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At least 74 million Americans voted for Trump. They are not ‘loons’, despite what Bill Maher or Katie Couric thinks. Neither are they ‘brainwashed.’ Nor do they have a ‘cult-like adoration’ for Trump. Of course, every movement has its fringe, but the millions who comprise the Make America Great Again movement are, in no way, a passing parade of wackos.

You may believe they are going away. You may be convinced that CNN and ABC are right when they talk about ‘deprogramming and cleansing Trump supporters.’ If you want to follow the leftist Hollywood stars who today vilified Trump voters, go ahead, but you can never say you were not warned.

74 million people is an enormous group to insult and threaten. To question their sanity is, in itself, insanity. Labeling them as extremists only shows your extreme ignorance.

Above all, consider this: there will be a backlash, and I will explain why, in a moment. What you must understand is that the very first victims of this backlash will be Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For obvious reasons, I should not even be letting this out of the bag…but railing against Trump supporters will make it impossible for Biden to succeed.

Joe: you will be hampered every step of the way if you keep attacking Trump people.

At first there will be a lull. Trump will go golfing and folks will hang up their MAGA hats. For the moment, corporations and banks will give in to woke threats and ban products and try to cancel folks like Mike Lindell, the My Pillow man, for supporting Trump. And, at first, that will work.  But then, look out.

Remember when the LGBTQ people tried to put Chick-fil-A out of business, and soon the opposite happened, as folks lined up for hours to buy their food? The same will happen to Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohl’s—but in reverse, for banning My Pillow products. And, it will happen to any corporation that tries to cancel Trump voters.

Here’s why:

By attacking them, Democrats are in reality galvanizing an intelligent group of people to act as a single unit. These are not hayseed, backwater buffoons. These are educated business owners. These are middleclass families with deeply held beliefs. They are black and brown people who were faithful Democrats, but who saw the light and left the plantation.

All these people have one thing in common: they came by their convictions slowly and deliberately. That means you will only motivate them when you insult them for being racists, cultists and Nazis. Because they, more than anyone else, know how big a lie those insults are. 

74 million people is a lot of influence and buying power. 74 million people who believe something fishy happened on November 3rd represent a lot of investigative power. Somewhere, someone who knows something is going to crack, and then, it is game-on.

Go ahead and enjoy the lull. Repeat this mantra over and over to yourself, until you believe it: “It was a fair and free election, and everyone believes it.” Everyone, that is, except the 100 million Americans whom the polls show don’t believe it.

74 million people who will not let an issue go is a Congressman’s worst nightmare. They can run, but they cannot hide. And if they want to be reelected, they had better listen.

74 million people remember who closed all those small businesses, and why.

Go ahead and keep lying about millions of citizens who are not brainwashed, stupid or fickle.

Go ahead and underestimate us. That will be remarkably interesting…


  1. donnacomocomcastnet

    I sooooo look forward to your emails every day….and every day you hit it out of the ballpark! Thank you for your words of WISDOM and FAITH!
    Love seeing you regularly on Flashpoint!
    God bless the California revivals!
    Prayers from Minnesota (which NEEDS revival…coming soon!)
    Donna Como

  2. Joanne MacGillivray

    Love this post, Mario!!   -joanne

    • birdiedwordie

      Today I got so fed up that I decided to do something about it, so I put on my TRUMP cap and wore it as I ran my errands all day. I received only positive feedback from strangers everywhere, and I live in a stolen state which is now BLUE, Georgia! Tomorrow, I bet I will see more MAGA hats around Athens! This is America, and no one is taking it from me or my fellow Patriots! This is God’s country!!!

  3. Child Of God

    Beautifully written . I am one of the 74 Millions and my husband is as well. I pray you are right because I am worried about our beautiful Country. I came to the US 40 years ago from Italy I was 26. I love this Country ? with all my heart and I never truly loved any President before Trump but he deserves the live because he gives it. I am not an extremist just a Conservative in heart and deeds. God bless you I usually only reblog or repost Christian posts and a little poetry but I am reposting your piece. Thank you for speaking out.

  4. Gaila Gale

    In case you haven’t seen this excellent video by Dr. Simone Gold from the America’s Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) getting the truth about the vaccines out. https://www.brighteon.com/4220d190-8657-4f0f-90c2-9365c6ef2c48 [https://s3.amazonaws.com/webseed-realvideo-thumbnail/poster/b565d013-7297-419f-a4cc-40025dc566e0] Dr. Simone Gold – A Call To Action What is the purpose of the main stream’s propaganda and reaction to, COVID-19? What is the true purpose for all the lies and misinformation concerning the COVID-19 EXPERIMENTAL, YES, EXPERIMENTAL so-called mRNA vaccines? Please watch, sign the petition, and spread to everyone. An arbitration award was issued on behalf of all Americans which provides remedy for the even more endemic tyranny upon the people. http://www.hudok.info http://www.brighteon.com

  5. Child Of God

    I enabled you posts on my phone. Nice site

  6. Patricia Hickey

    They are really stupid for doing what they doing you are right. Hopefully we will be able to take back the House in 2022. The dems should realize that they will only be able to do what our Lord Jesus allows them to do.

