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Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him at the first sign of trouble. Especially, since God is well able to do a miracle.
I have no personal illusions about my power or influence in this crisis. Donald Trump needs far more than anything I can give him. But what I can do, is write.
The impact of this little blog has shocked me before, and truly―I need it to shock me again. I am praying that what I write here will go well beyond normal channels and into the hearts of many who need to act. Here are my reasons:
1. When the church needed Donald Trump, he was there. He came to our defense at great personal cost. How can we abandon him, now that it might cost us something?
2. Donald Trump knew evil when he saw it. He knew the corrupt and vile leftists that infest Washington. He discerned the evil of the Deep State. He decoded the shameful agenda of the big tech and the media. He abhorred evil and resisted it with every executive order and every appointment to the Supreme Court. How can we not see that it is evil, and only evil, that is trying to control this election?  How can we not see that standing with Trump is to stand against evil? We should be fasting, praying, rebuking, and declaring victory over Satan. We should not be abandoning our post.
3. When things looked impossible, Donald Trump held his ground and continued to confess what he would do—about the economy—about China—about religious freedom. Even when it looked crazy, he would not back down. While his enemies laughed at his promises, Donald Trump simply rolled up his sleeves and did the impossible. Just because we cannot see what that miracle should look like, does not mean we cannot stand with him. Now that he needs a miracle, how can we not stand alongside him and believe for the impossible?
Now you know why I will not abandon Donald Trump. Will you?

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  1. Shawn Halan


    Shawn Halan
    Senior Associate
    The McMonigle Team at Agent inc.
    (949) 505-2226 Call/Text
    DRE #: 01916884

  2. ccasady

    I am with you! And praying.

  3. C. Jones


  4. Charles Shipley

    One thingthat no one seems to be talking about is the Abrhamic Covenant. God told Abraham that he would bless those who bless Abraham and he would curse those who curse Abraham. Well, Donald Trump blessed not only Christians but he also blessed Israel at least five times during his administration. Duiring the past six weeks The Biden administration has worked against Israel at least twice. God is faithful and I believe that somehow Donald J. Trump and his supporters will be victorious.

    • Lois Taritas

      Armen you are so right! Victory

  5. Tanner from Louisiana

    From your March 4, 2019 blog “Separate to me”?⚡️⛺️⚡️?
    David Wilkerson explained more of what he saw coming: “God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.”

    • john

      Love it! Dead country club churches are a waste of space.

  6. egrg

    Strength to strength to you Mario. Many of us can see the veracity of what you are saying from afar.
    Scott Murison Australia
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  7. Myrna Miller

    Absolutely standing with him! Praying his type of backbone spreads to more of the Republican party. Some of the newly elected women have backbone! So, yes, standing and praying for God to reveal His plans! So be it! On Mar 5, 2021 10:27 PM, “Mario Murillo Ministries” wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  8. junglequeen

    Absolutely standing with him and with you, Mario!

    • Yvette Smashnuk

      I always stund with President Trump even when people talked lies about him
      I still stand today for our victory.Trump is the President

  9. Jim

    Mario, if your calling as a preacher ever seems to fade out, rush to your nearest Army or Navy recruiter: the Rangers or the SEALs need you, brother!!! I’d think it a privilege to go to combat any day with you!! Hooah!

  10. P.Wesley

    I will continue to pray for President Trump and for your ministry. I am trusting God to work all of this out to His glory in His time not in ours.

  11. yesua7

    me too

  12. mark Dubois

    I’m praying for President Trump every day & night.
    I call Senators & Congressmen and let them know what I
    think about those far left bills they want to pass. I pray that
    everyone who calls themselves a Son or Daughter of God should
    do what they can to let our voices be heard. Don’t you agree
    brother Mario?
    Just saying. Blessings to you and yours and the ministry God has
    called you to serve Him in. And Bless California and the United States
    of America.

  13. geranna36@gmail.com

    You are so spot-on mate. ?
    People all over Australia agree with you, and all around the world, we haven’t given in.
    Excellent Word.

