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As irresistible as it may seem now—as mighty and unstoppable as it looks now—I want you to remember that I told you this. The Woke movement will go down in American history as the stupidest, most embarrassing abandonment of common sense, ever.

Historians will scratch their heads. They will ask themselves how on earth anyone could have taken such cringe-worthy idiocy seriously. The tombstone of Wokeness will read, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?”

So, what is it exactly about Woke that makes it so banal, insipid and intent on self-destructing? What makes it so vulnerable to collapse? Why will this soufflé not rise twice? The answer is found in an admonition from the Bible. 1 Peter 3:9 says, “Do not overcome evil with evil.”

Wokeness will implode under the weight of its own moronic self, because it is using evil to overcome evil.

The all-wise Woke ones believe they are taking us from bad to good, but, because what they are doing is itself evil, they can only take us from bad to worse. A lot worse!

Take their solution to sexual equality. It is evil. The Woke are not working for LGBTQ equality. They are working for domination. If you do not use the sanctioned pronouns—if you do not deny science and call people by whatever gender they “self-identify” with, you will be cancelled.

The Woke don’t want inclusion. They want exclusion. And they want it in its worst form. They don’t want diversity. They want a standard mind, a standard opinion and an unquestioning allegiance to a vast contradiction.

But it will fail because Biden’s new Equality Act will not bring equality. It will instead destroy equality, because it comes from an evil premise. A premise of brutality and religious persecution.

The Left brutally erases any opinion that is not Woke. But they also want to erase the person. They do not want dissenters to make a living. They want private information put out there on the street for the purpose of harassing, threatening and attacking. And, they want to hit houses when wives and children are alone.

You can count on Wokeness to make anything it touches much worse than it was before. Ah yes, racism is the shining example of their braindead philosophy.

Somewhere Satan is laughing because of how close he came to losing his favorite form of hatred: Racism. America was well on its way to amazing progress, when someone decided to get minorities to stop working on their future and, instead, regurgitate the past.

Let me explain how Woke works. At the top of the pile are people who only want power and money. But they also need camouflage. What better way to hide greed and a lust for power than to ‘virtue-signal.’ You know, look like a do-gooder and talk in ethereal terms about climate, race, gender, and well, you know the list.

Now, your job as a Woke liberal is to deceive the young who are prone to idealism. Identify villains and make it cool and enlightened to hate. Only they will tell you it is not hate—it is all for the greater good.

Back to Satan. He laughed because he almost lost racism until he mutated the virus of racism so that now racism looks like anti-racism. Wokeness says, hating white people and assuming all of them are arrogant is not racism. Forcing them all to be reprogrammed is not racial oppression. Universities who ban white students from clubs and classes—well, that can’t be racism.  Coca Cola foolishly instructed its workforce to be racist by making them think they were becoming unracist. Coke went Woke, and may go broke.

Magically, the civil rights movement ‘woke’ up at war with Martin Luther King. He hoped for the day when content of character would mean more than skin color.  Wokeness believes white people have no character. That is why hell is rejoicing. Racism survived by changing form!

Satan is wrong. He is always wrong. The Woke joke is going to fall in on itself in a heap of sputtering rubble. Because it is a lie—a heinous contradiction—and it is evil and hateful at heart.

Already the mask is coming off of this absurd experiment. Yes, right now, people are fooled, but I don’t believe it will last. As the old saying goes, “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” 

Wokeness…be on notice: your fifteen minutes of fame is almost over.

But there is one last reason Wokeness has an expiration date: it hates the Gospel of Christ. It is in the Gospel that we find what Wokeness can never deliver. Racial equality is in Christ. Natural love and the key to functional families is in Christ. Economic justice is in Christ. The Gospel remains the greatest news mankind has ever heard. Wokeness, on the other hand, is an embarrassing counterfeit.

