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Someone has wrapped a noose around the neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never seen them as anything but greedy and power hungry. They are not, as some naïve ‘woke’ folk claim, “trying to save democracy.”

And yet, strangely, I feel a calm sense of hope amid all of this.

What I do not get is why many of the elements of the media, key intellectuals, and some mainstream institutions that have been wise and objective in the past are now strangely quiet during the censorship, silencing, and even the cancel-culture obliteration of many American lives. Such widespread acceptance of tyranny by them is totally new to America.

And still, I feel a great hope, even in this situation.

What is also new is the attitude of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, along with the Democrat Party. They have made it abundantly clear that they are not going to reach out to the millions who voted for Trump. They are moving on without us. No one has ever had that attitude after “winning” an election.

Does that sound like something is being forced on us? It should. 2020 has been a year full of things forced on the American people. Since they forced their election upon us, why would they feel any need to work with us?

What is happening to America is evil. Preplanned and premeditated evil. We are watching something that was hatched decades ago and is finally upon us. So why do I feel hope in a seemingly hopeless situation? Precisely because it is evil.

Genesis 50:20 says, “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”  Those words were spoken by Joseph to his brothers who had sold him into slavery. That vicious act was exploited by God to promote Joseph into a position of royalty in Egypt, in order to save a nation from famine.

It is time for you to settle your spirit behind a historical fact. God has always punished evil in America, even when it looked impossible. Of course they will try to bury our history. It is there that we find the irrevocable evidence of God’s intervention in America. It is not simply the people of America that God loves, it is the idea of America. In order for that idea to be destroyed, you would first have to get past our omniscient and loving God.

Many believers are throwing in the towel too early. We could very easily see a miracle in a few days. That miracle would cause unprecedented nationwide convulsions. Or it could take longer. But one way or another, surely and eventually, the evil will be exposed and it will be punished.

God may do it by changing the tide of public opinion. Another way is by exposing the evil acts and those who have committed the evil. One thing has already begun:  because Fake News outlets such as CNN have openly called for the shutting down of any news outlets that do not spout Democrat Party propaganda, such as One America News Network and Newsmax, Christian conservatives have been forced to build their own mass media—something they should have done long ago.

Another way may be the sudden groundswell of hunger for righteousness, which I see sparking mass conversions. The tide of revival is only just now beginning to crash upon our shores.

What the minions of Satan mean for evil, God will exploit for good, in order to save many.  You can either let the images of blasphemy and arrogance drain your spirit or you can take your stand, lift up your head and anticipate the inevitable intervention of the Holy Lord of the Armies of Heaven!

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  1. joyce miller

    Amen !!! God is in control!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Susan

    Thank you for the encouragement MMM!

  3. Petro Swart

    God is in control! Thank you Father God for opportunities to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! God will never fail us! Come Holy Spirit! Sweep over the World!
    Bless you Sir

  4. nellsh

    For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.
    Romans Ch 9 v 17
    Hallelujah, to the Lamb of God.
    Amen ? ????

  5. Roger Culwell

    Amen yes sir they have and big tech gets to accuse and destroy good people like Mike Lindell, and President Trump and whoever they want, but the Epsteins, and Clintons, H.W., B.O., and B.G., with S.C.J, who visit a certain island, is not hardly heard of in the news, it should scare us all that they can destroy whom they like and nothing is done! we need congress to repeal sec. 230, and take away their power.
    They are for some reason sending me polls from them, and one last night, was saying we should punish the Rep. that gave us the most trouble and make them pay, do you agree, but there was only a YES answer and it was marked, I have gotten several like that this last week, YES was the only answer to the question and it was marked, pure Tyranny
    We better keep praying and hoping in God for he is our hope, for our leaders now do not care anything good about us, we would be in great danger if they had their way, they don’t want to work with us we are the enemy to them! they are forcing everything on us, and even their own people.
    But God can still do a mighty work and I believe he will, people need help and Jesus is the only answer, so we must be about the father’s business, for the fields are white and ready for harvest, so we must work.
    You said something on fb last night I didn’t catch it all, something about black robe, well I saw some Christians in black robes in a dream. God will have his way and justice will prevail. one laughed at me when I put it on fb but I saw it.