  14. Cindy Nemeth

    Dear Mario, Thanks be to God the Almighty for choosing you to be a minister for His Greatest Honor and Glory. Through your ministry of healing and knowledge you have shown so many the path to redemption. I watched your live stream on 3/4 and was so blessed to witness so many ministers giving their hearts to the Lord! They were all empowered and will make a difference in their churches. Yes, California is ripe and ready for renewal and revival. I also will never abandon President Trump! I’ve been praying non-stop for him for 4 years. He has accomplished so much in such a short time, following God’s instruction. Don’t know if 1/2 the country realizes how many faith-filled pastors, spiritual leaders surrounded and prayed for him during his presidency. I was a Women for Trump volunteer in Polk County, WI, close to the MN border, door knocking and phone banking for 7 months. I was blessed to volunteer with many strong Christian women and since the election we began our own prayer group. I believe most of the fraud in WI was in Milwaukee and Madison. Investigation is still on-going. CCP virus was/is bad, but this satanic attempted takeover is worse! I know God always wins and I know millions of Christians are praying, but it’s disturbing when in times of peril, fear sets in. I’ve never prayed so much and read my bible as in 2020 and 2021. For this I’m so thankful!
    I constantly write letters, emails and phone calls to Reps in Congress and Senators telling them to vote yes or no for lots of bills that benefit the Church and Christians. I alert my friends and family all the time with scripture and what’s happening in Wash DC, etc. I’ve written many letters on this election fraud, but get no-where. I pray constantly to God, the Father Almighty for wisdom, knowledge, piety asking Him what can I do! What else should I be doing for our President Trump. I have a wooden cross by the kitchen sink inscribed with “Miracles Happen to those who Believe.” I recite that often.
    Blessings of our Lord for protection, wisdom, humility and mercy and continued courage during your revival tent meetings.

  15. Sarmasi Adalbert

    Mario, Thank you for your writings. I am reading them every day with great pleasure. God bless you for what you do. I did not vote for any president in the past, but I went out together with my wife in November last year and voted for the President . I will do it again if necessary. God give you good health and strengthand never stop telling the truth, and bring some light to the word in this hours of darkness. All the best,Adalbert.

  16. Karen

    I’m standing with you, yes! The Bible tells us that God himself seats government officials. So God himself seated Donald J Trump for four more years. (He won the 2020 election!) The evil world has put an imposter into the White House. Why in the world would we not believe that God is going to bring down his wrath on these criminals and give the presidential seat back to its rightful owner, the one wbo God intended?
    “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.” Romans 13:1-2 NLT

  17. tjgwynn

    I am Canadian & I pray every day for President Trump & his family. It really upsets me to see the way his own country treats him especially people that call themselves Christians! I have heard all sorts of criticism on the internet for the prophets that are standing on what they have heard from God – 2 terms. Also, leaders saying that we worship Trump. I do not worship any man only the one true God. I do however admire greatly a man that has the courage and integrity to produce what he has promised. We have not seen that on either side of the border, if ever. Canada has never seen it in my 60+ years. I do know that God has anointed & appointed him for this hour (no one on their own strength could have withstood those 4 years “of hell” as he described it himself). God is using him to change the world & I am so grateful. As America goes, so goes Canada so he is bringing hope to North America let alone the rest of the world. He is the President of the United States & will continue to be so. God has not brought America this far to just see America go backwards. Her best days are still ahead & her President says so! Maybe “Christians” should start getting in unity in both nations & see what God will do.

  18. Marsha Carol Watson W Gandy

    Honestly, it is frightening to think about all of those evil people and what a “payback” from THE MOST HIGH GOD is coming to them!!!!
    Thank You, MARIO, for your BOLD STAND. YOU HEAR FROM GOD—and you know the truth. I am continuing to STAND. It was after Donald Trump announced he was running for President on June 16, 2015 that I went on a fast with prayer and ultimately heard HOLY SPIRIT speak and DECLARE: “I HAVE NOT CALLED DONALD TRUMP—I HAVE CHOSEN DONALD TRUMP—HE WILL BE PRESIDENT. I AM DOING A GREAT WORK IN HIS HEART AND LIFE.”
    When you personally have had the Word from GOD, NOBODY can tell you something different and you believe it.
    DONALD TRUMP IS GOD’S ANOINTED AND THEY HAD BETTER LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! We may well see some of them start dropping like flies! If it happens—they have No One to Blame but Themselves for their EVIL ACTS!
    “”It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living GOD.”

  19. Carrie Schauf

    Totally agree!!! Keep us on our toes and in the know Mario !!! We support you 100%

  20. Bren

    I stand with our President Trump. A man who loves our country and will fight for our rights. God Bless our President Trump. Who stands with our troops and police no matter what.

  21. sbruser52@yahoo.com

    Keep encouraging the nay sayers, they may come around. I’ve had God dreams about President Trump so I am a firm believer he won the 2020 election And will fully serve a 2nd term.
    Sent from my iPhone

  22. Tricia Dubbe

    Mario, we are so grateful for your stand for our great President and we stand with you. May we soon see and experience our Trump miracle because America is on a fast track to destruction. God have mercy on America!!

  23. Peggy

    Is there a way to do a nationwide day of fasting and prayer for President Trump? And according to 2 Chronicles 20:21 come forth in one accord of praise!

  24. Denise

    Yes, standing & believing for God’s miracle to unfold. Praying & fasting!! Thank you for all you do. Praying for a great outpouring in America of repentance & Holy Spirit movement.

