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“I can’t wait to get back to normal.” That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things.  I want you instead to use the word reclaim.  Go beyond want to getting back to normal to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have been if none of this had happened!

Many are jobless. Their children are home from school and falling behind. The eateries, stores, and coffee shops they took for granted are now either closed or will only hand you stuff through the door. And the churches they used to attend are barely starting to reopen. But your destiny is too big to be stopped by any of that.

They stare out the window at a strange new world with no idea how bad it’s going to get, and if or when things will return to normal.  Coronavirus has destroyed their theological innocence.

The Holy Spirit has given me a warning to pass on to every child of God. You had a dream. You had a vision. You were just about to start college, start a business, get married, start a family, write a book, build a building, get a patent on a new invention, or launch out in vibrant ministry for Christ. Then the world seemed to come to an end.

The Bible, and your God-given vision and dream are not beholden to human circumstances. The Book that contains the accounts of people who stopped plagues, raised the dead, and blinded armies isn’t going to cut you any slack. DO NOT THROW TOMORROW AWAY. RECLAIM YOUR TOMORROW.

Now, the present reality is screaming at you that none of those dreams will ever come true. They say you must downgrade your hopes and dreams to a “new normal.” You must adapt to a shadow existence. That is a lethal lie from the pit of hell! I want this blog to be the electrode paddles that will kick-start your visionary heart once again.


Do you honestly think that God didn’t know this was coming when He gave you that vision, idea, commission, or calling?  God didn’t just sit down and say, “Oh well, My child, I guess I won’t be able to do what I called you to do. I never factored in this virus thing.”

Furthermore, just because some have abused the truths of Faith and Provision, that does not change the truth about Faith and Provision. Romans 3:3 asks a burning question, “What if some were unfaithful? Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?”

Giving up on faith because of the virus does not make sense. This crisis doesn’t mean our faith doesn’t work—this is what our faith is for!

Kenneth Hagin did not get his revelation of the faith message during an economic boom. He got it in the depths of the Great Depression. Hagin saw faith intervene in a time of grinding poverty.

Alexander Dowie didn’t launch his healing ministry when divine healing was all the rage. He did it after the bubonic plague killed 40 members of his church. After he launched his healing ministry, no one else died in his church, and an international ministry was born.

I remember when circumstances and outward appearances caused a great evangelist I knew to back off from an important part of his message. Over dinner he told me, “Mario, the poverty was so great in the Philippines that I couldn’t preach prosperity.” I corrected him by asking, “Would you also not preach healing because they were too sick?”

Don’t you dare throw tomorrow away! Reclaim your future. Joshua 3:5 is your verse: “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will work wonders among you.”

What does ‘sanctify’ mean? It means clean up your act! This is not a time to be stunned by events. It’s time to train, prepare, pray, study and write the vision plainly so you can run with it. Fan the fading embers back into a roaring flame.

This crisis will go away. What will never go away is the regret of what you might have done for God if you hadn’t thrown it away. GOD  HAS NEVER CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT YOUR FUTURE! RECLAIM IT!







  1. Sandra

    Wow! That one is a keeper! We need to print those words out to read and be inspired!

    • C. Jones

      Cast not away your confidence which has GREAT RECOMPENSE OF REWARD! God will restore unto us the years the locust have eaten! God’s Covenant Faithfulness shines the brightest in the most ridiculous contradictions and afflictions. The more Israel was afflicted by the Egyptians, the more they GREW! Can God prepare a table in the wilderness? Do birds fly?

    • oldwaverider

      Your words are necessary full for not only myself,
      But for millions,
      Thank you my brother!
      Art Hansen
      Christ Lutheran Church
      Cape Canaveral, Fl

    • kkzncsjhpycti

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  2. Sandy Long

    Another Word in season in this, seemingly so, out of season time! Thank you Dear Brother for leading the pack to rise up in renewed faith to march into the enemies’s camp & take back what he stoled from us!