  6. Victor Tatum

    God Bless You Brother!!!!! You are front line and we are honored to be in your ground support!!!!!!!!!

  7. Nancy Jones

    Hi Mario!
    I will be sending my support at the beginning of the month.
    But I want to thank you once again for sharing this ongoing bedrock promise. You reassure us that this Word of Promise remains true, and will come to pass for our nation and each of us individually!
    I have been sustained by the calming words of our Lord Jesus as He exhorted the woman who had been healed by touching (with faith) the hem of His garnet! (See Mark 5:34 ampc).
    Jesus told her (and instructs each of us—-as we go forward, waiting for Genesis 50:20 to find complete fulfillment): that we are simply to “…go in (into) peace and be continually healed and freed from your distressing (whatever evil you seem to be facing)!
    God means it all for our good, as we finally see Him transform us, enabling us to more consistently “walk peaceably through the land minds with our eyes stayed peaceably fixed only on Him, as we wait to follow each instruction He gives us!
    And we practice responding as He would—in kindness and not with rash, angry outbursts. Because Father God told us how the final outcome will unfold!
    Thank you so much, ongoingly, Mario! Nancy from KY

  8. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    I am thankful for the Words of encouragement…
    I am thankful for the tiny indication for revival, and I am especially thankful for your voice in Revival of which we need more.
    But, Judgement must begin at the House of God and 2 Chronicles 7:14 is conditional.
    Eight years ago I wrote this: (Before Trump, and as much as I like Trump I think he gave us a false sense of hope.)
    WE are living in a time, when, like in NT Rome, when you gave your life to Christ you forfeited yourself…
    Get used to it…
    Be Always Ready to give an Answer for the Hope that is in you.
    Apart from a true revival, everyone that names The Name of Christ will either ‘fly’ or die…
    And, at the breakneck speed that the last bastion of savory ‘Salt’ in this world is losing its savor. the time is very very short.
    We have a great crew on this blog, But, we need to multiply ourselves.

    • C. Jones

      President Trump gave “us” a false sense of hope? Talk about bizarre! Please take your Debbie Downer Syndrome elsewhere! Jesus is coming back for a Glorious Victorious Church! GET USED TO IT! Not everyone who follows Jesus is going to die! GET USED TO IT!

      • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

        Usually, you are not worthy of answering. You can take umbrage as if you are part of the American Church at Large, or you could act like a member of the remnant.
        *IF* you were really a part of the remnant, you wouldn’t attack so quickly and miss the end of the message. This applies to the church in America as a whole, not The Remnant.
        With Trump in the Whitehouse, with Evangelicals Praying over him and giving him advice, we basically had a “Weapons Free” environment.
        The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing. Proverbs 20:4
        lol The American Church didn’t even plow when “the weather” was warm and sun-shiny!
        We could have had National Revival under optimum conditions! And, you (the American Church at large) would not!

      • C. Jones

        Mr. Michael Deaconmiller, I just plowed up your religious bubble! This is precisely why you are personally attacking me. When I consider the source, I can be at rest, for I know I am standing on the truth, in spite of your childish rant. You have merely exposed yourself, and left yourself all alone in your unworthy self imposed self righteous box. Please, my dear friend, take your Debbie Downer Doctrine Elsewhere.

      • Lisa

        I have bit my tongue on many occasions but I need to finally speak up. Not sure if anyone else has noticed but you have a way of “attacking” people on these blogs especially Michael A Druckenmiller Sr even to the extreme of childishly putting his name incorrectly on several occasions. He did not say “everyone who follows Jesus is going to die!”. If we can’t speak intelligently to one another, how are we going to be able to talk with those “of the world”. Michael has every right to share his perspective without continually being “attacked” by you!! I have no problem at all with what Michael wrote as I took it as a good wake up call to the church.