  25. g2-d94a5c11862d6d0d58c1efc4d4c8663b

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  26. Betty Ingerick

    I stand with President Donald J. Trump and what he stands for. I believe in my heart that the Lord had groomed this man and called him to be our President for such a time as this. God has made him strong, he is not compromising with evil or the evil ones, God has given him wisdom and intelligence to banish this wretched evil from the political arena and other institutions and to bring righteousness back to this nation. I agree with you Maurice Marillo and pray for your meetings as people are awakening from slumber and seeing truth, God is preparing their hearts to receive Him as Lord and Savior. I pray for the church their eyes would be opened as well and renewal and revival will break out all over the world. Keep preaching the truth brother. It is so refreshing. God bless you and the Ministry and hide you behind the Cross thatHe may continue to be magnified and lifted up for the Glory of Hiis Name

  27. Valerie Hodder

    Want to share this post on Facebook, & email

  28. Retha


  29. Rae Lynn Moore

    Thank you Mario for each post! Please keep writing!!! Now is not the time for any of us especially the church to give in but to stand for God and what is right and just. I pray everyday for President Trump, our country and for you and the incredible ministry you are doing in California. Praying for revival to sweep America from coast to coast!

  30. Arlene Wesche

    I agree completely, thank you !

  31. bonnie621

    Thank you. I think the vast majority are seeing it now.
    Sent from my iPhone

  32. Katherine Cabral

    I am with Mario and Pres. TRUMP. I AM WITH God and the Holy Spirit and I will pray harder for Pres. TRUMP SO THAT Goodness prevails over Evil. Thank you for sharing your love of Christ and Goodness with us. I pray for you also, that you will continue your work to bring God back where he belongs. God bless you and the USA.


    Blessings brother Mario. You remind me of DIETRICH BONHOEFFER. Because you are faithful to the call the LORD has given to you, HE will make you even stronger. The Church of JESUS needs what the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD has put in you. muchas gracias. Muchas bendiciones. Isabel
    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 1:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  34. Pam Loomis

    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 1:22 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  35. Elida15

    Thank you for these powerful messages!
    The Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly!
    Sent from my iPhone

  36. d48day

    Amen I just don’t see how any believer could have voted any other way but for Trump as we are witnessing what the left had planned for this country is coming to fruition and anyone paying attention would have known the plans of the enemy – I truly wonder who anyone who calls themselves a believer are really listening too – it sure isn’t the Word of God.

  37. Janie

    Yes! I continue to support Pres Trump. He is God’s choice and I will Not back down. I am truly grateful for all he has done and will continue to do with God’s hand on him. ?

  38. Nancy Klaus

    Im standing with you!?❤️?
    Sent from my iPhone

  39. PEARL Dalton

    Dear Mario I am standing on God’s promise and declaring we are winning.And definitely not abandoning Trump ❤️?
    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 1:15 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  40. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    How are Christians praying? Scripture has to back up prayer and authority has to be used in praying. If a person calls themselves a Christian then they should be following God’s Word. Jesus told Peter “get thee behind me satan”. If you voted for Dems, then you voted for satan

  41. n9nwo

    I am constantly reminded of the story of Esther. Haman plotted to destroy G-D’s people. Yet in the end he was destroyed using the very tactics he used.
    At this point the left, under Obama’s leadership, has been able to anticipate every move conservatives might do. Even if there were a civil war they have a countermeasure. What they cannot calculate is what G-D does. We have reached a place, predicted back in the 1980s, where nothing men can do will change anything. We are boxed in. Thus we have to turn to G-D. It is G-D who is leading a spiritual, not physical, revolution. He has placed individuals like Mario among us. Mario will drive a spike of spiritual warfare into the heart of darkness centered in California. Others will do similar things in every stronghold, big city and university campus.
    At this moment The Chosen TV series is sweeping our nation and moving around the world. It is a powerful tool to bring home the humanity of Yeshu’a and the disciples. You need to watch it. Dallas Jenkins, whose father wrote the Left Behind series, has done a miracle. Once you see how G-D is moving in some many ways there is lessening of fear. What is going on is bigger than men.

  42. Patricia Roloff

    Well said Pastor Mario. How can we as Believers not standing with God’s chosen vessel? Choose you this day who you will follow, God or the world. As for me and my family we choose God. To God be all the glory!

  43. Judy Braland

    Standing with you but can you explain what you believe to be the miracle President Trump needs?JUDY BRALAND —- On Sat, 06 Mar 2021 06:29:00 +0000 comment-reply@wordpress.com wrote —-div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a:hover { color: red } div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a { text-decoration: underline; color: rgb(0, 136, 204) } div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a.x_475387788primaryactionlink:link, div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a.x_475387788primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: rgb(37, 133, 178); color: rgb(255, 255, 255) } div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a.x_475387788primaryactionlink:hover, div.zm_-6867595354637253559_parse_-666465214744912065 a.x_475387788primaryactionlink:active { background-color: rgb(17, 114, 158); color: rgb(255, 255, 255) }
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him at “

  44. Valerie L Gottschalk

    I live in a little community in S Oregon and am almost surrounded by ‘true believers’. We ARE standing with you and Trump!

