness to continue and for you to stand strong. We need so many more like you who love the Lord and His people and want the truth to be known!

  279. Claudette Bish

    Don’t stop this blog. We need to hear the truth in this battle. I read it daily. Don’t let evil win. Keep in the battle and FIGHT
    Sent from my iPhone. Claudette Bish

  280. Judy Champagne

    I am not on Facebook. I receive your posts via email. I look for them every day and also share them via email. I thank God for giving you the courage, strength and wisdom for what you do. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you. In Jesus I pray. Judy Champagne Metairie, Louisiana
    On Sat, Jun 19, 2021, 1:41 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” I have been writing this blog for 9 > years. But lately it has come under the most vicious attack I have ever > seen. So, there is something I must find out. The attack began with little > things. Then it got worse. And now, it is glaringly obvious that we ” >

  281. Aaron Zalewski Brown

    Stay strong, stay the course.

  282. Rose

    Brother Mario,
    I read this blog daily thru email and share with others. I purposely said “Brother” because we are Family. You, your family, and your staff are in our prayers. You are not alone and you and yours are being held up in prayer. God is Greater!!

  283. RAFO

    Pastor Mario, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
    1. Ditch Faces-of-Death Book. They are Satan’s tool… you don’t need them! Rely solely on email distribution.
    2. Stop letting Satan’s tool tell you your readership is down. Lie, Lie, LIE! If Satan is telling you your blog if failing, the opposite is true as he can’t tell the truth.
    3. Perhaps switch to writing the blog early in your day, when you’re fresh and not exhausted. Try it for a week to see how it goes. You might also consider a blog two or three times a week instead of every day.
    Again, we LOVE your blog as it speaks TRUTH! Keep up the good work!

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      Wow! What a rant!
      1. Ditch Faces-of-Death Book. They are Satan’s tool… you don’t need them! Rely solely on email distribution.
      While I do not like what the Fact-Checkers and Facebook are doing they are still allowing us to post on a forum where unbelievers may possibly see and believe.
      “Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.” 1 Cor 5:10
      If we did as you direct we would only be seen/read by believers. Granted I do not repost all of Mario’s blog post because, IMHO, some of them have tactical planning that I am not sure we need to be giving the lords of this world on a public forum.

  284. Janet Baird

    I get your blog through email and look forward to reading it every morning. God spoke to me that Mario Murillo speaks Truth! Please continue and God bless and strengthen you!

  285. Diane

    I read each blog and forward them via email. I’m not on Facebook much so please continue the words given to keep encouraging others. Thank you and may God continue to give us strength during these days. God bless all you do.

  286. Teresa D Campbell

    Good Morning Pastor Murillo! I read everything you post either by e-mail or on Facebook. we’re in this together as God’s people so “Don’t grow weary in well-doing”!

  287. Russell Marino

    Keep the Blog!!! Such a blessing and need in the Kingdom!!! Thank You brother!!!
    Sent from my iPhone: Russell Marino

  288. prayinginok

    I’m not on Facebook but I read in email and on WordPress. I love your blogs, Mario! Keep speaking the truth.

  289. genie153

    I read every blog you put out! I especially look forward to seeing you on FlashPoint because you are were the real life is taking place….in the tent meetings and in the inner cities where the needs are dire and few know how to reach them. Keep keeping us informed and don’t hesitate to speak the truth. God has given you a unique perspective and clear vision. May God strengthen you day by day, as you carry out the commission He has given you.

  290. Bonnie Wagner

    If you give up now the enemy wins. Stand firm. Having done all, stand firm.

  291. bigflatarkansas

    Since I learned about you, I have gotten several of your books to read and got some extras which have given away and shared your blogs by forwarding. My husband and I started supporting the ministry, watch you on “Flashpoint” almost every time it is on, watch on YouTube especially when with Lance and pray for you and the work you do. We are not social media folks and frankly I do not understand how Facebook works. I have figured what the algorithm is but not how it is manipulated. I signed up once and almost immediately cancelled it as immediately started being inundated with posts from people I didn’t even know. It was difficult getting it cancelled. I didn’t think much more about it until being appointed mayor of our small very small town (that is a story in itself) and have experienced the misinformation, gossip, and outright lies that go on through it. It is a very divisive form of media which has caused a lot of what could be considered almost hatred among the people who are served by our small city.
    I used to watch the local news and Fox while I ate my breakfast but sometime before the election could not longer start the day with that so began reading your blog “for breakfast”. My husband watches Fox quite a bit still, but makes sure he watches the 2 news programs each weekday on Victory Channel and much of their other programing. My husband is 87 and I am almost 84 but we are both still VERY active and being mayor for almost 6 ½ years has been quite an experience for someone who knew nothing about being a mayor. God, does provide where He guides and so far it has been very successful in terms of improving a town which at one time was thriving to being almost dead. It would seem that it is back on the track to becoming a viable city as the favor of God is definitely over it. My story is only one of many where God is working with anyone who is willing to be a “Vessel of Fire & Glory”.
    Thank you for your willingness and obedience to do what you do and to your wife and family for standing with you. Please do not quit the blog.
    Glenda Wiseman, Mayor City of Big Flat, AR.
    Seek peace and well being for the city where I have sent you and pray to the Lord on its behalf for in its peace and well being you will have peace and well being. Jer. 29:7 (Amp.)
    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  292. Diane