  7. glenleatrophiesandengravers

    All very brave content I have yet to see ANY TANGIBLE ACTION by these 74 million ? Theyve accepted capitulated and fallen into the programme of life under THE DEMONIC BIDEN minion of the devil. Disgusting!!!!! Until I see otherwise Sorry Mario it’s all CHIT CHAT . Very disappointed America is on a runaway slope to HELL. KEITH STOCKER
    On Wed, 10 Feb 2021, 06:46 Mario Murillo Ministries, wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” At least 74 million Americans voted for > Trump. They are not ‘loons’, despite what Bill Maher or Katie Couric > thinks. Neither are they ‘brainwashed.’ Nor do they have a ‘cult-like > adoration’ for Trump. Of course, every movement has its fringe, but the > mil” >

    • C. Jones

      Biden is so pathetic that he has replaced the demons! The demons are begging to get deliverance from Biden, and given permission to live in pigs!

    • C. Jones

      glenlea, instead of coming in here and whining, get off your rear end and do something yourself, so you can see the “otherwise”!

    • bdk11

      This has to start with me and you. Together 75 million people united, it will have a huge effect on them backing down from their bias against us. I personally have bought more from the companies that support Christian values like Mike, Goya and others. The only way too fight and hurt these radical social conscious left is in their bank accounts. This is especially so since our vote was meaningless due to fraud. I have boycotted Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond. I even have quit buying from Amazon, that was a hard one for me. I quit buying Ritz crackers after seeing their commercial watching TV of two men kissing. I love their crackers, but The only way to effect them Is not spending your hard earned cash with them. I wouldn’t watch anything on TV that these liberal movie stars produce and act in.
      Even the Super Bowl had one of the lowest ratings in the last 15 years. The BLM NBA ratings are down significantly too, there are a lot of people that are tired of being called a racist.
      One or two of us doing this is not a big thing, but 75 million will have an effect. It starts with me. Just like revival does, one repented person at a time.
      The bigger issue though is getting our elections transparent and fair….without that we will have more of the same.
      Both the demo-rats and the Republicans are both swamp people. We need to vote those out who were traders all along but showed their true colors once Mr. Trump lost. We need a Conservative party that will fight to end this media backed
      Left non God society that is now more blatant in their hatred for God and His church.

      • Gammie

        Yes!! We have ended our addiction to many stores and products, also! Pray! God will reveal that you probably didn’t even need whatever you were going to purchase, anyway. We are with you! We are not the only ones. Let’s lift each other up in prayer, be bound by His spirit, because while I KNOW that we are not alone, some times it feels like the rest of our country are ignorant, and satisfied with govnmt running their lives.

      • Sarah

        Totally agree with your boycott and if you live in Texas as I do, I encourage you to boycott H-E-B grocery stores! Not easy to do but very necessary!

      • Billy Hott

        Is there a Christian alternative to Amazon?

        • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

          [Is there a Christian alternative to Amazon?]
          Not to my knowledge. In some remote areas amazon remains one of a very few sources within a hundred miles of more for supplies.
          Having said that… There is Christian Book Distributors, Walmart, and a host of others that will ship anywhere, though the product usually cost more as does the shipping.
          I search with Duck Duck Go and modify my searches until I am getting hits of what I want.
          Last time took a few iterations to find something, and the shipping was as much as the product! (Less than $10.00)
          Trust me boycotting can be expensive. But, Maybe if enough of us pull out??? I even cancelled my amazon prime credit card even though it was managed by another company!

      • junglequeen

        Absolutely right!

      • Bri H Loftis

        Thanks! I am boycotting the NFL, NBA, NHL, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Wayfair, Kohl’s, Pepsi ( advertises for NFL) and now I will boycott Ritz crackers. I would be boycotting Budweiser, but I don’t buy beer.
        I haven’t missed anything. I did shop at Kohl’s, but went at Christmas and found nothing I wanted.
        And boycottimg Jeep!!

    • Gwhite

      Thanks Mario! As one of the 74 million who voted for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I proclaim, my vote still counts. Keep blogging the truth. We win!

    • Mari

      We are just ‘biden (abiding) our time until GOD reveals HIS strategy to us to defeat those who oppose HIM.

      • Sarah

        We have to do more than “biden” our time! We have to be part of revival. God moves when He see revival! And this is starting to happen in many churches across America!

      • Mari

        Speaking as a survivor of World War II: Wait on The LORD for HIS clear directions before making any move at all!!! Timing is EVERYTHING!

  8. Linda Hughes

    AM… we are ready
    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Joan

    Have already written off Kohl’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Walmart from my shopping list.
    Asking other American citizens to join me in this venture. If there are other stores, please list.