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  1. Roger Culwell

    Sad and crazy one man got most of this race mess started again B.insane Obama, it just gets to me men like MLK died and many others and this clown named Obama comes along and starts all this mess back up, I never had a problem in school with color but its hard when your part Chk. Black foot, German, White and only God knows what else, even though some times I do believe that German in me tries to control them Indians and them Indians are trying to scalp that German and I believe the Indians are winning, because my hair is getting thinner, and that white guy is probably the instigator or the ref one LOL, but it gets me that one man has made it a mission to try and get all this hate started again, the whole mess is crazy, we can’t change our skin color or what we are if you are a woman you will always be a woman with a womans part’s, if your are a man, you will never be a woman, you become a mutilated and castrated man but you will still be a man or eunich, but a man will never be a woman nor give birth, its cray like you said people have become so open minded their brains fell out, and common sense flew the coup, and we allowed evil to prevail, we have to try and change things some way, but the seeds of satan there is no reasoning with or changing, because they are of that evil one, not the lost these are ones that came from satans genes, hybirds, and we can’t change them they will have to be forced out some way, they hate and do not care to murder, and the bad thing is some say they are Christians, and they are of there father the devil Jhn 8:44, they are programmed to say it because christians show mercy and pitty and they know the bile say for give them, we are being used people by the word of God and these pure devils, we have a mess, and we have become so full of a love thats not Gods we buy there lie’s, and twisting of the word, they tell you to hold your tongue for standing for whats right, yet theirs is on fire from hell, they have played us like a bad fiddle, with the word, to make us passive and take our fight out, we been duped big time, just like them telling us to back evil authority, no understanding of the word, but some screa, we are to obey evil authority, no we are not, our God never backs evil only satan does, we just need to wake up and smell the flowers because some stink, demon possessed people should never be in control of our government, but they are and soom flew over the cc nest, and only the true Children of God will make a difference for we are the change agents. good word sir God bless

    • Wordforworld

      Greets Roger, and we agree w/Mario! Think the problems arise because the Body of Christ does NOT know the WORD of God. For instance, Word says I desire all be saved; and come to the knowledge of the Truth. The Church sets itself to FIRST stuff the would-be convert full of legalities, laws, rules, regulations, all topped off w/“our” traditions—before issuing the invitation! Word says save them, then do the instructional. Poor guy’s got both feet in hell and you want to expound why your church is THE church and what the rules are?!? Just ask him if he’d like to have the Savior Jesus Christ come into his heart & to forgive his sins and be w/him forever.
      For instance, the Church is bewitched into thinking the Word told them to pray for the world. The WORD Himself said, Father, I do not pray for the world, but for those souls You gave Me before the world was.
      The Church thinks the world should tell them what is good vs evil. WORD said WOE TO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD, or CALL GOOD EVIL!
      The world tell humanity there’s no power in our words. Now why would the world be trying to muzzle people!!? Because the WORD IS ALIVE, POWERFUL, able to pull down strongholds!!
      Why would the world tell US our thoughts are not important? Because the TRUTH MAKES US FREE!!!! With our minds renewed to the Word, we are a formidable force against the world.
      We must SPEAK/SAY what the Father showed us, tells us. For the Father in us does the works.
      Lastly, we are told by WORD HIMSELF, we will be held accountable to HIM for every IDLE word we speak! Idle? Useless words!
      Our Great High Priest is waiting for the believers to say what He told us, so HE can work with and confirm HIS WORD with signs following!!!!! Bind what needs to be bound, loose what needs to be loosed, cast out devils, calm the waves, call for rain, stop the advancement of the enemy, rebuke fever! Speak Truth in every situation! The enemy has lost his strength, the house of the wicked is overthrown.
      Change the undesired facts by speaking the desired TRUTH! Light BE to that dark situation! Deaf ears BE opened! Blind eyes, SEE!

      • Roger Culwell

        big amen I agree, and thanks

    • C. Jones

      Here is the formula for Wokeness: SELF ANOINT— SELF APPOINT— SELF DESTRUCT. DOOMED AND DAMNED. “My people, come out from her so that you don’t participate in her sins and have no share with her in her plagues. So repay to her double the same treatment that she has treated others with— pay her back double for all her deeds and make her drink twice the brew she gave to others. Her plagues will fall on her in one day— disease, famine and mourning.” The Wickedness Of Wokeness With A Rude Awakening. See Rev. 18

    • penwright1029

      Roger Culwell, I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for putting it so succintly.