  3. Linda C

    COVID took something from me by keeping me from my only son’s wedding. That really hurt. I don’t want it to take anything else. At least I can now hug and kiss my 2 grandchildren from my daughter again – I have reclaimed that right. No longer will I stay distant from them!! That’s not really a spiritual thing, but it’s important. Let’s go reclaim what God has for us!!

    • C. Jones

      It’s a spiritual thing to lay hands on your grandkids and bless them.

      • Linda C

        It really is

  4. Petro Swart

    I reclaim every dream, promise and hope! God is faithful and true!
    Thank you Father God for opening our eyes and ears!
    Thank you Father God for all the souls that are set free! For the mighty healings and financial provision in the name of Jesus Christ! God bless Mario Murillo Ministries! Amen and amen!

  5. mark Dubois

    Yes sir brother Mario, Thank you again.

  6. Doug Spurling

    Amen. Well said. Reminds me of Joel. He will restore the years.

  7. penwright1029

    Moses led the children of Israel to the promised land for forty years. It turns out they were going in a circle and ended right back where they started until all the naysayers were gone. When the remainder got there, they found giants inhabited it. They were frightened of the residents. But God had it covered.
    Those giants were over 9 feet tall. Father told Joshua exactly what to do. From picking the men, who would follow instructions, to the implementing God’s plan. For seven days and nights, they blew trumpets while walking around the wall. The number 7, in God’s word, stands for spiritual perfection. It collapsed. The inhabitants were so confused and God had them turn on one another. They fought each other. None survived. Then the children of Israel went into their promised land and the cities thereafter.
    America, as it is right now, is like the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. God said, if only one man believed, He would not destroy them. That man was Lot. Angels came to his house and told him he needed to take his family and leave. He did, and the Christ line continued.
    Noah was told to build an ark. Through derision and torment, he kept right on building that ark. It took him years. Even his own wife and family thought he was nuts. Why did they react so strongly? Because, up to the time of the flood, no one had ever seen rain. All that was needed was a mist, over the land, every morning. Then we have to think what it took to get all those compartments built to hold every animal and fowl alive plus arachnids and insects. We are talking thousands of species. Then Father had set it so the wild animals would not attack their normal prey. He had that all taken care of. And, as merciful as He is, He most certainly wouldn’t let Noah and his family suffer from all the waste by these thousands of species. He had it taken care of by eliminating that waste as soon as it was released. It rained for 40 days and nights. I, honestly, don’t know what the reason for that specific number, but I do know that our Lord Jesus went up into the mountains for that same amount of time. God’s Word says he was there for 40 days and nights, without eating or drinking anything. Then Satan came and offered him the world. And what did he say, “Get thee behind me, Satan. Then, Satan, defeated because the son of God would not bow down and worship him, left.
    One last account comes to mind. Jonah decided he wanted to die. It was hot, then he fell asleep and God’s angel came to him saying, “Do not fear.” Have you ever noticed when angels went to people, they always said, “Do not fear.”
    To continue this account, Jonah disobeyed God and ended up being swallowed by a whale. He remained there for 3 days and nights, exactly the amount of time that our Lord Jesus remained in the tomb. The number 3 stands for complete, in God’s Word. Have you ever thought of what it must have been like to be in the stomach of a whale? It would not be pleasant. There would be remains of other animals. Also, a whale’s stomach has a huge amount of acid. Yet Jonah was never hurt. He learned his lesson, though.
    Now, here we are where American citizens are being attacked by viruses, Democrat, Black Live’s Matter, Antifa, and other enemies.
    But we believers are the reason Father is keeping our country safe. We are already the victors.
    Ephesians 6: 10 to 18 comes to mind. And, as the angels said, Do not fear.
    Father has a plan. We just have to do what is needed to keep moving his wonderful, matchless Word, which He sets above all His own name, and keep believing He has the answers.
    Father will take care of His children. We don’t need to fear.
    Speak His Word boldly. Trust Him, not man. Did you know there are many medical professionals, who are stating the truth about what we should be doing right now, considering the pandemic? Do your research.
    I love you, sisters and brothers. Let’s stand together and let Father show us what we are to do.