  10. NM

    Spot on! I hope that we will not set by and watch as our great government is destroyed by a hostile takeover. We all know President Trump is the legal president of the USA! Why do we watch and not do anything? Why are we cowering and allowing a socialist/communist takeover of our government? Isn’t anyone with any influence going to STAND FOR GOD, STAND FOR AMERICA AND STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS, STAND FOR OUR CONSTITUTION AND STAND FOR OUR FREEDOMS? We can’t wait for 4 years for the communist takeover to ruin our country. They are trying to destroy us and the devil is working as fast as he can to make it happen. Wake up Church and STAND and DEMAND JUSTICE. We need to take our government back!

  11. Jeralyn Enns


  12. Rue

    I believe because I am one! I cannot change who and what I am. I’m a child of the King and I cannot be deceived no matter what the LIE.

  13. Jim

    I’m with you, Mario. Press on!!

    • Sarah

      I would encourage everyone reading Mario’s post to go to the Victory Channel on You Tube and listen to last night’s Flashpoint! Mario is one of the guests along with Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman and Jonathan Cahn. Very good word!

      • Gwhite

        I agree, Sarah! Uplifting!

      • Laurie

        Oh, yes I love Flash Point, thank you. Side note LifeSite news has been pulled and all Videos removed from YouTube. You can find them on Rumble.

  14. Karen Angelo

    Praise God…Amen

  15. mamahaskins

    Remaining resolved, vigilant, watching, waiting on The Lord to execute His strategic plan. Thank you Mario for your faithful encouragement and admonition to your readers. Some I have noticed, have departed and sadly tossed in the towel. I sent my postcard to President Trump today in FL, wishing him a Happy President’s Day coming up this Monday.

  16. sharon smith

    Em Have you seen this? Thought you would like it. Later. Shawon
    On Tue, Feb 9, 2021, 10:45 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” At least 74 million Americans voted for > Trump. They are not ‘loons’, despite what Bill Maher or Katie Couric > thinks. Neither are they ‘brainwashed.’ Nor do they have a ‘cult-like > adoration’ for Trump. Of course, every movement has its fringe, but the > mil” >

  17. smuzick

    When Hillary called us Trump supporters deplorables and insulted us, that drove us to the ballot box in droves. What this shows is the left’s utter contempt for the everday man or woman. They think they are above us yet they forget that we are the ones who put them into power. Or at least that is the way it should be. This last election sure casts a lot of doubt about that but in revealing the cheating, when a correction occurs as it well should it will rid our government of those who have sold our country out. God wins no matter how hard the devil tries to prove otherwise. And he will have his way once again to prove once again he is God. That’s how it always works. God bless our great country and God stir a great revival like our country has never seen before.

  18. highrpm

    christian playground recess
    recess time! go out and play on the playground!
    read mario murillo’s blog posts of 020720 and 020821. and the comments. typical of magical thinker christians programmed with the malware of “the power of prayer.” why the christian tee bee’ers lost the abortion, gay and gender wars. and now are repeating the script with the 2020 election fraud. the opposite of the secular jews.
    of course, the secular jews don’t play by the rules. instead, they cheat. one of their key and well known attributes. and they cover for each other. as a secret and hidden group, operating below society radars. and behind the scenes, undercover. using the media to distract, misdirect and propagandize (construct and push, constantly, big lies.) also a well know attribute: they help each other and they do not assimilate into surrounding society. further, their over-representation in big corporate business, high level government and insurrections — e.g. the bolshevik revolution, means they’re better than gentiles at fighting the war of corporate missions; or rather the war of big projects. orchestrating when needed. and working the assembly line when needed. doing what it takes to get the job done.
    the handprints of big orchestration in the 2020 election fraud are obvious. this was a subversive plot & project, likely undertaken by the trinity of corporations, NGO’s and the CIA. and very likely employing the google elites, eric schmidt, larry page and sergey brin, with their expertise and track record of getting high tech projects done. workers were hired and paid, both contractors and employees. this was akin to a startup corporation with a defined mission. while the christian right prayed and mostly left the battle in the hands of their god yahweh and his orchestration. and, as miracles are the .001% exception, rather than the 99.99% rule, the 2020 trump re-election was lost to the secular big biz jew cheaters and their co-horts.
    at least mario, in the 020720 blog post, WE NEED WHAT PATTON GAVE HIS TROOPS AT BASTOGNE.
    Posted on February 7, 2021, recognizes the pro trumper’s could benefit from having a patton lead them in battle. still, his revivalist “come to jesus and he’ll fix you” magical thinking mindset prevents him from seeing the cold cruel reality of the situation: this is war. we need an orchestrator/ general to lead us. the enemy used the startup corporation strategy and tactics, defining a mission statement, defining strategy and tactics and employing contractors and fulltime salaried and hourly workers to get the job done. as well as using NGO’s and CIA.
    mario follows the next day with the admonition that each of us get off our individual asses and get involved in our local politics in his post, YOUR CHOICE: YOU CAN GET BITTER OR YOU CAN GET BUSY
    Posted on February 8, 2021. sorry. mario is wrong; again blinded by his magical thinking mindset. it ain’t gonna happen. we need to use similar corporate strategy and tactics of our enemy. while not using the works of satan, bribing with $$$ and power and sex, lying and murdering and cheating. we’re at war. we need an army. generals, field commanders, officers and troops. full-time. paid. as well as volunteer.
    no single isolated big players, working independently will snatch our victory from the jaws of defeat. (the likes of sydney powell, lin wood and robert barnes (barnes law; barneslawllp.com; HereIsTheEvidence.com; Top Attorney Releases Database of Alleged 2020 Voter Fraud Evidence, https://kprcradio.iheart.com/featured/the-pursuit-of-happiness/content/2020-11-18-top-attorney-releases-database-of-alleged-2020-voter-fraud-evidence/) to defeat big secular jew corporate power, we must use similar strategies and tactics.

