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It is unbelievable. No sooner is the pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm!

As soon as someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop them, like they’re putting out a fire.  If you get a little boisterous, you are immediately shushed, because, “People who we are trying to attract might be offended.”

If you share with others that you are hungry for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, you are suddenly marginalized and asked to worship somewhere else.

This is happening far more often than we want to admit.  It is the tragic result of church-growth seminars, where pastors were trained to eject those who want a move of God.

But a growing number of Christians feel their church is doing a lot of things that are not scriptural and that do not matter.  They believe only a move of God can save us now.

They believe we have no time to play games.  They are frustrated that churches are catering to the lukewarm members.  Most of all, they feel that they are being punished for wanting an outpouring of the Spirit of God.

I want to address those leaders who are guilty of these tactics. You have gotten things totally backwards.  Those who are hungry for a move of God are the best thing that ever happened to your church!

If you have wounded the heart of a single hungry saint—you have made a spectacular mistake.  It is the fiery believer, and not the lukewarm pew-warmer, who should be setting the tone for your church.

The mega-church growth experts call exuberant worship, preaching with unction, fiery prayer meetings, and deliberate soulwinning the “old fashioned ways.” But they are not old fashioned, they are timeless ways.  In fact, they transcend time.  They are the weapons the Holy Spirit has always chosen.

The best people in the church love 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,” and they quote it, often.

They yearn for the miracle that will stop America’s slide toward oblivion—they wish for an act of the Holy Spirit so real and widespread that it impacts crime, injustice, addiction, and despair.

You may be punishing the very people God is stirring.  Don’t you fear God? Would you put out a flame that God lit in their heart?

I think I know the biggest reason you may be punishing people who seek revival―it is that you doubt it will happen.  You doubt it is for today.  Listen carefully to me: not only can God do it, but the fact that your people are being stirred, is a sign that God is stirring up revival fire.

Here is the verse that forever killed my doubts about revival:  Matthew 12:20, “A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench, until He sends forth justice to victory.”

Jesus is not going to put out any fire, no matter how insignificant it looks, until justice is victorious.

When anyone asks for revival from a pure heart, God says, “Yes.” And then begins the process. He takes you at your word.  

When can we know that a revival has started?  I got my answer one day at the beach when the tide was out.  White foam was gently lapping at my toes, and the still small voice of the Lord spoke to me, “No matter how small that wave is, it is an ocean wave.  It is a relative of the tsunami.”  

Yes, and a tidal wave can travel at 500 miles per hour, yet it is still nothing but an ocean wave, only larger.

The smallest flame in the smallest church will not be quenched by Jesus.  Given the proper opportunity, the Spirit of God will fan it into a raging fire of righteousness.  The gentlest wave can grow into a tidal wave when anyone simply welcomes God’s presence, obeys His step-by-step orders, and refuses to abuse what God is doing among them.

And the first time you cry out for America to be saved, God will take you at your word and start a revival fire in you. Look at past revivals: the first syllable that was spoken in prayer for revival at any gathering where Christians prayed, began the revival.  The first time a pastor told his people how much we need revival, the spark was ignited.

The job now is to cooperate with God for bigger and bigger and bigger waves.  The tide rises as the revival core pays the price of obedience.   If they keep to the intention of the revival, it will intensify.  If they refuse to operate in the flesh, refuse to rely on those teachings that seem right in the eyes of men, and reject the ways of Baal, the waves will continue to come, in faithful and ever-increasing power.

How else can I say it?  You are a revival-starter, simply by wanting more of Jesus. The first step is to stop punishing those wonderful people who are hungry for the Holy Spirit to fall on your church!



  1. C. Jones

    He has filled the hungry with good things, but the rich he has sent away empty. The foolish virgins with beautiful lamps but NO OIL.

  2. Tom Graves

    We are a small group in St Augustine Florida, averaging 20 to 30 on Sunday. Today marks 587 consecutive days of evening prayer meetings with at least 2 in attendance, at times there will be 15 to 20 crying out for revival in America. Thanks for your encouragement. We decree and declare that Revival has come to St Augustine in Jesus’ Name!

    • jcgems

      Woot, woot to you guys!! What an honor to me that you guys have taken a stand and pressed on regardless! I also pray for revival and a boldness that we don’t back down from. 2/3 of God’s name is GO! Go with God! Love you and thanks for all you do!!

      • Tom Graves

        Thanks for your encouragement! We choose to Go with God!

