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The chief devils met with Satan in hell to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, it was some time ago, but not very long ago.

The question on all their leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?”  After much squealing deliberation, one senior devil spoke up. “Remember, Abraham Lincoln said there was only one way that America could die.” Lincoln said, ‘If it ever reaches us, it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.’

“So, you see,” the demon said, “if we want to kill America, we must get them to kill themselves.”

The Devil asked, “What do you recommend?”

Came the answer: “As I see it, there are three nation-killing forces that stand out in history. They, more than anything else, cause people to turn on themselves. They are Racism, Fascism, and Communism. However, we have a problem in America.”

“What is that?” asked Satan.

“Well,” replied the elder demon, “right now, America seems to be rejecting these notions. The young are attacking fascism. Communism is declining, because their President caused their economy to boom—especially among minorities—and this economic boom has damaged the economy and credibility of Communist countries.

“Worse yet, the death of a black man in police custody has awakened a movement against racism. It seems we have our work cut out for us, if we want these three killing-agents to keeping working in America.”

Satan asked, “How can we keep Racism, Fascism, and Communism alive in America?”

 A hush settled over hell, because there seemed to be no answer. Then the silence was broken by another devil—a lying spirit everyone knew. This same devil had once fooled King Ahab into going to war, and it led to Ahab’s death.  The story is found in 1 Kings 22:21-22, “Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord, and said, ‘I will persuade him.’ The Lord said to him, ‘In what way?’ So, he said, ‘I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’”

“Can you do it?” Beelzebub asked the lying spirit.  “Of course, I can. I am the master at inciting mobs. Remember, I am also the one who moved the masses—some of whom were even healed by You-Know-Who—to turn against Him. They wanted to spare Him, but when I was through with them, they were yelling, ‘Crucify Him!’ And they wouldn’t stop, until Barabbas was released in His place.”

“I can twist minds until they become the very thing they say they are against,” he boasted.

“How will you do it?” they all asked.

“I will intensify hate until it blinds.  That blind rage will make anti-Fascists start using tactics that are uniquely Fascist. They will attack like Fascists. The will censor like Fascists. They will assault and destroy people in ways that would impress Hitler.  Under my spell, they will, all the while, believe themselves champions of equality, justice, and free speech.”

“I will do the same thing with Racism. I will bury the ideals of Marin Luther King. Remember his dangerous words? ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.’ I will make them ignore character and only look at skin color.

“I will fool the victims of Racism into practicing a new kind of Racism. If hate isn’t enough, I will constantly insinuate that they are ‘victims’, until their definition of equality includes the destruction of another race.”

“What is the greatest threat to your plan?” Satan asked.

“Of course, it is our Supreme Enemy, Almighty God, working through His Church. We all know how they have disrupted our plans in the past. However, our campaign to get them to remain silent about politics and focus on inner blessings has kept them distracted and unprepared for the drastic change we will make in the American Culture. The only marginal threat is a remnant―those who keep warning them and declaring a ‘moral awakening.’

“But wait,” inquired an arch demon, “you’ve said nothing about Communism. How will you make a nation that has been so blessed with prosperity, seek to be totally controlled by government?”

“Well, I have given that one a lot of thought and realized I must create a national disaster. I must bring about the total halt of the economy by locking people down, killing their small businesses, churches, and their hope. I think, maybe, by a virus.”

Satan clapped his hands with glee, saying, “Yes, that will surely succeed! Those who call themselves Christians will be too weak and too cowardly to take a stand against all of your plans!”

Was he right?



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  1. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    Yes true …
    THEY CLOSED THE CHURCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How much chit chat blog blog blog will take him out of office Mario ?????????

    • Linda C

      I really don’t understand the attitude you show with every comment you make. Your comments are quite hateful and the polar opposite of edifying or helpful. If I listened to people like you, I’d just feel like it’s too late and we might as well give up. But that is NOT what I think. We need to stand against what is happening in our country now, both through PRAYER and action.

      • C. Jones

        glenlea is a satanic plant in the Mario Blog looking for attention. I simply laugh at the idiocy coming from him. He is a total waste of time.

