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I remember it like it was yesterday. I could smell marijuana smoke. I looked over the fence into the yard of my neighbor, Sam, because the smoke was coming from his back porch. Sam was teaching his thirteen-year-old son how to light up and smoke dope.

It was not hard for him to interpret my glare. He defensively explained that he didn’t want to lose his son—that it is “better that he does it at home with me, than behind my back.”

Apparently, sitting his son down and explaining why it was dangerous and stupid to get stoned, was not an option. But, he was not saving his son—he was destroying him.

In the same way, a prominent Evangelical ‘scholar’ explained why—even after he and his group called ‘Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden’, were used and lied to—he still supports Biden, because, he admits, he doesn’t want to lose the kids!

He said there are “many younger evangelicals who are not happy about … the way in which their parents and grandparents have endorsed and defended the Trump administration. We … don’t want to lose them to evangelicalism because of what is perceived as mean-spirited, highly partisan commitment on the part of the older generation of evangelicals.” Wait, what?

How is what he is doing any better than what my neighbor Sam was doing?  He is saying, the younger generation must not be lost! So, what is his plan for keeping them? ‘Let them smoke wokeness’ and, worse still, ‘let’s smoke it with them.’

So we should smoke woke with them because we are afraid of losing them?

Really!? Sell their souls to Biden? Expose them to the toxic fumes of radical abortion—the heresy of multiple genders—bending to Red China—heaping massive debt—seizing guns—censorship—racism and victimhood—because these poor, innocent youngsters are offended by Trump’s tweets? Forgive me, but where is the adult in the room? The Christian adult!

Millennials must not be classified as some exotic new human species that must be excused from correction and common sense. That is the greatest insult—and the purest form of hatred.

“Discipline your children while there is hope. Otherwise, you will destroy their lives” (Proverbs 19:18).

I stood before 2,000 youth at a Christian college. I said, “If you are not careful you are going to be the most boring old people America has ever known. If you look in my smart phone you will see pictures of people being saved and healed. If I were to look in most of your smart phones, what would I see, pictures of food?

“Imagine years from now, showing those pictures to your grandchildren. “Grandpa, what is this a picture of?” And you sheepishly answer, “Well, that was my breakfast.” And then they will ask, “Why are there 17 pictures of grandma in front of a mirror that are all exactly the same?””

Believe it or not, these young men and women did not race to a safe place or assume the fetal position. They laughed. They reacted the way young people have for generations. Why? Because we forgot the obvious. Because in our zeal to prove they are different, we have forgotten they are just the same as the youth of every generation. Scared and teachable.

If this prominent evangelical were right, millennials would not be crowding the front of our tent to be saved. They can take the truth. More of them than you realize are ready to hear the other side of the story—the story about America’s decency, and the good things this nation has done in history.

It is the professors who have changed. It is the villains who have changed. It is the Democrat Party that has changed.  And I do not care who this offends: if we do not want to lose them, we must risk losing them by speaking the truth, in love!

Dear Christian professor…so what if you keep them Christian by letting them support Biden? What happens down the road when they read about Hell in the Bible? And, yes, when you quit preaching anything that you are afraid might cause you to lose them, where will it end?

When I get a chance to reason with youth, many of them wake up out of wokeness.  Catch phrases die after they are challenged to check their validity. When they spout stuff about Trump, I challenge them to show me, “When did he say that?” They are even able to handle the fact that I am working and praying for Trump to be back in the White House.

I know when it is time to preach Christ and leave Trump and Republicanism out. I also know when it is time to confront a generation that has too much at stake to be coddled, hoodwinked, and appeased.

Stop smoking dope with them. Love them enough to tell them the truth, and do not destroy them!

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  1. C. Jones

    The gospel is always an offense to the disobedient. In this day and age it is now considered revolutionary to simply tell the truth. By the way, if you tell your boss the truth he will set you free.

  2. Audrey

    Amen. Good comment. Agree.

  3. Linnie

    ….thanking God for Mario — He has raised up voices of Truth for these days & we must support them all in prayer and giving!


    Amen and Amen!

    • Jillian

      Mario is one of the few lights in the darkness of today. God has lead us to him for a reason.

  5. Sam

    We see this all the time: a child grows up and leaves home for work or college or both — do they have the power to stay in what they were raised? Were they really saved or were they playing church and “thinking’ they were saved just because mom and dad are saved?
    Take this a step further: we should never be in fear about telling the truth. It is far better to confront them in love about their faith than to let them go on believing a lie about their fake faith.
    Our oldest, now adult, granddaughter, not raised in church, but witnessed to by us came to stay with us for a month. We loved her and now again shared Jesus with her and she asked question after question and we gave her answers right out of the Bible which she read with us. Her fear, unfounded but real, was knowing her mother was still lost — she couldn’t go to heaven and leave her mom so she would stay lost, too. Once we shared that her mission would be to lead her mom to Jesus she pondered that thought. We knew her mom would see a heart changed daughter — the power of a saved life.
    A few mornings later she was talking to us and it slipped out, “now that I have given my life to Jesus and know that I am saved” — there was shouting in heaven and here, us, on earth.
    Footnote — a month of intense prayer for her soul took place before she came, not knowing that she would soon be coming to stay with us seemingly “out of the blue.” God opened that door and we saw it! We knew our mission was to share and witness Jesus, quietly, lovingly, and Truthfully!