    • junglequeen

      Wonderful comment – further encouragement on top of Mario’s great word. Thank you!

      • penwright1029

        junglequeen, You’re welcome. I’m blessed it helped others also.

  8. yesua7

    bless you

  9. Susie Guyton

    Wow! Dear Brother Mario! Thank you for this good word filly spoken like apples of gold. Prayers for Modesto and especially you & your family. Blessings, Susie
    PS. It’s raining here in Austin, Tx! We were beginning to have a drought in areas of Texas and God is answering our prayers for a good gentle soaking rain. This is our second in two days! ! ! Hallelujah! Glory to God from whom all blessings flow! Thank You Jesus for the sweet, sweet rain. By the way, I’m reclaiming my tomorrow! Thank you again for the admonition and encouragement and communicating His Love.
    On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 12:57 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “”I can’t wait to get back to normal.” > That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things. I want you > instead to use the word reclaim. Go beyond want to getting back to normal > to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have” >

  10. n9nwo

    The next 10 years are going to be filled with hardship. Convenience, like being to go to Walmart at 3am, is gone. We knew in 2019 that was happening due to massive labor shortages in every field. It is just that due to the pandemic it happened in 4 months rather than 4 years.
    We have been in a massive labor shortage for some time. The last time we had a labor shortage this big was due to 10 million men dying in the Civil War. We cannot find electricians, plumbers, we are short 60,000 pilots. Mostly due to the young not being prepared for life and that the Boomer, who are half of our current labor force, retiring by 2025. For example I am working two jobs, over 70 hours a week, and I am 70. By 2024 labor shortages will be the number one political issue. Government is going to collapse as no one will work for government.
    There are great opportunities. Thus do not feel trapped. Allow G-D to help you reclaim your life.

    • C. Jones

      Yes, we are depending on our GOD. GOD will help us. GOD is on our side. We trust in GOD. GOD is faithful.

  11. DD

    For most normal people, “normal” really wasn’t that good. Now it’s a year later and it’s easy to blame corona and cancel our past. Maybe it’s a good time to “Separate, come out from among them”. Separate from negative people who drag you down. Find new friends who will help you look up. Yes, reclaim the future God has planned for you. ‘;D

  12. Julie Youngman

    Thank you Sur, I needed this. You are such a blessing to the kingdom of God!

  13. MBryan

    ??❤‼️?Mario rocks?‼️❤??

  14. John R.

    Uplifting message. God bless you Mario.

  15. archaios6

    Claiming my tomorrow means to follow the Lord’s plan, no matter what hardship encountered. To be at peace, knowing His promise, and not a quivering shadow of other people’s manipulation.

  16. truehart

    We are pioneers! We are farmers!…We are not moved by what we see…what we don’t see in the natural, we see in the spirit what ought to be and we break up fellow ground, pull out rocks and weeds…we plow we plant we water and we wait. God will bring the increase!

  17. Janice Quattlebaum

    Mario, this time and place has made me stretch and grow as a person and a Christian. How? I have had to exercise my faith and prayer muscles. I’m part of a group that is reading the bible in six months and my friend and I meet weekly to review our readings and search for answers. My prayers have more depth and meaning, since reading your blogs, and listening to you and others on the Victory channel. Isn’t this what hard times are all about? Strengthening us in ways we would not have achieved under comfortable circumstances?

  18. Frances

    I am so thankful for your daily encouragements and your steadfast courage to stand for God Almighty in these confounding times!

  19. junglequeen

    We all need this call to action, Mario – thank you! The devil’s puppet show is continuing and we must not be mesmerized by it. I still believe evil is being allowed to have its day only to open the eyes of all those who could not, would not see… We must not expect God to work to our limited understanding of timelines. His key principle is and always has been ‘process’ – process for His purposes and not to satisfy our limited understanding. Hallelujah, He is still in control!