    • Hilda Winzeler (@hwinzeler)

      to highrpm a satan supporter who tries to condone satan and his minions in the white house. Biden is lost and continues to be lost

      • Gunnar

        FYI: on Boycotting: Think about it: Amazon, etc., do we really need their products, are you going to die if you don’t have it? This is the time to Thrift Store/2nd Hand or just quit buying if they satanist want to control that also, hire Cottage Industry or trade with one another. I think they’re all counting on the sheeple to be too stupid to do anything as they consider us “useless eaters, useless workers” useless idiots and slaves”. This is where I’m P.O.’d at Church at Large and Christians (are we christian or religious) is all these Companies acquired vast wealth and are trying to control everything (satanism and witchcraft) and what did these entities truly build but Real Estate Empires and Bank Accounts as the majority are self-serving entities; people tithed to liars. Sports don’t pay my Bills, do they pay yours? Being entertained by both enties like the “frog in the boiling water”. We’ve all should have boycotted those who made us wear a communist satanic Diaper=Mask (Kostco-ese/Walli-world-ese/traitor jo’s/$tree etc. people have relayed “their rules above Constitution and bring it on, any lawsuits”. EVERYONE: Put them out of Business and create your own! “WE THE PEOPLE”. SO, ARE WE THE BIGGEST ARMY OR WIMPS; so they think! It common sense people for people.
        Lawyer said to tell everybody to get on board and sue all these entities for “unlawful lockdown, and tyranny; satanic mask”.

      • Gunnar

        Hilda & Kingskid:
        Mario thank you for letting highrpm post. What I’m reading is he/she wants us to do something and get involved, DON’T JUST TALK, DO., don’t wring hands, don’t live in fear. Yes, we can fast, pray, repent BUT WE CAN DO SOMETHING. We can remove corrupt Judges, Gov’t Officials, MSM; sue all these entities and HIT THEM IN THE POCKET BOOK AND BANKRUPT THEM=”THE WEALTH OF THE WICKED”, that’s #1 when you take away their lively hood as they were willing to take away yours in Freedom of Speech, FREEDOM PERIOD!
        John Whitehead’s latest article is excellent and he’s 1st Amendment Right Attorney asking people to get involved along with constitutionallawgroup.us-Resource and “Free America Now” under “Events” and healthimpactnews.com. Sue those who did all these lies to take away ALL your Freedom as look as what they did and NO one had to roll over and play dead, NO one or live in fear or isolation or all the death they have caused as they have a lot of blood on their head and hands, bloody hands. They want to put you under CCP/and Nazism and take away ALL your Freedom is that acceptable to you?
        Note: watch stupid religious thinking of subjective and not objective as i used to have my head up my ars with all that legalistic garbage grew up in the false church building. There’s lot’s of Patriots that are involved and doing something, let us all be part of the solution and NOT the problem! You should also research who you name when quote someone as some are satanist and part of the NWO, interview them! Example: Would be Book Author/Conference speaker selling his/her wares under Christendom. DON’T GET DISTRACTED OR OFFENDED!

    • kingskid48

      You’ve got the wrong blog, highrpm. You sound like antifa. We don’t need your antisemitism, nor terrible rhetoric here.
      2 Corinthians 10:4-5
      King James Version
      4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)
      5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

      • C. Jones

        kingskid48, you are correct with that obvious observation! Thanks for writing that!

      • Linda

        Amen kingskid48. Stop the antiSemitism.

    • Virginia Ashworth

      Never underestimate the POWER OF THE LIVING GOD!!!

  19. Clint

    Thank you, Mario. Very encouraging as usual. I think you are right on target. Stay the course. We are winning the real fight, the one that matters, regardless of what it looks like in the natural or what blather anti-Semites might want spew out. God bless you and your staff and supporters! Jesus is Lord!

  20. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Re-posted to Facebook
    As usual you are right. But, right now the lunatics are running the asylum…
    I wrote this conversation starter back on Jan 06.
    I live and vote in Georgia. Both the Governor, The secretary of State and their Tech Upgrade Guru swear by dominion voting systems. They all turned on Trump.
    How can we have *ANY* assurance our vote will count in the mid-terms as long as these tools of the devil are in place and human tools of the devil are running things?

  21. Nancy P. Fraser

    God bless you and thanks for the words. This morning as I read the words “crack’ had an open vision of a finger stuck in the hole in a floodwall dyke. Then THE Hand was pulled back and the flood came forth! So Do IT, Lord!. amen.