      • RAFO

        You’re absolutely correct Linda… this person has an accusing spirit (a real demonic spirit) attached to every comment they make. Satan IS the accuser of the brethren, finding fault at every turn. They have nothing uplifting to say, and never has any worthwhile suggestions of what to do. Just accusations. I’ve previously given this person over to Satan to sift him (a Biblical concept) so that their soul may be saved. Before they become better, they may get worse… or they may be lost forever if they don’t repent. Best advice for now is ignore their comments and realize they’re being used by Satan to combat everything Mario writes.

        • penwright1029

          Let us lift our hearts to the Lord. It is within our Heavenly Father’s arms that we are safe and protected. Evil shall not overcome us, if we put on the mind of Christ, who is the son of God.
          How can we lose when we stand together and stand against the evils of this world? We can’t. But they will. Father tells us, in His mighty Word, many times, how He set it up for evil doers to be overcome. Some were even by their own hands, against each other.
          The opposition will, eventually, be taken over by our Father. He has plans. What we, mainly, need to do is to believe His Word, which he magnified above all His own name.
          Psalm 138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

      • jj

        Im sorry you are offended I understand, but I think Mario is speaking truth, its hard to get folks to see truth in this mad world. I appreciate Mario because we are surrounded with lies and fake ppl., he just tells it like it is, no sugar coating. Mario is a Man of God on a mission from God.

    • Louie C

      It’s clear you’re only here to antagonize, and that is not of God. If you’re a Christian you need to ask God to help you get rid of that bitterness.

      • fromanislandinnewhampshire

        I suggest we either quote straight Scripture at glen, or simply ignore him. He’s a good target for a few prayer missiles, too, to get him going one way or the other.

  2. swordandspiritwriter

    No fatal plague will come nigh our dwelling place (temples of the Living God). We take Your Word as TRUTH, as a weapon against every plague. The Word says in the end times MANY will be deceived and would deceived. But we are on the wall watching and praying knowing this, Lord God, and will not fall for their word twistings and propganda tactics b/c we are filled with Your Spirit and Word. The remnant church hasn’t fallen for the weapons they’ve tried to form against us. YOU Lord, are Resurrection and Life, You are Multiplier and Provider. You are Redeemer and Waymaker. Able to raise the church, America, and its ecomony back to life again. Able to provide in the famine. We cry unto You and trust in You and Your Word. We’ve repented. Most have voted rightly and want nothing to do with evil. Cause Your church to be like Elijah and Micaiah who will say what You have them say no matter what. Fill us with Your fire. We are more than conquerors in You, Lord. We are called to be bold as lions. Let it be so, Lord!

  3. Mark Stripling

    Decades ago, David Wilkerson said he saw the demons that were displaced when the Iron Curtain fell from the USSR and the Communist Bloc searching for a home, and that they found one here in America. The demon inspired people behind The Equality Act even accused God of being responsible for every past sin of America in their evil God-mocking speeches. No doubt the Remnant in America will lay their lives on the line to resist the devil’s plan for this nation. Preaching the truth is not an option. If I get locked up for proclaiming the Word, I will just do prison ministry as a resident instead of as a visitor. My cell will be the parsonage, I will tell all the prisoners that I am now their pastor, and they are my congregation!

  4. Roger Culwell

    Amen you totally nailed it sir, that pretty much sum’s it all up, all the above is working lake a charm right now, and the silence is still the number one killer, and a church who can not see her need to surrender unto the Holy Spirit, for only he has the power to save us, but some boast they have it, but they show nothing and exalt self, leaving out the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit, a love that doesn’t correct, and takes all your fight out and allows sin and evil, is far from Gods Love, we have the greatest do nothing Church that has ever been in the world, when the Church really gets right with God she will change the world, but for now they just want to change the one’s who speak out for God and whats right, we must become world changers not word changers and slave makers, some unfollowed me today because I said BHO was the most racist man ever, and has done more to destroy what MLK accomplished than any one ever, but truth is truth. sad but all of this is true.