    I absolutely love this blog, brother! But I left Facebook long ago. Please keep that in mind, many of us out here no longer use FB.

  293. Jim Strange

    Pastor Mario. Your Blog is so important to let us, the remnant know what is going on daily. I praise GOD for your ministry in California, but it also helps all of us around the world. Your wisdom & teaching is something we can’t afford to lose. May GOD help you with your decision, & continue to favor & bless your ministries & your teams. Thank you for everything. Blessins. Jim from Florida.

  294. Trudy

    I read this blog every day. It’s very informative and encouraging! I’m not on social media, I receive this via email. But I often share your posts! Keep up the great work!

  295. Joy Richardson

    PRAISE GOD for your BOLDNESS to serve as a TRUE Shepherd ! ! !
    YES we support you in prayer

  296. sreadyhoughgmailcom

    I came off Facebook awhile ago but I receive your blogs via my email. I look forward every day to these blogs and forward each blog so please continue to write! Your God given words are such an encouragement to throngs of people across America and around the world.

  297. Heather S.

    I wonder if it’s because so many of us read it in email and not directly from the blog itself? ? I don’t know if reading it in email gives view numbers.

  298. Tom

    Sorry Mario, I do not do social media (facebook). Many of us have quit facebook due to its evil operations. I (we) will return to social media when a solid christian based platform becomes available, I have been told by an extremely reliable source (Rick Joyner) that is in the very near future.
    Meanwhile I read your blog every morning through my email, it’s the second thing (actually the third thing if I count getting a cup of coffee) on my daily morning list, Give Him 15 with Dutch Sheets is my first (just the order that they come in).
    Dont grow weary my friend, Im always encouraged by your words and by what God is doing through you in California and soon in Western New York. I pray for you and your ministry and this country based on what I read in your blog as do many of my friends. I encourage you my friend to continue the course that you have you have steered so magnificently by the leading of the Holy Spirit. “DO NOT BE IN AWE! For those who are with us are more than those with them”. 2 Kings 6:16, ONMB. Gods remnant always prevails.
    Being a retired military man I am well aware of the increasing intensity of the battles as the end of the war approaches. Stand firm my friend, we have got this. “And they will fight against you, But they will not prevail against you, for I AM with you says the LORD, to deliver you”. Jeremiah 1:19 ONMB.
    Numbers don’t make it relevant, the remnant makes it relevant. You are an encouragement to us all.
    Be blessed my friend. Thomas Walz “Seeker of Truth”
    Sent from my iPad

  299. Tricia Sims

    Really enjoyed your blog post today Mario! Jesus wins every time because He is the TRUTH! Thank you for your perseverance!

  300. lschaatt

    I read your blog every morning on your website. I don’t go on Facebook to read it. When Facebook started censoring, I decided to find ways to go around them.
    Your blog is very important to me. I believe God is speaking through you. If you stop, you will be cutting off people from what God is saying through you. This isn’t about Facebook, it’s about shining a light on truth for God. God wants us to wake up and realize what is happening right in front of us. He wants us to rise up and stand for him. You are helping God get that message out.
    Instead of gaging whether you should continue with the blog by our response, you should ask God what he wants. Don’t lose sight about what God has called you to do.
    Likes and shares are a sort of big screens, skinny jeans and fog machines. Don’t fall for that. It isn’t your job to see how people react or even if they read this blog. That job belongs to Holy Spirit. Your job is to obey God. Let him worry about the rest.

  301. cathy2911

    Please Maria do not stop this blog I look forward to your emails every day and enjoy them very much!I forward them to friends and family as a source of truth in a time where truth is very hard to find these daysPraying for you and your teamCathy
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  302. William Dunkle

    I read your blog almost daily. Please continue no!