  22. Ammi

    Proves true rhe proverb:
    “I am not who you say I am, you are who you say I am.”
    They accuse us of doing what is in their heart to do.
    Evil people do that. They think everyone thinks like them, so they do what THEY DID in 2016.

    • Ammi

      That should say:
      They think we do what they actually did in 2016

    • C. Jones

      The Hypocrite Party with a seared conscience!

  23. Sue Fletcher

    I say let’s go, time is now to show our power over their god. Hit them where it hurts and that’s in the pocketbook. What companies support Biden. Can someone come up with a list and we should all group together and not shop these places. Let’s include everything, food stores, department stores, sports, banks, real estate offices, etc Let them know via emails the reason why we are no longer giving them our money. In order for this to work it has to be done by the millions. Let’s go, we have the manpower, we should be able to do this very easily. Also, can anyone come up with companies that supported Trump, I would like to see both lists. This will make it very easy for us to come together for the good of the country while we still have the choice.

  24. alvarezgalloso

    I disagree. There is a loss of a will to keep going.

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      [I disagree. There is a loss of a will to keep going.]
      I understand all too well. I am tired, frustrated, exhausted. But, I know in whose hands my life exists, and that is Jesus. Whether we reap here or “there”, is not the point. The point is to not give up.
      To continue to keep our physical eyes open for any opening *we* can exploit and to keep our spiritual ears attuned to the Holy Spirit things our Physical eyes and ears can’t detect.
      Gal 6:9  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

      • alvarezgalloso

        I trust God and read the Bible. I am also buying American. I only speak for myself. The rest. I am waiting

    • Marietta

      Our God never loses His will! His justice will come! It has already begun!

  25. d48day

    i agree there is going to be a reckoning – people, even people who ignorantly voted for
    Beijing Biden, are going to wake up and smell the coffee. And as always, God is in complete control – He is and always will be getting the upper hand no matter what it looks like right now –

  26. Russell Marino

    Well said. Thank you, brother.

  27. Marrion Hamm

    Thank you Mario! I woke up this morning praying for breakthrough! When the word came to me, that all hell will break loose, I really believe that! That’s what happens when Satan doesn’t get his way! We are praying for all those who are standing for righteousness – that they will stand strong!

  28. Kay

    I hope you are right Mario. I have all but lost hope. Thank you for writing these.! God bless you!

  29. Anonymous

    Love this!!!!!
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  30. Valerie Gottschalk

    Absolutely! Nothing/nobody can withstand the Power of the Holy Spirit rising up!

  31. Mari Williams

    We are just bidin’ our time until GOD raises up a Joshua to lead us to victory over joe.

  32. RAFO

    I guess the question is… is God waiting for Christians in America to “see the light”, repent, pray, fast, etc. before moving against the evil devils in our land, or, is God following a pre-determined script that was written long ago, before the foundations of the world? The Bible tells us in numerous places that man will grow worse and worse, a great “falling away” will take place, the man of sin will be revealed and run a one world government, etc. etc. No where are we told things will get better and better, American will be restored to some kind of utopian paradise, and we can all go back to business as usual. Not scriptural! So, put your faith and trust in Jesus and batten down the hatches as we await Christ’s return… He is our refuge and strength… not Trump or anyone like him!

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      [I guess the question is… is God waiting for Christians in America to “see the light”, repent, pray, fast, etc. before moving against the evil devils in our land, or, is God following a pre-determined script that was written long ago, before the foundations of the world? ]
      Excellent Question! Jesus Himself said that no man knows the day or the hour except the Father alone.
      So, if it is a script, only Our Father knows it?
      In my view True Revival is never a bad thing. If we review the events of the 70’s we might notice that things weren’t as bad morally in America, but, all the prophecy folks were finding plenty to say the Lord’s return was imminent. The we had The Jesus People Revolution.
      In my thinking Father had gotten tired of asking the church to repent and raised up and whole new Church out of a generation the “formal” church had given up on.
      So, as a Pentecostal I see too much “Party” and “Bless Me” revivals and not enough True Repentance. After all we are covered by the blood and can do no wrong and have no need of repentance.
      But, you can’t walk through this earth without getting your feet dirty, and thereore there is always the need to at least go to the altar and ask Jesus to wash Our Feet.
      I think far too many have walked in the mud so long they don;t know it’s up to their hips.
      It’s *NEVER* a bad thing to truly repent. Who’s to say (except The Father) whether we are past the point no return? Whether or not 2 Chronicles 7:14 is still in play or whether we as a nation of churches have been given over.
      If we have revival and Fathers End-Time script is actually playing out, then America is useless because too any Fly With Jesus. If we don’t have Revival, then many more will go to a hell prepared, no for humans, but for the devil and his angels.
      I don’t what Father is up to. But, I do know the command to Make Disciples, and not merely converts still stands.
      I say we Repent and Pray and know the Father knows best! 🙂
      Oh, and once we let Jesus wash our feet, we can then see more clearly the leeches and putrid sores that truly require repentance. That is start repenting what you know and let The Holy Spirit reveal what is grieving Him.