  5. egrg

    Hi Mario,
    May the Lord raise up more and more Micaiahs amongst his shepherds of the flocks around the US and here in Australia.
    Bless you dear man.
    Scott Murison

  6. penwright1029

    The diamon is the leader. The diamonion are the followers.
    What we are seeing is, the diamon is telling the diamonion to attack and destroy at every opportunity. Their minds are seared with a hot iron. They do not understand normal thinking. They have been deceived to the point of destroying our country, not building it. But we believers have the upper hand in all this by putting on the mind of Christ and taking the defense that is needed to return to what we, truly are meant to be. As American citizens, it is our responsibilty, as believers, to stand against the evil the has penetrated our systems throughout our nations.
    Reopen the churches. Reopen businesses and schools, universities, colleges. Let’s get this country rolling again. Stop hiding in our homes and get out and communicate with our fellow beings. By being separated, the devil has a hold on our lives. IT is time, brothers and sisters in Christ, to take back our country.
    I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be a sheeple.
    How we defend ourselves against the evil is this, put on the whole armor of God. Read the passages about how God defended His children and the prophets in the old testament. Then put your trust in Him. He knows the answers to all of this. Our feeble brains cannot figure this out. God’s spirit within us can and will guide us on the correct path.
    Ephesians 6

  7. Ray DeLay

    Seems to be working so far. However, “greater is He . . .”. God has a plan to wake His church up and unite. Stay tuned!


    My name is Les Philp and I live in Jasper, Ontario, Canada. After reading today’s Blog I was directed to Jeremiah 15 vs 11-14, in particular vs 11 ” Surely it is well with your remnant; surely I will cause the enemy to INTERCEDE with you” Exciting times!!

  9. kathycollins3

    NO! By God’s Grace and Power, His Plans will be accomplished!
    Blessings, Kathy ________________________________

  10. L'Angel de la Mer

    I’ve made my notes. I will be practicing what I preach and make my voice to be heard again.
    Why? Silence is consent. And
    If you don’t make your voice heard to your reps, Someone else will be lifting their voice and you may not like what they are saying.
    I adore the Victory Channel. And I took my notes about their pure evil UnEquality act. I will be both calling and giving them the list, and writing it and mailing it in my own handwriting so that there will be No Question it is by My Hand. I have all my reps in my phone.
    I took my notes from Victory News 02/26/2021;
    Points to reps on Equality act HR 5;
    1.) It endangers the Church; – It’s Unconstitutional!
    a. Can No longer hire based on beliefs.
    b. Restrooms will no longer be segregated according to birth Chromosomes born with XX or XY = Male or Female. (The Child Sex Predators dream come true!) Anytime a man feels like it he can say “Today I am a woman” and it gains him LEGAL ACCESS to Womens and Girls Restrooms, and Showers, and many other things dedicated to women.
    c. Repeals the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. (This shows how they believe they can legislate your freedoms away at their will!) Shocking there is no outrage over this!
    This is just the beginning of my notes.
    I will also be letting them know before heaven and earth, I do not support their hypocrisies, or them if they continue to vote for things like this. Again and again. That’s not supporting us, Why support them?
    I will continue to shave my head at the doors of the Church Before the Lord Jesus Christ My God and Saviour against their Pure Evil ways against God and Man. Not against the Church, but in support of the Church. Against those Devil worshiping Traitors for grief of what they’re doing to my fellow man and their hatred of God, us, and our families.
    I take up my Constitutional duty to Throw Off Their Government!

  11. Laura Prather

    I love this and I enjoy listening to you. I’m fairly new to your ministry, only first hearing about you this last Fall.
    This is an excellent article and several of other people in the public eye share your perspective, but one question I have….what are you recommending we “do”? I hear so much preaching about the church waking up and doing something but I don’t hear anyone saying, “Let’s do this….”
    Many people, like myself, wonder what we can do other than pray and contact our representatives.
    I’ve found that in my circle of influence, there isn’t a single person who wants me to talk to them about this, getting angry if I even mention it. “Chasing unicorns”, “stop spreading negative talk”, “stop making Trump an idol”, “wait for the next election”, “we’ll carry on as before”, “don’t talk to me I don’t want to hear it”.
    My own husband doesn’t want me to say anything. He doesn’t believe anything is going to happen and that the prophets were false. My parents, siblings, friends…not one is not only interested, but very much tired of any talk of taking back the country or what the truth might be behind everything.
    Just started at a new house church, and even there, it is cautioned against any talk of political things.
    So I feel like my hands are tied and I’m standing alone in a great big empty space unable to do anything about it other than pray.
    In spite of that, I carry hope and the deep belief that what God said through His true prophets (I’ve consider Hank Kunneman my pastor for 4 years despite living 2 states away) is true. God WILL hear the cry of the remnant.
    All that to say, humbly and with much respect, I’d love for people like you, our public leaders, to offer suggestions at the same time as exposing the problems. I know you asked on FB some time ago for ideas of what people are doing. Would love to see a blog post of what stood out to you, what you are doing, and sharing ideas to get others our minds churning as to what we can do locally and nationally.
    Your humble sister in Christ,
    Writer, Ghost Writer, Copywriting Microbusiness Mentor Jot & Tittle Vintage Typewriters