  303. sreadyhoughgmailcom

    Please continue this blog. I receive via email and forward to family. Your Godly words are needed more than ever!

  304. Jayne Hayden

    Thank you Brother for leading the victory march.
    What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good.
    All Glory to GOD.??

  305. Kurt R

    Mario, please keep up the great work. Praying for you daily!

  306. Nancy

    Thank you Mario. Don’t give up. I plead the blood of Jesus over you and this online ministry. I will share it with everyone I know.

  307. Rick Fairley

    Let it roll Mario, let it Roll.
    I am with you victory is at hand. May the peace of Jesus be with you!

  308. Peggy

    Thank you for being bold and not backing down, I like to start my day watching Dutch Sheets give him 15 and reading your blog. I get encouraged when I see the articles on the tent revivals and seeing how God is moving in them, thanks for always letting us know what the left is doing so we know what to pray about, keep the truth coming brother

  309. Gina Seese

    I get your blog through my email and I forward it to others. You are one of the very few preachers who are standing up against this illegitimate administration and it’s demonic activities, so please, DO NOT STOP! We need this blog now more than ever before! We pray for strength and grace for you to continue to expose the works of darkness.

  310. Linda J Gaydosh

    My husband and I receive your blogs daily and read them and watch you on FlashPoint. We have received your book and materials and donate to your ministry. I did forward your message to other friends of mine on Facebook and asked them to post.
    God Bless,
    Linda & Darrell
    Cleveland Ohio

  311. Judy

    Please keep the messages coming!

  312. LaDona Flowers

    Mario, I do not have Facebook. My husband & I read your blog each day. I share it via email. Please, please, please continue writing. God is using you in a most amazing way! L. ?
    Sent from my iPad

    • addedperspective2020

      Excellent post, yes there are many that do not touch Facebook, the hidden multiplier is those like Flowers and myself that resend the posts through email.

  313. William D Vankley

    I get mine by email also. Keep on sending them. I don’t watch main stream media. I do watch Flash Points though . We need to know the truth. Thankyou for what you are doing. Bill

  314. Kelly Carmichael

    Dear Mario, I read this blog via email. Please don’t stop posting these!!! They are straight forward and tell God’s truth. I love how you backup the facts of what you say with God’s Word from the Bible! I’m 100% sure that your blog is encouraging more people than the numbers posted.

  315. Mark Edie

    Please don’t cancel this blog!!! You’re the only pastor I know that has the balls to say what he says. I love it, do not stop. God is with you, I am with you. I send it to everybody I know that has a brain and cares about our country and God. Please do not stop this blog I look forward to reading it every day. Thank you for this blog and may God bless you to keep going. Amen

  316. Wendy

    I absolutely love reading your blog and have shared it with friends and family. I was also attacked by one of my friends for sharing it. I am still sharing-just not with her. Your love for the Lord is powerful and it is very much worth sharing that love with others so they can also come into the body of Christ and with God’s help, we can defeat the evil that has invaded the world and have the true joy and peace that God intended for us. God bless your ministry and the church rise up and the Good News be spread across our beautiful America and be shared around the world!

  317. Barbara

    I read this blog daily in my email. I am not on Facebook as I don’t support that trash. Your voice and blog are extremely important at this time in the US. I also forward this email to others and support your ministry. God gives this blog wings that no evil corporation can withstand. Keep fighting!

  318. Linda Williams

    I receive your blog on email! Cannot forward to FB. Please continue the blog as it keeps us motivated and informed.
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  319. pensbyjim

    So very blessed to have found your blog. I’m definitely reading it daily and will start sharing it with as many as I can. Blessings to you and everyone in your ministry. Praying daily for you.?

  320. Jim Bird

    I look forward to reading your blogs as they come out and I share them when I believe they are relevant for my friends. I applaud your courage in sharing the truth with us all and know you are and will be under attack and I pray for your protection daily. Thank you again for your ministry and working to save our nation!

  321. ateam0777

    Mario, my husband and I are on your email list and read your blog faithfully, over and over again. We stand with you locking arms and decree “the counsel of the Lord, IT SHALL STAND (Prov 19:21)”. This blog IS THE COUNSEL OF THE LORD and has BLESSED so many that I know as we share it.
    WE ARE WITH YOU AND WE WILL NEVER BOW TO THE DEMONIC AGENDA OF SOCIALISM (socialist media, socialist distancing, etc). The devil is a liar and we take authority over him in the name of Jesus…we command him to loose his grip on those that are blind and we call them out from under the power of darkness and to be translated into the kingdom of Jesus Christ (and this includes those who are behind the censoring, those in the church who need to be awakened, and those who are lost, in Jesus name AMEN)!!!