    • C. Jones

      Tom, “NOTHING can hinder the Lord from saving. He can win a battle wether he has many prayer warriors or ONLY A FEW” I Sam. 14:6. You have the Helm of Prayer that turns the VERY SMALL rudder towards massive revival no matter how fierce the opposition! James 3:4

      • Tom Graves

        Agreed in Jesus’ Name! Revival has come to St Augustine! Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Sara

      You are the faithful. Thank you for sharing this. It’s so good to know what is happening around the USA

      • Tom Graves

        Thank you Sara and blessings upon you and yours in Jesus’ Name!

  3. RL Perrin

    We don’t need a building to gather to worship the Lord we need each other. We are the church, gather in homes, rooms, parks, tents, and see if the Holy Spirit will not rest upon you. When the only agenda is to worship and listen, God shows up. To many years Gods plans for meetings has been put a side for mans ideas, agendas ,and opinions. We have one head we our the body, we need to listen for ourselves what is the Spirit of God saying NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. As the body we gather together and worship our God in freedom and liberty, and then we listen as a body to the head. That has not taken place in most church buildings in many years. Are we hearing Gods voice or the opinion from someone in front us.

  4. Roger Culwell

    Every since I can remember I have been drawn to the fire, I got saved at eight but certain preachers turned me off, I didn’t know how to put it, so I just said I know who is of God, anointed fire preacher’s, I couldn’t handle any other kind, and I have always had to fight for the Holy Spirit to have control, and if they gave it to some one who wasn’t a fire preacher, I went where the fire was, was put on the board in my mid 20’s and had to fight for the small churches with fire preachers, they wanted to give where they got the glory there name mentioned in the big Church, didn’t sit well with me, I had always stood for him but because of my religion I was never told about him, they skipped over, and I got to reading the whole bible and said wait there leaving out part here about the Holy Spirit, all though he had came upon me, several times and I had a couple encounters with angels, I had not ask him in, so I did, and boy did my spiritual life change, I wasn’t sure what happened but I knew I had a direct hot line with Jesus, I heard the rushing mighty wind, and something hit me like I never experienced before, where I could pray 15 minuites I went all night and then had to go do something, but he was still going, and then a hunger came for more of God and to do his will, and make sure the Holy Spirit was in charge, and them religious folks was wanting to put the fire out back then in early 90’s, but they saw I changed I got a shot and a kick when he filled me, and I let the spirit have his way, I have made others leave the stage, quickly when we sang in a group, and its loud, I can wake the dead in the crowd for sure, but thats our problem we quinch him, and try to tell him what to do, the few big revivals I have man killed them because they had to start doing things their way, and the Holy Spirit is the one who is in charge of the revival we just submit to him in every way, and the first sign that you want revival to stop is to start injecting what you want, or how you want the meeting to go, we ask him we don’t tell him, because we can do nothing but have a social meeting with our him, and we have to many of those today, if we are going to save this nation, it will be through the fire and power of the Holy Spirit, and a hungry pwople are all that can bring him, only their crys and prayers, and hunger for a God who can do all things, and let it be known he is YAHWEH AND JESUS CHRIST AND WITHOUT HIS PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT WE CAN’T EVEN SURVIVE, so many still sleep and there not listening, the fields are white and ready for harvest but they don’t care, they are still on the cruise ship, and the battleship has been in the battle, they have a new way, they unite with devils, and there love accepts all, when Gods doesn’t, Act 5:10 A & S fall dead, same Jesus, same Holy Spirit, same God his love, but evil doers, to many pretenders in the body, that are just trying to put the fire out, I told them this morning, if you don’t believe it is a spirit of love raise your hands and with compassion say I just love everybody several times, and see what happens then shake it off, because its not God, you were praising Jesus you were praising love, its a spirit like was on the hippies in the 60’s, but it will make you feel good, and they think its of God and its not, they are strong against the Holy Spirit fire filled preachers, and are sent to stop the power, but as long as there is a body still hungry for God and crying for revival and willing to allow his Holy spirit to work, God will fill those hungry people, he is looking for a people hungry for him, and he will always feed them, but some others will have arude awakening, Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. [ and we might just want to think about this, because many are punishing us for having the fire and wanting more of God, but that is what a true believer is supposed to do, and pray for souls, people are so messed up and twisted, they think they are part of the body, and doing satans work, they do more for satan than for God, and if they can get rid of the Holy Spirit then they have the world ready for the anti-christ, we are the restraining order against him. sad day when the church doesn’t even know who they are fighting for, and if your not putting the Holy Spirit in control, the flesh is controlling and satan controls the flesh 1 Jhn 4:6 Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge, WE NEED A HOLY GHOST FIRE TO RISE UP AND SET THIS WHOLE NATION ON FIRE LIKE ITS NEVER HAD BEFORE. AS J. WESLEY, ISET MY SELF ON FIRE AND THEY COME TO WATCH ME BURN. MY FAVORITE QUOTE RIGHT HERE, WE NEED TO SET OUR SELVES OWN FIRE FOR GOD. Good Word sir God bless you