  12. archaios6

    Confusion is the name of the game
    Confusion and fear are great weapons. They attack the fabric of conscious behavior. The multitudes have become trapped in the web of dependency, that allows leaders to control the direction of the multitude. Their plan works, for the people are stunned, not knowing which way to face the ill wind of doom. “Will they fight or go down beaten by masters of deception?” the element of surprise.
    The natives/believes are restless, as they wait for the hammer to strike them. The enemy knows the vulnerability of Christians! Therefore, their plan is to nullify where they gather. (closing of churches/buildings) the enemy is prepared, the followers of Christ are not, they are lost without a leader to guide them to victory. Christians (weakness) are all talk with no plan for action against evil dictators. (let God deal with Lucifer, and let man deal with corruption) only fools think using different words of description guarantees victory. The Lord already has a plan, He is waiting to see how many are brave enough to fight the fight Jesus referred to.

  13. Steve Terry

    Anne & I continue to stand with you and God’s plan to SPEAK UP no matter who cares…????????????????
    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Lisa Kaye

    Amen Mario. I’m ready to fight and just like in the Bible let’s send the praisers first. Praise ye the Lord for His mercy endures forever. Let’s cry aloud and spare not.
    On Fri, Feb 26, 2021, 11:50 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The chief devils met with Satan in hell > to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, > it was some time ago, but not very long ago. The question on all their > leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?” After much ” >

  15. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Nailed it! And, that with a self loading fully automatic nail gun…
    “What is the greatest threat to your plan?” Satan asked.
    “Of course, it is our Supreme Enemy, Almighty God, working through His Church. We all know how they have disrupted our plans in the past. However, our campaign to get them to remain silent about politics and focus on inner blessings has kept them distracted and unprepared for the drastic change we will make in the American Culture. The only marginal threat is a remnant―those who keep warning them and declaring a ‘moral awakening.’
    Reposted to Facebook…
    A Church that is AWAKE
    is more dangerous to satan
    than all the “Woke” churches together!

  16. Crystal

    He will not win. I am more awake then I have ever been, more determined to press in and more determined to get back up. I refuse to stay blind and silent any longer.

  17. Slabside45

    Thank you Mario for your wisdom in these times …
    Interesting that my reading this morning started with Ezekiel 34:1-5, which is exact what you have been highlighting for quite a while now… and how our pastors have failed in their duty to take a stand and do what is right in God’s eyes…
    Dave Lowe

  18. Deborah

    He is always wrong.



  20. Mark Mecucci

    On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 10:23 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The chief devils met with Satan in hell > to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, > it was some time ago, but not very long ago. The question on all their > leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?” After much ” >


    Great Question Mario – Great Question!

  22. David Carroll

    great word so true brother,i still believing God will turn it around but the church need to stand for jesus christ .