  322. isabel seeberger

    Brother Mario,
    Your Blog is my first readin g in the morning after the Bible.
    We need your voice, and the Wisdom Holy Spirit has given to you. The evil media will pass, but the Word of God remais forever. You are the John the Baptisi of the 21 century.
    El Señor te proteje, guarda y bendice.
    Your audience love you

  323. Susan Frederick

    Mario, please keep writing. I love your blog! I share it with others and they are blessed. You have a great gift that must be shared with many. God is using you mightily—-don’t stop!!

  324. Gary Henry

    Mario, my wife and I read it and pass it on who don’t have FB or even access to a computer. We have a ministry the Lord told us to start in 2008. I talk about your blogs in our Bible studies and take it to the captives. My wife and I are Evangelists and are calling is to preach in the Maximum ladies prisons in Texas. May God bless all you do. Rev. Henry/Warrior of God ministries Nevada, Texas.

  325. Martin Slimak

    Mario and team,
    I am responding to this e-mail as I have not ever, will not ever be on social media, thus I receive these wonderful messages via e-mail. I share them daily with my son, daughter-in-law, my Christians friends averaging from my sharing around 8 people every day. I love the messages and it keeps me focused on my prayers.

  326. Charles and Gay R

    Brother hang in there! I know more people that read your blog than go to Church. We have had a lot of discussions with people and we turn them on to you as there is a lot that are not seeing God in so called church today. We tell every one it’s about relationship with God and not just getting together once a week!! God is blessing you and we will keep praying and trusting…….

  327. Lynette Klein

    I read it and share it. I too read it first thing in the morning. I have a brother-in-law who is an ordained minister and is so blinded by the left, a Trump hater, and it just boggles my mind. He was tutored by David Wilkerson!!!

  328. Tammy

    I read your blog on email not on Facebook and I forward to others on email please keep writing it we love it are encouraged and inspired by it, also love watching you on Flashpoint. Thank you for your courage! Tammy

  329. Gail Erickson

    You keep me focused and encouraged. I often share this with seven others. DO NOT STOP!!

  330. Jeane A Whiteside

    The blog is very encouraging to me and the words give me prayer fuel. I don’t know how all that Facebook stuff works. I’m not on there. But like when you share on Flashpoint too. Common sense. No nonsense. Clear sight from insight. Bless you and all concerning you.

  331. Diana Grenier

    I read your blog every day; you make the mistake however, of putting your question to FB users; I share your blog with my email contacts. I am not on FB, Twitter or any other social media platform. If you judge your success or your audience by FB’s standards, then you are sadly mistaken. FB and Twitter are vehicles of Satan; if all believers left those platforms, they would die an agonizing death.

  332. Brian Nelson

    Mario – we support you and your ministry because you are not afraid to speak the truth in love and with GOD inspired boldness. We pray for you and your team of laborers daily.Keep up the good work and rest assured that victory belongs to us through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,What our Father has spoken will be done.

  333. sandramccain

    I am not surprised about this blog Mario- I love to read it because you really hit the enemy where hurts. They don’t like it one bit – just like they don’t like most other things that Christians are doing. They’re attacking everybody. But yes we must fight back. My way of fighting back is to continue to read your blogs!?❤️
    Sent from my iPhone

  334. Maureen Rathburn

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and love it. Speaking truth is a rarity now days. Thank you for what you are doing SPEAKING TRUTH

  335. Hazel Hunte

    Mario, my husband and I stand with you. Thank you for sharing the truth. Please don’t stop blogging. We need to know what’s going on and how to pray.
    God bless you,

  336. Joyce Lytle

    I read your blog everyday. Thank you for taking the time to share the insight that God gives you! I dumped FB 6 months ago because of their censorship.

  337. addedperspective2020

    As an example, I email each of your posts to 12 people, yes the real number of people that see each post is masked by Facebook which I also post it to Facebook many days. Its called “censorship”. Biden and his global government backers are anti-God, anti-American and anti-Israel. Keep it up God is using you in far more ways than you see!

  338. Marlene Coldren

    Mario, I read and share this every day, would miss it, appreciate keeping up with what is going on in our beautiful nation.

  339. Sandra

    KEEP IT GOING!!! Our precious brother, Mario, you are doing an invaluable service to the Body of Christ. Please know—I am certain that multitudes support your call. Stand valiantly and confidently in the Lord Jesus!! We stand with you!!