    • Dennis Conner

      God knows peoples hearts we do not, except the Holy Spirit reveal their heart to us, there is a big difference between the gift of discernment, or a word of knowledge and the gift of suspicion. I’m a on fire for God minister of 50 years. I’m filled with the Holy Ghost. I would like to say in regards to your comments, the Holy Ghost may choose to be loud, as on the day of Pentecost, or he may choose to be quiet, as in the case with Elijah in the cave with a still small voice. True Worship in the HOLY spirit isn’t determined by how much volume there is. Or how much outward emotion is being brought forth. The disciples wanted to have Jesus give permission to call fire ? down on a group of people, because these people didn’t receive them….we don’t know why there was a division, or who was right or who was wrong. But we do know the disciples didn’t like these folk. And wanted them removed from planet earth, fire would solve that. Jesus said knowing the disciples hearts, “YOU DONT KNOW WHAT SPIRIT YE ARE OF” meaning you think it’s the Holy Spirit motivating you, but it’s not, Jesus never said, where it was coming from, we can only speculate. When you study church history, the thing churches fought over the most WASNT, doctrinal issues, it was styles and types of worship. (Interesting)
      Jesus went on to instruct the upset disciples leave them alone, if there not against us, there for us. In regards to churches people believe or feel they are not on fire, I would only say let God deal with them. Paul and Barnabas had strong disagreements over John Mark. How can two men each full of the Holy Ghost not agree? We don’t have enough information given in scripture to know who was right and who was wrong.
      God is a God of order, not disorder, his not the author of confusion. But a God of love and a SOUND MIND.
      When it comes to worship, someone must be in charge, if it’s left up to anyone who believes or feels the Holy Spirit is leading them contrary to the person in authority, who also is claiming they are trying to follow the Holy Spirits leadings. And it’s not what the other person on the platform wants to do, whether it be singing louder, or a different kind of song or chorus etc…Who gets their way? Scripture clearly teaches let everything be done decently and in order.
      When I hear someone say, we need to let the Spirit have his way, we would all agree. But at the end of the day, someone should be placed in authority to let that happen. Who knows their flock.
      Before we are ready to find fault in the body of Christ, may we first examine our own hearts, we may find we are a little too quick on the draw to call fire down on someone.
      They may be on fire for God, they just don’t show it like we think they should. On the other hand they may not be on fire for God as they should be in their HEARTS as they ought to be, but this MUST be revealed by the HOLY SPIRIT, not our intuition. Or gift. Of suspicion. May Love accept each person the way they are.

      • Roger Culwell

        I know the Holy Spirit can whisper, but I knew when it wasn’t the Holy Spirit something in side let me know, and we have a lot of mama called and daddy sent, who are doing things on there own and some for gain or what ever who have led the church astray, and I have been one for over 20 years they have tried to put the fire out in, but I know inside if they are of God, and week preaching has cost this nation sir, by not making soldiers and warriors and preaching word, I am just telling the truth we need the Holy Spirit and fire in the pulpit, for the pulpit lost this nation, and I know what they have done to the Church sir, and I know what caused it, sem sent, and cemetery got, sem killed the fire and ran the Holy spirit off, we need the fire back in the pulpit, We need Holy Spirit and fire preaching.

  5. Shelley Mills

    Well, I’m glad to say that we have never experienced being “shushed”.  Shame on those pastors.