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          Thanks Lisa. It means a lot. “Wake Up!” Yeah, there are those on Mario’s Blog that need the call, I believe most don’t. But for those that do, I share.
          I had a later quote I posted to Facebook which I said, “I’m getting the feeling that many of you feel that repentance is only for those that really mess up?”
          I followed up with this:
          Repentance is a matter of humility and we know that the proud, the arrogant and the haughty will not enter the Kingdom.
          We also know that we are to confess our faults one to another, that Greek word is also used for sin!
          It takes courage, trust and humility to admit you’re not perfect.
          You aren’t! (at least not in the body) So, get used to it!
          Do you treat everyone you come in contact with exactly as The Holy Spirit instructs, whether a rebuke in Love, or Instruction in Righteousness, or simple encouragement?
          Bet you don’t! 🙂

          So, yeah, I’ve had to be dealt with on these issues of humility from past “sins” that have now come home to haunt me. But, I am honestly trying to share what The Holy Spirit lays on my heart.
          But, the “you can’t do that to me…” attitude, oh… it led me to make many mistakes in life.

      • Lisa

        My first reply to you C. Jones was based on your first reply to Michael. Now I am going to address your second reply in which you childishly wrote Michael’s last name wrong again! ? First you did not “plow up” his religious bubble as he is not even in one. Him “attacking” you???
        Now that is just too funny to even address. Same with “childish rant” too funny! All I will say about you using the incorrect words of “attacking” and “childish” towards Michael is you better look in the mirror. Just like the “attacking” and “childish” appears to be how you have been behaving in your two replies, the rest of your second reply also sounds like it is for you, not Michael A Druckenmiller Sr. I am sure you have words for me as well.

      • C. Jones

        THANKS LISA! It means a lot for you to share your honest feelings with me. Please continue to freely share your comments as you see fit. I strongly disagree with my dear friend Michael A. D., who claims President Trump gave us a false sense of hope!!! That statement is so off the wall. President Trump is a fine example of courage. He stood for the church 24/7. I stand with President Trump 24/7! God Bless you Lisa! Have a blessed day.❤️

  9. Marrion Hamm

    We have permanently deleted Facebook now after removing all pictures, all people from friends list and all saved items. We also will not use Amazon, and look for alternatives for many websites. We turn off local news and only listen to some Fox News, Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity, Andrew Wommack, and other people of truth and integrity. And we listen to Flashpoint as well. Thank you for your encouraging words! ❤️❤️

    • Janet Roy

      I have wondered about getting off facebook, but didn’t know what to do with pictures etc. Where did you put all of them and all saved items? I really want to know cause I would like to get the things I value off that site.

  10. Sally Ann Milavec

    Thank you so much. I sit quietly very early in the morning and my heart jumps when I see a post from you. The blood of Jesus, the breath of our Precious God, HOly Spirit remain on you and in you. They strengthen you and keep your heart protected and your path straight. I send your words on to my family and friends so that they too may be strengthened. Jesus is Lord, we are saved by the blood of the Lamb and that blood is coming in a tsunami to the United States-come LOrd Jesus COME!

  11. Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

    I quit watching the lying news over 10 years ago. God showed me they were trying to swing elections for the Dem candidates back when Clinton beat HW Bush. Remember the next 2 elections with Gore and Kerry?? Every Christian should get off FB. To use their live feature for a ministry is wrong. There are other ways.

  12. Peggy

    As always, I am so thankful for your encouraging blogs. They are a life line for righteousness.

  13. Judy

    Awesome word! Thank you.