    • Susan


    • Karyn

      That’s awesome! Praise to the Lord!

  6. archaios6

    Common sense is not so common
    When Jesus began His ministry, he chose common working people and ignored/attacked the rabbi/political leaders. There is a lesson to be learned from whom He chose as His emissaries/disciples. Because of people like Pres. Trump, M. Lindell, M. Murillo, and others less famous they are exposing the corruption that is destroying freedom to speak without censorship, killing unborn babies to diminish population and experimenting on what they sell. Attacking small businesses and Christians who oppose their dictatorial agenda. It started by destroying families and using racist mentality and drugs to control group behavior. The older generations are the key for they remember what happened in the past to control/corral the population. Alas the youngsters are too busy playing with their phones to understand the trap to capture their ignorance,

  7. NickT

    These young people and some older are being told a pack of lies from schools, news media, and some churches. They must know the truth of which political party is Evil (dem’s) and which party mostly Good and then decide. It’s so obvious.

  8. Gus Petsas

    Well said Mario!!
    Thank you for fighting for the youth of America. Your words encourage us by telling us truth about today’s America. I pray it is not too late.


    Are there videos of your tent meetings? We are in NYC and find it hard to travel to CA now. Thanks, Madeline

  10. RAFO

    This attitude of appeasement, to keep youth on board, comes from parents wanting to be “friends” with their children instead of the parents they’re supposed to be. I’ve seen it for YEARS… parents trying to be “cool” and a buddy, instead of being a loving, caring parent. Sometimes, if you love someone, you have to risk becoming their enemy, to tell them the truth. Doesn’t matter how old your kids are… four or forty… makes no difference. SHOW LOVE and quit being so concerned about whether they “like” you or not. More than likely, they’ll LOVE you for taking the time and effort to tell them the truth and for showing you actually CARE about them!

    • C. Jones

      “They hate anyone who speaks out against injustice, they despise anyone who tells the whole truth”. Amos 5:10. “I have now become your enemy because I cared enough to tell you the truth”? Galatians 4:16

  11. Joyce Bidwell

    Great message for the parents of today!
    I wake up every morning to words of wisdom from Mario. He’s become my addiction. I pray for Mario’s message to reach millions of Americans of all ages and try to pass his thoughtful words on whenever I have chance to.
    Enjoy a blessed day.

  12. Sandra Calhoun

    So true even my generation don’t want to hear the true it is too scary! They had rather hide their heads un the sand and let their children and grandchildren be led down the path to delusion and hell! So so sad! And all I can do is pray and wonder why no one reads the BIBLE! 
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  13. joyce miller

    Keep fighting preaching & telling the truth!! I pray more pastors & those in leadership start preaching these truths from the BIBLE!! God bless & protect you!!’ ????
    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    as I often say in my comments, people who thinks they are Christians but never follow scripture fall into the category of goats. A true repentance is a 180 degree turn from satan’s kingdom. There are only 2 kingdoms. Those who have Jesus as Lord and those who do not and are in satan’s kingdom. Parents who think they are saving their child by teaching them error will lose their child. These parents evidently do not know scripture. satan is in the WH

  15. Susan G.

    Thank you MMM for your courageous efforts to keep us believers encouraged and fighting in prayers and for speaking TRUTH for the real gospel of Jesus Christ.
    I wish ALL pastors possessed the true fire you have!
    God Bless you mightily and richly as we continue on. Hopefully one day I’ll get to one of your meetings!

  16. Karen Yorio

    I heard a pastor say he doesn’t want his church to oppose people who support BLM, transgenderism, the Equality Act, et al, because he’s trying to build a bridge with them. I disagree with this mentality, as it’s pillaging Christ’s Church. Your email spells out the argument perfectly. Keep fighting the good fight. You have millions of Christ followers in your army.

  17. addedperspective2020

    Yes Mario, the message is TOTALLY on target today. Why we have the curse of “seeker friendly” churches, pastors the refuse to stand for the word of God and pastors that refuse to warn the sheep about the curse of Socialism and Marxism.

  18. yesua7

    praise God

  19. kingskid48

    It has to be really confusing for the youth to be growing up in such a wild time as this. Down is up, good is bad, holiness is mocked, and evil is exalted in the public square. We have an administration that got into office by nefarious means, yet they are protected in all mainstream media, plus academia and what passes for entertainment these days, all while they seem to be determined to destroy this country in every way possible.
    The only real stability these young people will find in this crazy world is to find out who they are in Christ.

  20. archaios6

    In response to Mario sharing his messages, what I am doing to help spread the word by making copies and posting them on trees in bike/walking path and cemetery where a lot of people go for exercise. Hopefully, they will read and tell others to spread the info. Mike Lindell is also having a rally in Tulsa OK.
    I have posted these signs in MA. R.I. N.H. soon in CT. It’s my way of getting involve. arlene ( the “job” requires a lot of people to get involve)

  21. mark Dubois

    Yes sir, brother Mario.
    We must take a stand for truth regardless of “what we think” might or might not happen.
    Give them a chance to “hear the truth” amen!

  22. liligtrygod

    Love love love this!!!
    Thank you for the truth!!! Only truth can set us free!!! And the only Truth is Jesus.. He is the way and the Life!
    I want the truth, the whole truth, so help us, Lord!




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