  6. becky clement

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your daily word from the Lord! Truly food for my soul & great encouragement! Praying for you & your family & Crusades to come??
    On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 12:31 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is unbelievable. No sooner is the > pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing > those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm! As soon as > someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop t” >

  7. kingskid48

    Your words are daily food to our spirits, Pastor Mario. Of course, nothing replaces Scripture, but blogs such as yours point us to the Bible, and cause a morning that starts out on a negative note, to change into a hopeful day.
    I just saw that the Supreme Court halted California’s ban on home worship. Carl Gallups was on Skywatch, and he said, while he doesn’t condemn pastors who are in such circumstances that they would have lost everything if they had defied the state and remained open, he remarked, wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL pastors had stood up as one and said, “No. We won’t do that, we won’t close. We are not supposed to forsake our gathering together.” The government would not have been able to lock all the millions of us Christians up.
    However, even though his church is in a state that the governor refused the mandate and allowed them to stay open, they were condemned by fellow Christians and told that they would kill everybody.
    I am hoping my former church learned its lesson about what happens when you don’t speak up, and you fear losing certain members so you stay mum and pretend there is not even an election going on. The pastors are smart and informed, they surely must see the disaster it has led to.
    I am of the opinion that they, and we, must speak the truth in love, and if someone chooses to leave the church, or leave our lives, because they are incapable to dealing with the truth, then you need to just let them go. Never be rude. Just speak the truth in love, after praying.
    Okay, I’m off my soapbox..

    • Gunnar

      NO one has to close or be ruled by fear and intimidation. Like the concert HUSTUSA mentions. Need to research and get equipped and knowwhat dealing with. Welcome/Resource Page watch the video’s. constitutonallawgroup.us Rick Martin.
      Know any ministry that helps Orphans?

  8. Dennis Conner

    Thank you Mario, what a great insightful essay you wrote, yes shame on pastors that quench and grieve the Holy Spirit. Thus preventing revival and a biblical move of God.

  9. Lynn Ware

    Love your message Mario, and am happy for everyone who comes to know Jesus !!

  10. mrsbmp

    Thank you Father for blowing on YOUR flame that burns within us who desire only JESUS! Our “revival” is continuous in HIM!!!

  11. Wordforworld

    Sure glad I’m not a pastor!
    Even so, we know God will deal w/the shepherds.
    We have prayed to the LORD re: error of a certain pastor, and lo, and behold, we SAW & HEARD THE CORRECTION come to pass!! It works, people. It also worked re a television pastor! Then another error from same local pastor (a year prior to election). We went to the LORD about it, sure enough, that man of God stood up and said “if you vote for the party that supports abortion you dishonor God.”
    Stand up and shout “praise God!” We did. This denomination had never before acknowledged the government.
    Also saw the change about raising hands outward to intercede for others.
    Stretching hands forward was just not done.
    Heard same pastor say (as if to himself) “maybe we should start reaching out to other denominations….”
    Our worship music is louder than usual. In fact the songs are now battle cries! Heart-felt songs of the severely saved, that’s us! Lifting up the Name above all names!
    No gossiping, no committee formed, just two people reaching out to The Chief Shepherd.
    Still lots to be praying FOR; but let’s shoot AT the evil entities that are influencing humans to do wrong. Our weapons are indeed mighty thru God, for the spiritual battle ahead. We win!
    God bless MMM!!! And the commenters!

  12. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Well worth sharing!

  13. Sheila Price

    Rage on, Holy Fire of Glory! Yes and Amen ❣
    On Sat, Apr 10, 2021, 12:34 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is unbelievable. No sooner is the > pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing > those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm! As soon as > someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop t” >

  14. Susan

    Revival in Jesus Name. Amen

  15. Sandra

    Yes and Amen, Brother Mario!


    MARIO…I attended a sort of battle of the bands at a church, today in Oceanside…the cops were called and the weak-kneed pastor, shut things down, with 2-1/2 bands left to play!!! They gave him a noise citation and threatened arresting him!!! Well…if you could have been there…you would have seen the fear!!! We were told we would be good Christians and submit to their request…kneeling to the state…is not being good Christians…just like you explained in your Romans 13 letter from a few days ago!!! They are stuck back in the complacency era!!! Not a pastor I can recommend, to anyone!!!
    HUSTUSA ________________________________

    • Gunnar

      Please, tell Pastors involved and people: constitutionallawgroup.us Rick Martin, please watch Welcome/Resource Video’s (16 min) before contacting, Thank you! That way no one ruled by fear and intimidation which per the Bible is witchcraft and NOT of God.

  17. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, no words I can express can tell you how much your messages mean to me. We/Americans need what you have to say.
    “Long and winding road, keep on leading me…up ahead I see a sign that points to my Victory….I know I must be headed right—I remember passing Calvary….and though the road is bumpy and its old—-and for years it has bore the travelers load…Some day this road will turn to GOLD…..and for Some this road has already turned to GOLD.”

  18. mark Dubois

    Right on again brother Mario. Let Revival burn and overflow in our hearts.
    May the churches be overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit & Fire!