    • Joyce Rakoski

      Thank you for your in time words of encouragement ☺️

  14. Nanleigh

    Agree. Read this today in 2 Sam. 22:26-28 (New Spirit-Filled Bible): “To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity. To the pure you show yourself pure, BUT TO THE CROOKED YOU SHOW YOURSELF SHREWD. You rescue the humble, BUT YOUR EYES WATCH THE PROUD AND HUMILIATE THEM.” Amen.

  15. harbingermin

    Where is the promise in scripture or covenant God has made with America? There isn’t one. Jesus didn’t die for America but the world. Past historical moves of God in this nation don’t guarantee a move now. All of scripture shows God’s response is not based on an ideal but the response of God’s people to Him. It is time to refocus and not idolize America. We need revival in the church. There will not be a Great Awakening without first hunger in the masses via desperation and hopelessness, revival in the US Church and church reformation. We will be hated of all nations for Jesus’ sake. The USA is a nation. Every one of Jesus’ words must be fulfilled. As you say, Christianity will survive without America but America will not survive without Christianity.

  16. purepearl fromthesea

    The reason why they are quiet is fear and ignorance of not knowing what to do to stand for their rights
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  17. Mark

    When do the tent meetings in Modesto /Manteca area start? Thank you! Keep going 🙂

    • mariomurilloministries

      The tent meetings in Modesto are Sunday April 18-Friday April 23 6:30 PM nightly John Thurman Field. 601 Neece Dr, Modesto, CA 95351 Call us at 775 238 3473 if you have any questions.

  18. candn1970gmailcom

    We are standing here in Texas! Our Appeal to Heaven flag is nailed to our log cabin and another one on our dinning room table! Keep marching, we’re with you !!!!!!!!! Conley And Nancy Brown Huntsville,Tx
    On Tue, Feb 23, 2021, 1:52 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

  19. Carol Barger

    Mario and team,
    I am not finding a mailing address but this is what I would like to do. I want to send a $1000 check to support you and receive one 50 year memorial gift (the $20 gift listed in your email letter). Is that possible?
    Thank you Carol Barger 602-390-0220
    On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 12:40 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

    • fromanislandinnewhampshire

      Mario has his mailing address posted on his website, mariomurill.org and also the phone number. I used the address and it worked fine. Blessings!

  20. Anna Eschner

    I wanted to get the flash drive but I can’t. I wanted to pay by credit card but the only option you actually provide is PayPal. You might want to fix this. Ana Eschner itsmedranabee@gmail.com
    On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 2:40 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

  21. Larry Clark

    Amen! ❤️
    On Tue, Feb 23, 2021, 12:47 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

  22. spalegacybuilders

    Would like to order this. Any link to Canada? If I donate $50 can you mail it to me? Idris Cann please check your donations.
    On Mon., Feb. 22, 2021, 11:44 p.m. Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

  23. spalegacybuilders

    I have donated $50. Please send me the thumb drive treaury. Idris Cann.

  24. SMZ

    Whenever I decide to see what’s going on, usually Brietbart News, it is so overwhelming. Now we know for sure the Supreme Court can’t be counted on. For the first time people have no avenues of escape, but G-D, everything else has failed. I heard a minister years ago say, “Crises reveals, and absolute Crisis reveals absolutely. So what does that mean? You can sing happy songs in church with your friends, and make religious statements, but no one knows who they are until a crisis hits them. Now everyone is having a test, and its a shock for our happy, happy Christianity.
    I for one need to change and draw closer to him.

  25. Lynne

    I’m from Canada and am trying to order the thumb drive but there’s no option for International.