  45. Tammy Perrault

    Amen and Amen!!!!

  46. Peggy

    I agree and God does use the most unlikely to fulfill His plan, Donald Trump is that man

  47. mrsbmp

    Many stand for God and for HIS elected. We will not abandon President Trump. I continue to stand with God and for President Trump. To God Be The Glory!

  48. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    We *MUST* save souls! We *MUST* see revival nationwide! We must replicate disciples!
    I hate to be a downer, and no I won’t abandon President TRUMP either, but there is a bigger, far bigger Spiritual Reality, this is what I was given this morning, as a warning.
    If God made Israel captive for centuries for the sin of Spiritual Israel, He will not spare America for the sins of the church!
    Israel had a remnant of True Believers, but the Nation was still judged, sent into captivity and made desolate even though the remnant was praying for deliverance!
    American has a remnant, too! But, Judgement must begin at the House of God, and if it takes breaking America to get the churches attention, it means nothing to God!
    There is only one cure: 2 Chronicles 7:14 But, we have churches of full of proud party-goers who know they are A-OK with God and have no concept of humility before a Sovereign God.
    Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. Rev 3:17-18

    • Joyce

      I agree with you sir!

  49. archaios6

    Spiritual Guidance
    …in spirit I watched a crowd of people waiting for a decision to be rendered from a female child, heir to a dynasty. Many are offering items/trinkets of value but are rejected for they are worthless in the kingdom where the almighty reigns. She looks beyond the limitations imposed by visual limits. She must look and listen from within, to hear the clarity of a voice carried by the distant wind that lingers/passes over mountains, fields, oceans, and time. What is earthly, remains earthly. What is, seeks to join with the distant voice calling the way home. It is a reminder how two worlds, separated by a veil of molecules, (mass cannot pass thru but energy can) The spirit of the Lord, dwells within the psyche of a child lost in the wilderness of humanity. (males, once head of the family have forsaken their responsibilities’; women have inherited the role to protect the children) A message of hope that the family will come together in a time of crisis.

    • archaios6

      for some reason, “spirit” was lost

  50. Ruth Storkel

    On Fri, Mar 5, 2021, 10:19 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  51. Gordon Hofer

    Amen President Trump get back into the White House in Jesus name
    Sent from my iPad

  52. beauwaln

    Amen Sir. Amen. So many get caught up on what he says they lose sight of what he’s done and is doing.

  53. Joyce

    I will always stand up for Trump & TRUTH!! Keep speaking what God reveals to you his prophet!!! May God protect you & your family!!

  54. Ann McKee

    I stand and pray with you!
    On Fri, Mar 5, 2021, 10:18 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  55. M Zimmerman

    Blessings to you! Take 2 hours and watch “Sheffy” on YouTube if you need Holy Inspiration.
    You are inspiring us, so you need to fill your cup, too.

    Sent from my iPad

  56. 1cinabluemoon

    Amen! Thank you for writing this and thank you for stating what has been on my heart. Where is the loyalty shown to someone who has given so much of themselves for our country? I hope President Trump reads this and is encouraged to know that we continue to stand behind him. We are ready and waiting for our orders from Holy Spirit on what our part is in bringing down the forces of evil and those aligning themselves with the father of lies.

  57. eaglepbm

    Mario, this church will never abandon President Trump. Who is still president of the United States. We stand with him and you.
    Remember, the religious Jews did the same thing to Jesus Christ.
    They abandoned Him. And many of the si called Christians have too.
    They had rather support a baby killer and sex slavery than abide by what God said in His word. No matter what the left tries to do… Jehovah God is still in control of America…and the left has NO power over Him…absolutely NONE.

  58. Sheila Price

    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 1:19 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  59. parrillaturi

    We will never abandon him. Still waiting for that miracle. God is in control, and watch and see what He will do. It’s not over yet. Thank you, Mario. Blessings.

  60. Jim Odabashian

    Hear, Hear!

  61. twolistenersorg

    I absolutely will not abandon Trump. This is where the rubber hits the road and we
    now can see who the fair-weather supporters are, it’s disgusting!
    At some point we all must go from believing to knowing God’s character and from a
    believer to a follower. Wishy-washy (lukewarm) just doesn’t cut it in the Kingdom.
    When you make a decision you stick with it! I’m hanging with God and His David DJT !