  19. gege4god


  20. n9nwo

    G-D is engineering a spiritual tidal wave that will sweep away these leaders and much of the left.

    • C. Jones


  21. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    We need a small WAVE of ar 15 toting patriots to obliterate every evil resident in the WHITE HOUSE. LETS START THERE. NOW …THAT ….IS REVIVAL.
    On Sat, 10 Apr 2021, 18:29 Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is unbelievable. No sooner is the > pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing > those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm! As soon as > someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop t” >

    • C. Jones

      glenlea, What are you waiting for? Show everyone how to do that by leading the way! Armchair quarterbacks are full of sound and furry signifying nothing.

    • Wordforworld

      Glenlea, how about you praying in the Name of JESUS, for the Holy Spirit to so saturate our Capitol/state capitols & all our representatives be convicted, convinced of their wrongdoing and are converted to (the knowledge of their need for) Salvation in Christ Jesus?
      How about that?
      You want power? Dunamis power?

      • Sandra

        Most have sold out to satan but if we united in prayer for them we might be amazed! I know of a satan worshiper being saved after a father that had a son join and he could not reach him he went to a occult store and started praying for one man and he ran from him and went i to the theater to get away from him and watched the sword and switchblade and got saved and told of the awfulness of satanism. Once you get in there is no getting out, only death. He changed his name and ran but he knew they would never stop looking for him. You may die but you can be forgiven if you have not blasphemed the Holy Spirit! So sad we have preachers today I fear are doing just that! But he is in the process of sifting now! HE is coming very soon for us looking for HIM!

  22. Linda C

    I do believe that only a move of God will save this country, and Mario, I am praying that Modesto will be the spark that starts a fire of revival raging across our country. As the saying goes about California starting everything that we’ll later see across the rest of the country, I am praying that this is true of revival, too, and not just the bad stuff.

  23. RAFO

    Fire must have oxygen to continue and grow… too many unbelieving compromised pastors smoother the fire. May God ignite them too, or take them out of the way!

  24. Diane Sandoval

    God bless you Mario and Michelle, I just heard you preach at Kent Christmas’ church and I am so ready to do the work of God I can’t stand it. The problem is, I am in Albuquerque and I literally do not know of a church or group that agrees with me. What you are describing here is the Albuquerque churches and almost always has been. If you want to raise your hands, there is a room for that. Do not even think of speaking in tongues.
    Even Legacy church that is supposed to be Assembly of God does not have Holy Spirit manifestations ever and the pastor mocked speaking in tongues when I was there once. Please pray for a church that wants to preach the Gospel, move in Holy Spirit fire, and reach the lost. This city is bound but hungry. God, send us men and women of God to shake this city and love our broken, addicted, gangsters, children who have been abused, etc.
    I am retiring in May and need the Lord to show me exactly where to go and what to do. My son, Israel, is in serious need of deliverance from heroin and other substances. His children need a godly father. Please pray for us.
    Diane Sandoval
    On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 9:28 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” It is unbelievable. No sooner is the > pandemic fading, than churches are falling into a terrible habit: punishing > those who are on fire for God and catering to the lukewarm! As soon as > someone raises their hands in worship, an usher runs over to stop t” >

  25. gdw2001@hotmail.com

    Dear Mario, Praying for you, for an outpouring of Holy Spirit. Praying that the Lord is breaking up fallow ground so as the Word and love is proclaimed God is raining down righteousness!
    God bless you! We bless God for His Word going forth from you!

    In Christ,

  26. Rebecca Betts

    Excellent encouragement! Thank you!

  27. Glen H. Kippel

    America needs a revival like the one that came to Denver in 1905. Then, all the bars in the city were closed; everyone was in prayer meetings instead. The City Council met to decide whether or not to disband the police department because there was no crime! Alas, that didn’t last very long, but many people were saved.

  28. Misti Bowens

    Like my previous email to you said in my opinion there’s a deep state church and some know they’re part of it and others do not. It’s diabolical and part of the enemies plan. Weak pulpits = weak Christians = weak churches = weak country. there is a deep-rooted illuminati deep state church that is infiltrated the pulpits. there are some that are part of the problem and don’t even realize it. But it starts with mega churches. I think we’re going to find out how criminal and demonic some of these ‘pastors’ are and it’s going to be shocking. Praying God starts new churches for the remnant and they are on fire and there’s a stark contrast between the two. And the 501c3 needs to be blown to smitherines.




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