      • C. Jones

        When your feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, you then walk in His righteousness and holiness. You tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the devil, and nothing shall by any means hurt you! Stay out of the revolving door of “repentance” that becomes a dead religious ritual going nowhere fast. Real repentance opens the door before you into real faith in God, which empowers you to act on His word and see results. VICTORY. VICTORY. VICTORY. See Luke 10:19

  33. Steve Terry

    “…..galvanizing an intelligent group of people….”….inD E E D❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️….Thanks Mario….and thanks to all of your team….and thanks be to God for “galvanizing”…”74 million” Trump voters…and ‘100 million’ people who believe 11/3 was not a free and fair election….
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  34. Karen-Elisabeth L. Williams


  35. Laurel Young

    You are absolutely correct, Mario! Thank you for your encouragement and may you be encouraged as well. We are not ignorant or uninformed, thanks be to God!

  36. Bonnie Nevarez

    I appreciate your voice for such a time as this Mr. Murillo.I too have grown weary in the fight. But God. Watched Flashpoint last night and it changed for me. Salvation of the Lost is our Fathers heart. Got my eyes off the prize, for awhile but, last night I got my peace and joy back.Prays for your upcoming crusades. Thank you for everything.

  37. Michael Teno

    Love your blog. I used to be able to share and I did so daily, however they are no longer made to share. Can you please make them shareable again Thank you Blessings and prayers for your ministries. Michael Teno
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    • mariomurilloministries

      Michael just the share buttons at the bottom of the page. God bless.

  38. n9nwo

    Also understand that there are over 100 million evangelicals. And growing. There is more than just the unifying over politics. G-D is working, using this, to create an unified body of believers who, as individuals, will lead America back to him. Unity comes out of persecution.
    G-D is using, though he did not create it, the pandemic to slow America down enough to hear him. All sorts of things are going on, growing, that will create a spiritual revolution. Something so big, so spontaneous, that when critical mass is reached it will rock the whole world.
    G-D is leading.

    • C. Jones


  39. Chicky Taylor


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  40. Glenda M Smith


  41. Pamela Evors

    Thank you for standing strong, “General Mario,” and helping to lead the 74+ million of us to and through the battles ahead!

  42. Niki Heath

    Love it and you are totally right! I didn’t vote for Stump because he was great…I voted for him because He promised to make America great again…AND HE DID! I voted for him a 2nd time because he was great and he kept his promises, put his effort where his mouth was and his actions helped us rebuild our manufacturing business after 8 years of Obama destroying it. I know how to fight for something for 30+ yrs! We will not just roll over and let them take it or our freedoms again!
    I for one as a Christian didn’t “hire” him because he was godly, we “hired” him because he could get the job done, say the hard things, run this great “business” of The United States and purge until we get this place back in shape. He fulfilled everything and more for us and shockingly with God’s loving hand…I believe he is becoming godly (as he grows) in the process. He’s probably never in his life been surrounded, prayed for and held up by so many believers. Just think where he’d be now if he had had this support and knowledge of God and his ways all his life…?
    Trump is not our savior, he’s just a man that God used to more us forward for His ultimate plan but I know who our Savior is and that has never changed. Only through our obedience of Jesus Christ will we be saved and prosper. Let me encourage you as I encourage myself…KEEP THE COURSE, KEEP YOUR EYE ON CHRIST, STRIVE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE AS CHRIST DID AND TAUGHT US! We are victorious, whether it’s here or in Heaven. Blessings to all!

  43. Robin Agredano

    Given the leftist attacks on Mike Lindell and his company I have PURPOSEFULLY purchased pillows. We don’t currently do not need any pillows, but I ordered 5 just to prove a point and support a worthy business.

  44. Darlene Farley

    You have no idea how angry I get when i hear the crap the news people say about Trump and us. I yell back at the tv and tell them they god because He is coming. The scripture I keep thinking about is when Jesus said how we are not to fear man because they can’t kill the soul but God can kill the soul. Not that is what will happen yet but you get my meaning.


    thank you Mario for the truth – we know why and what we believe

  46. Marietta

    Yes! Yes! Yes and Amen! This is an exciting time to be alive!

  47. yesua7

    thanks bro

  48. Marcia ONeal

    Thank you Mario!

  49. Eric Reinwald

    Amen. Not a good idea to mess with God’s people! We were made one nation under God.

  50. Loie


  51. Deb Miller

    I support boycotts. I have not bought Hormel products for 20 years because Mr. Hormel is a supporter of NMBLA and wanted “meeting rooms” in public libraries for men to hook up with boys. We should also get out of Bank of America and slowly but surely the 75 corporations which hate Trump supporters including Delta Airlines, Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks. We tried for a second to boycott Target during the whole bathroom debacle. We must get serious. Step up Christian and Trump-supporting businesses and let us know who you are.