  62. Bruce

    It’s never been about Trump for me. But I believe he is the instrument of God to break down this evil system. That is why I will follow him through the gates of hell if need be.

  63. Christine Hamm

    I am a Canadian, but my heart is with you 100%!! Donald Trump is the best President the United States ever had !! I am praying for him and and for all Trump supporters, and I pray you Mario and your Ministry!! ________________________________

  64. hredhawk1942

    Roger on your last. I agree with your reasons and add this is the man that God has chosen we should be alert to not utter stout words against him or God. If God has chosen him, who am I to say otherwise. One of the General Orders in the military is, ‘I will stand my post until properly relieved’. We have not been properly relieved as yet, therefore we must continue to Stand our post, challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority. As yet, I don’t see anyone with proper authority. The devil, nor any of his associates, have any authority, none. We the body of Christ, the Ekklesia, have the authority. Stand and continue to declare victory. To God’s glory and our benefit.
    Harry Leonard
    This e-mail and any attachment is intended solely for the addressed recipient(s) and contains information that may be confidential. If you are not the correct recipient, please notify the sender by replying to this message and delete this e-mail and all attachments from your system immediately. Any use, dissemination or copying of this email by any person or entity other than the addressed recipient(s) is prohibited.
    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 1:21 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  65. RS

    Praise God!
    I stand with President Trump & support him, as I see a man who is staid on following our Constitution- which is based on the Word of Truth/Biblical values! It is gravely unfortunate that there is little-to-no firm standing in the GOP, but they are blown to & fro by winds of doctrines of demons! (For the love of money/power is truly the root of all evil in our government!)
    I continue to pray that the Fear of the Lord will fall upon all men everywhere, bringing us ALL to that place of repentance unto salvation – that we, as Believers, will walk in an attitude of repentance, gratitude, and in the Spirit, rather than the flesh! When each of us comes to that place of searching our own hearts constantly, to make sure our heart attitudes (as well as what we think, say & do!) are pleasing to The Lord, then offering up a sacrifice of Praise to Him, THAT is when we will see His Glory – for He inhabits the praises of His people! (This, I believe, is KEY!)
    Thank you, Brother Mario, for all you do to further the Kingdom! I pray for your ministry & for the pastors, and dwell in an ‘air of expectation/excited anticipation’, as I wait to see what God will do next! We live in extraordinary/exciting times!
    “Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” Luke 21:28

  66. gege4god


  67. NewHeavenOnEarth

    We hold the line for God’s appointed and anointed! We never turn away from God’s Plans and Purposes to prosper us and not harm us, to give us HOPE and a future! thank you Jesus!

  68. Deborah Westfall

    Thank you for standing for God and for our great country. I am standing with Father God. He WILL move soon and HIS will be done.

  69. Petro Swart

    God bless you Mario Murillo for what you are doing in the Kingdom of God! God bless America! God bless President Trump!
    All the Glory to Jesus Christ! Amen and amen

  70. gjones1@mymts.net

    We support Trump and we are Canadian snowbirds in Florida. We stand with you Mario. God bless America and Canada ?????????????????? In God we Trust Carol Jones
    Sent from my iPad

  71. Nancy Binion

    Yes,yes,I will stand!!!!

  72. william hudgins

    don’t talk against the Anointing on someone’s life for a purpose. You will get Haman” ed

  73. Kay Runyan

    I will not abandon President Trump, the true president. Before another election occurs, we MUST prove along with Mike Lindell that the voting machines and the people behind them were crooked! We are lost if we don’t pursue this aspect and make the truth be known to all…even the leftists who know the truth but prefer to hide behind their evil lies.
    God help America. God bless America. God protect America. God help, bless and protect President Trump and we who will not abandon our faith in the Lord God of Heaven to make a miracle…a surprise as you said on November 4th…a stunning surprise! Praise the Lord, I proclaim that in Jesus’ Holy Name.
    Kay Runyan ________________________________