  26. Jeff R

    America’s history is replete with examples of divine intervention in moments of crisis–big moments, or small moments with big consequences. The British invaded and attacked Washington in 1814, setting it ablaze. Thunderstorms rose up, dumping rain, extinguishing the fires, and spinning up a tornado that routed the British.
    During George Washington’s time as a militia colonel in the British army, he fought in the Battle of Monogahela, in which opposing Indians repeated targeted him to no effect. He later picked numerous musket ball fragments out of his uniform tunic. God preserved him for his later role in the new American republic (See the now out-of-print book, “The Bullet-Proof George Washington”).
    God’s got another surprise for enemy-occupied Washington DC.
    “Let God arise; let His enemies be scattered. Let them also that hate Him flee before Him!” Psalm 68:1

  27. Steve Wells

    Thank you Mario. Your words are meaningful and encouraging. God bless you and your family.

  28. Darlene Zink

    Mario, I have lived through just what you are talking about, as a missionary in Turkey!!! Gen.50:20 🙂 God would always shock us with what things He would do when we were in danger or jail. When bad things would happen we would laugh and get all excited to see what our Great God would do!!! Always good!!! This is an exciting time to be in love with Jesus and see what God is about to do!!!! Hold on to Him we’re about to have a great laugh!!!!!!!
    darlene zink

  29. thatgirl7762

    Amen! The devil has no place in this end time.
    Sent from my iPhone

  30. Sandra

    What a wonderful encouraging word! Thank you Mario ?

    • Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

      “In Thee, O LORD, Do I put my trust.”

  31. banana1956

    The hispanic news stations are just as bad. I decided to listen to their broadcasting and found it to be so FAKE and so left. It broke my heart. 

  32. Sandra Hudson

    Mario, I would gladly send you a donation but I don’t have your address (I only send money by mail). Please reply
    Sent from my iPhone

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thank you Sandra! Our mailing address is Mario Murillo Ministries P.O. Box 7000 Reno NV 89519 God bless you!

  33. NickT

    Amen Mario,
    I will never give in to the woke crowd and their cancel-culture ideas. The censorship is crazy.
    I never thought this would happen to us in my lifetime, also why are so many Christians jumping ship on the election fraud and the real President Trump that should be in the oval office. (total silence)
    or discrediting the prophets…
    Come on man….Biden had 81 million votes? No way and nobody can do anything about it???
    Congress, VP, Supreme court, State Legislators, MSM, big tech, etc. what happen to them and the voting irregularities? This means we cannot rely
    on man, this has to be a God thing… I am not giving up on our election or country, We need justice
    or we will never have a free country again.

  34. David Carroll

    great word my brother,God bless you brother.

  35. Trisha

    Mario, if it were not for you and your ministry, I would feel hopeless. I thank God that he is using you to keep us all encouraged.
    Thank you so much for your faithfulness. May God richly bless you and yours.

  36. Breaking Forth

    Amen and CPAC this Sunday will be great when the President (Trump) speaks….tune in everybody! Go through Right Side Broadcasting network.

  37. yesua7


  38. walkinluv

    Amen….LOVE THIS❣
    Have felt this calm continue throughout 2020 and into 2021 despite the disappointments, utter shock at what the left evil is doing… Thank you, Mario….you are a blessing! Glory to God…God bless America!❤?????????☺
    mariomurilloministries posted: ” Someone has wrapped a noose around the > neck of free speech and every other right we hold dear. Opposing opinions > are being choked to death in America. I get why tech giants are fine with > wielding oppressive control over people’s opinions—I have never see” >

  39. Jim Alford

    Truly, I appreciate you and your stand for Christ Jesus our Lord. Too, I  greatly praise our God for your zeal for the called who have not yet answered the call, and you passion for the church.I do, however, pray that you would leave the USA dominionst thought pattern long enough to realize that the USA is Babylon, she is in judgment, judgment which will accelerate. “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed.”This is in no way to hinder your zeal for winning the lost but rather to give greater joy and perseverance in reaching them. In your busy life please prayerfully read and read Revelation 17&18; Jeremiah 50&51; Isaiah 47.Revelation 14:8 “…Babylon is fallen, is fallen…”Bless you my brother,Jim AlfordSent via the Samsung Galaxy S10e, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone



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