  23. kingskid48

    Fauci and other “leaders” are saying that nothing is going to change in spite of the vaccine. There will be little, if any, return to, “normalcy”.
    The lockdown, and all the destruction that it has brought us, is filling them with a huge sense of power. There is no way those who are pulling the strings are going to let go of their control over the masses.
    Th lockdown morphed into the need for the vaccine. Trump got them their vaccine in record time. So, then we were told we just need at least 40% and then we’ll be home free with “herd immunity”. Then they increased it to 50%.
    Now we are told that it has to be nearly all of the public to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. When we reach 90%, they will start saying it has to be TOTAL vaccination of ALL citizens, and if that doesn’t happen, the demands will increase for those who refuse it…permanent home lockdown, no going to work, no shopping, visiting, eating out, nothing. Mandatory “vaccine certificate”, not just to travel, but to leave your home.
    And the cancel culture types will vilify and threaten those who refuse the vaccine. Those who turn against the anti-vacs are going to find out they’re under continued lockdown anyway. But they’ll blame in on the anti-vacs, not on the globalist types that are continuing with their draconian demands.
    The only thing that will stop this tyranny is for God to reinstall President Trump into the Oval Office where he rightfully belongs. And if he possibly can, fire Fauci and Birtz. If he can’t, then just ignore them, give them no duties, let them stay in their offices and shuffle papers. Put some real doctors in charge of public health, that are not globalists.
    We need sanity back in our government. But all of this will come about only by the Church doing her job..
    However, I do have hope. I believe the remnant is increasing and arising..

    • HELEN

      What is the problem with just staying home? It could save lives!

      • mariomurilloministries

        Experts say that each day you are locked down affects your body like smoking 17 cigarettes. We have yet to calculate the future death toll to millions we will see in suicide, addiction, cancer, and diabetes from a lockdown that was never backed by science. Fact: Florida is wide open and California is the most strict lockdown in America and yet California’s death and infection rate is no better.

  24. nellsh

    I would love to purchase the flash drive. I’m living in lreland.

  25. Sandra Douglas

    Your are so anointed Mario to herald these truths and your mission is being accomplished by your obedient dedication to summon the hearts of men to rise up and stand for the Divine mandate of our responsibility we have been afforded by our freedom in this country…prayers and grateful love to you as we rise up to our callings as well! Carry on!!!!

  26. Wordforworld

    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here’s the REAL SCOOP!
    *Ps 9:5 the LORD destroyed the wicked
    *luke 10:18 The LORD said I saw that one fall as lightning from heaven
    *Isa 14:5 the LORD has broken the staff of the wicked, the scepter of rulers
    *Isa 14:26 THIS is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and the LORD’s Hand is stretched out upon all the nations
    *Isa 14:22 For I will rise up agst them said the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, the remnant, son, and nephew, said the LORD
    *Isa 14:21 slaughter is prepared for the seed of evildoers/his children, for the iniquity of their fathers. They will NOT rise, they will NOT possess the land, NOR will they fill the face of the world with cities
    *Ps 94:20-23 the LORD said the throne of iniquity shall be cut off: those that frame mischief by a law, those that gather agst the soul of the righteous and those that condemn innocent blood.
    *Gen 11:6-9 (the LORD clued us to the strength of the seed of evildoers.) They were UNIFIED, spoke ONE thing and were increasing in power. Therefore the LORD confounded their communications and scattered them abroad; they left off their (evil) plans.
    Whose report will you believe? Are you speaking in agreement with what the LORD said?
    *If the Body of Christ would say/speak what our LORD & Head said, then would OUR strength be strong agst the strategies of the enemy.
    Whose report will you believe?

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      That’s right! We’ve got to stop with the conjectures and scenarios of disaster and keep praising and believing God’s promises to us, while doing whatever work He has given each of us to fight this evil. By the way, would all of you pray for my dog, Ready? She is sick, and I have prayed for her healing and am doing everything I can for her, and thanking the Father continually for her healing. I have not yet heard Him say I should take her to the vet’s, so please pray that if I should, I will know. Thank you. By the way, when my car was stuck in the driveway, and I asked for prayer, God gave me exact directions on who to call and everything was great! “He who is faithful in a very little thing is also faithful in much.” God can be trusted; He is more than sufficient for us.