  2. Marsha Carol Watson W Gandy

    My daughter, now 55, started to school in 1972 and graduated in 1984. In all of her 12 years there was never any Racism…..She says to me over and over: “I just don’t get it, Mama. We Never had an racial problems all of my 12 years. We all loved each other and were friends and had a wonderful time together. We were friends—-we talked about Everything and when summers came, we could not wait to get back to school to see all of our friends. My favorite Principal was Black; my favorite teacher was Black, and my favorite Pharmacist ( who I have known all of my life) is Black and I can call him anytime and ask him anything and know what he tells me is Right!
    I told her that there is an elite group of mega-wealthy people who want to control the world, and they think the only way they can do it is to make Black people and White people of all ages turn against each other. The younger generation is now having to deal with all of this and has no idea what a wonderful school and friendship experience those who are now grown had and still have with their lifelong friends.
    There are hand-picked people who are getting paid millions of dollars to keep racism stirred up in the hopes that they can line their pockets with lots of money, and do the bidding for the elite who are so pitifully lost and their hearts are dry and hard as nails.
    Heavenly Father, ARISE and Right this terrible wrong that is being perpetrated on the children and adults of all ages in the United States of America. In Jesus hold name. Amen

  3. Julia Wesley

    Thank you. Praying for you and your family at the ‘passing into eternal glory’ of your mom. You intimately know that precious Jesus loves you, but I still say Jesus loves you!!!
    On Thu, Feb 25, 2021, 3:02 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” As irresistible as it may seem now—as > mighty and unstoppable as it looks now—I want you to remember that I told > you this. The Woke movement will go down in American history as the > stupidest, most embarrassing abandonment of common sense, ever. His” >

  4. Mike Amato

    Mario, as I was meditating on the current state of affairs in Washington, DC this morning, an interesting thought came to me: The number of days between the modern (since 1937) January 20th presidential inauguration date and March 4th, the original Constitutional inauguration date is forty-two days. Forty-two is the same number of years that the end time, worldwide Antichrist government will be allowed to be in power.
    Wouldn’t it be appropriate for God to allow this antichrist administration in Washington to continue for forty-two days? If so, then President Trump just might be restored to his rightful, God-given position in the White House on March 4th – the date the US Constitution sets for the presidential inauguration. Just a thought!

    • kathleen roth

      very much agree Jesus is the answer for these times

    • Mike Amato

      Uh-oh!! I goofed. It’s forty-three days. Sorry, all!

      • kingskid48

        You still may have a point. 42 is the Hebrew number for finality and division.

      • Geri

        No worries, and it’s different when there’s a leap year?

    • Geri A

      I also noticed that the number 42 was also the number of generations from Abraham to Christ. Hmm? Could it be that whatever the enemy might think he’s up to, God is up to something GREATER?
      It’s time for the Church to focus on Christ, not the anti-Christ.

  5. Petro Swart

    God is in control! The remnant is ready. Jesus Christ is alive! Come Holy Spirit lead us in power and might!

  6. David Carroll

    great word brother ,praying for you to keep the great work we got to do,God bless you.

  7. Julia Wesley

    II Corinthians 1:3-5.

  8. Freda Crump

    Thank you so much for giving us the truth! Thank you for your revival meetings in California!! You are loved in North Carolina!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    I saw a video this morning from the Australian Christian Lobby on the high profile “de-conversions” going on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oloQt133ok4
    Admittedly I am having difficulty arranging my thoughts. But, simply put, “Woke” will die in “the wild” when it dies in the church. And, it appears that exactly that is happening.
    And, while it may dishearten and cause loss, there is an opening for us to reclaim and disciple those that were following “woke” prophets.
    Still not even close to coherent… Sorry…

    • C. Jones


  10. Valerie Gottschalk

    One of the best most inspiring messages I’ve seen lately.
    Most excellent, Mario!