  74. Wordforworld

    We can hardly wait for your message regarding the humongous “luncheon of pastors!”
    Thanks, Mario, for your many clarion calls for God’s people to get with His plan! To stop their false humility. Their “humbleness” is only to bring attention to themselves. They exalt themselves.
    God appointed & ANOINTED His servant Donald J. Trump, and not to fail. Are you now demanding God answer to you for what He is doing? You don’t know YET how good and great is our LORD??
    *Exactly what was the LORD GOD standing on when He made the mountains? No, wait, back up! Exactly what was the LORD GOD standing on when He made the earth?!?
    *Do we imagine that all the forces of evil in earth & in the atmosphere are too much for the MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH?
    *Our LORD GOD MUST have the praises of His people; for it is written HE inhabits the praises of His people!
    *HIS wisdom is beyond marvelous! God equipped His servant Donald J. Trump with the treasures (knowing) of darkness and with the hidden riches (value) of secret places. God alone, w/o consulting us, appointed & anointed this one to perform God’s pleasure, not yours! (For many of you didn’t even know YOU have been in bondage all your lives, even here in America!)
    *Worship the LORD, magnify His greatness, thank Him for every life rescued, saved; proclaim liberty to yourselves, to each other; publish His miracles, His signs, His wonders!
    *KNOW w/o a doubt: HE IS MOVING! He is restoring righteousness, opening eyes, unstopping ears, thwarting the plans of the evil, exposing the deeds and the dens of wickedness, instilling terror into the hearts of the reprobates, scattering the workers of iniquity, confounding their communications!!
    *Shout with voices of triumph to the LORD GOD, praise His infinite wisdom, support His true servants.
    *Do you really want Him to stop all He IS doing just to take the time needed to get thru your head all that must be done??? Meanwhile precious lives are at stake! Faith, people!
    *Lean NOT on your own understanding of things,

  75. Pat Everson

    I have just started to follow your ministry here on FB thanks to Lance Wallnau. The subject of this post really got to me. I have supported Trump since day one, not for how he acts but what he believes and how he acts on those beliefs. It is difficult for me to see other Christians express such distain for him now. First because there is so much proof about the manipulation of the election by his opponents, starting with the unconstitutional actions in many states specifically swing states, to all the conspiracy theories. All one has to do is listen to some of the sworn testimony given by so many people at hearings at states legislators all over the country.
    Second because of the policies he enacted on abortion, the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, the stopping of illegal migration on our borders, his position on China, who wants to dominate the world as a economic and political power.
    If these Christians can overlook all he did I question what else they may be teaching to their parishes abd followers. We are indeed in a far worse place than ever before.
    I thank you Mario for all you are doing and writing to keep this in the spot light. I pray you will be able to continue and grow.
    God be with you!

  76. C.Caraballo

    I will always stand for President Trump. He loves America and Israel and for Christians beliefs.

  77. Ann

    I absolutely will not give up on Trump and neither are many other people I know. Right makes might and God’s mercy will prevail for His people.

  78. Laurie Terio Fiorino

    I will NEVER abandon Donald John Trump!!! He is the rightful heir to the Presidency. He won the election and it was stolen from him. God knowsEVERYTHING that EVERYONE does and ALL is in God’s hands. I am a Jersey Girl – born and raised and have always loved Donald Trump. I will stand strong and not give up on the man who is anointed by God for this nation!!!!!

  79. Christine H.

    Nor will I??☦????

  80. Conita Drew

    I’m with you Brother, Jesus Is Still Lord, God is still God and President Trump is still President. The Lord will work it all out in His time and His way. The Holy Spirit is about to flood this earth in a new and mighty way, one more time, then we are going home, Bless the Lord. Thank you Mario for keeping the faith. Our God has only just begun.

  81. Michael Bull

    No – I stand also! I was at Manteca.
    Michael Bull

  82. Jayne Redmond

    I have no intentions to abandon Trump. The Lord told me His lips to my ear before Trump went down the escalator at Trump Towers that Trump was the Lord’s chosen candidate. I will stand with him until the day the Lord tells me otherwise.

  83. OTIS

    You are 100% correct in every word. The “fact-checker: liars” may disagree but you are hearing from God and the Church better wake up; or there will be more purifying for the people who are called by His name. We are blessed by your faith and your leadership. You are carrying the Gospel to the dark places of America.
    Be Blessed grear Warrior for God.
    Dr. Otis Lichlyter
    Apostle at Christian International and Living Hope Ministries Church
    Brandon, Ms 39042.

  84. Loie Rhodes

    HORRAY! Stand for light!
    Sent from my iPhone

  85. augustaseed@aol.com

    Trump is a great leader that stands on principles!  I agree with you and believe he (Trump) is Gods man for America in these days!  Thank you Jesus for sending such a leader. Dennis RawleyPresidentAugusta Seed Corporation

  86. blessedking

    I Am in total agreement, President Trump has proven his loyalty, and he will do it again. Alice Hernandez
    Sent from my iPhone

  87. Deana Mora

    Thank you, Brother Mario! I am in total agreement with you, standing firm staying in prayer for our country & our President Donald J Trump & First Lady Melania! To God be all the Glory!

  88. David Carroll

    good word brother,i still standing with trump i will not give up or back down.still praying.

  89. kmcdanie1

    I will not abandon TRUMP
    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021, 12:14 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  90. Margo Daugherty


  91. Rita Grissom

    I will not abandon
    President Donald Trump
    He has done more for this country than any other president in time.
    He is truely a man after Gods
    Own heart.
    I pray for him an his family for God to continue to bless them always

  92. Audrey

    I take agreement with that sound word and couple my shield of faith to all who are still standing. For where one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight. March on in unity all you soldiers of Light. We have are orders. The high praises of God in our mouth and a two edged sword in our hands. We love what President Trump stands for and the hand of the Lord is upon him.