  27. Candice Michelle Workman

    Fortunately, for the remnant, he is WRONG!!! God prevails over evil, ALWAYS!!! Let the Lion Roar, split open Heaven, now!!! IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!!!
    Candice Michelle

  28. yesua7

    amen fight on bro

  29. Debra Sabo

    What an awesome word!!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  30. hredhawk1942

    Yes, he was but no longer. The Remnant has been awakened. The war trumpet has been sounded and the battle gear has been put on.
    Harry Leonard
    This e-mail and any attachment is intended solely for the addressed recipient(s) and contains information that may be confidential. If you are not the correct recipient, please notify the sender by replying to this message and delete this e-mail and all attachments from your system immediately. Any use, dissemination or copying of this email by any person or entity other than the addressed recipient(s) is prohibited.
    On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 1:30 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The chief devils met with Satan in hell > to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, > it was some time ago, but not very long ago. The question on all their > leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?” After much ” >

  31. shirley racz

    Will you ship an order from Canada? I have tried to order but cannot enter my Canadian address. Please advise as I would like to order the flash drives. Thnks
    Shirley Racz
    On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 10:35 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The chief devils met with Satan in hell > to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, > it was some time ago, but not very long ago. The question on all their > leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?” After much ” >

  32. Vivian Maroney

    Unfortunately he is right. End times when even the elect will be deceived. Only thing is… they are not deceived. They choose to look the other way! They fear, and they are weak. They miss their comfort zone.

  33. NewHeavenOnEarth

    Good word! Have you ever seen a video of Dan Mohler showing how the devil sends demonic spirits on assignment to people but when a born again believer speaks the Words of Jesus to the demon, he shudders and goes back to satan in defeat, shaking in his boots, “boss, I told them everything you told me to tell them but it didn’t work; they bbbbbbbbelieve in GGGGGGGod” (said in disbelief). I LOVE 1 John 5:4, “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that overcomes the world, our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world but he who believes (not “make believe” as you say, or disbelief or wrong beliefs) that Jesus is the Son of God?”


    I have read most of your comments and believe we all want the same thing to see the church rise up and take a stand for righteousness and justice. We can do that through prayer and taking back the 7 mountains of culture. Government, education, religion, arts and entertainment, media, family and business or economy.
    We have allowed satan and his demons for to long to be over these mountains and God is calling us all to take them back. We need to be praying and asking Him, “Lord what mountain (s) do you want me involved in for You?” When He answers move because He will anoint you and give you the power to do it!
    God is testing us all right now to stand for Him or against Him. The choice is ours. Trump stood for us and look with God’s help what he was able to do. Now it’s our turn to stand United and watch what God will do through us. God bless you all.

  35. Bob Helms

    Just watched your video,,want to let you know there are millions of we Americans praying, standing firm, but have no mouthpiece. Rest assured,,,,there are many of us as an army of God. Watch what He is going to do with the remnant. Your words are always anointed and bless us. carol

  36. Linda P

    Powerful Mario! Very Powerful.

  37. David Wingfield

    No, he was Not right. We/us Christians are going to stand with the prophets that say “46 does not exist”.
    On Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 12:52 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” The chief devils met with Satan in hell > to devise the destruction of the United States. When did they meet? Well, > it was some time ago, but not very long ago. The question on all their > leathery lips was, “How can we destroy America?” After much ” >

  38. esther blansett

    we have killed over 60 million babies, are we sure we are not under the judgement of God….parents have failed to teach children the word of God and what it says about all this happening to day…girls being boys and boys being girls, are world our nation is upside down….have we not asked for everything we are getting today?????

  39. Janice Quattlebaum

    Notice the titles of Nehemiah Chapter 9 and 10: “National Confession of Sin” and “Israel’s Vow of Faithfulness.” Mr. Murillo, many Christians don’t know what to do other than pray and our local leaders remain quiet. Please talk to other Christian leaders about organizing our day of confession of sin and vow of faithfulness. Just think of the unity it would bring to the church!

  40. Sandra Calhoun

    You are right on target! Everyone is taking the so called vaccine even  pentecostal preachers and their spouses! No one knows the out come of this so called vaccine! Dr Tenpenney thinks it will disable or kill within 3 to 4 months until about 14 months! Check out Dr Jennifer Clark on Sid Roth and this is the purpose of the vaccine! If you aren’t one with the spirit like a husband and wife you can not hear him say to you, “do not take the vaccine”. Thank GOD I can hear HIM!  
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    • Vivian Maroney

      I will not be taking it!

  41. Vivian Maroney

    He was right, but greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We must not let him win.
    Let us put on the WHOLE AMOUR Of CHRIST and win this fight once and for all.



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