  11. archaios6

    Judgement has come upon America/world for all the sins/crimes committed in the name of righteous indignation. History is repeated because people forget, then repeat over and over the same ritual of allowing deception and greed to rule over the masses. Truth is a guiding light, many fail to understand as they pursue in darkness the enemies of Christ. The scourge that weakens humanity has enveloped the world in a web of enslavement, there is no safe haven left; the two choices left for Christians is to accept and be absorbed in the lunacy of corruption or stand firm and defend the morality/laws t hat bring freedom from oppression and servitude. The Almighty endowed His followers what path to follow, defend the truth and fight the evil that destroys the life freedom declares

  12. Gil Zaragoza

    I fully concur!!!!

  13. RidnThe Storm

    Gods judgement is at hand and it’s coming to the church first
    Sent from my iPhone

  14. hredhawk1942

    Amen, Mario. I am beginning to think that you may be my brother from another mother. Blessings, Be in Good Health and Prosper.
    Harry Leonard
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    On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 4:07 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” As irresistible as it may seem now—as > mighty and unstoppable as it looks now—I want you to remember that I told > you this. The Woke movement will go down in American history as the > stupidest, most embarrassing abandonment of common sense, ever. His” >

  15. 1cinabluemoon

    Amen! The world, it seems, has gone crazy! God help us! Open their eyes and their hearts to you. Expose the lies, reveal the truth!

  16. Lidia Marquez

    Thank God he is in control and I lean only on him, and surpass anything or anyone trying to tell me differently. Amen

  17. Sandra Calhoun

    Truer words were never spoken but we stand firm that our GOD will come forth soon and save America! So sad to see such evil people in our government! Want to see christians in office that is why I was for Ben Carson and read his story what a mother he had and such an inspiration! 
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  18. Marty Coburn

    This is BRILLIANT – Mario is God’s gift to mankind at this time………..Marty Coburn

  19. yesua7

    praise God

  20. Dave & Paula

    So love all of your posts….such encouragement and truth! Thank you….. Dave & Paula Wils

  21. kingskid48

    I read yesterday in Rip McIntosh’s letter that the schools do not want to mark any answers wrong that children of color come up with.
    In other words, if they answer 2 + 2 = 5, they intend to tell them, “that’s one possible answer”.
    This is not a joke. I wish it was.
    As if the children of today are not already being fed every insane idea the maniacal left could dig up out of satan’s pit, they’ve come up with another one. They care not one whit how these children will be able to get meaningful work and live normal, productive lives. What matters to them is filling these kids with hatred toward anything they think is from whites. What does mathematics have to do with whiteness? If by some miracle one of these kids gets through medical school, do you want him/her operating on your family member?
    You are right, Pastor Mario. This is so insane, it has to collapse. I just pray that happens soon.

  22. glamma50

    Woke Well Worded.

  23. Jim

    Thanks, as always, Brother Mario. i read these posts every day and appreciate you.

  24. Blske

    Thank you for Gods view on this evil-imploding-evil soon to happen devil destroying idiotic idea – ummm if we did not have the mercy of Jesus many could wake w ‘leprosy’.

  25. Darlene W

    Thank you for always bringing clarity and for being a voice crying out in the wilderness. We have been inundated with too much information and desperately need to get back to the basics. The gospel of Jesus Christ is simple.

    • Geri A


  26. NickT

    Amen to that Brother

  27. Ann

    The wisdom and common sense you speak can only come from the Holy Spirit! I can hardly wait to read your posts each day!

  28. Mark DuBois

    Yes and amen, the plans of the devil are coming down, alright brother Mario.
    I whole heartedly agree and know the Lord will have His Rightful place and
    turn things all around & upside down for His Glory.

  29. alvarezgalloso

    When and if Woke collapses [and America survives], there will be an increased need for Pastors, Clergy, Social Workers, and Mental Health Professionals [these last two raised on the Bible]

  30. Sandra Calhoun

    | | | | EXPLAINS HOW THE DEPOPULATION mRNA VACCINES WILL START WORKING IN 3-6 MONTHS [2021-02-07] (VIDEO) EXPLAINS HOW THE DEPOPULATION mRNA VACCINES WILL START WORKING IN 3-6 MONTHS [2021-02-07] – DR. SHERRI TENPENNY (VIDEO) REQUIRED VIEWING! Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives VERY important information! Hyper-immune response in test animals for previous a… | |
    This explains a lot! And especially about pastors from a non believer!
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