  93. Debbie

    I will never abandon President Trump as I feel God put him in this position to save this country. I am looking forward to witnessing the miracle that God has in store for us. ?praying ??????

  94. Linda P

    Amen Mario! Amen! I continue to stand with and pray for our President. Oh God is able and He is Willing. Watch out satan. Here He comes! Do you hear it? The Lion of the tribe of Judah ROARS!

  95. carol weiler

    I will not abandon President Trump. He is the greatest president in my lifetime. He loves America and God will do a miracle.
    On Fri, Mar 5, 2021, 10:20 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  96. bobandnorma

    No, sir, I will not abandon President Trump. I stand with him and many of God’s people world wide, believing that God will judge the situation that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election in the USA. I personally believe that there was an accurate count made of the votes that were legitimate. That count was not made by any election officials of the USA. The accurate count was ordered to be made by Almighty God, the Commander of all of heaven’s armies. This problem can be resolved here and now, or it can be handled by Him personally as each one of tne people who were involved in what took place come before Him at the judgement. It would be much better for them if it were handled here. I have heard Him say that America is His, and they will not steal her from Him. I will stand for Donald Trump, the rightful President of the USA. And I will continue to humble myself, seek God’s face, and pray that God will heal America. May God bless America!

  97. Linda Hunter

    No, I will not abandon President Trump. He is still my president and the Lord Jesus Christ is still my Lord and Savior.
    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 12:16 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Bloodthirsty Trump-haters, inside and > outside the church, demand that we renounce Trump and admit we made a > costly blunder supporting him. It is disgusting to see some of his > supporters—even Republican leaders—throwing in the towel and abandoning him > at ” >

  98. Bri H Loftis

    Amen! Agree completely!!!!

  99. M&M

    At least Trump tried to protect us from all this perversion going on now..
    The Equality Act! God help us!
    Please call your Congressperson to vote against this horrible bill!
    U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.
    I can even imagine my 5 y/o granddaughter being preyed on by some deranged man in the women’s/ girl’s restroom!
    What is happening to people nowadays?? These people need help not encouragement by passing these awful bills!
    This has got to stop!! ?

  100. tajana2222

    Brother Mario, greetings from Croatia! We are not American citizens but we have recognised what is at stake and how it affects the whole world. We are standing with your ministry, with all U.S. patriots and those who are willing to fight even when it hurts. The election was stolen. President Trump is the rightful President. American Christians are waking up. Body of Christ around the world is praying and getting their fire for Jesus back. Thank you for speaking up the Truth. We are with you!

    • Lisa

      Amen!! ?&? God bless you and yours!! My Mom is from Croatia ❤️

  101. sandramccain

    NO NOT EVER!!!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  102. MARIO

    Read the “parable of the two sons” in today’s eye view” (Comments in parenthesis mine)
    28. But what do you think? A man had two sons and he came to the first and said “Son, go, and work
    today in my vineyard.”
    29. He answered and said “I will not” (He is arrogant & ” writes mean tweets”.)
    but afterward he regretted it and went. ( He repents, obeys and does the will of the father)
    30. Then he came to the second and said likewise. And he answered and said “ ` I go sir (He appears
    to be obedient and respectful. Even calls him sir….not father though) but HE DID NOT GO.
    (He is disobedient)
    31. Which of the two did the will of his father? They said to him ` ” The first”
    (You can read the rest of the parable)
    -How would YOU answer the question Jesus asked in verse 28 “What do you think?….”
    – Which president is like the first son? and who is the second son?…What a tough question!!!!

  103. BACD

    Thanks, Brother Mario!
    Don’t grow weary in well doing. We will reap if we faint not! Just keep looking unto Jesus!
    Here’s a for instance:
    If by some miracle exposing election fraud in the next 2 years, could Donald Trump serve the last 2 years of this term, and then, still be eligible to run in 2024 for another 4 years?
    The Constitution says that a President can only serve 2 terms (8 years) if duly elected, but a maximum of 10 years serving as President an additional 2 years when “assuming” the Presidency for some reason, ex., when Kennedy was assassinated and VP Johnson “assumed” (not elected) the Presidency serving the 2 remaining years of that term, Johnson was eligible to run for 2, 4-year terms (8 years) on his own after that (Johnson chose to run only one term, but was eligible to run a second 4-year term which he declined to do).
    Now, technically, Trump was duly elected in 2020, but Biden was inaugurated and officially declared to be the President. So wouldn’t Trump just be “assuming” the Presidency on legal grounds for the last 2 years, making him eligible to run a second full term in 2024? This would set a precedence no doubt, but what else is new.
    Where are our Constitutional scholars? What say you?
    What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn for good. More than we could ask or imagine. Was this the plan?