  20. Sheila Price

    Yes and Amen❣
    On Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 2:01 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “”I can’t wait to get back to normal.” > That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things. I want you > instead to use the word reclaim. Go beyond want to getting back to normal > to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have” >

  21. barbmlee

    God spoke clearly to me a few years ago, “You are not without a Commander in Chief! Remember to Whose drum you are marching!” I was a band member and loved having a strong leader and a drum major to march behind. God was speaking my language and assuring me, I had a strong leader firmly in place. Thank you so much for your words!!!

  22. Gin Perry

    Thank you, Mario. This is such a powerful word, much-needed in the body of Christ! It’s a NOW word!
    On Thu, Mar 25, 2021, 12:56 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “”I can’t wait to get back to normal.” > That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things. I want you > instead to use the word reclaim. Go beyond want to getting back to normal > to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have” >

  23. Vivian Maroney

    Thank you Mario! Yes we must go forward. This is not the time to give up. There is work to do. We have a harvest to get in.

  24. Sandra

    Praying for a mighty move of GOD like we have never seen or heard of before in Modesto!!! The Glory is coming and with it a revealing of evil to be cast down! I am in expectancy with you and where 2 or more believe together watch for GOD to show up and the enemy to be scattered and shaken! Praise GOD from whom our help comes!!


    [image: image.png] [image: image.png] DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY!!!
    On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 10:58 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “”I can’t wait to get back to normal.” > That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things. I want you > instead to use the word reclaim. Go beyond want to getting back to normal > to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have” >

  26. RL Perrin

    YEA, great encouragement.

  27. Bri Loftis

    Thank you – this was written for me today! (And others).

  28. Sharon Hart

    Dear Friend, Thank you for the encouraging and challenging Words. I shall put my faith in God, take up my cross, stand firm with my armor on and fight the good fight of faith. God being my source of help. Thank you

  29. Janet Holland

    Yes. “Reclaim” Reclaim and Reclaim

  30. Pearl

    Amen! Praise God and thank you Mario for staying the course and encouraging us. I’m praying everyday for your ministry and for all the churches coming alongside you for this great harvest in Modesto and what’s yet to come. God bless you all!

  31. Cathy T.

    Exactly what my Spirit needed to hear.
    I heard my calling to help those in transition. Through Hospice. We have been shut down for over a year now. Just when patients really needed us!
    I felt like our purpose should have been essential. So many died alone.
    Thank you.

  32. Susan


  33. carol weiler

    Amen..great truths …you are so right..never give in..God is greater than our circumstances.
    On Wed, Mar 24, 2021, 11:07 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: “”I can’t wait to get back to normal.” > That, my friend, is an inadequate way of looking at things. I want you > instead to use the word reclaim. Go beyond want to getting back to normal > to the point that you confess I am going to reclaim where I would have” >

  34. NickT


  35. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    MARIO, We so needed to hear this Great Message! I have literally “grabbed onto it” to hold close to me…..YOU HAVE GIVEN US A GREAT REVELATION THAT WE SO DESPERATELY NEEDED TO KNOW! It is a life-changing message.

  36. jeanette lamb

    So true brother Mario.  Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement!

  37. swordandspiritwriter

    Praise God! Thank you, brother. Like Abraham, when we have a promise of God not matter what that promise some up against, no matter what it looks like in the natural, if God said it, our part is to consider NOT the deadness of the situation and not waver through unbelief but believe that what He promised He is able to perform.
    COVID schovid! Our Father is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End, who can with a word turn things around in a day. Our part: ONLY BELIEVE!
    We can thank Him for brining those words to pass He’s given us as our brother beautifully wrote and encouraged. God bless!

  38. Mirella Richman

    It is time to RECLAIM! Alleluia!

  39. Gigi




  41. Pastor Ernie

    There’s a song that goes like this : Victory is mine Victory is mine Victory today is mine I told Satan get thee behind Victory today is mine. The enemy of God and every God fearing Christian has been under attack by the devil. We are claiming that Victory in Jesus name, over every obstacle and hindrance of the enemy against you and I. Thanks Bro.Murillo for your obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the anointed words that are given to the church at this time.


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