    • Gunnar

      Deb Miller:
      Awesome prophetic Deb: Most people don’t know what NAMBLA is, as famous News Commentator said he had a problem with the ACLU defending them but not *C.C.I.R.-Barbara Coe’s group as he brought them up in a T.V. Town Hall Meeting but he didn’t say what they did, YES, WE BETTER WAKE UP. Well, the 2nd recall of Gray Davis worked vs. 1st. Call Constitutional Lawyers and ask how to get involved. If, everyone would turn off “electric toilet, plus in drug, bring hell into living room” and phones/computers can be a time waster also. People can work on getting the corruption removed period. Let’s all do “Class Action” against all these entities. Amazing when people invite you to meetings what you learn. We can take it from 1946 “It’s a Wonderful Life”, people should have had their own bank, the irony of all this is people with the money is taking this Country/World apart and why of it all!
      *Fighting-Immigration-Anarchy-Daniel Sheehy. Read comments on flwng:

  52. kingskid48

    I don’t agree with those who say there is a loss of will to continue pushing for the truth to come out. Some weariness, at times, but that is natural, and I believe there are more people praying for the country and for righteousness to return to our government and country, and also for revival.
    We have a great cloud of witnesses watching to see what we will do with what we’ve been dealt in the end times. I intend to be able to greet them all with a big smile one day and to hear my Lord, say, “Well done”.
    Right now, Biden’s lying lawyers are spewing their nonsense in the kangaroo court trial. Too much poison can affect the soul. I muted all the tv’s and turned on worship music.
    If you don’t get OAN, call your server and ask them to get it or get a different server. Newsmax is good, I like all of their anchors except Bob Sellers, who treated Mike Lindell horribly. But OAN is consistently good and has had eye witnesses on there debunking the demo lawyers lies and doctored videos.
    Thank you, once again, Pastor Mario, for keep us all encouraged.

    • C. Jones


  53. Sandra Calhoun

    You are right on target! The cult is in the government (satanist) witches, warlocks, voo dooist or what ever but they better be afraid and on alert because I feel the red sea coming after them if they do not repent! GOD loves HIS children and no devil in hell or on earth can come against us without HIM showing up and showing off even if some are murmurers and complainers and have no faith!
    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  54. Ann

    True words, those! Indeed, we are anything but hayseed, backwater buffoons. Many of us are highly-educated and hold good jobs, but we are not besotted with the fact and do not think our intelligence or our success are anything other than gifts of God for doing His Kingdom work. I was born and raised a Democrat, but, like you said, came to the truth slowly and deliberately, and, I might add, decisively. The mocking, censoring, cancelling, and muzzling only serve to build a fire within us.

  55. Elaine Heistad

    Impeach, a word we will soon despise. Who is being impeached. Sad to say, I believe it’s God Almighty. Obvbiously they don’t know who that is. HE’S GOD ALMIGHTY, the powerful One. Soon and very soon He will display His power in a way we have not ever witnessed. The 80 million need to get ready to rejoice, dance whatever, in fact practise today. Get ready for the King. Let’s not miss what He is doing as hearts are hungry, souls are seeking. He is shining His light on who He is. He cannot be impeached. He is God. Praying, eyes will be opened to who Jesus is. Keep the fires burning Mario, as He is with you. The heavens are revealing the glory of God.

  56. Philip Woodcock

    watch the video absolute proof, that trump had more votes than biden. there were votes changed from cina.

  57. jojeanknardyahoocom

    Yay !!!  Something, someone, somewhere is going to crack !!! Thanks- Jo JeanKansas

  58. zadokman

    bless the Lord—you have courageously stood for truth—this IS TRUTH. Blessings, cro ________________________________

  59. junglequeen

    Excellent piece, Mario! I fully believe this ‘inauguration’ disaster and the ‘official’ actions that have flowed from it have been permitted to take place to let the US and the world see exactly what lies behind the leftist, Socialist, Marxist movement, and precisely what it entails for countries that get overtaken by it. I am sure a lot of liberal thinking people are beginning to wake up as never before. “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

  60. NickT

    Amen Mario,
    We won’t give up, President Trump did a great job as a wrecking ball (Lance Wallnau) in Washington, DC. He really exposed the establishment and deep state
    A lot of them are globalist and don’t care about our people. We will not forget what they have done to make us look stupid….so far. Talk about stupid ideas, the left is crazy with what they want to do. It’s not gonna happen.

  61. Diane Cukrowicz

    Amen!! That statement needs to be broadcast nationwide. We who love our Lord and Savior, our country, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our freedom and the list continues, will not put up with this stupidity by the left. This is not a communist country. We will not tolerate our right to vote in a free and fair election to be stolen as it was in November. We will boycott any company, vote out any politician and stand against anyone trying take away our God given rights. We answer to God, our Heavenly Father, and we await His righteous judgement on the kabal and the evil ones who are killing babies and stealing children for abuse. I love Christ with every fiber of my being and I stand ready to be used by God as He chooses.

  62. Connie Strock

    On Tue, Feb 9, 2021, 10:17 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” At least 74 million Americans voted for > Trump. They are not ‘loons’, despite what Bill Maher or Katie Couric > thinks. Neither are they ‘brainwashed.’ Nor do they have a ‘cult-like > adoration’ for Trump. Of course, every movement has its fringe, but the > mil” >

  63. Judith Makinson

    How I hope you are right !!!