  104. pamdonahue

    President Trump (who is still my president, not the Cheater-In-Chief), was pro-life, pro-church, pro-Israel, pro-prosperity, and pro-America. I will always support him. To me, I see the Lord unearthing a great deal of falsehood and deception. The deranged Trump-haters have already been exposed, but now, so are the fair weather “friends.” Personally, I’m enjoying seeing all of this, and I know God is going to move. I’m praying that all the evil is eradicated, and that those who repent will find abundant mercy.

  105. fromanislandinnewhampshire

    Amen, we will hold on fast to God’s promise! Eat cake, and celebrate, even as we fight the fight!

  106. NickT

    President Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime. #MAGA2020, #Maga2024

  107. Bev Campbell

     As One!! If We the People who marched to the Seat of Government on the 6 Jan. this year in support of President Donald Trump & free & fair elections .. showing their support & courage to Make America Great Again..under his Braveheart Leadership so we also lift up holy hands of agreement .. to God be the Glory & the Great Things He has .. is & continues to Do!
    Sent from my iPhone

  108. Wanda Carpenter

    Thank you Mario for standing with President Donald Trump. When I pray for those in authority, I call out President Donald John Trump’s name. He is my President so I stand in agreement with you on never abandoning him. God bless you and your ministry.

  109. Venetia Kelley

    Yes, I will not abandon President Trump either. My Prayers go up to God on his behalf ??
    Preach the Truth!!! All honor, glory, and praise to our God…forever ??☝?

  110. Sandra Calhoun

    No I still pray for him as my President because I know legally he won! Pray GOD will get the evil ones and revealing their evil deeds has been the most horrible and disgusting thing ever! Still say there is a Heaven to gain and hell to shun, why do people want to hide their heads in the sand? Why do they want evil to rule? But go back to as it was in the days of Noah and Lot! Just so glad I am HIS!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  111. Linda s Herrin

    I stand with Donald Trump. In my mind the great sin of this country, beside rejecting God is abortion. Donald Trump stood for the lives of those that could not defend themselves. He is God’s man for this time and place.

  112. Curtis Edward Gaines

    Dear Mario – I love you as a brother in Christ. I was saved at a crusade you had at Chico State on January 9, 1971. My life has been forever changed in positive ways and I will see you in heaven… However, I disagree with your stance concerning Trump. In addition, I would NEVER vote for anyone who was not against abortion, was not totally for Israel, was not for total Christian freedom, did not stand in total agreement with our Constitution or was not an economic conservative. As I see it, Trump is only in love with himself and basically no one else. Building that wall was nothing but completely stupid and a waste of our tax dollars. He wreaked careers and some of those were honorable Generals. He stated that John McCain was not a hero, when he himself bought his way out of the draft. He is a terrible businessman that has ripped-off many of his vendors. Doing something about China was necessary, but not as a bull in a china store. I worked in China from 2014 and until COVID 19. We were exporting berry plants from California to China and taking money back to the USA. Trump cost USA farmers billions of dollars due to not being even slightly diplomatic. China was the Number One customer for American agricultural products. If you want to blame someone for moving manufacturing jobs to China from the USA blame everybody that shops at Walmart. Almost every week, I drove pass the Great Wall of China. Now that is a real wall. Guess what, it did not work. Besides that I have worked with about 30,000 Mexicans in my life and had almost zero problems. Instead of busing illegals back to the border, run those buses from places like downtown San Francisco or the parks in Chico or from downtown LA and dump off some of the white trash across the Mexican side of the border. In 14 years I saw two white people make it in the field for more than 2 days, yet just about every Mexican wanted to work more and I mean thousand’s of those wonderful people. Many of these jobs were running equipment and we always paid more than the California minimum. Trump is a creep for separating families and he is sure no economical conservative. He wanted to give everybody $2,000.00 when his end came…. I am going to your crusade in Modesto, California, and I will tell you exactly what I just wrote straight to your face, plus a lot more. / Love – Curt G.

  113. hrider01

    I absolutely stand by Donald J Trump. He loves America and her people. No man on Earth deserves our loyalty more.
    Helen Pyles

  114. Shawna Dekelaita

    I will never abandon this man! I will defend him until the day I die or he God forbid should do something to dishonor himself which I believe he has not done since he took the office of President in 2016! We all have a past, if we were all judged by our past we would never move forward. God throws our past into the depths of the sea never to be seen or heard of again. Satan on the other hand likes to be a deep sea diver and retrieve them and toss them in our face every chance he has! I am forgiven and set free of my past and so is President Donald J Trump!! Shawna deKelaitaSuper fan



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