  64. banana1956

    Amen!! I for one will never shop at JC Penney or Bed Bath and Beyond again….

  65. rwood0228

    Can’t wait for that day! ??
    On Tue, Feb 9, 2021 at 8:44 PM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:
    > mariomurilloministries posted: ” At least 74 million Americans voted for > Trump. They are not ‘loons’, despite what Bill Maher or Katie Couric > thinks. Neither are they ‘brainwashed.’ Nor do they have a ‘cult-like > adoration’ for Trump. Of course, every movement has its fringe, but the > mil” >

  66. bjweaver697

    74 million Americians are not all those horribly names. We all believe in making America great again!! This is God’s America, my husband and I pray always for this country to turn back to God. GOD BLESS you Brother Mario for all you do.

  67. Bri H Loftis

    Great post! Companies like JC Penny and Bed, Bath and Beyond have only been hanging on by a thread and this a particularly bad decision for them! JC Penney said they discontinued My Pillow last summer, so I don’t know if that is true. I contacted Bed, Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s and Wayfair. I was unable to send an email, as most of these sites have taken down the Contact form, so I contacted them via chat. I told the employee at Bed, Bath and Beyond that she needed to find a new job, as her company just pissed off 80 million people (yes, I believe 80 million or more voted for Pres. Trump). I also told her I would be boycotting and having friends and family boycott. I told her I was suprised her company was still open as it looke like they would close in 2019. I called Wayfair and said I wanted to order a My Pillow. She said they didn’t carry them. So I told her they had nothing else I wanted to buy and I was boycotting. She said, “Of course you are!” I think they have received many calls.
    Some people may think I am in strife if I call these companies or write emails. I disagree. Yes, it could easily move to strife – but I am letting them know they have made a poor decision that could be reversed. I am letting them know their decision will have severe consequences. I told the employee at Bed, Bath and Beyond that they didn’t have any products I could only obtain there! And I do not use angry or strident language with the employees or on my emails. And no bad language. I am direct and strong, but not ugly or not walking in love.
    Boycotting is how we win! And supporting companie like Chick-fil-a who make a stand in Christ!
    And, by the way, I bought 2 My Pillows in 2018 I think and they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!! I will never use a different pillow. The Mornig Show at KLTY, a Christian radio station in Dallas, promoted the pillows, so I bought them from the My Pillow website.
    Sorry to add to a long reply – but I have noticed in the grocery store that there are less Pepsi products than there used to be. I am also boycotting Pepsi as they adverise for the NFL. I don’t need to drink soft drinks anyway. I contacted Pepsi, of course, but they never responded. I wrote all the main advertisers for the NFL – even Budweiser – which I never buy anyway. Budweiser wavered, but continued to support the NFL. I am boycotting the NFL as well. It’s no big deal for me really. God healed all of us in my church in the 90’s of being addicted to football games. We had long church services and at the end of the season of being delivered from the addiction of having to watch the games, none of us really cared anymore. I remember that we were free to watch the Super Bowl the year the Coboys won, and it was nice, but none of us were addicted any longer. After the NFL supported the strife and rebellion of kneeling to the flag and anthem, I was done with them and their adverisers. Same now for all professional sports, particularly the NBA. Viewership is dopwn and I believe we will see massive pay cuts in the future. YES!

  68. birdiedwordie

    I’m reading all of these comments, and you people need to get encouraged! If you act like Biden won, he might actually start believing it. Everyone knows what happened. Same with the highjacked march turned violent attack on the White House the day of Trump’s speech. It matters not what is said, done, seen, or proven: Trump will be made out to be the bad guy. I’m through whining and thinking negative thoughts. We have already won this war! I’m going to act like it! Soon maybe the brainwashing will reverse itself, and people will actually start believing the TRUTH!

  69. Janie

    I never wear a mask! I think now though I might start wearing the token HOT Pink Trump face mask I bought to round out my order to support Trump……..however I will wear it on my arm in protest of the STEAL!
    Stop COSTCO! They are Marxists of the worst kind! Stop shopping @ COSTCO Wholesale and tell everyone you know to turn in their membership and save the wasted money! Support Publix and Aldi instead and thank them for being sensible!
    I am getting a brainstorm!
    I am going to buy a shofar and blow it every morning and evening to sound the alarm Yahweh is on the move and we need to remember to be ready to march in obedience!! Read the WORD!

  70. Joe

    it’s easy to see that we are being ruled by a DICTATORSHIP rather that a Democracy! Somehow we have to stop this idiot! He & his son are still in bed with China and will kill us if it continues!

  71. HeartFelt cards by Sandi

    > Begin forwarded message: > > From: Mario Murillo Ministries > Subject: [New post] DO YOU KNOW WHEN AND WHEN NOT TO SUBMIT TO GOVERNMENT? > Date: March 30, 2021 at 12:22:19 AM CDT > To: borgie@wwt.net > Reply-To: Mario Murillo Ministries > >



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